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BL One Shots

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Rome had been out looking for Pick for at least half an hour. It had gotten really dark and as he searched more of the woods, he began hearing noises. He wasn't one to get scared easily but being alone in the dark was pretty nerve wracking.

He stopped suddenly, hearing rustling in the trees around him. He tried to listen to exactly where it was coming from but the wind blowing the trees was throwing him off.

Despite being alone, he couldn't help the feeling that he was being watched and the unnerving feeling was just getting stronger.

"P'Pick,” Rome called weakly into the darkness.

He heard something louder behind him and stilled. He probably had a split second to decide whether he should run or scream,and since his feet were firmly planted to the ground, screaming was his only option.

Just as he opened his mouth, he felt a hand clamp over it, another at the base of his back. His eyes widened in fear but he instantly relaxed when the person spoke.

"It's okay. It's just me," Pick said, releasing his hand. "Why are you out here alone?"

"Me? What about you?" Rome questioned, turning to face Pick fully. "P'Din and I got back to the tent and you weren't there. I was worried so we came looking for you."

"Where is Din anyway?" Pick asked, hoping he wasn't close by.

"He went a different way but he's probably back at the tent by now. Come on, let's go back," Rome said, moving to walk in the direction of the camp site but Pick's hand on his wrist stopped him.

"Wait. Before we go back, can we talk?" Pick asked desperately. Rome just nodded, a questioning look on his face.

"When I woke up earlier and you weren't there, l got jealous. I thought about how you were out with Din alone. So I came looking for you," Pick took a deep breath, his hand sliding down from it's place on Rome's wrist to take his hand. "I came here to spend time with you and all I've done is push you away by being an asshole the minute the trip started. I'm really sorry for the way I acted. I'll make it up to you, I promise."

Rome just stared up at him, not sure what to say. A million questions ran through his head but he settled on, "Why were you jealous?"

"Because..." Pick stopped for a moment, gathering the courage to confess his feeling to Rome. "Because I love you. A lot. And I'm sorry it's taken me so long to figure it out. If you still want me, I'd love to be your boyfriend."

Pick looked down, still holding Rome's hand. "But if you want to be with Din, I understa-"

"P’Pick?" Rome said, cutting the taller boy off.


Rome squeezed his hand, "Shut up and kiss me."

Pick's eyes widened before he smiled softly down at the smaller boy. Pulling him close, he slowly leant forward until their lips were almost touching.

"I love you, Rome."

"I love you too, P’Pick," Rome closed the gap between them, standing up on his tiptoes to wrap his arms around Pick's neck.

Pick placed his hands on Rome's waist to steady him and pulled him in impossibly close. The kiss stayed sweet and slow for a few moments before Rome gripped the back of Pick’s hair in one hand and pulled. Pick gasped at the sensation and Rome expertly slipped his tongue into the taller boys mouth. They fought for dominance before Rome eventually gave up and allowed Pick to take control.

With his hands still on Rome's waist, Pick backed him up until Rome's back hit a tree. The torch he'd been holding long forgotten about on the ground, not exactly sure when he’d dropped it.

Pick lifted his leg to rest in between Rome's and noticed how turned on the younger boy was. Leaning in closer, Rome gasped at the feeling, unconsciously rocking himself On Pick’s thigh, breaking the kiss at the same time.

"P’Pick, please," he begged.

"Let me show you how sorry I am, baby," Pick whispered in his ear. "Let me make you feel good."

All Rome could do was nod as he rolled his hips more. Pick slowly lowered his hand, lifting the hem of Rome's shirt. He ran his hand over Rome's smooth stomach before slipping it into the waistband of his trousers. He was nervous, this was the first time he'd ever touched another guy. But looking at Rome in that moment, panting in front of him, he wanted nothing more. Gripping Rome's almost completely hard length in a tight grip, he began pumping him until Rome was a writhing mess, holding on to whatever he could for support.

Rome had his head back against the tree, eyes squeezed shut, bottom lip pulled into his mouth. Pick took the opportunity and leant forward, kissing and sucking on Rome's neck, sure that he'd have multiple bruises forming by the time they were finished.

Rome panted out Pick's name as the taller boy pushed him closer to the edge. Bringing his hands up to Pick's face, he grasped his cheeks, pulling him away from his neck and into another kiss.

"I love you," Pick said in between kisses, lips still pressed together, breathing into each others mouths.

Rome came with a cry of Pick's name, spilling all over his hand. Pick continued stroking him until Rome whined from over sensitivity. Pick pulled his hand out, placing a gentle kiss on Rome's lips before quickly wiping his hand with a tissue from his pocket.

"That was amazing," Rome said, breathless and knees week.

"Come on, let's get back to the tent so you can get cleaned up,” Pick told him, going to take his hand.

“But P’Pick, what about you?" Rome asked, noticing the bulge in Pick's trousers. "Let me h-"

"I'm fine. This was about you. Don't worry about me, it'll go away when I see Din anyway,” Pick chuckled. “Let's go, you still need to eat as well before going to sleep, Do you know the way?”

"Yes, but I don't know if I can walk just yet,” Rome looked dow shyly, legs still shaking.

Pick just walked towards him, turning his back to the younger boy and bending down slightly. "Jump on. I'll carry you."

Rome hesitated for a second before he smiled and climbed on Pick's back. Rome directed Pick back to the camp site and even though he said he could walk after a few minutes, Pick still insisted on carrying him the whole way.

Din was relieved when he saw Rome, even if Pick was carrying him. He looked confused though as Rome rushed off into the tent the second Pick had put him down, only to emerge a few minutes later with different clothes on. He watched the pair for a while, noticing a change in their behaviour before he sighed grumpily, spotting a few bruises on Rome's neck. It was obvious now why they'd taken so long getting back.