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Two Becomes Three

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It wasn't often that Taeyong and Johnny found that they had the dorm to themselves. Luckily for them, Yuta had forced Doyoung to go ice skating and Donghyuck was off annoying Mark.

Taeyong was curled up in the corner of the couch engrossed in his book when Johnny flopped down next to him. Johnny sighed loudly in an attempt to garner Taeyong's attention. He waited a moment for a reaction that never came. He sighed louder.

"Yes, Johnny?" Taeyong asked.

"It's such an awful shame that you're having such a good time reading, Taeyong, especially since everyone else is gone and I've been saving up for you."

Taeyong froze in the middle of turning a page. He tried to play it off, finishing the turn but Johnny could see his hand shaking. "Saving up?"

"Mhmm. I haven't gone all day and," Johnny glanced at his phone, "neither has someone else."

At this Taeyong's head snapped around. "You mean…"

Johnny nodded. As if on cue, there was a knock at the door. "Why don't you go let our baby in, hmm?"

Taeyong scrambled to the door and ripped it open. Standing in front of him, flushed and slightly out of breath, was Jaehyun.

"Hi hyung," he exhaled shakily. Taeyong gave him a quick once over and noticed his tense thighs, his knees pressed together with his heels slightly outturned. Taeyong smiled.

"Hi baby. Come in."

Johnny stood to greet the youngest. "Hey, baby. Did you do as I asked?" Jaehyun nodded. "Words baby," Johnny reprimanded.

"Yes Daddy."

"Good. Did you greet Mommy properly?"

Jaehyun shook his head and shyly leaned down to press his mouth lightly to Taeyong's.

"Good boy," Taeyong praised. It hadn't been long since they started this. Jaehyun was still being trained. He needed reassurance.

"Why don't you two go get set up?" Johnny suggested. "I'm a little thirsty." He revelled in the way Taeyong's pupils dilated to become impossibly wide.

"Okay," Jaehyun agreed. "Let's go Mommy." He took Taeyong's hand and led him to the bedroom.

Taeyong sat on his bed and pulled Jaehyun into his lap. The younger whimpered as Taeyong ran his hands along his thighs and up to rest on his waist. Jaehyun's eyes followed every movement.

Leaning forward, Taeyong used his face to tilt Jaehyun's upwards and slot their lips together. Jaehyun was quick to meet him, moving his mouth against Taeyong's, allowing him to nip and bite at his lips and moaning quietly.

Johnny walked in and cleared his throat drawing Taeyong's gaze to him. They held eye contact as Johnny rose a glass of water to his mouth and gulped it down. Taeyong whined, hips bucking up into Jaehyun's, startling a guttural moan out of the youngest.

"Well isn't this a gorgeous sight. How I love to see my boys taking pleasure from each other." Jaehyun whimpered at this, throwing his head back as Taeyong moved to nip at his throat. "Why don't you look at mommy, baby? He looks so pretty when he's making you feel good."

Jaehyun did as instructed and stared at Taeyong as he worked his way down to the youngest's chest, pulling his jumper aside to get better access. Johnny palmed himself through his sweatpants, feeling his dick get steadily harder as Taeyong mouthed at Jaehyun.

Taeyong pressed lightly at the barely-there bulge of Jaehyun's abdomen. He gasped, hands flailing to push Taeyong's away.

"No Mommy, please, I can't."

Taeyong's eyes flicked down to Jaehyun's crotch. "You look okay to me baby." He placed his hands over Jaehyun's bladder once more.

"Nonono please please Mommy don't do it." Taeyong's eyes grew sad and Johnny sighed.

"Up you get," he instructed Jaehyun.


"Come on," Johnny commanded. Jaehyun began rising from his Mommy's lap. He gasped again, hands flying to his crotch and squeezing. "Baby," he was warned.

Jaehyun nodded. "Coming, Daddy." Slowly he pulled himself all the way up to stand in front of Taeyong.

Johnny approached, placing a light kiss to Jaehyun's forehead. "Lay back, Mommy," Johnny teased. Taeyong smiled, sprawling himself across the bed. "Baby boy, I want you to stand next to Mommy's head."

Jaehyun nodded fiercely, waddling over to stand by Taeyong. The bed was just high enough that his dick was at Taeyong's eye level.

"Colours?" Johnny asked.

"Green," Jaehyun gasped.

Taeyong nodded. "Me too, green."

Johnny stripped off his shirt and crawled forward to lean over Taeyong. Their lips met in a hungry kiss, Taeyong's hands exploring Johnny's torso. He rucked Taeyong's shirt up, the other raising his arms to let Johnny pull it over his head. Johnny paused for a minute to admire the man underneath him. His body was slim, toned, and tight in all the right places.

Out of the corner of his eye, Johnny saw Jaehyun squirm.

"Hands off your cock, baby, that's dirty."

"Daddy," Jaehyun breathed in protest. "Daddy I can't hold it."

"Well, learn." Jaehyun whimpered, tears welling up but stopped squeezing his crotch.

"Johnny," Taeyong muttered.

"He has to learn, Taeyong."

"Sorry, Daddy. I'll be good," Jaehyun said, voice filled with renewed conviction.

"Here baby." Taeyong reached out to Jaehyun. "You can hold Mommy's hand." Jaehyun slipped his hand into Taeyong's and took a deep, steadying breath.

Johnny smiled. His Taeyong was so thoughtful. He met him in another kiss, feeling Taeyong's cock straining through his sweats and pressing into Johnny's thigh. He smirked, grinding his lips down into Taeyong. A piercing moan ripped from Taeyong's throat. Jaehyun squeaked in surprise as his hand had the life squeezed out of it.

They made quick work of their pants after that, stripping their trousers and underwear as quickly as they could. Jaehyun still stood fully clothed next to them, shifting from foot to foot as he tried to not piss himself.

Johnny pushed Taeyong's legs back and up to give himself access. He spread his cheeks apart to reveal a pretty, pink, fluttering rim. Johnny lowered himself to it, and licked a long stripe over him. He pressed his tongue inside, taking everything Taeyong had to offer. The younger groaned above him, hips twitching in pleasure.

Johnny took a moment to glance up at his boyfriend but his eyes were fixated on Jaehyun. With every passing second the youngest grew more and more desperate. He was letting out little whining sounds now as Johnny tongue fucked Taeyong. It was music to Johnny's ears.

"Mommy," Jaehyun cried.

"I know baby, shh. It's okay, you're doing so well." Johnny picked up the pace a bit. Taeyong should not be this coherent.

"But Mommy, I can't hold it anymore." That had Johnny stopping.

"If you piss yourself in your pants before your Mommy comes you will be punished Jaehyun."

"Johnny," Taeyong implored. "He's just a baby."

"He's old enough." Jaehyun choked on a sob, tears spilling from his eyes and running down his cheeks. Taeyong attempted to hush and soothe him but Johnny's tongue and fingers were doing a mighty job of distracting him.

"Mommy, Mommy, Mommy," Jaehyun cried. "I can't. I'm gonna-" he cut himself off. Taeyong gasped, then moaned. Johnny's head snapped up. Jaehyun's crotch was darkening as his body shook with the force of his sobs. Johnny shot up from the bed, Taeyong turning to sit on the edge, not letting go of Jaehyun's hand.

"I'm sorry. Daddy I'm sorry."

Wordlessly, Johnny ripped Jaehyun's trousers and underwear down, his dick now free to spray everywhere. He bent Jaehyun over his Mommy. Taeyong moaned as he felt the piss hitting his thighs. Johnny pulled his hand back and brought it down across Jaehyun's ass. Jaehyun jerked forward, crying out as piss continued to leak out of his cock. Taeyong comforted him but Johnny knew his boyfriend was enjoying it just as much as he was.

Johnny continued spanking Jaehyun until he stopped peeing. When he did, he flipped the boy onto his back on the bed next to Taeyong.

Jaehyun's cock was small. And Johnny means small. It was the length of his pinky finger and not much thicker. His balls dwarfed his dick and Johnny wondered how much cum they must produce to compensate for the little attachment they had been cursed with.

Jaehyun's cheeks were tear stained. His eyes swollen. His ass was bright red. But his punishment wasn't over. His tiny cock was hard and needed some treatment.

Taeyong shook his soft demeanour and turned on Jaehyun.

"Mommy," Jaehyun whimpered, catching sight of the sinister gleam in Taeyong's eyes. Taeyong ignored him, taking the boy's cock between his thumb and pointer finger. Jaehyun jerked up into the touch.

"Colour?" Renewed tears pooled in Jaehyun's eyes. "Colour Hyunnie."


Taeyong lay Jaehyun's cocklet on his left hand and with his right he reared back and smacked the tiny member. Jaehyun screamed.

"Stop that," Taeyong commanded, punctuating his statement with another slap. "You know your pathetic cock is good for nothing else and you still wasted all your pee. You know that's supposed to go inside Mommy."

"I'm sorry, Mommy, I'm sorry. Daddy please. Daddy it hurts, please."

Johnny kneeled down, draping himself over the bed to run a hand through Jaehyun's hair. "It's okay baby. Still green?" Jaehyun paused for a moment, looking between his doms. He nodded. "Words baby."

"I-I'm g-green." He inhaled deeply and let it out slowly. Johnny was skeptical. Taeyong lowered his hand to Jaehyun's hip.

"Baby, are you lying to us?"

Jaehyun gasped. "No Mommy, Jaehyunnie won't lie. That's bad, Jaehyunnie isn't bad." He might not be bad, but he had definitely dropped way further than usual for so early in the scene. He usually didn't slip into referring to himself in the third person until Taeyong was coming inside him while Johnny came inside Taeyong.

"Baby, I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to tell me the truth. Can you do that?" Johnny asked. Jaehyun nodded vigorously. "Good boy. What colour are you?"

Jaehyun gulped, turning his head away from them both and whimpering. "I-I'm," he sniffled, "I'm red."

The world came to a stop. Johnny's ears were ringing and his sight had gone fuzzy. He vaguely registered Taeyong jumping from the bed and returning with a mountain of throws. This was wrong. Johnny had been expecting a yellow but red? Why hadn't Jaehyun said something earlier? Had they not made him feel like he could? It wasn't like he was never yellow before. They all had been at some point. But red?

He went back to stroking Jaehyun's hair as Taeyong swaddled him in his many blankets and moved him onto the bed properly.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Taeyong questioned, hovering by the side of the bed.

Jaehyun didn't answer. He just stared ahead with wide, bloodshot eyes.

"Hyunie?" Nothing. God this was bad. "Yongie, can you get some lotion and a cloth?" Taeyong didn't move. He looked shell shocked. Johnny could almost hear the wheels turning in his head, replaying every moment since Jaehyun had arrived. "Taeyong," Johnny spoke more firmly.

Taeyong blinked rapidly, meeting Johnny's eyes. "Sorry, what?"

"Can you get a cloth and lotion, please?"

"Oh, yeah, of course." He scuttled off and Johnny turned back to Jaehyun. "Hyunie you have to talk to us. What happened?"

Jaehyun shook his head. "Later?"

Johnny pursed his lips. "Okay. But we will be talking about this Jaehyun. You can't safe word and just pretend it didn't happen. We need to know what went wrong so we can avoid it in the future."

"Okay," Jaehyun whispered.

"Want a cuddle?" Jaehyun nodded desperately. Johnny pulled him close and allowed Jaehyun to bury his head in Johnny's neck.

Taeyong returned quickly and wordlessly wiped the piss stains off of Jaehyun then gently applied lotion to his ass and dick. Jaehyun winced, sensitive from their play. Taeyong wiped the piss off of his own thighs, pulled on some clean sweats and joined them on the bed.


Johnny woke a couple hours later. Jaehyun had kicked off most of the blankets and was curled up against Taeyong's side. His boys looked so peaceful.

He rose from the bed and pulled on his clothes. His nose scrunched up as the scent of stale urine washed over him. He should probably clean that up but leaving when his boyfriends could wake up vulnerable and confused was not what he was about.

The last thing he wanted was to wake them but it was necessary. They needed to clean up, get dressed and talk before the others returned.

Johnny woke them as gently as he could but Jaehyun still startled. He didn't know what happened during that scene but clearly it was still affecting Jaehyun now.

"Come on," Johnny whispered. "Need to get some food into you both."

Taeyong chuckled, stretching out. He was still shirtless and Johnny had to resist the urge to dive down and tickle his perfect stomach.

"Hyung, put a shirt on," Jaehyun groaned.

"Does hyung's chest hair offend you Jaehyun?"

"Yes," the youngest deadpanned. Taeyong giggled, shoving him lightly. He stood and pulled on his shirt from earlier before heading to his wardrobe. Returning with a pair of pants, he thrust them into Jaehyun's hands. "Here, these should fit you."

"What?" Jaehyun looked down at himself. More particularly at his exposed groin. "Oh yeah."

"Is bibimbap okay?" Taeyong asked. Jaehyun nodded as Johnny let out an excited whoop. "Great, I'll get started and you both can clean up!" They immediately deflated. "Bleach is in the bathroom!" Taeyong called as he exited.

"I'll do the floor if you change the sheets?" Johnny proposed.

"Ah, sorry about all the… piss."

Johnny snorted. "Trust me Jae, this is nothing. Taeyong was much worse when he started training. He used to piss his pants twice a week at least." Jaehyun grinned and began stripping the bed. Thank God. He was smiling. That was a good sign. He would be okay.


Jaehyun was not okay. As soon as the three of them sat down to eat he fell silent. He wouldn't meet either of their eyes and only hummed or moved his head and shoulders when asked a question. He hadn't even touched his food.

Johnny exhaled loudly. "Jaehyun-ah, we need to talk about why you were red." Taeyong looked at him with wide 'we're doing this now?' eyes. They had to. It couldn't be put off any longer. He attempted to convey this with his own eyes. Taeyong nodded.

"We do, Jaehyun-ah," he affirmed.

"It was nothing. I just got in my own head. You didn't do anything Taeyong-hyung, Johnny-hyung."

"It might do you some good to talk about it. Maybe it'll keep it from happening again. Plus, you haven't so much as picked up your chopsticks yet. What's wrong?"

"You're not my actual mother Taeyong," Jaehyun snapped. Johnny's jaw dropped.

"I-I know that- Of course I'm not- What are you-"

Jaehyun sighed. "I know when to eat, I know how to take care of myself. I'm not stupid."

"Of course you're not stupid. Did someone call you stupid? You're so smart Jaehyun."

"Again, not my mother."

Taeyong's eyebrows furrowed. "Jaehyun… It's not like that. I take care of all of you, not just you. I'm your leader!"

Johnny watched as Jaehyun's mouth pulled further down into a frown, his eyes darkening. He tried again.

"Jaehyun, you really should tell us what happened so it doesn't-"

"It won't happen again Johnny-hyung!"


"It won't because none of it is happening again!" Taeyong dropped his chopsticks. "I don't want to do this anymore."

"Are you breaking up with us?" Johnny questioned, voice dripping with hurt.

The front door swung open. Donghyuck's laugh greeted them followed by the thumping of shoes against the wall. Jaehyun pursed his lips and looked back down at his dinner.

"Ah, Doyoung-ah, Donghyuck-ah, welcome home. Would you like some bibimbap? We have some left over." Taeyong's voice shook as he began to stand.

"No, that's okay hyung. I'm not really hungry and I haven't had any of mine. Donghyuck-ah can have it. Doie-hyung and I have stuff to do anyway. Right hyung?"

"Um sure," Doyoung agreed, looking warily between them.

"Great!" Jaehyun announced, grabbing Doyoung by the arm and marching them out of the apartment.

"This better be important, I'm starving," Doyoung hissed. Taeyong deflated.

"I'm actually okay, too, hyung. I had dinner with Mark. I'm gonna play some video games with Jeno and Lele." Taeyong didn't react.

Johnny cleared his throat. "That's great, Hyuck-ah. Have a good time."

"Ooookay then. Night!"

As soon as Donghyuck closed the door behind him Taeyong broke down. He sobbed and sobbed even as Johnny pulled him close and squeezed the life out of him. Johnny couldn't help but cry too. He sniffled, buried his head in Taeyong's hair, and let his tears fall.


Taeyong was heartbroken. Johnny was too, of course, but Taeyong couldn't stop crying and he hadn't slept since their nap with Jaehyun. It had been two days and he constantly looked like he was about to collapse. Johnny had tried to convince him to take time off or at least see a doctor for some sleeping pills until they got through the worst of it but Taeyong refused.

Jaehyun didn't look much better. His eyes were red and swollen whenever Johnny saw him and he didn't smile anymore. Johnny missed his dimples. He missed his laugh. He missed Jaehyun.

He had broken up with them. Johnny needed to try to move on. They still had to work together and this state they were in wouldn't do. Taeyong and Jaehyun had Make a Wish promotions together. Yongie wouldn't talk about it but Johnny wheedled some information out of Doyoung.

On stage they were fine but off it… They didn't talk to each other, they didn't look at each other, they didn't even stand next to each other. Their managers and stylists had berated them for their red eyes and eye bags more than once. Apparently Shotaro and Dejun were afraid to ask Taeyong anything despite him showering them with affection because if anyone said the wrong thing he would burst into tears. Jaemin asked him if he had eaten and Taeyong had been so inconsolable that they had to postpone practice.

Johnny didn't know how to help him. How to make it right. Jaehyun had left them. He hadn't even explained why. He was just… gone.

When Taeyong locked himself in his room and refused to come out it was the straw that broke the camel's back. Johnny was angry. He was angry at Taeyong for not taking care of himself. Angry at Jaehyun for breaking up with them without giving a reason. Angry at himself for not being able to help.

He stormed out of their apartment and up the stairs to the tenth floor. He didn't have the patience to wait for the elevator. Banging his fist on the apartment door gave him some relief. A release for his aggression.

The door was pulled open by Mark who stood before Johnny in an oversized shirt and pyjama pants with his hair messed up. He vaguely registered his own guilt at waking his bandmates but he didn't have time to deal with that.


"In bed? Hyung, it's midnight?"

Johnny brushed past Mark and down the hall to Jaehyun and Jungwoo's shared room. He knocked once then entered without waiting for a response. Jungwoo raised an eyebrow at him.

"I need to talk to Jaehyun." Jungwoo didn't look impressed. "Alone," Johnny growled.

Jungwoo rolled his eyes. "I'll just go bother Mark then."

Jaehyun had yet to look at Johnny. He pretended to scroll on his phone but his ears were bright red.

"Jaehyun. Can you just tell me why? I… Taeyong and I… we need to try and get over you but I can't help him if I don't know why."

"I don't see what there is to get over. You guys just fucked me sometimes, hyung. It's not a big deal."

Johnny's heart stopped. "Is that all we were to you? A fuck?"

"That's all it ever was, Johnny-hyung. To any of us. You needed someone to take care of, and I needed someone to take care of me, and now it's done."

Johnny's eyes welled up. "How… how can you even say that? We… we loved you! We still love you. We never just fucked you, we took you on dates and bought you gifts and-"

Jaehyun stood and approached Johnny. "You love me?"

"Yes! We love you so much Jaehyunie. So much." Johnny felt tears spill over and run down his cheek.

"I thought… I thought you just wanted to sleep with me. That day I got so in my head about how I was sleeping with two guys in a committed relationship with each other and I freaked."

"You were part of that relationship too."

"I didn't know. You never said."

"I'm so sorry. I'm sorry we didn't make you feel like we love you just as much as we love each other. How long have you been feeling like this?"

"A while. Probably since the beginning." Johnny's expression crumbled.

"I'm sorry baby. We'll make it up to you I swear."

Jaehyun nodded. "Does this mean… I mean, can I come back? Because I love you too, hyung. You and Taeyong-hyung."

Johnny nodded furiously, pulling Jaehyun into a kiss. "Come on." He took Jaehyun's hand. "Yongie isn't doing too great."

"That's okay," Jaehyun stated, squeezing Johnny's hand. "I'll fix it."