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Happy birthday Xiao Bai ❤️  

The message comes in right as midnight strikes. Bai Yu knew it would be coming and yet still could not keep the butterflies in his stomach under control when he saw the message from his Long-ge. 

Thank you Long-ge! 😘 What time will you be home?

Bai Yu sends in response and is only slightly disappointed when he does not get an answer right away. He is certain that Zhu Yilong is likely still preoccupied with work and it would not be surprising if he were to only get to Bai Yu’s message the next day. The reminder of his hardworking, professional to a fault Long-ge taking a break in the middle of work just to send him a birthday greeting at midnight is enough to make his smile turn fond and send his heart skipping several beats.

While waiting for Zhu Yilong to reply, he checks other messages that have come in and thanks everyone for their well wishes. He takes the opportunity to catch up with his family and friends but tries to keep things brief as he does not want to keep anyone up later than intended. By the time he has gotten back to all the birthday messages received, more than an hour has already passed and there is still no new message from Zhu Yilong.

Bai Yu is unable to suppress the disappointment that bubbles up and the pout that’s slowly forming on his face. Exhausted, he decides to relocate to the bedroom so that he can wait for Zhu Yilong in comfort while nestling amongst soft pillows and warm blankets. Bai Yu manages to get in a few rounds of PUBG (that ended in Victory, thank you very much) and by 2AM, he resigns himself to his fate of not getting to welcome Long-ge home.

By the time he hears soft footfalls from outside and the sound of their bedroom door being pushed open, Bai Yu is struggling to keep his eyes open. He vaguely registers someone speaking to him but is unable to make out the words, and finally succumbs to sleep after feeling a soft pressure against his forehead.


Hours later Bai Yu was slowly roused from sleep by the feeling of a hand alternating between petting his head and caressing his cheek. He feels all warm and fuzzy inside and a smile comes unbidden, alerting his partner that he is awake. “Good morning baobei.. I hope you slept well,” Zhu Yilong whispers and steals a quick peck before going back to caressing his cheek. 

When Bai Yu manages to get his eyes open, he sees Zhu Yilong staring at him unabashedly. He stares right back and murmurs a “welcome home” before going in for a proper kiss, morning breaths be damned. They have not seen or touched each other in too long due to various clashing work schedules and now this man has finally returned home to him. How Zhu Yilong had managed to plan and take time off from his hectic schedules to be with him on his birthday, Bai Yu has no idea. All he knows right now is that he has missed this amazing, beautiful man so much and that they needed to be reconnected in every way possible immediately.

Contrary to his wishes, Zhu Yilong takes his time with him, slowly rediscovering every nook and cranny. His talented fingers remap every expanse of skin on display and it leaves Bai Yu gasping for breath, begging for more. Bai Yu is already reduced to a moaning, writhing mess before they even get to the main event. When his Long-ge finally slides home, Bai Yu feels whole again and chokes back on a sob that is threatening to escape. He has to take a moment to catch his breath and blink tears away. 

“What’s wrong?” Zhu Yilong notices and makes an obvious effort to still his hips, only gingerly reaching out to wipe at the tears that remain at the corner of his eyes.

“Nothing, Long-ge.. I.. I missed you so much, and I just really love you,” Bai Yu manages to get the sentence out and flushes despite himself. Those three words never fail to make him feel bashful, no matter how often he has already said them. Zhu Yilong is not faring any better; his ears and neck are turning red and he’s looking anywhere but at Bai Yu. 

“I love you too Xiao Bai,” he replies in such a serious, matter-of-fact tone that Bai Yu feels another wave of affection for him hit shore. He lets out a delighted laugh and grins a little cheekily before wrapping his limbs tightly around Long-ge and asking him to “please move now”. 

Later when they are both sated and sore, Bai Yu bemoans the fact that he has to ‘suffer’ on his birthday but is unable to refute Zhu Yilong’s “but you were begging for it so earnestly, how could I refuse you?”. He can only shove at and turn away from Long-ge to hide his burning face behind both hands.

“Go away!”

“Why are you stealing my line?” Zhu Yilong giggles and kisses him lightly on his exposed cheek before making to move off the bed. Bai Yu turns his head and attempts to follow Long-ge’s lips before reaching out to grab a hold of his hand.

“Wait, Long-ge.. where are you going?”

“I’m going to get us something to eat,” Zhu Yilong smiles and brings Bai Yu’s hand up to his lips for another soft kiss.

Food! Now that Long-ge brought it up, Bai Yu is indeed feeling a little hungry. He had an early dinner and was hoping to enjoy supper with Long-ge when he returned home but ended up falling asleep instead. Their little morning workout is also contributing to his hunger.

“Is it noodles?! Please tell me it’s noodles!”

Zhu Yilong looks amused by his reaction and chuckles before claiming that it’s a surprise and that he will find out soon enough. “Get some rest first baby,” the term of endearment slips out easily and Bai Yu is inwardly flailing but attempting to appear unaffected on the surface. He doesn’t think he will ever get used to hearing Long-ge call him his baby, baobei, darling..

“My Long-ge is the best! Noodles in bed? What did I do to deserve you? I must be the luckiest man in the world.”

“I am too.. Bai Yu, thank you for being here.”

Zhu Yilong pulls him into a hug and they both take a moment to just enjoy the quiet intimacy before the silence is broken by the loud growling of Bai Yu’s stomach.