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Slasher Game Night Would Include

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Billy Lenz, Brahms Heelshire

Game: Scrabble

  • Swear words. Billy's going to use as many of them as possible, the dirtier the better
  • Either that or he'll try to throw down a bunch of random letters and pretend it's a real word
  • Meanwhile Brahms will use lots of long and smart words and will probably end up winning the game
  • Brahms uses Scrabble as a way to brag about how educated he is
  • Billy: "What the hell is a 'mugwump' ?"
  • Brahms: "You're a mugwump. 17 points." 
  • Fighting is encouraged


Bo Sinclair, Billy Loomis, Chromeskull, Vincent Sinclair

Game: Monopoly

  • Bo will bully everyone
  • Take your bets, who flips the board out of anger first (it's Bo)
  • Bo plays as the hat, Billy plays as the boot, Chromeskull plays as the car, Vincent plays as the dog
  • Who let the rich boy play Monopoly
  • Jesse buys any property he lands on, especially the expensive ones
  • They play with money in the middle for free parking
  • Billy sucks at Monopoly
  • Vincent doesn't really know how to play but Billy and Jesse are helping him out
  • Bo and Billy try to steal the other player's money when nobody's looking


John Kramer, Asa Emory, Amanda Young, Mark Hoffman

Game: Mouse Trap

  • These four will roll their eyes when you bring out the Mouse Trap box even though they go absolutely feral over it
  • They'll spend more time setting up the traps rather than playing the actual game
  • They only play this game for the traps
  • John makes up dialogue that he uses for his victim's recordings before the game begins
  • John: "Hello little mice, I want to play a game-"
  • Asa: "Not this again." 


Bubba Sawyer, Jason Voorhees, Thomas Hewitt

Game: Operation

  • Thomas is the only one who manages to remove all the parts without setting off the alarm
  • Bubba's sad because he keeps losing
  • Jason turns the game off before Bubba's turns so that he can finish the game with a few pieces
  • if Pamela could see Jason doing this right now she'd start crying
  • Thomas is really precise and careful - have you seen the craftsmanship that goes into those masks?
  • Bubba is a little more messier than Thomas (You can tell in the stitches) so that explains him losing
  • Props to Jason for being nice


Tiffany Valentine, Stu Macher, Freddy Krueger, Otis Driftwood


  • what the fuck
  • These four will raise hell, they pulled up and chose violence
  • Tiffany goes all out with the set up, candles, crystals, protection sigils, coins
  • Stu will move the planchette on purpose just to mess with the others
  • Freddy will piss off some sort of entity
  • Place your bets, who's getting possessed first
  • Otis believes he is Satan and will pretend to get possessed
  • Meanwhile Freddy is a literal demon who's just sitting there like :I