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Fantasy High Reunion

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Gorgug had been awake for hours, an occupational hazard of having toddlers, but he wouldn’t give it up for the world. Rosalynd, named after Gorgug’s biological mother, was the older of the two, nearing three and half years old, and the twins Castor and Pollux were two. Castor and Pollux where generally quiet, at least as quiet as toddlers can be, but Roz was a spitfire, wild and free, she was gonna be a dancer like her mom.

“Roz, honey, please get down from there.” Gorgug said, holding his arms out

Roz, from on top of the fridge, shouted “No!”

A little bit of rage boiled up behind Gorgug’s eyes, but with the patience his parents taught him, he pushed it down.

“Roz, I don’t want to pick you up without your permission, but if you don’t get down, I’m gonna have to.”

Roz pouted, but crawled closer to her dad, who lifted her off the fridge and onto his shoulders. She quickly stopped pouting, and began softly tugging on Gorgug’s hair, pulling in the direction she wanted him to go, and Gorgug easily complied.

“Roz, do you wanna go see your aunties and cousin Cara?”

“Yeah! Yeah yeah yeah!”

“Alright let me just go get your brothers. Stay here, okay?”


Gorgug carefully and quietly snuck past his and Zelda’s room to the door that opened to Castor and Pollux’s room. The twins’ room was still quiet, still filled with sleeping boys, and Gorgug let his shoulders slump a little. Gorgug missed being in the Sig Figs, missed letting out his rage on drums, fast and hard rather than slowly and quietly venting to his wife, or his friends. He was thankful for his kids, of course he was, he loved them. He loved their energy, and their behavior, and the way they talked and learned, but he missed that catharsis, he missed not having to push down the rage that boiled up in him in the least convenient moments.

“Daddy?” Castor said, his dark hair poking up in bed

“Heyyy buddy, how’s my little man?” Gorgug answered, walking over and kneeling down to the bottom bunk


“Yeah Cas, I’m okay. Daddy’s just a little tired, your sister woke up pretty early today.”

“Okay. Po’x, Po’x wake up.”

Pollux stirred in his bed, flinging off the dark red Fig and the Sig Figs branded blanket, and peering down through the metal bars

“Hi, Dad.” Pollux said quietly, waggling his fingers in a small wave

“Hey Pollux, I was getting ready to take your brother and sister to see Auntie Fig and Ayda, do you wanna come?”


“Alright, then let’s change out of our jammies and we can get going.”