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BL Drama Oneshots

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A blank stare adorned Khlui's face as he stared at the phone in his hand. Type's last message still lingered on the bright screen. “You're about to read some wild news. Seo really made it. He’s in a boy group of something and they will hold a small concert here. This is great, isn't it? His accomplishments deserve your praise.” The letters were no longer in neat columns but only a black jumble that Khlui couldn't decipher. Type was right. He should be proud of what Seo achieved. The journey from dancing silly dance moves in their room, staring at Wanna One posters on their wall to singing in a language Khlui would never understand is what allowed Seo to become part of an actual group that showcases his talent to the world. Yet why was Khlui's heart filled with such an unseen pain that he couldn't explain? As he answered the other boy, he clenched his hands around his phone. “That's great that he's living the life he wants. If I had some money I'd love to see him live, but I don't have any so let's just forget about it." His small device was thrown on the bed after the message was sent.

A new boy in Khlui's room has not been welcomed since Seo left for his home country. As a result, his half was empty. No more posters on the wall and no loud music. Khlui misses these things now despite the fact that he always hated them. Getting them back would mean the world to him. To get Seo back. After his last heartbreak, the thick walls that he had built up around himself and his feelings began to crumble in front of his eyes. He placed carefully stacked bricks on top of each other, but every one of them collapsed like a card house. Khlui wept painfully. While he had a chance to express his feelings, he should have done so. His cheek was stained with a hot tear and there was no way he could remove the trace behind it. Khlui's eyes drew attention to the area near the other boy's bed. It was then that Seo appeared. He shared a proud smile with him as he danced to one of his Korean songs. Khlui always told him to be quiet after that, so he was now for the first time smiling back at him. It wasn't long before the boy realized he was alone. Having to live in a world shattered by his own actions. Though Khlui loved Seo, he had caged his feelings toward him, but Type reversed all that. At that moment, his heart surged with sharp pain, and his phone vibrated as well. It was almost certainly a response from Type. His body regained some life as he took a deep breath and grabbed his small device. “I was able to get three tickets to the concert! Tharn and I will come with you, right? Tomorrow is the big day, so make sure you dress up nicely. There is no doubt that Seo will recognize you. You don't need to worry about it too much, we are going to have a lot of fun! Your ride will be waiting for you at two.” That's how his phone ended up on the floor.

His whole strength suddenly dissolved as Khlui's hands began to tremble. Although his eyes reflected Seo, his face showed an expression Khlui had never seen before. Disappointment, sadness, and an inability to put words to what was going on. As Khlui sat down, he blinked a few times until his vision was clear again. “I’m so sorry…” Even though he thought of Seo once more, his words sounded like a whisper only audible to him. In addition to that, Seo told him that a coincidence like their meeting is unlikely to present itself again. This sentence had always puzzled Khlui, but now he knew what it meant. As a quick flash of memories flitted before his eyes, all of their beautiful moments came flooding back. Almost like a love story that’s a bit too early to be told. The tightness in Khlui's chest was accompanied by a strange feeling that rushed through him. His first meeting with Seo was filled with the same emotion. In those days, everything was perfect. Well, it seemed like it was perfect. Both boys clearly had trouble reconciling their feelings for each other. While Seo teased them every now and then, Khlui rejected them without hesitation. As it's too late for Khlui, he's reflecting on how he remained to Seo instead. A best friend? Just a roommate? Or a boy that never answered his call for love? As he wiped away his tears, he felt his head begin to hurt. He’s strong and he can face Seo again. As Khlui's emotions finally began to come into focus, a weak but powerful smile formed on his lips. Although his mind was stronger than his body, he reached into the pocket of his jeans to pull out a small scrap of paper. “I may be in another country, but you should never forget that everything will find its place and return someday."  It came to him naturally that he should press this paper against his chest. This was Khlui's response when he tried to place Seo's words in his heart. Where he belonged.

In contrast, Seo had been staring in the mirror for quite some time now. While his dark hair was already in an excellent position, he still managed to pick up a few strains that he placed correctly. There was nervousness in Seo's heart. As a result of leaving Thailand behind and beginning a new life in South Korea, he never returned here. However, he still had another reason why his shaky hands tinkered at the collar of his perfectly fitting shirt now. Tharn and Type said they'd be here today. The fact that Seo was Seo made him think of Khlui immediately. Does he plan to be here as well? As soon as the music starts, will their eyes meet? Despite all the hardships he had to go through, he always had a place in his heart for his old roommate. The moment that Seo released the air that was trapped inside of his mouth, the memories of the day he left the country and his love came flooding back to him. When he was leaving for the airport, Seo stared at his sad reflection in the train window. Seo attempted to capture Khlui's weak wave until it became invisible. Additionally, he had a heavy suitcase in which he only kept the items that were most important to him. Khlui's absence made Seo's eyes look uneasy when he entered his new life without him. In the moments when he was doubting his dream, Seo reminded himself of the other boy. Khlui looked up from one of his car magazines rather annoyed when the Korean danced to one of the newest K-Pop songs. However, after the room became silent again, he heard his encouraging words which made his heart race. “You know you're crazy, don't you? No matter how loud and annoying you are, please never let your true self go, okay? There's only one of you. The cheery boy who loves nothing more than his passion. Don't be afraid. And now please leave me alone." The last part resulted in a smile on Seo's face. Khlui never intended to hurt him and he has Seo's heart despite being far away.

At the moment, it felt like he was dreaming while his eyes were open, turning his back on reality. “Are you ready? About ten minutes from now, we'll be on.” Someone entered the room and slammed the door, startling Seo. It was Johnny, a member of his group. “Yeah, almost. I just-” "Your appearance is excellent. Those long stares are unnecessary.” With his quiet laugh, the brown-haired boy brightened up the atmosphere of the room. As soon as he realized Seo hadn't responded, Johnny put his hand on the shoulder of the other boy. “What’s wrong? The thought should be banished until we get on stage. I want you to avoid making mistakes up there. Is it about your boy?” Heartbeats skittered from Seo's chest. It wouldn't be hard for him to call Khlui his boy. He turned around to look at the slightly taller one. “There is no guarantee he will show up. Two of my closest friends are coming, so if he doesn't join them, I'm sure he has no interest in me.” Johnny looked at his friend and member with a sad expression. “Think in a different way. A lot of people are too busy to do things like this. I get the impression he's a faithful boy from the way you described him.” A sigh escaped Seo's lips. Once Johnny caught him crying, he quickly told him about Khlui. From then on, he could always turn to him for advice or help if the need arose. “He really is. There's just this sense that we are living in the same world but in completely different seasons. The mornings are so frightening for me because I can't see him when I wake up. He's always in my mind." A tight hug was thrown around Seo before he could think of what to do next. This was the first time in months that he felt truly loved and wanted again. “I’m sure he has trouble getting you out of his head as well. And I’m confident that the crack between the two of you can be repaired. It's time for us to go on that stage and show them what we've been working so hard for, all right?” Seo’s self-confidence returned to him and he backed up from the warm embrace. There was still the possibility of rewinding everything. "Let's hurry, the others are already waiting.” Khlui might also be in the crowd, Seo speculated as he left the room.

“Type? Honestly, I don't think I'm ready to handle that.” Seeing the other boy's angry expression, Khlui's throat tightened. “What do you mean? Aren't you looking forward to seeing him again? It will start in a few seconds.” Khlui swallowed. At this point, he didn't have the courage to confront Seo. To calm his mind, he took a barely visible breath. “Let me wait here, okay? The two of you should go and have fun." In a few steps, Khlui had backed off until he turned around and began walking. Leaving behind the cheering fans, his friends, who wanted to spend a chill evening with him, and his loved one, Seo. Khlui found himself next to a small building that was clearly part of the concert area after ensuring that Tharn and Type were part of the huge crowd. Who was inside? Seo’s group? Khlui waited next to the door, certain it must be someone from the staff in there. Shame overtook him. His feelings of strength were so overwhelming yesterday, able to overcome all of his fears. He could hear the wonderful voice of Seo's voice coming out of the speakers at that point, almost tearing up. He had made significant improvements. Moreover, the sound of the song was catchy as well. Khlui, however, was unable to attend. It was impossible for him to pretend he was a fan of Seo, to pretend he viewed him as an idol he would never reach. Perhaps that's exactly what he is right now. A boy who is out of his league, who has caught the attention of many by now. Seeing the floor beneath him Khlui started imagining a pattern. No matter how hard he tried, Seo's voice distracted him from everything he was doing. Did he have any good dance moves as well? What are the looks of his members? It was all these questions that he could have answered if he had more confidence. As a result, they went unanswered. After Khlui waited to hear Seo's voice again, the music disappeared and screaming fans started to overtake. Their part was done. Khlui's legs were trembling and he glanced at the first people who were leaving. However, he was unable to catch Tharn or Type. They might have stayed a little longer to watch the next performance. “Fine. I’ll wait longer. What made me agree to come here in the first place?” He had no access to something to drink and had a dry throat, so his voice sounded a bit raspy.

After that, suddenly, the door behind Klhui opened. “Sorry, I just need to wait for my friends…” He turned around with the thought of apologizing to one of the staff members. However, his gaze was drawn to Seo. The boy he loved. It didn't appear that he had changed much. As opposed to his split style, now his hair was completely dark. Workout clearly made him look more mature, and his outfit showed that as well. Khlui could see that Seo was trying to gather all of his emotions together. There was nothing they could do but stare at one another. Staring into those eyes they both miss so much. As Seo cleared his throat, his hands caressed the black belt attached to his perfectly fitting jeans. “It was my expectation that you wouldn't be here today.” The swallowing was impossible to resist for Khlui. He missed hearing this voice. It was this voice that used to drive him crazy. The voice he has learned to love. “Anyway, I have to leave now and-” In an attempt to escape this unhappy situation, Seo tries desperately to find a way out. “No. Please don't leave." When Khlui watched Seo face him again, his voice was shaky and tears appeared in his eyes. The reason for wanting Seo to stay was unclear to him. Did he know there wouldn't be another chance to see him again? “There was always the faith of you waiting for me.” It was easy for Seo to try to smile from the corner of his mouth, but he wasn't strong enough.

Khlui stepped closer to the other boy. Seo used to be the confident one, but now he has to take on that role. “Can you imagine how difficult it was to swallow my tears all the time? When you disappeared, you told me not to worry, that's why I tried it. Now you want to leave? Again? You don't seem to care about me.” The moment that Seo processed the information he just heard, his hands formed fists. The tightness of his clothes suddenly made him feel like his chest was about to explode. “You don’t mean anything to me? I ached from the pain of not being able to hold you close. I was pushed away by you. Even though it was too much for me to handle alone, I always waited for you. It has been a while since we spoke, but so many words are still lingering in my mouth. However, if that's what you think, that's fine. After these months, I thought you had changed your mind." Khlui's broken eyes were gazed upon one more time by Seo after he said it. Following that, he breathed deeply and turned around. Seo's members were already seated in their van, so he had to leave. It was very obvious Khlui had the same attitude as he had before and that he would just waste his time. However, Seo felt something gripping his wrist before he could walk away. “Please don’t leave me alone again. The mistakes I made are clear to me. My rejection of my own heart was so stupid. Since our first meeting, it had been just you. Only when you were gone did I realize how much I depended on you. I am so proud of all you have accomplished, but please don’t make me suffer like this." A trembling started to spread across Khlui's hand. He deserved Seo's departure if he decided to leave him. Khlui’s cheeks had already started to wet a few minutes after the boy was silent, so he let go. He let go of the love of his life who was now untouchable.

A hug, however, was given to him immediately after. In an effort to hear the pace of Seo's heart, Khlui pressed his face against his chest. How was he able to live without that for so long? “I love you, dumbass.” Khlui, who was in a sobbing mess, received a tender kiss on his hair from Seo. “I love you too. Let's not leave each other again, okay?" Khlui clung to the other and enjoyed the embrace. “May I have the honor of being your boyfriend? We should leave those things in the past." Khlui’s heart pounded against Seo's. “Yes. Having you as my boyfriend would be wonderful.” Seo cracked a cute smile to lighten things up. “What do you think about meeting my members? They need to meet my handsome boy, don't they?” The smaller one backed off from Seo’s arms and wiped a few tears out of his face. “I look uglier than ever.” The lips of Seo landed on Khlui's forehead and rested there for a few seconds. In this way, Khlui became his own. “Please don't say that again. You’re my beautiful boy.” Hearing that, Khlui's face grew a smile. It's remarkable how much Seo has matured. But he was still the same.