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Sword and Shield

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Choi Han's boots touch the floor with a soft tap as the man leaps over the balcony and into Cale's room in a sweep of dark fabric almost indistinguishable from the night.

"You're here–“

That is all Cale can get out before warm lips are sealed over his in a firm kiss.

Cale's eyes widen.

This is– he is– what?

A slick tongue slides along the crease of his mouth, and the sensation of it causes Cale to shiver, lips parting before he realizes. Choi Han plunders his mouth, sweeping broad strokes over his sensitive palate, like swinging silk instead of swords. A firm hand grasps his waist, thumb caressing the sensitive skin below his ribs. Cale begins to feel light-headed.

He pushes Choi Han away, though not without having to exert a fair amount more effort than he would like to admit. The man is built like a tank, and Cale himself hasn't exactly been motivated to maintain the muscles this body originally had.

"What are you doing?" he hisses, wiping saliva from his mouth.

The candles aren't lit, so it is only by the faint moonlight that Cale can read the confusion on Choi Han's normally serious face.

"Cale-nim asked me to come to his room tonight," Choi Han says, words slow with incomprehension.

"Yes," Cale bites back, baffled. "To complete our mission of saving the dragon. What did you think I called you for?"

Choi Han's mouth drops open. "I– aher..."

"Never mind," Cale dismisses, not really willing to pry into this can of worms when there is a whole den of poisonous worms out there that needs expunged. His whole body feels like a hot wire, taut and ready to burn through whatever it touches. "Let's go."

Choi Han nods, smartly keeping mute about whatever is going on inside his head.

And that's that.

At least, until it happens again.


By now, they've rescued the dragon and (to Cale's displeasure) added him to their party. The mission tonight is to take preemptive action against the bombing planned by the secret organization.

It's not like Cale hadn't thought there might be a repeat performance of whatever misunderstanding Choi Han had last time, since he likes to keep himself prepared for whatever inadvertent changes he might have caused to the plot. It's just, he'd been hoping it wouldn't happen again. He'd been almost certain it wouldn't, since the original novel hadn't insinuated to any degree that Choi Han, the protagonist, was gay.

This is why he is more surprised than not when broad, calloused hands slide beneath the hem of his shirt and scalding, soft lips kiss his neck as he sits at his desk penning a letter. He hadn't even heard him come in.

"Choi Han–"

Gentle fingers slide down his lower abdomen and slip beneath his waistband, grasping his groin. Heated breath skims his ear, and Cale feels that same lightheadedness sweep through him at an alarming rate. It's been so long since he's touched himself, having been too busy working toward an early retirement. Even in his old life, he hadn't done this often, not really seeing the point.

Now, though, he wonders if it always feels this good, if the sensitivity is a side effect of inhabiting this new body, or if Choi Han really is just so great with his hands. Cale is starting to think that putting a stop to such pleasure would really be a pity.

Said hands twist their way up his hardening length, and Cale groans, head leaning back against Choi Han's sturdy chest. "This isn't– what I called you for, you know." He stifles a moan as a thumb sweeps viscous liquid from the sensitive head. Choi Han's other hand rolls a pert nipple softly between two fingers.

"Are you sure?" Choi Han's voice rumbles from next to his ear. Teeth gently grab the soft lobe and tug, and Cale trembles. He didn't even know that ears could be an erogenous zone.

"We're supposed to… meet with the dragon…" he gets out between pants, even as the calloused hand hastens its ministrations. Speaking of, he sincerely hopes the little dragon is still engaging in post-dinner rough housing with the cats, and not on his way here. Because that would just be... mortifying.

"We'd better clean up, then."

Choi Han releases him, and Cale is finally able to get in a breath. Before he can reclaim his mind, though, his chair is being spun around, his trousers pulled halfway down his legs, and a mouth is encasing his engorged length. It is hot, and wet, and feels entirely too good to be something he has never tried in his 36 years of existence.

"Fuck–" he cries, bucking up into the warmth of Choi Han's mouth.

Choi Han doesn't stop, just pins his waist with one strong forearm and goes to town, sucking him off as though he's got a premium melona bar in his mouth rather than a dick.

The hand not pinning him to the chair sneaks around to his back, fingers caressing down the smooth, sensitive valley of his ass. Cale comes with a choked cry, trembling as the force of it overwhelms him.

Choi Han sucks him dry, only stopping his ministrations when Cale twists weakly from overstimulation.

Warm breath brushes his lips, and Cale opens his eyes to find Choi Han hovering hopefully before him for a kiss. He wrinkles his nose at the musky smell emanating from Choi Han's mouth and turns his head in displeasure.

"Go get cleaned up first," he mutters.

Choi Han happily agrees, darting off to do so.

It's only through sheer luck that he returns and nabs his reward just before the dragon finally graces them with his presence.


So, it becomes a thing.

Every time they've got some secret mission Cale wants done without the whole party trailing after them, he tells Choi Han his windows will be unlocked, and makes sure whoever else is invited gets the memo for a later time.

Choi Han is blessedly discreet about the whole affair, though he's become increasingly clingy, both in public and in private.

"Leave your windows unlocked every night," Choi Han murmurs in his ear as he thrusts into him from behind.

Cale shivers as the heated length within him slides along his walls, blunt head catching his delicate rim before sliding back in with a slick sound. Teeth and tongue tug and lick his ears incessantly. Maybe it's the protagonist's golden finger at play, but Choi Han catches on very quickly to anything that makes Cale feel good, and Cale has a hard time thinking whenever they're together like this.

"They've been open, you idiot," Cale snarks before realizing how revealing that is. He wants to take it back immediately, but Choi Han has already stopped his motions.

Before Cale realizes what's happening, he's flipped on his back and Choi Han's dark eyes are staring straight at him.

"Do you want this every night?" Choi Han asks.

Cale wants to murder himself of five seconds ago. Gently. Without pain.

"Shut up, you idiot," he deflects, turning his head so he doesn't have to face Choi Han's earnestness. "Hurry up and move already."

"I really like you," Choi Han says.

He doesn't reply despite the way his chest tightens with– something indescribable, and Choi Han takes it upon himself to kiss his cheek, his jaw, his ear.

"Really, I like you a lot," Choi Han whispers in his ear.

Cale groans, face heating to an inferno. "Goddammit," he mutters, wrapping his legs around Choi Han's waist. He tightens his legs, bringing Choi Han forward, burying him deeper inside, and the two of them moan with pleasure.

Choi Han resumes his movements, and both of them are consumed with sensation. Kisses are rained upon Cale's face and Choi Han is murmuring an endless litany of, "Like you, like you so much..." His hips stutter, and Cale can tell he's getting close.

A calloused hand wraps around Cale's leaking length, and he arches up into the touch. He wraps a hand around the back of Choi Han's neck to bring him close and into a searing kiss.

Cale breaks the kiss, gasping out, "You, you too... I -"

Choi Han drives into him, and the pleasure becomes too much to handle. Cale comes with Choi Han's dark eyes fixed sultrily upon him, and Choi Han follows soon after.


"So, you like me back," Choi Han says, not even attempting to hide the giddiness in his voice.

Cale lies in his embrace, face pressed as close to his chest as possible without touching, because post-sex sweat is gross. The secret mission for the night had been cancelled when Rosalyn had knocked and asked if they were ready, even as Choi Han's softening dick had still been encased in Cale's body. If it had been the kids, they might not have even knocked. Small mercies.

Cale presses his face into Choi Han's chest to hide, grimacing at the sticky feeling of sweat on his forehead. "No," he denies, just because he can and also because he can feel a dull ache beginning to manifest in his lower back. The postponement of the secret mission had resulted in an extra round of mischief before Cale could get a word in edgewise, and he's going to hold this pain over Choi Han for as long as he can.

"I know you do," Choi Han teases, roaming roguish fingers down his back.

They're both naked under the sheets, and Choi Han's precious goods are very vulnerable to, say, being kneed. Cale shifts his leg as menacingly as he can before Choi Han has to grab ahold of him with a laugh.

"Okay, okay, I'll say it then," Choi Han concedes.

Soft lips press against his in a firm, devoted kiss.

"I like you very much."

The words reach his heart, sneaking past even the indestructible shield.