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BL Drama Oneshots

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Despite everything that had transpired, she sat there unmoved, as if nothing had happened. As if Luo Yin never lied to his father about declining her calls, as if he never destroyed his SIM card so she couldn't contact him again. As if they had never broken up in the past. When the bright sunlight filled the room, her fair skin sparkled like it was painted gold like she was made from porcelain that could shatter if you touched it too hard. The brown eyes that complemented her girly look searched for an answer in Luo Yin’s confused, almost angry glance. The pressure of his fingers around the desk edge made him feel like he wanted to tear a piece out right away, while his jaw tightened so he wouldn't say anything in the heat of the moment. "You changed a lot." Her high-pitched voice left a strange sensation in Luo Yin's ears, traveling straight to his brain, making him feel as if it would burst. It was obvious that he had changed. A few years ago, he typically had messy hair, but now it had grown out shorter and he had learned how to control his emotions, leaving his face in a constant state of disinterest almost every day. But the most important thing was his relationship with Gu Hai. Luo Yin's life was shattered by the boy who unexpectedly appeared, leaving him with feelings he hadn't felt before. Not even when he was in a relationship with her. How should he sum up all this in a few words? The purpose of Luo Yin not talking a lot was to show her clearly that she no longer belonged here. Next to his side making her look like his girlfriend. "What are you even doing here?" Looking up at the landscape behind her, his eyes rested on the light blue sky as a few soft clouds floated about in the air without care and worry. Her small lips curved into a big smile, making it appear as if it was too big for her face. Yet, despite its presence, Luo Yin chose not to notice it.
A thin bracelet of silver metallic twitched uncomfortably on her right wrist when she turned her hand toward her red designer bag resting on her lap. "You know I wanted to see you again." After Luo Yin's expression became even more irritated, her mouth opened but immediately closed. There was almost a sense that she was trying to remind him of their old love, which was gone. Long forgotten. At least for the boy. His lungs took an abrupt breath, attempting to force some life into his body.

The moment he noticed that the seat behind him was empty, Luo Yin’s eyes widened. His blue-white jacket, however, still hung abandoned at the spot where it belonged. In spite of his refusal to admit it, Luo Yin experienced a wave of concern that stopped just at his heart. It thumped for entrance, knowing that it would almost certainly overtake him nonetheless. "Look. I've explained this to you many times, but I will repeat myself again." As Luo Yin spoke, his voice became quieter. It wasn't his intention to arouse more interest from the other students in the class. "We are done. The break-up happened years ago, please accept it finally. It's embarrassing that you came here today." Luo Yin was about to get up from his chair when her hand stopped him. She held on to his arm, staring into his emotionless eyes. "Can't we go back?" The moment Luo Yin freed himself from the hold, she was startled. “This will never happen, I'm sorry. There is someone I have feelings for already." And with that, he grabbed Gu Hai’s jacket that somehow felt so much softer than his own and left the room. Currently, everything else wasn't important to him except finding Gu Hai.

Luo Yin finally found Gu Hai after searching for him for more than ten minutes. The student searched the entire school before deciding on the sports field as his final option. At the edge of the field, Luo Yin watched Gu Hai sitting on one of the big, empty benches, doing nothing but watching the scenery in front of him. On a typical day, the field was full of students, full of activities, full of chatter, and full of different voices that mixed together. And right now? Right now it felt like the loneliest place on earth. Is that how his world would feel without Gu Hai?
"Take this, it's cold." Luo Yin’s voice created a new feeling between them and he laid the jacket around the other boy’s shoulders. A surprised expression on his face indicated that he hadn't expected the other one to be here. The warmth of his presence comes from sitting closer than usual, closer than he is used to. "Why aren't you with your girlfriend?" As his fingers played nervously with the silver zipper, Gu Hai snuggled closer to the soft fabric. “She’s not my girlfriend. Can you stop with that? Why did you disappear in the first place?" This time, Luo Yin's voice was angrier than ever. Even though Gu Hai had already witnessed him in that state several times before, it felt different right now. It was almost as if he was genuinely offended when Gu Hai called her his girlfriend. As a shiver ran through his body, he swallowed the heavy lump that had taken over his throat. “I couldn't stand seeing her stare at you like that. Yeah, I am jealous. You’re mine.” Luo Yin glanced over at the other boy, spotting the familiar grin that adorned his face way too often. “Who said that I’m yours?”

Gu Hai slowly put an arm around his classmate, who surprisingly allowed it. It didn't take them long to lose themselves in their own thoughts for a moment. Eyes glued to the empty field. "You just have to accept that you're mine, okay?" His voice was lower than usual, almost leaving behind a sad trace in the cold wind that enveloped their still-connected bodies. His hand was slowly caressing Luo Yin's shoulder, literally feeling goosebumps beneath his jacket. “Are you going to keep our memories? Or will you just forget them?” Almost unexpectedly, their eyes met. It was like they both got lost in them at the same time. An overwhelming sense of security swept them, causing Luo Yin to break the eye contact. At this moment, he felt strangely comfortable with the feelings he had for Gu Hai, almost accepting them. “What are you talking about? Even though I might not look like it, I want to cherish every memory of our time together.” Gu Hai's heart raced, almost bursting from within his chest. In order to get closer to the other boy, he placed his head on his shoulder. “I mean when you go with her.” Following that, he felt a pain in his arm, which displayed Luo Yin's anger. “I won’t go with her. Never. Now shut up about that.” Their dark eyes met once more. “So you will stay with me? Forever?” Luo Yin's small but honest smile was triggered by Gu Hai snuggling onto his shoulder. “We are bound by love, right?”