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Memories of You

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"Hey, babe," Emma says entering the kitchen "Are the kids ready yet?"

"No! Your children are refusing to put on the beautiful dress and suit I bought for them"

"Why is it that every time they behave badly they are my children?" Emma asked as she walked to the fridge.

"Because they usually only behave badly over something that you did"

"And what is it that I have done this time?"

"You gave them those damn leather jackets and now they want to go to the wedding wearing them"

"You said they looked cute," Emma said taking a sip from the water bottle.

"They do, but that is not the point. I will not have my children going to the wedding using a leather jacket"

"Oh, so they are your children now?" Emma asked mimicking Regina's arched eyebrow thing.

"You know what I mean, Miss Swan"

"It's Mrs. Swan-Mills," Emma said as she wrapped her arms around her wife "And Hi"

"Hi," Regina said back and smiled at Emma "Can you please talk to them?"

"Talk? The twins are three Regina" Emma said "We order and they obey"

"You seem to forget they were born with a mix of our stubborn personality"

"Oh, yeah" Emma laughed "Was Henry like that when he was a child?"

"No, he was a sweetheart," Regna said "After he stopped crying all the time when he was a baby. That was a nightmare"

"Oh, I bet," Emma said.

"So, the kids?"

"Yeah, sure I'll talk to them," Emma said "But first…"

Emma smiled cheekily before leaning in to capture her wife's lips on a kiss. There was absolutely nothing she loved more in this world, apart from her children, than to come home and kiss her wife. Her beautiful, sexy, love of her life wife. She couldn't believe sometimes that they made it, that they were here now, together, married, and with more children, they could actually handle. That they both have found their happy ending together. They have been through so much to be able to be here today. The secret relationship they develop after Henry brought Emma to Storybrooke. Learning that the whole curse thing was true and the hell they went through after the curse was broken. Emma thought they would never come back from that. From all the lies Regina had fed her, from all the heartache they inflicted upon each other. She loved Regina back then just as much as she did now, but back then everything was so black and white, so much of heroes against villains, there was so much bad blood between Regina and her parents that Emma honestly thought she and Regina would never be together again no matter how much she loved her. But they made it. Regina, bless her heart, was the one who made it happen and Emma was so very grateful that she had put her pride aside and took the first step into starting over. It wasn't easy. There were a lot of bridges to be rebuilt and the constant annoyance of her mother meddling in their relationship was suffocating from time to time to the point where they considered run away together with Henry. Surprisingly enough, Regina had been the one who talked her out of it. It was hard but it was worth it and she would do everything all over again if this was the final result. God, she loved her so much that she felt she could explode although the whole wedding preparations, that Emma would definitely skip. God, that was a mini hell worse than mending their relationship, if that was even possible. The bickering between Regina and Snow over flowers made Emma camp in the woods for two days. With mosquitos drinking her blood. Halfway through the wedding organization, they find out Regina was pregnant. That was definitely one of the best days of Emma's life. She was so nervous when she told her, she was scared Emma would think she had cheated on her but that thought never even crossed her mind. She trusted Regina with her life. The love they felt for one another was so strong that they created two lives inside Regina. They had no idea how it happened but Emma had a feeling of the position they were in when they made them. And God bless them because thanks to the babies Snow and Regina made peace and even started to agree on the wedding plans. She was three months pregnant when they got married and even though Regina was grateful for not looking like a boat in their wedding pictures, Emma secretly wished her baby bump was showing.

Regina moaned in the kiss and lowered her hands down to Emma's ass squeezing it. Emma whined and felt that familiar rush of wetness down her panties and she wished they were alone in the house. Maybe she could convince Regina to send the kids to her mother's house until the wedding so they could have one hour or two of no supervised adult fun.

"Oh my God, ew," Henry said entering the kitchen "You two are gross"

"Henry!" Regina exclaimed pushing Emma away "Hi, sweetie"

"Hi, mom," Henry said, "Ma, could you please take a step away from my mom?"

"How old are you again, kid?" Emma asked.

"Fourteen. I'm fourteen" Henry said.

"Oh, chill out, kid," Emma said "It's not like you caught your parents doing it"

"I HAVE," Henry screamed.

"Oh, right," Emma said as Regina rolled her eyes.

"Henry honey, is there something that you want?" Regina asked changing subjects.

"Yes, I'm very hungry," Henry said, "Could you make me a sandwich, mom?"

"Of course I can," Regina said.

"No, you can not," Emma said "Stop being a lazy ass and go make your own sandwich"

"Emma!" Regina scolded.

"I can't believe I once thought you were the cool mom" Henry pouted.

"Make your own sandwich, Kid," Emma said "Your mom and I have more important things to deal with right now"

"The twins?" Henry asked.

"Yep!" Emma answered him.

"Yeah, that was actually what I came down here to say. They are having a fight upstairs, you guys better go check it out"

"Why didn't you said that sooner?" Emma asked.

"I was hungry first" Henry shrugged "But you guys should get upstairs, I think Olie might make Sam cry. I tried to stop but Olie told me not to get in the middle of it"

"Regina, that kid is three, right?" Emma asked looking at her wife.

"She came after you!" Regina said back.

"Seriously?" Both Emma and Henry said at the same time.

"Shouldn't we go upstairs and deal with them?" Regina asked.

"Yeah, let's go"

"Mom, what about my sandwich?" Henry asked.

"You heard your Ma," Regina said "Make your own"

"I miss the days you two were fighting to please me," Henry said as he walked to the fridge.

"Me too," Emma said "It was fun sneaking inside your mom's bedroom"

"Gross, mom" Henry said rolling his eyes.

"He got that from you," Emma said looking at Regina.

"Damn right he did" Regina laughed "Henry is your clothes for the wedding ready?"

"Yep," Henry said putting a slice of cheese in his mouth.

"And just to be sure, it is not a leather jacket?" Regina asked in a serious tone.

"Wait, is that an option?" Henry asked.

"NO!" They both said at the same time.

"I'm kidding" Henry laughed "My suit is good to go. Besides, I would never go pick up Violet in a leather jacket"

"Hey, I take offense by that" Emma said "How do you think I got your mom?"

"Trust me, dear, It wasn't the jacket," Regina said and held Emma's hand "Come on, let's go deal with your kids"

"Our!" Emma said "Our kids, Regina!"

Regina laughed and pulled Emma up the stairs with her. They could hear their bickering in the hallway, their daughter Olie arguing with her brother Sam about why she should be the one to wear the leather jacket while Sam should go in the suit. Seriously, that girl was born with Regina's personality and Emma's sense of style while Sam was just a little angel all along, for most of the time anyway. Olie had brown eyes and blonde hair while Sam had green eyes and brown hair. They were both a perfect mix of Emma and Regina.

"Do you understand the pan, Sammy?" They heard Olie say when they opened the door.

"I dun like" Sam pouted.

"Hey, kids," Emma said entering the room "What are you two fighting about now?"

"Nothing momma," They said at the same time.

"Mommy, we have a pan" Olie said looking up at Regina.

"Plan," Regina said correcting her and sitting down on her bed "And what plan is that, honey?"

"Sammy uses the fancy clothes. I go like momma"

"But momma is going in a pretty dress," Regina said "Just like mommy"

"You are?" Olie asked looking suspiciously at Emma.

"Yes, I am," Emma said sitting down on the floor next to them "You see, as awesome as the leather jacket is, you can't use it to go to a wedding"

"But I want to," Olie said and then looked up at Regina "Mommy, plis"

"Hey, Olie," Emma said knowing Regina couldn't resist their daughter's puppy eyes "The jacket is out of question, okay? You have to go in the dress you picked for the wedding"

"Fine!" The little girl said with watery eyes "But I can  use it for beakfast at Granny's tomoow, right?"

"Of course you can," Regina said quickly.

"Okay! I'll wear the dress"

"Oh, thank Gods" Regina breathed out.

The three of them looked at Regina, the look of relief on her features nearly made Emma burst out laughing while both their kids frowned. They decided Regina would be the one giving them their bath and Emma would change them. Regina had such a soft spot for the twins that Olie might actually convince Regina to let her go to the wedding in her brand new red leather jacket and Regina would most likely spend the entire night blaming Emma for it.

After Regina gave them their bath (And came out of the bathroom looking like she just had a shower wearing her clothes) Emma changed the twins. Emma took several pictures of them, Sammy in his little black suit and Olie on her creamy silky dress. They looked so ridiculously cute and Emma felt like she could cry. After the photoshoot session, Emma took them to the living room and turn on the TV to entertain them while she and Regina got themselves ready.

"Hey, can I come in?" Emma said knocking on the suite door.

"Yes," Regina said and Emma pushed the door open "Are the kids ready yet?"

"Yep!" Emma said striping.

"Even Henry?" Regina asked.

"I don't know, his bedroom door was locked," Emma said and step into the shower "Hi!"

"No funny business" Regina said under the water.

"Fine. Don't think it's fun" Emma said wrapping her arms around Regina's waist.

"Emma!" Regina protested "We don't have time for this"

"Babe, we have magic. We can literally get ready in one second"

"You know I don't like using magic for nothing"

"This is not for nothing" Emma smiled while her fingers found Regina's very wet core.

"That's not…Oh fuck" Regina gasped.

"You were saying?" Emma asked, the smug smile growing on her face while her fingers pumped in and out of Regina.

"The wall" Regina gasped again "I need more support"

Emma gently pushed Regina's back against the wall and kneeled in front of her sucking her clit while her fingers pumped in and out of her wife. Regina's hand flew to Emma's hair tugging it a little while pressing more of her pussy onto her wife's mouth. Emma loved going down on Regina, she loved the taste of her, how Regina always responded to her touches, how wet she got for her. Emma lifted her free hand and massage Regina's breast. Regina covered Emma's hand with her own pushing them together and squeezing. Emma felt her own core on fire her clit begging for attention as she pumped in and out of Regina a little faster now. Regina moaned above her and whispered Emma's name and that's how she knew Regina was close. Emma flickered her clit with the tip on her tongue and felt Regina's inner walls closing around her fingers and then Regina's whole body went stiff while a rush of sticky wetness ran down Emma's hand.

"Come up here" Regina breathed out.

Emma pushed herself up and kissed her wife. Their wet breasts rubbing against one another sent another rush of wetness down Emma's core.

"I love you," Emma said when they broke apart.

"I love you too"

Regina said and pushed two fingers inside Emma. She pumped in and out of her making Emma's legs tremble. Regina snaked an arm around Emma's waist and Emma wrapped her arms around Regina's neck. She needed Regina to support her otherwise she would just melt o the floor like ice cream on a summer day. Regina pumped faster and whispered indecencies in Emma's ear. She knew how much Emma loved that. Emma was sure she could orgasm just by hearing Regina saying those things to her. She tried to control her body, to hold on to the intense feeling that was forming inside her belly but when Regina command her to come, Emma's body betrayed her and she came and came and came.

"Oh fuck" Emma's muffled voice said "That wasn't fair"

"You complaining about how I make you come now?" Regina asked.

"Never," Emma said lifting her face from Regina's neck "But you know I don't last when you say things like that"

"I know" Regina smiled "But we are on a schedule here"

"Seriously?" Emma asked.

"Hey, you got off, didn't you" Regina laughed "Go on, take your shower. I'm done"

"Wait, you are just going to live me here?" Emma asked "My legs are shaking"

"You're welcome" Regina winked and step out of the shower.

"Not nice, Regina," Emma said and went under the hot water hearing Regina's laughed.

Emma shook her head and smile. God, how much she loved that woman. She took her shower, smiling a little extra when she washed her very sticky core. When she was done, Emma wrapped herself around the towel and stopped in front of the mirror to brushed her teeth. She waved her hands and just like that, her blonde hair was curled to perfection, her body was dry and the make-up was in place. Emma smiled. She loved magic. She stepped out of the bathroom and nearly fall at the sight of her wife all dress up in front of her.

"Oh my God, you look so beautiful," Emma said.

"Thank you, dear," Regina said when she turned around.

"How the hell did I get this lucky?" Emma said walking to her.

"What makes you think you are the lucky one?" Regina said back.

"I am, Regina" Emma smiled and wrapped her arms around her waist"I love you so much"

"I love you more," Regina smiled "Now go change"

"Kiss me first"

"It will ruin my lipstick"

"I'll fix it"

"You won't have to fix it if you don't damage"

"Just kiss me already" Emma pouted.

"The puppy eyes don't work on me" Regina raised an eyebrow "That's your children job now"

"Haha," Emma said and walked to the closet "Keep that up and I'll go on a leather jacket"

"Oh, don't you dare," Regina said in a threatening voice.

Emma laughed and took the dress from the closet. She waved her hands in the air and just like that the dress was on her. Regina smiled lovingly when she looked at her. Regina might think it was the other way around but Emma knew, with everything inside her, she was the lucky one for having found her half. They walked hand in hand down the stairs and found their three children in the living room watching tv.

"Mommy, Momma" Olie said "You look like a princess"

"Pretty" Sam said next.

"Thank you, monkey," Emma said and smiled at her wife "You three ready?"

"Yes!" The twins screamed.

"I'm going to pick up Violet," Henry said standing up "But I'll see you guys there"

"Okay, honey," Regina said and kissed his cheek.

"Mom" Henry complain "You'll get lipstick on my face"

"Him you kiss?" Emma asked.

"Ew," Henry said right after "Ma, clean my face please"

Emma rolled her eyes and waved her hand, cleaning the lipstick from Henry's face. She picked up Olie from the couch and hand her over to Regina and then pick up Sam. She held him with one arm and used her free hand to hold Regina's and closed her eyes. White smoke enveloped them and in a blink of an eye, they were in the woods behind Granny's.

Everything looked absolutely magical. There were Christmas lights everywhere, illuminating the trees and grass. They put the twins on the floor and the moment their little feet touched the ground they ran in the direction of their grandparents. Emma held Regina's hand and they walked together to where her parents were.

"Oh my Gosh," Snow said "You two looked so beautiful"

"Thanks, mom" Emma smiled.

"Thank you, dear," Regina said next "You look very nice too"

"Did she just compliment me?" Snow asked Emma.

"You bet"

"Seriously?" Regina rolled her eyes.

"Emma, Regina!" Granny's voice said behind them "You need to get the twins in position"

"Right!" Emma said "I'll go. You get a seat"

"Are you sure you don't need help?" Regina asked.

"Nah. I'll just put them in front of the carpet and then I'll come back to sit next to you"

"Okay," Regina said and pecked her lips.

Emma held the twin's hands and walked out with them to the back. Regina, Snow, and David walked to the front and took their seats on the front row where the ceremony was going to happen. Emma kneeled down in front of them and asked them to explain one last time what were they supposed to do.

"Walk down the aisle throwing flowers on the carpet," They said at the same time.

"And?" Emma asked.

"Look extra cute," They said together again.

"Good kids" Emma smiled "Now, mommy and I will be in the front. You come to us when you finish okay?"

"Okay, momma," Olie said "And the rings?"

"You'll give it to them later," Emma said "I'm going to sit with Mommy now. You two okay staying here with Granny's?"

"Yes!" They said.

"They'll be safe here," Granny said "Now go to your wife"

"Thanks, Granny,"

Emma walked to the front and sat down next to Regina. She took her hand and intertwined their fingers. The ceremony started, the twins made a wonderful job of throwing the flowers on the floor. They looked so ridiculously cute that Emma just felt like squeezing the life out of them. When they reached the front they walked to where Emma and Regina were and high-fived Emma. Regina rolled her eyes but smiled anyway.

The ceremony was beautiful. Emma saw Regina holding on to the tears while Ruby and Dorothy prophesied their love for one another. When the time came, Olie and Sam walked to them and gave their wedding rings and Emma felt like marrying Regina all over again just to have their kids giving them their wedding ring.

The ceremony was beautiful, but the party was so much more fun. Emma spun Regina around on the dance floor while the twins made robot moves next to them. Henry and Violet danced together, too close together for Regina's liking. She may have said a word or two about setting the girl on fire if she broke her little Prince's heart. The twins were pass out when they made it back home. Emma's feet were killing her and she was more than ready to just crash naked in bed with her wife.

"Do you think they'll let us sleep in the morning?" Emma asked already in bed.

"Do you know your kids?" Regina laughed getting under the sheets "Not only they love breakfast in Granny's they are now crazy to wear their leather jackets"

"Damn it," Emma said spooning her wife "I shouldn't have given them those jackets"

"They do look pretty cute in it," Regina smiled.

"They do, don't they?" Emma kissed the back of Regina's neck.

"Yes," Regina yawned.


"Yes," Regina said "I love you, Emma"

"I love you more"

Emma said and drifted off to sleep.

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"Momma, Momma, wake up"

Emma felt something on top of her shaking her from her peaceful sleep. She grunted and rolled to the side, automatically pulling her wife's body to her. Her arms, however, were met with something much thinner and a lot smaller than her wife. Emma slowly popped one eye open while the other was been forced by tiny hands.

"Kids" Emma whined "It's too early," She said and pulled Sam to her arms.

"It's Sunday," Olie said on top of her "We have beakfast at Granny's on Sundays"

"Momma, you are squeezing me" Sam complained.

"Good," Emma said and dropped a few kisses on his chubby cheeks "Where is your mother?"

"She's right here," Regina said leaving the bathroom.

"Hi, babe" Emma smiled at her "Kiss me good morning?"

"Me too," Olie said.

"And me," Sam said.

Regina smiled at them, one of those warm smiles that were exactly the reason why Emma fell in love with Regina all those years ago, and sat down on the bed, kissing Emma on the lips first, then Sam, who was been squished in Emma's arms and then Olie, when she lifted the little girl from Emma's body and sat her on her lap.

"Mommy, it's Sunday," Olie said looking at Regina.

"I know, sweetheart" Regina smiled "Is Henry still sleeping?"

"No, we got to him first," Olie said seriously "Just like Momma taught us"

"You taught them that?" Henry said by the door and walked to the bed flopping on top of it.

"Emma!" Regina scolded her.

"Look at him, Regina, he's dead," Emma said "Of course I told them to wake Henry first"

"Please, you just want to stay in bed longer," Henry said.

"That too," Emma laughed.

"Momma, I want to wear my jacket," Sam said.

"Me too. And a bear claw" Olie said.

"Oh, I want that too," Emma said.

"I want pancakes," Sam said.

"I could kill for waffles" Henry second.

"Could any of you please have a fruit salad with the sugar?" Regina asked.

"NO!" The four of them said at the same time.

"Fine!" Regina rolled her eyes "Emma since you are the jacket expert in this house, will you please help them change?"

"Oh, yeah" Emma smiled and rose from bed "Prepare to get all mushy when you see them"

"Enwy, are you wearing a jacket too?" Sam asked.

"Not today, kid" Henry answered.

"Mommy?" Olie looked up at Regina.

"I'll pair with Henry" Regina answered.

"You two are no fun," Emma said seriously.

Regina and Henry laughed while Emma and the twins left the bedroom. She walked to the end of the hallway where their bedroom was and smiled when she saw their outfit already laid on top of their beds. Emma sat down on the floor and helped them get change. She almost melted on the spot at the sight of Olie in a red leather jacket with, white bouse jeans and boots. Sam was the same but with shorter boots and a black leather jacket.

"Okay, monkeys," Emma said "Go downstairs. Mommy and I will be down soon"

"You are not going to be kissing, are you?" Olie asked.


"When you and Mommy are kissing, we take fouever to go," Sam said.

"We won't take long, I promise," Emma said feeling her cheeks burn "Now go downstairs"

The three of them left the room together and Emma waited until they were safe downstairs before walking to her bedroom. When she stepped in, Emma saw Regina sat on the edge of the bed pulling up her black pantyhose and Emma felt every bone of her body screamed for her to kneel down in front of her wife and slowly roll the pantyhose down her legs.

"Maybe later," Regina winked at her.

"How did you…"

"Please," Regina smirked "We've been married for three years now. I know that look"

"Can we just freeze time for a couple of hours?" Emma asked walking closer to her "Pleeeeaasseee"

"I don't know how to do that without a curse" Regina laughed.

"Damn it," Emma cursed and kissed Regina "Wait until I'm ready before going downstairs, okay?"

"Why?" Regina asked "I'm nearly done"

"I want you to see the three of us together by the end of the stairs"

"And why do you want that?" Regina arched an eyebrow. 

"Because," Emma smiled and kissed Regina again "I want to see the look on your face when you see us"

"They look absolutely adorable, don't they?" Regina asked with a huge smile on her face.

"They do" Emma smiled "You stay here, okay?"

"I will"

Emma walked inside the closet and quickly changed out of her oversize shirt into a pair of skinny jeans, a white tank top, her beloved red leather jacket, and boots. She used magic to style her hair into curls just the way Regina liked. Just the way they were when she first laid eyes on Regina. God, was that only four years ago? It felt like a lifetime already and not nearly enough at the same time. She walked out of the closet and made a pose for Regina who smiled brightly when she saw her. Emma smiled back and saw the same emotions she was feeling inside running through Regina's eyes.

"You look as beautiful now as you did then," Regina smiled softly at her. 

"You look more beautiful to me every time I open my eyes," Emma said back.

"I love you," Regina said simply.

"I love you too," Emma said back and then smirked "And you say it wasn't the jacket"

"It wasn't," Regina said and walked to her wife "It was your ass in that jeans" She whispered in Emma's ear.

Regina winked as Emma's mouth fell open. She looked at Regina who just kept on looking at her with a smug smile on her face. Emma held her closer in her arms and kissed her. Just to get the smug smile out, she lied to herself.

"We have to go to Granny's," Regina said.

"Yeah, we do," Emma said not letting go of her.

"Emma, you have to let go of me,"


Regina smiled and pecked her lips before gently letting go of Emma's arms. Emma pulled Regina to her one last time and kissed her before walking out of the bedroom, instructing her wife not to come down until she heard her saying she could. Emma walked down the stairs and found the twins in the living room watching a cartoon.

"You and Mommy were kissing!" Olie protest.

"Yes, we were," Emma smiled "Come on. Let's wait for mommy down the stairs"

The twins rose from the couch and walked in front of Emma. They stopped on the base of the stairs, the three of them, with Emma behind. Emma bent down and whispered between their ears to call their mother.

"Mommy you can come down now," They said at the same time.

Emma eagerly looked up the stairs waiting for Regina to appear and when she did, the look on her face was priceless, as she knew it would be. Regina looked down at them so lovingly, that Emma felt like her heart was going to explode with love. Regina's features were soft and warm and the smile on her face just wouldn't go away. God, how Emma loved that smile. How Emma loved her.

"My goodness, look at the three of you," Regina said when she reached them.

"Mommy, do we look cute?" Sam asked.

"The cutest" Regina said bending down to kiss him.

"And badass?" Olie asked "Like Momma"

"And badass like momma," Regina said back kissing her little girl.

"Can we go now?" Sam asked "I'm hungie"

"Hungry" Regina corrected him "Where is Henry?"

"Still changing I think," Emma said "Hey kid! Come down!" Emma shouted.

"I'll be right down" Henry shouted back.

"I hate when you two do that," Regina frowned. 

"You forbade us from calling each other" Emma said pointing at her. 

"In the house," Regina said "You don't need to call our son from the kitchen to tell him to come down from his bedroom because dinner is ready"

"The house is huge," Emma said and took the phone from her back pocket "Oh crap!"

"Momma said a bad word," Sam said making a face. 

"She did not," Emma tried to get away with it "She said… drap!"

"You said crap," Olie laughed.

"Okay, Olie, that's enough," Regina said and looked at Emma "And you, watch your language"

"Sorry," Emma said sheepishly "My phone is dead"

"Leave it at the house," Regina said.

"I can't. Dad is alone at the station today" Emma said and then shouted "Hey kid, grab my charger on your way down, please"

"Where is it?" Henry shouted back.

"Check the bedside table," Emma screamed.

"I give up," Regina said throwing her hands in the air.

Regina walked to the door and opened it, hurrying the twins outside with her. Emma waited for Henry by the stairs, screaming back and forth about where Henry should look for the charger next. She nearly jumped when he screamed 'got it'. He hurried down the stairs and gave Emma the phone charger that she tucked inside her jacket pocket where her phone was. They walked outside the house where they found Regina taking several pictures of their little ones in the garden. 

"Send me those" Emma said when she stood next to her.

"I will," Regina said, "You two ready?"

"Yep! All good" Emma answered.

Emma held Regina's hand while Henry held the twin's little hands walking in front of them. Regina smiled and then took her phone from her pocket, letting go of Emma's hand to take one more picture. They arrived at Granny's and sat down on the first booth by the window while Emma asked Granny for the little cushion for the twins. Henry, Olie, and Sam sat down across from Regina and Emma nearly laughed when she sat down next to her wife and could only see her smallest kid's eyes.

"Here you go," Granny said "Two cushions for the little ones"

"Thanks, Granny," They both said at the same time.

Emma smiled and rose from her seat to help the kids out. Granny took their order with Regina complaining about how unhealthy everything was but not been able to deny it because it was Sunday and they all had their portion of greens during the whole week.

Granny arrived with their sugary banquet and they all ate while chatting and laughing. Emma particularly enjoyed seen Regina sinking a content or two off her plate while she pretended she wasn't looking. But she was. And she always smiled when a piece of bacon went missing, which was exactly the reason why she always ordered a large portion. When they finished, Emma paid the bill and they all left the diner, for their usual Sunday walks out in the woods.

"Mom?" Henry said looking at Regina "Remember we have to do that thing?"

"What thing?" Emma asked.

"I just need to borrow mom for a while, Ma," Henry said.

"Why are you two so mysterious?" Emma asked.

"It's nothing," Regina said "Why don't you take the kids out for their walk? I meet you guys later"

"Regina, you are my wife," Emma said serious "That means no secrets"

"It's not my secret" Regina smirked.

"Kid?" Emma asked looking at Henry.

"I just need mom for a while, okay?" Henry said.

"Fine!" Emma said and kissed Regina, whispering in her ear "You'll tell me later, right?"

"I can hear you, Ma" Henry rolled his eyes.


Regina bent down and kissed (and hugged and kissed again and hugged again) Olie and Sam before turning around to leave with Henry. Emma took the twin's hands, one on each side, and started to walk in the direction of the playground Regina had built Henry when he was ten. They were stopped by a few folks on their way there. They all praised them on their look. Olie even posed once and said 'No pictures'. Emma had no idea where she got that from but made a mental note to check on what they were watching.

They arrived at the playground and the twins stormed off to play while Emma sat down on the bench to watch them. She took her phone from her jacket pocket and rolled her eyes when she realized she forgot to put it to charge when they were at Granny's. Emma sighed and put the device back inside her pocket. She looked at her children playing with each other (Since there was no one else on the playground in that cold) and rose from the bench she was sat on to play with them. They particularly liked having her on her back on the very, very cold grass. But Emma didn't mind that. Not at all. Not when her children were laughing out loud being the happy kids they were.

"Well, well, well," A voice said behind them "Look at you, Swan"

Emma felt every hair on the back of her neck stood up. Her features hardened on the spot and she quickly rose from the floor, putting herself in front of her children.

"Neal," Emma said coldly.

"I never thought I'd see you with kids. It doesn't suit you" Neal said "Who are the pests?"

"Watch your mouth," Emma said angrily.

"Momma?" Olie asked looking up at Emma.

"Momma?" Neal asked, "Who's the lucky bastard?"

"What are you doing here, Neal?" Emma asked, "Didn't we kicked you out?"

"Yeah, but Pappa found a way to let me back in," Neal said "I came back for you, Ems. For us"

"Jesus Christ" Emma sighed "There is no us, Neal"

"Of course, there is, Ems," Neal said "You, me, and Henry we can be a family"

"Momma I don't like him," Sam said next to her.

"We should call Mommy," Olie said right after.

"Mommy?" Neal asked confused "Oh, hell no! These are Regina kids?"

"Our" Emma said "Our kids! Just like Henry is our kid"

"I don't remember her there when we were making him," Neal said.

Emma felt her whole blood ran cold inside her veins. Fucking asshole! How dare he say something like that in front of her children? Emma closed her hands into a fist. If it wasn't for Olie and Sam behind her she would definitely punch him in the face.

"Are you sure they are yours?" Neal laughed "Last I check you didn't have the right equipment! Or was it you she knocked up? With that deep voice, I always had my suspicious"

Emma stretched her arm and used her magic to make Neal fly before landing on the ground. Sam screamed behind her but Olie laughed and said that was cool. Emma bent down in front of them and kissed Sam, telling him everything was okay and that Momma was going to take them home now. They nodded but then Emma heard them screaming again and when she looked back, Neal was already behind her. He grabbed her jacket and throw her on the floor, away from her children.

"Can't you see what she's done?" Neal screamed "She used magic on you, Emma. It's a love potion. We can fix this. I can fix this"

"Momma, I'm scared," Olie screamed.

"It's okay, baby," Emma said trying to sound calm. 

Emma was going to kill that fucking bastard for this. She stood up from the floor and was about to use her magic to end that for good when suddenly purple smoke appeared in the air. One second the air was purple, on the next Regina and Henry appear in front of the twins.

"Emma?" Regina said as soon as the purple cleared and then she saw him "Neal!"

"Look at that" Neal said "The Evil Queen"

"Say that again and I'll rip your tongue out," Emma said angrily.

"Dad! What are you doing?" Henry asked.

"I came to get your mom back," Neal said "Both of you"

"Dad, please," Henry said "Stop this"

"It's her fault," Neal said looking at Regina "She enchanted you. Both of you"

"Shut up," Emma said angrily.

"Once the Evil Queen, always The Evil Queen" Neal said with venom. 

"Henry, honey" Regina calmly said looking at Henry "I'm going to magic you and your bothers back to the mansion"

"Mom, I'm not leaving you," Henry said.

"Henry, do as your mother says," Emma said "Get Olie and Sammy home. We'll be right there"

"Olie and Sammy?" Neal laughed "What kind of ridiculous names are those? Can't you see, Emma? She poisoned you!"

"Get it through your head, your asshole, once for all" Emma said "I LOVE HER. I love Regina"

"Well, if I can't have you," Neal said and reached for something inside his pocket "She can't have you either"

Then everything happened too fast. Neal threw a bean on the ground in Emma's direction. A portal opened on the ground and started to suck everything around inside with force. She heard Regina screaming her name and their kids crying and then something started to push her inside the hole. Emma fell onto the portal and saw Regina's desperate face next to Henry before everything turned black.

Chapter Text

Emma blinked a couple of times before adjusting her eyes to the light. She was looking up and even though the trees were blocking most of the sunlight, Emma still felt the usual blindness due to sunbeams. She turned her head to one side and then the other. There were trees everywhere. What the fuck was she doing on the ground in the middle of the woods? Emma sat down and felt how her whole body was stiff. God, how long had she been there? She felt a burn on the left side of her face, near her scalp, and lifted her hand to touch it but regret it immediately. There was a cut there and the damn thing hurt. Emma waved her hand on the wound but nothing happened. Weird. She shook her head and tried again. Nothing! Why wasn't her magic working? The events of the day before…was it the day before? Rushed through her mind. Fucking Neal! Emma looked around again and smile when she realized she was still in Storybrooke. At least that! Shit, Regina must be worried sick about me, Emma thought. She quickly stood up but had to hold on to a tree in order to get her balance. Her head was dizzy. And she was thirsty!

When Emma felt a little more in control of her body, she started to walk. She was near the troll bridge and Emma cursed under her breath at the walk she had ahead of her. Fucking Neal! It took her over half an hour to enter the town, but the sight of the good old untouched by time Storybrooke brought a smile to her face. People walked past by her, but most of them didn't pay a second glance at her. Emma thought that was a little odd, she was the savior after all, and Regina's wife and she had gone missing for…How long had she gone missing for? Maybe they didn't even know she was missing just yet. Maybe she had only been there on the ground for a few hours.

She walked past Granny's and for a moment she was very tempted to go inside and get herself a bottle of water. She was really, really thirsty, but Emma decided against that decision. She needed to find Regina first. She kept on walking and soon she stopped in front of the white mansion. God, how happy she was to be back home. Emma hurried to the front door and took her keys out of her jacket pocket before opening the door. She entered the house and even though everything looked exactly the same, it also didn't. When did Regina take their wedding pictures off the wall?

"Regina?" Emma shouted "Henry? You guys home?"

No answer. They were probably out there looking for her. Emma walked straight to the kitchen and opened the fridge. She took a bottle of water and drank the whole thing all at once. When she finished, she walked up to their bedroom and went straight into the suite. The cut on her forehead was dirty and she had dry brown blood all around. Emma opened the faucet and washed her face and cleaned the wound. She knew she should cover it with gauze but decided to let that for Regina. She liked when she cared for her and also, she always glued her hair together.

Emma walked into the bedroom and that uneasy feeling crept in again. It was her room, their room, but something was different. There were no pictures of them together on the bedside table or the walls. Regina loved those. She was the one who actually started the whole photo decoration around the house. Emma looked at her side of the bed and noticed that her bedside table was empty. Where the hell were the pictures of them together? Their wedding photos? Their children's photos? And the little mess she often left there?

Emma walked out of the room and then out of the house. She needed to find Regina, now more than ever. She closed the door behind her not bothering locking and went outside. She stopped on the sidewalk and looked to both her sides. That uneasy feeling crept in again. It all looked exactly the same, but at the same time, it didn't. Emma closed her eyes and breathed in deeply before letting all the air out of her lungs. It was just the head injury, that was all. It was just her mind playing tricks on her. She started to walk again and smiled when she saw a very familiar face walking his dog.

"Archie!" Emma said happily "Hey,"

"Hello," Archie said with a polite smile.

"Hey, Pongo," Emma said when she bent down to pat the dog.

"Oh, how do you know Pongo?" Archie asked.

"Funny," Emma laughed "Have you seen Regina? She wasn't in the house!"

"The Mayor?"

"Yes, Archie, the Mayor" Emma laughed again "Have you seen her? She's probably looking for me right now. I don't know if you heard about the incident with Neal"

"Who's Neal?" Archie asked confused.

"Okay, what is up with you?" Emma asked, "Why are you acting strange?"

"I'm sorry miss…Do we know each other?"

"Archie, this isn't funny!" Emma said seriously now.

"You know, I'm a psychologist. My office is right over there if you want to talk"

"Archie, it's me!" Emma said hitting her chest with both hands "Emma!"

"I don't know any Emma"

"Prince Charming and Snow White's daughter?" Emma said "Ringing any bells?"

"Several," Archie said, "Why don't you come with me to my office, Emma…"

"God, I don't have time for this" Emma said and scratched her head, stopping the moment her nails touched the wound "Have you seen Regina or not?"

"Well, I believe the Mayor is probably in City Hall"

"City Hall?" Emma asked.

"Well, it's where she works," Archie said.

"Right. Thanks, Archie"

Emma turned around and started to walk again. What the fuck was that? If that was some sort of a joke she wasn't amused! But then again, why would he joke about not knowing her? Why would he pretend? Something was wrong, she was sure of it now. Emma stopped walking and thought about Regina's office. The image came clear into her mind and Emma waved her hands in the air. She opened her eyes slowly and realize she was still rooted to the spot on the sidewalk. Nothing happened!

"Damn it!" Emma cursed.

She closed her eyes one more time and thought about Regina's office, again. She tried to picture it with more details, imagining her desk with the pictures of them together and their kids, the chairs in front of her desk where Emma often sat when they were having lunch together. She imagined Regina sitting across from her, smiling at her, like she was the most important thing in the world. Emma let that feeling wash over her and lifted her arms up again waving her hands in the air.

"Seriously?" Emma sighed when she opened her eyes and noticed that she was still there on the sidewalk.

"Hey, sister,"

"Leroy," Emma said, "Do you know who I am?"

"Of course, I do"

"Oh, thank God!" Emma let out a breath of relief "Oh, God Leroy! I'm so glad you know who I am"

"How could I forget you?" Leroy said, "We had a pretty good time last night, didn't we?"

"Excuse me?"

"You know, I'm off now, sister," Leroy said biting his lower lip while checking her out "Why don't we…repeat the dose?"

"Oh my god, ew," Emma said making a face.

"Hey, at least I'm not the one waving my hands in the middle of the street like a lunatic"

"Do you know my name?" Emma asked desperately.


"You don't even know who I am, do you?"

"Not, but, if you follow me, I would love to," Leroy said "I promise you, I'm one of the good guys"

"Thanks, but no thanks," Emma said "Have you seen Regina?"


"Regina," Emma repeated "My wife!"

"You are not talking about the Mayor, are you?"

"Yes, I am,"

"Regina Mills?" He asked incredulously.

"Yes, Leroy," Emma said annoyed now "Have you seen her?"

"Sister, you are crazy," Leroy said "But the Mayor is in her office. I just left there"

"Are you sure she is in there?"

"Yes! She has that little beast of a son with her"

"Hey, watch your mouth" Emma warned him.

"Sorry, coconut job," Leroy said waving his hands in the air.

Emma rolled her eyes and turned around to leave. How dare he talk that way about Sammy? Emma made a mental note to kick Leroy's ass later. At least, not all was lost. Regina was in her office with Sam. Olie and Henry were probably with her parents. But why was Regina alone only with Sam? Did something happen to their little boy? Oh, no! Emma quickened her peace ignoring how badly her foot hurt. She had been walking for hours now, or so it felt. She wasn't sure of that either. She wasn't sure about anything anymore.

She entered the City Hall and walked up the stairs to where Regina's office was. She put her hand on the handle but something made her take a step back. The walls were different. They were creamed colored but Regina had painted everything in white after the fire Gold started to make sure Emma would win the election. Little did he know that the bickering between them was just to show…most of the time. When did Regina change the colors? Emma shook her hand and opened the door. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the woman sitting behind the desk.

"Oh, thank God I found you," Emma said and walked fast to where Regina was, kissing her lips "Something really weird is happening, babe"

"Who the hell are you?" Regina shouted angrily.

"Oh, no! Not you too" Emma said feeling her heart racing inside her chest as she crashed onto the nearest chair "Please, tell me this is a joke, Regina?"

"The only joke here is the sorry excuse of an employee who let you escape the asylum," Regina said looking furious at Emma.

"No, no, no!" Emma said and rose from the chair walking from one side to the other inside the office "Please, tell me you remember me"

"I have no idea who you are, dear,"

"Regina, babe, this isn't funny," Emma said feeling her throat close "Please, don't do this to me" She whispered.

"I'm calling the hospital"

Regina reached for the phone and started to dial when suddenly the whole room was possessed by the loud sound of a baby crying. Regina put the phone down and looked angrily at Emma again. She could see every bit of rage running through Regina's eyes.

"Do you see what you've done?"

Regina shouted and rose from her chair. She walked two or three steps to a small baby crib that Emma had completely ignored when she walked in. Regina bent down and pick up a crying baby, rocking the little thing in her arms.

"Regina, who is this baby?" Emma asked but Regina ignored her "Regina, whose child is this?"

"This is my son," Regina said and smiled when she held the baby in front of her face "Henry"

Emma felt everything around her spin. She closed and opened her eyes before falling down onto the chair again. No! That couldn't be right. That baby, it couldn't be Henry. It couldn't be their Henry. Emma tried to breathe, in and out, in and out again, but every breath she took felt like a struggle. She looked at Regina and watched her rocking Henry back and forth and that slowly made her heart go back to a reasonable pace. The baby, however, didn't seem to find Regina's rocking all that soothing. His cries got louder and louder and Emma saw how desperate Regina was trying to calm him down.

"Please, Henry, please," Regina said rocking the baby "Please, I'll do anything you want. Please,"

Emma rose from the chair and walked behind Regina.

"Can I hold him?" Emma whispered.

"You get away from me and my son," Regina said angrily.

"Please, Regina," Emma said feeling a tear fall down her face "Please, let me hold him,"

Regina looked at her with an incredulous expression on her face. Emma gave her a watery smile and stepped closer to her, slowly taking the child from Regina's arms. She hesitated, at first, but Henry's crying became so loud that Regina simply gave up. Emma held the baby in her arms, smiling and crying at the same time as she looked at him. It was him. It was their Henry.

"Hi, baby boy," Emma said in a small voice "Hi!"

Emma cried freely now and kissed the top of his head. He had that wonderful baby smell that all babies seem to have and she breathed in as much as she could of it. She rocked Henry in her arms, holding him closer to her body. It didn't take long before he stopped crying.

"How the hell did you do that?" Regina asked.

"Did what?" Emma asked.

"Made him stop crying,"

"Oh, I don't know," Emma said "I just patted his back. It always worked with Sam and Olie"

"With whom?" Regina asked.

"Our chil…Never mind"

"Well, miss…"

"Emma. Emma Swan"

"Well, Miss Swan, I think it's time for you to go"

Regina walked to where Emma was standing and carefully took Henry from her arms. Emma didn't want to let go of him but she let Regina take him anyway. She couldn't afford to be any more on her bad side. She watched as Regina put Henry back inside the crib and then walked to the door. She held it open for her and Emma knew that was her cue to leave. Emma reluctantly put one foot in front of the other and walked out of the office.

Outside, Emma felt her legs shaking and her knees gave up on her as she fell on the floor. Henry! That was Henry. That was the baby she gave up for adoption fourteen years ago. Emma's eyes filled with tears as she tried to get her breath under control. This was a dream. It had to be. She just needed to wake up from it. Or maybe go to sleep. She couldn't tell! Emma rose from the floor and started to walk towards Granny's B&B. She was going to get a room and rest. Maybe she had a concussion. The wound on her forehead was probably deeper than what she had originally anticipated. She just needed to rest. She just needed to go to sleep again and tomorrow everything would be back in order.

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina woke up with a fright. The room was dark, only the rays coming from the moon peeking through the open window. The night was cold and the curtains were flying inside the bedroom when Regina walked to the window to close it. She looked at her sleeping children, the three of them all jammed together in her bed. They couldn't sleep on their bed tonight and Regina couldn't blame them. They were worried about their mother. She was too. She had no idea where Emma was. Not even a clue. She looked at the wedding ring on her finger and started to roll it. God, how much she missed her wife. How much she hoped she was okay. She felt tears falling down her face, but she quickly brushed them. She didn't want to risk one of her children seeing her crying.

Regina silently walked out of the bedroom. Perhaps some tea would help. Or coffee. She couldn't decide if she wanted to go back to sleep or stay awake the rest of the night. Not that she thought she would be able to go back to sleep anyway. Her brain was racing with thoughts of where Emma was and how was she going to find her. She walked down the stairs and entered the kitchen, jumping when she saw a figure in front of the stove.

"Snow," Regina said "You are still here?

"Hi," Snow said "I couldn't go back home. I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but you were all sleeping upstairs"

"It's okay," Regina said and sat down by the island.

"Tea?" Snow offered.

"Yes, please,"

"My grandchildren?" Snow asked putting the cup of tea in front of Regina.

"All sleeping, safe and sound"

"We'll find her, Regina," Snow said and took Regina's hand between hers after she sat down next to her "She'll fight like hell to come back to you"

"I know," Regina let out a sad smile "I just had the weirdest dream"

"What was it?" Snow asked and sipped her tea.

"I was with Henry in my office when he was still a baby" Regina smiled "Emma walked in and kissed me. I was furious at her"

"Why?" Snow asked.

"I had no idea who she was" Regina laughed "She kept on calling me babe and begging me to remember her"

"That's odd," Snow said making a face.

"Yeah, that was weird," Regina said and opened her mouth to say something else but then decided against it.

"What?" Snow asked, "What is it?"

"It's just…I don't know" Regina shook her head "It felt more like a memory than a dream"

"You are right, that is weird" Snow laughed.

"I know," Regina said "Don't you want to get some rest? It's quite late"

"I don't think I can," Snow said "Wanna play checkers?"

"Sure! Why not?"

Regina waved her fingers in the air and a set of checkers appeared in front of them. She played mechanically, her brain couldn't shake thoughts of Emma out of her mind. She wanted to be in the vault now. She wanted to be going through every book she owned to find the right spell to find Emma. But she couldn't leave her children alone. They already lost one parent, and Regina couldn't bear them waking up in the middle of the night and not find her home. She made another move on the board and ate two white pieces. In the morning! As soon as her kids were fed and Henry went off to school while David watched Sam and Olie, she would lock herself inside her vault and find a way to bring her wife back home.

Chapter Text

Emma blinked her eyes a couple of times before they focused on her surroundings. She was in a room she knew but it wasn't her own. The flower wallpaper was unmistakable. She had been in that room many, many, many times before when she and Regina were still sneaking around all those years ago. She was at Granny's B&B. Emma closed her eyes and turned to the other side. She had no idea what time it was, but whatever it was, she knew it was too earlier. She stayed there in bed with her eyes closed for one, two, and three seconds until it hit her. She was still at Granny's B&B.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no" Emma breathed out all at once when she sat down abruptly on the bed "No, this can't be happening"

Emma rose from the bed and ran to the window. Out there she saw the beloved city of Storybrooke. It was the same little town she knew and loved by heart now. Except, that it wasn't. It wasn't her town. It wasn't her version of the town.

"Okay, let's think about this," Emma said to herself while walking from one side to the other in the room "You are in Storybrooke. Everybody here is the same people you know for the past four years. Except they don't remember you. Your wife doesn't remember you. Two of your children don't even exist and your oldest son is still a baby"

Emma sat down on the bed and stare at the flowery wallpaper. Her eyes kept going from one side to the other just like her legs were doing a few seconds ago. One could almost see the engines working inside her head, putting one piece of the puzzle together with another. Emma sat there for what felt like an eternity until realization hit her.

"Holy fucking shit!" Emma said eyes widened "I went back in time"

Emma flopped on the bed and stared up at the ceiling.

"I went back in time. I went back in time where Henry was just a baby" Emma said to herself and then panicked, sitting on the bed fast when the next thought crossed her mind "I went back in time to a land without magic"

Emma rose from the bed and started to walk all over the room. Holy shit! How the hell she was going to go back now? She needed magic. She needed her magic and a freaking bean. How the fuck was she supposed to get that? She needed to go back to her own timeline. She needed to go back to her wife and kids. Fucking Neal! She was going to kill him. Emma closed her eyes and stopped walking before opening them again. She needed Regina. She needed Regina to help her. She was the only one awake, the only one who knows about magic. And maybe Gold but Emma didn't trust him, especially considering it was his freaking son who did this. She needed to win Regina's trust. She needed to win over her wife again.

Emma closed her eyes and waved her hands in the air. When she opened them, everything still looked the same. She wasn't dressed in her jeans, boots, and jacket. She was still in her tank top and red panties. She rolled her eyes, in a way that would make her wife proud. Didn't she just cover the little fact that she was in a land without magic? Emma picked up her discarded clothes from the floor and started to get dressed for the day.

"Regina is right," Emma said to herself "Doing things yourself is barbaric"

Emma finished putting her clothes on and then started to think rationally. She reached inside her jacket and opened her wallet. There were only one hundred and fifty dollars in it.

"Okay, if Henry is still a baby, that means I'm eighteen," Emma said to herself "And broke, freshly out of prison and living in my bug so, I guess taking money out of my savings accounts is out of the question"

She bit her lower lip.

"I need to find a job"

Emma shoved the money inside her wallet and the wallet inside her pocket again. When she did that, she felt something hard on the other pocket of her jacket. She reached inside and pulled the phone and charger that Henry had handed to her before they went out for breakfast yesterday? The day before? Emma shook her head and turn on the phone, but it stayed dead.

"Right! No battery"

She walked to the bedside table and kneeled before plugging in. The phone stayed dead for a minute before it came to life. Emma smiled and then walked out of the bedroom. She was starved! She hadn't eaten since the day she fell on the hole. Emma looked around the diner and saw all the familiar faces, including one that she would love nothing more than to forget. Sidney Glass. What an asshole! Emma walked to the counter and sat down, waiting for someone to get her order.

"Hi, what can I get ya?"

"Hey Rubes," Emma said "Bear claw and cocoa, please. Oh and a portion of bacon"

"Do we know each other?" Ruby asked.

"Oh, right, sorry," Emma laughed nervously "I heard someone calling you that way yesterday"

"You did?" Ruby asked "I don't remember seen you"

"Well, I was…"

"Ruby, the Mayor's order is ready," Granny said.

"So? What do I have to do with it?" Ruby asked.

"You are delivering to her office," Granny said.

"I am so not," Ruby said petulant "If she wants her order, she can pick it up herself"

"She's with an infant child, Ruby," Granny said "Have a heart"

"As if she does" Ruby rolled her eyes.

"Hey," Emma scolded "Have some respect"

Ruby looked at Emma incredulous. She remembered very well how they loved to trash Regina when the curse was still in place back then. Or future then. God, that was confusing.

"Granny, I can take her order," Emma said.

"Oh, no, dear. I can't possibly ask that of you" Granny said.

"I'm on my way there anyway," Emma said "If I can just get my order to go, I'll take hers with me"

"Well, that suits me just fine," Ruby said and gave her back to Emma.

"Thank you, Miss Swan," Granny said.

"Sure, no problem,"

Emma gave Granny a half-smile and waited for their orders to be ready. How lucky was she? She was wondering what she could possibly come up with to see Regina today and Granny had just handed her the perfect opportunity.

"I can take the Mayor's order if you like," A man's voice said behind her.

"Excuse me?" Emma said turning around.

"I have a meeting with the Mayor," Sidney said "I'll be more than happy to bring her breakfast over. I can just save you the trouble"

"As I said," Emma said dryly "It is no trouble"

"I'm on my way there right now," Sidney said.

"I got it!" Emma said, feeling the anger build inside of her.

Sidney nod and then left the diner. God, how Emma hated that man, always making up stories to break her and Regina apart. He nearly succeeded once. Granny arrived with two bags and Emma paid for them before leaving. She walked to City Hall and then up Regina's office. Emma didn't even bother to knock, she simply let herself in.

"Hey," Emma said in a low voice not to awake Henry.

"You," Regina said "What the hell are you doing here? Again!"

"Brough you breakfast," Emma said showing her the bags.

"You work at Granny's?" Regina asked.

"No, I…they were short on staff," Emma said and then smiled "How's the little one?"

"Sleeping, thank God," Regina said and sounded so tired that Emma worried.

"What's wrong?" Emma asked.

"Nothing, miss… What's your name again?"

"Emma. Emma Swan" Emma said and smiled sadly at her. It broke her heart that she didn't know who she was.

"Miss Swan," Regina said "If you could just hand me my bag, I would like to go back to work"

"Actually, I thought we might eat together"

"Excuse me?"

"I kinda need to apologize for yesterday," Emma said "So, breakfast is one me"

"You kissed me without my consent,"

"I thought you were someone else"

"I'm unmistakable, dear,"

"That you are" Emma laughed "Can I please have breakfast with you?"

"God, I'm way too tired to even argue," Regina sighed "If you must"

Emma tilted her head to the side the bit her lower lip. It wasn't the yes she was hoping for but it wasn't a no neither. Emma walked to Regina's desk, putting the brown bags from Granny's on top of it. She opened the bags and started to take all the contents from them, putting everything on top of the desk. When she finished, she sat on the chair across from Regina and pulled what was hers closer.

"Did Henry give you too much trouble?" Emma asked.

"He cried the whole night," Regina said "He only stopped when I put him in bed with me"

"He likes been near you," Emma smiled and took a piece of crispy bacon.

"I think he hates me," Regina let out a sad laugh.

"He loves you, Regina," Emma said softly.

"Right," Regina said moving the food inside the container "It's funny but I don't remember you"

"Yeah, we covered that," Emma laughed.

"No, dear, I mean I know everyone in this town," Regina said "But not you"

"Oh, I'm…I'm not someone important,"

"One of the commoners?" Regina asked.

"Yeah, something like that, Your Majesty" Emma joked.

"What did you just say?" Regina asked eyes widened.

"I was joking," Emma said nervously "Because you called me a commoner"

"I think it's time for you to go, dear," Regina said.

"I'm not done yet," Emma said "And neither are you. You barely touched your food"

"I'm not hungry"

"You have to eat"

"Yes, thank you, dear,"

"If not for yourself, do it for Henry," Emma said "He needs his mother healthy and strong"

Emma smiled at Regina and saw those beautiful brown eyes that she loved so much fill with tears but Regina didn't let any of them fall. Emma knew she was just doing what she always did. She was playing tough. Not because she wanted to, but because she really didn't have any other choice. All those years with the curse…Regina was trapped here too just like the rest of them were. Emma reached for the eggs and toast while Regina took another bite of her yogurt with fruits. Emma then took the opportunity to asset the situation. This was the Regina she met four years ago. Or the Regina she will meet in ten years from now. Anyway, she was that Regina but, she was a little more fragile and tired because of Henry. Emma could see in the way she spoke with her, in the way she cared for Henry, her words didn't have the same bite, the same venom from when Emma first met her. She was tired. She was doing this all alone. God, she was such a bitch to Regina when she first arrived in Storybrooke too and Emma was just now realizing that. This woman, her wife… was fucking amazing. But as much as she wanted to just jump her and take her in her arms and tell her that everything was going to be okay and that she would get her happy ending with her and their three children and that yes, Snow White was going to become her mother-in-law, as much as Emma wanted to do all that, she knew she couldn't. At least not now. Emma needed Regina to help her to get back to her own timeline and for her to do that, Regina needed to trust her first.

Emma thought back about how did they end up together, how she got Regina to fall in love with her. She remembered that the hardest part was actually convincing Regina to go on a date with her after they kissed for the first time. Emma asked her out for weeks but Regina just kept on saying no until, well, until the day Emma barged in inside her office and kissed her. Emma smirked as she remembered that. The similarity of the two situations was just too much for her. But after they go out on a first date, and after they shared a kiss again for the third time, everything had changed. It was so easy to fall in love with Regina. It was impossible not to. They fell into an easy relationship until the day Regina told her about the curse. How everything Henry was telling her was the truth. Emma thought she was crazy, that she was just finding an excuse to bail the relationship because she was scared. But as it turns out, it wasn't that and after their kiss broke the curse, things got really bad.

Emma shook her head and took another piece of bacon. This wasn't important right now. The curse was truth and Emma knew that, so, not an issue to worry about. Emma looked at Regina and watched her as she took the fork to her lips. A little bit of the yogurt dripped on the corner of her mouth and Emma wanted nothing more than to lick it clean. Fuck! She needed to get Regina to go on a date with her. She needed to win back her wife all over again. Henry made a cute noise and that brought Emma back to the reality in hand. Henry wasn't ten, running around in Storybrooke. He was a baby and Regina might not be remotely interested in going out on a date with her. And there was of course the little fact that Emma didn't have any money to pay for dinner. Or a roof. And dear God, she needed clothes and clean underwear.

The phone on Regina's desk rang getting Emma's attention. She watched Regina answering the phone and how her feature changed from tired to surprise and then from angry. It was adorable though, the way she kept looking over at Henry and talked in a low voice not to wake him. How could he ever doubt how much Regina loved him? She would do anything for him. For all of them. Regina was the kind of person who loves with her whole heart. She put the phone back on the hook with a sigh. She looked at Emma, and when she saw the vein in her forehead popping, Emma knew their time together was up.

"I'm gonna have to ask you to leave, Miss Swan," Regina said "There is work to be done"

"Sure" Emma rose from the chair "Can I say goodbye to him?"

"Excuse me?"

"Can I say goodbye to Henry?"


"Please?" Emma pleaded, making her best puppy eyes.

"Ah, okay," Regina said suspiciously "Just don't wake him up"

Emma smiled and walked the three steps to Henry's baby carriage. She bent down and smiled at the little bundle all wrapped up. A single tear ran down her face as she carefully caressed Henry's baby cheek. This was her son. Her firstborn, their firstborn. In a way, been back here was a blessing. Emma kissed his cheek and then rose from the floor. She smiled at Regina who looked puzzled back at her. She couldn't blame her. She walked Emma to the door and held it open for her. Emma took a step to leave but then she stopped.

"Is there something wrong, Miss Swan?" Regina asked.

"You look very beautiful today, Regina," Emma said sincerely.

"Oh!" Regina exclaimed, "Thank you, dear"

"Have a good day, Regina"

"Thank you. You too!"

Emma smiled one last time at her and then left the office. God, she wanted Regina in her arms so badly, it almost hurt. Did she ever tell Regina how much she loved her in a suit? If not, she was surely rectifying that as soon as she was back home. Well, back at her timeline. Emma walked around town not really thinking about where to go. Her head was running in a never-ending sequel of plots that would make Regina proud. She needed to win her wife. Again. She could do that, they were true lovers after all. Besides, she had the jacket. She knew Regina was lying, it was the badass jacket who won her over the first time around.

Emma stopped walking when she was in front of the clock tower. She looked up at the pointers, but they never moved. Not even once. She knew the reason why time was frozen, but Emma always wondered if she could make it work if she just climbed up there and smash the pieces together.

"It's broken," A voice said next to her.

"Gold!" Emma said without looking at him.

"Do we know each other, dearie?"

"Everybody knows you in this town"

"And I know everyone but you," Gold said "What's your name, dearie?"

"Not important"

"Names are important, dearie"

"Yes, I'm aware of that" Emma said annoyed "If you'll excuse me, I have to go"

Emma turned around and left the man behind. She stepped inside Granny's and picked up a couple of sandwiches and a bottle of water to go. Emma walked all the way to the woods where she has first woken up and then some. Maybe there was a portal there or a hidden door somewhere, maybe Regina, her Regina, had found a way to bring her back home. God, she must be so worried about Emma. And the kids, Sammy and Olie and Henry, God she missed them so much. She had never been more than a day away from them.

Emma walked up and down and then up and down again around the woods. She rested for a few minutes and then walked again. She ate her food and walked again. It was pointless. There was nothing there! By the time Emma step a foot into town it was already dark. She was dirty and frankly, she didn't smell all that good. She walked inside Granny's and then up to her bedroom. After a long warm shower, Emma changed into her tank top, which was half black because of the woods, but it was the only piece of clothes she could use right now. She was going to buy a few clothes in the morning, or at least what she could with the little money she had.

Emma dropped in bed, completely tired. Her legs hurt from all the walking and her arms weren't all that better. She looked at the bedside table and saw her cellphone, remembering now she had left there to charge. Emma took it from the charger and unlocked the screen. Her eyes filled with tears with the screensaver. It was a picture of their wedding. Emma tapped on the gallery icon and openly cried as she slid her fingers on the screen, pictures of the twins making poses with their jackets, then pictures of them at the wedding. Pictures of Henry with her and his brothers. Pictures of him with Regina, pictures of her and Regina and then, pictures of Regina. Emma quite liked to snap a picture of Regina when she wasn't looking. She always looked so naturally beautiful. Emma went through all of the pictures in the gallery, and when she tried to slid to one more and couldn't, she cried and held the phone closer to her heart. It was real. They were real. She wasn't crazy.

Emma looked at her phone again, the last photo was an image of Regina in her glasses, reading a book in bed. She was wearing the red camisole Emma loved, the one Emma always made a point to slowly remove with her teeth. Regina was so focused on the book, that she didn't even notice Emma snapping the picture, and afterward, Emma had to forcibly remove the book from Regina's hands before having her way with her. Emma smiled at the memory and closed her eyes but she didn't have time to think how much she missed her as an idea popped into her mind. Emma looked at the phone and then dialed Regina's number. She held the device closer to her ears as the phone rang, feeling her heart racing a marathon inside her chest.


It worked!

"Regina?" Emma said desperately.

"Yes, who is this?"

Emma felt her heart sink as she understood what happened. Regina had never changed her number, it had always been the same for over thirty years.

"It's me.. it's… It's Emma" Emma stammered.

"Miss Swan?" Regina asked, "How do you have my number?"

"Yellow pages?" Emma asked.

"Are you asking me or telling me?"

"I'm…telling you?"

Emma scratched her head as she heard Regina sigh on the other side of the line.

"What do you want?" Regina asked.

"Nothing!" Emma said quickly.

"Then why did you call me?"

"I thought it was someone else number"

"Of course you did," Regina said tiredly "Goodbye, Miss Swan"

"No, Regina, wait" Emma shouted.

"What?" Regina asked angrily.

"I just want you to know, that I'm here for you," Emma said "Whatever you need, you can count on me"

"Oh!" Regina said "Thank you, I suppose"

Emma was about to say something else when she heard Henry crying. Loudly. Her heart squeezed in pain when she heard her baby boy on the other side of the line.

"I have to go," Regina said quickly.

"Do you need any help? I can be there in five minutes"

"That's not necessary, dear," Regina said "Goodnight, Miss Swan"

"Goodnight, Regina"

Storybrooke - Present Day

Regina was sat on the top of the trunk looking at the wall in her vault. She was crying, silently. The tears were falling down as the warm feeling took over her heart and then her whole body. The feeling wasn't exactly new, not after she met Emma, not after the beautiful family they made together, but still, it washed over her in a way she wasn't really expecting.

"Regina? Regina, what's wrong?"

"What?" Regina asked looking down at Snow who was kneeled beside her.

"You are crying," Snow said "What happened?"

"I don't…I don't know," Regina said looking blankly at Snow.

"You don't know?" Snow pushed her.

"I was reading, trying to find a way to figured out where Emma is and…"

"And what?"

"I had that memory feeling again," Regina said "The one I told you about"

"I don't follow,"

"I had this vision of Emma and I eating breakfast together in my office when Henry was just a baby, and…"

"Oh, honey," Snow said and squeezed her hand "You just miss her"

"I do," Regina said as a tear fell down.

"It's just your mind playing tricks on you,"

"But why from so far away?" Regina asked, "Why am I having these thoughts, these…dreams from fourteen years ago?"

"I don't know, maybe you are just wishing you met her sooner, that you had more time with her"

"Well, that I do" Regina laughed.

"Did you find anything on those books?" Snow asked.

"Nothing relevant," Regina said "I'm going to go over one of my mother's now"

"That will have to wait then," Snow said.


"It's Sam. He is crying saying you abandoned him too" Snow said "We tried to calm him down but, he wants his mommy"

"Oh no!" Regina said cleaning the tears from her face "Where is he?"

"At the mansion. David took him home"

Regina rose from the trunk and waved her hands in the air. The room was filled with purple smoke and in a blink of an eye, they were both inside Sam's room in the mansion. Regina looked around but the boy wasn't there even though she could hear him crying. She left the room with Snow right behind her and walked down the stairs and then to the living room where she found her children with their grandfather.

"Mommy!" Sam screamed and ran in her direction.

"Hi, Sammy," Regina said as she lifted him up in her arms.

The boy hugged her, so tight, that Regina felt like she couldn't breathe. She patted his back and kissed his cheeks, whispering loving words into his ear. She looked at Olie sitting on Henry's lap, the little girl looked like she had been crying too. God, she hated this. They missed their mom and she felt so helpless, so useless for not being able to bring her back home. Emma was her wife, her true love. Shouldn't they always find each other? Shouldn't she know where she was?

Regina walked to the couch and sat down. Olie ran to her and cuddled on one side as Sam cuddled on the other. She looked at David who whispered I'm sorry, but Regina just shook her head. This wasn't on him. It was that man's fault.

"Mommy, are you going to leave us too?" Sam sobbed.

"What? No!" Regina said feeling her heart squeeze "I will never leave you"

"Momma did," Olie said looking up at Regina.

"She didn't leave you, sweetheart," Regina said running her hand through her hair "Momma fell into a portal, but we are going to bring her back home"

"When?" Sam asked, "When is momma coming back home?"

"I don't know yet," Regina said, "But I promise you, all of you..." Regina said and looked at Henry "I will bring your mother back home"

"I know you will, mom," Henry said looking at her.

"Mommy, can you stay with us today?" Olie asked.

"Of course, I can" Regina smiled kissing the top of her head.

"And Enwy too" Sam added.

"Yes, monkey," Henry said as he kneeled in front of the boy "Why don't I make some popcorn and we all watch a movie together?"

"I think that's a great idea," Snow said "Can grandmother stay too?"

"And Grandpa?" David asked next.

"YES!" The twins said together.

Henry left the living room and not long after that Regina could hear the popcorn popping. The twins stayed by her side, holding her for dear life. She pulled them closer to her body kissing the top of their heads. Snow sat down next to Regina and squeezed her hand again. Regina nodded and not long after that Henry and David came back with the popcorn and apple juice. They put on a Disney movie for the not complete family watch together.

Except that Regina couldn't focus on the movie. Her mind kept on racing, trying to remember all the books she read today, analyzing if she had missed something important. And then her mind went back to the daydream she had that afternoon. The one with Emma and her having breakfast together. The way she asked to say goodbye to Henry, the way she cried. The way she said she looked beautiful. Did anyone ever tell Regina that back when they were all cursed? No, they haven't. And then there was that call. That call that had touched her heart so deeply. I just want you to know, that I'm here for you. Whatever you need, you can count on me. Regina looked at Henry and felt tears running down her face. She knew it wasn't real, she raised him alone for ten years but God, how good it felt for a moment, even if it was just her imagination playing tricks on her, knowing that for the first time in eighteen years, she wasn't all alone.

Chapter Text

"I need to get a job"

That was the first thing Emma said when she opened her eyes that morning. She needed to pay for the room she was staying in at Granny's and, you know, food. And new clothes! Or just clothes. She had washed hers in the bathroom sink before going to sleep at night, the tank top and panties, (she didn't dare washing the jeans by hand), and left them out to dry at the heater. It was hell going to bed naked in that cold, especially without Regina to warm her up.


God, how she missed her. How she missed her family. She needed to get back to her timeline, but Emma had no idea how the hell was she supposed to do that in a land without magic. But she had to figure it out and she had to get Regina to help her. She was the only one who could, she was the only one awake.

Emma rose from the bed and quickly walked to the heater. Her clothes were dry and Emma put on the panties before collecting the bra from the floor and putting it on then her tank top and jeans. God, Regina would scold her if she saw her clothes on the floor and the simple thought of that made Emma smile. What she wouldn't give just to have Regina scolding her again?

Emma sat down in bed again and this time she put on her socks and boots. She took the wallet from the bedside table and counted her money. It was definitely not much, she would have to make a miracle to buy new panties and tank tops until she could get a job. It was winter, they should be super cheap, right? Her beloved and faithful red leather jacket would just have to do it to protect her from the cold.

Emma's stomach made a noise that was both embarrassed and storytelling. She was starved, as she always were in the morning. She closed her eyes and thought about Regina back home, making buttery eggs in the kitchen while Emma chopped apples into a bowl to give the twins a good example. It was their favorite fruit, even though Henry still had suspicious eyes when it comes to that particular fruit. Emma let out a single tear fall down her face as the image dissolved in her brain. She felt like she had abandoned her children all over again and the only thing that made her heart feel a little more at peace was the fact that once again, Regina was there for them.

"I need to get back home"

Emma said to herself before getting up from the bed once again. She silently went down the stairs, she was doing her best to avoid Granny, she had told Emma that the first payment for the room was due in two days unless Emma wanted to pay in advance, which she didn't and now she felt all awkward around the woman. Emma used the backdoor of the B&B and breathed in the fresh cold wind of Storybrooke. And then her stomach snored. Again!

She walked all the way down to the cheapest clothing store in Storybrooke and wondered where did Regina's fancy clothes come from? There were really only two clothing stores in all of Storybrooke and none of them was to Regina's taste. I'm gonna ask her about that, Emma thought.

Emma entered the store and the nice young woman by the cashier smiled at her. Emma smiled back and tried her best to remember who she was but nothing popped inside her head. She guessed Storybrooke wasn't as small as she thought it was. Regina would definitely know who that young woman was.


Emma smiled.

She walked around the corridors, literally looking at the price tags before the clothes themselves. Apparently, everything cheap was either bright pink or orange. This is definitely Regina's doing, Emma rolled her eyes. There was just no way in hell she would wear an orange sleeve blouse with a turtle neck. She was desperate but not that desperate! Emma walked more to the back where she found the black and white session. She picked one black and one white blouse with a long sleeve and two tank tops with the same colors. The next thing she needed now was panties. Emma walked to the lingerie section, not really paying attention. She was mentally calculating how much the blouses would cost her and how much money she could still spend when suddenly her body collided against someone else.

"Oh shit," Emma said "I'm sorry"

"Oh, it's okay. No harm is done"

"Mom" Emma breathed out.

"Excuse me?"

"I mean…" Emma shook her head "Mary Margaret"

"Do we know each other?" Mary Margaret smiled at her.

"Oh, ah, not…exactly" Emma bit her lower lip.

"Not exactly?" Mary Margaret frowned.

"I've heard about…you…"


"Granny's," Emma said "I'm staying there"

"Oh! I'm sorry, but I don't know you" Mary Margaret said.

"Oh yeah, I'm Emma. Emma Swan"

"Hi, Emma" Mary Margaret said "Well, you already know my name"

"Yeah" Emma smiled "I've heard good things about you. It's nice to put a face on the name"

"From who?"

"Ahh…Children," Emma said quickly "You are their favorite teacher"

"Aww that's so sweet" Mary Margaret smiled "I love teaching"

"Yeah" Emma smiled back.

"So you are new in town?" Mary Margaret asked "We don't get many visitors here"

"Yeah, I…I'm not exactly new"

"I thought you were said you are staying at Granny's?"

"I am"

"You don't have a home here?" Mary Margaret asked with pity.

"I do," Emma said quickly "It's just…unavailable right now"


"Yeah, anyways…" Emma started to say.

"Are you shopping for underwear too?" Mary Margaret asked.

"Yes, I just need the basic" Emma said feeling her cheeks burn.

"I need something sexy," Mary Margaret said "But I'm not good at sexy"

"Excuse me?"

"I have a date tonight"

"With David?" Emma asked confused "I thought he was in a coma"

"Who's David?" Mary Margaret asked.

"Nobody" Emma shook her head "Who do you have a date with?"

"Dr. Whale," Mary Margaret said.

"Oh my God, right," Emma said back.

"Do you think you can help me?" Mary Margaret asked.

"Help you?"

"To choose sexy panties," Mary Margaret said "I feel like I might need tonight"

"Oh, no you don't,"


"He is not the one for you," Emma said "So don't bother"

"What makes you say that?"

"I know the type," Emma said "He is not the one for you"

"Do you know Dr. Whale?"

"I do. And he is an asshole"


"Yeah. Trust me, you shouldn't waste another second with him"

"Thank you for the tip," Mary Margaret said "Maybe I should see how the date goes first before thinking about going to bed with him"

"Oh my God," Emma said feeling her stomach turn at the image.

"Are you okay?"

"Fine!" Emma smiled. Or at least she hoped it was a smile.

"Oh my, look at the time," Mary Margaret said looking at the watch on the wall "I'm going to be late for school"


"It was lovely to meet you, Emma,"

"Yeah you too"

Mary Margaret left the store while Emma made millions of faces at the conversation she had with her mom. Again! God, it was easy to get over it when she didn't know who the woman was, but now? There was just no way she would stay and listen to her complaints about the bad sex she had with Whale.

"Oh my God," Emma said to herself.

She shook her head and walked around the underwear section trying to find the deal of the day. A pack with five panties for just a dollar. Well, that would have to do. Emma picked up the items and walked to the cashier to pay for them. When she was back on the street, Emma started to walk without really paying attention to where she was going. Her feet just took over the familiar pathways while her brain tried to work out the mess she was in. When Emma paid attention to her surroundings again, she realized she was across the street from her house. Emma sadly smiled when she saw the white mansion in front of her. It was her home. And it wasn't.

Emma stared at the house, thinking about Regina and Henry inside. Her son. Their son. The version of him that she never got to meet. Emma missed her wife and kids, she needed to come back to her own timeline, but she would lie if she said she didn't feel honored to be here right now. She got to meet Henry. She got to hold him in her arms. One of Emma's biggest regret was not even looking at her son the day he was born. She couldn't do it. She knew she would never let him go if she did. But now she was here and she had the chance to be with him and as much as she didn't like the situation she was in right now, something good came out of it.

Emma shook her head and was about to turn around and go back to Granny's to put the bags away when a familiar figure caught her eyes. Graham! God, how long has it been since the last time she saw him? He left right after the curse broke. Emma liked the guy, except for the little detail that he was with Regina when…

"Oh, hell no"

Emma ran to the other side of the sidewalk when Graham had just opened the gate to Regina's house. He was halfway to her door when Emma jumped right in front of him and put a hand to his chest to make him stop.

"You can turn around and leave," Emma said out of breath.

"Excuse me?"

"Turn around and leave, right now," Emma said again.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" Graham asked confused.

"I know damn well what you came here to do," Emma said seriously "And that is over, buddy! Go away"

"I came here to fix the Mayor's leak"

"Oh my God," Emma said making a disgusting face.

"What the hell is all this…Miss Swan" Regina's voice came from behind them "What are you doing here?"

"I came to fix your leak," Emma said quickly.

"Excuse me?" Regina asked.

"Do you know this woman, Madam Mayor?" Graham asked.

"Unfortunately, yes," Regina sighed "Graham, get inside. Miss Swan, go away"

"Not gonna happen," Emma said "He's leaving, right now"

"No, you are," Regina said "Graham, go inside"

"Graham, go away," Emma said seriously.

"Miss Swan…"

"Regina!" Emma said turning around to look at her "I am not leaving him alone with you"

"Madam Mayor, I have to go. I just got a call from the station…"

"See, he's leaving," Emma said already walking towards the house.

"I don't remember inviting you in," Regina said walking behind her.

"I know," Emma said "So, upstairs?"

"Excuse me?"

"The leak?" Emma asked in what she hoped was a sexy voice.

"It's in the kitchen," Regina said seriously.

"The kitchen?" Emma asked confused "Oh, you have an actual leak?"

"Yes! What the hell did you think it was?"

"Nothing, never mind," Emma said walking to the kitchen "You know I keep telling you that we need to change those pipes. They are way too old"

"How do you know where the kitchen is?" Regina asked behind her.

"What?" Emma said as she put the bags on top of the island and started to remove her jacket.

"How do you know where the kitchen in my house is?" Regina asked slowly.

"Oh…You rich people's houses all look the same" Emma said and swallowed dry.

Emma smiled softly at Regina and sat down on the floor. Regina had already taken out the contents from under the sink.

"Can you get the toolbox from the garage?" Emma asked.

"I don't think I have one"

"Yeah, you do," Emma said "It's on the top shelf next to the shovel"

"And how the hell do you know that?"

"Oh, I…I don't," Emma said feeling her cheeks burn "As I said, you rich people all do the same"

Regina looked at her seriously before leaving the kitchen. As soon as she was out of sight, Emma let out a breath she didn't even know she was holding. I have got to stop acting as if I know everyone, Emma thought. And Regina, God, how Emma loved seen her in a suit. It was such a turn-on. I miss you, Emma said in a small voice to herself.

"It was exactly where you said it would be," Regina said when she entered the kitchen again.

"Told ya" Emma smiled.

Regina handed Emma the toolbox and Emma closed her eyes for a second when their fingers touched. She felt the usual electricity her body always seems to feel when she was close to Regina. It's a true love thing, her mother would say.

"You said 'we'" Regina said.

"What?" Emma asked while looking for the right tool inside the box.

"You said 'I keep telling you we need to change those pipes'"

"I did?" Emma asked, lowering herself under the sink.

"You did," Regina answered her.

"My bad" Emma said.

"Why do I get the feeling that you know exactly who I am?"

"Well, you are the Mayor," Emma said "I'm pretty sure everybody knows exactly who you are"

"And is that all you know of me?"

"Yep! That's all I know" Emma said "Can you hand me the insulating tape?"

Regina took the tape out of the box and gave it to Emma. She rolled the tape all around the pipe making sure Regina wouldn't have reason to call Graham any time soon. Not that she thought this would be enough but at least it would keep him away for the day. As if her situation wasn't bad enough already, now she had to keep Graham away from Regina too.

"All done," Emma said when she rose from the floor.

"Are you sure?" Regina asked, "I'm not waking up with a pool in my kitchen tomorrow, am I?"

"Nope! It's all good" Emma said "You know, if you need anything fix in the house you can just call me"

"Well, the Sheriff is always kind enough to do such things for me"

"Yeah, I bet," Emma said dryly "I'm going to write down my number. Call me if you need anything okay?"


"Because I'm here for you Regina"

Emma walked to the fridge and wrote down the cell number on the little notebook Regina had on the fridge. She wasn't quite sure if it would work, she only got that number one year after she moved to Storybrooke, but when she called Regina the night before she had answered so, she guessed it was okay to assume the number worked.

"Where is Henry?" Emma asked when she finished writing the number.

"Sleeping, thank God"

"Rough night?" Emma asked sympathetically.

"You can say that," Regina sighed "Thank you for fixing the leak"

"You are welcome"

Emma smiled at Regina and for a brief moment, she saw that glow in her eyes, the one it was reserved just for her. She also noticed that even under all that makeup and perfect clothes, Regina looked tired. She wished she could help. She wished she could share that weight with her, care for Henry when he cried, make Regina company while she fed him a bottle. Do all the things she had missed on Henry's first ten years.

"Let me show you to the door," Regina said pulling Emma out of her thoughts.

"Yeah, right," Emma said as she put her jacket on. Her stomach chose that exact moment to make the loudest noise in the history of body noises and Emma looked at Regina feeling her cheeks burn "Sorry. I didn't have any breakfast"

"Why not?"

"I'm a little low on cash," Emma said embarrassed "I'm sort of hiding from Granny until I can get a job"


"Yeah, anyway, I'm gonna get going," Emma said picking up the bags from the island.

"Sit down, Miss Swan" Regina said.


"You fixed my leak. The least I can do is offer you breakfast"

"Regina, you don't have to do that"

"I don't like repeating myself, Miss Swan" Regina said as she walked to the fridge.


Emma sat down on the chair and watched Regina moving around the kitchen. It was such a familiar scene for her that Emma almost felt like she was home again. She wanted so badly to walk behind Regina, to wrap her arms around her waist and kiss her neck. She wanted to see that bright beautiful smile of her while she and whisper I love you in her ear. She longed to hear Regina say those words back to her, to hear the cartoon noise coming from the television in the living room, and for Henry to walk in and make a face because his parents were making out all over his food.

"There you go," Regina said putting a plate in front of Emma.

"Oh my God, this looks so good," Emma said "Aren't you getting any?"

"I've already eaten," Regina said.

"Get a cup of coffee then," Emma said "Make me company"

Regina looked like she was about to say something but then, she dropped it. She walked to the coffee machine and poured herself a cup while Emma devoured the eggs and the buttery bread. It tasted just like home. Regina sat down next to her but didn't say anything. Emma broke the silence with questions about Henry, and it was so beautiful to see Regina's hard features changing when she talked about him. She loved him so much that Emma almost wished she could tell her young self that her kid was okay.

When Emma finished eating, Regina walked her out of the house. Outside Emma started to walk back to the B&B. Maybe she could ask Granny if she was in need of a new waitress. Emma hasn't done that in years now but she was sure she still had needed skills. She thought about Regina and how beautiful she looked that morning, but then again, she always looks beautiful, Emma thought. But she did look a little extra this morning, didn't she? The makeup was heavier than usual, maybe to hide how tired she really was or…Graham. No! Regina never liked him that much he was just, well, a toy. She wouldn't put on an effort just to see him, would she? No, no she wouldn't. If she did, there was no way in hell she would just let him go like that. She called him because she really only had a leak. God, she had forgotten about the affair Regina was having with Graham before they met.

Wait a minute!

That's it.


Emma crossed the street and walked in the direction of the Sheriff station. God, how could she have forgotten that little detail?

"Graham" Emma said when she walked inside the office.


"Emma. I'm Emma Swan"

"What can I do for you, Miss Swan?" Graham asked from behind his desk.

"You are going to give me a job as a Deputy" Emma said.

"I am?"

"Yep! We both know you have it on your budget, for years now"

"How do you know that?"

"It's a public record" Emma lied.

"And why would I hire you?"

"Because I'm good," Emma said "And I used to be a bail bonds person. I have the skills"

"Well, you can leave your resume…"

"No need. I'm good for the job" Emma said "I'll see you tomorrow"

"I didn't hire you"

"Yes, you did," Emma said "Trust me, I'm good"

"Okay, I supposed we can make a one week trial"

"Good. I'll see you tomorrow"

"I need to give you the uniform"


"The deputy uniform"

"Yeah, that thing is hideous and I'm not wearing that," Emma said "I'll see you tomorrow"

Emma walked out of the station back to the B&B. She got a job and now she could start to work on her plan. Whether it was the going back home or the keep Graham away from Regina, she wasn't quite sure.

Storybrooke – Present Day

"Mom?" Henry called her "Mom? Mom, you'll burn the eggs"

"What?" Regina asked absently before looking at the pan "Ah, damn it"

"Mom, are you okay?" Henry asked, "What's going on?"

"I'm sorry, sweetheart" Regina said putting the eggs on a plate. Thank God they didn't burn.

"Were you thinking about Ma?"

"Yes, I guess I was," Regina said softly.

"We'll bring her back"

"I know, sweetie" Regina smiled sadly at him "Can you please go get your brother and sister?"

"Yeah, sure," Henry said "Stay away from the stove, would you?" He joked.

"Very funny," Regina said back.

Henry left the kitchen while Regina fixed three plates of breakfast food. There it was that odd feeling again, that faint memory of Emma she knew it couldn't be true. Her mind was playing tricks on her and Regina had no idea why was it happening that way. Those day and night dreams she was having, those dreams that felt more like a memory, a memory of Emma.

Regina put the plates on top of the island and stared at the cabinet under the sink. She walked the four steps to the sink and kneeled in front of the cabinet. She opened the doors and pushed everything to the side looking for the pipe. There it was, the white pipe with silver tape wrapped all around it. The tape was old now, missing the glue on the sides, it didn't stick anymore. Regina didn't have any memories of ever putting silver tape all over the pipe. That wasn't really her style, that was more like Emma. Curious enough, she didn't have any memories of Emma doing that either, except for the daydream of them in the kitchen while Henry was sleeping upstairs.

Chapter Text

"Is it cheating if you try to seduce your wife even though she doesn't know she is going to be your wife yet?" Emma asked.

"Excuse me?"

"I mean if you went back in time and met your wife before she became your wife and then you, I don't know, seduce the woman in the past, are you cheating on your wife in the future?"

"I…don't think so," Archie said "If she is the same woman, I guess not"

"She is," Emma said sitting heavily on the couch "So, just to be clear, it's okay if I try to seduce the past version of her right?"

"This is all hypothetical, right?" Archie asked "Perhaps you should consider making an appointment with my secretary"

"You don't have a secretary, Archie," Emma said rolling her eyes.

"Right," Archie said "What are you doing here again?"

"I found Pongo," Emma said "He is tied up to the desk outside"

"My secretary's desk?" Archie asked.

"You hired a secretary?" Emma asked confused.

"I'm in the process too?"

"Since when?"

"Since…I'm not sure," Archie laughed "For as long as I can remember"

"Oh! Right" Emma smiled embarrassedly at him "Yeah, I should get going"

"Are you sure you don't want to make an appointment?" Archie asked "We can discuss more of your time traveling issues"

"I wish," Emma murmured under her breath "But I have to go back to the station"

"Okay, but you know, my door is always open if you ever want to talk," Archie said and rose from the armchair.

"Thanks," Emma said and rose from the couch as well.

"Of course," Archie said and held the door open to Emma "Whenever you want to talk"

"Oh, by the way, you need to get him a new collar," Emma pointed at Pongo after walking past Archie.


"Pongo. The hook on his leash is loose" Emma said "That's how he keeps running away from you"

"Oh! Thank you" Archie said "I had no idea!"

"Of course,"

Emma smiled politely at the man and walked out of his office. It was a bit of a walk back to the Sheriff's Station now and that made Emma realize that Storybrooke wasn't as small as she once thought it was. She missed her old bug. And her powers. Poofing was legit the best thing Regina ever thought of her. Well, that and the knee thing, Emma smiled.

She crossed the street not really paying attention to her surroundings. As she walked back to the station, Emma thought about the only thing that kept on running over and over and over again in her head, from the moment she woke up in the morning to the moment she went to sleep at night. How the hell was she going to get back home? Back to her timeline! God, what an unbelievable mess she was in. Emma looked at her watch to look at the time. Almost eleven in the morning. Perhaps she should swing by Granny's and grab a little something to eat. Better yet, she should get lunch for her and Regina and then stop by at the Mayor's office. Regina might even let her hold Henry again. God, he was such a cute little baby.

Emma was just about to take the detour to Granny's when she saw Regina's Mercedes speeding up the street. Emma tried to follow the car by running after it and she saw from a distance Regina carelessly park the car in front of the hospital and then hurry inside with, what she supposed was Henry in her arms. Did something happen with Henry? Emma's heart raced inside her chest as she started to run with all she had in the direction of the hospital.

She quickly made her way inside the hospital, not bothering to ask the receptionist where they were. Emma knew Regina was going straight to Whale and the only floor the man always seemed to be in, was the third. The elevator was taking forever to arrive and Emma gave up after aggressively pushing the button. She ran up the stairs, two flights at a time and when she arrived on the third floor, she ran down the corridor. She saw Regina behind the glass door and stopped for a second to catch her breath before walking up to her.

"Regina" Emma said entering the room "What's going on?"

"Miss Swan?" Regina said her eyes tearing up "What are you doing here?"

"I saw your car on the street," Emma said a little out of breath "Did something happened to him?"

"Yes, he's sick" Regina cried "My son is sick"

"What?" Emma breathed out "Whale, what's wrong with him?" Emma asked getting closer to the gurney Henry was in.

"Nothing!" Whale said "As I told the Mayor before, there is nothing wrong with him"

"I don't understand," Emma said looking at Regina.

"He won't stop crying," Regina said, "I think there is something deeper here, something we are missing"

"Madam Mayor, apart from really healthy lungs, there is nothing wrong with your son," Dr. Whale said.

"Yes, there is," Regina screamed.

"Regina…" Emma started to say.

"I need to find his birth mother," Regina said firmly.

"Wait, what?" Emma asked eyes widened.

"Maybe there is something genetic, something only this woman can give him,"

"Wow, Regina, no! You can't do that" Emma said feeling the panic crawling her skin.

"Why not?" Regin asked angrily.

"Well, it was…a closed adoption. You can't have access to any information about her"

"And how the hell do you know that?" Regina asked seriously.

"Aren't all adoptions close?" Emma asked nervously "Regina, there is nothing wrong with Henry"

"So, he just hates me," Regina said, tears falling down.

"What? No! No, of course not" Emma said "Can I…Can I hold him?"

"Why? Regina asked.

"I want to show you something"

Regina nodded and Emma smiled at her before walking to the gurney where Henry was lying. He was crying, loud and desperate and Emma could only imagine how Regina was feeling inside. it was desperate to hear him crying like that, and Regina probably felt so helpless for not being able to stop, for not being able to ask him what was wrong, for not being able to comfort him. Emma kissed his tiny forehead before picking him up in her arms. She carefully laid Henry's head on her shoulder and patted his back while singing a lullaby to him. It didn't happen immediately and for a moment Emma thought Regina was right, maybe there was something wrong with him. But little by little Henry's cries subsided until they stop completely.

"See?" Emma smiled at Regina "No more crying"

"This is the second time you manage to do that" Regina said softly.

"It just takes a little practice," Emma said lovingly.

"Do you have any children?" Regina asked.

"I have three," Emma said back.

"Where are they?" Regina asked.

"They're…not here," Emma said sadly.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Regina said sincerely "And your husband?"

"My what?" Emma asked confused.

"You have a wedding ring on your finger," Regina said pointing at Emma's hand.

"I don't have a husband" Emma let out a small laugh "I have a wife"

"Oh, I…I'm sorry I presumed," Regina said back "Is she here in Storybrooke?"

"Not really, no," Emma said looking into Regina's eyes.

"I'm sorry, Miss Swan" Regina said solemnly.

"It's okay," Emma said "I'll be with them again"

"Yes, of course," Regina said and then changed the subject "Can you show me how you do that?"

"Yes," Emma smiled "Here, take him"

Regina moved closer to Emma, close enough that Emma could smell her perfume and that perfect natural aroma that belonged to her wife. Regina looked so vulnerable as she reached to take Henry from Emma's arms that all Emma wanted to do was wrap her arms around her wife and tell her that everything was going to be okay, that she was here for her, for whatever she needed. Emma wanted to kiss her and tell Regina how much she loved her, how much she needed her, but she couldn't. She had to settle for watching Regina carefully take their baby boy from her arms and do nothing when her face fell the moment Henry started to cry again.

"It's me," Regina said rocking Henry in her arms.

"No, it isn't," Emma said firmly "Put his head on your shoulder"

Regina straightened Henry in her arms, perfectly mimicking Emma's position from when she had Henry in her arms.

"He won't stop," Regina said desperately.

"He will," Emma smiled at her "Tap his butt and use your other hand to pat his back"

Regina did what Emma told her, but Henry still didn't stop crying.

"Now talk to him," Emma said.


"He likes to hear your voice," Emma said "It's how he knows he is not all alone"

"This is ridiculous," Regina said.

"Just try," Emma smiled.

Regina cleared her throat and walked away from her. Emma took a step back, she knew how much Regina was probably hating been this vulnerable. This exposed. This scene developing right in front of her eyes proved to her just how much Regina loved Henry. She loved their boy so much that she was willing to drop The Evil Queen act just to make him stop crying. She wanted nothing more than to see him healthy and happy and Emma felt tears falling down her eyes. How could she ever not fall for this woman? The very first day Emma laid eyes on her she never really had a chance.

"Henry," Regina whispered "I promise if you just tell me what you want, I will do anything for you. Anything"

Emma closed her eyes. It was almost too much for her to watch. This right here was everything she ever wanted for her son when she gave him up for adoption. She never doubted Regina was everything she ever dreamed for her son, but to be able to witness this, be able to see Regina putting Henry first and forgetting the whole Mayor/Evil Queen façade out of love for such a tiny little thing made Emma's heart swallow with love and proud for her wife. She loved her so much.

"Please, just give me a chance"

And then Henry stopped crying. Regina looked back at Emma and gave her a watery smile that Emma eagerly returned. She walked closer to them, God how much she wanted to kiss Regina. She wished she could just envelop the two of them in her arms. Was Henry too big for her to do that when she got back home? Emma patted Henry's head and looked into Regina's eyes and for a brief moment there, she saw her wife looking back at her.

"I told you," Emma said "He likes the sound of your voice"

"Thank you, Miss Swan,"

"I told you, Regina," Emma said "I'm here for you"

"Right," Regina shook her head and then, the facade was back on "I should get Henry home"

"Yes, of course," Emma smiled.

"I appreciate all your help" Regina walked to the chair and picked up the nursery bag.

"I'll drive you home," Emma said.

"There is no need for that, Miss Swan"

"I think he fell asleep, Regina"

"I have a baby seat in my car"

"Don't you rather hold him for a little while longer?" Emma asked. She knew that would do the trick.

"Well, I have my car, so," Regina said passing through the glass door.

"That's fine with me," Emma said "I don't have a car. Besides your house is much closer to the Sheriff station"

"The Sheriff Station?" Regina asked.

"Oh, yeah, I'm the new deputy," Emma said flashing her star badge.

"Graham hired you?" Regina asked "He didn't tell me about that"

"Oh, well, he had it in his budget," Emma said awkwardly.

"Well, I suppose the city need thoughtful deputies," Regina said.

"You are not upset that he hired me?" Emma asked.

"Why would I be upset about that?" Regina asked.

"No reason"

They reached the black Mercedes Regina had so carelessly parked in front of the hospital earlier. Regina gave Emma the keys and she gallantly opened the door for Regina and Henry to get in. After they were both secure inside the car, Emma walked around it and got in herself. The drive to Regina's mansion was one that melted her heart on a whole different level. It bought her back to a time when the twins were newborns and how Regina was always sniffing their heads. She couldn't get enough of it. And now, here Regina was, doing the same to Henry. He had stopped crying and was sleeping safe and sound tucked in Regina's arms while she sniffed his baby head.

"I love that smell," Regina said.

"I know," Emma said and looked at Regina's confused gaze "Baby smell is the best. Even the coldest heart on earth can't resist that"

"I supposed so," Regina said looking at Henry.

"You are a good mother, Regina," Emma said.

"You don't know me, Miss Swan,"

"I know that you adopted a child that you know nothing about," Emma said "And I know that you love that kid more than you love yourself"

"How do you know that?" Regina asked.

"I can see these things," Emma smiled "And he loves you too, you know?"

"I hope so,"

"He does," Emma said "Henry loves you, Regina"

Regina smiled at Emma and sniffed Henry's baby head again. They arrived at the mansion and Emma made quick work to help Regina inside the house. She waited in the kitchen while Regina went upstairs to put Henry in his crib. She looked at the watch and saw how late it was. She should go back to the station, she should have been there over two hours ago, but she didn't want to leave Regina just yet. She checked her phone and since there were no calls or texts from Graham, Emma decided to make something for them to eat. If she knew Regina, and she knew Regina, she probably didn't eat all day.

Emma opened the fridge to see what was inside. She saw a container with leftover roasted chicken and how her mouth watered on the spot. Regina did the best roasted chicken. She took out the container and washed her hands before starting to shred the chicken with her hands. When she had a good amount of it, she cut an onion in a half-moon shape. She picked up a large pan from the cabinet under the sink and put it on the stove with a dash of olive oil. She added the chicken and the onions and while they were frying in the pan, Emma started to work on a salad.

"What are you doing?" Regina asked when she entered the kitchen.

"Oh, hey," Emma said giving one last stir in the chicken "I've made us lunch"

"I can see that," Regina said, arms crossed "Why?"

"Well, I figured you didn't have time to eat with Henry and all," Emma said while fixing the plates "Come one, seat down. It's all done"

Regina sat down on the island as Emma walked back to her with two plates in hand. She asked if Regina wanted to drink anything and when she said just a glass of water, Emma took two wine glasses instead of regular cups and filled them with water. She sat down next to Regina and moaned when the first taste of the chicken hit her tongue.

"God, you make the best roasted chicken," Emma said.

"You say that as if you have tried it before," Regina said looking at her.

"What can I say? This is the best chicken I ever had"

"I can't figure you out, Miss Swan"

"What?" Emma asked with her mouth full.

"I can't remember you," Regina said "You don't seem to fear me"

"Why would I fear you?"

"Why indeed"

"I think you are just stressed because of Henry" Emma smiled and looked at Regina's untouched plate "Eat!"

"You are giving me orders now?"

"Wouldn't dream of it" Emma laughed "Please?"

Regina held her gaze a minute longer before picking up the fork and take a bite of the food. Emma smiled as she watched Regina taking one bite after another until her plate was completely clean. When they were done, Emma took both plates and glasses to the dishwasher. Her phone rang inside her jacket and she sighed when she saw there was a text from Graham telling her she needed to go back to the station.

"It's Graham," Emma said "I have to go back to work"

"Of course," Regina said standing up "I appreciate all your help today"

"Any time, Regina," Emma said "I mean it"

"I'll walk you to the door,"

Emma left the house and started to walk back to the station. God, it was so good to be this close to Regina even if she wasn't her Regina yet. It didn't matter, Emma noticed. It didn't matter if it was past, present, or future. She loved her. She loved every single form of Regina.

Storybrooke – Present Day

"Mom?" Henry said "Mom, you are squeezing me"

Regina had her arms wrapped around Henry in a tight hug. She couldn't help the emotion from the dream she had the night before about him and…Emma. It was so real, Regina felt like it actually happened. Like all the dreams she had before of Emma ever since she fell into that portal. The dreams that didn't really feel like dreams at all. Regina squeezed him tighter and Henry gasped for air before Regina started to lose the embrace a bit. Perhaps she was squeezing him too tight but she needed that. He was her firstborn. He was the first one who taught her how to love again.

"I love you, Henry," Regina said looking into his eyes. Henry was as tall as she was now.

"I love you too, mom," Henry said back to her "Are you going to the vault?"

"Yes," Regina said "And you need to get ready for school"

"Well, I was in the middle of it when you walked in and hug me," He said cheekily.

"You are too much like your mother" Regina smiled.

"Funny, she says I'm too much like you," Henry laughed.

Regina smiled sadly and walked out of his bedroom before Henry could see it. She missed Emma so much. And she was missing so much already even though she had only been gone for four days now. Four days without her and Regina missed her like crazy, if it wasn't for their children Regina wasn't sure how she would be able to handle it. She walked inside the twin's bedroom and gently woke them like she did every morning. They hugged her and didn't let go until Henry walk in to help Regina. They had become a little more dependent on her ever since Emma went missing. And like every morning Regina made sure to tell them how much their momma loves them and how much she would work to bring her back home. Her heart always broke a little when they asked when. When indeed!

After the morning routine was over, Regina drove Henry to school before dropping the kids with Snow. She wasn't working that particular morning and told Regina she had no problem watching them for the day. It was a relief since Regina have to think about the dreams that she was having. She needed to think what the hell was that all about. She parked in front of Snow's building and quickly walked the twins upstairs.

"Hi, grandma," They said together when the woman opened the door.

"Hi, monkeys," Snow said "Go inside, grandma made a chocolate cake"

They didn't need to be told twice as they let go of Regina's hand and ran inside the apartment.

"Thanks," Regina laughed.

"It's no problem, Regina," Snow said "How is the searching going?"

"Not good," Regina sighed "But I'll find her"

"I know you will," Snow said "You know something funny happened the other…"

But Snow couldn't finish her sentence as they heard something crashing back in the apartment.

"It was Sammy," Olie shouted.

"Not true," Sam shouted back.

"Oh, for God's sake," Regina rolled her eyes "Do you want me to…"

"No!" Snow said interrupting her "Go, I'll handle this"

"Thank you,"

And just like the twins, Regina didn't need to be told twice as she quickly left the building. In her vault, Regina took a pen and a notebook and tried to write what had happened, what had actually had happened on the days she was having those dreams about Emma. Two hours later, the paper was still blank.

Chapter Text

"Donuts?" Emma asked looking at Graham's face after he opened the box in front of her "That is such a cliché"

"Sometimes clichés are true," Graham said looking at Emma.

"Okay! What you want?"

"What makes you think I want anything?"

"Because every time you bring food to the station its because you want something," Emma said "Ah, a bear claw"

"When have I ever done that?" Graham said and looked at Emma's mocking face "To you"

"I have intel," Emma said taking a bite of her bear claw.

"Okay, I need you to do me a favor"


"I need you to work tonight?"

"Why?" Emma said munching on her bear claw.

"I work at the animal shelter," Graham said "I volunteer there"

Emma looked at his serious face and burst out laughing. The excuse was already so lame back then, or future then, but now it was just above ridiculous. Emma may have been fool enough to fall for that when he first asked, but there was no way in hell she was falling for that now. She knew damn well what 'animal shelter meant'. Her blood boiled inside her veins and suddenly the bear claw tasted bitter in her mouth.

"Yeah, not gonna happen," Emma said seriously "And this whole volunteering at the animal shelter, is over"

"Excuse me?"

"I know animal shelter is a code for seeing Regina," Emma said feeling a bit angry now "And that's over, Graham. You are not seeing her anymore"

"How do you…" Graham said and looked around the room "How do you know about my involvement with the Mayor"

"I just know,"

"Look, I'm really volunteering in the animal shelter tonight, okay?" Graham said "I haven't seen Regina ever since she adopted Henry. She doesn't call me anymore"

"Really?" Emma happily asked.

"Yes, it's kind of a relief"

"Excuse me?"

"I just…I just don't really feel anything for her, you know?" Graham said "I don't even know how we got together"

"That is the biggest load of crap I ever heard," Emma said rolling her eyes.


"Who the hell doesn't feel anything with her?" Emma asked "Regina is the kind of person who loves with her whole soul. She is the most intense woman I ever met! And trust me, I met a lot of women when I was younger" Emma laughed

"Are we talking about the same Regina?" Graham asked.

"Look, pal, I'm glad you and Regina are over. Seriously, stay the hell away from her" Emma said "But everything else you just said, its pure bullshit"

"Are you and the Mayor…"

"Sheriff?" A voice said behind them "We have a situation"

"What is it?" Emma asked.

"Leroy," The deputy said.

"Emma?" Graham looked at her.

"Hey, I got the night shift," Emma said "This one is on you"

"You do realize I'm the Sheriff, right?" Graham asked.

"Yep!" Emma said "Go Sheriff, Sheriff boy" Emma laughed and reached for a donut.

"I'm taking these with me," Graham said as he closed the donut box on Emma's fingers.

"That's just rude, Graham" Emma said.

"So are you"

Emma rolled her eyes in a way that would make Regina proud. Graham left the station leaving Emma behind to deal with paperwork. She grabbed a file from her desk and started to read. She read about one sentence when a smile formed on her lips. So, Regina had broken things off with Graham when she first adopted Henry. That was such a fucking relief! At least she wouldn't have to keep Graham away from Regina all the time because there was just no way in hell, she would ever leave those two alone. No way! Regina may not know that yet but she was her wife and Emma would be damn if she would ever let anyone lay a finger on her.

But if Regina had cut off Graham, maybe her plan to seduce her would backfire too. She was devoted to Henry, that much was clear, and that alone made Emma fell more in love with her wife if that was even possible. So, what to do here? Obviously, Emma didn't have to seduce Regina, but the idea of winning over her wife, or wife-to-be was so tempting. Regina could deny all she wanted, but she knew Regina had a thing for blonde women in leather jackets, Emma smirked.

The more Emma thought about it, the more she realized that the key to winning Regina's trust was Henry. He was Regina's whole world right now, God bless her heart, and truth be told, Emma couldn't wait to spend more time with her son. The son she never got to meet until the day he knocked on her apartment door and brought her home. The day her life changed forever. The day she met the love of her life.

"Thanks for helping me again, Kid," Emma said as she turned another page on the file she was reading.

The hours passed by, Graham came back with a drunk Leroy and locked him in the jail cell. At seven he left for the animal shelter but only after he swore to Emma again that he was not going to meet Regina. By ten at night Emma was bored out of her mind. She played every single game on her phone until the device discharged. She read all the files on her desk, but there was nothing remotely interesting in any of them. She even tried to strike a conversation with Leroy but he slept throughout Emma's monologue. By ten thirty, Emma decided to go make her rounds. It was nice, driving at night around Storybrooke, everything was so calm and silent. It was such a huge difference from the life her eighteen-year-old was living right now. Always running from one place to the other, looking for the impossible.

Emma took another turn that led her straight to her home or her home to be. God, Emma missed Regina so much. She missed going to sleep with her at night. She missed making love to her wife. She missed cuddling while watching an animation with the twins. She missed teaming up with Henry to tell Regina they were hungry. She missed the traditional Sunday breakfast in Granny's. She missed telling Regina Olie came after her when their little girl was plotting something. She missed Sammy clinging to her neck in the morning. She missed her life, and she just wanted to back to the place she belonged. Emma sighed and then hit the breaks when she saw a familiar figure leaving the mansion. Regina was casually dressed in jeans, a burgundy long sleeve blouse, and high heels boots. Emma took a moment to appreciate the view in front of her as Regina was dressed, well, like her.

"And you said you never owned a pair of jeans" Emma smirked to herself.

Emma opened the car door and crossed the street. Regina and Henry were a few paces ahead of her and Emma couldn't quite understand why Regina had Henry in one arm while pushing the baby carriage with the other. Wouldn't it be easier to just leave that at home? Emma speeded up the pace and bit her lower lip when Regina walked under a light pole and she could have a better view of her body. She told her once that the view of Emma's ass inside her jeans was what close the deal, but dear God, Emma could say exactly the same. I am so making you wear jeans more often when I get back home, Emma thought. Regina shifted Henry to her other arm and Emma finally pulled her head out of the gutter and hurried to get to her side.

"Regina" Emma called her.

Regina stopped walking and looked back.

"Miss Swan,"

"Hey, what are you doing in the streets this late at night?" Emma asked and looked at her watch "It's nearly eleven"

"I'm aware of the time"

"It's late, Regina," Emma said "It could be, you know, dangerous to be out at this hour"

"Then I guess it's a good thing the police department is making good on their yearly budget and putting their best men out in the streets to keep the citizens safe"

"Was that supposed to be funny?" Emma asked.

"Do you see me laughing?"

"Right," Emma said, "Why are you out with Henry and the baby carriage?"

"Henry likes to take evening walks," Regina said.

"And the baby carriage?"

"Sometimes he gets cranky with sleep and wants to be put on in the carriage and still be out in the cool night"

"Oh!" Emma said and smiled "Spoiled much?"

"I guess so," Regina smiled back.

"Let me help you"

"Don't you have to make your rounds?" Regina asked.

"The streets are safe," Emma said.

"You were just warning me about the evening dangers?" Regina asked.

"Do you have to pay attention to everything I say?" Emma asked back.

"Well, I am the Mayor," Regina said "Listening to the people is what put me in the office"

"Seriously?" Emma asked making a face.

"Why, of course," Regina said "What else could it be?"

"I don't know" Emma shook her head "Can I take Henry?"

"Why?" Regina frowned.

"Because your arms are probably tired and it would be much easier for you to just push the carriage," Emma said "And I kinda miss smelling him"

"He does have the best smell" Regina laughed.

"I know,"


Emma smiled and moved closer to Regina to take Henry from her arms. She enveloped Henry in her arms and kissed the top of his head before smelling his baby smell. Their little boy, who Emma knew not to be so little anymore.

"Hi, Henry," Emma smiled at him.

Henry smiled back and wiggled his hand in the air. Emma looked at Regina and saw her smiling, so genuinely, so free, so honest that all Emma wanted to do was come closer to her and give her a kiss. She looked into Regina's eyes and Emma wished she could tell her how much she loved her, but instead she settled to look at Henry and make funny voices. Regina resumed the walk, using both hands to push the baby carriage now, while Emma had Henry in her arms.

"I couldn't find any register of you or your family," Regina said.

"What?" Emma asked absently.

"This is a small town, Miss Swan," Regina said "A woman married to another with three children wouldn't exactly go unnoticed"


"I couldn't find any register of that in City Hall"

"Yeah, it…it happened before I get here in Storybrooke," Emma said and then remembered the thing she heard the most when she arrived in town "It's funny but I can't even remember when I got here in Storybrooke. It's like I've been here forever"

"Right," Regina said quickly.

"Why would you look for that?" Emma asked.

"Because you intrigue me"

"In a good way?" Emma asked.

"I'm not sure yet"

"Why?" Emma asked.

Regina stopped walking and looked thoughtful at Emma.

"Because I have a feeling you know more than you appear to know"

"I don't know what is that supposed to mean"

Emma resumed her walk, bouncing Henry in her arms. The little boy smiled and drooled, before starting to cry. Emma tried to make him stop, by laying his little head on her shoulder and patting his butt while rubbing his back like she taught Regina but Henry simply wouldn't stop. She looked desperately at Regina who just smiled at her.

"He is sleepy," Regina said "He wants to be back in the baby carriage"


Emma carefully laid Henry down in his baby carriage. The second the boy was inside he stopped crying and closed his eyes. Regina came closer and fixed the many blankets around Henry's little body. The way she tucked him in was exactly the same way Regina used to wrapped Olie and Sam when they were babies and Emma just felt like crying. She was home and yet, she wasn't.

"There you go," Regina said softly at Henry "All warm"

"You are like a pro at doing that," Emma said smiling down at Henry.

"Doing what?" Regina asked.

"Wrap babies up in a blanket"

"I have never wrapped any other baby apart from Henry," Regina said.

"I know," Emma said sadly "But the way you just did it, it's definitely pro"

"Thank you, I suppose," Regina said "Thank you for the company Miss Swan, but…"

"Granny's is right over there," Emma said interrupting Regina.

"I can see that"

"Would you like to get a cup of coffee with me?" Emma asked.

"It's late," Regina said.

"Please?" Emma said "I have the night shift"

"If I drink coffee now, I'm the one who'll spend the night awake"

"Then have some tea," Emma bagged "I just don't want to say goodnight to you yet"

"Why not?"

"I like your company," Emma smiled "Please?"

Regina looked at Emma and for a moment, Emma thought she was going to say something, maybe refuse the invitation, but then Regina simply started to push the baby carriage towards the diner. Emma jogged a step or two before coming to her side. When they arrived, Emma held the door open for Regina to enter with Henry's carriage. Regina walked to the first booth closer to the door and sat down with Henry properly parked by her side. Emma sat down across from Regina and smiled when she bent down slightly to check on Henry.

"He's so cute when he's sleeping," Emma said.

"Indeed, he is," Regina smiled.

"How is the crying?" Emma asked.

"Much better" Regina looked at her "The patting you taught me helped"

"I knew it would" Emma smiled.

"Hey, Emma," Ruby said after she got close to their booth "And Madam Mayor,"

"Hey, Rubes," Emma said "I would like a cup of coffee and a slice of apple pie, please"

"Just tea for me," Regina said.

"Regina, you are not just getting tea," Emma said "Have a slice of apple pie, we both know you want it. It's your favorite"

"And how do you know it's my favorite?" Regina asked.


Foot in the mouth, Emma.

"Your office," Emma said awkwardly.

"My office?"

"You have a bowl full of apple there," Emma said "I figured you like it"

"It's funny how you can always assume all the correct things about me," Regina said.

"I'm just really good at reading people"

"Nobody is that good" Regina said looking serious into Emma's eyes.

"So, the pie?" Ruby asked interrupting them.

"Just tea for me," Regina answered Ruby still staring at Emma.

"Bring two slices," Emma said next.

"I don't want pie," Regina said seriously.

"Then I'll have them both" Emma smiled.

Ruby wrote down their orders and left after saying she would be right back with them. Regina kept on staring intensely at Emma and her mind traveled to the past, or the future, where Regina looked at her exactly like that but for completely different reasons. Emma moistened her lips and tried to get her mind out of those thoughts. As good as they were, this was not the time or the place. Perhaps when she was alone in her room they would come in hand, quite literally.

"How is the sink?" Emma asked.

"Not leaking," Regina said.

"I knew I would do a good job" Emma laughed.

"I wouldn't go as far as saying you did a good job"

"Did the leak stop?" Emma asked.

"Yes, but…"

"Then it's a good job, Regina"

"If you say so, dear,"

Ruby came back with Regina's tea and Emma's coffee plus two huge slices of apple pie. Emma smiled and thanked the waitress before taking a sip of the coffee. Regina did the same with her tea as Emma reached for the fork and brought one of the plates with the apple pie closer to her. She cut a big chunk of it and put the whole thing in her mouth, moaning the minute the apple taste reached her tongue.

"Oh, this is so good," Emma said "I love apple pie"

"Mine is much better than this one, dear"

"Oh, I know it is," Emma said taking a second bite.

"You do?"

"I'm pretty sure everything you do is better, Regina," Emma said between a chew.

"That's very flattering, dear"

"Are you sure you don't want a bite?" Emma asked "I know yours is better, but this one is really good"

"No, thank you," Regina said "I need to watch my figure"

"That's bullshit, Regina" Emma said and pointed the fork at her "You look amazing"

"Because I watch my figure, dear"

"I'm pretty sure a slice of apple pie won't ruin it"

"That's exactly how it starts it"

"Your loss," Emma said "Because I'm going for that second slice"

"I'm positively sure you won't be able to handle"

"Well, I might get a stomach ache," Emma said "And if the lives of Storybrooke citizens be in danger because I got sick in the middle of my shift, it's on you"

"How on earth is that on me?" Regina asked.

"You didn't help me eat the pie"

"Perhaps you should have ordered just one," Regina said.

"Perhaps you could help me," Emma said back.

"You are very annoying, did you know that?" Regina said.

"Yeah, I've heard that," Emma said and murmured "From you"

"Did you say something?"

"Nope!" Emma said "Can you at least eat half? I don't think I can eat the whole thing"

"Fine" Regina said irritably "But I swear if I can't get inside my pants tomorrow morning your life is over"

"Oh, I'm shaking, Regina"

Emma laughed and so did Regina. Emma pushed the plate with the other slice of pie closer to Regina and watched as she took the first bite. After that, Emma decided to stay on common ground and asked Regina questions about Henry. It was so beautiful the way Regina talked about him, she was ridiculously proud of the smallest thing Henry did and Emma couldn't help but feel her enthusiasm. She too was very proud of their son.

Regina ate the whole pie and Emma smiled amused when Regina took the last bite, but she didn't say anything. She didn't dare! Regina yarned and Emma looked at her watch, only now realizing how late it was. She paid for the bill and helped Regina getting the baby carriage outside and walked together back to the mansion. The walk back was silently, but not uncomfortable and Emma enjoyed stealing glances at Henry and Regina when she was looking at the sleepy baby boy.

The wind started to get chili and Emma was happy when they arrived at the mansion. She wasn't sure the blouse Regina was wearing was warm enough and bringing her closer to her body wasn't an option. She also doubted Regina would accept her jacket. Emma opened the gate and held it open until Regina passed with Henry and then she followed them to the door.

"Thank you, for keeping me company tonight," Emma said.

"Surprisingly enough, you didn't make such a horrible company"

"You said the sweetest thing, Regina" Emma laughed.

"I should get inside," Regina said and reached inside her jeans pocket for the keys.

"Maybe we should do that again," Emma said putting her hands inside her jeans pocket.

"Have coffee at Granny's?" Regina asked.

"Or dinner," Emma said "Somewhere nicer"

"I'm afraid no restaurant is open at this hour around here"

"We can go earlier"

"My food is much better"

"Oh, for God sake, Regina" Emma rolled her eyes "I'm trying to ask you out on a date here"

"Oh!" Regina said and looked surprised at Emma "You are?"

"Yes!" Emma laughed "Would you like to go on a date with me?"

"I…I can't," Regina said looking down.


"Henry, I…I can't leave him"

"Maybe you could leave him with Sidney for one night?" Emma suggested.

"I… I don't know, Emma"

"Just think about it?" Emma asked "Please?"

"You say please a lot" Regina arched an eyebrow.

"It's a bad habit someone taught me" Emma smiled.

"Your wife?" Regina asked.

"Yes," Emma smiled sadly.

"I'll think about it"

"Awesome," Emma said "Do you need help getting Henry inside?"

"No, I'm good"

"Okay," Emma said "I need to get back to the station"

"I can imagine," Regina said "Why is Graham not working tonight?"

"He had something at the animal shelter"

"Oh! Well, I need to get inside" Regina said.

"Yes, of course," Emma said "Goodnight, Regina"

"Goodnight, Emma"

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina smiled and cried as she ran her fingers on Emma's face. She was staring at her favorite picture of her and Emma. A picture of them on their wedding day. They were both so happy, Regina still remembered the feeling inside her chest when Emma cried as she walked down the aisle. She still remembered the moment she said yes. The moment she became Emma's wife.

"Please, come back to me" Regina whispered.

It was late at night and Regina had another one of those weird dreams. Those dreams that, didn't feel like a dream at all. She had woken up ridiculously happy and tearing up at the same time. The dream was so different from how Emma had asked her out on a date and yet, it felt so real. Why was she having those dreams? What did they mean? Regina had no idea why she was remembering everything from the past so differently, or better yet, why she couldn't remember how did some events actually happened. She knew it was impossible, that Emma wasn't there, but why was her brain changing the events like that? Did she miss Emma this badly? Well, she did, if it wasn't for her children camping up on her bed, she wasn't sure she would be able to sleep at night.

"Where the hell are you, Emma Swan-Mills?" Regina said to the picture.

Regina closed her eyes and let the rest of the tears fall. She needed to find Emma, sooner rather than later.

Chapter Text

"I brought you lunch," Emma said as she entered the Mayor's office.

"Miss Swan?" Regina said, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I brought you lunch. Didn't you hear me?" Emma laughed and placed the bags from Granny's on top of the desk.

"I don't remember ordering any!" Regina frowned.

"Yeah, I know," Emma said taking the contents out of the bag "I asked Granny when I was there earlier and she told me you haven't call yet. The chicken salad didn't look very good though, so I got beef"

"Excuse me?"

"And trust me, this beef looks juice" Emma winked at her "Did Henry had his bottle yet?"

"No, he's still sleeping," Regina said.

"Napping before lunchtime," Emma smiled "That's my kid"

"Your kid?" Regina asked seriously.

"Figure of speech," Emma said quickly and sat down on the chair.

"Miss Swan, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave"

"Why?" Emma asked opening her salad "I just got here"

"I'm busy, dear," Regina said "I am the Mayor of the town after all"

"You too busy to eat at lunchtime?" Emma asked.

"At any time, actually," Regina said "I'm a very busy woman"

Emma had to bit her lower lip in order to keep the laughing from escaping her mouth. The second those words left Regina's lips Emma was brought back to a time so long ago when she first asked the woman out on a date. 'I'm a very busy woman, Miss Swan. I don't have time for something as juvenile as going on a date'. Emma still remembered the urge to roll her eyes back then, but now she knew the reason behind those words. Regina was scared. She was scared about going on a date with Emma, she was scared of letting her in. Emma understood now, which was why instead of laughing she smiled softly at Regina.

"You scared," Emma said.

"Excuse me?"

"You scared because I asked you out on a date," Emma said "But look, Regina, going out on a date with me is not exactly different from what we are already doing right now"

"I'm not scared" Regina scoffed "What makes you think I want to go on a date with you?"

"You and I both know you do" Emma gave her a half smiled and took a bite of the beef.

"You are very cocky, Miss Swan" Regina said "Did anyone ever tell you that?"

"Yep," Emma said and murmured "You"

"Did you say something, dear?"

"Nope! Regina, come on," Emma said "Just give me a chance"

"I'm a single mother, Miss Swan," Regina said "My son is the only priority I have in my life. And this town, obviously"

"I know" Emma smiled "And I admire you for it. You are an amazing mom, Regina"

"Thank you,"

"And going out on a date with me won't interfere with that"

"What if I absolutely hate going out on a date with you?"

"What if you don't?" Emma said pointing the fork at her.

"What makes you even think I like women?" Regina asked seriously.

Sadly for Emma, this time she couldn't manage to hold the laugh. She burst out laughing and the outraged expression on Regina's face over her reaction only made things worse. She closed her eyes and shook her head trying to regain control to the point she had to bite her inner cheek to keep her from laughing more and make Regina angrier in the process.

"What the hell are you laughing about?" Regina asked angrily.

"Sorry, sorry," Emma said shaking her head, "I just…I just have a feeling for these things, you know?"

"A feeling?"

"You can call it a gaydar" Emm said.

"I'm not gay, Miss Swan"

"You don't have to be gay to go out on a date with me"

"I don't want to go on a date with you!" Regina said seriously.

"So, you are saying you are not interested?" Emma asked.

"I didn't say that,"

"No?" Emma smiled.

"I mean," Regina said and cleared her throat "I really don't like you, Miss Swan"

"Sure you don't"

Emma's phone vibrated in her pocket and after she saw who was calling, she excused herself to answer. She didn't want to wake Henry even though he stayed quiet as a mouse the whole time they were talking. Graham called her and asked her to go back to the station. He had been called out to break up a fight at the marines and the station's phone couldn't be left alone.

"I'm sorry, but I have to go," Emma said when she entered the office again.

"That's such a relief," Regina smiled.

"Haha, Regina," Emma said "I'll pick you up this Saturday. How does seven works for you?"

"I didn't say yes to this insanity, dear,"

"You didn't say no either," Emma said "Give Henry a kiss for me, okay?"

"I am not going out with you!" Regina said.

"Saturday," Emma said by the door "Seven. Sharp!"

Emma left the Mayor's Office before Regina had the chance to say anything else. What makes you think I even like women, Emma scoffed. Please! You taught me things, woman, she laughed. Emma entered the cruiser she had borrow from the Sheriff's Department and drove back to the station. What if Regina was serious? What if she really had no interest in going out on a date with her? No, that's not possible. We are true lovers, there is no escaping that, Emma thought. But with Henry still as a baby, perhaps Regina didn't have any interest at all in going out on a date with her or anyone else for that matter. She did cut Graham off after all. Maybe she was serious when she said Henry was her priority and he was only months old. Emma remembered when the twins were born and how her parents had to force her and Regina to go out to dinner like two adults instead of spending the whole day surrounded by babies. But at the end of that night, they were happy they took the night out, and later that night Emma made Regina forget her own name. Not that Emma expected something like that to happen, although she isn't, at all, opposite to. Emma shook her head and rolled her eyes at the same time. Stop have indecent thoughts about your wife, damn it, Emma laughed. What could she do to make Regina really accept going out on a date with her? What did she do when she first asked Regina out on a date?

Emma entered the Sheriff Station cooking out one plan after another to try to get Regina to go out on a date with her. She thought back about everything she did the first time around, the flowers, the cute texts, and mostly the insistence. I can't believe you are making me go through this again, Regina, Emma thought.

"Emma? Emma!"

"What? Emma asked when she crashed on the chair.

"Where were you?" Graham asked "You know I need you here at the station"

"Sorry," Emma said "I was at the Mayor's office"

"You were with Regina?"


"Oh!" Graham said "I didn't know you two were friends"

"We are," Emma shook her head "Sort of"

"And how is she?" Graham asked.

"She's fine," Emma said.

"I haven't heard from her in a while," Graham said "That is such a relief"

"Tell me about it" Emma smirked.

"Did she seem upset to you?"

"Oh, trust me," Emma said "She was plenty upset"

"Was it about me?"

"What, no!" Emma said, "Why would she be upset about you?"

"I don't know," Graham said.

"Didn't you have something important to do when you called me?"

"I did," Graham said "But I sent out another deputy"

"So, you interrupted my lunch for nothing?"

"You know you are on duty, right?"

"It was my lunch break, Graham"

"I needed you back at the station when I called," Graham said "Besides, I do need to gout and make my rounds now"


"And I left a few files for you to look at"

"Seriously?" Emma whined.

"They are right there on your desk"

"You know it takes forever to put these in the system, right?"

"Which is exactly the reason why I'm delegating to you"

"Fine!" Emma said "By the way, I need to get Saturday off"


"I have a thing," Emma said.

"What thing?" Graham asked.

"None of your business"

"Ouch," Graham said putting his hand on his heart.

"I covered your shift the other day," Emma said "So I need the day off"


"I also need an advanced on my paycheck"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me, Graham"

"You work here for what? Less than a week? And you are asking for an advance?"

"Yep," Emma said "By Friday would be best," Emma said seriously.

"Are you serious?"

"Do I look like I'm joking?" Emma said.

"You are bossy," Graham said "I'll see what I can do"


Emma took one file from the pile and started to read while she waited for the computer to turn on or at least she tried to. She often found herself thinking of Regina after reading the same sentence over and over and over again. This needed to work. She needed to gain Regina's trust, she needed her help to get back home. Was this the smartest idea? Perhaps she should just tell Regina the truth, tell her who she was and what happened. Would Regina believe her if she did? Probably not! And if Emma tried to tell Regina who she was now, the whole thing might blow up in her face, if things were hard when Henry was ten imagine now that he is just a baby and she just adopted him. No! It wouldn't work. The only way to do this was to gain Regina's trust first and then tell her the truth. And Emma needed to do this fast, time was passing by and each day she was here in this Storybrooke was another day she was missing in her wife and children's life. She loved that she got the opportunity to meet Henry and to hold him in her arms, but she needed to go back home. She missed Regina, her Regina, desperately. She missed her kids, she missed playing with Sam and Olie, she missed teasing Henry about Violet, she missed her parents and the friends she made over the years. More than need, Emma wanted to go back home.

Her shift ended at seven and Emma was more than ready to go back to her room at Granny's after a burger or something for dinner. God, how much she missed Regina's dinner. How much she missed setting the table and having dinner with her family, the delicious food Regina always cooked, the laughter, the mess the twins always made. She missed cleaning up everything after, having ice cream in the living room while watching whatever Disney movie the twins were into, and then later, after they were all in bed, she missed putting up the sound spell around their room and make love to Regina sometimes slow, sometimes hard. I just want to go back home, Emma thought while putting on her jacket.

She walked from the station to the diner, the familiar bell ringing above her head when she entered the room. The place was crowded, it seemed like every citizen of Storybrooke had decided to have dinner at Granny's that night. She was definitely taking her dinner up to her bedroom.

"Hey, Ruby," Emma said standing by the counter "Can I have a burg…"

"Sorry, I'll be right with you," Ruby said "Find a seat…where you can"

"I'm just ordering to go," Emma said but Ruby was far gone by now "Damn it"

"You can sit with me if you like"

"Mary Margaret!"

"Hello," Mary Margaret said "Sorry, I don't remember your name"

"Emma. Emma Swan"

"Hi, Emma. Take a seat" Mary Margaret said pointing at the empty chair in front of her "I'm pretty sure my date stood me up"

"Oh, sorry to hear that," Emma said as she took the seat across from the woman.

"You work at the Sheriff Station?" Mary Margaret said pointing at Emma's badge.

"Oh, yeah," Emma smiled.

"I've never seen around here before," Mary Margaret said "Are you new in town?"

"Not really, no," Emma said.

"Really? How come we never cross paths before?"

"I don't know," Emma said "Weird, right?"

"What can I get you guys?" Ruby interrupted them.

"I'd just like a burger," Emma said "To go, please"

"Oh, you are not staying?" Maru Margaret asked disappointed.

"I'm kinda tired" Emma smiled apologetically.

Ruby took their orders and then disappear inside the diner. Mary Margaret chatted away about her work as a school teacher as Emma listened as if it was the first time, she ever heard that. It was hard for her, to be sitting in front of her mother and not being able to call her that. It took her so long, so very long, to be able to do that, to feel not only like they deserved to be called that but also like she deserves to have them. It was easy before to feel unworthy, unloved, unwanted but now that feeling didn't even exist in her life anymore. Not after she met Regina. Not after Henry brought her home.

Ruby came back with their orders and Emma excused herself. She walked up to her room in the inn and crashed onto the bed along with her burger bag. She reached for her phone on the back pocket of her jeans and scroll around the pictures, like she did every night. She stopped on one of the most recent pictures of her, Regina, Mary Margaret, and David smiling at the camera at Ruby's wedding. She missed them. She missed all of them.

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina entered the living room where she found her three children properly sat on the couch watching something on tv. Henry was in the middle holding a bowl full of popcorn with the twins one on each side, their little hands constantly going inside the bowl trying to get as much popcorn as they could, but only coming out with three or four. Regina smiled as she watched them and let out a sigh of relief. At least they were home. At least they were safe.

"Hey, mom," Henry said lifting up his head, looking behind the couch.

Regina smiled and walked the short distance behind the couch and then leaned in slightly to kiss Henry on the forehead.

"Mom!" Henry complained "Don't leave lipstick on me"

"It's from your mother" Regina smiled messing his hair.

"What are you talking about?" Henry asked.

"Do we get a kiss from Momma too?" Olie asked.


Regina smiled and walked around the couch. She lifted up her little girl and kissed her cheek several times until while she giggled and then she did the same to her little boy.

"When is Momma coming home?" Sam asked when Regina put him down on the couch again.

"I don't know," Regina kneeled in front of him "But Mommy is working really hard on bring her back home"

"And if anyone can, it's you, Mom," Henry said.

"I miss Momma," Olie said.

"Me too, sweetheart," Regina said squeezing the little girl's knee.

"Hey," David said as he tapped on the door.

"David, hi," Regina said.

"Hi, grandpa," The children said together.

"Hey, popcorn," David said "Can I have some?"

"Only if you can make it, grandpa," Olie said.

"Olivia!" Regina scolded her.

"It's almost done," The little girl said shoving a handful of popcorn in her mouth.

"That's kinda true," Henry said doing the same.

"Here, grandpa," Sammy said lifting up his tiny little hand with three popcorns in it.

"Thank you, Sammy boy," David laughed as he took the popcorn from Sammy's hand.

"Olivia, Henry," Regina said, "Learn from your brother!"

"He is down on popcorns now, mommy," Olie said "Enwy and I win"

"It's not about winning, it's about sharing," Regina said.

"If grandpa makes more popcorn, I can learn better," Olie said looking at David.

"David, if you make more popcorn make sure to share with Henry and Olivia the exactly same amount, they shared with you," Regina said seriously.

"Enwy?" Olivia said looking up at Henry.

"We should share, kid," Henry said looking down at her.

Olie reached inside the bowl and closed her little hand around the popcorns inside the bowl.

"Here, grandpa," Olie said her hand full of popcorn escaping from the sides.

"Thank you, Olie" David laughed taking the popcorn from her small hand.

"David, may I talk to you outside?" Regina said.


Regina walked out of the living room with David right after her. They entered the kitchen where Regina offered him a cup of coffee but he declined. They sat down on the island where Regina told him she was going that afternoon.

"I'm not sure this is a good idea, Regina," David said "Let me go with you"

"I need you to watch the kids," Regina said.

"I'll call Mary Margaret," David said "She can stay with them while I go with you"

"I'll be fine, David,"


"I have to go," Regina said and rose from the chair "Call me if anything happens"

"Are you sure you want to go see him alone?" David asked.

"I want to kill him," Regina said "But I'll have to settle for a conversation"

Regina left the mansion and drove to Gold's shop. She took a couple of long breaths inside the car, opening and closing her fist before going inside the shop. The ring rang above her head when she opened the door and for the tiniest of seconds, Regina's mind wandered off to their family Sunday breakfast at Granny's.

"Madam Mayor," Gold said, "What can I do for you?"

"Where is he?" Regina asked.

"I don't know who you are referring to, dearie,"

"I'm not in the mood for games, Gold," Regina said angrily.

"Neither am I," Gold said "Neal left"


"I don't know," Gold said "Dearie"

"Where is she?" Regina asked.

"That, I do not have the answer for"

"Gold," Regina said and breath to hold back the tears "I need to find her"

"And what does that have to do with me?"

"Your son…"

"My son isn't a problem anymore," Gold said "I wish I could help you, Regina, but I don't know where Miss Swan is. Oh, excuse me. Mrs. Swan-Mills"

"I want the bean," Regina said.

"What bean?"

"The one your son used to open that portal"

"If he used to open the portal, dearie, the bean is gone"

"He had more than one"

"I don't know what are you talking about, Regina,"

"I am going to find Emma," Regina said "And when I do, I need the bean to open a portal"

"I don't have any beans left"

"Gold, I swear to God…"

"You can swear on anything you want, Regina," Gold said "I'm sorry, but I don't have any beans left neither do I know how to find your wife"

"You better not be lying, Gold," Regina said "You know better than anyone else what I'm capable of when I lose the one I love"

"A little dramatic, don't you think?" Gold said "You have too much to lose now, dearie. You would never threaten your children's lives so, save my time with your empty threats"

"You better keep your son away," Regina said "I don't care if he is Henry's father, I will make him pay"

"Goodbye, dearie"

Regina stormed off the shop and drove to her vault. Inside, she looked over her mother's books again and again and again trying to find whatever line, commas, final dot, anything that would give her a clue on how to bring her wife back home.

Chapter Text

Emma stood in front of the door torn between knocking or ringing the bell. If she rang the bell and Henry was sleeping, assuming they were home this Friday afternoon, (Which was exactly the reason why Emma was there) she could risk waking two beasts up. But if she knocked on the door and Regina was locked, pretty much anywhere in the house, she wouldn't be able to listen. Emma bit her lower lip while weighing her options. Perhaps it was best to knock first and see what happens. Emma ran her hands over her face and hair making herself as presentable as possible before knocking on the door.

"Miss Swan," Regina said when she opened the door a few seconds after Emma knocked "What are you doing here?"

"Is everything okay?" Emma asked worriedly.

"Yes, everything is fine," Regina answered.

"Then why you weren't in your office?" Emma asked confused.

"Excuse me?" Regina asked, arching an eyebrow.

"I just showed up there for lunch and you weren't in," Emma said "You scared me half-dead, Regina"

"I wasn't aware we had a lunch appointment today, Miss Swan," Regina said crossing her arms.

"Don't we have one every day?" Emma smirked.

"Only because you show up unannounced"

"I'm not hearing you complaining" Emma pointed out.

"I am literally complaining right now,"

"Yeah, whatever" Emma rolled her eyes "Why didn't you go today?"

"It's none of your business," Regina said and yawned.

"Henry kept you up," Emma said sympathetically.

"He had a stomach ache," Regina said "And after that was done, every time I tried to put him in his crib he would start crying again"

"I'm sorry," Emma said "Why didn't you call me?"

"For what?"

"I could make you company," Emma said.

"At two-thirty in the morning?" Regina asked.

"At any time, day and night"

"Miss Swan…"

"Did you have lunch yet?" Emma asked passing through Regina inside the house.

"I don't remember inviting you in," Regina said.

"You look tired, Regina," Emma said "Let me help out"

"I didn't ask for your help," Regina said angrily.

"I know," Emma said "I'm offering"

"I am more than capable of handling everything, dear"

"I know you are," Emma smiled "But you don't have to. At least not today"

"I don't see any food," Regina said crossing her arms.


"You said you went to my office for lunch," Regina said "And yet, I don't see you carrying any"

"Oh, yeah" Emma laughed "After I arrived there, I realized I forgot to stop by at Granny's"

"So, you went to my office to have lunch with me but you forgot to bring the lunch?"

"Crazy, right?" Emma said "I guess my head was elsewhere"


"Is Henry sleeping now?" Emma asked looking up the stairs.

"Yes, he is in his room," Regina said "And I have work to do, so…"

"Cool," Emma said "I'll make lunch then"

Emma started to walk in the direction of the kitchen and it didn't take long before she heard the front door being closed and Regina's steps behind her.

"This is really not necessary, Miss Swan" Regina said.

"Well, you have to eat," Emma said opening the cupboards.

"I can make a sandwich"

"Or you can have my famous Pasta," Emma said.


"Well, I know someone who loves it," Emma smiled "I'm sure you will too"

"You are not leaving, are you?" Regina asked.

"Nope!" Emma said opening the fridge "Do we have any minced meat?"

"It's frozen"

"It's fine," Emma said taking the meat from the freezer "I can unfreeze in the pan. Literally done it every time"

"And that's how you make your famous pasta?" Regina asked, arms crossed.

"Oh, yeah," Emma laughed "It gives it a kick"

"Fascinating" Regina said sarcastically.

"You'll love it" Emma winked.

"Well, I have to work," Regina said "And for some reason, you seem to know where everything in my kitchen is"

"I'm good," Emma said already chopping the onion.

"God, I must be very, very tired," Regina said and threw her hands in the air before leaving the kitchen.

Emma smirked and shook her head because Regina was partially right. At least the Regina she met when Henry was ten would never let her pull this off and quite frankly, Emma wasn't brave enough to even try. But it was different now, she knew Regina, she loved her, she knew what really hid behind all that massive wall even though half of that wasn't even up right now. She looked tired, and Emma wanted to help as much as she could while she was here. She knew only first knew how exhausting it was when the twins were born, and even then, she had Regina to share everything with. Here she was alone, doing it for the first time and her love and admiration for her wife only grew stronger in her heart.

Emma moved around the kitchen, chopping, frying, boiling. She remembered the first time she made that pasta, it was her day off from the station before the curse was broken. Regina was going to pick up Henry from school and they were supposed to tell him that they were together. They Had dinner together and Regina even repeat. Emma remembered how her heart danced happily inside her chest when Regina reached for more pasta and how proud she felt when she told her that was one of the best pasta she ever had. Obviously, Emma knew Regina's was much better, but hers was simple and the perfect comfort food. Plus, their kids absolutely loved it, and it had become sort of a tradition for them to have it on Friday night. Plus the side salad. God, they must be so confused, Emma thought. Emma took comfort in knowing they were together with Regina and safe from all this mess. Supposed they had fallen onto that portal with her? That would be one hell of a mess.

Emma took out the nice china from the cabinets and arranged it onto the dining table. Luckily, Regina already had a vase with flowers there to give it a nice touch. She put her very famous pasta dish right in the center and filled the glasses with wine. With everything set, Emma walked to the study to call for Regina. She knocked gently on the door and only pushed it open when Regina told her to come in.

"Lunch is ready," Emma said.

"That was quick," Regina said "Wasn't it?"

"Partially, yes," Emma laughed "Come on, I set the table"

Regina eyed her suspiciously and followed her to the dining room. She gasped when she saw the table nicely set and looked at Emma with eyes full of surprise and a face full of doubts.

"Why did you do all this?" Regina asked.

"You deserve it," Emma smiled.

"Who are you, Emma Swan?" Regina asked.

Emma smiled gently at Regina and then tilted her head to the side before saying:

"Come on, we should eat before it gets cold"

Emma moved in front of Regina and pushed the chair for her to sit before sitting down herself. She took Regina's plate and served her a good amount of pasta. She put the plate in front of her and waited hopefully for Regina's response.

"This is surprisingly good," Regina said after the first bite.

"Told ya it was good" Emma smiled before filling her plate.

"So, the secret is forgetting to take the meat out of the freezer?" Regina joked.

"Oh yeah," Emma cracked "It also tastes extra better when you are hungry"

"This is pretty good," Regina said "It tastes like something I would cook"

"Oh, wow," Emma smiled "Now I'm sure you are complimenting me"

"And what makes you think I don't compliment people?"

"Do you?" Emma asked.

"When they have something to praise about, sure" Regina sipped her whine "Fortunately, they never do"

"Of course they don't" Emma rolled her eyes playfully.

"Why are you really here, Miss Swan?" Regina asked.

"For this!" Emma answered.

"If you want something from me, you can just ask, dear"

"What do you mean?" Emma asked confused.

Regina opened her mouth to answer her but at the exact same moment, Henry started to cry. Regina sighed and pushed the chair back but Emma put her hand on her arm to stop her.

"You stay," Emma said "I'll get him,"

"He is my son, Miss Swan"

"What, you think I'm going to get him and storm off with him in my arms?" Emma joked.

"No, but now I have the mental image"

"Just stay, keep eating, drink more wine," Emma said "I'll come down with him"

Emma left the room before Regina had a chance to say anything else. She walked up the stairs and entered Henry's room where she found a very loud crying baby in his crib. Emma bent down to pick him up and held him in her arms rocking the baby up and down.

"Hey, kid," Emma whispered, "What's going on?"

Henry kept on crying and Emma felt that his bottom was slightly wet. She lifted him up to her face and sniffed him before making a face.

"Oh God, Kid," Emma laughed "You need a diaper change"

Emma lay Henry down on the changer under the window and proceeded to clean him up before changing his diaper. The crying stopped the second Emma put on a fresh diaper on him and she lifted him up in her arms again. She stopped for a second, to look around the room. It was beautiful, all blue and white. There were toys everywhere even though he was way too young to even play with them. The ornaments on top of his cribs looked like crystals and his wardrobe had so many baby clothes that Emma was sure Henry could go a whole year without repeating a suit. She smiled at the sight of all that, it was everything she ever wished for him to have when she gave him up for adoption. Emma used one hand to clear the falling tears and kissed the top of Henry's head before walking back to the dining room.

"What took you so long?" Regina asked when Emma entered the room.

"He needed a diaper change," Emma said back.

"Oh! You should have called me"

"It was no big deal" Emma smiled and sat down with him on her lap "Want some more?"

"Oh, no," Regina said "I'm full"

"Are you?" Emma asked taking a bite of the pasta.

"Yes!" Regina said.

"You wound me, Regina," Emma said putting her hand on top of her heart.


"If it was as good as you say it was you would repeat" Emma pointed out.

"Well, perhaps if you have served me a smaller portion I would feel tempt to repeat"

"Fair enough" Emma laughed.

"Give me Henry," Regina said "You can't possibly eat with him on your lap"

Regina took Henry from Emma's arms and Henry immediately tucked his tiny head under Regina's neck. It was such a beautiful thing to witness and Emma smiled broadly at the scene. She chatted lightly with Regina while she ate and when she finished, she cleaned the table and put the dishes on the dishwasher before coming back with two cups of ice cream. Regina arched an eyebrow when she saw it but nevertheless, she took the cup from Emma's hand and ate it. The phone rang in the house and Emma quickly move to take Henry from Regina's arm. She disappeared inside the house while Emma rocked Henry in her arms.

Emma walked with Henry to the living room and turned on the tv. She sat down on the middle of the couch with Henry in her lap, one arm protectively around him while she flipped the channels on tv. Ironically enough, Henry made a happy giggle when Emma stopped on Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

"Oh, I bet your mom will love to hear that" Emma laughed.

Emma watched the Disney classic with Henry, sniffing his head every now and then. Why do babies smell so good, Emma thought. Regina walked in half an hour later, right when the Evil Queen disguised as a sweet old lady was giving Snow White the poisoned apple.

"She should have died," Regina said entering the room.

"Snow White?" Emma smirked "But she's the Princess"

"She's a bitch!" Regina scoffed.

"Regina!" Emma scolded her.


"Henry!" Emma says pointing at him.

"Right," Regina said as she sits down on the couch next to Emma "Do you mind? I don't want my son watching that"


Emma laughed and took the remote control to change channels. The second she flipped Henry wiggled in her lap and started to cry.

"I think he wants to watch Snow White," Emma said.

"You are corrupting my son already?" Regina asked seriously.

"I would never," Emma smiled and flipped back the channel.

"Don't you have to go?" Regina asked.

"You kicking me out?" Emma asked.

"Aren't you on duty?"

"Partially," Emma smiled.


"Yep!" Emma said "Besides, Henry and I are watching tv"

"He is not watching this crap!"

"Oh my God, Regina," Emma said "It's just a cartoon"

"I hate this cartoon"

"You'll grow to love," Emma smiled softly.

"I doubt it,"

"Well, you are gonna have to," Emma said "It's either that or crying, Henry"

"I'll take crying Henry"

Regina reached for the remote control and flipped channels. Once again, Henry wiggled on Emma's arms and started to cry.

"Oh, for God sake," Regina sighed and flipped back the channel "This is your fault"

"How is that my fault?"

"You put the damn cartoon in the first place!"

Emma rolled her eyes and smirked before leaned on the couch with Henry properly tucked in her arms. Regina did the same and the three of them watched the tv. It didn't take long for Emma to feel something heavy dropping on her shoulder and she smiled when she noticed what that extra weight was. Regina had fallen asleep. She moved closer to Regina on the couch and kissed her forehead before wrapping an arm around her shoulder. Regina snuggled closer to Emma and made that cute little sound she always did when she was sleeping. Emma's heart felt a little lighter as she too dropped her head on top of Regina's. Emma smelled that familiar scent of Regina's shampoo and she too felt her eyelids getting heavier until everything turned dark.

Emma woke up with a fright. She looked down and saw Henry crying in her arms. Regina was still asleep on her side and Emma gently pulled away from her and left the room with Henry. She really hoped the crying wasn't enough to wake Regina. She was tired, she needed to rest. Emma walked Henry to the kitchen and rocked in her arms but nothing seemed to make him stop crying. She checked his diaper but it was still dry. She was walking with him from one side to the other in the kitchen when she noticed the Baby Schedule on the fridge. She looked at the watch and then at the schedule and realized why Henry was crying.

"You hungry, kid?" Emma asked.

She easily found the formula and bottles, Regina kept everything exactly on the same spot she did when they had the twins and soon, Emma was sat at the island with Henry hungrily sucking on his bottle.

"Hey," Regina said entering the kitchen.

"Hey," Emma smiled "You woke up"

"I heard Henry crying," Regina said.

"Oh, sorry," Emma said "I try to make everything as fast as I could but the kid got some lungs"

"Why didn't you wake me?" Regina asked softly.

"You were tired, Regina," Emma said "You should get some rest"

"I did," Regina smiled "Thank you"

Henry finished his bottle and Regina took him from Emma's arms for him to burp. Emma's phone rang and she sighed when she saw the caller id. She left the kitchen to answer and when she came back Regina was making the most adorable funny faces to a very smiling Henry.

"I have to go," Emma said "As you said, I'm on duty"

"Of course," Regina nodded.

Emma walked closer to them and smiled at Regina before leaned in to kiss Henry's cheek. She turned around to leave but the sound of Regina's voice made her turn back.

"Miss Swan?" Regina called her name.


"Yes!" Emma smiled.

"Yes?" Emma asked.

"Yes," Regina repeated "I'll go on a date with you tomorrow"

"Yeah?" Emma smiled broadly at her.


Storybrooke – Present Day

"I know that smell," Henry said when entering the kitchen "You are making Ma's famous pasta?"

"I'm trying to," Regina laughed "It is Friday night after all"


"Momma, momma" Sammy screamed inside the kitchen "Mommy, where is momma?

"Henry, can you stir this?" Regina asked before kneeling in front of her youngest son "Remember Mommy explained what happened to Momma?"

"But I smelled her pasta!" The boy sadly said.

"I know sweetheart," Regina hugged her son.

"Are going to get momma home?" Sammy asked.

"I am," Regina said "I promised you, I will bring momma back home"


"Where is your sister?" Regina asked.

"She's playing with grandma," Sammy said "I'm thirsty"

Regina rose from the floor and filled a glass with water before giving it to her son. He drank the whole cup and gave it back to Regina while cleaning his tiny mouth with the back of his hand.

"Go wash your hands and call Grandma and Olie, okay?" Regina said "Dinner is ready"

"Okay," Sammy ran out of the kitchen and then ran back inside "Mommy?"

"What, sweetheart?"

"I love you,"

Regina smiled and kneeled down again in front of her son. She hugged his tiny body and kissed his cheek until the little boy was squirming inside her arms.

"I love you too,"

The boy smiled and ran out again. Regina smiled and rose from the floor. She walked to Henry and kissed his cheek before saying she loved him. He smiled and said it back. David arrived and Henry and David set the dining room table. Regina placed the famous pasta dish in the middle of the table and everyone sat down to eat. It was fun, she even managed a smile here and there at her children's tales. That would have been a perfect Friday night family dinner if only a piece of her heart wasn't missing.

Chapter Text

Emma was checking herself in the mirror for her first date with Regina. First date! How long ago was her first date with Regina back in her timeline? Over four years now, wasn't it? Emma still remembered how nervous she was when she went to pick up Regina at the Mayor's office as they didn't want Henry to know what they were doing just yet. They didn't want to upset him considering his crazy talk about the curse and how everyone in Storybrooke was actually fairytale characters. Not that it was crazy talk, but back then Emma was really scared for his mental health.

She turned around and twisted her body to take a proper look at how her ass looked inside her brand-new jeans. Graham gave her the Saturday off and even though he didn't pay the advance she asked for on Friday he did this morning when he called Emma and asked her to stop by the station. In a way, it was just in time since she really needed to buy new clothes for her date with Regina tonight. As much as she knew she could rock her red leather jacket (And as much as Regina denied she knew she had a thing for her collection of leather jackets), she remembered Regina's words to her in their bedroom that morning before Emma left with her family to Granny's. It was your ass in that jeans. Emma smiled fondly at the memory of that. She missed her family so much.

Deciding that the skinny black jeans, burgundy long sleeve silk-ish blouse, and her new pair of black boots looked good, Emma walked inside the bathroom to do her hair and make-up. She bought the cheapest curled iron she found in the store (Not that it would make a difference as they only had one brand) and started to make thick voluminous curls. Regina loved her hair curly, she had told Emma once how much the Princess's hair suited her. It took her longer than it usually did for her to finish the hair, but truth be told, that was mostly because Emma had grown used to just wave her hands in the air and make things happen. She missed her magic too. A lot!

With her hair done, Emma started to apply the makeup she had bought at the pharmacy that morning too. She opted for something light, just foundation, and concealer to smooth out the skin and a lot of mascara on her eyelashes. She liked how they got all big and greener when she did that. A little bit of blush to bring some color and Emma was good to go.

She looked at the watch, it was only six-thirty at night. She still had ten minutes before she had to leave to pick up Regina. She wanted to be there early to impress her and maybe hang out with Henry before they had to go. He was such a beautiful baby boy, Emma smiled. All of their children were. Emma looked at the flowers on top of the bed, the bouquet she had bought Regina at Maurice's flower shop still looked absolutely beautiful. The roses were a mix of red and purple roses, Regina's favorite colors. Maurice did a good job arranging the bouquet.

Emma looked at herself in the mirror one last time before deciding to leave the B&B. She was good to go and quite frankly, she couldn't wait to see Regina. She may not know who Emma was just yet, but she was still her wife. The mother of her children. Her true love. Imagine when she goes back home and tells Regina that she won her heart a second time. The cocky smile wouldn't leave her face for at least a week, Emma smirked.

She walked to the bedside table and took her phone. She entered her password smiling at the picture of her and Regina at their wedding. She loved that background dearly, marrying Regina with the twin on her belly was one of the best days of her life. Her heart squeezed inside her chest when she changed the background picture for another that came with her phone. As much as it hurt to do that (And inexplicably it hurt a lot) she had to change the background. She couldn't risk Regina looking at her phone for some reason and seen a picture of them in white dresses. How the hell would Emma explain that? I photoshopped the picture? If that didn't scream psycho, Emma didn't know what else did! With the background changed to the phone's default and flowers in hand, Emma locked her bedroom door and went down the stairs. She stepped inside Granny's, the place getting full already. If she was home, tomorrow would be the day they would come for their traditional Sunday breakfast at Granny's.

"Looking good, Ems," Ruby said walking past her.

"Do you really think so?" Emma asked, feeling a little nervous.

"Oh, yeah," Ruby smiled "Who are the flowers for?"

"Regina" Emma smiled back.

"Regina?" Ruby frowned "What Regina?"

"Is that another Regina in this town?" Emma laughed.

"You mean the Mayor?" Ruby asked surprised "You are going out with the Mayor?"

"Yes, I am," Emma said proudly.

"Why?" Ruby asked behind the counter "She's kinds of a bitch"

"Watched, Ruby!" Emma said seriously.

"Whatever, it's your funeral," Ruby said before leaving for another table.

"You look very beautiful, Emma" She heard Mary Margaret say by the counter.

"Thank you, mo…Mary Margaret" Emma smiled feeling her cheeks burn in embarrassment.

"Good luck with your date" Mary Margaret smiled at her.


Emma nodded at the woman and then walked out of the diner. She had parked the Sheriff's station cruiser in behind the diner, she figures it was best for the citizens not to look at her going on a date inside the department's car. Not that Regina would spare her of such a comment, but sadly, Emma didn't have her bug here with her. Not that Regina appreciated her bug either, Emma rolled her eyes.

She drove to the mansion, parking the cruiser in front of the house. She sighed and bit her lower lip before taking one last look at herself in the rear mirror. Everything was still in place, her makeup was perfect and the curls were bouncing. She ran her hand over her hair, just to frame it better around her face, and picked up the flowers from the passenger seat.

God, why was she so nervous? It was not like this was her first time doing this, she was married to the woman, for God's sake! Emma stopped in front of the door and looked at her watch. It was fifty past six, perfect timing. Emma took a deep breath in before ringing the bell.

"What the hell took you so long, I'm going to be late for…" Regina said when she opened the door and then she stopped surprised when she saw Emma "Miss Swan!"

"Hey," Emma said nervously and looked at her watch again "I'm not late am I?"

"No, you are earlier," Regina said and looked at Emma down and up before pointing at the flowers "Are those for me?"

"Yes, they are" Emma smiled handing the flowers to Regina.

"Thank you, dear," Regina said as she took them "They are beautiful"

"Not as beautiful as you,"

Emma looked at Regina, mimicking what she did a few seconds ago, only this time, she was the one slowly running her eyes all over Regina's body. Regina was wearing a black dress, one of Emma's favorite that squished her breast deliciously together. Emma moistened her lips as she remembered the first time she saw Regina on that dress and how she opened the back zip, kissing every inch of skin as she ran it down. She remembered pushing the material off Regina's shoulder and how Regin's body fell on top of hers while she pinched her nipples and sucked her neck…

"Thank you, dear," Regina said pulling Emma out of her train of thoughts "You don't look half bad yourself"

"Thanks," Emma said feeling her cheeks burn "Are you ready to go?"

"My babysitter is not here yet," Regina said "Do you mind coming in for a second?"

"Not at all" Emma smiled.

Regina opened the door a little wider and Emma stepped inside the mansion. She told Emma she was going to put the flowers on a vase and Emma followed her to the kitchen, trying and failing, to stare at Regina's ass. She really, really loved that dress. Regina turned around suddenly and caught Emma's stare. She arched an eyebrow at her and Emma couldn't help the cheeky smile that formed on her lips.

"Where is Henry?" Emma asked trying to take her mind out of the gutter.

"In the living room," Regina said as she arranged the flowers in the vase.

"Do you mind if I go say hello to him?"

"Go ahead"

Emma smiled and walked to the living room. She found Henry inside his carriage bouncing his little hands and feet in the air. The tv was on with a cartoon in the background but inside the carriage, Henry couldn't even see it and Emma guessed Regina did that so he wouldn't feel alone.

"Hi, Kid," Emma said taking the baby in her arms "Hi!"

Emma bounced Henry in her arms, the little boy was already used to been picked up by her. He drooled and Emma quickly picked up the cloth inside the carriage to clean his mouth.

"No drooling on the jacket, Kid," Emma laughed "I'm taking your mom out tonight"

Henry made a happy little wiggle on Emma's arms that for some reason she thought was hilarious.

"Yeah, you and I both know this jacket is a Regina magnet" Emma whispered and then kissed his little head.

"I think you are overestimating this jacket, dear," Regina said behind Emma "Quite frankly, I think it's hideous"

"Hey, be nice," Emma said "You love this jacket and you know it!"

"Do I?" Regina asked intrigued.

"You bet your ass you do" Emma winked at her.

Regina opened her mouth as if to say something but she was interrupted by the sound of the bell ringing. She excused herself and left, leaving Emma and Henry alone in the room but, they didn't stay alone for long. Only a few minutes went by before Regina walk back inside with Sidney behind her with a dirty look in his eyes as he checked Regina out. Emma felt like punching him in the face. Again!

"Emma, let me introduce you to Sidney Glass," Regina said.

"We met briefly," Emma said dryly.

"It's very good to see you again, Miss Swan," Sidney said and gave Emma a half-smile.

"Right," Emma said and look at Regina "Are you ready to go now?"

"Yes, I just need my coat," Regina said pointing outside the door.

Regina paused in front of Sidney and gave him instructions about Henry. Emma stayed behind, watching Sidney in case he tried anything with Regina. When she was done with the instructions, Regina walked out of the living room and Sidney quickly followed her. Emma rolled her eyes and kissed Henry's head before depositing the baby boy inside his carriage again. She found Regina and Sidney by the door, he was trying to be gallant and took Regina's coat but Regina quickly refused the assistance. Emma smiled when she saw that. That's my girl. Emma told Sidney that Henry was alone and that he should get going with his babysitter duty for the night. The man smiled at Emma, but she knew he was making a face when he turned around to leave.

Emma opened the door and let Regina pass before going out herself. This was such a familiar situation, they leaving the house together that it pained Emma's heart not to be able to hold Regina's hands between hers. It was very rare that they didn't walk hand in hand together.

"Where is your car?" Regina asked when they stopped in front of the cruiser.

"Right here," Emma said opening the door to her.

"You are taking me out on a date using the Sheriff's department car?" Regina asked as she arched an eyebrow.

"Aren't you happy to know I'm putting the taxes of Storybrooke citizens to good use?" Emma said cheekily.

"If you say so, dear," Regina said before sitting on the passage seat.

Emma rolled her eyes playfully and closed the door before walking around the car to get herself in. She turned the engine on and maneuvered the car away from Regina's house. Her palms were sweaty on the steering wheel while her heart was pounding inside her chest exactly the way it did the first time, she and Regina went out on their first date. Emma looked to her side and smile. Only Regina could make her feel like that.

"Where are you taking me?" Regina asked pulling Emma out of her thoughts.

"That seafood place, near the beach" Emma said "I know how much you love their shrimp pasta"

"How the hell do you know that?" Regina asked intrigued looking at Emma.


Emma rolled her eyes at her own stupidity as her hands gripped the wheel with a little more force. She couldn't keep her mouth shut to save her life!

"It was a wild guess" Emma smiled nervously, "Good thing it worked, right"

"A wild guess?" Regina asked "It's funny how you have so many correct wild guesses"

"Yeah, I'm really good at that" Emma bit her lower lip "So, how was your day?"

"Shouldn't we save that for the restaurant?"

Emma smiled. She couldn't help herself. That was exactly what Regina have told her in the car when they were on their way to Magic Water Seafood House for their first date. Regina was afraid they would run out of things to say to each other when they arrived at the restaurant and demanded that conversations only took place at the restaurant when they sitting across from one another.

"I think we'll have plenty to talk about in the restaurant," Emma said.

"Like how your guesses are always right?" Regina asked.

"Or other things" Emma laughed "Did Henry gave you a lot of trouble today?"

"No, he was surprisingly calm the whole day"

"Good boy" Emma smiled.

"Yes, he is" Regina smiled too.

"It's beautiful what you did, you know?" Emma said.

"What I did?" Regina asked confused.

"Adopting him" Emma looked to her side at Regina "Adoption is such a beautiful act of love. And it's visible how much you love that kid"

"Of course, I love him," Regina said softly "He is my son"

"He loves you too"

"I think he is too young for that just yet"

"He responds to you, Regina," Emma said feeling her heart swell "You are his mother. You'll always be his mother, no matter what"

"He's my Little Prince," Regina smiled "I'll do anything for him"

Emma nodded and parked the car in front of the restaurant. She opened the door and hurry to get the door to Regina, but she was a bit quicker than Emma and didn't allow the gallant move. They walked side by side to the restaurant where the waiter showed them to their tables. The weather was surprisingly good that night, the wind was chili but not freezing and they were able to have a table outside on the terrace where they could see the sea and hear the waves crashing. Emma asked for the table they first sat on their first date, the last table on the edge of the terrace, a cozy hidden spot where they could just be themselves. The waiter handed over the menus and left them to decide. Emma looked at the pages but Regina just left it on top of the table looking curious at Emma.

"Arent you going to look at the menu?" Emma asked looking at Regina.

"I already know what I want," Regina said "As you do"

"Right" Emma laughed nervously "Perhaps you would like something different?"

"I don't want something different," Regina said "Do you?"

Emma felt like this was a trick question, for some reason. Yes, they were the same Regina, but at the same time, they weren't. Emma didn't know the meaning behind Regina's words were, even though she knew there was something there. She looked deep into Regina's eyes and closed the menu, leaving it on the table next to her.

"I don't" Emma answered.

The waiter came back to fill their glasses with water. Regina placed her order and Emma asked for the same, minus the wine glass. She wanted to keep her head clear, God forbade her to let even one more small thing slip.

"So, can I ask how was your day now?" Emma asked.

"You may!" Regina said and sipped her water glass.

Emma waited for Regina to answer but she just stayed there staring at her. It took Emma a few seconds to understand what was happening and she rolled her eyes when it hit her.

"And how was your day, Regina?"

"It was very calm," Regina said "Henry didn't give me any trouble, I think we have finally fallen into a routine. I was able to work a lot from home today"

"You worked today?" Emma asked making a face "But it's Saturday"

"Don't you work on Saturdays?"

"I do, but I work on a shift basis," Emma said "You work Monday to Friday"

"I work whenever the town needs me to," Regina said and frowned "Which is every day"

"You should take it easy, Regina," Emma said softly "You just got a newborn, you need to rest too"

"I'm fine dear" Regina sighed.

"You are tired," Emma said sympathetically "Let me help you out"

"Why are you so interested in helping me?" Regina asked.

"Because I like you," Emma said sincerely.

"You don't know me"

"Maybe not," Emma said looking deep into Regina's eyes "But I want to"

Regina looked at Emma confused and opened her mouth to say something but the waiter arrived with their orders and Emma saw the expression on Regina's face change. She waited to see if Regina was going to say something, but she just smiled at Emma before sipping her wine and pick up the fork, and Emma was torn between relief and curiosity. Regina took the first bite of the shrimp pasta and closed her eyes making a happy sound as she chewed. Just like she did on their first date and Emma. She smiled and picked up her fork taking a bite of the pasta herself. It was delicious!

"What about you, dear?" Regina asked.

"What about me?"

"How was your day?" Regina asked and took a sip of the wine.

"I had the day off," Emma said "Went out shopping for our date tonight"

"Are you sure about that?" Regina asked.

"That's just mean, Regina" Emma pointed at her "And you do need more clothing stores in this town"

"Perhaps" Regina smiled mischievously and took another bite of food.

Emma laughed and shook her head.

"Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?" Emma asked looking lovingly at Regina.

"I think you just did," Regina said tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

"That doesn't count," Emma said "You look stunning tonight, Regina"

"Thank you, Emma," Regina said and Emma saw her cheeks became pink-ish "You look very beautiful too"

"Thanks, Regina"

After that, the night went on easily. Regina loosened up and the conversation between the two women flowed. This was her wife. Her Regina. Emma smiled and laughed as they shared tales with one another throughout the night. They shared dessert if you can call Regina eating nearly the whole chocolate mousse with hot apple sauce, sharing. Emma paid for the bill and she felt her heart sink when she parked the car in front of Regina's house. She didn't want the night to end. At least not with them going their separate ways. She wanted to go inside, she wanted to strip her wife, she wanted to spend the night in their bed worshiping every inch of her body. She missed her badly. She was tired of sleeping alone, tired of the shitty nights of sleep because her wife wasn't by her side.

Regina opened the car door and that brought Emma back to reality. She quickly made her way out and walked Regina to her door with her hands tucked inside the back pockets of her jeans. She didn't trust her hands freely on the sides of her body. She could do something stupid, like taking Regina's hands between hers. They stopped in front of the white door and looked at each other. Emma expected to feel nervous again, but surprisingly, she didn't.

"Thank you for tonight, Miss Swan," Regina said with a beautiful and yet shy surprise.

"Emma" Emma smiled "And thank you, Regina. I had a wonderful night tonight"

"Me too" Regina looked down and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear.

"I would love to do that again," Emma said and took a step closer to Regina.

"Surprisingly, me too," Regina said biting her lower lip.

They looked inside each other eyes and Emma felt like the air had been sucked out of her lungs. God, she was so beautiful. So incredibly beautiful. Emma took another step closer to Regina, so close that she couldn't tell if the air she was breathing was hers or Regina's. The lock of hair Regina had tucked in got loose again and Emma reached for it properly placing it behind her ear again. She ran her hand on the side of Regina's face down to her chin and closed her eyes while leaning to kiss her. The tips of their lips touched for the briefest second when suddenly, the front door swung open making Emma take a fight and a step back away from Regina.

"Madam Mayor," Sidney said "I am so sorry to interrupt. I saw the lights on and I thought it could be a bugler or something"

"In Storybrooke?" Emma asked feeling like murdering him.

"Well, you should know," Sidney said sarcastically "You are in the police force"

"How is Henry?" Regina asked and cleared her throat.

"Sleeping," Sidney said "But I bet he misses his mother very much"

"I'll go check on him," Regina said "Thank you for watching him tonight, Sidney"

"Not a problem, Madam Mayor," Sidney said.

"I guess I'll see you soon, Emma?" Regina asked looking intensely at her.

"You bet" Emma smiled.

Regina smiled back and turned to enter the house. Sidney took a step back to the side, opening the door a little wider as Regina passed through the door. He looked at Emma and smiled without showing his teeth and lifted his eyebrows.

"Well, goodnight, Miss Swan"

"Yeah, you are coming with me," Emma said seriously.

"I really must help Regina…"

"No, you don't," Emma said firmly "Close the damn door and walk with me"

"I need to get my things," Sidney said quickly.

"Sure! I'll escort you inside" Emma said.

"Perhaps, it won't be necessary," Sidney said as he hit his hands in his suit "My phone and keys are with me"

"Good" Emma smiled sarcastically "Then let's get a move on"

Sidney cleared his throat and closed the door behind him. Emma walked with him and waited until he got inside his car and drove away. She looked back at the mansion and saw the lights in Regina's room flickering and she smiled as a little light of hope flickered inside her heart.

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina was in her vault walking from one side to the other inside the small room. She had one of those dreams again, the night before. Why was she having those dreams about Emma? What did they mean?

She woke up in the middle of the night with tears running down her face. It felt so real, as they all do. But that wasn't like their first date had happened. Sure, a few things were there like the restaurant, the food. But Henry was ten when they first go out together not a few months old.

What did they mean?

What did they mean?

Why was she having dreams about Emma from that specific time of her life? They couldn't be just dreams, could they? How could it be random dreams if she felt like they were happening in a sequence?

Regina looked everywhere in her books and she was still nowhere near knowing where Emma was. The only clues she had of her were those damn dreams and they didn't even make sense at all!

Regina looked at her trunk and the object lying on top of it. It was one of Emma's favorite photos of them. The photo of their wedding, the one with them on their wedding dress, Henry between them, and the twins in Regina's stomach. She had that framed in a beautiful would frame made by Geppetto and put it on her bedside table. Regina felt tears running down her face again when she looked at the picture. That was one of the happiest days of her life. She had finally got everything she wanted and now part of her soul was missing.

Regina held the frame between her hands and ran her fingers on Emma's beautiful face. She knew that it wouldn't work, but she had to at least try. She held the frame with one hand and then used the other to enchant the object. The frame started to flow in the air looking for its owner. She had just cast a location spell.

Regina followed the frame out of the vault. The frame started to flow to the city with Regina running after it. The frame entered Granny's when the door was open by a customer and then up the stairs where the pension rooms were. It stopped in front of a door and Regina felt her heart raced inside her chest. Was Emma in there? Had she been there this whole time?

Regina twisted the doorknob, but the door was locked. She waved he hand in the air and the door swung open. She entered the room calling Emma's name but no one answered. There was no one there. The frame fell onto the bed as if it has found its owner, except that it didn't.

Regina looked around the bedroom. A strange chill entered the room making every hair on the back of her neck stood up. In her dreams, Emma was staying in a room at Granny's, wasn't she? What room was that? Did it even make a difference?

Regina frowned as she tried to work out the meaning of that. Something crossed her mind, but that couldn't be it, couldn't be right. Her phone rang inside her suit, interrupting her line of thoughts. She cursed with the fright she took when the sound echoed inside the room but her features softened when she saw Henry's name.

"Hi, honey," Regina said when she answered the phone.

"Mom, where are you?" Henry asked "The meeting is about to start"

The school meeting.

Regina had totally forgotten about that.

"You didn't forget about it, did you?"

"No, of course not" Regina lied.

"It's okay, if you did, mom," Henry said "I get it" "

"I'll be right there, sweetie"

Regina hung up the phone and took the frame from the bed. She needed to work that out. She needed to find out what the dreams meant because she knew they meant something. They had to.

She waved her hand in the air and magic her purse. She put the photo inside her purse and sighed while purple smoke enveloped her body. As it turns out, the world didn't stop spinning just because she lost her wife.

Chapter Text

"Miss Swan!" Regina said when she opened the door "I don't remember you forcing any plans on me for this morning"

"Don't pretend you don't like to see me, Regina," Emma smiled.

"I wasn't pretending, dear" Regina smiled back.

"You see, your lips say one thing" Emma stepped closer to her "But your smile tells another tale"

"Well, what can I say?" Regina looked seriously at Emma "I'm a politician. I'm good at acting"

"I hate to break it to you," Emma said, her lips so close to Regina now that it nearly touched hers when she spoke again "But you are a terrible actress"

Regina smirked and took one step away from her. Emma smiled back at Regina, a genuine smile that reached her eyes. She missed her. So much! When Emma arrived back at her room after their date the night before she couldn't stop smiling. The date had been a success and Emma couldn't wait to be with her again. She laid down on the bed and spent hours looking at pictures of Regina and her kids, feeling hopeful for the first time in days now. She just had just taken the first step into gaining Regina's trust and therefore, she was one step closer to find a way to go back home. Back to her timeline.

And when she woke up in the morning it felt like every cell on her skin was arching for Regina. She wanted to see her. To be closer to her, to talk to her, see her smile. And Henry. God, Henry! Emma wanted badly to rock him in her arms again and make silly voices just to make him giggle. She wanted to be with her family. After she met Regina, she had never gone this long without them.

"It's Sunday morning," Emma said looking at Regina.

"Yes, I'm aware of the day, Miss Swan" Regina said arching an eyebrow.

"I figure we should go have breakfast at Granny's," Emma said "You, me, and Henry. Well, you and me, Henry will just be the cute mascot"

"Don't you have to work today?" Regina asked.

"I have the night shift" Emma smiled "So, what do you say?"

"Unlike you, Miss Swan, I actually have work to do"

"Come one, it's Sunday" Emma bagged "It's a tradition"

"What tradition?"

"A tradition that I'm starting right now" Emma laughed.

"I believe s tradition it's something that happens continuously, dear"

"Come one, don't be difficult" Emma pouted "I'm starving!"

"Don't you literally live at Granny's diner?" Regina frowned.

"Yeah, and I walked all the way here to get you and the kid out for breakfast" Emma half-smiled "Please?"

"Dear God, you are that clingy after one date?" Regina said making a face.

"If I say yes, will you have breakfast with me?" Emma raised both eyebrows.

"Perhaps" Regina smiled mysteriously.

"Then yes" Emma smiled.

"I'm busy, dear," Regina said "Now if you could please…"

"Regina, that's not fair," Emma said seriously.

"What isn't it, dear?"

"I said yes to be clingy," Emma said outrageously.


"And you said…You said you would go out with me if I said yes"

"I said perhaps"

"Regina, come one," Emma pouted "We had a great date last night"

"It was okay"

"Why are you doing this?" Emma asked feeling her heart sink.

"Refusing to have breakfast with you?"

"I just want to spend more time with you and Henry," Emma said in a small voice.

Regina looked at her with a strange expression on her face, one Emma couldn't quite figure out. What happened? They had an amazing date the night before, and Emma almost kissed her, she would have if it wasn't for that little shit called Sidney. Did she imagine the whole thing? Was the date not as good as she thought it was? Did she say something she wasn't supposed to?

"Fine" Regina sighed, pulling Emma out of her thoughts "Just stop the puppy eyes, you are a grown woman"

"Whatever it works, I guess"

Emma laughed but Regina did not look amused back at her.

"Sorry," Emma said sheepishly.

"Come on in, I'll go get Henry," Regina said opening the door wider for Emma to enter.

"Thanks," Emma said walking past her "Where is he?"

"In the kitchen," Regina said "We were about to head out for breakfast"

"Wait, what? But you…You said…You said…" Emma stammered "You just wanted to make me suffer, didn't you?"

"I have to admit it was quite fun, dear" Regina said walking to the kitchen.

"Our date was awesome last night, wasn't it?" Emma asked walking behind her.

"Perhaps," Regina said looking behind her shoulder.

Emma laughed and shook her head. Four years, three children and the woman were still capable of surprising her, no matter what version. They entered the kitchen and Emma spied Henry inside his carriage. The maternity bag was on top of the counter and Emma imagined Regina was packing Henry's breakfast when she knocked on the door.

She walked to Henry, to pick up the little boy from inside the carriage. He smiled and drooled when she lifted him in her arms, and Emma imagined that was his way of saying he was happy to see her too. Emma bent down slightly and took the little blue cloth with a golden crown and Henry's name under it from the carriage. She stared at the piece of cloth for a long time, holding it in front of her eyes as a warm feeling spread through her body. Regina had done the same for Sammy and Olie before they were born. Before they even knew the sex of their babies, because they had decided they wanted to be surprised. The day they were born, Regina was exhausted in her hospital room after hours of labor. They had already picked up two names in case they were girls and two in case they were boys. And then their favorites in case it was one of each. Emma remembered laying with Regina in the hospital bed, holding her hand and kissing her temple when the nurse walked in with their child. She put their baby girl in Regina's arms and their baby boy in Emma's. Regina was so weak, but she still managed to magic their cloths to wrap their children in them. They were both yellow with a golden crown and with one last wave of her hand she made their names appear under the crown. Olivia and Samuel Swan-Mills. Their child.

Emma felt a tear falling down her eyes as the memories of her little ones invaded her brain. She held Henry closer to her body, not caring if his drool was going to stain her blouse, and closed her eyes before kissing the top of his head.

"I love you" Emma whispered as quietly as she could.

When she opened her eyes again, Regina was looking curiously at her. Her face was soft, almost loving, like the way her Regina looked at her. Regina smiled shyly at Emma and walked closer to her and Henry with her maternity bag hanging on her shoulder.

"Is everything okay?" Regina asked softly.

"Yeah, sorry, I just…"

"Were you thinking about your children?" Regina asked, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

"I was," Emma said and quickly brushed another falling tear.

"I'm sorry," Regina said sincerely.

"Me too," Emma nodded and then cleared her throat "Are you ready to go?"

"Are you sure you still want to go?" Regina asked.

"Yeah, I do" Emma smiled "It's tradition"

"It's not tradition if…"

"…If not happens continuously, yes" Emma rolled her eyes playfully "As I said, it's a tradition I'm starting right now"

"Are you saying you are going to show up here every Sunday to take Henry and me out for breakfast?" Regina asked incredulously.

"I am," Emma said seriously "And if you are ready, we should get going"

"I am," Regina nodded.

"Put the bag inside the carriage," Emma said "You don't mind if I carry Henry, do you?"

"Curiously enough, I…" Regina frowned and then shook her head "I don't"

"Awesome!" Emma grinned "Cause I'm sniffing his head all the way to Granny's"

Regina laughed wholeheartedly and Emma felt a warm feeling settling inside her heart. Regina always had this beautiful laugh, one capable of making everyone around her smile too. It was so rare of her to do that when they first met, and Emma still remembered the first time she heard Regina laugh a genuine laugh. She had that same warm feeling inside her chest and this urgency to kiss her, to touch her, and make sure she was real. She did that back then, and it crushed her that she couldn't do it now.

Regina put the maternity bag inside the baby carriage and Emma walked ahead of her with Henry in her arms. She opened the door and held it open for Regina to pass with the carriage before closing it behind her. Emma took Regina's hand between hers, intertwining their fingers together, and gently pulled Regina with her.

"What are you doing?" Regina asked not moving from her spot.

"I thought we were going to Granny's?" Emma asked with a confused expression on her face.

"Why are you holding my hand?" Regina asked.

Emma looked at Regina not quite understanding her words at first until she looked down and saw their hands together. It was such an automatic thing to do, hold Regina's hand when they were out that Emma didn't even think about her action. Emma bit her lower lip and then smiled shyly up at Regina.

"You don't like it?" Emma asked cheekily.

"I don't think we have enough intimacy for that, don't you?" Regina asked "I'm still not sure I like you or not"

"Seriously?" Emma asked incredulously.

"There is something about you that I can't quite put my finger on, Miss Swan"

"What is that supposed to mean?" Emma frowned.

"I'll tell you when I figured it out," Regina said sarcastically.

"Fine, whatever" Emma rolled her eyes "Can we go now?"

"As soon as you let go of my hand, dear," Regina said "I'm really not the type"

"Yeah, right," Emma smirked.

Emma let go of Regina's hand and used both of them to hold Henry properly in her arms. It sucked not being able to hold hands with her wife, that was one of the things Emma liked the most when they were out. Her wife was beautiful and she was proud to have her by her side. The only exception she ever made to that rule was when Sam and Olie were between them.

Emma bounced Henry in her arms and made silly voices that always plucked a smile out of the baby. Emma laughed and smiled every time Henry made a happy noise, her heart dancing in happiness for the opportunity she was given, at last, there was that.

They arrived at Granny's and once again, Emma held the door open for Regina to enter with the enormous baby carriage. Was Olie and Sammy's carriage this big? God, thinking back, it was even worse. Emma remembered Granny's banishing them to the last booth near the jukebox because the carriages were blocking the traffic and later on, she banished the carriages to the sidewalk. Regina was furious! Eugenia was probably the only one in town with balls big enough to boss Regina.

Regina parked the carriage on the side of the first booth and sat down. Emma carefully deposited Henry inside the carriage, the baby looked a little tired and was already starting to get a little fuzzy in her arms. As soon as Emma lay Henry down, Regina covered him with his blanket and kissed his chubby cheek. Henry made another happy sound and then slowly closed his eyes drifting off to sleep.

Emma sat down, across from Regina who was looking at the menu. Emma didn't bother, she knew Granny's menu by heart, and she knew Regina knew it too and was just putting up a show in front of her.

"Do you know what you are going to order? Emma asked.

"The spinach and mushroom omelet seems like a good choice"

"Yeah, Granny makes a pretty good one"

"Not as good as mine, dear"

"Oh, I bet" Emma laughed.

"Hey, Ems," Ruby said smiling at Emma when she arrived at their table "Madam Mayor," she said seriously.

"Hey, Rubes" Emma greeted her.

"I would like the mushroom omelet and a cup of coffee, please," Regina said dryly.

"Sure," Ruby said writing it down "Emma?"

"Yes, I'll have eggs and toast, a bear claw, One waffle with butter and another with chocolate sauce, a medium portion of bacon for the table, and cocoa with cinnamon, please"

"Do you also want a heart attack as a side dish, dear?" Regina asked sarcastically.

"Haha, funny" Emma rolled her eyes.

"You eat like a child,"

"Trust me, I'm not eating all of it alone" Emma winked at her.

"Is there anything else?" Ruby asked interrupting them.

"Nope," Emma said "Regina?"


Ruby nodded and left to place their order to the kitchen. Emma looked at Regina who was checking on Henry on the carriage and smiled. She looked so ridiculously adorable caring for their son. It was curious because, when they had Olie and Sam, Emma was constantly afraid of doing something wrong and Regina was the one who always reassured her, telling her she couldn't possibly do anything wrong. And now, here she was, being the one telling Regina what a wonderful mother she was.

"You are pretty good at this" Emma smiled.

"At what?"

"Being a mom" Emma said.

"I think is too soon to tell, dear,"

"Regina, I see the way you care for Henry," Emma said softly "He is one hell of a lucky kid"

"He's my Prince," Regina said with a soft smile looking down the carriage.

"Yes, he is," Emma smiled "And I can see how much you love him already"

"That I do," Regina said "He is the only thing I love in this world" Regina said seriously.

"There is always room for more" Emma smiled softly.

"Perhaps," Regina said looking deeply into Emma's eyes.

Emma smiled at her at the same time Ruby arrived with their drinks. She filled a cup of coffee for Regina and put Emma's cocoa in front of her.

"The food will be here in a minute," Ruby said and left for another table.

Regina took the sugar package from the table ripping it off and putting the whole content inside the cup. She used the coffee spoon to mix the sugar with the coffee and when she deemed satisfied, she lifted the spoon to her mouth and lick it clean. Emma watched the whole scene losing herself on Regina's every movement. Her mouth fell open as her breathing got faster. When Regina brought the spoon to her mouth and licked the shell before putting it inside her mouth, Emma felt that familiar warmth in the pit of her stomach. God, how badly she wanted to be in that spoons position right now.

"Emma? Emma?" Regina tried to get Emma's attention "Miss Swan!"

"What?" Emma said fastly, looking dumbfound at Regina.

"You were staring, dear,"

"Was I?" Emma asked pretending she didn't know that was exactly what she was doing.

"Yes, dear," Regina said sarcastically "And as much as I appreciate the attention, the open mouth in public isn't a pretty sight"

"Now, you are just being mean"

"That's me, dear,"

Emma rolled her eyes playfully and smiled at her. She took a sip of her cocoa and smiled when she saw Regina's amused expression looking back at her.

"What?" Emma asked.

"You got a little something on your lips and nose"

"Is it cream?" Emma asked making a face.

"Yes!" Regina half laughed.

"Can you clean it?" Emma asked cheekily.

"You are not a child!"

"Please?" Emma asked, making her puppy eyes.


"Do you really want to look at me like this the whole time we are eating breakfast?"

"You wouldn't!"

Emma held the cup to her lips again and took another sip. She made sure to really leaned the cup up so the cream would touch the tip of her nose again.

"You really are a child!"

Emma laughed wholeheartedly and as was caught completely by surprise when Regina leaned forward on the table and cleaned her face with a napkin. She wasn't expecting that at all, she was just messing around with Regina. Regina's touch was so soft, so delicate that Emma felt her heart skip a bit. How much she longed for Regina's touch again.

Regina finished cleaning Emma's face and was already moving away from her again when Emma caught her wrist. Emma brought Regina's hand to her lips and kissed the palm of her hand.

"Thank you," Emma said lovingly.

"Of course," Regina said slightly thrown away by the gesture.

Ruby came back with their food and putting their respective order in front of each woman. Emma rearranged everything onto the table, putting the bacon order between her and Regina. She always stole the bacon from Emma's plate when she thought she wasn't looking and Emma always ordered extra bacon for the table. Emma started with the eggs and toast and nearly hummed when it touched her tongue. Emma always loved breakfast food. Emma took another bite of the eggs when she saw Regina discretely reaching for a slice of bacon. Emma smile but didn't say anything and took a piece of bacon from the plate right after.

By the time Emma finished the bear claw, she was stuffed. She and Regina shared the bacon slices and she even managed to get Regina to eat half of the waffle with chocolate sauce but with the rest of the food, she was on her own. She had ordered too much, old habits from her other life. Emma bit her lower lip when the thought crossed her mind. In a way, that was indeed her other life. Her real life. It was so weird! She knew she didn't belong here, but even so, every feeling she had towards this Regina was real.

"Are you done or is there anything else you wish to consume?" Regina asked pulling Emma out of her thoughts.

"Are you kidding me?" Emma asked "I'm not sure I can't even breathe"

"Can't say I'm surprised" Regina smirked.

"Can we go for a walk?" Emma asked.

"Are you sure you can even do that?"

"I think I need to" Emma laughed.

"Okay," Regina shook her head "Let me go pay the bill and we can go"

"Shouldn't I pay?" Emma asked "I was the one who invited you"

"You can pay next time"

"Really?" Emma grinned.

"Yes, dear" Regina smiled at her.

Regina rose from her seat leaving a smiling Emma and sleeping Henry behind. Emma stretched her body but the simple act of stretching brought an uncomfortable reminder of the exaggeration of food she consumed. Why did she have to order so much? Emma looked out the window and sadly smiled. Because that was what they did on Sunday's breakfast.

"Are you ready?" Regina asked standing next to her.

"Yeah, I am," Emma said turning back to her.

"Is everything okay?" Regina asked worriedly.

"Yeah, yeah, I just…Too much food" Emma half-smiled.

Regina arched both eyebrows and shook her head with a little smile on her lips. She moved behind to Henry's carriage, pushing it a bit back. Emma rose from her seat and walked to the door to hold it open for Regina. Outside, she held Regina's hand between hers again, but this time she quickly realized what she was doing.

"Sorry," Emma said already deinterlacing her fingers.

To her surprised, Regina didn't let her. She squeezed Emma's hand between hers, holding it tight in a way that made Emma feel the usual electricity running through her fingers every time she touched Regina. Magic!

"You might need balance not to fall after everything you ate," Regina said.

Emma looked down at their join hands and then at Regina. She smiled and nodded once before Regina pushed the carriage forward as they start walking. She might not be with her whole family right now, but at least, she could still keep the Sunday tradition with part of it.

Storybrooke – Present Day

"Mommy? Mommy, wake up!"


Regina felt tiny fingers forcing her eyes open. She growled and try to force them close again, turning her body around to the other side of the bed. It didn't help. In fact, it may have made it worse since she had hardly finished turning when she felt her whole body being shaken.

"Mommy, it's Sunday," Olie said "We have beakfast at Granny's on Sundays"

"Olie, Mommy is tired," Regina said half asleep.

"But it's Sunday," Sam said next to her.

"Olie, Sam" Henry scolded them at the door "What did I tell you guys?"

"Sorry, Enwy," The twins said together.

"Let mom, sleep," Henry said.

"But it's Sunday, Enwy" Olie said.

"We sleep, and sleep and sleep, and…Olie how many sleeps?" Sam asked looking at his sister.

"Momma said it's this" Olie said showing Sam six fingers with her hands.

"See, Enwy?" Sam asked "We sleep all of this for beakfast"

"Well, I'm making it today"

"No, you are not," Regina said pushing herself up in bed "Sunday's breakfast is a family tradition,"

The twins crawled on top of Regina as soon as she sat down on the bed. She hugged and kissed each one of them saying good morning while they laughed.

"Mom, you are tired," Henry said worriedly "I saw you up at four in the morning. You should rest"

"I'm okay, Henry," Regina said deeply touched by her oldest son concern "Now come here and give me my good morning kiss"

"I'm too old for that" Henry said rolling his eyes but walking to the bed anyway.

"No, you are not," Regina said holding his face with both hands and kissing his cheek when he sat down in bed next to her "You will never be too old for that"

"We don't have to do this today, mom," Henry said looking at Regina.

"Yes, we do," Regina said looking inside his eyes, and then she smiled "Your Ma would like that"

Henry smiled sadly at Regina as she took his hand between hers and squeezed it. Sam crawled on Henry's back and wrapped his tiny arms around his neck before kissing his cheek. Olie stood up from Regina's lap and did the same. Regina smiled at them, feeling her heart warm with love and eyes filled with tears. She shook her head and quickly put the tears behind her.

"Help me get them changed? Regina asked Henry.

"Of course," Henry said and then looked behind his shoulder "Sammy, hold on tight, okay?"


Henry held Sam's arms and rose from the bed with the boy hanging on his back. He laughed and called for Regina, saying he was flying. Olie said she wanted that too and Regina told the little girl to wrap her arms around her neck. She did that and when Regina rose from the bed, the little girl screamed and then laughed saying she was on top of the world.

In their bedroom, Henry helped Regina quickly changed them and then magicked herself ready. They left the house and walked to Granny's with the twin's hand in hand walking ahead of her and Henry.

"Let me talk to grandpa," Henry said "He might tell me something"

"No!" Regina said firmly "I don't want you anywhere near Gold"

"He's my grandfather, mom," Henry said "He won't hurt me"

"That's out of the question, Henry," Regina said.

"Mom, please," Henry bagged "Let me help"

"You'll help me by staying away from him," Regina said "Henry, I already lost your mother. If anything happens to one of you…please, stay away from him"

"Okay," Henry nodded.

They arrived at Granny's and Henry held the door open for them to enter. The first booth next to the door was empty and the twins quickly ran to take a hold of their booth. Henry told Regina he was going to the cushions for the twins and disappeared inside the diner for a few minutes before coming back with two cushions. He put the cushions on their seats and Regina lifted them up. Henry slid on the seat across from the twins and Regina sat next to him. When Granny arrived, Regina ordered their usual Sunday breakfast, even with the extra portion of bacon for the table. She knew Emma only ordered that because she kept on stealing the pieces from her plate. Regina smiled when the memory crossed her mind.

Granny arrived with their drinks, three hot cocoa with cream and cinnamon and one black coffee. Her three kids eagerly held their cups with both hands and took a sip of the chocolate drink.

"Enwy," The twins said and laughed pointed at Henry.

"What?" Henry asked looking from them to Regina.

"You have cream on your nose and lips"

Regina smiled warmly at her son before taking a napkin to clean his nose and mouth. He looked so much like his mother. Every day, he looked more and more like Emma. Regina finished cleaning him up and frowned. She had that distinct feeling of déjà vu again, like that was something that happened before in another time with a different person.

Chapter Text

"Good morning, Emma," Graham said when he walked inside the room.

"Graham" Emma said behind her desk putting a file down "You look like crap"

"Oh, thank you," Graham said while taking off his jacket.

"Sorry," Emma laughed embarrassed "Is everything okay?"

"Yes, I just didn't sleep very well last night"

"Oh, why not?"

"Was it you that I saw with Regina yesterday?" Graham asked sitting on the edge of Emma's desk.

"Probably," Emma said confused "I was with her and Henry until I had to come here for my shift"

"So, you two are friends?" Graham asked.

"For now," Emma narrowed her eyes "Why are you asking?"

"No reason," Graham brushed her off "I just didn't know Regina have friends. I know she has lots of enemies"

"Well, perhaps it's about time for people in this town to stop being such assholes"

"Wow, where did that come from?" Graham asked standing up from the desk.

"I don't like the way the town treats her," Emma said seriously.

"Okay," Graham said "How was the night shift? Any occurrences?"

"None!" Emma said getting up from the chair "And since you are here, that means I can leave now"

"Yes, of course," Graham said "Get some rest"


Emma put her jacket on and left the Sheriff's Station. She meant what she said to Graham, she really didn't like the way the people in this town treated Regina. Yeah, sure, they were cursed and away from the beloved ones but frankly, considering the way she grew up, that curse was a freaking walk in the park. Emma looked at her watch noticing that was only eight in the morning. She had plenty of time before her lunch date with Regina. Emma had spent the whole night shift thinking about ways to go back home. At Some point, she even considered going for Gold to help, but she wasn't sure if he was awake or not. They were never really sure about when did he awake or if he was awake the whole time, but Emma shook her head at the thought of that. Gold was the last resource. After all, it was his damn offspring who put her in this mess, to begin with. Besides, there was no telling what he could do when he finds out who Emma was. Was she even capable to break the curse? Could true love's kiss between her and Regina even break the curse? And what the hell would happen in the future if she did? Emma stopped walking staring at nothing with eyes widening. Did her actions here in the past have any repercussions in the future? No, she couldn't break the curse. What was that thing Henry kept telling her? You are supposed to break the curse on your twenty-eight birthday. She's thirty-two now, there is no way in hell she can possibly break the curse. Besides, none of the weird stuff that happened when she first arrived in Storybrooke has happened yet. The clock tower was still stuck. There was no weird earthquake or whatever the crap that happened when the curse started to weaken. Plus, she was set back fourteen years in the past! There is no way in hell they could possibly remember what happened fourteen years ago!


Emma felt her features soften and her heart calmer inside her chest. Everything was fine! Her presence there did not make her curse weaken. She just had to find the right way to tell Regina the truth about who she was and ask for her help to take her back to her timeline. Emma walked in the direction of Granny's to get a bite to eat before going to bed. She was tired. Like Graham, she didn't sleep at all the whole night and not just because she was working the night shift. The more Emma thought about it, the more she knew Regina was the only one that could help her with the magic she needed to go back home.

Emma stepped inside Granny's, the coffee smell assaulting her nose. As much as Regina had addicted her to a fresh cup first thing in the morning, there was no way Emma was going to get one today. She needed to rest. She walked to the counter and sat down on the chair, dropping her head between her arms on top of it.

"Hi, Emma," Ruby said behind the counter "Can I get you anything?"

"Just… a mushroom omelet," Emma said raising her head again.

"Coffee?" Ruby asked "You look like you need it"

"No, I'm going up to sleep after I eat," Emma said "Thanks"

"Sure" Ruby walked away but quickly returned to where Emma was sitting "Hey, you work with Graham, right?"

"Well, he is the Sheriff" Emma laughed.

"Do you know if he is seeing anyone?" Ruby asked twisting her hair on her fingers.

"Graham?" Emma frowned "I have no idea. Why?"

"I was just wondering if he is single" Ruby blushed "He is so hot"

"Oh, Ruby," Emma said softly "Trust me, he is not your type"

"How could he not be my type?" Ruby asked "He's tall and broad and hot. He is so hot"

"Well, I supposed that is your type considering Dorothy"

"Considering who?" Ruby asked.

"Nobody" Emma shook her head "Listen, Ruby, Graham is not for you"

"What, you don't think I'm good enough for him?" Ruby asked outrageously "Why? Because he is a Sheriff and I'm a waitress?"

"What? No!" Emma said defensively "I didn't say that"

"Then why are you saying he is not my type?"

"I don't know, I mean…I…I…" Emma stammered "I guess I just supposed you liked something different"

"Like what?" Ruby asked.

"Like…I…I don't, I mean…" Emma closed her eyes and shook her head "I thought you liked women"

"Women?" Ruby asked, "Why the hell would you think that?"

"I just get a vibe for these things," Emma said.

"A vibe?" Ruby frowned "Oh my God, are you flirting with me?"

"What, no!" Emma said desperately.

"I thought you were interested in the Mayor," Ruby said pulling her skirt down.

"I am!" Emma shouted "I mean, I'm interested in the Mayor. In Regina! I am not flirting with you, Ruby"

"Are you sure?" Ruby said buttoning a button in her blouse "Because it feels like you are"

"Oh my God, Ruby, cut it out," Emma said feeling her cheeks burn "I am not flirting with you, I am not interested in you. I'm in love with Regina"

"You are in love with the Mayor after one date?" Ruby asked "You are such a lesbian"

"Oh my God," Emma said burring her face in her hands.

"What did she do?" Ruby asked mischievously "I've always pictured her as an ice-cold bitch"

"Hey, do not talk about her like that" Emma warned her.

"Sorry," Ruby said between her teeth, "I think things are working out between the two of you? Since you were having breakfast together and stuff"

"Yeah, I believe things are going pretty well" Emma smiled.

"Are you sure you want to get involved with her?" Ruby asked.

"Ruby" Emma sighed "Regina is the most amazing person I have ever met in my whole life. She's beautiful, so beautiful, and kind and when that woman loves, she does it with her whole soul. She's amazing and it's such a shame that any of you can't see that"

"Well, maybe if she stopped acting like a stuck-up bitch, we would," Ruby said and walked away from Emma.

"Ruby, I am not gonna tell you again," Emma said turning around in Ruby's direction "Do NOT talk about her like that"

"Yeah, whatever" Ruby said waking back to Emma and putting her order in front of her.

Emma sighed and let Ruby go about her business. She hated this. She hated the way they all talked about Regina. It always brought her back to the time after the curse was broken and how everybody in town wanted her head. It all came too clearly in her head, the day they all marched to the mansion, and Whale pinned Regina against the wall with his hand around her neck. Emma wanted to fucking murder him for laying a finger on her. He had choked her. She was breathless when she arrived. Emma closed her eyes hands into a fist. She still owed him a punch in the face.

The bell rang above the door and Emma looked in the direction of the sound only to see Mary Margaret walking inside the diner. She looked at Emma with a cheerful smile before taking off her scarf and coat to put on the hanger. Emma smiled back and looked down at her food.

"Hi," Mary Margaret said as she sat next to Emma.

"Hey," Emma said back.

"I wouldn't get too closer to her if I were you," Ruby said walking back behind the counter.

"Why?" Mary Margaret asked.

"She might make a move on you even though she is in love with the Mayor,"

"Oh my God, ew," Emma said "Stop that, Ruby I mean it"

"Excuse me, why ew?" Mary Margaret asked looking at Emma "Don't you think I'm attractive?"

"Oh my God," Emma said eyes widened and pink cheeks.

"I'll have you know I'm a very vibrant woman," Mary Margaret said in a serious tone.

"Well, I bet you are more vibrant than the Mayor" Ruby said poring coffee on Mary Margaret's cup.

"Oh my God, stop! Both of you!" Emma shouted.

"What is it that you don't like about me?" Mary Margaret asked.

"Oh, God," Emma said burring her face in her hands "Please, make this stop"

"She's in love with Regina" Ruby smirked.

"Really?" Mary Margaret said "That's so sweet, Emma"

"Thanks" Emma nodded embarrassed "I guess"

"But Regina, she is…" Mary Margaret frowned "I don't think she's good enough for you"

"Excuse me?" Emma asked.

"It's just that Regina…she…she's not exactly a warm person," Mary Margaret said "And I'm a little bit scared of her"

"Have you ever thought that Regina is like that because none of you ever gave her a chance?" Emma said angrily "Regina is the kindest and sweetest and loving person I have ever met in my life. Yes, she can be tough, but who can blame her? Look at the way you all talk about her! How could she be anything but? You are all so willing to think the worse of her that she might as well only give that to you"

"Emma…" Mary Margaret started to say.

"She made mistakes. We all did! There are no saints here, no heroes! We all have done things we wish we could take it back. Regina may have done more than many, but none of us is blameless" Emma said "She's not that much of a villain just like you are not that much of a hero"

"I'm sorry, Emma" Mary Margaret said "You are right. To tell you the truth, I don't even know Regina all that well"

"Right," Emma shook her head.

Emma held the fork and took a bite of the omelet. She shouldn't have done that. She was not supposed to make a big fuss in town, but how could she be silent when they were talking about her wife? Mary Margaret's words brought Emma right back to that hell months when they were trying to break them apart. To the months where David would tell Emma to exhaustion about what a horrible person Regina was. To the months where Mary Margaret would barge into the mansion demanding to see Emma. To the day when they tricked her saying they need help and David hit her in the head and took her to Gold's shop to get rid of the 'curse' Regina had put in her heart. Emma was furious that day! When Gold told them there was no curse on Emma the look of disbelief and absolute disgust on their faces was something that hunted Emma for weeks, because how could the product of true love fall in love with The Evil Queen? How could the daughter of two great heroes love the Villain? Emma broke into tears inside Regina's arms when she arrived in the mansion that night. Regina held her tightly in her arms and promised Emma to rip Snow White's heart out of her chest for good and that only made Emma cried even harder. She wanted them to get along. She didn't want the fight. She had never had a family before and she didn't want to choose between the two she had now. When Emma woke up the next morning, she was determined to leave Storybrooke for good. It wasn't worth being there anymore. Regina and Henry were her family. She was a grown woman now, she did not need parents anymore, especially parents who didn't approve of her relationship. They hated Regina. The whole town wanted her head. She shook Regina awake and told her she didn't want them to live in Storybrooke anymore. She told Regina she still had her apartment in Boston and asked her to pack her things because they were going to leave town. Regina held her face between her hands and gently kissed Emma on the lips and told her everything was going to be okay. She left the house that morning and didn't return for hours. Later that night, her parents show up in the mansion and Emma was all ready to start a fight when Regina informed her, she invited them for dinner. It wasn't easy as one, two, three but they managed to be half civil during dinner, and later on, they were able to be in the same room without wanting to murder each other. Of course, all of that changed when Regina found out she was pregnant and if you think that having Snow White and The Evil Queen as enemies were bad, imagining having Snow White and The Evil Queen as friends turning on you.

"I do think she is very pretty," Mary Margaret said taking Emma out of her thoughts.

"Oh, that she is" Ruby bit her lower lip "I'm not into women, but I'd totally bang her"

"Ruby, I have just about enough with your comments," Emma said seriously.

"What?" Ruby asked "It's a compliment. I think Regina's hot"

"You are hot too, Emma," Mary Margaret said sympathetically.

"Oh, God, just kill me" "Emma closed her eyes.

"So, how was your date with her?" Mary Margaret asked.

"Good, good," Emma said "It was good"

"They had breakfast here on Sunday," Ruby said in a gossip manner.

"Oh!" Mary Margaret said "So, the date was really good"

"Not like that," Emma said even though she wished it was like that "I just wanted to see her again, that's why I stop by her house in the morning"

"That's so sweet," Mary Margaret said putting her hand on her heart in a dramatic fashion "You are so in love with her. It's so romantic"

"I am," Emma smiled, "I think I fell in love with Regina the second I laid my eyes on her"

"That's not love, that's lust" Ruby pointed a finger at her.

"Ruby!" Mary Margaret scolded her.

"That too," Emma smirked and then remembered her mother was sitting right next to her and she cleared her throat "But it was also more than that. I can't really explain I guess the whole true love thing"

"True love?" Mary Margaret asked.

"The stuff you read in the books," Emma smiled embarrassed "You know when you meet someone and you just know that's the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?"

"You want to spend the rest of your life with Regina?" Mary Margaret asked.

"I think the rest of my life isn't nearly enough time to spend with her" Emma smiled and closed her eyes.

"Shit, that's romantic," Ruby said.

"It is," Mary Margaret smiled at Emma "I wish I can have something like that one day"

"You will," Emma said nodded "Both of you. I'm sure of it"

"Well, I guess you weren't hitting on me after all" Ruby laughed.

"You think?" Emma rolled her eyes.

"Mary Margaret, what are you doing here?" Ruby asked the woman "Shouldn't you be teaching or something"

"Not until ten," Mary Margaret said "Which reminds me, I came here for breakfast"

"Better ask for something savory" Ruby joked "We have enough of sweet with this one"

"Haha," Emma said before taking another bite of the omelet.

"Ruby, leave her alone," Mary Margaret said.

She placed her order with Ruby while Emma finished eating the omelet. When Emma was done, she told Ruby she was going to take Regina's lunch order to the Mayor's Office later and also asked her to put everything on her tab. She said goodbye to Mary Margaret and walked up to her room to catch some much-needed sleep.

She stripped out of her clothes and sat down on the bed with her cellphone. It had become a habit to look at the pictures of her family in the gallery before going to sleep. She set up the alarm for her lunch date with Regina and plugged the phone in the charger, before pulling the covers over her body and wish she would wake up at home before succumbing to slumber.

Storybrooke – Present Day

"Mommy, can we have wasagna for dinner tonight," Sammy asked looking up at Regina holding her hand.

"Lasagna" Regina corrected him "And yes, of course, we can"

"But no salads," Olie said making a face.

They were walking in the direction of David and Mary Margaret's loft. She had each twin on one side, holding her hand. It was still early in the morning, and they had just walked Henry to the bus stop. Her eldest son wasn't exactly thrilled about going to the bus stop with his mother and two younger siblings, but the four of them were going in the same direction. Regina at least spared him the embarrassment of kissing him on the cheek in front of his friends.

"Well, young lady, on weeks we eat salads," Regina said "Just like on Sunday's we have breakfast at Granny's"

"I like salads," Sammy said "When you eat them with the wasagna you don't even taste it"

"Like momma makes a boat with the leaf?" Olie asked tilting her head to the side to look at Sam.

"Boat with the leaf?" Regina frowned looking down at her little girl.

"Yeah, momma takes the green leaf you cut in the salad, and then she puts stuff and closes like a boat," Olie said.

"Are you talking about the lettuce?" Regina asked.

"Momma says its healthy taco" Sammy said "But I prefer regular tacos"

"Me too," Olie said next.

"When did your mom taught you that?" Regina asked.

"I dunno," Olie said "I can't count yet"

Regina laughed and shook her head. They arrived at the building and walked up the stairs, at a slow pace due to the twin's little legs. She could magic them all to their apartment, but Regina preferred only using magic on them when absolutely necessary.

After a few minutes, and three flights of stairs, they arrived in front of the door. Regina knocked on the door and didn't have to wait much longer before the door was open.

"Hey, Regina," David greeted her.

"Hi, David," Regina said back.

"Hi, grandpa," The twins said together.

"Hi, monkeys, come on in" David smiled "Grandpa is making pancakes"

"They already had breakfast," Regina said.

"We have room," Olie said.

"We always have room for pancakes," Sam said next.

"Of course, you do" Regina smiled.

She bent down on the floor and pulled the two kids together inside her arms. She squeezed them tight, kissed, and told them how much she loved them. They wiggled and laughed and told her they loved her too before running inside the loft.

"Hey, did you talk to Snow by any chance?" David asked.

"No, I haven't seen her," Regina said "Why?"

"I don't know, she left in a hurry this morning saying she needed to talk to you"

"I'll call her when I get to my vault," Regina said.

"Okay, good," David said "How's the search?"

"I'm going to look at some of the old books that belonged to my mom," Regina sighed "I hope I can find some sort of locating spell, one different from the one I know"

"But we will still need a bean, won't we?" David asked.

"Yes, but we need to find out where Emma is first," Regina said "And then we need to find out where the hell did Neal get that bean"

"I have the dwarfs watching Gold's shop twenty-four-seven," David said "If Neal show up, we'll know"

"Gold already cast a protection spell around the shop," Regina said.

"If he is in town, he will make a mistake," David said "And when he does, we'll be ready for him"

"Good!" Regina said seriously "I should go now. Call me if you need anything?"

"Of course," David said "Don't forget to call Snow"

"I won't"

Regina closed her eyes waved her hands in the air and soon the corridor was enveloped by purple smoke. When she opened them again, she was inside her vault and was startled by the sight of Snow White sitting on top of her trunk.

"Hey, Regina" Snow said.

"Hey," Regina said back, "David said you wanted to talk to me?"

"She loves you so much, Regina" Snow cried.

"What?" Regina asked confused.

"I had this vision of Emma," Snow nodded "We were talking and the way she talked about you, was…it was so beautiful, Regina"

"Vision?" Regina asked "What kind of vision?"

"Just a silly dream" Snow brushed off "But it told me so much! I showed me that I never really apologize to you"

"For what?" Regina frowned.

"For the things I did when I find out the two of you were together," Snow said "For doubting your love for my daughter"

"That's water under the bridge" Regina walked to the desk and sat on the edge "We both had a lot of history"

"But Emma didn't," Snow said "And I should have trusted her. I'm sorry, Regina"

"Well, I'm sorry too," Regina smiled softly.

"For what?" Snow asked.

"Do I have to pick one?" Regina smirked.

"Well, you did try to kill me multiple times" Snow arched an eyebrow.

"As I said, water under the bridge"

"Where are my grandchildren?" Snow asked.

"Henry is at school," Regina said "And I just dropped Olie and Sam with David"

"Good," Snow said, "You don't mind me helping today, do you?"

"No, not at all," Regina said and walked to a stone wall. She waved her hand in the air and the wall moved to the side, showing another room full of books behind "I'm gonna need help if I'm going through all of this"

"Regina, just how big is this place?" Snow asked.

"Big," Regina laughed.

Snow followed Regina inside the room and each one of them took a book from the shelf. They sat down on the floor and started to flip page by page in the hopes of finding a clue on how to bring Emma back home.

Chapter Text

"Hey," Emma said entering Regina's office "I brought lunch"

"Miss Swan," Regina looked at her from behind her desk "You are late!"

"Yeah, sorry," Emma laughed "Leroy"

"The towns drunk?" Regina asked while Emma put the bags on top of the desk.

"Yep!" Emma said "The idiot was hanging out by the convent. The nuns thought that was creepy and called us in"

"What was he doing there?" Regina frowned.

"Oh, he has a thing for one of the nuns"

"Seriously?" Regina asked making a face.

"Oh yeah," Emma laughed and walked to Henry's carriage. She bent down slightly and picked the boy up "Hi kiddo"

Emma smiled and kissed Henry's chubby cheek while he wiggled happily in her arms. She adjusted him properly in her arms and rocked the baby while he put his hand in and out of his mouth. Emma turned around and smiled at Regina who looked at her with a mix of surprise, suspicion, tenderness, and something else Emma couldn't quite put her finger on. Emma walked with Henry to the chair across from Regina and sat down adjusting Henry in her lap.

"Granny said the steak and quinoa salad was the order of the day," Emma said "I, myself got a burger"

"How do you even stay fit?" Regina asked, removing the contents from inside the bag.

"I work out a lot," Emma smiled "And thank you for checking me out"

"Please," Regina scoffed "I'm not checking you out"

"I see the way you look at my ass" Emma winked.

"Do you mind?" Regina said "My son is on your lap"

"He can't talk adult yet, can you, kiddo?" Emma said and kissed his cheek.

"I don't care," Regina said and opened her lunch "And I wasn't checking you out"

"Right" Emma smirked "Can you unwrap my burger? I only have one hand"

"You do know you can just put him back inside his carriage, right?" Regina said already unwrapping the burger.

"And miss my Henry time?" Emma said "No way!"

"Your Henry time?" Regina asked pushing the burger in Emma's direction.

"Yep!" Emma smiled and used her free hand to get the burger and give it a bite "So, I was thinking…"

"That's dangerous,"

"You know, that wasn't funny the first time you did it," Emma said seriously.

"What first time?"

"Nothing, never mind," Emma shook her head "But I was thinking, it's time we go out on our second date"

"What makes you think I want to go out on a second date with you?"

"Regina, please," Emma sighed "We basically have a date every day, for lunch. I just want to fancy things up a bit"

"When?" Regina asked, not looking at Emma.

"This Friday," Emma said, "How does seven sound?"

"I believe I can make that work,"

"Good!" Emma smiled "I'll pick you up"

"In the police car again?" Regina asked.

"Unless you want to walk"

"The things you subject me to," Regina rolled her eyes.

"You love it," Emma smiled at her.

"You wish!" Regina said taking another bite of the salad.

"The fries are yours, by the way," Emma said "I got the onion rings"

"I don't eat fries," Regina said seriously.

"Yes, you do," Emma rolled her eyes.

"You have a lot of assumptions about me, Miss Swan" Regina said.

"Was I wrong about any?" Emma asked cheekily.

"Not the point!"

"Just eat the damn fries, woman," Emma laughed "Its vegetable"

Regina rolled her eyes but a few minutes later she discretely reached for a French fry when she thought Emma wasn't looking. Just like her Regina did with the bacon. Emma shook her head and bounced Henry on top of her leg. The boy giggled and smiled happily at Regina.

When they finished eating, Regina collected all the trash while Emma put Henry back inside his carriage. The boy was already looking a little sleepy on her lap, barely keeping his head up. She carefully deposited him and kissed his forehead before wishing him a good nap. The boy blacked out before Emma even get up from inside the carriage. She saw Regina up looking out the window, arms crossed, at her apple tree. Emma walked behind her and gently placed her hand on her lower back. Regina gave a little jump at the contact.

"What are you looking at?" Emma asked softly.

"My apple tree," Regina said "I just wanted to make sure it still looks perfect"

"Why would it not?" Emma asked.

"I'm not sure," Regina said "I always fear someone will come into town and take it away from me"

"Maybe someone will come into town and give you everything you ever wanted it"

"I already have everything I want," Regina said turning around to look at Emma "I already won"

"Right," Emma said looking down and bit her lower lip before looking back at Regina again "We are good for Friday, right?"

"Yes, I believe so," Regina said.

"I need to go back to the station now," Emma said "Call me if you need anything?"

"I will," Regina smiled at her.

Emma smiled back, moving closer to Regina, and kissed her on the cheek. She closed her eyes for the briefest of seconds while her lips touched Regina's skin and inhaled her scent. Her shampoo, her perfume, her skin. It was all there, this was her wife and Emma felt her heart squeeze inside her chest. She didn't just want her. She needed her.

Emma moved back and felt the weight of Regina's curious eyes looking at her. Regina might not be a stranger to her, but Emma certainly still was a stranger to Regina. One, Emma could tell, Regina didn't completely trust. She didn't blame her though. She knew where she was coming from just like she knew trust is something you win with time. And time was something Emma did not have.

Emma smiled softly at her and squeezed her arm before leaving the office and sighed when she stepped outside. Was she doing the right thing? Was this right? Maybe she should just leave Regina alone and find a way herself to get back to her timeline. Perhaps she could even strike a deal with Gold, the man did owe her after all. The only reason she was in this mess was because of his damn offspring.

Emma entered the car and drove to the station. The past was the past, right? It already happened, she couldn't possibly break Regina's heart, could she? Because Emma didn't want that. Not at all! This was the last thing Emma wanted and if there was any chance of that happening, she was going to back the hell away from her. Emma would rather die before hurting Regina.

She arrived at the station with a heavy cloud above her head and sat down heavily on her chair, not even bothering to remove her jacket. For the first time, ever since Emma arrived at this version of Storybrooke, she wasn't sure she was doing the right thing.

"Hey, sister," Leroy said behind her "Can I go now?"

"Shut up, Leroy" Emma said.

"Hey, waving hands crazy," Leroy said "I've done nothing wrong"

"You were perving on the nuns"

"I wasn't perving," Leroy said defensively "I was just looking at one of them"

"Is that supposed to be any better?" Emma said spinning the chair around to look at him.

"I just think she is very pretty," Leroy said "She shouldn't be a nun"

Emma sighed heavily and bit her lower lip. The poor guy! Only if he knew that after the curse broke, Astrid not only left Storybrooke but also ran away with a fairy tale character whose name Emma could never remember leaving Leroy behind in a manner that made his real name count.

"I'll let you go," Emma said as she stood up from the chair "But promise me you are not going back to the convent?"

"I promise," Leroy said "I'm actually late for work at the hospital"

Emma opened the jail cell and let Leroy go. The man left the station in a hurry not even apologizing to Graham when he bumped into him on his way out.

"What did he do this time?" Graham asked sitting on the edge of Emma's desk.

"Perving on a nun," Emma said as she sat down on the chair.

"Ew," Graham said.

"She's not really a nun" Emma laughed.


"Well… let's just say she has doubts" Emma brushed off.

"Have you seen Regina lately?" Graham asked casually.

"I just left her office," Emma said "Why?"

"No reason" Graham shook his head "I have reports that need to be sent to the Mayor's office. If I knew you were going to be there, I would have sent them with you"

"We still have over two weeks before we need to send the reports to the Mayor's office," Emma said confused.

"These are the budget reports," Graham said.

"We only send them every six months"

"Unless we hire a new deputy for the department," Graham said "Then we need to send the report before the fifteen if you want to get pay fully"

"Oh!" Emma frowned "I didn't know that"

"Is Regina in her office?" Graham asked "I think I'll stop by to give her the budget"

"She is, but she's with Henry," Emma said "And he is sleeping right now. Trust me, you don't want to wake that kid from his nap time"

"She's always with him now, isn't she?"

"Well, he is a baby," Emma said "Give it to me, I'll drop by her house after my shift"

"I can do that too," Graham said.

"You are working until ten, I leave at five," Emma said.

"I'll just stop by tomorrow"

"Graham, what the hell?" Emma asked seriously "Just give me the damn budget so I can give it to Regina. There is no reason for you to go see her"

"You say that like I want to see her"

"Good!" Emma said feeling her blood boil "Then give me the budget report"

"Okay," Graham said throwing his hands in the air "If it means that much to you, here it is"

"Thank you," Emma said as she took the report from his hand.

Something bothered Emma when he gave her the file and she realized it was her lie detector. She got so unused to use her superpower, that it took her a while to notice what that annoyance was. Emma opened the report and frowned at what she saw.

"This isn't the budget report, Graham," Emma said.

"What?" He innocently asked.

"This isn't the budget report," Emma said slowly "Is there any reason why you don't want to give the report to me?"

"No, of course not," Graham said and looked at the pile of reports on the desk next to Emma's "Here it is"

Graham gave Emma the report and she immediately opened it to make sure it was the right one. It was. He walked back to his tiny office as Emma stared at his back. Why would Graham lie to her? Emma put the file on top of her desk and took another one she needed to work on that afternoon.

At six PM, Emma closed the last report on her desk. Her shift was over an hour ago, but Emma was halfway through the last report on her desk and she didn't want to reread everything all over again the next day. She didn't think it was going to take her one hour to finish the whole thing. Emma stretched her body on the chair and then moved her neck from one side to the other before getting up from the chair. She took her jacket from the back of the chair and looked at Graham, with his head down, through the glass while she put her jacket on. Emma bit her lower lip and wondered if there was anything behind the reason why he didn't want Emma to give Regina the budget file.

Emma shook her head and put the thought on the back of her mind. Graham didn't have any feelings for Regina, their relationship was just…better not think about that. Emma adjusted the jacket on her body and took the budget file from her desk before walking to Graham's office.

"Hey," Emma said by the door "I'm heading off"

"Okay," Graham smiled at her "Enjoy the rest of your night"

"Thanks" Emma half-smiled back.

Emma walked out of the station to the cold night of Storybrooke. The sky had been dark since four in the afternoon and her jacket was doing very little to keep the cold away. Emma closed her eyes as a blow of cold wind touched her face and thought about her wife and children and hoped that they were all home and safe and home goofing around while waiting for dinner to be ready. Emma sighed and opened her eyes again. She missed them so much and she could only imagine how Regina and the kids were dealing with her absence. Sam and Olie were so young, how could one explain a missing parent to their kids? She was missing so much already, every day she wasn't home was a day their kids were growing without their mother. Emma felt tears behind her eyes and let them fall freely down her face as she turned around and started to walk. She needed to go back home.

Emma walked without really paying attention to where she was going. She let out a small laugh and shook her head when she found herself in front of the mansion. She was home. Emma felt new tears behind her eyes again but quickly cleaned them with the back of her hand. She looked down at her other hand holding the budget file and sighed. At least she had a valid excuse to be here.

Emma took a deep breath in and opened the little gate in front of the mansion before walking the pathway to the front door. She put the file under her arm and used her hand to clean her face one more time before ringing the doorbell.

"What's wrong?" Regina asked worriedly when she opened the door.

"Nothing" Emma lied "Why?"

"You are crying," Regina said softly.

"Oh, it's… its nothing" Emma smiled sadly "It's just the cold"

"You are lying," Regina said looking deep into Emma's eyes "But that's okay. We all have our secrets"

"Yeah, I guess so," Emma said looking confused back at Regina.

"What are you doing here?" Regina asked.

"I came to give you this," Emma said handing Regina the file "You have to sign so I can receive a full payment for the month"

Emma felt her heart heavy when the words left her lips.

A month!

She couldn't be there for a month.

"Oh, of course," Regina said taking the file from Emma's hand "I'll sign and file when I get to the Mayor's office tomorrow morning"

"Thanks," Emma said looking down.

"Did you have dinner yet?" Regina asked.

"No," Emma looked back at Regina "I just left the station and came straight here"

"You could just bring it with you for our lunch date tomorrow" Regina smiled.

"Well, I don't exactly mind seen you more than once a day" Emma smiled back.

"Come on in," Regina tilted her head "I could use some help in the kitchen. I really hate chopping onions"

"Yeah, I know," Emma laughed as she walked past Regina.

"You know?" Regina asked as she closed the door.

"I mean, who doesn't?" Emma said and quickly changed the subject "Where is Henry?"

"In the kitchen" Regina smiled "He is my cooking mascot"

"Awww," Emma said looking adorably back at Regina.

Emma walked ahead of Regina to the kitchen where she found baby Henry in his baby chair on top of the kitchen island. Emma quickly walked to him and Henry smiled happily when he saw her face invading his space.

"Hi, baby boy," Emma said in a small voice smiling while tickling his tummy "Hi!"

"He seems to really like you," Regina said "He is not that warm with other people but you"

"That's because I'm his…" Emma said but stopped half sentence.

"His what?" Regina asked.

"His buddy" Emma swallowed dry "I'm his buddy"

Emma's features hardened when she said that. She closed her eyes and breathe in and out, letting the anger leave her body. She wasn't his buddy, she was his mother and it hurt Emma not to say that because there was a time in the past where that was exactly what she was to Henry, his fairy tale buddy. Not his mother! And that was a place Emma never wished to be put again. She was Henry's mother. She was Henry, Samuel, and Olivia's mother.

"You can chop the vegetables while I get the rice going," Regina said pulling Emma out of her train of dark thoughts.

"What?" Emma asked looking back at her.

"Dinner," Regina frowned.

"Oh, right" Emma shook her head "What are we having?"

"Coconut milk tilapia with…"

"Garlic rice" Emma finished for her.

"Yes, how did you know?" Regina asked.

"I figured with all the ingredients on the sink," Emma said sadly "I love this dish"

"Me too," Regina smiled "And I don't mean to be a snob, but I make this dish with perfection"

"I bet," Emma laughed.

Emma walked to the sink next to Regina and started to chop everything thinking about the first time Regina made that dish for her. Regina had invited Emma for dinner for their third date. Henry was going to spend the weekend away in a school camp out in the woods to study nature. Regina called Emma in the afternoon and asked her to spend the weekend in the mansion with her and when Emma asked when she should come over Regina said: Friday night. I'll make us dinner, and you can consider this our third date… And you know what happens on the third date. Emma had been on edge all day that Friday and when her shift finished at seven, she stormed off to the mansion. Regina made them the coconut tilapia with garlic rice for dinner and Emma almost literally licked her plate and later that night, Emma ended up licking something else from Regina that was equally tasty.

She finished chopping everything and while Regina worked her magic, Emma fed Henry his bottle. The fish was smelling heavenly in the oven and for the briefest second, Emma forgot about the situation as she closed her eyes and pretended she was home. Home with Regina, the Regina who knew who she was, the Regina who loved her just as much as she did. She pretended Henry, her big boy Henry, was in the living room with Olie and Sam and for a magical second, she could hear their laughter echoing in the house.

"Are you okay?" Regina asked pulling Emma out of her fantasy.

Emma opened her eyes and saw Regina staring at her. She was so beautiful, but not just on the outside. Once Regina let go of all her anger, hate and search for revenge, she bloomed into a loving, sarcastic as fuck creature that Emma loved with every fiber of her being. She loved Regina. She loved everything about her, every inch of her body. And most importantly, she loved the life they build together. This was her Regina. She was always her Regina.

"I am" Emma smiled and then looked down at Henry's empty bottle "And I believe this little guy is done with his dinner"

Regina smiled at her and moved to take Henry from her arms. She put the cloth over her shoulder and held Henry there, rubbing his back waiting for him to barf.

After Henry barfed, Regina put him back inside his chair on top of the island. The little boy fell asleep the second his back touched the comfy chair, and Regina arranged the blankets around him.

Regina set the table in the dining room with Emma's help. She took the steamy coconut fish to the table while Regina carried the rice and salad. When they sat down, Regina poured them a glass of wine and Emma made a toast. She toasted Regina, as she always did and the smile Regina gave her never failed to make her heart skipped a beat.

Emma took a bite of the food and closed her eyes. It tasted exactly the same and Emma didn't know why she was surprised about that. Regina asked her if anything interesting happened after they saw each other in her office, but Emma didn't have anything new to tell her. Well, there was the thing with Graham but he was definitely not a subject Emma wished to discuss. She asked Regina how the rest of her day was and couldn't help the smile that formed on her lips while Regina proudly described a new baby noise Henry had made that day. Regina was positively sure he was about to say "momma" even though he was way too young for that yet and probably was just making his usual baby noises.

When they finished dinner, Emma helped Regina cleaning the kitchen. She insisted on washing the dishes that couldn't go into the dishwasher but Regina just brushed her off. Emma was her guest. Emma put the leftovers in the fridge and watched Regina. She looked so incredibly beautiful, it was amazing how the blue dress hugged every curve of her body with perfection. Regina finished washing the dishes and dried her hands in the dishcloth. The domesticity of them working together in the kitchen, the meal they have just shared, everything was almost too much for Emma. She was home, this was her home, and that woman right in there in front of her, she was her wife.

"You look so beautiful, Regina," Emma said simply.

"Oh," Regina said timidly at the unexpected comment "Thank you"

Emma walked closer to Regina and put her hand on Regina's cheek. She pressed their foreheads together, so close that the air she was breathing was coming out of Regina's lips. Her heart was racing inside her chest as her breathing became erratic with the need of pressing her lips against Regina's, the need to feel her wife kissing her back, the need to explore every inch of her body. Regina looked at Emma and bit her lower lip. Emma could feel her heart was racing too and she was just waiting for Emma to make the first move.

"Regina, there is something I need to tell you" Emma breathed out looking into her eyes.

"What is it?" Regina whispered.


And then everything turned black. The lights went off and Emma couldn't see Regina anymore, she could only feel the closeness of their bodies still pressed close together. Emma swallowed dry while Regina took a step back and Emma felt her heart squeezed inside her chest at the loss of contact with Regina's body. The moment was gone.

"I think the power went off," Regina said somewhere in the kitchen.

"Did that ever happen before?" Emma asked worriedly.

"Once or twice," Regina said back "A fuse must have blown in the electricity building"

"Oh, okay," Emma said "Where is the flashlight?"

"It's in the garage," Regina said "But I have candles here"

Emma heard Regina opening a few drawers and one or two minutes later the orange and blue flames were dancing on top of the candlestick Regina was holding. The kitchen was dimly lit, but Emma could see Regina's face with perfection.


Regina took the candlestick and walked to check on Henry inside his chair on top of the kitchen island. He was still dead to the world. Regina walked back to the sink and lit another candle and this time, the kitchen became a little brighter.

"So," Regina said, "What is it that you wanted to tell me?"

"Right," Emma shook her head "There is something that I've been meaning…"

A knocked on the front door echoed inside the house and once again, Emma was cut off before she had a chance to say anything. Regina jumped at the sound and Emma immediately walked to where she was standing, putting herself in front of her.

"Are you expecting anyone?" Emma asked.

"No, I'm not"

"Stay here with Henry," Emma said and took one of the candlesticks "I'll go see who's at the door"

Emma walked to the front door and checked behind her jeans to make sure her gun was in place. Who the hell could be on Regina's door at that hour during a blackout? Emma's mind raced back to the days where the curse was broken and the riot of fairy tale characters marching for Regina's head. She particularly remembered one night where the dwarfs tried to broke the mansion's door and only stopped when Emma fired her gun into the air. They backed away that night and Emma had to deal with Mary Margaret and David the next saying she could have hurt one of them as if they didn't go to the mansion to hurt Regina.

"Who is it?" Emma asked.

Nobody answered her but another knock came right after her question and Emma could swear it was even louder. She didn't like that. Emma reached behind her back and took her gun, holding it in front of her when she opened the door all at once.

"Shit! Put that thing down, Emma"

"Graham," Emma said angrily "What the hell are you doing here?"

"What are you doing here?" Graham asked.

"Emma who is…" Regina's voice came behind her "Sheriff!"

"Madam Mayor," Graham said, "Are you okay, Ma'am?"

"Yes, I'm fine," Regina said "What are you doing here?"

"I was making my rounds when the power went off," Graham said "I just wanted to make sure you were safe"

"Oh, thank you," Regina smiled "But I'm okay"

"She's fine Graham," Emma said annoyed "You can go away now"

"Actually, I need you to come with me," Graham said.

"Why?" Emma asked "My shift is over"

"I know, but with the lights off I need my men out on the streets," Graham said "You are gonna have to come with me, we are making the rounds in pairs until the problem is solved"

"Are you serious?" Emma asked.

"It's our duty," Graham said "Don't you agree Madam Mayor?"

"Oh, I… Yes, I believe so" Regina said weakly behind Emma.

"I'm not gonna leave Regina and Henry alone," Emma said seriously.

"No, Emma, it's okay," Regina said "We'll be fine"

"Are you sure?" Emma asked.

"Yes," Regina said softly "We'll be okay"

"Okay," Emma sighed and looked at Graham "Give me your flashlight"

"What?" Graham asked.

"Give me your flashlight," Emma repeated herself "Regina only has candles in the house and I don't know if the flashlight in the garage has a battery"

Graham walked past Emma and entered the house. He stopped in front of Regina and took her hand, giving her his flashlight.

"Call me if you need anything"

Emma felt her blood boil.


He was hitting on her wife right in front of her.

"Thanks," Regina said neutrally.

Graham turned around and walked back outside again, waiting for Emma by the door. Emma walked to the sideboard and put the candlestick carefully on top of it before walking to where Regina was. She held her face between her hands and kissed her cheek, her lips touching the corner of Regina's mouth. Regina closed her eyes and Emma's heart danced in happiness inside her chest when Regina's hands covered hers.

"Call me if you and the kid need anything, okay?" Emma said.

"I will," Regina breathed out.

Emma kissed her cheek one last time before walking out of the mansion to the cold night. She walked beside Graham until they reached the Sheriff's cruiser. She wanted to kick his ass. Badly!

What the hell was he doing?

Emma was confused as she looked at him. He didn't like Regina, he never did. Why was he acting so strange? Emma shook her head and looked out the window. Perhaps she was reading way too much into this. She knew Graham didn't have any feelings for Regina, the asshole literally asked her out while having an affair with Regina.

Emma bit her lower lip and smirked.

She had nothing to worry about.


Storybrooke – Present Day

"This is all useless," Regina said as she threw a book at the wall in her vault.

"Regina!" Mary Margaret scolded her.

"This is all useless, there is nothing here," Regina said walking from one side to the other "There is nothing that will tell me how to bring Emma back"

"Regina we'll find a way" Mary Margaret said from the floor "You know us! We always find each other"

"How?" Regina asked "How the hell am I supposed to find her if I don't even know where she is"


"And these dreams, these dreams that I keep having of her," Regina said in a choked voice "I know they mean something, I know they do but… It's not possible, is it?"

"What isn't?" Mary Margaret asked.

"That Emma is…"

They were interrupted by the sound of Regina's cellphone ringing. She walked to the other room in her vault where she left her cellphone on top of the desk and looked at the caller ID.

"David?" Regina asked when she answered the phone "What's wrong?"

"Hey, Regina, look everything is fine, okay? just know that first"

"David?" Regina asked worriedly.

"We are at the hospital"


Regina dropped the cellphone on the floor when Snow entered the room. She asked Regina what was wrong but Regina was already waving her hands in the air and purple smoke enveloped the two of them. When Regina opened her eyes, she was inside the hospital and saw David with Sam and Olie in a gurney behind the glass door. She ran in their direction and squeezed them inside her arms.

"I'm sorry, Mommy," Sammy said between sobs.

"Sorry, Mommy," Olie said while crying too "We were just trying to help"

"What happened?" Regina asked desperately.

She checked on her children running her hands all over their bodies. They were dirty with earth all over their hands and legs with leaves trapped on their hair. Sam looked fine, he only had a few scratches on his hands and knees but her little girl seemed to have a nasty cut above her left lip that Regina couldn't quite see the extension of since it had been already patched up.

"David?" Regina asked when she turned around to face him.

David sighed before telling her what happened.

"Regina, I am so sorry," David started to say, "They asked me to take them to the playground in the woods and I did. When we got there, they say they wanted to play police and thief and I was supposed to be the thief. They took my handcuffs and, well, arrested me"

"What?" Regina asked looking back at her children.

They didn't look back at her. They were staring at the floor.

"Next thing I know they started to dig a hole on the ground where Emma had fallen. When I asked what they were doing they said they were going to bring their momma back home"

"Oh my God," Regina sobbed.

"I tried to get the keys from my pocket but as you can imagine, it wasn't an easy job. Olie was walking up because she wanted to take her bucket from the Castle to help dig the hole but she lost her balance and rolled down. There was a beer bottle broken and she ended up cutting her lip"

Regina placed her hand above her heart and looked at her children as the tears fell down her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Mommy," Olie cried "I just wanted momma home. I miss momma"

"I miss momma too," Sam cried as well.

Regina felt her heart squeezed in pain inside her chest. She held her children inside her arms and they hugged her as tightly as she hugged them. She let out a sob as her mind drifted off momentarily to Emma. She missed her too and not being able to find her, felt like a failure. She was failing children. She was failing Emma.

"I know you miss Momma," Regina said when she broke apart from them "I miss Momma too. But it's not your job to find her. It's mine!"

"We just wanted to help," Olie said.

"I know you did, sweetheart," Regina said looking at Olie "But Momma is not under the ground"

"Then where is my momma?" Sam asked.

"That's what Mommy is trying to figure out," Regina said running her hand on his cheek.

"I'm sorry, Mommy" Olie cried.

"It's okay, sweetie," Regina kissed her hair.

"I'm sorry, grandpa," Sam said looking at David.

"Sorry, grandpa," Olie said mimicking her brother.

"It's okay, monkeys" David smiled at them.

Whale entered the room talked to Regina. He explained the cut on Olie's lip was deep and that he had to give her a couple of stitches and that she might get a scar there. He also gave Regina a bottle of pills and he told her to break in half in case she felt any pain. Regina took the pills but she knew she wasn't going to use them. If her children were in pain, she would just magic the pain away.

They left the hospital with Olie tangled on Regina's neck and Sam on Snow's. They arrived at the mansion and Snow helped Regina bathe the children and after that, they went to the living room to watch tv. They nestled themselves on Regina's body and only broke away from her when Henry arrived home. They told Henry of their adventures and Olie even showed her bruise with pride.

Regina excused herself from them and walked to the kitchen to start making dinner. She was urging to have coconut tilapia with garlic rice ever since she woke up that morning.

"Hi, mom," Henry said entering the kitchen "Can I help you?"

"Hi, sweetie," Regina smiled at him "No, it's okay. I got it"

"You making coconut tilapia?" Henry asked "I love that"

"Yeah, it's your Ma's favorite too" Regina smiled.

"Let me help you," Henry said "I know you hate chopping onions"

Regina smiled and felt something weird in her belly. Didn't Emma say something similar in one of her dreams? Regina shook her head and decided to put thoughts of Emma in the back of her mind until her children were tucked in bed. Henry helped Regina to cut the vegetables (Even with her saying he didn't need to but he knew how much she hated to cut onions) and forty minutes later, the mansion was smelling deliciously with the dinner Regina had just made.

They set the table and when everybody was gathered around it, the power suddenly went off and everything turned black. Regina told everyone to stay put while she walked to the kitchen and took the candles from the last drawer. She lit the candle and when she looked to her side, she saw the clear image of Emma's beautiful face watching her in the dark. Regina felt her heart raced inside her chest as she thought that maybe, just maybe, her crazy dreams about Emma weren't really dreams at all.

Chapter Text

Emma was walking from one side to the other in her room at Granny's. Her mind was a spiral of thoughts about everything that had happened last night. She got so close to telling Regina the truth. So close to tell her who she really was and ask her for her help. So close to finally have a chance to find a way to go back home.

Emma buried her face inside her hands and let out a scream.

She needed to find a way to get back home.

The blackout last night scared her. For a moment there she thought all the weird things that happened when she first arrived in Storybrooke were happening all over again.

She thought the curse was getting weak.

That couldn't happen.

She couldn't break the curse.

There was no telling what could happen if she broke the curse before it was time. What would that mean in the future? What could happen with Regina and her children?

Breaking the curse was not a possibility.

Luckily, what happened last night was truly just an unfortunate coincidence. Emma forced Graham to drive her to the electricity company building. She needed to make sure it was just a coincidence, that the blackout wasn't a sign of something bigger.

Emma rushed inside the building with a confused Graham tagging along right behind her. She found some of the dwarfs working underground and one of them had, not so patiently, explained to her that one of the fusils had blown up due to an overcharge in the system. Emma asked if that was something that had ever happened before and was relieved when he said yes even though he couldn't say when exactly.

Emma smiled at him and nodded. If it was up to her, he would spend the next ten years still not knowing.

And then, there was Graham.

Emma's hands close into a fist as she kept on walking around the room. What the fuck was that last night? Why the hell did he do that? The way he questioned Emma about being in Regina's house, the way he pressed the flashlight against her palm.

What the hell was he doing?

This was not the Graham she met before. The Graham she met asked her out when he was still seeing Regina. That fucking asshole! The Graham she met told her he didn't like Regina that way. And most importantly, the Graham she met walked away when Emma told him she was in love with Regina.

He was off the hook now, Regina broke things off with him because of Henry. Not only that he told Emma he didn't like her, that he didn't even know why was he with her. Then why did it feel like he cared? Why was he acting like he wanted to be with Regina?

Okay, technically, at some point after Henry grew up, Regina had resumed her relationship with Graham and Emma would have to swallow that but right now they were broken off and hell would freeze over before Emma let Graham touch a single hair on Regina's hair while she was here.

Emma sat down heavily in the bed and then let her body fall on top of it staring up at the ceiling. What a fucking mess she was in. Emma hoped to God Regina had kick Neal's ass because if she didn't, Emma certainly would.

Emma looked to her side and stretched her arm in bed tapping the mattress for her phone. She put on her password and clicked the gallery icon, smiling when the image appeared on the screen. It was her and Regina sitting on the front porch of the mansion with Olie and Sam sitting on their feet and Henry behind them. Emma held the phone above her heart and closed her eyes remembering that day. It was the twin's three years old birthday party and they had decided to make a small gathering in their backyard.

"Emma, will you stop?" Regina asked "You can't just keep magicking everything they ask you"

"It's their birthday" Emma pouted "What is the point of having magic if I can't give my children shining flying stars?"

"Because you are not supposed to be using magic that lightly," Regina rolled her eyes "Magic always comes with a price"

"Yeah, and the price is their happiness," Emma said "Look at them, Regina! They are having fun"

Emma walked behind Regina and wrapped her arms around her waist. She kissed her neck and scrapped her teeth lightly on her flesh making Regina let out a small giggle as they looked at their children in the backyard. Olie and Sam were enveloped by shining silver stars and a moon above their head. They laughed as they tried to catch them, but the illusion always disappeared the second they touched even though that didn't stop them from trying. Olie jumped high, as high as her little legs would let her, trying to catch the moon.

Emma smiled and waved her hand slightly on Regina's waist and a magical white unicorn appeared and stopped right next to them. They were scared and took a step back but Emma waved her hand again to make the unicorn look smaller. They slowly approached the unicorn and patted him with his tiny's hands.

"Look, mommy," Olie said looking at Regina "He is small, like me"

"Yeah, he is," Regina smiled.

"Momma, can we walk on him?" Sam asked looking at Emma.

"Sure you can kid," Emma said and then whispered in Regina's ear "Babe, how do I make it solid?"

"You are asking me?"

"I don't know how to make it solid yet," Emma pouted, "For them?"

Regina smirked and waved her hand in the air, making the unicorn looking real.

"You have got to teach me how to do that" Emma said mesmerized.

"You have an hour," Regina said and turned her head to kiss Emma "Go help them. I'll go check on the cake"

Regina let go of Emma's embrace but before she could go, Emma grabbed her hand and pulled her inside her arms. She looked at Regina and smiled before tucking a lock of hair behind her ear and kiss her.

"Did I tell you how much I love you today?" Emma asked when they broke apart.

"Only once when we woke up," Regina smiled, trapping her lower lip between her teeth.

"I love you, Regina," Emma said "You gave me everything"

"I could say the same about you," Regina said looking into Emma's eyes.

"Mommy, Momma no kissing" Olie shouted "Enwy say it's gross"

"It's not," Sam said looking at Olie "It's cute. But not on beakfast Sunday, because we take foooooooeeeeeeevveeerr to go"

"They are so your children" Regina laughed.

"You bet you sweet beautiful ass they are" Emma laughed back.

Emma gave Regina one last quick kiss before letting go of her. She walked to her children and put them on top of the Unicorn that she magicked to be a little bigger than it was before and walked beside them in a magical pathway of shining stars and a big moon.

By the end of the party, they were all beat. Well, the adults were, the kids seemed to be energized, and Emma wondered if they were just going to flop in bed later or spend the night running in the house. She hoped for the first option. They had just finished carrying everything inside the house and were saying their goodbyes to her parents when Mary Margaret decided to take a picture of them. They all sat down on the front porch and smiled at the camera when she said cheese.

Emma let the tears fall down on the corners of her eyes as the memories of that day slowly faded away. She took a deep breath in and sighed. She missed her family.

She needed to find something concrete that could help her go back home.

Emma stood up from the bed and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. She washed her hair and when she was done, Emma cursed under her breath for not having the power to just wave her hand in the air and just have perfect dry hair.

After Emma finished with her hair (That she had to tie into a ponytail because she was too lazy to dry properly and now her hair was all frizzy) she changed and walked down the stairs to Granny's diner. She sat down by the counter and looked at her phone while waiting for someone to come and take her order.

"That's a curious phone you have there," Ruby said behind her.

"What?" Emma asked looking back at Ruby who started walking up behind the counter.

"Your phone," Ruby said "I've never seen one like that"

"Oh, it's….imported" Emma smiled nervously.

"It looks cool," Ruby said "What can I get ya, sweetie?"

"Oh, just coffee and grilled cheese," Emma said.


Ruby walked to the orders windows and hang Emma's order before walking back to her.

"So, how is the thing with Regina going?" Ruby asked.

"Good. They are good" Emma said and frowned "Ruby, can I ask you something?"


"Have you ever seen Regina with Graham?" Emma asked.

"Yes, several times," Ruby said "She's the Mayor and he is the Sheriff"

"No, I mean like…. Not just professionally" Emma said.

"You mean like romantically?" Ruby asked.

"Yes," Emma said making a disgusting face.

"I don't think so," Ruby said "Why? You have something juicy to tell?"

"No," Emma laughed "I just… I don't know"

"I don't think he likes Regina, sweetie," Ruby said squeezing Emma's hand on the counter "I'm pretty sure you are the only one who does"

"Ruby…" Emma warned her.

"Listen, I'm totally changing the way I see her because of you," Ruby said "I used to think she was such a bitch! Now, I still think that but…well, so am I"

"And that's better how?" Emma asked.

"I'll judge her less," Ruby laughed "Maybe"

"I don't even know what is that supposed to mean"

Ruby smirked and walked away from Emma to take the order of a newly arrived customer. Emma's phone vibrated on top of the counter and she quickly picked it up to see a text from Regina. Emma unlocked the phone and tapped the messenger icon.

"Miss Swan,

I will have to cancel our lunch appointment for this afternoon.

Unfortunately, I have a work schedule ahead of me that will make it impossible for me to attend.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Regina Mills."

Emma sighed and scratched her head when she finished reading. She tapped the answer button and type a quick response back.

"Hey, no worries.

I guess I'll see you tomorrow. Don't work too hard.

I mean it, Regina!

Give Henry a kiss for me?


Emma put the phone down as Ruby put her order right in front of her.

"Granny wants to know what you and Regina want for lunch today?" Ruby asked.

"Oh! Regina just texted" Emma said "She'll be busy today so, it's just me"

"I thought you say you two were good"

"We are!" Emma protested "She's just busy at work"

"If you say so…"


Ruby threw her hands in the air and left to attend another table. Emma ate her breakfast quickly and left the diner after telling Ruby to put it on her tab and for a brief moment there, Emma hoped she was back home already by the time she had to pay for this tab.

Emma walked to the Sheriff's Station paying attention to everything around her. She wanted to make sure nothing has changed, that everything was still the same. She stopped in front of the clock tower to make sure all the pointers were exactly where they should be. To make sure they hadn't changed, that they didn't move a single inch. They didn't. Emma smiled relief and turned around to resume her walk back to the station.

When Emma arrived, there was no sign of Graham and she couldn't decide if that was a good thing or not. She didn't want to confront him about Regina but at the same time, she did. She simply couldn't figure out what the hell was Graham even doing! He didn't like Regina, he never did, so why all of sudden was him acting as he did? Was Emma reading too much into this? Maybe she was! She was probably just annoyed about the fact that Regina was her wife and he was… her wife's ex.

Emma sat down on the chair at putting her feet up on the desk. She had nothing to do, especially with both extra hours she did the night before but Emma wanted to make sure she had the whole weekend off this week. That was vital to her plan. She was going to take Regina out on a second date Friday and she was determined to tell her the whole truth. Who knows? Maybe by this time next week she would be home, trapped inside the bedroom with her wife.

Emma closed her eyes and smiled goofily at that.

She walked to Graham's office and took a couple of reports that were on top of his desk. Perhaps that could help clear the air between them. Emma walked back to her desk and once again, sat down on the chair and put her feet up as she started to read the report.

By the time the clock hit four in the afternoon, Emma had already done five reports that were on Graham's desk, walked back and forth to Granny's for lunch, and had now just clicked upload on the sixth report and she still had a good hour before her shift was officially over.

With nothing else to do, Emma decided to play a game of darts. She threw one dart after another but she never seems to hit the tiny red circle right in the center of the board. She walked to the board and picked up the darts again and the second time around was even worse. Not only she didn't hit the center but half of them ended up on the floor.

She had one last dart to throw before collecting all of them again. She positioned the dart between her fingers and focused on the center of the board. She trapped her lower lip between her teeth and closed one eye before moving her hand back to gain impulse and then release the dart. Emma was sure her dart was going to finally hit the red center this time but then, another dart came out of nowhere not only making Emma's dart fall on the floor but also, hitting the red center.

"What the hell?" Emma said looking at the board.

"Sorry," Graham said behind her "But you were going to miss it anyway"

"Graham," Emma said surprised, "I thought you weren't going to come in today. You've been gone all day"

"Oh, yeah, sorry," Graham said as he walked to his office "I was with the Mayor"

"Excuse me?" Emma asked feeling her heart raced inside her chest.

"I was at the council's meeting," Graham said "It took literally all day"

"Oh! Why didn't you tell me?" Emma asked "I wouldn't have minded having gone there"

"You are a deputy," Graham said "You are not allowed at the meetings"

"I'm sure Regina would make an exception," Emma said dryly.

"Perhaps," Graham said and walked inside his office "Where are my reports?"

"I've finished them," Emma said behind him.

"Oh, thank you, Emma," Graham said "Sorry it took me so long to come back but after the meeting, I had to help Regina with Henry"

"Why?" Emma asked seriously.

"Baby stuff," Graham said "For a tiny person he sure needs a lot of things"

"Well, he is a baby," Emma said.

"Yeah, I drove Regina and Henry back home and then had to walk back to City Hall to pick up my car"

"You drove Regina home?" Emma asked, "Why the hell did you have to do that?"

"Well, she was tired, I figured it was the least I could do"

"Did she asked you to do that?" Emma asked angrily.

"No," Graham said "I offered"

"Graham, listen…"

"You can go home if you want to," Graham interrupted her "I'll take it from here"

Graham closed the door on Emma's face letting her standing there for a second too long. Emma shook her head and turned around to take her jacket from the back of the chair before leaving the station.

Outside, Emma fished the phone out of her pocket and dialed the number she knew by heart. The phone rang once, twice and then….


"Regina, hey, it's me" Emma greeted.

"Miss Swan," Regina said, "What can I do for you?"

"You sound tired, is everything okay?"

"Yes, I'm just…" Regina sighed "tired"

"I'm sorry," Emma said sympathetically "How about I pick up something to eat at Granny's and then bring it over to your place?"

"Thank you, Miss Swan, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to pass," Regina said "I'd like to have a quiet night tonight"

"Oh, yes, okay," Emma said "Call me if you need anything?"

"Of course,"



"We are still on for our lunch date tomorrow, right?" Emma asked feeling her heart race a marathon inside her chest.

"Absolutely," Regina said on the other side.

Emma smiled and let out a puff of air she didn't even know she was holding.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Miss Swan,"

"I'll see you tomorrow, Regina,"

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina was walking from one side to the other in her room. She couldn't sleep the night before, her mind was a whirlwind of thoughts and she couldn't quite focus on any of them. The image of Emma in the dark and then all the memories that rushed behind her eyes… could that be true? Could that be real? Could that really be Emma?

Regina closed her eyes and ran her fingers in her hair. She needed to study that in her mother's books, she needed to be sure before telling anyone else of her suspicions. She looked to her bed, at the sleeping forming of her babies, and sighed. She did need to look for answers, but not today. What happened with Olie yesterday, broke her heart. Their children missed their mom, but Emma wasn't the only one they were missing.

She cried nearly the whole night after they fell asleep. She had them tucked in, one in each side of her body last night while reading them a book. Olie tried to smile up at her, but her lips hurt when she did. She told Regina that even though her lips hurt she was happy that she got to have her mommy reading her a bedtime story. When was the last time Regina read them a story before bedtime? They weren't used to spend the whole day with either Mary Margaret or David, she and Emma always made sure one of them stayed with their children. Their routine had changed dramatically since Emma went missing and Regina was just now realizing how much.

Regina sat down on the bed and ran her fingers on Olie's hair. She looked so much like Emma even though Emma always said Olie looked like Regina. But the truth was that both Olie and Sam were a perfect mix of the two of them. Their little miracle.

Regina was so happy when she found out she was pregnant with them. She had been feeling sick for weeks and there was only so much she could blame on food. One morning it got so bad that Regina was sure Snow was poisoning her food or something horrible like that.

"Babe?" Emma said knocking on the door "You feeling sick again, aren't you?"

"Yes, your mother is poisoning me," Regina said feeling another wave of sickness.

"Well, she could, but considering you don't eat her food when we show up for dinner, I doubt that's the case" Emma laughed "Can I come in?"

"No, I'm disgusting"

"Baby, please?" Emma said "In sickness or health, right?"

"We are not married yet," Regina said and threw up on the toilet.

"Excellent timing, baby" Emma smirked.

"Hilarious, Miss Swan"

Regina flushed the toilet and walked to the sink. She looked at her reflection and made a face. She looked terrible. She quickly brushed her teeth and used mouth wash before waving her hands in the air to make herself look more presentable.

"How are you feeling?" Emma asked when Regina opened the door.

"Like crap," Regina said.

"How long has this been going on?" Emma asked.

"A few weeks," Regina said as she sat down on the bed.

"If I didn't know any better, I would say you are pregnant" Emma laughed.

"Excuse me?"

"Oh, it's just that I had a lot of morning sickness when I was pregnant with Henry," Emma said and held Regina's face between her hands "Maybe we should go see a doctor"

"The only doctor in this town tried to choke me to death, remember?" Regina said looking at Emma.

"Yeah, remind me to punch him in the face for that" Emma said angrily.

"Gladly," Regina smiled.

"Okay, I have to go to the station," Emma said "Call me if you feel sick again, okay?"

"I will,"

"I love you," Emma said and kissed Regina's cheek.

"I love you too,"

Emma left the house but Regina couldn't quite shake her words out of her head. That was impossible, wasn't it? She heard of same-sex true lovers being able to make a life back in the enchanted forest, Emma herself was the product of true love, but was their love strong enough for that?

Regina closed her eyes and smiled at the possibility. After all, their love was strong enough to break her curse.

But then Regina shook her head and sighed.

She was barren. That potion she took to spite her mother so long ago made it impossible for her to ever grow a life inside of her.

But still, the thought of that chased Regina. She kept going back and forth with the possibility until she couldn't handle it anymore and magicked tons of pregnancy tests onto her bed. She ran downstairs to the kitchen and drunk a lot of water before going back up. She took about twenty tests and they all had the same result.


Regina smiled between tears as she looked at all the tests from all the different brands she took.

She was pregnant.

Life was growing inside her.

She was going to be a mother again.

But her happiness didn't last long because soon fear started to crawl under her skin.

What if Emma didn't believe her? What if Emma thought Regina had cheated on her? They were two women after all and Emma was still so new at a world with magic.

Regina felt her heart raced inside her chest and her palms get sweaty. Tears started to fall down her eyes as she imagined a thousand scenarios of Emma walking away from her.

Of her being a single mom again.

Of her child growing without her mother.

Regina put her hand above her belly and cried.

Perhaps losing Emma was her punishment for all the bad things that she did.

"Regina?" Emma shouted, "Regina, where are you?"

Regina turned her head to the door and waited for Emma to appear.

This was it.

Today was the day she was losing the woman she loved.

"Regina?" Emma rushed through the door and kneeled in front of her "What's wrong?"

"What are you doing home?" Regina asked between tears "I thought you were at the station"

"I was until a felt a pang of pain in my heart stronger than anything I ever felt before," Emma said "I knew it had something to do with you so I ran back home. What's going on? Did somebody hurt you?"


"Tell me who it was and I'll fucking kill them," Emma said angrily squeezing Regina's hand.

"I'm pregnant," Regina whispered.

"What?" Emma asked looking eyes widened at her.

"I'm pregnant," Regina said again looking deeply into Emma's eyes.

"You are pregnant," Emma let go of Regina's hand and fell on the floor.

Her iris kept running from one side to the other in her eyes as Emma tried to process what Regina had just told her.

Emma lifted her head and her eyes met Regina's.

She was so beautiful.

She was the love of her life.

And she was about to lose her.

"We are having a baby?" Emma gave her a teared-up smile.


Regina smiled and let out a puff of air she didn't even know she was holding. Emma rose from the ground and held Regina's face between her hands before capturing her lips on a kiss.

"I love you," Emma cried and smiled at the same time "I love you so much"

"I love you too," Regina cried and smiled back

"Wait, why… why were you so scared?" Emma asked looking into Regina's eyes "Why did I feel that horrible pain inside my heart?"

"I thought…" Regina blinked and pushed away a falling tear with her thumb "I thought you would think I cheated on you. I thought I lost you"

"Babe," Emma smiled and gave her a quick kiss "After everything that we've been through, how could you possibly think that?"

"Well, we are two women," Regina said "And you don't exactly fully believe in magic yet"

"Hun," Emma said and sat down on the bed next to Regina "How did that happen?"

"I'm not sure" Regina turned her head to look at her "I've heard of such things back in Enchant Forest but I have no idea how was that possible here"

"I know I'm good in bed, but damn" Emma laughed.

"Don't get so cocky" Regina slapped her thigh.

"Says the woman pregnant with my child" Emma winked at her.



"We are having a baby" Regina smiled.

"We are having a baby" Emma smiled back.

They schedule the ultrasound for the very next day. As it turns out, Regina was two months pregnant and not cooking one, but two babies inside her.

Olie stirred in bed and opened her little eyes slowly. Regina smiled down at her when her little girl flashed her beautiful brown eyes at her and yawned.

"It's time to go to grandma yet, mommy?" Olie asked sleepily.

"Not today, sweetie," Regina whispered "Today you and your brother will be with mommy"

"Really?" Olie happily asked.

"Really" Regina bent down to kiss her cheek.

Olie wrapped her arms around Regina's neck and hugged her. Regina held her more properly and brought her back up with her.

"What about momma?" Olie asked, "Don't you have to work to find momma?"

"I do," Regina patted her back "But you don't have to be away for mommy to do that today"

Olie smiled at Regina and kissed her cheek before jumping on the bed and kneeled in front of her brother, shaking him awake.

"Sammy!" Olie shouted "Sammy, wake up"

"It's time to go to grandpa yet?" Sam asked sleepily.

"No, we are with mommy today," Olie shook him "Wake up!"

"Honey, let your brother sleep" Regina laughed.

"I can't," Olie said "It's mommy day"

Regina felt that usual pang in her heart at her daughter's words.

"Mommy?" Sam said looking at Regina "We don't go to grandpa today?"

"Not today, sweetie," Regina smiled sadly at him.

Unlike Sam, who smiled happily at her. He rose from the bed and, half walk, half jump to her and wrapped his little arms around her neck kissing her good morning. Regina kissed him back and then Olie came behind her, making Regina throw her head back to kiss her little girl.

Regina announced they were going to have breakfast at Granny's that morning and the twins were so happy about it that they ran to Henry's room to shake him awake. Needless to say, Henry didn't share their enthusiasm that early in the morning.

After everyone got changed, the four of them walked together to Granny's diner. Unfortunately, Henry had to go to school that morning and asked for his order to go. The twins were sat on one side of the booth swaying their little legs under the table while Regina and Henry were sat across from them.

"I can skip class today, mom," Henry said looking at Regina.

"Oh, I'm sure you could" Regina smirked.

"You need time to work," Henry said "I can stay with them"

"No!" Regina said and put her hand on the side of Henry's face "You are going to school. And I'm going to spend the morning with your brother and your sister"

"What about Ma?" Henry asked.

"I'm just doing some reading today" Regina smiled softly at him "I can do both"

Henry nodded and Granny arrived with his breakfast burrito to go. Henry kissed Regina and his siblings before leaving for the school bus. Granny arrived again with the breakfast Regina ordered and smiled happily at the look of joy on the twins when they saw the waffles covered in Nutella, a treat they were only allowed to have on their Sunday breakfast.

The bell rang on Regina's side indicating someone had just entered Granny's diner. Regina looked to her side and smile happily when she saw who it was.

"Hey," Regina said looking at Ruby and Dorothy "Look who's back!"

"Regina, hi" Ruby greeted her "Hey, kids,"

"Hi, Auntie Ruby," The twins said together.

"How was the honeymoon?" Regina asked "Come one, sit with us. Tell everything"

"I'm afraid if I tell you everything, I'll scar the little ones for life" Ruby laughed and sat down next to Regina.

"Oh my God, not THAT," Regina rolled her eyes "But you can show up later tonight and tell me THAT over a glass of wine"

"Oh God, please don't," Dorothy said sitting next to the twins.

"So, tell me how was the honeymoon?" Regina asked, "Without that part?"

"Without that part, there isn't much to tell" Ruby laughed.

"Wolfie!" Dorothy scolded her.

"Yes, Kansas?" Ruby said looking innocently at her and then turned her head to Regina "But the honeymoon was great. Barbados is so beautiful, and sunny, and the beaches… I just want to go back"

"Oh, I bet" Regina laughed "It's freezing here"

"Granny told me what happened with Emma," Ruby squeezed Regina's hand "I'm so sorry, Regina"

"Thanks," Regina nodded "I'll find her. And I'll bring her back home"

"I know you will," Ruby smiled at Regina "I need to thank her. I'm pretty sure she turned me gay" Ruby laughed.

"Excuse me?" Regina arched an eyebrow at Ruby.

"Oh, if you are surprised, imagine me," Dorothy said "My honeymoon and this one was dreaming of your wife"

"Oh, don't be jealous, Kansas," Ruby laughed "I was probably just impressed with what Granny told me"

"What are you talk about?" Regina asked seriously.

"I had this weird dream of Emma, Snow, and me having a conversation here at Granny's" Ruby smiled "I swear to God, that woman is head over heels in love with you even in my dreams"

"When did that happened?" Regina asked eyes widened.

"Oh, I don't know," Ruby shook her head "I don't remember much, just a few bits here and there"

"No, Ruby," Regina said desperately "I mean, at what time here in Storybrooke?"

"What do you mean?" Ruby asked confused.

"Was it…" Regina felt her breathing quicken "Was it when the curse was still in place? Back when I adopted Henry?"

"Oh, come to think of it, yeah," Ruby said "Why are you asking?"

Regina felt her heart raced inside her chest.

That couldn't just be another coincidence.

Could it?

Chapter Text

Emma felt nervous as the warm water fell down on her body. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in before exhaling heavily. Tonight, she was taking Regina out on their second date. Tonight, she was going to tell her the truth about everything.

Emma reached for the shampoo and spread a good amount on her hand before softly massaging her blonde locks. God, how was she going to tell Regina the truth about who she was? Is there even a right way to say 'So, I'm your wife and I kinda traveled fourteen years in the past and I need your help to send me back to my timeline'. It sounds so ridiculous even to her own ears. Emma closed her eyes before getting under the water again to rinse her hair. What if Regina didn't believe her? Well, you do have the pictures of the two of you together to prove, Emma thought.

She reached for the conditioner and applied it to her hair before picking up the razors. Emma soaped her legs before bent down slightly to shave her legs. Emma wasn't exactly sure why she was doing this. It wasn't like she expected something to happen between her and Regina tonight, especially after Emma told her the truth about everything but at the same time, it felt rude not to make the effort. This was Regina and regardless of what happened tonight, she deserved Emma to put on an effort.

Emma toweled herself after she finished the shower. She walked to the sink and cleaned the steam from the mirror with her hands. There it was that nervous feeling again at the pit of her stomach as Emma looked at herself in the mirror. Maybe it was because she had been lying to Regina about who she was to Regina. Maybe it was something else completely.

She bit her lower lip and shook her head. Whatever happens, tonight was the night. Emma took the blow-dryer from under the sink and started to dry her hair. Emma cursed a few times when she nearly burned her hand when she touched her hot hair. Who would have known magic was on the list of things Emma missed the most? With her hair dry, Emma used the curling iron to make thick bouncing curls. Regina always said she loved Emma's curly hair and Emma smiled at the thought of that.

When her hair was done, Emma started to apply a little bit of makeup. Nothing too fancy just foundation and concealer to give her skin a smoother look and extra volume mascara to make her lashes fuller and her green eyes, brighter. A little bit of blush on her cheeks and a light shade of pink on her lips. Emma looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.

But not even the smile could hide her nervousness.

Emma left the bathroom walking to the room. She dropped the towel on the floor and walked to the chest of drawers opening the first drawer. She bit her lower lip as she decided what underwear to use. Emma chose red lacy panties with a matching bra. She put them on before walking back to the big mirror near the door. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled.

Regina loved Emma in red.

She shook her head and walked to the bed. Emma looked at the outfit she had carefully laid on top of the bed, a nice good-looking black leather dress she had found on a thrift store that curiously enough, was right behind Gold's pawnshop. Emma didn't even know that store was there and it was only a coincidence she saw the dress behind the window when she was doing her rounds.

Emma wiggled inside the dress, stretching her arm as far as she could on her back to pull the zipper up. It took a bit of contortion of her part, but she managed to pull it up. With the dress on, Emma sat down in bed to put on the black pair of short boots she also bought at the store and made a mental note to stop by that place again when she went back home. She saw a flowered black leather jacket there that she just needed to buy Regina.

Emma rose from the bed and took a good look at herself in the mirror, running her hands along her figure. She looked good, the dress was short enough to make her legs look longer and it hugged her body in all the right ways. Emma leaned slightly in front of the mirror to check her makeup and then let out a puff of air that smudged the mirror. She was ready. Emma walked to the bedside table and took her phone and then she walked to the door of her room to take her jacket from the little hangers at the door. She put the jacket on and stuffed her phone inside the pocket before opening the door and leave the room.

Emma walked down the stairs and got out of the B&B using the backdoor. For some reason, Emma was not in the mood for Ruby's comments if she went through the diner neither did she want to run into her mother. She had a lot on her plate for the night she did not need to add awkward conversations to the mix.

The cold wind of the night greeted Emma the second she closed the door behind her. The wind was blowing cold and her bare legs protested at the feeling of the sharp needle the wind was leaving on her skin. Emma quickly walked to the cruiser and opened the door getting herself inside. She had parked the car there earlier, another reason she needed why she needed to use the backdoor. Emma inserted the key and turned the engine on maneuvered the car out of the alley driving to Regina's mansion.

The drive to Regina's mansion only took five minutes and Emma found herself parked in front of the house with that nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach again. Why was she feeling so nervous? Well, she knew why, of course, she did. Today was finally the day she would get her chance to go back home. Her home.

Emma shook her head and opened and close her fist. She took a deep breath in and then adjusted the rear mirror to take one last look at herself before opening the door and leave the car. Emma opened the little gate in front of the mansion and then walked the pathway to the door. She pulled her hair back and cleared her throat before ringing the bell.

Regia answered the door and didn't say anything while her eyes ran all over Emma's body. Emma smiled cheekily at her and would have said something sarcastically sexy if she wasn't doing the same herself. Regina looked absolutely beautiful in a blue dress with a slit that left most of her right leg bare. Emma swallowed dry at the sight of her legs thinking about nights where Regina used them to trap Emma's head between…

"Miss Swan," Regina said with eyes slightly darker "Don't you clean up nice inside a dress"

"Thanks," Emma smiled "And you, oh my God" Emma laughed "You are stunning, Regina"

"Thank you, dear," Regina smiled wickedly at her.

"Are you ready to go?" Emma asked tilting her head.

"Sidney is not here yet. Again!" Regina said, "Would you like to come in?"

"Yes, absolutely,"

Regina pulled the door wider and Emma quickly made her way inside. Regina closed the door and walked seductively in front of Emma to the kitchen. Emma bit her lower lip as she watched the way Regina swayed. Fuck, she missed her wife's ass.

"Can I offer anything to drink?" Regina said by the fridge.

"No, I'm okay," Emma said "Where is Henry?"

"In the leaving room," Regina said "He wasn't feeling very good today"

"Oh, no," Emma said worriedly "What happened?"

"Stomach cramps," Regina said sadly "He had a lot of that today"

"Oh, the poor guy," Emma said softly "Stomach cramps are the worse"

"I know," Regina sighed "It breaks my heart a little every time he cries"

"Do you mind if I go see him?" Emma asked.

"No, of course not," Regina smiled softly "I actually need a few more minutes to finish getting ready"

"You look perfect, Regina" Emma smiled.

"Thank you, dear," Regina said as she walked to Emma and whispered in her ear "I'll be right back"

Emma felt that familiar out-of-breath feeling that she often had when Regina whispered in her ear. Regina walked past her and Emma bit her lower lip when she looked back at her and watched her go. When Regina was missing from sight, Emma smiled softly and shook her head before walking to the living room where she found Henry in the crib Regina had set up in the living room.

"Hi, baby boy," Emma said in a small voice.

Henry was awake and looked miserable up at her. His eyes were all puff and red and the way he was looking at Emma she could guess a new round of crying was about to come. Emma bent down inside the crib and picked up Henry before the crying outburst started.

"Hey, Kid," Emma said bouncing Henry in her arms "You know that mommy and I have plans tonight, right?" Emma kissed the top of his head.

Sadly, Henry didn't give a damn that Emma and Regina had a date, an important date tonight. He started to cry violently in Emma's arms and absolutely nothing she did made him stop.

"Come on, Kid," Emma said rocking him in her arms.

Emma tried and tried and tried for what felt like hours but Henry's cries only became stronger and louder. How could such a small thing have lungs this strong? Emma started to feel desperate, the more Henry cried the more she felt incompetent to help her son. She kissed his little head again and bounced him in her arms telling him that everything was going to be okay when suddenly, a hand touched her shoulder and Emma nearly jump at the fright.

"Sorry," Regina smiled apologetically "I did call your name but I believe you didn't listen"

"I didn't," Emma said looking at her, "I think he has cramps again"

"He does," Regina came closer to Emma and put her hand on Henry's back, covering Emma's. She felt that familiar rush of electricity where their skin touched and for the briefest of seconds, Emma felt like she was home "I'll go take his hot water bag"

"No, I'll go," Emma said looking at Regina, "I think he will feel better with you"

Regina nodded and smiled with her eyes at Emma. Emma smiled back and carefully gave Henry to Regina, his cry instantly subsiding a little when the little boy was inside her arms. Emma walked to the kitchen and found the baby water bag on top of the island. She filled a cup with water and put it in the microwave for twenty seconds. When she opened again, the water was just at the right temperature and Emma filled the bag with the warm water before walking back to the living room where she found Regina on the couch gently rubbing Henry's tummy.

"Here," Emma said handing Regina the hot water bag.

Regina thanked her and took the bag from Emma's hand. She adjusted Henry on her lap and put the water bag on his stomach and little by little, Henry's cries lessen until they stopped completely.

"I hate seen him like this," Regina whispered "All I want is for him to be happy all the time"

"I know," Emma said softly sitting next to her.

She looked at Regina who gently ran her free hand on Henry's face. Regina bent down and kissed his forehead and Emma felt her heart squeeze inside her chest.

"I'm not sure I can leave him," Regina said softly.

"I know,"

And Emma did.

Emma knew their second date wasn't going to happen tonight.

She should feel sad, even disappointed, but she didn't. If anything, her love for Regina only grew.

The doorbell rang and both of them looked back. Emma smiled at Regina and told her she would answer the door. She rose from the couch and walked to the front door, already knowing who was going to be behind it.

"Miss Swan," Sidney said surprised after Emma opened the door.

"Sidney, hi" Emma greeted him.

"Where is Regina?" Sidney asked.

"Inside," Emma answered dryly. She really didn't like the guy "Listen, we won't need you to watch over Henry tonight"


"Change of plans," Emma said "But thanks for coming"

"I would prefer to hear that from Regina herself" Sidney smiled politely at Emma.

"You don't need to hear it from her because I am already telling you," Emma said seriously "I appreciate you coming and I apologize for not letting you know sooner. Now kindly, get the hell out"

Emma shut the door on his face before Sidney had a chance to say anything else. The guy gave her the creeps, especially considering his obsession with Regina, and Emma was more than relieved when he left Storybrooke. Emma walked inside the living room again and smiled softly at Regina. It was amazing just how the sight of her could make Emma's whole body calm down. Everything else always disappeared when they were together.

"Where is Sidney?" Regina asked.

"I sent him away," Emma said leaning slightly to check on Henry.

"What about our date?" Regina asked.

"We can still have it here," Emma smiled and sat down on the couch beside Regina "Why don't I make us some dinner? You stay here with Henry"

"Emma, are you sure?" Regina asked and the tremor in her voice made Emma wanted to kiss her and tell how much she really loved her.

"I am," Emma said and squeezed Regina's thigh "I'll call you when it's ready"

"Thank you," Regina said softly.

Emma smiled gently at Regina and rose from the couch. She took off her jacket, putting it on the back of the chair by the island, and then walked to the fridge to see what was inside. She found a beautiful pack with salmon and Emma quickly made a menu in her mind. Salmon with garlic pasta, one of Regina's favorite. Emma put a pan with water on the stove while quickly worked on seasoned the salmon. She popped the fish into the oven then started to work on a salad. When the water boiled, Emma salted the water (like seawater as Regina had taught her) and put the linguine in. While the pasta cooked, Emma chopped the garlic and then sauté in a large pan with butter, olive oil, and dry herbs. The whole process took about thirty minutes and Emma was overly impressed with the final result.

She walked to the dining room and set up the table. She put on a nice white lacy table cloth and Regina's best china. She lit candles on top of the table and turned off the light to give the room more of intimate touch. With everything ready, Emma walked back into the living room where Regina was softly singing a lullaby for a deeply sleeping Henry.

"Hey," Emma said in a low voice.

"Hi," Regina smiled up at her.

"He slept." Emma smiled.

"Yes, he did," Regina said "And I don't think he is going to be awake for a while"

"The poor guy," Emma said and sat down next to Regina, gently running her fingers on Henry's cheek "I'm glad he is not in pain anymore"

"Me too," Regina smiled "Do you still want to go out for dinner? I can call Sidney back"

"Nah," Emma smiled "I've made us something"

"Are you sure?" Regina asked "I know this isn't exactly ideal," Regina said and looked down at Henry "But Henry…."

"This is perfect, Regina," Emma looked at her "You are perfect"

"No, I'm not," Regina said still looking at Henry.

"I wouldn't change a single thing about you," Emma said.

"You would if you knew who I really am," Regina said looking deep into Emma's eyes.

Emma looked at Regina and smiled softly at her.

She wished she could tell her that wasn't true, that she knew exactly who she was and how much she loved her.

She looked into Regina's eyes and saw those brown eyes staring at her as if she expected Emma to run away for some reason.

But Emma wouldn't do that.

She didn't need to run from home.

Regina smiled and Emma felt her heart raced inside her chest. Maybe this was it, maybe this was the moment she was waiting for ever since she arrived in Storybrooke, this was the moment where she would tell Regina the truth. Emma opened her mouth and felt the air being sucked inside when her breathing became a little heavier, but Regina suddenly broke eye contact with her to adjust Henry in her arms.

"I'm going to take him to his room," Regina said "Then I'll come down for dinner"

"Okay," Emma nodded and swallowed dry.

Regina left the room with Henry and Emma closed her eyes. After dinner. She was going to tell Regina everything after dinner.

Emma rose from the couch and walked to the kitchen. She opened the fridge and took a bottle of wine before closing the door. She walked back to the dining room and poured two glasses, before putting the bottle in the center of the table.

"Beautiful," Regina's voice said behind her.

"Regina," Emma turned around and smiled at her "Well, I did my best with what I could find"

"I'm not talking about dinner"

"Oh!" Emma said feeling her cheeks turn pink.

"But the table looks beautiful too," Regina smiled.

"Thank you," Emma smiled and walked behind the chair pulling it back "Please, take a seat"

Regina stopped beside Emma and kissed her cheek before sitting down. Emma felt the air leave her lungs when Regina's lips touched her face. God, she was right there. Right in front of her. Emma felt tears creeping behind her eyes and she quickly shook her head in an attempt to make them stop. She pushed Regina's chair forward and then took a seat across from her.

Regina smiled surprised at Emma when she saw what was on her plate. Emma just smiled and told Regina she hoped she liked the food. Regina took a bite of the food and made a little moaned sound that sent a rush of desire down Emma's body. Emma reached for the wine and took a sip trying not to think of Regina making those noises for a completely different reason.

When they were done, Emma collected the plates and put everything inside the dishwasher. They took their glass of wine and walked together to the living room where they sat down on the couch side by side.

"Why are you so different?" Regina asked looking deeply into Emma's eyes.

"What do you mean?" Emma asked.

"Why are you so different from everyone, here, why… I hate everyone in this town"

"Maybe I'm supposed to be the exception" Emma laughed.

"Why didn't I know you sooner?" Regina asked softly.

"Maybe this is how it was supposed to be," Emma said "Maybe…"

But Emma didn't have time to finish her sentence. Regina crushed her lips together with hers and everything that was Regina, everything that was her wife, came crashing down on Emma's brain. Her soft lips, her touch, her smell, everything that Emma loved, her home, her life, was right there in the form of that woman. Emma wanted to resist, she wanted to push Regina away, she wanted to tell her everything but how could she deny this when every cell of her body felt like it was on fire?

Regina pulled away from Emma and looked breathless at her. Her pupils were black and Emma could see that predator look in her eyes. Regina put her hand on Emma's bare thigh and slowly ran her hand up. Emma felt the air getting heavier, her mind getting fog, the touch of Regina had awakened her entire body, and Emma felt herself burning, craving for her wife's touch.

"Regina" Emma whispered "I…"

"Come upstairs with me," Regina said and bit her lower lip while looking at Emma up and down.

Emma swallowed dry as she tried to catch a breath. She knew she should say no. She knew she shouldn't be with Regina that way, she knew she needed to tell Regina the truth, but at that very exact moment, Emma was too much of a bastard to deny the one thing she had been craving ever since she arrived in this version of Storybrooke.


Chapter Text

Regina smiled seductively at Emma and rose from the couch. She stretched her hand for Emma to take and Emma eagerly held Regina's hand between hers. The movement was so automatic that Emma didn't even realize what she was doing. Regina pulled Emma with her, walking seductively in front of her and all Emma could do was stare. Part of her brain was screaming for her to stop, begging Emma to tell Regina the truth before going ahead with this, but the other part of her brain, the part that missed this intimacy with her wife for so long now, the part who missed worshiping every inch of her wife, the part who desperately want to make her wife come undone in her mouth was screaming louder inside Emma's brain.

They reached the first floor and Regina stopped by Henry's door to make sure the baby boy was indeed sleeping. She left the door ajar before pulling Emma with her again to her bedroom. They entered the bedroom and Emma took a moment to look around. It was funny how everything was so familiar and yet, so strange. This was her room, their room, the bedroom they had been sharing for the past four years. Everything was exactly where it was supposed to be, except for the missing parts that belonged to Emma. The photo from their wedding on her bedside table. The piece of close she always left on top of the armchair to the point Regina just gave up complaining. The ridiculous amount of boots Emma had that didn't quite fit inside the closet anymore even though they both knew Regina's shoes were the real responsible for it.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Regina asked standing in front of Emma.

"I think they are worth more than that," Emma smiled and ran her hand on Regina's face "Regina, there is something about me that I need to tell you before we do this"

"Is it going to ruin our night?" Regina whispered.

"Maybe," Emma said looking into her eyes.

"Then I don't want to know," Regina said and covered Emma's hand with hers "Whatever it is, it can wait"


But Emma didn't have time to finish her sentence. Regina crashed her lips with Emma's again and everything vanished from her brain to the point where there was only her and Regina lost in this moment. Emma closed her eyes and enjoyed the way Regina's tongue danced inside her mouth. Regina tasted like wine and the intoxicating aroma combined with Regina's tongue made Emma feel dizzy and her knees go weak. Emma wrapped one arm around Regina's waist and pulled her closer, deepening the kiss. Regina moaned inside Emma's mouth and that familiar rush of wetness ran down on Emma's panties. Regina moaned in such a delicious way that Emma always found herself wanting to make Regina moan like that over and over and over again.

Regina broke the kiss and looked intensely into Emma's eyes. Her breathing was erratic, both of them were and Emma felt both the need and the desire to run her tongue all over Regina's body. She wanted her naked under her, she wanted to suck her, to taste her, to fuck her until Regina begged her to stop.

"You are so beautiful," Regina said running her fingers down Emma's stomach over the dress "I don't understand how could I possibly never notice you before"

"I've always noticed you, Regina," Emma said slightly out of breath.

"Kiss me again,"

There was something so vulnerable in Regina's voice that Emma felt her heart squeeze in pain inside her chest. Emma held Regina's face between her hands and kissed her, slowly at first, tasting Regina's tongue with hers before deepening again. The way their tongues moved with each other was so perfect, it was what made Emma believe that true love was real. Regina was her true love, she was the one she was meant to be with and Emma didn't want to waste one more second without her.

They broke apart a second time when the need for air was too much for both of them. Emma smiled at Regina, but she didn't return the gesture. Instead, Regina looked at Emma as vulnerable as she sounded moments earlier and Emma could see that silver line forming behind her eyes.

"Do you really want to be here?" Regina asked.

"Of course I do," Emma answered her.

"You are not here because you feel like you have to, right?" Regina swallowed dry "Like you have to be here because I told you to"

"I'm here because I want you, Regina," Emma said looking into her eyes "All of you"

Regina smiled and bit her lower lip. Emma tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and kissed the tip of her nose.

"I like the dress," Regina said "But I want to see you without it"

Emma smiled and felt her cheeks turn pink. She had been with Regina so many times before, but this was different. In a way, it was a new first time. Emma turned around and pushed her hair to the side.

"Take it off,"

Regina gave one step forwards and pulled the zipper on Emma's dress down before pushing the leather fabric off her shoulders. The dress got caught up around Emma's waist and she turned around again to face Regina who was drinking her in. Her gaze upon Emma was so strong, so incredibly predator that Emma felt her breath get caught in her throat. Emma wiggled the dress past her hips and legs. The dress fell down around her ankles and Emma gave one step forward.

"God, you are so beautiful," Regina whispered.

"You are more," Emma said back "May I take your dress off?"


Regina turned around and Emma walked behind her. She gently pressed her lips on Regina's neck and inhaled her scent. Emma closed her eyes for one second, savoring that moment before pulling Regina's zipper all the way down. Emma pushed the material off Regina's shoulder and kissed them before letting it fall with a soft thud on Regina's feet. Regina turned around to face Emma stepping out of the dress.

"God, Regina," Emma said, breathing heavy "You are perfect"

"Take me to bed" Regina whispered.

Emma held Regina's hand and pulled her to the edge of the bed. She kissed Regina again, feeling her fingertips on fire as she touched Regina's skin. Regina broke the kiss and sat down on the bed. She reached behind her back and pulled her bra off her shoulders and arms, letting them fall softly on the floor. Emma stared at Regina, hardly containing her breath. She moistened her lips and Regina smiled shyly at her.

"You are a work of art, did you know that?" Emma said.

"Make love to me"

Regina moved to the center of the bed while Emma bent down slightly to get rid of her boots. When they were off her feet, Emma crawled on top of Regina and claimed her lips to her again. Regina's hand ran down Emma's back, slightly scratching the skin, exactly the way Emma always liked. She was home. This moment, this intimacy, being this way with Regina was home for her. Regina's hand moved up and unhooked Emma's bra. She broke the kiss and looked deep into Emma's eyes.

"I want to see you" Regina whispered.

Emma sat on top of Regina and pushed the bra down her arms, letting it fall next to them. Regina's eyes ran up and down Emma's torso in such a predatory way that Emma almost felt embarrassed again.

"Come down here," Regina ordered.

Emma felt all the air leave her lungs as she bent down to kiss Regina again. Their hard nipples brushed against one another and Emma hardly contained the moaned that escaped her lips. God how she had missed this. How could she ever go this long without her wife? Regna's lips broke from Emma's and found her neck, sucking the delicate flesh inside her mouth. Emma moaned and tilted her head to the side, to give more skin for Regina to suck. Her body was vibrating, from head to toe, every cell in her body was awake, every inch of her skin desired Regina.

Regina's hand found Emma's breast and she squeezed them hard inside her palms. Emma moaned again and claimed Regina's lips with hers for another kiss. It was sloppy, urgent even, but Emma wanted to feel all that was Regina on her again. Regina gasped for air and Emma broke the kiss moving her lips to Regina's jaw and then to her neck. Regina tilted her head to the side and Emma licked the skin before gently sucking with her mouth.

"Oh, God, Emma," Regina moaned.

"You are so fucking beautiful, Regina" Emma purr in Regina's ear before sucking her earlobe.

Regina moaned as Emma kissed her lower and lower. Emma's mouth found Regina's hard nipple and she licked it before sucking Regina's breast with her mouth. She used her thumb to stroke Regina's other nipple while her hand massaged the breast. Regina squirm under Emma, her hands pushing Emma's mouth impossible closer to her breast. She moaned and whispered Emma's name in such a desperate manner that Emma felt every plead go straight to her core. Her underwear was soaked and gluing to her pussy while her clit twitch begging for attention. Emma licked a straight line to Regina's other breast and gave it the same attention. Regina pushed herself up, offering more of her to Emma while hardly staying still under her.

"Emma, I need you elsewhere" Regina moaned.

"Where?" Emma asked before running her tongue around Regina's breast.

"Lower" Regina whispered.

"How lower?" Emma teased.

"Between my legs" Regina squirm.

"Already?" Emma smiled.

"Just for now," Regina rubbed herself on Emma "Just to take the edge off"

Emma smiled and ran one hand down to Regina's core. She pushed her panties to the side and ran one digit up Regina's entrance.

"You are so wet!" Emma said and sucked Regina's breast in her mouth again.

"Oh, fuck, Emma" Regina gasped.

Emma easily entered Regina with one finger while circling her tongue around Regina's nipple. Regina rubbed herself against Emma and pushed her head down for Emma to suck more of her breast. Emma sucked on Regina's breast hard alternating her sucks with bites on the tip on Regina's nipple while pumping in and out of her. The more Regina moaned on top of her the more Emma felt her own core scream for attention.

Emma pulled her finger from inside Regina and adjusted herself on top of her again. Regina made a noise of protest but didn't have time to say anything as Emma captured her lips on a hard kiss again, feeling her tongue tease her mouth and Regina's nail sink on her ass. Emma moaned with the pain and sucked Regina's lower lip before lightly bit the corner of Regina's mouth.

"Make me come" Regina purred.

Emma looked into Regina's eyes and felt her breath get caught in her throat with how black with desire they were. Emma bent down and kissed Regina's jaw, neck, between her breast and ran her tongue all the way down her stomach. She stopped between Regina's legs and kissed her pussy over the panties before removing the lacy material down Regina's legs.

Emma looked at Regina, all of her, and admired the beautiful woman in front of her. Regina's core was glowing with wetness, her breathing was heavy making her stomach move up and down fast, her cheeks were slightly pink and her hair was a mess and still, she knew Regina never looked more beautiful than when she was, then when they were like that.

"What?" Regina asked and pushed herself up on her elbows.

"You are perfect" Emma whispered.

Emma lowered her head between Regina's legs and licked her, entrance to clit. This was the first taste she had of her wife in over a week and Emma moaned when that familiar sweet taste of her wife hit her tongue. She entered Regina with her tongue, moving in and out of her while using her thumb to stroke Regina's clit. Regina moved with Emma, moaning her name, begging her not to stop. As if Emma could stop. As if Emma wasn't addicted to everything that was her wife. Regina closed her legs around Emma's head while rubbing herself on her mouth. Emma could tell she was close, years of experience had taught her how to read every single movement of her body. Emma looked up and saw Regina fisting the sheets with her hands. Emma pushed one finger inside her and used her tongue to tease Regina's clit. Regina was so wet that Emma had trouble staying inside her. She added another finger and saw Regina's back arched on the bed. She flickered Regina's clit a little faster with the tip of her tongue alternating between flicks and sucks. Regina's breathing became heavier at each pump, each suck, each stroke of Emma and after one last gasp for air, Emma felt that familiar rush of wetness run down her fingers while Regina's body became stiff above her.

Emma stopped teasing Regina's clit and gently pushed her fingers off of her. Regina whimpered but didn't say anything. Emma licked her entrance, gathering her juices in her mouth, swallowing her wife's essence.

"Come up here," Regina whispered.

Emma smiled and moved on top of Regina. She kissed Emma's lips, tasting her essence spread all over Emma's mouth. Regina broke the kiss and looked up at Emma, watching her without saying anything.

"Are you okay?" Emma asked.

"More than that,"' Regina smiled "This was… This was different"

"Different?" Emma asked confused.

"In a good way," Regina said, holding Emma's face between her hands "I haven't felt this alive for a very long time"

Emma smiled moved her head to the side to kiss Regina's palm.

"I'm all yours, Regina," Emma said "All of me"

"Promise me," Regina said, her eyes full of emotion "Promise me you are mine"

"I promise you," Emma said seriously "I'm yours"

"You are mine," Regina said looking into Emma's eyes.

"I'm yours,"

Regina captured Emma's lips on a kiss and pushed her to the side of the bed, topping her. She squeezed Emma's breast with her hands, making Emma moan and gasp for air. Regina sat on Emma's stomach, and Emma could feel her wetness on her belly. Emma moaned again as Regina rubbed her wet core on Emma's bare stomach, her clit begging to be touched.

"God, Regina, please" Emma begged "Please, touch me"

"I am touching you," Regina said.

Regina reached for Emma's hand and licked the fingers that were inside of her. She circulated her tongue around them before pushing the fingers deep inside her mouth. Emma opened her mouth watching the scene unable to form any coherent thought. Her breathing became faster, her core wetter, her clit on edge. One touch of Regina and she knew she would come.

Regina let go of her hand and pushed herself lower, between Emma's legs. She took off Emma's panties and lifted her leg over her shoulder, fitting her pussy with Emma's.

"Oh, fuck" Emma moaned when she felt Regina's core on hers.

Regina moved against Emma, in a delicious rhythm of core against core. Emma felt all of her insides became jelly at the feeling of Regina rubbing herself against her. Emma's stomach contract inside of her, as she watched Regina move back and forth. Regina used her index finger to stroke Emma's clit and Emma moaned and threw her head back at the contact. She stretched her other leg further apart, as Regina increased her movements on her core.

She wasn't going to last. Which was such a shame, considering how deliciously good the feeling of Regina's center on her was. Emma looked back at Regina, and there was something so incredibly erotic about her wife on top of her like that. Regina moaned and threw her head back and Emma felt all the air leave her lungs at the scene. Regina accelerated her movements on Emma's clit and Emma rolled her eyes and threw her head back when Regina hit just the right spot to make her come.

But Regina didn't stop. She kept on rubbing herself against Emma but instead of flickering Emma's clit, she started to rub hers. Emma had barely opened her eyes when she saw Regina throwing her head back again, masturbating herself. Emma watched her, barely breathing as Regina touched herself, and not long after, Emma felt a new wave of hot liquid run down her pussy.

Regina let go of Emma's leg and flopped down next to her. Her breathing was heavy and she looked stunningly spent. Emma smiled and tried to control her breathing, but it was almost impossible to.

"Are you okay?" Regina asked out of breath.

"Oh, I'm great," Emma laughed.

"Was that too much?" Regina turned her head to the side, to look at Emma.

"No," Emma smiled and pushed herself on one elbow to look at Regina "I'm just sorry I couldn't last longer"

"Don't worry," Regina smiled "We have all the time in the world"

"Yeah, we do," Emma ran one hand on Regina's face "You are so beautiful"

"You too," Regina smiled.

"Come here," Emma said "Nest on me"

Emma laid on her back while Regina moved to rest her head between Emma's breast. She ran her nails up and down the side of Emma's stomach while Emma ran her fingers on Regina's hair. Little by little Regina's movements stopped and her body became heavier on top of Emma. Emma smiled and kissed the top of her head before gently pulling the sheets that were trapped around their waist to cover them. Regina purred on top of Emma but didn't wake up. Emma smiled and kissed Regina again, inhaling her scent before closing her eyes and succumb to sleep.

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina was moaning under the sheets while her hand worked faster between her legs. She used one hand to play with her nipple while the other rubbed her clit. She could barely flicker it properly, she was so wet her finger kept on slipping to the side.

Regina squeezed her breast together and pushed her middle finger inside her. She pumped in and out of herself, trying to make the heel of her hand brushed against her clit at each pump.

"Damn you, Emma Swan-Mills" Regina cursed "I swear, when I bring you, oh fuck" Regina moaned "When I bring you back home, I'm going to trap you in this room for a whole week"

Regina opened her legs wider to give herself more room to play. She thought about Emma and the way she sucked her when they were together. She thought about Emma's tongue working between her legs, flickering her clit, drinking her come. Regina pinched her nipple between her fingers, thinking about the way Emma pushed them together to suck both her breasts inside her mouth.

"Oh, fuck, Emma"

Regina gasped for air as her finger hit a particular spot inside her. She was close, so close that she could feel her stomach contract and her toes curled on the sheets. Regina remembered Emma whispering in her ear, and sucking her neck. She remembered Emma kissing her way down on her, kissing her stomach, and then licking her center. Regina moaned again and pushed her fingers off of her to stroke her clit again. She flicked and flicked and flicked imagining it was Emma's tongue doing the job and just like that, she came and came and came hard on her own hands.

Regina was breathing fast trying to get her breath under control. The orgasm was intense just like the image that formed inside her head when she first started touching herself.

"Fuck" Regina cursed and then smiled "This is so much better when you do it"

Regina turned to Emma's side of the bed and took the photograph of their wedding day from the bedside table. She ran a finger on Emma's face and let the tears fall down on the corners of her eyes.

"I think I know where you are" Regina whispered "Thank you"

Chapter Text

Emma blinked her eyes as she slowly came back from slumber. She took a big breath in and smiled when Regina's scent invaded her nose. Emma shifted in bed, the soft sheets caressing naked her skin, as she searched for her wife on the other side of the bed. She stretched out her arm, to pull Regina inside her arms, but she was met with nothing. Regina's side of the bed was still warm, but there was no sign of her inside the room.

Memories of the night before came rushing all at once behind Emma's eyes, the way every cell on her body felt awaken again with Regina's touch, the intensity of their lovemaking, the fire under her fingertips as she touched Regina's body, and licked every inch of her skin.

Should she feel guilty about what happened last night?

Absolutely not!

Emma might regret a lot of things, but making love to her wife was never going to be one of them.

But this was tricky now, wasn't it? It was never the plane to fall into bed with Regina, at least not until Emma told her the truth about who she really was. Was sex going to complicate things or make it easy?

Emma really hoped for the last.

Emma brought Regina's pillow close to her face and inhale her scent before closing her eyes. The night before had been perfect and so intense. The way Regina looked at her and made Emma promise she was hers, was almost desperate. And Emma wanted Regina to know she was hers because everything that Emma was, belonged to Regina. Her body, her soul, her heart. Since the first day she laid eyes on the brunette woman, she knew they belonged together even though the bickering during the first month or so, really made Emma doubt her sanity.

Emma smiled and inhale Regina's scent again. Regina truly was the love of her life. But speaking of Regina, where was she? It had been a while since Emma had woken up and yet, Regina hadn't returned to the bedroom. Emma stretched her body on Regina's side to look at the watch on her bedside table. It was only eight in the morning. Emma bit her lower lip and tried to hear any sound coming from the house. Nothing! Everything was dead silent.

Where was Regina?

Emma lifted the sheets from her naked body and sat down on the bed. She lifted her arms above her head feeling every sore muscle pop as she stretched. She felt how her inner thighs were still sticky due to the night activities and smiled again. Oh, how she loved waking up like that. It had been a while since she and Regina had woken up naked in bed in the morning. The twins always invaded their bedroom in the very, very early morning and they always made sure to put on pajamas after their lovemaking. Not that Emma minded the invasion. She would give anything to see them bursting through the door again.

Emma rose from the bed and walked to the suite. She stopped in front of the sink and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was messy and full of knots, but her skin was glowing and well-rested even though she had barely slept. Emma opened the faucet and washed her hands before washing her face. She dried her face with the face towel and then used the mouthwash to get rid of morning breath. When she was done with her morning business, Emma took Regina's robe from behind the door and walked out of the bedroom to find Regina.

Emma heard Regina before she saw her. She was at the stairs when she heard the most adorable cute sounds Henry was making and her heart just melted inside her chest when she heard Regina's baby voice.

"Now, we don't want to make loud noises, do we, Henry?" Regina's baby voice said "We don't want to wake Emma"

Henry giggled in his baby way and Regina just burst out laughing. Emma smiled and felt her eyes fill with tears as memories from her life came rushing through her mind. Memories from Regina with the twins when they were babies like Henry was right now. Why couldn't Emma have met Regina sooner? Why couldn't they have raised Henry together? Emma brushed a falling tear away with the back of her hand and continued her journey to the kitchen.

"Hey," Emma said when she entered the kitchen "Good morning,"

"Hi," Regina smiled at her "We didn't wake you, did we?"

"No," Emma kneeled in front of Regina to kiss Henry's cheek "Your absence did"

"Oh," Regina's cheek turned slightly pink "Henry woke up earlier demanding his breakfast"

"Seriously?" Emma asked "I didn't hear a thing"

"Yeah, I noticed" Regina laughed "You were dead to the world"

"Well, what can I say?" Emma smiled "You exhausted me"

"Did I?" Regina smiled back.

"Oh yeah," Emma said and pushed her body up to kiss Regina.

But the second their lips touched one another, Emma felt the whole house shake like an earthquake was right under the mansion. The noisy china bumping against each other just like the trembling chandelier up in the ceiling was enough to make Emma broke apart from Regina staring at her eyes widened.

"No," Emma whispered desperately "No, it can't be. It cant be weakening"

"What did you just said?" Regina asked holding Henry closer in her arms.

"Regina…" Emma looked at her eyes widened.

"What cant be weakening, Miss Swan?" Regina asked seriously.

The earthquake stopped and Emma swallowed dry looking at Regina. She opened her mouth but before any words could come out, Emma heard her cell phone ringing and one second after that, Regina's phone started to ring too. Regina pushed the chair back and walked to her office to answer the phone while Emma ran up the stairs to check on her phone.

"Graham?" Emma said when she answered the phone.

"Emma, I need you to go to the toll bridge," Graham said.

"What happened?" Emma asked already collecting her clothes from the floor.

"Part of the bridge collapsed. There were two runners at the bridge when it fell down. I'm on my way there right now. Where are you, I'll pick you up?"

"There is no need," Emma said pushing the robe off her body "I have one of the station's cars"

"You do?" Graham asked "I don't remember you asking for authorization"

"Is that what you want to focus on right now?" Emma asked.

"Just get there as soon as possible"

Emma turned off the phone and tossed it on top of the bed. She found her panties on the floor close to the door and quickly put them on before wiggling inside her dress. Emma sat down on the edge of the bed to put her boots on when the door swung open.

"You are leaving?" Regina asked.

"Graham just called," Emma said zipping up her boot "Apparently the toll bridge fell down"

"Yeah, I know" Regina nodded "It's what caused the quake"

"Yeah," Emma smiled nervously and rose from the bed. She walked to Regina and held her face between her hands "Can I see you tonight?"

"What did you mean earlier?" Regina asked looking deep into Emma's eyes "What did you mean when you said it can't be weakening?"

"Nothing" Emma lied and captured Regina's lips on a kiss "I'll see you tonight, okay?"

"Emma!" Regina said looking desperately at her.

"Tonight!" Emma smiled and let go of Regina "I have to run now. I still need to stop by at Granny's to change"

"Okay," Regina nodded.

"Give Henry a good morning kiss for me, okay?" Emma said opening the door "I'll see you guys tonight"

"Emma, do you know?" Regina asked seriously.

"Know what?" Emma asked confused.

"Nothing," Regina shook her head "I'll see you later"

"You will"

Emma smiled one last time and then ran out of the house. She hopped inside the cruiser and drove quickly to the B&B. She ran inside the diner and then up the stairs to her room where she stripped out of her clothes and put on her jeans, blouse, boots, and jacket before running out of the pension again.

She arrived at the toll bridge and the whole scene was a mess. The firefighters were rescuing the two runners who fell when the bridge collapsed and even more people were gathering around to try to catch a glimpse of the scene.

"Graham" Emma shouted when she spotted him near the bridge "Where the hell did all these people come from?"

"Small town" Graham smirked "After they rescue the last victim you can use the tape to isolate the place"

"How the hell did that happen?" Emma asked.

"It's an old bridge," Graham said "I need to call the Mayor and let her know this happened"

"She already knows," Emma said.

"Excuse me?"

"Someone called her at the same time you called me," Emma said "She's already aware of what happened here"

"Why were you at her house at this hour?"

"Why do you care?" Emma asked angrily.

"I don't," Graham shrugged "But I still need to talk to her before the next councils meeting"

"Why?" Emma asked.

"To get her prepared" Graham said "She is going to need to release a budget for the repair. I need to know her plan so I can stay by her side"

"Right," Emma said "Listen, Graham…"

"I think they are done," Graham said interrupting Emma.

Emma looked in the same direction as Graham noticing that indeed, they were done. She followed Graham to the ambulance area and was relieved to notice that the victims weren't anyone she was close to. The ambulance left to the hospital as Emma dissipated the crowd before starting to put the isolation tape all around the bridge. Or at least as much as she could with the bridge completely collapsed. By the time she finished, Emma was all alone in the forest.

Emma sat down heavily on the ground, with her back against a tree. What a major fuck up she had made this morning. The way Regina looked at her nearly broke Emma's heart. She needed to tell her the truth and she needed to do it tonight. No more interruptions, no more waiting for, what? Emma didn't even know what she was waiting for to tell Regina the truth anymore. The right moment? She should know by now that there is no such thing as that.

Her phone chimed inside her pocket and Emma lifted up her butt to fish it. Graham had texted her asking Emma to stop by the hospital to make sure the victims were okay and take their deposition, if possible. Emma rolled her eyes and rose from the ground. The fuck he needed their deposition for? The bridge fell down, it was an accident! Emma walked to the cruiser and drove to the hospital. It took her three hours to find out they had each broken a leg and arm. The tale was the same, they were running when suddenly the bridge gave in under their feet and they fell. Apart from the six weeks cast, they were going to be just fine.

When Emma arrived at the station Graham had gifted her with ten reports on top of her desk. Emma sighed when she saw the reports and cursed Graham under her breath till his tenth generation. She turned on the computer and pulled the first file with her feet above the desk. She read and read and read the same sentence at least one hundred times before putting the file down. She couldn't stop thinking about Regina and the way she looked at her. She couldn't stop thinking about what she needed to tell her tonight.

How was she going to tell her who she was?

How was she going to tell Regina she was her wife?

And most importantly, how was she going to ask Regina for her help?

She shouldn't have waited this long. What the hell was she thinking? Hopefully, Regina would see things from her point of view and help her to get back to her timeline. To get back to future her.

Emma picked up the file again and moved the mouse. The computer came back to life and Emma opened the Sheriff's Department icon on the screen to start to upload the report into the system.

It was night already when Graham returned to the station. Emma had spent so much time thinking about how she was going to tell Regina who she was and uploading reports into the system that she didn't even notice that Graham had been gone all day until he sat down on top of her desk.

"Hey," Graham said "Thank you for holding up the fort today"

"Graham," Emma blinked while look at him "Where the hell were you?"

"City Hall," Graham said "I had a few things to deal with Regina"

"Like what?" Emma asked annoyed.

"Department business," Graham brushed her off "I actually got the funniest call on my way here"

"What was it?" Emma asked.

"Someone called saying something weird was happening at the cemetery"

"Something weird?" Emma asked.

"They said there was some sort of purple smoke coming out of one of the mausoleums," Graham laughed "They said it looked like magic, can you believe that?"

"Magic?" Emma whispered eyes widened.

"Yes, and now I have to drive all the way there to check," Graham shook his head "This is probably just some kids just messing around"

"You know what, why don't I go?" Emma quickly suggested "You have your hands full with the station tonight. I'll go check it out"

"Oh, no, Emma, you shouldn't even be here tonight," Graham said.

"I don't mind," Emma said nervously "And if it is nothing like you say, there is no reason for me to come back here"

"Are you sure you don't mind?" Graham asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure" Emma rose from the chair and took her jacket that was hanging on the back "I should probably get going now"

"Yes, of course," Graham said "Thanks, Emma"

"No problem" Emma smiled.

Emma quickly walked out of the station and inside the cruiser. Her heart was beating fast inside her chest, as her sweaty palms gripped the steering wheel with more force while her feet stepped on the gas. The vault! How could Emma have been so dumb? Why didn't she check Regina's vault before? And why the hell was it glowing with Regina's magic now? Did the night they spent together had something to do with it? Could that be it?

Emma parked the car in front of the cemetery and quickly took her phone to write a text to Regina.

'Hey, I'm sorry but I don't think I'll make it tonight.

I have to work!



Emma opened the car door and jogged in the direction of the vault. The night was dark and chili but Emma barely registered any of that as all the thoughts inside her head only screamed one thing. Magic!

Emma walked around the mausoleum but didn't see any light or any source of magic, for that matter. Whatever this person who called Graham saw, it wasn't there anymore. Emma opened the door of the mausoleum and bent down to push Regina's father's coffin to the side. Her phone rang inside her pocket and Emma gave a little jump back when she heard the sound. She took the phone from her pocket and tapped on the screen to read Regina's text.

' That's not a problem.

I'm sure I will see you soon.


Emma smiled and put the phone back inside her pocket before bending down again to finish pushing the coffin. It slid to the side until it almost touched the opposed wall. Emma took a big breath in before making her way down the vault. It was so cold inside, Emma honestly didn't remember the vault being this cold.

Emma kept on carefully walking down the stairs, each step she took made her heart beat a little faster. The stairs were dark, but Emma could see there was some light coming from the left.

Emma reached the bottom of the stairs and turned to her left. If her heart was beating fast before, she was sure it had just stopped beating when she saw the figure sitting on the truck right in front of her.

"Hello, Miss Swan"

Storybrooke – Present Day

"Regina, we got him"

Regina heard David's voice on the other side of the line. She was in the living room putting a blanket over her small children who had just fallen asleep while watching a movie when the phone rang on the top of the coffee table. Regina quickly grabbed the phone and walked to the kitchen to answer his call.

"What are you talking about?" Regina asked.

"Neal," David said and Regina could tell he had a triumphant smile "We got him trying to leave town"

"Where are you?" Regina asked desperately.

"Town line," David said.

"I'll be right there"

Regina put the phone inside her blazer pocket feeling her heart run a marathon inside her chest.

"Mom?" Henry asked entering the kitchen "Are you okay?"

"Henry, I need you to watch your siblings for me," Regina said.

"Okay," Henry nodded "But why?"

"I'll tell you later, okay?" Regina walked to Henry and held his face between her hands "I love you, Henry"

"This is about Ma, isn't it?" Henry asked.

"Yes," Regina nodded "I'll explain everything to you later, but right now I have to go. Promise me you will stay inside with them?"

"I promise," Henry said.

"There is a new protection spell I put out this morning. Do not go out. Do not let your brother and sister go out. Do not let anyone in"

"Okay, okay," Henry said "Yeah, I can do that"


Regina smiled and kissed Henry's cheek before waving her hands in the air and be enveloped by purple smoke. When the smoke cleared, she was on the highway to the town line. She looked forward and saw David pointing his sward at Neal.

"Your Evil Majesty is here," Neal smirked "Now, that's a party"

Regina felt everything inside her boiled as she walked in his direction with her fist close. Oh, how she longed to do, what she was about to do. Her skin literally sparkled as she stopped in front of him and made her fist collide heavily against his nose.

It hurt!

It was worth it.

"You fucking bitch," Neal said pressing his bleeding nose with his hand "You broke my nose"

"You are lucky if that's the only thing I'll break," Regina shouted, her voice full of anger.

"And I'll be right there with her," David said, still pointing his sword at Neal.

"I don't understand how you can accept that," Neal said looking at David "The Evil Queen is screwing your daughter"

"Oh, shut up," Snow said and punched him in the face too "Now, you are going to tell us where my daughter is"

"I don't know," Neal said nearly crying "Don't you know how portal works? You have to think about a place and I have no idea what place Emma thought" Neal said and looked at Regina "And this only proves that I'm right"

"Right about what?" Regina asked angrily.

"She doesn't want anything to do with you," Neal said "She didn't even bother to think of a place where you could find her"

"You are lying," David said and moved to press his sword against Neal's neck "Tell me where she is"

"He doesn't know where Miss Swan is," Gold said appearing in a cloud of smoke. He walked closer to where everybody was and paused to look at Regina "Excuse me, Mrs. Swan-Mills"

"Gold…" Regina started to say.

"He is telling the truth, Regina," Gold said "He doesn't know where your wife is. I even tried to find her myself, but I don't know why the spell failed"

"What are you talking about?" Regina asked.

"My grandson was kind enough to lend me some of his blood so I could track down his mother on my globe," Gold said "I don't know why the spell didn't work. It kept on pointing that she was right here in Storybrooke"

"The spell worked," Regina said out of breath.

"Regina, what are you talking about?" Snow asked looking puzzled at Regina.

"Emma is here," Regina said eyes widened "She is here in Storybrooke"

Chapter Text

Storybrooke – Present Day

" Emma is here," Regina said eyes widened "She is here in Storybrooke"

"What?" David asked lowering his sword "Then what the hell are we waiting for? Let's go get her"

"No, David, she is not here in this Storybrooke" Regina said.

"Regina, I don't understand," Snow said "What do you mean Emma is not here in this Storybrooke?"

"I'll explain everything, but not here," Regina said "Someone might hear us out here"

"Where, then?" Snow asked.

"My office" Regina nodded.

"What about him?" David asked pointing at Neal.

"We don't need him," Regina said and looked at Gold "But we do need you"

"Papa, don't help them," Neal said.

"Shut up!" David said, pointing the sword against his neck again.

"Pointing that thing at my son will not make me help you, dearie" Gold said.

"Keeping him as a prisoner will," Regina said and quickly waved her hand in the air making Neal disappear.

"Regina, I am warning you…" Gold started to say.

"No, I am warning you, Gold," Regina threatened him "The only reason my wife is missing is because of your son. Because of your son's action my children, your grandson is without a mother right now. You owe me, Gold! And you will help me bring Emma back home"

"Where is Bae?" Gold asked.

"He's fine," Regina said "And you can have him back after you help me bring my wife home"

"Let's make a deal, then," Gold smiled.

"No deals," Regina said firmly "You will help me bring Emma back"

"And what about my son?" Gold asked, "How am I to trust you will return Bae to me after your wife is back?"

"You have my word," Regina said "But I want him out of Storybrooke"

"Bae stays," Gold said.

"I want him gone, Gold," Regina said angrily "He is a threat to my family"

"I'll keep him in check, Regina," Gold said.

"No!" Regina said "After Emma is home, I will return Neal to you and then I want him out of Storybrooke"

"He is Henry's father," Gold reasoned.

"I don't give a crap," Regina shouted "I do not want him anywhere near my children"

"Then I'm afraid I can't help you, dearie" Gold said.

"Yes, you will," Regina said "Because where Emma is right now, has the potential of making you never find your son in the first place"

"What are you talking about?" Gold asked.

"Yeah, Regina," Snow said "What the hell are you talking about"

"I'll explain everything, but first," Regina said and looked at Gold again "I need your word that you will help me, Gold"

"I can enchant Bae to make him forget his love for Emma," Gold said "Please, Regina! I'm a parent just like you. I just want my son close"

"Take the deal, Regina," Snow said.

"No!" Regina said angrily "I want him out"

"Then I'll make the deal," David said behind Gold.

"Excuse me?" Regina asked.

"After Emma is back here, you enchant Neal and he can stay," David said.

"I do not agree to that" Regina shouted.

"Regina the most important thing right now is to bring Emma back," Snow touched Regina's arm.

"And what if he tries to hurt my family again?" Regina asked.

"I told you, I will enchant him," Gold said "I will use a reverse love potion on him, it will work. He won't be a threat to you or your family"

"And we'll keep an eye on him," David said "If I even suspect he will do anything, we'll banish him. For good"

"I don't trust him," Regina shook her head "He needs to pay for what he has done to Emma"

"Typical of you isn't dearie?" Gold smiled "Choosing revenge over love"

Regina looked at Gold, anger and hate burning in her eyes. She waved her hand and Gold flew in the air, stopping right on top of the town line.

"Don't you ever dare to doubt my love for Emma," Regina shouted.

"Regina, calm down," Snow said putting her hands on Regina's shoulder "We need him, don't we?"

"No, we don't," Regina said angrily "I'll find a way"

"Regina, let me take the deal," David said desperately "He will be my responsibility, not yours"

"He is Henry's father," Snow said "If Gold can enchant him, shouldn't we at least give this a try?"

"What makes you think I want that man anywhere near my son?" Regina asked.

"Then let's make Emma decide," Gold said walking back to them "I will help you bring your wife home and when she is here, you'll give my son back. Then we let her decide his faith"

"That seems reasonable," Snow nodded.

"Do we have a deal, Regina?" Gold asked.

"Yes!" Regina said angrily calmed.

"Then I suppose I'll see you in your office," Gold said and in a blink of an eye, he was surrounded by smoke.

Regina rolled her eyes and waved her hands in the air magicking herself, Snow and David out of the town line.

When the smoke cleared, Regina saw Gold sitting on the edge of the desk eating one of her apples and she suppressed the urge to send one of her fireballs his way. Her fingers were literally burning, begging her to release her magic on the imp.

"Well, dearie," Gold gave a bite on the apple and then threw it behind his shoulder "If you could please explain how is Mrs. Swan-Mills is both here and not here in Storybrooke"

"Yes, Regina," Snow said standing next to David in the middle of the room "What did you mean when you said Emma was here?"

"It's been a while now that I've been having these… dreams, about Emma," Regina said "It was so odd at first because they never really felt like dreams. They have always felt like memories. I thought I was missing Emma so much that my mind started to play tricks on me, but…" Regina smiled "They were no tricks. They were memories. Memories of Emma"

"I don't understand," Snow said, arms crossed.

"When Emma fell into that portal, somehow she was teleported to the past. Back to when I had just adopted Henry. Emma is right here in Storybrooke, she's just… not in our timeline" Regina said.

"That's impossible, dearie," Gold said "Magic does not allow us to do that. We can remember the past and we can see the future. But we cannot travel between them"

"Don't you think I know that?" Regina shouted, "Why do you think it took me this long to figure out where she was?"

"Regina, if time travel was possible, don't you think that me, the Dark One, would know about?" Gold asked, "Don't you think I would have found a way, by now, to go back in time and save my boy from the destiny my cowardness imposed on him?"

"Gold, I think Regina is right," Snow said "I had those dreams too, some more vivid than others, but… It was Emma. It was her, I remember seeing her at Granny's a few times and we even had a pretty fiery conversation about Regina"

"Me?" Regina asked.

"Tell you later," Snow brushed her off "But yeah, it was… it was Emma. And the timeline Regina just describe seems about right, she had indeed just adopted Henry"

"And Ruby remembers her too," Regina said "I spoke with her yesterday at the diner and she was telling me about a dream she had with Emma in her honeymoon"

"So, Emma traveled back in time?" David asked.

"She did," Regina nodded "And everything she is doing back there is giving us these new memories of her"

"Okay, so how do we bring her back to this timeline?" Snow asked.

"I have no idea," Regina said desperately "That's a land without magic"

"What about the curse?" David asked, "Emma is the savior, can she have her magic back if she breaks the curse?"

"Emma can no longer break the curse," Gold said "She was designed to break the curse at the age of twenty-eight. She could be able to break the curse if she was younger, but the second her blood turned twenty-nine she could no longer break it. The curse will stay intact. And that is the least of our problems"

"What do you mean?" Regina asked.

"Well, dearie, if you all are having new memories of Emma in the past there is no telling what repercussions will that have here in the future. Did she tell The Evil Queen who she really is yet?" Gold asked looking at Regina.

"No, she hasn't," Regina swallowed dry "In fact, I think Emma is trying to woo her…I mean, me"

"Excuse me?" David asked.

"Oh my God, that's true," Snow said "I remember her all dress up ready to take you out on a date"

"Why is Emma doing that?" David asked.

"I think she is trying to get my trust" Regina sighed "Because when we first started dating each other, I… I only told Emma about the curse when I fell in love with her"

"That's a very risky plan," Gold said "Considering that now she is lying to The Evil Queen"

"And if there is one thing The Evil Queen doesn't take lightly…" Snow started to say.

"Are lies," Regina finished for her.

"Shit," David scratched his head "Okay then, now what is the plan? How do we bring Emma back?"

"For that, I do not have the answer for," Gold said "This is going to take a lot of research"

"I have no idea either," Regina shook her head "I never even heard of anything like that before"

"Okay, at least now we know where Emma is," Snow said "That's something, right?"

"We need a bean," Regina said "We need to open a portal to past Storybrooke and bring Emma back"

"Regina, beans only have the power to take you to another land, not back in time," Gold said.

"Well, it took Emma, didn't it?" Regina said angrily looking at Gold.

"Even if you did make a bean work to past Storybrooke, how do you suppose you would come back here?" Gold asked "That's a land without magic. The bean wouldn't have the power to bring you two back"

"Then what the hell are we going to do?" David asked.

"As I said, research," Gold said "I'll contact you again when I have something"

Gold elegantly moved his hand in the air and disappeared in a cloud of smoke, leaving the three of them alone in the office.

"Regina?" Snow asked.

"Go to my vault," Regina said looking between Snow and David "Start separating any of my mother's books about time traveling. I'm going home to check on Olie and Sam and have a chat with Henry for disobeying me. I'll meet the two of you there later"

"Okay," Snow nodded "We'll see you there"

Regina nodded back and waved her hands in the air disappearing in a cloud of purple smoke.

When the smoke cleared, Regina found herself inside the mansion's kitchen where Olie and Sam were sat on top of the island wiggling their tiny legs in the air while Henry was in front of the stove making popcorn.

"MOMMY!" The twins screamed when they saw her.

"Hello, my loves," Regina smiled and walked in front of them.

They wiggled their arms in the air to hug Regina, who wrapped both of them inside her arms before kissing their cheeks.

"Hey, mom," Henry said behind them "Is everything okay?"

"I need to have a word with you, Henry," Regina said seriously when she let go of the twin.

"Is Enwy in touble?" Sammy asked looking concerned at Regina.

"Is this about your broken red lipstick?" Olie asked guiltily.

"What broken red lipstick?" Regina asked her daughter.

"I dunno," Olie said quickly shaking her head.

"I'll talk to you about this lipstick later, young lady" Regina said seriously "But right now I need to talk to Henry. Can the two of you go to the living room for a little while?"

"Can we have the popcorn before we go?" Olie asked cheekily.

"Yes," Regina laughed and moved to take each one of them down from the island.

Henry put the popcorn in two small plastic bowls and gave it to them. The twins held the bowls with their tiny hands and left the kitchen leaving the two of them alone.

"Mom, what's going on?" Henry asked looking concerned at Regina.

"What did I tell you about staying away from Gold?" Regina asked angrily.

"Okay, in my defense, I went to grandpa before you told me to stay away from him"

"Henry…" Regina sighed.

"I'm sorry, mom. I was just trying to help and I knew grandpa would never hurt me" Henry said.

"Please, don't do that again," Regina walked to him and held his face between her hands "Please, Henry. The only way I can do this is, is if I know you are safe. The three of you"

"I'm sorry, mom," Henry said sincerely "But the spell didn't work though. Grandpa didn't know why it didn't work"

"It did work" Regina sighed.

"What are you talking about?"

Regina sat down on the kitchen island with Henry and explained to him everything that had happened that day, apart from the part where she was keeping his biological father as a hostage. It was a lot to take in, and Henry's astonished face when she finished the tale could only match her own at hearing herself saying it. Leave it to her wife to get herself in an unbelievable mess.

Regina asked Henry to keep an eye on the twins for a little while longer while she went to her vault. She wasn't going to spend the rest of the day there, she didn't want her smallest children to go too long without her presence. What she was going to do indeed, was bring all books she could find and spend the whole night reading them after they go to sleep. It had to be something in the books, something that would tell her how to fix this and bring Emma back home. Regina knew she had to do this fast. Something inside her told her things were going to change soon and not for the best.

Chapter Text

" Hello, Miss Swan"

Emma stopped dead on the tracks looking at Regina sitting like the Queen she was in front of her.

And Emma had never been so scared in her life as she was right now.

Starting with Regina's tone. It was so cold that made all the hairs on the back of Emma's neck stood up, but not in a good way.

Then there were her eyes. Emma could see every bit of rage and betrayal running through those beautiful brown orbs Emma loved so much.

And then, there was her posture.

Regina was sitting perfectly erect on the top of the truck.

Like a block of ice.

And Emma felt like she couldn't breathe.

"Regina" Emma swallowed dry.

"Well, dear," Regina coldly said "I guess I'm not the only one keeping secrets in this town"

Emma looked at Regina, eyes widened trying to breathe but no air seemed to enter her lungs. Her heart was racing inside her chest just like her hands were slightly shaking.

What was she supposed to do now?

How could she possibly explain this to Regina?

"I'm working," Emma said nervously "Graham got a call saying there were some weird activities here in the cemetery. I just came to check it out"

"Yes, dear, I'm aware of it," Regina crossed her arms "Considering that I'm the one who made the call"

"You did?" Emma asked walking to Regina "Why?"

"Because I wanted to see if my suspicions were right," Regina said "And they were"

"What suspicious?" Emma asked scared.

"You are awake," Regina said angrily "And I want to know how the fuck did you managed that"


Emma tilted her head to the side confused. She looked at Regina, her features so hard that Emma barely recognized her.

She looked at Regina for what felt like a long time until her words started to make sense.


Regina was thinking she was one of the fairy tales characters she had cursed.

Emma swallowed dry considering her next words.

"Regina, I'm just working," Emma smiled nervously "Seriously, I just need to call Graham and…"

"Stop lying," Regina said between her teeth "And stop playing games with me. Who the fuck are you? And how the hell did you know about this place?"

Emma closed her eyes and sighed.

She couldn't lie her way out of this.

And honestly, she didn't want to anymore. She never should have lied to Regina in the first place. She should have told her the truth from the beginning and fuck the consequences.

Why didn't she just do that?


"This is your vault," Emma said when she opened her eyes "And the reason why I know this place is because you showed it to me"

"Excuse me?" Regina rose from the truck and stopped right in front of Emma "I have never seen you in my life before. At least not until a few weeks ago"

"We know each other longer than that," Emma said looking deep into Regina's eyes.

"Really, dear?" Regina smiled sarcastically "Please, do amuse me. How long do we know each other for?"

"Four years," Emma smiled "Regina, I'm your wife"

"Excuse me?" Regina asked taking a step back.

"It's a long story," Emma said "I was going to tell you tonight, but then…"

"Do you really expect me to believe that?" Regina laughed.

Her laugh was so cold and destitute of emotion.

It made Emma's heart tighten inside her chest.

"Do you take me for a fool, Miss Swan?" Regina asked "Do you really think I wouldn't remember being married? And to a peasant!" Regina scoffed.

"Okay, technically, I'm a Princess," Emma frowned, "I think"

"Stop the lies," Regina said angrily "Tell me how the hell are you awake. Whatever revenge you were planning, it's over! I know the truth now"

"Regina, I am telling you the truth" Emma sighed "My name is Emma Swan-Mills. And I'm your wife"

"Stop saying that," Regina said "Tell me the truth!"

"My name is Emma Swan- Miss. I'm your wife" Emma said seriously "We have three children. Henry, Samuel and Olivia, we…"

"STOP!" Regina screamed.


"It's that imp, isn't it?" Regina said walking back and forth "He is the one behind this. He's awake. I knew he was awake!"

"Regina, if you could just let me explain…" Emma begged.

"Explain what?" Regina asked "That you lied to me? That you were working for that imp this whole time?"

"I'm not working for Gold," Emma walked to Regina and held her shoulders "I was going to tell you the truth about me tonight. Please, Regina, just listen to me. Please?"

"Why?" Regina pushed Emma away "So you can tell this nonsense about you being my wife again?"

"It is the truth," Emma said "Just listen to me, please?"

"Okay," Regina nodded "Okay, humor me, Miss Swan"

Regina walked to the desk in the middle of the room and sat down on the edge. Emma walked in front of Regina feeling her legs shaking.

"I should probably start saying that…" Emma shook her head "I'm from the future"

"You are what now?" Regina asked with disdain.

"From the future," Emma nodded "I'm from… fourteen years in the future"

Regina threw her head back and laughed, really laughed a laughed so cold that Emma felt the air around her getting chili.

When she finished, Regina crossed her arms before coldly looking at Emma.

"Is that what you are going with?" Regina asked.

"It's the truth," Emma said seriously.

"There is no such a thing as time-traveling, dear," Regina said and looked to the side, distant "Trust me, I know"

"Look, I don't know how the hell it happened," Emma said "Neal threw a damn bean on the ground, and then he pushed me inside the hole. The last thing I saw was you and Henry and then when I woke up, I was here, okay?"

"Miss Swan," Regina said tired "One of the first things you learn about magic is that you can't bring back the dead and you cant travel back in time. So please, spare both of us…"

"I am not lying, Regina," Emma said "I swear to you, the bean brought me here"

"Magical beans open portals to another realm, not another time"

"I don't know what the hell happened, okay?" Emma threw her hands in the air "That's why I was trying to get closer to you because I… I need your help"

"My help?"

"To go back home," Emma said softly "To go back home to you"

"This is ridiculous," Regina shook her head "Tell Gold that whatever he was planning…"

"I can prove it," Emma said quickly.

"How?" Regina asked.

"My phone" Emma took the phone from her pocket "I have pictures of us. You, me, Henry, the twins"

"Pictures?" Regina arched an eyebrow.

"Yes," Emma whispered "I have pictures of our wedding and everything"

"Okay," Regina nodded "Okay, show them to me"

Emma tapped on her phone and then typed her password making the phone unlock. She moved her finger down and then tapped the gallery app that already showed Emma's favorite picture of them. The picture of their wedding. Emma smiled and felt water formed inside her eyes.

"Can I come closer?" Emma asked.

Regina didn't say anything apart from a head nod. Her features were still hard and her arms were still defensibly crossed in front of her chest and Emma wanted nothing more than to wrap her arms around Regina and… do what?

Promise everything was going to be okay?

How could she promise her that when she wasn't even sure herself?

Emma sat on the desk next to Regina and handed her the phone. Regina looked at Emma suspiciously before rudely take the phone from her hands.

Emma stared at Regina as she looked at the photo on the phone. Regina opened and closed her mouth a few times just looking at the image of them on their wedding dresses with an eleven-year-old Henry in front of them.

"This was our wedding day," Emma said softly "It was one of the happiest days of my life"

"This is a lie," Regina shook her head.

Emma slid her phone on the screen to the next image.

A photo of them dancing on their wedding day.

"This was our first dance," Emma smiled "You were nervous because you had to take dancing lessons from my dad"

"I don't know how to dance," Regina whispered.

"Yeah, that's why Dad had to give you lessons," Emma laughed "You were scared of stepping on my toes. But you didn't. You were perfect"

Emma slid her finger on the screen again.

An image of them cutting the cake appeared.

Emma adored that photo too.

Regina had such a beautiful smile and she remembered Henry under the table impatiently waiting for a slice of cake.

Regina ran her finger on the screen making the image disappear. Instead, it went back to the grid, where they could see several images from their wedding day.

Regina tapped another picture, one of them on the altar.

Emma remembered that moment so vividly.

The day she said yes to the love of her life.

The day she knew she would never forget, not even when they were old and grey and full of grandchildren.

Emma couldn't help the smile.

Regina slid her finger on the screen again, and another image appeared.

This time, was a picture of the two of them with Mary Margaret and David.

Regina's features hardened when she looked at Emma.

"What the hell is this bitch doing in my wedding?" Regina asked.

"Hey, come on," Emma said "Don't call her that"

"I knew this was a lie," Regina gave the phone back to Emma and walked to the other side of the room "I would never invite her to my wedding"

"Look, I know it's hard to believe now, but you two are going to get along"

"Why would I ever get along with the woman responsible for killing my one true love?"

"Because Daniel wasn't your true love, Regina" Emma sighed "I am"

"No," Regina shook her head.

"It's true, Regina," Emma walked to her "I'm your true love. And Mary Margaret and David, they," Emma smiled "They are your in-laws"

"Excuse me?" Regina arched an eyebrow.

"I'm their daughter," Emma nodded "I'm…"

"The savior," Regina finished for her.

"Yeah," Emma smiled "See, I'm not…"

"You are the one meant to break my curse," Regina said accusingly.

"Regina, the curse is broken," Emma said "Or at least will be in ten years from now"

"No!" Regina whispered angrily "You broke my curse"

"Technically, you did," Emma said "Or at least we did it"

"No! No, no, no, no, no," Regina said walking back and forth "No, I won. This is my victory, my happy ending"

"No, Regina it isn't," Emma walked to her "I am. Me, the kids, we are your happy ending"

"No!" Regina shook her head and walked away from Emma "No, no! I worked too hard for this. I sacrifice too much for this curse"

"Regina, please," Emma bagged "Please, just listen to me. Just look at the pictures, again. This…" Emma said showing a picture of Regina smiling on her phone "This is your happy ending"

"No!" Regina screamed.

She walked to Emma and took the phone from her hands throwing it on the floor.

"My happy ending is seeing that bitch suffering every day of my life," Regina said "This…what you are showing me, it's a lie"

"Our love isn't a lie, Regina," Emma said seriously "I know that right now you feel like revenge is all you have, but in ten years from now, everything is going to change. We'll fall in love with each other. We'll break the curse. We'll get marry and have two more beautiful children…"

"If what you are saying is true, that means that the future can be changed," Regina said with a sparkle in her eyes that Emma did not recognize.

"What?" Emma asked confused.

"You want my help to go back to your future, don't you?" Regina asked.

"Yes," Emma whispered "Yes, Regina, I need your help. You are the only one awake. You are the only one who can help me"

Regina looked at Emma and smile. A beautiful big smile that was supposed to make Emma's heart melt.

But instead, it made it cold.

"Then that's exactly what I shall not do," Regina said.

"What are you talking about?" Emma asked.

Regina walked to where Emma was, still smiling at her. She stopped in front of her and whispered in her ear:

"I will not let anyone break my curse," Regina took a step back.

"Regina, for the love of God," Emma rolled her eyes "The curse is irrelevant"

"This curse is everything to me," Regina shouted.

"Okay, look," Emma shook her head "I know I shouldn't have lied to you. That was wrong and the stupidest plan ever! I was trying to get your trust but then I got caught up in all the wrong things because it's you, and I love you so much…"

"You love me?" Regina scoffed "Oh, dear"

"Yes, Regina, I love you," Emma said seriously "And don't even try to pretend you don't feel anything for me"

"I did feel something for you," Regina said "Until I find out you were lying. Just like everyone else does"

"I'm sorry," Emma closed her eyes "I should have told you the truth from the beginning"

"That doesn't matter now," Regina said and looked deadly cold at Emma "I will do anything in my power to destroy you, Miss Swan"

"Regina, please" Emma whispered "Please don't do this"

"I want you to stay away from me," Regina said angrily "And my son"

"Regina, you can't do this," Emma said desperately "You have to help me"

"I don't have to do anything," Regina said sharply "In fact, this is exactly what I'm going to do. Nothing!"

Regina walked past Emma and entered the short hallway. She stopped in front of the stairs and turned her head to Emma who was transfixed seeing her only chance of returning home go away

"Don't forget to lock up, Miss Swan"

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina woke up in the middle of the night feeling her heart pounding inside her chest. She was sweaty, her breathing erratic all because of the most horrible dream she has ever had.

No, not a dream.

A Memory.

A new memory, of Emma in the past.

Her old self cooked up quite a trap for Emma and now, she was hurt. Deeply hurt because THAT Regina thought Emma was different. She thought Emma was with her for her and she just found out Emma was lying to her because just like everyone else, she wanted something from Regina.

And if there was one thing she knew well was that a hurt Regina was not something to take lightly.

And Emma had just made herself her enemy.

Regina rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom. She opened the faucet and splashed water on her face and behind her neck.

She turned off the water and looked at herself in the mirror.

She looked desperately.



Emma was in trouble.

And she was the reason why.

Regina left the bathroom and walked back inside her room. She walked from one side to the other trying to remember anything else about the way she was feeling about Emma.

Trying to see what her next step would be.

But she didn't.

Nothing came to mind.

And that scared her more than anything else.

She had to find a way to bring Emma back.

And fast!

This wasn't just about herself missing her wife anymore.

If anything, this was about keeping the savior safe.

Chapter Text

Emma didn't sleep the whole night.

After Regina left the vault, Emma crashed down on the floor crying her heart out.

What a mess she made!

She should have never lied to Regina.

She knew Regina so well and yet, she did the one thing she hated the most.

She had lied to her.

Not only that, she had lied to her to ask for a favor.

What the hell was she even thinking?

How could she possibly think that the way to gain Regina's trust was by gaining her heart?

She was dishonest.

She had hurt her.

She hurt the woman she loved.

And now Regina wasn't going to help her.

And this was all her fault.

Emma stayed on the floor of the vault for hours with her head buried between her knees just letting the tears fall.

The look on Regina's face…

She was so hard in her posture and her words, but her eyes. Oh, her eyes always betrayed her.

Once you get to know Regina, the real Regina, once you learn how to look at her, the first thing you notice is just how much emotion Regina's eyes are able to express.

And what Emma saw running through Regina's eyes tonight was something she would never forgive herself for.



And she was the cause of all that.

Emma was startled by the sound of her cellphone ringing. She only vaguely remembered Regina throwing the phone on the wall. Emma pushed her head up and look around the floor trying to locate her phone. She found it on the floor of the opposite wall from where she was sitting. She looked at the light flashing on the phone while the noise of her ringtone echoed inside the room.

Was that Regina?

Was she calling to give Emma a better chance to explain herself?

Emma rose from the ground quickly walking to the other side of the room. She fished her phone from the floor, the screen was all cracked and Emma could hardly make up the name flashing on the screen.

She slid her finger on the screen and brought the phone to her ear, her heart hammering inside her chest with the hope of a chance to talk to Regina again.


"Emma, hi," Graham said on the other line "Is everything okay?"

And just like that, Emma felt her heart sink deep inside her stomach.

Of course, it wasn't Regina.

Did she really think it would be this easy?

"Graham, hi," Emma sniffed "Yes, everything is fine"

"Are you crying?" Graham asked.

"No, it's… it's just the cold"

"Oh! So, did you find any magic?" Graham laughed.

"What?" Emma asked confused.

"Magic," Graham repeated "You know, the thing you went out to investigate"

"Oh, right," Emma shook her head "No, I didn't. The person who called you… It was a prank"

"Yeah, I figure. I just called you because I was a little curious. It's not every day someone calls saying something magical is happening"

"No, I suppose not," Emma said.

"Well, thank you for letting me know," Graham said "Enjoy the rest of your evening, Emma"

"Yeah, you too,"

Emma finished the call still feeling a little away as she shoved the phone inside her jacket pocket. She looked around the vault knowing she should at least take a look inside to see if she could find any magic but she was feeling completely drained to do so.

Besides, what was the point?

Without Regina's help, she could end up wasting the magic away.

And ruin her chances of ever going back home.

Emma cleared the tears from her face with the back of her hand. She took one last look around the vault and sighed before turning around to go away. Emma walked up the stairs and then pushed Henry's Sir coffin back in place sealing the vault entrance.

She walked out of the mausoleum and closed the heavy door shut. The cold chill of the night hit her body and even though Emma's whole body shivered she didn't really acknowledge the cold.

She was numb.

She had hurt Regina.

And now she needed to find a way to fix what she had broken.

At that moment, Emma didn't even care if Regina was going to help her go back to her timeline or not.

She didn't care.

She needed to make things right.

What she did to Regina, wasn't right.

She had treated her exactly like everyone in this town usually did, only sucking up to her because they needed a favor.

Emma knew this wasn't her intention, she never meant to hurt Regina.

She was the love of her life.

But regardless of her good intentions that was exactly what she did, and now she needed to make things right.

And then beg for her help to take her back to the future.

But one step at a time.

Emma reached the Sheriff's Department cruiser and drove to Granny's B&B. She Entered through the backdoor, she wasn't in the mood to play nice with anyone. She walked up the stairs to her room and crashed heavily on top of the bed, looking up the ceiling.

What a monumental disaster this night was.

If she had just driven to Regina's house and told her the truth about herself, maybe this night could have ended so much differently.

Emma turned to the side and felt something poking uncomfortably at her ribs. She pushed her body up slightly and took her cellphone from inside the pocket.

Emma sighed heavily when she saw the screen all fucked up.

Fucking hell!

She couldn't go without seeing the pictures of her family.

That was the only thing that kept her sane.

The only prove she had her family was real.

Emma pushed herself to the headboard and sat down on the bed. She used her fingernails to push the film covering the screen of her phone.

Emma smiled relieved when she noticed the screen was still intact. The mobile film took all the impact and the actual screen of her phone was still intact.

Emma typed her password unlocking the phone. She clicked on the gallery icon and then opened a picture of Regina.

"I am so sorry, baby," Emma cried "I am so sorry that I hurt you"

Emma kissed the picture and then brought the phone closer to her heart. Her heart was so heavy and Emma was so incredibly sad.

And the only person she wanted to comfort her was Regina.

Emma brought the phone to eye level again and saw a messenger of low battery.

The phone was dying.

Just like she was on the inside.

Emma shook her head and grabbed the charger, already hooked on the socket, and plug in her phone.

Emma pushed herself off the bed and walked to the bathroom, hoping a shower would make her feel better.

It didn't.

Every time she closed her eyes under the water Emma saw that look of betrayal in Regina's eyes.

They were hunting her.

And she deserved it.

She deserved every bit of hatred and venom Regina had tossed at her tonight.

She deserved everything.

Emma shut down the water and toweled before burying herself under the covers.

And cried.

Oh God, how she cried.

There was no escaping Regina's eyes.

No escaping that look upon her face.

No escaping the ugly truth that she was the cause of that.

The sunbeams penetrated the darkness of the room slowly when the morning finally arrived.

Emma had stayed up all night watching the darkness dance before her eyes in a mix of Regina's look of betrayal and harsh words.

She needed to make this right.

Emma turned in bed and picked up her phone from the bedside table. The clock marked five in the morning. Still too early, not even the diner was open yet.

Emma pushed the charge plug off her phone and turned to the other side again. She entered her password and tapped the gallery icon, Regina's picture popping up. Her heart squeezed so tight inside her chest that Emma felt like her own ribcage was getting smaller just to stab her.

"I'm going to make this right, babe" Emma cried "I promise"

Unable to stare at Regina's loving face in the picture after what she had done, Emma rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom. She used the toilet and flushed before walking to the sink. Her reflection in the mirror served her well.

She looked terrible.

Emma's eyes were red and puffy from all the crying and the purple that formed beneath her eyes gave her a grotesque look.

Emma pushed her hair back and tied it up on a bun before washing her face on the sink. She used a towel to dried and then applied some makeup to make herself look more presentable.

The makeup did good in hiding her flaws.

Her heart couldn't be fooled that easily.

She walked back to the bedroom and changed into her jeans, a black long sleeve blouse, boots, and her faithful red leather jacket. Emma walked to the bed and took the phone she carelessly left on top of the bed and pushed the power but on to look at the hour.

Six in the morning.

Emma tucked the phone safely inside her jacket pocket and walked out of the room to the diner.

"What are you doing here this early?" Ruby asked when Emma stepped inside the diner.

"Hey, Ruby," Emma said tired "Is the coffee ready yet?"

"Just made a fresh pot," Ruby said "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Emma nodded "Can I get a cup to go please?"

"Yes, of course," Ruby moved behind the counter "Are you sure you are okay?"

"Yeah," Emma lied. She walked to the counter and took the cup of coffee Ruby put for her "Put it on my tab"

"It's on the house," Ruby smiled gently at her.

Emma thanked Ruby and stepped outside the diner. The wind that greeted her was so cold that Emma felt like her bones were being frozen. Emma looked back at the diner wondering if she shouldn't run upstairs to pick up her gloves. But then she looked forwards and decided it was better to go to Regina.

They need to talk.

Regina had to listen to her.

Had to forgive her.

And eventually, had to help her.

Emma wrapped both hands around the steamy cup of coffee and let the heat warm her hands. She brought the cup to her lips and took a sip. Her stomach protested the lack of food but Emma wasn't sure if she could handle having any upon facing Regina again.

Not when those eyes still hunted her.

Emma started to walk in the direction of the mansion taking a sip of the coffee every now and then. It did a good job of keeping her warm even though it didn't last long. She was halfway to the mansion when the coffee became completely cold.

Emma threw the remains of the cold coffee inside the trash can outside Regina's mansion. She stopped at the little gate in the front yard and just stared at the mansion.

Emma rubbed her hands together and blew hot air inside to warm them. God, did it really need to be that cold? Emma closed her eyes and took a deep breath in before opening the gate to walk the pathway to Regina's door.

Emma was halfway to the door when suddenly the sprinklers in the yard started to work. Emma looked to the side when she heard the noise of them coming out under the ground and then water was thrown all around Emma.

Emma screamed but was unable to move for a minute or two too long, long enough to make the water soak her clothes.

She was freezing.

Emma blinked her eyes and ran in the direction of Regina's front door but it was too late now.

The damage was done.

She was soaking wet.

In ice-cold weather.

"Regina!" Emma shouted. She knocked on the door with all the force she could manage as her fingers felt like ice "Regina, that was not cool. Open the door!"


No answer.

It was like no one was in the house.

But Emma knew that was not the truth. She knew Regina was inside and most importantly, she knew she was the one who turned the sprinklers on.

On purpose.

Emma shifted her weight from one foot to another and rubbed her hands together. She tried to blow warm inside her hands but wasn't enough.

"Regina!" Emma shouted again and rang the doorbell insistently "Regina, open the door. We need to talk. And I need to dry myself, I'm freezing"

Emma's request was met with another wave of silence.

Was Regina really not there and that was just an unfortunate coincidence?

But then Emma heard the sound of heels clicking on the wood floor.

Regina was home.

Emma rolled her eyes and knocked on the door again, this time using all the anger she was feeling on the inside.

"Regina" Emma shouted "Open the damn door"


Emma felt the anger building inside of her. She looked at the doorbell and decided to fuck the consequences when she thought of the most childish thing she could do to get Regina's attention.

And possibly, annoyance.

Emma knew this wasn't the best plan but right now she was soaking wet out in the negative cold.

And angry.

Boy, was she angry?

Emma pushed the doorbell in a nonstop repetitive mode. She pushed and pushed and pushed until suddenly, the door was open so abruptly that Emma had to take a step back.

"I swear to God if you push the doorbell one more time" Regina said angrily.

Emma swallowed dry when she saw Regina.

First, because the look of pure hate in her eyes was something Emma never thought she saw before.

Not even when they were fighting over Henry that first month when Emma arrived in Storybrooke.

Before they realize that the hate they felt for one another was actually, physical attraction.

Second because even with all that hate in her eyes, Emma couldn't help but admire Regina's figure.

To put it lightly, she looked hot.

How could a person look that good this early in the morning without magic was something Emma never understood.

Emma looked at Regina up and down, forgetting all about how cold and wet she was. Her mouth was slightly open as if she was going to say something, but nothing came out.

Regina was wearing a red dress that stopped two inches above her pantyhose covered knee. The dress hugged every curve of Regina's body with perfection, making it impossible for Emma to form any coherent thoughts as her brain could only focused on everything that dress hid.

"What do you want?" Regina's angry voice brought Emma back to reality.

"Right," Emma shook her head "I'm freezing"

"Good," Regina smiled "Now get off my porch"

Regina took a step back and was about to close the door but Emma's anger came back along with a ridiculous blow of cold wind that made her whole body shivered in a completely way different way Regina did.

"No!" Emma said putting her hand hard on the door "I need to dry myself"

"Dry somewhere else," Regina said slowly.

"Regina, please," Emma breathed out as she shivered at another cold blow of the wind "Please, we need to talk"

"I have nothing to talk to you about,"

"Please, just…" Emma said defeated "Just let me explain. I promise you If you just let me explain…"

"Explain what?" Regina asked "That you lied to me? That you played me into believing you are someone you are not? That you tricked me because you wanted something from me?"

"I'm sorry," Emma looked down sadly "I know I've done everything wrong. But I wanted to make it right, now"

"Oh, please," Regina scoffed "You are not sorry at all. The only thing you are sorry about is that you got caught"

"That's not true," Emma said firmly "I was going to tell everything last night. If you haven't tricked me…"

"Oh, so this is my fault now?" Regina asked sarcastically.

"No, no," Emma shook her head "Please, just let me in"

"Go to hell,"

Regina slammed the door shut with force on Emma's face, enough to make Emma give a step back. Emma stared at the door a minute too long before all of her senses came back to her.

The biggest of them all, the cold.

"At least turn off the damn sprinkles," Emma yelled.

Emma felt water droplets hitting her jeans. When she looked back she saw that Regina not only had all the sprinkles still on, she also increased the water volume, making them stronger.

"Seriously?" Emma yelled.

Emma stared at the water cascade in the front yard and sighed. She blew a puff of air as she tried to build the courage to run through the water again. Emma wanted to be angry at Regina for doing this, she wanted to be furious but deep down, she knew she couldn't.

She deserved it.

"Okay," Emma said to herself "Okay"

Emma ran through the water cascade making her way outside, all the while screaming as the iced water hit her body. She was soaking wet by the time she passed the little gate in front of the mansion.

She walked to the Station all the way hugging her body trying to warm up, but she had no warmth left in her.

She was just cold.

Inside and out.

Emma entered the station, not paying attention to all the glares she was sure she was receiving from all the folks outside the building.

How could they not stare?

Emma walked inside the building angrily, feeling like every step she took was a test of her patience.

"Wow," Graham said when she saw her "What happened to you?"

"Do you have anything I can borrow?" Emma asked, smoked coming out of her breath.

"There is the deputy's uniform," Graham said.

"I'll take it," Emma said between her teeth.

"It's in the locker room"

Emma walked to the locker room opening the first one she saw. She found a deputy uniform inside and Emma quickly took it from the hanger. She opened the second locker and found the same uniform inside. Emma took the shirt from the second locker and used it to dry her hair and body before putting on the warm, dry, and smelling like mold clothes.

"I don't know why you don't use the uniform," Graham smiled when Emma entered the office again "You look adorable"

"Don't," Emma shot a warning glare at him.

"Well, I can see you are in a lovely mood today," Graham said "I'm going out on my rounds. I left a few reports for you on your desk"

"Thanks," Emma said sarcastically.

"Okay," Graham nodded.

Graham left the station and Emma dropped her head on top of her arms on the desk.

Regina hated her.

She hated her badly.

And for the first time in her life, ever since she met Regina, she had no idea how to make this right again.

How to make Regina forgive her.

Why did she think that the way to gain Regina's trust was by lying to her?

That was so stupid!

Emma thought back about the time when she and Regina first got together. Regina didn't trust Emma to tell the truth about the curse only because Emma won her. It wasn't because Emma seduced her. It was because Emma had never lied to her. It was because Emma was truthful about herself and about her feelings for Regina. It was because Regina fell in love with her and couldn't keep a secret this big from her.

It was because Regina wanted them to be real.

She wanted them to be honest.

Because Regina couldn't lie to the woman she was in love with anymore.

She wanted Emma to know the whole truth about her.

All the ugliness.

It wasn't easy, at first.

Emma thought Regina was crazy, just like Henry. She thought she was the one feeding his illness.

Until the day Regina took her to the vault.

The day she showed Emma the hearts.

And everything went to shit after that because Emma refused to believe that was true.

But now, the game had changed. Emma was the one lying. The one keeping a secret.

And Emma hated herself for having kept this from her for so long.

Emma lifted her head up and sighed.

She looked at her desk and saw the reports Graham had left her. She picked up the first one and started to read.

By lunchtime, Emma was determined to see Regina.

She rose from the chair and walked to Granny's to pick up lunch for her and Regina before walking to the Mayor's office.

Emma walked up the stairs and stopped halfway when she saw the figure standing in front of Regina's door.

"The hell are you doing here?" Emma asked.

"Hello, Emma," Graham smiled at her "You can't come in"

"Excuse me?" Emma asked annoyed.

"The Mayor gave me strict instructions to not let you in her office," Graham said "Sorry, but I can't let you pass"

"This is ridiculous," Emma said walking past Graham. She twisted the doorknob and pushed the door, but the door didn't open "Regina, open the door"

"Emma, I'm only going to tell you one more time," Graham said calmly next to her "Step away from the door"

"Regina," Emma shouted and banged on the door, completely ignoring Graham's words "Please, I need to talk to you. Please, just let me explain"

"And now I have to arrest you,"

Graham moved behind Emma and quickly cuffed her hands.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?" Emma asked angrily looking over her shoulder.

"The Mayor gave me strict instructions not to let you in. And if you insisted, I should arrest you. I warned you twice" Graham said "I'm sorry about that, Emma"

"Graham, seriously, uncuff me," Emma said.

"Sorry, but you are gonna have to spend the day in jail," Graham said pushing Emma off the office.

"You are kidding me, right?" Emma asked "Please, tell me this is a joke"

"Mayor's orders"

Graham escorted Emma out of the Mayor's office and then drove her back to the station. He spared her the mug shots, only putting her inside the jail cell. Graham told Emma he was holding her for twenty-four hours, meaning, she would have to spend the night behind bars.

Emma flopped onto the bed, suppressing the urge to scream.

She had forgotten how vindictive Regina could be.

Forgotten how dirty she could play when feeling threatened.

And Emma just now realized, that the only way to get Regina's attention was by playing by her rules.

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina walked down the stairs to her vault. The click of her heels against the hard floor was the only sound echoing inside the dark cold walls.

Regina took a turn left giving only five or six steps before taking a turn to the right and walk down the narrow corridor.

She stopped in front of a stone wall and took a deep breath before waving her hand in the air. The stone wall slid to the side revealing a dark chamber. Regina waved her hand in the air again and torches were lit on the four corners of the chamber enlightening the room. Regina walked inside the chamber, once again only the sound of her heels echoing in the room. The lights of the torches danced as a blow of wind entered the room with Regina dimming the lights before they regain their full brightness again.

"Show yourself," Regina said as she stopped in front of cell bars.

"What do you want?" A man's voice asked behind the bars.

"I want answers," Regina said in a serious tone "And you are going to give them to me"

"What makes you think I would ever help The Evil Queen?"

"Because right now, I'm your only chance of freedom," Regina said "Neal"

"You?" Neal laughed. He walked to the bars and pressed his face against the cold metal "My pappa is coming for me. And when he does, I will make him destroy you"

"Your father is working with us, Dear," Regina smiled "Would you like me to call him for you?

"Liar," Neal said "My father would never work with you"

"Oh, but he is," Regina said "He is helping us bringing Emma home"

"Then what do you need me for?" Neal asked.

"I need to know where you got that bean," Regina said angrily "Who gave it to you"

"Not telling," Neal smiled.

"Oh, but you are," Regina smiled back.

Neal was still wearing his mocking smile when Regina approached the jail cell. She smiled back at him and quickly trusted her hand inside Neal's chest who looked back at her with both pain and surprised expression. Regina held his organ inside his chest and then pulled the heart out with force.

Regina walked away, looking at the red glowing organ in her hand. She trapped her lower lip with her teeth in a smile before looking back at Neal. Regina brought the heart close to her lips and said:

"Tell me who gave you the bean"

"I… I… I got the bean," Neal started to say "How does none of your business sound?" Neal laughed.

"What?" Regina said surprised.

"Pappa put a protection spell on my heart," Neal said "You can't control me with it. I figure you would know that considering you've done the same with yours"

"But I can still hurt you," Regina said squeezing the heart with force.

Or at least she tried to. The heart didn't seem to sink an inch under her touch.

"Yeah, you can't do that either," Neal said "Tesc, tesc, Regina! And to think my father was your teacher"

"Tell me who gave you the bean" Regina shouted.

"You poisoned Emma," Neal said angrily "I know you did"

"You are pathetic" Regina scoffed "Just accept you lost her. She doesn't love you, she never did"

"I was the love of her life,"

"You left her rotten in prison," Regina said.

"I was protecting her," Neal shouted "But if I knew she would end up falling into your claws I would never have left her"

"Neal, regardless of how you feel about me," Regina sighed "Emma is in danger"


"She is trapped in the past with The Evil Queen," Regina said "And she knows who Emma really is. She knows Emma is the savior"

"So?" Neal asked "Isn't she, you? If you love her so much why is she in danger?"

"Because she doesn't love Emma yet," Regina said "And right now, Emma is posing as a threat to her"

"You are tricking me," Neal shook his head.

"No, I'm not," Regina said "We need to bring Emma back home"

"I don't believe you"

Regina walked to the jail cell again. Neal looked at her and without a warning, Regina pushed his heart back inside his chest.

"Please," Regina bagged "Tell me who gave you the bean"

"Go to hell,"

Neal walked to the back of his cell and disappeared in the dark. Regina turned around and left the chamber. She waved her hand in the air again, making the torches go out and the stone wall slid back in place.

Regina walked the corridor and then crashed on the bottom of the stairs crying.

It didn't matter that she knew where her wife was.

She wasn't even sure if it would any difference if Neal had told her who gave him the bean.

None of that matter because where Emma was, was a land without magic.

And how do you bring magic to a land that doesn't have any?

Chapter Text

"Good morning, sunshine," Graham said as he walked in the direction of the jail cell.

Emma was laid on the bed staring at the ceiling when she heard Graham's voice. She had just woken up after sleeping the whole night. Emma thought she would spend the night awake again. She thought she would spend the night cooking up plans to apologize to Regina, to make her listen to her.

To make her forgive her.

And she did. She tried to anyway, at least for the first half of her isolation. Until Leroy was brought in and started to drunk sing so loud at the jail cell next to her, that Emma could hardly hear her thoughts.

It didn't matter how much she asked him to shut the fuck up!

How much she threatened to make his life hell.

He simply wouldn't stop singing.

And Emma wondered if that wasn't just another one of Regina's punishments to her.

But at least, at night he finally stopped. He passed out on the floor and even though his snoring was annoying, at least he wasn't singing anymore.

Emma crashed onto the bed and sighed. She closed her eyes, ready to let her mind work all night long on how to get Regina to at least listen to her, but the lack of sleep from the night before and everything that happened on the day must have taken a toll on Emma's body. One minute she was forming the image of Regina behind her eyes. On the other, Graham was giving her good morning.

Emma rose on her elbow and looked confused at Graham.

"What time is it?" Emma asked.

"Seven in the morning," Graham said, "I'm not supposed to let you leave until eight, but… can I trust you to behave?"

"Behave?" Emma asked.

"If I let you go now, promise you won't go after the Mayor?"

"I need to talk to Regina," Emma said getting up from the bed.

"See, Emma," Graham cringed his teeth and tilted his head to the side "That's exactly the opposite of the answer I was looking for"

"Graham, one hour is not going to make any difference," Emma said running her fingers on her scalp "Just let me go"

"What happened with the two of you?" Graham asked "I thought you were friends"

"We are more than that," Emma said seriously.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing," Emma sighed "Are you going to open the cell or not?"

"I need you to promise you are not going after Regina first," Graham said.

"Fine!" Emma threw her hands in the air "I promise"

"You are lying, aren't you?" Graham asked.

"What do you care?" Emma said back.

"You should stay away from her, Emma," Graham warned.

He reached inside his jacket pocket and took the jail key and inserted it inside the lock, twisting the key. He looked at Emma and then slid the gate to the side. Emma walked out of the jail cell, but stopped in front of Graham, looking deep into his eyes.

"Don't you ever tell me to stay away from Regina again, do you understand?"

"You have a shift at one," Graham said looking back at Emma "And you are working night today"


Emma smiled disdainfully and turned to walk away.

She left the station and was pleased when the sun warmed her face when she stepped outside. The day before had been freezing, but today the temperature had risen and Emma decided to take that as a sign.

Of what, she wasn't sure.

Emma walked in the direction of Granny's B&B. She entered the diner not paying attention to Ruby's greeting. She walked up the stairs and opened the door to her room, going straight to the bathroom.

Emma stripped out of her hideous uniform and stepped inside the shower, letting her brain drifted off to Regina.

For the first time ever since Emma arrived in this version of Storybrooke, Emma came to realize that this Regina wasn't her Regina.

Not the Regina she had been married with for three years.

This was the Regina she met when she first arrived in Storybrooke.

The one who fought with her that first month because of Henry, before they realize all that anger they had towards each other was actually sexual attraction.

And yes, Emma still loved her.

There wasn't any version of Regina that Emma didn't love with all of her heart.

But Emma knew that she wasn't going to get Regina's attention by playing nice.

Regina wasn't going to just open the doors for her.

She had to earn it.

But before she could do that, Emma had to get her attention first.

And what could she do to make Regina listen to her?

Emma smiled as an idea popped inside her mind.

She knew exactly how to get Regina's attention.

"This is not going to be pretty"

Emma said to herself before getting her whole body under the warm water.

Emma stepped out of the shower and wrapped her body around a towel. She walked to the sink and looked at herself in the mirror.

She looked much better than the day before.

More relaxed.

Emma toweled her body and wrapped the towel around her head before walking to the bathroom. She put on a fresh pair of red panties and a black bra. She looked at the armchair in her room and saw the clothes she was wearing when she first arrived in Storybrooke fourteen years ago and smiled.

"How about that," Emma said to herself.

Emma put on the jeans and white tank top. She sat down on the bed and put on her boots, patiently fixing the laces. When Emma finished changing, she walked back to the bathroom to dry her hair, and then she made thick curls, styling the best she could. When Emma was happy with the result, she put on light makeup and smiled to herself in the mirror.

Emma left the bedroom, using the backdoor to leave the B&B. She walked to the nearest hardware store, smiling as the memories of that day played inside her mind.

"Hello, may a help you?" A young salesman asked behind her.

"Yeah," Emma nodded "I'd like to buy a chain saw"

After paying for all the necessary equipment, Emma walked to the Mayor's office, shifting the weight from one arm to the other. That thing was heavy than she remembered.

She arrived at The Mayor's Office building and walked straight to the Honeycrisp tree. Emma kneeled in the grass and opened the plastic bag, taking the box from inside. She opened the box and started to build the chainsaw, exactly how the kid in the store taught her. There wasn't that much to do, mainly attaching the saw. She put on the gas and then pulled on the string on the side. The chainsaw came to life but died quickly.

Emma tried again and this time, the saw maintained the vibrations. She looked up Regina's window and bit her lower lip.

"Sorry, babe"

Emma gave a step closer to the tree and put the chainsaw on top of a branch. The branch started to break easily, leaves and wood splinters flying everywhere. Emma held the chainsaw with force and did her best to make as much noise as she could.

This time around, she didn't want to destroy the tree.

This time, she only needed to do enough to get Regina's attention.

Emma looked up Regina's window again and saw her behind the glass. The sun was burning and blinding Emma's eyes and even with all of that, she could see Regina was furious.

Emma blinked her eyes for a second, and when she opened them again, Regina was already gone.

Emma smiled and held the chainsaw against another branch. She put quite a bit of force to hold the chainsaw even though the branch she picked was very thin.

"What the hell are you doing?" Regina shouted while walking furiously in Emma's direction.

Emma looked at Regina and turned off the chainsaw, throwing it behind her.

"Picking apples," Emma smiled.

"You are out of your mind?" Regina said furiously.

"Well, apparently, this is the only way to get your attention," Emma said "And we need to talk"

"I want you out of my life," Regina said between teeth.

"Well, Regina, this is not gonna happen," Emma said "We are married"

"Not to me,"

"Regina," Emma sighed "I know I fucked up, okay? I'm sorry that I lied to you, I shouldn't… I'm sorry"

"I don't care,"

"Yes, you do!" Emma said, "Please, Regina! I love you"

"You are only saying that because you need my help,"

"I'm saying that because it's true," Emma said seriously "I love you! And I don't care if you are going to help me go back or not. I just need you to forgive me. I never meant to hurt you. I swear to you, I never… I can't bear knowing that I hurt you"

"You give yourself way too much credit, dear," Regina scoffed.

"Can we go up there and talk?" Emma said tilting her head forward in the direction of the window.

"No!" Regina hardened her features.

"Please, Regina," Emma asked softly.

"If you don't get out of here right now, I am calling the Sheriff to arrest you again," Regina said "And this time, it won't be overnight"

"You know I won't give up until we have a proper talk, right?" Emma said "I won't give up until you really listen to what I have to say"

"I am not interested in what you have to say," Regina shouted "You are the one who will destroy everything I hold dear"

"That's not true," Emma whispered.

"I won't let you destroy my legacy," Regina said "I sacrificed too much to have my victory. To finally have my revenge! I will not let anyone destroyed that"

"Regina, this isn't your victory," Emma said "Me, our children, we are your victory"

"Liar," Regina said angrily "Get out of here before I call Graham"

"Okay, I'll go," Emma nodded "But I'll see you tomorrow"

"Excuse me?"

"We have a lunch date remember?" Emma smiled "Plus, I miss the kid"

"You are never getting anywhere near me or my son ever again," Regina said seriously.

"I'll see you tomorrow, babe"

Emma smiled at Regina and walked away.

She walked in the direction of Granny's but halfway there, she took a turn and walked in the exact opposite of Granny's diner.

Emma stopped across the street, staring at the Pawnshop right in front of her.

She saw Gold behind the glass, moving inside the shop.

Should she go to him?

Should she make a deal with him?

Emma took a step forward but then stooped.

She looked to the side and then back at the shop.

Should she take a step forward and make a deal with the devil?

Or should she take a step back and fix what she had broken?

Storybrooke – Present Day

"Regina, what's going on?" Snow asked.

Regina looked and Snow and David staring at her inside her vault. She had been avoiding telling them the truth about what was happening in the past with Emma.

She hoped she would have answers by now about how to bring Emma back to the present.

About how to bring her wife home.

Not because she didn't find anything about time travel.

Even if they were all theoretical, at least they mentioned something.

But they all had the same dramatic issue. The exorbitant amount of magic necessary to perform such an act.

And in a land without magic, that was something close to impossible.

"Regina found out Emma was lying," Regina said.

"You mean, you found out?" David asked confused.

"Well, yeah," Regina tilted her head to the side "Regina made a trap for Emma and she fell for it"

"Oh, this is bad," Sow said walking from one side to the other in the room.

"It is," Regina nodded "She's furious. She feels betrayed and… she won't help Emma"

"And Emma?" Snow asked looking at Regina.

"She is doing everything in her power to make it up to her," Regina said "And by that, I mean, she is pissing her off even more"

"What did she do?" David asked.

"She took down my apple tree," Regina rolled her eyes "Again!"

"You have got to be kidding me," Snow said "You love that tree, you made my father's guard carry that thing back to the castell"

"Yes, I'm aware, dear," Regina sighed, not wanting to remember that particular time of her life "And you can imagine how pissed I am right now"

"Why the hell would she do that?" Snow asked.

"She was trying to get my attention," Regina said "And trust me, it worked. I'm even more furious with her now. I can still feel the rage"

"Do you think Emma's life is in danger?" Snow asked.

"Honestly?" Regina asked "I don't know. Regina is having all sorts of mixed feelings towards Emma right now. I think she might have…"

"Guys, I think I found something!"

Regina was interrupted mid-sentence when Belle walked inside the vault. She walked to the table Regina had in the room and put a book on top of it, pointing at a picture on the paper.

"I found this in the library this morning," Belle said, "I think this is how Emma ended in the past"

"What is it?" Regina asked trying to absorb everything that was written on the paper.

"I think the bean was cursed," Belle said "The bean Neal had, had a curse on it. You know how portals work? If more than one person goes through it they both need to think of the same place. I think that with this bean only Neal had to think of a place and whoever fell with him would end up in the place he chose"

"But how does this explain Emma being in the past?" Regina asked.

"I think that when Emma fell, she thought about being in Storybrooke or she thought about you," Belle said looking at Regina "But because she wasn't specific, the curse ended up throwing her in the past"

"But why that specific time?" Snow asked.

"When Emma fell," Regina said thoughtfully "When Emma fell, she was looking at me and Henry. Maybe… Maybe Henry and I were the last people Emma thought about. Maybe the curse has thrown her as far back as possible in the past where Henry and I existed"

"That would explain why she ended up in that specific time," David said.

"What else did you find?" Regina asked Belle.

"Nothing much," Belle said "There isn't much about time travel. And the little I could find requires a lot of magic and it's all very theoretical. This is the first real clue I found so far"

"What about Gold?" Regina asked, "What is he doing?"

"He is experimenting in the shop," Belle said "I'm not really sure what he is doing"

"If he thinks he is going to betrayal me…" Regina started to say.

"He won't, Regina," Belle interrupted her "I won't let him. I promise"

"Thank you, Belle," Regina sighed.

"We are going to bring Emma back," Belle squeezed Regina's hand "I'm going to keep looking on my books. I'm sure something will come up soon"

"I'll go with you," Snow said looking at Belle "Maybe the two of us can cover more books together"

"Yes, of course," Belle said and then looked at Regina "Regina, I have to ask. How is Neal?"

"He is fine," Regina said seriously.

"Okay," Belle nodded "I'll make sure to tell Rumple that"

Belle picked the book from the table and walked away with Snow walking after her. Regina supported her body on the edge of the table and lowered her head. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in, squeezing the wood with all her strength.

"Regina," David called her name.

Regina was startled when she heard his voice. She raised her head and looked at David's concerned expression.

"Is Neal really okay?" David asked.

"Well, he is alive, which is more than he deserves" Regina answered him.

"Where are you keeping him?" David asked.

"Nicely well hidden," Regina said.

"Okay," David nodded "Just don't do anything stupid, okay?"

"I won't," Regina nodded back.

David turned around and left the vault.

Regina looked around her vault and trapped her lower lip between her teeth.

At least now they knew how Emma had ended up in the past.

Now the real question was, how do they bring her back?

Chapter Text

Emma was standing in front of the Town Hall building for about ten minutes. She was trying to summon all of her courage for what she knew would be another day of fighting with Regina.

Yes, she knew this was her fault.

But knowing that didn't make things any easier.

If anything, it only made it worse.

She had given up going to Gold the day before. She almost did go to him, she even entered the Pawn Shop but something inside her told her to walk away.

Told her it was too soon to strike a deal with him.

She knew she would have to. Eventually, she would have to make a deal with Gold.

But not now.

Not until she fixed things with Regina.

Emma looked the building up and down and sighed. She tightened her hold on Granny's lunch bag and took a step forward inside the building.

Emma walked up the stairs hoping to God she wouldn't run into Graham guarding the door to Regina's office again. Truth be told, she had just about enough with him and the strange way he was acting not only around but about Regina.

What did Graham want from her?

Emma arrived in the corridor to Regina's office and smile happily when she saw no one in the hallway.

At least, that!

Emma walked the short way to Regina's office and twisted the doorknob, not even bothering to knock on the door first before letting herself in.

"I brought lunch as a peace offer," Emma said holding the bag from Granny in front of her.

"You have some nerve," Regina said looking angrily back at Emma "Get the hell out of my office"

"Regina," Emma sighed "Please, just let me fix things"

"Listen very carefully, Miss Swan" Regina rose from the chair.

She walked in Emma's direction and Emma had to swallow dry at the fire burning behind Regina's eyes.

It took her breath away.

It rooted her on the spot staring at Regina.

She looked incredibly sexy.

And Emma was terrified.

"I want you out of my town," Regina said slowly "I don't care where you are going, I don't care if you are from this timeline or not. I don't give a fuck about you or your problems, I just want you out"


"Consider this a benevolent act on my part," Regina smiled "If you know me the way you claim to know me, you know that they don't happen so often"

"That's not true" Emma whispered.

"Ah, right," Regina said "The weak version of me might be capable of such acts. But I am not. You have no idea what I'm capable of"

"Yes, I do," Emma said firmly "You are capable of so much love, Regina"

"Get out of my sight" Regina turned around and walked back to her desk.

"The proof is right there next to you," Emma said firmly pointing at Henry's crib "Henry was just the first spark of that love, Regina. And there is so much more waiting for you"

"With a liar like you, dear?" Regina asked sarcastically.

"I screwed up, I know that" Emma sighed "I can never apologize enough for that, Regina"

"As I said before," Regina said coldly, looking down at the papers on her desk "I don't give a fuck about your apologies"

"Yes, you do," Emma walked to the desk "Stop pretending this doesn't bother you. Stop pretending I didn't hurt you. I know I did! And I know you care"

"That's where you are mistaken, dear," Regina looked back at Emma "I don't"

"Then why do you want me out of town?" Emma asked.

"I don't want you anywhere near me and Henry," Regina said.

"Because you care!" Emma said softly.

"Because I want to make sure you will never find your way back home," Regina said coldly "Because I have to do what the weak version of me couldn't. I have to protect my curse"

"Yeah, well, that's not gonna happen," Emma said "We are breaking the curse"

"Not if I can stop it," Regina said.

"You can't change the future, Regina," Emma frowned "Or the past"

"And yet, here you are proving that I can" Regina smiled.

"What do you mean?" Emma asked.

"What do I mean is no concern of yours, Miss Swan," Regina said "Now, if you please…"

"It's Swan-Mills," Emma interrupted her.

"Excuse me?"

"It's Mrs. Swan- Mills," Emma repeated herself "Not Miss Swan"

"Get out of my office," Regina said angrily.

"I'm not gonna stop trying," Emma said "Not until you forgive me"

"Get out," Regina said slowly.

Emma put the bag from Granny she was holding on top of Regina's desk, right in the middle of the papers she was reading.

"It's kale salad with roasted chicken," Emma said "And an order of fries"

Emma turned around and left the office, but not before missing the mix of shock and surprise on Regina's face.

Emma didn't have any hopes she would actually sit down and have a proper meal with Regina in the Mayor's Office the way she used to. That's why she didn't even bother to bring her lunch up with her, Emma only took what she had ordered for Regina.

Emma drove the cruiser to the station and entered the building with a brown bag in her hand. She had ordered herself the same she did for Regina, in her mind, that would serve as some sort of connection between them. Like when they shared a meal in Regina's office. It was silly, Emma knew that, but right now she needed something, anything that she could hold on to.

Even if that something was kale salad.

With a side of onion rings.

Fries are more Regina's thing.

Emma sat down on the chair behind her desk and opened the bag. She took out the kale salad and the onion rings and put them on her desk. She opened the salad container and took the disposable fork to take the first bite. Emma closed her eyes while she chewed just for a second, pretending Regina was sitting across from her.


Emma opened her eyes and saw Graham sitting on the edge of her desk.

"Hey," Emma said dryly.

"I need you to work tomorrow night," Graham said taking an onion ring.

"Why?" Emma asked annoyed.

"Animal shelter," Graham smiled at Emma.

"Animal shelter?" Emma asked suspiciously.

"As you know, I volunteer there," Graham said.

"And what is it that you are doing there this time?" Emma asked.

"Cleaning the cages and all that," Graham laughed "Manual work"

"Graham?" Emma asked seriously.


"If you go anywhere near Regina tomorrow night, I will chop your thing off," Emma said angrily.

"Excuse me?" Graham coughed. He was chewing another onion ring when Emma spoke.

"You heard me," Emma said.

"Look," Graham said cleaning his throat "I have work to do at the animal shelter, okay? Regina is in a bad mood lately, and I'm trying to keep my distance from her. By the way, what is it that you did to her?"

"What makes you think I did anything?" Emma asked taking an onion ring.

"She called me to her office to arrest you. She even tried to get me to fire you but for your luck, she had already signed your admission papers and I have no plausible reason to fire you. Whatever it is that you did, Emma, she is really upset"

"I know," Emma sighed "I'm trying to fix it, okay?"

"You better hurry up," Graham laughed "I was just warming up to her and I don't want to fuck everything because of you"

"What is that supposed to mean?" Emma asked seriously.

"Nothing," Graham shook his head "But whatever it is that you did, you better hurry up and fix it"

"I'm working on it,"

Graham took another onion ring and smiled at Emma before getting up from the desk and walk away. Emma stared at his back, her features hard and hands turning into a fist.

Emma pushed the food to the side and leaned on the chair.

What the hell, exactly, was that supposed to mean?

He was just warming up to Regina?

Graham was acting so strange ever since Emma arrived in this version of Storybrooke that she didn't even know what to think of it.

Was it always like that?

Did he at some point developed feelings for Regina?

No, that was crazy!

The curse made time repeat itself, over and over and over again, day after day. It was like time was reset after midnight or something like that.

That only changed after Emma arrived.

After Emma decided to stay.

And the clock on the tower clock was still stuck here.

That was the first thing that came to life when Emma decided to stay in Storybrooke, time.

Time started to run again the way it was supposed to.

No more resetting. No more pauses.

He couldn't possibly develop feelings for Regina, not here anyway, not in this past version.

Not with time stuck!

But was time really resetting for him? She knew they weren't for her and Regina, obviously.

But what about everyone else?

Emma bit her lower lip and frowned.

Could her actions here alter the future, somehow?

And if yes, how so?

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina had her face buried inside her hands on the kitchen island.

A headache was already making an appearance on her left eye. She was tired of reading one pointless book after another. Tired of dead ends. Tired of remembering a betrayed feeling associated with Emma.

This feeling towards her wife should never exist inside her heart. Should never have taken roots there and yet, there they were.

The hurt.

The betrayed.

The need for revenge.

Regina swallowed dry and rubbed her eyes.

Part of her knew she needed to find a way to get Emma the hell out of that past Storybrooke as soon as possible.

The hell away from that version of her.

Part of her needed Emma to fix what she broke.

"Hi, Mommy," Olie said taking Regina out of her dark thoughts.

"Hi, sweetie," Regina smiled looking down at her little girl.

"Can I have a chocolate?" Olie asked hopefully.

"What do you think?" Regina arched an eyebrow.

"Yes?" The little girl said cheekily.

"Try again," Regina laughed.

The little girl tilted her head to the side and frowned. She looked so much like Emma in that position that Regina felt her heart squeeze inside her chest painfully.

"Oh, I have to do it like Momma, taught me" Olie cleared her throat and smiled up at Regina "Mommy, may I please have a chocolate?"

Regina laughed and felt her eyes fill with tears at the same time. She used her hand to clear one falling tear and bent down to pick up her little girl, propelling adjusting her on her lap.

"Your Momma taught you that?" Regina asked.

"She said I can have you in my hand," Olie said tapping her finger on her palm.

"Remind me of having a serious conversation with your mom when she comes back," Regina said.

"I'll try," Olie said seriously "Remind me not to forget"

Regina smiled and kissed the top of Olie's head.

"Does your lip still hurt?" Regina asked.

"No, you made the pain go away" Olie smiled and put her finger on top of Regina's lip scar "Now I have one just like you"

"Yes, you do," Regina smiled and kissed her little girl's finger.

"What are you weading?" Olie asked turning to Regina's book on the island.

"I was reading about ways to bring Momma back home," Regina said.

"Did you find her yet?" Olie asked still looking at the book.

"I did," Regina said.

"Then how come she is not home yet?" Olie asked looking up at Regina.

"Because we need magic to bring your momma home," Regina said softly "And where she is right now, doesn't have any"

"Cant momma use the magic here?" Olie said putting her small hand on top of Regina's heart, "Momma says her magic comes from here. That's where me, Sammy, Enwy, and you are"

"It is," Regina covered Olie's hand with hers "But she can't use that right now"

"Why not?"

"Because she needs a little extra to access the magic in her heart" Regina said softly.

"And cant momma go to a place where there is magic?"

"No right now, no" Regina said sadly.

"Don't be sad, Mommy" Olie said putting both her hands on Regina's face.

"You know what?" Regina brought one of Olie's hands to her lips and kissed it "How about ice cream?"

"You are offering me ice cream?" Olie asked suspiciously "But it's not Sunday yet," She said counting on her fingers.

"I know," Regina smiled at the gesture "But one day won't hurt"

"Do I need to get Sammy and Enwy?" Olie asked.

"Yes," Regina said "Where are they, by the way?"

"Sammy is playing cars with Enwy and it's boring" Olie crossed her arms "One accident and they took my remote"

"What accident?" Regina asked.

"You don't wanna know, Mommy," Olie shook her head.

"Olivia Swan-Mills…"

"I'll go get them," Olie interrupted Regina "Can you put me down, please?"

"I'll ask them what happened later, young lady," Regina said putting Olie down.

"Okay, but…" Olie said when Regina put her on the floor "If you see a purple on Sammy's leg, it was already there"

"Excuse me?" Regina said looking down at her.

"I'll be right back, Mommy"

Olie ran out of the kitchen. Regina shook her head and let out a small laugh before walking to the freezer. God, that girl truly was a perfect mix of both of them. Not just physically.

Regina opened the freezer and took the ice cream. She put the pot on top of the island and walked to the cabinets to take four bowls. She could use some ice cream with her children. She could use spend some time with her family, even if one member was missing.

Regina had just poured the last bowl when her three children entered the kitchen. Sammy ran in her direction and hugged her leg before looking up saying 'hi'.

Henry put Olie up on the chair and Regina did the same to Sam before putting the ice cream bowls in front of her children.

She asked about the so-called accident but it felt like they were covering up the real story.

Regina looked at Sammy's leg and considering she did not see any purple in there, she decided to let them off the hook this once.

Later that night, when Regina was alone in bed and the house was dark and silent, she let herself cry to sleep.

Whether it was for the usual absence of Emma or the uneasy feeling that settled inside her chest, Regina wasn't sure.

Chapter Text

Emma was parked across the street from the mansion, staring at Regina's window.

She had to work the night shift tonight, Graham had asked her to take the shift while he worked at the animal shelter.

Emma felt guilty when she followed him out of the station after reporting for duty.

She felt guilty when she stopped by again one hour later to make sure he was still there.

And even more guilty when she discretely followed him on the cruiser to make sure he was going to his house after the work at the animal shelter ended at ten at night instead of going after Regina.

If he caught her, she could always say she was just doing her rounds.

Which she was. Sort of.

She didn't trust Graham right now. Not after what he said to her yesterday. Not after the strange way he was acting around Regina.

And for the life of her, she couldn't figure out why.

What changed?

Graham didn't like Regina. He never did. Their relationship was only physical.

And mostly for the benefit of Regina, Emma rolled her eyes.

But back then… back then he liked her. Emma still remembered the day he asked her out and then she caught him jumping out of Regina's bedroom window.

He even tried to kiss her once, when Emma was already secretly seen, Regina.

She still remembered him smiling at her saying Regina broke things off with him and that he was free now.

Little did he know the reason Regina broke up with him was that Emma was the one jumping out of Regina's bedroom window now.

But he wasn't upset when he found out about them. In fact, he wished Emma good luck and when the curse was broken and Regina gave Graham his heart back, he just disappeared.


One day he was there, on the other, he was gone.

Emma never knew where did he go or even how.

He just left.

So, what was changing now?

Or better yet, was something changing? She was fourteen years in the past, so, who knows?

Maybe he did behave this strangely.

Maybe that's how they resumed their relationship after Regina broke up with him because of Henry.

And maybe Emma shouldn't interfere, but fuck it!

He was not getting anywhere near Regina.

So, after Emma made sure Graham drove to his apartment building and stayed put in there, she drove to the mansion.

She parked the car across the street from Regina's mansion and she was now staring at Regina's window.

Their window.

Emma felt her heart getting a little bit heavier if that was even possible at this point.

She felt like her own soul was anchoring her down after lying to Regina.

But she was going to fix this.

She was going to fix this before ever going back home.

She was going to make sure Regina knew how much she loved her.

Past, present, future, it didn't matter. Regina was the love of her life.

Her one and only true love.

And Emma never wanted to break her heart again.

Regina's form appeared in front of the window. Emma ducked down a little inside the car as Regina looked up at the sky. She didn't seem to notice Emma in the car parked in front of the mansion. In fact, she looked distant with sad eyes.

And Emma hated herself for being responsible for that.

Regina took a step back and closed the window. Her formed disappeared and two seconds later, the lights in her room were off. Emma kept staring at the window until a light on the right was turned on getting her attention.

Henry's room.

She saw Regina at the window again, bouncing Henry in her arms.

And her heart was filled with tenderness.

Sadly, Regina didn't linger in front of the window and soon her form disappeared again.

But Emma kept on looking at the window with the light on, imagining Regina sat on the armchair next to Henry's crib, with him in her arms.

Perhaps she was smiling and making silly voices down at him, making him laugh.

Making sure their son was happy.

Even if she wasn't.

Emma closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again, Emma adjusted her body on the car seat and took her phone, tapping the gallery icon.

She needed to go back to her family.

But she needed to fix things with Regina before doing that.

Emma brought the phone closer to her heart and turned her head to look back at the mansion.

The light in Henry's room was still on and Emma secretly wished Regina would walk with him in her arms to the window.

She missed seeing the kid.

But Emma's attention was brutally taken away from the window to the front door when she saw Regina leaving the house in a hurry with Henry in her arms.

Her expression was one of panic and it looked like Regina was crying.

Emma quickly got out of the car and ran in Regina's direction, catching up with her on the sidewalk.

"Regina?" Emma asked scared "What's going on? Are you hurt?"

"Henry," Regina cried "He's not breathing"


Emma looked down at Henry in Regina's arms. The baby's face was red and lips slightly blue. He wasn't crying or moving. Emma was about to panic when she noticed the little bit of white milk on the corner of Henry's mouth and she knew what had happened.

And exactly what she should do.

"Get out of my way," Regina shouted "I need to take him to the hospital"

"Regina, give me him," Emma said quickly.

"No!" Regina cried walking in the direction of her Mercedes.

"Regina, he choked on milk," Emma said "I know what to do, just give him to me. We don't have time!"

Regina looked hesitant at Emma and then down at Henry. Emma saw a rush of tears run down freely down Regina's eyes before she nodded, handing Henry to Emma.

Emma took Henry from Regina's arms and carefully put the baby on her forearm and turned his body in the direction of the floor keeping his little head bowed. Emma used the heel of her hand and started to hit between Henry's backbones with a bit of force five times.

"Please, Henry," Regina whispered painfully next to Emma "Please!"

Emma turned Henry back to her, but he was still not responding.

She then used her index and middle finger to apply pressure between Henry's chest.




"Please, Henry," Regina cried "You are all I have"



"Please, don't leave me too," Regina cried again


Henry started to cry as loud as his lungs would allow him to as the color started to came back to his lips.

Regina gasped for air when she heard the sound of the baby's cries as Emma smiled and cried at the same time too.

Regina took Henry from Emma's arms, her hands were shaking so much that Emma was genuinely afraid she would drop Henry on the floor.

Regina held Henry close to her body, kissing the top of his head while both of them cried, one louder than the other.

"Thank you," Regina whispered looking at Emma "Thank you"

Emma nodded and walked closer to Regina. She put her hand on top of Henry's head and kissed him.

Regina looked so shaken that all Emma wanted to do was envelop both of them inside her arms. She wanted to hold Regina, kiss her, and tell her everything was okay.

But she couldn't.

She had no right to.

Instead, Emma suppressed the urge of touching Regina and let out a puff of air.

The night was so cold that when Emma looked at Regina again, she couldn't tell if the way her body was trembling was because of what had happened or because of the cold.

Maybe, it was a combination of both.

Either way, Emma couldn't stand seeing her wife like that.

"Let's get inside," Emma said softly "It's cold out here"

Regina nodded back at Emma and started to walk back to the mansion. Emma walked next to Regina, her fingers almost itching to touch Regina's back.

When they entered the mansion, Henry's cries had subsided. They walked up the stairs, side by side, and entered Henry's bedroom. Regina made quick work on cleaning the little bit of milk and drool from Henry's face and by the time she put him back inside his crib, Henry was already fast asleep.

Regina stood in front of the crib watching Henry sleep. Emma was hanging by the door, watching Regina the whole time before, and walked to Henry's crib, stopping right next to Regina.

Emma looked down at Henry, watching him peacefully sleep.

"I was so scared" Regina whispered "I was feeding him his bottle and suddenly he stopped sucking. When I looked at him, he was choking"

"It happens," Emma said softly.

"How did you know what to do?" Regina looked devasted at Emma.

"You taught me" Emma smiled "The same thing happened with Sam once. I was feeding him his bottle and he choked. I was desperate, but you calmly took him from my hands and did the same as I did outside"

"Right," Regina cleared her throat "Well, thank you, Miss Swan, for all your help. But I think it's time for you to go"

"Hey, don't do that," Emma said "Please, don't shut me out"

"I'll show you outside," Regina said already walking out of the room.

"Regina, we need to talk properly," Emma said following her.

"I have nothing to talk to you about," Regina said walking down the stairs "I appreciate all your help, but it's time for you to go"

"What if you need me?" Emma asked.

"I don't need you," Regina said back.

"Regina, please," Emma sighed "Just for tonight, let's just forget everything and be you and me again like we used to"

"I can't do that," Regina said dryly when she reached the front door.

"Why not?" Emma asked behind her "Why can you just…"

"Because you'll just leave me," Regina shouted "You'll just leave me behind like everyone else does"


"And I'm tired of being left behind," Regina cried "I'm tired of everyone lying to me to get what they want. I'm just tired"

"I'm sorry," Emma whispered.

"I thought you were different," Regina yelled "I thought you were different, you were supposed to be different. You made me happy in a way I haven't felt since Daniel died. I thought I had something good with you and Henry but you were just going to leave me"

"Regina…" Emma cried.

"You made me fall in love with you" Regina cried "And you were just going to abandon me"

"I'm so sorry,"

"And I'm so tired," Regina breathed out "I'm tired of always having to do everything alone, I'm tired of everyone trying to get advantage of me, I'm tired…"

Emma walked to Regina and enveloped her in her arms. Regina tried to fight, tried to push Emma away, yelled at her to let her go but Emma didn't.

She couldn't.

This was all her fault, and Emma's heart was so heavy with guilt, she could hardly stand.

Eventually, Regina gave up and fell on her knees with Emma, still crying inside her arms. Emma held her closer to her body, kissing the top of her hair and apologizing over and over and over again.

After a long time, Regina's cries stopped. Emma pushed her boy slightly away to look at Regina and what she saw devasted her.

There was nothing on her face apart from pain and tiredness.

Emma kissed Regina's eyes and pressed her cheek against Regina's forehead.

Regina was completely limp.

Emma pushed away a little enough so she could take Regina in her arms. She carried her up the stairs and then inside the bedroom.

She gently put Regina in bed, removing her shoes before covering her body with the sheets.

Emma walked around the bed and quickly removed her shoes before lying next to Regina herself.

Regina fell asleep soon after Emma deposited her.

Emma's best guess was that Regina fainted from tiredness.

Emma lay there, next to Regina, just watching her chest moving up and down.

She put her hand on top of Regina's heart and felt the rhythm of Regina's heartbeat against her palm.

Regina stirred in bed and covered Emma's hand on top of her heart with hers.

Eventually, tiredness took over Emma and she drifted off to sleep too.

Storybrooke – Present Day

"Have you found anything yet?" Regina asked looking at Gold.

Regina was sat behind her desk at the Mayor's Office.

Gold was standing in front of her, elegantly holding his cane in front of his body.

"Is that why you summon me here, dearie?" Gold asked "I told you I would contact you when I have something"

"Belle said you were working on something," Regina said "What is it?"

"That's no concern of yours," Gold smiled "At least not for now"

"Don't try to outsmart me, Gold" Regina said coldly.

"I want to talk to my son"

"Out of the question," Regina crossed her arms.

"How do I know he is still alive?" Gold asked simply.

"He's fine," Regina rolled her eyes.

"Then why I can't see him?" Gold asked.

"Because I'm not stupid," Regina said "He is the only leverage I have to make you help me"

"If you would just give me my son back, I would be more willing to help"

"I beg to disagree," Regina said "We need to bring her back, Gold"

"Why the hurry?" Gold smiled "Miss her too much?"

"Emma, she's…" Regina shook her head "She's changing a lot of things"

"Nothing changed for me," Gold said "In fact, I have no recollection of her at all"

"Are you sure she can't break the curse?" Regina asked seriously.

"I'm sure of it," Gold smiled "Now, if will you excuse me, I actually have things to do"

Gold waved his hand in the air and disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Regina stared at the spot Gold was standing on for a long time before letting her wait fall back on the chair.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, suddenly tired at the new memory she had when she woke up in the morning.

She used to remember that day so vividly. The day Henry choked on milk. But the memory was different now, replaced with Emma helping her instead of what?

Going to the hospital?

Regina couldn't even remember what truly happened that night anymore.

And that was worrying her.

Emma was changing things.

And there was no way of knowing, what could she possibly change next.

Chapter Text

Emma woke up long before Regina did the next morning.

The first rays of sunlight were already entering through the window when Emma opened her eyes.

She looked at Regina, still fast asleep next to her, watching the way her chest gently moved up and down in her sleep.

Emma moved closer to her in the bed and gently ran her fingers down Regina's face, trapping a lock of hair behind Regina's ear.

Regina stirred but didn't wake and Emma gently continued to run her fingers on her beautiful face, tracing her traces with her fingertips.

What happened the night before shattered Emma's heart.

She never really thought about the consequences of her actions.

Not like that anyway.

Because that was true.

Regina was right.

Emma never thought about what would happen after she was gone. She never thought about that because she was going to go back home to Regina.

In her head, it wouldn't make a difference because they were going to be together anyway.

And Emma was just now starting to realize that the mess she was in was much bigger than what she originally anticipated.

Because she never truly thought about the consequences of her actions in the past.

She was so focused on going back to the future, back to her timeline that she didn't think about how she was changing the past.

And if Regina knew her now, what would happen in ten years when Henry took her to Storybrooke?

Would Regina recognize her?

Regina took a deep breath in and slowly blinked her eyes awake.

Emma moved her hand from Regina's face and waited. Regina turned her head and looked confused at Emma for a second too long and Emma could see all the events of the night before rushing behind Regina's eyes.

"Why are you still here?" Regina whispered.

"I couldn't leave you," Emma whispered back.

Regina pushed her body up and sat down on the bed. Emma Did the same, sitting cross-legged in front of Regina.

"About last night," Regina looked into Emma's eyes "Thank you, for what you did for Henry"

"You don't have to thank me for that," Emma smiled "He's my son too"

"Right," Regina sighed.

Regina pushed the sheets off her legs and rose from the bed. She walked to the window looking out the streets outside.

"What I said last night…"

"You were right," Emma said getting up from the bed "You were right about everything you said. I am so sorry, Regina"

"I can't help you go back to your timeline," Regina said.

"I know that you hate me…"

"It's not about that," Regina turned around to look at Emma "I don't know how to help you. This is a land without magic. And I don't have any magic"

"It has to be a way," Emma said desperately "I have to go back, Regina"

"I don't know what to tell you," Regina crossed her arms "I never even heard of time traveling before. At least not without a curse"

"A curse?" Emma asked confused.

"Some curses can alter time," Regina said "My curse is an example of that. Time is frozen here"

"So, you think a curse brought me here?" Emma asked "But it was a bean. Neal threw the bean on the ground and that's how I end up here"

"Maybe the bean was cursed" Regina shrugged.

"What?" Emma said angrily "Asshole"

"It's just a wild guess," Regina said.

"Then what are we going to do?" Emma asked.

"We?" Regina arched an eyebrow.

"Regina, please," Emma said eyes watering "You are all I have"

"Miss Swan…"

"No, please, don't," Emma cried "Please, call me Emma"

"Why?" Regina asked.

"Because I haven't been Miss Swan in three years, ever since we got married," Emma said "And I never want to be Miss Swan again"

"This is too much" Regina shook her head and buried her face inside her hands.

"I know," Emma whispered "I'm sorry"

"Look, Miss Swa..." Regina started to say. She looked at Emma's sad face and bit her lower lip before continuing "Emma. I don't know how to help you"

"Then I have to go to Gold," Emma threw her hands in the air "I have to make a deal with him"

"Gold?" Regina asked "Trust me, dear, you don't want to make a deal with him"

"I may not have a choice"

"You would have to wake him," Regina said.

"Are you sure he is even sleeping?" Emma asked.

"Not really, no," Regina frowned.

"Then that's it," Emma shook her head "I have to make a fucking deal with him. Again!"

"Again?" Regina asked.

"Yeah," Emma sighed "I had to make a deal with him to save Ashley's baby a long time ago"

"Ashley?" Regina asked.

"Cinderella," Emma said back.


"Fuck!" Emma sighed "I know exactly what he is going to charge me for the favor"


"The reason why I'm here it's because of his son," Emma said "Neal, the guy who threw me in the portal? He is Gold's son"

"That imp has a son?" Regina asked.

"He does," Emma nodded "And he is probably going to cash the favor on that asshole's behalf"

Emma started to walk from one side to the other inside the room, scratching her forehead.

She didn't want to do that. The reason why she was hesitating to go to Gold for help was because of Neal. Because she knew that once again, the favor she owned Gold would have something to do with Neal.

Maybe a pardon, for what he has done.

Emma had no idea of what was happening back home, but one thing she knew for sure was that Regina was not going to let Neal get away with it.

She would never make a deal on Neal's behalf.

And she would never allow him to stay in Storybrooke.

Never allow him to get anywhere near any of them ever again.

And Emma had a feeling this was exactly what Gold was going to ask of her.

And truth be told, Emma wanted to kick Neal's ass out of Storybrooke herself.

"Maybe you don't have to make a deal with him," Regina said taking Emma out of her thoughts.

"What?" Emma asked looking at Regina.

"Gold," Regina said "You don't have to go to him just yet"

"Why?" Emma asked.

"Maybe I can help you," Regina said.

"But you just said you couldn't," Emma said walking closer to Regina again, "You said you don't have any magic"

"Well, I don't," Regina said "But there are many books of my mother, dark books inside my vault. Most of them I never even dared myself to read. Maybe there is something there, something that can help you"

"And you would do that for me?" Emma smiled.

"You saved Henry's life," Regina said "I guess I owe you one"

"No, you don't," Emma said sadly "You don't owe me anything, Regina"

"It's taking it or leave it, Miss Swan," Regina said and pause when she saw the look of hurt in Emma's eyes "Emma"

"I'll take it," Emma nodded "When can we start?"

"Tonight," Regina said "Meet me in my vault tonight"

"Okay," Emma nodded.

Henry started to cry making both women look in the direction of the door at the same time. Regina walked past Emma out of the bedroom and Emma watched her go before following her out too.

She found Regina taking Henry out of his crib in his bedroom, and gently rocking the baby inside her arms. Emma walked closer to them and kissed the top of Henry's head.

"Morning, kiddo," Emma smiled.

"Did he sleep the whole night?" Regina asked looking at Emma.

"Yep!" Emma said gently running her hand on Henry's little head "I think he is hungry"

"And he needs a diaper change," Regina said making a face.

"Yeah, I don't miss that," Emma laughed "Why don't you change him while I go to the kitchen and make his formula?"

"That's not necessary," Regina said and walked with Henry to the changing table "I can do both"

"I know you can," Emma said softly "But I can help too"

"Why?" Regina asked while working on Henry "It's not like you are going to stick around anyway"


"But if you want to make yourself useful, go ahead," Regina said dryly.

Emma nodded behind her and left the bedroom.

She walked inside the kitchen and found everything she needed to make Henry's formula on top of the counter.

Emma prepared the formula and put the bottle inside the microwave to warm the milk.

When the microwave biped, Emma took out the bottle and shook it before dripping a drop on her hand to check the temperature.

It was perfect.

Emma turned around at the exact same moment Regina was entering the kitchen with Henry.

Emma smiled at her but Regina averted her gaze and sat down on the island with Henry in her arms.

Emma walked closer to them, handing Regina Henry's bottle.

"I've already tested the temperature," Emma said.


Regina adjusted Henry in her arms and fed him his bottle. Henry eagerly sucked the formula while Regina looked intensely at him.

"I should get going," Emma said "My shift is..."

"No, please, stay," Regina said looking desperately at Emma "Just until Henry finishes his bottle. Please?"

"Hey," Emma smiled softly kneeling in front of Regina "I'll stay for as long as you need me to, okay?"

"Okay," Regina whispered looking back at Henry.

"How about some breakfast?" Emma asked "I can make us something while you're feeding Henry. Is that okay?"

"Yeah," Regina nodded.

Emma moved quickly inside the kitchen, cracking eggs on a fridge while toasting buttery slices of bread. She made the coffee last and by the time Henry was done with his breakfast, Emma was serving hers and Regina's.

After breakfast, Emma drove back to the Sheriff Station.

Luckily for her, Graham hadn't arrived yet and Emma had time to sit on the chair and pretend she had been there the whole night.

When Graham arrived, Emma reported back to him saying that nothing happened on her shift.

That was Storybrooke after all.

Emma walked to Granny's B&B, going straight to her bedroom.

She crashed on top of her bed, feeling her heart so much lighter, lighter than it had been in such a long time.

For the first time ever since Emma arrived here, she had hope. With Regina helping her she would finally have a chance of going back home, preferably, without having to make a deal with Gold.

Because there was no way in hell she would make a deal to save Neal's ass.

What he did to her was unforgivable. He attacked her in front of her smaller children. They were scared. They screamed for her. They were so frightened that Regina could sense them. Pick up their fear.

And then he threw her in the portal.

Took her away from them, away from her children, away from her wife. Away from her family.

Made her come to this version of Storybrooke.

Made her break Regina's heart.

But to be fair, Emma knew this was her doing.

Neal didn't break Regina's heart, she did.

And what would happen with Regina and Henry after she went back home?

Would they just… disappear?

Would they just go back to be the past as if it was nothing?

Would her presence here just be erased?

Emma turned to the side staring at the wall.

What exactly did her presence there cost?

Regina didn't know her when they first met. She had no idea of who she was when Henry went to Boston and brought her to Storybrooke.

Was that going to change now?

It couldn't!

Things needed to stay the same. If Regina recognized Emma when she comes to Storybrooke ten years from now, then everything would change.

Emma closed her eyes and took a deep breath in.

She fucking hated Neal!

Emma stayed in bed for a long time, scrolling on her phone pictures of her family.

She stared at a picture of Olie and Sam, smiling at the camera when Emma said cheese. Her eyes filled with water and Emma let them fall freely down her face.

Did they miss her? Did they ask about her? Have they grown? Lost a tooth?

Emma closed her eyes and sniffed as she shook her head.

They were too young to lose their teeth just yet.

When the night came, Emma felt completely electrify.

Finally, she was going to do something that could help her go back home.

Who knows?

Maybe she would simply catch the right book with all the info she needed to go back home.

She could be having breakfast with her wife and kids tomorrow morning.

Emma stopped by the diner and picked up a couple of sandwiches and water bottles to go.

She walked to the cemetery, enjoying the cool breeze of the night.

The night was dark, the wind was icy, but Emma's heart was warm.

Full of hope.

And she could hardly contain the smile as she walked.

Emma arrived at the vault, but there was no sign of Regina just yet.

She put the bag she brought from Granny's on top of the desk and started to look around the shelves.

She picked up a bottle with green stuff inside that looked like phlegm. Emma made a disgusting face before putting it back in place and going to the next shelf where she found grey sand inside a jewelry case.

That was a weird box to keep sand.

Emma walked to the next shelf and found a glass jar full of…eyes.

Emma brought the jar closer to her own eyes, and she could swear one of them looked at...

"Put that down," Regina's angry voice said behind her.

Emma jumped and let out a ridiculous yelp when she heard Regina's voice.

"God, you scared me," Emma said, covering her heart with one hand.

"Don't touch anything," Regina walked to the table, putting Henry's baby seat on top of it.

Emma put the eyes back in their place, eying them suspiciously as she walked to Regina.

"You brought Henry?" Emma asked confused.

"Well, I couldn't exactly leave him alone at home, could I?" Regina asked sarcastically.

"I suppose not," Emma back. She put her head in front of Henry's face and ticked his cheek "Hi, Henry"

Henry smiled and made cute little noises. Emma smiled and when she looked to her side, Regina was smiling too.

And God, she looked so beautiful when she smiled.

Regina caught Emma staring at her and hardened her features.

Regina walked to the wall in front of them and put her hand on the wall. Emma saw her hand slightly sink on the rock as if it was made of sand and then, the wall simply slid to the side.

"Wow," Emma said walking closer to Regina "I don't think I've ever been in this room before"

"This vault has many levels," Regina said.

"I know," Emma laughed "I still get lost trying to find your bedroom"

"You know I have a bedroom here?" Regina asked.

"Yeah, we used to…" Emma started to say and then looked at Regina's confused expression. She swallowed dry and cleaned her throat "Yeah, I know you have a bedroom here"

"Right," Regina nodded.

Regina walked inside the room with Emma right behind her.

Emma stopped in the middle of the room, mouth open and eyes widened while she looked around the immensity of books around her.

"There must be a thousand books here," Emma whispered.

"Probably more," Regina said next to her "I never bothered to count"

"Regina, this is going to take forever," Emma looked desperately at her.

"Then I guess we better start reading, dear,"

Regina moved to the opposite wall, picking up a few books from one of the shelves. Emma stayed rooted in her spot, watching Regina while trying to decide what to do.

When Regina told her she had a few books from her mother, this was not what she imagined at all.

Emma felt all of her hopes of ever going back home vanish.

To read all of these books, it could take years until they found the right one.

Regina walked out of the room with a pile of books putting them right next to Henry.

Emma sighed and walked to the wall Regina was previously in and took a few more books with her too.

Emma had no idea how long she stayed there reading.

One book after another, full of dark useless crap.

She didn't find anything about time travel. Nothing about how she could go home.

"Regina, we need to narrow this," Emma said. She lifted a dark book in her hand showing it to Regina "I just read one hundred pages on how to turn a man into one hundred different animals"

"Oh, that book is good," Regina laughed.

"I'm being serious," Emma said "We need to narrow this down"

"I agree," Regina sighed "As fun as it is to read how terrible my mother's dark magic is, we can't possibly go through them at all"

"So?" Emma asked, "What do we do?"

"Maybe we can start to separate the books," Regina scratched her forehead "We separate anything that covers beans and portals and time traveling and then into a pile, and then we read them and them only"

"That's a great idea," Emma rose from the chair "I'll start with the left shelves and you…"

"I didn't mean today, dear," Regina said.

"What?" Emma asked, "Why not?"

"Because I'm tired," Regina said "And I need to get Henry home and do his night routine before putting him to sleep"

"Oh!" Emma exclaimed.

"You are welcome to say,"

"Oh no, no," Emma shook her head, "I think it's better if we do this together. I don't want to mess this up"


Regina rose from the chair and cracked her neck from one side to the other. Emma smiled and stretched her back, only now realizing how stiff she was.

Regina took the maternity bag from the table, hanging it on her shoulder. She moved to get Henry's baby seat from the desk but Emma moved quickly in front of her.

"I can carry him," Emma said.

"There is no need dear," Regina said back.

"You are already carrying the maternity bag," Emma said softly "Let me take the kid out"

"I don't need your help," Regina said dryly.

"I know you don't," Emma said "But let me. Please?"

Regina nodded and Emma took Henry's baby seat from the table. They walked out of the vault together, with Regina sealing the entrance.

Emma walked with Regina to the Mercedes, feeling every bone in her body chill.

The night was even colder now than when she left Granny's and Emma was already dreading the walk back to the diner.

They arrived at Regina's Mercedes and Emma carefully trapped Henry's baby seat on the back seat of the car. She then turned to Regina and took the maternity bag from her hand, putting it on the back seat too.

"Where is your car?" Regina asked.

"Graham bitch me about the car this morning" Emma rolled her eyes "I'm on foot"

"You are going to walk all the way back to Granny's?" Regina frowned.

"Yep!" Emma nodded.


"I should get going," Emma smiled "I'm already freezing just standing here. Goodnight, Regina"

Emma waited for an answer-back but Regina didn't say anything. Emma bit her lower lip and nodded before turning around and starting to walk. She pushed her jacket more tightly around her torso in an attempt to keep the cold away. She had only walked a few paces when she heard Regina's voice behind her.

"Emma?" Regina called her name

"Yeah?" Emma asked turning around.

"Get inside"

Regina entered the car, not even waiting for an answer from Emma. Emma walked back to the car, letting herself in on the passage seat.

Regina drove in silence, but it wasn't an uncomfortable silence. In fact, the only thing Emma wished was different was being able to reach for Regina's hand and intertwined their fingers together.

Like they often did when diving.

Or walking.

Regina parked in front of Granny's and Emma almost wish she didn't.

She didn't want to say goodnight just yet.

Be apart from her.

Not having her presence.

"Here we are," Regina said pulling Emma out of her thoughts.

"Yeah," Emma breathed out and then looked at Regina "Thank you, for the ride"

"Of course," Regina nodded.

Emma looked to the back seat and saw Henry with his hand inside his mouth. She smiled and clicked on the seatbelt button to free her body, leaning to the back to kiss Henry's feet.

"I feel like I could just eat those feet" Emma laughed.

"Yeah, I know the feeling" Regina laughed too.

Emma looked back at Regina and felt her heart swollen with love. Regina was smiling so beautifully, her face was completely relaxed and the way the light from the post touched her eyes, made them even brighter. Like honey brown.

Emma reached for Regina's face, gently trapping a lock of loose hair behind her ear.

"You are so beautiful," Emma whispered.

Regina looked intensely back at Emma for a second before clearing her throat.

"Thank you," Regina said shily.

"I'll see you tomorrow?" Emma asked.

"Yes," Regina whispered.

Emma leaned in Regina's direction and kissed her cheek, letting her lips linger on her skin much longer than necessary.

"Goodnight, Regina," Emma said when she broke apart.

"Goodnight, Emma," Regina smiled.

Emma smiled back and opened the car door. She walked to the diner, smiling like a fool, completely ignoring the figure watching them behind the glass window.

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina smiled staring at a book on top of her desk in the Mayor's office.

She just had another memory of Emma.

A good one.

And Regina couldn't stop smiling at remembering Emma saying she was beautiful.

The honest in her words.

The glow in her eyes.

The way Emma said it was so truthful that Regina felt a warmth in her heart. A warmth that was still lingering, even after fourteen years.

Emma loved her.

Regina never doubted that.

And now, her past version was going to help Emma.

Regina's heart wasn't filled with that horrible betrayed feeling anymore. Sure, she still had her reservations when it comes to Emma, but at least that uncomfortable sentiment that was lingering on her chest wasn't there anymore.

And it was quite a relief knowing her past version wasn't out to destroy Emma.

Some of the thoughts she remembered having about Emma were quite disturbing.

And Regina never wanted to feel that way again.

Regina looked to the side and saw the frame on top of her desk.

Better yet, frames.

In one, there was a picture of them on their wedding day. The same one Emma had on her bedside table.

The one she wanted to put in every room of the house because she said Regina never looked more beautiful.

The second one was more recent. The one on the porch on the day of the twin's birthday.

The one with Henry behind them and the twins on their feet.

They were all so tired at the end of that birthday party. And they still managed to look happy for the picture.

Because that's exactly what they were.


Regina loved Emma with all of her heart and soul.

Her one true love.

And together they managed to make a beautiful family.

Regina never thought that would be possible.

How could she ever be this happy after all the evil she had done?

But she has come a long way. They both did.

They overcome their insecurities together.

Regina learned how to love.

And then she learned how to trust.

All because of Emma.

Because that was exactly what Emma did.

She brighter her life.

Softened her heart.

Warmed her soul.

Regina ran her fingers on Emma's face on the picture.

"I love you," Regina whispered.

Regina brought to fingers to her lips and kissed them before pressing them on Emma's face.

She looked down at the book again and turned the page.

Perhaps now that past self was working with Emma, they could find a way to bring her back home soon.

Chapter Text

"Well, that's the end of another book with nothing to offer," Emma sighed, closing the heavy book on top of the desk.

"Yeah, this one is a dead-end for me too," Regina said closing down another.

They were both at The Mayor's office covering a few books Regina had brought there with her.

She texted Emma in the morning, asking her to stop by to pick up a few books, but instead of taking the books back to Granny's with her, Emma simply sat down across from Regina and started to read. It was very bold of Emma but since Regina didn't say anything, Emma just let herself stay in her presence.

Because Emma quite missed staying in Regina's presence.

It calmed her, to be with Regina.

Regina always had that effect on her.

When Emma entered her room the night before, she could hardly contain her happiness. Yes, she was still very much screw stuck in the past.

But at least Regina didn't hate her anymore.

At least they were talking.

And now Regina was helping her.

And for the first time ever since Emma arrived in this Storybrooke, she had a real chance of going back home.

Emma looked at Regina, watching her go for another book.

The night before, Regina was smiling so beautifully in the car that Emma wanted nothing more than to lean in her direction and kiss her lips.

She missed her so much.

The words she told her the night Henry choked still lingered in Emma's head.

She never meant to hurt Regina like that.

If she only knew how much she loved her.

How deep and truthful her feelings were for her.

How much every bone in her body longed for Regina.

How much…

"You are staring," Regina said.

"Sorry," Emma shook her head "Did you find anything?"

"Nothing really helpful" Regina looked at Emma "And this would go much faster if you would bother to read the books on your side"

"It's lunchtime," Emma said ignoring Regina's comment "Do you want me to stop by Granny's and pick something up really quick?"

"What?" Regina asked. She looked at the watch on her wrist and sighed "Damn it. I didn't realize it was so late already"

"Why?" Emma asked, "Have anywhere to go?"

"Yes. I have a council meeting in one hour"

"What for?" Emma asked.

"Beginning of the work on the toll bridge," Regina said "We need to fix that before anyone else falls into that hole"

"Why do you need the meeting for?" Emma asked "We both know you can just do whatever you want"

"I still need to keep up appearances, dear," Regina said standing up.

"Right," Emma laughed "What about Henry?"

"What about him?"

"He is sleeping," Emma said "I can watch him while you go to the meeting"

"Thank you, but that's not necessary," Regina said walking around the desk "He has always gone to the meetings with me, and trust me, dear, nothing makes Henry sleeps better than going to council meetings"

"Oh, I bet," Emma laughed.

"You can take the books with you and make yourself useful," Regina said. She opened the door of her office, holding it open for Emma "Now if you'll excuse me"

"Right," Emma nodded and rose from the chair "I'm just going to kiss Henry goodbye really quick. Is that okay?"

"If you must," Regina said dryly.

Emma walked to Henry's carriage, the little boy sleeping safe and sound inside. Emma smiled and bent down inside the carriage carefully not to wake him and gently kissed his cheek.

The boy didn't make a sound.

Emma walked to the desk and picked up the five books that were still in her corner and walked in Regina's direction.

She stopped in front of Regina, looking lovingly at her.

"Thank you, for helping me, Regina," Emma said "I really appreciate that"

"Of course," Regina cleared her throat "I'll let you know if I find anything"

"Okay," Emma nodded "And if you or the kid need anything, just call me, okay? Whatever you need, just let me know"

"Sure," Regina said looking down.

Emma walked four steps before stopping. She looked back at Regina who was just about to close the door and smiled.


"Yes?" Regina asked looking at Emma.

"You look incredibly beautiful today"

"Oh," Regina blushed "Thank you"

"Call me, if you or the kid need anything, okay? Emma said softly.

"I will," Regina nodded.

Emma smiled one last time at Regina before leaving the Mayor's office. She drove to Granny's really quick to pick up something to eat before going to the Sheriff's Station.

Emma sat down heavily on the chair, putting Regina's books on one side of the desk and the bag from Granny's on the other.

Emma opened the bag from Granny's and took out the chicken salad, giving it a bite before opening the first book.

Emma read for hours, to the point of her vision become blurry.


Nothing that could tell her how to go back home.

Not even a clue.

Emma bit her lower lip and sighed before closing book number four.

She was starting to get worried.

Even though it had been only two days, she couldn't find a single clue, a spell, or even a line that could give her some hope.

And if she had to go through all of Regina's books inside the vault, God, Emma didn't even want to think about that.

And even if she did find something, then what?

Suppose she opened book five right now and read in capital letters 'SPELL TO GO BACK TO THE FUTURE TO BE WITH YOUR WIFE AND CHILDREN AGAIN' what would she do?

She still needed magic. She needed magic to perform anything. And how the hell was she supposed to do that in this Storybrooke?

It was curious, wasn't it?

The whole town was made of magic. Time was frozen because of magic.

And still, the land didn't have any.

How was that for irony?

"Hey," Graham said beside Emma taking her out of her train of thoughts.

"Graham, hi," Emma said looking up at him.

"What are you reading?" Graham asked taking one of the books from the desk.

"None of your business," Emma said, taking the book back.

"Okay, okay," Graham laughed "I kinda need your help with something"

"What is it?"

Graham turned his back and walked inside his office. When he came back, he was holding two bouquets of flowers, one red and one pink.

"Is that for me?" Emma smiled "You shouldn't have"

"No, it's not for you," Graham said seriously "I'm going to ask a beautiful lady to go on a date with me tonight. Which one of these do you like the best?"

"Oh," Emma laughed "Well, I'd go with the red ones. It's a classic"

"Are you sure?" Graham asked, "If it was you, would you be more inclined to say yes if I give you the red roses?"

"Oh my God, it's not me, is it?" Emma asked alarmed.

"No, it's not you," Graham laughed.

"Well, I don't know if I would be more inclined to say yes, but red roses are definitely sexier than pink," Emma said.

"Oh, good, good," Graham laughed "Okay, thank you so much, Emma"

"So," Emma said, "Who is the lucky lady?"

Graham looked at Emma and smiled.

His smile was so big and genuine that Emma couldn't help smile back.

Graham looked like a fool in love.

Emma knew damn well that feeling.

"Regina," Graham happily said.

Emma's whole face fell when she heard the name his lips formed.

Did she hear that right?

Did Graham just ask for her help to ask her wife on a date?

Emma never thought of herself as the murders type.

But right now, she was more than willing to make an exception.

"Excuse me?" Emma asked, "Did you just say, Regina?"

"I think I'm in love with her, Emma"

"What?" Emma stared at Graham, jaw nearly down on the floor.

"It took me by surprise too," Graham smiled "But I feel like ever since you arrived here, everything changed"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Emma asked angrily.

"Because of you I started to see Regina differently," Graham said "I saw the two of you having breakfast at Granny's one Sunday and she looked so beautiful, Emma. She was so relaxed I don't think I have ever seen Regina like that"


"And her smile? God, Emma, her smile lights up her whole face. I saw the two of you in her car last night and… I don't know what you told her but when she smiled at you, I felt like my heart was beating inside my chest again, and that's weird because I often feel like I don't have a heart inside of me"

"No, Graham, you don't like her," Emma said desperately "Remember what you told me? You feel nothing when you are with her, remember? You were relieved when she broke up with you"

"I was wrong, Emma," Graham said "I feel empty now that I don't have her"

"No, Graham," Emma shook her head.

"I'm in love with her," Graham smiled "And that's all thanks to you. You showed me a side of Regina I didn't even know exist"

"No, you can't," Emma shouted "You can't have her. She's taken"

"What?" Graham asked, "By whom?"

"By me, okay?" Emma said "Regina and I, we are together"

"I thought you two were friends," Graham asked confused.

"No, we are together," Emma said "As in, we are a couple"

"Oh!" Graham exclaimed "I didn't… I didn't know Regina…"

"Liked women?" Emma asked "Yes, she does"

"But she was upset with you," Graham said "She even made me arrest you"

"Water under the bridge," Emma said quickly "It was just a miss understanding"

"Then I'll fight you for her," Graham said "Honorably"

"What?" Emma asked.

"I'll fight with you for Regina's heart," Graham said "She was mine before you. I will not let her go without a fight"

"Are you deaf?" Emma raised her voice "You lost it, Pal. Regina is with me"

"You broke her heart," Graham said "I know you did"

"This is none of your business,"

"I'm sorry, Emma," Graham said "But I'm in love with Regina. I know I never appreciated her before, but I do now"

"Graham…" Emma breathed out.

"May the best men win," Graham said.

"I'm not a man," Emma shouted "And you are not in love with Regina"

"You don't know my heart, Emma"

"Yes, I do, okay?" Emma said "And I'm telling you, Graham, you do not love Regina"

"Yes, I do," Graham smiled "I want to see her smiling at me the way she smiles at you"

"She smiles at me that way because she is in love with me," Emma said "Because we love each other"

"We'll see about that," Graham said "Until Regina tells me she is not interested in me I'll fight for her heart"

"Graham, listen to me carefully," Emma rose from the chair, standing tall in front of Graham "Regina is taken. Stay away from her"

"Thank you for helping me choose the flowers,"

Graham turned his back to Emma and walked out of the small room. Emma stared at Graham back, hardly breathing and unable to believe what had just happened.

As if she didn't have enough trouble being stuck in the past.

Now she had to worry about Graham trying to steal her wife.

Storybrooke – Present Day

"So, The Evil Queen is helping Emma now?" Snow asked.

They were both in the kitchen working on dinner while David was playing with her smallest children in the living room and Henry was up in his bedroom doing homework.

"Can we drop The Evil Queen name already?" Regina asked while chopping tomatoes.

"Sorry," Snow said embarrassed "Force of habit"

"Yes, Regina is helping Emma," Regina said "She is reading my mother's books too which is a good thing. If she finds something important back there I'm sure I'll have the memory of what she found"

"Oh, that's true," Snow said "And then we can search here whatever she finds there"

"Exactly!" Regina said "Let's hope she has more luck back there than what we are having here"


Regina looked to her back alarmed at the request for help of her son.

Her concerns were quickly erased when she saw the look of pure joy in her son's face hanging upside down on David's back.

"Hi, sweetie," Regina smiled.

"Hi, mommy," Sammy smiled back.

"Granpa, it's my turn now," Olie pouted looking up at David.

"Alright," David smiled "Where do you want to land, Sammy boy?"

"On mommy," Sammy said.

David walked backward to Regina who quickly held the boys in her arms, carefully taking him from David's back.

Sammy wrapped her arms around Regina's neck and kissed her cheek.

"I'm hungy," Sammy said "What's for dinner?"

"Well, grandma is making dinner tonight," Snow smiled at Sam.

"We are having chocolate cake for dinner?" Sammy lifted both his arms "Woo hoo!"

"Excuse me?" Regina asked looking at Snow.

"It happened once," Snow brushed off.

"MOMMY, HELP," Olie shouted, giggling on David's back.

Regina looked at her daughter and smiled, her head completely red for being hanging the way she was.

"Grandpa, I want to land on mommy too," Olie said.

Regina walked to the island, putting Sam on top of it before walking to David to take Olie in her arms. Like Sam, the little girl wrapped her arms around Regina's neck and kissed her cheek.

"Did you have fun?" Regina asked her little girl.

"Yeah," Olie smiled.

The doorbell rang making every head turn.

"Are we expecting anyone else?" David asked.

"Not that I know," Regina said. She walked to the island and put Olie sat right next to Sam "David, can you watch them while I go see who's at the door?"

"Yes, of course," David smiled.

Regina walked out of the kitchen and opened the front door.

She smiled surprised at the figure standing right in front of her.


Graham gave a step forward and quickly pressed his lips with Regina's.

The movement was so sudden that Regina didn't have time to react.

"I'm in love with you," Graham whispered when they broke apart.

Regina looked at Graham, eyes widened and mouth slightly open.

"Emma," Regina breathed out "What the hell did you do?"


Chapter Text

Emma was tapping her fingers impatiently on the desk staring at Regina in the Mayor's office.

The conversation she had with Graham the day before hunted her the whole night.

Emma couldn't sleep at all the night before, every time she closed her eyes images of Graham and Regina together invaded her brain.

By three in the morning, Emma had given up sleep altogether and walked to the mansion.

She stared up Regina's window, for God's knows how long, all the time praying she wouldn't see Graham jumping out of it.

She couldn't bear ever seeing that again.

The day at the Station wasn't any better.

Emma was so pissed at Graham she felt like she could punch him any minute now and yet, she tagged along by his side all day.

Whenever he got up from his desk, whenever he said he was doing his rounds, Emma was right there with him.

She even came to the absurd of waiting for him outside the men's bathroom at the station.

She needed to make sure he wasn't snicking out to see Regina.

They didn't talk about what happened the day before.

In fact, Graham acted nothing but professional and kind around Emma the whole day.

And that only made her annoyance even worse.

When Emma's shift ended at five, she walked straight to the Mayor's office.

There was no way she was going to leave Regina out of her sight.

No way she would let Graham have the opportunity to charm her wife.

Emma bit her lower lip and squinted her eyes. She watched Regina turning another page on the book she was reading.

Regina broke things off with Graham after she adopted Henry.

That meant something, right?

After all, she did go out on a date with Emma even though she had Henry.

That could only mean she had absolutely no interest in Graham.

She couldn't!

Not after what they shared. Not after…

"What?" Regina asked abruptly.

"What, what?" Emma asked confused.

"You have been staring at me for the past ten minutes," Regina looked at Emma "What is it?"

"Did Graham look for you?" Emma asked casually.

"Excuse me?" Regina crossed her arms.

"Did Graham look for you?" Emma repeated herself "Did he tried to reach you, did he…"

"Why are you asking me that?" Regina asked.

"Did he?" Emma asked seriously.

"He called me last night," Regina said.

"That fucking asshole," Emma shouted "What did he want?"

"I don't know, to be honest," Regina shook her head "Henry started to cry at the exact same time he called and I couldn't understand what he was saying so I hang up the phone"

"Oh," Emma smiled "Cool"

"So, I guess we are done for the night," Regina rose from the chair.

"Already?" Emma asked.

"Well, dear, it's nearly eight at night" Regina walked to Henry "And it's not like you are doing anything to help this search go any faster"

"Sorry," Emma said sincerely "I didn't sleep well last night, my head is kinda elsewhere"

"Oh!" Regina exclaimed, "Did something happened?"

"Sort of," Emma rose from her chair.

She walked to the sofa in Regina's office and picked up the maternity bag, putting it over her shoulder.

"Care to elaborate?" Regina asked, maneuvering Henry's baby carriage.

"I'm just having some… trouble with Graham," Emma said walking to the door.

"Graham?" Regina asked, pushing the baby carriage in the office.

"Yeah," Emma opened the door, not elaborating on it.

Regina walked past Emma to the hallway, pushing the baby carriage in the direction of the stairs. Emma closed the office door and followed Regina.

"You take Henry, and I'll bring the carriage down," Emma said.

"That's not necessary, dear," Regina said "Henry and I have been managing the stairs all by ourselves for quite some time now"

"I know," Emma said softly "But this will be much faster if you just take Henry in your arms and I roughly take the carriage down"

"Roughly?" Regina arched an eyebrow.

"Gently," Emma laughed.

"Fine," Regina sighed "But only because I need to take Henry home"

"Okay," Emma smiled.

Regina leaned into the carriage and took Henry in her arms. Emma put the maternity bag inside the carriage and as gently as she could, she followed Regina down the stairs.

They arrived outside the Mayor's office building, stopping on the sidewalk. The night was nice, cold but not freezing. The sky was clean and the stars shining bright above them.

It reminded Emma of the nights when she and Regina would take Sam and Olie for a walk after dinner.

How they would walk hand in hand, sometimes with the twins walking in front of them, sometimes with one holding Emma's hand and the other Regina's.

On nights like this, they could almost always trick Regina into getting ice cream on their way back.

Emma smiled sadly remembering that.

"Are you okay?" Regina asked.

"Yeah," Emma nodded "Where is your car?"

"Oh, Henry and I walked here today," Regina said.

"Really?" Emma smiled.

"It was a nice morning," Regina said "We could both use the fresh air"

"I know the feeling," Emma said "Can I walk you two home?"


"I like the company," Emma said "Please?"

"You are pushing the carriage," Regina started to walk in front of Emma.

Emma smiled and rolled her eyes playfully, pushing the carriage in front of her.

Henry nestled himself on Regina, his little head tucked on her neck. It was one of the most adorable things Emma had ever seen in her life and she wished she could just take her phone and snap a picture of that moment.

She wished she could save it for eternity.

"Did you find anything on the books that you read today?" Regina asked.


"About time traveling, dear," Regina looked at Emma.

"No," Emma sighed "Neither did I find anything on the books I read yesterday. I'm actually worried about something else, Regina"

"About what?"

"I'm going to need magic," Emma said "Whatever spell, whatever mysterious thing we find in one of those books…I'm going to need magic to perform it, won't I?"

"Yeah, I've been worried about that too," Regina bit her lower lip "The whole point of this curse was having no magic. The only magic here is the actual curse itself"

"Regina, I can't break the curse," Emma said desperately "This is not how it happened, I don't think I can't break it before it's time"

"Trust me, dear, I'm not exactly thrilled about having my curse broken"

"Can I even still break the curse?" Emma asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, the book said I was supposed to break the curse on my twenty-eight birthday"

"What book?" Regina asked.

"Henry's book"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Regina asked.

"Long story, but…" Emma shook her head, "If I was supposed to break the curse on my twenty-eighth birthday, does that mean I couldn't do it anymore if I turned twenty-nine?"

"What did this book say exactly?" Regina asked.

"It said that I was the savior," Emma said "And that the savior was supposed to break the curse on her twenty-eight birthday"

"And how old are you now?" Regina asked.


"Well, if this book was a prophecy, then I would have to say no," Regina said "You can't break the curse"

"I don't know if I'm sad or happy about that,"

"I'm happy," Regina smirked.


"What?" Regina asked, "You think I'm looking forward to having you breaking my curse?"

"I didn't, break it, you did"

"How is that even possible?" Regina asked.

"We are here," Emma said, quickly changing the subject.

Regina eyed her suspiciously but didn't say anything. She just walked past Emma with Henry in her arms to the door.

Emma looked forward and saw a familiar car parked a few houses down the mansion.

The Sheriff's Department Cruiser.

She squinted her eyes, trying to see if Graham was inside the car but the lights from the lamppost sort of blinded her vision.

Fucking Hell!

The hell was he doing there at this hour?

Emma left the baby carriage on the sidewalk and quickly ran to the cruiser.

She pressed her face against the window, but no one was inside.

Maybe Graham was in an occurrence nearby.

Emma scratched her forehead and walked back to the mansion.

She pushed the baby carriage through the door Regina left ajar for her.

"Regina?" Emma shouted.


Emma closed the door and left the baby carriage behind and walked to the kitchen.

"Where did you disappeared to?" Regina asked.

"Oh, I thought I saw something strange down the street," Emma said "I just went to check it out"

"Oh, well," Regina said "Thank you for your help today. But it's time for you to go"

"Are you hungry?" Emma asked, completely ignoring Regina's words.

"Yes, dear," Regina said, "And if you could please go…"

"I can make you dinner,"

"Thank you," Regina smiled "But no thank you"

"You just said you were hungry,"

"Yes, dear," Regina said "But not hungry enough to share a meal with you"

"That was uncalled for, Regina,"

"I don't care," Regina said "Now, If you could please…"

"Do you need help with Henry?" Emma asked "It looks like he is going to give you trouble tonight"

"He's been quiet the whole day," Regina said.

"I think he is about to burst into tears," Emma pointed at Henry who was calmly snuggling under Regina's chin.

"Is there a particular reason why you don't want to leave my house?"

"I just want to stay a little while longer with you and the kid," Emma gave a step closer to Regina "Please? I don't want to go back to the diner right now"

Regina looked serious at Emma, so serious that Emma was sure she was going to kick her backside out of the house.

And her heart hurt a little thinking of that.

Because what she said, was true. She didn't want to go back to the diner. She didn't want to go up to her room and spend one more night alone.

She liked being around Regina and Henry.

And making sure Graham wasn't going to show up in the house and try to ask her wife out on a date was just a bonus.

"Fine," Regina sighed "But you are changing Henry's diaper"

"Really?" Emma smiled "Deal"

Emma took Henry from Regina's arms. The boy protested when leaving his mother's warm body but he didn't burst into tears.

Emma walked up the stairs to his bedroom and proceeded to change his diaper.

And boy, did that kid needed a diaper change!

Emma laughed when she saw the mess Henry had made because she knew the only reason why Regina allowed her to stay was that she knew what waited for her upstairs.

And surprisingly enough, Emma was totally okay with it.

Small price to pay, she guessed.

After half a package of baby wipes, a good amount of baby powder, and a fresh new diaper Emma made it back downstairs with Henry in her arms.

"You knew he made a mess, didn't you?" Emma asked accusingly.

"His diaper was heavy the whole walk back here," Regina smirked 'I'm surprised he didn't cry at all"

"Cheeky," Emma laughed.

Henry started to stir in Emma's arms and Regina quickly turned on the microwave when she saw the movement.

The microwave beeped fifteen seconds later and Regina took his bottle out of it, testing it in her hand before giving it to Emma.

"He is hungry," Regina said simply.

"You'll let me feed him?" Emma smiled taking the bottle from Regina's hand.

"Well, he is already in your arms"

Regina gave her back to Emma and walked back to the stove.

Emma smiled lovingly and walked to the island chair, sitting down. She adjusted Henry in her arms and fed him his bottle. He was sucking the bottle so eagerly, that Emma had to readjust his little body to try to prevent him from choking.

"God, what are you cooking?" Emma asked "It smells so good"

"Nothing fancy," Regina said "Just made a salad and now I'm grilling a couple of stakes"

"Is that the one where you fry the black pepper and they made a crust on the meat?"

"Oh, ah, yes," Regina shook her head "It… it is"

"God, I love those," Emma smiled.

"Well, good," Regina cleared her throat "Because that's what we are having for dinner tonight"

"We?" Emma asked.

"Yes, we," Regina said quickly "Unless you are eager to back to the diner"

"I'm not," Emma smiled.

Regina didn't say anything else and kept her back to Emma.

Emma kept on smiling like a fool while still feeding Henry. When he was done, Emma rose from the chair and walked with Henry to the carriage to pick up his cloth from the maternity bag. She put it over her shoulder and walked around the kitchen, patiently waiting for him to barf.

"I think he is getting sleepy," Emma said walking with half-closed eyes Henry to Regina.

"He is," Regina kissed his little head "Do you mind putting him in his crib upstairs?"

"Not at all,"

Emma walked up the stairs with Henry and gently deposited him in his crib. The baby boy didn't protest, didn't even make a sound. He just closed his eyes the second his head hit the pillow.

"Goodnight, kiddo," Emma whispered adjusting the blankets on his body "I love you, Henry"

Emma left Henry's room, leaving the door open.

When she entered the kitchen, Regina was putting two plates on top of the island.

"Wine?" Regina asked.

"Are you having some?" Emma asked.

"Definitely," Regina said taking the bottle from the fridge.

"Then I'll have a small glass,"

Regina poured two glasses of wine and put one in front of Emma before sitting down.

They ate in silence, but mostly because Emma was too busy savoring Regina's steak.

She really missed eating Regina's food.

"Does Henry love me?" Regina broke the silence.

"What?" Emma asked.

"Henry," Regina repeated "Does he loves me in this… future Storybrooke"

"Of course he does," Emma smiled "You are his mom. You have no idea how much that kid looks like you"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, he…"

The doorbell rang making both women look in the direction of the sound.

"Are you expecting anyone?" Emma asked.

"No, I'm not," Regina said already pushing the chair back "I'll go get it"

"No, I'll go," Emma said quickly, getting up from the chair.

"It's my house," Regina said.

"What if it's a burglar?" Emma asked.

"I very much doubt a burglar would ring the doorbell," Regina said back.

"Just stay here, okay?" Emma said "Finish your dinner, you had a long day"

Emma walked out of the kitchen and opened the front door.

And with everything in her, she just wanted to punch the smiling figure that appeared in front of her, holding a bouquet of red flowers.

"Regina, I… Emma?" Graham said surprised "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Well, this is my house," Emma said seriously "What the hell are you doing here at this hour?"

"Where is Regina?" Graham asked.

"Tired, goodnight,"

Emma abruptly closed the door but Graham's feet prevented it from closing it.

"This is not your house," Graham said.

"Like hell, it isn't it," Emma said angrily "Get it to trough your thick head, Graham. Regina is taken!"

"I want to hear it from her,"

"You are hearing it from me!" Emma said seriously.

"What's going on here?" Regina's voice took both of them by surprise.

"Nothing," Emma said "Graham was just leaving"

"I wanted to talk to you," Graham said looking at Regina.

"No, you don't," Emma said angrily "Go way"

"I bought you flowers," Graham smiled "Red because it's sexy. Like you are"

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me," Emma said.

"Graham, I…" Regina started to say.

"I love when you smile, Regina," Graham gave a step closer to Regina "I never noticed before how beautiful your smile is"

"Well, I have," Emma put herself in front of Regina.

"Regina, I was wondering if…" Graham started to say.

"You are not wondering anything," Emma cut him off "I told you, Regina is taken. By me"

"I am what now?" Regina asked.

"You know what I mean," Emma turned her head to Regina.

"We were together once," Graham said "And I know the reason why you broke up with me was because of Henry, but I'm here for you"

"She doesn't want you," Emma said firmly.

"I'm not talking to you," Graham said looking at Emma.

"This is the last time I will tell you this," Emma said angrily "Get the hell out of here"

"Why don't you get the hell out of here,"

"Why don't both of you get the hell out of my house," Regina shouted.

"What?" Emma asked.

"You heard me," Regina said angrily "Both of you, out!"

"Regina, you can't be serious," Emma said.

"Oh, I'm very serious, Miss Swan" Regina said.

"See, Emma?" Graham smiled "She doesn't want you"

"And you," Regina said looking at Graham "I don't want you neither"

"Ha!" Emma smiled triumphantly.

"Both of you! Get out, Now!" Regina shouted.

"Regina, I…" Graham started to say.

"Out!" Regina shouted again.

Emma and Graham walked past the door and watched a very angry Regina closed the door on their face.

"See what you did, Emma?" Graham said looking at Emma.

"Excuse me?" Emma asked "You are the one who ruined a perfect dinner I was having with my wife"

"Your wife?" Graham laughed "You are crazy"

"You heard, Regina," Emma said "She doesn't want you"

"She doesn't want you either," Graham said back.

"She was just upset," Emma shook her head.

"Indeed," Graham started to walk away "I will not let you ruined next time"

"Next time?" Emma asked walking after him "There is no next time. You have got to stop this"

"I love her," Graham smiled "We belong together"

"You are delusional," Emma said seriously "Stay away from her"

"Good night, Emma"

Graham winked at her and hopped inside the cruiser.

Emma watched him drive away before looking back at the mansion.

Emma buried her face inside her hands, suppressing the urge to scream.

This was all happening because of her.

And now she had to find a way to fix it.

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina was crossed arms staring at Gold inside the Mayor's office.

She was talking with Snow and David about the arrangements for her younger children when Gold suddenly barged in inside her office.

Snow and David quickly moved behind Regina and now the three of them were patiently waiting for whatever the man had to say.

"I've heard a certain huntsman is back in town," Gold said.

"Yeah, Graham came back last night," Snow said "Why?"

"Why is he back?' Gold asked looking at Regina.

"I'm not sure," Regina said seriously.

"Really, dear?" Gold smiled "Because this is not what I heard from him this morning at the flower shop"

"If you know then why did you ask?" Regina asked annoyed.

"Because something tells me that this sudden change of feelings has everything to do with your wife in the past"

"Regina, what is he talking about?" Snow asked looking at Regina.

"Graham thinks he is in love with me," Regina rolled her eyes.

"What?" David asked.

"Last night when he stopped by at the mansion," Regina said embarrassed "He kissed me"

"I'm going to kill him," David said angrily.

"Why didn't you tell us?" Snow asked.

"I didn't have time," Regina said "I pushed him away, and then the two of you showed up…"

"I can't believe I invited him for dinner," David frowned.

"Yes," Regina sighed "And then after dinner the two of you wanted to catch up with him, and then this morning… I guess it just slipped my mind"

"But, what does this got to do with Emma?" Snow asked.

"It's been a while now that I have been remembering Graham acting strange around me," Regina said "And considering Emma is stuck in the past, my guess is that she did something back there to make this happen"

"You think she made Graham fall in love with you?" David asked confused.

"I don't know," Regina shook her head "All I know is that he thinks he is in love with me"

"Okay," Snow looked at Gold "But why is this important?"

"Because, dearie, Emma is changing things in the past," Gold said "And as you can see those changes are already having consequences here in the present"

"This isn't something major," Regina said "I can deal with Graham"

"That is not the point, Regina," Gold said "The past timeline needs to remain the same or at least as close to the same as possible"

"Then perhaps you should stop stalling me and actually help me find a way to bring Emma back" Regina shouted.

"I'm working on something but it's not quite ready yet," Gold cringed.

"I've heard that before," Regina said angrily "What the hell is it?"

"You will know when it's done," Gold said "Since you are the one using it"

"Using what?" Regina asked.

"You'll know soon," Gold said "Now, how is my son?"

"Still unhelpful," Regina said seriously.

"Regina, if you hurt my boy…"

"He's fine," Regina said sharply "Trust me, he is much better than he deserved"

"You'll hear from me soon,

Gold hit his stick on the floor and disappeared in a cloud of smoke leaving the three of them alone in the Mayor's office.

"So, what do you think Emma did?" Snow asked "To make Graham fall in love with you"

"I have no idea," Regina shook her head "But I know Regina doesn't have any feelings for Graham. I never did"

"But if Emma is changing things in the past," Snow said, "What if your feelings do change for him?"

"I don't think that's gonna happen," Regina said.

"How can you be sure?" David asked.

"Because I have no recollection of Regina having any feelings for Graham," Regina said "Besides, Emma is there"

"What is that supposed to mean?" Snow asked.

"Nothing," Regina shook her head "Listen, I have to go. I left Henry alone with Olie and Sam, I have to go home to be with them"

"We are going to the vault," Snow said "Belle is researching your mother's books today and we are going to help"

"Okay," Regina nodded "Don't touch anything other than the books"

"We never do," David smirked.

The three of them left the Mayor's office together, walking opposite directions afterward.

Regina walked in the direction of the mansion, enjoying the cold wind on her face.

The fresh air.

She desperately needed that.

Graham's appearance on her doorstep last night took her by surprise, yes, and that kiss felt so wrong on so many levels.

But what scared her the most was the intensity of his stare.

The conviction in his words.

And the first real evidence of how Emma's action in the past was changing the present.

But Regina could deal with him.

This wasn't something big.

This wouldn't change anything important.

Past Regina didn't have any feelings for Graham because Emma was…


Regina let a startled sound escape her lips when she heard Graham's voice behind her.

"Graham!" Regina exclaimed.

"I bought you this," Graham smiled giving Regina a bouquet of red roses "Red because…"

"They are sexy," Regina finished for him "Yes, I remember"

"I was on my way to the mansion when I saw you here," Graham smiled "Is this destiny or what?"


"Have dinner with me," Graham said looking deep into Regina's eyes.

"I'm married," Regina said seriously "And deeply in love with my wife"

"She is not here, is she?" Graham asked.

"That doesn't change anything," Regina said harshly giving the flowers back to Graham.

Regina resumed her walk hoping her words would have the desired effect on Graham.

Her hope only lasted one second before she heard him walking behind her.

"You know she is cheating on you, right?" Graham asked.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Regina asked, not stopping walking.

"Emma is having an unfair," Graham said behind Regina "That Regina is not you"

"Of course she is," Regina said angrily "That Regina and I are exactly the same person"

"That is not the Regina she is married with,"

"Graham, that's enough," Regina stopped abruptly "I don't know what happened to make you think you are in love with me…"

"You are beautiful, Regina," Graham put her hand on Regina's face.

"But I am a married woman," Regina harshly took his hand from her face "And I love my wife"

"She is not worthy of you," Graham said seriously.

"She is the love of my life,"

Regina looked to the side and realized she had arrived at the mansion already.

She gave four steps forward and opened the gate in front of the mansion, walking the pathway to the door.

"I won't give up," Graham shouted "I'll fight for you"

"There is nothing to fight," Regina said desperately, walking back to him "I will never fall out of love with Emma"

"Unless my past self wins your heart," Graham smiled "Feelings can change"

"It's not gonna happen, Graham" Regina turned her back to Graham.

"Mine have changed," Graham said.

Regina stopped walking and turned to face Graham again. She looked serious at him considering very carefully her next words.

"You don't have a chance with that Regina neither,"

"What makes you say that?" Graham asked.

Regina shook her head and resumed her walk in the direction of the door.

She didn't bother answering Graham's question.

She knew exactly why that Regina would never fall in love with Graham.

And that was the thing that truly worried her the most.

Chapter Text

"Miss Swan," Regina sighed "What are you doing here at this hour?"

"Swan-Mills," Emma smiled "And I came to take you and Henry to work"

"Well, it seems like everyone in this town decided to wake up early to take me to work today" Regina crossed her arms.

"What are you talking about?" Emma frowned.

"Graham was just here…"

"What?" Emma abruptly interrupted Regina "Is him in there? I will kick his ass…"

"He is not here," Regina said annoyed "I sent him away"

"Oh, okay," Emma nodded "Good"

"And you can go as well," Regina said and took a step back to close the door.

"No, wait," Emma said putting her hand on the door "We have to go over the books, right? I have two hours before my shift starts"

"Miss Swan, I'm going to tell you the same thing I told Graham about ten minutes ago," Regina said seriously "I don't work Saturdays"

"Oh!" Emma exclaimed "Right"


"I could just read those in the kitchen," Emma said showing her the books in her hand.

"Or, you can go to the Sheriff Station and read them there,"

"I can change Henry's diaper," Emma said.

"I've already done that"

"Make you breakfast?" Emma asked hopefully.

"Oh, for God Sake," Regina threw her hands in the air.

"Can I at least say good morning to Henry?" Emma asked "Please?"

"Fine," Regina sighed "He is in the study"

Regina gave a step back and opened the door a little bit more for Emma to enter the house.

Emma smiled at Regina and waited until she closed the door before following her to the study.

They entered the study and Emma quickly walked to Henry's carriage parked right next to Regina's chair, just like she did when at the Mayor's office.

Emma put the books on top of the desk and bent down in the carriage to lift Henry in her arms.

"Hi, kid," Emma kissed his cheek "Good morning"

Henry made a cute little sound that made both women laugh. Emma looked at Regina, feeling the air being sucked out of her lungs.

God, she was so beautiful.

Regina was smiling, looking lovingly at Henry. Her eyes were sparkling and her features overflowed with love for the little creature in Emma's arms.

She knew that face so well.

She had been loving that face for four years now.

"What?" Regina asked, serious again.

"I like your smile," Emma said softly.

"Thanks," Regina cleared her throat, "You said your good morning to Henry, now it's time for you to go"

"Right," Emma nodded.

She bent down to put Henry back in his carriage, kissing him one last time.

Emma looked at the pile of books on top of Regina's desk and turned her face to look at Regina.

"You read all of that already?" Emma asked.

"Yes, but I didn't find anything," Regina sighed "I have a few more to finish but I'll probably have to stop by my vault tonight to look at some others"

"Can I meet you there?" Emma asked "I'm only working until five"

"I suppose," Regina said "You are the one who should be doing double the work, not me"

"Right," Emma nodded "So, I guess I'll see you tonight?"

"You can show yourself out,"

Regina walked behind her desk and sat down on the chair. Emma looked at Regina, longing to walk closer to her, to kiss her to smell her scent.

Anything would do.

She just wanted, no, needed to be closer to her wife again.

"Is there anything else you want?" Regina asked.

"I…" Emma shook her head "Just my books. I'll see you tonight, Regina"

Emma smiled at Regina and took her books from the desk before leaving the mansion.

Emma walked to the station even though she still had over one hour before her shift start.

She could use the free time to read the books she still had left there and maybe even leave the Station earlier.

Except that once again, Emma couldn't quite focused on reading the books Regina gave her.

Because she was staring at Graham inside his office, her hands turning into a fist with the desire to punch him in the face.

Because if Emma was honest with herself, she was scared now.

She was scared of leaving this Storybrooke, she was scared of leaving Regina alone with Graham.

What if Regina got lonely and fall into his arms?

Because that was what happened, wasn't it?

At some point, after Henry grew older, Regina resumed her relationship with Graham because she felt… lonely.

And Emma couldn't bear thinking about Regina falling into Graham's arms. Not after everything that happened between them here.

Not after what they have shared.

Not after Regina knowing who she really was.

It crushed her heart thinking of Regina in the arms of another.

And yet, Emma knew that had to happen for things to remain the same.

The internal battle that her heart and her mind were fighting was unbearable.

Because Emma wasn't going to let Graham anywhere near Regina.

Not while she was here.

And after she left, well, at least she was going back home to Regina.

Back to her wife, her children.

Back to her life.

"I have those for you," Graham said dropping a pile of reports on Emma's desk "They need to be uploaded into the system before your shift ends"

"And if I cant?" Emma asked defiantly.

"Then you'll have to stay past your shift," Graham said seriously "Perhaps if you put those books away and do what you are being paid to do, you'll manage to finish on time"

"And what are you going to do?" Emma asked.

"I'm off to do my rounds,"

Graham turned his back to Emma and walked to the hanger to retrieve his coat. Emma rose from the chair and walked behind him.

"If you are thinking about going to Regina, don't," Emma said seriously "She doesn't want anything to do with you"

"Doesn't she?" Graham smiled at Emma while putting on his jacket.

"She doesn't," Emma said "I know you stopped by the mansion this morning"

"How do you know that?" Graham asked.

"Because Regina told me," Emma smiled.

"Oh!" Graham smiled "I guess she kicked you out of the house, huh?"

"On the contrary," Emma said petulantly "She invited me in"

"Then why did you show up here at the station over one hour before your shift?" Graham asked.

"I had things to do," Emma brushed him off.

"Or, Regina told you to get on your way,"

"Stay away from her, Graham" Emma warned him "I mean it"

"The decision is up to Regina," Graham said "Finish the reports today"

Graham turned his back to Emma one more time and left the Station.

She wanted to follow him out, she wanted to make sure he wasn't going after Regina, but her lie detector didn't go off when he said he was doing his rounds.

Perhaps he even tried to stop by Regina's later, but Regina didn't seem to be interested in him.

In fact, she seemed to be interested in neither one of them.

And Emma had no idea if she should be happy or sad about that.

Emma flopped heavily on her chair and took the first report from the pile.

And eight hours later she was officially uploading the last one in the completely obsolete system.

It took her all day to go through all the reports.

She barely even had a lunch break, she just left the Station to go over Granny's real quick and then came back to finish the reports.

And now she just had to wait for the last report to be uploaded and then she was free.

Free to go see Regina.

Emma smiled thinking about seeing Regina tonight.

She couldn't wait to be with her again.

Just to be in her presence… it was enough for her.

For now, anyway.

Emma tapped her fingers impatiently on the desk while the little blue bar added one more square.

That was going to take forever.

Or forty-five minutes.

Which was an eternity considering she was on her way to see Regina.

Emma turned off the computer and rose from the chair, taking her jacket from the back of the chair.

She saw Graham inside his office when she walked past the door but she didn't bother to say anything at all to the man.

Emma left the Station and walked in the direction of the cemetery, enjoying the cool breeze of the night.

The weather had been so much better these last few days, it was still cold but not bone freezing.

Emma quite enjoyed the weather like that.

Not too cold, not too warm.

Just perfect.

Emma arrived at the cemetery and walked straight to the Mausoleum. She pushed Regina's father's coffin to the side and then walked down the stairs.

"Regina?" Emma shouted.


"Regina?" Emma tried again while walking the hallway "Are you here yet?"

Emma looked around the vault, but Regina was nowhere to be seen.

She took her phone from her pocket and taped it in Regina's name to send her a text.

"Hey, where are you?

I'm in your vault already


Emma had just put the phone in her back pocket when she felt it vibrating in her hand.

"Henry and I are going to go later.

You should start without us.

Don't touch anything!


Emma frowned upon reading the text and quickly wrote back.

"Is everything okay?

Do you need any help?"

Emma stared at the phone, nervously waiting for an answer from Regina.

"Everything is just fine, dear.

I never said at what time I would be available at the Vault, I simply said I would be there tonight.

You took your own conclusions.

Henry and I should be there later.


Emma rolled her eyes and smiled at the same time.

That was so Regina.


I'll see you guys later, then.

Hey, just by curiosity, that green stuff in a jar wasn't important, was it?"

Emma laughed to herself when she hit the send button.

She could already see that vein in Regina's forehead popping while reading her text.

Not a second has gone by when Emma's phone vibrated again.

" I told you not to touch anything!


Emma smirked and put her phone on top of the table.

She walked to the huge library room Regina had hidden behind the wall in her vault and stopped in front of the shelves.

Emma ran her fingers on the leather of the books, reading the titles as she goes.

Unfortunately, none of them said 'How to go back to the future after falling into a portal to the past' so Emma chose the very next best thing.

The book of spells.

Emma took the book and started flipping the pages.

She was so lost reading one particular spell that she totally missed Regina entering the vault and nearly screamed when a container fell heavily on top of her reading.

"Regina, what the hell," Emma said putting her hand on top of her heart.

"What are you reading?" Regina asked.

"Nothing!" Emma quickly closed the book.

Regina looked suspiciously at Emma and tried to eye the book she was reading but Emma put the container Regina had thrown earlier on top of the book covering it.

"What is this?" Emma asked, eyeing the container.

"Well, considering the time you texted me, I figured you hadn't had dinner yet," Regina said like she didn't care "I've made too much, so"

"You brought me dinner?" Emma smiled.

"Leftovers, dear," Regina checked on Henry "It's better than going to waste"


Emma smiled while looking at Regina.

She tried to pretend like it was no big deal, but Emma knew Regina so well.

She cared.

She brought her food because she knew Emma came straight from the Sheriff Station to the vault.

She knew Emma was going to spend the whole night in there without eating anything.

Because after everything that happened between them, even after how badly Emma had screwed everything up.

Regina cared about her.

Because what they felt for each other was real.

Because what Regina felt for her was real and was still in there, lingering behind the mistreatment and sarcasm.

Emma opened the container and smiled happily again when she saw the shrimp with lime, pasta. She took the fork and gave it a bite, moaning when the delicious flavor touched her tongue.

Emma looked at Regina sitting across from her, trying to disguise a smile when Emma moaned. It was the most adorable thing and Emma made sure to do it again, just to see that hint of a smile on Regina's face.

Regina rose from the chair and walked to the library.

Emma finished her pasta and drank a sip of the water bottle Regina had brought with her.

She rose from the chair and walked to the library after Regina. She found her in front of a shelf trying to reach a book on top, but her fingers hardly brushed over it.

Emma smiled and walked behind Regina, slightly pressing her body against her.

"I'll get it," Emma whispered in Regina's ear.

Emma put one hand on Regina's hip and stood on her tiptoe. She leaned forward, pressing her body against Regina's. She closed her eyes and inhale Regina's scent, the smell of her shampoo invading her nostrils.

Emma took the book and came down from her tiptoes. She pressed her body even harder against Regina's back, burying her nose on Regina's hair.

"Don't," Regina whispered.

"I'm sorry," Emma whispered, taking a step back.

"What is the point, Emma?" Regina turned to face her, a silver line glowing behind her eyes "You are leaving me anyway"

"I'm not leaving you, Regina," Emma said "I'm going back home to you"

"I'm right here, Emma," Regina said.

"I know," Emma shook her head "I don't know what's going to happen after I go back, I don't… Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

"I don't, to be honest," Regina said.

Emma took a step closer to Regina and held her face between her hands, looking deep inside her eyes.

"You are the love of my life," Emma said in a choked voice "I fell in love with you the day I laid eyes on you. I can't quite explain it, but that day, that night when I saw you running out of your house so worried about Henry, I looked at you and I just knew. The second I looked at you, Regina, I knew that Henry had brought me home to you"


"I love you," Emma whispered "I love you. I love you. You are my one true love. You are the one I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. You are my happy ending"

Regina held Emma's waist and crashed their lips together. Emma kissed her back, feeling her cheek slightly wet from Regina's tears.

Emma deepened the kiss, burring her hands on Regina's hair. She pushed Regina backward, making her back collide with the shelves. Regina moaned inside the kiss and suddenly Emma felt everything in her come to life again.

She pressed her body harder against Regina in a desperate need to feel the other woman closer to her. She wanted Regina to crawl under her skin, wanted Regina to put down the fire burning in her flesh, wanted to savor every little inch that belonged to her wife.

And she wanted everything now, fast and calm and slow all at the same time.

Emma pressed her forehead hard against Regina's when they broke apart. They were both breathing heavy and pressed so closely together that the air Emma was breathing was coming out of Regina's mouth.

"Emma…" Regina whispered.

"Please, don't regret it," Emma said in a heavy voice "Please don't ask me to pull away from you, to let you go. I can't let you go, Regina"

"I won't," Regina whispered back "I don't think I can't let you go either"

Emma looked into Regina's eyes and smiled.

Regina smiled back to her, one of those smiles that had the power to bring Emma to her knees.

"Kiss me again,"

Emma leaned forward and captured Regina's lips on a kiss.

She pressed her body against Regina's as close as she possibly could, completely forgetting the reason why they were down there in the vault and what they were meant to do while in there.

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina heard the doorbell ringing from the kitchen where she was baking with her children.

The three of them had convinced her to make apple turnovers which were everybody's favorites.

Regina wasn't really in the mood to bake, but how could she refuse the front composed by her three children?

They had just finished cooking the filling and were about to start on the dough when she heard the loud noise of the doorbell echoing inside the house.

Regina took off the apron and put it on top of the island before walking to the door.

"Graham," Regina sighed.

"Hi, there," Graham smiled.

"What are you doing here?" Regina asked annoyed.

"I was wondering if you would like to get a cup of coffee with me," Graham said "Maybe we could talk"

"I have nothing to talk to you about, Graham," Regina said.

Graham took a step forward and put his hand on Regina's cheek, gently smoothing it. He looked deep into Regina's eyes and smiled.

"There was some flour on your cheek," Graham said.

"Mommy?" Regina heard Olie's voice behind her.

Regina cleared her throat and looked back at her daughter.

"Hi, honey," Regina smiled.

"Enwy is asking if it's one cup or two of flour," Olie said.

But before she could answer, Graham bent down on his knees smiling at Olie.

"Hi," Graham said "It's Chloe, right?"

"Olie," The little girl said with a frown.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Graham put his hand on his heart "Hello, Olie,"

"Mommy?" Olie looked up at Regina, completely ignoring Graham "Are you coming?"

"Yes, honey," Regina smiled at her.

"Are you guys baking?" Graham asked "I would love to help"

"No, thank you," Olie said "We don't like strangers"

"If I tell you my name, I won't be a stranger anymore," Graham said, standing up.

"But you are not family," Olie said seriously "Right, mommy?"

"That's right, sweetie," Regina said and looked into Graham's eyes "You are not family"

"I can be if you just give me a chance," Graham said staring back at Regina.

"Go away, Graham,"

Regina gave a step back and closed the door on Graham's face. She picked up Olie in her arms and walked with her to the kitchen.

They finished making the dough for the turnovers and popped them inside the oven.

Regina was just finishing cleaning the kitchen when she heard her phone buzzing.

She picked up the phone from the island and looked at the screen.

She had just got a text from Gold.

Regina quickly typed her password and clicked on the text icon.

"Tomorrow night.

Be ready"

Regina swallowed dry staring eyes widened at the text.

She had no idea what the hell Gold was working on.

Not even a clue.

But whatever it was that he was working on, tomorrow night she was going to be one step closer to bring her wife back home.

Chapter Text

Emma woke up in the morning with a smile on her face that didn't quite seem to leave her lips.

And neither did she want that.

The night before with Regina in the vault meant everything to Emma.

Not only because she knew now that Regina had forgiven her but also because of the moment they had shared.

Been that close to Regina again made Emma's whole skin on fire.

Made her feel alive.

The kiss they had shared made Emma feel like she was finally leaving the darkness that had consumed her whole after she broke Regina's heart.

And now all Emma wanted to do was kiss Regina.

All the time.


It took a lot of self-control and Henry's crying for her not to do that last night.

For her not to sink her fingertips on every inch of Regina's skin.

For her tongue not to lick, suck, savor everything that was Regina.

Because Emma quite missed that.

The closeness, the tenderness, the speed, and the slowness of their lovemaking.

The contact of their flesh rubbing against each other.

The contrast of the warmth of their skin with the shiver of their hairs.

The stick wetness running down their thighs and mouth.

The fire in their eyes burning hot from both love and desire.

Emma wanted everything last night.

But Henry put a stop to their activities bringing her back to reality.

And when Emma opened her eyes and pulled away from Regina, everything came crashing down at her, all at once.

Why she was there!

They stayed until close to midnight in the vault, reading the books.

But it was different, this time.

There wasn't that distance between them anymore.

No more passive-aggressive comments coming from Regina.

This time, Regina sat next to her.

Smiled at her.

Stolen kisses.

And when she lay her head on Emma's shoulder and closed her eyes, Emma knew it was time for them to go.

Henry slept the whole ride.

Regina drove Emma to Granny's and gently kissed Emma's lips after she parked in front of the diner.

Emma ran her fingers down Regina's face, cherishing her skin.

And when Regina closed her eyes and turned her face to kiss Emma's fingers, she almost bagged Regina to let her go back to the mansion with her.


She was about to when Regina yawned and Emma could see how tired she was.

So, she suppressed the urge to ask and ignored the fire burning under her skin, and wished Regina a goodnight.

She opened the car door to leave but Regina pulled her arm, making Emma look back at her.

And she smiled, one of those beautiful smiles Emma knew so well and leaned in to kiss her one last time.

Emma was smiling when she left the car.

Smiling when she walked through the diner.

Smiling when she flopped in bed.

And she was smiling now that she just woke up after having a beautiful full night of sleep.

Emma turned in bed and yawned.

She reached for her phone on the bedside table to look at the time.

Seven in the morning.

Of a Sunday.

Emma smiled brightly and pushed the sheets off her body going to the bathroom.

She didn't want to waste a single minute alone anymore.

Not when she could be with Regina and Henry.

And as much as Emma wanted to go back to her real home, she couldn't help but treasure this opportunity.

To be with Henry as a baby.

To help Regina to care for him.

To briefly, too briefly, raise him together as the family they were.

Emma took a quick shower and changed into her clothes even faster.

She put on a pair of black jeans along with a grey tank top and her red leather jacket.

It was a little bit chill now in the morning but something told Emma the weather would soon become warmer.

Emma sat down on the bed and put on a pair of black boots before picking up her phone from the bedside table and put it inside her jacket pocket.

She left the room walking down the stairs to the diner but she didn't get a chance to walk much further.

Emma stopped the second she stepped foot into the diner, smiling at the figure sitting on the first booth by the window across the room smiling back at her.

Emma quickly resumed her walk only to stop again, mouth open, when she laid eyes on the feast on top of the table.

"Wow," Emma said "What's all this?"

"It's Sunday," Regina smiled "It's tradition, right?"

"Yeah, it is,"

Emma smiled brightly at Regina before holding her face between her hands and kiss her lips. Regina seemed a little surprised by the so public display of affection but didn't push Emma back.

When they broke apart, Emma bent down inside the carriage to kiss a very sleepy baby Henry.

Emma took her seat across from Regina, feeling her stomach snore at all the food content.

Regina had ordered everything.

Eggs, bacon, pancakes, waffles there was literally a feast laid right in front of Emma's eyes.

Ruby approached their booth and asked Regina if she should bring the hot beverages. Regina confirmed and not much long later, Ruby came back with a cup of coffee and hot chocolate with cream and cinnamon for Emma.

She remembered.

Emma smiled lovingly at Regina before fulfilling her plate with eggs, bacon, and toast.

"How did that start?" Regina asked, sipping her coffee.

"How did what start?" Emma asked confused.

"This… Sunday breakfast tradition,"

"Oh," Emma smiled "It was Henry"

"Henry?" Regina looked at the baby in the carriage.

"After we told him we were together, he," Emma smiled at the memory "He was surprisingly understanding. He thought it was quite epic for the Savior to fall in love with The Evil Queen and together break her curse"

"He knows?" Regina asked worriedly.

"He found out," Emma nodded "The first night I spent at the mansion, I mean the first night I didn't have to jump out of the window or leave the house at five in the morning, was a Saturday. Actually, it was a Friday, but Saturday was the first day we spent the whole day together, as a family"

"Okay," Regina frowned.

"On Sunday he barged into our room saying he was starved," Emma smiled "We were both feeling a little bit lazy because, you know, night activities" Emma winked at Regina.

"Right," Regina blushed.

"We walked to Granny's and Henry and I nearly ordered everything on the menu," Emma laughed "You weren't very happy about it but you didn't have it in you to stop us. You were just too happy"

"I can imagine that," Regina smiled.

"When Henry and I could hardly breathe because we ate too much, you made us go for a walk," Emma smiled "When we came back home Henry declared that having breakfast on Sundays at Granny's and going for a walk later should be our family tradition. We were both so ridiculously happy that he called us a family that we decided right there and then that Sunday's breakfast at Granny's should be our first family tradition"

"And we've been doing that for three years?" Regina asked softly.

"Four, actually," Emma ate a piece of bacon "With a brief interruption after the curse broke"

"Oh!" Regina exclaimed.

"And we only have one rule and one rule only," Emma said seriously.

"And what is that?" Regina asked.

"You can't interfere," Emma smiled "We can order anything we want and you can't force us to have anything healthy"

"And I agree to that?" Regina smiled.

"Babe, you won Monday to Saturday," Emma laughed "Sunday is our day"

"I supposed that seems fair," Regina sipped her coffee again.

They continued to eat their breakfast lightly chatting about the plans for the day. Regina even threw caution to the wind and shared the waffles and pancakes with Emma, after eating her eggs and toast and steal bacon from Emma's plate (Even though the plate with bacon was right there in the middle of the table)

After breakfast, Regina announced they should go for a walk.

Emma smiled and held Regina's hand between hers.

The day was getting warmer and sunny and Emma decided they should definitely go to the beach.

Regina wasn't exactly a fan of the idea, but after Emma kissed that spot right under Regina's earlobe and seductively whispered 'please' in her ear, Regina's moaned of approval was all Emma needed to load Henry's carriage inside the truck and drive the Mercedes to the beach.

They took off their shoes before leaving the car. Emma rolled her jeans up and took off her jacket before taking Henry from the baby seat. Regina was wearing a dress that morning and without the heels, she looked a bit shorter than Emma and that was something that always made her heart beat a little bit faster and her smile grows a little bit bigger.

Emma held Regina's hand between hers and they started to walk along the beach, feeling the sand on their bare feet.

Emma laughed when the water touched their feet and Regina let out a little scream claiming the water was too cold.

They sat down on the sand side by side looking out the immense sea in front of them.

Henry was making little happy noises that made them smile every time.

Regina snuggled closer to Emma, laying her head on Emma's shoulder.

Emma kissed the top of Regina's head, before laying her own head on top of Regina's.

"I like this Sunday tradition," Regina said.

"Me too," Emma smiled.

Regina smiled at Henry in Emma's arms and reached for his cloth to clean some drool.

"Do you want to go to the vault when we are done here?" Emma asked.

"No," Regina said "I want us to go home"

"Oh, okay," Emma said "Do you want to go now?"

"No, not now," Regina said "Let's stay out here for a little while longer"

Emma smiled and laid her head on top of Regina's again.

She knew she should be in the vault searching the books for answers.

But she couldn't bring herself to do that.

Not today.

Maybe after they went back home, they could do the search on the books Regina had in her study.

It was Sunday, after all.

Storybrooke – Present Day

"Hi, guys," Ruby smiled at the family of four on the first booth next to the window.

"Hi, Auntie Ruby," The twins said at the same time.

"Hi, Ruby," Regina said and the Henry.

"What can I get you guys this fine Sunday?" Ruby asked.

"I want everything with chocolate," Olie said.

"Me too," Sam said right next.

"Me three," Henry joined the team.

"And that's three nos'," Regina said "You can choose one thing with chocolate"

"But I ate the salad every day," Olie protested "It's not right, mommy"

"You can't say no, mommy," Sam crossed his arms.

"Of course, I can," Regina scoffed.

"Actually, you can't," Henry said beside her "The only rule we have on Sunday's breakfast is that you can't interfere"

"That rule is a sham," Regina pointed at Henry.

"Ma and I created that rule and you agree," Henry said "As long as we eat everything we order, you can't interfere"

"Fine," Regina rolled her eyes before looking at the twins "But remember, whatever you order, you have to eat"

"I want everything with chocolate, auntie Ruby," Olie said looking at Ruby.

"Okay," Ruby smiled "And what that everything is?"

Olie looked thoughtful at Ruby as if considering her options.

"A bear claw, waffles, and pancakes," Olie lifted her fingers "And a momma's cocoa"

"Me too," Sammy said beside Olie.

"Okay," Ruby smiled "Henry?"

"I'll have the same as them," Henry said and looked at Olie "Good choice, kid"

"Thank you, Enwy," Olie smiled proudly.

"Regina?" Ruby asked.

"Just coffee and eggs and toast," Regina said.

"And bacon?" Ruby asked.

"Mommy always takes bacon from momma's plate," Sammy laughed.

"Momma has to take the bacon from the big plate cause mommy doesn't let her eat hers" Olie laughed.

"That's not true," Regina protested.

"Yes, it is," The three children said at the same time, including Ruby.

"Okay, perhaps I do that sometimes," Regina rolled he eyes.

"You do that every Sunday, mommy" Olie said.

"Don't worry, mommy," Sam said looking at Regina "Momma likes it"

Regina smiled sadly at her little boy before shaking her head.

"And a small portion of bacon, please," Regina said looking up at Ruby.

Ruby nodded and disappeared inside the diner.

When Ruby came back to their table, she was holding quite a feast on a tray.

She put everything in front of their respective owners and wished them Bon Appetite before going to see the next customer.

The family of four dug into their food. Regina laughed the whole time at the mess of chocolate on her children's faces. All three of them.

She didn't exactly like them having that exorbitant amount of chocolate (according to her) this early in the morning.

But the look of absolute joy on their face truly was priceless.

"Mommy, do you want a bite?" Sam smiled at Regina "It's so goooooddd"

"Is it?" Regina smiled.

"Yes!" Olie said "You should try, mommy. From Sammy's plate not mine"

"Excuse me?" Regina asked looking at Olie.

"I'm kidding," Olie laughed "Here" Olie offered Regina a waffle covered in Nutella.

Regina leaned forward and took a bite from the waffle Olie was holding, winning a laugh from her little girl.

Regina chewed the waffle tasting the sweet creaminess of the Nutella.

"It's really good," Regina smiled.

"Yes, it is,"

Regina looked up and saw Graham standing in front of their booth. He smiled at Regina and stretched his arm in her direction. He used his thumb to clean the little bit of Nutella on the corner of Regina's mouth and then sucked the finger inside his mouth.

"It's really, really good," Graham said.

Regina straightened her posture and cleared her throat, her features already hardening.

"Graham," Regina said dryly.

"Can I join you for breakfast?" Graham asked.

"This is a family breakfast," Henry said seriously.

"Henry," Graham nodded "I'm sure you can make an old friend an exception"

"No, I can't," Henry said "Sunday's breakfast is meant for family"

"Right," Graham smiled "Regina, can I talk to you outside?"

"No," Regina said "I have nothing to talk to you about, Graham,"

"It won't take long," Graham smiled.

"I don't care," Regina said angrily.

Graham nodded and turn his back to the family, sitting on the counter.

They continued to have their breakfast, but the constant glances of Graham in her direction bothered Regina and she was quite relieved when her children finished eating.

After she paid for the bill, the four of them went out on their walk.

They spent the whole morning walking around town and had lunch later at David and Mary Margaret's house.

While she was there, she showed them the text Gold had sent her, telling her to be ready tonight.

They asked Regina if she knew what he was going to do, but Regina had no idea.

But whatever it was, she would do it.

She would do anything for Emma.

The only thing she really needed now was for one of them to stay with her children while she was gone.

They decided Mary Margaret was going to stay in the mansion while David was going to go with Regina to face Gold.

It was the end of the afternoon when Regina arrived home again.

Olie and Sam were tired but she couldn't let them take their nap otherwise they would stay up until late at night.

So, Regina decided to entertain them by playing a game in the living room.

With Henry's help.

The doorbell rang, making all four heads turn. Henry rose from the floor and walked out of the living room to answer the door.

One minute later Regina saw Graham passing through the door with Henry walking behind him.

"I told him to take a hike," Henry said.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Regina asked angrily.

"I need to talk to you," Graham said.

"About what?" Regina asked.

"It's private," Graham pointed at the children.

"Graham, please," Regina sighed "You have got to stop this"

"I can't control how I feel, Regina," Graham said.

Regina rudely held Graham's arm and pulled him to the window.

"I don't know what happened to make you feel this way," Regina said "But I love my wife and this is not going to change, Graham,"

"Regina, what I feel for you is real," Graham took a step closer "I'm empty without you"

"This is insane," Regina took a step back "You hated me"

"I didn't," Graham said desperately "I've been empty ever since I left Storybrooke, going from one realm to another trying to find my purpose until I started to have dreams of you and Emma when I was cursed, Regina… I needed Emma to travel to the past to make me realize that you are my purpose"

Regina sighed heavily and looked to the side. Her children were all watching her with puzzled expressions on their faces.

Regina saw Olie look at Henry and overheard the little girl ask:

"Enwy, do we like this man?"

"Not right now we don't, Kid," Henry answered her.

Olie's expressions hardened and she closed her little hands on a fist.

She marched in Graham's direction and kicked his shin with all of her force.

"Stay away from my mommy," Olie shouted.


Graham bent the knee and stood on one foot, waiting for the pain to go away.

"Olivia!" Regina raised her voice.

"Oh, shit," Henry laughed.

"That was not polite, young lady," Graham said looking down at Olie.

Regina looked to the side and saw Sam running in their direction. He stopped in front of Graham and just like Olie, he put all of his force into the kick.

"Stay away from my mommy and my sister" Sam shouted.

"God, damn it," Graham said painfully after another kick hit his shin.

Everything else after that was a bit of a mess.

Regina had to send Graham out of the house and then ground the twins for what they have done.

She sat down on their bedroom floor later to talk with them and when Olie said that their momma told them that they have to listen to Henry because Henry was their older brother and that they should always listen to him, Regina's heart melted a little bit.

But she was very firm when she told them that what they did to Graham was not okay.

After they apologized and promised they wouldn't do that again, Regina started to make dinner.

Her phone chimed in her pocket and she quickly took the phone.

"Be ready at midnight"

It was all the text from Gold said.

Regina took a deep breath and held the phone closer to her heart.

Tonight, at midnight.

She was more than ready.

Chapter Text

The day spent at the beach with Regina and Henry was pure heaven.

They had walked around the shore, enjoying the water on their feet.

They had sat down on the sand looking out at nothing.

They had stopped for ice cream on the little stall near the pier.

And then they walked all the way back to Regina's Mercedes and after Regina made sure their feet were properly washed with the water bottle she bought at the ice cream stall, Emma drove them back home.

Not Regina's mansion.

Emma didn't have to call it that anymore.

It was their home.

And Emma felt her heart warm just a little at that.

And back home they fell into an easy Sunday routine.

Regina let Emma put Henry down for his nap in his room.

When she came back down again, Regina was already working on making them some lunch.

And it felt so good to work with Regina in the kitchen again.

They moved around the kitchen exactly the way they had for the past four years.

And for a moment, Emma sincerely thought she was back home again.

She let herself be fooled by that wonderful feeling of belonging.

Even if this wasn't the place she belonged to.

They ate together on the kitchen island.

Then they make out on the living room couch.

And when things were finally heating up, Henry had cried.

And Emma had to laugh at the sound of frustration Regina made.

And they had spent the rest of the day together, just hanging out with one another like the family they were.

And when the clock struck ten at night and Emma was standing by the door watching Regina do Henry's night routine, her heart started to feel a little heavy.

First, because she knew she had to go back to the pension soon, and if there was something Emma did not want was to go back to her little room alone.

Second, because Emma was just now realizing that she wasted a whole day of researching.

It was conflicting, feeling that way.

A day spent with Regina and Henry should never be considered a waste.


But every day spent here was another that she was away from her family.

Her whole family.

And as much as Emma enjoyed being here, to be with Regina and infant Henry, she knew that she had to go back home.

She knew Regina, Henry, Olie, and Sam were waiting for her.

She knew that…

"He is finally asleep," Regina smiled at her from the crib.

"Yeah, I bet," Emma laughed "He nearly spent the whole day awake"

"He was enjoying the day," Regina said walking towards Emma.

"It was a nice day, wasn't it?" Emma smiled.

"Yes, it was,"

Regina wrapped her arms around Emma's waist and leaned forward to capture her lips on a kiss.

Emma closed her eyes and let herself be kissed by Regina, let herself be pressed against the door frame by Regina's body, let herself forget the reality of her situation just for a brief moment.

It wasn't fair to think about being away from Regina.

Not when she was kissing her like that.

Regina broke the kiss and smiled lazily at Emma.

Emma smiled back, gently running her fingers on Regina's beautiful face.

"I should get going," Emma said "Let you rest a little"

"I don't want you to go," Regina said looking deeply into Emma's eyes.

"No?" Emma smiled.

"No, I don't," Regina said seriously "Spend the night with me"

"Are you sure?" Emma asked concerned "I don't want to hurt you again"

"You won't," Regina smiled "Besides, you are my wife. Shouldn't I share my bed with my wife?"

"You absolutely should," Emma laughed.

"So, stay," Regina said "Stay with me, Emma"

"I will," Emma nodded.

Regina smiled at Emma and took her hand between hers. She left Henry's bedroom door open and pulled Emma with her, to her bedroom, closing the door behind her.

Regina kissed Emma desperately as if she was claiming Emma for herself.

Her hands found the hem of Emma's shirt and Regina broke the kiss only to pulled the shirt up Emma's arms. She reached behind Emma's back and unclasped her bra, quickly pulling them down Emma's arms as well.

Regina kissed Emma again, squeezing both her breasts in her palms, making Emma moaned inside her mouth.

"God, I've missed you" Regina whispered between kisses.

"You have?" Emma gasped.

"I have" Regina licked Emma's neck "So much"

Regina kissed Emma's neck, sucking the delicate flesh inside her mouth and Emma started to feel like her legs were made of jelly and that her knees would give up any minute now.

Regina always had the ability to do that to her.

To bring Emma to her knees.

Regina squeezed Emma's beast again, and this time Emma moaned embarrassingly loud. Emma threw her head back giving Regina more room to work while her fingers curled inside her boots.

"Are you wet for me?" Regina whispered in her year.

"Yes," Emma whispered.

Regina smiled devilishly at Emma and opened her belt and jeans. She pulled the zipper down and pushed her hand inside Emma's pantie, stroking Emma's wet entrance.

"Oh, my" Regina smiled again "You really are wet for me, aren't you?"

"Always," Emma bit her lower lip.

Regina pulled her hand away from Emma's center and smiled at the little noise of protest Emma made.

She looked deep inside Emma's eyes before sucking the finger, completely covered on Emma's juices, inside her mouth.


Emma moved closer to Regina and captured her lips on a kiss. She kissed Regina hard, tasting her own essence mixed on Regina's tongue and lips.

Emma's hand ran up and down Regina's back, trying to find the zipper to open her dress, but the back of the dress was completely smooth and Emma couldn't help the wine of protest when she briefly broke away from Regina.

"Where the hell is the zipper on this thing?" Emma breathless asked.

"It's on the side," Regina laughed.

Emma spotted the zipper on the left side of the dress and her fingers quickly made a movement to pull it down. She pulled the dress down Regina's shoulder and then off her body.

"You are so fucking beautiful," Emma said staring at Regina in her underwear.

Regina smiled shyly at Emma, that kind of beautiful smile when you know the compliment is genuine. Emma gave two steps closer to Regina and smashed their lips together again, savoring Regina's tongue with her mouth.

Regina gently pushed Emma backward in the direction of the bed, without breaking the kiss.

Emma fell sitting on the bed and once again, made a little noise of protest when her lips were torn away from Regina.

"You are wearing too much" Regina smiled.

Regina kneeled in front of Emma and started to unzip her boots.

Emma stared at her, watching her every movement, biting her lower lip imagining her tongue licking the valley of Regina's breast.

Regina removed both her boots and socks, before starting to pull Emma's jeans down.

Emma lifted her butt to help Regina get rid of the constrict material and then moved to the center of the bed.

Regina crawled on top of Emma and captured her left nipple inside her mouth.

She circled her tongue around the areola and used the tip on her teeth to lightly bite the nipple before sucking everything inside her mouth again while rolling Emma's right nipple between her fingers.

Emma felt her whole body shiver at every movement from Regina's tongue. She put both her hands on Regina's silky hair and gently pushed Regina's head down on her breast, begging her to suck more of it inside her mouth.

And Regina didn't disappoint her.

She sucked Emma's breast harder, before licking a straight line to Emma's other breast, giving it the same attention, licking it, sucking it, biting it.

Regina started to kiss down Emma's body, scrapping her nails on Emma's side.

Emma curled her toes, feeling that mix of shiver and desired running through her whole body.

God, she missed this.

She missed been this intimate with her wife.

Missed feeling her lips kissing her body, her tongue licking her skin, her mouth savoring her essence.

She missed Regina moving on top of her, below her, beside her.

She missed Regina making her whole body shiver while making her skin hot.

She missed Regina leaving her mouth dry while her pussy was soaking wet.

She missed her wife.

All of her wife.

Regina kneeled between her legs and pushed Emma's panties off her legs.

She smiled lazily at Emma before lowering her head between her legs and give Emma a strong lick, from entrance to clit.

"Oh, fuck,"

Emma threw her head back and opened her legs further apart.

Regina licked Emma, teasing her entrance with the tip of her tongue while flickering Emma's clit with her fingers.

Emma felt that usual tension started to build below her navel.

At every lick, every stroke of Regina on her center, the feeling grew and grew and grew, ready to explode.

Regina entered Emma with two fingers and moved her tongue to Emma's clit.

She used the tip of her tongue to flick Emma's clit while pumping in and out of her, adding the right amount of pressure when needed.

Emma arched her back from the bed, fisting the sheets.

She gasped for air, but the more the sensation intensified, the more she gasped for air.

Regina curled her fingers inside Emma, hitting that particular spot inside of her, over and over and over again.

Emma moaned and closed her eyes, fisting the sheets even harder and curling her toes when that amazing feeling finally exploded inside of her, and she came hard with Regina buried inside of her.

When Emma opened her eyes, Regina was still licking her.

She could hardly stand any more stimulation and the way Regina's tongue brushed against her clit while drinking her juices, was almost painful.

"Stop, please, stop," Emma said in a weak voice "Come here"

Regina stopped licking Emma and moved on top of her, capturing her lips on a kiss.

Emma tasted herself on Regina's mouth again, her flavor more intense this time.

Regina started to rub her still panties-covered pussy on Emma's stomach, leaving a wet, stick trace there.

Emma broke apart from Regina and looked deep inside her eyes.

Regina's every feature was the pure expression of desire.

Everything about her screamed sex.

And Emma could only admire the perfection of her creation.

"Sit on my face," Emma said, looking intensely into Regina's eyes.

"What?" Regina asked.

"Take off your panties," Emma said slowly "And sit on my face"

Regina looked at Emma confused for a moment, mouth slightly open.

She swallowed dry before pushing herself off Emma's body and removed her bra and then her panties.

Emma fixed the pillows below her head, waiting for Regina.

Regina positioned herself between Emma's head and slowly lowered her core to Emma's mouth.

The smell of Regina's come invaded Emma's nostrils before that tasty of her wife's essence touch her tongue.

And God, how Emma loved that taste.

Emma squeezed Regina's ass, sinking her fingers on the flesh while licking her.

Regina moaned on top of her rubbing her pussy hard on Emma's face.

Emma moved one hand to the front, flickering Regina's clit while using her tongue to fuck her.

"Emma, don't stop," Regina moaned, moving on Emma's face "Fuck, don't stop, I'm coming"

Emma put more pressure on her finger, flickering Regina's clit a little faster.

She used her free hand to keep Regina's hip a little more still on her while her tongue moved in and out of Regina.

Emma used the tip of her tongue to stimulate Regina's entrance, before deepening it inside of her.

Regina moaned, gasped for air, rubbed herself harder on Emma's face, and squeezed her thighs around her head until suddenly Regina's body went completely still and Emma felt that rush of wetness invading her tongue.

Regina flopped beside Emma, completely spent.

She was breathing fast and Emma could see small droplets of sweat on her chest.

"Oh, fuck, that was amazing," Regina said, out of breath.

"Yes, it was," Emma smiled, running a digit on between Emma's breast.

"We should do that more often," Regina smiled.

"Oh, yes, please," Emma smiled back.

Regina snuggled closer to Emma and laid on top of her.

"Five minutes rest," Regina said "And then we can start round two"

Emma laughed and kissed the top of Regina's head, running her fingers gently on her hair.

Regina's breath became heavier and heavier and Emma felt her eyelids starting to give up too.

The night was warm and Emma didn't feel the need to pull the sheets to cover their naked bodies.

She kissed the top of Regina's head again, letting her smell invade her.

"Goodnight, baby"

Emma closed her eyes and soon, everything around her went dark with feeling only the weight of her wife on top of her.

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina was walking impatiently from one side to the other in front of the front door.

Where the hell was Mary Margaret and David?

They were supposed to be there already.

Regina paused and looked at her watch.

Perhaps they weren't that late quite just yet. There was still half an hour to go from the time Regina had scheduled for them to be there.

But Regina was impatient and nervous.

She was already feeling that uncomfortable cold in the pit of her stomach.

She had no idea about what this mysterious thing Gold was working on was.

Not that it would matter.

Regina would do anything for Emma.

The day had been very tired.

Almost exhausting.

She couldn't let the twins take their afternoon nap, she needed them to be very tired before bedtime.

And it was very confusing for them not to be grounded for long after what they did to Graham.

Not that they have complained.

Henry helped her to keep them entertained and Regina's heart almost broke when she caught Sam's little head nearly falling during a movie and she had to wake him up.

At least by nine at night they were so tired that they literally just flopped in bed.

And so did Henry at eleven.

Regina didn't tell Henry what was happening, but she knew her son wasn't a fool. He knew something was up, she could see it in his eyes.

But he didn't push the subject and for once, Regina was very grateful for that.

Regina knew she should be tired. Exhausted, even.

But her nerves were getting the best of her and the shot of extra adrenaline running through her body made it impossible for her to sit still.

She just wanted to be there already.

A knock on the door made Regina yelp and jump backward.

She stared at the white door for a second too long before understanding what did that sound mean.

Regina quickly walked to the door and opened it all at once, letting out a puff of air when she saw the two figures standing in front of her.

"I know you said midnight," Mary Margaret said "But I figured you were impatient walking around the house waiting for us to come"

"You figured right," Regina said "Come on in"

Mary Margaret walked through the door followed by David who closed it behind him.

"Did he said where this meeting is taking place?" Mary Margaret asked.

"His pawnshop" Regina said, "He said I should be there at midnight"

"The children?" David asked.

"All sleeping" Regina looked at her watch, "I think we should get going"

"Yeah, go with David," Mary Margaret nodded "I'll stay here as long as you need me to"

"I increased the level of my protection spell outside," Regina said looking at Mary Margaret "It will stay in place even if something happens to me"

"Nothing is going to happen to you, Regina," Mary Margaret took her hands.

"Of course, not," Regina smiled.

Her heart wasn't in it.

Regina walked to David and stopped beside him.

She closed her eyes and waved her hands in the air, letting their bodies be enveloped by purple smoke.

When Regina opened her eyes again, she was outside the pawnshop.

Regina walked to the door and knocked on the glass window, calling out Gold's name.

"Dearie," Gold smiled when he opened the door "Right on time"

Gold stepped to the side, opening the door wider for them to enter.

Regina stepped inside the pawnshop followed by David, looking around everything inside the shop all at once.

"So?" Regina asked, "Where is it?"

"Follow me, dearie"

Gold walked in front of them, going behind the curtain. Regina exchanged a look with David and watched him put his hand on the handle of his sword before following her behind the curtain.

"I've been working on something for quite some time now, and I believe it's finally ready to test drive," Gold said, his back to them working on something on top of the desk.

"You keep saying that," Regina said annoyed "What is it?"

"A sleeping curse," Gold said simply.

"Sleeping curse?" Regina asked angrily "Is that what you called me here for? You want me to take a sleeping curse?"

"Not in on its full power, dearie" Gold turned to Regina "I've made adjustments to the original curse added a few more ingredients and I believe now it's ready for the purpose I have created for"

"What purpose?" Regina asked, "How the hell does that help bring Emma back home?"

"Regina, I haven't figured out how to bring Emma back here just yet," Gold walked closer to her with the vial in his hand "But whatever it is, we are going to need someone who knows their way around magic. And considering I have no recollection of your wife coming to me and how useless she is around magic, you are the only option left"

"What?" Regina asked.

"This curse, right here," Gold said "Will allowed you to get in contact with your past self. Through her dreams"

"How do I know this isn't a sleeping curse?" Regina asked, "How do I know this isn't a trick?"

"Well, dearie, every curse can be broken with true love's kiss," Gold smiled "And it seems that lately, you are full of it. If I'm lying, all you need is for one of your children to kiss you awake"

"So, she just drinks this," David asked behind her "And she will get in contact with… herself?"

"Exactly," Gold said and looked at Regina "We need her on our side if we are to have any chance to bring Emma back"

Gold looked deep into Regina's eyes before holding the vial in front of her.

Regina took it from his hand and without thinking, she drank the content, all at once.

Nothing happened at first until suddenly her eyelids started to feel heavy. Regina felt like her body had no weight anymore like she wasn't in control of her own limbs, and then, she felt like she was falling.

Everything was dark.

Completely and absolutely dark.

Regina couldn't even see herself or even hear anything.

She waved her hand in the air, producing one of her fireballs.

Even though the fireball produced some light, everything around her was completely dark and silent.


Regina looked at both her sides, but everywhere she looked, she only saw darkness.

She started to walk in any direction, hearing only the sound of her heels against the floor and the breath coming out of her mouth.

"Hello?" Regina shouted, "Is anyone in here?"


No answer.

Regina kept on walking, feeling her heart accelerate inside her chest.

"Hello?" She tried again.

"I don't know who you are," a cold voice said behind her "But you are going to regret invading my realm"

Regina turned around slowly.

She stopped in front of the mirror image of herself, dressed in one of her beautiful attires from when she was The Queen herself.

"Who the hell are you?" The Evil Queen asked.

"Well, I'm… you," Regina said.

The Evil Queen walked around Regina playing with the fireball in her hands, watching her intensely.

It was nerve-racking to be watched by, well, yourself.

"You are Emma's wife," The Evil Queen said simply.

"I am," Regina smiled.

"What are you doing here?" The Evil Queen asked, "What do you want?"

"I need your help," Regina said.

"With what?" The Evil Queen asked.

"I don't know how much time I have here and we both know we can't trust Rumpelstiltskin," Regina said "But we need to find a way to bring Emma back before he does"

"I can't help you," The Evil Queen said.

"I know you are already helping Emma and that you didn't find anything," Regina said "I'm remembering all the books you read and skipping them so we don't waste time…"

"I don't think I made myself clear," The Evil Queen said "I won't help you"

"What?" Regina asked confused "But you already are helping Emma"

"I changed my mind," The Evil Queen said.

"When?" Regina asked.

"The day she kissed me inside the library in my vault," The Evil Queen smiled.

"Why?" Regina asked.

"I think you know why," The Evil Queen stopped in front of Regina.

"You can't do that," Regina said seriously "Emma needs to go back, she doesn't belong in the past, you have to…"

"I don't have to do anything," The Evil Queen gave her back to Regina "You had her and you lost her. You were foolish enough to let someone close enough to hurt her"

"That's not true," Regina said, tears falling down.

"I won't make the same mistake," The Evil Queen said sharply looking in Regina's eyes "I'll keep her safe by my side. With her and Henry, I'll finally have my happy ending"

"You and I are both the same," Regina said desperately "You'll have your happy ending with Emma and Henry, and Olie and Sam, but it's not now"

"Of course it is," The Evil Queen smiled "She is right here"

"She doesn't belong here," Regina shouted.

"She does now," The Evil Queen said seriously "And it's time for you to go"

The Evil Queen walked three steps away from Regina before turning around.

When she did, she had a fireball in her hand and quickly threw it at Regina. One ball after another, the fire started to burn everywhere around Regina and she simply couldn't react and suddenly, everything started to fade away, the fire, the darkness, her.

Regina gasped for air when she opened her eyes, sitting up on the couch.

Her breathing was heavy and her eyes were having trouble adjusting to the lights.

"Regina?" David asked worriedly by her side "Regina, what happened, are you okay?"

"She won't help us," Regina said, out of breath.

"Why not?" David asked.

Regina swallowed dry, before turning her head to face David, her eyes glowing with tears.

"The Evil Queen is in love with Emma"

Chapter Text

Emma woke up in the middle of the night with Regina tossing and turning beside her on the bed.

She was talking in her sleep, but Emma couldn't quite understand what she was saying.

But she knew the hand movement very well.

Regina was making a fireball. Over and over and over again.

Emma moved closer to Regina, gently shaking her shoulder to wake Regina from whatever horrible nightmare she was having.

"Regina?" Emma gently called her name "Regina, babe, wake up"


Regina was still squirming in bed, saying it was time for someone to go.

But who?

Who was Regina dreaming about?

Who had to go?

"Regina," Emma gently held Regina's shoulder, shaking her awake "Regina, honey, it's time to wake up"

Regina opened her eyes, suddenly wide awake, and gasped for air.

She sat down on the bed, breathing fast while staring at the wall.

"Babe?" Emma called her.

Regina turned her head to Emma, her breathing still slightly fast, and looked into Emma's eyes.

"You are here," Regina whispered.

"Of course I'm here," Emma smiled softly.

Regina moved closer to Emma, hugging her with force. Emma hugged her back with the same force, gently running her hand on Regina's hair.

"Hey," Emma whispered into her ear "Hey, it's okay. It was just a dream"

"Yes," Regina nodded on Emma's neck "Yes, it was"

Regina broke apart from Emma and kissed her on the lips, a kiss that was so desperate that Emma felt her heart squeeze inside her chest a little.

What the hell was she dreaming about?

Emma kissed Regina back, making sure to hold her inside her arms with force.

Making sure Regna knew she was safe.

Making sure she was here for her and that she wasn't going anywhere.

When Regina finally broke apart from her, Emma lay in bed again, pulling Regina with her.

Regina lay her head on top of Emma's shoulder, gently running a digit on Emma's collarbone.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Emma asked "Your dream"

"No, I don't," Regina said.

"Are you sure?" Emma asked "I know it wasn't pleasant, I saw you making fireballs"

"How did you see that?" Regina asked alarmed, lifting her head to looking up at Emma.

"You were making that hand movement you make when producing a fireball," Emma said "I supposed it was fair to assume"

"Oh!" Regina exclaimed before laying her head on Emma's shoulder again "It was just a bad dream"

"I'm sorry you are having them, baby," Emma said.

"It's okay. You are here with me," Regina said "And that is all that matters"

"Yes, of course, I am," Emma kissed the top of her head "Do you think you can go back to sleep?"

"I think I have something better in mind,"

Regina smiled up at Emma and captured her lips on a kiss, and before Emma could express any more of her concerns, Regina's fingers had already found that particular spot between her legs, and all of her questions about Regina's nightmare was soon forgotten with an arch of a back and rush of wetness.

When Emma woke up again, she was completely alone in the bed.

She heard Henry's crying and then Regina's voice trying to calm the boy in his bedroom.

Emma rose from the bed and walked to the suit, quickly washing her hands and face before putting on Regina's robe and walk to Henry's bedroom.

"Hey," Emma said by the door.

Regina turned to her and smiled apologetically at Emma.

"Sorry," Regina said "This was not the good morning I was hoping to wake you up with"

"Don't apologize," Emma walked closer to them, kissing the top of Henry's head "This is his hunger cry, isn't it?"

"Yeah," Regina looked at Emma "You picked that up already?"

"I have," Emma smiled "He always cries a little higher when he is hungry"

"I've just changed his diaper, I was about to go downstairs to make his formula when you came in," Regina said.

"Come on, let's go to the kitchen," Emma held Regina's free hand.

"No, Emma," Regina squeezed Emma's hand "You should go back to bed"

Emma turned to Regina and pecked her lips before squeezing her hand back.

"He is our son," Emma said softly "We do this together"

"Promise?" Regina whispered.

"Of course," Emma smiled "Come on. Our kid is starved and honestly, so am I"

Regina laughed and let herself be pulled out of the bedroom by Emma.

Once in the kitchen, Emma quickly made Henry's formula while Regina tried to calm him in her arms.

When the microwaved finally beeped and Emma made sure the milk was at the right temperature, she gave the bottle to Regina who fed Henry while Emma herself started to work on making them breakfast.

"Do you know what time it is?" Emma asked, cracking the eggs onto the pan.

"It's almost eight" Regina answered.

"Ah, damn it," Emma breathed out "I have to go to the station today"

"Just skip it," Regina said "Say you are… providing a public service to the Mayor"

"Oh, I'm sure Graham would love to hear that," Emma laughed "Asshole"


"He is kinda in love with you," Emma rolled her eyes.

"Is he now?" Regina asked.

"Yes," Emma sighed "And I suppose it's my fault"

"Why?" Regina asked.

"I oversell you to him," Emma said putting the eggs onto a plate "And now he is trying to take you away from me"

"So that's why he is acting so strange lately?" Regina asked, "Because he thinks he is in love with me?"

"Yeah, and it totally freaked me out," Emma said putting the plate in front of Regina.

"Why?" Regina asked.

"Because you and I, you know… You hated me" Emma said.

"I never hated you," Regina said but then Emma looked at her making a face, and Regina smiled back at her "Okay, maybe a little. You broke my heart"

"I'm so sorry," Emma kneeled in front of her "I'm so sorry, Regina I never meant…"

"I know," Regina nodded "I know you didn't"

"I love you," Emma said.

"I believe you," Regina cleared her throat "And you don't have to worry about Graham"

"I don't?" Emma smiled.

"No," Regina said softly "He doesn't stand a chance"

"Good," Emma smiled "Can you tell that straight to his face? While I'm watching"

"Sure," Regina laughed "Why not?"

"Good girl," Emma smiled, standing up again.

Regina finished feeding Henry's bottle and walked out of the kitchen. When she came back, Henry was inside his carriage that Regina parked right between them before sitting down to eat.

"I'm working until five today," Emma said "Do you want to meet at the vault at six?"

"The vault?" Regina asked confused.

"You know," Emma laughed "Research how am I going to go back home"

"Oh!" Regina exclaimed.

"What?" Emma asked.

"Nothing, it's just…" Regina shook her head "Maybe we should just skip today"

"Baby, I can't," Emma said "We already took the Sunday off and I feel so guilty about it"

"Why?" Regina asked, "Didn't we have a good Sunday?"

"Of course we did," Emma smiled gently "But Regina I need to find a way to go back. I can't stay here anymore, it's been too long"

"What if you don't go back?" Regina asked.

"Regina," Emma said softly "I have to go back to my family, I have to go back to you and Henry…"

"We are right here," Regina said seriously.

"And Olie and Sam?" Emma asked.

"Your other two children," Regina said.

"Our other two children," Emma smiled sadly "I wish I could do this with you from the beginning, but I can't. Please, tell me you understand why I have to leave?"

"Of course," Regina cleared her throat.

"So, the vault?" Emma asked.

"I'll just stop by there later and bring the books here," Regina said, "I think it's best for Henry if we don't stay down there too long"

"Okay," Emma nodded.

She rose from her seat and put the plate inside the sink before walking back to Regina. She held Regina's face between her hands and kissed her, letting her lips linger against Regina's until she heard that did little moan sound Regina so often did when they were kissing.

"I'll see you later?" Emma smiled when they broke apart.

"Just stay," Regina pouted "I'll deal with Graham"

"I can't," Emma laughed "Today is Graham's day off"

"Even better," Regina smiled "We both know nothing is going to happen"

"But we have to keep appearances, remember?"

"Says who?" Regina asked.

"You, My Majesty" Emma laughed.

"This is exactly the kind of talk we should be having upstairs," Regina smiled.

"Save that thought for later,"

Emma kissed Regina one more time before running upstairs.

She took a quick shower and changed into her clothes before leaving the house.

At the station, Emma took her time to finish the other two books she had left it there a few days ago.

She read the books cover to cover but apart from how magic beans work, there was nothing there.

Well, nothing considering her situation.

The book pretty much told her that if she wanted to open a portal having a bean was the way to do it, but what good it would do in a land without magic?

Even if Emma had a magical bean, without the magic the thing was just… a bean.

Emma sighed and closed her eyes before lean on the chair.

Images of Olie and Sam danced behind her eyes, the way they laughed, the way they wake them up every Sunday eager to go to Granny's and have their breakfast, even the way they fight with each other.

Emma smiled and felt a single tear run down her face.

She loved been here with Regina.

She loved been here with her and help her care for Henry.

And Emma wanted nothing more than to stay here and do just that.

But as much as she wanted that, she knew she couldn't.

She didn't belong here.

As much as her heart desire to stay and do everything with Regina from scratch, she knew she had to go back to her home.

Her Regina.

Who was probably going crazy trying to find a way to find Emma as well.

Did she have a clue of where Emma was?

Was it possible for Regina to… have memories of her time here?


That was crazy!

Emma opened her eyes and laughed.

How could Regina possibly have any memories from fourteen years in the past?

Emma didn't even remember half the things she had for breakfast yesterday.

Emma worked on a few files and then passed the time she still had left at the station playing darts.

When her shift ended, Emma walked straight to Regina's mansion.

She was anxious about going through the books Regina was supposed to bring from the vault.

Emma really hoped they would find something tonight. Part of her even wished Regina ran when she walked through the door, telling her she found a way to help her even though she knew it wasn't fair.

Emma wanted desperately to go back home.

But her heart was heavy for leaving Regina and baby Henry behind.

Emma stopped in front of the door and rang the bell.

Regina opened the door and Emma felt like if her mouth opened an inch more, her jaw would touch the ground.

"Hello, Lover," Regina smiled at her.

"Regina, oh my God,"

Regina was wearing a beautiful red dress that hugged her body like a second skin. The dress had an opening on her right leg, leaving most of it exposed while the cleavage was so tight that pushed Regina's breast deliciously together.

"Are we going somewhere?" Emma asked when her brain worked again.

Sort of.

It was hard not to stare up and down Regina's body.

"No," Regina smiled "I just felt like dressing up for you"

"You look stunning," Emma leaned forward to kiss Regina's red-painted lips "But this is going to be incredibly distracting while searching"

"Well…" Regina grabbed Emma's arm and pulled her inside "Maybe we can search for something else tonight"

"Like what?" Emma asked.

"I'll tell you in the bedroom" Regina whispered in her ear.

"I thought we were reading the books tonight?" Emma asked while Regina closed the door.

"I already have," Regina said "And I didn't find anything"

"And don't you think we should cover some more?" Emma asked, "I was thinking, maybe we should…"

Emma didn't have to finish her sentence because Regina crashed their lip together, invading Emma's mouth with her tongue.

She switched sides with Emma, crashing Emma's back against the door and then pressing her whole body on Emma.

And just like that, Emma was lost.

Because Regina was her weakness.

Because Emma could never resist her.

Because Emma never wanted to resist her.

Emma lowered her hands to Regina's ass and squeezed it with force, winning a moan of approval from Regina.

Regina bit Emma's lower lip and then moved her kisses to Emma's neck, giving the flesh a delicate kiss before scraping her teeth and suck the skin inside her mouth.

"Oh, fuck," Emma moaned "I love when you do that"

"And what else do you love?" Regina whispered in her ear.

Regina ran the tip of her tongue on Emma's earlobe before sucking it inside her mouth.

"That," Emma moaned again "I love when you do that. And how you whisper everything you are going to do me"

"Are you talking about something more detailed than I'm going to fuck you until your legs can't stand?" Regina whispered in her ear.

"Yes," Emma sobbed.

"I'm going to open your jeans and bury my fingers so deep inside you against this door that the only name you will remember to call is mine"

"Yes," Emma gasped for air.

"Are you already wet for me?" Regina whispered.


"Is that the only coherent word you can say right now?" Regina smiled devilishly.


"Say my name," Regina whispered.

She moved her hands to Emma's jeans and opened the button and pulled the zipper down.

"Regina," Emma breathed out.

Regina put her hand inside Emma's pants, finding her wet center.

She brushed her fingers on Emma's clit and smiled at the wetness that greeted her there.

Regina buried two fingers inside Emma, finding no resistance when penetrating her.

"Say my name," Regina whispered in Emma's ear while slowly moving in and out of her.

"Regina," Emma moaned.

Emma held on to Regina, as tight as she could, sinking her fingertips on Regina's back.

Regina started to move faster inside of Emma, making sure to always brush the heel of her hand against Emma's clit.

"Do you like me inside you?" Regina whispered.


"Are you going to come for me?" Regina asked.


Emma was moving with Regina now desperately to make that feeling last even though her knees and legs were already weak.

She moaned and tried to breathe at the same time, looking for Regina's body for support as her orgasm was quickly building under her belly.

"Are you close?" Regina whisper, moving faster now.


"What are you going to say when you come?" Regina asked.

"Regina," Emma breathed out.

"Say it again," Regina ordered.


Regina moved her lips to Emma's neck, sucking it with force inside her mouth.

Emma moaned and threw her head back, giving Regina more of her to suck.

Regina kept on moving in and out of her and every time the heel of her hand hit Emma's clit, she could swear that that along was giving her a small orgasm.

Emma grabbed more and more of Regina's back, her body squirming at the close release.

"Come for me," Regina whispered in Emma's neck.

Regina used the heel of her hand to make circular movements around Emma's clit while her fingers were still buried inside of her.

Emma felt that tension grow bigger and bigger on her lower belly.

"Regina," Emma gasped.

Felt her hands hold Regina's back with force, sinking her fingers on the dress.

"Regina," Emma whispered.

Felt her legs shaking while her knees were already bending down slightly.

"Regina," Emma whined.

And then she felt everything explode inside of her when that wonderful feeling of release washed over her body and Emma couldn't see or feel anything apart from the women in front of her.

"Regina, Regina, Regina, Regina"

Emma buried her face on Regina's neck and shoulder while waiting for that feeling of calmness to subside.

It was tricky though, waiting for that feeling to wash over her when she was this close to Regina.

When she was this close to her calmness.

Emma took her time and waited until her breathing was rhythmic and legs were firm before pulling away from Regina.

"Are you okay?" Regina asked her arms protectively around Emma.

"Oh, yeah," Emma smiled lazily "Hi"

"Hi," Regina smiled at Emma.

"So, you were talking about searching in the bedroom…"

Regina smiled and gently kissed Emma's lips.

"Maybe some dinner first," Regina said "I don't want you dying on me up there"

"Good call," Emma smiled "Where is Henry?"

"Sleeping," Regina said "He will probably wake up soon for dinner too"

"So, I guess you were…"

Emma jumped when the loud noise of a door knock echoed behind her.

She looked at Regina who had the same puzzled expression as Emma did staring at the door.

"Stay behind me," Emma said and quickly buttoned her pants.

Emma opened the door, rolling her eyes when she eyed Graham standing tall in front of her.

"I had a feeling you would be here," Graham said.

"If you came to flirt with Regina…"

"I came to get you," Graham said "We have to go"

"Go where?" Emma asked.

"The dwarfs got into a fight near the miners. I need your help to collect them"

"The what?" Emma asked eyes widened.

"What?" Graham asked confused.

"What did you just say?" Emma asked.

"I said I need your help," Graham said "I know your shift is over but…"

"What did you call them?" Emma asked.

"Called who?" Graham asked.

"You said the dwarfs got into a fight," Emma said.

"I said Leroy got into a fight," Graham said.

"No, you said…" Emma looked back, at Regina "Regina?"

"I heard Leroy," Regina said.

"Are you sure?" Emma asked.

"I think so," Regina nodded.

"Are you feeling okay?" Graham asked.

"Yeah, I…" Emma shook her head "Yeah, I'm fine"

"Come on, we have to go," Graham said and looked behind Emma "You look stunning Regina"

"Thanks," Regina said shortly.

"Regina, I…" Emma started to say.

"Yeah, I get it," Regina nodded "Come back here when you are done?"


Emma walked to Regina and kissed her lips before leaving with Graham.

She entered the passenger seat of the cruiser still puzzled at what she thought she heard Graham said.

Graham drove in silence and Emma was grateful for that.

In fact, the whole town seemed to be quite silent tonight.

Graham drove in front of the clocktower at the exact moment Emma turned her head to look at the watch.

And Emma's heart nearly stopped beating when she heard that ticking sound of the pointers moving.

Storybrooke – Present Day

"I need more" Regina said looking at Gold.

She was staring at him behind the counter on the back of the pawnshop.

He smiled disdainfully at Regina as he wiped a glass with a cloth.

Regina really wished she could just punch that smile out of his face.

"I don't have any ready to use just yet," Gold said "Besides, what is the point? Your past self already said she won't help"

"I can change her mind"

"That's wonderful dear," Gold put the glass down "But we have more important things to worry about right now"

"What are you talking about?" Regina asked.

"Regina, have you ever taken the time to noticed that your curse is getting weak?" Gold asked, "That time is not resetting itself in the past anymore?"

"I have," Regina said seriously "But you said Emma couldn't break the curse, so, what's the problem?"

"I said Emma couldn't break the curse," Gold said "I never said anything about you"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Regina asked.

"Emma does not have the power to break the curse herself," Gold said "But she will always have the power to make it weak because she is the savior"

"I thought Emma was the only one capable of breaking the curse," Regina said.

"In theory, yes" Gold said "Except for the caster of the curse"

"What?" Regina asked.

"A true love's kiss between the Savior and the caster of the curse will always have the power to break no matter what time" Gold said "If your past self allows herself to truly fall in love with Emma, a true love's kiss from them will break the curse"

"And what will happen if they do that?" Regina asked alarmed.

"Honestly?" Gold asked "I have no idea"

"I need to talk to her Gold," Regina said "I need to alert Regina of…"

"You are better off not talking to her anymore," Gold said.

"Why?" Regina asked confused.

"Did she tell Emma about your visit?" Gold asked.

"No," Regina shook her head.

"Then while she is lying to Emma, we still have a chance," Gold said.

"But we'll still need her help, won't we?" Regina asked.

"Possibly," Gold said back.

"Then I need to talk to her," Regina said seriously "Worst-case scenario, she'll keep on lying to Emma, and the curse will be safe"

"And if she tells her the truth?" Gold asked.

"Then we can send Emma a message," Regina said.

Gold walked around the counter and stopped in front of Regina.

"The poison from the curse is being filtered," Gold said "I'm making a larger portion, it should be ready in two days"

"Thank you, Gold" Regina nodded.

"It's not free, dearie," Gold said seriously "I want to see my son"

"No!" Regina clenched her jaw.


"That's not our deal," Regina said.

"I want to make sure that my boy is okay,"

"He is," Regina said seriously "You'll just have to take my word for it"

"I'll call you in two days," Gold smiled "Make sure to send your huntsman my regards"

Regina closed her hands into a fist before leaving the pawnshop.

She walked the streets of Storybrooke, her head full of spiral thoughts.

Truth be told, Regina was scared.

But it was a different type of scared now.

The words her past self told her, still hunted her in her sleep.

She put Emma in danger.

She should have kept her safe.

And now, her past self was doing for Emma what Regina couldn't.

She was keeping her close and safe and… loved.

And in a way, that scared Regina.

Because she knew exactly how her past self feels about Emma, but she had no idea how Emma was truly feeling about all of this.

And from everything she had being remembering experience with Emma lately…

The big question was…

What if Emma didn't want to come back?

Chapter Text

Emma was staring at the clock tower feeling her heart race a marathon inside her chest.

She swallowed dry trying to breathe, but every breath she took felt like no air entered her lungs.

The clocking was ticking.

Time was running again in Storybrooke.

How was that even possible?

How could time be running again if she hasn’t decided to…

“Hey, look, it’s working again,”

Emma turned her head to the side and saw Archie smiling up the clock tower, holding Pongo’s leash.

“Isn't that great?” Archie asked “This clock doesn't work for as long as I can remember”

“Did anyone come up there to fix it?” Emma asked desperately “Marco, maybe?”

“I don’t know,” Archie said “Maybe the Mayor finally did something about it”

“Regina?” Emma asked confused.

“Well, this is city property,” Archie smiled “She is the one in charge of the town so, seems fair to assume”

“Right,” Emma shook her head “I have to go”

“Is everything okay, Miss Swan?” Archie asked worriedly.

“No,” Emma whispered “It isn’t”

Emma gave her back to Archie and walked in the direction of the mansion as fast as her feet could carry her.

She opened the mansion door with her keys, not even bothering to knock or ring the bell first.

“Regina?” Emma shouted, “Regina, where are you?”

“Emma?” Regina asked confused, coming out of the kitchen “I thought I locked the door”

“I used my keys,” Emma said, showing the keys in her hand.


“Regina, we need to talk,” Emma said alarmed.

“What’s going on?” Regina asked.

She walked towards Emma and put both her hands on Emma’s face.

“Why do you look so pale?”

“Regina, time is running again,” Emma said sacred.

“What?” Regina asked confused.

“The watch on the clocktower is working again,” Emma said.

“Yeah, I know,” Regina nodded.

She ran her hands down Emma’s arms and took her hand between hers.

“Come to the kitchen,” Regina said “You look you could use something to eat”

“Regina, this is serious,” Emma said.

“Emma, time has been running in Storybrooke for a while now,” Regina said.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“The clock didn’t start to work now,” Regina said “I’ve noticed a few days ago, but I don’t know how long has it been working without my knowledge”

“Then how the hell you are not freaking out?” Emma asked desperately.

“Because you can’t break the curse,” Regina said.

“How can you be so sure?” Emma asked.

“Because I’ve been doing research on this ever since the day I found out who you were,” Regina said.

“You have?” Emma asked.

“I’ve been over the original curse in my vault many times, specifically the tiny letters about the savior,” Regina said “And you confirmed it to me when you told me about Henry’s book. You can’t break the curse”

“Then why time is running again?” Emma asked.

“I believe that even though you can't break the curse, you might still have the power to make it weak,” Regina said “Because of who you are”

“Regina, this can't be happening,” Emma shook her head.

She let go of Regina’s hand and started to walk from one side to the other, scratching her forehead.

“Emma, relax,” Regina said “Nothing is going to happen”

“Are you sure?” Emma asked “Because I’m pretty sure I heard Graham saying he needed me to break a dwarfs fight”

“He said Leroy,” Regina said calmly.

“Regina, he said dwarfs,” Emma said “What if his memories are coming back?”

“You are overreacting,” Regina said.

“Why are you so calmed?” Emma pointed at her.

“Because I know nothing is going to happen,” Regina said “Why are you so scared? Is it such a terrible faith to stay here with me?”

“Of course, not,” Emma said firmly “But you know I can't stay. I have to go back, Regina”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” Regina said.

Emma looked at Regina softly before walking the few steps to her. She took her face between her hands and kissed Regina with force, crashing lips and tongue together in a passionate kiss.

“No matter where I am,” Emma said when she broke the kiss “You are the love of my life and I will always go back home to you”

“You are already home with me,” Regina whispered.

“You know I can’t stay here, Regina,” Emma said “You know I have to go back. I have to go back to our whole family”

“I know,” Regina nodded.

“I know it doesn’t seem fair right now,” Emma said in a choked voice “But when you see the beautiful family we made together, you’ll realize it was all worth it”

“It’s going to be ten years before I even meet you,” Regina said.

“But it will be worth it,” Emma smiled “Because I’ll fall in love with you the second, I lay my eyes on you”

“I’m already in love with you, Emma,”

Emma smiled and pressed her lips together with Regina’s again.

“There is an eighteen-year-old me out there in the world right now,” Emma said pressing her forehead against Regina’s “And she needs to come home to you”

“Right,” Regina said, pulling away from Emma “Is that why you didn’t come back home last night?”

“By the time Graham and I finished collecting all the dwarfs it was already late,” Emma said “I swear, even without their memories, they are assholes”

“You should have come anyway,” Regina said.

“It was late,” Emma smiled softly “I didn’t want to risk waking you or Henry by ringing the doorbell”

“You could have just used your keys”

“I didn’t know I was allowed,” Emma smiled.

“You are,” Regina said and started to walk to the kitchen “And you should just move in already”

“What?” Emma asked, following Regina.

“You shouldn’t stay at Granny’s anymore,” Regina said like it wasn’t a big deal “You should just come and live in your home”

“Are you asking me to move in with you?” Emma asked.

“Well, this is your house too, isn’t it?” Regina asked, pretending to be doing something in the sink “According to you we are married with three children, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be living together”

Emma walked behind Regina and wrapped her arms around her waist. She kissed the side of her neck before stretching her arm to turn off the water falling down the very empty sink.

“I would love nothing more than to stay under the same roof as you” Emma whispered in her ear.

“Then stay,” Regina turned around on Emma’s embrace “Come home to live with me”

“Are you sure you are ready to take this step?” Emma smiled lazily.

“I’m ready to be a family with you,” Regina kissed her lips “My happy ending”

“I love you so much, Regina,” Emma said, looking deep into Regina’s eyes.

Regina smiled at Emma and leaned forward to capture her lips on a kiss.

The kiss was too short for Emma’s liking and she whined in protest when Regina pulled away from her.

Regina smiled at Emma and ran her hand down her face, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear.

“I love you too,” Regina said looking deep into Emma’s eyes too.

Emma smiled and leaned forward to kiss Regina again. They stayed there in the kitchen, wrapped up in each other arms, completely ignoring the clocktower chimes when the pointers marked eight-fifteen.

Storybrooke – Present Day

Regina was carrying Sam in her arms back to his room.

She had already carried Olie a few minutes earlier and now it was time to tuck her little boy in his bed.

They had both fallen asleep on top of her in her bedroom when she was reading them a bedtime story.

This used to be a two women job when Emma was here with her to share the responsibility of their young children with her.

But now, Regina had to do everything alone.

Regina entered the bedroom and gently deposited Sam onto his bed. The boy turned to the side, facing the wall and Regina quickly put the covers over his little body.

“Goodnight, my love,” Regina whispered before kissing the top of his head.

Regina walked to Olie’s bed and smiled when noticed she had thrown half the covers off her body.

Emma often did the same thing.

Regina rearranged the covers on top of Olie, making sure her little girl wouldn’t be cold through the night.

“Sweet dreams, baby girl” Regina whispered, kissing Olie’s blonde hair.

Regina turned off the lights in the room and then waked her hand in the air, making a moon appear on the ceiling.

The light was weak, enough to illuminate the room in case one of them woke up in the middle of the night but not so bright that would disturb their sleeping.

She left the door of their bedroom ajar and walked up the hallway.

Regina gently knocked on Henry’s door and pushed the door open when he told her to come in.

“It’s late, young man,” Regina said, sitting beside Henry on his bed “You have school tomorrow”

“I was just texting Violet,” Henry showed Regina his phone “Are Sam and Olie asleep yet?”

“Yes, they are,”

Henry pulled the sheets off his body and made a movement to leave the bed.

“I’ll take Sam and you take Olie,” Henry said “That girl is getting way too heavy for me. Must be all the schemes in her brain” Henry laughed.

“I’ve already put them in bed,” Regina said softly.

“What?” Henry asked, “Why didn’t you call me?”

“Because it’s not your job, Henry,” Regina said firmly.

“Mom!” Henry looked at her “You know I don’t mind”

“I know,” Regina smiled, running her hand on Henry’s face “And I really appreciate all your help”


“But it’s my job to be your mother,” Regina said seriously “Which is why it’s time to put the phone down and go to sleep”

“What Grandpa wanted with you?” Henry asked.

“He found a way to get in contact with my past self,” Regina said vaguely.

“And?” Henry asked.

“It didn’t work,” Regina smiled sadly.

It wasn’t a total lie.

“I’m sorry, mom,” Henry said sincerely.

“I’ll try again soon,” Regina said “But now it’s time for you to go to sleep”

“I will,” Henry smiled at Regina.

“Go on, get inside the covers,” Regina said.

“I’m too old to be tucked in, mom,” Henry laughed.

“I don’t give a crap,” Regina laughed.

Henry rolled his eyes playfully, lying under the covers. Regina tucked the sheets all around Henry’s body, making him laugh in the process.

It had been so long since Regina last heard Henry’s genuine laughter.

He had been taking up the role of Emma when it came to Olie and Sam ever since she had gone missing.

And Regina had been grateful for that, even though it wasn’t his job.

“I love you, Henry,” Regina said, running her hand on Henry’s face.

“I love you too, mom,” Henry smiled at her.

Regina leaned forward and kissed Henry’s forehead.

“Goodnight, my Prince,” Regina smiled.

“Goodnight, mom,”

Regina rose from the bed and walked to the door.

She turned off the lights and closed Henry’s bedroom door before walking back to hers.

Regina put on her nightgown and walked to her bedside table. She opened the drawer and waved her hand in the air, making a vial appear.

Gold had given her a new dose of the modified sleeping curse that morning.

Regina had put it inside her bedside table drawer and used an invisibility spell in case one of her children decided to open the drawer.

They didn’t have the habit of doing such a thing, but Regina didn’t want to take any chances.

Regina looked at the door again and waved her hand in the air.

She put on a protection spell around the bedroom, the same one she usually used when she and Emma were having a more intimate moment, to make sure none of their kids could hear them or enter the bedroom.

That one time with Henry was already traumatizing enough.

Regina sat down on her side of the bed and fixed the pillows.

She looked at the vial and took a deep breath before drinking its content, all at once.

Regina put the vial on the bedside table and lay down on the bed, closing her eyes.

It took longer to work this time and Regina was almost convinced that it wouldn’t work until she felt that usual heaviness on her body and the darkness consume her whole.

Except that this time, it wasn’t as dark as it was when she first came here.

The ambiance was different this time, it wasn’t as scary and cold as when she first visited her past dream.

Now everything was warm and cozy, and it felt like… home!

It felt like Emma.

“You again,” Regina heard her own voice behind her, “I thought I told you to leave”

“You have to listen to me,” Regina said when she turned around. 

“I told you, I won't help you,” The Evil Queen said.

“Just listen to what I have to say and then you can decide for yourself,” Regina begged.

“Why?” The Evil Queen shrugged “Are you going to tell me all about your precious little family and your precious little kids again? Tell me about my happy ending and blah, blah blah”


“Save it,” The Evil Queen said with disdain “Look around, dear. I’m already having my happy ending”

“This happy ending won't last,” Regina said.

“Because you are taking Emma away from me?” The Evil Queen laughed “You can't do it without magic”

“I can if the curse is broken,” Regina said seriously.

“She can't break the curse,” The Evil Queen scoffed.

“You are right, she can’t,” Regina said “But guess what, Queenie? You can!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” The Evil Queen asked.

“The only other person capable of breaking the curse other than Emma,” Regina smiled “Is you”

“And what makes you think I will break the curse, dear?” The Evil Queen asked.

“If you continue to fall in love with Emma, eventually, you will,” Regina said “With true love’s kiss.

“You are lying,” The Evil Queen said angrily.

“No, I’m not,” Regina said, “Gold told me himself”

“Then he is lying,”

“Regina, look around you,” Regina said “Time is running again”

“Just because the curse is weak, it doesn’t mean it will break,” The Evil Queen said.

“Do you honestly believe that?” Regina asked.

“I’m not losing her,” The Evil Queen shook her head “I’ve lost too much already”

“Regina to love someone is to let them be free,” Regina said “You can’t keep Emma, it’s not your time with her yet”

“I don’t care,” The Evil Queen said angrily “This is the first time in decades that I am truly happy. I will not let anyone ruin that”

“Then what?” Regina asked “You are just going to keep lying to Emma? Pretending you are helping her, pretending….”

Regina stopped talking when she saw the smile on The Evil Queen’s face.

And that terrified her more than anything.

She knew exactly what that smile meant.

And she knew that her own words were the cause of it.

“True love’s kiss won’t work while I’m keeping secrets from Emma,” The Evil Queen smiled.

“You can’t lie to her forever,” Regina said “She is a smart woman, she will figure out”

“I know how to distract her,” The Evil Queen smiled devilishly.

“She knows when you are lying,” Regina rolled her eyes “Trust me, it’s absolutely annoying”

“She won’t find out,” The Evil Queen said.

“She will never be your true love if you don’t give yourself to her,” Regina said “All of you”

“She loves me and I love her,” The Evil Queen said “I don’t need her to be my true love. You and I both know that true love does more damage than good”


They both turned their heads when a bright yellow light appeared on their left side.

The Evil Queen smiled at Regina before walking in the direction of the light.

“I have to go, dear,” The Evil Queen said “My wife needs me”

Regina opened her eyes, taking a deep breath.

She was still lying on bed and the first rays of sunshine were already entering through the window.

Regina pushed her body up, sitting down.

Another confrontation with her past self.

Another confrontation with no results.

Why did her past self, have to be so stubborn?

And why did Emma had to make her fall in love with her?

Regina closed her eyes feeling herself getting slightly angry at Emma.

She had been feeling this way a lot lately like she was the only one fighting to bring Emma back.

The things Emma said to her in the past, the way she acted around that Regina, it almost felt like Emma didn’t want to come back anymore.

Regina shook her head as if by doing so, she could shake those thoughts away.

She rose from the bed and walked to the suite.

Regina splashed some water onto her face and then magic herself to look impeccable.

She knocked on Henry’s door to make sure he was awake and then walked to the twin's bedroom to see if they were still sleeping.

She walked downstairs to the kitchen and started to work on making breakfast for her family.

Regardless of Emma, she still had her family to care for.