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you taught me how to misbehave

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And you will learn, one day, someday, how intertwined you will become.

How another’s soul will seep and melt and mold itself to yours.



Naruto blinked at the clock, brows furrowing. She was late. Sakura was never late. He was half tempted to send an ANBU agent to hunt her down and make sure that she was, in fact, not passed out in her office. 

Sakura never did learn to slow down, to relax, to give herself a break. 

It had bothered him how hard Sakura worked to be equals with him and Sasuke and not be recognized for it. It wasn’t fair, in his opinion, that she was the one always left behind, always forgotten. He hated it when he heard people speaking of him and Sasuke, forgetting about Sakura. 

In all truth, there would be no Sasuke the Avenger and Naruto the Savior without Sakura the Healer.

(Secretly, he hated that title for her. Hated that she had been reduced to a name that people spat at. Sasuke and Sai agreed with him. Sakura the World Breaker suited her much better. They had slipped it to Ino and were waiting for it to catch on.)  

Instead of sending that ANBU agent out to bother Sakura and maybe be sent back in pieces, Naruto decided to get along with some paperwork. This was what his life had come to; paperwork and politics. Then again, here he could make real change here, here he could make sure no one ever went through the hardships he had. 

Thirty minutes later, Sakura strolled into the Hokage’s office, nose in an orange covered book, in her other hand she tossed kunai up and down. She said it helped her focus. 

The sight was slightly horrifying, to say the least, and Naruto shuddered at the flashbacks of horrible cats and Kakashi-sensei making them run drills until they puked. 

“Sakura-chan!” He cheered, standing up and making his way to pull Sakura in a hug. She laughed at him, tucking her book into her jounin vest. “You’re late!”

“Oh?” Sakura asked, looking at the clock and frowning. “Huh, I didn’t even notice. Sorry, Naruto.” She paused, a shit eating grin unfurling, “Must have gotten lost on the path of life.”

Naruto groaned so loud he could hear the ANBU laughing at him. 

And at that time, you will feel them become a part of you.

You will feel you become a part of them.

The two of you will twist and bend so intricately together that 

no one else could ever understand 

the severe complexity of what you have become.



Sasuke blinked then frowned. Because. Well. Because Kakashi was expertly dodging the market rush and bustle, book in hand. Which was not unusual, Kakashi could be seen doing this at any time of day he wasn’t draped across a tree branch like a limp curtain. 

The only thing that made Sasuke pause was the fact that Kakashi’s movements, usually quick footed and agile, like lighting and wind, were more grounded. He moved his knee differently, his foot was placed a little harder on the ground. 

And well, Sasuke had spent most of his time away from the Leaf because he was an angry, mourning twelve year old boy who wanted nothing but power. But he remembered his genin days with such clarity it was as if the gods were laughing at him and his choices.

Reminding him of days full of dogs and laughter, where Naruto’s smile could truly save the world and Sakura would go on and on about the newest book she had read because she just wanted to tell them things. Days of sunshine and where things were not complicated and a time where Sasuke had felt loved and whole.

So yes, the gods were laughing at him and his choice to throw that all away and somewhere deep in him, Sasuke is also laughing at himself, at his own stupidity and single mindedness.

But. But, Kakashi’s movements were more sturdy now, less light, his spine stood straighter. 

He noticed when Kakashi began to move like Sakura. He noticed when Gai and Kakashi sparred how much quicker Kakashi could dodge, moving as fluid and solid as Sakura did. And it felt as if the gods were laughing at him some more.

It wasn’t noticeable and if Sasuke hadn’t been looking that day, he wouldn’t have ever known. But now he could see the small changes in the way Kakashi walked, the way he dodged, even the way that Kakashi scratched the back of his neck (with the nails, just a slight movement of the fingers).

Then again, it wasn’t his business, it never has been, it never will be. He was only there to see Naruto and maybe tease Sakura then piss off Sai. He was only there to be a spectator of those lives that he had been absent to, a ghost, a whisper.

The lines between Me and You, and You and Me will smudge.

And before you know it, the both of you have begun to blur.

You will feel a stab of hunger for them, a gnawing and growling of your very soul

They will be your nourishment, the only thing that may satisfy you.

And oh, they will ache for you.




Sai watched as Sakura sat forward, elbows on her knees as she rubbed her temples as if that would make the headache go away. He did feel bad, just a little, about the fact Sakura had passed out after putting his ANBU team back together. Which was why he broke into her office, flowers and tempura in hand. The flowers were from Ino, the tempura was his idea.

Sakura glanced up, squinting at him before zeroing in on the food and the flowers like one of Kakashi’s bloodhounds. Stretching her hands above her head lazily, she drawled, “Mah, Sai, did you bring little ole me tempura and flowers?”

He twitched because the entire movement and the tone of voice so much like Kakashi’s that it made him worry that perhaps Sakura and Kakashi moving in together was, in fact, a terrible idea. They were barely manageable on their own and according to both Naruto and Sasuke, they’ve begun to act like each other.

Which meant they would soon be intolerable.

Then again, Sakura was much less irritable because she was having sex more often and Kakashi was less likely to simply disappear on a whim because he was having sex more often. So, there was a give and take. Sai could live with that, he supposed.

“As a thank you,” He said, setting the box down and handing her the flowers, eyeing the bags under her eyes with a frown. “The flowers are from Ino.”

Sakura made a very pleased sound in the back of her throat, gesturing towards the seat in front of her before digging in. Sai sat and watched her eat, mildly impressed. Watching Sakura eat was always a good reminder on why he liked her best, there was something animalistic about it and it made for a good portrait study whenever he was in the mood. The way her jaw hinged itself was both concerning and comedic, at least to Sai.  

“Did you need something else?” She asked around a mouthful of food, looking much more awake as she glanced at the pile of paperwork on her desk.

He debated asking whether or not she knew that her expression— the quirk of her eyebrow, the slight droopiness to her eyes, the tilt of her head— was eerily like Kakashi’s but decided it would be much more amusing watch it unfold. Shaking his head, he got up and kissed the top of her head, earning him a beaming smile. 

He couldn’t wait to tell Tenzo and Ino. Maybe even get the Godiame to bet on it. 

Do not be afraid of how you are no longer alone in your soul space.

Do not let it terrify you because they have seen you bare, 

they have torn you open and have deemed you sightly.

You wanted to be seen, but only by them.

They wanted to be seen, but only by you.



“Wrapping it like that does nothing for you,” Kakashi muttered from his tree branch, book on his face, and tossing a kunai up and down in one hand. Tenzo tilted his head, maybe Sai had been right about Sakura and Kakashi. 

“Senpai,” Tenzo called, frowning down at the way he had wrapped his ankle. He had slightly sprained it on a mission and didn't want to bother Sakura with such a small injury. “Everyone wraps it like this.”

Kakashi blurred and then he was in front of Tenzo, clucking his tongue in a way that reminded Tenzo of small hands and the smell of antiseptic. “We’ve been doing it wrong for years. Let me show you.”

And Tenzo, well, he stared, long and hard at his Senpai— the man who seemed untouchable, unchangeable, immortal in the way legends tend to be— as he kneeled down and pulled off his sandals, peeling off his bandages, and walked Tenzo through a better way of wrapping them.

“It’ll limit movement,” Kakashi explained, pulling his sandals back on while Tenzo reminded himself to blink and not stare and gape. “So you don’t hurt the ankle more while you walk, but it's flexible enough that it won’t bother you.”

Tenzo nodded dumbly, “Thanks Senpai,”

Kakashi’s eyes crinkled, “Anything for my cute little Kohai. Though, you really should just ask Sakura to heal it.”

And when Kakashi strode to the other side of the training ground, pulling on his gloves and cracking his neck, Tenzo couldn’t stop the way his eyes widened. It was such a small action, nothing major, nothing huge. But it spoke volumes of how much Sakura had truly crawled under Kakashi’s skin. It was strange, he mused, how domesticity could change someone so small yet so drastically. 

“Ready?” He called, widening his stance because if Sai was right (when he heard from Sasuke of all people) Kakashi’s taijutsu had become much meaner. 

“When you are,” Kakashi drawled, stance relaxed as ever as he flapped a hand forward. 

You will look upon them, bare and unmarred in your bloodied hands. 

And you will cherish them, love them so much that you realize 

there has always been room for two in your space, in your heart. 

You will realize that you are home when you are with them, that breathing is easier,

that living is not as mundane as it once was. 



Ino, who had known Sakura since before she had grown into her forehead— who was there when Sakura had her period and her first orgaism, when Sakura was without Team 7— was not amused when just before their lunch date ended Sakura simply poofed out of existence, Stiffing Ino with the bill. 

She hadn’t believed Sai when he told her what he, Naruto, Tenzo, and Sasuke (of all people) had witnessed. Ino was the head of T&I, she had clawed her way up, outsmarted Ikibi for the position, demanded respect and received it. She wasn't called the Terror of Kohona for nothing. Ino was a badass and she knew it. She was also a mind reader, according to Shikamaru.

So, of course, Sakura would slip under her radar. Sakura has always been a weak spot for those around her, she had a way of finding rust in steel. Which was why Ino was going to track Sakura down and then strap her down until Sakura spilt the beans on everything. And pay her back for lunch because what the hell.

After using Team 8 to find Sakura and promise Kiba she would fill him in on the drama (because Kiba and Shino were secretly addicted to gossip. And Kiba wrote poetry, which was irrelevant but Ino still couldn’t quite get over it) Ino spotted Sakura shopping in the market. 

Before she could call for Sakura to wait her ass up, Kakashi came into view. Neither of them said a word to each other but the way their bodies shifted, heads tilting towards each other, like flowers to the sun, made Ino pause. Then Kakashi picked a few eggplants from the stand and Sakura left some coins and they were on their way. And like some voyeur Ino followed them, watching as they moved so in sync it was like a dance.

Sakura would shift and Kakashi seemed to unconsciously follow, Kakashi would reach for something and Sakura would immediately duck or hand it to him without looking. Their bodies were so attuned to each other that they didn’t utter a single word the entire shopping trip and they didn't need to either. 

It was disgustingly endearing and Ino found herself both annoyed because Kakashi was hogging Sakura and elated because, well, Sakura found someone who will love her as deeply as she deserved to be. 

She left the two lovesick fools to their shopping, gnawing on her lower lip as she thought about how much she was about to place on that bet Sai had going on. 


You and Me no longer exist for people like you two. 

You and Me become Us, become We.

Because your souls have crept together, wrapping around each other and fusing themselves into one.

You are Me as I am You.



“She gets it from you.” Sakura said, eyeing the way that baby Misaki stared down strangers on the street with her green, green eyes.

Kakashi raised his eyes from Icha Icha to give his wife a look. “Me?”

Sakura nodded, not taking her eyes off of their baby as she made a civilian man cringe away, “Duh, who else gives looks like that?” 

Kakashi looked at Sakura, at the way she was looking at strangers and the way they seemed to shrink back and decided to not say a thing.



“She gets it from you,” Kakashi drawled, nodding towards the way Misaki pulled on her leather gloves, shit eating smile on her face as she looked at Boruto, who swallowed shakily. 

Sakura glanced over, brow furrowing. “What? That smile is yours.”

Kakashi shook his head then tilted it, narrowing his eyes. “Nope, that’s all you Sakura-chan.”

Sakura looked back at their daughter as she simply danced around Boruto, a book in her hand, as the boy came after her relentlessly and chose to stay silent. 




“She gets it from you,” They said at the same time before both their heads snapped towards each other, eyes wide.

“No,” Sakura said slowly, gesturing vaguely at the way Misaki was draped across a tree branch, flipping a kunai in one hand, a book across her face. 

Kakashi shook his head and also waved a hand at Misaki, opening his mouth to refrute before they both froze.

“Shit,” Kakashi muttered and Sakura nodded mutely, leaning back into Kakashi’s chest. 

Shit indeed. 

“When did this happen?” She muttered.




Later, Naruto laughed at them, Sasuke gave them a flat look, Sai raised his brows, Tenzo just smiled, and Ino glared. 

“This has been going on for years!” Naruto snorted, pointing a finger into Sakura’s face. She lunged to break it but Kakashi was already moving and caught her hand seamlessly. 

“See?” Sasuke asked dryly, waving a hand at them. “This has been happening since before Misaki.”

Ino scowled, “It’s nauseatingly cute too. Like, Sai and I aren’t even like that,”

Sakura sighed, rubbing at her temples before peeking a glance at Kakashi to find him doing the same exact movement. Well. Huh. 

Silence descended onto the table and Sakura groaned half in embarrassment, half in amusement. Kakashi patted her back sympathetically while probably trying to fight a smile.

“I can’t believe Hokage-sama won the bet though,” Sai muttered, frowning at his ramen. 

Sakura slowly looked up, quirking a brow before tilting her head, eyes narrowed, “What bet, Sai?”

“Oh!” Naruto laughed. “Us and Baa-chan had a bet going on to see when you’d notice that you two were basically picking up each other’s habits. Baa-chan bet it’d take over fifteen years. We all thought it’d be sooner.” 

“This must be the only bet she’s ever won,” Ino mused before her full lips parted in a devious smile. “She must really know you two if she bet that long of a time.”

Shaking his head, Tenzo sighed, “You’re both geniuses, I can’t believe it took looking at Misaki to realize it.” 

Well, the Harunos had nothing to say to that because they really hadn’t noticed. How could they? It was only natural that when they loved each other so thoroughly, so deeply, so openly that they would blend a bit, would pick up each other’s quirks.  

“Misaki is a bit more like Sakura though,” Sasuke said aloud, leaning his chin into the palm of his hand. 

Sai tilted his head, “I don’t think you’re here enough to come to that conclusion, Traitor.” 

Naruto jabbed him in the ribs, “Hey! Misaki-chan is totally like Sakura-chan! She has the same temper and strength!” 

“Misaki does have a lot of Senpai’s traits though,” Tenzo added as the table began to bicker.

Kakashi and Sakura exchanged a look, lips twitching up as their friends got louder and louder debating whether or not Misaki picked up the inability to cook,  her tendency to always have a nose in a book, and her method of instigating fights just to beat people up for fun from Kakashi or Sakura. 

“She definitely gets all of those from you.” Kakashi murmured cheekily, arm curling around Sakura’s waist to pull her closer.

Sakura laughed, poking his chest hard enough that Kakashi winced a bit. “I’d have to disagree, Ka-ka-shi.” She grinned up at him, eyes shining. “I think she gets all of those from the both of us.”

“Mah,” Kakashi sighed, scratching the back of his neck as Sakura’s eyes drooped a bit. “I guess you’re right.”


You will understand one day, someday, just how simple the complexity your love will be.

You will lay there, in each other’s arms, souls twisting, twining

melting, molding. 

You have given intimate parts away to them for safe keeping and they have tucked those parts into themselves, weaving them under their skin.

You have done the same for them, immortalizing habits and pieces forever in a crevice of your mind, your very being.

You are nothing but blurring people who have grown under each other’s skin, souls intertwined and ever, ever so happy. 

vii. omake

“You know,” Boruto slung an arm around Misaki’s sturdy shoulders, he had finally grown tall enough to do it though Misaki made fun of him anyways. She was an asshole like that. “You’re really like your parents.”

Misaki didn’t bother looking up from her medical scroll, as they walked through the market, dodging the civilians and shinobi alike. “Mah, you don’t say?”

“Yeah.” He said, glaring at the side of her head, “And it's a little creepy.”

Misaki clucked her tongue, elbowing him in the ribs and dancing away before he could even attempt to swipe at her, finally tearing her eyes away from the scroll. “Naruto, Sasuke, Sai, and Ino-oba say the same thing,” She reached to pull at her gloves, mouth twisting down, “I don’t see it really.”

Boruto gaped at her from his folded over position, half out of breath, half at the sheer stupidity of his best friend. It was a general consensus among everyone that Misaki— while her own person with her own interests and quirks— was a literal mix of both her parents. 

She spoke like Kakashi, walked like Sakura, had both their smarts. Her fighting style was all quick feet and brute strength, though she was pretty decent with mid distance, she was above average in ninjutsu and taijutsu for their age. Not to mention that she was immune to genjutsu. Misaki even looked like a mix of her parents, silver hair that curled around her shoulders, sharp green eyes that seemed to stare right through you.

(Civilians rarely made eye contact with the daughter of Sakura the World Breaker and Kakashi the Copy-nin. Boruto and Inojin thought it was hilarious, Misaki thought it was annoying.)

Dad had said that obliviousness ran in the Haruno blood, apparently that was just another thing Misaki inherited. 

“You’ll see it one day,” He said, jogging to catch up with her. “I just know it.”

Misaki flapped a hand at him, “Yeah yeah whatever… ready to get your ass handed to you?”

Boruto grinned, pumping a fist in the air, "Bring it!"