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Words of Whimsy and Wit

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All the words and then some

Wander in Wandreth Wruxled in Wampum, Wick and ready to Wield Wild Water, Wallop Wasp and Walrus in the Wake of your Walnut Wain, let Winter Walm and Wane, Leave Warlock Waiting in Want of a Warm Waistcoat, In Free Space Waggle your Whole store of Words, Wit and Whimsy.


Diagonal: Waggle Wane Free Space Wick Walm

On the green hillside there is a pool, where the water walms up from deep springs, cool and refreshing. Birds frequent that space, flitting over it, dabbling at the edges for the plants that grow there, swimmers waggle their tails diving for the wary fish that live in the depths.

As the day wanes and the stars burn bright through the tree-stems as though the branches were wicks lit like candles. Now the birds of twilight and night come out, making free of the water, hunting the small creatures that live there. Peace reigns here, and the memory of song.


Diagonal: Whole Waiting Free Space Warm Warlock

A warlock they called him, when he sang the fire alight to warm his hands, as if fire were sorcery, dark magic, rather than the opposite. It did not stop them from drawing near the flames, those small people, shorter than dwarves, with beards on their feet, not their faces.

They liked his songs, though, when he invited them to make free of the coals, and worked through the whole of the very silly song about Tilion hurtling through space with the moon while they were waiting for the tubers to roast through. Enchantment was apparently not in their vocabulary.


Postage Stamp: Walrus Walnut Wain Wick

KayleeArafinwiel asked " what do walruses and walnuts have to do with each other?"

Words for Wally, the Wandering Walrus of Wales

How is a walrus like to a walnut?
How is a walnut not like a wain?
Walrus and walnut are wick on the quayside
With names e'en the wise find hard to explain
Wains may be walnut, carry a walrus
Wrought by a wainwright, a wagon named plain.