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"So what time are we all meeting tonight?" Morgan asked Claire as she sat down with her, Alex and Shaun in the cafeteria.

"At 7," Claire replied.

"Which means pre drinks will take place before then," Alex said.

"I am not doing pre drinks," Claire told him.

"You're not going to pre drink at your own bachelorette party?" Alex asked.


"Hey Melendez!" Alex called out when he spotted Neil heading over to them, "you'll be pre drinking tonight right?"

"Depends, where will it be and who else will be there?" He shot back as he joined them at their table.

"Well all of us and probably at Morgan's," Alex said.

"Why my place?" Morgan asked.

"Because it's bigger than my place," he responded.

"Fine," Neil agreed.

"See Claire, Melendez will be there, have you changed your mind?" Alex asked.

"I'll be there but I'm not having pre drinks," she replied.

"Weak," he joked.

"Don't be an ass Alex," Morgan said.

"Strange hearing that from you," he retorted.

"I've never been to a joint bachelor and bachelorette party before," Shaun said, "or even just a bachelors party."

"Well, let's hope you enjoy this one," Claire said.

"Will there be karaoke?" He asked.

"Well actually, the bar we're going to is having a karaoke night tonight," Neil told him.

"Good," Shaun replied, "I love karaoke."

"Yeah, you've said before," Morgan replied. They all chatted as they ate before heading back to work.


















"Alright whose ready to party!" Alex said as he put a tray of shots on the table in Morgan's lounge.

"Don't suppose any of them contain water do they?" Claire asked.

"Nope, they're all vodka," Alex replied, grinning as the others all grabbed a shot glass each.

"I'll pass," Claire replied.

"C'mon, it's your bachelorette party, loosen up," Lea told her as she took a shot.

"And you don't need to worry about being hungover on your special day because that isn't until the day after tomorrow," Alex pointed out.

"I'm just not really feeling like drinking," Claire replied.

"Boo!" Alex said and everyone besides Morgan and Audrey laughed, instead they gave each other knowing looks.

"I'm surprised," Lea said, "if I were you I'd be wasted by now," many of them started agreeing with her when Shaun suddenly spoke.

"Claire, are you pregnant?" He asked and the whole room went quiet, "you don't want to drink and you were throwing up in the bathroom the other morning," everyone looked over to Claire and Neil expectantly.

"Surprise!" Claire said and everyone cheered. 

"How far along are you?" Debbie asked.

"About 2 months," she replied.

"Why didn't you say earlier?" Alex piped up.

"Because, we wanted to wait until we were with everyone so we could tell you all together," Neil said.

"Although me and Morgan knew first," Audrey boasted.

"Because you guys followed us to one of our scans," Claire said and everyone laughed.

"Well congratulations you two," Marcus said.

"I think this calls for more shots!" Alex said, grabbing the bottle of vodka and filling everyone's shot glasses. He filled a shot glass with water and handed it to Claire who laughed at his attempt to include her. They all drank some more before heading to the bar.














Claire sat at the bar sipping her lemonade as she watched her friends. Alex managed to convince all the guys to get on the stage for karaoke so he, Neil, Shaun, Marcus and Aaron were all up there singing a rather off key rendition of 'I want it that way' by the backstreet boys, she looked over to where Audrey, Morgan, Lea and Debbie were all sat along the bar also watching the guys, they were cheering and laughing as the song got completely butchered by the five men. When they had finished they stumbled back over to the group, all of them clearly intoxicated. They drank more before someone decided to go up on stage and sing a slow song. Aaron grabbed Debbie's hand before leading her to the dance floor, Alex held a hand out to Morgan in an over dramatic fashion and she laughed before taking it and letting him take her over to the group of people forming. Lea grabbed Shaun's hand and dragged him over to where their friends were. Marcus gave Audrey a look as they realised they either danced or got left out, Audrey rolled her eyes before taking his hand. Neil and Claire laughed before joining them all. They watched their friends laughing and dancing around them, eventually switching partners with each other they giggled as Morgan and Audrey paired up together at one point leaving Shaun to dance with Park who made an attempt to spin the younger man and almost causing him to knock into a couple. Debbie felt sorry for him and decided to save him by taking him away from Alex and dancing together. Marcus, who had been dancing with Debbie at that point grabbed Morgan off of Audrey and leaving her to dance with Park. Claire began to giggle when she realised that that meant Aaron was dancing with Lea and she laughed even harder when she looked over to the two who looked incredibly awkward, Neil looked over as well and burst out laughing as well. Even tally the song ended and they all headed over to a table.

"To Claire and Neil!" Audrey yelled as she held up her glass.

"To Claire and Neil!" The others chimed, also bringing their glasses up. 


















They left the bar at closing time and it was safe to say that everyone was well and truly drunk, except for Claire who was trying to hold her fiancé steady as she got him to her car. The others were all piling into taxis and she could hear them shouting their goodbyes.

"We have such great friends!" Neil said loudly, slurring his words.

"Yes we do," Claire agreed.

"Although no one is as great as you," he told her.

"Thank you," she laughed, "I think you're pretty great too."

"Good," he replied as she leant him against her car before opening his door for him, he stumbled forward and grabbed the door before turning back to her, "I'm glad we're getting married," he told her.

"So am I," she said.

"I love you," he smiled drunkenly at her.

"I love you too," she replied, "now get in the car so we can go home and I can love you there instead of out in the cold," Neil nodded slowly before falling face first into the open car door, Claire tilted her head back and tried not to laugh as he turned himself the right way and got comfortable in the seat before shutting the door behind him. She watched her soon to be husband as he began fiddling with the dials in the car, scaring himself slightly when he turned the music up way too loud and smiled to herself as she thought about how much she couldn't wait to marry him.