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BL Drama Oneshots

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Hello and welcome to my first work on here♡

Since I really enjoy reading BL Oneshots, I've decided to start my own work.
I would love to take requests from You guys.

Any couple/prompt is fine and I'll definitely update regularly. Just leave a comment♥

Here are a list of the BL Dramas I'm writing Oneshots of:
(I decided to add 'Tell the world I love You' since I already love it even though it's not released yet.)

01. Why R U?
02. Addicted
03. Love By Chance
04. Tell The World I Love You
05. TharnType
06. Until We Meet Again
07. Advance Bravely
08. HIStory2: Crossing The Line
09. HIStory3: Trapped
10. HIStory3: Make Our Days Count
11. Reminders
12. 2Wish
13. 2Moons
14. Theory Of Love
15. Because Of You
16. 2Gether
18. Dark Blue Kiss
19. En Of Love
20. Make It Right
21. Mr. Heart
22. I Am Your King
23. A Tale Of Thousand Stars
24. To My Star
25. Lovely Writer
26. Color Rush
27. Oxygen
28. My Engineer
29. The Stranded
30. Dark Blue And Moonlight
31. Killer And Healer
32. What The Duck

If there's any BL Drama/Movie that You want an Oneshot of that's not included in my list, just leave a comment!

-The first Oneshot will follow soon-
Don't forget to leave requests~♥