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Pour Some Flour on Me

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When Adora drops Catra off Friday night, her ass is still coated in a fine layer of flour.  The image of that, combined with Catra whipping around to shoot them a poor attempt at a withering look after Adora had leaned out their window to wolf whistle at the sight, is still burned in Adora’s brain when they wake up Saturday morning. It’s hard not to grin as they go about their day. Really, they don’t even try to suppress it until they go downstairs. They can hear Mara in the kitchen with Hope and there’s no telling just how much of a field day she’ll have with a grin like this. 

Adora hops down the stairs two at a time and rounds the corner. The kitchen door is propped open and she can see Hope sitting at the island, chatting with Mara who must be working at the stove.

“Morning.” they say, immediately hiding their face in the freezer.

At first, the only sound is their rustling around, digging out frozen fruit for a smoothie. And then, “So. I was just telling Hope about the mess you made in my kitchen last night.”

Adora huffs and turns around, dropping her pile in front of the blender. “I cleaned it up!”

“Ha! You mean Catra cleaned it up.”

“She did not!”


“I told her not to!”

“Uh huh, you also left the grout lines caked with flour.”

Adora pouts. It’s a bit of a sore spot because, yeah maybe Mara saved their asses by perfectly replicating Doc’s signature, but Adora did almost get them a failing grade. Catra shouldn’t have had to go around behind them with a rag. They tried to insist they were gonna go back over it, which they were , but Catra said that would take too long and she had a curfew. Mara, of course, watched it all and only egged Catra on. 


Whatever .” Mara mocks, sharing a conspiratorial look with Hope.

Luckily, though much more subtle about it than Mara, her girlfriend is just a savage. She raises a perfectly manicured brow and says, “Your catchphrase in highschool, wasn’t it?”


“Yes dear?”

“Wow, okay. Is that why you never wanted to talk to me back then?”

Hope smiles and Adora crosses her arms to watch the shit show. “No, that was because you ran away every time I approached you.”


“Rude! It’s not my fault you were so intimidating.”

“And it’s not my fault you were so gay. Now, would you like to flip those pancakes before they burn?”

Mara scoffs and Adora makes no effort to hide their chortling. They turn and start making their smoothie and the room falls back into comfortable cohabitation. Mara’s old motown record trickles in from the living room where she’s left it spinning. The reprieve is brief, just long enough for Adora to clean up after themself and plop down in a chair beside Hope.

“I noticed,” Mara starts, sliding plates of pancakes and eggs in front of Adora and Hope, “that my kitchen wasn’t the only casualty.”

“Oh stars.”

“Tell me Adora, how did you manage to get flour on Catra’s-”

“Mara!” Adora’s shriek only serves to make Mara break down into a fit of laughter. “Ugh, you’re just the worst, you know that?”

Her sister tries to speak, but can’t over her own laughter. Adora huffs and digs into her breakfast. Mara calms down enough to grab her own plate and fall into a seat on Adora’s other side. “Seriously though, spill the beans, Squirt.”

“There’s no beans.”

“Oh, sorry. The tea, spill the tea then.”

“There’s no tea either! Mind your business.”

“Really, Mara,” Hope chides over her coffee cup, “there’s no need to pry.”

“Thank you!”

“Based on what you’ve told me, I’m sure a little deductive reasoning will bring you to a satisfactory conclusion.”

“Ugh! You two are fucking perfect for each other.”

“Thanks.” Mara says, sending a wink to her girlfriend over Adora’s head. “So, was it good?”

“Was what good?”

“Come on, Dor, I’m not stupid. Your little girlfriend-”

“Not my girlfriend!”

“had flour all over her butt. And I know you don’t think I missed the handprints everywhere else.”

“I’m eating in my room.”

“No you’re not.” And since Adora makes no move to get up, she really has no leg to stand on. “Come on, don’t you want to dish even a little ?”

“Not really.”

Adora .” 

“Gross, stop whining at me.” Mara just fusses a little more. “Fine! We kissed, which you clearly already knew. Satisfied?”

“You know I’m not.”

“Goddess alive-”

“How was it? Are you girlfriends now? Are you taking her on a date? Come on , gimme that hot goss!”

“Fine, no, and I don’t know. Maybe.”

“Fine?” Mara asks doubtfully. 

“Great then.”

“Just great?” she wheedles.


Their sister pouts. “I’m just saying, if Hope had described our first kiss as ‘fine’ we probably wouldn’t be dating right now.”

“Oh,” Hope leans around Adora, “is that so?”

“Shut up, babe, I’m making a point here.” Hope raises an eyebrow in that same perfect, refined gesture and Mara huffs. “I’ll deal with you later. Right now I-”

“Darling, perhaps it’s best we allow your sibling to finish their breakfast, hm? Then the inquisition can begin.”

Adora sucks her teeth. “Yeah, no can do. Bow and Glimmer are gonna be here to pick me up in…” they glance at their watch, “ten minutes, so.”

“Hmph, well will you be home for dinner at least?” Mara asks.

Adora shrugs. “I think so.” Mara raises her eyebrows. “I’ll text you if anything changes, but yes, that’s currently the plan. I should be home by four or so.”

“Great.” Satisfied that she’ll have another attempt to grill Adora on their love life later, Mara digs into her own food. And that, evidently, is that. For now.


Twenty-five minutes later, Adora and Finn II are in the back of Glimmer’s car, the former peeking at her phone. There’s really no plan for the day, the three of them just wanted to hang out, so Glimmer is driving vaguely towards downtown. Adora looks up just in time to see Bow looking bashfully away from Glim and they can’t help but roll their eyes at their best friends. 

“Hey, what if we got froyo?”

Glimmer smirks at her in the rearview mirror and Adora hates that they can see their own cheeks turning pink. “Thought you just had breakfast.”

Bow turns a bewildered look between the pair. “Since when has that ever stopped Adora from wanting food?” Glimmer glares at him and realization dawns. “Oh. Ohh! Froyo, huh?”

He turns in his seat and Adora looks down at her phone again. Like there’s gonna be anything new there. “Hmm?”

“Well, I like froyo.”

“Yeah,” Glimmer snorts, “but Adora doesn’t. Adora likes-”

“Oh my gosh!” Adora groans. “Will you cut it out?”

“Oh, absolutely not. I take it Catra is working?”

“I don’t know.” They grumble, slouching further into their seat. “She usually does.”

“You two are so cute.” Bow says, turning back around to face the front.

“Shut up.” Adora instructs around a smile. It falls when they look at their phone again and see no new messages. Which is silly. Because Catra probably is at work. And it’s not like they’d texted her either. Sure they’d drafted like, eighteen different messages, but they were all stupid. 

Her friends make no further comment for the time being, and Glimmer pulls into the small lot in front of the froyo place. They get out of the door, and to the sidewalk, and Adora freezes. This is weird. This is so fucking weird. And probably inappropriate. What if Catra regrets the kiss? Kisses. And Adora’s just gonna ambush her at work?

“Maybe I don’t want froyo.”

Bow and Glimmer share a look of confused concern, then turn it on Adora. “Uhh...what?”

“Yeah, it’s like Glimmer said; I just ate. Not hungry. We should go to, uh, the beach?”

“The beach?” Glimmer asks.

“Um, or...the mall? You love the mall! Let’s shop.”

“I do love the mall. You, however, hate it. So spill, what’s going on?”

“Nothing! I’m just like, so full all the sudden.”


Bow glances over his shoulder. Adora follows his line of sight and spots Catra saying something to Lonnie, who then disappears into the back. It only serves to panic Adora further. “This wouldn’t have anything to do with last night,” Bow asks, “would it?”

“Last night?” Adora winces at the pitch of their own voice. “Nope! No. Definitely not.”

“Well okay then. I have my heart set on froyo now so let’s go in and you don’t have to get any if you don’t want. We can go to the mall,” he shares a conspiratorial look with Glimmer, “after that.”

Her friends turn away to walk inside and Adora panics. “We kissed!”

Slowly, her friends turn, eyebrows sky high. “Excuse me?” Glimmer says. 

“Last night. We-she-and I-ugh! I accidentally used Finn to make our pie, and it was a mess, and there was flour everywhere , and-and she was kinda mad but then she was laughing and she was so cute -and a little terrifying- and then she just…”

“Kissed you.”

Adora gulps. “Yeah huh.”

“Oh, we are so going inside.”

“Wait!” Glimmer looks at her expectantly, tapping her toes. “We haven’t exactly...talked since then. I don’t wanna be, I dunno, creepy?”



“You realize the doors are glass, don’t you?”

Adora furrows their brow in confusion. “Uh….”

“And that it works two ways?”


“So she can see us, like right now.” Adora’s eyes go wide and Glimmer laughs. “I think it might be a little creepier to stand out here for five minutes and then just walk away without saying anything, don’t you?”

Fuck , she can see us.” Adora looks up again and sure enough Catra is staring right back at her, smirking. Adora sighs, resigned. “Let’s just get inside.” Glimmer laughs again and Bow cheers, leading the charge but pausing at the door to hold it open for them. 

“Welcome in nerds, dummy.”

“Adora’s the dummy I presume?” Glimmer asks.

Catra tears her eyes away from Adora to roll them at Sparkles. “Obviously.”

“Great, Bow and I are just gonna…” She grabs a cup for each of them and they disappear to the self-serve area, leaving Adora alone to approach the counter.

“Hey Adora.”

They clear their throat and Catra would be lying if she said their rather obvious nerves don’t make her feel just the littlest bit powerful. “Hey-hi Catra.”

“How’s it going?”

“Great! So good. How”

Catra shrugs. “Stupid but it’s been kinda slow and I’m working a short shift so. Could be worse.”

Adora kind of awkwardly bobs their head and she just watches on with a smirk. Finally she sees them gulp and they say, “Hey,’s like, okay that we’re here, right?”

Catra narrows her eyes, completely baffled by the question. “I mean it’s a free country.”

Adora huffs, apparently not getting the assurance they were looking for. “You know what I mean.”

“I actually super don’t.”

“Like here , here. At your work.”

“Gonna need a little more from ya, Greyskull.”

“I just-we haven’t talked since... you know .” Catra raises her eyebrows. “I didn’t want to like, come into your space if you, well if you didn’t”


“I don’t know! I just want to like, respect your boundaries.”

“My boundaries?”

“Yeah, like what if you-you might um, regret what uh-”

“You’re an idiot.”

Adora finally looks up from where they’d started picking at a hangnail midway through their rambling. They look hopeful-which is a stupid response to being called an idiot, but here we are. “Yeah?”

“Literally what would make you think that?”

Adora snorts. “Uh, anxiety?”

Catra laughs and shakes her head. “Okay, whatever, I’ll give you that one. No, Adora, I don’t have any regrets.” She pauses then adds, “Not about that anyway.”


Adora is grinning goofily, but since they went there Catra still feels the need to ask, “Do you ?”

They look horrified. “No! No, no, no, definitely not.”

Catra feels her chest unclench. “Good.”

The stupid grin comes back and the same urge that led to their first kiss starts to bubble up inside Catra. “Good.”

She clears her throat instead of leaning over the counter. “So, what are you dummies up to?”

Adora shrugs. “Just hanging out. I think I might have accidentally signed up to go to the mall.”

“Oh, you totally did!” Glitter calls over. Catra makes sure to glare at her for eavesdropping.

“So I was thinking.”

“Oh yeah, Greyskull? That a new one for ya?”

“Oh ha ha.”

“Carry on then.”

“Right, um, so you know how we have to exchange this lil guy tomorrow.” Adora nods their head down to the sack of flour they’ve dumped on the counter. 


“Well I was thinking…”

“Yes, you’ve established that.”

They huff but carry on. “I could pick you up a little early and um, we could get brunch or something?”

Catra raises an eyebrow and, unable to help herself, asks, “Is that like a euphemism?”

Adora implodes. “ What? No! No. Definitely not, no I-” Their hands go up in a submissive gesture and they take a step back...right into the display of cups, thus knocking them literally everywhere. They look mortified. It’s a little adorable. 

It’s also loud as fuck. Shimmer and Crop Top freeze over by the toppings counter and Lonnie pokes her head through the swinging doors that lead to the back. Catra almost wishes there were more witnesses, but it’s probably for the best that the place is dead. 

“Wow, Greyskull.”

“I’m so sorry!”

“Is it always gonna be like this with you?”

“I’ll clean it up!”

“I mean, first Finn, now at my place of business .” Catra throws a dramatic hand over her chest, feigning distress. Unfortunately Adora is too mortified to identify the feigning part. 

“Fuck-shit-I mean-”

Adora .” Dead silence, like you could hear a pin drop silence, like Catra’s pretty sure she can hear the irregular thudding of Adora’s heartbeat kind of silence. 

And of course Sparkles breaks it with a snort and, “Wow, Adora, one kiss and suddenly you’re a giraffe in ice skates.”


“Damn, Greyskull, you already told the glitter twins?” Adora’s mouth kind of flaps open and closed a few times. Catra shakes her head and turns to point at their friends. “Alright, well you, shut the fuck up.” Then to Lonnie, who’s still looking on with interest (interest that is almost definitely compounded by her being in the room when Catra came home covered in flour last night), she says, “You’re break was over five minutes ago, mind tapping me out?”

Lonnie makes a smug face and looks between her and Adora lazily. “Sure, Catra, have a nice break.”

Catra scoffs even as she’s tearing off her stupid little apron. She comes around the counter and grabs Adora’s hand. Adora has no idea where they’re going. Not far they figure, since Catra is still on the clock. As they’re pulled through the door they look over their shoulder to wave at their bemused looking friends. “Uh, be right back I guess.”

Catra leaves them around the building, past a nail salon and a thai restaurant, to an alley in the back. It’s surprisingly clean, they can’t help but notice. Catra stops when they reach what is obviously an impromptu break area. There’s a few upturned milk crates and an old coffee can filled with cigarette butts. They wonder if Catra’s ever smoked, though they assume that’s not why they’re here. 

They both go to speak, “Hey Adora.” overlapping with a shy little, “Hi.”

They laugh, both a little awkward, and Adora tries again. “So uh, nice place you got here.”

Catra shrugs and drops down onto a milkcrate. Adora gingerly takes the one next to her. “It’s chill. Kinda annoying when the restaurant guys come out here to smoke, but sometimes they bring weed too and you can score a j.”

Adora laughs, a little more at ease now that Catra isn’t immediately confronting them about what an unnatural disaster they are. “Nice one. I used to buy from Kyle, but his mom caught him and he's been grounded for like, over a month.”

Catra nods like this isn’t news to her. Then again, Adora’s pretty sure Kyle and Lonnie are friends, and the latter lives with Catra. So makes sense. “Entrapta’s been buying directly from Kyle’s source. Some douche from the community college, I guess.”

“Huh, I wouldn’t have pegged Trap as a smoker.”

Catra snorts and adopts a fond little smile. “She likes to get high and do math.”

Adora laughs. “Can you imagine?”

Catra shakes her head, her little smile firmly in place. Adora thinks about kissing it. They don’t though. Instead they watch as Catra groans and stretches out. She’s little, not Entrapta little but Adora’s got a good six inches on her, maybe more. She’s also lean and her movements are languid. Adora feels like a dumbass for even thinking it, but she does kind of look a little feline-esque. 

“So,” Catra starts, her tone all business, “just woke up craving froyo this morning?”

Catra watches Adora’s reaction closely. Their blush is barely detectable, but she catches it, and their eyelashes flutter a little. Adora has wildly long lashes but they’re so blonde you can only really tell up close. Catra had never really noticed them before last night, but now she can’t stop noticing them. They offer her a grin and it shakes her from her staring. 

“Oh, I woke up thinking about something, but it wasn’t froyo.”

Catra can feel her face heat but she scoffs and shoves at Adora’s shoulder. “You hopeless fucking flirt! I cannot believe you just said that to me.”

They reel right back from the light force, smirking like a dumbass. “Aw, but can’t you though?”

“You’re right, it’s very on brand for you. What was I thinking?”

“Wow, I can’t believe you just admitted I’m right like that. So big of you.”

“Well don’t get used to it.” Adora watches Catra’s knees tent together, watches her drape her crossed arms over them, watches it bring the tips of her fingers so close to Adora’s own hand where it’s braced on her seat. She clears her throat.



“Any reason you dragged me out here to your break area?”

“Oh, like you didn’t come willingly.”

“Course I did, I’d follow you anywhere, D’riluth. Not the point.” They say it like they mean it, like they don’t realize the gravity their words carry. It’s a little hard not to be gobsmacked right now, but Catra likes to think she recovers quickly. 

“Um, right, well. Just figured I’d try and save you from your own embarrassment back there.” she teases.

“So you were whisking me away?”

“Sure, something like that.” Catra says it like the sentiment doesn’t make her feel like she’s gonna throw up her lungs.

“Sounds pretty gay.”

“Well, if the shoe fits, I suppose.”

Adora is looking pretty fucking pleased with themself right now. They smile slyly and add, “And romantic.”

Catra laughs. “Wow, cheap date then I take it.”

“I mean, it’s all about the company at the end of the day, right?”

“Hm, still think I like the sound of brunch better.”

Adora perks up instantly, just like Catra secretly hoped they would. “Yeah?”

“Yeah, Greyskull. What time are you picking me up?”

“Dope! Okay, how does ten sound?”

Catra raises her eyebrows and Adora’s heart stops; she’s so fucking pretty. Adora’s a goner for sure. “Sounds like I’ll see you tomorrow at eleven.”

Adora laughs, loud and free and bright. “Deal.” They pause and, with a twinkle in their eyes Catra can't quite distinguish, say, “So...should we shake on it?”

“Sounds dumb.” Catra answers, bland and honest.

Apparently that was the right thing to say, Adora’s practically radiating satisfaction. “Hm, you’re right...maybe we should kiss.”

It’s endearing but it’s also dorky as hell. Catra laughs and runs a hand through her hair. “Think you’re pretty slick over there, don’t ya?”

Adora shrugs, looking no less pleased with herself. “Depends on your response.”

The mood sobers slightly. Adora still feels giddy, but Catra is looking at their lips now. They wonder if Catra’s breathing has stopped also; they definitely can’t hear it even with their own taken away. But maybe that’s normal. They wonder if she's really leaning in slightly, or if it’s just their imagination running away with them. They’re pretty sure they’re not imagining it when Catra’s hand comes up to brush their cheek, nor when she strokes her thumb across it. 

Catra slides her hand up, past Adora’s hairline to rub lightly at their scalp. It’s trembling ever so slightly and the realization makes their stomach flip. Their eyes flutter closed and they sigh. Catra’s other hand drifts up to rest on the juncture of their neck and shoulder. She scoots closer and her milkcrate scrapes jarringly across the ground. It doesn’t phase her but Adora’s eyes open slowly, widening when she realizes how much closer Catra has gotten. 



“I-” Catra brings her eyes to meet Adora’s which have darkened from their usual soft blue to a stormy grey. “I want you-I want you to.”

“Want me to what?” Catra whispers.

Adora pulls in a shaking breath, and Catra just watches them and takes in all of her senses, every bit of this moment. “Kiss me?”

Catra doesn’t tease any further, she pulls them in close and meets them halfway. Immediately Adora’s arms wrap around her; one at her waist and the other around one shoulder and coming up to cradle her head in their hand. She feels safe, but also low key like she’s plummeting off a cliff. She curses their seating, wanting nothing more than to have Adora closer. Unfortunately it’s this or she climbs in their lap, which seems a little much. 

Evidently, Adora disagrees. They pull her closer and closer, the force of their arms gentle but insistent, until she has no choice but to break away or straddle their lap awkwardly. It’s an easy choice. The execution however...they both end up laughing into the kiss, the hand in Catra’s hair flexing with Adora’s laughter. Catra ends up sitting more side saddle over Adora’s legs and they pull away, just far enough to rest their forehead against Catra’s. 

Adora’s eyes open slowly and they find that Catra’s are still closed, her eyelashes resting delicately on her cheeks. They’re close enough to count each like wishes already come true. Instead Adora clears their throat and with a little laugh says, “, is this a thing we’re like...gonna be doing now?”

Catra laughs and pulls back enough to look at Adora’s face, keeping her arms around their neck. “You’re an idiot.”

Adora’s cheeks turn pink and they roll their eyes fondly. “I mean, sure, but that doesn’t answer my question.”

“Let’s just play it by ear, Greyskull, alright?”

Adora pouts, “Yeah, okay. But for the record? I like it. Like, big fan over here. Huge.”

“Wow, okay, I already kissed you once, Greyskull, no need to stroke my ego.”

They’re smirking when they answer with a simple, “More than once, actually.”


“So um, how long is your break anyhow?”

Catra shrugs. “Ten minutes, but it’s just Lonnie.”

Adora laughs, aware that they’ve probably been out here for at least fifteen. Or an hour, they’re not great with time.  “Aw, so you can’t get enough of me, is what I’m hearing.”

Catra scoffs and stands. “And on that note, I really should be getting back.”

Adora attempts a pout. It only goes so well for them. “Boo, capitalism sucks.”

“‘Nother day, another dollar.” Catra commiserates, holding out her hand to ‘help Adora up’.

Adora takes the hand with a grin, but it’s not until they’ve tugged on Catra’s arm to pull her in for another kiss that she realizes why they look so pleased with themself. To be fair, it’s a really nice kiss. She also really should be getting back, she’s already never gonna hear the end of it from Lonnie. 


Catra rolls her eyes like she isn’t counting down the minutes already and takes Adora’s hand to lead her back to the shop. “Uh huh.”

“Any requests?”

“What? You don’t have a plan?”

Adora looks about as abashed as Catra expected when she turns to raise an eyebrow in her direction. “I mean, whatever you want is chill.”


They huff, looking tentatively pleased. “ know the little bistro? Over on 55th?”

Catra’s brow reaches new heights. “That bougie place? Lucky or whatever.”

“Loo Kee. And it’s not that bougie.”

“I make minimum wage, Greyskull, and you don’t even have a job. It’s bougie .”

“I have a job!” Catra pauses in front of the nail salon, out of their friends’ sightlines, and crosses her arms. Adora lets their hand kind of hang between them, a little bummed at the loss. Catra’s hand is nice; small but very clearly strong . “Okay, I work a lot during the summers.”

“Whatever, my point still stands.”

Adora rolls his eyes and shoves his hands in his back pockets, rocking back on his heels. “Whatever, fine, it’s bougie. It’s also my treat, so. What do ya say?”

Catra feels...weird. “It’s not necessary, we could just get breakfast food at the diner or something.”

“Well yeah, but-”


“I-I just thought it would be nice if we made it...nice.”

Catra feels weirder. Like her stomach’s run off to an amusement park to ride a rollercoaster without her. “You tryna woo me or something, Greyskull?”

“Well duh, D’riluth. Thought you were supposed to be clever.”

“Shut up!” Catra says with a laugh and a light shove to Adora’s shoulder. They don’t so much as flinch. 

“Just saying, I feel like me telling you I was a big fan of the whole us kissing thing should have tipped you off.” Other than turning bright red, Adora shows no sign of fluster over what she’s just said. 

“You’re embarrassingly earnest, you know that?” Catra says it like an accusation, even though she’s also flustered by Adora’s plain admission. It also comes out much softer than she means it to. 

Adora takes a tiny step closer and links a pinky with one of Catra’s. “I’m not embarrassed.”

Catra swallows thickly. “Good for you, I guess.” The sarcasm in her voice is forced at best, maybe even undetectable. 




Catra’s stomach swoops again, going through another loop on the rollercoaster of her emotions. “Brunch.”

“It’s okay if I take you to the bistro?”

Catra’s eyes flick down, and she can see Adora trying to catch them again from her periphery. “Not gonna tell you how to spend your money, Greyskull.”

“Yeah?” The glimmering note of hope in Adora’s voice makes Catra look up; their smile is radiant and Catra can’t help the smile that accompanies her eye roll. 

“Yeah, dummy.” 

“Well,” Adora answers with newfound swagger. “ Loo Kee me then.”

“You’re an idiot.” Catra says with a laugh, a little disbelieving that this- dad jokes told by cocky, earnest thembos- is what she’s evidently into. Because fuck her if she isn’t into Adora Greyskull. She hesitates for just a moment before darting forward for one last peck. While Adora is still catching up to what transpired, fingers of their free hand drafting to their lips, Catra links their joined hands together properly, and pulls her to the shop. 

Inside, Bow and Glimmer are standing at the counter with massive bowls of froyo, chatting with Lonnie. Who, by the way, never bothered to clean up all the cups Adora spilled. Catra can tell because tucked under Bow’s ams are two large stacks of cups. Adora notices as well and assumes he did the job to keep them from being totally mortified upon their return.

Truth be told, however, they’re far too giddy to feel their earlier embarrassment. The last twenty minutes have been… a trip. And at the end of it all Catra, Catra D’riluth, agreed to let them take her on a date and kissed them, not even for the first time. Hell, not even for the first time today! Yeah, Adora is far past the point of being embarrassed. Catra squeezes her hand once and Adora looks down at her. She looks away from their friends to grimace at Adora before letting their hand go. 

“Well, well, look who’s back.” Glimmer drawls with a smirk.

“Babe!” Bow protests. “I thought we were gonna go with, ‘looks what the Catra dragged in’.” He looks to Catra who has resumed her spot behind the counter. At Bow’s joke she freezes halfway to turning on the sink to wash her hands, and slowly moves them to rub at her temples. “Get it? Like Cat r-”

“I get it, Crop Top.” she snaps, though her voice lacks any real bite. She drops her hands and resumes washing them without further rebuttal. Bow looks equal parts amused and disappointed with this response.

“That was nearly twenty minutes, Catra.” Lonnie comments.

Catra huffs and dries her hands. “And?” She balls up her paper towel in one hand and crosses her arms, leaning back against the sink. “You were just in the back room and managed to nearly take a half. On the clock I might add.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t drag a girl outside when I was slacking off.”

Bow, Glimmer and Lonnie turn to smirk at Adora who is hovering halfway between the door and their best friends. She doesn't look phased by Lonnie's statement, quite the opposite- she’s just smirking back-but Catra barely maintains a wince. She rolls her eyes at Lonnie and says, “Neither did I.”

“Oh really ?”

Catra shoots Adora a look. They’re pretty sure they understand it, so they nod subtly. Catra nods back and points at them, looking back to Lonnie. “Nonbinary.”

Just like that Lonnie's mirth disappears. They turn to Adora, looking genuinely repentant. “Shit, sorry Adora. I didn’t-”

They shake their head. “It’s new, no way for you to know.”

Lonnie nods, looking relieved. “Pronouns?”

“All of them, they mostly though.”

“Cool.” She nods and like the flip of a switch, her swagger returns. She looks back to Catra to say, “In that case; I didn’t drag anyone outside when I was slacking off.”

Catra huffs and pushes off the counter, uncrossing her arms only long enough to toss away the wad of paper towels in her hand. “Your point?”

“The point ,” Glimmer interrupts, “is what were you two doing out there exactly? Hmm?”

Catra shrugs indifferently. "Talking."

"Talking?" Adora's not sure which is more prevalent in Glimmer's tone; her doubt or her disdain. Based on the twinkle in Catra's eye, they're certain she can hear it too.



They recoil at Glimmer’s sharp address and the sudden scrutiny they're under. "Yes?"

"What do you have to say about all this?"

"Um…" They look up to see Catra smirking at them and stick their tongue out at her. To Glimmer, and Lonnie and Bow for that matter, they say, "It’s none of your business?"

Clearly Glimmer thinks that's the wrong answer, but Bow steps in before she can press further. He quickly drops his empty bowl and the stacks of cups in a compost bin on his way to set a hand on his girlfriend's shoulder. " Okay, Glimmer, Adora, maybe we should get going? Let these two get back to work."

"Psh, back to work?" Lonnie quips.

"Fuck off, Lon." Catra says dryly. "Adora, see you tomorrow?"

"What's tomorrow?" Glimmer asks without missing a beat.

Catra gives her a bored look and nods at the anthropomorphised sacks of flour currently dusting the counters. "Swapping Finn. What else would we be doing?"

Adora laughs and shakes her head, her excitement for their date ignited anew. "Okay, bye Catra! Lonnie."

A general goodbye is exchanged and Adora leads her friend out the door and to Glimmer’s car. She lets them in without a word, but rather than turn the car on she spins in her seat to shoot Adora an intense look.

"Okay, what was that really ? 'Talking', honestly."

Adora can feel how red her face gets. “Nothing! Oh my stars, Glim!”


“Glimmer, be nice.”

“Thank you Bow!”

“Whose side are you on?” Glimmer whirls on her boyfriend, but he doesn’t so much as flinch. She huffs and turns back to Adora. “ Come on ,” she whines, “I know you’ve got to be dying to talk about this!”

Adora wavers because…”Okay, a little.” Glimmer whoops. “We’re um, well she said I can take her out tomorrow. To brunch.”

“Adora!” Glimmer exclaims, looking impressed. 

“That’s great, buddy!”

They can’t help but beam back at their friends.  “Totally! I’m gonna take her to Loo Kee.”

Glimmer’s eyebrows raise, and now she definitely looks impressed. “Wow, pulling out all the stops.”

“Oh yeah, she isn’t gonna know what hit her. I’m thinking flowers for sure, what about chocolates?”

Glimmer snorts, turning around to start the car so they can head to the mall, but Bow seems to be genuinely considering the question. “You’re going for cheesy, right?”

“Oh yeah, big time.”

“Hmm, then I’d say extra big flowers, and save chocolates for another time.”

“Another time?” Adora asks, leaning forward between the front seats with a smug grin. “You think I’m gonna be able to pull off a second date?”

Glimmer laughs and eyes her in the rearview mirror. “Please, you two are gonna be girlfriends by the time we’re turning these stupid sacks of flour in.”

“Hey!” Adora swipes up Finn from the seat on her left and cuddles them to her chest. “That’s my child.”

Glimmer remains unmoved. “No, that’s the sack of flour you replaced ‘your child’ with after fucking disembowling yours last night apparently.”

“Mean! It was an accident!”

“Uh huh, sure you weren’t just distracted by the pretty girl in your kitchen.”

“Well duh, hence the accident.”

Adora’s friends laugh and they sigh dramatically, but when they fall back into their seat with Finn the Second still clutched to their chest they’re grinning widely. Glimmer merges into the turn lane then so she can take them into the mall parking lot. It’s a testament to their giddiness that Adora doesn’t immediately deflate. Malls are...a lot, just endless sensory overload. They know Glimmer will be chill if and when they need to tap out but... still . Why does she like this so much?

“Hey,” Bow starts, like a thought just occurred to him, “what about Doc’s signature? Isn’t she gonna know you replaced Finn?”

Adora shrugs. “Hopefully not. Mara did her best to forge it.” 

Glimmer half groans, half laughs as she turns off her car and unbuckles. “Ugh, my mom would never .”

“Young guardian perks.” Adora says with a laugh. 

The three of them climb out of the car, and before Bow and Adora’s doors are even shut behind them Glimmer is leading the charge inside. The two share a look of amusement before hurrying to catch up. 

“Glimmer, stars, slow down will ya?” Adora calls ahead with a laugh.

She does so, but just barely. “Not my fault you guys are so slow.”

“Yeah, if you’re planning to keep this pace up, I’m gonna need a soft pretzel before we start.”

“We were just at froyo, why didn’t you get fuel there?” Glimmer turns to ask Adora as she and Bow catch up to either side of her.

“Froyo is weird! Like, just let yogurt be yogurt.”

“Uh huh, I seem to remember you being all about frozen gogurt for the entirety of sixth grade.”

“And I’ve matured since then, what’s your point?” 

Glimmer huffs out a laugh through her nose. “It was literally your idea to go there.”

Adora rolls her eyes and stops, forcing Glimmer and Bow to stop as well. “You’re not gonna embarrass me by pointing out why that is, you know.”

A single eyebrow is raised at them in challenge. “Oh no?”

“No way.” Adora says with a laugh. “Are you kidding? It totally paid off to go see her; I’m going on a date tomorrow.”

Glimmer brightens at this. “I have an idea!”

Adora eyes her warily then turns to Bow. He raises his hands, clearly lost as well. “Oh yeah…?”

“We have to get you a new outfit.”

Adora hesitates; it’s not the worst idea in the world. It just means an afternoon of playing makeover with Glimmer. “I want two soft pretzels first, a sweet and a savory.”

“Pft, like you weren’t getting that anyway.”

“Fine, two soft pretzels and a pretzel dog. And we get to sit at the food court while I eat it. None of that window shopping and eyeing me impatiently until I finish shit; it gives me indigestion.” Adora crosses her arms and makes her own challenging expression. 

Glimmer wars internally, pausing to step aside for someone entering the mall. “We sit while you eat the pretzels, but the pretzel dog we walk with. And you have to give me a bite of your cinnamon pretzel.”

“Just get your own!”

“I don’t want a whole one!”

“Please, we both know what one bite is gonna turn into.”

“That was one time .” Adora scoffs, they both know it wasn’t just one time. With a stamp of her foot, Glimmer says, “You have my terms!”

Adora watches her and quickly gets the sense that they’re just going to have to get another cinnamon pretzel on their way out. They extend their hand. “Deal.”

Glimmer smirks and shakes it. Then, with a wink and a twirl she turns to lead them inside. Adora takes one last look at the sun before they’re pulled through. And if the clear blue sky reminds them of Catra’s right eye, well...yeah it totally does. So sue them, they’re excited! Tomorrow is gonna be fucking lit.