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Memories of You

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"Hey, babe," Emma says entering the kitchen "Are the kids ready yet?"

"No! Your children are refusing to put on the beautiful dress and suit I bought for them"

"Why is it that every time they behave badly they are my children?" Emma asked as she walked to the fridge.

"Because they usually only behave badly over something that you did"

"And what is it that I have done this time?"

"You gave them those damn leather jackets and now they want to go to the wedding wearing them"

"You said they looked cute," Emma said taking a sip from the water bottle.

"They do, but that is not the point. I will not have my children going to the wedding using a leather jacket"

"Oh, so they are your children now?" Emma asked mimicking Regina's arched eyebrow thing.

"You know what I mean, Miss Swan"

"It's Mrs. Swan-Mills," Emma said as she wrapped her arms around her wife "And Hi"

"Hi," Regina said back and smiled at Emma "Can you please talk to them?"

"Talk? The twins are three Regina" Emma said "We order and they obey"

"You seem to forget they were born with a mix of our stubborn personality"

"Oh, yeah" Emma laughed "Was Henry like that when he was a child?"

"No, he was a sweetheart," Regna said "After he stopped crying all the time when he was a baby. That was a nightmare"

"Oh, I bet," Emma said.

"So, the kids?"

"Yeah, sure I'll talk to them," Emma said "But first…"

Emma smiled cheekily before leaning in to capture her wife's lips on a kiss. There was absolutely nothing she loved more in this world, apart from her children, than to come home and kiss her wife. Her beautiful, sexy, love of her life wife. She couldn't believe sometimes that they made it, that they were here now, together, married, and with more children, they could actually handle. That they both have found their happy ending together. They have been through so much to be able to be here today. The secret relationship they develop after Henry brought Emma to Storybrooke. Learning that the whole curse thing was true and the hell they went through after the curse was broken. Emma thought they would never come back from that. From all the lies Regina had fed her, from all the heartache they inflicted upon each other. She loved Regina back then just as much as she did now, but back then everything was so black and white, so much of heroes against villains, there was so much bad blood between Regina and her parents that Emma honestly thought she and Regina would never be together again no matter how much she loved her. But they made it. Regina, bless her heart, was the one who made it happen and Emma was so very grateful that she had put her pride aside and took the first step into starting over. It wasn't easy. There were a lot of bridges to be rebuilt and the constant annoyance of her mother meddling in their relationship was suffocating from time to time to the point where they considered run away together with Henry. Surprisingly enough, Regina had been the one who talked her out of it. It was hard but it was worth it and she would do everything all over again if this was the final result. God, she loved her so much that she felt she could explode although the whole wedding preparations, that Emma would definitely skip. God, that was a mini hell worse than mending their relationship, if that was even possible. The bickering between Regina and Snow over flowers made Emma camp in the woods for two days. With mosquitos drinking her blood. Halfway through the wedding organization, they find out Regina was pregnant. That was definitely one of the best days of Emma's life. She was so nervous when she told her, she was scared Emma would think she had cheated on her but that thought never even crossed her mind. She trusted Regina with her life. The love they felt for one another was so strong that they created two lives inside Regina. They had no idea how it happened but Emma had a feeling of the position they were in when they made them. And God bless them because thanks to the babies Snow and Regina made peace and even started to agree on the wedding plans. She was three months pregnant when they got married and even though Regina was grateful for not looking like a boat in their wedding pictures, Emma secretly wished her baby bump was showing.

Regina moaned in the kiss and lowered her hands down to Emma's ass squeezing it. Emma whined and felt that familiar rush of wetness down her panties and she wished they were alone in the house. Maybe she could convince Regina to send the kids to her mother's house until the wedding so they could have one hour or two of no supervised adult fun.

"Oh my God, ew," Henry said entering the kitchen "You two are gross"

"Henry!" Regina exclaimed pushing Emma away "Hi, sweetie"

"Hi, mom," Henry said, "Ma, could you please take a step away from my mom?"

"How old are you again, kid?" Emma asked.

"Fourteen. I'm fourteen" Henry said.

"Oh, chill out, kid," Emma said "It's not like you caught your parents doing it"

"I HAVE," Henry screamed.

"Oh, right," Emma said as Regina rolled her eyes.

"Henry honey, is there something that you want?" Regina asked changing subjects.

"Yes, I'm very hungry," Henry said, "Could you make me a sandwich, mom?"

"Of course I can," Regina said.

"No, you can not," Emma said "Stop being a lazy ass and go make your own sandwich"

"Emma!" Regina scolded.

"I can't believe I once thought you were the cool mom" Henry pouted.

"Make your own sandwich, Kid," Emma said "Your mom and I have more important things to deal with right now"

"The twins?" Henry asked.

"Yep!" Emma answered him.

"Yeah, that was actually what I came down here to say. They are having a fight upstairs, you guys better go check it out"

"Why didn't you said that sooner?" Emma asked.

"I was hungry first" Henry shrugged "But you guys should get upstairs, I think Olie might make Sam cry. I tried to stop but Olie told me not to get in the middle of it"

"Regina, that kid is three, right?" Emma asked looking at her wife.

"She came after you!" Regina said back.

"Seriously?" Both Emma and Henry said at the same time.

"Shouldn't we go upstairs and deal with them?" Regina asked.

"Yeah, let's go"

"Mom, what about my sandwich?" Henry asked.

"You heard your Ma," Regina said "Make your own"

"I miss the days you two were fighting to please me," Henry said as he walked to the fridge.

"Me too," Emma said "It was fun sneaking inside your mom's bedroom"

"Gross, mom" Henry said rolling his eyes.

"He got that from you," Emma said looking at Regina.

"Damn right he did" Regina laughed "Henry is your clothes for the wedding ready?"

"Yep," Henry said putting a slice of cheese in his mouth.

"And just to be sure, it is not a leather jacket?" Regina asked in a serious tone.

"Wait, is that an option?" Henry asked.

"NO!" They both said at the same time.

"I'm kidding" Henry laughed "My suit is good to go. Besides, I would never go pick up Violet in a leather jacket"

"Hey, I take offense by that" Emma said "How do you think I got your mom?"

"Trust me, dear, It wasn't the jacket," Regina said and held Emma's hand "Come on, let's go deal with your kids"

"Our!" Emma said "Our kids, Regina!"

Regina laughed and pulled Emma up the stairs with her. They could hear their bickering in the hallway, their daughter Olie arguing with her brother Sam about why she should be the one to wear the leather jacket while Sam should go in the suit. Seriously, that girl was born with Regina's personality and Emma's sense of style while Sam was just a little angel all along, for most of the time anyway. Olie had brown eyes and blonde hair while Sam had green eyes and brown hair. They were both a perfect mix of Emma and Regina.

"Do you understand the pan, Sammy?" They heard Olie say when they opened the door.

"I dun like" Sam pouted.

"Hey, kids," Emma said entering the room "What are you two fighting about now?"

"Nothing momma," They said at the same time.

"Mommy, we have a pan" Olie said looking up at Regina.

"Plan," Regina said correcting her and sitting down on her bed "And what plan is that, honey?"

"Sammy uses the fancy clothes. I go like momma"

"But momma is going in a pretty dress," Regina said "Just like mommy"

"You are?" Olie asked looking suspiciously at Emma.

"Yes, I am," Emma said sitting down on the floor next to them "You see, as awesome as the leather jacket is, you can't use it to go to a wedding"

"But I want to," Olie said and then looked up at Regina "Mommy, plis"

"Hey, Olie," Emma said knowing Regina couldn't resist their daughter's puppy eyes "The jacket is out of question, okay? You have to go in the dress you picked for the wedding"

"Fine!" The little girl said with watery eyes "But I can  use it for beakfast at Granny's tomoow, right?"

"Of course you can," Regina said quickly.

"Okay! I'll wear the dress"

"Oh, thank Gods" Regina breathed out.

The three of them looked at Regina, the look of relief on her features nearly made Emma burst out laughing while both their kids frowned. They decided Regina would be the one giving them their bath and Emma would change them. Regina had such a soft spot for the twins that Olie might actually convince Regina to let her go to the wedding in her brand new red leather jacket and Regina would most likely spend the entire night blaming Emma for it.

After Regina gave them their bath (And came out of the bathroom looking like she just had a shower wearing her clothes) Emma changed the twins. Emma took several pictures of them, Sammy in his little black suit and Olie on her creamy silky dress. They looked so ridiculously cute and Emma felt like she could cry. After the photoshoot session, Emma took them to the living room and turn on the TV to entertain them while she and Regina got themselves ready.

"Hey, can I come in?" Emma said knocking on the suite door.

"Yes," Regina said and Emma pushed the door open "Are the kids ready yet?"

"Yep!" Emma said striping.

"Even Henry?" Regina asked.

"I don't know, his bedroom door was locked," Emma said and step into the shower "Hi!"

"No funny business" Regina said under the water.

"Fine. Don't think it's fun" Emma said wrapping her arms around Regina's waist.

"Emma!" Regina protested "We don't have time for this"

"Babe, we have magic. We can literally get ready in one second"

"You know I don't like using magic for nothing"

"This is not for nothing" Emma smiled while her fingers found Regina's very wet core.

"That's not…Oh fuck" Regina gasped.

"You were saying?" Emma asked, the smug smile growing on her face while her fingers pumped in and out of Regina.

"The wall" Regina gasped again "I need more support"

Emma gently pushed Regina's back against the wall and kneeled in front of her sucking her clit while her fingers pumped in and out of her wife. Regina's hand flew to Emma's hair tugging it a little while pressing more of her pussy onto her wife's mouth. Emma loved going down on Regina, she loved the taste of her, how Regina always responded to her touches, how wet she got for her. Emma lifted her free hand and massage Regina's breast. Regina covered Emma's hand with her own pushing them together and squeezing. Emma felt her own core on fire her clit begging for attention as she pumped in and out of Regina a little faster now. Regina moaned above her and whispered Emma's name and that's how she knew Regina was close. Emma flickered her clit with the tip on her tongue and felt Regina's inner walls closing around her fingers and then Regina's whole body went stiff while a rush of sticky wetness ran down Emma's hand.

"Come up here" Regina breathed out.

Emma pushed herself up and kissed her wife. Their wet breasts rubbing against one another sent another rush of wetness down Emma's core.

"I love you," Emma said when they broke apart.

"I love you too"

Regina said and pushed two fingers inside Emma. She pumped in and out of her making Emma's legs tremble. Regina snaked an arm around Emma's waist and Emma wrapped her arms around Regina's neck. She needed Regina to support her otherwise she would just melt o the floor like ice cream on a summer day. Regina pumped faster and whispered indecencies in Emma's ear. She knew how much Emma loved that. Emma was sure she could orgasm just by hearing Regina saying those things to her. She tried to control her body, to hold on to the intense feeling that was forming inside her belly but when Regina command her to come, Emma's body betrayed her and she came and came and came.

"Oh fuck" Emma's muffled voice said "That wasn't fair"

"You complaining about how I make you come now?" Regina asked.

"Never," Emma said lifting her face from Regina's neck "But you know I don't last when you say things like that"

"I know" Regina smiled "But we are on a schedule here"

"Seriously?" Emma asked.

"Hey, you got off, didn't you" Regina laughed "Go on, take your shower. I'm done"

"Wait, you are just going to live me here?" Emma asked "My legs are shaking"

"You're welcome" Regina winked and step out of the shower.

"Not nice, Regina," Emma said and went under the hot water hearing Regina's laughed.

Emma shook her head and smile. God, how much she loved that woman. She took her shower, smiling a little extra when she washed her very sticky core. When she was done, Emma wrapped herself around the towel and stopped in front of the mirror to brushed her teeth. She waved her hands and just like that, her blonde hair was curled to perfection, her body was dry and the make-up was in place. Emma smiled. She loved magic. She stepped out of the bathroom and nearly fall at the sight of her wife all dress up in front of her.

"Oh my God, you look so beautiful," Emma said.

"Thank you, dear," Regina said when she turned around.

"How the hell did I get this lucky?" Emma said walking to her.

"What makes you think you are the lucky one?" Regina said back.

"I am, Regina" Emma smiled and wrapped her arms around her waist"I love you so much"

"I love you more," Regina smiled "Now go change"

"Kiss me first"

"It will ruin my lipstick"

"I'll fix it"

"You won't have to fix it if you don't damage"

"Just kiss me already" Emma pouted.

"The puppy eyes don't work on me" Regina raised an eyebrow "That's your children job now"

"Haha," Emma said and walked to the closet "Keep that up and I'll go on a leather jacket"

"Oh, don't you dare," Regina said in a threatening voice.

Emma laughed and took the dress from the closet. She waved her hands in the air and just like that the dress was on her. Regina smiled lovingly when she looked at her. Regina might think it was the other way around but Emma knew, with everything inside her, she was the lucky one for having found her half. They walked hand in hand down the stairs and found their three children in the living room watching tv.

"Mommy, Momma" Olie said "You look like a princess"

"Pretty" Sam said next.

"Thank you, monkey," Emma said and smiled at her wife "You three ready?"

"Yes!" The twins screamed.

"I'm going to pick up Violet," Henry said standing up "But I'll see you guys there"

"Okay, honey," Regina said and kissed his cheek.

"Mom" Henry complain "You'll get lipstick on my face"

"Him you kiss?" Emma asked.

"Ew," Henry said right after "Ma, clean my face please"

Emma rolled her eyes and waved her hand, cleaning the lipstick from Henry's face. She picked up Olie from the couch and hand her over to Regina and then pick up Sam. She held him with one arm and used her free hand to hold Regina's and closed her eyes. White smoke enveloped them and in a blink of an eye, they were in the woods behind Granny's.

Everything looked absolutely magical. There were Christmas lights everywhere, illuminating the trees and grass. They put the twins on the floor and the moment their little feet touched the ground they ran in the direction of their grandparents. Emma held Regina's hand and they walked together to where her parents were.

"Oh my Gosh," Snow said "You two looked so beautiful"

"Thanks, mom" Emma smiled.

"Thank you, dear," Regina said next "You look very nice too"

"Did she just compliment me?" Snow asked Emma.

"You bet"

"Seriously?" Regina rolled her eyes.

"Emma, Regina!" Granny's voice said behind them "You need to get the twins in position"

"Right!" Emma said "I'll go. You get a seat"

"Are you sure you don't need help?" Regina asked.

"Nah. I'll just put them in front of the carpet and then I'll come back to sit next to you"

"Okay," Regina said and pecked her lips.

Emma held the twin's hands and walked out with them to the back. Regina, Snow, and David walked to the front and took their seats on the front row where the ceremony was going to happen. Emma kneeled down in front of them and asked them to explain one last time what were they supposed to do.

"Walk down the aisle throwing flowers on the carpet," They said at the same time.

"And?" Emma asked.

"Look extra cute," They said together again.

"Good kids" Emma smiled "Now, mommy and I will be in the front. You come to us when you finish okay?"

"Okay, momma," Olie said "And the rings?"

"You'll give it to them later," Emma said "I'm going to sit with Mommy now. You two okay staying here with Granny's?"

"Yes!" They said.

"They'll be safe here," Granny said "Now go to your wife"

"Thanks, Granny,"

Emma walked to the front and sat down next to Regina. She took her hand and intertwined their fingers. The ceremony started, the twins made a wonderful job of throwing the flowers on the floor. They looked so ridiculously cute that Emma just felt like squeezing the life out of them. When they reached the front they walked to where Emma and Regina were and high-fived Emma. Regina rolled her eyes but smiled anyway.

The ceremony was beautiful. Emma saw Regina holding on to the tears while Ruby and Dorothy prophesied their love for one another. When the time came, Olie and Sam walked to them and gave their wedding rings and Emma felt like marrying Regina all over again just to have their kids giving them their wedding ring.

The ceremony was beautiful, but the party was so much more fun. Emma spun Regina around on the dance floor while the twins made robot moves next to them. Henry and Violet danced together, too close together for Regina's liking. She may have said a word or two about setting the girl on fire if she broke her little Prince's heart. The twins were pass out when they made it back home. Emma's feet were killing her and she was more than ready to just crash naked in bed with her wife.

"Do you think they'll let us sleep in the morning?" Emma asked already in bed.

"Do you know your kids?" Regina laughed getting under the sheets "Not only they love breakfast in Granny's they are now crazy to wear their leather jackets"

"Damn it," Emma said spooning her wife "I shouldn't have given them those jackets"

"They do look pretty cute in it," Regina smiled.

"They do, don't they?" Emma kissed the back of Regina's neck.

"Yes," Regina yawned.


"Yes," Regina said "I love you, Emma"

"I love you more"

Emma said and drifted off to sleep.