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Just Think of This

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You wake up at around 8 am next to your partner. They're still sleeping. They always slept in on Saturdays, exhausted from the work week and staying up late the night before.

You slide on a warm fuzzy robe over your t-shirt and shorts. It gets cold at night but you liked sleeping that way, but not so much waking up freezing.

You walk down the stairs and go into the kitchen, opening up the curtains in the dining room, on the way. You turn on the coffee maker and pour some coffee grounds into the filter you placed the night before.

As you wait for the coffee to brew, you sweep off the grounds that ended up on the counter. You get out your favorite mug. Your partner gave you that mug for Christmas last year, since you like collecting them.

Once it's ready, you pour some coffee into your mug, letting the smell for around the whole room. You pour in vanilla creamer, making it just light enough that it looked like caramel, just the way you like it.

You go back up the stairs, to your bedroom, carefully with the full cup of coffee and sit back in bed next to your partner. They are still asleep, snoring gently as they lay on their side. Their snoring never bothered you, they only snore when they are in deep sleep, anyway.

You pick up your phone disconnecting it from the charger and smile at the fully charged phone. You unlock it and continue to read the book you've been reading for the past week. It's interesting, but isn’t too much for early mornings, like this.

The coffee wakes you up gently, as the warm drink runs down your throat. As you get to the last sip of coffee, you feel your partner start to wake up next to you. You set the empty mug and phone aside and give your partner a small gentle shake to help them wake up. They turn over and look up at you tiredly.

“Good morning,” they mumble with a deeper, scratchy voice. You always thought their morning voice was cute.

You reply with a gently warm kiss on their forehead. They lay their head on your lap, wrapping themselves with a blanket. They never were someone who liked waking up early, unlike you, who was always up before them. You continue reading on your phone and play with your partner's hair.