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Quartermaster's Truth

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“Sorry it took us so long,” said 004.

Q nodded, pressing his lips together as the agents gathered around him.

“What’s wrong?” asked 003.

“While I’m relieved to see you, I wish you’d waited a bit longer. They gave me an interrogation drug and it hasn’t worn off yet.” Q sighed and rolled his eyes.  “The chances I’ll say something I’ll regret are embarrassingly high. Fortunately, my captors asked terrible questions I could interpret rather narrowly.”

“Are yes or no questions better?” asked 007.

“Yes, somewhat,” said Q gratefully.

“We came in through the loading docks and were planning to leave by the same route,” said 006. “Do you know anything that would override that plan?”

“They have recordings we should collect or destroy,” said Q. “I tried to be vague, but they did get intel.”

“Guessing if you knew what drug they gave you would have named it?” said 003.

Q nodded.

“Any worrying side-effects?” asked 004.

Q shrugged. “First time they’ve administered it.” He shook his head dreamily. “It’s a good drug. If it weren’t for the unintentional candor, I’d be enjoying myself immensely.”

“So, you’re high as a kite?” asked 007.

Q smirked. “Only way to fly.”