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BL One Shots

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Team knew that Win was a touchy person. Ever since they met, if both boys were together, you could almost guarantee Win had his arm slung over Team’s shoulder. By now Team was used to it. He knew when he saw his boyfriend, Win’s arm would be on him in seconds. It was a comfortable feeling. Reassuring.

Often at times the arm would slip down and find itself wrapped around Team’s waist with Win’s hand resting on his hip. If they were with friends, Team would push him off, pretending to be annoyed at the clinginess. Then later they would be wrapped up in each other’s arms, cuddling on Win’s bed.

He hated to admit it and wasn’t good at expressing his feelings to Win, but he loved when his boyfriend would subtly touch him. If a day went by where he didn’t see him, the lack of contact would leave him in a bad mood.

Team thought by this point that he’d memorised every place Win would touch him. The burning feeling of Win’s fingers on his skin was permanently etched into his mind.

But then one day they were in the car on a Friday night, on the way home after swim practice. Dean and Pharm were in the back seat, Pharm giggling to whatever Dean had said.

Stopping at a red light, without even thinking about it, Win stretched his hand out and rested it on Team’s thigh. Team’s stomach was filled with butterflies at the new feeling.

“Hia!” Team whispered, embarrassed. Pushing his hand off, he glanced to the back seat to thankfully find their friends hadn’t been paying attention.

After they dropped their friends off at Pharm’s dorm, they headed home. Stopping in a bit of light traffic, Win dropped his hand to rest in his lap. A few seconds of contemplating and Team was reaching over, grabbing Win’s hand and placing it back on his thigh.

Facing the window, a blush crept up Team’s neck to his cheeks. Win’s hand gave his thigh a small squeeze before he slowly spread his fingers out, grazing just under the fabric of his shorts. He couldn’t see the smirk on Win’s face but he knew it was there.