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Plucking the Lotus

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It has been a long day. This is Lan Wangji's first visit to Lotus Pier since becoming chief cultivator a few years ago, and the sect leader and his family, and the sect's disciples have all been eager to impress. There have been demonstrations of cultivation and martial skill, a thorough tour of the grounds and complex, and many other activities designed to show the sect to best advantage.

Lan Wangji, naturally a solitary person who does not have much tolerance for large groups of people, is wearied by the outgoing exuberance of the Yunmeng Jiang sect, although he recognizes their good intensions and overall friendliness. And the chief cultivator does not have the luxury retreating into solitude when there are sect matters to be seen to. So he patiently and serenely allows himself to be guided through the day's planned activities.

He cannot deny, however, that he is exhausted by the time a servant shows him to his generously appointed guest rooms, and looking forward to collapsing into a dreamless sleep. It is, after all, at least a shi past the Lan Sect's normal sleeping time.

So he is… disconcerted when he enters the bedchamber, already pulling the ornate silver ornament out of his hair, to find a young omega kneeling in the center of the bed, amidst the sumptuous purple bedding.

His hair is loose and falls in shining waves down his back, with a few thick locks falling forward, obscuring his face. He is dressed only in a gauzy lavender inner robe, the fabric so thin that it leaves nothing to the imagination.

Lan Wangji clears his throat to announce his presence. The omega raises his head, and Lan Wangji is startled to recognize the sparkling grey eyes of Yunmeng Jiang's head disciple. The boy had been boisterous and exuberant during the demonstrations earlier in the day, showing off his considerable skill in archery, sword forms, and other areas. Lan Wangji had honestly taken him for a beta, with his easy, outgoing confidence. But with the scanty robe showing off the graceful lines of his body and the soft notes of his scent just barely reaching Lan Wangji in the doorway, his true designation is unmistakable.

"I believe I have the wrong room," he says, although he knows he does not. This is not the first time a sect has offered him a pretty young bed warmer in an attempt to ingratiate themselves to the chief cultivator, and it never gets any less awkward to deal with.

Sure enough, the omega shakes his head. "No, Excellency. This one has been sent to make sure you are… comfortable." There's a suggestive lilt in his voice as it curls around the word "comfortable."

Despite himself, Lan Wangji can feel his ears getting warm. "That won't be necessary," he says, voice even despite his embarrassment.

The omega—Lan Wangji searches his memory of the day and comes up with a name. Wei Ying—rises gracefully from the bed and approaches, hips swinging in a way that can only be purposeful. He stops a bare few inches from Lan Wangji and clasps his hands demurely.

He looks coyly up at Lan Wangji through his lashes. "Please allow this one to be of service," he says, low and sultry.

"Service?" Lan Wangji questions, his voice a bit rough.

"Mn," Wei Ying agrees. He tilts his head to the side, showing his neck to Lan Wangji and exposing his scent gland. The sweet scent of omega that has been tickling at Lan Wangji's senses intensifies. "Surely there's something this omega can do to please His Excellency."

And then he drops to his knees and raises his hands to begin working at the fastenings of Lan Wangji's robes. Lan Wangji swiftly catches his hands to stop him, then presses up on his forearms until Wei Ying rises from the floor, a pout playing around his lips now.

Once Wei Ying is standing, Lan Wangji quickly drops his hands, breaking the contact between them. "I have no need of service," he says brusquely, perhaps a bit harsh in his discomfort and inconvenient arousal. "Please return to your rooms."

Wei Ying looks stricken for a moment, before hiding the expression behind one of light concern. "Has this one done something wrong?" he asks. "His Excellency has only to tell this omega what he desires and I will fulfill it."

Lan Wangji shakes his head. "No, thank you. I wish to be alone."

Wei Ying's face crumples all at once, lips trembling and eyes going wet. "Please," he begs, dropping the seductive tone. "I'll be in so much trouble if I don't please you. I can smell how much you want me. Madam Yu will be so angry if I go and leave you here unsatisfied."

There's very real fear in the boy's eyes, and Lan Wangji sighs deeply. "You may stay," he concedes, but puts a hand on Wei Ying's shoulder to stop him when he sways forward again. "You may sleep in the sitting room."

Wei Ying shakes his head. A single tear escapes to roll down his cheek. "She'll know," he whispers. "She'll check if I've been knot-broken."

Lan Wangji inhales sharply. The grave concerns he has about this entire statement are drowned out by one single point of information. "You're a virgin?" he asks.

Wei Ying nods emphatically. "Of course!" he says. "You didn't think Yunmeng Jiang would send a common prostitute to serve the chief cultivator, did you? Only the best for His Excellency."

"Wei Ying," Lan Wangji says, and the boy's lips part on a gasp. He realizes it's the first time he's said his name since he entered. "I could not possibly do that to you. It wouldn't be right."

"Why not?" Wei Ying says, then lets his pout fall away, his voice going light and breathy. "Does Hanguang-jun not find me attractive? Does Hanguang-jun not want me?" He flutters his eyelashes and sways forward again, letting his sheer robe slip artfully off one shoulder.

Lan Wangji closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, trying to maintain control. Unfortunately, this just means he inhales more of the omega's sweet, cloying scent. It clouds his mind, almost making him forget the reasons it would be very wrong to take what Wei Ying is offering. But not quite.

"I would not take you against your will," he says.

Wei Ying shakes his head quickly. "Oh, no, you wouldn't be," he assures, his words coming so fast they nearly tumble over each other in his haste to reassure. "Hanguang-jun is so beautiful. The strongest, handsomest alpha. I couldn't imagine anyone I'd rather give my virginity to. Please, please, won't you give me your knot? I want it. I really do. I swear."

Lan Wangji only half believes him. He already has confirmation that the boy is being coerced. But his pupils are blown with arousal, and his scent is heady and thick in the room, physical proof of his desire.

Wei Ying is so beautiful, so lovely and tempting. And he's begging for Lan Wangji to fuck him. Lan Wangji is only one man, after all. With a groan, he gives in, pulling Wei Ying in and capturing his mouth in a kiss. Wei Ying gives an adorable squeak of surprise that gives way to a moan of pleasure as Lan Wangji drinks deeply from his lips.

He walks Wei Ying backwards until the backs of his knees hit the edge of the bed. Then he lifts Wei Ying and lays him out on his back in the center of the bed. He reaches for the tie at Wei Ying's waist and swiftly rids him of his only clothing—although calling it such is being overgenerous in Lan Wangji's opinion.

Wei Ying is bared to his gaze, and Lan Wangji looks his fill. Wei Ying shivers under the weight of his attention. He shifts against the bed, thighs parting so that Lan Wangji can just see the place where he's already shiny with slick.

Lan Wangji strips out of his own robes, leaving them in uncharacteristic disarray heaped on a chair in the corner.

Wei Ying's breath kicks up when his eyes land on Lan Wangji's hard cock. Lan Wangji knows his size is intimidating, especially when he's aroused. But Wei Ying doesn't look at him in fear. Instead, his eyes are hot with wanting. He moans, low in his throat. "Oh, gods, please, gege, put it in me. I want it so bad."

"Patience," Lan Wangji admonishes, amusement dancing in his eyes. Wei Ying pouts, but opens up easily enough when Lan Wangji covers his small body with his own larger one and captures his lips in another kiss. He doesn't rest his full weight on Wei Ying, not yet, keeping himself propped up on his forearms.

He breaks away from Wei Ying's mouth to nose at his scent gland. He inhales deeply, something about the omega's scent calling to him, even aside from lust. He flicks his tongue out to taste, shockingly intimate. Wei Ying makes a high keening sound and arches up underneath him. Lan Wangji, spurred on by the reaction, nibbles and sucks at the sensitive flesh until Wei Ying is nearly incoherent with pleasure. His body rolls underneath Lan Wangji's, and then—he purrs.

Lan Wangji's brain nearly whites out with the wildfire of arousal he feels at hearing his omega purr for him. (He does not, in that moment, register that he thinks of Wei Ying as "his" omega, mind too overwhelmed with lust to mark it.) Omegas only purr when they feel completely safe and contented and happy. It's rare for it to happen outside of family units. The last of Lan Wangji's reservations vanish like smoke on the wind. If Wei Ying did not truly want this, he wouldn't—couldn't—be making that sound.

At length, he pulls away from Wei Ying's neck, the boy's whine as he does so going straight to his cock. He kisses and bites his way down Wei Ying's body until he reaches his pussy. Lan Wangji gently parts Wei Ying's thighs so his slick, pink folds are spread open for his gaze.

Wei Ying's cunt is so pretty, already dripping slick as his body prepares to receive Lan Wangji's cock. His mouth waters, and he slides himself down the bed so he's lying flat between Wei Ying's spread thighs. He first darts his tongue out to taste, licking a stripe from Wei Ying's cunt up to his clit.

Wei Ying's hips jerk violently, but Lan Wangji was already holding him firmly. He makes a surprised little yelp. "What?" he pants. "What are you—?"

Lan Wangji looks up at him from between his legs, the corner of his mouth lifting in amusement. "I'm eating your pussy, sweetheart. Do you like it?"

Wei Ying stares at him for a moment, seemingly dumbstruck, and then nods rapidly.

Smiling, Lan Wangji lowers his head again, this time kissing Wei Ying's pussy fully, lips and tongue creating a sweet, wet suction around his clit.

Wei Ying writhes beautifully in his arms, moaning loud and unrestrained, hips bucking in Lan Wangji's firm hold.

Lan Wangji brings Wei Ying to his first orgasm of the night with just his mouth on his clit. His moans rise in pitch and volume and Lan Wangji drives his body mercilessly towards climax. Until finally, with an almost pained cry, Wei Ying goes tense all over for several long moments, before collapsing, boneless, to the bed. Lan Wangji catches the salty spurt of Wei Ying's release on his tongue and swallows it down, savoring the taste of Wei Ying's pleasure.

Wei Ying is still panting and shuddering with the aftershocks of his orgasm when Lan Wangji pushes his thighs up and even wider apart, arranging his body at the best angle for Lan Wangji to slide his cock inside.

Wei Ying's eyes, which had slid closed in the wake of his pleasure, fly open when he feels the head of Lan Wangji's cock bumping at the entrance to his cunt. He moans, rocking his hips, trying to take it in. "Yes," he moans, sounding almost drunk. "Yes, please, gege, put it in me. Fill me up with your big, fat alpha cock."

Lan Wangji doesn't keep him waiting any longer, rewarding his pretty begging with the slow, inexorable slide of his thick cock into Wei Ying's virgin cunt.

There's a stretch. Wei Ying isn't in heat, so his pussy isn't quite as flexible. But he's still an omega, and he's dripping with slick. He breathes through it until Lan Wangji is all the way in, buried to the hilt in Wei Ying's tight pussy.

"Gege," he slurs, blinking up at Lan Wangji with eyes gone almost entirely black with pleasure.

"Yes, sweetheart, you're doing so well. Taking me so beautifully. Wei Ying is so good, so perfect for me."

A light purr is his answer, and Lan Wangji can't help but grind his hips against Wei Ying's pussy, feeling that tight, wet heat around him. Wei Ying has loosened up a bit, so Lan Wangji draws back just a bit and thrusts back in, still slow and careful. He repeats the motion a few times. Until Wei Ying starts whining.

"Gege, fuck me for real," he begs. "I can take it. My cunt is all open and wet for you. Please!"

Lan Wangji is trembling with the effort of restraining himself, but he doesn't want to hurt Wei Ying, even at his own request.

Wei Ying is persistent, though. "Alpha," he lilts, causing Lan Wangji's heart to stutter in his chest. "Won't alpha fuck his little omega's pussy hard? Can't you feel how wet and ready it is for you? Don't hold back anymore. Please, alpha."

Lan Wangji groans as he loses control for a moment, hips snapping hard, driving his cock into Wei Ying's cunt fast and deep.

"Ah!" Wei Ying cries out. "Yes! Yes, alpha, yes! Fuck me!"

"Say it again," Lan Wangji demands, a low growl rumbling in his chest.

"Alpha," Wei Ying moans obediently. Lan Wangji rewards him with another rough thrust. "Alpha!" Wei Ying cries. Thrust. "Alpha!"

Lan Wangji gives up on restraint entirely and starts pounding into Wei Ying's slick cunt in hard, punishing thrusts. Wei Ying meets him thrust for thrust, his words dissolving into loud moans of ecstasy. Wei Ying's small body jerks with each powerful thrust of Lan Wangji's cock inside him. It's only Lan Wangji's tight grip on his thighs that keeps him from sliding up the bed with each snap of his hips.

When he feels his knot begin to swell at the base of his cock, Lan Wangji slows his pace, pushing the expanding girth past the resistance of Wei Ying's entrance before pulling it out again.

Wei Ying's breath hitches in his chest. He's still moaning in pleasure, but Lan Wangji can detect some anxiety too. The next time his half-formed knot stretches Wei Ying's pussy, he leans in and showers kisses on Wei Ying's face. "You're doing so well, baby. Your cunt looks so gorgeous stretching around my knot.

"It's so big," Wei Ying moans.

"Mn," Lan Wangji agrees. "Wei Ying can take it. Such a good omega. Such a perfect omega. Just made to take my knot."

Wei Ying nods, breath coming in shallow, panting gasps. "Want to be good for alpha," he almost whispers.

"You are, sweetheart," Lan Wangji assures. "You're being so good. Just hang on. We're almost there."

Lan Wangji draws back and grinds his hips in a circular motion, letting the wet clutch of Wei Ying's cunt drive him over the edge to orgasm. As he starts to come, he pushes his quickly inflating knot past Wei Ying's entrance one more time, the stretch so intense that tears pour down Wei Ying's cheeks. Lan Wangji kisses them away, petting Wei Ying's hair and praising him.

He shifts so that he can see where his knot is stretching the rim of Wei Ying's cunt taut. He runs his finger around the outside, mesmerized.

Wei Ying hisses at the contact. "Hurts," he whispers pitifully, but his cunt is still milking the come out of Lan Wangji from the inside.

Lan Wangji drops a kiss on the inside of his knee, then shifts his hand to start rubbing at Wei Ying's neglected clit.

Wei Ying moans, and Lan Wangji feels the tense stretch of his cunt start to soften up a bit. Wei Ying mumbles incoherent pleas and tosses his head while Lan Wangji works his clit with skilled fingers. Finally, Lan Wangji feels Wei Ying's cunt pulse and spasm around his cock, a gush of fresh slick and a squirt of come easing the pain of Lan Wangji's knot filling up the small omega's body.

When Wei Ying goes limp in the wake of his orgasm, Lan Wangji carefully turns them over, reclining on his back and letting Wei Ying slump exhaustedly against his broad chest, thighs spread wide where his cunt is still split open on Lan Wangji's knot. He breathes in little exhausted pants against Lan Wangji's neck, nuzzling in to bury his nose in Lan Wangji's scent gland.

Lan Wangji realizes that he had lost all control of his scent while he was fucking Wei Ying, and their mingled scents now hang heavy in the air around them. The smell is so intoxicating Lan Wangji can't find any remorse in himself for his lack of restraint.

He angles his head to nuzzle at Wei Ying's scent gland in turn, creating a feedback loop of pleasure and soothing pheromones that lull them both to sleep even before Lan Wangji's knot goes down enough to slip out of Wei Ying's tender cunt. As he drifts off, Lan Wangji distantly notes a change in Wei Ying's scent, getting even sweeter and headier. He's too close to sleep to register any meaning in that, though.

When Lan Wangji wakes again, maybe a couple of hours later, Wei Ying's body is feverishly hot against his skin. Wei Ying is still draped over his chest, legs splayed wide on either side of his hips, although Lan Wangji's knot had gone down and slipped out of the omega's cunt some time ago.

The next thing he registers is that Wei Ying's pussy is very wet, practically sopping. His cunt is leaking a continuous stream of slick, much more than he'd put out earlier.

Which leads to the third thing Lan Wangji notices. Wei Ying, still asleep, is working his hips restlessly, grinding against Lan Wangji's body, making obscene squelching sounds as he moves through the veritable puddle of slick pooled under him against Lan Wangji's skin.

It's when he registers Wei Ying's scent that his sleepy brain puts all these pieces together. Wei Ying is in heat.

Lan Wangji's cock, already half hard upon waking, perks all the way up at this realization. He takes a steadying breath and gently shakes Wei Ying awake.

"Wei Ying," he murmurs. "Sweetheart, wake up."

Wei Ying moans in protest, hips still rocking—and then he freezes. "Gege? What's—what's happening?"

"You're in heat, Wei Ying," Lan Wangji says. "Did you know it was close to your time?"

"It's not," Wei Ying protests, starting to shake off the sleepy languor. He lifts his head to look at Lan Wangji. "I just had my last heat a few weeks ago. I'm not due for at least another month."

Lan Wangji realizes that he, himself, must have triggered an early heat in Wei Ying. Perhaps by knot-breaking the omega, or with his lack of control over his scent, or maybe a combination of the two. His dick twitches at the realization, and his hands tighten around Wei Ying possessively. Mine, he thinks, and realizes it's not the first time tonight he's thought it. His alpha brain has been thinking of Wei Ying as his omega since he first scented him. Since Wei Ying purred so prettily in his arms. Of course Wei Ying is his, he thinks stubbornly. Who but a destined mate could purr like that the first time their alpha touched them?

He feels a cold spike of anxiety when he realizes that Wei Ying may not feel the same way—may not want to be Lan Wangji's omega for more than this one night. The thought chills him, but it's chased away in the next moment by Wei Ying doing a filthy full body roll where he's pressed up against Lan Wangji from shoulder to hip.

"Gege, I'm so empty," he whimpers. "Won't my alpha fill me up with his big, thick cock?"

My alpha. Lan Wangji's alpha brain howls in victory. His omega. His Wei Ying.

He wants to grip Wei Ying's hips and move him the bare few inches it would take to line him up to sink onto Lan Wangji's achingly hard cock. He wants to claim. To mate.

But—he bites his lip fretfully, his more rational mind forcing him to consider the potential consequences.

"Wei Ying, you could get pregnant."

Wei Ying purrs again, wriggling against Lan Wangji in obvious pleasure. "That would be so nice," he sighs. "To give Hanguang-jun pups." He picks his head up from Lan Wangji's chest to look at him. "Would you like that, gege? To see me all round and full with the pups you fucked into me with your thick alpha cock?"

Lan Wangji growls and flips them over, pressing Wei Ying into the mattress and hovering over him while Wei Ying watches him with big, limpid eyes. "You want me to fuck my pups into you?" he rasps, hardly recognizing his own voice.

"Yes, gege, yes!" Wei Ying cries, squirming with impatience.

"Want me to knot your little cunt and fill you up with my come until it takes root in your womb?"

Wei Ying mewls in pleasure. "Please, gege! Fill me up with your seed!"

Lan Wangji flips Wei Ying onto his stomach and lifts his hips, bringing his knees up under him, so that Wei Ying's dripping cunt is presented and open for the taking. He lines up and plunges inside, drawing a choked moan from the omega beneath him.

There's none of the resistance from the first time. Now that Wei Ying is in heat, his body is doing everything it can to entice and accommodate an alpha's knot. He's practically gushing slick. It drips down the insides of his thighs and soaks the folds of his pussy. The wet slapping and squelching sounds as Lan Wangji pistons his hips, slamming into his omega's needy cunt over and over, just make his cock harder.

And his cunt is needy, softening up and becoming more elastic. An omega in heat can not only take an alpha's knot without pain, they need it. If they don't get it, their poor little cunts will throb and pulse and want, driving them half crazy with the need to be filled.

Lan Wangji grips Wei Ying's hips hard enough to bruise, slamming the omega's pussy back onto his cock again and again.

Wei Ying falls apart beautifully under him, reduced to a constant stream of incoherent begging and slutty moans, even tearing up with how much he needs it. His cheek is pressed to the mattress, the side of his face that's visible all flushed and sweaty, hair tangled and sticking to his forehead.

Lan Wangji pitches forward and blankets Wei Ying with his larger body, chest pressed up against the omega's back. He nuzzles at the back of Wei Ying's neck, licking and sucking and scraping his teeth against the tender flesh, all the while continuing the sharp thrusts of his cock into Wei Ying's pussy.

Lan Wangji fists a hand in Wei Ying's thick, wavy hair and lifts his head from the bed, making his back arch obscenely. He leans in and puts his mouth right next to Wei Ying's ear, speaking hot and hungry.

"So beautiful," he praises. "So perfect, my omega." He's testing the waters. He's never said it out loud before. He thinks—hopes that Wei Ying is on the same page, but he has to be sure.

Wei Ying moans loudly and fucks back against Lan Wangji's cock. "Yes, yes," he babbles. "Yours. Your omega."

"Want to mate you, claim you," he growls.

Wei Ying cries out in what sounds like surprised pleasure. "Really?" he gasps. He struggles against Lan Wangji's hold on his hair, trying to turn his head. Lan Wangji loosens his grip to allow it. "You really—ah—want that? Want me?"

Lan Wangji captures his lips in a kiss. "So much," he vows. "Want to give you my bite and my pups and take you back to Gusu to be mine forever. Wei Ying is so beautiful and so good for me. Takes my cock so well. Never had a better omega. Want to keep you."

Tears spring to Wei Ying's eyes at this declaration. "Yes. Please. Keep me. Make me yours, gege."

"Lan Zhan," he corrects gently.

"Lan Zhan!" Wei Ying cries, joy lighting his eyes. "Mate me and knot me and fill me up with your pups! Please! I need it!"

Lan Wangji has not stopped fucking into Wei Ying's cunt this whole time, and he's close, his knot already swelling at the base of his cock. With one final, powerful thrust of his hips, Lan Wangji forces his knot into Wei Ying's eager cunt, tying them together as come pumps out of him into Wei Ying's fertile little body. As the force of his orgasm crashes through him, he falls forward, tugging Wei Ying's head to the side with the hand still in his hair and baring his neck.

He sinks his teeth in directly over Wei Ying's scent gland, triggering the mating bond. Wei Ying screams and comes, cunt squeezing around Lan Wangji's knot, while his teeth stay buried in Wei Ying's neck, worrying at the skin and making extra sure the bond takes.

When they're both spent and Lan Wangji has released Wei Ying's neck, he rolls them gently onto their sides, spooning Wei Ying against his chest while his knot is still buried in Wei Ying's cunt. He laps at the blood seeping from the fresh bite, soothing the sting of the wound.

After some time, Wei Ying starts shaking in Lan Wangji's arms. Lan Wangji cranes his neck and realizes that Wei Ying is sobbing, bitting his lips to try to stay quiet.

"Wei Ying," he says, alarmed. "Are you all right? Did I hurt you? Was the bite too deep?"

At his naked concern, Wei Ying loses the battle to stay quiet, the sobs torn from his throat. It takes him a moment to bring it back under control and catch his breath to speak. He shakes his head. "No," he assures. "Lan Zhan is the best. Lan Zhan is perfect. I'm just—really happy? That probably sounds stupid." He gives a wet chuckle.

Lan Wangji's arm tightens around his chest. "Not stupid," he murmurs.

"You're really going to take me home with you?" he checks, and Lan Wangji is horrified to hear a thread of genuine worry in his voice.

"Wei Ying," he says, voice bare and shocked. "You can't think I would mate you and breed you, and leave you here alone?"

"No." Wei Ying shakes his head. "Not really. I just—it seems too good to be true. I'm just a nobody, the son of a servant. Who am I to be mate to the chief cultivator?"

Lan Wangji sets aside the comment about being "nobody" to address at another time. Surely the head disciple of a major sect should think more highly of themselves than that. But for now he just mouths over the fresh mating bite, feeling the bond singing through his veins. "Wei Ying is Wei Ying," he says, as if that's all that matters. Because it is. Wei Ying is his destined mate. There couldn't be a better choice for him.

Wei Ying huffs out a laugh, sort of disbelieving. "Hanguang-jun is really too good," he says.

Lan Wangji shakes his head and doesn't dignify that with a response. Instead, he says, "Once your heat is passed, I will discuss marriage terms and an appropriate bride price with Sect Leader Jiang. Then you will come to the Cloud Recesses with me as my mate."

"Lan Zhan," Wei Ying sighs, drawing the name out so that Lan Wangji shivers to hear how it sounds in his mouth. "I'm so happy. So happy to be your mate and carry your pups. Do you think it took? Do you think in a few months we'll have a little one? Or maybe even two?"

Lan Wangji can't quite look head on at the emotion that fills him at the thought of being a father in the very near future. Of raising children with Wei Ying by his side. He slides his hand down Wei Ying's body to rest over his womb. If he presses down, he can feel the shape of himself inside Wei Ying's slender body. Can feel the way his come, still spilling from his cock in spurts, has filled Wei Ying's womb until the skin is taut and full.

Wei Ying shudders at the touch, moaning and shifting where he's still stretched wide on Lan Wangji's knot.

"If not," Lan Wangji says, a smile lighting his face. "We will simply have to try again."

Wei Ying purrs contentedly. "As many times as you want, gege," he promises.

Lan Wangji holds Wei Ying close as his mate drifts to sleep, feeling like his chest might burst with the overwhelming tide of emotions he's feeling.

When his knot goes down enough, Lan Wangji carefully pulls out of Wei Ying's cunt, a rush of come leaking out of the stretched hole as he does. Lan Wangji is momentarily mesmerized by the sight of his mate's ruined pussy, his stretched cunt twitching and fluttering, slowly readjusting after being so full for so long.

He blinks and forces himself to pull away, rising from the bed and donning a sleeping robe. He goes to the door of his rooms and summons a servant, telling them that Wei Ying has gone into heat and to please send the appropriate supplies for a seclusion of several days. The servant's eyes go wide, and she hurries off to obey.

Wei Ying's heat lasts for three days, and Lan Wangji keeps him pinned on his knot for most of that time. During the long stretches where they're tied together, Lan Wangji's cock pumping endless spurts of come into Wei Ying's eager, receptive womb, they talk. Lan Wangji learns more about his mate and his life here at Lotus pier, and in turn, he tells Wei Ying about Gusu, about his brother and uncle, about life in the Cloud Recesses.

"Three thousand?" Wei Ying gasps incredulously when Lan Wangji tells him about the rules that govern the Lan sect.

"Mn," Lan Wangji answers neutrally.

Wei Ying whines piteously. "I'm sure to break at least ten rules just by breathing in the Cloud Recesses," he says, teasing pout not quite hiding the real anxiety underneath. "I'll surely end up punished, and Lan Zhan will be shamed by having such an undisciplined mate."

Lan Wangji noses reassuringly against Wei Ying's scent gland. "Wei Ying shouldn't worry," he says. "Allowances are made for those new to the sect. And as mate to the chief cultivator, no one has the right to punish you except for me."

Wei Ying relaxes, and his voice turns teasing. "Oh? And what sort of punishments would Lan Zhan give to his poor mate?"

Lan Wangji circles his hips, shifting his knot where it's stretching Wei Ying wide, scraping his teeth lightly along Wei Ying's neck at the same time. Wei Ying's eyelids flutter, and he lets out a low moan. "I'm sure we will think of something," he whispers, his breath hot against Wei Ying's ear.

Wei Ying nods vaguely. "Okay, gege," he says, slurring a bit. "It's fine if it's you."

Lan Wangji rewards him by rubbing at his clit until the omega shudders through yet another orgasm, cunt squeezing and pulsing around Lan Wangji's knot.

When Wei Ying's heat finally breaks, Lan Wangji bathes him and dresses him in his best robes, sent over by some of his sect siblings, brushing his hair out and tying it up in a more elaborate style than Wei Ying has ever done for himself.

None of this really does anything to disguise the fact that Wei Ying has been thoroughly fucked for days on end. Especially not with the fresh mating bite peeking out over his collar. But it helps his nerves to be a bit more presentable, and Lan Wangji is only too pleased to care for and groom his new mate, making it clear with every perfumed oil and hair ornament and delicate braid that Wei Ying is a valued and cherished omega.

He doesn't want there to be even the hint of a suggestion that Wei Ying would be knotted and discarded, leaving his reputation in ruins. He suspects that the sect leader's wife may have intended something like this by sending Wei Ying to "serve" Lan Wangji in this capacity. Although he can't prove it, and Wei Ying has proved remarkably evasive on the subject of Madam Yu.

It would have been fine if Wei Ying had not gone into heat. It is somewhat frowned on but generally accepted for unmated omegas to have sex outside of their heats, when there is no risk of pregnancy. And Wei Ying was not due for another heat for some weeks. It was only their strong compatibility that had shifted Wei Ying's cycle to bring on a heat so early. Still, Lan Wangji has his suspicions. He somewhat vindictively adds another silver ornament to Wei Ying's hair as he considers the matter.

Despite the circumstances, Sect Leader Jiang looks quite shocked to see the mating bite on Wei Ying's neck. He seems unhappy, and under normal circumstances, of course, it would be extremely bad form to mate an omega before obtaining permission from their sect leader or head of household. But what can Jiang Fengmian really say about the situation when his own wife had explicitly sent Wei Ying to fuck Lan Wangji? So he does the only thing he can do, which is accept the generous bride price Lan Wangji offers and settles a similarly generous dowry on Wei Ying, frowning the whole time.

Jiang Fengmian seems somewhat mollified by Wei Ying's obvious and radiant happiness, which makes Lan Wangji think a little more kindly of the man.

The Jiang siblings are surprised and dismayed by Wei Ying's abrupt departure from their sect, but they, too, seem to accept it once Wei Ying assures them that this is what he wants.

When the time comes for them to depart, Lady Jiang fills Wei Ying's arms with copious packets of food "for their journey." Lan Wangji thinks there is enough for a journey of several months, rather than just the couple of days it will take to reach Gusu, but Wei Ying flushes with embarrassed pleasure at his sister's parting gift, so Lan Wangji says nothing, just takes a share of the packages to store inside his qiankun sleeves.

Lan Wangji is not entirely pleased to have to let go of Wei Ying so they can travel by sword, but his mate's obvious joy more than makes up for it, his laughter ringing out through the clear air as he swoops and glides, weaving over and around Lan Wangji's own, more sedate flight path.

Soon, Lan Wangji will be even happier that Wei Ying was allowed this exuberant flight. The breeding does take, as it turns out. Hardly surprising, given how enthusiastically they had applied themselves to it. Once it's confirmed, the Lan physicians firmly ground Wei Ying for the duration of the pregnancy.

Wei Ying pouts at the restrictions, whining at Lan Wangji in exaggerated displeasure. But Lan Wangji doesn't take him too seriously. The soft joy shining behind his eyes and the way he rests a careful hand on his still-flat belly give away his true feelings.

And in any case, Lan Wangji doesn't think his mate is suffering too much from boredom. The fact that they were successful on their first attempt does not stop them from "trying again." Every day.