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Three Cybertronian Hearts To Love

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“Now, let us talk about the lungs, they are-” tapping my pencil against the table while looking out the window as the teacher went on about the lungs, waiting for this boring class to be over. “ Fucking hell… When will this boring class end it’s misery? ” hearing some snickering over the tapping as I looked over my shoulder to see what was causing it. My eyes landed on some girls who stopped and looked away from me as I just rolled my eyes at it, knowing it was just the fake plastic bitches of our college. Biting the inside of my cheek to keep myself from yelling at them as I groaned instead, wanting to leave so badly to do my work “Miss Comer!” the teacher shouted. Jumping a little, turning to them with an annoyed look on my face “Yes?” “Care to answer this question?” looking over the question as I sighed and stood up. “The answer is thymus glands miss,” sitting back down as the teacher shook her head slightly, looking disappointed. 


“Miss Comer, I’m aware that you are highly intelligent but please try to pay attention in my class,” I nodded to that just to get the teacher to shut up, sitting back down. The same girls snickered again but I simply ignored it, looking out the window and to the clear blue sky, which was slowly turning orange. Tapping my fingers against the table as the time flew by, and the bell to dismiss us rang, which caused me to get out of my seat quickly while putting my stuff in my bookbag. Dashing out the door before the teacher could call for me as I nudged my way past people, crouching down slightly due to my unaverage height. Once I was out the front door to the college I made a mad dash to the parking lot, my eyes landing on a black and red leonhardt gunbus ten. Slowing down once I got closer before admiring the motorcycle “Hello lovely,” I said that while getting on it, proud to know I made this thing from blueprints about it.


Grabbing the key on my neck before taking it off it’s chain and placing it in the ingestion before starting it up and placing my key back around the chain back on my neck “Hey baby bear~” my body tensed up. Looking over to a boy, wearing a ripped up black shirt with a star on it, wrinkled jeans and boots, his short black hair with red strikes was pushed back slightly. “ Oh for the love of god, someone please kill me ,” was the only thing I thought as he got closer to me, the stench of strong vodka and rum filled my nostrils. “Aww what’s wrong?~” he asked, smirking and lazy eyed “Don’t you wanna see me baby bear?~” “Dima for the love of god, get through your thick skull that we’re done.” Honestly seemed like he wanted to say something but a high pitched squeaky voice interrupted him. “OH DIMI-WIMI!!!~” I turned my head away to gag as a short girl with long black hair and tan skin ran to him and hugged him, wearing the most revealing clothes to show off her fake breast and ass. 


The clothes were so revealing you might as well consider her naked “ God save me now, ” looking over to them, disgusted by them. He was kissing her on the lips as the scent of alcohol and perfume filled my nose, making cough slightly from the mix of the two items. That caught their attention as they looked over at me “Aww look, it’s the bitch who won’t let me pay what I want for fixing my car~” she sneered, glaring at me. “Listen you whore,” I started, my patience being thin. “You needed a car with a part barely Anyone sells fixed, I did my part and it happened to cost extra, just pay the damn bill.” She growled at me but I rolled my eyes at her idiotic behavior towards me, she just simply needs to pay her debt to me for fixing her car and everything will be dandy. 


“My daddy will hear about this!!!” I scoffed “I know your ‘Daddy’ little girl, he pays me full price unlike a faker like you.” That seemed to get to her as she growled more, looking angry as her left eye twitched slightly, but I couldn’t give a flying fuck if she as mad or not. From the corner of my eye I could see a hand come towards me, catching as I looked down at the now scared girl “Nice try little girl~ But I’m more observant than you.” I was ready to slap the living fuck out of this bitch but Dima got in the way. “Now, now, you two~ No need to fight~ Just let Mia pay what she wants to pay darling~” I wanted to shove my hand down his throat so badly when he said that, but I didn’t since I would rather not get kicked out of the only college here. “Oh hell no, I am not apologizing to some skank that refuses to pay her bill for the work I did,” I said, trying to keep my temper so I didn’t do something rash. She puffed her cheeks and pulled her hand out of mine, pouting like a little child “Aww, is the plastic angry that they’re too poor to pay a simple bill?~”


That made her snap as she tried to attack me but Dima held her back, making me snicker at her attempt “Come to me when you have the money or when you can properly fight.” Turning around on my bike before driving away while flipping them off while Mia screamed her head off, but it got quiet once I reached the first red light. “Jesus, those two are a match made couple for Hell,” while waiting for the light to change I looked around the place I lived in since I was sixteen. This town was nice and peaceful, nothing too chaotic surprisingly when it’s in the state of Nevada but that doesn’t bother me as much. Once the light turned green I started driving again, feeling the wind against my skin and causing my hair to flow slightly as the aroma of flowers filled the air. If one thing made this place better, it would be spring thanks to the shops around here filled with flowers along with other nice things.


“Zero regrets moving here… Well, not entirely zero but close enough,” humming something to pass the time, though it didn’t take me long to get to where I wanted to be. Parking in a empty motorcycle spot as I looked up at the building, walking inside the doors to a police stationary full of life thanks to some dumb fucks. Looking around the station as my eyes landed on a pretty old guy, balding while wearing a police uniform “Hey mister Harnon,” I said, walking over to him. He looked over to me and smiled, his honey brown eyes softening “Hello dear, I imagine you’re here about the car I texted you about?” Nodding my head as he waved me over, following him to an empty room, and once I was inside the room he threw me a folder which I imagine has information about the said car. “Since you take the cars we find to either scrap for parts or to sell for money, we thought this one would be nice,” picking up the folder as he continued. “We saw it earlier this morning and we’ve watched it for five hours, no one’s comed for it so it’s all yours kid.”


Curious to see what kind of car we were dealing with, I opened the folder to see pictures of a red Aston Martin DBS V12 “No way… these things are so expensive!!!” He hummed at that, seeming pleased that I knew what this car was and for it’s price “Well for you, it’s for free so don’t worry about paying us.” I couldn’t believe my own ears “ Is he being serious? ” looking over to see if he was bluffing I could tell that he wasn’t, which made me feel a little better about today. “So, what do you plan on doing with it?” he asked, which did get me to ponder slightly “I’ll either sell it or keep it, no point in scraping a really good car.” Closing the file before placing it in my bookbag “Can I borrow a tow truck of yours? I still haven’t installed a tow system on my bike.” “Of course dear, we’ll bring your bike home while you go get the car,” nodding my head to agree with the idea as I left the room, proud of this new find. “ This could benefit me in the long run if I sell it, but it’s too good to get rid of, ” the ideas on what to do ran through my mind, stepping back into the outside world.


Waiting for Mr. Harnon, I whistled a tune I could recall from my childhood, one of the only things I recall that wasn’t so bitter “Well, I didn’t think I would hear your lovely whistling.” My body flinched as I looked over to see Mr. Harnon “Sorry, I was just waiting for you and-” “Don’t apologize dear, quite love it when you whistle.” Surprised by that, I went quiet and he led the way to the back of the place, opening a gate to a group of cars meant for police work. Smirking as I walked around, soon seeing a tow truck and went over to it “Don’t forget these!” Mr. Harnon called out, tossing me a set of keys. “ These must be for the tow truck, ” I thought, using them to open the door and it worked, getting into the driver's seat as I placed the key into the ignition and turned the truck on. Slowly after making sure everything was good I pulled back, stopping when I thought I fit something, rolling down the window. “Did I hit something?” “No, but you did go into the dip in our lot,” sighing in relief to know I didn’t hit something. 


I turned the wheel to the right, correcting the truck in order to drive out and looked over to the old man “I’ll return this sometime this week, I promise!” he chuckled from what I could see. Waving me off as I drove out of the lot and soon enough onto the streets as the wind cooled the inside of the truck, and I didn’t mind it since I was used to the cold. Stopping at another stop light and taking a deep breath, tapping at the wheel while waiting for the light to change. Glancing down at the radio I sighed and turned the knob, putting on a random radio station to fill in the silence, which was helpful to keep my mind at bay for the moment. Driving from the station to the highway always took a little longer since the station was on the other side of town, and away from the highway. I always hated how long it took, but right now I couldn’t honestly care for it, I was getting something that could change my life forever.


When I saw the sign to the highway show up I quickly followed it, getting on the right street and kept my eyes on the road and around me for that red car to claim as my own. “Hmm… It’s gotta be here somewhere,” taking one glance at the right before looking over, and my eyes landed on the very thing I was searching for. Driving onto the side of the road and parked a few feet away from the car, putting the truck in park and getting out, locking the car behind me so no one could steal it. Walking over to the car I could already tell this car was going to need a serious buffering, but I had to do a quick check on a few other things about the car. Getting on my back before sliding under the car, pulling out a small flashlight in one of the pouches on my belt. Turning it on before looking at the parts, seeing everything was in mint condition “ That's good ,” I thought, getting out from under the car and stood up again and dusted myself off.


Going over to the hood of the car and opening it to check on the engine, which was also in good condition from what I could see and closed it, dusting off my hands. “Alright, everything seems to be in good condition, just needs buffering and it should look as good as new!” Proud of this car, I got to work on getting the car attached to the hook and slowly brought it up so the car would be in the proper position to be towed away. Looking back at the car one more time as this feeling filled my gut “I’m sure this’ll be all fine… I’m sure of it.” Unlocking the truck and getting back into the driver's seat, closing the door behind me before starting up the truck once more so I could get out of here and buff the car. Looking around for any vehicles on the road, seeing none I took my chance and got back on the road so I could start my drive back home.


The sky was now slowly becoming a black color as the stars began to shine, lights popping up everywhere so we could see where things were since humans weren’t evolved to have night vision like cats. Reaching for the radio as I went through some of the channels before looking up at my rearview mirror, seeing the headlights on the car flicker. “What the?!” rubbing my eyes a little to make sure I wasn’t seeing anything weird and off before looking again to see nothing. “Maybe I’m just seeing things since I haven’t slept for a while…” shrugging it off before landing on a station that had a song I liked a lot “Oh hell yes, something I needed to make my mood better,” humming along as I tapped my fingers on the drivers wheel. 


Once the main chorus hit I started to sing “Hey look ma I made it!~” smiling as I continued singing “Hey look ma I made it!~” shaking my shoulders up and down as I bobbed my head slightly. “Everything's comin' up aces, aces~ If it's a dream, don't wake me, don't wake me~ I said hey look ma, I made it!~''Closing my eyes as I kept going. “Friends are happy for me or they're honey-suckle phonies~ Then they celebrate my medals or they wanna take my trophies~ Some are loyal soldiers while these other thorns are rosy~ And if you never know who you can trust then trust me you'll be lonely, oh~.”  “Are you ready for the sequel?~ Ain't you ready for the latest?~ In the garden of evil~ I'm gonna be the greatest~ In a golden cathedral~ I'll be praying for the faithless~ And if you lose, boo-hoo~” Brushing some of my hair away as I kept going. “Hey look ma, I made it!~ Hey look ma, I made it!~ Everything's comin' up aces, aces~ If it's a dream, don't wake me, don't wake me~ I said hey look ma, I made it, I made it!~”


Once the song ended I looked at the road and saw the street to my home appear, turning on my indicator before turning onto the street, driving it to a large house on a hill. “ Home sweet home, ” I thought to myself as I parked in a certain spot, which would make rolling the car into the driveway easier for me. Turning the truck's engine off, getting out of the truck and going to the car so I could unhook it, grabbing my garage remote from the other pouch on my belt. Pressing the button on it as my door slowly opened, getting behind the car and slowly pushing it into the garage, and when it was all the way in I closed the garage door. My garage was my pride, my joy, my workshop which is how I get the money to afford this place, that and for coming from a rich family it made a lot easier for me. Looking to my right my eyes landed on my bike “Least they kept their word… Good for me,” I smiled slightly, but it went away as quick as it came. 


Walking over to one of the tables in the room before scavenging it and finding my plug in buffer, plugging it into the wall before turning it on, and started to buff the car out so it could shine again. Reaching over to a different table as I grabbed my polish, putting some of it on the buffer before getting back to work on my task. Doing this kind of stuff was really peaceful for me since it meant no one could bother me with their idiotic questions, or demands, or whatever the hell people tell me. Pulling away after a few minutes so I could see the finished product “Now whoever got rid of you is going to regret a lot of things for getting rid of you~” I purred, smirking at my perfection of a car. Looking over to my laptop on a different desk I started to think of what to do “Either sell the car… Or keep it… Hmm… I know what to do with you.” Putting the buffer down, getting by the car and grabbing my phone from my pocket as I took a selfie with me by the car, posting it online with the caption ‘just got a new car!’


I watched as my phone began to go crazy with notifications but I didn’t focus on them, as my eyes saw someone on the truck of the car “What the…” walking over to the trunk I saw a symbol on it. “I didn’t see that when I was checking the car… Maybe I couldn’t with how buffed the paint was,” taking a picture of it before going to my laptop. Sitting down in the car by the desk and turning on my laptop, sending the picture from my phone to the computer so I could try and find out what the symbol meant. “I swear if this is a car from a cult I-” I froze when some lights turned on, turning around to the car to see it’s headlights had turned on. “I don’t have the keys to the car…” Slowly standing up and backing away from the desk and to the door which would lead into the house. I wanted to run and call the police, but something in the back of my mind nagged at me about the possibility of the car being gone when they arrived so I stayed.


“Hello?” I called out, seeing if I would get a response from something, but of course, there was no answer to my call so I stood still, watching the car like a hawk watches a mouse. “ Either it was loose wires, someones inside the car… or something I rather not have become a reality, ” that's when I got an idea on what to do. First thing on the agenda was to make sure the car couldn’t move at all, grabbing a wheel clamp from the table besides me “Thank you policemen,” I muttered to myself. Quietly and quickly I placed the clamp on the back right wheel, backing away from the car slowly as I made my way to one of the cabinets in the room. Opening it and looking inside the thing, grabbing a bucket of green paint that easily opened with a flick on a finger. Walking over to the car before standing in front of it, holding the paint “Oh boy, it would be a shame if I dropped this paint on this nice looking car!~” Right after I said that the car started to try and drive away but couldn’t “ So I was right… But there’s no way someone is in that car, ” pondering on what to do before tilting the can towards the car.


“OKAY, OKAY I GET IT!!!” someone shouted, making me jump and pull the can away from the car “Who’s in there?!” I barked, glaring at the car and growled slightly. “There’s no one in this ‘car’ princess~” I growled more when they said princess, putting the can on the desk behind me and stormed to the driver's door. Pulling out the swiss army knife before flicking to a thin like needle, picking the door open and throwing it open so I could look inside it, but there was nobody inside. “What the hell,” backing away from the car and back to my desk as something happened to it, the car changed into something I never imagined I would see. Within a few seconds it became a robotic like creature, the damn thing having to sit down since they were too tall to stand in the garage. Out of shock I pinched my arm and felt the pain “ This isn’t a dream… Then what am I seeing? ” he looked down at me as we made eye contact, his eyes a bright burning red. 


“What… Are you?” I asked, staying away from them the best I could though the place felt smaller thanks to you “I’m a duck in a robot costume kid,” my eye twitched slightly at that. Huffing slightly “I see I have a jokester in my garage,” chuckling darkly before lifting my left arm up, the glove I wore on it soon had it’s matter changed. Once my hand made contact with a handle-like surface I aimed it at him, the whole thing now a sword from somewhere else, and that seemed to have caught their attention. “What the hell?!” they backed away slightly from the weapon as that filled me with satisfaction “I won’t ask again, What Are You.” They glared down at me slightly and groaned “Fine! I'm what you humans call, an alien from another planet.” “Yeah no shit, I can see that, I mean what are you Specifically,” “A cybertronian, and you're holding one of our weaponry!” looking down at the sword as it struck me. Looking over to a picture on the wall as I felt something wet form on my forehead, sliding down it “No… The bastard was right, he was right.” I wanted to punch myself, make it Feel like I was dreaming but I couldn’t “Hello?... Did you go offline?” shaking my head I looked to my captive. “No… Just thinking,” “About?” “It’s not of your damn business big red,” I snarled, glaring at them again as they just seemed confused “Big red? The hell does that mean?”


“I’m pretty sure it's an obvious thing to see, idiot,” I said while using my free hand to suggest their body, they looked down at it and I saw the realization hit them like a semi truck. “Oh… well I have a name,” “Did you ever tell me?” “Did you ever ask?” I wanted to argue back but stopped myself, knowing he was right. Rolling my eyes as I lowered my blade “Fine, what is your name?” they smirked in victory before leaning closer to me “Names Knockout princess~” My eye twitched slightly “Don’t Call Me That,” I growled, annoyed by it “Awww, but it suits you for doing something free for me~” That caught my attention “You think I did that for free?” they nodded their head as I chuckled “I don’t do stuff for free, so you’re gonna have to pay me for what I did.” “I don’t have to-” they stopped when the blade I had was now in their face “Oh but you do, I’m not the kind of person to double cross dear.”


They seemed nervous, but weren’t going to break from that stubbornness “You can either repay me, or I scrap you to make things and fix cars with your parts.” That got them to break “Fine! I’ll repay you… But what do you want in return?” I pondered for a moment before coming to a decision “Knowledge, I want to know everything of your kind as knowledge is power~” Seeming surprised by my answer they soon had a smug look “Fine, but maybe another time, I have a ship to return to or I won’t hear the end of it from Starscream, the prick.” “Starscream?” I thought, deciding to be kind this one time and let him go, taking the wheel clamp off before opening the garage door. “Be back sometime this weekend, I have stuff to do during the rest of the week,” shocked by my kindness, they reconstructed into their car form and drove out of the garage. “Until next time Princess~” they purred, driving away as I growled at the nickname, closing the garage door and walking to my chair in the garage, sitting down in it and groaned loudly. “What the hell did I get myself into?” I asked out loud, grabbing what seemed to be a large animal-like robotic leg and tinkered with it, knowing I wasn’t going to sleep tonight after that meet up.

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“Only five hundred? Well this is some bullshit,” looking down at the twenty five fifty dollar bills in annoyance, and dropping the bills on my blueprint covered coffee table. Looking up at the calendar on the wall by the entrance to the kitchen as I read over the date “September twenty ninth… It’s been two days since I had that strange dream.” After that encounter with Knockout, I assumed it was probably some fever dream since it is impossible for something like them to even exist here. After all, I would rather not give in to my stepfather's superstitions of such a thing as “Alien robot with advanced intelligence and can speak english” ever existing, or I’ll never hear the end of it from him. Standing up and stretching, hearing a few bones pop into place and knocking at my front door “What the…” picking up my phone to reread a conversation I had. “He said they wouldn’t be here till noon, and it’s only eight forty five in the morning,” looking back at the front, thinking about what to do and walked over to it. Touching the door handle, I peeked through the doors peep hole to see a middle aged black man dressed in a nice suit.


“That's way too nice of a suit to be a car salesman… Crap, what did I do this time?” taking a deep breath and pretending to feel tired and annoyed I opened the door. “Hello?” “Hello ma’am, apologises for disturbing you but are you Clare Pauline Comer?” That was the first initial for me that this wasn’t a car salesman. “Yes… But I prefer CC,” he nodded to show his understandment “I see, I would like to discuss something… Private with you,” another red flag entered my mind. “Okay listen bud, I don’t know how you got my name but I’m not-” I stopped when he pulled out something from his pocket and showed me, my body tensing up when I realized it was a government badge. “ He’s a government worker, crap what did I actually do? ” knowing better than to argue with him I moved out of the way to let him inside my home. He walked in and sat on my couch, sitting in my recliner as everything was silent, awkward and silent “CC, is there a possibility you ran into a car like this?” He then showed me a picture of the car from two days ago, a shiver went down my spine though I felt nothing when I saw the picture “How did you get a picture of that, I mean, I did see the car but I believe it was only a fever dream.”


His expression turned to one of annoyance and nervousness “Well, did it do anything Strange?” he had emphasis on the word ‘strange’ “Yes, it became this large robotic like alien and was named ‘Knockout’.” The guy froze when he heard that, his expression unreadable as he took a deep breath “I fear to inform you, but that fever dream you say you had was no dream, it was reality.” My world came crashing down when he said that, if I could feel something, I knew it would be a lot of things like anger, fear, regret, and so much more but I felt only numb. “How? What I saw seems highly unrealistic,” “Well, they exist, I’m in charge of a small group hidden within this very town,” he admitted, handing me a folder. Taking what he offered to me before opening it to see documents of creatures like Knockout, only with different designs. One truck, one motorcycle, one ambulance, one jeep, and a few cars, each with names and so on, reading through each detail as the man in front of me spoke about them.


“The one you met those few nights ago was the Decepticon medic-” “Decepticon?” I asked, finally looking up to him as he caught onto my confusion “Their species is at war with each other, the ones you have just read of are the Autobots who are the good guys in this war.” That made sense, and with that information I could understand these Decepticons were most likely the bad guys of this war, but bringing it to earth was probably the dumbest decision ever made. While trapped within my thought process over the whole ordeal, I hadn’t seen the man pick up a blueprint to observe it “Seeing this, I can presume this isn’t you first time encountering their technology.” Raising an eyebrow I looked over to him to see he held one of my blueprints “Oh… Well, it was actually my stepfather who showed me the tech, he was obsessed and found any remains of their kind to keep.” He didn’t question it, but I could see that he wanted to “I see… Well, I should be going now, we’ll give you some time to make a decision about this.”


Nodding my head once to confirm his words as I walked to my door and opened it for him, as he walked through the door he handed a little piece of paper with a phone number on it. Closing the door once he was gone I looked back to the table covered in blueprints “I should probably finish up the shoes…,” leaving the room and going back into my garage. The place looked more organized than the night before since I cleaned it out, grabbing a black and red boot on the table by my important stuff. Flipping it upside down to see the bottom, small thrusters within it as I grabbed a screwdriver, making sure one of the screws was in right. “Okay, this’ll be good enough,” placing the shoe on the table once more and taking a step back from the table “Gravity off, one foot,” after that was said the shoe floated into the air by twelve inches. Watching it for a while to make sure nothing went wrong, and when nothing did my body relaxed slightly “Gravity on,” the shoe landed back on the table with a thud, thankfully not falling over. 


“I’ll need to make sure it can have a softer landing if I go higher than thirty feet,” grabbing my laptop and typing it down so I could check it another time when needed. Looking up at the time I noticed I still had some time before they came here, deciding to test something before they came, grabbing a large table and opening my garage door before dragging the table outside. Backing away from the table by a few feet before standing still “Fetch,” suddenly, whatever was on the table started to move as it got off the table and stood tall, the tarp on it falling off to reveal a large robotic wolf-like creature. “There you are,” I said, feeling something about this but I couldn’t tell what, Fetch sitting down and looking at me with it’s glowing yellow eyes, waiting for a command on what to do now. Reaching into my pocket before pulling out a small blue crystal that glowed, tossing it pretty far down the road “Fetch, retrieve the crystal,” Fetch stood up and ran to the spot I threw it. Watching them sniff around for a while before picking something up and ran back to me, within it’s jaws was the small crystal I threw.


“Good, your scent detectors are in perfect condition,” I said out loud, rubbing it’s head when they bent down for it, the thing giving a strange purr like sound but I ignored it since it was robotic. Thinking of the next thing I took a few steps back and got in a defensive stance “Fetch, attack,” Fetch immediately tried to sink it’s sharp teeth into me but I blocked it, getting away. Bending back to avoid it’s tail attack, the ends of it’s tail that stuck out were sharpened into blades, dashing to the left to dodge a swing of their right paw with their sharp claws outstretched. I could feel my left glove change it’s form into something and block another tail attack with whatever it was, creating some distance between us so I could see what I had. “ My blade? This’ll be helpful, ” I thought to myself while spinning the sword I held in my hand slightly, getting in a fighting stance while making a plan in my head to win this fight. Jumping to the right to avoid another attack, running at them and going for the attack but they went to the left in order to avoid the swing of my sword “Clever little thing aren’t you?”


They gave a bark sound with a slight hint of static in it, but when we tried to attack each other again, the sound of a car horn went off from the street, looking over to see what was going on. Parked a few feet away from Fetch was a royal blue ford f-150 electric, the door to it opening as someone walked out of the truck, closing the door behind them. My body relaxed when I saw who it was, standing up right “Hello little brother, didn’t think you’d got here ahead of time.” He chuckled, walking over to me as his wavy and poofy long dark brown hair bounced a little “What can I say? There was no morning traffic to deal with today.” His smile was as bright as always, standing a foot away from me and leaned on his left foot, crossing his arms as his chocolate brown eyes were filled with life. “That I’m aware of, thought you’d have some poor guy in an alleyway for a quick fuck,” he flushed and glared at me “Shut it, I’m getting better at controlling those desires.” He pouted but I did nothing about, as the simple action no longer affected me like it had when we were kids, when I could feel emotions. 


I took this as a chance to see his outfit since he had a ‘Fancy but desirable’ outfit choice during most of his life when we discovered he was not straight, but homosexual. Wearing his favorite grayish jade crop top waistcoat with gold buttons, under it was what I could presume a see through sleeveless v neck top since I could see most of his chest, but the stomach area was darker than his skin and felt different. Around his wrist was the same cloth as the waist coat with two golden wristbands holding the cloth on, wearing fishnet gloves underneath the cloth which did fit his character quite a lot. His pants being black shorts with tears in the front with his black garter belts in the front, being held by the brown belt around his waist with it’s golden chain hanging from the right side of it. Attached to the garters were fishnet stockings and he wore his iconic brown boots with cream fur on the ends of it, as he wore a small head piece with a mic on it “Were you playing games in the car?”


He looked away while having a nervous look on his face “Me, with a kid in the truck, pfft, no,” I knew he was lying but I didn’t press it “Speaking of a kid, where is she? I haven’t seen her in two years.” “She’s still in the truck, I’ll grab her,” he walked back to it, opening the passenger door as a little girl jumped out of it and ran to me. “BIG SISSY!!!” She called out, hugging my waist tightly while I just patted her on the head “Hello Olivia dear,” she looked up to me with her bright caribbean blue eyes. Brushing her long blonde hair away from her face slightly to see her better, she giggled and smiled at me, showing her pearly white teeth. “ Good to see she’s taken care of herself ,” I thought, before my eyes landed on something near her eyes which caused something in me to freeze. A scar, three over her right eye and one super close to her left one “ What? These weren’t here when I left, unless He did this ” I couldn’t stop thinking about that. “ Why would he hurt her? She’s just a child who doesn’t know better, did he hit her or through a bottle at her? Why wasn’t I there, Wh- ” “CC?”


Turning to my brother as he sounded concern, having his hand on my shoulder “Are you okay? You blacked out for a second…” moving slightly to get his hand off me before standing tall “I’m alright, just… Thinking.” He must ove gotten the memo and sighed, standing beside me as I watched Olivia play with Fetch, wearing the clothes I made her a few months ago to celebrate her ninth birthday. “Dad threw a bottle at her a few weeks back and it did that on accident… He got me once too,” he said, moving his hair to show a large scar at his hairline that went to his chin. “Blunt force trauma caused ths one, thankfully there’s no brain damage,” he chuckled before looking over to Fetch “Is that your passion project?” I nodded, walking over to them. “Fetch, sit,” they did as told, standing in front of them with my arms crossed behind my back “Your primary objective is to protect those I tell you are friendly, am I understood?” they nodded their head to say yes. “Your secondary objective is to gather whatever I need you to,” another nod as I knew the objectives were saved in it’s memory, and pulled Ben over to me with Olivia going to my side “These two are friendly do not attack. Fetch got close to them, their eyes scanning them one at a time before they started to act more friendly to the both of them, thankfully Olivia giggled and played with them again, her grayish lavender dress twirling slightly. Taking in notice she also wore a sleeveless cropped lime green hoodie, pink tights with red hearts and little brown flats.


Ben sighed and patted me on the back “You did good with this one sis, you did really good…” he smiled and watched Fetch play with Olivia like I did, making sure Fetch was careful with them. When the two were done playing I let them inside while Fetch went back into the garage to rest, all three of us walking up the stairs and down a hall before I stopped at two doors, opening them both. “I did my best to decorate them to your liking, so if there’s something off do tell me,” both walked into their room as I pulled out my phone, looking through my notifications. My heart dropped slightly when I saw I had over twenty texts from Dima, though I felt nothing afterwards and just ignored them, blocking his number once more like always. Though an email caught my attention, opening it and reading through the whole thing “ They’re inviting me to This? ” looking up when I heard one of the doors open, seeing Ben came out. “It’s great sis!!! You did a great job with the tastes I have so thank you,” he smiled to me once more and hugged me, though I stood still since I didn’t exactly know the intent of it.


“Also, I’ve been invited to a race that's tonight and I know you can cook so could you watch her tonight?” he went into thought for a moment with the way he stuck out of his tongue. “Well… I suppose, just be back before breakfast okay?” “Alright, I promise,” giving him a pat on the shoulder before going into my room. Walking to my closet I opened the door before grabbing a hanger with a one piece black skin suit with a zipper on the back “Thankfully I washed this a few days ago.” Locking my door before taking off my clothes, throwing them onto my bed and preparing to put on the suit, but I looked over to the mirror and stopped my movements. Looking over my shoulder at all the scars covering my body, each from a different event yet being caused by the same thing. Turning away before I could get distracted and slide into the suit, zipping it up in the back while grabbing a black and cyan face mask and placing it on while shifting through some boxes. “Come one, where is it?” this was meant to be frustrating, but I couldn’t feel the frustration from it, opening a box to find a black and cyan pair of sunglasses.


Picking it up carefully from the box that kept it safe from destruction during the move here and dust, putting them on and pressing a small button on the right side to them. Suddenly the thing glowed a cyan color as the lenses showed me my vital signs along with a lot of other things “These still work, that’s good for me,” pressing the button again to turn them off. Grabbing my red beanie that I threw off while changing and fixed it back onto my head, making sure it went on just right. Doing a quick double check before grabbing my red and striped gloves and rushed out my door, closing it before me before running to the stairs. Sliding down the banister and rushed to my garage, getting inside it and quickly slid onto my motorcycle, taking the key off my neck and stuck it into the ignition and turned it. The motorcycle roared with life, grabbing a small rubber ball on the table besides me and threw it at the garage’s door system. It crashed against the button to open the door, as the door slowly went up while I checked my mirrors to make sure I could see behind me with them.


Backing up down the driveway and onto the road, looking back up to see my brother and sister standing there while waving at me, I waved back before driving down the road and onto the main streets. When the first red light came up I pulled my phone out from one of the suit pockets to make sure I knew what the location was. “Abandon road in the woods? Alright, I can work with this,” putting my phone away right when the light turned green, driving forward while taking a deep breath. Using google maps to find the place was a tricky little thing since it wouldn’t shut up every minute, the temptation to throw a few times was evident. Though in the end I finally started to see groups of people going in the same direction as the race was “ Hmm, that’s more than usual, are there more popular backstreet racers here? ” Slowing my bike down to an average jogging speed as people were going crazy for a few people, myself included “IT’S THE GRAVE ROCKER!!!” someone shouted, pointing to me. Getting to the front of the race where they had the finish line ready, I looked around at my competition and it seemed pretty good, but the car to my left was different. 


Knockout? They race amongst the humans? ” I thought, revving my engine to get their attention and it worked as they revved back to me “Oh my god! Grave rocker has chosen their racing target!!!” Rolling my eyes at that statement since I found it idiotic, pressing the button on my glasses as they activated once more. Cracking my knuckles while they explained the rules to this race “This should be an easy win…” I said under my breath, grabbing the handles of the motorcycle with our starter walking over. They rose a little white cloth into the sky “Three!” engines begin to roar “Two!” I went down on my back slightly while preparing to take off “ONE!!!” After the wave of the cloth everything was quick, I sped off faster than most of the cars there as only Knockout, a truck, and another racing car could keep up with me. Looking behind me at the competition I had done a quick analysis with the glasses “ Okay, this race can be easily won if I just did a few drifts, I can do this ,” I thought, seeing the first turn coming up. Already on the road closer to the turn I quickly turned onto the side with the bike tilting the other way slightly which got me done with it faster than most. 


Everything was going smoothly with the race as I knew I had a good victory in my grasp, but that all changed when I looked behind me again to see Knockout trying to ram someone off the road. “Shit,” looking around for anything that could at least try to help, since this wouldn’t be interesting if someone was rammed off the road, but my glasses came up with a solution. On the next turn I scooped up some mud by a tree and aimed my throw then threw it right at Knockout, which landed on their hood and I know that caught their attention, since they completely stopped trying to ram the one person off the road and started to speed up to me. “Bingo, come on big red, come try and catch me with all you got,” looking behind me as he was right behind me, but this gave me the advantage of the race. Drifting around every turn was easy for me, but I know it had to be hard for him during this as our vehicles were very different in design and ability. Though when I saw the finish line approaching this race had to be under my belt, and I wasn’t about to let the truck I helped out win this. Opening a small panel on the bike to show a small switch, flipping it as I could see the cyan stripes on my suit and mask glow slightly from my peripheral vision. 


Everything was moving much faster than before with this booster going through my rides engine, and within seconds I had passed it, this race was now under my belt for my name. “GRAVE ROCKER HAS WON FIRST PLACE!!!” stopping when I was far enough to watch the others drive by “IN SECOND PLACE WE HAVE THE SILENT RACER, THIRD IS THE MENACING RED, FOURTH IS-.” Blocking the announcer's voice out when Knockout drove past, kicking my break away before following them until we were side by side “What’s with trying to knock off that one truck?” They didn’t answer me but I didn’t give in “Knockout I know it’s you, your paint is a dead give away,” they still didn’t answer me. It took a while for them to finally speak but they did when we were pretty far from everyone else “If you want to get rid of the competition you’ll do anything Princess.” “What did I say about that?” they chuckled and transformed into their robot form, looking down at me “I don’t need to listen to a human.” “You do if they can use your tech idiot,” tossing one of my gloves into the air before it turned into an alien like gun, aiming it at them. They put their hands up slightly but didn’t seem scared by what I did “Don’t you need me for those little questions you have about or species human?” 

Damnit, why do they have to be right? ” I thought, lowering my weapon as they lowered their hands while having a stupid smirk on their face to show their pride. “Talking to you has been fun and all but I need to get going, I have some patients to treat~” with that, they took their car form once more and raced off into the darkness. Rolling my eyes at that before leaving as well into the night, and on the way back home “I really feel like they won’t stop calling me ‘Princess’ for a long time.”  The name didn’t really make me feel, I just don’t like it as much since it reminds me of the past, looking over to my left as the truck I saved from earlier pulled up by me. “Thanks for saving me from that jerk,” they said, sounding feminine “It’s nothing, I play by the rules and if someone else won’t, I’ll just make them.” They hummed and drove off in a different direction than I as I got onto the highway back to Jasper, my new forever home with my two half siblings.

Chapter Text

Getting off the phone with Fowler to confirm when he could come get me, sighing slightly before looking back to my brother and sister from the kitchen while holding my coffee mug. “I can’t keep them within the darkness forever ,” I thought, deciding it would be best to tell them the truth, walking into the dining room where they sat to eat breakfast. Olivia looked up to me and smiled brightly to me “Good morning sissy!!!” her joy dripped through her voice as she went back to eating her breakfast. Sitting down at the table as Ben put his coffee mug down “How was the call?” he asked, tapping his fingers on the table’s surface “It went well… But.” “But what?” he asked, slight concern in his voice and on his face as I simply drank my coffee “But there are some things you two should know of.” They looked at each other then back to me, curious “Recently… I’ve made a discovery that no one at this table would like to hear.” Ben chuckled at my words, probably thinking I was playing around with him “Oh like what? That you’re preg-” “They’re real Ben… the cybertronian crap is Real.”


Everything was dead silent now, Ben stared at me wide eyed and with the most shocked yet horrified face out there “I’m sorry… WHAT?!” he barked, standing up quickly. “T-This is a joke right? Some sick joke?” I lowered my head so I didn’t have to see their faces “I fear not… I ran into one of their kind three nights ago by accident.” Something fell onto the table as everything was back to that dead silence “You did?” Olivia asked to break the silence and I nodded, waiting for something bad to happen. “That’s so cool!!!” Olivia said, bouncing in her seat from what I could hear, I looked up to see her bright smile and bright eyes. “I mean, it sucks to know that our dad was right, but it Is pretty neat that they’re actually real,” Ben said, sitting back down with a nervous yet content face. “What did it look like?” Olivia asked, going back to her pancakes and eggs while I thought about that “Well,” I started, leaning back, “They had a red paint job with gold rims and red eyes, they were named Knockout too.” 


“What kind of name is Knockout?” Ben asked, snickering at the choice of name as I simply shrugged “I have the foggiest idea dear brother, and I mean it when I say that.” Finishing my coffee after that sentence I got out of my seat and went into the kitchen to wash out my mug, humming something while cleaning the mug so I could use it for another time. Listening to my brother and sister talk from the other room about this subject was interesting, mainly because of Olivia’s lack of fear about the creatures. Walking back into the dining room and sitting down at the table “Hey… Why are you telling us this? I thought you’d keep it to yourself” Ben asked, finishing his bacon. Picking up a pen and started on the school work I didn’t finish the night before “There’s a group protected by the government,” I started, finishing a question I stopped last night. “I’m going to check them out today, and I think it would be best if you two came along,” looking over to Ben and Olivia for their opinions on the matter of this situation. Ben seemed nervous over the whole thing, but Olivia seemed rather happy about it “Can we go big brother? Can we please go meet them?”


He was quiet for a moment to probably think over the whole ordeal about this, but when we saw Olivia’s puppy dog eyes I knew he’d snap under them “Okay! Fine… We can go see them.” “Knew it,” I thought to myself, letting Olivia bounce around slightly while I did my school work. Looking between the two before taking a deep breath “They’ll be here soon so go get ready for the trip you two.” The two nodded and got up, Olivia running to the stairs while Ben just walked to them, but I stayed seated so I could finish my work and think. “Hopefully this is a good idea,” I said to myself, finishing the paper rather quickly than I thought I would have. Getting up from the table and placing my work in my backpack, walking to the garage where Fetch was resting, going over to a few black crates I had and opening one of them to get something. Pulling out a few blue glowing crystals and throwing them into a burner, turning it on so the crystals would melt down into a liquid.


While it melted away I got to work on a toy dog that someone broke on accident when playing with it, but I’m just glad enough they brought it in with no whiny kid with them like most do when this happens. The kids always whine and yell at me to do a good job with fixing their damn toy, as if I didn’t know how to even fix a damn toy in the first place. “Most kids are fucking brats,” I muttered, replacing a fired wire with an new one for the little things right back leg so it could function as it’s meant to function. Closing the panels to the wires before reattaching the leg to the body to do a test on it just to make sure the work was right. Grabbing the controller to it and switching it on, listening to the toy appropriate barks it made before doing a small flip, it’s hind leg worked perfectly. “This could earn me about forty, maybe fifty dollars,” looking over the toy one more time before turning it off and leaving it on a separate table, pushing the table outside. Picking up the pen and sticky notes I left on the table earlier in the morning while writing down prices on a few, and left them on different objects on the table.


Finishing the last price before putting it on the robotic toy dog, “That should do it, judging by all of this I should make about three, possibly four hundred dollars combined.” The sound of tires caught my attention as I looked behind me to see a government vehicle coming over, knowing who was in that car I turned completely to it. It stopped a few feet from the driveway and a door opened, soon Fowler came out and looked over to me, closing the door and walking up to me. “I see you’re ready to go,” he said, standing only a foot away from me as I did a simple nod to answer him “I’m just waiting for two more people before I go.” He looked like he was going to question me, but the front door opened right then and there to show Ben and Olivia, all ready to go out and see them. “They’re coming too since they know a lot as well,” he looked annoyed but took a deep breath which I imagine was meant to calm him “Hello, I am William Fowler.”


“Benjamin John Landeros, but just call me Ben,” he then moved Olivia in front of him. “This is our little sister, Olivia Rose Landeros,” she waved to him with a bright smile on her face. “Well since you two know a lot as I am told, it would be best to bring them as well,” he stated, opening a door to the back of the car for us to go in. Ben went in first, then Olivia, and then myself so that way in case something happened we could protect Olivia from any form of harm, Fowler closing the door for us before getting into the front passenger seat. Within seconds we were already on the road to wherever this group of creatures were, looking out the window to watch the scenery go by “ I wonder what they’ll look like, ” I thought. “ Maybe one of them will be red and black, or possibly a rainbow color scheme? ” I kept pondering on what the creatures could possibly look like if they had a vehicle or even a possible plane form. 


What about their heights? They’ll probably be a lot taller than humanity but what exactly would it be? Do they have anything to specify if they could even have a gender identity? ” My mind was racing like a race car in it’s final round to win the trophy for being first, everything was possible but couldn’t be proved unless I had my facts to prove it. Their biology was such a mystery to me and I wanted to solve it like it was my final project for college; it wasn’t but that’s how it felt. Taking a deep breath to calm myself, paying attention to what was going on outside through the windows as I noticed we were coming up to a road that went to the left and the right. “Hey Fowler, shouldn’t the driver be turning on the inditator?” he didn’t answer me as we kept driving forward “ Something isn’t right… ” Leaning towards him so I could speak to the driver, but my voice was caught in my throat as I saw there was no driver in the driver’s seat. “Fowler, what the hell is going on?” once again he didn’t answer me but Ben spoke up “Fowler we need to make a turn or we’ll crash!!!” Looking over to him as he sighed “We won’t crash, just trust me on this,” he sounded serious, looking over my shoulder to see Ben holding Olivia close in case of a crash. I closed my eyes to prepare for the crash and everything after it, but… Nothing happened to us, there was no pain, no fire, and no damage to the truck.


Opening my eyes again to take in the fact we were no in a tunnel, looking behind me to see a door close behind us “A hidden base near the town… Clever.” This part of the drive was short as the truck came to a stop, the doors opening for us, “Isn’t this fancy,” Ben commented while helping Olivia out of the truck since she was shorter than all of us. I got out on the other side of the truck and closed the door behind me, looking around the place “It’s a nice base I’ll say that, but why did you take us here?” Fowler walked in front of the truck so I followed him, but what was in front of me was something I knew I couldn’t be hallucinating. There were more of them, five to be exact as they all looked down at us “Holy Shit…” hearing that as I looked over to my shocked brother and awe-struck sister. I Wanted to hit my brother for swearing in front of a child, but I refrained myself from doing so. That was an appropriate way to respond in this situation, so I looked back to the biggest one there which was red, blue, and grey.


They were looking back down at all of us before they spoke “Fowler, are these the ones that had an encounter with Knockout?” they asked, looking to Fowler for their answer. Fowler groaned before pointing to me “She had the encounter with him and knew of your tech and crap, but these two,” he stopped while pointing to Ben and Olivia. “Also knew about it so she brought them with her” they nodded to show their understanding of the answer before looking back to us. “I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots,” they were going to want to know our names so I sighed quietly “CC, people just call me CC for simplicity's sake.” While Ben and Olivia said their names I looked around the room at the other ones, but one caught my eye, having a darkish yellow, black, white and dark red. Their left eye was covered with some black metal as they seemed rather shocked to see me “Holy shit… You’re that human who saved me last night.” “ Saved them? ” I wanted to inform them they probably had the wrong person but their body changed into the truck I kept from getting rammed off the road during the race. 


“Oh… So I did,” they changed back and knelt down in front of me, offering a finger to shake “Names Lorna,” I shook the finger before hearing something. Turning around to see the truck we came here transformed as well into a more bulked version with grayish green, grey, and black colors “We came here in That?!” Ben barked from shock. They gave what I presumed to be a chuckle while rubbing the back of their neck “Yep! Call me Bulkhead!” looking back to the rest I hadn’t gotten names from while Olivia chatted with Bulkhead. The next one that came a little bit towards me was blue, black and pink with a slight curve around the chest pieces “ Are they female? ” I pondered “Hello human, I am Arcee,” they spoke, having a feminine voice. They then gestured to a yellow, black, and grayish silver bot “That's Bumblebee, they can’t really speak,” to prove her point they waved and made a few sounds “ That reminds me of R2-D2, ” I thought.


After Arcee moved away to greet my brother and sister with Bumblebee I turned my attention to the last one with it’s white and red color palette “ Strange lines… Maybe their alternate form is an ambulance or an emergency vehicle? ” pondering this as they caught on my stare. “I hear it’s impolite to stare at others,” looking away slightly since they caught me staring “Well it’s also impolite to not tell me your name.” Making a grunt-like sound they turned away from me “Ratchet, just call me that,” I hummed at that so they could understand that I understood their request. Looking over to my brother and sister to make sure they were okay, Olivia was being held in the air by Bulkhead who laughed “You remind me of Miko, kid.” My eyes soon met Bens as he seemed confused, we both looked back to Bulkhead, Arcee, and Bumblebee as Bulkhead gasped “We should introduce them to the other humans!” “Other humans? There are more people that now you guys exist?” Ben asked, looking at Optimus and Ratchet, Ratchet groaned and looked back at the large monitor they had “Unfortunately, Yes.” Now that got my curiosity about who these possible humans were, but seeing as they weren’t going to go get them after Bulkheads idea makes it seem meeting them now was not a choice. 


Looking at the time on my phone when I froze up “ Crap, I need to get home to refuel Fetch and my bike, ” I thought, looking at Fowler “Can we leave now? I need to go do some stuff that's urgent.” He looked at me for a moment and sighed before looking at Bulkhead “Take them back for me alright?” they nodded their head before putting Olivia down. Once she was safe on the ground they took their jeep body again and opened their doors for us to get in, but while Olivia and Ben got in I noticed something. Looking to the corner of a dark spot in the base, something had moved in it’s darkness, and for some reason it looked like an animal's tail “ They have an animal here? ” A small chill went down my spine at the thought of an animal being here, slowly turning around to walk to Bulkhead while something felt off in myself, getting into the front seat where the wheel was. Leaving the base before getting on the road system to my home, I looked out my window once more while in deep thought. “Maybe I’m just seeing things again… Hopefully I have some sleeping pills left over from the last time I tried to sleep,” I thought while closing my eyes in hopeful abandonment.

I watched Bulkhead leave before looking to the corner that human CC had been staring into “Come out Fauna, they’re gone now,” I said while looking back to my monitors. With some sounds behind me I looked over to see a small cybertronic girl with fox-like features sitting on the railing behind me for the humans if they wanted to see what was going on the monitors. “I think that one girl saw me….” Fauna said, sounding ashamed slightly, that got me to roll my optics at their wording. “If they did no one but us will believe them about it, not even those decepticons,” “I guess you’re right Ratchet,” they said, moving around till I could see them better. Looking over to them as I took in their very small body with their colors of yellows, whites and bluish grays. “How are the others?” I asked as they made their thinking face like always “Everyone is good, but Maylee keeps acting like a jerk to Reshi and it’s starting to get out of hand.” Nodding to their answer as they had a point, Maylee was an honest nightmare to deal with in the base as they basically tortured everyone here. 


“Is Maylee being a prick again?” Lorna asked while walking to us, Fauna nodded as Lorna groaned slightly “I swear that bot is going to be the end of us.” They had a point about them, I was hoping that one solar cycle we’d just throw them out and let them deal with the world “Maybe one solar cycle we can get rid of them?” Lorna suggested. This was something that sounded pleasant but Fauna sighed “I would but if Mech or the Decepticons found them they’d probably rat us out, almost happened last time.” “ Curse that little vermin, ” I thought while looking back to the monitors to let the other two talk amongst themselves. Reading through some documents on a few possible signs of living autobots was the only thing interesting right now “ Hopefully they won’t be like Wheeljack, ” I thought. “Ratchet, you should go recharge my friend, you’ve been working a lot lately,” looking over to Optimus and his concerned face plate. “I’ll be fine Optimus, we need more soldiers and that’s what I’m looking for,” turning back to the monitors so I could get back to my work, but I felt something on my right servo.


Looking down to see what it was to see a very small servo, my optics followed up the restarlueus and to the face plate as I saw it was Fauna, relaxing slightly when I saw it was them instead of some other bot. “You really should go recharge Ratchet, it’s not good for you if you don’t and you know that,” they said with a serious tone in their voice. Not wanting to test fate when I came to Fauna, going to recharge was my only option here so I did what they wanted, and bergrudingly turned off the monitors. There was no decepticon or mech actively lately that has been concerning me, but for now recharging was more important than thinking on that. “Fine fine, I’ll go recharge, you happy?” I asked, raising my left optic ridge at the two, Fauna nodded while Optimus dermas lifted into a smile. “They seem pleased… I guess that's good,” I thought to myself while I passed them both to get to our rooms here “Wait!” Fauna said to me when I was almost out of the room. Turning slightly around to look down at Fauna “What is it now?” “I want to tell you to have a good recharge!!! I hear from humans that it's a nice thing to say to others,” Caught off guard by their words, I took a step back while looking at them in shock “Ah… Thank you Fauna,” with that I left the room, but something felt off within my spark.


The damn thing pulsated slightly after Fauna said that and didn’t die down when I got to my habitation suite, putting the code to get inside before walking as the doors closed behind me. Walking over to my recharge slab while stuck in my thoughts “Why do I feel like this? It doesn’t make sense…” sitting down on the slab while sighing to myself. Laying on my back while looking at the ceiling “It’s probably a small glitch in my system, I’ll fix it later,” after saying that I allowed my optics to go offline as recharge consumed my mind and body.

Driving all the way to that human's home wasn’t much of a hassle with all those useless vehicons too busy with their work to stop me, and no one else on the blasted ship seemed to care that I had left. Good thing for me, coming to a slow stop on a street leading to a large house on a small cliff where a person played with a large wolf-like cybertronic creature. “ So it can even create our own kind, not just know who our weaponry and technology work, huh? ” I thought, impressed by what I saw. Changing forms before walking over to the human's home and hid behind it, peaking over to see the human look down. Their long brown things that turned black flowing a little from the fast movement they made, still in all the black, white, and red stuff as when we first met. They kept dodging any attack the wolf made while attacking in a way to make it seem like they were training with each other “ Is the human sparring? ” I pondered, moving a little closer to see better. “Sister!” a voice called out, which made the human stop and turn to the source as another human went up to her “You gonna try to sleep tonight?” they asked, their vocalizer making strange noises. 


The first one stayed quiet but nodded to them, seeming to be happy with the first one's answer, the second one hugged her before running back into the ‘garage’ to leave the first one alone. Exhaling out of relief for not being caught as the first one looked to the cybertronic wolf “Fetch, power off,” they said, the wolf laying down before seeming going into recharge. The first human walked back into the thing before coming back with a weirdly shaped thing, it looked like it was made to smash against people, but then a rather beautiful sound came in contact with my audio receptors. “What the…” moving closer without getting too far from my hiding place in order to see them better, so I could see if they made the sound. Their digits were dragging against something over a small hole in the thing, making the sound again to my dismay “ They made that sound? ” I thought. Watching walk over to the edge of the cliff that resided on the other side of the road, they sat down with the thing still in their servo’s. Looking around to make sure no one else could see me, I went over to them but sat on the road so they couldn’t see that I was there with them. “I should practice some guitar, just to make sure I’m not rusty or anything,” they said out loud, most likely to themselves though I heard them loud and clear.


“Oh, hush, my dear, it's been a difficult year~ And terrors don't prey on innocent victims~ Trust me, darling, trust me darling~” They began to say but their vocalizer sounded different now. Playing the thing they had while their voice went along with it was memorizing “It's been a loveless year, I'm a woman of three fears~ Integrity, faith and crocodile tears~ Trust me, darling, trust me, darling~” Looking down at them as their digits went across whatever was on the thing, and they kept saying the words in a weird yet beautiful way “So look me in the eyes, tell me what you see~ Perfect paradise tearing at the seams~ I wish I could escape but I don't wanna fake it~” The wind started to blow and their weird brown to black things moved faintly “Wish I could erase it, make your heart believe~ But I'm a bad liar, bad liar~” Tilting my helm in confusion “Bad liar? What does that even mean?” I pondered “Now you know, now you know~ I'm a bad liar, bad liar, now you know, you're free to go~” With that they stopped while looking at the moon, but for some reason odd my spark was acting off, the way it pulsated in my spark chamber was much different than anything before. Getting away from them and behind their house before they could see me, I looked down at my servos while flexing my digits slightly. 


“What in primus just happened with my spark?” I asked myself quietly as I kept flexing my digits, the only truly odd thing about that moment with my spark was how nice it felt. The way my processor was eased and how I felt every cable relax under their voice, it was like they did something to my very coding that I didn’t even mind. Looking over to see they were gone I made a dash to the road, taking my vehicle form before driving away from the estate so I didn’t get yelled at by Starscream again. I didn’t need that damn bot yelling at me after what that human just did to my spark by using that thing they had and how their vocalizer changed to be more sweeter. “Maybe I have a glitch in my system or something, I should be able to fix it on base,” driving into the outskirts of this strange town before getting linked to a certain comm system. “Soundwave, I need a groundbridge back to base, I believe there might be something wrong with my systems,” after that was said a large blush green portal opened up a few feet away from me. “I’ll come back tomorrow to bother them, it’ll be fun to see how they’ll act” I said slyly before driving through the portal.

Chapter Text

My left optic twitched slightly as I kept glaring at a blue and yellow bot who seemed nervous, lying down on a berth in the medbay on the nemesis while I had my vitals checked on a monitor beside me. “Breakdown, my companion, my I dare to even say my friend… What in the name of Primus do you mean nothing is wrong?!” yelling at the bot who’s hexa-lateral scapula was to me. “I mean there is nothing wrong with you Knockout, calm down before you overheat,” my glare deepened while I sat up, leaning on my restarlueus. “Calm down? Calm down?! Breakdown my spark pulsating for no reason isn’t concerning in the slightest?!” I heard the bot scoff at my reaction, as if I was exaggerating “Listen Knockout, your spark pulsating means you were either really happy or-.” He stopped and seemed to have gone into deep thought about something, which had me curious “Nevermind, knowing you it wouldn’t be possible.” He shrugged off this other possibility like it was nothing to him, while I raised an optic ridged as my curiosity was now piqued, and leaned closer to him. “Or what Breakdown? What is this other option you doubt could be possible for me hm?” he turned his helm away from me, which was to most likely think of how to tell me. Looking over my vitals from the corner of my optics just to make sure what Breakdown said was true, and from what I could read my vitals were completely functional. Sighing quietly with the new knowledge that whatever happened to my spark was not an issue with my systems, but that didn’t falter my curiosity on what else could have caused it. With five cycles passing Breakdown finally looked back to me “The other option is that you have fallen for someone Knockout.”


“WHAT?! ME, IN LOVE-I-NO-THAT CAN’T BE POSSIBLE-” a servo was placed over my dermas while Breakdown hushed me like I was an immature bot, “Don’t get so loud, Soundwave or any other bot could hear you.” He had a point there, with a cycle passing he removed his servo, taking a deep inhale to calm my nerves,“Alright, I’m calm now.” “Good, and now you know why I had doubts on the love you, but not that I think about something, you’ve been leaving a lot so are you doing stuff with that motorcycle autobot?” I couldn’t believe what my audio receptors were catching from my own friend “ Does he think I…? ” my optic twitched once more as I completely lost it. “WHAT?! NO!!! WHAT THE FRAG BREAKDOWN?! WHY WOULD I DO THAT?!” “I was just guessing!!! Are you doing it with that yellow and black bot?!” “NO!!!! I’M NOT DOING IT WITH ANY FRAGGING BOT-” “WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!!!” A third voice yelled at us from the door, looking over to see it was none other than our second in command, Starscream. “ Well frag my life, ” I thought as he came closer to us “Mind telling me why you two are Yelling at each other?” he asked with a raised optic ridge but still looked angry. Looking over to Breakdown as our optics interlocked, I hoped that he’d explain to Starscream what was going on, but instead he stayed quiet, “ Oh you fragging traitor, ” I sneered in my processor before looking back to Starscreak. 


“Well earlier today I had something happen to my body, I thought it was a glitch so I had Breakdown, but it wasn’t a glitch so we think I either got really happy or I… Have fallen for someone.” judging by the way Starscream’s face plating converted into a look of surprise, but it didn’t take long till he started to cackle, “A bot like you?! In love with another, that must be the best joke I’ve heard in vorns!!!” I glared down Starscream as he left while cackling louder. Admittingly, what he had said hurt my pride slightly but unlike me, I wasn’t in a toxic bond with Megatron “At least I’m not a interface toy for the lord now am I?” My audio receptors picked up Breakdown trying not to laugh at what I said, while I simply chuckled before getting off the berth “See you later big guy.” With that I left the medbay and went into deep thought, “ Love? Of all things, why love? Who even could it be? ” with that thought I began to think of every possibility. “ Well… There’s Soundwave… No, he’s too loyal and too obedient to lord Megatron so he can’t be it, ” With all the bots on board it will be hard to tell which ones it would be. “ What about Dreadwing?… No, that bot is way too obedient and loyal to Megatron as well, if he or Soundwave found out about Starcreams and my plan of tyranny we’ll get scrapped. ” Groaning to myself in my processor as I kept listing off bots, “ Maybe it’s Starscream himself? He does have a rather lustrous finish and isn’t really all that bad, ” just thinking about Starscream had my spark pulsate ever so slightly. It didn't pulsate like it had ten joots ago, so it wasn’t Starscream that caused the issue, “ Well it can’t be Breakdown since he’s my friend, I know it’s not one of the vehicons and I don’t even want to consider Airachnid. ” 


My cables tenses up as a shiver went down my bipedalism cord at the thought of not getting anywhere near me let alone loving her like that. With all of those bots out of the way there was only one choice I had left, “ Megatron? Well, he did fight in the pits of Kaon and has a way with him and his anger. ” With him on thought my spark pulsated again but it still wasn’t the same as before, “ Who else could it be? Maybe it’s that human ‘CC’, ” I chuckled at that silly thought. Yet as that thought stirred in the back of my processor a positive energy surged through my em field, stopping right outside the door to communications while going into deep thought once more. “ Well… They seem quite nice for being human, and they're an amazing racer, I should race against them again… She knows how our kind functions since she has that predacon, and she even makes beautiful sounds that could even soothe Megatron. ” While stuck in my processor my spark had started to pulsate the way it had before, snapping me out of it and placing a sevo over my chassis with my vents starting up. “ No… No that can’t be it, a human?! That’s impossible, I don't even like humans, but this one is rather interesting, ” I shook the idea off before walking into the room when the door slid open. Within the room were a monitor system along with a bot slaving over it, keeping an eye on everything as well “Knockout requesting a groundbridge to earth so I can… Think.” The bot stopped doing what they were at the monitors before turning to me, it’s visor hiding it’s entire face plate, an eerily silence filling the air. 


I forgot how weird it gets when talking to Soundwave, ” I thought while we both stood there and did nothing about the other, looking up to Soundwave due to our heights being off. Thankfully after a few cycles passed, a ground bridge had opened up to the left of me, “Took you long enough,” I muttered before walking through it, emerging around a few small mountains near a human city. “ The city where those humans come from? Weird choice, ” I thought, changing into my vehicle form to blend in and getting on the human road systems. Amongst me were other very well painted vehicles, each of different size and colors “ It’s strange how such a disgusting alien race makes very lustrous finishes for their vehicles. ” Slowly yet surely I began to feel much calmer, no autobots chasing me around and no emergency that needed my assistance, but I noticed I was coming up to the road that led to the human who buffed me. I was about to drive past it but an urge came over me and my axles suddenly turned and I got onto the road. “ What the?! I didn’t do that, ” trying to turn around to get off the road yet something didn’t let me do so, as if something was trying to show me something, so in the end I’d allowed it to be. Though while I drove to the only residential place this road led to, I noticed that there was something off with my spark, as if it was telling me something was off. I started to slow down when the large building came into view “Why am I even going here again? I have no reason to even come here.” 


Stopping once outside the garage to the home still by the street, turning my side view mirror to look inside the garage as it looked alright, but instead of seeing the human in there they weren’t there. Well they weren’t but their motorcycle was, along with the smaller human working on something in there “Where’s the other human?” Saying that out loud by accident as the other human looked over to me “Oh! you’re that guy who CC borrowed her new car aren't you?” they asked, walking over to me with a very strange thing over their body “Um… Yes… Yes, I am.” The human smiled brightly and bounced around slightly “ Did… Did she cover for me? ” after a while the human finally stopped but his smile remained, yet he did look slightly skeptical of me,“That’s fantastic! I personally never thought she’d make more friends after what Dima did to her.” Their voice became a little more serious at the end of it, setting off some red flags for me about this ‘Dima’ human, “Yes, we bonded over cars and racing.” Lying to them was my only option to not get caught, “I had an idea that would be the reason, hey can I ask for a favor?” they asked, rubbing the back of their neck. “Sure I suppose, what’s this favor?” I asked to avoid sounding like a jerk, even if this was digging me into a deeper hole of these lies. “My sister had one of her other friends take her to college today, is it okay if you go get her? I’d do it but I need to keep an eye on our little sister.” 


There’s a third human? ” I thought in my processor to avoid sounding weird out loud, turning on my axles slightly “I can go do that, what college do they go to?” I asked while having no idea on what any of this was, they made a chuckle like noise, “It’s the local college on telegraph street, it's near the library and the local pharmacy.” “ I have no idea where any of those places are or what they even are ,” now I knew this hole I dug was too deep yet I couldn’t climb out of it thanks to how deep it got. The best I could do was play along “Alright… I’ll get her back here soon,” turning on my axels before speeding away to keep myself from being discovered. “ Why did I let this happen to me?! I can’t go and do this or I could get caught by an autobot, ” thinking to myself before stopping at a stoplight. I could drive away and just get back onto the Nemesis but thanks to what I said that human they will get the police involved and I’ll be caught. Megatron will have my spark extinguished for exposing us just because I couldn’t say no, yet doing this somehow felt right. “ Maybe I could convince her to join the winning team? She’d be a valuable asset if she can use our weaponry and has a predacon, ” with that plan in mind I slowly drove around this large area for the building the girl was at.


All the humans around here were walking around the place, going in and out of different buildings in groups or alone, “ These humans are so happy, as if blissfully unaware of the dangers coming to them. ” They were so cheerful amongst each other that it bothered me, but I thought back to that human CC, and how they were nowhere being cheerful. They were a cold human yet they could be kind and nice to people they care for or for strangers, just like the time we raced for the first time. I even recalled the time we first met with her buffing me “ Wait… Now that I recall the event, if they hadn’t gotten to me first an Autobot would have, so they saved me. ” If I know things about humans, they save if you get saved by someone you owe them something, so I guess doing this will be my something. Seeing a sign above another stoplight which read ‘Telegraph Street’, “ Welp, found the road, guess I just need to keep an optic out for any specific building. ” Turning onto the road and began to observe the buildings on the road, seeing a few large ones, a group of humans in a parking lot of a large building. “ Would the human be in that group? ” stopping in the middle of the road to take in the group, though none of them looked like the human I wanted. Driving past them since they were probably poking some dead creature with a stick, and the one I was looking for wasn’t in the group. “DIMA STOP!!! YOU’LL KILL HER!!!” someone screamed from the group, turning around from curiosity as the group moved around as I saw what was in the middle.


Within the middle of the group was the human I was looking for, laying on the ground on their back with someone's foot pressed right against their neck as something was pointed to their head. My axles quickly turned to the right and drove into a parking lot without me thinking of anything else, all I could see was that the human, My CC was in danger. “ What do I do?! I can’t transform in public or I’ll blow our cover, ” now that I was closer it looked like the human I was looking for was unable to breathe at all. Along with seeing that I noticed the thing the other human had was something the humans called a gun. “Scrap, if I don’t do anything to help them, they’ll get hurt,” I kept trying to think of a plan but nothing came up with me not getting in some form of trouble about being seen. Though I noticed a small bump in the road right by the human, “ If I drive at the right speed on that bump I could hit the guy and avoid CC as the human is called .” Although this could get me in serious trouble, I could care less as I angled myself at the right angle before going full speed to them. A different human seeing this and shouting at everyone else to run as most of them scattered away from my way, the human with the gun looking at the ones that ran confused. They soon turned to me with a shocked expression when I just hit the bump, feeling something hit my hood and grill with screams filling the air.

Earlier that day… (Warning, this is when most of the sensitive topics are touched so if you can't handle them then do skip this part)

“Thank ya for waitin for Saoirse with me CC,” the girl beside me said, her long red hair in a messy bun along with her bangs tied back, bags under her baby blue eyes from a lack of sleep. I nodded as we walked outside the college together “How’s Jessica?” looking over to her as she had a tired smile “She doin just fine, little tot been trying to kick a ball lately.” Hearing that was good news to me, after what Dima did to her was a relief to know it didn’t hold her back from raising Jessica without him. Looking over at the large dark magenta heart shaped clip in her hair, her dark gray scarf with a light gray stripe flowing behind her slightly. Wearing her favorite ripped sleeve jean jacket above her magenta crop top as the sleeves hung loosely on her shoulders. The dark lavender skirt around her waist being held up by a black belt with a silver clip and silver belt loops, her dark jean thigh high stockings with black stitches on the front. The cream fur on her dark brown boots looked like they got cleaned from the way they shined from the sun slightly as she kept talking about her daughter. She looked over to me and her smile softened “How have your sister and brother been, hm?” “They’ve been good, Olivia’s supposed to be going to middle school next week along with Ben getting a job as well.” She hummed while I grabbed my phone to check my texts, seeing nothing from my brother about a ride home yet, putting my phone away in my black backpack. 


Though right after I did that something was thrown at my head, stumbling forward slightly “CC?! Are you okay darlin?!” The girl went to my side, worried for me. “I’m okay Heather,” looking behind me as a rock laid on the ground a few feet behind us, followed by seeing the rock was snickering that I knew too well. My eyes trailing to none other than Dima himself with his little gang “Hello baby bear~” he called out, walking up to me till we were three feet apart. I could feel Heather run behind me and her shakiness from how she held my arm, letting her hide behind me “What do you want now Dima? Where’s the Whore Mia?” He chuckled before walking around us, like a predator observing it’s prey “Well, she was getting annoying so I left her, god pray for whoever unlucky soul gets that slut next~” he purred in my ear. Rolling my eyes at his reaction before pulling Heather away from them while I walked away “I could care less about what you want from me, but not around Heather, not after what You did to her.” The click of his shoes reminded me of how persistent he was, “Come on~ It was an accident baby bear!~” I stopped in my tracks when I heard that. Turning to him slowly before looking down at him “An Accident? Dima you touched her… Got her pregnant too and you don’t even Want to be involved with your daughter's life.” He snarled slightly, looking at his black nails “She was gonna get touched at some point for the crap she wears,” pulling Heather close as I snarled back at him with fake anger to try and scare him off. He only chuckled in a way that would send shivers down someone’s spine, though I couldn’t care about that since it was a stupid way to scare people. Turning around again to try and walk away but I was stopped, looking down slightly to see a few of Dima’s gang members were blocking the way for us.


Suddenly I felt Heather pull away from my arm harshly, looking over to see two of the members dragging her away as she tried to fight back, Dima slowly got closer to me while his dried laugh filled the air. “Hey boys~ Get a load of this Monster, doesn’t even know how to talk to people,” he sneered at me, the people around me laughing at me. “Get a load of this Train wreck, hairs a mess and she doesn’t even know who she is~ How about I tell you then,” With that he kicked me down onto my back on the ground. My back and elbows started to ache from the sudden jolt of pain after I collided with the ground, but I couldn’t sit up as something heavy was placed against my neck. Looking up to see Dima was stepping down on my throat, refusing to budge no matter how much I pushed his foot up from my neck, he only looked at me like a love sick puppy gone psycho. “Oh my dearest CC, I still love you as you are personally, but your body is disgusting darling,” He shifted my tank top tightly while his face turned into one of disgust. I stayed silent and just looked at him, “Says the man with the personality and body of a trash can,” he glared down at me while some of the guys surrounding us laughed.  Dima didn’t like that since I felt a harsh and sudden pain from my stomach area, feeling something come up to my throat but the sudden action caused me to drop his foot so it could press against my neck again. 


“You should know your Place whore,” he hissed down at me while I choked on whatever was stuck in my throat, though I saw him reach for something in his pocket. With the sudden click I knew exactly what he had within his possession “Whoa, dude, I don’t think this is a good idea-” someone else spoke up but the sound of a slap followed after their voice. “Shut up! You don’t get to tell me what to do,” he snarled and looked down back at me with this sick smile. “Oh my baby bear~ Once you’re dead I’ll turn you into a beautiful Sex Toy~” I couldn’t do anything about this since I couldn’t breathe, and my vision began to turn black. Though suddenly someone shouted “SHIT, EVERYONE MOVE!!!” with that, only I and Dima were left on the road, he looked up at what was wrong before something big crashed right into him and went over me. I could finally breathe again as quickly moved onto my hands and knees, my body quivering as I hurled finally with the mixed taste of vomit and iron in my mouth. Panting as I kept my eyes closed, not wanting to see what it was I threw up since I had a pretty good guess in mind, but in the end I did open my eyes to see my lunch mixed with some of my own blood. “ Welp, there goes my meatball sub from Subway… ” wiping away the dribble from that while getting into a sitting position, looking around to see who got Dima off of me. Surely enough my eyes landed on a red Aston Martin DBS V12, staring at the car as something pounded in my chest “ Is that…


Present…(You can read again here)


“I’m going to need to clean my hood after this, and just hope no one can see what the hell I am,” I thought while slowly pulling away from the now damaged human. A red liquid slowly pulled up around them while I pulled back a little more so my tires wouldn’t get covered in it, “These humans, so easy to damage and break.” The other humans were screaming around me as one with orange stuff on it’s head ran away from the scene “Knockout?” a voice called to me. Turning my side view mirror to see CC staring back at me, a pile of who knows what besides them with their flesh around the area which held their head up seems damaged. 


Opening my driver's door so they could get inside and we could get out of there, they caught on quickly and stood up before running to me, getting inside before slamming the door shut. Turning my axles to the left and started to drive away, humans screaming at us from behind but I couldn’t even care about that, and soon everything went quiet. Driving out of town as CC stared off into the distance from the window “How… Did you find me?” she asked after a few cycles had passed. “Your brother told me, since I went to your place to… Talk,” they sighed while rubbing their head slightly “Of course he would… I suppose I should have told him the truth.” “He?” I asked as they looked back to the radio in the car “Yeah, my brother goes by the he-him pronouns, I go by she-her myself… What about you? Seeing as you're not from earth I’m sure you’ve seen other planets with the same pronouns as ours.” She had a point about that, pulling into a secluded spot so we could hide out for a while “I suppose I’d go by the he-him terms as well,” she gave a same hum at my reply. 

Studying her from my mirror she seemed to be thinking about something, while she was like that I had realized something “Wait… Since I saved her I don’t owe her anything anymore.” I could just leave her here and go back to the nemesis to pretend like this never happened, yet something about that didn’t feel right. “Can you take me home for a bit? I think we need to Chat but I’ll need some stuff with me first,” she finally said after another set of cycles had passed. “Sure, and don’t bother to give me directions or whatever you humans use, I know the way,” once that was said I got back on the road and started my way to her home. What she said sounded threatening, yet I didn’t feel a bit intimidated by it whatsoever, as if her attempts to scare me had no effect on me. As we drove my spark pulsated once more while I was around her and knew she was okay, “ Maybe I just like being around her, she’s not a fragging jerk like most bots on the ship. ” With that in mind I felt a little more relaxed, since being in love with a human would be idiotic and it wouldn’t even work, well at least I don’t think so.

Chapter Text

The drive back to my home was a dead silent drive after what Knockout said, with nothing for Knockout or I even speak of thanks to the culture barrier between us, but hopefully I could fix that if he could stay around a bit longer. “I can’t believe I’m doing this… But if he keeps coming around I might as well show him some stuff,” I thought, watching the scenery pass from the window. This all was so weird for me, one minute I’m on death's road thanks to a psychotic ex I have, next I’m getting saved by an alien car. Leaning my face against the palm of my hand while closing my eyes to focus on my plans for Knockout and I, along with what I should tell my brother about earlier. It didn’t take me long for a plan to appear in my mind about Knockout, but for my brother I knew it would be better to tell him the truth. When I opened my eyes again I noticed we were already on the road leading to my home, seeing no other houses around than mine. The privacy was a nice one about living alone on a small mountain, though that wouldn’t last long with a noisy person like Ben living with me now, but I could handle it. Once we were a few meters from my home Knockout began to slow down before stopping right outside, parking right there as the door next to me opened. “Watch your step princess~” he teased while I got out, turning my head to glare over my shoulder at the radio so I could look mad. He chuckled to himself about the nickname as I closed the door behind me, going to my garage and lifting it open, though I had the remote to open it but I prefer doing it manually if I’m on the outside of it.

The place seemed cleaner than how I left it this morning, “Ben must have cleaned the place up a little… I’ll thank him later,” I thought while I strolled over to a group of boxes nestled in the far left corner of the room. Grabbing a mask from the table by me before I bothered to touch any of the boxes, and I had good reason as when I grabbed the first box a wave of dust puffed up into the air. Using my hand to fan away the dust in case someone else walked in, opening one of my belt pouches before pulling out a box knife, using it to open the box and looked inside the box. A film roller laid inside along with a few other things like old movies and so on “Good thing I kept this stuff…” I muttered before moving the box aside. Going through some other boxes filled with junk I didn’t need, putting two more aside before putting the rest back up, the door to the inside opened up with a click of the door knob. Looking over my shoulder to see my brother with a face showing his concern, “Heather told me what happened, are you okay sister?” he asked, walking over to me and reached for my neck. Taking a step back from his attempt to touch me while grabbing his hand “I’m fine brother… It’s just a sore throat, I can handle it.” His face changed from concern to sadness while gently pulling his hand away from mine “I know… I’m just worried, this is the first time Dima has tried to Kill you! What says this will be his last time?”

He had a point, knowing Dima this will indeed not be his last time at trying to take my life just for his sick ideas, but my years of experience in fighting should keep me safe from his endeavours. “You worry for nothing brother, I can fight so his attempts to me will be futile,” I said while picking a box up, walking over to Knockout with it. Opening his left back door before sliding the box inside as Ben piped in “What are you doing?” turning to him as he had his arms crossed, appearing like a dad seeing his daughter sneaking out of the house. Before I could speak up, Knockout beaten me to it, “She and I are gonna hang out for a while, don’t worry, I don’t do anything to my princess~” A strong urge to dump black paint on filled me but I controlled myself before I could even try to. Ben snickered at what he said “Princess? First time I’m hearing someone call my sister that,” he said with a smile, walking over to us as I could see the new found pep in his step. “Just be home before I’m awake tomorrow, okay sis?” he asked me, patting me on the shoulder slightly, I nodded to him while nudging his hand off of me. Going back into the garage so I could get the two other boxes while the two chatted slightly, my thoughts wrapped around how Knockout kept calling me Princess.

They went quiet when I came back with both boxes, pushing both inside so they all could fit before closing the door “You gonna bring some food with you guys?” Ben asked once more, being the curious boy he was. Exhaling deeply while walking back into the garage before walking through the door that leads into my home and making a beeline into the kitchen, the bottom of my shoes clicking slightly from the polish marble floor. Expensive and well made cutlery filling the kitchen along with the best products from the best companies, passing by most of it and grabbing the handle to our fridge. Opening it while grabbing some bagged sandwiches I made earlier in the morning in case I got hungry during the night while I worked, but now it’s being used for something else. I kept repeating in my head that I could be working while cleaning my backpack out of my school stuff for the food and other necessities like water, yet something in the back of my mind kept telling me this was a better idea. Once done with getting everything together within the black backpack I threw it back on, walking back to the door when something grabbed me by my leg. Looking down quickly while trying to suppress the need to finch, Olivia was hugging my leg as she looked up to me with a bright smile “Hello big sissy!!!” she cheered happily. I hummed in acknowledgement to her, nudging her with my foot slightly as she got the message and moved away “Sorry, I forgot you don’t like to get touched.”

“It’s fine Olivia, and I have to get going-” “On her date~” Ben interrupted, walking into the house from the door behind me, looking over my shoulder to see his smug look with the added smirk. Rolling my eyes at his cocky behavior with Olivia gasping “Really?!” she asked me, starting to bounce around “No, we’re just going somewhere to hang out for a while.” Ben made his iconic ‘Mhm’ sound while ushering Olivia out of the room before leaned over to me “He’s a keeper, I’ll say that much about him,” and with that, Ben left the room as well. His behavior always made me question how he even kept a job, even if he was a pole and exotic dancer for people, he’d still get some drama going on in his work. Walking through the door back into the garage and closing the door behind me, my pace slowed down slightly as I got closer to Knockout. “Your brother is a weird human,” he piped in when I opened the door for the passenger seat, “You’re not wrong but he’s still my brother,” I added in, closing the door once the backpack was secure. Rounding the front of the Knockout as he opened the door to the driver’s seat for me, I mumbled a ‘Thank you’ before sitting down with the door closing when I got comfortable in my spot. Grabbing the wheel as Knockout backed out of the driveway “Why are you grabbing my wheel?” he asked, driving down the road “So no one sees the inside of the car and notices how there was no one driving, idiot.”

He let out a chuckle at what I said, as if I said a rather hilarious joke to him “Well princess, all these windows are dark for a reason~” “What have I told you about the obnoxious nickname already?” I asked, looking at the radio. “What? Well it does suit someone like you~” letting out another chuckle, while I was more curious to what he had meant, “How does ‘Princess’ suit me exactly? Do you even know what it means?” Finally he went quiet with that question, so I leaned against the car door and looked out the window, seeing everything we drove past through the darkly tinted windows. “I searched for the term through your human database after our first encounter, I call you princess because you’re someone of high importance…” Knockout finally said, looking at the radio from the corner of my eyes “Really now?” he hummed to answer my question. “Yes… And you’re kind, sweet, bold, smart and intelligent… Along with being beau-” he went quiet before he finished his sentence. Turning back to the radio as I cocked my eyebrow “What was that?” he chuckled nervously, like he was embarrassed by what he would have said if he hadn’t stopped himself. “Nothing, nothing, so where should we go for this ‘Bonding’ hm?” he asked while we were driving out of town on the highway, while a place did come to mind, there was a slight issue with it. “Yes, I do have a place in mind, but only I know where it is so I’ll have to drive,” of course as I had a good guess, he went quiet, most likely to think of what to do. Yet when I turned on the indicator to turn onto a dirt road, he didn’t stop me, “Is he really letting me drive him? Seems odd for a creature like him to do,” I thought, even though I did have no malice intent for our future interaction.

“Just keep my finish from being ruined will you? I like my paint to be perfect as I am myself~” he had a confident tone to that, as if I didn’t know how to fix his paint when I buffered him almost a week ago. It was tempting to run into a small mountain just to ruin his paint for being cocky, but I kept myself in check since I needed him to have positive thoughts of me. “As long as I can get him to feel positive about me, I can most likely avoid getting hurt by him if we ever encounter each other again,” was all that ran through my head when I realized he had said something. “I’m sorry but could you repeat that, I didn’t hear you,” he scoffed at my request, “You fleshies and your terrible audio receptors, I said there was a sign saying ‘Warning, faulty buildings’ so you better not be leading me to a trap.” “I’m not, it’s just the buildings a few miles away are really old and could tumble at any moment from too much pressure,” I stated carefully. Though I did recall that he said ‘Audio receptors’ “Did he mean my ears?” the thought did make sense since we were both different species, but I might as well tell him the difference. “Also if you meant my ears, I will inform you I have impeccable hearing,” he hummed in acknowledgement of my words. After that he went quiet again so I went back to my thoughts on the whole situation “Maybe I could even convince him to join the others at some point,” doing that would be helpful. My mind trailed back to his reasoning on why he called me princess as something finally clicked in my head “Wait… Did he almost call me beautiful?” shaking the idea off since it wouldn’t make sense, but the thought never left my mind.

“So, you like to race huh?” Knockout asked out of the blue, my eyes staring at the radio “Well… Yes I do, been doing it for most of my youth, and racing here is where I got that nickname ‘Grave rocker’.” Seemed off for a bot like him to bring up my interest in racing, but it did seem to be something we had in common, “How long have you been racing Knockout?” “A few stellar cycles, I think it’s been three since I started when I arrived on earth.” I hummed in acknowledgement, though I had noticed the more sincere tone he took with that “Though I never lost until I met you~ When we can, I’d like to race you again to see who is the better racer~” he purred. “Now that's how you ruin a sincere moment,” I thought to myself instead of saying it out loud “I suppose we could,” that was all I could say. “Great, I’ll let you know when I have the time for it~” “Of course, but I’d like to be the one to choose where the race shall commence,” “I’ll allow that dear princess~” With his final words, we fell into silence once more since we still have that barrier around us from talking more about other topics. To pass the time for my end, I rolled down the window beside me and stuck my head out slightly so I could feel the wind against my face. Closing my eyes as I focused on the sounds around us to make sure no one followed, and since there was nothing but Knockout's wheels kicking up the sand, I knew that at least no one had bothered to follow. The pressure of the wind keeping me awake from possibly passing out while driving, the slight nips of cold to my face working wonders as well. When the wind started to disappear I knew Knockout had to be slowing down for some reason that he did not say, pulling my head back inside in case he felt something was off. When I went to ask I had noticed he came to a full stop, looking back to the window the faulty buildings were now only a few feet away from us “We’re here~” he chimed, with a pleased tone.

The door beside me opened on it’s own as I got out, stretching my arms above my head while some of my bones popped into place, turning my head to look back at Knockout. “Are you able to transform even when there’s stuff inside of you?” “Sure can, just depends on how big it is, or how much stuff there is,” with that knowledge I knew that at least he could transform and have only the backpack in hand. “Open your back doors for me,” “Not until you tell me please first,”I stared at him as my brows furrowed slightly, “Is he seriously going to play the childish game of getting a please first?” this was by far the most childish thing I’ve seen Knockout do. Rolling my eyes as I leaned on one foot, crossing my arms over my chest “Alright… May you please open your back doors,” “Of course my dear princess~” his voice reached a whole new level of cockiness when he said that. Though thankfully he had been true to his words and the back doors opened for me, reaching inside to start taking out the boxes. “Guess fathers ways of raising me did get me somewhere in life,” I thought as I grabbed the first box, the damn thing was rather heavy but I had no difficulty with it. Setting it down besides me before reaching in for the other two, taking them both out individually “Since you can transform with stuff inside you, I trust the backpack will be alright,” I chimed, pushing the boxes away slightly.

“What? Are-... Are you certain? I have a slight awareness that whatever is in this backpack you speak of has items you need to Survive,” he questioned, sounding skeptical about my choice. Scoffing at his skepticism “You have no problem running a car that had people inside it off the road, what’s different about this?” I asked in return, making sure he didn’t know of the truth involving the car he tried running off the road during our first race. He groaned while mumbling something before transforming, turning to me with the backpack in his hand “Are you happy?” he asked, sounding annoyed by what I had him do for me. Pulling a fake smirk while reaching up to retrieve the backpack “Very,” I said when he dropped the backpack into my arms “But you’re going to help me carry these boxes as well.” “What?!” Why can’t you?!” he asked, looking down at me with an annoyed expression “Because I need to see where I’m going, the boxes would get in the way of that.” He wanted to say something but stopped himself, glaring down at me before he picked up the boxes “Where to?” he asked, having an annoyed tone to fit his expression, rolling my eyes at his behavior before walking away. “Hello? Are you going to tell me or-” “Just shut up and follow me,” I snapped at him, not in the mood to deal with an idiot, but thankfully after sometime I could tell he was following me by the vibrations under me and the sound of his feet or whatever they call it hitting the ground.

“You’re rather loud, oddly fits the car type you went with,” I commented, hearing him huff in response to the point out “Well I am made from tons of what you humans call ‘Metal’ so of course I’d be loud.” “I know that, but you are also rather obnoxious when it comes to your pride over your paint, maybe if you weren’t so stuck up you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting scratched,” I said, looking up to him from the corner of my eye. He gasped and almost dropped the boxes, glaring down at me “I’ll have you know my finish is one of a kind!” he barked, getting defensive over his dumb paint. Rolling my eyes at the idiocy he spoke, as if his finish wasn’t able to be recreated, “Oh please,” I started while leaning against an old building, “That finish of yours could be easily recreated if someone studied it long enough.” He opened his mouth to say something, but his jaw snapped shut and he seemed to have gone into deep thought about what I had said, “I guess you aren’t wrong about that my dear…” he finally said after a minute with a defeated tone. “Of course I’m right, it’s a rare thing that I get something wrong, but you can put the boxes down now,” I told him, dropping my backpack by the wall I was leaning on, watching my put the boxes down slowly so nothing would break. Walking over to them as I moved the top one and placed it on the left side of the bottom box, doing the same for the middle but onto the right, opening the middle one to grab the film roller. Taking a look at the building to see how tall it was before walking a good distance away “There’s a white cloth in the box, grab it for me and set it up too,” I told Knockout, setting it up. “If this actually works then someone give me a fucking medal for educating a god damn alien robot,” I thought while I heard a lot of shifting from a cloth and his gears turning, glancing over to see he was trying to put it up but he was using the wrong side.

Groaning as I stopped my work and jogged over to him so I could teach him faster “Wrong side idiot,” I told him while pointing to a set of holes on one side of it “Well you never told me How to put it up.” He snapped back, flipping it over to the right side “Now if you can see the nails, make sure they go through the holes,” he huffed again before putting it on some nails I stuck into the wall a long time again. Walking back to the box before pulling out a film that was about human biology “Thank god I kept all the weird videos dad made in his youth,” I thought, putting the film into the roller. “What are you even going to do with that?” Knockout asked while I plugged in a large battery for it “I’m going to teach you some basic human biology, along with some culture.” He hummed at my words as I started up the old thing, sitting down on the ground by it, I could feel him sit down not too far from me. With a simple drop of more curiosity, I looked over to him to see how he was reacting to the footage, and he oddly enough seemed intrigued by the stuff “So your species call your helms a head?” he asked. “Well, yes… I’m going to take a guess from what you said, you call your heads a helm?” I asked in return, he just simply nodded. It was rather surprising to see him actually acknowledge what was on the tarp “He just keeps surprising me doesn’t he? Maybe he’d be more interesting to keep around than I thought.” He was an odd person, even though he wasn’t even a person on a planet like this, but I couldn’t really care about that since a person is made of their personality and not what they are.

Since he was distracted I finally decided to take a better look at him, and I suppose he wasn’t too awful to look at for being an alien robot. His red armor slightly glistened under the light of the now rising moon along with the light coming from the tarp, just like the rest of his body that had some form of light shined into him. Thanks to the lighting I finally took in notice how only his head, arms, torso and lower part of his legs had red armor on them, “Are the parts that are red the parts he uses to transform into his vehicle form?” I pondered, looking up to his face. He seemed fixated on the video so he wouldn’t catch me staring, there was nothing special about his face but the one thing that had caught my attention was his eyes. The eyes were entirely black, like it was a bottomless pit or the darkest part of the night, but what intrigued me was how even in the darkness of his eyes you could see a single bright red ring inside. It was a rather sharp red, possibly a firebrick red kind of color “His eyes are rather very lovely and interesting to look at,” this was one of the only thoughts running through my head while I felt myself get lost in the mystery of his eyes. Leaning my head against my hand before looking over to the flim playing, and it made me realize I must had been staring so long at him that I had allowed the flim to get to it’s sex ed proportion by pure accident. Jumping up from my spot and going to the thing before stopping it entirely “I apologize deeply for you having to see that-” when I turned to look at him I noticed he had this disturbed and disgusted face that was simply priceless. Staring up at his face as something snapped inside of me, snorting slightly at how he looked so weirded out by what he saw that I couldn’t stop myself and started to-


A sound filled the air that had snapped me out from the traumatized state I was in for seeing humans interfacing and hearing explanations on how it happened, it was light hearted and sweet, like a lovely song from my home planet. Looking down to the human CC, seeing she had what the humans called ‘a hand’ covering her mouth, but that didn’t block the upward tug of her human lips “Is she… Smiling?” Hearing her make the sounds sent a jolt through my body and made my spark vibrate much more, something warm forming on my face plating. She moved her hand away as she got control over herself before she looked up to me “I apologize for laughing at your misery, that was rather immature of him,” she said, rubbing the back of her human neck while I noticed there was a slight pink on her human cheeks. “It’s fine… I suppose my reaction had to be rather funny,” I said, looking at while my processor still tried to wrap around what I had just seen “Is that how these humans create More humans?! disgusting.” Shuddering at the simple images that still slightly flashed over my hud, but the images didn’t block enough of my view to see CC had gone back to the box filled with weird objects. “What are you doing now human?” “If you want to keep your hands I recommend you stop calling me human,” she replied, coming back with another weird smaller box. Closing my intake shut while watching her take whatever was inside the box out, taking the thing in the informational keep and changing them out to “I’m changing the video cassettes so I can at least show you some basic human culture.”

She finally said into the silence after some time had passed “Ah… I see,” with some pressing on the larger thing the information lights up the thing the human called a tarp, but before I could relax the sound of something coming towards us filled my audio receptors. Looking behind us to see a very familiar blue max mrap coming towards us “Oh Cybertron below me… I forgot to turn off my tracker, didn't I?” mumbling to myself as I stood up quickly, hiding the human behind me. “Knockout? The hell are you-” “Stay quiet CC,” I hissed to her, hearing her shut up quickly as the max mrap stopped not too far from us both, transforming into none other than the only friend I have on the damn nemesis, Breakdown. “Knockout? What are you doing out here? I’m surprised that when I checked her signal that you were here and not racing,” Breakdown said, walking closer to us as I simply chuckled. He cocked an optical ridge to me “Ummm… Knocky? Are you okay? You don’t usually act like this,” he reached out to touch me but I leaned away from it “I’m fine, believe me.” Breakdown sighed and lowered his hand down “Anyways, lord Megatron requires you back on the nemesis since-” he stopped talking, staring down at something near my pedes. Cocking my own optical rdige before looking down to see CC had gotten out of hiding for the backpack with stuff she needed to survive, I couldn’t believe my optics as I looked back up to Breakdown, giving a nervous chuckle.

“Are you serious right now?!” I whispered shouted at her since Breakdown seemed to have been caught up in his processor, glaring down at her from the corner of my optic “What? I was hungry and- Oh…” She looked up to the only bot I was hoping would never catch on this. “Knockout… That’s a human,” Breakdown said abruptly, when I looked back at up to him, he looked like he had seen a group of scraplets “I-I know that…” “Then why was it hiding behind your Caldun?!” He barked at me. I tried to think of some form of explanation, but nothing would have worked since Breakdown already saw them, groaning as I knew I had to tell the truth. Right before I could even speak, Breakdown glanced down to the human and his frame tensed up “Breakdown? I swear if you’re trying to scare me I will make sure you be catching a Nova.” Looking down once more to see the human was now pointing one of our own guns at Breakdown, as if she was ready to actually fight him, “SHE CAN USE OUR WEAPONRY TO?! KNOCKOUT WE GOTTA TELL LORD MEGATRON!!!” She looked up at me in confusion, and I couldn’t blame her as I sighed “Fine… We’ll take her, but if you tell lord Megatron about Any of this and I’ll make sure you get recycled.” Breakdown looked at me in disbelief “You wouldn’t do that to your best friend,” he said in confidence before taking a step back “Would-...Would you?” “If you keep testing me then possibly, now go wait over there, I need to do something first.”

He nodded and ran off to some place since I didn’t tell him where to go, kneeling down in front of CC “Listen, since my pal caught you with that, I gotta take you to my lord,” she barely should a flake of emotion but nodded. “Well… at least she won’t kick up a fuss,” I thought to myself, watching her put all the stuff back into it’s box while taking each one to a abandon building, opening a door to the inside of it before pushing each box inside by one at a time. “What are you-” “I don’t want my stuff getting stolen so I’m just gonna hide it here till I can get it again,” she informed me before I could even finish speaking, but I hummed in acknowledgement to her words. Transforming back into my alt form while she closed the door to the abandoned building, grabbing the bag she had and allowed her gun to reform into the thing around her human hand, possibly around her human arm too. Opening my door for the drivers seat to her “Be careful when getting inside Princess~” I teased again, watching her get inside through the mirrors I had “You just love using That as a way to call me, don’t you?” she asked, gripping the wheel slightly. “What can I say, it rather does fit you my dear~” she looked unimpressed by the new nickname I gave her, even though I did hear the nickname from the video she showed me about human biology, which got the other human female there to swoon for them quite a lot. Driving away from the place slowly with Breakdown joining me not to long after I left, hearing him ask for a groundbridge to get back to the nemesis quicker, but I could less that he was doing that.

“Scrap, how am I going to talk my way out of this with Soundwave?” I thought, looking back down to CC who kept a leveled expression and kept her eyes on the road, probably thinking of something. “Heads up, the groundbridge is opening up,” Breakdown warn as the groundbridge opened a hister away from us, “What the Hell is that?” CC asked, gripping the wheel. “That, my dear, is your doorway to our base of operations,” I told her before Breakdown sped up to go through it first, scoffing at his dim-stik behavior, and with the girl gripping at my wheel tightly as if to prepare herself for something, I drove through the groundbridge.

Chapter Text

Only a second after leaving the groundbridge did a wave of dizziness overcome my senses as an urge to pass out filled my mind, but I kept my eyes open while digging my nails into the leather around Knockout's steering wheel, along with taking a deep breath. After a few deep breaths, the feeling slowly went away “Jesus…” mumbling this as I felt something shift inside before my entire surrounding changed, closing my eyes with anticipation running wild within my mind. When some time passed and becoming aware that whatever had me was moving I opened my eyes, and saw Knockout was walking with the other bot besides him who was much taller than him, holding me in his hand. Scooting more into the center of his palm as the height from being off the floor bothered me slightly, my eyes scanning my surroundings as the hall we walked down was a shade of dark purple with glowing red lights all around. The whole environment had an aforementioned feeling of surprise yet interest ran through my nervous system, turning my head to look over at Knockout “I need you to tell me who made this place, I’d love to have a chat with them.” He looked down at me with a smile forming on his face as he opened his mouth to explain something, but was interrupted by a cough, looking over to see the other bot looking at us in confusion, “So… What do we do with it? I don’t think we have anything meant for a human yet, well, minus the chains commander Starscream used on that one human.” Knockout left out a huff while his hand shifted closer to him “First off, CC is a she or her, and second she wouldn’t know how to get around this ship so we don’t need to cage her,” he spoke with an uptight tone, having caught his companion off guard when they took a step back.

“Okay KO…” they started to walk away from us, going down the hall before speaking up again “I’ll tell the lord and commander Starscream through our comms about the human, we’ll see what they’ll do with it-... Her,” with their correction in the air, they were gone. Knockout sighed and turned around to walk the other way down the hall where we once stood in “Fragger, thinking I’d let them put you in a cage…” he said this quietly enough for only him and I to hear “Knockout… What did your pal mean by lord and by a ‘commander Starscream’?” Knockout stopped in his tracks, looking back to him when I noticed he seemed skeptical to answer my question “Well… Commander Starscream is, as the title says, our commander, second in command actually.” I nodded softly to the explanation on one of the titles, but my curiosity for the other title was a little too intriguing, “What about the lord one?” “Well… It’s something we’re ordered to call our leader, though a few of us call them master as well.” A twinge of disgust ran down my spine when I heard the word master, a memory of someone I thought I knew demanding I called them master flashing through my mind. Shaking my head slightly so I could block out the distasteful memory with Knockout returning to walking “Knockout, if I ask something else… Why did you get so riled up when your pal referred to me as ‘it’ and suggested putting me into a cage.” He looked back down to me, making a thoughtful face before he looked away from me, a blue coloring around where I presume his cheeks would be, “Well… I just-... It felt right to do that, I personally don’t know what came over me when I did that.”

“Did he... Get upset over what they said?” I questioned in my mind, looking back to the purple walls whilst thinking more “Why would he get upset if he doesn’t even like humans? Maybe he just likes me over most humans, I wonder how dad-” the train of thought stopped when it came to Him. My breath was caught in my throat when my mind had almost gone to That part of my memories, slowly looking over to the grey metal surface holding me from any possible major or minor injuries, studying myself in the reflection. No matter how hard I squinted at it, I could only see all the traits I had gotten from Him and not my mother: with the only thing remotely related to her was my freckles, my hand moved without my knowledge to touch my face with my thumb rubbing against my cheek. “It still feels like Him…” I muttered while furrowing my brows: a memory of a man holding me close, rubbing my cheek the same way I was while he told me I was okay and there was nothing to worry as the sound of thunder softly rang out in my ears. A melancholy ache filtered through my heart while moving my hand away “I’ll do this for Him, that I can promise… It’s the least I can do,” I thought, clenching the fist near my chest tighter as the new promise I made fueled my determination for this to succeed. My hand returned to support whatever of my weight wasn’t being held in the other hand, turning my head and looking at Knockout, he seemed focused on something while walking through the possibly endless halls as if he knew them like the back of his metal hand. While his steps were loud and short lived, it hadn’t taken me long to notice there was another set: they were quieter and quicker, possibly meaning whoever it was must have been a rather smaller bot, but that wasn’t what really got me thinking.

It was the fact the steps sounded like they were getting Closer to us than farther.

“Shit… Knockout, you need to move faster, now,” I shouted to him, which thankfully snapped him out of his own personal la-la land, “Okay there is no need to shout at me, I can hear you when you speak in a normal voice, and why would I need to move faster?” He asked, looking down to me with confusion written over his face like the most easiest essay anyone could write “Are you really that stupid or you just can’t hear it,” I told him, looking around the best I could to see where our approcher was coming from. “What do you mean- Wait…” he stopped while he seemed to be listening to something, and with the facial expression changing to surprise and worry for Knockout, I knew he had to have heard it finally. “Scrap, frag it all to the pits,” he spoke with an uptight tone, making it clear whoever this was wasn’t someone Knockout likes. “Do you know what’s causing the sound?” I asked, while noticing the slight increase of speed on Knockout's end, “At least he did something I told him to do for once, even if in this case it’s for our own survival.” Even with Knockout moving faster, the second sound didn’t less; it only got louder and more consistent “Knockout will you just tell me what is going on-” looking back at him to only see a silver hand grab him by the shoulder. “Going somewhere doctor?” a voice asked, sounding low and gravely with a high pitch to it with a pair of red eyes looking down at him. Knockout spun on his heel a little too fast as I had to cling to the metal below my just to hopefully not slide near the edge and fall. “Knockout, be a little careful next time when you have a fucking human in your hand-” my words fell short when I looked over th the bot that stopped us, and if any emotion could run through me, it probably would’ve been the emotion known as surprise.

This one was the first one I’ve seen to be physically different; their body was slimmer than the others with a play on different silvers, the only different colors being red and gold, but the main difference was how this one had some form of metal like wings on it’s back. Their red eyes bore into Knockouts as I just stared at them, getting this feeling that things could go south within a few seconds for an odd reason I myself couldn’t quite understand.

“Commander Starscream… What a surprise to see you walking the halls,” Knockout commented with a bitter tone whilst pulling me closer to his frame, “This, is commander Starscream?” I wasn’t sure if I should have been nervous or confused. The other chuckled in response to Knockout’s comment while leaning closer to us, which Knockout took a step back in response “Why, I just wanted to see the Disgusting creature Breakdown wouldn’t shut up about.” Starscream looked at me after speaking to Knockout, their eyes very slightly roaming my frame to study me from where they stood, meanwhile I returned the favor by staring in return noticing the lack of wheels and how his feet were shaped like a familiar heel type. “Are these robot feet or whatever they call them stilettos or is the intense lack of sleep turning me crazy?” I pondered when recalling Ben trying to walk in those, only to get sent to the hospital for a sprained ankle. They scoffed after some time had passed and looked over to Knockout “Seems you've gotten so lonely you’ve seeked Human companionship, rather Pathetic of you doctor” he sneered with a smirk, making Knockout fume at the comment. “It also seems you’ve gone a while without getting your processor fragged out of you by lord Megatron, are they finally done with their toy?” With this comment in the air, the smirk on Starscream features turned into a scowl as they glared at Knockout, “Rather unwise of you to speak of that.. Predicament whilst you have no one who would even Consider a berth partner.” The two kept going back and forth about topics I couldn’t quite understand, which caused this whole cat fight to become boring real quick for my end, and thankfully the Starscream fellow stopped it with a groan before holding their hand out.

“Why the frag are you holding your servo out?” Knockout asked while his bitter tone remained, making Starscream roll their eyes at the anger lacing his voice “Well, lord Megatron has requested Me to bring the human to them since only I know where his quarters are.” Looking back over to Knockout to see him try and say something, but it fell short as the realization could be seen on his face which was followed by confliction about what Starscream had said. Everything soon fell into an awkward silence for the three of us, looking over to Starscream with their face showing their annoyance by every second that passed, “For primus sake Knockout, just give me the fragging human so I can give them to Megatron.” “Not until you tell me you won’t even Try to harm her,” Knockout said bitterly while moving his hand with me on it closer to his frame, Starscream gave a dark chuckle as they glared at Knockout. “Now why would I hurt such a… Important creature, dear doctor?” They tapped one of their other claws on Knockout's chest, making the supposed engine within Knockout rumble as he growled towards Starsceam. “These two must really despise each other,” I speculated whilst eyeing the two of them to see what they’d do, however Knockouts face soon shown nervousness while in the process reached over to Starscream's opened hand with the hand I sat on, tilting his hand over slightly so I’d slide down onto Starscream's hand.

“You better keep her from getting hurt on the way to the lord's quarters commander,” Knockout whispered with an uptight tone towards the other, looking down at me with an apologetic smile before walking away from the two of us. “Did he just… Leave me with a bot that showed hatred to humans alone… With me, a human,” I thought with my brows furrowing down slightly. Starscream walked away from the spot they and Knockout stood in for a while, staying quiet as it felt like they were possibly fast walking? I wouldn’t question the decision to go faster since it meant this would be over quicker, something that would probably be best for me and for what outcome may happen. “This is all absurd,” Starscream started in a hush tone after an interval of silence and me staring at the walls, making it obvious that they were trying to whisper to themself “What is the high and mighty Megatron even thinking? We should just kill this human, and not let it live.” Rolling my eyes with what they said being stupid, even though I knew a part of me agreed about me being dead, “You think I Want to be here?” I asked while faking an annoyed expression, looking up to them just to see their own looking down at me. “Oh great, you heard me… Well I’m not at fault for being caught with the decepticon doctor now am I?” they asked, smirking slightly as if they thought I hadn’t known. “If you think I didn’t know Knockout was your doctor, then you’d be mistaken, I know, I just didn’t care if he was, not any of my business.” That got them flabbergasted with a slight blue coloring coating where human cheeks would be as their larger wings dropped to the sides but stayed wide open, but before I could ask about that, they shook it off and their wings went and got closer to the other.

“Are they… Expressing their emotions through their possible wings?” I pondered as I couldn’t resist staring at them in curiosity and slight awe, which caught Starscream's attention. They shifted their wings slightly as if to see my eyes would trail the movement, and I fell for it with my eyes trailing the movements; I stopped when I heard a chuckle “You must be intrigued by my frame, I am one of the only seekers left after all so I can’t blame you.” Seekers? Does this mean cybertronians have subspecies? looking over to face them with the question running through my mind. “Do cybertronians have subspecies, I never heard of a seeker and I would like to know more?” I asked with curiosity showing in my voice, repositioning my posture to give Starscream my full attention: their larger wings dropping to the sides again with the smaller ones staying up. They seemed surprised by my curiosity and to my dismay, their larger wings going back up as both wings spread apart from each other slightly as I was greeted with none other than a small smile “You're a curious little thing now aren’t you?” They asked, raising the hand holding up a little higher for a closer proximity “What can I say,” I started while shifting once more “I’m a woman who likes to know everything about something.” Starscream’s smile grew wider and became more like a smirk. “Well, since I doubt Megatron will have you killed, how about we make a deal?” they asked with a lowered tone as my interest peaked, “What kind of deal are we talking about here?” They stopped in front of a larger door, turning around to keep their back and wings to the door as if to block off whoever or whatever was inside “If I tell you something of my kind, you will do the same, agreed?”

The deal was an interesting one. I wouldn't lie about that, but a thought crossed my mind on how they could use the information against humanity, however, knowing everything about a seeker could give me an advantage as well “I agree to your terms Starscream.” Now their smile was a full blown smirk with confidence just spilling off of them that it should have concerned me, but I just didn’t feel that way. “If we agree to this deal, then will you tell me what a Seeker is?” I asked to get their attention since they started to stare off into the distance, they shook it off and looked back down to me “Well, seekers are a more elite species due to our frame being the best frame type to take the skies.” Seekers are aerial cybertronians? This kind of information was already a good amount of information to use to my advantage. “Well, human, what is there of your disgrace of a living creature worth knowing?” Rolling my eyes again at how they phrased that “First off I have a name and it’s CC, second off if there's something you want to know, we have pronouns so try using them for once.” Starscream's wings shifted to show their surprise once more with their face changing to fit the emotion “What in the name of Primus are ‘Pronons’?” they asked, saying pronouns wrong in the process which I found somewhat amusing. “It’s pronouns, and they’re used when you don’t want to use the humans name, for example I go by she or her since I am a female, but there's also he or him for a male, and they or them for people who don’t feel like a male or female.”

“I see… Although I seem to recall you referred to the doctor as a ‘he’, any reason why?” Starscream called out, cocking an eyebrow in curiosity “Well, it’s the pronouns he chose for himself.” They nodded slightly, looking to the side as they seemed to be thinking of something, looking away myself to the door Starscream had blocked, seeing how it matched the rest of this place in color, although this one had some form of claw marks in the make. “What could have done that,” they marks were big and seemed to be done by some brute, so I couldn’t believe it was Starscream or Knockout with their claws being thinner “I suppose those male pronouns you humans have would fit myself as well,” Starscream said out of the blue. Looking over to them as they seemed content with what they said “Pardon… Can you repeat that?” I asked while the surprise of their words didn’t leave me exactly “You heard me huma-... CC, I said the male pronouns would be appropriate for me.” He seemed more confident with this choice as he finally turned back to the door, typing something in on the hologram like keypad next to the door, when he finished the door slide open wide. He walked inside with me still in hand, going to a large table in the room before gently placing me down on it and he knelt down to get close to me “Whatever Megatrons tells you to do, just do it, it’ll save you from whatever sadistic ideas they have.” With those words, he got up and left me there as the room was soon shrouded in darkness.

I wanted to say something to see what he had meant, but my words got caught on my tongue when I could hear some heavy footsteps and a loud crash near the room, looking to the door just to see it open again. I scooted back slightly when a much larger bot than any I have seen entered the room, their plating pure silver with hits of purple under it’s plating, they looked over to me with their burning red eyes. “Well well well… What do we have here?” they asked out in the open as the door closed behind them, the lights for the room flickering on to show they were walking to the desk I sat on. “A human? In the lair of Megatron?” They called out with this bitter tone and a rasp, their voice gritty and had an undertone growl to it, “I bet you thought you were real clever trying to harm one of my soldiers with Our weaponry, didn’t you?” The question hung in the open air. I nowhere near eager to reply to the question, which Megatron caught onto very quickly when they turned their helm away from me “Your kind… They Disgust Me.” Their helm turned back to me as I could see the anger burning inside their eyes. “Everything about you just makes me Anger, and it’s because you all don’t deserve to Live, not free like you do now.” To that I scoffed, catching their attention when I looked to the side “That I agree to, most people don’t deserve to live free,” keeping my cool as the bot above me let out a hellish laugh for my opinion.

“No, they don’t…” They walked away slightly, seeing that they also crossed their arms behind them before they turned to look at me “Make no mistake about it, before my time is done on this world: on this Wretched planet, I fully intend on destroying each and everyone one of your kind.” A side of me wanted to say something snarky like ‘Give me a few days to make a list on who should die and you’ll be ready’ or something close to it, but I didn’t when I recalled what Starscream had told me not too long ago. Megatron turned back to me with a knowing look “But… What if we made a deal?” “No, I’m not making a deal with someone like you,” scooting farther onto the desk so they wouldn’t get me so easily if they tried something. They groaned “Oh don’t act like that,” cocking an eyebrow while leaning forward “Don’t act like what?” they glared down at me while walking back over to the desk. “Don’t act you’re too good to take a deal, especially when you're in the presence of the great and powerful Megatron” their voice was laced with a venom that would scare anyone into behaving the way this ‘Megatron’ wants. However, this kind of treatment wouldn’t work on me so I just rolled my eyes once more. There was a sudden thud that made me jump in my spot from the force, looking over where it happened to only see Megatron's hand only a few feet away from me, “And know that I am powerful, beyond measure,” “Oh yeah? Even more powerful than the Autobots?” I asked, before realizing the mistake I had made for bringing them up.

Megatron grew a wide grin as they let out a low chuckle which was enough for me to tell this wasn’t going to end well, not at all “Oh yes, even more powerful than those… Idealistic Autobots… Have you ever wondered why they’re so little in number?” They asked, getting down on one knee to probably see me better all the while I tried to think of what to say, although in the end I just shook my head to say ‘no’ on this topic. Megatron's grin became a sick and twisted smile, showing how his teeth were sharp and pointed, like a dangerous animal from the wild. “It’s because my decepticons destroyed them to the brink of extinction… And we will hunt the human race down to the brink of extinction.” The whole little plan to kill us all seemed like it would work, if only humans weren’t so stubborn then they would succeed in the idea, but I knew in reality they’d only get a good half gone before humans fought back. Megatron moved their hand away from where they slammed it down as they gave me this knowing look “Of course, there can be certain… Deals put in place,” now this had my interest peak. Sitting back when the possibility of danger had lessened “What kind of deals are you talking about?” I asked, pushing some of my hair back from my shoulder “What kind of deals am I talking about? The Slave Kind.” My entire body jumped at the word ‘Slave’, looking up to them like they were insane for even considering that “I-... I beg your pardon?” “You help me, and I put you on the right side of your short history.” They dragged their on the table after answering calmly, making a loud scraping sound that made me cover my ears so the sound didn’t damage my hearing.

“The right side of my short history?” I asked once they finished, confused on what they meant by putting me on the right side of my supposed ‘short history’, their smile got smaller to look more sweet and innocent “Yes, the right side of your short history… Of course, it doesn’t have to be… Painful.” “Painful? What do they by painful… Do they mean death, or something possibly worse than death?” This “It can actually be mildly enjoyable, being a slave to the Decepticons, it’s much better than fighting with those Autobots.” Looking between the bot before me and to their large clawed hand as my body involuntarily scooted back slightly from the hand, which seemed to have struck a nerve for the other, but then their smile got a little bigger one more. “Do enlighten me on this, how many of your fellow humans have Died, thanks to those idealistic Autobots?” This seemed pretty easy to answer, but when I parted my lips to say my answer for the question something had crossed my mind, Him, He died because of them as a whole. Yet I never remembered if he had been more interested in something like the Autobots, or the Decepticons, so in the end, my words were lost and I closed my lips. Megatron must have noticed as they moved their hand away with the smile becoming a knowing smirk, “Too many to count, aren’t there?”

For once in my life, I didn’t know the answer to their question.

“However,” they started, the sound of them walking away filling the silence I had left between us from that one question, closing my eyes to try and block out the memories that began to stir. “If you join me; if you join the Decepticons, I promise… I promise that you will be given riches beyond any human's wildest imagination.” Snapping my head back to them as they seemed very smug for what they just said, but I knew better than to believe what they told me; even if a small part of me had a slight hope they were right. “I severely doubt anything you just said,” that seemed to have caught their attention, and made the smug look disappear into one of annoyance, “You don’t believe me?” “Why would I? You’re an alien species so I doubt you’d know what we humans consider ‘riches’.” Letting out a ‘hum’, looking to the side when they said something making my blood run cold, “Profit and the promise of new technologies, that seems to be the way to tap into your human souls, the darker side that is.” Dumbfounded, I looked away to speculate about what they were offering “Profit? New technology? If I could get my hand on those, then I could give everyone close to me a better life.” I stopped my thoughts before they could go any further as I couldn’t understand that thought process, was I being serious? I actually thought joining a war when promised things that could better others was a good idea? Surely I wouldn’t do that; too far into my denial, my mouth moved without my consent “Why not kill me? Surely that would be better than keeping me alive if you’re disgusted by my species.”

They looked surprised by the sudden and dark question, but that disappeared quickly with that nasty smug look “You’re right… I could just kill you, right here and now, but there’s no fun in that… It’s more enjoyable to watch you betray your own kind.” “Why would I do that? Why would I betray my own kind when Optimus could probably promise me the same thing you have?” Their smug look soon became one of annoyance as they turned away from me once more “Prime will get you Killed… You know, Prime and I used to be friends once, but not anymore.” Their voice, even though tough and stern, held an ounce of sorrow. “Really now… Well why aren’t you now?” they looked back at me as their eyes shone with a hidden anger “They Betrayed Me… They were supposed to stand by my side, but now we’re enemies… I did not want to become enemies.” Walking closer when they slammed their balled up fist into the wall near us “I wanted to fight alongside my friend!... However, Prime was too foolish, but are you foolish human?” Tilting my head in confusion from the odd question “I don’t think I quite understand that question-” “Are you the type of human to turn your back on a human in need-? “What? Well no-” “One someone you know?” “No I-” “On your friends?” “I would never!-” “On your Family?” My voice wouldn’t work as the thought of turning my back to family was something I’d never do, even if that family had done terrible things to me. Bowing my head down; my thoughts going rampant about what they asked me all the while I knew they were staring at me, watching me, to see what I’d do or say. The time started to pass by as we both stayed quiet, the silence wearing down on both of us when they groaned slightly from my silence, “Or are you the type of human that would drive to make the best life for them?”

Looking back at them at the new question, my words came out before I could think them over “I would drive to make the best life for them.” They smiled at my answer, leaning down to be closer to me “I hope you are, because you have a very important decision to make, right here and now.” Leaning away from me as they held one hand out “Join the decepticons or they’ll perish… Join with me or feel the fire that down your pitiful human race,” “No thanks… I think I’ll stay with the Autobots,” I answered, watching them revert to their anger. “Why do you resist? Why do you keep Fighting?! Surely, slavery is better than death… Surely, being on the winning side is so much better than fighting, not knowing when your death will be.” Turning my head away whilst looking down to the table I sat on, letting them figure their anger out while subconsciously picking at a small scar on my leg “Tell me, what makes you so Loyal to Optimus? What makes their ideals more attractive than mine?” Not wanting to give them any satisfaction or pleasure by answering, I turned my head farther from them and my posture composed. However, they answered for me “Is it because they offer peace? What does peace do except keep the war going… That’s what you want, isn’t it?” Looking over to them in confusion “If you mean peace, then yes-” “No… You want war-” “What? No, I-” “You want to see people Die-” “Not exactly, but-” “You’re a junkie for it, you lust for it, don’t you?” Standing up finally as I was getting fed up with this “No, I don’t, I don’t like this kind of stuff-”
“Don’t lie to me! I know a war mongrel when I see one, and You.Are.One.”

It didn’t make any sense on what that even meant, unless they somehow knew of… That.

I bit down on my bottom lip and looked away, it was impossible for this bot to even Know of those nights, highly impossible, but they took my silence to their advantage. “No rebuttal? No… Response? Could it be that I’m right? Could it be that you and Prime are one?” they asked, getting some form of sadistic kick out of this since when I looked back to them, they were grinning with a twisted look in their eyes. “No,” I answered firmly, looking up to them with my fake glare “No? Then join me… Prime would have you fight till your last pathetic breath, I would have you just long enough…” They went quiet for a moment when they turned their head away from me, which got me a little confused. “Long enough for what?” “Just long enough to see our victory, our Glorious victory… Prime has no end to this war, but I do.” “And what, do you tell, makes you think Prime has no end to this war?” I asked, leaning on my left foot out of habit when I ask questions while standing.“Well, because it has always been the Decepticons prime objective of course, to end the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons,” they answered casually, their face becoming neutral. This feeling that they were lying to me crept into my mind, the whole idea of the Decepircons being better than the Autobots sounding suspicious. “Are you lying about this?” I asked, taking a step closer to the edge of the table, telling by the way their expression changed slightly, they knew I was skeptical of what they were saying. “Yes, I am telling you the truth, it has always been our main concern… Do you think we want to go across the galaxy fighting Autobots?”

“I would imagine no,” I answered, fixing my coat slightly as Megatron hummed “You’re, we don’t, so, what do you say? Will you join us, or will you become our enemy?” The tension in the room slowly became more apparent as the time ticked away, the silence getting thicker while I thought of my options here. On one side of the choice, I can accept and be given what they offered, along with possible protection in case some of the Autobots try coming for me, but if I do accept then I could lose Ben and Olivia since I’m pretty sure they’ll side for the Autobots. One the other hand, if I disagree I could become something to hunt for by the Decepticons, sure I could be protected by the Autobots, but they’re little in number so they wouldn’t be there for me all the time. Something soon came to mind, Knockout knew where I lived, which means by chance if I don’t join them, Ben’s and Olivia's lives could be at stake. With a slow intake of air and a slow exhale, I stood tall with my arms crossed “Fine… I join your cause, but I still don’t see Why you’d want me to work with you.” “Why would I want to side with you? Well, that’s easy,” they chuckled, getting down on one knee and leaned closer to me “Don’t you see? You know our weaponry; our Biology… You could figure out how to finish this war… For Us.” Stepping back by their wording and how they sounded a little happy as it took me off guard “Did they… In some weird way, take enlightenment to my intelligence?”

“I’m… Not certain of this,” breaking the eye contact they had me in while my arms went to rest at my side, “Why not take advantage of this knowledge and use it to win the war? To protect those who deserve to live, to right the wrongs.” The way they worded that was actually on the same level as I had wanted for this world, looking back when I noticed a shift on the table, seeing Megatron's hand returned, as if to hold me like Knockout and Starscream had. Yet the doubt about all of this lingered in my mind “Are you sure of all of this?” I asked, keeping my eyes glued to the hand awaiting for me. “Come on, you and I both know this planet is filled with sick humans who do not deserve peace unless we… Deal with the right thing.” “The right thing?” I questioned, as something in my mind told me what they already meant, “They will threaten the existence of the more peaceful humans… Don’t let them dictate how this war ends, not when you have so much Power.” They had a point about it, but it still seemed suspicious of their true intentions. Nevertheless I had to do what they wanted until the right opportunity to flee, taking a step to the hand when they spoke once more “All you need… Is a friend, so what do you say?” There wasn’t much of a choice in this anymore, so I got onto the hand “I accept your offer to join the Decepticons, but only under a few conditions.” Their face changed into slight annoyance but also understandment, moving their hand so I was only a few meters from their own face. “Well, if these ‘conditions’ keep you from doing anything traitorous, you may name them.”

I opened my mouth to start listing my conditions, but when the sound of metal sliding back filled my ears, I finally took in notice of how Megatron was leaving the room with me in hand. “Megatron? Where are we going?” looking up to them as they had a smirk now, a smirk that always felt off in a way “Well, we’re going to the bridge as I need to look over some work of course.” The bridge? Judging by the name it could be the main command center, which could give me access to leave the ship and find a way home. The idea died out quickly when I recalled how this was a ship and not a normal base, so my only way home would be to most likely convince Megatron to let me leave and return home. Using the silence to think of a way off, I didn’t notice how we were approached by a bot Knockout had yelled out earlier “What is it Vehicon?” Megatron asked, standing still now. The bot seemed nervous in a way before speaking “You’re requested on the bridge lord Megatron… From what I hear, it appears Breakdown has disappeared.”