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BL One Shots

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However much Arthit loved hanging out with his friends during his spare time, sometimes he just wanted to be alone with Kong. They didn’t even need to do something crazy, a simple movie in bed would make him happy. They were both so busy at the moment with work and uni that they barely spent any time together, even when Kong stayed over and that was most nights. He wasn’t the best at telling Kong what he wanted and he’d never admit that he needed more attention from his boyfriend so he tried to drop subtle hints but he wasn’t sure it was working.

A few weeks ago he had seen an advert for a small theatre show being put on in the local park. He has never really been too interested in musicals or plays but he could appreciate the talent and getting to sit under the stars with Kong for a couple hours sounded perfect. But instead of asking directly if Kong would like to go, he decided on just randomly bringing it up in conversation, pretending he’d just seen the advert on his phone or pointing out flyers that they walked past. He had hoped Kong would get the hint but he couldn’t blame him for not being a mind reader so when the night of the show came and Kong said they were meeting everyone at Bright’s bar, Arthit pretended he wasn’t disappointed.

When Kong arrived at his apartment, the younger insisted they walked to Bright’s bar, saying it was a really nice afternoon and he wanted to enjoy it. Arthit went along with it even though he knew how far the bar was and that it’d be dark and they’d both be worn out by the time they got there. But five minutes away from the apartment and Kong turned down a different street. That particular street leading to the park, the lights from the make shift stage already visible in the distance. Arthit just followed silently, a small smile on his face.

By the time they reached the entrance, Arthit’s hand was laced with Kong’s and he had a wide smile on his face. “I didn’t think we would actually come here. You seemed so uninterested whenever I mentioned it.”

Kong laughed. “I actually brought the tickets before that. You relentlessly mentioning it was just so funny that I let you carry on.”

Arthit swatted Kong’s shoulder who just laughed more. “Stop teasing me or I’ll go home.”

Leaning closer to Arthit, Kong lowered his voice to a whisper. “If you leave now you won’t get to cuddle under the stars.”

“Kongpob!” Arthit whispered, pushing him away gently. He turned his head away from Kong but couldn’t help the small smile that made its way on to his face.

Kong and Arthit did in fact cuddle during the show. Arthit chose seats at the back specifically for that reason, although he wouldn’t tell Kong that. He’d told him he didn’t want to be so close to the speakers but Kong knew better.

After the show was over, they made their way to their favourite food stall that was less than ten minutes away from Arthit’s apartment. While they were eating they chatted about random stuff and since they were both free the next day, Arthit asked Kong to stay over. Kong nearly dragged them both back to Arthit’s without eating when he heard that.

Once they were getting ready to leave, Arthit decided to be bold and hold Kong’s hand again. He didn’t know where the confidence had come from today but the happy look on his boyfriends face was so worth it. Walking down the empty road, Kong brought their hands up to his mouth and kissed Arthit‘s knuckles softly. Arthit smiled and decided this had been a perfect night and nothing could change that.

Except for two guys emerging from a dark alleyway and following them down the street. Arthit noticed them first and squeezed Kong’s hand to get his attention. He squeezed back instantly and they started walking a bit quicker without drawing too much attention. In usual circumstances, Arthit would have dropped Kong’s hand by now but for some reason the vibe he was getting from the two men just made him want to hold on tighter.

“Looks like we’ve got ourselves a couple of fairies,” one guy said, prompting both to start laughing.

Kong stopped abruptly, Arthit’s hand falling from his grip. He turned around to see Kong already facing the men. Now that Arthit could see them, he could see they were definitely bigger than him and Kong and he didn’t like the odds.

“What did you just say?” Kong asked, anger evident in his voice.

Arthit grabbed his arm, trying to get his attention. “Please let’s go. They’re not worth it.”

This clearly angered the smaller of the two as he took a couple of steps forward and pushed at Arthit’s chest, sending him straight on to the floor. Arthit took a couple of seconds to react and by the time he looked up, Kong was positively red in the face.

Kong shoved the man back, who stumbled for a few steps before he regained his balance. He swung out, attempting to punch Kong who expertly blocked the hit, pushing the guys arm to the side and landing a punch of his own right to his jaw. Before he could even react, Kong swept his leg around and pulled the guys leg from under him, sending him crashing to the floor cradling his jaw.

Kong only had a second to breath before the other was coming towards him. Kong stepped forward on one foot, bringing the other up and twisting to strike him square in the chest. Once he was winded and laying on the floor next to his friend, Arthit looked up at Kong. He looked as composed as when they left the food stand and not a single hair was out of place.

“Never put your hands on my boyfriend again or you’ll regret it,” Kong spat angrily before turning to Arthit, his face instantly softening.

“Are you okay? Can you walk?” He asked, helping Arthit to stand up. He just nodded silently and leant on his boyfriend slightly as they walked back to his apartment, paying no more attention to the two bodies laying on the floor.

Once they were back in the apartment and had showered and changed, they laid in bed and put a movie on but Kong couldn’t help but notice Arthit had been silent the whole time.

“What I did before, did that scare you?” Kong asked gently, turning to face Arthit.

Arthit thought for a moment before shaking his head. “I was just surprised, that’s all. I didn’t know you could do all that.”

“I’ve done Muay Thai since I was little. My parents put me in it when I was young to learn the skill,” Kong explained, running his fingers through Arthit’s hair. “It helps me relax so I still practice it now at the gym. You could come if you want, I can show you a few moves.”

Arthit just nodded and cuddled up to Kong, enjoying being closer to his boyfriend again and feeling protected.