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Pretty Eyes (Odess oneshot)

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Bess ran into work, fuck she was late. Again.

It wasn’t unusual for Bess to be late, often George wouldn’t really notice due to the fact that no matter how late Bess was Nancy would always waltz in exactly 20 minutes later. However Nancy wasn’t in this week and Bess’s tardiness was showing.

She had moved out of the Drew' last week after Carson had moved back in and was once again in her van, she didn’t really mind. Her little van was everything to her. It is the first place she's properly had since she was 13 that was just hers, She had bought it with her last scrap of money from New Hampshire and had driven it all the way to horseshoe bay. The other day she had had to move it though and it now sat at the other end of town, she had moved to the Marvin estate months ago and now her old spot was gone.

So that’s how the 19 year old girl ran into work exhausted after running all the way to work in this ridiculous outfit, she totally rocked it though.

“Sorry George i’ll get right to..” she quickly realised that the woman standing before her wasn’t her boss but instead Bess’ french ghost of a girlfriend. Immediately Bess smiled and took Odette in her arms. She didn’t know how but the way her girlfriend felt was nothing like her friend. Her smell, her eyes, her everything was different, for Bess it was impossible to see anything other than her love.

Odette immediately relaxed in her girlfriend's hold. Her posture was still upright and steady but she let her muscles relax. It was still strange wearing jeans and no corset but being a ghost she didn’t get much say in Georges wardrobe. She felt safe with Bess, more than anyone else. Although she knew Bess wasn’t Mary she still made Odette feel the same way Mary had. Unlike everyone else in the group Odette showed Bess who she really was. Everyone else saw her as harsh and a burden to get rid of as one of their 'cases’. Bess looked at her like the person she used to be before.

Their bodies held each other as the rest of the world fell away, At first Odette's presence had made Bess' heart flutter like it had shifted into a butterfly that was then trapped inside her body but now she just felt safe and warm, like nothing else mattered. the two of them felt like they were floating into the sky and not standing in the locker room of the dinner. At that moment Odette wanted nothing more then to grab Bess' hand and run off towards the beach, it was a cold, grey day but Odette still loved it, probably more then on the warmer days although there had been few of them since she had started possessing George. the two girls had spent their first kiss sitting on some rocks under the trees on the shore looking up at the stars. It had been perfect. although a second later a wave had splashed then and Bess had screamed and ran. The first time Odette had really laughed. That was now their spot and Odette would often find Bess hiding there in the evenings.

"je t'aime"

"je t'aime"

Although the moment only lasted a second the two women appreciated it and would trade anything in world for any amount of time with each other (with the exception of Ace) Odette quickly Clutched her loves’ face and pressed her lips to Bess’ soft if not slightly chapped lips. Pulling back the french women quickly tucked the English girls hair behind her ear lovingly before they parted and Bess had to start working.