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Chapter 8

“So, it turns out that shopping for hair dye late at night is really not a good idea.”

“Gee, Sam, you think?”

“... It’s not that bad.”

“My hair is blue, Sam. Blue!”

“Well, blue suits you.”

“Shut up, Tucker.”

Valerie quickly opened the door when she heard voices coming from the large bathroom, curious as to where everyone had vanished. It was only two hours after midnight when she woke up to hear stifled laughs and barely hushed whispers. Intrigued, she stepped outside to see a light coming out from beneath the bathroom door.

When she entered the large space, she had to blink wildly at the bright lights, but eventually saw an… interesting sight.

Sam was sitting on a stool wearing a placating expression on her face as she leaned back further and further. Tucker was kneeling on the ground with a badly hidden grin and snapping photos at every angle. And Danny… Danny looked livid. All around them was an assortment of towels and bottles of dye. Blue dye.

Valerie had to bite down on her hand to prevent herself from exploding into laughter, but she could not stop the silent giggles. Danny’s hair, usually a pitch black colour, was now a deep cobalt blue. The young halfa was currently standing up, hands on his hips as he glared at the two other occupants of the room. The story was easily piecing itself together in Valerie’s mind.

“Can one of you please tell me how I’m going to explain how this happened to anyone outside. To my sister?” Danny stressed.

“I’m more curious about why it happened.” Valerie interrupted, causing all eyes to focus on her.

Sam gave her a look of confusion for a moment, but soon morphed into one of realisation. “Right, you’ve been asleep all day. Well, this morning, or yesterday now, Danny came downstairs with a little… problem.”

That caught her attention. Tucker was the one who continued to explain. “His hair was pure white. Or, atleast, a few streaks of it. It wasn’t too bad at that time, and we thought that we could just pick up some black dye the next day to hide it. Unfortunately…”

“It got worse.” Valerie finished for him, now looking at Danny who’s eyes were trailed on the ground.

“Yeah.” Tucker nodded. “By the evening, Danny’s hair had turned completely white, and I’ll admit that we all started to panic just a little.”

Sam snorted. “‘A little’?”

He ignored her. “Sam thought that it would be fine if we just went out to get some dye and do it when she came back. But then, well, you can probably guess what happened from there…”

Valerie sighed and shook her head, a wry smile tugging at her lips. It was both hilarious and concerning. Hilarious, because Danny could now probably pull off an anime cosplay without much effort. Concerning, because no one’s hair just turns white that quickly without reason. If Danny’s ghostly side was becoming more prominent within his human side, then didn’t that mean that he was becoming more dead? Valerie shivered at the thought, not liking the implications of such a thing at all.

She had already made her peace with Danny being Phantom, and she was fully accepting of him as her friend. But there was still some sort of divide between them, like he was still there, but part of him was also somewhere else. Valerie didn’t think she or anyone could handle it if Danny fully went somewhere that they should not follow.

This situation seems to only be getting worse and worse, she thought as she watched Sam and Tucker tease the halfa about his bright hair. Danny, I can only hope that you’re alright by the end of it.


Jazz was not looking good.

It was eight in the morning, and after such a late night, Sam could say that she was officially feeling like shit. Not that it wasn’t worth it, of course! The pictures on her phone that she sneakily took while Danny wasn’t looking were priceless. Despite the little mishap, it was good to see Danny smiling again after a whole day of moping and frowning at his hair. Everything that was going on with him recently was concerning, and Sam feared that things would only continue to change.

Jazz had been sitting at the kitchen table, nursing a mug of coffee in her trembling hands as she held a blank expression on her face. Seems like I’m not the only person who feels awful this morning…

“You both look like shit.” Val greeted as she entered the room, heading straight for the fridge to grab a carton of orange juice. She opened the carton and immediately took a large swig from it, not even bothering to grab a glass.

Tucker came in next, playing some sort of game on his phone as he walked past Val. he didn’t even look up from the screen when he took the juice from her hands and started drinking it all. She might have protested had Danny not come in at that moment, causing Tucker to finally look up, cry out with horror and exclaim: “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!”

Were she any less tired, Sam might have exclaimed the same thing, but for the moment she could only just stop and stare with incredulous eyes. Just a few hours ago, Danny’s hair had been dyed a deep, cobalt blue. Now, his hair was more of a light sky blue, with heavy streaks of white through it. His eyebrows had also gone completely white, as opposed to the slightly darker shade they were earlier.

“Danny…” Jazz started hesitantly. “Why is your hair…?”

“It’s a long story.” Her brother replied shortly.

Sam leaned in closer, brushing his hair out of his still blue eyes, suddenly noticing something else as well. “Your eyelashes. They’ve turned white as well.”

It was so startling to see, as if all the colour was slowly being leached from his body. His skin was even colder to the touch, and Sam wondered how long it would be until he started to freeze everything he held. Seeing his closed off look, Sam despaired at how she didn’t know what to do. She wanted to do everything she could to help him, but how could she, when she didn’t even know what was causing this?

As if sensing her thoughts, Danny slipped away from her and turned instead to look at his slightly more awake sister. “You have that look on your face. What did they do?”

If one knew anything about the Fentons, then it would not be hard to gather that ‘they’ meant Maddie and Jack. Yesterday evening, Jazz had gone back home to go and check on the two insane adults just to make sure that they hadn’t gone and unceremoniously blown themselves up. The older girl had come home late without a word, the only sign of her getting back was the closing of doors and her calling a goodnight from her room.

Jazz grimaced slightly, holding the cup of coffee closer to her. “...You aren’t going to like it.”

“When do I ever?” Danny raised an eyebrow.

She huffed. “They were in the lab when I got home, and never noticed my arrival. They looked fine, and I was about to leave when I heard them talking about an experiment with the portal.”

The only noise to be heard in the large room was a sharp breath being taken in by Danny, who’s eyes had opened wide with an unreadable expression. “And?”

“And…” Jazz finally met his gaze. “They’re going to do something really stupid. I think they’re planning on entering the Ghost Zone.”