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Lost on you

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Yuzuru loved his job, he really did, but dealing with stressed brides every day could do a lot to a person.

And even though his newest client, a young girl named Marina, wasn’t the typical stressed client, Yuzuru found himself wishing she was.

Marina looked so indifferent, like they weren’t planning her wedding right now. She only handed an incredible long list of guests and a date, but beyond that, she didn’t seem to know anything else.

“We could start with some ideas, like, what style of wedding are you looking for? Something classic? Maybe minimalistic or elegant? We can do anything you want.”

“I don’t know,” Marina shrugged. “I just want the wedding to be pretty and expensive.”

Yuzuru didn’t know if he could plan a wedding in less than three months with only those two adjectives. He usually took at least six months to plan the weddings, but apparently she needed to get married as soon as possible.

It would have been a lot better to get more ideas for the wedding, but her boyfriend was running late, so for now he was stuck with her.

“Okay, I’ll show you some of my previous work and maybe we can start from there.”

The next couple of minutes were the same, Marina didn’t know what she wanted and Yuzuru was close to lose his mind.

And he actually did.

Because when his client’s boyfriend finally arrived, Yuzuru felt his heart stop for a second.

Javier Fernandez was in front of him.

His ex-boyfriend. Or better said, his ex-fiancé.

Yuzuru never thought he would see him again, not after making sure to cut every thread he had with him and getting away as further as possible six months ago.

He couldn’t believe it.

Six months was all Javier needed to forget the two years they spend together? Yuzuru wanted to laugh. Maybe it was a habit for him to propose to all his partners, if the ring he used to wear meant anything.

“Yuzu?” Javier asked, with his eyes wide open for the surprise. Yuzuru shifted uncomfortably in his seat, not knowing what to do. He never thought their first meeting after breaking-up would be like this. And if his heart hurt thinking how easily Javier replaced him, he had to ignore it for his own sake. It didn’t matter if he still loved him, because Javier obviously didn’t.

“Do you know each other?” Marina asked, looking back and forth between them.

“Not really,” Yuzuru answered before Javier could say anything. “We should focus on the wedding, right?”

Yuzuru never realized how strong he was, but after spending the rest of the hour in a room with his ex-boyfriend and his new fiancé discussing their wedding, he was actually proud of himself.

During all the session, Javier tried to make eye contact with him, but Yuzuru forced himself to not look at him, knowing he would break if he did. And when the torture was finally over, he was relief that they were his last appointment of the day.

He waited a few minutes to leave, but as he walked out from his office, he noticed that Javier was still on the parking lot, waiting for him. Yuzuru’s first thought was to pretend to not see him, but Javier was standing right next to his car.

Yuzuru took a deep breath and prepared himself before walking to him, wishing for the day to end up already, not knowing how much longer he would be able to pretend that everything was fine.

“I didn’t know you smoke,” Yuzuru started, trying to keep his voice casual.

“Yeah, it’s a new thing.” Javier answered, throwing away his cigarette to the ground before looking at him. “Look, I’m really sorry, I didn’t know she hired you for this.”

“It’s okay,” Yuzuru shrugged. “It’s just another job.”

They both knew it wasn’t just that.

“You’re sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” he said, trying to convince himself that maybe this was the closure he needed to move on. And if see Javier marrying someone else wasn’t enough to help him stop crying every night wishing they were still together, nothing else would.

Yuzuru was going to plan the wedding of the man he thought he would spend the rest of his life with even if it was the last thing he did.



The day he met Javier, it had been both the worst and the best day of his life.

He had agreed on meeting his client on one of the cafes in downtown, willing to put up with the crowd of rich people so the soon-to-be-bride didn’t lose time traveling around the city.

Yuzuru really did everything she asked, from the venue to the color of the invitations, but apparently now she didn’t like any of it, and just like that, weeks of work were thrown out the window.

Yuzuru didn’t hate her (not that much), after all it was all about her big day, but his patience right now was very thin. With every work, Yuzuru poured all his efforts on it, trying to give them everything they asked for, but there was so little he could do while working with someone that changed their mind every day.

Yuzuru was so focused on trying to plan how could he possibly finish this wedding, that he didn’t noticed the man walking in his direction until it was too late. His coffee was now all over the stranger’s expensive looking suit.   

“I’m sorry,” he said, taking a pile of napkins to try to dry the coffee, but it was too late and the white shirt now had a big brown stain. Yuzuru cursed in his mind, first his meeting didn’t go well, and now that he bought a coffee for the first time in his life for some kind of energizing, he had spill it over a man with a suit that look more expensive than the rent of his apartment.  

“Hey, it’s okay, don’t worry,” the stranger tried to say, but Yuzuru’s hands were shaking as he kept trying to fix his mess.

“I’m so sorry,” he repeated, finally giving up when the stain only grew up in his failed attempts to dry it.

“If you really are, you could give me your number.”


“You spilled coffee on me, so the fair thing is that you give your number.” Yuzuru had been so worried about the coffee issue that he hadn’t noticed how handsome the stranger was, and now that he was flirting with him, he didn’t know what to do. Although he was a wedding planner and was surrender by love most of the time, this was the first time someone flirted so straightforward with him.

“Yes, I mean no, I mean- I’ll do it.”

With shaking fingers and flustered cheeks, Yuzuru wrote down his number on the stranger’s phone.

“I’m Javier, by the way.”   

“I’m Yuzuru.”

“Okay, Yuzu, I’ll call you later,” Javier said before walking out of the café, leaving him with a warm feeling and a racing heart.

For the rest of the day, Yuzuru couldn’t stop smiling while he kept looking at his phone, waiting for Javier to call. And maybe after spending so much time planning weddings for other people, he would finally have the love story that he dreamt of.



This job was going to be his death.

It had been hell to choose the venue, but that had been just a test. The real hell was choosing a dress for the bride.

Thankfully, it was just Marina and him for the day. They had already gone into five different wedding dress shops, but every time it was the same.

“You look beautiful,” Yuzuru admitted, trying to hide the bitterness he felt knowing that she would wear one of these dresses when she marries Javier.

“I don’t like it,” Marina said, looking at herself in the big mirror. Yuzuru help her to get down from the small platform so she could go back to fitting room and try yet another dress.

Yuzuru sighed, feeling exhausted. He should have reject this job while he still could, but now it was too late. He really must be a masochist, because even if every time he saw Javier his heart broke a little more, he still found himself getting nervous to see him, not caring that it only was to plan his wedding.

He remembers how in love they were just a couple of months ago, and now he couldn’t help but ask himself if all that time he had been the only one in love.

He wondered if Javier took her to the same places he took him, if they watched the same shows they used to love, if they spend hours just laying together in bed, if they fought about the same things.

Yuzuru knew he shouldn’t, but he kept comparing himself to Marina, wondering what she had that he didn’t.

“I think I like this one,” Marina mumbled as she walked out from the fitting room.

She looked stunning. The mermaid silhouette of the white satin dress highlighted her curves, and the lace details that started on the neck and finished all over the long tail made her look delicate.

Marina was just so beautiful, more than he would ever be.

Yuzuru just hoped Javier was truly happy with her, because even if he wasn’t the one by his side, he had loved him with all his heart. He hoped that she knew how Javier liked to sleep on the wall-side of the bed, how strong he liked his coffee, how he needed to be told that he was loved every day and the way he liked to stay in bed for hours just cuddling.

Yuzuru had to look away from Marina to not cry. It hurt to know that he truly had fight for their relationship, but sometimes love wasn’t just enough.



Falling in love with Javier had been so easy. There was no way he could look at those bright brown eyes and that beautiful smile and not fall for them.

Their first dates were so awkward and cute, with Javier taking him to all kind of different places even when he insisted it wasn’t necessary. Yuzuru felt out of place on all those expensive restaurants, but Javier always tried his best to make him feel like home at any place.

And if Yuzuru had to recall the moment where he realized that he loved Javier with all his heart, it was definitely on their special date at the park.

That day had been Javier’s turn to look out of place, with his elegant clothes full of wrinkles after spending hours sitting down on the little blanket on the grass. Yuzuru had planned their picnic day, packing their favorite snacks and finding the perfect place under a big tree away from everyone else at the park.

And as they were laying down on the blanket, watching the blue sky and trying to give any kind of shape to the clouds, Yuzuru felt pure happiness.

“That one looks like a bee,” Javier pointed out with his free hand, having the other one under Yuzuru’s head.

“Bees are so cute,” Yuzuru sighed contented.

“You’re cuter,” Javier said, leaving a small peck on his cheek.

“I know,” he joked, earning a boop on his nose.

“Of course you know,” Javier said before getting up just the enough so he could kiss him. And what started as a simple kiss quickly turned into a full make-out session.

“Javi! Someone could see us!” he giggled as Javier started leaving wet kisses all over his neck. He tried to stop his boyfriend’s attack, but Javier trapped his hands over his head to keep kissing him.

“Let them see us.”



Yuzuru tried his best to postpone this as long as he could, keeping himself busy with the rest of the decor matters, but rather sooner than later he had to help Javier to find a new suit for the wedding.

And if he thought going out with Marina had been difficult, Javier was determined on trying every available suit on the city. It was painfully obvious that Javier was just trying to make time, but Yuzuru couldn’t bring himself to confront him.

Yuzuru had noticed Javier’s attempts to make conversation, but he did his best to avoid him, speaking with the staff of the store instead. It would all have been a lot easier if Javier didn’t look so handsome with every suit he tried on.

Yuzuru let his mind travel away and imagine a universe were they were both choosing the suits for their wedding, laughing about the things that no one else would find funny and loving each other like they used to do.

“So… did you buy that game you wanted?” Javier asked, not even looking at the new suit he was wearing. Yuzuru felt nostalgia remembering how excited he had been telling Javier about this new game; he didn’t want to tell him that all his excitement wasn’t because of the game, but to the fact that they would play it together.

“No, I didn’t,” he answered. “You want to try another one?”

Javier nodded, getting back to the fitting room. Yuzuru had a couple of minutes for himself, but not matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t stop thinking about what could have happened if they never broke up.  

“Effie misses you,” Javier tried this time, getting dangerously close to him, and Yuzuru couldn’t take it anymore.

“Javi, just stop, please,” he said, putting a hand on his chest to keep him away from him, “You’re getting married.”

“I know, but I miss you.” Yuzuru wanted to laugh.

“Yeah, I’m sure you do.”

“I really do,” Javier insisted. “What I was supposed to do, Yuzu? You’re the one that left me without any reason.”

Yuzuru knew this wasn’t the place or the time to fight about their relationship, but he couldn’t control his raising anger.

“I left you because I was never important to you,” he snapped. “Do you know how hard it was for me? I really loved you, I still do, but what did you do? You went and marry the first girl you found.” 


“No, fuck you, Javier.”

Yuzuru had to walk out from the store to keep Javier from seeing him cry. He didn’t want to look weak in front of him, but it was so painful to know that he was the only one that didn’t move on.

For the rest of the day, Javier pretended he didn’t saw his red puffy eyes and picked out the first suit he found.



Yuzuru had been so nervous all day.

He was supposed to be meeting Javier’s family for the first time and he really wanted to give a good impression even if Javier had warned him that they didn’t approved the fact that he was dating a man.

But nothing prepared him for what happened as they arrived to his boyfriend’s family house.

“Oh! Look who came, my favorite son and his girlfriend!” Antonio said, laughing among the rest of the men on the garden table. Javier told him this was supposed to be a family reunion, but now he could spot a few clients of the company, and they were all laughing at him.

“Dad, I’ve told you a million times, Yuzuru is my boyfriend,” Javier grunted.

“Yeah, whatever you say,” he shrugged before looking away. “This kids, you give them a little freedom and they think they can do whatever they want.”

“Dad.” Javier said with a warning tone.

“Why don’t you take your “boyfriend” to the kitchen with the rest of the ladies?”

Yuzuru felt so small with all the old men looking and laughing at him. He knew Javier couldn’t do anything, after all these men were all important clients for the company, but he still found himself wishing that his boyfriend would stood up for him.

“It’s okay, Javi, I’ll be inside.” Yuzuru said instead. Javier gave him a worried look but still let him go inside the house.

As soon as he got inside, Yuzuru felt the judging looks over him. All the women in the room just stared at him, and Yuzuru forgot for a moment what he was supposed to be doing in there.

“Hi, I’m Yuzuru, nice to meet you,” he said, trying his best to smile while giving a small reverence.

“Hi! I’m Laura, Javi’s sister.” Laura was the only one to acknowledge his presence. “Javi told us a lot about you.”

Yuzuru was glad that at least someone in Javier’s family liked him, but as the conversation kept going, he felt lost. Laura tried his best to include him, but it was impossible when the rest ignored everything he said.

Resigned, he walked out of the kitchen and took a seat on the living room. Yuzuru felt like crying, he tried his best to get along with Javier’s family, but they weren’t willing to even try to get to know him.

Yuzuru was so focused on thinking where he went wrong, when a small doll was placed on his lap. He looked up to find a little girl smiling at him, offering his toy.

“You’re so pretty, like my doll,” she said, making him smile for the first time in the day. “My mommy says you look like a slut, but I don’t know what that word means.”

Yuzuru’s smile faded. He looked down to his clothes, maybe he should have gone with a looser fit? Javier hadn’t said anything before leaving their apartment, so he thought he looked good.

“Sofia, that’s not a word for kids, don’t ever say it again, okay?” Laura came to his rescue. The little one look sad to be scolded but still nodded. “Why don’t you go to play with the rest of your dolls? I need to talk with Yuzu.”

“Okay, bye Yuzu,” she said, waving his little hand before walking away.

“I want to apologized for my family, they can be real assholes sometimes.” Laura laughed at Yuzuru’s surprised face. “What? You know I’m saying the truth. Try to live with them for more than twenty years and you’ll go crazy, trust me.”

Yuzuru believed her. Just with a couple of minutes with them, he was ready to leave and never come back, but he knew how important his family was for Javier, so he would to put up with them for his boyfriend’s sake.



Yuzuru didn’t even know how he ended here.

It all started with a meeting to discuss the final wedding details. During all the time, the tension between them had been so dense it could be cut with a knife.

Javier had offered to give him a ride back home since he didn’t have his car, and at first it had been just that, but as they got to the parking lot of his apartment building, things went all the way down.

Maybe it had been all the tension build up, but it took just one kiss to light up the fire inside them. He wasn’t even sure who kissed who, but now, on the back seat with his body on top of Javier, he felt so alive. Javier’s big hands were under his shirt, touching his sensitive skin and pressing over the places he knew could make him a whimper mess.

Yuzuru knew he should stop things before they got out of control, but he just couldn’t. The way Javier touched him, like he was the most precious thing in the world made him feel so special, so loved, even if it was all a lie.

“Javi,” Yuzuru moaned into the kiss as he rubbed his ass against Javier’s erection, feeling frustrated for all the fabric between them. They touched each other with so much need and desperation, like they knew this would be the last time.

“I need to be inside you,” Javier breathed, licking the sensitive spot behind his ear.

“Yes, please.”

They didn’t even take off their clothes, only pulling down their pants the enough so they could touch each other. And after rushed kisses and roughly spit-lubed fingers, Javier was finally able to slide all the way inside Yuzuru’s body, making both of them groaned with the delicious pleasure of being one after so long.

Yuzuru started riding Javier’s dick, clenching his hands on his shoulders so he could move more easily.   

Yuzuru could feel every inch of Javier’s cock touching the deepest places of his body, and biting his lips wasn’t enough to silence his needy moans. Javier hold his small waist, lifting and pulling down his body with powerful thrusts. 

Yuzuru’s thighs were shaking with tiredness, but he just couldn’t stop, he was so close but yet so far to coming. Thankfully, Javier turned them around, pressing him against the backseat so he could lay on top of his body and thrust into him as hard and fast as he pleased.

And laying down with his legs wide open and Javier on top of him, buried deep inside him, Yuzuru felt so complete, like all those months without Javier were only a bad dream and he was finally waking up.

When he reached his climax, Yuzuru’s whole body tensed up as he clenched on Javier’s cock, making him groan and start thrusting in him with need, fucking his sensitive body through his orgasm.

But as the orgasm glow disappeared and the warmth of Javier’s cum deep inside him fill him up, reality hit him straight in the face.

He was going to be sick.

He not only had sex with an engaged man, but with the one he was supposed to be planning his wedding.

“Get off me.”

“Yuzu…” Javier tried to said.

“Get off me!” He screamed, trying so hard to not start crying in front of him.

Yuzuru could see the worry on Javier’s eyes as he obeyed, but in that moment he couldn’t care less. He arranged his clothes before storming out of the car, ignoring Javier’s pleads to stay.

Yuzuru never felt more disgusting in his life. 

And no matter how many times he scrubbed his skin under the shower, he still could feel Javier’s touches all over his body, inside his body, and he felt so dirty because he knew he’d do it again if he had the chance.

The sad reality was that, no matter how much he wanted, he would never be more than a second option for Javier.



The first time he seriously doubted their relationship was on their first anniversary.

Yuzuru had prepared everything with so much time and effort, cooking Javier’s favorite dish (and even calling one of his friends for the recipe) and decorating the table with candles and roses. He knew it was way too romantic, but Javier liked that kind of things, so he was willing to try them for him.

The only problem was that Javier never showed up.

He was all alone, sitting in front of cold food and melted candles, waiting for his boyfriend. But as the hours passed and Javier was nowhere to be seen, Yuzuru felt like crying.

This was supposed to be a special night, but here he was, feeling more alone than ever on the day he waited the most.

“Where are you?” He asked when Javier finally picked up the phone.

“Yuzu, I’m so sorry,” Javier started. “My dad just gave a lot of paperwork to do and I need to finish this for tomorrow.”

“But it’s our anniversary!”

“Look, I promise I’ll make it up to you, okay?”

“Javi, please come home.” Yuzuru begged, not even caring how his voice broke at the end. He just needed Javier with him, was it too much to ask for?

“I can’t, I-”

Yuzuru ended the call.

He knew it was Javier’s dad fault, he never liked him anyway, but he just wanted Javier to do something. They couldn’t keep planning their lives around what his father said.

Yuzuru was just so tired of waiting.

He changed his clothes and as he got to his underwear, he felt so ashamed. Yuzuru had bought a set of black lacy panties as a surprise for boyfriend, but now he only felt anger knowing that Javier didn’t care about any of his efforts.

He thrown them to the trash, feeling so stupid for thinking that this night would end up different.

“I think he doesn’t love me anymore, Effie,” he sobbed. And as if Effie understood him, she curled up on his chest, licking away the tears on his cheeks. “You’re the only one that wants me.”

And if Yuzuru cried himself to sleep, Javier would never know.



The rehearsal day for the wedding was the final test.

Seeing Javier’s family for the first time in so long was like a slap on the face. The people that made him feel like he wasn’t worth enough for Javier was praising and smiling at Marina, telling her how beautiful she looked.

Yuzuru tried his best to hide the sting of jealousy he felt every time he looked at her, but no matter how much he wanted, knowing that it could have been him, left a bitter taste on his mouth. 

He managed to organized the wedding rehearsal as far as possible from Javier’s parents, but as he was hiding at the back of the venue, a little hand pulled his shirt. Yuzuru turned around to find little Sofia looking at him with surprise.

“You’re still more pretty than my dolls” Sofia said, touching his face as he kneeled down to be the same height as her.

“Thank you,” he smiled, happy that she still remembered him.

“But why aren’t you marrying uncle Javi?”

Yuzuru asked himself he same question.

“Because I love him too much,” he answered after some time thinking.

“That doesn’t make any sense,” she frowned.

Yuzuru didn’t try to explain it to her, after all she was still too small and innocent, and he wanted her to keep being like that as long as she could. Leaving a small pat on his head, Yuzuru said goodbye to her before walking away.

He really needed some time on his own before he would break. There was a limited amount of time he could spend around Javier’s family, and he was reaching the limit point.

But as he walked away to the restroom to hide for a few minutes, he heard footsteps behind him. Yuzuru tried to ignore it, but when he entered the room, a hand grabbed his arm, stopping him. He turned around, ready to tell whoever that followed him to fuck off, but when he saw them, he was actually surprised.

Patrick Chan was the last person he expected to go after him.

Yuzuru never really liked him, but he was the only one out of Javier’s friends that was at least civil with and didn’t make fun of him.

 “What do you want?” Yuzuru sighed, not knowing what to expect, after all he was Javier’s best friend and they didn’t end up in good terms.

“You need to stop this wedding,” Patrick said, and Yuzuru had to look at him for a few seconds to make sure he wasn’t kidding.

“Excuse me?”

“Look, Javi doesn’t want to marry Marina, his father arranged this marriage after you left him,” Patrick explained. “Please don’t let him do this.”

“Patrick, that doesn’t change anything, it’s not like someone is forcing him to marry her.”

“You don’t understand, Javi was really bad after you left, he literally stopped caring about everything, I thought I lost him before you came back,” he said. “He still loves you.”

“I don’t think he does. Now let me go.”

Yuzuru walked out from the restroom followed by Patrick, who was still trying to change his mind, when they were surprised by Javier. Yuzuru knew this looked kinda bad, but he wasn’t going to worry about what his ex-boyfriend could think.

On the other hand, Patrick took his first chance to escape the situation, clearly uncomfortable with someone seeing them so close.

“I didn’t know Patrick was your friend,” Javier mumbled, but Yuzuru just shrugged. “Do you like him?”

“Yeah, of course.”

“You know what I mean,” Javier said, grabbing his arm to stop him.

“No, Javi, I don’t like Patrick,” Yuzuru said, starting to feel annoyed. Even if it was an arranged marriage, Javier was still with someone else, so he didn’t have any right to be jealous. “You’re the only one that can forget someone in less than six months.”

He knew he sounded bitter, but it was useless to keep pretending to not love him.

“I could never forget you, Yuzu.”

Yuzuru wanted to believe him, he really did, but just couldn’t. After all, actions spoke louder than words, and all Javier ever gave him were wonderful lies and empty promises.



Leaving Javier was the hardest thing he ever did.

After their failed anniversary, Javier tried his best to make it up to him, but it just wasn’t enough.

Not even the gold engagement ring he gave him was enough to convinced him to stay. At the time, Yuzuru had been the happiest man in the world wearing the small ring on his left hand, dreaming of their wedding every night.

But sooner than later, his fantasy fell down.

Yuzuru needed a partner that supported him, someone to talk and rely on, and not just someone that happened to live in the same place that him and remember him from time to time.

Javier had promised him that he just needed more time and that when his father gave him his part of the company, they could spend all the time they wanted together. But that day never came.

And Yuzuru was so tired.

Tired of waiting for love, of begging for a little bit of attention, of going to sleep alone to wake up the same.

On his second anniversary he didn’t even prepared anything. He knew Javier wouldn’t come home like all the other nights, but even like that, it still hurt when he went to bed all alone.

It was then when he realized he couldn’t keep going like this.

He was losing himself to keep his relationship, giving up all the things he wanted so Javier could be happy, but it was enough.

Yuzuru would put himself first. He knew he deserved more and he was tired of begging for love.

He took all his things, ignoring how Effie kept meowing and getting between his feet as a way to stop him. He was going to miss her, after all most of the time it had been only the two of them in the apartment, but he needed to do this for himself.

And before Yuzuru left, he thrown the small ring on the table.



Against all odds, Yuzuru make it to the day of the wedding. It had taken half of his soul to plan it to the end, but finally everything was over. The ceremony was about to begin, all the guests were on their seats and the priest was waiting for the boyfriend to arrive.

But Javier was nowhere to be seen.

Yuzuru cursed in his mind before running around the venue, trying to find him. He didn’t bleed his heart out planning this wedding for Javier to ruin everything again.

At the end, it turned out that Javier was hiding in one of the backrooms of the venue, sitting down with his head between his hands and looking everything but good.

“What are you doing in here? Everyone is waiting for you,” Yuzuru groaned, trying to lift him up, but Javier wouldn’t move.

“Ask me to not marry her,” Javier said instead, taking his hands into his bigger ones.


“If you ask me to leave everything for you, I’ll do it.” Javier looked desperate while looking at him, and Yuzuru couldn’t bear staring at those big brown eyes he used to love so full of sadness.


“Please, Yuzu, we could go anywhere we want, just you and I,” Javier begged, and before Yuzuru could stop him, he kneeled in front of him. “I know I don’t deserve it, but I just beg you for second chance, if you give me the opportunity, I promise I’ll love you until the rest of my days.”

“I… I’m sorry, but I can’t.”

They used to have something special, not a long time ago, but now he realized it was never love. Love wasn’t supposed to hurt, to leave him crying all night long wondering why he wasn’t enough, to leave him hurting all the time.

Was it really worth it to endure all the pain only to have a couple of happy moments with Javier?

Yuzuru had been strong enough to get away the first time, but he knew he wouldn’t be a second time. He loved Javier more than he loved himself, neglecting his own happiness for him, but he couldn’t keep going like this.

He deserved better, someone that was proud of him and stood up for him, someone that treated him like he was the most important thing in the world and loved and adore him as much as he deserved. Yuzuru knew it would take a lot of time to forget about him, to stop picturing Javier by his side wherever he went, to finally heal and love himself.

He wondered if someday he could love someone else as much as he loved Javier, and even though deep down he knew he wouldn’t, he needed to give himself the chance to try it. 

Yuzuru kneeled to be the same height as Javier, taking his face between his hands and caressing his wet cheeks. Javier didn’t stopped crying, not even when his lips met in one last kiss.

“Goodbye, Javi.”

And as the wedding took place, Yuzuru found himself thinking what would have happened if things had worked out between them. Maybe in another time, in another life, he would be the one walking down the aisle, ready to spend the rest of his life with him.

Yuzuru turned around just in time to not see Javier kiss his now wife, taking the last pieces of his broken heart as he walked out from Javier’s life.



Javier had never loved someone so much like he loved Yuzuru.

He was the light of his life, the only reason he was still alive.

Until that day, he still couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have him by his side; Yuzuru was truly everything he could ask for and more.

And as they lay down together in bed, just the two of them soaked in the morning sun after spending hours loving each other, he wanted to stay forever in that moment.

Javier caressed the soft skin of his face with delicacy, like he was scared of hurting him with the slightest touch. Javier loved every single part of Yuzuru, but his face was just his favorite part; with those beautiful eyes that seem to sparkle every time he smiled, with that small cute nose, with those plump lips that he loved biting, with those cheeks that fit perfectly in his hands.

“Javi~ stop.” Yuzuru giggled when he wouldn’t stop kissing the small moles on his cheek.

“I can’t, you’re so beautiful,” Javier said, kissing him on the lips this time. “I can’t wait to marry you.”

“I can’t wait either, imagine when we’re all old and wrinkled and taking care of our grandkids,” Yuzuru sighed contently, laying his head on his shoulder.

“Oh, grandkids?” 

“Oh yes, I want at least four kids and tons of grandkids.”

“Well, then we better start making those kids,” Javier mumbled before jumping over him, giving small wet kisses all over his neck.

“Javi! I can’t get pregnant!” Yuzuru laughed, but still wrapping his legs around his hips.

“I know, but that won’t stop me from trying.”

Javier made sure to kiss every centimeter of the exposed pale skin, letting his hands travel all the way down on Yuzuru’s chest to hold his tiny waist as he kept adoring his body.

“I love you,” Yuzuru sighed contently.  

“I love you too, Yuzu, more than you’ll ever know.”