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Sweet Wine

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Chongyun shook the other’s shoulders lightly, then more insistently.


Still no response.

Chongyun sighed and quickly looked around the empty restaurant. There were no other customers left to bother and the staff were packing up quickly so Chongyun let himself lean in intimately, lips right next to Xingqiu’s ear.

“Qiu-er?” He breathed, blowing in the other’s ear mischievously right as he was starting to stir.

Xingqiu finally emerged from his blanket of hair, pulling his face away from where it had been resting on his arms. There was a faint red mark from where he had slept heavily on the table, but that was nothing compared to the flush of his entire face.

“You drunkard.” Chongyun grumbled. “Let’s get you home. Xiangling and Hutao, they’ve all gone home already!”

Xingqiu didn’t even seem completely awake, his eyes wandering around instead of focusing on Chongyun. With an aggrieved sigh, Chongyun grabbed Xingqius hands and threw them around his neck so he could heave the other up. Half carrying half dragging the other, Chongyun lead the both of them out onto the quiet side street outside the restaurant, his words rough but his actions soft.

“Just how much did you drink?” He wondered aloud.

“… Chongyun?” Xingqiu asked. It seems like he was finally a little more awake now. “This is a weird dream.” He muttered, allowing Chongyun to drag him.

Firmly, Chongyun put Xingqiu’s legs on the ground and waited for Xingqiu to get his bearings; he wasn’t going to carry the other all the way. “This is real.” He told the other. “They notified me that ‘my lovely Xingqiu’ has had too much to drink and fell asleep. Please come take care of this idiot so we don’t have to.”

“But you never come drink with us.” Xingqiu countered as if this was a perfectly reasonable rebuttal while he walked so slanted that Chongyun slung one of his arms around his own shoulder again. Seriously, how much Xingqiu drunk?

“No, as I value my dignity and my liver. So, I had to come all the way here from where I was enjoying a lovely evening by myself to take care of you.”

“Oh, Head Exorcist, my savior.” Xingqiu said snippily. Clearly not too drunk as to not make bad comebacks, but too drunk to walk straight.

The two of them stumbled onto the main street, Chongyun still heavily supporting Xingqiu. His breath reeked of wine, but there was a subtle and pleasant floral smell, not to mention the warm embrace of the other, so overall Chongyun didn’t mind too much. From an outside perspective though, the two of them walking this way must look quite odd, if not wholly inappropriate.

“People are staring.” Chongyun muttered in the others ear, causing Xingqiu to erupt in a fit of giggles.

“People are always staring.” Xingqiu proclaimed, raising one arm out and gesturing like a storyteller, almost losing his balance in the process. “We’re the two most promising bachelors in Liyue after all.”

“Since when were we bachelors?” Chongyun asked, smiling.

Xingqiu was silent for a moment, the two of them reaching the main plaza, empty except of a few stragglers heading home for the night. He lurched over and planted a wet alcoholic kiss on the corner of Chongyun’s lips before resting his head on the other’s shoulder.

“Take me home.” Xingqiu said, and Chongyun obliged.

They reappeared at the waypoint near the entrance of Qingce village and quietly made their way to the quaint cottage near the back they called their own. Chongyun had left a candle burning when he left and now, it had burned itself down to a stub, casting a faint warm glow on the inside of their house that was predictably a little messy and very heavily stocked with books. Chongyun led Xingqiu to the bed and helped him take off his shoes and socks, folding them carefully and placing them near the front door next to his. Standing up, upon looking at Xingqiu’s face, he couldn’t help but brush the other’s bangs from his forehead and tuck a loose hair behind his ear, small but habitual shows of affection. The dim light of the candle only caught the slightest bit of red from Xingqiu’s cheeks, but in the darkness his eyes looked like fireflies.

Apparently touching others was contagious, as Xingqiu reached up to hold a lock from Chongyun’s ponytail. He toyed with it, watching the light reflect off it and letting Chongyun’s silky hair slide between his fingers.

Chongyun’s eyes softened as he watched his love, and he reached behind Xingqiu’s head, finding and loosening a hairclip that pinned the hair away from Xingqiu’s face. Setting it down at the side of the bed, he massaged the other’s temples; Xingqiu always complained about the tension at the end of the day. Getting up, Chongyun reminded himself to comb through Xingqiu’s hair before they went to bed, but was stopped by a firm tug at the end of his ponytail.

He looked down questioningly at the other, who was cleverly hiding his face from the light.

“I’d better light the fire so your feet don’t get cold at night again.” Chongyun said. “And you’ll feel a lot better once you wipe your face with a warm towel.” He expected that this would be enough for Xingqiu to let him go, as it was usually, but this time it wasn’t.

Chongyun couldn’t help but tease the other a little. “My, is my Qiu-er a clingy drunk after all?”

“If I agree, will you stay?” Xingqiu muttered and it was so cute that Chongyun couldn’t help it, tumbling down with him and pulling him in for a kiss. He nipped lightly at Xingqiu’s lower lip and felt his mouth open, deepening the kiss as Xingqiu squirmed beneath him. Even after so many years of stolen kisses, soft and then casual ones, Chongyun could never ever get enough of Xingqiu. The kiss was only broken when Xingqiu finally tapped out, slapping Chongyun’s side to get his attention.

“Hot! Too hot!” He complained and Chongyun was yet again reminded that Xingqiu still quite full of rice wine, and should probably rest. Sitting back up, he unbuttoned Xingqiu’s coat and helped him shrug it off to the side. Despite still being clothed, the Xingqiu with his long hair loose and lips red and bitten was too much for Chongyun and he had to pinch his own thigh to hold himself back. Xingqiu squinted at him hazily and shifted his hips lewdly, as if inviting him to continue.

“Xingqiu, you’re not in the right mind-“Chongyun started before Xingqiu dragged him down again and bit him rather sharply in the chin.

“In the right mind?” He scolded. “It’s not like we haven’t done this before. And even while tipsy I would only offer myself to you like this.”

Chongyun kissed him lightly on the eyelid in apology, and then kissed his other eyelid for good measure.

“But… aren’t you tired? Or sleepy?” He had fallen asleep in the restaurant after all.

Xingqiu frowned to himself, weighing his two options.

“Why don’t we cuddle for a bit, and tomorrow we can do whatever you want; you can wake me up that way if you so like.” Chongyun conceded, flushing a bit at the end. It was rather unlikely that Xingqiu was going to do anything but wake up with a headache anyways.

Xingqiu finally acquiesced, allowing Chongyun to raise his arms and dress him for bed like a petulant child. Chongyun quickly dressed himself after, and brushed Xingqiu’s care, letting his own hair down too but taking much less time brushing it. He tiptoed barefoot on the cold floor and coaxed a fire in the hearth, and then blew out the candle before settling down next to Xingqiu. He wiggled his cold toes next to Xingqiu’s leg, and the other pulled it away with a grumble. Chongyun had originally planned on kissing Xingqiu again, or at least teasing him about his alcohol tolerance a bit, but in the time it took for Chongyun to get both of them ready for bed, Xingqiu had already fallen asleep. Smiling to himself, Chongyun settled himself around Xingqiu’s back and rested his arm around the other’s waist before closing his eyes.