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BL One Shots

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Team recieved a text from Win just as he left his last class, asking if he'd be home soon. 'Home' was Win's dorm but ever since they became official almost a year ago, Team had slept there nearly every night.

Responding that he'd be back soon, he picked up some food for them both and hurried back. When he opened the door to Win's room, he expected to see the older boy laying in bed or sat at his desk. Insted, he was met with an empty room and the sound of the shower running. Hoping to join his boyfriend, he quickly put the food away but before he opened the bathroom door, he noticed an open parcel on the bed.

Curious, he walked over, peering inside. His eyes instantly widened, pulling the items out and laying them on the bed. Laid out in front of him was a blindfold and some rope. Running his fingers over them, he noticed how soft they both were, especially the rope. Why had Win brought these?

Putting them back in the box, he walked over to the bathroom, knocking before peaking his head in. "Room for one more?"

Win jumped slightly in surprise but instantly relaxed and nodded, a soft smile on his face. Team stripped off and climbed in the shower, Win's arms instinctively going around his waist to pull him into a hug. They stayed like that for a while, running soft hands up and down each others backs.

They helped wash each other, exchanging lazy kisses in between before Team decided to speak up while Win washed his hair. "Hia?"

Win just hummed in response so Team continued. "Why is there a box on the bed with a blindfold and rope inside?"

Win's hands stilled in Team's hair. Team waited for his boyfriend to say something but when he didn't, Team turned around to face him, taking his hands into his own.

"Talk to me Hia," Team pleaded.

"It's just something I've been interested in trying for a while. I didn't know how to bring it up, to ask. I saw those online and had already brought them before I realised what I was doing. I’m sorry you saw them before I had a chance to say anything. I forgot I left it there,” Win explained.

"You want to use them on me?" Team questioned.

Win just nodded. He expected Team to say no, which he would've been fine with. They have a pretty active sex life and there was definitely nothing wrong with how they were doing things now. But they'd never used things during sex so this would be new for both of them.

"Okay," Team agreed after silently thinking for a moment.

Win’s mouth opened in shock, staring wide eyed at his boyfriend. "Really? You want to try it?"

Team smiled, shrugging his shoulders. Usually he'd be the one to shy away from intimate conversations like these, so Team's confidence is what shocked Win the most. "Sure. I don't mind trying new things with you, Hia. That's what couples do. Plus I know I'll be safe with you, whatever we try."

Win thought he couldn't possibly love Team anymore than he already did but he was proved wrong in that moment. Win's heart started beating faster. Team feeling safe with him no matter what, was his biggest achievement. Holding Team tight every time he had a nightmare had served it's purpose.

"I love you," Win told him, pulling him into a sweet kiss.

"Come on, let's get out before we prune. I brought dinner. Let's eat then you can do what ever you want," Team winked, stepping out the shower, wrapping a towel around his waist. He didn't even need to look down to know Win would be ready to go right now. The expression on his face told enough. Team laughed, chucking a towel to Win. "Hurry up, I've had a long day, I could do with some attention."

Win just stood stunned once again as Team left the room. His boyfriends forwardness was definitely not helping his situation. He looked down, cursing. "This is going to be a long night."

The food was set out by the time Win emerged from the bathroom and Team had changed into just a pair of boxers. Win did the same before sitting down to eat. Both boys ate in record time, cleaning up quickly before moving to sit on the edge of the bed.

Win pulled the items out of the box, holding them in his hands. Team could sense his hesitation, not wanting to do anything that could possibly make his boyfriend uncomfortable.

Team took the blindfold and rope and placed them on the bed behind them. Pulling Win into a kiss, they stayed there for a moment, hands gently roaming each others bodies. Team pulled back to look into Win's eyes. "I trust you, Hia."

Team could see Win's pupils dilate at his words. Leaning back in, they kissed again, getting more heated the longer they stayed there. They pulled away, both breathless. Win rubbed a thumb over Team's flushed cheeks, the other moving down to palm him through his boxers. Team gasped at the contact, bucking into Win's hand. Team's hand moved to touch Win but it was pushed away.

"Hia! " Team whined.

"Shh," Win whispered. "Let me take care of you baby."

All Team could do was nod rapidly. Win pushed him back gently until he was laying on the bed. Win picked up the rope, pulling at it until it was straight.

"Arms up," Win demanded. Team did what he asked, immediately lifting both arms above his head, gripping a post on the headboard. Win got to work tying his wrists. He pulled it tight but made sure Team could also move slightly.

“Is that okay?" Win asked Team from above him. Team tugged his wrists, happy that the rope was soft and not uncomfortable. Surprisingly, the feeling of being restricted just turned him on more. He nodded to tell Win he was fine.

Win picked the blindfold up next and Team lifted his head straight away, despite being most nervous about that. Win slipped it on the back of his head, resting it on his forehead for a moment. He crawled down the bed further to look into Team's eyes.

“I love you," Win leaned in, placing a soft kiss on Team's lips.

"I love you too," Team replied before Win pulled the blindfold over his eyes.

Team felt movement on the bed, unable to tell what Win was doing. The weight on the bed left for a moment and Team started to panic, pulling slightly on the restraints. A second later, Win returned, straddling Team. He placed one hand on the side of his face, Team leaning into it as the other ran comfortingly up and down Team's side.

"Don't worry, I'm here. I was just grabbing a hair tie,” Win told him, bending down to start kissing his boyfriends neck.

Team melted into the touch, wanting to run his hands through Win's hair, but unable to. Win trailed kisses down Team’s neck and chest, sucking on the spots he knew made Team weak, bruises forming as he went.

Win knew one of Team's most sensitive places was his nipples. Blowing on one before taking it into his mouth, he swirled his tongue around the nub, biting gently. Team's back arched off the bed as Win pinched the other, rolling it in between his thumb and finger. Win continued working on his chest, Team a writhing mess underneath him. Win bit harder on Team's nipple, tugging on it slightly, causing Team's back to arch off the bed again, coming in his boxers with a shout. "Hia!”

Win pulled back in shock, looking down at his panting boyfriend. "Fuck, that was so hot. I will definitely be filing that knowledge away."

Team laughed weakly, his breathing calming as he came down from his high. Win moved lower down Team's body, removing his boxers. Team jumped as he felt Win's mouth on him, licking him clean, growing hard again. Once he was done, he lifted Team's knees and settled himself on his stomach between them.

Looking up at Team, he blew on his entrance, watching as Team pulled so hard on the restraints that the headboard creaked.

"Shit," Team cursed, body tense.

Win smirked, moving further in. He licked a long strip along Team's entrance, holding his hips so he couldn't move. He continued doing this until Team had relaxed enough for him to slip his tongue inside, along with a finger. He stretched Team painfully slow, adding two more fingers gradually. Team squirmed from his position, trying to get Win's fingers deeper.

"Hia, please!" Team cried. "More."

Win obliged, pushing his fingers in as deep as he could, curling them until he scraped Team's prostate, making the younger boy gasp. He kept pumping his fingers in and out, brushing Team's prostate with nearly every thrust, making him cry out.

"Hia. Shit," Team panted, trying to pull his arms free. The blindfold over his eyes just heightening the sensations. "God... too much."

Win carried on, bringing Team closer to the edge. Letting go of Team's hip, he grabbed his length, stroking him quickly.

"Shit. Hia. Wait. Please," Team gasped between breaths. Win carried on, enjoying the noises his boyfriend was making. "Win. Stop, please."

Win stopped immediately after hearing his own name, which sounded weird coming out of Team's mouth. He pulled his fingers out and let go of his length, looking up at Team to see him desperately pulling on the restraints.

"Team? Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" Win asked worriedly, crawling up to cup Team's cheek.

“Take these off please," Team pleaded, still pulling on the rape. Win gently pulled the blindfold off to reveal Team's pupils blown. He made quick work of untying the rope and as soon as it was off, Team grabbed his face pulling him into a messy kiss, hands dropping to roam all over Win's body.

"I need you, Hia," Team said in between breathless kisses. Win pulled back just enough to kick off his boxers, lining himself up with Team's entrance and pushing in slowly.

Both boys groaned at the feeling, Team gripping on tightly to Win's shoulders as Win's hands went either side of Team's head to hold himself up.

“Move please,” Team requested. Win did as he was told, pulling almost all the way out before plunging back in. Two thrusts later and Team was coming between them, over both their chests. Win let him ride out his orgasm before moving to pull out.

"No! Don't stop Hia. I want you inside me," Team confessed.

Wins eyes went wide, pupils blown as he took in Team's words. He was only ever this bold during sex and Win loved it. Win continued thrusting into Team, drawing little whines out of his boyfriend from his over sensitivity. As he got close, Team pulled him in for another kiss. Win broke away first, dropping his head to Team's shoulder.

Team brought his hand up to run through Win's hair. He turned his head slightly to whisper when he knew Win was getting close. "Come in me, baby."

Win groaned and came inside his boyfriend, the sensation sending Team over the edge for the third time that night. Win did a few more weak thrusts before collapsing on top of Team, the younger boys arms stroking down his back and through his hair.

Once Win had caught his breath he placed a sweet kiss on Team's lips before getting up to run a both for them both, adding some bubbles. When it was ready, Win returned back to the bed, picking up Team and carrying him to the bathroom, gently lowering him into the warm water. He climbed in after, sitting behind Team and pulling him back to rest against his chest.

Team shuffled until his side was pressed against Win's chest. Resting his head on Win's shoulder, he sighed contently.

"You okay, baby? I didn't hurt you did I?" Win asked, concerned.

Team smiled into Win's neck. "No. I'm a bit sore but you didn't hurt me. That was amazing, thank you Hia."

"I'm glad. It didn't make you uncomfortable then?”

Team lifted his head to look him in the eyes, cupping his cheek. “Not at all. I loved it, I just like seeing your face and being able to touch you," Team confessed shyly.

Win leant into his touch, wrapping his arms tighter around his waist. "Thank you for asking me though. You take such good care of me."

Win leant down to kiss his boyfriend softly, a beaming smile on his face. "I'll always take care of you.”