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Cloud stomped his heels in frustration and swore softly, then grimaced, thinking about how petulant that probably looked, given he was in heels and a dress. Still. He was too pretty enough for the Don! Or at least, he'd rather be up there instead of Tifa.

He was in one of the upper hallways of the Don's mansion, behind the scenes but not really anywhere useful. He was contemplating how much noise it would make to just kick down the door to the back when one of the Don's enforcers turned the corner into the hallway, and Cloud instantly shifted over to looking lonely and anxious, like he was just wandering around looking for somebody. "Oh!" he exclaimed, "I'm so glad to see you," he said. "I just got lost, and I'd be so thankful if you could help me."

The guard wasn't that bad looking. Ruggedly handsome, in a big bruiser kind of way. Cloud would be absolutely willing to fuck him. He got the guard's attention, at least; he gave Cloud a distinct twice-over, and broke out in a grin.

"Well aren't you lookin' pretty. You may not've been picked by the Don, but don't worry, there's plenty of options left," he said, and groped his crotch to make sure he was being crystal clear.

"That'd be great," Cloud said, half meaning it; it'd been more than a while since he last got fucked. "But you don't think we could go somewhere a little more... private?" He looked around the hallway, which had probably seen dozens of people fucking out in the open anyway. "I wouldn't want anybody to stumble across us. How about—" he paused, artfully feigning looking back and forth before stepping over to the door to the back hall up to the Don's rooms. "Just right in here."

"We're not supposed to let anybody into the back."

"I can make it worth your while," Cloud purred, taking another step further, basically pinning the guy to the wall. His cock was a hard line pressed against Cloud's hip, and he reached down with one well-manicured hand to gently stroke his fingers along its length.

"Fuck," the guard said. "You make a good point." He looked both ways down the hallway before opening the door behind him and pulling Cloud in with him. The room behind was a tiny cupboard-sized watch room, with a table and chair along one wall and barely enough room to walk around them. And, critically, another door behind that, leading further into the Don's mansion.

Really, the guard's part in this was over. Cloud could knock him out no problem, and maybe even find somewhere to stash him so he wouldn't be found for a while. But, well, the guard was kinda hot, and it'd been a while since Cloud had been fucked. So instead of just punching him in the side of the head, Cloud cupped his pinned cock, stroking his thumb along the shaft, digging in at the tip. The guard groaned encouragingly, pulling Cloud close, rutting his cock up over Cloud's hip.

Cloud unbuckled the guard's belt, tugging his dress shirt out from his pants — knuckles brushing over his muscular and hairy belly — and unzipped him, curling his fingers around the hot, damp flesh of his shaft before he pulled the guard's cock out in the open.

The guard had a solid cudgel of a cock, with a broad, fat head that was already glazed with pre. Cloud stroked it, thumb digging against his foreskin to grind against his cockhead. He groaned, cock swelling in Cloud's hands, and his slit gaped, spitting out a sharp line of pre all across the front of Cloud's dress. Cloud groaned, hand tugging his foreskin back, stroking across the underside of the guard's revealed cockhead in a way that made him growl and buck forward, pinning him to the wall. His knees dug under Cloud's thighs, and he knocked them wider, forcing Cloud to splay open, resting on the guard's muscular thighs. His already-prepared hole opened, clenching and yawning between his spread cheeks, and it wasn't hard to hike his dress up higher, rising up just enough to stuff the guard's cock between his thighs, fat cockhead spearing against his ass.

The guard did the rest of the work: he let out a snarling roar, hands on Cloud's hips jamming him down, and he sunk the whole length of his cock into Cloud's ass in a single brutal thrust. Cloud moaned, his own cock twitching as he was fucked, leaking pre into his panties. The guard's cock was thick, the ridge of his cockhead scrubbing across his guts. The guard hauled Cloud forward, stubbled jaw scraping across Cloud's cheek as he buried his cock solidly into Cloud's guts. Cloud clenched, milking out wet spurts of pre that made his thrusts slicker and wetter as he rode the guard's cock, pulling out and then slamming back in, ass meeting the guard's thighs with a sharp crack. He moaned, leaning forward to press their chests together, desperately kissing across the guard's forehead as he bounced Cloud on his cock.

"Ah, fuck," the guard groaned, pumping faster. He was already flooding Cloud with his pre, cock emerging from his hole glazed and shining, excess pre spilling out across his ass and dripping down beneath them. He hammered Cloud down on his cock, hands clenching his waist and hauling him down like he was an oversized sextoy, fucking up into Cloud's guts with each thrust, jabbing hard against his prostate. Cloud moaned, the pounding inside him making his guts spasm, heat blooming inside him, rough and intense. He sobbed, shaky, as the guard fucked him through a burning anal orgasm: muscles convulsing, face screwing up, as the brutal thrusts worked him open.

"Fucking— harder!" Cloud demanded, needing more even with the burn of the fuck sizzling inside him, and the guard groaned, pinning him back against the wall and driving into him brutally: dress hiked up to his chest, legs kicked up into the air, as he drove his fat cock into Cloud's hole over and over. Cloud howled, a second orgasm bursting through him even before the first had faded, leaving him with his hole sucking and spasming around the guard's cock, milking him in hungry bursts.

The guard was getting close, thrusts faster and more frenzied, the impact of each thrust jarring his entire body. He make three final thrusts, each one punctuated by the sharp clap of his heavy balls against Cloud's ass, before he slammed inside and froze in place, groaning into Cloud's shoulder. His cock lurched, spitting one, twice, again, again, steadily pulsing in Cloud's well-fucked ass until he started to overflow, a messy stream of cum burbling out around the man's shaft and splattering to the ground. He thrust, shallowly, scraping his cock through Cloud's tenderized guts before finally pulling free with a wet pop, letting his cock ooze out the dregs of his load across the cheeks of his ass.

Cloud tumbled off his perch, sprawling on the ground on his knees, and as the guard panted, recovering from his orgasm, he leaned in and sucked his cock into his mouth, cleaning off the cum-slathered mess.

"Fuck," the guard said, reaching down with one shaky hand to cup Cloud's head. "The Don really made a mistake not picking you."

Cloud smiled up at him, lips still warped around his fat cockhead. He gave the still-dripping tip a kiss. "I just wish I could show him that," he said, pouting.

Cloud's hole ached, still tingling from the man's short, rough thrusts; he wanted more. His Mako-enhanced biology meant it took a lot more to tire him out. He was flushed and hard, mind dimly envisioning Don Corneo and the guard fucking him one way and then another, putting him at the center of a rough gangbang until he was finally satisfied. He sloppily nursed on the guard's cock, moaning, fingers reaching back to slide along his fucked-open hole.

"Fuck, you look really nice," the guard said, grinning down at him. "Wish we could go for another round."

Cloud opened his mouth, about to say there was no reason they couldn't, but—

"Sorry," the guard said, right before the ground opened up beneath Cloud. "Sorry to throw away such a talented lay, but it's more than I'm worth to let somebody sneak up into the penthouse."

Cloud had gotten so into things he hadn't been paying attention. The guard had positioned him specifically in the tiny guardroom; the floor under him had sounded slightly different when he'd fallen to his knees; the guard's posture had tightened near the end, eyes sliding over to the button he'd pressed. All things he could've easily avoided if he just hadn't gotten so worked up over getting some cock.

The trapdoor lead to a slick metal slide, a repurposed disposal chute that sent Cloud slipping down smooth metal in a haphazard tangle and eventually tossed him out onto some slimy bricks in total disarray: legs sprawled out, dress torn, bare skin scuffed and scratched.

"Don't worry," came a compressed loudspeaker voice. "I'll be keeping an eye out." Cloud looked up, dazed: he was in some dimly-lit sewers, the hatch behind him a messy tear in the brickwork, and yeah, above that right at the ceiling there was the red light of a camera and speaker system, fixed on him.

"Fuck!" Cloud cursed, and immediately broke one of his heels on the uneven concrete. He had been about to get into the Don's bedroom, and now he was in some crumbling old overflow drain. His cock ached, hard and pushed out of his shaping briefs, forming a fat line skewing out his dress, soaking the fabric at the tip. He looked up at the chute that had dumped him down here: nothing he couldn't climb back up, but it would ruin his dress. More than it was already ruined. He was just about to start — climb up there and beat the guard up, maybe tie him down and ride him for a bit just to quench the heat in his hips — when the ground shuddered.

There was a great crashing through the drain, the water sloshing unevenly, and Cloud looked upstream, where the shadow of something enormous was flickering across the bend. Some huge beast lumbered forward, each step sending a wave of filthy water crashing down the drain's trough, louder and louder until it turned the curve and became visible.

It was an enormous beast: easily twice Cloud's height, shambling hooves and humanoid hands, a craggy snout, and an enormous muscular hunchback, punctuated with two immense horns bursting out from its back. Its hide was leathery blue, mottled in uneven patches to a fleshy pink. It had a thrashing tail with a club-like tip that it crashed against the crumbling drain trough, knocking off fresh chunks of concrete.

It was, in short, a giant monster.

Between the beast's haunches was a huge, sagging sheath, and behind it was a pair of immense balls hanging all the way down to its knees. Its sheath alone was broader than Cloud's shoulders. Its balls smacked against its haunches as it approached, fur there sodden and dripping, its heavy sheath folding over itself with a series of wet squelches. It crooned, its guttural moan much closer to a mating call than a roar of anger.

Cloud gulped. He was looking for somebody to fuck, but...

The beast opened its mouth, tongue lolling out all the way down its chest, flinging slimy drool across the walls. It snuffled wetly, breath coming out steaming in the chill air, and scented the air, snuffling closer. Cloud was acutely aware of the wet smear of pre across the front of his dress. Between its haunches, the beast's sheath shuddered, audibly gurgling as its cock shifted inside it. A thick rope of slimy pre oozed from the tip, burbling out in a mess of fat bubbles. Its cocktip bunched against the inside of its sheath, swelling it fatter, fatter, until it finally burst out with an explosion of slime, painting the slick concrete with a fresh coating of its pre. Two cocks pushed out, thin and writhing, flesh smooth and shiny, colored a mottled purple-pink. But as more of its cock spilled out Cloud realized he was mistaken: its cock was forked, and the first foot-or-so was a pair of writhing tentacle-tips that joined up beneath, thickening its cock immensely. Its shaft proper was easily as broad as Cloud's chest, and it hung there between its haunches, more and more continually spilling out from its oozing sheath, thickly gummed up with slimy off-white internal fluids.

The rank, animal reek of its cock overpowered even the must of the sewer, flooding Cloud's nose with its heavy, meaty savor. Its cock slurped out into the open, mottled purple shaft coated more and more thickly with goopy off-white sludge as more of it spilled from its fat sheath. Watery pre continually squirted in sharp blasts from the forked tip, spilling into the drain water beneath. The beast finally drew level with Cloud, perched on the drain's walkway, snout sending out plumes of humid breath. Cloud shuffled backwards, caught between fear and arousal, and the big monster hauled itself up, lumbering towards him. This close he could see it was wearing a bridle, half-ruined now, as well as a collar with a big engraved nametag: "ABZU". One of Corneo's pets, almost certainly. And judging by its cock, he had a good idea what it was down here for. He wondered if he was on camera right now. He'd at least make sure to give them a good show.

Abzu stooped down, huge hairy hands splayed on either side of Cloud, and crooned at him, drooling tongue flopping out of its mouth and twisting, prehensile, towards him. His cock twisted too, more and more prehensile as more of it spilled out into the open, questing back and forth like a snake tasting the air, tip continually burbling watery slime.

"You're a big boy, huh?" Cloud said, taking a step forward, reaching up to scratch along Abzu's snout. The beast crooned again, leaning into the motion, its wet panting buffeting Cloud with blasts of reeking, humid air. Its tongue coiled up his arm, impact a wet splat as it huffed and gurgled, and then its cock struck as well, twining around like a snake before it lunged, knocking Cloud back against the wall and looping in an immense coil around his body. It felt between his legs, a slimy curve of its muscular cock grinding down against his still-hard cock, and Cloud moaned, arching up into the contact as the beast drew him tighter into its embrace: coiled in its slobbery tongue, wrapped up in the thick, slimy heat of its oozing cock.

Cloud moaned and rutted against it, arms stroking the huge, muscular tentacle of its dick. Its tentacle-tips smacked against his face, blindly coiling against his cheek, squirming up his nose, before he twisted his head so he could suck on them. Even the tips were nearly wrist-thick, fattening steadily until they met at a fat bulb, with a long slashing slit between them where Abzu was actually gushing its rank pre. Cloud slobbered across its tentacles, open mouth abruptly flooded with pre as its entire cock rippled and spat, hosing out an immense blast of pre that coated Cloud's entire front, drenching him in its rich, spicy pre. The smell was so intense it almost hurt to inhale.

Abzu's hear craned down, snout an inch from Cloud's face, thick drool oozing over its lips. Its tongue coiled around his neck before pushing the tips — it was forked too — across his face, shoving them into his mouth in a crude kiss. Cloud moaned, rising up into it, his lips brushing against Abzu's own even as it shoved its rubbery, wrist-thick tongue down his throat. Its cock pulsed around him, squirming and looping, pinning one arm to his side as it dived between his legs, catching the hem of his dress and bodily ripping it off him. Abzu's cock licked a drooling stripe up his front, forked tip tangling against his cock for a moment before the tentacles dug into his briefs and ripped those apart too, leaving him fully naked. Cloud groaned, humping his cock against a glossy coil of Abzu's dick. Its cock twisted down again, probing behind his balls, and Cloud raised his leg to get it better access, bracing his foot against a curve of Abzu's surprisingly taut and muscular cock. Even the forked tips were enormous, pulsing as they licked across the curve of his ass. He was slick with both lube and the guard's cum; he'd expected to get fucked going into Corneo's mansion, but Abzu's cock was— considerably larger than anything he was expecting to take. Abzu crooned above him, sliming him down further with fresh drool as it lapped across his face, tongue-tip still shoved down his throat, and Cloud gurgled in response, hands groping the slick coils of its cock, rearranging them into something he could rut against as Abzu jammed its cocktip against his asshole, working only the smallest fraction of its cock into him. Pre erupted from the point where the two tips joined, splattering all across his ass and thighs, and the tentacles mashed together in a churning mound, obscene wet slurps sounding as they smeared pre all over, slopping down its cock in frothy runnels.

Its cock caught him in its embrace, bodily jerking him off his feet — and sending a few more squirming inches of its cocktip into his ass — as Abzu pinned Cloud to its underbelly, back against the wall, dangling a few feet off the ground and held up only by its cock looped around and around his body. Cloud arched forward, humping the beast's chest, cock sliding through the sparse grey fur coating its body, slicking it to its hide where it wasn't already coated in its own slimy pre. Abzu grunted and groaned, hands pressed against the wall, only its giant thumbs bracing Cloud in place so that its cock could push its way deeper inside him.

"Fuck," Cloud groaned, the sound coming up his throat as a slobbery gurgle. Abzu's cock knocked against his prostate, digging in rhythmically, and he could feel his cock twitch and spurt, leaking pre eagerly — already drenched in Abzu's copious slime. Its cock thundered around him, constricting him like an enormous snake, and above him — all around him — Abzu bellowed, cock lurching hard. Its ejaculation buffeted Cloud, flexing shaft sending him swinging to the left and then to the right as its internal muscles clenched and pushed, cock swelling in big fat bulges as they worked to pump its load down the entire length of its cock. Thick green-blue cum erupted from the base of its fork, cradled right against Cloud's gaped ass, erupting in an immense hosing squirt that instantly painted him head to toe in stringy monster cum. Cloud groaned, the added drag of the thick cum slurping across his cock just enough added sensation for him to blow his load, groaning as he shot into Abzu's pulsing coils. The second shot of cum was even thicker and heavier, gummy sludge gurgling into his ass and forming a slimy mass spilling down his legs, slopping and slurping obscenely as Abzu kept fucking him, trying to sink its cock in past the tip.

By the time the giant beast was finished, Cloud was painted in a thickening crust of cum, goopy and heavy as it started to congeal all over him. Abzu held him close to its chest, still crooning, its cock still fully unsheathed and writhing across Cloud's form.

Cloud groaned, fucked-open ass flooded and drooling, weakly clinging to Abzu's chest. The beast carried him back upstream, cock already playing across Cloud's cheeks again, ready for a second round.

Around the bend in the sewers was the beast's den: a thicket of collected refuse it used as its bed, half-damming the drain flow. Abzu nestled Cloud down on it, curling him up on his lap. They kissed, again: Abzu opened wide and shoved his forked tongue down Cloud's throat. The muscle was huge and thick, warping Cloud's throat as he struggled to contain his wet gags. He swallowed and swallowed, drinking down mouthfuls of slimy monster drool as Abzu snarled and panted above him, sloppily tongue-fucking his throat. Abzu's cock twisted around him, smearing its congealed slime across his cum-drenched body, lathering up his tarry load until Cloud's naked body was entirely sheened in frothy masses of bubbling ooze, clinging in fat clusters to his skin. Cloud moaned around Abzu's tongue as its cock spurted fresh pre across his well-fucked hole: its twin prongs dug into his cheeks, spreading his hole in a wide gape, and when its cock rippled and shot again the impact splattered all up and down Cloud's ass, flooding his hole with the beast's slimy issue.

Abzu finally tugged his tongue free — the stretch of it slithering back up his throat making Cloud weakly gag, huge clots of drool bursting from his nose and mouth as Abzu's squirming tongue made his bulging throat ripple and warp — and pulled Cloud up against its chest, tipping him forward. His tongue splattered down Cloud's back, its tips twining around his cocktips, all four fat tentacles lapping across the bruised, swollen ring of his asshole. Each one was easily wrist-thick, but they were thickly muscled: clenching, they bunched together in an enormous muscular swell, but slack, they became thin and spongy. Abzu sunk one of them — Cloud couldn't tell if it was a tongue or a cock — into his ass, twisting and licking across his inner walls. It pushed deeper, thin and twisting, and then flexed inside him, stretching him out with its fat swell. Cloud moaned against Abzu's chest, ass aching, thighs trembling. Abzu worked him open with a single tentacle, letting its smooth, slick tip slide over the burning flesh of his aching ring, over and over until his body gave no resistance even when it fucked him with it clenched: fat, wrist-thick muscle easily sinking into him.

Cloud moaned brokenly, his cock stubbornly hard pressed against his stomach, and he found himself rutting back into Abzu's thrusts, arms and legs trembling, breath coming fast. Abzu's tentacle twisted inside him, a second tip hooking along the rim of his ass and tugging him even wider, and Cloud's eyes rolled back into his head, entire body convulsing as his cock shot off untouched, spraying his load in messy stripes up Abzu's chest. Abzu was going to work him open until he could fit the entire monstrous length of his cock inside him. Abzu's wet, slick tongue — or cocktip — dragged along the rim of his asshole. It already felt enormous: bruised and swollen, dripping with cum, muscle worked open into a perpetual pout. Abzu's slick tentacle-tips slid along the rim, tugging and twisting, slowly peeling him open wider. Cloud whined, sobbing and shaking, as the tips resolved: Abzu's tongue peeling him open, his fat cocktips sinking inside him. His cocktips flexed, his next burst of pre aimed directly into his gaped ass; it was like a bucket being splashed on him: a wave of hot fluid splattering up across his skin, gurgling into his gaped ass and sloppily pouring back out again, sheening down Abzu's twisting cocktips.

Abzu sunk its cock into him: the two thin tips thickening, thickening, thickening, until Cloud was drawn taut around even their comparatively-thin girth. He well-remembered the impossible, waist-thick bulk of Abzu's shaft, but in the moment — body flushed with heat, fat tips knocking against his guts, drawing out shaky moans and sharp cries — it was hard to do anything other than rock back into Abzu's tentative thrusts, flexing and clenching his gaped ass to pull Abzu deeper.

His stomach lurched, visibly rippling and shuddering as Abzu sunk his tentacle-cock deeper inside him. His aching rim spread further, gaping wide around the thickening bulk of Abzu's cock. The smooth muscle compressed and flexed, thinning out and then clenching into enormous swells of muscle, rhythmically ironing out the passage of Cloud's ass. Cloud moaned brokenly, the pressure of each pulse brutally stretching his inner passages, flattening his prostate, making his cock squirt out a messy stream of pre and cum. His entire body convulsed around Abzu's cock, pleasure burning through him at the implacable force of Abzu's thrusts, overwhelming him in a chain of anal orgasms, over and over until he was limp putty only held aloft by Abzu's touch.

After that, it was hardly a challenge for his slack, broken ass to swallow up the full girth of Abzu's shaft: his muscles spread wide, hips aching, as Abzu's cock merged together into a single massive shaft. Cloud's eyes bulged, guts convulsing, as Abzu threaded his cock through him, squirming deeper — so, so far up inside him, and then so deep his cock hit the bend in his guts and started moving to the side. His cock was a visible lump in Cloud's stomach, warping beneath his muscles, lurching up and down as Abzu probed deeper.

Abzu used him like a fuck-toy: arms wrapped around Cloud's chest, pulling him bodily down when he thrust up, sheathing his monstrous shaft into Cloud's loose gape. He pumped Cloud on his cock, back and forth over the same foot-or-so of shaft, until his flesh was slathered and dripping with churned-up pre, forming thick creamy dollops of sludge clinging to Cloud's bruised asslips, squelching obscenely between his swollen folds as Abzu impaled him on his cock.

Cloud was in a slack daze, eyes rolled back into his head, sobbing and moaning as Abzu took him. His Mako-enhanced stamina was met and overwhelmed by the monster's own constitution: the cock inside him shuddered and pulsed, the full length of Abzu's sprawling tentacle-cock squirming inside him, and with each pulse a huge squirt of cum worked its way through Abzu's shaft, pumping higher and higher into Cloud's body until it finally burst from between his lashing cocktips, flooding directly into his guts and filling him with a burning heat. And then, like it was nothing, Abzu kept fucking him, using his load as just more lube to cram his seemingly-unending cock even deeper.

The weight of Abzu's loads inside him grew continually. Abzu came inside him, again, again, until Cloud's guts sloshed and churned with each thrust, gurgling down Abzu's length until enormous squirts of pressurized cum gushed out of him around the root of Abzu's shaft, splattering to the ground in fat, heavy arcs of thick fluid. Cloud's already-swollen belly stretched more and more with each new load Abzu fucked into him, until the monstrous bloat of its cock was entirely hidden under the smooth, uniform swell of its loads, making Cloud look pregnant, beyond pregnant: sides a mess of ruddy stretch marks, belly swollen in a huge dome, broad and swaying beneath him as Abzu slopping fucked his ruined gape again and again. Even the continual waterfall of cum pouring out of him, thick and tarry, wasn't enough to make up for how Abzu was pouring even more into him, unending.

Eventually Cloud felt the smear of Abzu's sheath against his ass: the full length of his cock was sunk into him, sluggishly churning Cloud's flooded guts, stirring up his loads into something thicker and heavier, sticking wetly to the walls of Cloud's guts. Abzu's sheath squelched, heavy flesh smacking against his ass with a crack and then squelching as Abzu pushed deeper, folding over itself in grimy layers as Abzu sunk even the very root of his cock into Cloud's body. Cloud just took it: eyes rolled back into his head; heartbeat pounding in his ears; limbs weak and trembling; his own cock forgotten, pinned beneath the swaying bulk of his grossly-pregnant belly.

There was the clack of footsteps on concrete. Cloud was hardly in any state to recognize the sound: head slathered with Abzu's drool, ears flooded, all sound gone swimmy. The sight of the guard stepping around the sewer corner sparked something in his mind. Abzu noticed: snarling at the intruder, tugging Cloud back to keep him protected.

The guard took in the scene: Cloud's clothes long since torn off, torn apart; Cloud's figure hardly recognizable, skin sheened and dripping head to toe with a slimy mixture of drool and cum, obscuring all his features in a sludgy white froth; belly enormously swollen, draped down to his knees from the weight of cum inside him; Abzu still rutting into Cloud even as he growled, a wet splat splat splat of his sheath smacking against Cloud's broken ass over the gurgle of churned-up cum drooling out of him in a tarry waterfall.

The guard whistled, low. "Damn. Been a real long time since Abzu took this much of a liking to anybody." He took a hesitant step closer. "Don't think you're gonna give him up easy, huh?"

Abzu snarled and took another step back, pinning Cloud beneath his underbelly, but then he paused, snuffling the air, muzzle pointing up before it honed in on the guard — identifying his scent as the same as the cum originally drooling from Cloud's ass.

It happened quick. Abzu reached out with one great clawed hand and tore the guard's clothes off: fist clenching across his chest, tearing his jacket and undershirt to shreds, and then just a twist lower had a claw slicing through his belt, tearing the front of his pants. He looked down, a bit stunned — maybe surprised he hadn't been disembowled — and then Abzu hauled him forward, suddenly pressed against Cloud's front.

The guard's eyes went dazed and unfocused at the rank scent of Abzu's drool, splattering across his bare skin. He groaned, unsteady, and Cloud lurching forward to kiss him deeply — pouring a mouthful of Abzu's drool into his mouth — and scraped his hands down the guard's front, painting his hairy chest with slimy sheets of monster cum.

Abzu's cock gurgled inside Cloud, pulling out of him in lurches. An explosion of cum burst from Cloud's ass each time Abzu managed to free one of his coils, again and again as he slowly hollowed Cloud out, removed the only support that was keeping him upright. Cloud collapsed against the guard's front, who nearly toppled backwards at the unexpected weight, and Abzu's cock finally pulled free, utterly coated in drooling sheets of churned-up cum, entirely coating the full length of his tentacle-cock. His cock twisted, looping around them both, and smeared the guard up and down with thick clots of cum. The fragrant ooze clung to the guard's body, outlining his blocky muscles, and the guard let out a shaky moan, hands slipping and sliding across Cloud's front, digging into the taut bulge of his pregnant belly.

Abzu tipped forward, the both of them pressed beneath him, and slid his tonguetip down the guard's back, drooling down to his ass. The guard let out a shaky whine into Cloud's mouth as Abzu sunk his tonguetip into him, starting to open him up. Abzu coiled his cock around them both, his forked cocktip already sliding between the guard's legs to push against his drool-slicked asshole.

Cloud moaned into the guard's mouth, the both of them wetly kissing, bodies glazed and dripping with Abzu's slimy load. He reached down, curling his fingers around the guard's cock — already half-hard, hardening further in his hand. His hole felt so empty without Abzu plugging him up, with cum gurgling out of him in great sloppy bursts. The guard's cock would fill him up a little while Abzu was properly breaking the guard in, and then — and then Abzu would breed them both as much as he wanted, as long as he wanted. Abzu's balls still hung low and heavy between his haunches as he lined his cocktips up against the guard's ass and pushed inside. He was nowhere near done breeding either of them.