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BL One Shots

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It had been just over a week since Team had seen Win properly. Win had exams before their two week break from school and Team had insisted he should sleep in his own room so he didn't distract his boyfriend from studying.

Win had declined saying he would be fine but Team knew himself. He couldn't be in Win's room, looking at him, without needing to have some sort of physical contact so even if it meant he would miss seeing Win, it was better if Team just wasn't there.

Team had wanted to see Win on the Saturday, mostly to just lay in bed and cuddle all day but Win was celebrating the end of exams with Dean and Pruk so Team invited Pharm and Manaow over instead.

Pharm and Manaow had come over early to try and get Team's mind off the fact he hadn't spoken to Win in nearly 24 hours. When that didn't work from inside his room, they decided to drag him outside instead.

As they headed out the apartment building into the car park, they came face to face with Dean and Pruk.

"P'Dean. What're you doing here?" Pharm asked.

"We’re here to get Win." Dean replied.

"I thought he was meeting at yours?" Team questioned.

"He was supposed to, but he didn't turn up and he's not answering his phone." Dean told him.

A panicked look made it's way onto Team's face. "I was texting him yesterday afternoon but haven't heard anything since then. I assumed he just crashed straight after class but he hasn't texted me this morning either."

Without another word, the group turned and made their way back into the building. After taking the lift up, Team walked towards Win's room with purpose, the others followed a few steps behind.

Stopping infront of Win's door, Team knocked a few times, getting no answer.

"Hia? Are you in there?' Team called, knocking again. After still no answer, Team pulled out his key to Win's room and unlocked the door.

Team pushed the door open slightly, peaking in to make sure the others didn't see him changing or something. Team let out a small sigh of relief before turning to his friends, bringing a finger to his lips and pushing the door open more to revel Win still curled up in bed asleep.

Dean let out a little laugh as he rolled his eyes and turned to Pruk. "I guess it's just you and me then."

Team walked into the room and sat on the edge of the bed. "Hia. Wake up, Hia. P'Dean and P’Pruk are here. You were supposed to go out with them today."

Win attempted to open his eyes and made a pained noise in the process. With concern, Team lifted his hand to brush the hair off his boyfriends forehead and gasped when he felt how hot he was.

"Hia! I think you have a fever. Are you sick?"

Win just moaned as he pulled the blanket higher up under his chin.

Team sighed at the sight of his boyfriend wrapped up in his blanket. He was clearly sick and he looked so small and vunerable. Team just wanted to wrap him up in his arms and take care of him until he was better.

Remembering he wasn't the only one in the room, he turned back to their group of friends who were still waiting in the doorway. "I think I'm just going to stay here and look after him if that's okay?"

"Of course. We'll see you both when P’Win's better." Manaow said.

"Yeah. When he wakes up, tell him we'll go out another day instead.” Pruk told him and Dean nodded in agreement.

Team just nodded at them and smiled. Pruk and Manaow left first and Team got up to close the door as the other two turned to leave.

"We hope he feels better soon.” Pharm said, looking back over his shoulder. Turning back around, Pharm linked his hand with Dean's and shuffled closer. "So now we have no plan's, what do you want to do?"

"Oh, I have an idea.”


Team chuckled as he closed the door softly and made his way back to the bed. He slowly ran his fingers through Win's hair like he knew he liked and heard him sigh contentedly in his sleep.

"Don't worry Hia. I'm going to take care of you."