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i'll go where the heart sings

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One thing that Daisuke prides himself in is his interminable patience.

Perhaps some people would scoff at the idea, going by the fact that he reigns from a billionaire family alone. Not to mention, he can get anything he wants with a snap of his fingers, and practically has the entire world at his disposal.

But while he prefers to do things his own way — due to the proven efficiency of his methods, and not because he’s impatient, thank you very much — he likes to think that he’s patient when it comes to dealing with people, most especially during business settings. 

Meeting Haru has made him a more patient person, simply because Haru makes him strive to be better, and well.. If Haru himself has tested his patience time and time again, and he’d succeeded in remaining forbearing throughout all such trials because he loves him very much, he isn’t going to mention it.

Which is why he finds himself in a situation extremely uncommon for him.

He’s currently dining at a restaurant called Horizon, with various businessmen including the chief executive officer of the Luximon Group, one of the leading corporations that supply auto parts and various machinery in Mauritius. They’d recently signed a contract with the Kambe Conglomerate and have set to import around $200M worth of technology equipment for aircraft production.

The atmosphere is good; they are seated on a long table in the restaurant’s patio area reserved especially for their meal, with a perfect view of the sea illuminated by dozens and dozens of magnificent lights by the shore. The food is also remarkable; the Pan-seared Foie Gras he’s been served tasting delectable alongside the Baked Camembert he’d requested.

The problem?

His phone buzzes once, twice, thrice inside his pants pocket. He fishes it out, and subtly glances at the notification from where he holds it under the table, before standing up.

“Please excuse me,” Daisuke says, his French rehearsed and smooth as he feigns a polite tone. The businessmen around the table all nod at him, telling him to go on ahead  in tones way too cheerful for his liking.

He steps away to find a secluded area nearby, and settles for standing outside of the restaurant entrance.


From: Haru 18:12

sorry for only messaging now, i just woke up ):

From: Haru 18:12

i’d say good morning but it’s like 6pm there haha

From: Haru 18:13

happy anniversary. i’m sorry we can’t be together today ): we can celebrate another time


Daisuke sighs upon reading the messages. He should be happy. Overjoyed, even. After all, he and Haru have been together for a year now, and Haru wouldn’t want him to be upset on this day.

But how can he be happy about an anniversary when the person he should be spending it with is 10,000 miles away from him?

“I’m not going.”

“Dai, isn’t this an important business meeting?” Haru asks with a sigh.

They’re at Daisuke’s place in London, and Daisuke can feel Haru’s gaze following him, as he paces throughout the bedroom, from where he’s currently seated at the edge of their superking sized bed.

“We already had a meeting before they signed the contract,” Daisuke says, recalling all the events that have had to do with the Luximon Group. “This is likely just a celebratory event, and not an important meeting.”

“It’s still important for your business partnership though, isn’t it? Especially since it’s newly established,” Haru points out. Truthfully, he doesn’t sound too happy about the turn of events either, which is why Daisuke doesn’t understand why he’s so adamant on making him go.

Daisuke clicks his tongue in annoyance. “I just don’t understand why it has to be two full days, and on such an important date too..” he mutters, mostly to himself.

He’s too engrossed in his own internal cursing about a whole business group getting in the way of his time with his lover, he doesn’t notice Haru getting up from the bed until he’s right in front of him.

Haru’s hands are suddenly on his cheeks, tilting his head up for their gazes to meet.

“We have all the time in the world to spend with each other, alright?” Haru assures him with a soft smile, “It’s not all the time you get to meet with your business partners, and it’s important to keep a healthy relationship with them too.”

Daisuke frowns, “The only relationship I want is with y-”

Haru shushes him by pinching his cheeks. Hard. 


A giggle escapes from his lover’s lips, and Daisuke feels his frown deepen further.

“Sorry, sorry,” Haru apologizes. It’s not sincere at all, but the kiss that he plants on the same cheek he'd pinched more than makes up for it. 

The displeased frown on Daisuke's lips doesn’t quite go away. Instead, it morphs into a sad one as he goes to wrap his arms around Haru’s neck. Haru returns the embrace with one arm, while the other goes up to pet the back of his head gently.

“At least come with me..” Daisuke murmurs, face hidden in the crook of his neck.

“No can do,” Haru tells him with a chuckle, “It’s work. You’re only going to get distracted with me around.”

Daisuke tightens his hold, as if it’ll make him change his mind. However..

“I know what you’re trying to do,” Haru says with a laugh, tugging Daisuke away to look him in the eye. Daisuke doesn’t recall ever attempting to pull a pleading ‘puppy dog eyes’ expression the same way Haru has on him before but.. there’s a first for everything.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work either, because all Haru does is laugh at his attempt.

“You’re adorable, but no,” he says, and it makes Daisuke’s frown return, the displeasure on his expression tenfold this time around. 

Haru sighs, his fingers running gently through Daisuke’s unkempt bedhead.

“Just go. For me, okay?” he asks, a soft, encouraging smile on his face, “I promise we’ll celebrate when you get back.”

He’s not sure if it had been those words, or the mindblowing sex that followed, which had made him finally agree but regardless, he feels a huge amount of regret in his choice. 

Haru is the most important person to him, and their first anniversary was something that he’d have wanted to spend with him alone. If some business partners cancelled a contract over Daisuke not showing up for some celebratory events then it would’ve been their loss, and not Kambe Conglomerate’s.

He should have at least tried harder to persuade Haru to come with him. At least then, he’d have something to look forward to for when he gets back to his hotel room after dinner. 

Daisuke hears himself sigh for the umpteenth time that evening, as he begins typing up a response.


To: Haru 18:16

I miss you.


It takes Haru less than a minute to respond.


From: Haru 18:16

i miss you too

From: Haru 18:16

are you having dinner rn?

To: Haru 18:17

Yes. The restaurant’s speciality is Creole curry. You would have liked it.

From: Haru 18:18

taste it for me then (:

To: Haru 18:18

No. It looks too spicy. 

From: Haru 18:18


From: Haru 18:19

anyway you should go back now they might be looking for you

To: Haru 18:20

I don’t want to.

From: Haru 18:21

come onnn

From: Haru 18:21

i’ll call you after dinner, how does that sound!

To: Haru 18:22


From: Haru 18:24



Daisuke stares down at his phone, rereading the conversation a few more times and desperately wishing he was at New York with Haru, or had taken Haru with him, before finally gathering enough willpower to head back into the restaurant, shoving his phone back into his pocket.

He takes a detour towards the bar, initially wanting to request for some champagne, but fortakes it for a glass of rum fruit cocktail on display as one of the restaurant’s specialties that he’s sure Haru would’ve ordered if he were around. The drink is colored pink, with some cherries and mint leaves on the top. Daisuke snaps a photo of it on the bar, absentmindedly sending it to his lover before finally returning to their table with the drink in hand.


The rest of the evening seem to drag on incredibly slowly.

As much as Daisuke prides himself in being able to keep his calm and collected demeanor throughout most endeavors, especially those of business in nature, he is still very much susceptible to weariness and fatigue. The composed facade that is often a no-brainer for him seems way more mentally draining at the moment, and the fact that he does not want to be where he is at the moment greatly contributes to how much quicker the exhaustion of socializing weighs him down.

At a little bit past eight in the evening, the meal finally begins to wrap up. The CEO of Luximon Group invites him to join them as they transfer to the hotel’s wine cellar slash private dining area.

And while the idea of wine sounds incredibly appealing to him, he doesn’t think he can handle anymore socialization for the evening. Besides, Haru had promised to call him, and he knows that the combination of wine with his current exhaustion is going to end up in him getting knocked out as soon as he steps foot into his hotel room.

As politely as he can, he excuses himself from the event, saying “Thank you, but I think I’ll have to retire for the night.” He doesn’t bother to come up with a proper excuse, and instead gives a small bow, to which the CEO of the Luximon Group laughs at. He grabs Daisuke’s hand, shaking it firmly before patting him on the shoulder.

Daisuke fishes his phone out of his pocket as soon as he exits the restaurant, shooting a quick text to Haru to tell him he’s just finished dinner.

He’s about to send a follow up text saying to give him a few minutes to get back to his room and change into his nightwear before Haru calls, but his phone begins to ring before he can so much as begin to type the message out.

With a small smile tugging at his lips, he answers the call and presses the phone against his ear as he walks slowly in the direction leading back to his hotel room.

“Hello,” he greets with a soft voice, an unusual mixture of exhaustion, longing and fondness lacing his tone.

“Dai, guess what!” Haru answers, forgoing the usual greeting. Daisuke can tell he’s excited about something, but is trying to hold back. He doesn’t mention it, opting to indulge his exclamation instead by asking, “Yes, what is it?”

“Did you know you can see the Milky Way from Mauritius?!” he asks. Daisuke can’t see him, but he just knows there’s a huge grin sporting his face. His lover’s enthusiasm is refreshing, and lifts some of the fatigue weighing his shoulders down.

“Is that so?” Daisuke asks. He’s still out in the garden, walking through the winding path towards the building where his hotel room is located, and he takes the opportunity to pause in his tracks and look up at the sky. Unfortunately, most of the sky is blocked by leaves of the palmetto and juneberry trees scattered throughout the garden. 

“Yeah! Apparently it’s visible sometimes between June to October,” he explains in somewhat of a rush. He pauses for a few moments before asking, “Can you take some photos for me?”

“Why?” he asks with a tiny frown, “If you’d like to see the Milky Way, I can order HEUSC to take some photos for you in a 25 billion pixel forma-”

“NO,” Haru yells through the line, effectively cutting him off.

“No?” Daisuke asks, confused. Hadn’t he just said he wanted to see the Milky Way? “Then, I can take you to a park somewhere in the United States, I’m sure there are better places to view-”

“Dai, I just want a photo taken by you, okay?” he asks with a sigh.

The frown on his face deepens as he continues looking upward. “Haru, there are a lot of trees blocking the view where I’m at,” he says, as a matter-of-factly, “Moreover, even if I see it, I highly doubt I can take any clear photographs without HEUSC’s assistance.” 

“You can go to the shore!” he insists, sounding somewhere frenzied, “There won’t be any trees to block the view there!” 

“Haru, if you really want to see it from here, I can take you to this place next t-”

“Please, Dai..” he mumbles, now sounding somewhat dejected, “It can be your anniversary gift to me, yeah?”

Daisuke sighs, the reminder of not having Haru by his side today of all days suddenly dampening his mood once more. He’s not sure why Haru is so insistent on wanting a photo of the Milky Way, but if it’ll make the enthusiasm in his tone return, then he thinks he might just camp out all night until he gets a photo decent enough to show his lover.

“Alright,” he says, “I’ll take a walk by the shore and try my best.”

Almost immediately, Haru sounds excited once more as he says, “Thank you, Dai!”

Daisuke feels a tiny smile pull at his lips. There’s nothing more that he wants at the moment than to embrace his lover, and perhaps look up at the sky together, but he supposes this will have to do.

“I’ll go look, alright? I’ll call you back later,” he says. Haru hums enthusiastically, saying “I’ll be waiting!” before he bids goodbye and ends the call. 

Daisuke continues to head back towards his hotel room, deciding to change from his Oxfords into the pair of Bottega sandals Haru insisted he pack in case he went wandering towards the beach. He’d been sure that he wouldn’t need them, and now he’s beginning to consider that Haru had known about the Milky Way since before his trip and made him pack his sandals precisely for this favor.

He shakes his head in exasperation at the thought of his cheeky lover, as he slips the footwear on. He doesn’t bother with changing his trousers, opting instead to cuff them neatly, just enough so that it hopefully wouldn’t touch the sand too much.

The walk to the beach doesn’t take too long, even with Daisuke slowing his pace to enjoy the view of the gardens illuminated by hundreds of scattered lights coming from trees, posts and nearby establishments. The place truly is beautiful, but he wishes that Haru were by his side to witness it with him.

Eventually, he reaches the path that leads toward the clearing of the shore. 

He looks up at the now clear view of sky as soon as he steps onto the sand, and sure enough, there’s a large milky band of light bent similar to how a rainbow would look. The sight is indeed beautiful, as the countless stars seem to glitter brighter than usual as they accompany the vast expanse of the Milky Way.

The view stuns him enough to keep him rooted onto his spot for a few moments, but eventually he fishes his phone out of his pocket and switches it to camera mode.

To say that snapping a photo of the sky is a struggle is surely an understatement. He’s almost never had to take any photos manually, what with HEUSC always doing the job for him, but he still doesn’t understand how it’s so difficult.

After a few shots, he lowers his phone down to go through the photos, cringing at the horrendous outputs. Nearly every single one is way too bright, the Milky Way blending in with the light coming from the stars surrounding it. Others even have strips of light which Daisuke can’t identify the source of. 

He clicks his tongue, considering asking HEUSC to do it for him but hesitating at the thought of Haru likely being able to tell right away. Daisuke sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose.

After a few moments of contemplation, he calls out to HEUSC, prompting the AI to start up and inquire about Daisuke’s requests. Daisuke hesitates once more, but in the end supposes that asking for tips on how to take a proper photo would be fine. After all, he’d still be taking it himself. 

“HEUSC, scan the recently taken photographs in my phone and tell me how to improve on taking them,” he instructs, to which HEUSC replies affirmatively. There’s a moment of silence, accompanied only by the calming veil of noise resounding from the ocean waves, before HEUSC pipes up once more.

“Scan completed,” he informs, before beginning to describe to Daisuke the nature of the problem, and how to solve it.

“The main issue regarding the eight most recent photographs appear to be overexposure to light. To solve this issue, please try closing down the aperture for a better-exposed image. After setting your ISO and aperture, turn your attention to the shutter speed. Since your image is too bright, you will need to increase your shutter speed. Raising it from 1/200th to 1/600th will help.”

Daisuke frowns, unsure how to do any of what HEUSC had suggested for him to do.

“Show me how to fix the settings,” he commands, staring down at his phone. Immediately, a small blinking dot that functions as a cursor begins to move through the screen of his phone, selecting various buttons on his camera app to show the settings in question.

After HEUSC finishes walking him through the process, he’s instructed to hold the camera up at a certain angle.

“For optimal photo composition, hold your device 75 degrees while aiming at the subject. To increase focus on the subject, use your free hand to tap over it before shooting.”

Just as he’s about to take the first photo subsequent to HEUSC’s lecture on camera app settings and optimal angles, his phone buzzes in his hand, alerting him of a text message from Haru.


From: Haru 20:48

are you there yet?


Daisuke sighs, unable to leave the message unanswered for even a second, and lowering his phone once more to shoot a quick reply. 


To: Haru 20:48



He doesn’t bother to try taking another photo, knowing Haru wouldn’t take too long to reply.


From: Haru 20:49

did you take pictures :D?


Daisuke frowns, considering lying by saying that he hasn’t yet, but he never likes to lie to Haru even about the smallest things. He clicks his tongue before hesitantly sending out his response.


To: Haru 20:51

Yes, but they’re no good.

From: Haru 20:51

i’m sure they aren’t. let me see

To: Haru 20:52


From: Haru 20:53

dai :(


Daisuke sighs at his lover’s insistence. Now that he thinks about it, he seems more insistent than usual tonight, and over such small things too. Daisuke wonders if he misses him as much, and if this is some sort of attempt to be affectionate. Neither of them are quite good at being straightforward about their feelings, which is why Daisuke thinks being able to celebrate an anniversary with his lover is such a big deal. 

He hadn’t ever thought anyone would be as understanding with him as Haru, nor that he would be as patient with anyone until Haru came into his life.

He doesn’t want to deny him any further, but he also doesn’t want to show him the terrible photographs. Haru deserves nice photos of the Milky Way that he wants to see so badly, and not Daisuke’s awful attempts. 


To: Haru 20:57

You can barely see the Milky Way on them.

From: Haru 20:58

show me thennn i can give you tips on how to take a good photo if i see the problem


For a moment, he considers telling Haru that he’s already asked HEUSC for assistance, and that he was just about to shoot the photo before he interrupted with his message, but he isn’t sure Haru would like the idea of him still using HEUSC to take the photo. He’d rather not let him know, especially when he still has the choice to keep it to himself.

Finally, he relents.


To: Haru 21:00



He makes quick work on selecting three of the most decent photos out of the eight, attaching them to the message and clicking send before he can hesitate out of it again.


To: Haru 21:02


[3 image attachments]

From: Haru 21:05

they don’t look that bad! 

From: Haru 21:05

but maybe it’s your position

To: Haru 21:05


From: Haru 21:05

try to find a better spot


Daisuke starts to walk along the shore, gaze stuck onto the sky above him. After a few moments, he realizes that Haru’s suggestion had been dumb. Even if Daisuke moved, the sky still appeared exactly the same way. Had he been joking, and did Daisuke fall for it?


To: Haru 21:09

I don’t think that’s going to work. The sky will look the same even when I move.

From: Haru 21:10

aw come onnn just find a better spot and try again!


Frustrated, Daisuke summons his butler once more. As soon as HEUSC responds, Daisuke asks, “Where should I stand to take the best photo?”

“You may stand anywhere, sir,” HEUSC replies, “The angle in which you raise your device, as well  as your camera settings are the important factors to consider when taking a photograph of the sky.”

Daisuke grunts in acknowledgement, continuing to walk down the shore. In the end, he decides to go by his gut, stopping at a random spot before raising his cellphone once more, trying to angle his arms as best as he can according to HEUSC’s suggestions.

He’s finally about to snap another photo, until he’s once again disturbed. For a moment, he feels the overwhelming urge to throw his phone out into the ocean due to all the interruptions preventing him from completing the task at hand, but he begins to register the voice.

“Hey, you! Are you trying to take a photo of the Milky Way?”

It’s calling out to him, somewhat distant, but unmistakably..

“I know a great spot!”

When he turns around, it feels as if all the breath is knocked out of his lungs at the sight of


His lover is standing a few feet away, cheeky grin in place, and for a moment Daisuke thinks he’s hallucinating.

But Haru begins walking up to him, and as soon as they’re right in front of one another, Daisuke manages to breathe out, “What are you doing here..?”

“Ah, I was planning to surprise my boyfriend,” he says, feigning nonchalance. He hides his hands behind his back, as if desperately trying to restrain himself from reaching out. At the back of his mind, Daisuke thinks he wants to take that initiative, but he’s not quite over the initial stun of the entire situation.

When he doesn’t say anything, merely staring up at Haru with eyes blown wide in disbelief, he continues to speak, “It’s our anniversary today, you know? But he had a business meeting here, so I went to surprise him.”

Finally, everything seems to catch up to Daisuke. The realizations and subtle hints Haru had been dropping all over the place, and the sheer amount of emotions from the bizarreness of the situation. Suddenly he’s hit with a wave of embarrassment, causing him to look away and mutter, “This is unnecessary. I could have just taken you with me from the start, you know..”

It’s supposed to be a protest, but doesn’t sound  nearly as convincing as one.

Haru laughs softly, reaching out to hold one of his hands.

“Come on, you’re always planning extravagant, over-the-top dates for us. I just wanted to do the same for you,” he tells him, finally dropping the act. 

“But I-!”

The words catch in his throat. He wants to complain, to tell him they could have spent more time together had he just come with him from the start, he wants to say that he’s been extremely upset not having him by his side.

But most of all, he wants to tell him

“I missed you..” 

The teasing grin on Haru’s face softens in a shy smile upon hearing the words.

“I’m here now,” he tells Daisuke, squeezing his hand.

Daisuke ducks his head to hide the blush undoubtedly forming on his cheeks. He stares down at their joint hands for a moment before pulling it away to throw his arms around Haru’s neck.

The hands that wrap around his waist are instinctive, and he releases a soft sigh of contentment upon the familiar feeling of warmth encasing him.

“Happy anniversary,” Haru says. It’s barely above a whisper, nearly drowned out by the sound of the crashing waves, but with absolutely zero space between them, Daisuke hears it loud and clear.

“You’re terrible,” Daisuke responds, but with a tone devoid of any hostility, moreso with the way he mumbles it right into Haru’s shoulder, “You shouldn’t have made me send those photos.. You knew I would come here anyway if you asked.”

“I was just making sure!” Haru defended himself with a laugh, “If you hadn’t turned up, the surprise would’ve gone to waste.” 

Daisuke pulls away, staring at him with a frown, “You could’ve just gone straight to my room. I’m sure HEUSC has been supplying you with information behind my back in the first place.” 

Haru puts his hands up in a gesture of  innocence, but Daisuke doesn’t buy it one bit.

“Aw, come on. Don’t be so upset, your photos weren’t that terrible,” Haru says with a chuckle, to which Daisuke merely continues to frown at.

“Plus, that wouldn’t have worked,” he says, as a matter-of-factly, “I’m not even at the best part of the surprise yet!”

Daisuke raises his eyebrow, as if challenging him. After all, what could possibly be better than his lover appearing right in front of him after desperately wishing for his presence, even when he’d thought that he was thousands of miles away. 

Haru takes a hold of his hand once more, before beginning to pull him further down the shore. Daisuke follows wordlessly, allowing himself to be led to wherever the supposedly ‘best part’ of his surprise is located. 

They walk a considerable distance before Daisuke thinks it’s acceptable to start questioning, “Where are you taking me?” 

Not that he’s expecting an answer, especially after acquiring the new knowledge that his lover unexpectedly knows how to hold back when it comes to surprising him.

He’s right, because Haru doesn’t even so much as glance back at him. In the end, he doesn’t need to because Daisuke eventually begins to make out a scattering of bright orange lights, illuminating a portion of the shore alongside the suspended pole lights. From a distance, he can’t exactly make anything out, but the sight becomes clearer as they approach.

Hundreds of tealight candles are littered across the sand, leaving a clear pathway that leads towards long bamboo poles assembled into a makeshift roof. There are warm white fairy lights , as well as white sheer fabrics draped across the top and the edges, forming a canopy and drawn curtains fastened underneath bunches of flowers at the side. 

A square table, with chairs on adjacent sides rather than across one another, is laid out in the middle. On the table top rests a small bouquet of peonies lined with eucalyptus leaves, a candlelit lamp, a pair of flute glasses, a bottle of wine that he can’t quite make out from afar, and about a dozen types of desserts in numerous porcelain saucers and stacked trays.

“I actually wanted to have dinner prepared, but I knew you were going to attend one tonight and you’d probably be full, so I just asked them to make desserts..” Haru begins to ramble, “B-but if you’re still hungry, and want to eat a meal, we could always order one. There’s a waiter on standby for-”


He stops abruptly, and turns to look at Daisuke with wide eyes, undoubtedly having just realized that he had been rambling.

Daisuke meets his gaze properly, forcing himself not to shy away.

“Thank you,” he says simply. He’s not sure if the sincerity he feels had translated well into the words, but the tension on Haru’s shoulders dissipates, and he’s rewarded with another soft smile.

He watches as Haru goes up to the table and pulls one of the chairs out, gesturing for Daisuke to sit. He giggles at his own action, while Daisuke rolls his eyes, but indulges his actions by taking a seat anyway. They clap their hands together and say thanks for the food as soon as Haru settles into the seat next to him.

“I’m surprised you had all this prepared,” Daisuke says. Haru stares at him, head tilting to the side in confusion. Daisuke can tell he’s about to ask what exactly that had meant, so he continues before Haru can ask the question himself.

“This must be expensive,” he says, looking around to gesture at the arrangement surrounding them. His gaze falls onto one of the folded napkins set on the table top, and he makes out the logo of the five star resort he’s been staying at for the past two days, practically confirming his hypothesis.

“W-well, it’s a special day!” Haru huffs, “This only happens annually, after all.. So make sure you enjoy it because I won’t allow this to happen again within the year!”

Daisuke chuckles, gaze tracing the expanse of desserts laid out in front of them. They all look scrumptious, and artfully plated, but

“You won’t have to worry about that. I don’t want anything else but you.”

He’s too busy examining the plate of French Macarons, trying to decipher whether its fillings consisted of buttercream or lavender honey, to notice right away the sudden silence that engulfs them.

After he finally decides that it’s most likely lavender honey, due to the lack of pale yellowish-brown color that buttercream fillings possess, he looks up from inspecting the dessert to find Haru staring at him, mouth gaping open slightly.

“What is it..?” he asks slowly, eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

Haru seems caught off guard, and suddenly stunned out of a daze, upon hearing the question. “Huh? Oh, uh.. Sorry,” he apologizes sheepishly, “I was just.. surprised.”


Had he said that out loud? 

Haru continues to stare at him, and Daisuke can pinpoint the exact moment that he as well realizes that the words were a slip of Daisuke’s tongue. The confusion and wonder morphing into an amused expression would have been absolutely delightful, had embarrassment not been overpowering the rest of his emotions.

He looks away, out into the darkened ocean, just as Haru begins to laugh. 

“Ah, god. You’re adorable,” he says, making Daisuke’s cheeks heat up further. He’s about to tell him to stop teasing, but as soon as his head whips back to face him, suddenly he’s leaning forward.

And as always, he’s powerless to the feeling of Haru’s touch. His thumb and index finger capture his chin, tilting his head up just enough for their lips to be able to meet in a soft, tender kiss.

Daisuke doesn’t know how it’s possible, but kissing Haru always feels just like the first time all over again. The butterflies in his stomach still come alive and flutter wildly no matter how many times they do this.

He presses back against the kiss, and Haru apparently takes that as a sign to and lick against his lips. It makes Daisuke panic for a split second, until he remembers that they’re alone, and ultimately succumbs into his lover’s request by parting his lips. 

Haru tastes so good, so sweet, it causes a familiar dizzying sensation in Daisuke’s mind. He wills his arms, wanting to wrap them around his lover and pull him close, but Haru pulls away before he’s able to. He's about to complain, but Haru presses their foreheads together, and he supposes it’ll have to do for now.

“We should stop..” he says, as if he hadn’t been the one to initiate the kiss, “We need to finish all these first before we head back, they’re expensive..”

Daisuke rolls his eyes, but decides to spare him from the teasing, instead opting to comment, “You taste like raspberries.”

Haru blinks at him, and Daisuke delights in the way his cheeks begin flushing into a pretty pink. He looks away, as if having been caught guilty committing a heinous act. “I.. tasted one of the desserts already,” he admits shyly.

Daisuke scans the tabletop once more, and his gaze lands on a plate of Eclairs with green filling and pink glaze. There are raspberries resting innocently  on top of them, and are sprinkled by what he assumes are crushed pistachios. And as expected, there’s a large, awkward gap in the middle of its perfect plating, evidence of the prematurely devoured sweet.

“Sorry,” Haru tells him, gaze still averted as he chews on his lip, an unconscious nervous habit that Daisuke’s observed of him.

His heart clenches upon the words, imagining how Haru must’ve waited a long time for him to arrive because of how much he’d taken his time making his way to the beach, getting hungry enough to snatch a snack that he himself prepared and then feeling guilty about it. He attempts to hide the sudden surge of overwhelming emotion within him with a chuckle.

He reaches out to ruffle his lover’s messy tuft of hair, while his other hand reaches out to grab a piece from the Eclair plate he’d eaten from. “Don’t be,” he tells him, holding it up to his lips, “I’m sorry for making you wait.”

The pout on Haru’s face dissipates, only to take a bite out of the sweet as he shakes his head in response.

“Are these vanilla honey?” he asks, pointing at the plate of Macarons he’d been surveying earlier. He knows he’s right, but he wants to change the subject before Haru finishes chewing and undoubtedly continues admonishing himself for the ‘stolen’ Eclair-

“No. They’re buttercream,” Haru tells him, as a matter-of-factly.

“Eh? Are you sure..? They look like-”

“Yes, of course I’m sure.”

Haru reaches over to grab one off of the plate, this time being the one to hold it up to Daisuke’s mouth, “See for yourself if you don’t believe me,” he says with a pout.

There are a few moments of silent consideration from Daisuke’s end, before he opens his mouth to take a bite of the round dessert. And just as Haru had said, the familiar flavor of buttercream explodes into his mouth, delighting his taste buds.

“See! I’m right, aren’t I?” he says, way too proud of his rare and meager achievement of being the right one out of the two of them, knowing it’s something he can hold against Daisuke for the rest of their lives. 

Daisuke resists the urge to roll his eyes, and is about to placate him, but Haru continues to speak.

“I remember you telling me that buttercream was your favorite, so of course I made sure!”

The words do a number on his heart, making it stop for a split second, before beating into an overdrive. He wants to cry, and he nearly does (again) at the thought that 

Haru is truly the sweetest person that he’s ever had the pleasure to meet.  

Daisuke supposes he can admit to losing this time.