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Fantasy High Reunion

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“Thank you and goodnight Elmville, it’s great to be home!” Fig shouted, as the lights in the venue died and the curtain came down on stage

“You guys good if I bounce?” Fig asked the other two members of her band

“For sure, Fig, get on home.” Replied Poppy

“Thanks guys.”

Finally coming off tour after three months, it truly was great to be home. Fig cast a quick dimension door just to get there a little quicker, and felt a wave of relief as she crossed the threshold of her house. She slid perfect, pale red feet from her heavy boots, and stared down at her black painted toenails. She was always so sore after a show, and would absolutely kill for a massage, but it was also nearly midnight, and asking her beautiful wife for anything this late would be unfair, instead she slipped quietly into their bedroom and crawled into warm, strong arms in silence.

Ayda had no memory of Fig’s return, and certainly no memory of wrapping around her in the middle of the night, but when she awoke in their shared bedroom, softly lit by the light of her wings, Ayda was graced with the sleeping visage of a beautiful Tiefling face. The half Phoenix smiled, glad to see the part of her family that had been missing for so long, and sent a message down the road to Vice-Principal of Aguefort Adventuring Academy: Gilear Faeth

“Vice Principal Faeth, I will not be able to make it to the academy this morning, I will be spending time with my family.” Ayda said

“Of course, Headmistress. I shall continue in the day to day, it would be nice to hear from my daughter-“ Ayda cut off the message before Gilear could finish, and continued to hold her wife close to her chest. After another half hour or so, Ayda slipped out of bed, taking care to not wake her wife. Ayda walked as quietly as she could, and the half-phoenix was surprisingly stealthy for a person with talons, but that didn’t stop the sounds of a mother in her kitchen, which has the power to wake even the best sleepers.

The sound of soft, tired footfalls echoed around the corner, and a little girl, no more than five, slowly walked into the kitchen, rubbing at her gleaming, crimson eyes, and unconsciously fluttering her small wings.

“Good morning, Cara.” Ayda said, bending down from in front of the coffee maker to stroke her daughter’s hair

Cara, full name Carardor Lynn Aguefort, was the product of a very complicated spell devised by Ayda, Fig, and Adaine that had managed to fuse not only genetics, but also pieces of Fig and Ayda’s souls and magic, creating both body and soul.

The young girl pulled herself into a seat at the kitchen island, and laid her head on the cool granite

“Morning, momma.” She replied, “whas for breakfast?”

“What would you like? Your mother’s home, I was planning on asking her, but you woke up first, so you get to decide.”

“Mom’s home?! We gotta wake her up! When did she get home? We gotta wake her up!”

“Alright, little one, I’ll be right back.” Ayda slipped back into her bedroom, intending to gently brush Fig’s hair away from her face, and kiss her forehead to wake her, but the rockstar was already up, and had been since Ayda had left. Fig had felt her wife’s weight leave the bed and that, combined with thoughts about the Sig Figs, was enough to fully wake her. Fig loved playing in her band, loved being on stage, loved exciting thousands of people at a time, but the band had changed after Gorgug left. Fig didn’t blame him, he had kids, Zelda was overworked and underpaid, life has a way of making people make decisions. As much as Fig didn’t blame Gorgug for leaving, the negative emotions associated with that change were still swirling around in the soup that was Fig’s brain. All these thoughts were raging through Fig’s mind as Ayda entered and saw her sitting against the headboard.

“Good morning, Fig.” Ayda said, easy smile crossing her face

“Morning, Sweetheart.” Fig replied, the sight of her wife banishing, at least for a moment, the melancholy and anger that had filled her mind previously.

“Our daughter wants to see you, and to know what is for breakfast.”

“Her wish is my command.”