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Fantasy High Reunion

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Adaine awoke to heat. She was slumped over the small dining room table in her Bastion city apartment, and she was awoken by a heat, a heat in her cheeks, a heat between her legs, and a heat on the two tattoos on her wrists. She had gotten them a decade before, a sort of graduation ceremony with Fig and Ayda. Both tattoos were designs of lipstick kisses, the one on her left wrist was black, and the one on her right was deep reddish orange, and every time Adaine looked at them, she was reminded that Fig and Ayda both had the same designs on their wrists, but instead of Black, or Orange, one of them was an icy blue. It had been a long time since Adaine had dreamt about Fig and Ayda, but that was a fantasy, nothing more.

Adaine arranged the papers in front of her, and started when she realized the time. The elven woman quickly slid on a comfortable pair of sneakers and practically ran to her office downstairs. Margie, the receptionist for Abernant Family Counseling, saw Adaine fly in through the side door and chuckled, calling out “You’re lucky we don’t open for another twenty minutes!”

Adaine slowed at that, thinking back to the clock on her wall, and cursing her sister. “Thank you for telling me that, Margie. I’m going to kill my sister.”

Adaine stomped down the hall to Aelwyn’s office door in her rumpled jeans, and wrinkled t-shirt. Aelwyn opened the door just as her sister raised a fist to knock. If the universe gave out most improved awards, Aelwyn would have received quite a few. The Elf started Abernant Family Counseling after college with a recommendation from Jawbone, and an accreditation by the Bastion City Licensure board, and promised her sister a place when she was finished with her own accreditation.

Adaine glared at her sister, who smiled sweetly, and said “Good morning, Adaine.”

“Aelwyn, did you set my clock twenty minutes fast?” Adaine asked

“Given how you were acting last night, you needed it. Why won’t you call them?”

Adaine’s eyes narrowed, and she said “I have an appointment in twenty minutes, have a nice day Aelwyn.”

“Love you too, Adaine.”