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Lena Luthor was five when she first realised angels really exist on earth, and they have golden hair, melodic voice, and a really adorable smile. 

Lena was five and a half when she realised that angels are not real, but aliens are, and that they can have crinkle when they overthink, cry when they see her winced because of a bruise on her arm, and has a very comfy blanket. 

Lena was six when discovered that said alien lived across town and flew to her every other day while being forbidden to do exactly that by her adoptive family because “Kara, no one must know that you exist! You will not be safe!”  

Lena was six and three quarters when she realised that every time she was wrapped in Kara’s blanket, there was a sense of warmth and feeling of safety that could not be replicated by any other blankets. Lillian’s luxurious thousand thread quilt cover or that silky satin that Lex adored did not come remotely close to how Kara’s “Lena, it’s a cape, not a blanket anymore!” blanket felt on her skin, and Lena did not know why. 

Lena was one day before her seventh birthday when she was jolted awake by the nightmare of her mother, her real mother, drowning. The nightmare took her through the confusing days where she did not know what happened, why her mother did not come home, and why the police are at her house after she knocked on the kind old lady’s house next door to ask her about her mom. She sobbed, holding onto the little brown teddy that she brought with her to the Luthors’, one of the last memories of her mother. 

The window rattled, a soft knock against the glass, and Lena peered through her tear-filled eyes to a worried little alien hovering just outside. “Kara!” Lena gasped, scrambling down her bed to open the window for the girl to fly in. Throwing her arms around her best friend, the little brunette cried, tears soaking Kara’s pyjamas. 

“Why are you crying?” the worried blonde asked, arms tightening around the crying girl. “I heard your heartbeat changed, and then the sobs, and I tried to fly here as fast as I could! I think I broke my own record.”

“Nightmare,” Lena muttered across Kara’s neck as she held onto her best friend. “Bad dreams. So bad,” she cried softly. 

Kara hummed, stroking Lena’s back, wishing that she would stop trembling. Using a little super strength, the little alien floated them towards Lena’s bed, not wanting her best friend to catch a cold standing so near the opened window. “I have bad dreams too. Sometimes, I remember my planet exploding when I was tiny,” she whispered. “But Alex told me that all these are things of the past, and it will only get better for me from now on,” she continued, lying down beside the whimpering girl. 

Covering her best friend with her cape, knowing that Lena had taken a liking to that fabric that she insisted is a blanket, Kara smiled at her best friend in the dark. “And to you, I’ll say the same too. It happened, and even so, you’re so loved. By Lionel, Lillian, Lex, and most importantly, me! I’ll always be here to chase away those bad dreams! I am Supergirl!”

Lena giggled, snuggling closer to the alien as she wrapped the blanket around herself. “Thank you, Kara. Well, Supergirl might have saved me from the nightmares, but you are my hero, Kara Danvers.” 




Kara Danvers was twenty-two when she first realised that superheroes did not always mean that they have superpowers and they can be mere selfless humans like her Lena, inventing technology to save the world, and gadgets after gadgets to keep her safe as she does her superheroing.

Kara Danvers was twenty-two and a half when she realised that she was less than selfless and almost doubted her ability to be a superhero after seeing her Lena being approached by their mutual friend to go on a date with, and selfishly wants to keep the brunette to herself. Lena Luthor is her Lena, her stone, her pillar of strength, her sun, and “Kara, you really need to tell Lena you love her. It’s not as though y’all hadn’t been acting like a betrothed couple for the past 16 years.”

 Kara Danvers was twenty-three when she found herself faced with one of her worst nightmares, the Black Mercy , which brought her to places that she dreamt of going, futures that she dreamt of building, and around the person she knew she wanted to build a life with. Shattering her perfect life on Krypton with the love of her life and coming back to the cold DEO was devastating, but facing a crying Lena Luthor, eyes red-rimmed and nose stuffy, one who had been crying for hours thinking there were no ways to get her Kara back, was deadly. 

“Hey, hey Lena, I am back. Please don’t cry,” the superhero whispered as the Black Mercy slithered away, earning itself a kick from Alex.

A sob escaped the young CEO and Kara found herself with an armful of Lena Luthor. “Do n-not, I mean it, Kara Danvers, do not s-scare me like this a-again!” In between sobs came a stern warning, and the blonde girl laughed, tightening her hold against her best friend. 

“You know I can’t promise while I am out there doing superhero stuff,” she teased. “But I’ll try, for you.” 

“I want you to try for yourself. Not for me. No scrap that. Trying is not enough,” Lena replied, lifting her head away from Kara’s neck and shooting her that fatal boardroom CEO glare. 

Kara laughed, leaning her forehead against her best friend. “That glare does not work with me,” she reminded, “Especially not when you looked like that one night before your seventh birthday, face red and eyes brimming with tears. Don’t cry, it breaks my heart to see you sad,” the Kryptonian whispered, wiping the tears away from Lena’s cheeks. 

“If you don’t want to see me cry, don’t throw yourself headfirst into danger anymore? Please. I love you. I am in love with you, Kara Zor-El. I don’t want to lose you,” the brunette said, voice trembling, eyes shut. 

Lena hadn’t expected herself to confess her feelings, not yet, and definitely not in such an unromantic scenario. She was terrified when Alex called a couple of hours ago, telling her that Kara was trapped by a villain and they could not even physically fight that thing off without killing Kara. Rushing out of her meeting, Lena reached the DEO and could only stare at the massive parasite feeding on Kara’s life energy, knowing that there was not enough time for her to invent anything to counter whatever that plant was. 

J’onn had consoled her, telling her that Alex is in the dream-state and helping them bring Kara back. They couldn’t wait, he told her, that the older Danvers had to go in before Kara was in too deep, and they hoped she could convince the blonde to come back to them. “We would send you in, but black mercy does not wait nor slow its control over its victims, and we weren’t sure if it’s safe for you too,” he explained as they stood beside the two sisters, wishing that they could get out of the dream world soon. 

Lena was so close to losing her Kara, the Kara Danvers who had risked her identity and flew across town many times in the middle of the night when they were little just to talk to her,  cuddle with her, and console her on bad nights. The Kara Zor-El who had always believed in her and her technology, allowing her to invent gadgets and modifications to help her as Supergirl, and always there with her trusty blanket even when they are older and night terrors hardly bothered her anymore. 

“I am in love with you too, Lena Luthor,” came the soft reply, two hands cupping the sides of her cheeks, “Open your eyes please.” 

Green meets blue, and the two girls smiled, nose wrinkling in sync. “I love you so much, Lena Luthor,” Kara muttered, “I think I loved you since the first night I saw you. When I was being a rebellious ass and flying around after Alex was being a jerk to me. Two nights before I decided to say hi.” 

“That’s a long time to have loved me,” the brunette teased. “I guess I loved you a little later. Precisely two nights later when a blonde angel decided to say hi and offered her blanket.” 

“For the nine hundredth time, It’s a cape, Lena Luthor.”  

“A blanket, Kara Zor-El. And I love you.” 

“And I, you.”