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Before They Were Bulletproof // OT7 BTS FF x OC ᵖʳᵒˡᵒᵍᵘᵉ

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Beginnings were always awkward for me. Whenever I started something new my stomach would tie itself into a nervous knot.

I had gotten up early, been for a run, showered, and eaten breakfast. Some tunes played from the laptop that sat on my bed as I peered into my wardrobe wondering what to wear. I wanted to make a good impression on my first day. This is seeing as most of my past 'first days' hadn't worked out so well... Those memories weren't something I wanted to dwell on so I swallowed them down.

My eyes skimmed over a cute light blue dress that fell below the knee. I thought about it for a second... Would this be too much?

Oh well. Let's just do it, zero regrets, right?

I grabbed it and slipped it on. After taking a glance in the mirror I felt confident about pairing it with a long thin embroidered blue and white cardigan and some cute thin bracelets.

Okay, Jia. You've got this, let's go! 

I closed my laptop, cleaned up the few loose lyric sheets laying on my bed and then grabbed my bag. Some low wedges were by the front door so I slipped them on. Making sure I have everything I need, I leave the apartment. The door clicks shut behind me.

The walk down the hall was a few strides away from the elevator and the wait time wasn't long. As I stepped out of the apartment block I felt the warm rays of the sun. A light breeze ruffled the bottom of my dress. It was so refreshing that I couldn't help but smile. Luckily the campus wasn't far, after about five minutes of walking down the somewhat busy city street, a more open area came into view;

Two of the buildings were connected by a large pond, giving it a modern yet peaceful, traditional feel. The campus was so huge that even from this view I couldn't see all of it. But from what I could see it was very aesthetically pleasing. I grabbed my phone out of my bag and checked my timetable. The building I needed wasn't far so I made my way there. I got to the classroom I was looking for quite easily.


As I walked in I saw that there weren't as many people as I'd expected. Perhaps everyone came at the last minute or this topic wasn't very popular.

As I looked up the aisles, I noticed a set of free seats. It was close enough to a small group of girls that I might be able to talk with and make friends. I walked up the small steps of the isle. As I shuffled into the row and sat down a few of the girls looked my way, so I smiled and gave a brief wave. But they turned their backs and started whispering...

Had I done something wrong?

I decided not to worry about it. I'm sure there would be more opportunities to make friends. With that in mind, I started thinking about the class subject which was the Korean Language. This subject was an important one for my major so I should probably just focus on that.

I began to take out my things and set them up to take notes. Suddenly I saw the chair beside me being pulled back as if someone was about to sit right next to me. I turned my head slightly to see a blonde guy. He looked back at me plainly before breaking out into an endearing smile.

"Hey there, sorry didn't mean to startle you" He rubbed the back of his head.

"Is it okay if I sit here?" He questioned. Pausing for a moment for my response, still smiling lightly.

"Oh! Of course, it's okay! Go ahead" I quickly reply, making sure to return his smile. The way he sat down and set his bag on the ground was mesmerising. Even the way he extended his hand out to shake mine.

"Thanks, I'm Jimin" his eyes connect with my own. I had to force myself not to get lost in them. 

"Jia," I say, taking his hand in mine and giving it a short shake before going to take out his notepad from his bag. Jimin has a cheeky air about him. I was surprised he'd so willingly sat next to me. Suddenly, someone else takes the seat beside Jimin. His vibes are stronger, not in the light way that Jimin came across, more of a cool customer.

"Tae?! What? Why are you here? Are you stalking me, Hm?" Jimin lightly laughed. It was obvious that they already knew each other. Tae gives him a mischievous look.

"Nooo. I wanted to surprise you so I didn't tell you we were in the same class" His expression smugly changed. I had to admit, his features were... really something else. He was slightly larger in frame than Jimin but, they both had good muscle definition. Wait, why the hell am I thinking about this?


"Ahh, You should have just told me! I was worried this class was going to be boring," Jimin laughed, hitting his shoulder playfully. 

Tae's gaze fell to me, lingering for a moment. I had no idea what emotion was behind them but it was strong and it caused my chest to tighten. He'd perhaps noticed I was looking their way. But, Jimin caught on, glancing back at me.

"Oh yeah. This is Jia" He added casually, as to introduce us.

Tae's flashed a faint smile, reaching over Jimin to shake my hand. The warmth of his palm lingered despite being brief. What started as one brand-new face had quickly turned into two. I didn't want to make it obvious. But, I was feeling a tiny bit self-conscious.

"I'm Tae-Hyung. Just call me Tae though, it's easier," he said, plopping back into his seat lazily.

"Sure. So, are you both friends from High School or?" I asked. Jimin tilted his head in my direction, running his hand through his hair.

"Was it Middle School? I can't remember," he feigned momentarily.

"We are both trainees at the same entertainment company, we also take the major in K-Culture together" he glanced back at Tae who nodded in agreement. He is now taking things out of his bag as well. 

"That's cool, must be why you guys seem so close," I smile, moving on to tell them more about myself, "I'm a Communication Major. I was thinking of doing K-Culture but, I decided on Communications instead."

Tae looked up from his bag. The two of them were focused, perhaps wanting to know more. But, there was something else that began to nag at me.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed the girls from earlier. They were giving me side stares and gossiping about something out of earshot. Despite not being able to make out what was being said, experience had taught me a lot. It most likely wasn't anything pleasant either.

I remember when I was in High School; in the beginning, a lot of people didn't talk to me, gossiped or just blatantly made assumptions about me because of my looks. My features aren't completely Korean, my hair is blonde and my eyes are blue. You'd think that standing out would be a nice thing. But, it led to some horrible things happening...

I accidentally sigh. Turning back to the boys. Their gaze averts curiously towards the girls behind me.

"Huh? What happened? Do you know them?" Tae questioned. I shook my head. Jimin on the other hand had picked up on what was going on. He was sharper than he'd initially let on.

"Don't worry about it. Jealousy is ugly, isn't it?" he muses. My face flushes at the suggestion. Did I have anything to be that jealous of? "Jealous? Wait, what?" I laughed. Awkwardly. Trying to play it off, his comment has disarmed me. 

"Ohhh," Tae mouthed in realisation.

"Hm. You're really pretty, it's obvious they're just eyeing you off to try and compensate for their own low self-esteem," Jimin contemplates as he examines my features. Tae also steals a glance.

"Don't take that the wrong way though! I'm not trying to hit on you" He waves his hands and laughs innocently. This was doing nothing to settle the heat in my cheeks. I just laughed along too.

"I'll take it as a compliment, don't worry." Luckily my attempt to brush over the topic casually seemed to have worked. Before any of us could say anything else the teacher walks in and addresses the class. He captures the class easily with his voice that echoes throughout the room.

"Good Morning class, welcome to the Korean Language. My name is Professor Kwon. I'm going to start by giving you this terms assessment information." I followed along as he read through the units and assessments. My eyes dropped onto the next line: group report.

"Now, before we go any further, I want to assign groups for the report. Don't waste any time getting them done" He picked up a folder, pulled out a list, and began reading out the groups by calling students' names.

Finally, I heard my name being called so I raised my hand. The teacher's eyes spotted me.

"Park Jia, you'll be with Park Jimin and Kim Tae-Hyung" his eyes scanned the class to find the people he'd called out. Jimin shot up quickly with impeccable reflexes. After confirming his name he sat back down and flashed me a subtle yet confident look. His personality is so eye-catching. To show he was with the rest of his group, Tae raised his hand.

The professor continued to go over the outline of the upcoming units for the semester until eventually, the class had come to an end. I started packing up my things. As I did, I started to think about the group task again and an idea came to me instantly.

"So... Should we have a group chat or something maybe?" I asked the boys beside me. It was a fair reason for me to message them, but I felt myself shrink a bit when they both looked over at me. Asking for boys' numbers wasn't something I usually did.

"You're smart, that's probably a good idea" Tae contemplated before pulling out his phone. They both added me on Kakao, no one uses numbers these days anyway. "Let's figure out a time to meet later" Tae's deep voice hummed smoothly.

"Sounds good," I nod before grabbing my bag and standing up. Jimin follows, pushing in his chair before turning to face me.

"So, where are you heading now?"

"I don't have anything until the end of the day so," I took a second to think it over, "I might grab some coffee and start researching for this assignment."

The three of us slowly started walking down the aisle towards the door. "Wow, Jia, you're such a reliable team member" Tae sighs in content, giving a playful pat on my back. When he was in such close proximity and touched me, it was enough to make me feel shy. I just laughed, rambling to try and cover it up.

"Not a big deal really! I'll just do a bit of it to make it easier for us later!"

Jimin playfully slapped Tae's hand away from me. The taller one mumbled a cute ouch in response before Jimin went on.

"Really? Isn't it too soon? Don't do too much of it until we meet, okay?" Jimin appears a bit worried but it was only momentarily.

"Okay. I'll only do a little bit I promise."

Seemingly reassured he let it slide. As we reached the hallway, we said our goodbyes. I head off campus and across the road to Starbucks. After grabbing an Iced Americano I made my way to the library. I walked up the few steps and through the oversized double doors. It was grand, but in a modern way. I found myself a seat at an empty table in a quiet side section and started to read over assignment details. Only noticing an hour or so had passed when my phone buzzed from my pocket. On my front screen I see the time and a newly received message.

It was a date request from the dating agency I signed with. It was meant to help pay for university. I opened up the message which had details of the guy who requested to hire me. Oh, it's for tonight!

I didn't have any prior plans for tonight. So, I replied saying I'd take the request. About five seconds later I got another message with details of the meeting place. With a short sigh, I leaned back in my chair and looked up at the high ceiling for a moment.

The same nervousness from this morning tangles in my stomach. This would be another first for me in one day. I knew there were services where you could hire girlfriends and such, although I never thought it would be something that I'd do. But, desperate times call for desperate measures.

I needed to pay for university and this job paid fairly well. Much better than any other kind of part-time job I could get at this point. My dad paid for my apartment for the first month. But, that time will pass quickly. The sad truth was that my parents couldn't afford it. Being an adult, having to worry about supporting yourself whilst also trying to figure out which direction to go in life... It was a struggle. I have to keep moving forward though.

I let those thoughts disappear only to be replaced with another.

What will tonight be like?

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As soon as my last class for the day ends, I rush home. As I close my apartment door behind me, I slip off my shoes and put my bag down on the nearby shelf. I didn't have much time until I was supposed to meet this mysterious Mr Kim.

An hour and a half later, I'd managed to get myself together. My hair was down and straight, make-up was light, which made the peach blush look cute. I wore something a tad warmer because the temperature usually dropped when it was dark outside. Some black skinny jeans and a neat light blue jumper seemed just right. I packed all my essentials into a small handbag before picking up my phone from my bed and googling the address of the cafe.

The night was clear; the streets were illuminated softly with the lights from shops. The city district that surrounds the university was like a playground. In the streets of the city, young adults leisurely strolled between bars, clubs, and pubs. Karaoke, restaurants and cafes. Noodle shops, barbecues, and whatever else you could think of; all readily available.

I reached my destination in no time. The coffee shop was quite cute. It had an outside patio sitting area which was lit by colourful bubble lights. From what I could see of the interior through the glass windows it had a cosy modern feel. I then drew my attention to my phone as I felt it buzz in my hand.

Mr Kim has arrived.

I looked around, not knowing what to expect, and then a tall, extremely handsome guy with broad shoulders approached me confidently. In contrast to his powerful approach, his smile was gentle. 

"Miss Park?" He asked. Tilting his head, bending to get a better look at my face. He was at least a head taller than me.
"Yes! My name is Jia. Please call me by my first name. There's no need for formalities." I blurt. I couldn't help but feel shy. This was NOT what I was expecting. He was the last person I thought would need to rent a girlfriend.

"Oh. How cute, aren't you enthusiastic? Definitely my type." He winked playfully.
"I'm Jin, but widely known as Worldwide handsome." He laughed airily to himself as if it were a joke, but it was true.

"Ahh, why are you laughing?! You're seriously handsome," I blurted again. Realising what I'd said, my hands flew up to my flustering cheeks. They were giving away how I felt. Jin's smile turned to shock as he reached out to feel my face. He gently pulled my hands away and a cool sensation replaced it. I stood rooted to the spot as the back of his hand against my skin tingled.

"Wow. You're burning up. Did you have a little afternoon drink before you came?" He teases. His touch fades away. But I wanted him to touch me longer.

"Ah no! Of course not..." I laughed, holding my cheeks again but feeling less embarrassed by his impeccable ice-breaking skills. 
"I know! How about we go in and get a drink? Perhaps that will cool you down, hm?" I nod.

We stepped into the cafe. Jin takes the initiative and approaches the counter.

"So, what do you usually drink?" He asks from beside me. I could feel him leaning into me, slightly. I didn't know how close I'd stood. The smell of his light cinnamon cologne hit my nose.
"An Iced Americano, please." I glance up at his face. He orders for both of us, his lips pouting. Why couldn't I take my eyes off him?

I calmed down a bit as we waited. A minute of comfortable silence passed before collecting our drinks. Jin led the way outside to the patio. The ambience felt dreamy, almost like a fairytale.



We took a seat across from each other. Jin placed my drink on the table in front of me.

"Thank you" I smiled.

"It's alright, you are my girl for the night so I have to take care of you." He teased. His confidence was turning me into jelly. I took a sip, kindly waving off his remark. Now that we were face to face, I could study his features without being weird. After a moment, I spoke.

"Can I ask, why are you using the dating services? It's a touch surprising to me, aren't you the type girls would line up to date?" Jin chuckled, amused by my forwardness.

"Well," He began matter-of-factly, "They would if I had the time, though, I'm a trainee with an entertainment company so my schedule is always full. Committing to a relationship is just too complicated." He took a sip of his drink as he explained. His comments sounded oddly familiar, my thoughts vaguely being pulled to earlier in the day.

"Oh... I guess even handsome guys have a hard time finding love then." I hummed. Jin just laughed again before responding, "Right? Things aren't always how they look," he tutted before leaning forward slightly.

"You know, I should ask you the same thing, no boyfriend? There's no way a girl as pretty as you doesn't have guys falling over themselves to be with you. " His eyes were on me steadily, head tilted to the side, hints of intrigue in his words. Another compliment I received earlier on. Maybe I should just assume that it was normal for men in the entertainment industry to throw the word pretty around at girls...

"Well, honestly, I haven't thought about finding anything serious. I've been too busy with other things, studying and work." I admitted. I didn't know if I believed him but, it was still flattering if he thought so. He gave an understanding nod before leaning back in his chair again.

"So, we are kind of similar," he then added thoughtfully.
"Maybe." I replied. Just as his more humble side showed, and I settled down, it didn't last long.

"But I'm still a man, aren't I? Even if I don't have time to date seriously... There is only so long I can go without," Jin laughed, as though implying the obvious. I awkwardly chuckled and looked down. Unable to make eye contact at the thought of it. Maybe the lack of social interactions with girls was taking its toll on him. I inwardly dead-panned.

"Don't make such a cute face, I'm already having a hard time holding back," his playful tone stirred up something inside. I looked back up to see his dark eyes still on me.
"No, no. It's just, you're so forward I'm not used to it." I laughed awkwardly to hide my blatant shyness. Not wanting to admit it, but knowing subconsciously that I also was a girl with girlish urges, and this conversation was making me feel some type of way. Jin suddenly sat straight in his chair as though an idea had occurred to him.

"Jia, have you eaten yet?" I shook my head.

"Let's get dinner then, there's an excellent restaurant nearby," he suggested.

"Okay, sure."

We both finished our drinks and left the cafe, taking a short five-minute walk filled with some light conversation. I couldn't help but smile at his endearing personality. But, I got the feeling that behind his confidence might have been a different person... Not that I thought he was acting fake. No, not that, but... I just couldn't put my finger on it right now.

The restaurant was casual; it wasn't busy either. We both took a seat in a booth across the table from each other. The server set the menus down on the table along with some water and then left us on our own. Jin didn't waste any time picking up the menu and skimming through it.

There were so many options, and before I had even gotten halfway through them, I heard Jin gasp. "Ohhh, I love lobster, do you? Shall we order four of them..?" His expression is almost comical as he waits for a response.

"What?! Four?! Really?" I spluttered out, "Can we finish 4 of them though?" I hesitated.

"Of course we can! What're you worried about? " Jin laughed, quick to reassure me it wasn't a problem. Soon enough, the food had arrived.

Jin started making sound effects as they placed it before us. "Ohhh WOAH, doesn't this look amazing?" He sighed in gratification as he broke apart the lobsters and plate them between us.
The pure innocence of this situation was just too cute. "Yes! It looks so delicious. Thank you for the meal. " I clapped my hands together.

I waited a short moment out of respect for Jin to take the first bite, but he leaned over the table, chopsticks in hand as he slowly held a piece up to my lips. "Jia, open up cutie." I hesitated slightly. His duality was captivating. He watched as I carefully took the piece into my mouth.

"It tastes so delicious!" Jin just laughed.

"I can cook it better, next time I'll make it for you." We continued to chat casually as we enjoyed dinner. We took turns asking each other basic questions like favourite colours and foods, hobbies and interests. Being with him was fun, and I didn't want it to end. But time passed quickly. After the meal, Jin covered the bill and offered to walk me home, so I gladly accepted.

We strolled at a slow pace, walking closely together down the street. His smile and expressions were so sweet that I couldn't stop noticing them the entire night. Or maybe he'd put me under some type of spell.

"My place is just around the corner. Are you sure you want to walk me the whole way?" I queried, feeling a bit guilty about making him go out of his way for my sake. "Of course! I've already come this far. Besides, can't let my girl walk around this late, all alone. What kind of guy would that make me?" Jin gave me a shocked look. Even if he was just teasing, I looked away, trying to hide my shyness. But Jin just laughed and tried to peer at my face from beside me.

"Ah, no! don't look." I shooed him away playfully before looking back up at him properly. "You're making that cute face again," He sighed. His words from earlier popping into my head. But, I realised we were now just outside the front of my apartment. I suddenly stopped walking, and it surprised Jin for a second.

"This is me," I said, a sinking feeling in my stomach at the thought of him leaving. Jin sighed a breath before looking up at the building. "Thanks for tonight Jia, we should do it again soon."
For the first time tonight, he seemed serious. I bowed lightly before looking up into his settled gaze. "I'd like that. I had a lot of fun with you Jin-Oppa." I bit my lip a tiny bit, feeling the air get slightly thicker. He cracked a smile.

"Expect another request soon then," he winked before taking a step back. I felt myself relax.
"Don't keep me waiting too long," I teased. He waved lazily before turning around and walking back up the street.

I wandered up to my place, still feeling a little dizzy from all the flirting. I quickly shower and get changed into some pyjamas. I plopped down on the side of my bed. My thoughts of the night subsided and the events of earlier in the day propped up. I had been so preoccupied that I forgot to even check my phone for messages from the guys.

I quickly stumbled up off the bed towards my bag and pulled out my phone. The screen lit up with a thread of fairly recent messages, so I quickly opened it up.



Tae: Sup

Tae: hello?
Jimin: Yea 😙

Tae: .... Where's the other one?
Jimin: Jia?
Jimin: Maybe she fell asleep?

Jimin: Or she's out on a date 😏
Tae: Or she got her foot stuck in an elevator door🤔
Jimin: what? How did you even get to that?🙈

I quickly typed before any more of this weird convo could continue.

Jia: hey sorry! I fell asleep! loooool


I didn't want to lie to my new friends, but.. how could I explain what I was doing without them thinking badly about me... I only just met them and they were nice.. losing the only friends I had right now was probably worse. Besides, if the time ever came I would tell them the truth...

That I was a broke-ass girl who sold her company to men so she could pay for uni... I shook my head out of reflex, snapping out of any negative thoughts I had about myself. This was a terrible habit I had, but these days I tried not to let it consume me.


Jimin: Ohh did we wake you up?! Sorry 😅
Tae: She's probably tired cuz she worked on the report without our help...

Jia: No, no, it's okay! Really 😇

Tae: Let's meet up tomorrow, I have time in the morning 
Jimin: Sounds good to me, the library at 10?
Jia: Yeah perfect~

Tae: 👌🏻 can do
Jia: alright, see you both then 😊 nite~


I locked my phone and put it on the charger before getting into bed. Wow, what a day.

Maybe my time at university will be fun, that's what I'd hope for more than anything.

Living a full and meaningful life was just as significant as anything else. I felt my eyes getting heavy and my last thoughts of the night drowned out as I fell asleep.

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The sound of my alarm jingled lightly bringing me out of my comatose state. I took my time getting up and preparing for the day. I usually woke up early so I could do my morning routine. I didn’t like the feeling of being rushed or late so it was something I’d just fallen into doing habitually.

Yet again, I found myself staring into my wardrobe wondering what today’s vibe would be. This was a regular occurrence for me but I wasn’t embarrassed about it by any means. Feeling a bit edgy I decide on some high waisted blue skinny jeans with rips up the legs, a white crop T-shirt, a baggy beige cardigan and white Fila sneakers. My hair was slightly wavey and reached just around my waist.

After slipping on some cute rings and bracelets I strolled over to my desk and double-checked my schedule. Memory serves me right, it turns out I only have one class in the afternoon which I was happy about. During high school, the rhythm of a full day of classes always irritated me. Never felt like I had enough time for myself and for the things that I wanted to do. But now, my classes were more spaced out and I was grateful.

I gathered everything I would need for the day including my laptop and set off to the campus library. As I walked up the path and towards the entrance I noticed Tae was casually leaning against a pillar. He had one hand in his pocket and the other holding his phone which he was scrolling through. He looked so stylish, even though he was only wearing a light grey hoodie paired with a denim jacket and thin black track pants that hung off his figure perfectly.

Did he always look picture of perfection?

As I got closer he glanced up from his phone and noticed me. It was really subtle but his eyes widened slightly and then he stuffed his phone into his pocket before standing up straight.

“Jia, did you sleep well?” He asked, His presence becoming stronger as he stepped closer, fondly gazing down at me.

“Yea, did you?”

“Hmm, actually I had the weirdest dream.” He pouted for a moment. “But I probably shouldn’t go into details” His expression rebounded cheekily.

“What, why not? Was it really that strange?” He hummed momentarily still in thought. 

Okay, okay, just let me guess and just nod if I'm close." I offered, curious what it could be. He cocked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow.

“How about, if you guess, I’ll grant you a wish." Tae seemed to be enjoying making a game of it.

“Um, yeah okay. "Anything I want?" I asked.

“Yep, anything.” He looked smug but I didn’t mind, I’ll just list off weird things until I get it right.

“Was it weird like cats dancing in miniature suits strange or like?”
“The world was ending and you had to save it but you didn’t have any hands or feet weird?”

No response, okay maybe I needed to take it in a different direction.

“Or like, you were being serviced by a sexy maid weird?” He broke out into a smile at the last one.

“No, no, and no, but if you’re into that last one maybe we could work something out.” The deep hum of his voice became more noticeable. It was only the two of us here and, just when did he get so close to me?!

“What?! No! Wait? What does that even mean? I waved my hands and tried to refute his weird, kinky suggestion. Feeling triumphant he laughed and backed away slightly, a delighted smirk settled on his lips. It made him just look all the more attractive.

God, what have I gotten myself into? I inwardly tutted, deciding to pretend to look around for Jimin to draw attention elsewhere. I hadn’t actually expected to see the blonde when I peeked around, but, at that moment he was only a few strides away from behind Tae.

He slung an arm over Tae’s shoulder, greeting us both with a captivating smile. “You two are early, did I miss anything?” he seemed to be in a cheerful mood.

“We weren’t early. You’re just always late” Tae playfully poked him in the side.

“Ow, Hey! That was one time! ” Jimin jumped away at the sudden poke, before crossing his arms and pouting. His cheeks puffed a bit. I noticed how cute he looked wearing his light blue jeans and white pink and purple striped jumper.

“Was it? Anyways, now that we’re all here,” Tae linked onto Jimin’s arm pulling him out of his stance and then reached out for my own arm and started to sturdily lead us up the stairs and into the library.

Only after we’d entered did he let us go. “Woah. This place is huge." He mumbled to himself as we all wandered into the main room.

“Yeah” Jimin mumbled back in response as he looked around. He was quick to point out an unoccupied booth.

“What about there?” He asked. Seeing no problem with the spot we headed over.

Jimin was the first to file in on the left side, Tae sat on the opposite seat so I decided to scoot in beside Jimin. I felt my thigh accidentally collide with something solid. It was only for a second. I quickly readjusted so I wasn’t so close. I glanced at him but he seemed to not have noticed or if he had there was no reaction.

We each took out our books and notes. I opened up my laptop on the table and propped it at the open end of the booth so that the screen was facing all of us.

As we started to discuss the layout and divide sections of the report between us I began to type up the draft and create a template document. We discussed for a while until mid-convo I felt something. It was Jimin's thigh firmly pressing up against mine. He’s leaned back into a more relaxed position and his legs had spread slightly. I waited a moment but neither of us pulled away. From my peripherals I could see him leaning back running his hands through his hair, nodding along as Tae was explaining something about a section of the report. I tried to refocus on writing down the points that Tae was mentioning when I felt his thigh press a little more against mine. Why was I so sensitive to his presence right now? It caused a small shudder to run through me.

Tae was completely oblivious and I like to think Jimin was too. However, I caught him glance towards me, a brief but definite sly smirk curving at the corner of his lips.

Was I imagining this? No way, I felt a bit confused, like, was this flirting? I don’t even know. Or was he just toying with me? But like, it was so unnoticeable that if I was to say anything he could totally deny it...

My fingers were still typing away as my thoughts flittered through my mind until I heard my name being called. “Jia, hold on, can I change something?” The blonde's sweet voice felt closer to my ear and its suddenness caused me to pull my hands away from the keyboard and shift slightly to face him.

“Yea sure” My voice trembled slightly which seemed to appease him. Smiling lightly he leaned forward to edit something on the laptop with one hand. In the process part of his chest pushes up against my back, his other arm leaning lazily over my shoulder, his breath nibbling at my ear. I felt warm but I didn’t dare move, instead I glanced at Tae to see what he was doing. His head hung down as he read over some papers but then he looked back up and had caught my eye before I could look away. His expression was completely unreadable. I felt Jimin pull back away from me causing me to relax instantly. Now only his thigh was left propped up against mine which seemed trivial after that ordeal.

“There, that’s a bit better, what do you think?" Tae and I leaned in to read the changes, both nodding in agreement.

It wasn’t until around mid-day that the boys had to leave because they had class. I waved them both goodbye as they left. I’d decided to stay a little longer seeing as I still had 2 hours until my afternoon class.

I quickly wandered across the road to a café and had a salad for lunch before returning to the library. I decided to explore a bit more and see what they had to offer. As I skimmed through endless shelves of books something caught my eye that made them light up in excitement. The next few sections were actually filled with CDs. It was a rare sight in this day and age seeing as so many things are digital including music.

I started to explore the musical playground in which I had delightfully discovered, pulling out a CD occasionally to take a closer look. I noticed a ‘Notorious BIG’ album poking out from on top of the shelf. I felt my heart leap at the sight. Biggie Smalls was... A guilty pleasure of mine without a doubt. He had flows for days and I was all for it.

I reached up and stretched out my arm as far as I could but apparently, I was short enough for it to be inconvenient right now. I jumped a couple of times in hopes that it might help. However, to no avail, suddenly I felt a presence behind me and an arm reached above me to pull out the CD with ease. The unexpected motion completely caught me off guard as I let out a small squeal and turned around only to collide with something solid. This hurt a lot, but then I felt myself lose balance...

You ever have that moment when you know you are about to fall but there’s nothing you can do about it? Well yeah, that’s what was happening right now. I scrunched my eyes closed anticipating to feel the floor hit me but, instead, I felt myself being caught in sturdy arms.

“Holy shit” I breathed out in a mixture of relief and shock. I quickly opened my eyes back up only to be met with a tense but handsome face. His hair was dark blonde and pushed back, and from what had just happened I knew he was damn tall.

“Are you okay? I’m so sorry” He relaxed following his apology. The next moment he propped me back up onto my feet with ease. His hands now sat on my shoulders as he peered into my face.

“I think so." I mumbled, trying to regain myself. “I uh, saw you struggling to reach that CD and thought I should help out, didn’t even cross my mind that it might have scared you, I’m really sorry” He continued to apologise, a small awkward smile breaking out as he lets his grip on my shoulders go to scratch at the back of his head.

“Oh no... I should probably apologise to you! I’m usually not that jumpy, you really did come right out of nowhere though!” I laughed, trying to dismiss the absolute shit show that had just gone down between us.

“Ahhh.” He exhaled in relief. I looked down to see that he still had the CD I wanted in his hand. “Biggie, huh?” His voice questioned smoothly, pulling my attention back up to him.

“Notorious for a good reason,” I joked, wait that was kind of lame, no? Either way, I was surprised that he even knew who that was. He let out a small chuckle before handing the case to me.

“I’m Namjoon by the way,”

“Jia, it’s nice to meet you.” As I took it from him I noticed a reasonable difference in the size of our hands. I paused a moment.

“So, you’re into Hip Hop?” I questioned, becoming more curious about him by the second.

“Yeah, for sure. I rap, write lyrics, compose songs..” He began to list off things that were music to my ears. “Oh. A jack of all trades, huh?” I teased.

“I write lyrics too. Music is just one of those things..” I trail off, feeling like I was now looking at someone with whom I may have a lot in common.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. I’m a K-Culture major, second year in” His expression brightened, as though becoming more intrigued.

“It's my first year in Communications, I guess that means you’re my senior” A small silence lingered as we both realised we weren’t the same age but then his voice cut through it.

“You know what, you should come by the campus studios some time and check out some of the songs we produce. It’s kinda rare bumping into someone with similar interests. And I don’t mean metaphorically” He sounded genuine so I didn’t give my answer much thought.

“Yeah, I'd love to, did you want to maybe add me on Kakao?” I pulled out my phone hesitantly.

“Oh, yeah, sure, here let me add my ID” Namjoon was quick to grab my phone and take care of it. After he’d finished he handed it back. I fumbled my phone around in my hands before looking back up at him. The thought of being in his arms not that long ago propping itself up into the surface of my mind.

“Thanks for umm... Catching me back there too” I mumbled shyly. for some reason, I started getting light tingles. Wait, of all things why did I say that? Jesus Jia, get a grip - I internally cringed at myself.

“Don’t thank me, if I hadn’t scared you then you wouldn’t have fallen” He waved his hand, brushing off my unnecessary apology. I glanced back down at my phone and realised that my class was going to start soon.

“I have a class to get to now, but, ah, yea, just message me and let me know when to drop by” I beamed before bowing lightly and then starting to back away. “Ah yes, will do. Cya around” Namjoon waved at me looking a bit confused. I hurried off out of the Library, jogging most of the way to class so I wasn’t late. I regretted how quickly and suddenly I’d left Namjoon and hoped I hadn’t given him an awkward impression... Or like creeped him out. I actually did want him to message me. The thought of him also having common interests made me really excited.

Chapter Text

I watched lazily as the clock ticked over to 4:00 pm, a light bell sound emanating from the speaker on the wall. The teacher glanced down at his watch to confirm the time and proceeded to dismiss us. I fumbled my belongings back into my bag and pulled out my phone to check if I had any messages.

A part of me hoped to see Namjoon's name but to my surprise, there was a message from Jimin instead so I swiped it open.

Jimin: Jiaaaa, did you get out of class yet?

I paused for a moment, wondering what he might want before replying.

Jia: Yeah, just finished, what's up?

I slung my bag around my shoulder and started to walk slowly towards the door eyes still glued to the screen as another message popped up.

Jimin: Tae was supposed to have a drink with me but he cancelled last minute TT
Jimin: Got some time to spare? 😏

Jia: Yeaaa kk, send me the address, I'll come~

I clicked on the location link he sent. It revealed a place I knew. Call it a coincidence but this was the place that Jin and I first met. Kodama Café was the name. I walked out of the building and off-campus. I felt a cool breeze blow past as I made my way down the street. The weather had definitely become more chilly throughout the day. As I reached the café I noticed that the vibe was a bit different seeing as it wasn't quite dark yet. Inside wasn't busy which was fortunate, the chances of running into Jin here were probably close to nothing. He did say he was always busy so.

The door chimed lightly as I stepped in. Jimin looked over and noticed me from the small corner booth he was cosily tucked into. He gave a short wave as I walked over and slid into the seat across from him.

"That was quick" A cute smile plastered on his face. He placed one of the two Iced coffees he had in front of me.

"Thanks, yeah, it's so close to school," I mentioned, taking a small sip before inquiring about our third wheel.

"What happened with Tae anyway? Is he okay?"

"He's fine, just got called into our agency last minute to go over some singing rehearsals" Jimin sighed lightly. Running his hands through his hair seemed to be a tantalising habit of his.

"He sings?" I perked up. I knew that they were probably idols in training, but I never did get the chance to ask anything specific about it.

"We both do, we also dance. I studied contemporary dance, have been a dancer since I was young" Jimin perked up a bit, his words intrigued me. The muscle tone on his chest and arms had previously caught my attention, and now it was even more visible, showing through his shirt. I kicked myself for not putting two and two together earlier.

"That does explain your physique" The comment tumbled out of my mouth before I could stop it.

"Hm? What's this? You've been checking me out this whole time?" Jimin said smoothly. The playful charm he had was unmatched. God, I don't know if I hated this or loved it but it got to me every time.

"Ahh, it's not subtle if you know what I mean" I glanced between him and down at the table unable to keep eye contact. Jimin cracked an amused smile, licked his lips to keep himself from laughing.

"Jia, don't pretend to be all shy. If you're into me you'll feel a lot better after admitting it" He leaned over the table, his smile getting wider as though about to break into laughter.

"Jimin, please stop, I actually can't" Fluster taking over I pushed on his chest and he plopped back in his seat. I comically fanned my face trying to disperse the heat in my cheeks causing him to burst into cute laughter.

"Ahh sorry, sorry, I really can't help it. You're just seriously so cute when you're flustered. It gets to you way too easily," He sighed in amusement to himself.

"Jimin." I mumbled under my breath. Despite wanting to protest, I wasn't sure what to say. His eyes lingered on me for a few seconds before softening into an innocent look.

"I might tease you at times but, if you can, try to put up with me because I want us to have fun together in the future." The words tumbled out somewhat timidly but for the first time ever he seemed sincere. Having no idea what to say, I nodded and smiled, feeling more at ease. After a few seconds, I had an idea. There was something we had to do if he was serious about being friends.

"You know what would be fun?" His head tilted in response.

"Karaoke.." I hummed after a moments pause. This seemed to be something he liked the sound of, his eyes lit up instantly.

"Yes! Best idea ever. Me, you and Tae. Saturday night?" He proposed eagerly. I nodded as I sipped at the last of my drink. He seemed to take the suggestion very seriously which made me wonder if I would regret anything later. I wasn't a particularly talented singer and if Tae and Jimin were it might be kinda embarrassing on my part but oh well. We chatted for a little longer until Jimin had finished his drink. I felt a vibration from my pocket, noting the time was about 6 pm and that I had a message from Namjoon.

RM: Heeey, how was class? Did you make it on time? 😅

Jia: It was alright! Luckily I did haha. What are you doing? 😊

RM: Actually, like, I know it's a bit sudden but, if you aren't busy tomorrow night wanna come chill? I was planning to head over to the studio if you're still interested

Jia: Yeah sounds good! Where should I meet you?

RM: It's the smaller brick building east of campus. Meet you out front at 7 😊

Jia: Got it! See u then ~

I clicked my phone shut and looked back up at Jimin who had been watching me curiously the entire time I'd been messaging.

"Who's the lucky guy?" He raised his eyebrow cheekily.

"It's not like that! I swear. Actually, when I was in the library earlier I saw some CDs! But I nearly fell over and, but, I didn't cause somethin- Wait no, it was someone who caught me and, um." I stopped for a second realising my explication made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Jimin just burst into laughter, occasional squeak included. Falling into the wall seeing as it was the closest thing to him. I internally dead-panned at myself.

"Okay, okay" Jimin waved his hand in the air to stop me from continuing, "Forget I asked" He wiped the small tears of laughter from the corner of his eyes and straightened back up.

"Well this has been fun but, I need to get back to dance practice" The blonde reluctantly got up and picked up his bag.

"Have fun. Thanks for the coffee" As I waved goodbye to Jimin, I rested my head on my hand. As the door to the café closed behind him, I watched his figure disappear down the street. I hadn't noticed until now that the sun had set leaving a clear night sky. I left the café and headed back home.

The day had been an eventful one surprisingly, but it felt nice to take some time to relax. Seeing as I had some free time I decided to work on some lyrics and get some study done and by midnight I was exhausted.


The next day passed quickly, just another ordinary day of classes. Nothing overly interesting happened. After classes had ended for the day I returned home and changed into something cute seeing as I was meeting up with Namjoon. I didn't have any expectations to be honest, but I also felt a bit nervous but I pressed it down and got dressed.

Lastly, I fixed up my hair before heading back out. The campus at night was well lit by lamp posts that were scattered around. It made it easier to try and find the building he'd mentioned. After a couple of minutes of roaming the east court, I found the place. I spotted him quickly as he stood out like a sore thumb. He glanced around casually. He was wearing a long black hoodie with a white image print covered by an even longer sleek black raincoat. His tracksuit pants are also black and baggy and a pair of Nike Airs. Boy was totally swaged out. He took a few lazy steps in my direction as I approached.

"Heeey, hope you weren't waiting long" I jogged the last few steps to him and closed the distance between us.

"Nah, not at all, I got here not even a minute ago" He shrugged, seeming more laid-back than before, which I found comforting.

"Let's go inside. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention," As Namjoon propped the door wide for me, letting me to in first, he began to say, "Two of my friends are in, and we write most of our material together because we share classes. I hope that's okay with you." As he spoke, his voice was silky smooth.

"No! That's fine, I'm more worried about intruding, wouldn't want to bother you guys while you're trying to do your thing" I laughed shyly.

"They won't mind, if anything, I have a feeling you'll pique their interest." As we walked down the corridor, Namjoon smiled brightly from beside me. I don't think his words were initially meant to make me feel as good as they did. I nibbled on my lip and kept walking beside him.

After another moment, he stopped at a brown wooden door, the number 28 labelled over it. He turned the handle and again stepped to the side so that I could enter first. He was shaping up to be quite the gentleman. I gave him a small smile as I passed him, the view of the room giving me a lot to take in.



The room was well sized, couch against the back wall and another long ottoman, mostly taking up the sidewall but the most obvious thing was the large desk which ran along the entire front wall. It had big speakers and a widescreen in front of it. It was such a comfortable and nicely set up studio. I heard Namjoon click the door shut behind us and my eyes dropped to the person who was seated at the desk.

He had turned around in his chair, eyes falling onto us, staring plainly for a moment before quickly averting his gaze to the side as though trying to avoid direct eye contact.

Before I could introduce myself, another voice cut through the air. The person it belong to had sprung up off the couch he was perched on instantaneously.

"Joon, who's your friend?" His surprised reaction startled me a little. He then went a bit wide-eyed as he glanced at me and then back to Namjoon.

"Hobi, chill, this is Jia. ," His voice was close to my ear, as though from directly behind me. "We literally bumped into each other earlier in the week. Turns out she likes hip-hop, so I thought I'd invite her over," He explained casually.

He nodded along, then flashed me a bright smile. "Jia? Cute name. I'm Hoseok. Hobi for short. Stage name, I'm your hope, you're my hope, I'm J Hopeeeee. You catch my drift, right?" I couldn't hide my smile from his sheer charisma. Or for a better word, just outright swag.

"That's, actually so sweet. " I may or may not have fangirled slightly but he didn't seem to care. "Oh, you think so?" He mused, starting to look pleased with himself.

The sound of a small cough cut through and I looked over towards the first guy who had caught my eye. "Suga, or Yoongi. Whichever you prefer," He offered before going on, "So what kind of music are you into?" Hints of interest laced in his tone.

"I can listen to anything, but, Hip-Hop is where it's at," I answered.

"Ahh, then you're in the right place," Hoseok chuckles.

"Did you wanna take a seat?" Namjoon asked as he made his way over to the ottoman and patted the spot beside him, so I took a seat beside him.

"You mention that you write lyrics, right?" Namjoon asked, sending a glance towards Yoongi. Before I could answer, I was questioned again.

"Oh really? Are you a K-Culture major?" Yoongi perked up slightly, shifting in his seat.

"I write a lot of different things. Lyrics mostly but, I decided to take Communication instead. It might sound a bit abstract but, I wanted to still be able to take subjects like philosophy and literature. Putting more behind lyrics than a couple of catchy words.." I trailed off, realising I may have said too much but I looked between the boys and they didn't seem to be judging me for my strange choices. On the contrary, there was a consensus of nods and 'Ahh, interesting.'

"Hyung," Hoseok called over to Yoongi grinning, "Why don't we show Jia what we've been working on". I felt the weight of the cushion dip slightly as Namjoon leaned back onto his hand. It served as a reminder that he was right next to me.

Uhhhhh. Alright," Yoongi contemplated momentarily before swivelling around to find something on the computer. "How's your Satoori?" He questioned as he scrolled through some tracks titles.

"What? Not the best but.. Wait, How come?" His question was unexpected, but as the beat started to play, I realised why he'd asked. I bopped my head along as I listened carefully, trying to catch their rap which was in Satoori. It threw me for a loop and I couldn't understand a lot of it, but I was enjoying every moment of it.

Hobi rapped along to his part enthusiastically and Yoongi had now turned back around to face the rest of us. Namjoon's part came on and his clear crisp voice on the track cut through my ears. I turned to him and bopped along casually which made him laugh. After another short moment, the song finished and I let out a sigh.

Ahhh, legit, a whole vibe! Even though I couldn't keep up," I laughed awkwardly. Yoongi smiled. "That's fair. Satoori that isn't my own is hard, so can relate. " Hobi laughed as he fell back onto the couch.

"Glad you enjoyed it," Namjoon chimes in, swaying gently and bumping his shoulder into mine playfully.

The four of us got into some light-hearted discussion about our musical influences. It was so interesting and I felt like I could relate with all three of the boys on some level. Yoongi suggested that if I ever wanted to share my work that I could bring it to him, they were very open about sharing the passion for music. It was comforting. Initially, I had also been wary at the fact that they were a year above me in age which made them my seniors, but, despite that, any previous worry I had was long gone and we even ended up exchanging Kakao so we could all hang out again. They joked around, but were still quite mature and insightful. After a while, I realised that it must have been getting late. I checked my phone as the others were still talking about something and I saw it was already 10 pm.

"Hm? It's 10 already?" Namjoon commented as he noticed the time on my phone screen. "Yeah, feels like I've only been here for 20 minutes" I sighed, not really wanting to leave, but it was getting late and I had to get home.

We all decided to call it a night. After the boys locked up the studio, we headed out of the building together. Hoseok and Yoongi walked ahead of Namjoon and me until we got outside. They turned around, Yoongi crossed his arms and Hobi's eyes fell on me.

"Do you live far? How're you getting back to your place?" He asked.

"My apartment's close by only takes me about five minutes to walk," I replied. I could feel Namjoon standing closely next to me before he shifted to look down at me, hesitating for a small moment.

"It's pretty late. Did you want me to walk you home?" He sounded concerned.

"Oh no, that's okay, I don't want to make you go out of your way." But he was quick to dismiss my worries.

"I don't mind. To be honest, I'd feel a lot better if I knew you got home safely". Yoongi took that as his cue to speak up. "Well, now that's decided, we'll get going. " He waved to us, taking a few steps back as he did. Hobi followed along, waving us off too.

"Bye, catch you at home later Joon," He called out before they both turned around and left us.

We walked slowly together back towards my place. As we passed down the street, there were a few rowdy drunks along the way, there were a lot of clubs and bars in the area which did make it questionable at this time of night and I secretly was glad that I didn't have to walk back alone. Namjoon and I exchanged an awkward 'Good Night' as we lingered out the front of my apartment. I felt like I wanted to say more, perhaps a thank you, or, it was nice to hang out, but I didn't want to make the situation corny or more awkward...

He watched as I walked up the short path and through the apartment complex entrance. I waved back to him one last time. He waved too before turning around to go back home. As I lay in bed, I thought about everything that had happened over the last couple of days. Some of my thoughts started to sound noteworthy in my head, so I quickly got up and wrote a few things down before crawling back into bed and falling asleep.

Chapter Text

Thursday, Today was going to be a full day of classes, and there was no avoiding it. My bag felt heavier than usual on account of having to lug around books for multiple subjects. Not to mention, the weather matches my feelings about today perfectly. Dreary with rain. My umbrella protected me from any of the downpours on the walk to class this morning. I'd rugged up more than usual and was wearing light ripped denim that hugged my legs perfectly and an oversized light purple hoodie.

As I sat through morning classes, I tried my best to concentrate, only getting sidetracked by my thoughts a couple of times. I wondered about my mum and dad. I hadn't heard from them since I arrived; I know they had their own issues with money and keeping up took a lot of effort. Not to mention dad had a bad habit of gambling. As far as I knew, he hadn't been too bad recently, but there had been times in the past that it nearly broke us as a family.

He was somehow paying for my apartment, but I knew time was ticking away... I still had to figure out what to do after the month was up and I had to pay for it myself...

My Mum liked drinking. Sometimes a little too much. For the most part, she got by without it affecting our family relationship that much.. But, getting ignored over a bottle of wine was fairly normal to me. I'd learnt to rely less on her and dad, and try to hold my own weight. Stand on my two feet. And be unbothered by struggles, no-one's life is perfect. That's just straight facts.

A bell rang signalling lunch break. I finished jotting down the last of my notes for the class before packing up and leaving.

As I walk somberly down the hall, I see two messages on my phone, both are from Jimin and it perks me up a bit.

Jimin: Jiaa ~

Jimin: There's a special event menu today on campus 🤤 Where are you? 👀😏

Jia: Is it in the main cafeteria? If so, like 2 minutes away, are you already there?

Jimin: Yeah 😉 Hurry up, before Tae eats it all lol

I shoved my phone back into my pocket and quickened my pace a bit. The cafeteria was fairly big and crowded with students. I usually went off campus for coffee and lunch for that exact reason, but today was a special occasion, apparently. I looked around for a moment until I spotted the two I was looking for. It didn't take long because they always stood out like some kind of celebrities.

As I approached their booth, I noticed that a few different groups of girls and guys kept glancing over in their direction. I didn't blame them though. How would people NOT be checking them out...? It only made sense. As I reached their table, I said "Hey" and slid in next to Tae. They both looked up at me from their conversation.

"Hey" Jimin replied while Tae put his hand up to high-five me, but I just poked his hand instead and then laughed.

"Wha- that was only a high-one, disappointed," he whined before ruffling my hair playfully.

"Hey! Wait, stop!" My hands found his as I reached up. I redirected them back towards his lap before letting go. Then I noticed the food on the table.

"Wow, this looks so good. " I licked at my bottom lip unconsciously.

"Yeah, but, the question is, does it taste good...." Tae tilted his head, throwing a playful look at me, eyebrows raised slightly.

"How could it look this good and not taste good? It's really unlikely," Jimin licked his lips too.

"Well, let's just try it and find out," I giggled.

"Yeah. Good idea. Who's first?" Tae asked as he picked up one of the dumplings with his chopsticks. I thought he was going to put it in Jimin's mouth, but he turned to me with the food coming my way.

"What? Me?" I asked in surprise. "Yeah, quick, open up," he said as though it was normal.

I didn't argue and just opened my mouth. It felt so weird for a second. I could feel Jimin watching in amusement as Tae gently popped the dumpling into my mouth. I quickly closed my mouth and started chewing.

"Oaaaah this is seriously good!" I exclaimed as the taste hit me. The boys didn't wait any longer, taking my reaction as a signal to dig in.

"Wonder if they hold these kinds of events often," Jimin contemplated out loud, taking a sip of his drink.

"I hope for the next one they have Ramen," Tae cooed. As I went to put another dumpling in my mouth, a piece of hair fell in front of my face. I stopped and was about to move my hair out of the way until someone had beaten me to it.

Tae had apparently noticed. I was helpless to stop it as he gently tucked the strand of hair behind my ear and I felt a wave of shyness hit me. He flashed a small smile before he went back to eating. I mumbled a small thanks, trying to pretend like that wasn't the cutest thing and that my heart wasn't about to explode.

After our meal, we sat and chatted for a bit. Jimin mentioned that another friend of theirs would come along for our karaoke night, which I didn't mind. He told me that their friend was a year younger than us but was the main vocalist member in their group, which I thought was pretty cool.

I felt my phone vibrate from my pocket so I quickly clicked the screen on to check.

I saw that it was a work request and that the name looked familiar. I felt my heart drop for a second and quickly clicked it off again before shoving it into my pocket, but my actions didn't go unnoticed.

"Hm? Is it from that guy you like?" Jimin asked. Tae perked up instantly.

"You like someone? Who is it?" He questioned.

"Hey, I already said it's not like that..." I pouted. I was determined to not let Jimin's teasing get to me today.

"Okay, okay, if you say so." He shrugged his shoulders innocently. I noticed Tae's gaze lingering on me for a short moment before speaking.

"But like, if you did like someone would you tell us?" Tae's question wasn't one I was expecting. But, I guess that's something that you'd talk about with friends right..? But, I hadn't known them that long, so, did that mean that he already considers me a friend?

"Would... you want me to tell you?" I asked him hesitantly.

"It depends. If it's me you liked, I'd want you to tell me," he said as he kept a straight face, eyes heavily on me. Jimin just cracked a short laugh.

"Ahh, you're really something else today Tae Tae." He seemed to be really enjoying this.

"Like you can talk, Jimin..." I mumbled quietly, trying not to be heard but knowing it needed to be said. Tae just started laughing at my comment and then patted my head gently.

"You're such a character Jia. Uni would have been so boring without you around," he sighed happily to himself.

"Oh, it's nearly time for class," Jimin noticed, so I thanked them for lunch and promised next time it was on me. We said our goodbyes, and I went off to my next class.

During the small interval between both my afternoon classes, I replied to the work request I got earlier, confirming it for tomorrow night. Just before I was about to put my phone away, I got a message from Namjoon.

NJ: Heeey, how's your day going?

Jia: It's been bearable 😌

What about you?

NJ: Thursday's aren't so bad for me either. The rain is nice too.

Jia: But, when it rains, I feel like time goes slower for some reason...

NJ: When it rains, people mind their own business... If you feel sad you can hide away under your umbrella

Jia: Yea, there's some comfort to be found in it.. every now and again it will tap on the window, asking if you're doing okay

NJ: This is starting to sound like it should be a song

Jia: Yeah, now that you mention it, I'm getting ideas

NJ: We should find some time to work on putting something together 🧐

Jia: Yeah definitely 😌 How about Saturday, around 1?

NJ: Yeah, sounds perfect.

I didn't realise I had been smiling to myself like an idiot the entire time I was messaging until after I'd put my phone away. God, lucky Jimin wasn't around. He would have not let me hear the end of it.


By the time I finished my last class for the day, it had stopped raining and the pavement had begun to dry up. Dusk was setting and my stomach was rumbling, so I went home and dropped off my books, then headed back out to get something for dinner.

I walked down the streets for a little while to check out what restaurants or takeaway food shops were open. I didn't know what I wanted to eat yet. A small distance away, there was a wide path that had drawn a small crowd and the funky music that was emanating through the air suggested it was some type of street performance.

I went over and tried to poke my head up so I could see over the shoulders that were blocking my view. I saw a small group of guys that looked the same age as me but totally swagged out and danced like pros. I was amazed at how good their moves were and watched for a little while. As I took a better look at each of them, I saw someone I recognised! It was Hobi.

My legs started to hurt from being on my tippy toes for too long, so I ducked around to the side of the crowd to get a better view. His moves were so on point that I felt unable to look away. As I watched, his eyes suddenly locked with mine. An expression of delighted surprise overtook him. No more than a few seconds later, the routine finished. He said bye to the guys he was dancing with before coming over to me. He was wearing a baggy yellow hoodie and olive pants with a green side bag slung around him.

"Jia, hey, what're you doing here?" He smiled, still slightly catching his breath as he asked.

"I was going to get something for dinner when I saw the crowd, so I came to check out what all the fuss was about. Wasn't expecting to see you in the middle of it," I chucked, feeling just as surprised as he probably was.

"What do you think? Was it worth the hype?" He smiled.

"More than worth it. Where did you learn how to dance like that? so cool.." I fawned a little without meaning to.

"Street dance is the coolest, isn't it? Just picked it up over the years," He laughed.

"So, who were you going to dinner with?" He then asked, looking around to see if I was with anyone.

"Oh, just by myself," I confessed. It didn't sound like a sad thing until I'd said it out loud for some reason.

"Really? Yoongi and I were going to meet for bbq... Did you wanna join us?" He suggested.

"Sure, that would be nice. Will it be alright with Yoongi-Sunbae though?" I asked, not wanting to crash any plans they may have had.

"Don't worry about that, he'll definitely be surprised though," He laughed. I guess there wouldn't be any harm in it, right?

"Okay then, I'm in. Lead the way," I beamed.

"Alright, my little Jia" Hoseok put his hands on my shoulders and steered me around to face the direction we needed to go in "Let big bro Hobi take you to the best bbq in Seoul" he pushed me forward a few steps as we set off. My cheeks were hurting a little from all the smiling I was doing, but I didn't care.

We joked half the way there and the remaining half was us discussing our hobbies. It turns out that we get along really easily, I'd say, even almost effortlessly. Hoseok pointed out the restaurant as soon as it came into view, the sign above reading 'Seven Star'. As we stepped in we saw Yoongi was seated at a booth, his face was barely visible through his dark hair that fell in front of his face. He was looking down at his phone, which he had on the table, and hadn't even noticed us until Hobi slid into the seat across from him. This caused him to look up, mouth slightly hanging open, as if caught off guard.

"Yoongi, look who I ran into on the way here," Hoseok tilted his head in my direction as a gesture for Yoongi to take notice of me. Hobi scooted over further into the booth, so I took a seat beside him.

"Oh really? What so, you just saw her walking down the street or something?" Yoongi asked, a mixture of confusion and somewhat amused.

"Yeah. Pretty much." Hobi replied plainly.

"Small world, huh." Yoongi hummed before picking up the menu and sliding it to me.

"Thanks. " I gave him a small smile before looking down to read it.

"I already know what I want. Lambs fine with you guys?" It sounded like he was telling rather than asking, but I didn't mind.

"Sounds delicious," I replied, still scanning through the options when I noticed they had a set with lamb, chicken and pork combo.

"Did you guys wanna maybe do set D then?" I offered, looking up at Yoongi and then to Hobi.

They didn't even bother looking at the menu when Yoongi's mouth fell open and he squinted his eyes and scrunched his nose. Was he confused? Or?

"Yah. Jia... are you a psychic or something?" Hoseok suppressed a laugh.

"What? No, I mean, maybe?" I rambled a bit, Yoongi still ogling me like I'd said something he couldn't process and Hobi still swallowing down his giggles.

"Guys, I'm so confused. What's wrong with set D?" I pleaded. Hobi pulled a straight face.

"Sorry, wait let me explain" he grabbed my shoulder and turned to face him as though about to say something really serious.

"We always get set D when it's just us two," he explained, "And that was the first thing you said. It's not even really that funny. Yoongi's face when you said it was way funnier."

"Over here," Yoongi's voice called to the waiter. "Hmm. Set D," he said before flashing me a small bemused smile, "And three rice."

The waiter wrote it down, took the menu, and then left.

"Well, that was easy," Yoongi commented. Hobi sighed, leaning back into the seat and propping his arms along the backrest.

"Did you check the new schedule for this month?" Hobi asked.

"Yeah, I was just looking over it before you came," Yoongi sighed. "It's going to be a busy month. We'll have to work harder." Hobi just gave an oh in response.

"Is this about your classes and assignments?" I asked carefully, not sure whether it was my place to ask.

"Sort of. We are signed with an agency, so our studies are a part of that, but we still have a lot to do outside of uni." Yoongi explained. I nodded understandingly. It reminded me that Jimin mentioned he and Tae did singing and dancing practice.

It made me realise that Yoongi, Hobi and Namjoon were possibly in the same kind of situation. Before I could say anything else, the meat arrived along with some sides. Yoongi started putting the meat onto the hotplate. I stole glances of him cooking when I could. There was just something about him that was drawing my attention. When it was ready, Hobi put a few pieces of meat onto my plate which I thanked him for. We all chatted and ate together. Yoongi shoved a huge lettuce leaf into his mouth as if it would go unnoticed. Hobi just laughed. I felt myself smiling too. There was just something about being with these two that made me feel like I had no worries in the world.

"Uh, so full. " Hobi leans back, patting his stomach. Yoongi glanced down at his phone and checked the time.

"It's getting late, we need to go to the agency."

Hobi nodded and reluctantly grabbed his bag and put it on.

"What, really..? At this time..?" I checked my phone and saw that it was already 8 pm. We start to get up and go to the counter to take care of the bill.

"Yeah, we'll take you home first. Then we gotta go to practice," Hobi put his arm around me and smiled.

"You weren't joking when you said you'd be busy," I sighed. Yoongi took care of the bill and when we got outside Hobi and I reimbursed him for our share.

"Okay, where's your place?" Yoongi then asked.

"This way!" I pointed down the street. It seemed that no one ever slept in this endlessly busy city named Seoul. We didn't talk much on the walk back, which was okay cause I was feeling a bit sleepy anyway.

"Thank you for tonight. " I bowed slightly to the two boys. "Until next time Jia," Hobi patted my shoulder playfully.

"Rest up," Yoongi added, sending a small smirk my way before they both turned and left. It had been a long day. As soon as I hit the bed my sleepiness gave way.

Chapter Text

Friday was finally here! I had the day to myself so I decided to catch up on all of my school work so I could enjoy my weekend without worrying about it. I made myself lunch and went for a run too. By the time I got back home, it was around 4 pm so I started getting ready for my date with Jin tonight.

I decided on wearing a short teal pencil skirt with a pink cropped jumper and pink slip ons. Definitely wanted something cute seeing as the meeting location was the night market. I hadn’t been there since I was young so I was really excited.

By the time I left my apartment night had fallen. It was perfect weather, not windy or cold but not warm either. I could see the colourful lights reflecting on surrounding buildings and hear the lively chatter as I approached the market front.

I felt my phone buzz, knowing that it meant Jin was nearby. It didn’t take long for me to spot him out in the crowd, he was indeed tall. His eyes connected with mine as he noticed me, I watched as he casually slipped through the crowd and made his way to me.

“What a lucky guy I am, having such a sweet girl waiting for me” Jin smiled lightly. “I'm pretty sure it’s the other way around.” I laughed.

Jin tutted before offering me his arm. “Shall we?” He asked. I hesitated only for a second, the chivalry was just so sweet. I gently held on to his arm and we set off down the market isles together.

There were so many different kinds of stalls, hats, bags, cute jewellery, different kinds of foods, souvenirs and clothing. I was so preoccupied trying to take in everything. When I felt his hand rub my own that was clinging to him it pulled my attention back to him. Jin pointed to a Tteokbokki stall eagerly.

“This looks delicious, let’s go there” he suggested giddily. Sharing his excitement I agreed with his choice. We ordered a spicy serving of Tteokbokki and took a seat at an empty table in front of the stall.

“So Jia, what’s new with you?” Jin asked as he popped open the container and handed me a pair of chopsticks.

“Mostly uni work, even though this semester just started I feel like I’ve been busy every day” I sighed. Jin took it upon himself to pick up a piece of rice cake and blew on it to cool it down.

“Ahh, that’s uni life I suppose. My advice, just embrace it” he said before offering me the first piece. I accepted his gesture, carefully chewing before the taste hit me.

“I always eat the most delicious food when I’m with you” I laughed. The spices left a delightfully warm feeling in my mouth. Jin’s expression melted as he tried some too.

“Then, spend every day with me from now on,” he replied playfully before laughing at his own wittily flirty remark. I blushed. Spending every day with him.. what would that be like?

“Or maybe food just tastes better when I’m with you. Come to think of it, isn’t there some kinda saying. Something along the lines of ‘Great food and great company is one of life’s best pleasures’..”

“Best pleasures hm? Pretty sure there’s one more you forgot to mention” Jin teased more. Even though he joked around a lot he was actually such a sweetie at heart. And, it just left me feeling curious. Wanting to know more.

“Honestly, you really intrigue me. And It’s not about superficial things... I really want to know more about you” I confessed. Jin seemed a little taken aback but, broke into a small smile.

“Then, What do you want to know? How can I appease your curiousness?” Jin scratched his head momentarily before continuing “I was born into a well-off family, blessed with good looks and money. I was inspired by watching a certain someone on T.V so I decided to peruse acting. It wasn’t until recently that I was approached by an agency that wanted me to join them. I couldn’t sing or dance, turns out the only reason they asked me was because of my looks.” I listened attentively. “Telling you what kind of person I am doesn’t quite do it justice, showing you who I am over time is a better idea.”

I knew what he meant, he could tell me about his past and situation but the only way to get to know someone properly was over time.

“Then, I want to do the same thing, let me show you who I am too,” I said. Jin smiled lightly.

“that’d be nice. I’ll look forward to the day we don’t have to wear our masks in front of each other, Jia.”

We both finished up eating so we continued to explore the stalls. As we passed a certain stall my eyes caught sight of a beautiful pink and purple hairpin. Jin had noticed my interest and went to pick it up.

“Do you like this one Jia? I think it suits you,” he says as he holds it up to inspect it more closely.

“Yess, It’s really pretty,” I answered as I watched it glistening between his fingers.

“Then, I’ll take this one please” Jin announced as he handed it to the stall clerk, I didn’t know if I should decline but it all happened so fast that I didn’t have a chance. I accepted the beautiful pin and thanked him graciously. How could someone this sweet exist? I found myself beginning to ask this in my head.

As we left the stall Jin glanced back as though he had seen something. Then I felt his arm around my waist suddenly pulling me to duck around a corner.

“What happened?” I quickly asked, still feeling surprised by his sudden movement.

“Sorry, it’s just.. ” he began to say as he peered back around the corner. “This is going to sound bad but uh, I have a stalker and I just saw her” he explained. I was so confused but before I had time to ask questions Jin took my hand firmly in his.

“She’s coming this way, I’m so sorry but we need to run, right now” the urgency of the matter becoming more apparent in his voice. Not waiting for a response I felt him tug on my hand and we both broke out into a run. We reached the end of the aisle and kept running out of the market and across the road towards a small park.

Neither of us was too out of breath as we reached a halt, we were now in the middle of a park playground. It was quiet and lit dimly by street lamps, not a person insight. Jin let out a sigh of relief as he plonked down onto one of the swings.

“I’m so sorry I had to put you through that, it’s just, I couldn’t risk her seeing me” Jin dropped his head into his hands looking slightly frustrated.

“You don’t have to be sorry, that’s was.. kinda fun actually” I chuckled as I sat down in the swing next to him and pushed myself lightly. Jin looked back up at me before breaking out into a small smile.

“I knew I liked you for a good reason. Any other girl would have probably been mad as hell” Jin admitted.

“Well, lucky I’m not just some other girl.. besides, if she’s your stalker then what other choice did you have?” I offered, causing Jin to sigh.

“I know I joke about being handsome all the time but stalkers are a serious problem.. ” he didn’t seem like himself as he spoke. A small moment of silence lingered as I contemplated my next words.

“I know what you mean,” I admitted. “I’ve had things happen to me too... When I was in high school I had boys approach me a lot. But, I soon realised it wasn’t because they were interested in me. They just tried to pursue me because I looked a certain way”. I didn’t usually talk about my past but, this seemed like the right time to share some of my own experiences so I went on.

“People can be vain, superficial and cruel. I know this well, so... Whenever someone comments on my looks I only take it at face value. I think you also know this well.. it might be one of the reasons I feel like I can understand you”.

I laid out my thoughts plainly for him. As I focused in his direction from beside me his eyes fixed on to mine. His expression was unreadable for a moment as though in thought. Suddenly he stood up and walked behind me, I felt him push lightly against my back and as he did I gained some momentum on the swing.

“You’re a sweet girl Jia, I hope you know I really mean it. Not just because you’re pretty” Jin finally voiced his thoughts. I hadn’t intended of accusing him of being one of those people.

“That’s...” I began to say, only to have Jin finish my sentence.

“not what you meant?” I held back as I listened to his voice drift from behind me. The air hit my face lightly as he continued to push me on the swing.

“I know this was only meant to be a superficial arrangement, but, how can I not catch feelings for you when you start showing me these glimpses of how pure your real heart is?” His words were softly spoken and it stirred up something deep inside me.

It was bittersweet, and if I was honest with myself, I didn’t trust my own judgment at times. After having been toyed with so many times.. it was my internal conflict. I couldn’t bring myself to let anyone too close.

“Jin please, let’s.. change the subject... I..” my voice trembled. Jin caught my swing stopping me in its tracks. I felt his hand grab my own, he pulled me up onto my feet.

“Think that’s enough for you, my turn” Jin sat down where I was only moments ago. It took a second for it to register.

“You want me to push you instead?” I laughed.

“Yeah, why not? You got a turn don’t be selfish” Jin exclaimed playfully.

“Ahhh what is this foolery? Sheesh, okay I’ll try but you’re seriously not light!” Surrendering was easier so I started to try and push him. It was a pathetic effort on my part and it just made Jin laugh more.

“Cmon, that’s all you got? You really need to work out more and build some muscle” Jin contemplated. “Yeah, yeah, maybe you just shouldn’t guilt delicate girls into pushing your grown-ass on a swing!” I bantered back.

Jin just laughed and nagged me to push harder, it must have been a sight to see but it was just Jin and me in that park that night. There was something brewing between us, I didn’t know exactly what, or how serious it was. It scared me but excited me at the same time. It was...

“C’mon Jia, let me take you home” Jin’s voice was sweet, enticing. I nodded. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and held me close as we slowly made our way home. Jin told me that his schedule was going to be busier from now on so we decided to swap Kakaos. Even though it was against the dating agency’s rules I didn’t mind and neither did he.

He gave me a small kiss on the cheek followed by a sweet goodnight. I felt a bit dazed as we parted. I found my way into bed but my mind was so full that sleep didn’t come so easily tonight.

Chapter Text


I woke up in a really good mood today. I could still recall the raw events of the night before, but, instead, I wanted to think about what was ahead. I took my time getting ready to meet up with Namjoon, we were going to work on some lyrics. It must have been perfect timing because I felt a bit sentimental. That kind of mood always made it easier to write. I danced around to some music while I got ready, deciding to wear some blue jeans and a grey hoodie. Nothing special but that was okay because I had a Karaoke date later, I’d save something sexy for then. I tapped my phone to check the time and saw a message.

NJ: Heeey, is it cool if we meet at Jang-Jae park?

I quickly googled the location, it was close by.

Jia: Yeah sure, see ya soon 😙

NJ: 😎

I closed my phone and collected everything I needed: paper, pens, and a laptop, which I packed into a bag and made my way there. As I stood across the road I could already see Namjoon. I crossed over, he spotted me and walked over.

“So, ready to write a masterpiece?” Namjoon gave a low-key smile as he approached.

“I can’t promise anything but I’m gonna give it my best” I nudged his shoulder playfully.

We started walking through the park on a path that wound its way through the trees. Namjoon pointed out a beautiful spot near a pond. So, we went over. To my surprise, he pulled out a picnic blanket from his backpack and laid it out for us to sit on.



“After you,” he offered. I took a seat cross-legged and started taking out all of my equipment from my bag. Joon did the same and by the end of it, we had a perfect set-up in front of us.

“I have a couple of ideas in this notepad, did you want to take a look?” I held it up.

“Yeah, let’s swap. I’ll read yours, you read mine” he offered as he pulled out his notes. It was a cute idea so I agreed. We exchanged notepads and started exploring each other’s writing.

As I read through his lines I felt them resonating with my sentiments. The layout was more of a journal format.. he’d written some feelings and thoughts and then cleverly portrayed them in a lyrical form. His writing was... vulnerable but more-so genius. Genius was the best fitting word to describe what I was reading.

“Jia, these are nice. I want to use... " Joon leaned closer into me as he showed me the notepad.

“These..” he began to say as he circled them and flipped the page to find others “And this.” When I saw what he’s chosen, it made my mind go blank. I’d forgotten I’d even put those drabbles in this book!

“Joon Oppa,” I quietly said, only to feel more embarrassed after my words had slipped out. I’d never addressed him that way before but this setting must have been making me feel closer to him than I was consciously aware of.

He must have been as shook as I was because his cheeks flushed but he held his attention towards me nonetheless. I let it go and instead pointed out something I’d read in his notebook that stood out.

“Oh,” he hesitated for a moment before giving a shy laugh “You sure you like that..?”

“Yes! This is genius, and it ties into a theme with the elements you picked in my notes.” I suggested. A small hm came from him as he thought about it for a moment.

“Yeah, I think you’re onto something here! Hold on, let me write it out.” He began jotting stuff down on a fresh page eagerly.

There was a faint sound of pen to paper filling the small silence as he wrote. I took that time to look at the lush greenery surrounding us. It was so beautiful and peaceful here, my gaze was then drawn towards Joon. For some reason, I couldn’t break away from the sight of him. Maybe it was the way he was sitting or the way he was in his world as he wrote. The sounds of the pen against paper were soothing. This moment brought a comfort that I was having trouble describing... I was brought back to reality as he looked up at me.

“Okay how about this?” Joon asked. I took it from him and started to read.

“I love this concept” I blurted before I’d even managed to finish. I started feeling excited about the prospects of what was to come from this song.

“Me too. Let’s go with this then” he beamed.

Time went by as we both discussed and brainstormed a melody and lyrics. I quickly realised just how talented Namjoon was. He was thoughtful and open, creative, intelligent and.. sweet. We decided to take a break, he took out some canned coffees from his bag, cracked them open and then handed me one. I thanked him, watching as he leaned back on his hands and looked out at the clear sky.

“So.. Can I ask? When did you fall in love with music?” I took a sip of my coffee as I inquired.

“Hmm. High school for sure. But, you know what it’s like. Parents push their agenda onto their kids. To be a Rap Star is a hopeless dream right? Do it later and focus on studying.” Namjoon sighed, gaze averting to me.

“Following your dreams isn’t easy but, it’s an easy choice as soon as you realise that music is your life and you wouldn’t be living without it” he finished saying. His words were heavy-handed. They also held a lot of truth.

“Anyone with that much resolve, it’d be impossible for them not to make that dream come true” I said, “I admire anyone who’s that brave.”

I felt Namjoon shift slightly. I didn’t know if he was uncomfortable or just in his head. I had no idea what he was thinking...

“What about you then? Is this the dream? Or, is there something else?” His tone was light as he asked, but the question itself made me pull from somewhere deep for the answer.

“I agree with what you said before. Music is life, it’s everything. It connects us in a world where everything can feel so disconnected. Having something that can comfort me, understand me, motivate me. I could go on about the way music makes me feel but, you already know.” I took a deep breath and laid back before continuing. “I don’t think I have a dream... I just want to live a full and happy life. And I want people around me to be able to do the same thing” I looked over to see Namjoon staring back at me. He broke eye contact after a few seconds, only to let out a sigh harshly.

“You’re too good to be true Jia. Don’t take this the wrong way but, I can tell you have talent. Straight up. Just, don’t hold yourself back. Okay?” I took a moment to digest his words. I still couldn’t completely understand what he might be implying but I agreed nonetheless.

Suddenly Joon's phone started ringing, he excused himself for a moment while he answered it and walked off so I wasn’t in earshot of the call. I finished my coffee when I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text from Tae. I opened it up.

Tae: Jia, you want me to come to pick you up tonight?

Jia: Ummm

Jia: Yeaaa okay, I’ll send you my address!

Tae: Okkk, see u at 6 🤡

I check the time then lock my phone and put it back into my pocket. It was already 4 pm so I probably needed to go home now and get ready. Namjoon was still on the phone so I decided to pack up our things.

Then, I carefully walked over to try and tell him I had to go. I could start to hear what he was talking about, he sounded stressed out.

I hope he was okay... His back was facing me. As I listened more I heard him talking about deadlines he needed to meet or something but he needed more time.

Even though I was curious I needed to go so I whisper shouted his name which got his attention. He whipped around and looked at me, I made a silent motion explaining I had to go and he nodded and mouthed “okaaay, sorryyy” back.

I waved goodbye and then headed home quickly. It seemed that leaving Joon in a rush was becoming a frequent thing, I hoped he wasn’t bothered by it...

Finally, I got home, put all my stuff down and got into the shower straight away. After I got out I did my hair down long and straight. My make-up is a bit heavier than usual. Just when I finished I went to check the time but the buzzing stopped me. Oh god is he already here?

I went over to the intercom and sure enough, Tae-Hyung was standing there patiently. I buzzed him in and rushed to put on something other than a robe. All I could find was some pajamas but that would have to do for now. I quickly slipped on a pair of shorts and a T. I heard a knock on the door so I opened it and let him in, my jaw nearly dropping when I saw him up close.

“Omg is that you Tae? You look so good” I gaped at how handsome he was right now. I’d thought he was gorgeous before but seriously this, he was like a living work of art carved by angels.

“Thanks, Nice place” He replied, examining my apartment before looking back at me.

“Ohhh, you’re wearing pajamas tonight?” He grinned “You should have told me, now I feel too dressed up..”

“No! No... I still need to pick something to wear and I’m done.” I laughed awkwardly.

“Sounds fun, let me help you pick something then” he grinned again. Why did I feel like his mischievous side was going to come out to play tonight?

Before I could agree he walked past me straight into my bedroom and found my wardrobe. I rushed in behind him to try and stop him but it was too late.

“Wow you have so many different kinds of clothes” Tae was in slight awe but it didn’t last long.

“Come to think of it, your style IS so diverse” He contemplated as he started pulling out things and examining them.

“I guess it would be okay if you helped me pick then..” I still felt hesitant but, in actuality, Tae had an amazing fashion sense. He’d never worn something I didn’t like in my time of knowing him so I should have more faith in him. Tae hummed as he went through a few things until he had found something that was to his liking.

“This is going to look so good on you, go put it on” he smiled, handing the little black dress to me.

“Wow okay, but are you sure? It’s a small dress..” I questioned, only to earn a sigh from him.

“Jia, you’re seriously gorgeous. You could literally wear a paper bag and make it look good. Please, just try it on for me..?” He coaxed sweetly. I couldn’t say no to those puppy eyes so I took the dress from him and went into the bathroom. I came back with it on, I could feel his eyes graze every inch of me.

“It’s the perfect combination of classy and sexy. Here, look for yourself” I felt Tae grab onto my shoulders from behind and pull me in front of the mirror. He was right, I did look nice in this dress, and, not to mention the sight of us together that closely... I stopped there, back to the dress. I’d been a bit wary of wearing it but I think this was the perfect occasion. I'd been worried for nothing.

“Okay, I’ll wear this then” I affirmed, giving into Tae.

“Plus, Jiminie will have a hard time if he sees you looking this gorgeous,” Tae laughed evilly.

“Really? I thought he liked pink though ” I laughed.

“He has a secret fetish for little black dresses. It’ll be fun.”Tae gloated “And, I’ll be with you all night so don’t worry” he flashed me another smile before pulling me by the hand back out into the lounge room.

“Oh hold on, I need to pick heels and a bag too” I let go of him and grabbed a slim open-toed heel from the shoe shelf along with an oversized white clutch and then threw them onto the couch beside him.

“These” I beamed. Tae picked up the shoes and examined them. He nodded in approval so I sat down and put them on.

“We still have a bit of time, wanna have a pre-drink before we go?” He asked cheekily. He went over to my fridge and opened it up.

“Yeah, just one though!” I called out to him. I packed my bag with the essentials, by the time I was done Tae had brought over a bottle of soju and poured two shots.

“Here beautiful, this is for you,” Tae's confidence tonight was fully on display. I could feel he wasn’t holding back tonight. So I shouldn’t either.

“Here’s to a good night~ good night~ goodnight~” Tae sang sweetly as he joked “And new friendships,” Tae added before sending me a wink. His voice was captivating, but I only had a second to admire it as he clicked his shot against mine.

“Junnn~” we both cheered in unison before downing the shot. It was a light burn in my throat that turned into warmth in my stomach. It was getting me in the mood. Shortly after that Tae and I left my apartment. We took a taxi seeing as I was not in the right attire to be walking long distances down the street. As we sat together in the backseat I felt excited, I didn’t know what was going to happen but I had a good feeling.

Tae reaches his hand out to help me out of the car. The stairs were right at the entrance. I caught a glimpse of the ‘Blue Moon’ sign above as we entered. Tae had let me go before him, he stayed close behind me as we went up, so closely that I could smell his light vintage scent. Part of me still couldn’t get over how hot he looked. 

As we reached the top of the stairs the music and sound of people singing from their rooms became louder. There was a front desk that doubled as a bar and an open Karaoke lounge. We walked through the main lobby and into the lounge. It was a smaller space, maybe a dozen tables and a couple of couches. The lights dim and filled with chatter, the sound of someone singing a song in the background.

“Jimin and Jungkookie should already be here,” Tae hummed as he passed me and scanned the lounge. We saw Jimin and another guy wave us down so we walked over to them.


“Perfect timing you two, our room will be free in twenty minutes. Just enough time to finish our drinks here” Jimin beamed excitedly. I took a seat next to Jimin on one of the swivel chairs at the high table that he and the new person I hadn’t met yet were seated at. Tae took the seat across from Jimin which left me directly across from one of the most stunningly cute guys I think I’d ever seen in my life, no joke. My attention instantly fell onto him. He noticed my gaze and returned it steadily. Was he adorable or dangerous, Jesus, how could someone give off both of those vibes at the same time? My brain was turning into scrambled eggs.

“Gukkie, this is Jia,” Jimin said cutely as he pulled me in closer to him and smiled, as though he was showing me off as a new pretty accessory. I watched as Jungkook smiled and gave a casual short nod from across the table.

“Nice to meet you, please take care of me” he recited politely out of respect. I was older than him so this was very normal but I didn’t want him to have to address me so formally all night.

“Nice to meet you too Jungkookie, please just call me Jia or Noona, whatever your more comfortable with” I smiled and patted his forearm that was resting on the table in front of me reassuringly.

“Thanks, Jia-Noona, I appreciate it,” he flashed a smile then took the last sip of his drink. I felt my breath catch in my throat for a moment. God damn, he could kill someone with that smile what the hell. I quickly looked away from him and glanced between Tae and Jimin to distract myself.

“Do we have time for one more round before we go in?” Jungkook asked Jimin who nodded eagerly in response.

“Yeah, it should be fine.”

Tae stood up at this and offered to go and get everyone’s drinks. After deciding what we wanted he went off to the bar to order.

Jimin turned to me as though about to say something but he stopped, eyes averting downwards. He was totally checking me out and wasn’t bothering to hide it at all. “What’s wrong Jimin?” I asked, pulling his attention back up.

“Nothing, just admiring how pretty that dress looks on you,” he smirked cutely, “This isn’t your usual style but, I like it a lot. Could eat you up right now you look delicious,” he added.

“Omg, I can’t believe you just said that” I quickly turned to face Jungkook so Jimin wouldn’t get the pleasure of seeing my flustered expression but in doing so I noticed Jungkook also stealing a glance from across the table.

“FYI, Tae picked it. He thought you’d like it.” I quickly added. Being praised all the time like this made me feel good. Maybe I had a praise kink I didn’t know about?

“Sheesh, this guy, always trying to give me a hard time,” Jimin groaned, “He’s supposed to be my best friend.”

“That’s exactly why. He knows you too well” Jungkook seemed amused. His smile was enough to get lost in and die from. He was something else. I tried not to get too distracted by the younger one's unnerving looks, luckily Tae returned with all our drinks. Well, so I thought.

“Okay so, I know you guys wanted something else but I figured having Somac shots together was a better idea so....” Tae smiled cheekily as he set the Somac glasses sets, 2 beers and a bottle of Soju down, “I decided that my decision overrides yours.”

Jungkook laughed and Jimin deadpanned. Tae’s grin was from ear to ear, obviously pleased with himself.

“Ohhh I love Somac~ May I?” I asked excitedly. I used to party occasionally during high school so I was accustomed to drink pouring etiquette.

“Go ahead” Tae grinned. I picked up the bottle and shook it then tapped the bottom then unscrewed the lid. A tiny amount of white steam comes from the top of the bottle.

The boys watched in amusement as I continued. I filled four shot glasses with soju, and four glasses with beer then dropped a shot in each glass causing a little plonk as it hit the bottom.

“Jia, is there a side to you we don’t know about yet?” Tae asked cheekily. Jimin and Jungkook exchanged looks although they were delightfully surprised.

“Maybe” I shrugged vaguely as I slid everyone their drink.

“You guys never told me Noona was this cool,” Jungkook cooed. Maybe I’d impressed him although it did make me wonder what his initial expectation of me must’ve been. Uncool perhaps? Loools

Jimin held up his glass and we clinked in cheers before drinking it in one shot. Surprisingly Jungkook was the first to finish. Maybe he was one of those guys who could keep drinking for ages before feeling it... After everyone had put down their empty glasses Jimin checked his phone for the time before proposing we go up to our room now seeing as our time was starting. There was a consensus of agreement so we collected ourselves and headed to our room. Finally the highlight of the night! Karaoke.

Chapter Text

I trailed behind Tae and Jimin as we climbed another flight of stairs. The next level was where all the individual karaoke rooms were. Jungkook was behind me, so I turned to check and see if he was okay. I glimpsed his eyes staring slightly lower, which made me laugh. He raised his gaze, eyes widening slightly as he realised I had caught him. A small blush crept across his cheeks, which was just too adorable.

“It’s okay, here, take my hand, Kookie,” I offered him. I had only just met him, but if he was a good friend of Jiminie and Tae, then I wanted to look after him and be kind. Not to mention he was absolutely gorgeous. I didn’t want to admit it, but it had been a long time since I’d felt this smitten about someone. At first, he was hesitant, but took my hand in his. There was enough space for us to climb the last few steps beside each other and as we did, I realised how much taller and bigger than me he was.

We followed Tae and Jimin into the room. I let go of Kookie’s hand, and he walked over to the song index and began browsing through it. Tae plopped down onto the couch and grabbed a mic. Jimin dimmed the lights, leaving the large screen in front of us as the source of illumination in the room.

I sit between Tae and Kookie, looking over the younger one’s shoulder to see which song he’ll pick. The room host knocks on the door with a menu in hand. Jimin takes it and orders for everyone, then sits down next to Tae, grabbing the other mic from the table. The first song plays. It was Cherry Blossom Ending by Busker Busker.

“Oh, I love this song!” Tae exclaimed. Jimin stood up quickly, ready to join in. Tae sings the first line and I can’t believe my ears, or eyes, or my life. His voice is deep and soulful. Holy shit. How did I not know about this?!

Just when I thought nothing else could amaze me more, Jimin sings. It was angelic and I couldn’t look away. My chest tightened at the sound. It took for Jungkook to nudge me to pull my attention.

“Noona, how about we sing this one together?” He held up the iPad and showed me Eyes, Lips, Nose by Tae Yang.

“This song is so sweet, good choice,” I smiled. He nodded, clicked it and put the iPad back on the table. We watched the other two singers as he slid closer to me. My heart was melting and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Completely at the mercy of their voices. Kookie lightly nudged me again, leaning in to whisper in my ear.

“Hyun’s vocals always sound so good in harmony. Their tones are completely opposite.”

“Yeah, I noticed, they sound amazing,” I whispered back. Kookie was still smiling as he bopped along to the end of the song. Just before it finished, the host returned with our drinks, setting them on the table along with some snacks. Kookie paused the song so that Jimin could pour our drinks. He smirked cutely as he filled the glasses. Maybe the alcohol is working, the boys all appear so playful.

“Kookie, don’t tell me that’s your next song~” Jimin giggled as he looked up to the screen and saw the track title. “This one’s for me and Jia, sorry Jimin-sshi,” He countered smoothly. Wait, what, did he just address Jimin like that?

“Hey!’” Jimin yelled. I had to hold back my laughter.

“Jimin, you never told me your Maknae was this charming~,” I coo, Kookie blushes.

“Actually, our sweet little Maknae is golden,” Tae remarks.

“Oh really? What does that mean?” I ask. If he was trying to arouse my interest, it was working.

“You’ll find out, eventually. Just wait and see,” he teases.

‘Hmm, I tucked a few loose strands of hair behind my ear. Tae and Jimin passed their microphones to us and I got ready to hear Jungkook’s vocals. Tae slid closer to me, pinning me between them. Then he leaned in, whispering into my ear.

“Try to stay calm and not faint, okay Jia?” I turned to the sound of Kookie’s voice. Left completely awestruck as I watched him. The way his eyes half-closed as he concentrated was mesmerising. Smooth beyond belief. There wasn’t a girl in the entire world who wouldn’t have fallen in love with him. 

Jimin got up, moving beside Kookie so he could try to hassle him, leaning into him and mock-singing along. Tae chuckles from beside me. I’d been so entranced that I’d nearly missed my part.

Luckily, Kookie nodded at me, causing me to snap out of it. I quickly picked up from where he’d left off. As I sang, the boys all looked at me, initially astonished, then cheering and singing along. Jimin stood up and started slowly dancing along to the melody. It was over the top. I was trying to keep a straight face and sing instead of laughing. 

Tae swayed from side to side, gently bumping into my shoulder, and Kookie started singing with me in harmony. His gaze met mine occasionally as we sang, but I couldn’t hold it long. It made me feel so timid. Our voices sounded nice as I listened, the song ending. In all honesty, times like these I wish I’d taken K-Culture as a major too. The boy’s light cheers were comforting. I put down the mic and reached for my drink. I needed it after that.

“Jia, your voice is pretty,” Jimin compliments as he squeezes in to sit between Tae and me.

“Oh no, it’s nothing compared to you three.. I can’t believe how talented you all are.” I shook my head. Jimin took a sip of his drink before rebutting.

“No seriously, Tae talk some sense into her” Jimin puts his arm around Taes’ shoulder pulling him into the conversation.

“Yeah. It’s pretty and really soothing... Why don’t you become a singer?” He asks plainly. Kookie had finished picking the next song, so he leaned in closer to hear what we were talking about.

“Nooo really, it’s nothing special. Anyway! What’s the next song?” I quickly changed the subject. Kookie took that as the cue to press play. 

If you by Big Bang. The familiar melody started floating through the air. Jimin and Jungkook grabbed the mics and doubled up on their vocals and it sounded amazing. The two stood up to sing and it quickly turned into quite the performance. It seemed to come so naturally to them. Tae slid closer. I finished my glass, then Tae offered to pour us both another.

“So, why’d you dodge the question earlier?” Tae hums inquisitively. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” I gave an innocent smile, still trying to avoid confrontation about it.

“Ahh. Don’t be like that, C’mon, tell me” Tae whined. I took a few sips as I considered. Maybe telling him wouldn’t be so bad... If he wants to know then...

“Well, I guess I’m just not confident about it,” I admitted. “I love singing, rapping, and writing lyrics..” I held my breath. It was hard to say this out loud, “But.. Just because I like it doesn’t mean other people will.”

At first Tae said nothing. Then, after a moment, he heaved a sigh before wrapping his arm around me. I topple onto his chest. Usually, I would freak out about being this close, but the way he held me there was just so comfortable.

“That makes me sad to hear, but I get it,” He says, softly patting my head. I laid there indulging in his affections. “If you need courage, come to me. I’ll always be here to cheer you on and believe in you, Jia.” His words creep in, tucking themselves into a vulnerable crevice. I slowly sat up. The way his hand rested in his lap called to me, so I reached out and traced light circles into it.

“Thanks, Tae. I’m really grateful I have a friend like you, honestly.” A small silence followed, but it was a comfortable one. He picked up my drink from the table and held it close to my lips.

“What are you doing!?” I giggled at his randomness.

“You had this kinda thirsty look on your face,” he chuckled. The glass pressed against my bottom lip, so I opened up as he tilted it. After the entire contents emptied, he put it back on the table, quick to wipe a small drop from the side of my lip that had fallen. His touch was enticing, a combination of alcohol and sexual tension was leaving me dizzy.

 Jimin and Jungkook had been watching what the events unfold between us for a while. They’d decided it was time to intervene. 

Jimin reached to take a hold of my hand, pulled me to my feet.

“Jiaaa, stop flirting~ It’s your turn to pick a song,” He teased, handing me the iPad.

“Ahhh okay, okay, I know,” I giggle. Giving in to his request and searching for a song I liked. Jungkook was halfway through pouring another round when I’d decided. My song came on and all eyes in the room turned expectantly to me. 

Gee gee gee gee baby baby~ I started singing and doing the dance for this classic, only to receive a mixture of reactions.

“Jia, omg please stop. Your Aegyo is killing me” Jimin fell into a squeaky laughing fit. Jungkook got up and started doing the dance with me. Tae grinned from ear to ear, watching in amusement as we went for it. As the song finished, light fatigue hit. I leaned against Jungkook for support. He peers into my face, asking if I’m okay. I managed a nod. Suddenly, he scoops me up in both arms like it was nothing and takes me over to the couch, putting me down next to him.

“You can borrow my shoulder,” he gently offered.

“You’re sweet” I leaned against him without a second thought.

Jimin and Tae started a ballad as I lay against Kookie. His voice is still floating through my mind. “Hey, Kookie...” I hesitated, he glanced at me, I went on, “If I wrote you a song, would you maybe sing it?” I asked, shyly... I hope he didn’t think that was weird...

“Please write one for me. I’ll definitely sing it,” he didn’t even hesitate to accept.

“Okay then, I’m going to write you something amazing. Please wait for it” I smiled, glad that he was so open to the idea. I slipped down a little. But strong arms wrap around my mid, pulling me up. Kook was gripping me so I wouldn’t slip down on the couch. As flustered as I was, I stayed there with him, enjoying the tenderness. My focus shifted to Jimin and Tae as they had their big finale. Kookie and I burst into applause which they high-five and laugh at.

Jimin plopped down beside us, calling my name sweetly. No hesitation as he pulls me closer to him so that Kookie can have his turn singing with Tae.

“Are you having fun?” He asks, tucking loose strands of hair behind my ear.

“Yess, I just need to slow down for a bit” I gave a faint smile. Jimin carefully shifts me onto his lap. I gave in, nestling my face in his shoulder. He held me close, and I felt more sensitive. Noticing the solidity of his thighs as he gently bounced me up and down, I watched Tae and Kook perform Bang Bang Bang.

“How are you all such excellent performers? I seriously can’t take my eyes off any of you,” I mumbled into his chest.

“Really?” Jimin gave a cheeky smile.

“Yeah, and... Jimin... You have the voice of an angel”

“I like your voice more, Jia. Can you sing a song for me please..” He pinches my cheek playfully.

“Ow heeey~ Play nice” I sat up and pouted, only to receive an unapologetic smirk. Jimin lent over to grab the iPad from the table and we went through it together. I chose Hurt by 2ne1.

“This is one of my favourite songs,” I admitted. He grabbed the mic from the table and handed it to me. The boys’ song had finished, so I was up next. Tae and Kook both took a seat beside me. I stayed where I was on Jimin’s lap as my song started. I could feel the focus on me as I sang,  along, occasional sips being taken from glasses. I could feel Jimin’s grip around my waist relax. The words of the song always hit me deep.

Byeonhaetni ni mamsokae
Have you changed?

Eejae nan deo eesang eopneun geoni
Am I no longer in your heart?

Nan neol neol saenggak-hamyeon
When I, I think about you

Neomu apa, apa, apa~
It hurts, hurts, hurts so much~

A sense of sadness filled my heart. Losing someone who you were once so close with, was there anything more painful? That and the fact that Park Bom’s vocals were so beautiful that I couldn’t do it half-heartedly. Then Tae joined in. Blending perfectly into the melody, it was carrying me away. Forgetting where I was or who else was around. 

The song ended, and the boys started chatting amongst themselves. It didn’t last long, but it felt like forever to me.My daze lifted as the urge to use the bathroom came over me. I dragged Jimin’s arms from around me and stood up.

“And where might you be off to?” Tae questioned.

“Bathroom,” I acted casual. Leaving the room and heading down the hall towards the toilet. I quickly peed, washed my hands and walked back out. But, as I turned the corner, I accidentally hit something hard, nearly falling over. Luckily, someone caught me before that could happen. I peered up and saw Jungkook wide-eyed. He was still holding me, probably worried that if he let go, I’d just fall. Maybe I really was drunker than I thought.

“Are you okay, Noona?” He asked, genuinely worried.

“I’m okay, I think. Please don’t use those cute sad looks on me, or I really will fall for you,” I laughed.

“Even if you do, I’ve got quick reflexes, so I’ll catch you every time,” he smiled. “Let me take you back to the room, okay?”

I gave a small nod; he offered his arm, which I took as he led me back to our room. He guides me safely down on the couch before going over to Tae, who was waiting for him to start the next song. I crawled back onto Jimin’s lap, his arm slipping around my mid again, the other free to play with my hair.

“That feels so nice,” I laid back into his chest.

“You’re so cute when you’re like this..” he’s acting so smitten.

“Why do I feel like you’re always calling me cute,” I mumbled back. 

“Cause you are,” he rebutted.

“If you say so..” I give in. “That’s a good girl. Stop trying to argue with me. You won’t win.” 

Even though Jimin had feminine attributes, his dominance could be overbearing. 

“You’re right... it’s just my natural reaction, though. Do you have any idea how flustered you make me half the time?” Jimin was probably smirking. Despite not being able to see it, I knew him well.

“Go on..” he coaxed.

“See, that’s what I mean~ You’re doing it right now!” I scoffed, pulling away. Jimin just laughed.

 “I know, sorry I’ll try to go easier on you,” he admits, softly running his hands through my hair. The moment was cut off as Tae took a seat beside us.

“Your turn Jimine~” he handed the mic to his best friend and then hoisted me up, rested me in his own lap. I snuggled into him, trying to get back into the comfort. Tae held me more firmly against him than Jimin had. As he leaned back, I felt like I was going to slide right off his lap.

“Whoa, take it easy Tae” I cling to him so I won’t slip. 

“Hm? Don’t worry, I’ve got you. Are you feeling better?”

“Yea, I feel fine, just sleepy. I haven’t been out drinking since last year,” I confessed.

“Here,” he grabbed a glass of water that was on the table, “Need to stay hydrated.” He brings the cup to my lips, so I take a few sips. 

“Thanks for looking after me. It’s so sweet of you..” 

Tae smiled cutely. His expression is so enticing. I reach out to touch a stray lock of rich brown hair, fiddling with it gently between my fingers.

“Sweet Hm? This isn’t turning into a drunk love confession, is it?” Tae asks brazenly. I blush, my response getting caught in my throat.

Right then, the door opened, and the host announced that our time was up in five minutes. His interruption had saved me for now. Tae helped me to stand up and everyone gathered their things. Kookie noticed I was still unsteady on my feet so he held my hand as we left the room and went down the stairs. Tae and Jimin went back into the lounge to take care of the bill while Kookie and I waited by the stairs. I was sleepy, so I rested my head against his arm.

The weight of his hand rested on my head. Tae and Jimin came back, chatting and laughing together about something.

“Alright, let’s get this one home,” Jimin said. Kookie helped me down the last flight of stairs. As we got outside, there were a few taxis nearby. Tae hailed one. My eyelids became heavier, so I closed them for what seemed only a moment. A poke on my cheek rouses me. I opened my eyes to see Tae and the front of my apartment building. Jungkook had a hold of me while Jimin held my purse. He sifted through it, probably to find my keys.

“I’m okay now,” I mumbled sleepily.

“You’re almost home so you can just relax,” Tae cooed, patting my head. Jimin found the keys and got through the building entrance. Tae led the way, showing the others where my apartment was. Jimin opened up the door, and we all went in.

Kookie took me straight to bed and gently laid me down on the sheets. I could hear muffled voices coming from the lounge. Tae and Jimin were talking, but I couldn’t make it out. 

“Goodnight Noona, take a rest, okay?” Kookie pats me on the head before going to leave, but for some reason, I reach out and grab onto his sleeve. He turned back, hints of surprise as he looked at me.

“Thank you Kookie,” I mumble before letting go, falling into my tiredness.

Chapter Text

I woke up a bit later than I normally would and instantly felt groggy and heavy. I would usually go for a run every morning, but guess that wasn’t happening today. I groaned and snuggled back into my comfy sheets. I definitely needed a bit more sleep. After a couple of hours more, I dragged myself out of bed. There were a few things I couldn’t remember clearly about the night before and hoped nothing too embarrassing on my part had happened.

I had a shower and then made something to eat, then took a seat on my couch and turned on the TV. My phone screen lit up for a moment, so I grabbed it to look. It was from a string of messages in our group chat.

Tae: Is everyone still alive?

Jimin: Yep. Still here
Jimin: Jia? You awake yet?

Tae: She was pretty tired 😶 she’s probably still sleeping..
Jia: I’m awakeee. But a bit hungover 😕 Was worth it though haha

Jimin: loool yeah you were definitely enjoying yourself 😏
Tae: *has added JK to the group*

Jia: Shhh
JK: Tae-Hyungie, why did you add me on here?
Jimin: Oh hey Kook~

Tae: Idk felt like something was missing 🤷♂️
Jia: Jungkook, did you get home okay?

JK: Ah yea 😁
JK: it was easy cuz I live with my Hyungs
Jia: What really? Do you guys all live together ?!

Tae: 😀 Yea! I thought you already knew that..

Tae: Actually maybe we forgot to mention it🤔
Jimin: No we never told her about that😅

Jimin: That’s kinda supposed to be a secret, we have to be careful cause we are idols in training 🥺
Jia: Ohhh okay, don’t worry I’ll keep your secret safe 😌

JK: 🙏🏻 😁Thanksss
Jimin: Kookie, are you ready to go yet?

JK: yeah just grabbing my bag
Tae: I’m coming too, wait a sec
Jia: what’s going on? I’m so confused loool

JK: Sorry we gotta go, dance practise today
Jia: Okay have fun 😊
Tae: 👋🏻

Jimin: Jia, Make sure you drink lots of water and rest today ~
Jia: Thanks, I will 😊


I click my phone shut and put it back down on the coffee table, cleaned my plate and went to get a coffee from the fridge. But, I couldn’t find any.

Oh shit, guess I’ll have to go get some.

I quickly threw on a hoodie and some shorts, grabbed my phone and wallet. Then, went down to the convenience store just around the corner from my apartment.
As I walked in, I spotted a familiar face. Hobi was standing at the magazine rack reading.. an adult magazine? Okay, I’m going to pretend I didn’t notice that part lol.
I went and tapped him on the shoulder, getting an overly dramatic scream in response.

“Whoa! Whoa!?’ Omg?!” he jumped in shock, only calming down once he saw it was me.

“Jesus Jia, don’t scare me like that,” he laughed awkwardly.

“Sorryyy, I didn’t know you were so jumpy,” I apologised.

“All good. What’re you doing here, anyway? Oh, yeah! You live close by, right?” Probably remembering that time he and Yoongi walked me home.

“Yeah, right, my place is just around the corner. I came to get some coffee,” I said.

“Ohhh. That reminds me, I was about to get a coffee too” Hobi laughed awkwardly before quickly trying to shove the magazine back into the rack behind another so the cover was hidden but I already knew lol so it was pointless.

“By the way, if you have time, want to chill for a bit?” I asked. It had been a while since I’d seen him, so thought it’d be nice to talk for a little while.

“Yeah, sure,” he replied smoothly, shooting a grin. We both grabbed a coffee and some snacks then took a seat out the front of the Convini on the sidewalk. Hobi cracked open his coffee and then looked towards me.

“You caught me at the perfect time actually, I was just taking a break from street dancing.”

“Oh, guess it was decent timing, then.” I laughed, remembering the magazine.
“How many days a week do you dance?” I asked.
It seemed to be a huge part of his life, which made me curious.

“Whenever I can. It’s hard when I have idol training stuff or uni taking up most of my time,” he admitted, appearing that his mind was wandering elsewhere slightly as the topic strayed.

“Yeah... Don’t leave you with much time for anything by the sounds of it,” I consoled.
Hobi leaned back and sighed, searching the blue sky above as he did.

“Honestly, I don’t know about all this Idol stuff, if it’s the right thing for me or not. But, I love to dance. I know that for sure. If I think about that, I can keep going as long as I have to..” the change in his demeanour turned positive.
It felt contagious as I smiled back.

“So true. It’s refreshing to hear it that way,” I admitted.

“By the way, Jia, if you can, come to watch my next performance. Would be cool to hang out with you more often. You’re so chill” he gave a small smile, lips pursed, showing off his dimples.

“Yeah definitely, when is it?” I asked, not being able to say no to such a cute expression.

“Tuesday afternoon, the same place it was the last time I ran into you,” he laughed.

“Okay, I’ll be there.”

We finished the rest of our drinks and then went our separate ways. I went back home and got comfortable on my couch. Today had been such a lazy one, it would probably be better to put the time to good use and work on some lyrics. I set up my coffee table with my laptop open, my headphones on, pens and papers sprawled out everywhere, then wrote. Time passed by as I got lost in my world. I took a brief break around 6 pm and checked my phone to see Joon had texted me only 5 minutes ago. I opened it up.

NJ: Heey, I have a couple of new melodies that I wanted your opinion on? Have a sec?
Jia: Yeah, send them through 😊


I listened carefully to the samples he sent, humming along with some lyrics we’d already come up with. There was one in particular that I loved, but I thought it just needed to be slowed down a tempo, so I told Joon. He thanked me for the opinion and said he’d fix it, then send it back when it was done.

I went back to working on my stuff for a little while longer when I next noticed the time was already 9 pm, so I called it in for the night. I laid back on my couch as my mind drifted. I remembered Yoongi had offered to help me with my work and wondered if I should take him up on the offer...

Working with Joon on a Collab was great, but I also wanted an opinion on some of my stuff. I thought back to the time when Joon had told me to not hold back.. and then last night, when I admitted I was insecure to Tae, he just said if I needed it I should draw strength from him. I’ve made some amazing new friends since starting Uni. I saw how hard people around me were working and how brave they were to go after their dreams. It made me want to try harder too. To have a stronger resolve.

With that thought, I decided that I’d take some lyrics to Yoongi tomorrow after class. I sent him a quick message to make sure he’d be there, and he said yeah. I got an early night’s sleep so I could start the new week off fresh and feeling good.


A lovely sunny Monday morning.
It was only the second week of my new schooling endeavours but; it felt like so much had already happened. Things were going pretty well for me so far, and I was happy. There was an undeniable bounce in my stride as I made my way to the first class of the day. It was the only one I shared with Tae and Jimin, but it was more than enough to look forward to.

I got to class early and had already set up my things. I then felt a small vibration from my pocket. It was a text from Namjoon asking if I wanted to have lunch with him later. We agreed to meet at Starbucks near the campus around midday. As I peered up from my phone, I saw the two boys I’d been waiting for to come. They looked over halfway through some conversation, spotting me easily before making their way over. I quickly slid my phone back into my pocket. Jimin flashed me a cheeky smile before taking a seat on my left, then Tae smoothly slipped into the seat on my right.

“Someone’s looking cute this morning,” Jimin commented as he placed his bag down and flashed another playful look. I’m seeing that flirting is just inbuilt in this guy’s DNA.

“Completely different girl to the wild one we saw this weekend” Tae’s comment was sly.
These two were really coming out of their shells and I was all for it.

“Whatever! You both weren’t the angels I thought u were, okay.” I tutted playfully before quickly correcting myself.
“Oh, excluding Jimin’s vocals, those were heavenly.” I turned to him, catching a small blush.

“You really think so?” There was a small tone of doubt as he asked.
“I need to practice more, I think..” he then laughed awkwardly.

“We both do, a lot more,” Tae then added sombrely from beside me.

“What? no seriously, I really like both of your voices. I was even thinking if I wrote songs for you, would you sing them?” Tae looked surprised, but nodded.

“Of course. If you wrote me a song, I’d sing it to you anytime, anywhere. While you cook breakfast, or when you’re going for a run or studying,” he added dramatically. I just laughed.

Right before Jimin could even answer, the teacher came in and started addressing the class. The lecture was fairly easy to follow, seeing as I’d already gone through the material for this week in advance. I noticed from the corner of my eye that Tae was losing concentration and had bumped his thigh against mine gently, probably out of sheer boredom. I joined in and bumped him back, the weight of his own making it harder for me to get him to budge an inch. I then noticed the serious energy radiating from Jimin’s direction. He was focusing so hard on what the professor said that he didn’t even notice when I pinched his leg.

“He’s always been like this.” A deep voice then whispered into my ear unexpectedly, seeing that I had noticed the blonde’s impeccable concentration.

“He never struck me as the serious type, but,” I whispered back.
Tae hummed in response before I continued, “I’m seeing, maybe he’s the too hard-working type,” I concluded.
Tae just gave a small nod before going back to listening to the lecture.

After the weekend, my opinions had definitely formed about my two new good friends. They were talented, hard-working, and kind.
This much I already knew. But there was definitely more sitting, just a couple more layers underneath. I could feel it.
I also didn’t know whether peeling any deeper down was even a good idea.

Sometimes I felt reluctant to let people get too close to me.. emotionally, that is. It leaves me vulnerable, and I’d definitely developed some trust issues somewhere along the way.
It scared me to think about it. Becoming close with someone, opening up to them, and then being hurt.
It was easier to live superficially, which was ironic because I also had been hurt by being treated that way.

A bell rang, snapping me from my thoughts.

“Jia, what do you think? We’re having a sleepover at yours on Wednesday” Tae was grinning and Jimin was smiling sweetly, eyes nearly disappearing as he did.

“Wait, when did we decide this?” I was so confused.
Did I miss something while I was zoned out?

“You were totally somewhere else huh, didn’t you hear anything? Never mind, we already decided. Your place is way better than ours.” Jimin continued to smile cutely. Not leaving any space for me to argue.
I thought about it for a second. Both the boys had already packed up. I realised they were both waiting for me.

“Oh sorry, yeah I was kinda lost in my thoughts,” I laughed, quickly standing up and pushing everything into my bag.
“I guess it would be fun. I haven’t really had anyone come round since moving in.” I contemplated out loud.

“Perfect~ Can’t wait for our movie night then” Jimin winked. Tae patted me on the head before putting his hand on the small of my back and directing me to the classroom door.

Jimin skipped lightly ahead of us. I said bye to them both before heading off to meet Joon for lunch.

Chapter Text

The doors automatically opened as I went into Starbucks. It was a bit busy, the light sound of chatter filled the café along with some soft music.
I peered around and noticed Joon sitting at a table in the corner, his head buried in a book. He seemed slightly more buff than before. I also noticed that his style today gave off a boyish intellect, mostly due to the fact he was wearing glasses. The silver of his rings also caught my eye as I got closer. It was cute and definitely suited him.

"Excuse me sir, is this seat taken?" I joked as I pulled it out to sit down. Joon looked up at me, probably hoping I wasn't some random weirdo. 

"Oh hey, it's you" he sighed in relief as he snapped his book shut and put his book down on the table.

"Were you waiting for someone else?" I teased. He relaxed into his chair more and smirked. 

"Nah girl I only have eyes for you" he rebutted playfully.
I felt tingles at his unexpected witty reply and now that I was sitting across from him a small comfort came over me, it was a kinda feeling like it was a small space where there were only us two.

"Such a flirt" I laughed before noticing he didn't have a drink yet, "You didn't order anything yet? Should we?" 

"Yeah" as his wide-eyed smiley laugh appeared it seemed so much cuter now that he was wearing glasses.
"Jia, What do you want? I'll go and order for us" he inquired.

"Just a salad and Iced Americano" I replied, Joon hesitated before frowning slightly.
"Really? That's all?" he asked.

"I don't have much of an appetite these days, I don't know why" I laugh awkwardly. It had been a while since I'd been called out on my eating habits..
Usually people didn't notice when I opted for eating less. I preferred it that way.

"Alright, if you're sure. I'll be back in a sec." I was grateful he didn't make a big deal out of it as he went to the counter to order.
I watched out the window as people passed by down the street going about their daily business. The sound of the coffee machine at work faintly in the background had a calming effect on me. Joon returned shortly with my food along with a salad and Iced Americano of his own. I went to reimburse him for my share but he just chuckled and said not to worry.

"So, what's been happening?" He asked. We both opened our salad containers, Joon popped a tomato into his mouth before looking over at me.

"Not that much, just the usual. Writing, studying, hanging out with friends" I admitted.
He nodded along, swallowing what was in his mouth before continuing. 

"Sounds good, what about your family? Have you heard from them? I mean.. Are they around or?" He hesitated slightly as he asked, seeing as we've never spoken about my family he probably didn't know if it was a touchy subject for me or not.

"Not since I moved to Seoul actually. But I'm going to give them a call tomorrow, see how they are" I replied.
"What about you? Spoken to your family recently or?" I threw the same question back at him, Curious to know what his own situation with his family was.

"Ahhh. Things are getting so hectic lately, I haven't had the time but I will when I get a chance" he took a sip of his coffee as he spoke. Now that I thought about it, I didn't know that much about him apart from us working on music together so I decided to push a bit further.

"What else has been happening with you? You don't really tell me that much, come to think of it" I swirled my straw around to mix my drink as I asked.
Joon just laughed at my question. 

"I thought it might bore you hearing me dribble about my life woes." I felt a bit sad that he thought that way.. although, the fact was that up until now I hadn't really asked so..

"Not at all. Hit me with it." Joon hesitated for a moment, contemplating on what to say.

"Well, uh. To be honest," he began, "I've just been under a lot of pressure lately. I'm pretty sure I didn't tell you but, I'm actually the leader of an idol group in training. So, there's just like so many responsibilities and shit that come with that. I feel like I never have any time to breathe." Joon looked troubled as he shared what was on his mind.
I had no idea that was how he felt and I didn't like seeing him look so dejected. Not after he'd been so kind to me.

"Amongst the pressure and stress.. I'll try and be that breath of fresh air for you then. You can count on me, okay?" I hadn't even thought my words out properly before speaking. He seemed taken back for a moment.
Oh god I hope that didn't come off too strongly. I internally winced. He let out a relieved sigh.

"God you're sweet. Where did that come from?" His troubled expression relaxes instantly. 

"No, seriously. You've been nothing but sweet to me since we met. You can count on me to be there when you need." All joking and awkwardness aside, I really meant what I said and he seemed to resonate in my sincerity momentarily. We finished off our lunch and coffees, it wasn't until we were just about to part ways that he brought up the topic of lyrics which reminded me of what I had planned for later in the day.

I mentioned that I was going to see Yoongi and asked if he wanted to come but he said he was busy and couldn't. After I explained that I wanted to work on my solo stuff Joon agreed. He was quite encouraging about it. Going as far as to tell me Yoongi was a genius in his own rights and that he can make a song in the space of a day or even less sometimes. That he was amazed by his aptitude for composing, and that he was eager to hear some of my own stuff soon. It made me happy knowing there was someone who would look forward to it.

We waved each other off and went our separate ways, our lunch date had left me with a sweet aftertaste despite having only drank a bitter coffee. I went to my afternoon class as per my schedule, time flew by and before I knew it I was on my way to the campus studios. There was a settling dusk orange that painted the horizon as I walked across the paths that led there.

The familiar door now faced me, number 28 plastered across it. I knocked lightly, but there was no reply. After waiting a second I carefully opened the door to find a peacefully sleeping figure on the couch. Yoongi was taking a nap. I thought about waking him up for a moment but as I looked at his perfectly handsome face I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Why the hell did he look so ethereal while sleeping? I turned to leave when I heard a raspy voice beckoning me to come in.

"Oh did I wake you up? I'm sorry.." I hesitated, still lingering at the door.
Yoongi rubbed his eyes and slowly sat up, squinting at me as he did.

"Ahhh it's okay, I was just trying to get a quick nap in" he gave a small sleepy smile before standing up. A long groan escaped him as he stretched. I took that as my cue to close the door and come inside properly.
I sat down on one of the swivel chairs by the computer and Yoongi came over and took a seat in the one beside me and started to open up some production apps on the computer.

"How've you been?" He asked, glancing at me for a moment as he did.

"Yeah, can't complain" I said as I placed my bag down on the ground and pulled out my notes.
"How about you sleepy head?" I hummed, earning a small smile in return.

"Good but busy, guess I can't complain either. It's not like I'm doing someone I hate so" the rasp in his freshly woken voice was giving me chills.

"What's wrong?" He then asked. Picking up on my momentary movement. 

"Ah it's nothing!" I quickly said, "here," I slid the lyric notes I had over to him to avert attention elsewhere.

"Ahh straight to business huh? Okay, let me take a look." Yoongi picked up the papers and started to graze through them.
I looked around the room as he did, noticing the recording room that I didn't get a good look at last time I was here.

"These... Aren't half bad," Yoongi said, pulling my attention back at him as he looked up at me from the sheets.
His gaze lingered for a moment. It was kinda mesmerising.

"Really?" I questioned. I wasn't sure if 'not bad' was good by his standards or not..

"Yeah" he gave a short laugh. "Can I hold on to these ones? I want to read them properly when I have time" he was still skimming over them as he asked.

"Of course, they're all yours" I took the other ones that he'd discarded on the table and put them back into my bag.
He was still reading through the set of notes so I thought maybe that was my cue to leave.

"Okay, well I should probably get going," I went to stand up only for him to look up at me in surprise.

"Oh really, so soon?" He asked, not waiting for a reply, "Actually, there was something I wanted to ask you about." 

"Sure, what's up?" I questioned. Yoongi put the sheets away and then turned to me, giving me his full attention. 

"Can you sing? Or um, even better, Can you Rap?" He asked curiously. I kinda felt myself sinking.
There was something about him that made me feel really shy.

"Um.. I can do both" I mustered up my courage to let him know.
"Oh that's great. Wanna show me what you got?" He sounded so casual which kind of put me a bit more at ease.

"I can't promise I'm any good but I'll give it a go." I ran my fingers through my hair to try and hide my lack of confidence but Yoongi just gave me a barely there smile before standing up and showing me into the recording room and to where the mic was.

"Just sing into here, nice and close. I'll be over there, I can hear better from the production room" he encouraged me.
I gave a small nod and he closed the door behind him and went back to the desk. Through the window I watched as he spoke into the mic, his voice emanated over the speaker in the recording room.

"Any song requests?" He asked.
"Ummm" I couldn't think of anything so Yoongi proceeded to just play something of his own choosing.

"Hope you know this one" he shot me a smirk through the glass window that now separated us. Luckily I did though! It was a power house ballad, Yoongi really was relentless. But that's okay, I wasn't going to shy away anymore.
And I made that apparent as I started to sing. About halfway through the song before the tune suddenly stopped and Yoongi came back into the recording room with some lyric sheets in hand.

"Your voice is nice," he says plainly.
I felt a blush reach my cheeks that I couldn't suppress but managed to mumble a thanks back.

"You sound like you don't believe me," he laughed. 

"Oh no! It's not that, I'm just.. I dono, shy maybe?" I tried to explain. 

"Well don't be. I mean it. If you were bad I'd tell you so," he laughed again before continuing, "Actually. If it's okay with you, could you help me with some background vocals?" He asked kind of vaguely.
Maybe he was unsure of whether or not to ask that of me.. 

"Really?" I questioned.

"Yeah.. Really. I've been struggling to find someone with the right voice for it. Not to mention, that can even hold a decent note around here" he explained. His bluntness was amusing to me.
I was really starting to like how he so plainly spoke his mind.

"Okay then, sure. If it'll help then I'll do it," I nodded along. A gummy smile appeared but only for a second before he handed me the lyric sheets and went back to the production desk.
I looked over them, making sure to note the parts he wanted me to sing.

"Okay, whenever you're ready let me know and I'll take it from the top" he said over the mic.
I took another second to read before giving him the all good and the music started playing.

We went over it a few times so that he could get everything he needed recorded. This was turning out to be really fun and I wished I'd come to hang out with Yoongi sooner.

After we finished recording I went and sat back next to him at the desk and he played a few samples of it back. I had to say it sounded pretty nice.
I don't know if it was because of his production on it or it was my voice, maybe it was a mix of both.

"Thanks Jia, I appreciate it." Yoongi sighed, he could easily be mistaken to be the cold type but, from my experience he was far from.
"It's okay.. anytime" I smiled.

"Hey wait a minute, I nearly forgot about the rap" Yoongi exclaimed. I had totally forgotten about that part too, did he really want me to bust it out right there?
"Ahhh I can but it's much worse than my singing! Trust me!" I was quick to repute my earlier statement but he wasn't having it.

"Whatever, I'm not falling for that again. The way you told me you can sing was so underwhelming but then you come out with a voice like that." He narrowed his eyes at me before leaning back in his chair. 

"Ahh okay fine! But I'm picking the song this time" I reached over him for the computer mouse and started to search for a beat that I knew well.
Yoongi just watched in amusement as I fiddled with the computer and found what I was looking for. 

"What? No.." he laughed when he saw what I had picked. 

"Yesss" I then laughed back. Knowing that this was going to be fun.

'Epik high- Fly' started to play. I knew this song word for word and had rapped it countless times in the privacy of my own home.
The first verse came and I went in, Yoongi just bopped his head along too. By the second verse he was rapping along with me, throwing in the occasional well needed adlib Along the way. By the time the song finished we were both hyped up and laughing.

"What the hell Jia?! Where in the world do you hide this side of you?" He sounded astonished. 

"Whatever. You're just being nice" I laughed.

"I told you before, I'm not the type to just say things. If you're bad you'll hear about it" he sighed, playfully pinching my arm. 

"Ow heeey, okay okay, I believe youu. No mercy huh?" I huffed.

The mood between us calmed down again and our eyes met for a second, at that moment a phone started to ring. It was Yoongi's.
He excused himself and then answered, only to groan into the phone. "Okay, I'll be there soon," he said before ending the call.

"Everything okay?" I asked.
"Yeah, but I have to get going.. will you be okay to get home this late?" He asked hesitantly.

"Sure, I'll be fine! Don't worry" I nodded quickly.

I thanked him before leaving, he said he'd take a look at my work and get back to me when he could. He also thanked me in return for my help with his vocals. By the time I got home it was late.
Time had flown while I was with Yoongi, I never expected us to have so much fun together. And there was something about him that got to me.
As I got into bed and laid down, I couldn't stop my mind from going over the events of that night. But eventually I fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Tuesday had arrived.
This morning, before class, I needed to try and give my parents a call. I hadn’t heard from them since I’d gotten here and to be honest, it was a little worrying. So, I took a seat on the couch and dialled my Mum.
The tone echoed through the apartment as I waited. A second later, her voice came through on the other end.

“Hello? Jia?”

“Mum, yeah it’s me. How are you?”

“Oh it’s good to hear from you, I’m alright sweetie” she replied, “How’re your studies?”

“They are going well!” I told her.
I heard a faint noise in the background that sounded like my dad.

“Jia” My mum’s voice suddenly dropped slightly, it gave me the feeling that something was off.

“Yes..?” I hesitated, not really wanting to hear anything bad.

“There’s something I need to tell you. Please don’t be disappointed,” she began to say.

“...Yes?” I now knew something had definitely happened.

“It’s about the rent... Your Father is.. going through some debt troubles and..”
I gathered that this wasn’t what she was wanting to tell me so I stopped her before she could finish.

“It’s fine! Don’t worry. I’ve got a job and I’m saving now. How long do I have?”
I started mentally trying to calculate how much I needed and get an idea of the time frame.

“Well, that’s the thing.. I’m so sorry sweetie. It will only cover it until the end of this week.” Her voice was sombre.
I felt my heart sink a little at the news. It was somewhat sudden, I knew it was coming but not this soon.

“It’s okay, I’ll figure it out.'' In all honesty, I was trying to reassure myself more than her.
I heard a loud crash in the background and my mum panicked.

“Oh shit sorry baby I have to go, I’ll call you later.”


I sat there for a moment as the call dialled out. A flood of thoughts started going through my head. How the hell was I supposed to get the money by the end of this week...?

With a sigh I fell back onto the couch. My head started to feel heavy at the thought of it all.
After a few minutes of trying to calm down and think logically, I pulled out my laptop and started sending out resumes for any job I could find. I spent most of my day doing this until it was time for my afternoon class.

It was hard to concentrate as I sat through the lecture. The professor's words went in one ear and out the other. I gazed out the window at the campus scenery that lay outside, giving in to my thoughts.

The bell rang, snapping me out of it, so I quickly shoved everything inside my bag and went to go and find Hoseok.
I’d promised I would go and watch him perform this afternoon and even though I was stressed out, I couldn’t leave him hanging after he’d gone to the trouble of inviting me.
As I walked down the street I passed by some clubs, one, in particular, had a notice board and when I took a closer look I saw that they were scouting for workers.

I stopped momentarily to read it, only to realise they were hiring new hostesses. This sort of job was one that you could make really good money from if you were good at what you did. I decided to take one of the contact flyers and shoved it in my bag. I could always give it a try and if it wasn’t for me I could just find something else and quit later...

I kept walking until I started to see the familiar sight of a crowd gathered on the street side. Did they already start? I panicked a bit, not wanting to be late and missing out! I jogged up, relieved to see that no one was dancing yet and that they were still setting up.

The fact that the crowd had already gathered was a good sign, maybe Hobi’s dance crew was famous around these parts. Speaking of Hobi, I should probably find him and say hi before the show begins.

I went around to the side where there was a space to walk in and out of the centre of the crowd.
That was where the crew was setting up. I instantly spotted Hobi who was plugging in some speakers. He looked up and around, noticing me straight away. I called out to him and gave a wave, he grinned as he stood up and jogged over to me.

“Ohhh Jia, you made it!” He excitedly pulled me into a hug.

“Of course! No way I could miss this!” I laughed, giving him a quick pat on the back before he pulled out of the short but comforting embrace.

“I’ve figured it out!” He then exclaimed, but I had no idea what he was talking about.

“Figured out?” I questioned.
His smile was really something else, just like his charisma.

“The best view, C’mon,” he grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the three thick concrete steps that were close behind the performance area.
As he took a huge step onto the first one he pulled me up with him. I soon saw that it gave a good elevated view of the space they would be dancing in. And, even though it was from behind it was still much better than not being able to see over people’s shoulders.

“Wow you’re right, this is perfect! I’ll be able to see everything perfectly!” I beamed, looking back from the stage area to him.
Hoseok gave me a small nod before letting go of my hand and stepping back down.

“Yep. Sure will. We’re starting in a couple of minutes so I have to get ready.”

“Okay, I’ll be here! Good luck!” I called out.

“Thanks! I’ll see you after the show.” He gave a small wink before going back over to his crew.

I took a seat on the step and watched as they all started to jump around and hype up the crowd.

“Alright, alright, who’s ready for the show to start!” One of the dancers spoke over the mic. The crowd cheered in excitement.
The dancers along with Hobi started to take their places and the music started to play.

I watched on as they started to bop around, people cheered as they did. The excitement built up so I joined in and started clapping and calling out too.

They started doing all kinds of cool tricks and b-boy moves, it was awesome. But more than anything, Hoseok was catching my eye, he was so smooth when he danced and I was trying my best not to fan-girl like an idiot but god, it was hard when he was just this fluid.

At the exact moment he’d finished his solo and turned around to walk back his eyes met mine, he held his gaze for a second before flashing a confident grin right at me.

I’d always seen Hobi as a friend and not as anything more but, I was starting to question why I hadn’t noticed how sexy he was until now!?

Jesus, I needed to calm down. The rest of the show was high energy, by the end of it, my cheeks ached a little from smiling. Cheers erupted and then died out again as some people started to disperse. There were still a few stragglers that stayed behind. Approaching and striking up a conversation with Hobi and the other members of his dance crew.

I waited as they shook hands and enjoyed the chat. Then, a girl approached Hobi, from what she was wearing it appeared like she was also a Hip Hop dancer of some kind.
She was undeniably pretty, too.

She was into him, from watching the flirty way she touched him to the giggles it was hard to tell. He seemed to be enjoying the attention as he went along with it. I never thought about it before now, but he must have been really popular with girls. It made me wonder more, what it would be like to be romantically involved with him... The cute things he might say or do... He’d never flirted with me, as far as I could tell. So, I had absolutely no idea and it left a lot to the imagination. Somehow, seeing this gave me the impression he would be really good at flirting.

I shook my head, trying to let go of the thoughts. Hobi had finished talking to that girl and was coming my way.

“Ahhhh,” he gave a sigh of relief, plopped down next to me on the step.

“It’s official,” I announced, causing him to turn his head and look at me.

“Hm? What is?” He seemed confused, it was cute.

“I’ve officially become a fan.” I poked my tongue out playfully and he laughed.

“Haha, thanks. But..” his expression changed as he hesitated.

“What is it?” I asked, not understanding why being a fan would cause him to look so conflicted.
He paused for a moment before laughing again.

“You’re my friend before anything else. Lately, I’ve started to realise that there’s a difference.”

“A difference..” I contemplated, was there more to it? He leant forward, elbows resting on his knees as he spoke to me.

“Hmm. Sometimes the line between the two isn't clear but...” he contemplated, pausing for a moment.

“Then.. how can you tell?” I questioned.
Admittedly, I’d never had fans so I couldn’t relate.

“I can just feel it. When someone wants to know me for me. Y’know, when it’s genuine.” He explained.
I pulled my gaze away from him and off to the side for a moment.

“So.. Seeing as we are such good friends,” he grinned cheekily, the mood shifting as he did, “Come watch me dance more often.”

“Yeah, I will!” I still didn’t really understand what was going through his head that had prompted him to say what he did, but, I was glad he wanted me to come to watch him. I enjoyed it and it cheered me up when I was feeling down.

“Good!” Hobi smiled back before glancing down at his watch, another sigh leaving him.

“Hey uhh, I gotta get going.”

“Dance practice?” I asked, half not expecting it to be a correct guess.

“Yeah, Thanks for coming to support me though,” he said as he stood up and slung his bag on.

“No problem, thanks for inviting me” I replied.

“Anytime. Alrighty, well, I’ll catch ya later then.” He gave me a kind wave before going off on his way.
I walked back home, passing by Kodama along the way. Jin popped into my mind. I hadn’t heard from him in a while, so I sent him a text to see how he was.
As soon as I got home I received a reply.

Jia: Jin! How are you?! I hope you’re okay, haven’t heard from you in ages.. 😕
Jin: Hey pretty lady~ I’m doing okay. What about you? You didn’t message me either 😂

Jia: haha, yea true 😅 I’m good! But I miss you~
Jin: Oh really?😉😉
Jin: Yeah, not gonna lie I’ve been pretty busy..
Jia: Aw..
Jia:Too busy to go get some ice cream with me? ☺️

Jin: Well…
Jin: I guess I could fit you in on Friday between practice🤔
Jia: 😊
Jia: I’ll take it~
Jia: what time?
Jin: 2! Don’t be late!
Jia: Okay! I won’t, promise 🙏🏻 See you then~ 😋

I put my phone away and took a seat on the couch, my laptop was open on the coffee table. The job applications I’d sent earlier are still on the screen. I had so much fun with Hobi that I’d completely forgotten about what happened this morning.

I quickly rummaged through my bag and pulled out the contact flyer from the club poster board and set it on the table.

I’ll wait a few days to see if I get a reply from any other applications first. And then, if I don’t hear anything back I’ll call the club. It wasn’t my first choice but I hadn’t gotten any requests from the agency lately, which only added to my stress. It just wasn’t stable enough.

I went to bed with my worries at the forefront of my mind, hopefully, things would work out. I didn’t know what I would do if they didn’t...

Chapter Text


Classes today felt like they dragged on forever. I was so thrilled to be finished for the day that I rushed home straight away. I also had to clean and set up my place for the sleepover tonight.

I was happy that the boys were coming over. Things were so tense lately that I really needed to have a night where I could relax and be with friends.
Not have to think about all the bullshit that was happening or the fact that I might be homeless by next week.. lol. Yea, that was sadly starting to become a reality.

Anyways, it was a worry for another time. Right now I need to focus on cleaning my apartment!

I managed to get the lounge set up comfortably by laying a super soft fluffy blanket down and piled all my pillows around the edge so it was like a huge cosy floor bed in front of the T.V and fireplace.

That’s when the intercom buzz. I rushed over and pressed the downstairs door release button to let them up. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door.
I opened it up to see an eager Jimin and Tae.

“Heey~ Where’s Kookie?” I asked the pair as I stood aside to let them in. 

“He’s still finishing up with some stuff at the agency but he’ll be here later” Tae replied.
I noticed they both were carrying plastic bags full of things.

“Aren’t you more happy to see me though?” Jimin sent me a cheeky smile before setting the bag down on the kitchen counter. 

“Yesss, I’m so glad we can just relax together like this. God knows I need it.” I sighed as I closed the door and made my way over to join them.

“Oh? What’s wrong?” Tae asked as they both started unpacking the bags.
“Umm, it’s complicated.. I’ll tell you about it later” I gave a tiny laugh.
Tae didn’t question me any further but instead pulled out a bunch of snacks and went and laid them out on the coffee table.

“You know the best way to relieve stress?” Jimin smirked. He pulls out a bottle of Soju and cutely waves it in front of me.
I couldn’t help but laugh. “We have class tomorrow though? Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

The blonde just continued to smile as he nodded his head. Guess it really didn’t bother him going to class with a hangover. 

“We won’t drink too much! Don’t worry~” he assured.
If that was the case then it would probably be fine… Besides, as I’d learnt from our last little escapade at karaoke, drinking with these two was rather fun.

After we’d set up all the drinks and snacks on the coffee table we sat down on the blanket together in a close circle. Jimin sat with the table to his left, me, angled to his right, and Tae squeezed into the other space beside that table and my right. Jimin was the first to pour shots. Tae was sat cross-legged, he had my laptop open on his lap and was going through my Spotify to put on some tunes.

I noticed it was getting dark outside so I got up and turned the lights on, dimming them faintly before turning on the lantern lights that were strung across the curtain beam. They emitted a soft pinkish-yellow glow, and the atmosphere became much more relaxed.

A soft tune filled the air as Tae had decided on a playlist.


It fit the ambience and put me at ease. I settle down between the boys. Jimin passed out the shots. I thanked him as I took it and we clinked glasses and my first shot went down easily. Tae was the last to finish, he made a sour face before returning the empty glass to Jimin, who, took it and placed it on the table.

“First one is always the worst.” Tae set the laptop down on the blanket beside him.
I giggled, knowing full well that was the truth. 

“Jia” Jimin beckons from next to me.

“Yeah?” I turn.
“There’s something I wanted to ask you.” He pushes his hair back, eyeing me curiously. 

“Go ahead.” Where was this suddenly coming from?
He looks like he’s about to cause some mischief.

“So, what do you think of our little Kookie?”

“Oh, um. Yeah, he’s cute. Why?” He was more than cute but I should probably keep that to myself.

“Just cute?” Jimin said slyly, “That’s all?” He nudges me playfully. 

“Yeaaaah. He’s.. kinda sexy too… But! You didn’t hear that from me, okay? Seriously don’t repeat that!” I utter.

My confession causes Jimin to burst into a little fit of giggles. 

“Interesting,” Tae hummed, laying down on his side, closing any gap in our 3-way circle. Head resting on his hand.
Was he getting comfortable with the gossip that was about to ensue?

“What about me and Jiminie then?” He asks. 

“ I like you both, too,” I say, fighting the urge to bury my face in my hands from embarrassment.

“But, if you could only pick one?” Jimin perks up, edging closer to me as though keen to hear my answer. I glance between the two a couple of times in contemplation.

“That’s not fair. There’s no way I could pick. I like you both so much.”

“Aww, that’s cute,” Tae smiles. At that moment a buzz came from the intercom. It must be Jungkook.
The first to jump up was Jimin, he went over to let him in. I turn to look as Kookie comes in, the faint lighting and the way he walked in made him appear handsome and sort of mysterious.

“About time, what took so long?” Jimin probed, closing the door behind him. Kookie squints towards Tae and me, most likely trying to adjust his vision.

“Yeah, sorry. Just Hyung's wanted to make sure I had the rap right. You know what they’re like.” Kookie lazily slung his bag down by the couch and made his way over.

“Mm. Oh okay,” Jimin mumbled, coming back over and sitting in his spot beside me. Kookie bent down and picked up Tae’s legs, moving them over so that he could sit next to me.
Tae sat up to make space for the youngest.

“So, what I miss?” Kookie smiles at me, eyes crinkling cutely as he asked.

“Oh… Not a lot! Jimin was about to pour more shots,” I quickly answered. Hoping that the other two wouldn’t repeat what I said about ten seconds ago.

“Was I?” Jimin laughed. 

“Nooo. Let me do it. Jimin always pours.” Tae interjected, edging closer to the table and picking up the Soju. I could feel Jungkook glancing at me every so often. He was sitting quite close to me.
Why was I so sensitive to his presence right now? 

I look back over to Tae and Jimin to try and distract myself. The next second, we had all taken another shot, Jimin convinced Kookie to take two seeing as he was late, which he didn’t refute. I watched as he swallowed them both with ease. Then, he rummaged through the pile of snacks before taking two different packets, casually popping a few gummy bears in his mouth at a time.

“Hmm, so what should we do? Game? A Movie maybe?” Jimin looked between the three of us.

“A Game!” Tae exclaimed.

“Yeah let’s play something” I added to the excitement.

“Sounds good, which one?” Kookie questions. We all kinda look at each other until Tae spoke up. 

“Something fun! Truth or Dare?” He suggested.

“Yeah~ Good idea.” Jimin hummed in agreement.

“I might need another shot if that’s what we’re going to do.” I joked. I had to admit I haven’t played this in so long, and rightfully so.
Who knew where this game would lead, anything could happen.

“I second that. This game is brutal” Kookie deadpanned from beside me.

“Okay, okay.” Tae poured another round and handed them out. After we drank, we decided to use a game of rock, paper, scissors. The end result being that Tae would ask first.

I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks as Tae pointed at me. I didn’t know if it was the alcohol or the fact that I was sandwiched in between three really charming guys and we were starting a game of notorious unpredictability. 

But, I guess you only live once! I’ll try and make the start of this game fun for the others.

“Me? Okay… Dare.” Tae instantly broke into a mischievous grin.

“Really? Already? So brave.” Jimin cooed from beside me.

“Hm. I dare you to take off your jumper and sit on Kookie’s lap.” Tae looked extremely pleased with himself as he announced his dare.

“Ahhhh really?!” I buried my face into my hands, purely out of shy reflex. I felt a pat me on the head and knew it must have been Jimin.

“Aw C’mon Tae Tae, have some mercy on her. We only just started.” I couldn’t tell if Jimin was being sarcastic or not but I decide to muster up that same courage I had five seconds prior and actually do it.

I look up at everyone and let out a small sigh before getting on my knees and peeling off my jumper. I was left in a light singlet and shorts as I scrambled up onto Kookie’s lap. Unable to make eye contact with him as I did, I was way too shy but he didn’t protest to it, either. As I settled down onto one of his thighs, he took me by surprise, lifting my legs up and resting them across his other thigh. It was really comfortable and Kook was really warm.

I looked between Tae and Jimin who both had the stupidest grins on their faces, I was about to say something when I noticed Tae’s gaze drop down to my chest. His eyes widen. I was really confused as to why.

I felt my chest, realising that I wasn’t wearing a bra underneath and that without my Jumper it was a bit colder than before. Instantly I regretted not putting a bra on earlier.

“Hey! Stop looking you perv!” I yelled, grabbing a pillow and throwing it at him.

“Jia, is it a bit cold in here?” Jimin started teasing me. Tae just hugged onto the pillow I had thrown and fell on his side, giggling along with Jimin.

Kookie, on the other hand, seemed to not have noticed. My chest was below his eye level so, he was confused. 

“Are you cold? Do you want me to warm you up a bit?” He asks, peering into my face, he was so close. I stuttered at his offer. But, before I can answer his arms wrap around me. Encasing me in his warmth.
The fabric of his baggy jumper felt so soft against my bare skin.

“See, Kookie is the only one here with some decency.” I purred into his hug, shooting the other two an evil glare. This just made them chuckle more.

“Okay, okay~” Jimin calmed down, “This is getting interesting, who’s next?”

“Your turn Jimin, Truth or Dare?” Jungkook voice nibbled at my ear.
Jimin took a second before choosing truth.

Kookie drawled out a short Umm before he asked. “What’s your biggest fear?”

The question had caught Tae’s attention, looking to his best friend curiously. Jimin looks down into his lap in thought for a moment.

“Honestly. I’m scared about my future as an Idol. And about Debut. We don’t even know when or if we will get the chance to, “ Jimin let out a long breath, “And, not to mention, the Hyung's are all really talented. Sometimes I’m scared. I’m not good enough. I need to be better.” Jimin’s confession had left me with a weight on my heart. Was this really how he felt?

“Jimin,” I said, pulling his attention up.
“You’re so talented. God. I wish you could just see what I see when I look at you.” The Soju had loosened my lips and some truths I usually kept to myself started to tumble out. Kookie’s arm tightens around me.
Tae looked sombre for a moment before getting onto his knees and tackling Jimin into a bear hug. He doesn’t resist. Instead, smiling and patting Tae on the back. Tae was squeezing him tightly in his arms.

As the mood lightened back up, Tae let go and shuffled back to his place. Their friendship was heart-warming to watch.

“My turn now, yeah?” Jimin asked, we all nodded. He rubs his chin in thought for a moment before calling my name. 

“Truth” I didn’t want to make the same mistake as last time.

“Who was your first love?” Jimin was really trying to dig up some dirt with this one. But, I knew this was the game so guess it was time to re-visit some unpleasant memories.

“I.. was in love with someone in high school. At first, I didn’t take his confession of liking me seriously. But, he kept trying to talk to me and eventually I fell for him. He was.. sweet, kind, but, eventually I realised it was all fake...” I don’t know when it had happened but I realised Kookie’s hand had gently slipped into my own, he was holding my hand… I lingered in its warmth momentarily before focusing back on what I was saying about my first love.

“He was one of those guys that all the girls liked, that was another reason I tried to avoid him.. but yeah.. as you can imagine, a lot of girls got jealous and they didn’t make things easy for me back then. After about 3 months of enduring the bullying to be with him, one of the girls came to me with a recording she had taken. It was basically him bragging to his friends that he could get the hottest girl in school. That he couldn’t stand my personality but put up with it because I was hot”. I let out an unsteady breath as I recalled the memory. It was painful. Humiliating. And made me feel like I was nothing more than an ornament to hang on the wall.

“That’s messed up,” Jimin’s eyes may have been a little watery as he looked at me. Tae on the other hand looked pissed off.

“What a little shit, just forget that guy Jia. He’s didn’t deserve you. You’re way too sweet to be caught up with someone like that.” Tae scowled at no one in particular. I felt Kookie’s hand squeeze my own softly as he agreed with Tae.

“Mm. You deserve so much better.” His voice was quiet but deep, it was healing as it resonated in my chest. It was comforting and if anything, it was a reminder that things and people change. Grow and become more resilient.

“Yeah! It’s okay! I’m alright now.” I gave the boys a big smile. I didn’t want them to feel bad for me, sympathy really wasn’t my style.

“Tae~ Your turn! Pick!” I wiggled from side to side excitedly in Kookie’s lap as I tried to shake off the sad vibes. It seemed to work as Tae’s expression lit up at being chosen.

“Truth” he replied. I decided to ask something I was kinda interested in knowing. 

“Is there someone you like at the moment?” I wanted to pry some info out of him if I could and this was the perfect opportunity.

“Oh~” Tae smirked, “Well, there is someone I kinda have feelings for .. but, I don’t wanna ruin the friendship so.. it’s better for me to leave it alone” he explained. 

“Omg really?! Who is it?!” I was so surprised that there was actually someone he was interested in, I was half expecting him to say there wasn’t.

“It’s not your turn anymore~” Tae teased, a boxy grin on full display. He was right, I’d already asked my question and technically hadn’t asked who.

“Why are all these questions so tame? C’mon someone do another dare!” Jimin chimed in.

“Fine, I’ll take a dare.” Kook gave a small laugh, I could feel it reverberating against my side. 

“Wow really?” Tae grinned.
Jimin broke into a small sly grin as though he was about to do something super questionable. I swear if he couldn’t find any trouble he had no qualms about making some himself.

“Well, in that case... I dare you to kiss Jia. No take-backs.” Jimin and Tae both exchanged smug looks but Kook went silent. I was worried he was going to not want to or something was wrong. I was also slightly shocked by the sudden dare so I decided to protest first to save him from the awkwardness.

“Kook. if you don’t-“ I was cut off before I could finish. 

“It’s okay, I’ll do it.” His words sunk in. I turned to him only to see that his cheeks were absolutely flushed and his eyes were kinda wide. He was averting his gaze and trying not to look directly at me.

“Are you sure? You don’t have to if you don’t want to..” I quickly said, now sliding off his lap as to put some space between us. He looked down for a second as though in thought before he responded.

“It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s just that..” he began to say. I felt a bit confused but just waited for him to finish. 

“If I kiss you, it’ll be my first.”

Jimin and Tae both kinda giggled and the realisation of the situation dawned on the three of us. 

“You know Jungkookie~ Having your first kiss with Jia-Noona is probably a good idea. If we do debut and become idols dating is going to be really hard.. better to do it now before you get too famous,” Jimin giggled and it sounded like a half baked excuse to convince him to go along with it but, at the same time it made sense in a weird way.

“You’re actually so smart Jimin. That’s a good point.” Tae, now becoming more serious as he contemplated the viewpoint Jimin had posed.

“Umm. I dono about your logic but if it’s your first kiss, are you sure you’re okay with it being me?” I asked Kook who seemed to now be seriously contemplating what Jimin had said too. 

“Yeah, I .. want it to be you. Also, Jimin's point is valid..”

“Okay, it’s settled! This is happening.” Tae beamed before reaching over to the bottle of soju on the table again. He poured another shot for the four of us and we drank another round in preparation for the dare.

After Jimin took the empty glasses from us and put them back on the table I turned so that Kookie and I were directly facing each other.

His blush had subsided slightly but he still looked a bit unsure. It was cute and in all honesty, I was still in disbelief that this was actually happening but, there was nothing I could do to stop it. The motions were happening and I felt like I was in a daze as he leant in and placed his lips softly against mine.

Was I dreaming?

His lips lingered for a moment before he pulled away again.
It was the softest and most innocent kiss I’d ever had but, the daze it had left me in was surreal.

“What? That’s it?” Jimin seemed kinda disappointed as his voice pulled me back to reality.
“Hm? What do you mean?” Kook queried. Seeming genuinely confused.

“You gotta put a bit more passion into it ya know~ like this! Let me show you” Jimin started to explain before gently taking a hold of my hand and giving it a small tug in which I turned to face him out of reflex.
What was he talking about? That was a really sweet kiss…

I hadn’t even fully realised what was happening until I felt another pair of soft lips against mine but these ones felt much plumper. This time it was more sensual and assertive. Jimin had taken me by complete surprise, the feeling of his lips against my own startled me and I quickly pulled away.

“Oh sorry, are you okay?” He quickly asked, his hand still held gently on to mine. 

“Ah. No, I’m sorry. I just wasn’t expecting that! It’s okay, go again,” I quickly said, closing my eyes. I heard a small chuckle before he kissed me again.

This time I was fully expecting it. Even so, it was sensual. His plump lips pressed against my own causing my mouth to part, Jimin took full advantage of the opportunity.
I felt his tongue press against mine and there was only so much of his tongue rubbing against mine I could take before I pulled away.

“Wow. Uh, so I’m supposed to do it like that? Guess I can give it a try,” Kook says from beside me. I took a deep breath and gathered myself a bit before I turned back to face Kookie.
He gave me a small reassuring smile before he leaned in and kissed me again. The way his tongue started to explore my mouth was much more dominant than before. He was slow though and would lick my bottom and top lips in between. That familiar feeling of closeness still faintly lingered even though he pulled away. I felt my body heating up as I sat there in my post kiss daze.

“Hmm.. that was definitely better. But, you gotta be a little more aggressive. My turn, come here Jia.” Tae patted his lap as though calling his pet to him but I was kinda into it so decided to crawl over and sit on his lap.

Tae's hand gently cupped my cheek but his depth as he kissed into me was melting me like butter in his hot hands. Jesus where did this boy learn how to - my thoughts are quickly cut as I feel him bite my bottom lip gently. He was completely taking me over the way he was ravaging my mouth. Then, as quickly and as fiery as it had started, It stopped.

“I don’t know how much more of this I can handle,” I mumbled, feeling like I was going to become a hot undone mess if this continued any longer.

“Hm? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Tae asked as he tucked a few loose strands of hair behind my ear and peered into my flushed face. Did he really not know what he’d just done to me?

“What?! Don’t play dumb, I’m serious,” I whined, only to earn a small smirk from him. 

“Yea Jia is right this is going to get out of hand if we don’t stop” Jimin hummed before getting up and ruffling Kooks hair spontaneously on his way to the T.V.

“Hey, don’t ~” Jungkook whined. He playfully slapped Jimin right on his delectable butt cheek.
Jimin just laughed cheekily. “Let’s put on a movie. I’m getting kinda sleepy anyway.”

I let myself be pulled into a bear hug by Tae as we watched the other two with their antics. He hummed a small tune in his deep voice in my ear as we waited for Jimin to put the movie on.
As soon as he’s finished Jimin came over to me and pulled me out of Tae's embrace. I laid down facing the T.V and Jimin cuddled up to me and laid his head on my chest.
Tae scooted over to my other side still sitting up slightly. Kookie who was on the other side spooned Jimin. He quickly became totally enthralled by the movie.

Jimin's head was a little bit heavy against my chest but the way he curled up and had his leg over mine was really comfortable so I didn’t want to move. As the movie went on I felt a slight tickling feeling against my stomach, maybe Jimin had fallen asleep and was doing it without realising. His head had become a bit too heavy, I glanced over at Kookie who had seemed to notice. He snuggled up closer to Jimin and then carefully picked up his head off me and put it on his own chest. Jimin mumbled a little bit before comfily snuggling up to Kook.

I turned to Tae who had also noticed and laid down getting comfier. He silently pulled me into him and I felt the warmth of his body against mine. A small moment passed before I heard his deep voice resonate closely in my ear.

“I like it when we’re all together like this..” were his words. I nodded into his chest. I felt the same way. Another small moment passed before he spoke again. “Sometimes… I really miss my family. There have been times that I’ve even thought of giving up on becoming an idol.. and just going home to see them. But, when we are together like this, it makes me feel like I can keep going.”

Even though I could feel myself getting sleepier I knew I wasn’t dreaming and that Tae was genuinely telling me how he felt. I snuggled into him more, finding the strength to say something before I fell asleep.

“I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be here Tae. As long as you need me. Follow your dreams,” My voice was full of sleepiness but I was sure he heard it before I drifted off.

Chapter Text


I'd woken up to a sleepy Jimin softly poking my cheek. As I roused I was still comfortably tangled in a hug with Tae. Jungkook was fast asleep beside Jimin, he looked so innocent as he lightly snored. We all took our time getting up and ready to head to Uni together. My classes passed by quickly and it was 4 O'clock before I knew it.

I headed home and decided to check my emails for any job replies but there was nothing. It was disheartening. And it brought me back to the idea of applying at the club. A moment's silence hung in the air as I thought about it…

Lately, I'd been trying to distract myself with other things but the fact was I needed to deal with this now. If I didn't, things would be much harder for me in the future. it was time I fronted up with myself about it and stopped avoiding my problems. Time to make moves.

I grabbed the flyer out of my bag, picked up my phone and started to dial the contact number. A lady who quickly introduced herself as Yoona answered after the second dial tone. I asked her about the job opening and if they were still looking for someone. She asked me my age and if I was studying at the moment, she seemed to be pleased with my answers. Yoona requested I come into the club in a few hours for a trial. Even though it was sudden I agreed to it. The sooner the better in my case. The call ended and I had about two hours before I was expected to show up, so I decided to start getting ready.

I put on a cute pleated skirt along with a tight knitted white skivvy top and some low heels. I wasn't completely sure what the attire should be. But, I was sure that going there in a hoodie and jeans might not be in my best interest. I grabbed a classy beige trench coat, wrapped it around myself to shield myself from the chill of the night and made my way to the club.

The evening felt early as I watched the light blue fade into midnight hues across the skies. The cool air that brushed my face as I approached the bar was refreshing. A small excitement and curiosity bubbled as I entered the lobby.

The reception desk was only manned by one guy who smiled as he greeted me. As soon as I approached the desk a middle-aged lady who I assumed to be the manager came up to ask how she could be of assistance. I mentioned that I was the girl who had called in regards to the job position only hours ago. The lady introduced herself as Yoona the manager, she seemed kind and professional as she lead me further into the club so that we could discuss the job requirements in more detail.

As we passed through the club lounge the interior design instantly caught my attention. It was elegant drapes of black and red with leather couch booths and black marble floors. It was elegant and bold and had exceeded my expectations given how plain the lobby had led me to believe the club to be.

Yoona led me to an office that was down a back hallway. She offered me a seat so I took it. The brunette settled into the chair across from me. She began to ask me a few Personal questions about my current situation which I answered straightforwardly. Yoona became quite frank with me as she explained that I would be very well suited as a Hostess here, that was, as long as I was willing to put the effort into my job. We discussed further opportunities and I started to become more comfortable with the idea. I was willing to start learning the ropes and Yoona made it clear that she was happy to teach me. After we'd come to a consensus she decided to start giving me simple tasks around the club and showing me around.

She introduced me to a few of the girls who were already working at the club. There were about ten girls in the cast at the moment but not all of them were in tonight. It was expected that on average you were required to work four nights minimum unless you were one of the top three ranking girls and you were pulling in big money.

I spent the next four hours mostly waiting tables and watching how the girls interacted with their clients. The guys who visited the club ranged from older to younger some handsome some not so much. It was a different kind of environment but it was something that might not take so long to get used to. If I could earn decent money then I'd put my effort into doing well. Yoona gave me my new roster before she dismissed me at around 9:30 pm. I grabbed my coat and handbag from the locker I'd left them in earlier and then said goodbye to a few of the girls I'd met. As I made my way home I grabbed out my phone to check for any messages. To my surprise, there was one from Jungkook.


JK: Hey Jia, are you home rn?

Jia: heeey, just saw your message, I'm on the way home now 😊 why what's up?

JK: Is it okay if I stop by? I accidentally left my charger at your place

Jia: Yea sure, I'll be there in 20

JK: Ok see ya in a bit

I locked my phone and quickened my pace. I wanted to try and get back and change before he got there so that I wouldn't arouse any suspicions from him about what I'd been doing tonight... it wasn't something I wanted to tell him... Especially when I had no idea what he might think about it. Maybe it would turn him off me.. Or make him think differently of me and I just didn't want that…

As soon as I got back I threw on some pyjamas and messed up my hair a bit to make it look like I hadn't been anywhere important earlier. The intercom buzzed signalling that Kookie was here so I quickly went over to let him in.

I could start to hear the wind picking up outside and when I opened the door to let Kook in I felt the chill from outside follow him. He shivered as he rushed to come in, closing the door behind him to get out of the cold. He was only wearing a T-Shirt and track pants and his hair was slightly displaced as though the wind had messed it up on the way here.

"Sorry to drop in last-minute" Jungkook had turned around and given a small shiver.

"No, no, it's totally alright. Are you okay though? What happened to you? You look kinda messed up?" I grabbed onto his arm and pulled him into the lounge room so we could sit down and talk properly.

"Oh, I'm fine," He said plainly, letting himself be led by me. He sat down beside me on the couch. "I just ran over because I had a quick break from practice. Didn't know it was so cold tonight," he explained.

"Oh Yeah, seasons are changing, I tend to forget too," I replied. It was obvious that he was really cold. The light goosebumps that prickled up on his forearms were a dead giveaway. I quickly stood up and went to my room.

"Jia?" Kook questioned, surprised by my spontaneous movement. I called back out to him from my room to wait for a second as I rummaged through my wardrobe. I pulled out my baggy purple hoodie and a black scarf.

There was no way I was going to let him back outside wearing only a T-Shirt so I went and offered him the hoodie. His eyes widened for a second and he seemed taken-a-back.

"Please just put these on, I just don't want you to get sick.." I mumbled, a second passed before his expression softened into a bunny smile.

"You're.. so nice. Thanks," he took it from me, stood up and started to pull the jumper over his head. We both kind of laughed as we realised how it looked. By the time he got it on it was obviously baggy on him.

"You look so tiny in this," I giggled. Kookie seemed to not mind as he continued to happily wrap my scarf around his neck to accompany the hoodie.

"Oh right! Don't forget this," I quickly remembered the initial reason he'd even stopped by and went to my bedside table where I'd left his phone charger. I grabbed it, wrapt it up and then went back and handed it to him. He thanked me again before he slipped it into the pocket of my hoodie.

Another small moment of silence passed as I took in the sight of him standing before me draped in purple, the way his dark brown hair framed his face. He looked so handsome right now. And, I knew beneath it he was packing something sexy. I pulled myself up on my thoughts right now. I really shouldn't be thinking like this.

"Oh Jia, before I go.. there's something I wanted to ask you," Kook began to say. I looked up into his dark doe eyes, they were holding me captive and I couldn't look away.

"Hm?" I mumbled back.

"It's about last night" He held his gaze steadily, what was he about to say? I felt light butterflies in my stomach at the mention of last night. I'd tried not to think about it too much because I wasn't ready to try and mentally unpack what had happened and make sense of any ulterior meaning.

"I just wanted to know how you felt about it.." he mumbled. He was hesitant but the way he was looking at me was melting me.

"I.." didn't know what to say but I continued, "..Felt good kissing you."

I watched as the smallest hint of a blush reached his cheeks. He looked away. It felt so good but at the same time I didn't want to give him the wrong impression.. it was dangerous and I knew I had to say something else.

"But, Jungkook.. it also.." I struggled to try and vocalise my feelings about it all. I wanted to tell him not to think about it too much, or just not lead him on I guess but how the hell could I say that.

"What is it..?" His expression shifted uncomfortably at my hesitation. God, I don't know if I have the heart to say anything in case it comes out wrong omg.

"No! It's nothing, don't worry," I blurted out. He was confused. I was also really confused so I guess it was appropriate.

"Okay.." was all he managed to say before he realised that he was probably gonna be late back to practise. The way he hastily pulled out his phone and looked at the time gave me the impression he was on a time limit.

"Oh crap I gotta go," he scrunched his nose as though he wasn't keen on having to leave but, I guess Idol duties were like that sometimes.

"Yea, be careful on the way back, okay?" I leaned in and hugged him tightly around the middle. He pats me on the back gently. I let go of him and peered up to see him giving me a warm smile.

"Don't worry Noona, I'll be fine thanks to your jumper." he was undeniably cute. The way he flashed me another smile before heading back out the door. Off he went, into the chilly night as quickly as he had arrived.

By now it was getting late. I was thinking about having a light dinner but my phone suddenly rang. Joon's name was on the screen. He never called me this late.. I picked it up straight away curious to see what it was about.

"Hey Joon, What's up?"

"Jia! Uhh not much. I'm nearly finished with the song, just need to do a bit more recording but I really want to show it to you. It turned out pretty good so far. Uh.."

"Oh really?! I'm so keen to hear it"

"I know it's getting late but I'm just so excited to show you. I want you to hear it too.." Joon sounded enthusiastic but hesitant.

"Yeah! It's not too late at all, come over if you want? I really do want to hear it." He got more excited and said he'd be here soon then hung up quickly.

I plopped back down on to the couch and laid there as I waited for him to come. The sound of the wind from outside was getting stronger and then the sound of heavy rain pelting against the roof followed. I rolled over and peered out the window to see dark blue-grey night skies that were a complete blur due to the rain that was blowing everywhere. Night had well and truly fallen. The lights in my lounge room were hurting my eyes so I got up and dim them down.

Ten minutes passed and then a buzz. This time when I opened my front door it was to reveal an absolutely soaked to the bone and shivering Namjoon. He looked like he'd been caught in a crazy thunderstorm. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of him.

"Holy shit, are you okay? Quick come in," I grabbed him and pulled him inside before closing the door and leading him to my fireplace.

"I'm okay, I think, why the hell is it raining like crazy all of sudden?" He stuttered between chattering teeth. I sat him down on the fluffy rug.

"I dono but you're going to get sick if you don't warm up quickly," I went to light a fire in an attempt to heat up the room for him. It only took me a couple of seconds, then, I ran to the bathroom and got some towels. When I came back he seemed to be warming up the tiniest bit, he had regained his voice but it was weak.

"Sorry Jia, I didn't mean to make you worry," he managed to say, letting me wrap the towels around him to try to dry him off. He was going in and out of small episodes of shivering.

"No don't apologise! It's alright, really. But, I think you might need to get out of these wet clothes though," I hesitated to say. I was trying to dry him off but it wasn't really helping much and the fireplace still hadn't heated up the room enough. Drops of water were cascading off his soaked hair and he looked like a puppy that had been caught in the rain, just looking at him in this state was pulling at my heartstrings.

"Uh. No, it should be fine- " Joon began to say, being interrupted by a new bout of shivers, teeth chattering between words.

"Please don't be stubborn and just change. I'll get you something, just hold on," I didn't wait for him to reply and rushed off to get a pair of track pants and a T-shirt.

I quickly went back and sat down next to him on the soft rug, the red flames in the fireplace now dancing more brightly. It was quiet but the sound of the crackle of burning wood drifted in the air and the dim lighting and warm reflection of the light from the fire gaze a warm and comfortable ambience.

Joon seemed to accept that he needed to change so he slowly peeled off his soaked shirt. The natural light tan of his chest and the carved outline of his pecks glistened against the amber hues reflected from the fireplace. I swallowed down the slight lump in my throat, pushing past my hesitance, bringing the towel up to his chest and helping him to dry off.

Joon gently caught my wrist in his grip just at the moment before I touch him causing me to gasp.

"It's alright Jia. I can do it."

Did I cross the line? He slowly released his grip from my wrist and I let go of the towel. He took it from me and started to dry off.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to overreact," I hoped to god I hadn't made him feel awkward. I slowly turned around to face the wall as to give him some privacy seeing as he was shirtless right now.

"What're you doing?" He asked. I hugged my knees and buried my face into my lap, my back was now facing him.

"I'm not looking so you can get changed," I explained, feeling more and more flustered by the second.

"You're so cute. You can look in a second just let me change pants." He chuckled. I felt myself relax a bit at the sound of his laughter, it seemed to break the tension a little and made me feel like he was gonna be okay.

I waited for a couple of seconds until he was finished then slowly looked back over to him. He was fully changed and using the towel to dry his hair.

"You good now?"

"Yeah. I'm much warmer," he leaned back on his hands in a relaxed position. The heat now filling the room well.

"Oh. Right, the song," He suddenly reached for his bag. As he pulled out his phone from his small bag, I was surprised to see that none of the contents had gotten wet.

"Okay so, I recorded it. It's only the first take so I wanted your feedback. I can always change the arrangement," he explained as he tapped at his phone screen to pull up the file.

"Sure, I'm ready," I hugged my knees close to my chest as we sat together there on the rug. The beat was slow and the melody was similar to the one he'd shown me earlier. But, he'd taken my advice on the tempo.

His voice over the melody was soothing. It gave me tingles as I listened. The lyrics, forever rain, it was a sentiment we both shared. The way the song had come together was giving me feels that were hard to explain. Nostalgia, comfort, it is so comforting. He sat on his side facing me, reclined and leaning on one arm, holding his phone loosely in his hand.

Was I falling for him..?

Our eyes met for a moment. His gaze held a tenderness, time seemed to stand still.

"Joon.." I mumbled, his gaze dropped slightly, he leaned in closer. I let go completely. The cool touch of his fingers gently held my chin. Then, his lips sotly pressed to mine. He kisses me sweetly. I give in, letting him take over. Again and again, he kissed me more hungrily.

Am I dreaming?

After another second he pulled away. I opened my eyes to see a doubtful expression cross his features.

"Joon.." I say, trying to catch my breath.

"Jia. I'm sorry, I just-" he paused, rubbing his forehead in mild frustration. What is he thinking? Is he regretting what he'd just done?

"I don't know what to say," I mumble, still in a daze. The gravity of what just happened started to dawn on me. He's actually just kissed me. Like fully just leant in and kissed me.

"Holy fuck. Joon, did you actually just kiss me?"

"Yeah, that's exactly what I just did. I don't know what came over me, maybe we should just pretend it never happened.." he looked conflicted.

"What? How can I do that..?" I shot back.

"I've been under so much stress lately and- whenever I'm with you I just feel at ease," he let out a sigh. I took a small moment to try and gather my thoughts.

What was he trying to say exactly? That doesn't explain a whole lot. But… A small fear bubbles inside.

"I feel the same way, but, I'm scared.." I admitted.

"What do you mean?" He looked up at me attentively. The pressure of the moment was overwhelming, I didn't want to ruin what we have. I was scared to catch feelings, scared to trust in my own judgement. But, instead of telling him that I reached at straws to find something else to say.  

"I mean, Joon… You're a trainee for an Idol group, right?" 

"Yeah. That's right." how sombre he sounded. It pulled at my heartstrings mercilessly.

"When you debut.." There was more silence. I wish I wasn't saying this right now. Why was I? I wanted to just throw all my caution in to the wind and kiss him again but… 

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kissed you," he finally said. I felt so guilty about this situation. It was becoming more messed up and complex by the second. Trying to make sense of these feelings was really turning out to be confusing and it hurt. After a moments silence of fiddling with the hem of my shirt Joon spoke again. 

"Let's not worry and just keep being friends." I took in his words and gave a small nod. 

"Okay." I was left feeling a mix of emotions, I got up onto my knees and put my arms around his shoulders pulling him in to a hug.

I felt his arms wrap around my mid, we both stayed like that for a small while, it was such a cosy place to be. Was this really the only thing I could do to make both of us feel better in this situation?

The song had finished a while ago, we stayed together and chatted in front of the fireplace for a little while longer before Joon decided that it was probably time for him to head home.

We hugged one more time before he left. It was warm and made me feel safe in his arms but the second we parted I was left with a coldness at the place he'd once been.

The same coldness resonated in my heart at the thought of the bittersweet circumstances we had found ourselves in. I felt like things were happening so quickly and I just couldn't keep up. Couldn't I just go back to the moment time had stood still?

Chapter Text


Jia: Jin~ We still on for today?
Jin: Of course, there’s this new place I’ve been wanting to check out. I’ll send u the address.

Jia: Okie, see ya at 2~

I breezed through my morning, usually taking Fridays to catch up on assignments. As soon as that was all done I started getting ready for my little date with Jin. I decided on wearing a cute black pleated skirt with some over the knee socks. I was going for something cute but still warm seeing as the weather was cooling down. Last nights rain and the events that followed are still fresh on my mind. Even though I’d been thinking about it I hadn’t come to a definitive answer.

Lately, it seemed like I was getting myself more into the thick of things without meaning to. What had started as innocent friendships were somehow progressing into more and it wasn’t just with Joon…

Thinking about it hurt my head. Maybe it would be better to ignore it for now. Avoidance tended to be my style and it worked for the most part. With this being my conclusion I let my worries subside and focused more on leaving my place and heading out to meet up with Jin.

It had been a while since I’d seen him and I missed him. His bubbly personality always seemed to cheer me up, he was always so much fun to be around. The new place he wanted to check out wasn’t far, most things around my apartment were all in close vicinity. It was one of the perks of living in the city.

The ice cream shop was on a street that was adjacent to a small park. But, it wasn’t just any park. It was the one Jin and I had run off to the last time we went out together when we suddenly needed to escape from his stalker.

I pulled my scarf up to try and protect myself from the cool breeze as I waited in front of the store. I watched absentmindedly from the sidewalk as people walked past. Suddenly I felt a presence from behind and my vision went blank as a pair of hands covered my eyes.

“Guess who~” A familiar voice spoke from right behind me. 

“Jin~” I hummed happily before quickly turning around and throwing my arms around him.

“Hey!” He tried to wiggle out of my hold at first but a moment later he gave in and just pat me on the head. “What if it wasn’t me and you ended up hugging some weirdo stranger” he laughed.

“But it was you! So..” I giggled back. I let him go only for him to wrap his arm around my shoulder and pull me into him.

“Okay, so, apparently, this place is packing some top-notch stuff” He explained as we made our way into the cute shop. We both decided on getting two scoops each of different flavours so that we would have more options to try. Afterwards, we went over to the park across the road and sat down together at a picnic table so we could eat our ice cream.

“I missed you” I hummed.

“Stop being so cute” Jin feigned annoyance but couldn’t hold it long. “I missed you too,” He sighed, breaking into a meek smile.

“Mmmmm. Have you been that busy?” I questioned. He did look more tired than usual. It made me wonder what he’s been doing recently.

“Yeah. Things have been non-stop. I got put into an Idol group.” He explained. Jin had another spoon of his ice cream before switching our cups over.

“Oh… Wait I remember you telling me that you couldn’t sing or dance?” I asked, now trying the new flavour in front of me without question.

“Yeah right. I was open-minded at first, thought It was still a good opportunity and that I could just learn how to sing and dance anyway.” Jin started to explain. Still managing to make facial expressions between conversations as he tastes the flavours I had.

“But, because I’ve been trying to catch up I feel like it’s all I do these days. I’m trying to practise hard. The other members of my group are already talented in different ways. I don’t want to let them down, and I don’t want to let myself down either”. I stuck the stick back into the ice cream and leaned forward.

“I know you can do it. I’ll be here cheering you on! I know, there isn’t much else I can do but, just know I believe in you 110 percent. If it’s really what you want keep fighting for it and I’m sure your efforts will prove fruitful. I just know it!”. Jin’s jaw went slack and he looked a bit shocked at my sudden enthusiasm. But he regained himself quickly.

“Sheesh. There’s no way I can feel sad about it now. Come here, you.” Jin pinched my cheek playfully before ruffling up my hair, he looked at me fondly. It made me falter shyly inside slightly. When he focused on me with that particular look. Like I was important to him.

“Anyways, enough about me, what’s been happening with you?” His gaze on me softened. I crossed my legs and pushed my hair off my shoulder to kind of straighten up a bit.

“Oh, that. Well…” I hesitate. Should I tell him what’s been going on with me? Had Jin become someone I could show my vulnerabilities to?

“Well?” Jin hummed curiously, I guess it was time to open up. Here goes nothing.

“Recently, my parents were having some money troubles. So... I kind of had to get a job at a hostess club.” I couldn’t believe I’d just admitted that out loud. I quickly rambled on, feeling like I needed to explain myself a little more in case he thought poorly of my life choices.

“I know it sounds kinda bad! But.. it isn’t really that bad... And, I need the money” I finally concurred. There was a small moments pause before Jin responded.

“If it’s what you need to do and it’s what you think is best then trust yourself” He spoke confidently and his words gave me an instant feeling of relief and reassurance.

“Thanks, I appreciate it” My words were soft. Suddenly a cheeky grin graced his handsome features. “Which club is it? I can come to support you”.

“What nooo I couldn’t” I exclaimed. Feeling way too bad about Jin coming there for me but he rebutted instantly.

“Shh. I don’t care if you want me to or not I’m coming. Can’t let any other guys win you over before I do” he smirked confidently. He seemed fairly adamant and if it’s really what he wanted then there was probably no point trying to change his mind.

“Well, if you really wanna… it’s Club All Black. But I only just started so I probably won’t get added to the cast for a week or so, depending on how fast I pick up training” I contemplated aloud.

“Jia fighting” Jin declared. It was so wholehearted. It almost came off comically but by now I knew he absolutely meant it.

“Thanks, Jin”. We both finished off our sweet treats and then Jin had to head back to practise. By the time I got home, it was around 3:30 pm and I had to get ready for my shift at 5 pm.

When I got there Yoona my manager explained that tonight I’d be on ‘Help’ duty which meant that I’d drink at the table along with some other lower-ranking girls as a filler or better known as the ‘Help’ to the higher-ranked girl. It was as the name suggested.

She showed me to the dressing room and introduced me to one of the stylists. I started to get my hair and makeup done. The stylist put me into a cute dress. Then, I was told which tables I needed to rotate between. Pouring drinks for clients wasn’t a problem because I’d already been shown how to do it during my previous shift.

The night went by smoothly, for the most part, I just watched the other girls and when I was spoken to by clients I was agreeable and kind. I did have to drink my fair share throughout the night but I felt fine by the end of my shift and it was to be expected.

For most of the night, I’d been placed at a girl named Luna’s table. She was ranked 3rd at the moment. She had long dark brown hair and was pretty. She was also really nice to me all night and helped me quite a bit. I could see why she was popular too, she was really cute but also held an elegance about her. Along with having a lovely personality, it made sense why guys were drawn to her.

After my shift finished it was 10 pm. I got changed back into my clothes and left the club. I was feeling kind of hungry, seeing as I’d drank a bit maybe getting something to eat before I went home wasn’t a bad idea.

I remembered seeing a noodle shop that looked pretty tasty at some point and decided to go there and get something to take home. As I turned the corner I noticed a familiar face. It was… Yoongi. But, I had to do a double-take because he was sitting on a scooter wearing a delivery outfit and I was just totally not expecting to see him like this. I stopped in my tracks for a second and then quickly turned around and went back the way I came.

Maybe it was better that I pretend I didn’t see him and that I avoided being seen by him right now too. I stopped at the convenience store on my way home instead and got some bread.

I ate and got ready for bed. I lay there for a while in the warmth of my sheets as my mind ticked over my day.

I’d finally worked up the courage to confide in someone about my problems.. I felt a little bit better about it as soon as I’d done it too. I was lucky to have met Jin. He was supportive and kind. And he always knew how to make light of an otherwise stressful situation. My mind then drifted to the image of Yoongi in that delivery outfit. Honestly, I was still shocked, it definitely would have been perceived as an embarrassing part-time job.. I didn’t regret avoiding the situation. It would have saved us both face if he didn’t notice me there.

I was pulled from my thoughts at the light ding of my message tone. I reached over and opened it to see it was a message from Tae.

Tae: Hey bestie, you still awake?
Jia: Yeaaa, I just got into bed ☺️

Tae: Cute, can I get your opinion on something?
Jia: Sure, what’s up?
Tae: I was practising singing something, do you think it sounds okay?
Tae: *voice recording 1:43*

I clicked play and listened to his deep soothing voice singing to a song I didn’t know. It was giving me tingles.

Jia: Tae, I could listen to your voice all night
Tae: 😳 Really?
Jia: Really, whoever your girlfriend is gonna be in the future is gonna be one hell of a lucky girl 🥺

Tae: haha, you don’t have to be my girlfriend for me to sing to you ya kno
Jia: 🥰 If you want my opinion I think you sound amazing~
Tae: Thanks 🙏🏻
Jia: It’s okie, anytime 😌

Tae: You gonna sleep soon?
Jia: yea probably, your singing is putting me to sleep 🥺☁️✨
Tae: 😉 Okay, Nitey nite bestie 💜
Jia: Night Tae Tae💜☺️


I put my phone back on my bedside table and closed my eyes, Tae's voice still playing in my head. Eventually, I drifted off into sleep.

Chapter Text


This morning I’d gotten a text from Hobi inviting me to a party tonight. At first, I wasn’t sure seeing as I had work, but when he told me he wasn’t going until around 11 pm, I figured it would be fine. It would be after I finished work, so I agreed to go with him. I didn’t party that often and Hobi mentioned he didn’t either, but he sometimes got a random spontaneous feeling of going out and that everyone else was busy tonight, so, in the end, I was like okay fk it, I’ll go with you.


The other day, I’d planned to meet with Joon in the studio to go over our song and get a few more things recorded, so that’s where I was on my way to right now. I’d just chucked my hair up into a messy bun, put on a baggy light grey hoodie and some tight dark blue jeans. Nothing special. The weather was still dreary, but I didn’t let it damper my spirits.

Joon met me out the front of the studio sporting a cute dimple smile with a pair of iced coffees in hand. Why was he always so sweet? Did he somehow know coffee was the way to my heart?

“How'd you know I haven’t had my morning fix yet?” I joked as I took it from his outstretched hand.

“Just a guess” he was smooth with the moves today as he sent a wink my way. We went into the studio and pulled out notepads and other things we needed to record. He took a seat at the computer and opened up the files.


We started recording bits and pieces that we can use for the song. After a while, it turned into me and him just playing around and singing dramatically into the mic about random shit and keeling over in laughter at each other about it. Eventually, we took a quick break and sat together on the couch to finish our coffee.

“Lol why are we like this?” I sighed, now calming down a bit from the laughing fits we’d just had. My cheeks were hurting a little from smiling too much. 

“Only time I’m like this is when you’re around,” he playfully denied. God, the way he sat across from me with that light smile looked so cute on him.

“Whatever~ I’m sure you had a silly side before I came along..” I lightly poked at his thigh. Joon’s gaze settled on me. It held a steadiness that drew in my focus. We were sitting so close. If I was any nearer, I’d practically be in his lap. Which would be totally okay with me. He leant in and rested his head against my shoulder. The motions were just so natural.

“Jia... I was thinking about the other night,” I fixed my sight on the way he leant against me. I slowly reached up and started fiddling with the fabric of his black jumper that was loosely around his arm. It looked so soft and made me wanna touch it.

“To be honest, when you brought up debut it made me wonder if you'd given any thought to the possibility of us dating." My heart skipped beats at the mention of it, had he really been thinking about this so deeply? 

"I know I said we should just remain friends but, after giving it more thought I just couldn't let it go. I guess what I'm trying to ask is, despite it being hard to date, do you have feelings for me?" 

I cleared my throat, he tilted his head up to look at me, I gathered courage, wanting to be honest with Joon. 

“Yeah..” my voice sounded so small. Despite being unable to openly share the mixture of these feelings, I had to start somewhere. His gaze softened and he laid back on my shoulder, nuzzling lightly into me. 

“Thanks for telling me Jia.”

I rubbed at the fabric of his jumper to soothe myself a little, he let me, his head was still resting on my shoulder for a while as we sat in our moment.


We finished our coffees and then I had to go back home and get ready for work. The way he smiled and waved bye to me still burnt into my mind as I stood in the shower. The hot water rolled off my skin as I stood there in a kind of daze.

When I’d said that it may have been out of fear... But, now that he’d made it clear, he felt the same way. I couldn’t take it back. My heart ached a little at the thought. Although, the way we were now was enough. A part of me felt like regardless of what we labelled it, the sentiment we held between us wouldn’t change.


Work went by quickly. I had done another ‘help’ shift, which involved me drinking and talking with clients. This time Luna wasn’t in and I rotated between the #5 girl Hwasa and number #6 Rina’s tables. Hwasa was kinda stuck up and had a bad girl vibe, but Rina was really sweet and I enjoyed working with her. Guess not all the girls I was going to work with were nice, but that’s okay. When I could, I’d try to avoid them, but tonight, I had a hard time trying to do that with Hwasa. She was really pushing her client to get drunk and buy a lot of bottles, which meant I had to keep up and drink a lot, too. By the end of my shift, I was kinda already drunk, but I could keep going.

I drank a couple of glasses of water at the bar before I got changed and messaged Hobi to find out where he was so I could meet up with him for the party. He sent me the addy and said he was just rocking up at the place now. I told him I’d message when I got there and that I should only be about 20 mins away.


The apartment high rise was tall, and the building looked chic. Whose party had he been invited to? I entered the lobby and called Hobi. When he answered, he sounded a little drunk already and I could hear a lot of partying in the background. He buzzed me up and gave me the room number, so I took the lift and knocked on the door. It swung open to reveal a grinning swagged out and slightly tipsy Hoseok. Behind him, the apartment was full of people drinking and dancing and talking.

“Heyyy” he threw an arm around my shoulder and pulled me into the apartment, closing the door behind him.

“Wow, how d’you manage getting invited to a place like this?” I half-joked as I let him lead me over to the kitchen counter where a few people were hanging around drinking and talking. 

“Yeah, it’s a nice place, right? The in-house producer at my agency invited me along. He was here just a second ago-“ Hobi looked around for a moment although seemly unable to find who he was looking for, he turned back to me. 

“I don’t know. He’ll probably turn up later. Let’s get something to drink!” The way he cheekily smiled was enticing.

“Yeah for sureee, but um,” I paused for a sec. 

“Why what’s up?” He then questioned. “Nothing just, you look like you’ve already had quite a few,” I teased.

“Ohhh, are you worried about me?” Had his voice always been this sexy and low, or was it only now that he was tipsy and flirty that I was noticing it.

“Nooo, I mean maybe” I felt a blush across my face, but Hobi was definitely having fun at my reactions. “That’s cute, keep worrying about me,” he laughed and then pinched my cheek playfully. I lightly pinched his arm in return, which he pretended to be hurt by before we both started getting into the bottle of Soju that was on the counter beside us. After four shots, Hobi pulled me over to dance with him.

My vision was blurring up, but I was having so much fun as he playfully pulled me this way and that as we danced. I was becoming sensitive to the feeling every time he touched me, when he held my hand to spin me around and when he grabbed onto my waist to swing my hips to the upbeat music that was playing. The matching of our rhythm, the way he gazed at me, feeling like our hearts were in sync.


I felt lightheaded. Hobi noticed. A small look of worry crosses his face before he pulls me off to the side of the room where there were fewer people.

“You okay, babe?” He asked as he peered into my face, his hand still holding mine from when he’d pulled me off to the side. The fleeting feeling of dancing with him, of being with him.

“Yeaa, I dono why, but my heart’s beating so fast” I shyly looked up at him. He merely flashed a small smirk in return. I took a second to take all of him in.

He was wearing a shirt that was unbuttoned slightly, that revealed just below his collarbones and part of his chest. The chain he wore around his neck looked so sexy against the exposed skin. That, on top of the playful mood he exhibited, was drawing me in, drowning me in him. The hungry way he was looking at me was weakening my knees.

Then it happened. He leaned in, slid his hand against my neck. The assertive force he kissed me with was overwhelming. My hands found themselves against that bare part of his chest, lightly clinging to the loose fabric of his shirt. I could feel him smiling against my lips momentarily before deepening the kiss. His tongue found its way into my mouth, teasingly. My knees were getting weaker by the second. He knew exactly what he was doing, that expertise becoming even more apparent as I felt his hands grip my waist then glide down lower to behind my hips. He pulled me firmly against him. I gasped as he pulled out of the kiss slightly and sucked at the bottom of my lip. He peered down at me; It left me breathless and wanting more.


“Maybe we should get out of here, find somewhere nice and quiet,” he suggested. 

“Where should we go?” I mumbled. I was still dizzy from the drinks and the way he’d just kissed me, but this felt right. I was going to give in to him. I didn’t wanna think about the consequences or hold back anymore.

“Let’s go watch a movie” a cheeky smile broke across his face and I knew why. Watching a movie sounded so innocent, as though we were about to go home and have a sleepover like besties, but there was no way that’s what he actually meant.


We left the party together, drunkenly stumbled down a few blocks until we got to my apartment. The lobby was empty as we approached the elevator. 

“You okay baby girl?” Hoseok asked, his firm grip around my waist now being the main support holding me up. I gave a small nod and smiled. I wasn’t thinking much of anything. My focus was on the smitten way he was making me feel.

The light ding of the elevator door sounded and the walk up to my room was blurry. I toppled down onto the couch as soon as we got back to my place. Hoseok closed the door before going over to the T.V and putting a movie on. 

I felt the cushion dip as he sat next to me; I reached my hand out to him, he grabbed on to it and slipped his fingers between mine.

I opened my eyes only for my vision to be filled with him. A soft warm kiss placed itself on my cheek. He climbed over me, kissing me firmly. I felt him spread my thighs with his own as he smoothly forced his way in between my legs. The skirt I was wearing made me feel even more exposed to him.

“You’re such a good girl, aren’t you Jia?” He breathed against my lips. His touch had started at the side of my waist before trailing closer to my breast. 

“For you, I am. Please don’t tease me too much. I already want you so bad,” I whispered. I was completely at his mercy. He kneaded my breast, pinching my hard nipples through my thin clothing, earning moans from me.

“You’re so sexy when you’re like this, all flustered and needy” he groaned. I felt something hard press against my underwear and it just made me want him even more. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pulled him closer, chasing that feeling of his hardness rubbing against me. His kisses became rough. Then, he broke away. I opened my eyes. 

His hungry expression as he looked down at me was only fuelling my want for him right now. He hooked a finger around my underwear and slipped them off, exposing me completely to him, causing me to gasp. He groaned to himself and bit his lips at the sight. I giggled. 


“What the fuck are we doing right now” I giggled even more. Had it only just dawned on me... Was this actually happening?

“Oh, you’re asking for it now,” Hoseok smirked. My sudden giggles had edged him on. 

“Hmmm what’re you gonna do~” I teased, only to have him suddenly grab my hips and pull me forward so that I was spread open wide right before him.

“You’ll see, god you're cheeky.” He lifted off the light fabric that was his shirt, unbuckled his pants and pulled it out. I bit my lip as I took in how hard it looked in the grip of his hand. He firmly grabbed my hips again as he lined himself up against me. Why did I feel he was about to absolutely ruin me. I let out a shaky breath as I felt him stretch me out. 


“You feel so good,” I groaned. What started out as a few slow, testing thrusts turned into a steady, deep rhythm. One that was easily going to push me over any minute now. I hadn’t done it in so long that I was so sensitive right now. He’d turned me into a flustered mess beneath him as he fucked into me harder and harder. The definition of his solid abs and the V of his hips, the mixed expression of pleasure on his face, even the way his chain bounced against his chest. It was sending me over.

“Yeah? Cum for me babe, I wanna see that fucked out face of yours” his deep voice was the icing on the cake. As though at the mercy of Hoseok, I felt myself tipping over.

Out of reflex, I went to cover my face with my hands, but he stopped me by pinning my wrists above my head and rolled his hips, slow and deep as he chased his own high. I couldn't move, pinned in place, clenching around him until my climax washed over. He threw his head back, I trembled underneath him, all my strength disappearing. I felt his hot, sticky load fill me up. He gave a satisfying groaned before pulling out and falling down beside me.

I was a complete mess as I snuggled up to him. We were both spent; he wrapped an arm around me and pulled me into his chest. The sound of both our heavy breathing subsided as we lay there. I could feel his bare skin against mine. His heartbeat, his breath, It was so relaxing that I could feel myself about to fall asleep. What had I just done?


(btw she's on the pill, I just hate writing that convo into stories it ruins the mood for me personally when I read it so hopefully, that’s okay)


Chapter Text


The sun rays creeping through the curtains is the first thing I see as I open my eyes. It caused me to squint. Then, the next thing that came rushing to my mind was what had happened last night. I rolled over and laid my head against Hoseok's bare chest. He gave a small sleepy groan before wrapping his arm around me.

“You okay baby? You cold?” He asked, I felt him lift the blanket to cover my back more, his palm encasing my shoulder before pushing me in closer to him.

“I’m alright, you’re really warm. I’m just. I dono,” I mumbled against the skin of his chest. Everything from yesterday had seemed like a dream but, the fact that we were both naked and huddled together on my couch like this... It was real.

“Confused..” was the only word that I could manage.

“Talk to me, what’s on your mind?” He asked, a small movement from him caused me to look up, he seemed a little worried.

“Just this, us- is it really alright?” I questioned. He relaxed and the warmth from where he’d been holding me shifted to a light sensation that ran down my side gently. A calm washed over me at his soft touches.

“Jia, I’ll be straight up with you. I felt a connection with you from the moment we met. I get it. I was worried too but, the way I see it, if I hid my heart I would’ve regretted it” his smile was still laced with sleepiness. It was healing. Washing away my worries.

“Hoseok..” I took in a deep breath unintentionally getting a good dose of his scent which only added to the sentiment of this moment. His confession just now was making my heart race again, just like I’d remembered it’d done last night. Hoseok nuzzled his face into my hair and as he spoke I could feel the warmth of his breath on my head.

“Point is, I’m hella attracted to you. But, if you’re worried about it making stuff complicated I’m happy to keep it between the two of us.” I thought about it... I liked whatever was unfolding between us right now. And if it was going to be as simple as he seemed to think it would be then...

“It would make things easier. I need to be honest with you about something though” I hesitated for a moment but knew I needed to be as straightforwardly as he was being with me right now because other things were going on for me too. He deserved to know. Here goes nothing.

“Joon kissed me the other day,” I admitted.

“I had a feeling he liked you. I’m not surprised” Hobi said plainly.

“Wha, how’d you know? Did he tell you?”

“Nah, he didn’t say anything, I just picked up on it because of the way he’s been acting lately” he chuckled lightly, taking a peek down at me for a moment.

“Oh.. that makes me feel even worse now” I buried my face into his chest. Would Joon be hurt if he knew I’d just slept with his friend?

“Don’t. You know, Joon's an open-minded guy. He’s also into this new aged polyamorous way of thinking so... If he was to find out he might not react the way you think he will” His deep voice resided closely in my ear. His words were reassuring. I wanted to believe in them.

“Hmm. I guess that makes me feel better. I do care about him a lot but, we spoke about it and the main thing that came up was this whole Idol thing” I began to explain.

“Yeah, it goes without saying. Dating ain’t an option if we get big. It’ll only put you in danger. If we do debut we’ll have to bury our pasts like our lives depend on it. It's brutal.” Hoseok didn’t bother to sugarcoat the facts. And it was something we had also both just acknowledged.. where exactly did that leave us then?

I let out a long sigh. Hobi knew exactly what was up. Even though we didn’t exactly have all the answers, being able to talk to him like this was comforting.

“Anyway, don’t stress yourself too much, let’s just take it easy, okay?” Hobi placed a soft kiss on my forehead. It radiated a warmth that was hard to put into words. I nuzzles into his chest a bit more and hummed in agreement.

We stayed cuddled up for a bit longer before Hobi got up and had a quick shower then headed home. He had a big day of practice ahead. Before he left he mentioned that if I needed anything to call him. He was there for me whenever I needed it. He kissed my lips softly and closed the door behind him as he left my place. Hints of excitement mixed with anxiety remained.

I took a hot shower which seemed to wash away any worries for the moment. Afterwards, I went to check my phone. There was a message from Jimin and Tae. They both sent me their sections for the report so all I had to do was add mine and submit it. I went over to my laptop and finalised it all and sent it off. It was about a week early but I guess better that than late.

I bummed around at home until it was about time to get ready for work.
When I got there I was asked to help out at the number 2 girls table tonight. Apparently, Mimi who usually helped on that table was suddenly sick which left a bit of a problem.

Cece, the girl who was number 2 hadn’t arrived yet so I still had some time to get the table and drinks ready. Rina seemed worried as she mentioned that the client Cece had scheduled for tonight was a big spender and that it wouldn’t be an easy night for me seeing as I was still fairly new.

I told her not to fuss over me and that I’d manage, she gave me a sympathetic smile before going off to get ready for her own client who was coming soon. I pushed any doubts I had aside and started to prepare. After Cece arrived she quickly went into hair and makeup then came straight up to me and introduced herself. She had this cheeky sassy air about her but she was still really nice. Her long straight black hair was mesmerising as it swayed behind her and the jewels on her dress sparkled beautifully.

She was frank with me. Adamant that if it became too much she’d drink in my place to save me from having to do more than I could handle. It put me at ease, the instant bestie ‘I got you’ vibes she emitted were cool.
In a way, It was what made me want to rise to the occasion even more. I wanted to prove myself and genuinely help Cece at the same time. As the night unfolded she started taking a lot of the drinks herself. I started to realise she had a better tolerance than I initially thought. Eventually, her client started getting rowdy so in good taste she convinced him that it was better he called it a night.

After she saw him out she came back to check on me and see if I was alright. I was drunk but not so much that I couldn’t walk so- she hugged me and thanked me, she was drunk too. We both had finished for the night so we went and got changed together.

We said our byes and went our separate ways. I was rugged up in my long coat as I left the club. I stumbled a bit onto the road as I started to try and walk home but then I heard a loud beep sound.

As I looked up I saw a scooter swerve as to not hit me. Oh my god was I actually that drunk right now? I stumbled back and took a breath. The next thing I know a delivery guy is rushing up towards me, it must be the same one that nearly hit me. As he got closer I saw that it was Yoongi. Oh shit, I’m so screwed.

“Are you okay?.. Wait? Jia? Is that you?” Yoongi put his hand on my shoulder to steady me a bit and peered into my face. His deep voice was so distinguishable. There was no mistaking it.

“Yoongi..” I looked up at him only to be met with his eyes slightly squinted at me in confusion.

“What are you…” he began to ask but as his attention shifted from me towards the building I’d just come from it must have dawned on him.

“I um.. just finished work..” I mumbled. Not wanting to be in this situation, but also not having a clear enough mind to try and make up some bullshit to try and hide anything. His arm dropped to his side and he bit his lip for a second. An uncomfortable silence followed.

“What about you? I didn’t know you had a side job?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“Oh.. about that..” he began to say, faltering slightly “I guess we both have secrets..” a natural rasp to his voice as he spoke lowly.

“You know, we can always keep it a secret” I stumbled again a little, standing right now was getting harder and harder.

“Jia, be careful” Yoongi was quick to grab me and lead me over to the street bench beside us.

His grip around my waist gently guided me to sit down, he filled the space next to me. That gaze of his was steady. What was he thinking? That poker face made it so hard to tell. He let out a small groan of defeat. “I won't tell anyone where you’re working but- Why the fuck are you so drunk?”

“It’s complicated.. don’t judge me okay?”

“I’m not. It’s not like I’m in a position to do that” Yoongi finally looked away as he went on “I just.. It’s worrying ok” his attention averted off elsewhere. Was he.. shy?

“I’ll be okay, it’s not as bad as you probably think it is.. besides. I need the money Yoongi” I levelled with him. A small moment passed as my last words still floated in the air between us.

“You’re not the only one. So I get where you’re coming from.. But still..”. Another small awkward moment of silence passed before he suddenly rubbed his face vigorously as to wake himself up and come to terms with stuff. I sat there still feeling awkward and confused but then he stood up and looked back at me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“You’re way too drunk to get home. Let me take you” He held out his hand to me.

“Thanks, Yoongi” I reached out for his hand and he carefully pulled me up onto my feet and slipped his fingers between mine as he lead me over to his scooter.

“Oh~ nice ride” I joked, he just pinched my nose cutely and told me to shut up and get on his bike so I did. He shoved a helmet on my head before putting it on his own. The way it smooshed his cheeks together was so cute, it made him look like a dumpling.

Yoongi sat down on the scooter and guided my arms so that I was clinging to him from around the waist. The fabric of his shift was soft to the touch, underneath It he felt solid though. I was pulled from my thoughts as he told me to hold on tight so I hugged around him more closely and held on as we took off.

The drive was fuzzy, all I could focus on was holding him. Maybe accidentally running into him was for the best, if I had to get home by myself it might have been dangerous. All the more to think it was a blessing in disguise.

We came to a halt. Yoongi helped me get off seeing as I was still a bit wobbly it was a miracle of sorts that I hadn’t fallen off on the way back. He’d just taken one look at the state of me and wasn’t having it.

“You’re something else, C’mon, I’m taking you up” he didn’t leave any room for argument as he grabbed me by the hand and lead me up to the apartment entrance. I didn’t argue, I was having a hard enough time trying to not fall over. As we got to the door I tried to pull out my keys from my handbag but miserably failed. Yoongi just chuckled and took my bag from me and slung it around him so he could find my keys with his free hand.

In a mere few seconds, he’d found it and opened the door. An arm wrapped around my waist firmly as we walked into the elevator and up to my door.

“Yoongi, I’m really okay, you can leave me here” My argument may have seemed feeble. He just ignored me and opened up my apartment door and led me inside. “I’d rather just make sure you’re in bed safely before I go. If anything happens to you between the front door and your bed it’ll be my fault”.

“Seriously? That’s the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard..” did it amuse him? The faint smile as he led me over to my bed made me so curious. Then, he gently pushed me down onto my bed. I landed softly on my sheets, bouncing slightly at the impact.

“Go to sleep. Make sure you drink lots of water and eat some tangerines in the morning”. I didn’t know if it was my imagination but Yoongis gaze seemed to be slowly taking all of me in. He turned to leave but, I didn’t want him to go yet. Why did he rouse such a curiosity in me?

“Wait. Yoongi” I forced myself to push aside my drunken fuzziness for a moment.


“Thanks for looking out for me. I promise I won’t tell anyone about the delivery thing. I understand you have your reasons and I respect that” I watched as he gave a curt nod.

“Okay, thanks Jia.”

I heard the click of the door lock behind him as he left and then surrendered to my tiredness.

Chapter Text


I woke up feeling a bit hazy and soon realised I was fully dressed. Everything that happened last night rushed to my mind and it made me want to slap myself in the face. I can’t believe Yoongi had nearly run me over, found out I was a hostess and then dragged my drunk ass home. Wow, that’s so embarrassing…

I quickly got up, had a shower, stepped out for a quick run, had breakfast and then got ready for class. Way too many things to do on a Monday morning. Life seemed a bit more placid until recently for some reason. Anyway, I should probably let Yoongi know I’m alive. He did seem genuinely worried so I sent him a quick text before I left the house.

The day was relatively sunny. I stopped at a café to get a double shot coffee on the way to class to try and nullify the small remnants of my hangover. I still had my coffee in hand as I walked up the classroom isle towards Tae. His expression was sombre and the air surrounding him was thick.

“Tae Tae, everything okay?” I asked as I plopped down in the seat beside him.

“Heeey, yeah.. I’m okay” he replied, mustering up a forced smile. I dropped my bag down before turning my full attention to him. It was obvious that something was up and I wasn’t about to let him pretend like there wasn’t.

“Tae.. Talk to me.. Where’s Jimin.." I questioned. It'd momentarily dawned on me that he wasn’t here. Tae bit at the inside of his cheek anxiously at the mention of his name. “Jimin was feeling sick today so he isn’t coming." He hesitated as he explained. Why did I get the feeling there was more to it?

“You don’t seem convinced, what’s going on? It’s okay, you can tell me” I lightly latched on to the sleeve of his arm and started playing absentmindedly with the soft material as I waited for a response.

"Jimin has been pushing himself a lot lately. And now he said he’s sick, I’m worried about him. I don’t know what I can do to help him either." It started to make sense. Tae was worried about his bestie and rightfully so..

“Tae, I’m gonna text Jimin and go check on him after class”. If it made Tae this uneasy then I wanted to try and do something. Even if it ended with me not being able to do much I still needed to try. They were both dear to me, it hurt to see Tae like this.

“Okay, if you need I can give you our apartment address and you can go visit him. I have class after this so I can’t come with you but no one will be home so it should be fine” Tae offered. A light at the end of the tunnel seemed to lift his mood.

The professor arrived and class started. Tae and I couldn’t talk much until the lecture had finished but when it did he texted me the address of their place. He wanted me to update him later so I told him I’d text him after. I hoped I’d been able to relieve him of some of his worry for now.

I went home straight away and started to make a cute lunch box that I could take to Jimin. If he was sick, some nutrients might help him recover his strength. After I packed it up I checked the address Tae had given me and I set off to find Jimin. I sent a courtesy text to let him know I was on the way but there was no reply.

I’d walked 15 minutes, and with every corner I turned a more run-down part of the city emerged. There were mostly older buildings in the area, it was grungy. But, I kept going until I reached my destination. It matched the rest of the buildings and looked like it had seen better days.

I stepped on to the stoop then reached for the doorbell. A few seconds passed. No response. That’s weird. Maybe Jimin had fallen asleep..

As though on cue I received a text. It was from Jimin.

Jia: Heey, I heard you weren’t feeling well. I’m on my way to your place now! I have some food for you 💕

Jimin: Jia, really? You don’t need to! Where are you now?

Jia: I’m here already, where are you?
Jimin: Actually, I’m not home. 😅
Jia: Oh, where are you then? Are you okay??
Jimin: I’m okay! I’m at my agency..
Jia: Oh.. okay..
Jimin: Did you really bring me food…? 😥
Jia: Yea~ It looks really yummy..
Jimin: My agency isn’t far from mine, did you wanna come here maybe?
Jia: Yeah okie, send me the addy
Jimin: Okie, let me know when you’re here 💕
Jia: Okie see you soon~

I waited for the address then headed straight to his agency. As I walked there I couldn’t help but feel like something was really off. If he wasn’t feeling well then why was he there? It just didn’t make sense, not to mention how worried Tae had been earlier. It gave me an unsettling feeling. This must’ve been how Tae felt.

I texted Jimin as I got closer to the building. It was only around the corner, but it felt like I was worlds away. In a ghost town where the wind blew and there wasn’t a soul in sight. Abandoned and unkempt. Was this even possible?

I sat down on a bench out the front and waited for Jimin. A few seconds later he popped out of a side door that looked like it led to some sort of hidden basement.

“Jia~ I’m so sorry to make you come all the way here” Jimin jogged up to me, he was out of breath. He gave a small bow of apology before standing up again and attempted to push the sweaty tangles of his hair back with his hand.

“No don’t be sorry, I was just worried because Tae said you were sick” I explained as I quickly stood up and waved off his apology. “But..” I wanted to be cautious. Jimin's expression shifted slightly.

"Jimin. If you’re sick then why are you here.. and.. Why are you sweaty?” I slowly glanced up.

“I.. “ Jimin gave a struggled sigh before crossing his arms and rubbing his forehead.

“Yes..?” I waited patiently.

“I really was feeling sick this morning but I’m okay now so.. I wanted to come in to practice.” I didn’t think he was lying but it stirred uneasily inside me.

"Jimin. Please just don’t overdo it. It worries me.. and it worries Tae too..” Telling him how to live his life was far from what I wanted. However, I needed him to know how we felt.

“Thanks for worrying but really, I’m okay. Promise.” I felt my stomach drop. It was nonchalant, if it was intended to make me feel better. It didn't. I bit my tongue. His gaze dropped down to the packed lunch box I’d been holding in my hand.

“So.. Is that for me?” Jimin perked up.

“Oh yeah, I almost forgot!” I quickly held it out for him. He happily took it before taking a seat on the bench behind me. I joined him as he wasted no time in untying the pink fabric wrapped around it.

“Aw you’re so sweet, this looks delicious” The affection in his words washed over me. All I could do was smile back, any concerned friend would have done the same.

“Oh yum~ Jia, you’d be like the most adorable girlfriend seriously” He teased. I wanted to bury my face in my hands and hide but I resisted the urge.

“Stop being such a flirt” I poked at his arm which just made him giggle more.

“Oh I dono~ I might have to wife you if this food tastes as good as it looks” he went on.

“Hey! "Stop talking and eat," I replied quickly. He gave a small wink before popping a dumpling in his mouth. Who knew such a simple thing as a lunch box would make him this happy. He continued to taste all the different things, eager to tell me how much he liked everything.

But, my mind shifted, I just couldn’t let go of the worry I’d felt on the way here. And, I couldn’t tell if he’d actually taken my concerns on board. I was left at a loss.. Was the best I could do be just to support him when he needed it. If so, I’d need to radically accept it.

“Thanks baby, I definitely needed that” after he popped the lid back on Jimin pinched my cheek playfully. Baby?

“What’s wrong? Baby not to your liking? Hm.. what about Sweetie, Pretty, Lovely~” Jimin cooed. I was so conflicted. I wanted to laugh along, but I also wanted to get him to take me seriously. Was his way of avoiding by flirting with me instead?

“Jimin, Can I ask you something serious?” His playfully smile subsided and he straightened up. Gaze settling on me.

“Um, it’s not really a question but maybe it kinda is. Anyways, Please, Can you promise that you won’t skip class anymore to practice? Please promise me, I’ll miss you too much if you don’t come.”

I wasn’t lying, I would definitely miss him if he didn’t come, but it was more that I didn’t want him to start failing in class.

“Oh.. I didn’t know it was worrying you that much. Okay. I’ll pinky promise” Jimin held out his pinky and wiggled it. I linked mine with his and made it official. It was enough to give me a small peace of mind for the time being.

Jimin thanked me for lunch with a warm hug before he returned to practice. Time was getting on and I still had a class this afternoon. As I pulled open the doors of the school building I glanced back at the clouds overcasting. That smell before it was about to rain lay heavy in the air.

The lecture was nothing but white noise to my thoughts. I opened up my phone to try and pre-occupy myself instead. There was a message from Yoongi.


Yoongi: Glad you’re alive. Wouldn’t want to deal with a lawsuit if anything happened to you.

I had to suppress a laugh. His satirical charm was unmatched. Next I scrolled down to Tae’s name. I typed out a message that lightly explained what’d happened. Making sure to mention Jimin made me a promise to not ditch class for practice anymore. Tae's reply was quick and one of relief.

By the time I left class the clouds had fully covered the sky. I rushed home so I wouldn’t get stuck in any rain. Luckily, just as I closed my apartment door behind me I heard the skies break into a hard pounding downpour.

I put my stuff away and collapsed on my couch. As the pelting on the window overtook my senses I was reminded of Joon. Maybe I should text him? I hadn’t heard from him in a while, was he doing alright?


Jia: Joon~ It’s raining outside, are you okay? 🌧😌

I clicked my phone shut and melted back into the softness of the couch. I’d been staring at the blank white ceiling for so long but, there was no response. Was it the crying of the sky that made me sad? Maybe he was busy? Or maybe something had happened..

Or, maybe he was having second thoughts about the way he felt about me. Maybe it would be better to get out of the house, take my mind off things.

My stomach decided that I’d go down to the Convini and eat some cup noodles. They always made me feel better.

I grabbed an umbrella and threw on a baggy jumper. The umbrella protected me perfectly on my way to the Convini. The ‘ding’ sounded as I stepped in. My eyes scanned the noodles shelf, but I couldn't find them. The store clerk told me that they’d run out so I ventured back out into the rain in search of another Convini. Hope that I’d still be able to find them. My mind was set.

The next Convini I went to had the ramen I wanted so I grabbed a pack off the shelf, paid for it, then went to the seating area. The prep station had hot water that I could use freely.

It wasn’t until I was about to sit down that I noticed I wasn’t alone. I took a closer look. His built figure looked familiar. The bucket hat he was wearing and the way he was bent over closely as he ate his ramen made it hard to recognise him at first. However, I was sure it was Jungkook.

He was stunned for a moment when I slid into the seat beside him. His wide-eyed expression directed itself right at me.

“Noona?” My smile faltered as I noticed his cheeks were damp.. with tears?

“Kookie.. Hey” Had I come across him at a bad time? Should I maybe leave?

“What are you doing here?” Kook was still somewhat shocked. He brought the back of his dark grey long sleeve shirt up to hastily wipe his cheeks of any evidence that he’d been crying. However, the small swells under his eyes still gave it away.

“I wanted to eat some Ramen. Is this a bad time?” I was lost for words. Part of me wanted to know what was hurting him but, he was obviously here because he wanted to be alone.

“Oh, no, it’s okay.. Which ones did you get?” He looked down to the styrofoam bowl on the table before me.

“Bibim Noodles. What about you?” I asked as I peered down at the label of his.

“Oh yum, I like those. Mine are Neoguri” he replied.

“Oh I haven’t tried those, are they tasty?" I questioned.

“Yeah. Here, wanna try?” He slid the ramen over to me. “Sure, thanks.”

I took the chopsticks he held out then tucked in. While I chewed he reached for my cup of Ramen and started to mix in the flavour packets.

“I’m not a fan of seafood but these are really good” I nodded along as the spicy aftertaste settled around my mouth.

“Here, yours are ready” he switched our Ramen back over, a faint smile that wasn’t there before now visible.

“Thanks, Did you want some of mine?” I offered. “Oh no it’s okay, you eat Noona”.

When that word rolled off his tongue it always threw me off. It was conflicting. His frame was much larger than mine but, why did it feel like he was still a cute boy? Either way he was gonna eat some of my noodles whether he liked it or not!

“Nooo, have some too Kookie, please~” I didn’t know if I looked cute to him but I was trying. His brow lifted cheekily. I triumphantly watched as he chewed with puffed out cheeks.

I don’t know exactly when our conversation had turned so left of centre and quirky but, the way we were huddled together in a Convini bonding over cup Ramen kind of felt like we were in a cute romantic drama cliché. When I told him that his face turned a shade of pink and he laughed.

It wasn’t until we were about to leave that I remembered the state he was in when I got there. I felt like I needed to say something. Anything..

“Jungkook-ah” The way his name rolled off my tongue felt satisfying for some reason.

“Hm?” He turned to me. We lingered by the automated door. 

“Next time you feel like Ramen can I come too?”

“Yeah, let’s try every kind.” His pearly whites shone through his bunny-like smile. It was warm, reassuring.

Kookie offered to take me home, it was dark outside. As we walked side by side he’d slipped his hand into mine and held on to it the entire time. The innocence of the gesture made my heart skip beats. But, after his hand had left mine I was left with a strange longing. An emptiness. I got ready for bed, still dwelling on him.

After I was well and ready to slip into the welcoming sheets of my bed I checked my phone. Joon's name sat on my screen.

NJ: Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been at dance practice all night 😓
NJ: I’m okay. ☔️When I heard the rain I thought of you too..
NJ: Guessing you’re asleep now, sweet dreams bby girl 🌙🌷

I was so busy with Kook that I forgot to check my phone so he probably thought I fell asleep.

Should I text back now or just reply in the morning? What should I say? Before I could figure out what to type I’d already passed out.

Chapter Text


After a moment of tossing and turning I sat up in bed. That's right, was halfway through replying to a cute message from Joon but accidentally passed out before I could send a reply. I fumbled around my sheets until I felt my phone. I opened the message back up and stared at it for a second as I tried to think of something decent to write back.

NJ: Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been at dance practice all night 😓
NJ: I’m okay. ☔️When I heard the rain I thought of you too.
NJ: Guessing you’re asleep, sweet dreams bby girl 🌙🌷

Jia: Morning~ Sorry yea I fell asleep 🥺
You sleep okay? 😚

Jia: Also! If you’re not too busy, wanna grab lunch today?

I clicked out of his chat and scrolled through my other messages until I saw Hobis name. Tonight I was off work so I decided to text and let him know I’d come and watch him dance. He suggested we grab some takeout for dinner afterwards which sounded like a nice plan.

I was able to fit in a quick run before the rest of my usual morning routine. It wasn’t until halfway through my first class that Joon replied.

NJ: Yeah, slept okay 😉
NJ: Might be able to get out the studio for a bit, 1 at Starbucks ok with you?
NJ: Been so busy this morning 😪 Need coffeeee

Jia: Yep perfect
Jia: Samee, I think I’d actually die without it 😇

When class finished I headed across the street to where I was meeting with Joon. He stood out amongst the crowd as he lingered on the street side due to his height and dark blonde hair. Not to mention his impeccable fashion sense which seemed to know no ends.

Today’s attire was street and damn did it look hot on him. Luckily he didn’t notice the way I was checking him out before I greeted him. Prior to that his attention had been down at his phone as he clicked away at something.

“Hey Shawty, can I get ur number?” I slid up next to him super close. The look he gave as he raised his head was probably the most confused I’d ever seen him. When he saw it was me he just burst into a short laugh.

“Shit Jia, you really gotta stop doing this to me” he sighed and a small smitten look settled.

“Whatever, I know you secretly like me being a creep” I joked. 

“I shouldn’t encourage you, but, I’ll admit I don’t hate it” He tutted before reaching out and pinching my cheek.

“Oww” I swatted his hand away before rubbing the light sting to try and get rid of it. Joon just smirked before gently pushing on my shoulders and steering me into the cafe.

We headed up to the counter and ordered some coffee and a sandwich to share. Neither of us were overly hungry so we decided to half it. After we collected our drinks we found ourselves a table in the back corner. Any noise seemed to be blocked by an invisible force from that spot making it feel a bit more intimate.

“Jia, I was wondering..” Joon began to say. I sipped my coffee and nodded along as I listened. “There’s this song I’m working on at the moment but I sort of wanted a second opinion. If you don’t mind, could you take a look?”

“Me? Uhh, yeah sure” I didn’t know how much help I’d be but guess it wouldn’t hurt to give it a once over.

Joon reached down into his bag which was lazily propped up against the leg of his chair and proceeded to pull out a very thick notepad. Someone had been very busy at work.

“Thanks, it's here,” He slid it across the table and split it open where the bookmark had been dividing the pages. I started to read the part that was labeled the Intro:

(What) Iri naenwa
(What) Ginjanghae da
(What) Ggeutpandaejang
(What) We are bulletproof
We are bulletproof

I looked back up at Joon for a second in thought. What kind of beat would this be with? It was hard to imagine..

“Can you give me a vague idea of the beat?”

Joon started to reach for his phone but stopped. “Uh, I’ll try and hum it. Bare with me”. He started tapping on the table at a steady pace which sounded like the snare and then followed through with a rhythmic tutting over it.

I nodded along as I let it sink in then started to read the lyrics over his make-shift beat. After I said the last of the intro he took it from the top again but more aggressively.

“This is heavily hip-hop” Was about as much of a conclusion that I could come to. I didn’t think it was a helpful thing for me to say but Joon stopped tapping and relaxed back into his seat.

“Yeah. It’s something I’ve been working on. If it comes together there’s the potential it’ll be used when my group debuts” he sighed.

This song must have been taking up a lot of his energy.. I noticed it in the way he talked about it. I continued to read through the rest of the lyrics, the concept was intriguing.

“It has a lot of potential. Rap isn’t exactly my strong suit but.. I can see it being catchy and, I know for a fact if you’ve got a hand in writing and producing it then it will turn out great.”

Joon gave a small smile but it was easy to see he was feeling differently on the inside. He looked tired.

“Anyway! Joon. Bulletproof right? You know, now that I think about it, steel that’s been made bulletproof has to endure through a lot of stressful processes to become that. It means.. Perseverance..” Bemusement creeped through as he shook his head.

“Huh? What is it?” I was so confused but he leaned in closer.

“You are truly the sweetest thang.” he finally elaborated. I felt myself shrink.

"I am?”

“Yeah. And your thought process is always interesting” Joon leaned back and ran his hand through his hair smiling lightly at me. I didn’t know what to say so I just changed the topic. We finished off our lunch. There wasn’t a whole lot of time we could spare seeing as we had classes to get to. As we exited the cafe we stood off to the side.

“Thanks for the help today” he was standing close to me so that we weren’t blocking the pathway as people walked by.

“It’s okay, anytime” I was forced to look up seeing as he was fairly taller than me. He slowly leant in and placed a soft kiss on my cheek. He lingered there a second longer, as though contemplating whether to kiss me on the lips or not, but he pulled away again. Funnily enough I kinda wished he had kissed me.

“I’ll see you soon?” I asked.

“Of course. I can’t be away from my muse too long” that cute shy smile he does when he says something kinda corny always gets me. I waved him off and he continued on his way back to the studio probably.

I headed to my afternoon class feeling really happy. Joon had called me his muse but, to me he was like Serotonin. I’d catch myself thinking about him and smiling to myself like an idiot on more than one occasion during the class that followed our lunch date. I felt like I was playing a dangerous game but I didn’t want to stop. I was pressing down on the accelerator instead. Would I inevitably crash?

Class finally finished and so had my daydreaming. I had a performance to go watch this afternoon so I headed home and dropped off my bag and threw on something a bit warmer. A skirt and a baggy jumper. Over the knee knit socks were a winter favourite of mine so I put on a black pair I had stashed away in the back of my wardrobe. I grabbed my handbag, not wasting a minute more and headed off to see Hoseok.

Despite the cold the crowd that had gathered hadn’t dwindled. If anything, it seemed more crowded than usual. Hobi and his crew must have been really making a name for themselves. That was probably due to the way they consistently performed every week at the same time and place.

I took my usual seat on the big concrete steps behind the space they cordoned off to perform in. Hoseok noticed me a couple of minutes after I sat down. He grinned before sending finger hearts in my direction.

I just waved casually and tried not to blush like an idiot at how cute that actually was. He returned to setting up and then the show started. I cheered along with everyone else and I even noticed some new moves they’d incorporated into their act. A few more stunts and tricks which were really cool.

By the time the show finished it had gotten dark. The city lights and street lamps still lit up the street, and the hustle and bustle around made it feel like a lively night.

I waited for Hoseok to finish talking with a few last stragglers from the crowd that went up to greet him. It was humble of him really. I liked that about him. Always genuine and kind. I glanced back over to him, only to notice a familiar girl was now talki- no wait, flirting with him?

She was lightly touching his arm and laughing with him about something, getting a bit too close for my liking to be honest and.. wait, was I being jealous right now?

No… okay maybe..? Wow.. I tried to pull myself up and not think about it but watching them was kind of hard. I felt a small ache in my chest. Hoseok had glanced over in my direction a few times and it genuinely seemed like he was trying to get out of the conversation, then he finally stepped away and waved her off. She pouted, seemingly unhappy but left nonetheless.

I felt myself relax as he came towards me.

“Sorry to make you wait, she just kept talking, it was so hard to get away” he laughed before sitting down next to me.

"I remember her from last time", I said aloud as I contemplated. Glancing at him, he still had a light coat of sweat that gleamed against his white complexion.

“Oh yeah, she’s a dancer too. She’s in a crew called Paisu that competed in regional competitions” he explained casually.

“Anyway, enough about that. How’re you baby girl?” Hoseok leaned in, wrapped an arm around me and pulled me in closer to him. My internal discomfort was dispelled as soon as I felt him wrap me closer.

“Yeaaa I’m okay, but hungry,” I puffed out my cheeks. He playfully mimicked my frown.

“Aw, Me too, Not to mention it’s cold tonight. What about something warm?" Without any warning, I felt him attack my side with a tickle that made me jump up and down!

“Ahh~ Okay, let’s go” I grabbed his hand and pulled him up. Hoseok was smitten as he stood and started to drag me off to a nearby restaurant. We decided to get Kimchi Pork soup and head back to my place.

We set up our dinner on the coffee table in the living room and then sat together on the floor across the wooden surface from each other. The pork kimchi soup was wrapped up in a takeaway container and the steam had settled into small water drops that hung from the plastic lid. In the midst of this cold, dark winter night, it would certainly warm us up. Hoseok grabbed one of the spare small blankets that was folded up on the couch. He spread it over his legs and tucked the ends under his crossed legs. Seeing him so snugly tucked in made me want to do the same, so I grabbed the other. His blanket had little sushi's with smiley faces and mine had Rilakkuma on it.

“Shall we?” He queried.

“Yeah, let's eat while it’s still hot” I beamed.

“Mmm, Oh! I know, want to watch some dance videos?” Hobi seemed keen so I agreed.

As we started to eat Hoseok propped his phone up on the table and opened up YouTube. He pulled up a dance video and pressed play.

It felt so cosy sitting here with Hoseok while he enthusiastically comments on dance videos over a steamy bowl of Kimchi Pork soup. He had a way of pulling me in without even trying.

I noticed the next video he put on was of the crew he’d mentioned earlier. Paisu.

“Isn’t this the crew with that girl in it?” I mumbled under my breath. The way it had come out sounded kinda sassier than I’d intended it to..

“You mean Stella?” He looked puzzled.

“Oh.. that’s her name..” I mumbled. I didn’t realise they were on a first name basis with each other. Maybe they talked more often than I thought.

“Yeah… Aww wait, don’t tell me.. is my baby girl jealous perhaps? How cute.” I looked down into my lap to avoid his gaze. Did I really make it that obvious, shit.

“You shouldn’t be, she’s… Pretty I guess, but she isn’t my type. Too clingy for my liking” He continued. As I looked back up I caught a clear look of distain as he spoke of her.

“Mm.. fair enough. Anyway, I shouldn’t be prying. It’s not really my business. Sorry."

“C’mon, don't be like that. It hurts my feelings” Hoseok actually frowned. A rare sight indeed.

“I just.. don’t want to guilt you into only having eyes for me just because we’re...” The fact of the matter was just that. I wasn’t exactly his girlfriend so what say did I really have in his personal relationships outside of our own.

“Jia.. Let me make something clear. From the moment I started sleeping with you I took on the responsibility for any feelings that come with that. It’s a given.” I stared into his brown eyes for a moment as I tried to process what he was saying.

“You mean..?” I slowly said. He could tell I was having trouble and let out a small sigh.

“I’m here for you. If it hurts you to see another girl trying to flirt with me then I’ll just stop talking to her all-together.” He said plainly. “No.. that’s too much isn't it?!” I blurted. Would he really just ignore her because I didn’t like her?

“Not really, your feelings are more important to me.” He was serious. A physical shiver ran through me at his words.

“What’s wrong? You cold?” He asked. Brows furrowing together as he did.

“A little” It wasn’t a lie but it wasn’t the complete truth. My feelings were significant to him... It made my heart race but there was no way I would admit it.

“Come here baby” Hoseok pulled aside his blanket and with open arms beckoned for me to come and sit in his lap. It looked so warm and inviting. I crawled over with my own blanket in hand and curled up on his crossed legs.

“Mm, that’s better” he tucked us in both blankets before wrapping his arms around me and nuzzling up into the crook of my neck. His chest pressed against my back. I felt myself relax into his warmth instantly.

“Oh there’s one more video I wanted to show you” Hoseok perked up a bit as he reached for his phone. I gave a small hum in response as he put the video on. We cuddled up as we watched together. There were some American street dancers popping in the video.

I could feel his fingers lightly grazing up and down the curve of my hips absentmindedly. His warm breath tickled at the crook of my neck where his head was resting. It was really distracting me from the video so I squeezed my thighs together discreetly to try and relieve some of the building tension he was making me feel with his light teasing.

“What happened? You okay?” He asked.

“Oh no it’s nothing” I shook my head quickly, not wanting to admit that being this close to him was making me feel some type of way.

“You sure?” He pressed on.

“Yeah it’s just.. The way you’re touching me right now..” I bit my lip as I tilted my head to look at him. Our faces were suddenly so close together and his expression glazed over cheekily in realisation.

“Is that all it took to get you worked up? Fuck, you’re a naughty girl” he breathed against my lips before slipping his tongue into my mouth. It happened like it was in slow motion. His grip became firm on my hips as he kissed in to me. I moaned as I felt him press me down against his newly risen hardness. He continued to kiss me, his tongue roamed my mouth eagerly. He pulled away just a little bit and when he whispered I could practically taste the spices from the soup on his breath because his face was still only inches away from me.

“I wonder just how wet you already are for me. Should we check?” He presses his lips to mine, smirking before suddenly hooking his knees under the little crevices behind mine. Then he spread his legs apart which caused my own to be forced open too.

I didn’t resist. His grip moved from my hips down to the front of my panties. His touch became light as it drifted over my clit down to where I could feel I was already getting worked up. He groaned in satisfaction before slipping his hand underneath my underwear. His touch was agonisingly slow as he spread my juices from top to bottom so nothing had been left out.

“I’m hardly the bad one. This is all your doing you know” I tried to hold back a moan but the position he had me pinned in was so exposing.

“Oh, is that right? Then I should probably take some responsibility for the mess I’ve made and just fuck you huh?” The two fingers he had now pressed up against my opening slipped in deep.

“Mm I think that’s exactly what you should do” I gasped at the feeling.

“You always look so innocent and put together, but after a couple of touches you come undone so easily. Think I might just play with you a little longer” the thought of it seemed to amuse him but I didn’t know if I could bear it.

“Noo please, I already want you so badly. I can’t take being teased like this” I lulled my head back over his shoulder as he smirked down at me. I buried my head in the crook of his neck to stifle the moans as he pushed his fingers deeper into me hitting that sensitive spot.

I was completely at his mercy yet again. His thumb started circling my clit as his fingers stretched me out in a slow but deep rhythm. Then with his free hand he pulled the blanket off us and peered down from over my shoulder to between my spread legs. The way he was working me now completely visible.

My skirt was hiked up, white panties pulled to the side. It felt so good, he was reducing me further into a moaning mess with every pump of his fingers inside me.

“Feel good baby?” A low gravel to his voice as he asked adding to the feeling.

“Yeah so good, want you to fuck me” I breathed in to his ear. Suddenly he pulled his fingers out of me and I was left feeling empty.

“Yeah?” I let out a small squeak as he picked me up from around the waist with ease, lifted me off his lap and put me down on the floor beside him. I took the opportunity to reach for his obvious bulge and started to massage it through his light grey track pants. It felt so good in my hand from over the material. He watched as I did for a moment before taking down his pants. It popped out hard. I wanted to taste it but before I could he picked me back up and placed me on his thighs. I wrapped my arms around his neck for support. He groped at my ass as he looked lustfully down between my legs. Part of me wanted to cover myself but I resisted.

I watched as he lined himself up and slowly started to slip his head in and out of me. God it felt good.

“Hoseok” I whined.

“I know baby” He kissed me and then dove his whole length into me slowly. All of a sudden I was so full. The louder I moaned the faster his hips bucked up and he drove it in to me. It was hitting so deep, just where I wanted it to. How the fuck was he so adept at this? How did he always know exactly what to do to drive me crazy? It wasn’t long until I felt myself lose strength in my knees and I was clinging to him, cuming hard around him.

He grip on my hips held me down around him, I felt his dick twitching inside me as he came too. I felt him filling me up as it hit my walls.

I fell into his chest, he held me against him until our heavy breathing subsided. A gentle peck to my forehead followed. I felt him going soft from still inside me and just how messy it was as cum started to leak out of me.

“It’s dripping” I carefully got off him and collapsed down on the floor into a fucked out daze beside Hoseok.

“Hold on, I’ll get something to clean you up” he stood up, pants still around his thighs as he hurried to the bathroom to grab tissues. He brought back the wet wipes and tissues and cleaned us both up. Afterwards we cuddled up on the couch together for another hour or so laughing and talking about random stuff. Eventually it started getting late and he had to head home.

We kissed before he left, that euphoric feeling followed me as I shower and got ready for bed. It had been quite a day. My mind was cloudy with feel good thoughts as I dozed off.

Chapter Text


During class today I got a text from Joon inviting me to an underground concert he was doing on the weekend. Apparently Joon, Yoongi and Hoseok would all be performing there. I’d heard of the place it was going to be, it was a well-known local hip hop club. It sounded like a good time so I decided I’d go and check it out.

Aside from that, classes flew by quickly. I headed home to drop off my things and nibbled on a salad before I got to work.

As soon as I got there I entered the back room to start getting ready. Rina poked her head in and looked around the room. Her eyes lit up as she saw me.

"Thank God I found you! Yoona asked me to call you to her office." She came in and stopped by the dressing table. I quickly put my things away in my locker and turned around to face her.

“Oh really? Do you know why? Am I in trouble or something?” I questioned but she just shook her head. The beautiful long brown locks of her curled princess hair bounced as she did.

“I’m not sure, she didn’t say.. But don’t worry it should be okay. I can’t think of anything you’ve done wrong so..” her light voice trailed off in thought.

“Okay, thanks for letting me know. I’ll go and see her now.”

Rina gave a small smile before she continued on her way. I left all my belongings in my locker and headed down to Yoona's office straight away. As I passed the lounge and headed down the hallway, I imagined what it might be.

I knocked lightly, her voice immediately beckoned for me to come in. I shut the door behind me and approached her desk.

“Rina said you called for me?” I asked, trying to hide any worry I had. Yoona gave a small nod before she gestured towards the chair across from her desk. I sat down and waited for her to speak.

“Jia, I just wanted to praise you for your efforts the other night when you helped at Ceces' table. You did well” she leaned back in her chair, lip curled up into a faint smile.

“Oh.. Thank you. Cece is good at what she does, so it made things easier on my part”.

“You don’t need to be modest. Look. I was thinking, it’s about time you started doing client rotation. That’s if, you’re ready for it?” Yoona waited as I digested her words.

“Really? You mean it? I.. would love to!” Excitement at the thought of the new opportunity started to bubble. If I could join in on welcoming rotations it meant that I could get clients of my own and I could make more money. This was a terrific thing.

“Great, glad to hear it. Well then, if it’s alright with you, tonight I want you to join Wyniee and Mimi. They can take you through it and show you the ropes.” She flipped through some papers that were on her table. She read the two names off them before looking back up at me.

“Okay. Sounds good. Thanks for the opportunity Yoona.” I beamed. Yoona just waved it off as not a big deal before dismissing me. I got back to the dressing room and started hair and makeup. Afterwards I wandered off to found the two girls that I was going to be working with tonight.

Mimi had mid length black hair and seemed to be slightly more mature and dignified in the way she carried herself. And as for Wyniee, she had short blonde hair and seemed to be playful and a bit more outgoing. Possibly even rough around the edges. But they were both super keen to work with me and were looking forward to jumping right in. I had to admit they were both much more inviting than I initially thought they would be. Mimi placed 6th and Wyniee 7th so I assumed they didn’t have as many regulars as the higher ranked girls. Or, they just don't spend as much as some of the other regulars.

As the girls talked about annoying habits some of their regulars had my attention was caught by a girl I’d only gotten a glimpse of on the odd occasion. It was when I was sitting with Luna at the time I began working here. Even then, I’d only glimpsed her in passing.

The girl in question was next level pretty and you just couldn’t help but to look in her direction when she was around. Luna had told me the girls' name was Serina and she was number 1 at the moment. I hadn’t spoken to her yet but she looked extremely delicate and innocent. Her long black naturally curly hair swayed behind her, as though almost floating. The epitome of ‘Natural Beauty’.

Wyniee and Mimi noticed I was totally distracted by something and nudged me.

“Hey, what’re you looking at?” Wyniee asked.

“Yeah, sorry, she’s just so.. I dono” I looked back at the girls sheepishly. They both noticed Serina as well.

“Hmm. To be honest. She looks pretty but it's better to avoid her. She’s not a nice person” Mimi lowered her voice slightly as she spoke.

“That’s true. ‘Not nice’ is kinda an understatement. She’s straight up conniving and evil. Steer clear, trust me” wyniee added in a low tone. Our attention was then pulled over to the lobby host, Jun, who had just seated a new prospective client.

“Okay, let’s get busy. Wynnie you sit beside him. Jia and I across.” Mimi gloated as though she’d just gotten out of an annoying chore.

“Yeah sure. But you’ll have to sit beside the next one anyway” Wynnie just giggled. Mimi rolled her eyes before grabbing my hand and leading me over to the table with Wynnie also in tow.

We all greeted the new client and took our seats. Wynnie who was right beside him helped him order off the menu. For first time customers there were special drink sets they could order from, seeing as the first visit was only priced at about 30 dollars for the induction. But after that he’d have to choose one of the girls he’d met to be his main.

The girls were both laughing and making light fun of the conversation. The guy in front of us was probably mid 30s, a typical salary man by the looks of it. But, the girls put in their best efforts regardless.

We weren’t there for long before the next group of girls rotated over to that table and we moved along to the next. By the end of the night I hadn’t had to drink much. I didn’t get picked by anyone either but that was okay. Taking the backseat and watching the other two at work would probably prove to be more productive the first time round. Next time I won’t hold back though. Come to think of it, Jin had said he wanted to come visit me at work so I made a mental note to text him the good news.

I made my way home and had a shower. I’d only just changed into something more comfortable when my phone starts to ring. As I glance at the screen I see Tae written across it. The tone continues to play as I stare at it. Was this the first time he’d actually called me?

I pressed the green answer button and put the phone to my ear. “Hello?” His voice was almost melodic.

“Hey Tae, everything okay?” I questioned. He gave a small hum in response

“Yeah, kinda. Are you busy tonight?”

“Not really, just staying home. Why? What’s up? You’re acting kinda sus” I teased but he sucked in a sharp breath as though conflicted.

“Can I.. Come stay at your place tonight?” How did he manage to ask that so innocently? Did he really just ask that?

“Umm… Yeah, of course” I wasn’t going to say no. My innate curiosity may have played a part in my decision. Tae instantly sounded happier when I agreed. He said he’d be over soon and hung up. I cleaned up a little while I waited for him to get here. When he arrived I buzzed him up and hugged him up. I casually slipped in the question of why he suddenly wanted to stay over.

He was already in what looked like pyjamas, a pair of loosely fitted track pants and a baggy T hung off him. He plopped down on the couch beside me.

“I.. sorta wanted to get away from the dorms for a night.. I live with six other guys and sometimes it gets stuffy. I wanted to see you too of course” he began to explain.

“Oh..” I bit my lip at the thought of it. “That’s a lot of people. So you share a room with someone?” I asked. Tae pouted shaking his head. “We.. All sleep in one room." Wait what?

“Huh?! One?! No… really??” I was shocked. Like? How did they ever have any privacy?!

“Yeah. I’m closest with Jiminie but lately he’s been practising a lot and he’s hardly home. Tae ruffled the front of his curly brown hair before sighing and leaning into the back of the couch lazily. I pulled my knees up and hugged them closely to my chest then turned to fully face him on the couch.

“I get why you wanted to come here for a night then.”

Tae lulled his head to the side and looked at me. His expression was sullen and it was making me sad.

“Tae..” I called his name softly. I wanted to cheer him up but.. what could I say? His dark brown eyes lingered on me but his lips pressed together, he didn’t say a thing. I slowly crawled up onto his lap and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. I pressed up against him, holding him in a hug. Would he feel my sincerity? Feel the warmth I wanted to give him.. Perhaps he’d be able to. Words don't always need to be used. After a moment I felt his arms encase me.

“I'm sure things will work out eventually.. Just try to hang in there.. And if you need somewhere quiet where you can clear your head you can always come to my place.. We’re best friends, you know”.

I spoke softly in to his ear seeing as it was right where my face was nestled. I felt a small warmth from his breath and movement from a nod against the skin of my neck. It tickled when he buried his face a little more into me.

I could make out a muffled ‘Thanks’ from Tae. He rubbed my back gently, comfortingly. The way we were entangled together right now made me feel close to him. We stayed like that for a little while. After realising how late it was getting we decided we should probably get ready for bed.

“I have a spare toothbrush in the draw under the sink” I called out to Tae from the bathroom. He lazily walked in after me.

“Just for me?” He smirked, rubbing at the back of his head before bending down to pull open the draw and grab the packet.

“Maybe” I teased before shoving my own brush into my mouth. Tae glanced over, almost examining me periodically as he opened the packet and ran some water over the thistles.

“Wait, you brush too quickly. You gotta do it slower” he raised a brow, then lowered his brush and came a little closer.

“Weally?” I mumbled, mouth full of peppermint foam.

“Yeah, here let me do it,” I hesitated for a moment, but the overwhelmingly cute look in his eyes as he waited, hand out stretched made me give in so I handed him my toothbrush. He grinned instantly.

“Say Ahh” I felt kinda like a baby as I opened up. He seemed to be really enjoying taking his time as he brushed my teeth one by one. But, the look on his face and just the ridiculousness of this situation, now that I think about it, gave me the sudden urge to laugh.

“Mgmggm!” I pushed his hand away and quickly spit into the sink. I tried my hardest to hold in giggles but just couldn’t.

“Hey! What’s so funny! I wasn’t finished! Cavities are no joke?!” Tae proclaimed, waving my toothbrush around in the air comically as he did.

“Okay okay” I did my best to keep my composure as we carried on, him grinning the entire time did nothing to help. On top of that, he’d hit me on the head every time I was on the verge of laughing. This only made it harder to not laugh or wanna protest just for the fun of it.

Eventually, our little saga had ended and I got changed into some shorts and a singlet to sleep in. I turned on the dim lamp on my side table. It emitted the just-right amount of light to fall asleep peacefully in. Having Tae with me was pure comfort.

We both crawled into bed together and Tae pulled up the blanket over the two of us so we were cozy and snug. He rolled over to face me then pulled me in closer to him by the waist so that we were now spooning. His body pressed against mine radiated a warmth that gathered in my chest as I relaxed.

“You sleepy?” His sultry voice resonated in my ear. It was tingle inducing, so soothing.

“A little bit, I dono if I can sleep yet..” I whispered back. This closeness felt different to the last time we were huddled together. Was it because it was only Tae and I?

I was pulled from my thoughts as a smooth tone filled my senses. Tae sang softly, gently. I completely lost myself in it. If there was a heaven, this is what I’d imagine it to be.

The tune he hummed wasn’t something that I recognised but it was so beautiful. I was encased under his leg as it rested on my hip. It was his body and melody that overtook me, safely tucked away. I tried to stay awake, I tried to fight my tired eyelids that were closing so that I could keep listing. Keep indulging in him, but it was no use. I had already passed the point of no return.

Chapter Text


Bright rays of light shone through the window blinds as I cracked open my eyes. The weight of Tae's leg across my hip pinned me down. I managed to turn over to face him. Brown trestles of hair sprawled across his sleepy face. I cuddled into the inviting space against his chest. The top of my head perfectly fit just under his chin.

Tae rouses slightly, he wraps his arms around me, pushing me into him.
“Sleep well?” There was a tired rasp to his voice.

“Yeaa. So comfortable. Don’t wanna get up” I mumbled, burying my face further into his neck. My hands had become pinned between our bodies and I couldn’t move them.

“Should we just stay here all day?” Tae mumbled back. He gently ran his hands up my back, then gently through my hair. “If only” I sighed sleepily as I indulged in the sensual ambience of his embrace.

After a while longer of just enjoying the warmth of our snuggle, Tae reluctantly got up and went for a shower. I lay still in the softness of my sheets while I waited for him to finish. I reached over for my phone to check if I had any messages. There was one from Kookie.

JK: Heeey, by any chance did you see Tae last night?

Jia: Yeaah, he stayed over at my place last night…

JK: Ohhh, is he okay?

Jia: Yeah, I think so. I don’t know if he wants me to tell anyone this but, honestly, I think he’s going through a hard time...

Jia: Maybe try and talk to him when you see him later 😕 He will probably tell you what’s up if you ask...

JK: Ok, thanks Noona 🙂 btw, was thinking….

JK: Wanna go for a run with me tomorrow morning?

JK: I need to build up stamina 💪🏻 Thought it could be fun if we did it together 😁

Jia: Yeah! For sure, I usually run in the morning anyway! 😊

JK: Okay! Then, I’ll come by yours early tomorrow

Jia: Sounds good, see ya then 😙

I clicked my phone shut. A few seconds later Tae came out of the bathroom completely dressed and ready for the day.

“Your turn” He motioned smoothly with a nod of his head towards the bathroom.

“Okay” I slid out of bed and got up to take a shower. Not long after I was ready to leave the house. Tae had made some toast for us in the meantime. It was surprisingly delicious, or maybe that was only because he insisted on playfully feeding half of it to me. On the other hand, I assumed he couldn’t cook. Then again, I guess that depends on if you consider making toast as cooking. The way Tae waved me off as we separated for class left me feeling happy. The class wasn’t half bad, the aftertaste of spending time with Tae was that of floating in sweet bliss.

During my lunch break, I texted Jin to tell him the good news about work. I’d been meaning to mention it to him since yesterday but it had slipped my mind because Tae came over so unexpectedly.

Jia: Guess what ~

It wasn’t until I’d seated myself down for my afternoon lecture that he replied.

Jin: You won the lottery?

Jia: if only 🥲 kkkk

Jia: My boss let me start taking on new clients at work 😙

Jin: 😏😏😏😏

Jin: You’re lucky I’m free tonight then

Jia: Wha so soon? 😚

Jin: Yeahh

Jin: Finallyyyy have an excuse to drink with you

Jin: Think it’s only fair I warn you

Jin: I can drink a lot so you’d better be ready for me kk

Jia: 😉😉noted

Jia: I’ll see you tonight ~

I got home feeling excited about seeing Jin. I quickly put away my things and gather what I need for the night. Instead of wearing a dress from work, I decided to pack my sexy black dress into a bag so I could wear that instead. Maybe I was overreacting but it felt a little bit special because he’d technically be my first client and by now we were also good friends. I already knew we were going to have a good time just like we always did and I couldn’t wait to just get there and see him.

I threw some heels and jewellery into my bag and other random bits and bobs. Perfume, sparkly body oil etc. Just in case. Then I changed into something casual, wrapped myself in a warm fluffy jacket and left for the club.

The streets seemed lively tonight with lots of people out and about which only heighten my spirits further. I got changed and went into hair and makeup straight away, adding some shimmer oil to my skin so I smelled fresh and had a pretty glow. I felt gorgeous tonight, there was no denying I was riding a confidence boost. I started on the floor helping out at Luna's table. We drank a bit, laughed and chatted with her client, Mino. Funnily enough, he was quite young, our age to be more specific. Some clients didn’t like revealing their jobs but he was fairly open about it. He was a rapper and a hot one at that. Luna may have even liked him outside of work but that was just my guess.

Not long after Mimi came over and tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I could be excused from the table. Mino said it was fine so I got up and left with her.

“Omg Jia, there’s this handsome guy who just got here. He's at reception and he’s requesting you!?” She was trying to keep her voice down but she was having a hard time containing her excitement.

“Oh that’s my friend, he’s here?”

“Holy shit yeah, he’s here, wait, do you want me to go and seat him?? Omg okay, sorry this is just like, I need to calm down. I’ll be back” she rambled, her voice still an excited hush. I didn’t even have time to reply before she quickly set off to go and seat Jin for me.

Mimi was usually very collected so it was pleasantly surprised to see her giddy. And, on top of that, I appreciated her helping me out with getting him settled in.

I waited behind the private area for a little bit and watched as she bowed to him and offered him a seat.

She sat across from him, laid down a menu and started talking. I couldn’t hear what she was saying but the excitement as she talked and pointed out things on the menu was so cute. Then, someone new came into the picture. I was hit with momentary shock as I watched it unfold before my eyes.

It was Serina. She was heading over to his table... She wasn’t supposed to be doing that. Then again, the confidence in her stride gloated number 1. It was obvious she had no qualms about trying to steal someone else’s client.

God, great. I needed to do something. I wasn’t about to let her fuck around, I didn’t care who she thought she was so I walked over.

As I reached the table my gaze settled on her. She was sitting right beside Jin. There was hardly any space between them which made it hard to hear what she was whispering to him as she lent in. I shifted so I stood beside Mimi, whose expression was of absolute incredulity, her jaw hung slack as she ogled at the pair across from her. Serina pulled away, her voice now more audible.

“We could have an amazing time if you pick me. It’s not too late to change your mind” Serina giggles cutely as she tucks a strand of her long black hair behind her ear innocently.

What the fuck was her problem... Despite my anger boiling inside, I was just a few seconds away from letting it all out but before I could, Jin mockingly laughed.

“No thanks. The only girl I’m here to see is my little princess Jia. Oh, speaking of- Here she is now” Jin’s eyes lit up as he gazed in my direction. Any annoyance I’d felt prior melted away and was replaced with pure bedazzlement. What an absolute sweetheart.

“Jin. Glad you could make it” I smiled sweetly. Not even bother to look at Serina who was now scowling from my peripheries.

“You look fucking stunning. Come here- oh sorry uh” Jin paused for a second as he looked beside him and made a little ‘shoo’ motion at none other than the clubs' numero uno.

“I believe you’re in Jia's seat so if you could move that’d be great” Jin proceeded to say. I had to hold in my laughter with everything I had. But god I wanted to laugh so bad but no, right now I needed to stay composed.

Serina reluctantly got up and left without a word. I slipped into the seat beside Jin. He instantly placed a peck softly on my cheek.

Mimi who hadn’t said a thing up until now finally spoke. “Wow, okay, um. Jin, I am so sorry about that-“ she was quick to try and apologise but Jin just laughed airily.

“No, no, not at all. Now, where were we?” He looked back down at the menu which he was so rudely interrupted from reading.

“Right, so, ah Jia! Now that you’re here, we were just about to place an order” Mimi gave me an excited smile. Her enthusiasm was adorable.

“Indeed we were, I was thinking you might like some champagne to celebrate your semi-promotion, what do you think?” Jin looked over to me, a glint of mischief in his eyes.

“Yesss, omg can we?” I clapped my hands together excitedly. Champagne was always fun and it meant we’d get to do a champagne call! It was not a huge deal but it was still somewhat of importance.

“Anything for you, you know that” Jin rested his palm against my thigh as he leaned back into the padding of the booth couch. Those big brown eyes settled on me. Mimi immediately excused herself from the table and went to set up for the champagne call.

“I’m so happy you’re here” I beamed. Not bothering to hide my excitement anymore.

“Me too, let’s have some fun” Jin was wearing a classy black suit. He looked incredibly handsome and it was no wonder Serina had just tried to poach him only moments ago.

“How was your day?” I asked as I placed my hand on top of his which was still lingering on my thigh almost possessively. For the most part, he didn’t touch me like this so when he did it had so much more of an impact.

“The usual, practice practice. How about you?” He tilted his head slightly. Lips noticeably pouted.

“Yeah, just class, nothing too interesting” I continued with small talk, still way more distracted by just how enticing the fit of his shirt made him look right now.

I noticed Wyniee from the corner of my eye as she came over and bowed before introducing herself. I was glad to see her. She was one of the girls I liked quite a bit. Wyniee asked if it was okay if she joined our table. Jin glanced at me and I gave a small nod to let him know it was alright and that she was one of the nice ones.

“Sorry if I interrupted anything” Wyniee began to say.

“No, it’s okay! Actually, I wanted to introduce you to my friend Jin” I giggled.

“Oh, so you guys already know each other! That’s cute. "I guess you're here to support Jia, right?" Wyniee looked back from me to him happily.

“Yeah. Have to make sure she isn’t getting into any trouble” Jin joked followed by a light squeeze to my thigh. This served as a reminder that I was his right now.

“Oh no, she’s totally fine. You can count on me to look out for her too.” Wyniee sent a wink my way. She was sweet and I was glad she’d come to join us.

Mimi finally returned with the bottle of champagne, a small ensemble of girls to hype the occasion including Rina and a girl named Rosè in tow. Mimi enthusiastically recited the champagne call chant into the mic. It filled the lounge seeing as it was a little bit louder than the music was. The flirty chatter amidst the surrounding tables shifted to curious glances in our direction. This kind of thing always tends to do that. I still found it amusing how it also made other girls clients feel inclined to do their own champagne call to try and compete against each other and escalate the overall hype of the night.

Wynnie and I joined in on the chant as Mimi, Rina and Rosè surrounded the table. Rosè quickly set down the glasses and ice bucket she was holding while Rina swayed from side to side and clapped along cutely.

As the chant finished, Mimi handed the mic over to Jin so he could say a few words. He took it confidently and stood up. I followed suit and waited to hear what in the world he would say.

“Ahh Ahh,” he began to say as though testing if the mic was working.

“Here’s to the most beautiful girl in the world and her future success and happiness. May she be blessed with both as well as a super handsome guy like myself by her side to support her in her future endeavours” I may have giggled a bit at the overflowing confidence he emitted. His charm had undoubtedly ensnared me.

“Thank you, with that said, I just want to add that not only for me but may there be success and happiness for the both of us in whatever the future will bring. Cheers!!” I called out!

"Cheers!" The girls responded enthusiastically. Rina popped open the bottle and started pouring it over a few glasses before handing it over to Jin who started chugging from the bottle. The girls and I cheered him on as he went. I held a napkin under his chin to catch any spills until he lowered it and passed it to me. There was just less than half left. I finished it off. The weight of the glass bottle left my hand as Jin took it from me and placed it down on the table. A mischievous smirk followed. Rosè and Rina took their drinks and excused themselves. Mimi, Wyniee, Jin and I were left seated around the glass table.

“Jia. Anyone would think you were a pro at this” His brow raised fondly, I felt him nudge softly at a response.

“Like you can talk, You drank that like it was nothing~” I cheekily rebutted. “Mm that was pretty impressive” Wynnie chimed in. Mimi nodded along too.

“Should we get a couple of bottles of soju then?” Jin looked over from the girls to me.

“Yeah, sounds good” I smiled. Mimi went off again to retrieve the drinks. “So, seems like you can drink a lot then?” Wyniee beamed from across the table.

“Should we find out?” Jin teased. He looked so comfortable and confident as he did. Was it the drinks?

“Come to think of it, we’ve never had a drink together before tonight, have we?” I sent a smirk his way.

“If I knew you liked drinking earlier, it would’ve been a different story.” Jin cheekily retorted.

Mimi returned with two bottles of soju and some bong bong grape juice for mixing. She was quick to pour everything for our table.

The nights' pleasantries continued until it was nearly time for my shift to end. We’d all drank and joked around. It was the most fun I’d had at work since starting there. Jin took care of the bill and the girls said goodbye to him. I walked him to the front door and back out into the lobby. Jin decided to wait for me to finish so that he could walk me home afterwards so I quickly went and got my things and left for the night. I met him just across the street from the club where he was waiting for me.

I hadn’t bothered to change so I was still in my little black dress and heels under my coat. Jin wrapped an arm around my shoulder and rubbed it soothingly as we started to walk home. We were both a little drunk and started talking about weird hypothetical scenarios for some reason.

“Hmm. Okay, what about this-“ Jin leaned in closer as I raised a brow at him in anticipation. I never knew what to expect to come out of his mouth. It was a complete mystery half the time.

“Hypothetically, What would you do if I just grabbed you and kissed you right now?” Jin’s arm was still around me and had found its way to my neck. The feeling of his fingers gently brushing my hair back was only adding fuel to fire off his loaded question.

“Ahhh” I hesitated, was this hypothetical? I got the feeling that it might not be...

“C’mon, don’t play all cute now, you’re always avoiding, can’t do it forever you know” Jin teased. He was right, maybe just this once. I’d take the leap.

“I… Would kiss you back” I finally admitted. I was forced to stop in my tracks as he did so. I turned to face him as he looked down at me. He'd dropped his arm that was around me but it was only momentarily.

His hands cupped my cheeks. My eyes closed. His plump lips were sweetly pressed against mine. A longing overcame me, one that I may have been suppressing for a while. His kiss deepened as though he’d read my mind. I blindly reached for his chest, needing something solid to lean against. I was teetering on the brink of falling apart.

My mind was blank as he slowly pulled away, our eyes met, his hands still cupping my cheeks. Those plump lips of his were only inches apart from my own. The whole world had been stopped, blocked out and it was only us at this moment that seemed to be floating.

“This.. is a dangerous road we’re walking down Jin..” The words left my lips without meaning to.

“I don’t care” he whispered. Brown orbs glazed over as I stared into them. I couldn’t move. A small moment passed, silence filled my mind but my heart ached intensely.

“I know you feel it too. Do you trust me?” Jin’s gaze softened. I nodded. I trusted him.

“Then trust me when I tell you it’s going to be okay” He placed a small peck on my lips before pulling away. His hand entwined itself into my own, fitting perfectly like pieces to a puzzle. Still, in a daze, I let him lead me down the street towards my place. We stopped again at the front of my apartment building. My mind slowly took off, gaining speed as worries flitted by one by one. My job, my relationships with other people... It wasn’t so clear cut. But could I even tell him that?

I gulped, scared of what his reaction might be but, I needed to know and so did he.

“Jin. What about my line of work? You know I have to see other guys. And. Apart from that, I’ve got some complicated situations happening for me right now. Involving other people. Boys..” I stopped for a second. Feeling as though I was about to break down into tears. It was overwhelming.


“It’s fine. I’ve said it before. Do whatever you need to do. As long as what we feel for each other is genuine I can live with it. Whatever it is” He stepped closer to me, closing the gap between us. His hand reached around to the nape of my neck. Firmly, he claimed my lips yet again. I let my mind become blank as I let him take over. His grip now entangled in my hair dominantly. He had a different temperament.

I let out a shaky breath as we parted and he took claim to my waist instead.

“Jin, just promise me... You’ll always talk to me if something bothers you. I’m scared... I don’t want to hurt you. Or lose you” I mumbled as he guided me up to the building entrance.

“I promise” His voice held a steady resolve.

“Okay. Thanks for tonight... To be honest... I wish it didn’t have to end” I mumbled.

“Are you trying to hint at something? Cheeky girl” Jin chuckled.

“Don’t tease me!” I felt heat reach my cheeks instantly.

“Huh? Who’s teasing who?!” He playfully retorted. I softly pushed at his chest and he laughed. We said good night and he kissed me one more time. By the time I had washed up and was laying in bed my mind was completely at a loss for thoughts.

The crossroads I seemed to be facing was just too overbearing. I didn’t want to let it drown me, I closed my eyes, hoping that Jin was right. That everything would be okay.

Chapter Text

Friday Morning

Even though I still felt tired I pushed myself to get out of bed so I had enough time to get ready before Jungkook showed up. The thought of going for a run with him this morning made me excited.

I slipped into some black leggings and a hoodie seeing as it was chilly outside. My window had light frost accumulated at the corners of the frame.

A familiar beep sounded. It was a message from Kookie saying that he was waiting downstairs. I grabbed my water bottle before heading down to the front of my building. As I stepped out into the chilling frost of the morning Jungkook stood on the sidewalk wearing all black. He flashed me a big smile as he noticed me approaching.

"Jia-ah, are you ready?!” He exclaimed. The cheerful energy he radiated gave me a boost. Maybe I’d let the informality slide.

“I should be asking you that! Just so you know I’ve been doing morning runs since I was 15 so don’t feel bad if you can’t keep up” I giggled but instantly regretted it as his smile disappeared. Maybe I shouldn’t have poked the sleeping competitiveness he held inside. He’d probably make me eat my own words later.

“Is that a challenge?” Jungkook sucked in a sharp breath of air and puffed out his chest slightly as his gaze bore down on me.

“Uhh yeah I guess it is. Wait, why are you looking at me like that? It’s kinda scary please stop” It was a little intimidating and made me want to take it back but- For some reason I also wanted to see what would happen if I stood my ground.

“Well, how about we do Jang-Jae Park then?” He continued, he’d gone from serious to almost cocky.

“Are you sure? That’s at least a 45 minute run. I drawled.

“Yeah. It’s fine. Let’s go” He didn’t leave much room for argument so we made our way over to Jang-Jae.

There was a built-in section at the park entrance for stretching so we headed over and started preparing. Making sure to take our time seeing as it was quite a long run. Jungkook and I sat across from each other, our legs outstretched from one another.

“Noona, give me your hands” he reached out to me. 

"Thank you," I replied, grabbing onto him. I felt a gentle pull. The ache in my leg was so satisfying. We swapped, his hands still in mine as I gently pulled him closer to me. His hair fell loosely in front of his face as he bent forward.

After we both were nice and warmed up we walked over to the pathway. The lush green of the grass that was coated in a light layer of morning frost contrasted against firm grey concrete.

“First one to stop running buys the other coffee?” Jungkook glanced over at me. Despite the challenge now apparently being over a coffee it was clear he was determined. 

“Yeah sure” I agreed, now focusing solely on my breaths. Each time I inhaled I could feel the oxygen clearing my mind and preparing my body for the physical demand that was about to ensue. If this was of significance to him, then I’d better take it seriously and give him my efforts.

“Alright, you ready Kook?” I let out a deep breath, he nodded. His own breaths were crisp amidst the quiet that surrounded us.

“3, 2, 1” I counted down and we both set off at a steady pace. The chill of the air burned slightly as it filled my lungs.

I glanced over at Jungkook who matched my pace with ease. I couldn’t help but linger at the sight of him. The way his hair bounced and his snowy white complexion in contrast to the strong jawline.. and his determinate expression. It was undeniably sexy.

No Jia! Chill, just look forward and don’t get distracted. God it was a struggle though. I redirected my focus to the endless blue of the sky as we continued to run down and along the twisting park path. The concrete hit my feet firmly with every step.

We were at least 10 minutes away from the starting line. I stole glances at Jungkook as I tried to figure out if he was tired yet but it was so difficult to tell because he just looked so concentrated.

“Kook. You. Okay?” I called between breaths which snapped him out of his steady stare forwards.

“Hm? Yeah. Are you?” He called back between breaths.

“Yeah. Nearly. There” I pushed the words out. He gave a nod before looking forward again and then he picked up the pace.

“Huh? Hey!” I called out after him as I was forced to push myself to catch up. Jungkook was unbelievable. I managed to match his pace and kept it. By the time we reached where we’d started we both keeled over and tried to catch our breaths for a moment.

“Kook!” I lightly hit him in the arm which he just smiled cockily at.

“You’re not half bad” he teased, still breathing heavy. A light glistening of sweat coated his forehead.

“So mean. ” I huffed.

“Just kidding. You’re skilled at running” He took a step closer, still breathing a bit heavily. 

“You too. You have really high stamina.”

“Thanks, but I’m seriously puffed out. That was a bit more intense than I imagined” he admitted, wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of his sleeve.

“Yea.. let’s rest then go get coffee? It’s on me” I pushed him gently with both hands towards a nearby bench in which he just went along with.

We both sat down and took a minute to catch our breath and rehydrate. After we had calmed down, we headed to a cafe on the way back to my place. Jungkook said he was fine with whatever I was having. Therefore, we both ended up with a small latte and settled in to an outside seat in front of the small cafe.

“I’ve been meaning to ask, did you end up talking with Tae?” The warm froth of my latte as I sipped at it was smooth.

“Yeah.. Wait, hold still for a sec" I held my breath as Kook leaned in and reached out slowly. He rubbed his thumb along the bottom of my lip. I relaxed only when he pulled away.

“Sorry, you had coffee on your lips" he explained casually. A small tingle lingered at the place he’d just touched.

“Oh thanks." I cleared my throat trying to hide how stunned I was by that. Did he know what he was doing to me? He sometimes did things like this so casually and it always gave me a stomach full of butterflies. If Kook ever turned playboy there wouldn’t be a girl out there that stood a chance against his charm.

“Where was I? Oh yeah, Tae-Hyungie. We talked about it after I asked him. Lately, Jiminie-Hyung has been acting kinda weird though..” Jungkook's eyebrows furrowed together as though somewhat bothered.

“Oh I see. Maybe I’ll give him a call later." I thought out loud. Kook dropped me back off at home seeing as he had things to do today.

After I got back I decided to give Jimin a call. It had been a week since I’d heard from him so I grabbed my phone and pressed the call button beside his name. It rang a few times and then I was greeted by Jimins’ voice over on the other end.

“Jia! What’s up~” he chimed.

“Jiminie, I was thinking about you~ What’re you doing?”

“Aw that’s sweet of you, I miss you.. Actually, I wanted to go out for lunch with you! But ..” he sighed momentarily.

“Hm? What’s wrong?” I questioned.

“I have an assignment due tonight and I’m so stressed out! Arghhh” Even when Jimin was frustrated it sounded adorable.

“Oh.. Come to my place! My sudden idea caused me to practically yell back into the phone.

"Umm... Okay! Thanks Jia, I’ll be there soon~” Jimin hummed into the phone before hanging up.

I got in the shower then changed into something more comfortable while I waited for Jimin to get here. I was halfway through slipping on a pair of shorts and a hoodie when I heard the knock on the wood of the door. I gave up on the idea of tying up my hair and went to go and let Jimin in instead. As soon as I opened the door he rushed in and flung his arms around me.

“Jimin, Heeey” My voice muffled by the soft fabric of his black hoodie.

"Hey, I’m so relieved to see you. I really appreciate you offering to help me. You’re a life saver” He excitedly started to sway us from side to side before letting go to reveal a cute smile.

“It’s no problem! I managed to finish most of my assignments already so I have the time” I quickly closed the door behind him and he followed me over to the couch and sat down closely beside me.

“Still, I owe you big time! I was freaking out. I didn’t mean to leave it so late but.. Ahh…” Jimin sighed before letting himself free-fall back onto the couch.

“It’s fine! We’ll get it done! Where is all the info?” I reached down to where he’d put his backpack and unzipped it so I could pull out his things. Jimin shuffled over to the end of the couch to make space as I started to pile up all the papers. 

“Here, I’ll pull up what I’ve got so far” he took the laptop from me and opened it on his lap.

“Okay, Can you email it to me?” I asked before I reached over to get my laptop off the coffee table too. 

“Sure, wait, let’s make some space” Jimin moved all the papers on to the coffee table and then pulled it forward so that it was right against the couch.

“Nice, okay, let’s get started!” I leaned my head back on the other arm rest of the couch. My laptop was on top of my stomach. Jimin then lifted my legs and placed them over his. The feeling of his own computer now on my legs made for a fairly comfortable position as we got to work.

“Just sent it” Jimin squeezed my thigh lightly.

“Okay, I’ll take a look” I glanced over to him before turning back to pulling up his assignment. We divided and consolidated the sections. Jimin had been immersed in reading something for a while now. The room was so quiet. If it wasn’t for the careless way he traced my thigh while he read, I would’ve forgotten he was even there.

It was mostly innocent in nature and felt good so I didn’t mind until I felt his touch moving higher. I glanced over again but he must’ve been so distracted he wasn’t aware of it.

“Jimin” I mumbled. 

“Yeah?” his attention shifted over to me questioningly. I felt my cheeks heat up. I didn’t want to tell him he was working me up but I was so conflicted because it felt really good.

“It feels good.. but it’s getting too close” I squeezed my thighs together which captured his hand seeing as it had been resting there.

“Oh, sorry.. I didn’t mean to. It’s just your skin is so soft it helps me concentrate” The cute innocent look he gave made me feel like it truly wasn’t on purpose. But, the next words that came from him caused my breath to hitch.

“Are you wet already?”

“What? Jimin..” I mumbled, unsure of how to answer. I was definitely very wet by now, I had a super low tolerance to that stuff. But, the way he asked was like it was nothing..

“It’s my fault, so let me take care of it. I’ll be gentle, promise” Jimin slowly traced his finger higher, I bit my lip in anticipation until I finally felt his touch slowly trail up and over the material of my shorts.

“I dono if we should do this." I tried my best to hold back any accidental moans as his touch continued to glide up and down.

“Why not?.. We’re close, but if your not comfortable," Jimin's touch retreats back to my thigh, it lingers at the hem of my shorts as he looks at me curiously, nipping at the bottom of his lip. It’s subtle and seductive.

“It’s not that, I’m probably too comfortable with you, but if we did.. It wouldn’t change our friendship, right?” I watched as Jimin shut the laptop and reached over my legs to put it down on the table.

“Of course not, we’ll still be like we are now. Honestly, it’s kinda exciting” A cheeky smile graced his plump lips. I squirmed a bit as he gripped lightly on to my other thigh. It was like an invisible force that stopped my legs from closing out of reflex.

“You’re such a shameless flirt, aren't you?" I relaxed a bit as I let him grope me more firmly. I felt myself indulging in his touches, my hips responding on their own as I pushed into the feeling.

“I know you love it. Don’t think I don’t notice it Jia” He tutted before snapping shut the laptop that had been on my stomach and setting it aside before continuing.

“The way you squirm when I touch you, the way you look at me, I wonder if you’re even trying to hide it sometimes.. You call me the flirt but do you know how much of a tease you are?”

“I..” My retort was interrupted by pressure between my legs as he cupped and groped me there. My mind clouded up, I could feel how wet I was already.

“Don’t talk back, just be a good girl and take these off” I bit at the side of my tongue. It was too easy, Jimin was sucking me in to his charm. I slipped off my shorts without hesitation.

“These are cute but they also have to go” he hooked my panties and playfully tugged at them so I slowly pulled them down too. Jimin slipped the pink fabric off my ankles and dropped them on the side of the couch before grabbing my leg and lifting it over his head so he was now laying right between my thighs.

“So pretty. Can you open up for me, show me?” He cooed. I had to push past that shy feeling that was building up inside and reach down to spread myself for him. As I did he licked at his lips cheekily. I wanted to curl up, hide, I felt so vulnerable. But I didn’t. Instead I looked away. And then I felt it. His hand brushed mine out of the way as he held me open. He started sliding his fingers up and down. I gasped as he teasingly dipped them in and out of me at a leisurely pace. He wasn’t lying when he said he’d be gentle.

“Jimin, oh my god” I muttered, looking back down at him. It felt unbelievably good with every motion.

“How’s this? Or do you need more?” He placed a soft kiss against my clit. 

“Please, more” I begged.

He slowly pumped two fingers into me, his thumb gently circled my clit. It was so good but teetered on the edge of just being enough. He was teasing me like he usually did and it was driving me crazy.

“Jimin, you’re always toying with me. It’s no fair” I pouted. Hoping it would push him to give me more.

“I know” he grinned mischievously, “But you take it so well. I just love seeing you be so obedient for me” without warning he lowered himself and placed another kiss over my clit.

“But you've been so well behaved and patient. Not to mention how wet you got for me. I’m going to enjoy this” Jimin's breath as he spoke tickled my thighs, he was so close.

He hooked his arms underneath my legs and held my hips down as he started to lick at my clit. It was hard to move, unable to chase that feeling because of the way he was holding me down. Even now it was agonising the way he was taking his time.

It was building, slowly but surely as he sped up little by little. Until the rubbing of his tongue over my clit pushed me over. Even then he didn’t pull away, instead he slid two fingers into me. I felt myself clenching around him as I rode out my high. His tongue was working slowly but firmly.

“Jimin, wait, I’m so sensitive” I started to squirm as the after effects started to hit. He slowly pulled away and wiped his lips with the back of his hand.

“Mmm. You taste so delicious. How’s that? Feel better?” Jimin sat up then grabbed on to my wrist and pulled me up and into his lap where I curled up still feeling that post-orgasm daze.

“Mmm, so good. I’m a mess” I strained to string a sentence together as I nuzzled up against his chest where he held me against him.

"Tell me about it. I wonder how long you've wanted it." he chuckled. I let out a small sigh and didn’t play into his teasing. I just wanted to get lost in his warmth. The way he started playing with my hair was soothing.

After I recovered I went to take a quick shower and clean myself up. Jimin and I finished off his assignment and submitted it. By then it was around 4:30, and I mentioned I needed to get ready for work. He was a little disappointed and tried to convince me to call in sick and stay with him longer but I couldn’t ..

Jimin pinched my cheek cutely before saying goodbye. The whole ordeal left me feeling giddy.

Chapter Text

Friday Afternoon
Tonight for work I decided to step up my game and wear something sexy. I wore an A-line black dress and heels to match. My hair was pinned up and my makeup was natural, giving my skin a fresh dew glow. Maybe it was the butterfly effect from the feelings I was left with after Jimin ate me out mercilessly earlier that day. It made me feel more fearless, gave me self-confidence, almost as if I was on top of the world.

Serina had made it apparent she was holding a grudge by the wayward glances she sent my way through the night. But I completely ignored her. I had just finished drinking with a new client. He'd chosen me as his main so I walked him to the lobby to see him off. After that, the receptionist called me to the side. The suit he wore was pristine, it matched the overall aura of the club and he fit right in.

“Jia, we have a high profile client coming tonight. I just got off the phone with his manager. He requests you” Jun waited for a sec, focusing on me.
“What? Really?” I blurted. Feeling displaced by this sudden information.
“Yeah. He’ll be here in half an hour. I’ll get one of the girls to prepare the VIP room.” Jun clicked on the portable radio piece he wore in his ear. He said a few words into it.

“Oh one more thing, I've been emailed a non-disclosure, which you'll need to sign" Jun handed me the paper he’d been holding.

“Wait Jun, what is this about?” I questioned as I skimmed over the paper he’d just handed me. Wasn’t this a bit much? Just how important was this person if I had to sign a paper that legally stopped me from talking about it..

“It’s pretty standard when it comes to high profile people, you know, they don’t want their private affairs getting out to the public” Jun reassured before leading me over to the lobby desk so I could sign it.

I continued to speed read through the clauses and then signed my name on the dotted line. Why did I suddenly feel unsettled, like I’d just made a deal with the devil?

Jun took the paper from me and put it away before escorting me to the VIP room. Some of the other girls glanced over in my direction, probably wondering what was going on.

That was a good question, what was going on? I felt just as confused as they looked. But, I needed to get my head together. Jun quickly went over a few things with me about the VIP room seeing as I was unfamiliar with it. There were luxurious black leather couches, a TV that took up nearly an entire wall, a one-way mirror that gave a perfect view of the rest of the lounge and a crystal chandelier the sparkled above it all. Afterwards, I went to the bar and took a shot while I waited for this so-called ‘high profile’ guy to arrive and be settled into the room.

I only caught a glimpse of him as Jun ushered him discreetly into the VIP room. Another man, I assumed to be his bodyguard, didn’t follow them. Instead, he walked directly over to where I was at the bar. Wait, was he a manager maybe? 

Now that he’d approached the bar and ordered there was an eerie vibe that floated around him. He glanced me up and down once, nothing after that. I minded my own business as I waited, that aura and the tattoos covering his arm was more than enough to rattle me.

What in reality was probably only 10 minutes seemed like an eternity as my mind ticked over. A weird instinct I felt. I couldn’t ignore it.

Jun finally came out. On spotting me he came over, called out to the bartender for an extremely expensive bottle of champagne and then turned to me.

“Everything’s ready. I’ll escort you in, he has great taste in champagne so make sure you show him a good time” Jun grabbed the tray and I followed behind him.

As we entered my eyes instantly fell on a familiar face. I felt like I’d had the wind knocked right out of me despite holding my composure on the outside.

He was an Idol. And a famous one at that. Dae Sung from one of- No, from THE most popular group right now. Big Bang. Holy hell.
His smile was bright, aura strong as he laid eyes on me. The suit he wore made him look so clean-cut and only added the heaviness of his presence.

“Wow, you’re more stunning than the pictures” He stood up and walked over to greet me, arm outstretched. I gave a slight smile as I walked into his momentary embrace. He planted a quick peck on my cheek.
“Dae-Sung. a Pleasure to meet you”. He pulled away just enough so we were now facing.

“Nice to meet you too, sorry, I’m just still a bit shocked” I smiled sheepishly, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t know who he was and the way he joked my reaction off I’m sure he knew that too.

The rest of my night at work was crazily energetic. Dae, as he’d so willingly asked me to call him loved to drink, sing and party. Champagne, karaoke and lots of touching. Even Cece who joined to help out sent me obnoxious glances in between forced laughs and smiles as we created the mirage of a great time. But the truth was, I half enjoyed it but at the same time, I felt a lot of pressure the entire time, up until the moment he’d been drunkenly escorted out of the club by his manager.

“Jia” Cece sat in the seat next to me at the bar as I sipped on a glass of water.


“He’s going to make you rich. But he’s also going to drain you, emotionally” Cece rarely looked this serious, it just made me feel even more overwhelmed.

“How the fuck did this even happen. Like, I’m still beside myself” I lowered my voice so only she could hear me.

“I’ll admit, it is a bit weird, like don’t get me wrong you’re absolutely gorgeous Jia, but still... I’m getting a weird feeling about this” Cece let out a small sigh before downing the shot in front of her.

“Me too. I felt like I had alarm bells ringing in my ears the entire time. But what can I do? I’m just gonna go with it for now.” I told her, she gave a solemn nod before leaving me at the bar and heading back to work. I’d finished for the night so I should probably head home.

Part of my brain told me I should but, there was another part that was still whizzing with uncertainty. At that moment, as though on cue the phone that was on the bar table in front of me buzzed.
I clicked open the message.

Yoongi: You working tonight?
Jia: Yeah, just finished 😌
Yoongi: You hungry?

I lingered on the text for a moment, was Yoongi asking me if I wanted to go and eat with him? That was.. unexpected but maybe it was what I needed to calm my mind.

Jia: I could eat, where are you?

A few seconds passed as I waited for him to reply.

Yoongi: Outside

His replies were so short but the fact that he was already here and waiting for me hit me in the feels. I clicked my phone shut and quickly went to grab my coat and bag. I could still feel the effects of the drinks but it wasn’t overpowering like usual. I’d probably built up a tolerance by now which was good.

As I left the buzzing of the club behind and entered the more quiet and slight chill of the evening I saw Yoongi standing by the bench, he looked like he’d just knocked off work for the night. His delivery shirt visibly poked out from under his puffy black jacket.

The stoic look he wore was unwavering as he saw me. My heels clicked against the pavement as I went to him.

“You look nice” Yoongi glanced down, the coat I wore didn’t hide my dress underneath completely. Part of my leg and the side slit was still noticeable.

“Oh, thanks. It’s part of the job I guess” I replied, hiking the strap of my handbag further up my shoulder. “You have somewhere in mind?” I asked.

“Hm, I know a place with decent lamb skewers. That alright with you?” He hummed.

“Sure, sounds perfect.”

We settled down at a street food stall. There was only one other couple there and apart from the Ajusshi that I assumed owned the stall. He was cooking behind the grill and it was fairly peaceful. The allure of freshly cooked lamb wafting in the air was working up my appetite.

Yoongi ordered a plate of skewers and, after asking if I was okay to drink, a bottle of Chamisul for our table.

“So, How’s life?” I asked casually.

“Tiering,” The monotone he used only made it sound all the more satirical of him. He broke into a small smile as I chuckled.

“I feel ya. It gets like that..” I set out the cutlery for us on the table.

“Mm. I finally had some time to read through your lyrics” The natural rasp to Yoongi's voice always made listening to him soothing in a way. It was even more pleasing to hear that he’d finally looked through my work.

“And..?” I drawled out eager to hear his thoughts.

“Let's collab on something” He smiled faintly. The prospect of working with him made me happy. But, at the same time, I’d noticed how busy he always seemed to be.

“Do you even have time?” I questioned hesitantly.

“No. But I’ll make time. Don’t worry.”

The Ajusshi came over and placed the dish down on the table along with a green bottle and two shot glasses. He looked directly at me for a moment and I felt a weird vibe coming from him. We both just gave a small nod of thanks in his direction before continuing our conversation in which he left.

“Okay, let’s do it then” I declared.

“Just Uhh, Let me sort out a few things and I’ll get back to you with details.”

“Sure, no problem” I feigned, a habit of taking his time with things was starting to become apparent to me.

Yoongi reached for the shot glasses and began to pour, he slid mine over so I picked it up, trying not to spill it as I did. We both clinked and threw it back without hesitation.

“Namjoon-ah told me you’re coming to our show tomorrow night” Yoongi tilted his head slightly, curiously.

“Yeah, I’m gonna come check it out after work. The club you’re performing at has a good rep, how’d you manage to get a gig there?” I pried. As far as underground Hip Hop clubs went, Secret Society was well known, if that was your taste, of course.

“Joon is the manager. The CEO of our agency asked him to take care of it seeing as it is affiliated with our company. He didn’t tell you?” He stated plainly as though it was common knowledge.

“No... I had no idea. Guess he forgot to mention it” I mumbled. It didn’t bother me. I knew Joon always had a lot on his plate.

Yoongi gave a small shrug then reached over for the half-full bottle. We took another shot and then started nibbling at the skewers that sat on the table between us.

I felt the drinks catching up to me as a wave of dizziness hit me. A deep voice pulled my attention, causing me to focus on Yoongi.

“I told them about my part-time job” He mused, licking at the bottom of his lip almost self soothingly.

“I still haven’t..” I admitted. Should I?

You should, they won’t judge you” Yoongi said, almost like he’d read my thoughts.

As I looked across the table, a flushed light pink spread across Yoongis cheeks. His gaze dropped downward, part of my thigh was exposed as I sat with my legs crossed to the side of the table.

“Yoongi?” I called his name, he snapped out of his little trance to give me a questioning look.

“Are you drunk already?” I teased but Yoongi just huffed. “It’s not that, It’s- Are the dresses you wear for work always this distracting?” He questioned apprehensively.

“Not always, besides, a little leg is nothing. The cleavage on this dress is much more revealing” I joked even though it wasn’t a joke per se.

“Oh really?” He challenged as he relaxed back into his chair. Wonder what he’d think if I just showed him...

“Well, I dono, you tell me” I slowly undid the top few buttons and opened my coat to reveal the low cut seam which easily showed off the gap between and fullness of my chest. I watched as his eyes followed.

“Mm. I see what you mean” Yoongi bit at his lip almost unconsciously. I don’t know why but part of me wanted to see him react. Maybe it was because he never gave me much of a reaction to begin with that pushed me to test the waters.

The cold of the night air and the way he was eating me up with only his gaze caused goosebumps to ripple against my skin so I quickly closed my jacket back up.

“You must get a lot of attention. Can imagine it’d be jarring after a while. Having sleaze bags always approaching you” Yoongi hummed.

“Sometimes I like the attention, sometimes I don't” I admitted.

“That’s elusive of you. Like trying to catch smoke with bare hands” Yoongi offered. He had a point. I knew well that I tended to be fickle and hard to pin down. Elusive, as he had put it. But it was for a reason.

“I have to protect my heart. No one else will do it for me” That was it. Plain and simple. He stared at me, how had the air between us turned so sombre so quickly.

“At least you’re honest with yourself.” Yoongi finally let out a sigh. “But, is that genuinely the way you feel deep down? I guess it shouldn’t surprise me. We all have our inner struggles” I listened as he spoke his thoughts aloud.

“Mm... Yoongi” I rested my head in my hands and peered into his glazed-over eyes. 

“I’m tired. So tired..” I mumbled. As though using telepathy he nodded slowly. He’d said the same words himself earlier.

“Let me take you home then. Go get some rest. You worked hard today.” The thought of a good nights sleep sounded like heaven.

I went over to take care of the bill. Yoongi protested momentarily but I brushed it off, thanks to the new job I had money to spare. Come to think of it, a stall like this was the perfect place for two stragglers like us to drink our problems away. It was befitting in a melodramatic way.

We walked through the dimly lit streets together in the direction of my apartment. When Yoongi noticed I was rubbing my hands together for warmth he reached over and laced his fingers with mine before shoving our entwined hands into his pocket.

“You’d be the sweetest boyfriend” I giggled, he gave a small smirk back.
“Damn straight I would” he exclaimed. We both chuckled.

He dropped me at the front of my building, mentioning catching me at the show tomorrow. Winding down at the end of the night proved relaxing. I easily fell into a slumber as soon as I hit the sheets.

Chapter Text

Saturday. The day of the concert.

The day soon fell to night. Work was the same as any other usual shift except a very interesting rumour I’d heard. Cece had in passing heard that YG entertainment was in the process of buying out our club. I was uncertain of what that meant for us but seeing as it was just a rumour I ignored it for the time being.

I changed into a tight pair of high waisted jeans and a black crop top for my next stop. The boys weren’t scheduled to start their bit until 11:30 so I had time to have a few more shots and get to the club. It felt nice to physically let my hair down and take a seat at my work bar in something that wasn’t a dress for once.

Kiah was working the bar tonight, she laughed with me and topped up my shot glass until it was time for me to leave.

After 5 minutes of loitering in line and managing to avoid seedy guys, I got in. Beats blared in my ears and strobes flashed illuminating the dark basement. I nudged past swagged out guys and girls on my way deeper down the spiral staircase. The energy was high, I felt the beat in my chest booming. I spotted the bar and made an A-Line there. The smell of sweat and alcohol was hefty in the air.

I shouted at the bartender over the music for a shot of vodka, he managed to hear me somehow and served me up. I knocked it back before whirling around to scan the stage. I felt a slight dizzy spell hit me so I leaned against the sticky wood of the bar. It probably best to just watch from here.

The prior act finished up and an MC strut across the stage, announcing and hyping up the next act, the boys I was there and were excited to see.

Yoongi, flipped black cap, ripped jeans and black shirt. Fuck, was I imagining things?

Joon, baggy beige shirt, drip chain, hair pushed back. Damn, and that conviction. It was so sexy that it made me wanna hype them up so I did but it was only drowned out by the outcry of the crowd.

Baby boy Hoseok followed, straight black. I was more used to seeing his presence but, he was rapping tonight instead of dancing. This was a different ball game. I was not ready for the insane heat and massive energy the trio dropped as they started their set.

It was straight wild and I was loving every second of losing myself in it. It was just what I needed. They commanded that stage like they owned it- Well Joon was managing the place so- but regardless, it was at that moment something clicked in my head. Amongst the raw grunge I knew, they weren’t your average try hard Rapper. They one day would be on a world stage, undeniably.

Maybe I was just love drunk or maybe I was just plain drunk. I-

“Hey babe. You here alone?” A shout came from my left. I spun around purely to be left even more dumbstruck at the sight of Jimin and Tae.

“Jimin? Tae? What’re you doing here?” I stammered. Amazed they even made out what I was saying over Joon losing his shit on stage behind me.

Jimin cheekily slipped an arm around my waist and pressed his lips to my ear. “We’re wondering the same thing. Are you by yourself?”

I pulled away just enough so he could see me shake my head before leaning into him to reply.

“No! I'm here to watch my friends stage” His gaze followed as I pointed over to the trio rappers lighting up the stage.

Tae didn’t seem as curious about what Jimin and I were talking about, instead, he leaned up on the other side of me and over the bar and held up three fingers and yelled “shots!”

“Huh! Those guys? How do you know them?” Jimin yelled, not bothering to talk in my ear anymore.

“Yeah?! From Uni! Why?” What was going on? He looked so stunned and wasn’t explaining anything. But then I felt his breath fill my ear as he came closer.

“Those three are members of our group” the words didn’t quite sink in right away. I gave him a quizzical look. Tae reappeared grinning as he shoved a shot in to my hand then passed Jimin one too.

“You know our group members? They’re good rappers” Tae raised a brow before clattering his glass from mine to Jimins.

“Shit, guess it’s a small world” Jimin shrugged and we tossed it back. What was originally shock turned into excitement and a wild time. The performance ended so we loitered outside in the laneway where the backstage door leads. It was much quieter and I had no trouble hearing either of them now.

Jimin, who was about to try and tipsily interrogate me was stopped as the backstage door swung open to show Joon, followed by Yoongi and Hoseok.

The three of them all expressed different but equally confused expressions.

“What’s this? You guys know Jia?” Yoongi looked the most apprehensive, his brows wrinkled and his jaw slack.

“I should ask you the same thing! She’s our classmate” Jimin clamoured. Hoseok just burst out laughing. “Well shit, what’re the odds” he moved over to Joon and clapped his shoulder to try and calm his laugh.

“Uhh. Guess that makes sense, you guys are same age and we all go to the same school. Shouldn’t be so shocking really” Joon rubbed at the back of his head sheepishly.

“Yeah, you have a decent point. But still- it feels like a really strange coincidence” I admitted.

“Can’t argue there.” Yoongi commented, having recovered his composure.

“Why you guys making a big deal about it, It’s a nice thing, right? Now let’s go and commemorate your lit set. Yoongi-Hyung, where’s that street stall you’re always hyping up?” Tae grins as he joins the conversation.

“Uhh. Not far. Any objections?” Yoongi unanimously addressed the group.

“None here. Let’s go. Need to loosen up after that” Joon glanced over my way.

“Cool. Let's leave then” Hobi reached over to me and curled his arm around my shoulder and as a group, we set off.

“Say, Just how close are you two?” Jimin asked as he looked between us. The little smirk settling across his lips spelt mischief in my experience.

“Pretty close” Hobi grinned. Not giving him much more than that. “Ohh, be careful, you’ll make Jiminie Jealous” Tae snickered. Jimin slipped his arm around my waist and tugged me out of Hoseoks grip. Jimins response was kinda cute.

“Jia and I are super close too. Did you know she brings me lunch boxes to dance practice?” Jimin beamed evilly as though trying to incite trouble, just as he was notorious for.

“Really?” Yoongi whirled around, Joon turning too.

“Yeah, I did. I thought he was sick but turns out he just wanted to skip class to practise” I shot back an equally wicked grin at Jimin. It was rare I had an opportunity to tease him back so I was going to take it.

“When was that? You gotta pass your classes ya know..” Joon deadpanned.

“Sounds like him” Yoongi sighed. Jimin gave me a look that said ‘I’ll get you for that later, just you wait’ but I was way too tipsy and basking in the turn of events to care.

A faint excitement was felt as we settled around a table at the street stall. But this time, it was more than just Yoongi and I.

Jimin was on my left, Tae, Joon, Hoseok and lastly Yoongi on my right. It was nice watching all of their expressions as I looked around. I’d never imagined they were a part of the same group but it was an incredibly pleasant surprise.

Everyone chats over each other while Hoseok takes it upon himself to order for the table. I recalled that same Ajusshi from the first time I’d come. He continued behind the grills cooking. He peered over at me a few times, I don’t know why but it brought about a little uneasy sensation. The girl who was taking our order seemed youthful, maybe his daughter or a close relative.

“Makoli fine?” Hoseok called out, earning unanimous calls of approval from the guys.

“You alright to drink?” Yoongi turned to me to check if I was okay to keep going. Given, he was the only one that knew about my job and that I’d assumably already had quite a few before now.

“Yeah, Should be fine” I lied. The truth was I already felt faint headed but I didn’t want to stop. I felt Jimin grasp at my thigh, tugging my attention to him.

“You sure? You’ve got that little sway going, the one you only do when you’re tipsy” He raised a cheeky brow.

“I do?” What was he talking about? Did I do that? And, just when did he start to know me that well?

“Yeah. You do. It’s cute.” Tae chimed in casually from beside Jimin.

“That’s news to me..” I mumbled to myself. The next thing I knew the table was crammed with food and drinks and we all held up a casual toast to friendship and success.

“Jia, so you know our little Maknae as well?” Hoseok queried from beside Yoongi. He appeared still very intrigued by the entire turn of events.

“Yeah, I met him when we went to Karaoke one time” I gestured towards my two besties from class. “We started going on morning runs together just recently too” I gleamed as I recalled our little contest over coffees.

“Oh for real? Why haven’t I heard anything about this?” Jimin squeaked. “You never asked!” I teased causing him to pout at the notion of being left out of the loop.

“Guess not. Wait so what else is there that I don’t know about?!” Jimin now squinted at me. If he was trying to act like he was mad I just wasn’t buying it, it was way too cute for me to take him seriously.

“I go and watch Hoseok dance every Tuesday. Joon and I wrote a song together.. I dono” I giggled “ What do you want me to say?” I lent back in my chair, Joon and Tae who had earlier been chitchatting stopped and tuned in to our talk.

“I have the song on my phone. You guys wanna hear it?” Joon finally spoke up. Everyone seemed eager so he played it out loud for all to listen to.

“You guys put that together? It’s so smooth” Yoongi stared between Joon and me, slightly impressed.

“We got the idea when there was that week or so of rain. I have to admit Joonie is the real mastermind behind it all. Did you guys know how gifted he is?” Maybe it was the Makoli we were now getting into that was making me so chatty. Joon flushed for a second. The rest of the guys had nothing but praise for him.

“Yeah right, There’s been times he just blows my mind. It’s crazy” Hoseok chuckles as he pats Joon on the shoulder. Joon proceeds to wave it off, he’s the modest type even when he drinks.

As we continue to light-heartedly chat, drink and joke together I’m overcome with a sense of happiness. I’d been sipping eagerly at my drink, Jimin had been refilling my glass without pause. When Tae expressed his admiration for the rapper's concert I chimed in too and let them know how much I adored it. At that Joon suggested I come stop by the club again. The memory of how confident he’d been on stage flickered in my mind, I needed to see more.

Eventually, as the night pushed on everyone appeared to be much more relaxed and loose. I leaned into Jimin to try and steady my spinning head. He enclosed his arms around me and pulled me with ease onto his lap to hold me. Tae had picked up a strand of my hair and started to fiddle with it which only made me fall deeper into a cuddly daze.

“Wow, you guys really are close, huh?” Yoongi looked over with a smug grin.

“You bet, we’re besties” Jimin proclaimed.

“No.. It’s undoubtedly deeper than that… Hm.. What’s more than besties?” Tae pondered aloud.

“You mean Soul mates or something?” Joon proposed, clearly amused by the topic.

“Oh I dono. You two are giving me some pervy vibes right now.” Hobi laughed.

“I second that, these two are trouble!” I giggled. Only to earn a playful slap to my thigh from Jimin.

“Hey, Uh, Jungkook just texted. He’s on the way” Yoongi perked up from his phone.

“To be honest, I’m pretty drunk” I slurred as I clumsily tried to reposition myself on Jimins lap “I should maybe go home”.

“Yeah. It’s been a long night and I’m pretty drunk too. Probably should get Kook to take her home” Joon suggested before draining the remnants of his cup and plopping it back down on the table with a soft thud.

“Yeah, good idea. Jungkookies sober so he’ll be able to get her home safe” Hoseok agreed.

I managed to follow along with the conversation for a little while longer until it all just became a haze to me. Kook got there and was just as stunned as everyone else had originally been but it didn’t last long when he noticed how drunk I was. After some convincing from Hoseok, Jimin finally surrendered me into Jungkooks care.

I could barely walk so jungkook bent down so he could give me a piggyback. I clung to him around the shoulders tightly as he stood up, then waved bye to the boys who were heading back home for the night.

“Sowwie Kookie. This must be kinda annoying” I fiddled with the collar of his jumper in which I was clutching. I couldn’t see his expression so I felt uneasy. “It’s fine, just wish you wouldn’t drink so much..” he answered back with a big sigh. He abruptly hitched me back up which startled me causing me to squeal. Then I heard that amused chuckle of his. God, he can be cheeky sometimes.

Finally, we got back to mine and he tossed me onto the mattress in which I ungracefully face planted into my blankets. I attempted to roll over and scowl but he simply settled at the edge of my bed revelling in amusement.

“Hey! Be gentle, I’m delicate you know” I scolded but he just raised a cocky brow.

“I think It’d take more than that to break you” Kook replied but by now my head was spinning and the tightness of my jeans was bothering the shit out of me.

“Kook.. Can u please help me? I needa change out of these” I grumbled as I made a feeble attempt to undo the button on my Jeans.

“This is why you shouldn’t drink so much” He gave a feigned sigh of animosity as he got up and started scouring through my wardrobe and pulled out a pair of shorts and a jumper.

“Shhhh, I know, don’t guilt me” I tried to sit up and put my arms in the air to make it easier for him as he sat back on the edge of my bed.

I felt the fabric of my top gliding off me, it hadn’t done much to cover me to start with but now that I was left solely in my bra I felt the air tickle my skin.

Next thing I felt was a jumper being shoved over my head, even though the force wasn’t that much it was enough to make me topple drunkenly over on my side.

“Ahh I can’t get up” I whined.

“You’re acting like you’re younger than me, Jeeez” Kookie joked. “Than I guess I’ll just call you Oppa from now on” I cracked up at my joke.

“Don’t call me that!” He suddenly got serious. I’d hit a nerve. “Oppa! Or what? You gonna hit me?” It was just too amusing to pass up so I teased him more.

“You’re asking for it” he warned.

I half hadn’t been expecting Kookie to get so worked up as he pinned me down and yanked my hips up over his knee.

“Wait ! I was joking! Promise!” I made an effort to backpedal but at the same time, I couldn’t stop giggling which probably just made it sound like I still wasn’t taking him seriously.

“Too late, punishment time” he chuckled evilly and I felt a firm smack on my ass. I let out a gasp, it felt way better than I was expecting. He spanked me again, this time slightly harder.

“Kook wait, this feels way too good” I wriggled around to try and peek up at his expression. He prodded at the inside of his cheek with his tongue. As though in thought for a moment before nudging me off his lap. I tumbled over off his knee and onto my back.

“You’re lucky I’m not one of those pervy guys” he sighed before tugging onto my calf and pulling me closer with ease.

“I know, that’s why I trust you” I mumbled.

“I’m gonna change your pants now, okay? Hold still”. I gave a slight hiccup and nodded.

Kookie reaches for the button of my jeans and undoes it. It was instant relief as he started to pull the restricting fabric down my thighs. He was being so careful, I stared as he managed to slide them off my ankles. I was left in only my panties, I noticed him stare for a moment before snapping out of his gaze and pulling the black shorts he was holding up my legs and over my hips to cover me up.

I turned over on my side and faced Kookie, he slowly reached up and tucked a few loose strands of hair out of my face. His sights subsisted on me.

“Thank you” I whispered.

“Yeah, it’s alright. Try and get some sleep” this instant felt like I was holding my breath, waiting for something but, he pulled away and stood up. The blanket was yanked from under me and then flung right over me.

“I’ll get going now Noona. Sweet dreams” As I laid there still, I felt the bed sink under his weight and a kiss on my head through the outside of the sheet.

No words came out. All I could focus on was the light thuds of his footsteps as he left and the click of the door as it shut behind him.

Chapter Text

Sunday. Reflection.

After a nice long sleep in I dragged myself out of bed. I didn’t have any plans today per se but I felt like it might be nice to go and do some shopping. The paychecks I’d started to reel in from work were stacking up in my bank account and looking at the sum gave me some peace of mind. As I clicked out of my banking app a notif dropped down from Joon.

NJ: Jia
NJ: Had your morning fix yet?
Jia: Not yet 😇 Took me a while to get up
NJ: You alright?
Jia: Yeah, I’ll be fine
Jia: You okay? Drank a lot last night
NJ: Yeah 😓 Besides accidentally breaking a pair of headphones I’m fine

Jia: Huh? How’d that happen? 😅
NJ: Can’t remember but Yoongi is pissed about it

NJ: He’s been bitching at me all morning 😩 Hope he gets over it soon lol

Jia: Damn... Yea 😗 Hope so too
NJ: Btw If your free tomorrow night wanna come by the club? It’ll be quiet so could have a drink together

NJ: Some of the others will be around too
Jia: Sounds good, around 7 alright?

NJ: For sure 😉 I’ll see you then
Jia: 😘

After I wrapped up my convo with Joon I got ready to head out. Today was grey, it might’ve even been the coldest yet, and although I preferred Iced Coffee I sipped on a warm one instead on my way to the shopping district. I took my time and tried on lots of different clothes as I went from one shop to another.
Going at my own pace and having my time was fun. By the end of it, I’d accumulated a handful of bags. They were getting heavy so I decided to call it a day and went back home.

After packing away my haul I threw together a salad and got ready for work.

My night was spent entertaining two of my new regulars. As one left the other arrived. As though going through the motions work came to an end. I walked home through the silence of the night. A thought came to mind. The passing of the day seemed strange, as though I’d floated through it somehow, but I felt disconnected. Something soft and cold caught my attention. It was snow... I looked up.

With that first glimmer of snowfall floating down from the sky memories followed. Nostalgic and soft. A slowing of motion.

Had that much time already passed? Winter break would soon follow, that was after finals.

It felt surreal, thinking back to when I’d started this chapter in my life to now. How many things had changed? Was I going in the right direction? Or was I just managing to do what I could as I went.. truth is, I can’t say.

If I compare ‘the right thing’ with if I’m happy then, I guess I could say yes. I was happy for the most part.

I, who constantly feels unsure and doubtful, have found a source of happiness, support and comfort in some way. I think I’m doing alright, sometimes I still feel scared but, when I see my friends being so brave and working hard it makes me feel like it’ll be okay if I try to do that too.

Maybe it was a break in the layer of thin ice I coated my feelings with. I retreated into the warmth of my home and washed off my makeup, stripping off layers of clothing until there was nothing left but the essence that was me. It was cold, I put on pyjamas and crawled into bed.

I sat in the silence. Wrapped in the softness of my sheets. I felt displaced but I didn’t know why. Could this be silence before the war? A calm before a storm?

The message tone from my phone snapped me back into reality. It was Jin. Curiosity itched at me as I opened it.

Jin: I’ve been thinking about you all day
Jin: Are you in bed right now?
Jia: Yea ☺️
Jia: Where have you been?
Jia: I miss you
Jin: Just the usual, I have some time off on Thursday

Jin: I’ll come and see you 😘
Jia: Please 🥰

I slipped my phone back onto the bedside table and shut my eyes. The small voice of my inner saboteur hummed, he always liked to remind me of the things I tried my best to forget. I shove him into the box and snip the padlock. Even so, he was a talented escape artist but it would have to do for now.

Chapter Text


Taes luscious brown locks were sprawled across the desk. The professor's voice filled the class as he drones on about exams for the semester. Jimin fidgetted with the fabric of my jumper sleeve absentmindedly. Eyes practically glazed over as he looked ahead to the front of the class. The way he was lazily leaning back in his chair made it appear like he had very little interest and couldn’t wait to get out of here.

My suspicions were confirmed when the bell rang and Jimin bid us a good day and rushed off before I could even ask where he was going. Then again, I already had a good guess as to where that was. Tae hadn’t even noticed him leave, he looked disoriented from his nap as he sat up and peered around. Letting out a small inward sigh as he noted Jimin was nowhere to be seen.

“You ready for exams?” I asked. Maybe shifting the subject would help distract him.

“Hardly. I hate studying by myself, it’s such a bore”.

“Want to study together then?” I propositioned. He watched me, the cogs in his head likely ticking over slower seeing as he’d just woken up.

“Can we get lunch too? I'm starving”.

“Yeah, how about burgers?” The wide boyish grin that spread across his face was all the answer I needed. The two of us picked up burger sets and went back to my place so we could eat and study in peace.

We settled down on the soft rug on my living room floor, excited to dig into our meals. It was mostly comfortable silence as we sat across from each other at the coffee table and ate. That was, apart from us talking over what topic to revise first for exams. Tae helped me clear the table and lay out all the books and reading material we needed to get started while I threw some rubbish away into the bin.

I came and sat down legs crossed beside him and we started to get dug into our revision. Every once in a while I’d glance over to Tae. He appeared down and restless. Then, eventually, he looked up from the book in hand over to me.

“Can I ask you something?” He came off unsure.

“Of course” I shut my book and turned to face him as to give him my full attention.

“What would you do if you were part of an idol group but they were keeping you a secret..? So like, you weren’t allowed to go to shows and interviews and stuff with the others..” Tae was hesitant as he posed the scenario. It took me a second to come to terms with his otherwise seemingly out of the blue metaphorical dilemma. But I easily gathered that it perhaps wasn’t.

“Wait, Tae, That’s like a really specific question. Is that what’s happening to you?” I mumbled. He bit at his lip softly, gaze averting down so that his brown locks shrouded his face slightly.

“Maybe.. Yeah”.

“So you get left out of stuff? Why are they keeping you a secret?” I asked. The scenario came off unusual to me and I couldn’t help but to want to know more. Why had it come to this, and why hadn’t I known anything about it sooner.

“It’s kinda complicated, something about not wanting other groups to try and scout me..”.

Thoughts swirled in my head as I tried to piece it together. “I.. Don’t know if you realize this but, your voice is unique. It could be that simple. They’re scared to lose you..”.

A small cast down Hm escaped his lips. Whatever the motive it didn’t make it hurt him any less...

“But, it must be lonely. Getting left out of the group..” He tensed up. I shuffled closer to him and got up on my knees, I wrapped my arms around him and tugged him into me. Tae let out an unsteady breath. I felt it warm against the bottom of my neck where I clutched him close to me.

“Yeah... It’s not like I can tell anyone either... You’re the only one who isn’t part of the company that even knows. Oh.. and my family but..” he hesitated. Another uneven breath, He burrows further into me.

“But..?” I slowly say.

“I miss them so much. I haven’t been able to see them in so long..” that’s when I felt him tremble. God, it plucked at my heart to see my best friend like this. How can I make it better.. How can I remedy this...

“What about winter break? After exams, is there any way you could go and see them?” The thought rushed to my mind desperately. There was a seconds pause and Tae slowly pulled away and looked up at me. Cheeks damp but a tiny flicker of something else now held in his watery-eyed stare.

“Actually... Yeah... I probably could” he uttered.

“Then do that. Go and see them, talk to them and take a rest. It’s not far, we just gotta keep pushing through... Also... You know... If it gets too much... You don’t have to do all this... There are other choices, paths you can take in life. It’s not the be-all and end-all... Just remember that Tae” I had no idea if what I was saying was the right thing.

Tae gave a tiny nod and then relaxed his head back against my chest. I held him there for a little while, swaying him back and forth gently, a lulled tune entered my mind so I hummed it to him. The entire time I just wished that there was more that I could do. I was left feeling helpless, seeing my friend hurting and all I could do was struggle and say a few words. It just wasn’t enough.. and this wasn’t the first time either. There’d been moments like this in the past too...

Tae seemed to regain himself as he let out a deep breath and pulled away. “I have a theory..”.

“What is it?” I tip my head in question.

“Well, I was thinking about it and... The only thing that makes sense is that some angels sent you to look out for me..” Was I imagining things, no... He was serious?

“What? Oh my gosh, you’re precious” I flushed instantly at the slight shift, the affection his gaze held on me.

“Not as precious as you are. Thanks for always being so good to me” Tae leant over and cupped my cheek, I felt my breath catch in my chest as he closed the gap between us. A soft peck placed itself on my nose, it tickled a little.

“You don’t need to thank me for that... It’s what best friends do..” I trailed off. He was still so close to me, I found it hard to breathe.

“Mm... Should we take a break?” He pulled away, the return of his fresh smile giving me confidence that we’d live to fight another day.

The rest of our time together passed as we got stuck into playing some game on our phones. Tae realised that he had to take off otherwise he’d be late to his vocal lessons this afternoon. I was left wondering about my plans to see Joon tonight at the club.

As I scoured through my clothes my emotions sauntered. Albeit a lot was going on. Not just for me but the people around me too. I was about to toss the yellow crop knitted top in my hand aside but, after a second of refocusing on what It looked like I lingered. The way the top twisted across the middle would make my cleavage look pretty sexy so I chose to go with that. Along with a pair of my signature high waisted jeans, it would be perfect.

Hair down straight, white kicks on. Simple but cute, just the way I liked it. There was no line when I got there. Just strolled right through. It was so mild compared to the weekend. The music played in the background but was nowhere comparable to how loud it had been before, a few people were hanging about, having a drink or sat at tables amongst groups of friends.

It didn’t take long for Joon to notice me from where he sat. The chat he was having with a few unfamiliar guys mustn’t have been that serious seeing as he excused himself mid-convo to come over to me.

Joon reached out and pulled me into a one-armed hug, his voice eased in my ear.

“Why do you always look so sexy in everything you wear” his tone was deep and playful. I had no idea he even noted what I wore.

“What did I do to earn such compliments today?” I shot back playfully before putting some space between us.

“You don’t have to do anything. You just being you is enough” He crinkled his nose cutely before encircling an arm around and nudging at the small of my back. He steers me over to the booth he was sitting at. The two guys at the table perked up at me.

“This is Hyo-Won, a.k.a Pdogg” the blonde gave a short wave. “And that’s Dong-Hyuk, a.k.a Supreme Boi” Joon gestured to the black-haired guy beside him who gave a casual what’s uppp as he nods my way.

“Ah, not much. Nice to meet you” I answered before Joon led me into the booth and slid in close beside me. “Hold on, you look familiar... Have we met before?” The blonde leaned forward as he inspected me closer.

“Don’t think so? Maybe saw each other in passing, it’s not as big a city as it seems” I countered. “Yeah, possibly. Anyway, I was about to get a drink. What would you like?” Joon offered.

“Whatever you’re having” I chimed. “Bottle of Chamisul” Pdogg called out, leaned back, he came across confident. Joon went over behind the bar and picked what he needed before coming back and putting down the shot glasses and the green bottle on the table with a faint thud.

The four of us began getting stuck into the bottle. And what started as one turned into two then three then four. After some drunken chatting, I’d learnt that Pdogg and Supreme Boi were part of the same agency Joon and the others were signed to. The drinks had seemed to do their job in loosening up Joon. His arm was propped behind me lounging on the back of the seat. Even though he’d been this close to me before it still made my heart flutter. I was pulled from my hidden state of adoring him as I got the urge to pee so I excused myself from the table and went to find the bathroom.

I found it down the end of a dingy hallway, I quickly did what I needed to do then went back out but before I could make it back out of the narrow walkway I saw Hoseok moving toward me.

“Babe? What’re you doing here?” He looked stunned as he halted in front of me. “Having drinks with Joon. What about you?” I replied.

“Uhh. Just stopped by for a bit. Don’t tell me-“ he paused. “Wha?” I was confused.

“No- Nevermind. How many have you had?” His stance emitted a certain dominance that I hadn’t necessarily felt before. It made me feel like he was about to scold me for something.

“A few” I mumbled.

“The way your cheeks are burning tell a different story” his lip curved at the corner into a smirk. I kept quiet unsure of what to say.

“Come here” He took a step forward, I felt the wall against my back as I instinctively moved. He cupped my chin, his thump slowly ran over my bottom lip. “I miss these. Haven’t stopped thinking about you”. I quivered. What was he doing... Right here? Right now?

“Hoseok... I don’t think nows a goo-“ His lips pressed against mine, my words muffled. He had no interest, caution was tossed into the wind as he kissed me. I melt under him, just as I always do. My knees feel shaky, it’s tough to breathe. Adrenaline rushed through me at the notion of getting caught.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?”.

Had my anxieties manifested in that split second? Hoseok yanked away, looking down the hall to where the serious voice had come from. As I fixed my eyes on a confused Joon standing barely a metre away my stomach plummeted.

“Kissing”. Hoseok answered plainly. Seeming unfazed. Just what had gotten into him?

“Can we talk for sec” Joon bit down his urge to lose his shit right there and then, I could just sense it. Hobi shrugged, stroked my head with a soft “I’ll be back” then followed off behind Joon. I stood there feeling dumbstruck.

Fuck, is this bad? Maybe it’s not as bad as I think. Then again, why did I get the impression shit was about to go down... there’s no way they both were acting like that with each other over just this right? No way...

I took a deep breath and slowly went over to the table but it was now vacant. I sat down by myself and poured a shot and hastily drank it down. It eased my nerves a little but then I heard shouting over the music of the club. There was clatters of stuff breaking and shouts coming from behind the stage. A part of me felt guilty, partly responsible for this mess. I had to do something.

Fuck it.

I mustered up courage from god knows where got up and went over to the curtain and slipped behind it to the backstage area.
What I saw shattered that courage I’d built in a heartbeat. There was destroyed stuff everywhere, Joon and Hoseok were swinging at each other, it was a scene I’d seen play out before... One I’d suffered at home... It was too much to take. I close my eyes.

Fuck what is happening? I squeezed my eyes but the overwhelming panic of the situation hit me and I break into tears. They hadn’t seemed to notice because I could still hear the sound of them fighting.

“What the fuck?! Hey! Cut this shit out!”

Another voice I recognized shot from behind me. It was Yoongi. It felt like a weight was crushing down on my chest and was making it hard for me to breathe, I needed to block it out. I kneeled and clutched my knees, the shouting got more distant. Had Yoongi stopped them? Was everything okay now?

“Jia. Are you alright?” The grit of Yoongi’s low voice resided in my ear, it was calm. I felt him wrap his hand around my forearm and pull me to my feet.

“I’m sorry.. this is my fault isn't it?” I opened up my eyes, my vision was blurry but I could still see him. Yoongi pulled me into his arms and patted my back soothingly.

“It’s okay. Calm down. It’s not your fault” His hand caressed my head but it didn’t do much to stifle my sobs.

“Shh, It’s okay. Let me take you home”. I tried to breathe and slowly settled down.

I felt numb as I sat on the back of his scooter. The wind hitting my face should have been cold but I felt nothing. It wasn’t until we got back up to my apartment and I sat down on the couch that guilt began to drown me.

“Yoongi.. I fucked up..”.

“What’re you talking about?”.

“They’re fighting because of me... This whole time I’ve been fucking Hoseok... Joon saw us kissing... It’s hard to explain” My thoughts scattered as I attempted to string them together to explain, it just wasn’t working.

“You don’t need to. I already have a pretty good idea of what’s going on and it’s not your fault”.

“You know..?”

“Yeah don’t ask how, I just know shit. Other issues have been building between those two. It isn’t because you fucked Hobi so don’t blame yourself for any of this” I wanted to believe him but, even if that was true it didn’t fix anything. I felt a throb in my head.

“My head hurts”.

“Want a massage?” Yoongi pats his lap, I gradually laid my head down on his thigh and closed my eyes. I felt him gather my hair and shift it to the side, a soft pressure at my temples followed. As he continued to massage the pain in my head faded. I gave in to the peace Yoongi radiated. I wanted to stay there, nice and safe forever.

Chapter Text


I opened my eyes. I was encased by the softness of my sheets. Did I go to sleep last night wearing this oversized shirt? Oh my god, no... The last thing I remember was Yoongi rubbing my head. I sat there feeling stunned. Had this guy changed me and put me into bed? Jesus... Wait!? Was he still here?!

I instantly got up and rushed out to the living room but the only soul in my apartment was me. I don’t know why but I felt kinda displaced.. how could I have slept through that? jeez... Am I losing the plot or what.

My mind drifted to earlier on in the night. My chest sunk. That’s right. The fight. Maybe that’s why I was hard pressed on memory.

In the past, when there’d be conflict at home I’d always blank it out. It was a way of coping I fell into using when it got painful. Distraction, avoidance... I knew I did it a lot with other things in my life but, what other choice did I have.

Sometimes I almost felt like I’d implode from the anxiety. The overthinking. It was easier to just push it out. Think of other things. Part of me wanted to do it today too. Give me a bit of time before facing anything to do with that fight last night.

So I did. I went to class, came home, put together a lunch box for Jimin and took off to where I knew he’d be practising his ass off today. I didn’t message him, instead, I thought I’d just surprise him. Perhaps it was partially a distraction for me but on the other hand, I knew Jimin was working hard and I wanted to try and support him too.

The sun poked out from behind foggy clouds but it barely did a thing to deter the cold. When I got to the door of the basement outside Jimins practice room I thumped loudly a few times and called out his name.

A moment later the door creaked loudly as someone heaved it open from the other side, it slid to reveal a sweaty and wide-eyed Jimin.

“Jia?” He asked looking flustered.

“Thought you might be hungry” I slowly lifted the lunchbox I clutched in my hand up for him to see.

“Aw. That’s thoughtful of you. Come in” Jimin stepped aside and held out his hand.

“Here, be careful, the steps are a bit wobbly” He warned. I carefully held his hand as he led me down the steps. He wasn’t lying, the wood under my feet shifted dangerously so I took my time descending the short flight. I’d been too occupied looking down at the steps but when I reached the landing and gazed up I was shocked by the state of the underground room.

“Jimin, Holy heck. It’s a wreck down here..” I mumbled. The walls and floorboards were so aged, the mirrors looked vintage with grey spots on them ..altogether it was creepy. A practice room, but like one that was haunted by a ghost or something.

“Yeah, I know... Our company is kinda broke. Just try to ignore it” Jimin scratched at the back of his head awkwardly before inviting me over to the corner of the room. I followed along and sat down with him on the stiff floorboards deciding to leave it at that.

We chatted about random things of unimportance as we ate. How lovely the full moon looks, what colour we think suits Tae the most, if we only had a day left on earth how we would spend it. It wasn’t until after we finished that he gasped in realisation.

“I just remembered! I have something for you, hold on a sec” Jimin sprung to his feet and went over to a big gym bag in the other corner of the room. He sought through it before pulling something out and returning to sit back next to me with a wide-eyed smile. He always looks so adorable when he does.

“Hm? What’s that..?” I queried. I wasn’t expecting anything from him... I was truly awestruck.

“Just a little something I wanted to give you... I didn’t know if I’d get the chance before winter break. Lucky you came by today” Jimin confessed before holding out something delicate and silver in his palm.

“Jimin... A bracelet?” My heart softened as I stared at the cute thin silver chain he held out. There was a tiny heart dangling from the latch.

“Yeah... Friendship bracelet” he smirked as he reached out and pulled my hand so my wrist was hovering before him. My heart was swelling on the inside but I was at a loss for words.

“It’s so gorgeous. Thank you..” was what I managed as I watched him carefully clip it around my wrist. His accidental light touches as he did gave me tingles.

“It’s okay. You’re always doing nice things for me so... I want you to know that I appreciate you” Jimin slipped his hand into mine and held it. I felt warmth rise to my cheeks.

“That’s sweet of you... Honestly, Thank you” I mumbled. Unable to make eye contact. I felt him tug at my hand causing me to topple into him.

“Hey!” I yelped at the sudden but soft impact of his chest. “What?” He cackled cheekily as he fastened an arm around me, making it harder for me to escape so I just gave in and snuggled him.

“Oh, you gave up so quickly... not even going to try and fight me?” He smiled as he gently touched my hair.

“No... I know there’s no point... I won’t win if it’s against you” I said softly into his chest.
We remained like that for a short while until it was time for me to take off. I, unfortunately, had a class this afternoon. I don’t know if I imagined it but I could have sworn there was a glint of dismay in his eyes as he waved me goodbye.

It might’ve had something to do with the conversation we had before I left. He told me he was going home for Winter break and he might not see me until he came back. That made me sad too. I hadn’t thought about it yet but I doubted I’d go home for the holidays. I had work and I needed to save money. I’d need it to pay for next semester as well... Perhaps I wouldn't admit it to myself but, I didn't particularly want to see my parents either.

It’d become a ritual that on Tuesday nights I went and watched Hoseok dance. Tonight wasn’t any different. After class, I went to the place they always performed at. As I searched for him from my regular spot I was at a loss to find him.. he was nowhere to be seen. The remainder of his crew were there and the crowd was as hyped up as always. I sat and watched the show just as I usually would but I couldn’t shake the worry building up as I did. When it finished I sent Hoseok a text to see if he was alright. By the time I got home, I hadn’t received a reply.

Thoughts started to flood my mind. Was he okay? Was he mad at me? Did something else happen with Joon? I had no idea... I also didn’t have a clue as to what I should do. I sat there in stillness on my couch for what seemed an eternity. Tension and worry washing over me. I tried to call him but the dial tone just rang out. By now it was already 10 pm but there was no way I could sleep, not knowing if he was alright was killing me.

Suddenly the intercom buzzed, I’d never stood up so quickly in my life. There on the other side was Hoseok’s voice. Moments later, he stood before me in the doorway.

“Hey, I’m sorry I didn’t reply..” I’d never seen him look this low before. He was usually sunny and bold, full of energy but right now he looked like he was hauling the weight of the world on his shoulders and he was about to crumble.

“No, it’s fine. Are you okay?” I asked. I reached for his hand, gently tugging him over to the couch as I stepped backwards.

“I’m still here so..” he let me gently pull him with me.

“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want. Have you eaten? I can make you something..” I offered before sitting.

“It’s alright, I’m not hungry..” He said apathetically, he plopped down next to me.

“Hoseok..” I mumbled. I didn't know what to say. How could I mend this?

“I just..” he wavered before taking a subtle breath.“Can I just rest here for a while?”

I nodded. He laid his head on one of my thighs from in between my legs. His breath tickled my inner thigh, his arm wrapped around my leg. Hugging it like it was somebody dear to him.

I softly fiddled with his hair, hoping that it would help soothe him even if it was just a tiny bit. I shut my eyes, the sensation of his soft locks at my fingertips.

I raised my head, had I drifted off for a short while? The pressure of Hoseok’s head on my thigh had made my leg go numb. As I move he stirred, he sat up. His hair was messy like he’d fallen asleep too.

“You dribbled on my leg,” I noticed the wet patch where his face had been.

“Oh shit sorry” he mumbled sleepily and pulled his sleeve over his hand to rub it off.

“It’s okay. Wanna go back to sleep? We can go to bed if you want” I sat up and wiped my eyes, trying to wake myself up a bit.

“No... It’s alright... I should probably go.. I’ve already caused you enough trouble” He looked down, unable to make eye contact.

“What’re you talking about..?” I asked. “Last night, I’m sorry... I wasn’t thinking” he sighed, now staring plainly at me.

“I don’t think it’s me you need to apologise to... I have no idea what’s going on between you and Joon but... Seems to me like you guys have stuff you need to sort out” I offered. He rubbed at the back of his head momentarily.

“Yeah, about that.. I quit”.


“Yeah. It’s done. I’m done”.

“Honestly, I want to yell at you so bad right now. To stay with the group. To stick it out. To not give up. But I know it’s not going to help. You don’t need the stress. If that’s what you decide is best for you I trust your judgment” A small moment of quiet filled the air.

“Jia. Thanks... For everything” Hoseok slowly slid his hand behind the nape of my neck. He gently pulled me nearer and held me against him. I clung to the sides of his baggy jumper. This whole situation was fucked.

“Please just.. Take care of yourself too” I whispered against the fabric of his jumper. Hoseok nodded after a moment then pulled away just enough so that his face was merely inches away from mine. A delicate kiss placed itself on my lips. And then, it was gone. Hoseok let go of me and stood up.

“I should probably get going” He sighed, pushing his hand through his hair. But, I still had questions, if he quit then? Would he be leaving Seoul?

“Wait, So, what’re you gonna do over Winter break?” I burst out.

“Oh... Uhh. I’ll still be around. Yoongi-Hyung was gonna be left here by himself so I decided to spend the holidays with him” He cracked the faintest of smiles.

“Oh okay, I’m staying too..” I stood up and walked with him over to the front door.

“Good, we could spend Christmas together then. Me, You and Yoongi” he appeared a little happier at his suggestion.

“That’d be fun, let’s do it” I agreed.

I felt conflicted as I said goodnight to Hoseok as he left. But, if I wanted to help the situation I needed to have a good think about how to do that instead of rashly acting on feelings... Before I went to bed I concluded I needed to talk to Joon. If there was any way of settling stuff, I, at the least, needed to know what was going on.

Even then, was it vain of me to think there was anything I could do about it? It was their affairs, Yoongi had insisted it had very little to do with me... I didn’t know but I was going to try... I didn’t want to see my friends tear each other apart, no, that was not how this was meant to be.

Chapter Text


I woke up this morning on a mission. I had to try to talk to Joon sometime today. We hadn’t spoken since the fight and I had no idea if he was pissed off at me or not. I was scared that he might be but, I had to try...

Before I left for class I decided to send him a text. My entire body felt like jelly from the nerves, not knowing how he’d respond... My stomach sank as I pressed the send button.

Jia: Joon, can we talk at lunch today?

I shoved my phone into the pocket of my jeans and left the house. I was so distracted by my thoughts that I nearly spilt my coffee off the desk during class. As the seconds ticked by, it was agonising waiting for my phone to vibrate. I swear my heart nearly fell out of my ass when it finally did.

I held off a couple more minutes seeing as class was nearly done to pull out my phone. Joons name was on the screen. Again, that weak feeling overcame me.

It’s gonna be okay, just do it.

Joon: Yeah, can you meet me outside the studio?
Jia: Okay, I’ll be there in 20

I clicked my phone shut and left the classroom. My head felt cloudy as I walked out of the building. With each step I took closer to the studio building, the nerves built little by little. It was no easy task to front my fears. I saw Joon sitting on a bench beside the entrance, he was leaned forward, gaze directed down at the concrete beneath his feet. I took a deep breath and went over to him, it wasn’t until I was right in front of him that he looked up at me. I was met with wide eyes.

“Hey” I cracked a faint smile as I tried to break the ice.

“Hey” he echoed my words. I sat on the bench beside Joon, taking a moment to calm my nerves before I spoke but he beat me to it.

“I’m sorry Jia” he stared back at the ground as he spoke.

“No. I’m the one that should be sorry. I wanted to tell you what was going on but I was scared it would hurt you” I fiddled with my hands in my lap as I sat there. Joon slowly looked over at me.

“That’s-“ he let out a tense breath. “You don’t have to apologise for that. You did tell me, not in so many words but, you made it clear. We were friends”.

I ran a hand through my hair and looked up at him. He wasn’t mad?

“Not gonna lie I was shocked at first but, the point is, you had nothing to do with what happened between Hob and me. I'm so sorry that I dragged you into it” Joon slowly reaches for my clasped together hands, I relinquished them and he hold my hand in his own.

“No, it’s okay. I'm just glad you’re not mad at me..” I gave his hand a small reassuring squeeze. Joon repositioned himself so his legs were crossed and he faced me, his hand still in my lap.

“I’m not mad, but, fuck things are a mess right now” Creases formed across his forehead.

“Hoseok said he quit. Is it true?” I asked. He looked away. “Yeah,” he mumbled under his breath.

“You can’t let him. I don’t know what the issue is but, I just have this feeling... Like an intuitive feeling. You guys need to stick this thing out together.” I don’t know if what I was saying sounded ridiculous to Joon or not but his gaze steadily returned to me.

“I dono. I want him to come back and I’m going to try to talk to him but, I need some time to think. I’m going to my hometown over winter break to visit my family. So it’ll have to wait until I get back.” A felt a small wave of relief, if Joon wanted Hoseok back on the team then not all hope was lost.

“Okay.. I’ll be waiting right here for you then” I broke into a small smile. Joon gave a tsk and shook his head. “It’s so hard to resist kissing you, I get why Hobi is so into you”.

I felt dumbstruck as I stare at him. I swallowed hard. “Don’t resist. Just kiss me”.

Joons gape glazes over then he leans closer. The fresh scent of mint hit my nose. His hand cups my cheek, he kisses me softly. A light fresh breeze blows by and whips my hair. The fragility and innocents of youth. My mind whizzes around like that breeze does in the moment. As Joon pulls away I’m left wide-eyed and wordless. “I should get going..”.

I gave a small nod and watched as he stood up. The tension I’d carried with me all morning seemed to dissipate as I watched him leave.

I spent the rest of my day studying for exams which were less than a week away. I’d hauled myself up in the library for most of the day.

By the time I noticed the sun had set I was exhausted. I’d been so preoccupied that I’d forgotten to have lunch. It wasn’t until I was walking home that I’d even thought of food. The grumbles in my stomach made it hard to ignore so I made a small detour and stopped by the food stall to grab some takeaway.

The Ajusshi that was always there greeted me and asked for my order. I decided on a couple of chicken skewers and a bottle of Soju to take home with me. As he looked at me for longer than was usually considered normal it kind of gave me deja vu. I shook it off, no more than ten minutes had passed until he’d finished and I collected my order. It was straight home for me now.

As soon as I got home I had a shower and changed into some shorts and a baggy jumper. After I was comfortable I finally sat down to eat. I had 2 or 3 shots, just enough to take off the nerve. I turned all the lights off and crawled into bed, the faint sound of cars passing by in the distance but it was mostly quiet. As I lay there, eyes closed, an unnerving sound cut through the silence.

It was coming from the balcony window... I froze. A rattle of the door handle... Holy fuck. Did I lock it? I can’t remember.

I tried to take deep breaths and get my body to move. After a moment the sound stopped but the rapid pace my heart was racing hasn’t.

I reached for my phone, I didn’t know what I was doing but I call the first name I see.

“Yoongi..” I whispered as he picked up.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Why’re you whispering?” He replied.

“I dono, I think someone’s trying to break into my apartment... I’m so scared” I kept my voice hushed, I had no idea if that person outside was still there or not but I didn’t want to find out.

“Fuck. Really? Shit... Wait I’m coming straight there” Yoongi hung up. As I lay in bed stiff with lingering fear I caught a glimpse of a shadow through the blinds. I didn't dare to look. I shut my eyes and breathed. Nothing like this had ever happened before, I don’t know what to do.

A heavy knock on my door snapped me out of paralysis. I got out of bed and went to my door. Through the peephole, a distressed-looking Yoongi stood. I opened up my door, he rushed in and closed it behind him.

“Yoongi..” I’d never felt so relieved in my life. All the fear and stress I’d been holding was overwhelming. Tears started spilling down my cheeks as I looked at him standing in front of me.

“It’s alright.” Yoongi pulled me into him roughly. He held my face tightly into his chest but I couldn’t stop crying. The dampness collected between my face and his black shirt.

Yoongi slowly, still holding me, walked me back into the bedroom. I waddled along slowly with him my face still buried into him. As we reached the bedside he pulled my face away from his chest and looked down at me.

“You alright?” He asked softly.

“I don’t know... Kinda... Please don’t leave me..”

“I won’t. C’mon, Hop into bed” he slid his shoes off and climbed in first, settling propped up against the headboard. I sat down on the edge of the bed, hesitant, Yoongi reached out his hand. I took it, he tugged me over into his arms. I rested my head against his damp shirt and closed my eyes.

“So.. What happened..?” His deep voice asked. I let out a small breath as I recounted the unnerving noises I heard and the shadow I’d seen... Yoongi stayed silent, only the faint rustling of him gently massaging my ear could be heard.

I took a moment thinking back over what had happened... Maybe someone was breaking into houses in the neighbourhood... Then again, It was the middle of the city... “Do you think I should call the police?” I stammered.

“I don’t think they can do anything unless someone gets in... If it happens again call me. Alright?” His voice was husky but gentle. It was making me sleepy...

“Mm... Okay, Yoongi” I whispered. Unable to stop myself from falling further into a trance.

I lay there cradled in the warmth of his arms. It was safe. Yoongi had been the one I’d run to when I felt sacred. He’d been the one to look after me when I needed it... Yoongi never judged me, even when I told him things I was terrified to tell other people. Was it selfish of me to burden him with my baggage? To put it on him like this? Not once had he ever asked me for anything in return. He’s just been there for me unconditionally. It stirred sentiments inside me. Sentiments I was scares to indulge in.

Chapter Text


My mind is empty as I feel myself rouse. I blinked a couple of times as I struggle to open my weary eyes. I feel so heavy, I must’ve been in a deep sleep last night.. the first thing I see is Yoongi’s face merely inches away from me. As my senses started to come to me his warm breath tickled my lips.

He’s so close... Recollections of the previous night flooded back. I let out an unintentional gasp, Yoongi started to stir. He gradually cracked open an eye. We glanced at each other for a second.

He let out a groan and rolled over onto his back. “Morning” I pushed my hair out of my face and outstretched.

“Morning. Sorry, I must’ve fallen asleep here last night” Yoongi mumbled.

“It’s okay, I’m pretty sure I’m the one that asked you not to leave..”. I recall saying those exact words in the heat of the moment.

“Mm. Sleep alright?” His head lulled to the side and he peered at me.

“Yeah. Thanks to you”. Yoongi didn’t say anything, he looked back up at the ceiling.

“Have you noticed anything weird lately? Before last night? Anyone bother you or..” his voice drifted amidst the calm of my bedroom.

“I don’t think so... Why?” I questioned. He took a moment before answering.

“It’s nothing, I need to get going... But” he peeked over at me.


“If anything happens call me, I mean it”

“Are you worried about me?” I whispered. A flicker of hesitation crossed his features.


He shuffled to change the subject and sat up in bed. “By the way, Hobi mentioned you’re staying in Seoul for winter break. You gonna come around to the dorms for Christmas?”

“Yeah, if you guys don’t already have plans then, we should spend it together” I offered. Yoongi pat down his messy bed hair in an attempt to fix it. “Mm. We could probably work on that song too”

“Really?!” I promptly sat up. Excitement collecting in my cheeks as I beamed.

“Yeah. We’ll do it then. Anyways, I gotta go. I'll Catch you later?” Yoongi got up and tried to flatten out the creases in his clothes.

“Yeah, I'll see you soon, be careful out there!” Yoongi lifted a brow cockily before giving a laid-back salute and taking off.

I was left alone with my thoughts, the feelings I’d got from last night was still pressed fresh in my mind. The anxiety, then the safety Yoongi emanated when he came. Like a vivid dream only it was real.

I showered and had breakfast. Caught up on some recent music before taking off to class. I got a text from Cece reminding me to show up to work early for the meeting. Monthly rankings were going to be announced and as I strolled home after my long day I still felt energised at learning how this month's sales would payout. What was even better than that, I was going to spend the evening with Jin. The last time I saw him we kissed. Even now as I reminisce the thrill feels fresh.

I rush to pack my things and leave for work. When I get there I could sense an odd tension in the air amidst the chattering girls who were casually assembled in the lounge. It was a different vibe compared to when the club was in full swing during open hours. The regular lighting was on and most of the girls weren’t ready. Many wore track suites or just basic clothes.

Mimi, after catching sight of me from where she sat beside Luna and Rina, ushered for me to come and join her.

“What's going on? Something feels off” I muttered as I scootched up close beside her so I was huddled in our small group. Rina stared down and Luna bit at her lip.

“You remember that rumour going around? The one about YG buying out the club branch? Well, it's true..” Mimi huffed.

“Not only that but, some of the girls have already started to sign new contracts. They’ll probably make us do the same thing” Luna added. Rina looked up, she appeared troubled. Compared to the usually bright and sweet smile she had it just felt so unusual to see her this dejected.

“I Don't get it, even if we change over is it such a bad thing?” I asked. Before either of the girls could respond Yoona, called out for our attention to commence the meeting.

“Evening Ladies. Now, I know a lot of you are wondering what's going on with the new alterations around here so let me clear that up first”. She started. I couldn't help but notice a stifled bitterness in her tone. Perhaps she wasn't pleased about the situation either.

“YG has indeed bought the business, and, because of that a few management changes are inevitable, unfortunately.” Minor chatter broke out but piped down as Yoona went on.

“If you haven't re-signed your contracts yet then please do it by the end of the week. And, if you have any more qualms then come and consult me after the meeting”.

I caught the frown Mimi shot my way. It only made me assume this wasn't favourable news.

“Next on the agenda. Rankings!” Yoona's attitude lifted dramatically at the mention of it. I listened while she listed off sales figures and positions, intrigued to hear my name.

“Jia. Congratulations. 5th for sales this month. I'm impressed.” I received a small applaud from the girls. “Thank you” I quickly said before Yoona went on. I sat through the rest of the gathering and when we were dismissed I went to speak to Jun so I could sign my new contract.

“It's fairly similar to the previous one... Just read carefully through Claus 17..” Jun advised from beside me, I leant against the lobby desk as I looked closer at the section he'd pointed out.

“My commission... What. They’re reducing it by that much?” I looked up only to see Jun frowning.

“I know.. But.. There isn't much anyone can do about it. Don't mention this to anyone else but.. Jia, Daesung-Nim could get it raised if you were to play your cards right. Just a thought ”. Jun always carried a serious air about him so such an unorthodox suggestion coming from him was rare.

“I appreciate the honesty Jun. Guess I'll have to make do for now.” I sighed before printing my initials on the dotted line. I took my copy of the contract and put it away in my locker before going over to my stylist to get ready for the night. The vibe kicks off as girls scramble around excitedly preparing themselves.

Cece blazes in the door with two vodka shots in hand. “Jiaaaaa. Here, this for you” she giggles as she plops down into the vacant seat beside me at the dressing tables. I can't help but grin as she shoves the shot in my hand and we throw it back.

“Gahh. Why are you always drinking the strong stuff” I involuntarily shiver as it hits. “Shhh. It's not that bad! Besides, I couldn't stand seeing that sad look on your face when I came in” She shot back.

“Really? Did I have that kinda look on my face?” I hadn't realised.

“Yeah. Whatever you're worrying about just do it later. Let's just try and make the best of a shit situation, okay?” Cece beamed from where she sat on the high stool. The bubble lights from the vanity table reflected on her silky complexion making her look even more pretty.

“You’re right. Let's worry about shit later” I laughed. “Oh! One of my good friends is coming in tonight. If you have time come over and say hi”. Cece nodded her head enthusiastically, I could see her stylist getting annoyed because she kept moving her head which only made me want to laugh more.

Finally, I was ready, hair in lengthy princess curls, baby doll eyes and a delightful over the knee white rhinestone embroidered dress with matching heels. I stood by the lobby chatting with Hwasa and Rina as I waited for Jin.

To my amazement, Hwasa complimented me on my rise in rank. Despite her going from 4th to 6th she doesn't seem bitter about it which was nice. Maybe she wasn't as unpleasant as I first thought and I’d just misjudged her. Either way, it only boosted my spirits and my respect for her too.

The light dinging signalling the entrance door opening pulled my interest. By now you think I would have become even a little used to that vivid charm Jin emitted. But no, maybe I’ll never get used to it. It still makes my heart quiver. The way his eyes subside onto me, the sweet plump lip smile that follows. The flawlessly fit suit, his height standing the cherry on top.

Jin quickly signs in at the desk and I guide him into the lounge. We take a seat at a more private booth in the corner, Wyniee brings over the menu and excitedly recognizes him.

“Jin Jin Jin!” she starts chiming his name. “It's good to see you again too” He laughs. After we decide on ordering something on the lighter side Wyniee excitedly hurries off to the bar.

I sat still, light tingles ran over me as Jin carefully pushed part of my hair back over my shoulder. He came nearer so that I could hear his voice in my ear more effortlessly over the music of the club.

“How's my princess?” I felt his breath against my exposed neck. I wanted to lean into him but I remained in place, legs crossed, trying my best to keep my composure.

“Happy that you're here with me” I smiled. Jin pulled away only enough to lay a soft kiss on my cheek. “Me too. I'm sorry I can't spend more time with you..” He started to say.

“No, it's okay. I remember from the beginning you told me that you didn't have time to date..” I replied. Jin dipped his head to the side in thought.

“You remember? That was our first time meeting if I recall. We went for coffee and you sat there red as a tomato” Jin cracked a smirk.

“That’s only because you were teasing me so much! Like I could help it-” I tried to defend myself but Jin appeared bemused. He enjoyed getting me worked up. The clank of Wyniee placing our drinks on the table interrupted us from our chatter.

“Voila, ~ Let's get the party started!~” The cute blonde gave a tiny bow before plopping into the chair across from us. Jin thanked her and I went to pour our liquors.

An hour filled with laughter and banter passed effortlessly. The drinks flowed one after the other, by that time Cece finally made it over to our table.

“So! This is the infamously charming and stunning Jin my bestie keeps telling me about!” Cece praised openly as she tipsily pranced over. I burst out laughing as I noticed Jin's moment of surprise. “Shhh. Don’t tell him my secrets~” I laughed along. Jin and Cece acquainted themselves. The four of us resumed drinking, somewhere along the way we got sucked into the open karaoke. Our table was surely the rowdiest of tonight. As the end of my shift neared Jun approached the table and asked to speak to me for a minute.

I followed him over to the bench of the bar. I was almost still too mesmerized by the looks Jin would fling my way from over at the table that I nearly missed what Jun had said.

“Daesung is going to arrive in 45 minutes. He wants you to stay back”. I felt my stomach dip an inch.

“Oh... Okay...”. Of all nights why tonight. The wonderful time I’d been having was likely about to be ruined by that egocentric asshole.

“Sorry. Wrap things up with your client and get the VIP room readied. Let Cece know that the same goes for her. You’ll both be entertaining two tonight” Jun gave a dry cough before going off to his random duties.

I went back over, struggling to mask my dismay but after the girls both left and our time together came to an end I broke the news to him.

“I'm so sorry, I have to stay back a bit longer. I might not finish until 3 or 4 am” I sulked. Jin cupped and squished my cheeks.

“Don't apologise, it can't be helped right?” He mumbled. He was tipsy and wasn't doing a very good job of hiding his disappointment. I reached up and clasped his hands in mine and started swinging playfully to the music. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise”. With that, I leant in and smooched him. It was bold of me and he was caught off guard. He nipped at my lips softly and I had to pull away.

“If you insist. I have been waiting for an excuse to get a massage off you for a while now” Jin sniggered. “When will I see you next?” I asked. Jin sucked in a sharp breath. “I can't say. I haven't decided if I'm leaving over the break. I’ll just have to let you know later” Jin answered. His schedule was always so unpredictable, when I did get the rare opportunity to spend time with him I tried to enjoy it as much as I could. Neither of us could say for certain when the next time would be.

After I reluctantly sent Jin off I went and helped Cece get the VIP room ready. We both had a good bitch about our expected client's to one another the entire time. When Dae arrived he had entered with another Idol, one from his group. As we sat together at the table and started to get the session underway I felt as starstruck as I’d been the first time. Tae Yang sat across from me, his arm cozily around Cece's slender waist.

The boys had purchased a crazily expensive bottle, it sparkled from its position on the table. Half of it was already gone. Dae’s laugh hit my ear loudly. I began feeling dizzy. I could feel his arm trespassing around my mid but all my efforts were focused on staying conscious. Cece peered at me through the banter, did she know I was about to pass the fuck out?

“Oh! Please excuse Jia and me for a moment” I barely made out her words. I was being pulled away. I opened my eyes to see a bowl of water. A gurgling in my stomach turned into burning in my throat. I was throwing up right now. Cece pulled my hair back from behind.

“Just let it out. These guys are such jerks. I can’t believe this..” I could hear her outrage over the sound of my dry heaving. After the last of it came up Cee got me water and hastily fixed my makeup. I felt a lot better, reality started flickering back in.

“Thanks, I seriously-“ I paused to blow my nose before going on “am over these guys. I can’t even water it down like I usually would cause they just buy straight”.

“I know. Now that I think about it, that’s probably their plan. I just get a dangerous vibe from these guys. Like they’re purposely trying to get you to the point of passing out… I don’t want to think about what’ll happen after that…” Cee grimaced at her reflection in the mirror from beside me. Her tone is serious.

“That’s fucked… Is that actually a thing? The way you say it…” I glanced at her.

“Yeah. I’ve seen it happen. Don’t worry, we should be fine. You threw up so just take it easy. It’s nearly 3 can’t imagine they want to stay much longer. Let’s get back”.

Cee was right, we only spent a little more time with them until 3 am. Jun was assertive at closing time, all the patrons were out and cleaning was underway not a minute late. I laid down on one of the couches, I had no energy left whatsoever. If it wasn’t for Cece shaking me awake and pushing me into a taxi I probably would have woken up still at the club.

She took me home, undressed me, showered me and put me into bed. Bitch was an absolute angel sent down to me from God himself. I tried to fight her off but she wasn’t about to leave me like that.

“I’ll leave some Ajushi juice on your table. Drink it as soon as you wake up” I heard her call out from the kitchen on her way out.

“I love you! Get home safe” I snuggled into my sheets as I called back. I heard the door close behind her. Exhaustion took me and I passed out.

Chapter Text


I wake to a pounding in my head and I feel like absolute trash. I drag myself across the floor and to the kitchen to try and drink as much water as I can. I refill my glass about 3 times before I discard it by the sink.

How the hell did it get this bad…?

I prop myself up against the counter as I stare around my lounge room. Nothing in my mind whatsoever except that incessant thumping. I caught sight of a can sitting on my table. It was a hangover cure herbal drink, also funnily known as Ajushi juice due to the weird pic of the old man on the can.

I grabbed the can, filled my glass with water one more time and then took them both back to bed. After I popped a couple over the counter pain killers and finished off my herbal remedy I lay back down and tried to relax.

The next time I woke up I felt a bit better. The headache had subsided and I felt slightly more hydrated and less nauseous. As I reached for my phone I saw that it was already 1:12 pm. There was a text from my manager.

Jia, Last night was rough. I think it best you take tonight off and recover. Rest up and I’ll see you tomorrow.



I felt a small relief wash over me as I finished reading the message but it didn’t last long as my thoughts started to flicker over the night before. I stopped myself immediately and threw the blanket back to get out of bed. Don’t think. If I had the day off I could use it to study for exams so after I cooked up some eggs I got stuck into some revision.

After about an hour my concentration started to fail me. My mind just wandered on its own, flashes of Cece helping me out and dragging me home. Of Daesung, the way he sleazed onto me. Just thinking about it made me uncomfortable. Not to mention Jin… I felt robbed of my time with him. I’d have rather spent the rest of my night with him cuddled up at home or grabbing a late-night snack. Food always tasted better with Jin.

I snapped my textbook shut and let out a deep breath. I felt horrible. I wanted to cry. I was halfway through praying to a higher power that this resentment secondary to hangover would blow over soon when my phone dinged.

Tae: Bestie, what’re you doing? 👀

It was Tae… I didn’t want to burden him with my self pitying mood right now but I didn’t want to ignore him either so I just text him back.

Jia: Just at home, trying to study but not getting very far 😔

Tae: You need a study buddy? 🧸❤️
Jia: I’m feeling kinda down today and don’t wanna put it on you… Another time?

I bit my lip anxiously, I felt so conflicted.

Tae: I’ll be there soon. Wait for me okay?

I went to text back and tell him not to but I stopped. I got the feeling he probably wouldn’t take no for an answer.. or if he did, it might hurt his feelings... I closed my phone and just sat in silence as I waited. I rarely shared my feelings with others. It was a hard thing for me to do and I tried to avoid it when I could.

My mind kept ticking away as my overthinking took over. There was a hard knock on the door. I went over to open it. Tae stood there as he looked me over, he had a big gym bag slung over his shoulder.

“Hey” I mustered a small smile. Tae took a few steps closer so I backed up and he closed the door behind him.

“If you’re feeling down better not to be by yourself… right?” Tae dropped his bag on the floor and reached out, I let myself be gently pulled into his chest as he hugged me. His sincerity was tugging at my heartstrings making it harder for me to hold down my welling emotions but I bit the tears back and pulled away slowly.

“I’m really happy you’re here” I gave him a big smile. I probably looked ridiculous trying to smile when it was obvious I was on the verge of crying.

“Me too. Don’t stuff down your emotions if you feel bad. Just let it out. Don’t worry cuz I’m here. Everything will work out, whatever it is” Taes steady gaze held me in place. Like I’d been caught red-handed trying to steal a cookie from the cookie jar. I felt wet drips roll down my cheeks as I stood there, I looked down at the floor. Not wanting him to see me like this but it was too late as my choked sobs started.

I tried desperately to catch my breath and calm myself down but it was no use. Then, almost effortlessly in one fluid movement Tae swept me up off my feet and carried me in his arms over to the couch.

Still gasping for breaths I burrowed my head into his dark green hoodie to try and stifle the ugly crying. Tae kicked off his shoes and sat on the couch with me still in his arms. The next thing I knew he was gently cradling me, a soft soothing lullaby whispered so close to my ear.

I felt air fill my lungs again. I inhaled deeply, my focus was on the soft melodies he whispered. After I calmed down I closed my eyes, everything went silent and still as we lay there. It was so quiet that I could hear the thumping of Taes heart as I lay pressed against his chest. The rhythmic beats slowly became the new melody that soothed me.

After a while, I open my eyes and peer up at Tae. He looked so relaxed that he’d fallen asleep, I gave him a small shake. He lazily cracked open his eyes.

“Feel better?” His deep voice asked.

“Yeah… Are you hungry? Wanna eat something?” I replied. Tae gave a light snorted laugh. “Yeah. Maybe we should order in”.


We decided on some Bulgogi and Kimchi Soup, by the time it arrived the sun had already begun to set. I turned on the dim lights of my lounge room, we huddled up and put on a movie to watch together while we ate.

The main character of the movie was a girl whose parents had been killed and in turn, she’d been forced to make her way in life. She ended up mixing with some bad people and it seemed to only get worse for her. In a way, she reminded me of myself, minus the car accident and her aptitude for making the worst life choices possible, that is. By the end of the movie, she ended up falling in love which ultimately triumphed all the hardship she’d faced. She got her fairytale ending, god how I wish I’d get one too. Call it cliche, we all know life isn’t like that but, a girl can dream, can’t she?

“Aw. So romantic” Tae sighed as he leaned back, the arm he had around my shoulder pulled me in closer.

“Yeah. I’m such a sucker for romance. Wish my life was like that” I mumbled. Tae tilted his head and looked at me. “Let’s just write our own romance then” he smiled cheekily.

“Best friends turned to passionate lovers” I laughed. “That’d make for a cute story. Shame it’s already been done so many times.” I sighed.

“You’re forgetting something.”

“What’s that?” I mumbled.

“No matter how many times it’s been done, everyone’s story is still unique in some way.” It was moments of clarity like this that Tae melted my heart.

“That’s true… I wonder what our story would be like if we did fall in love” I whispered. There was a small silence, I peeked up at Tae to see him biting at his lip slightly.

“Maybe we should find out”. His hefty gaze shifted to me, no words would come out. Like I’d been hit with paralysis. He slowly kissed my cheek, next, my nose. It was agonisingly slow as he placed a soft peck on my other cheek then lastly, my lips.

“Tae” I gripped onto the collar of his hoodie, my words muffled between our lips. I clambered on top of him and straddle him.

“Should we move to somewhere more comfortable?” He breathed against me. I nodded, I didn’t want to stop kissing him. Suddenly, Tae grabbed me and stood up, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, legs clinging around his hips so I didn’t fall.

Tae kissed me deeper as he carried me over to my bedroom. Then, he dropped me onto the sheets. My adrenaline pumped. The sexual tension it mixed with was intense. Did Tae feel it too? He gave a cheeky smirk before lifting his hoodie off and climbing over me. Like a puzzle piece he slid in behind me, one arm glides under my head, the other grips tantalisingly at my thigh. I tilted my head aside so we could kiss despite being in a spooned position. I felt him grind hard against my ass. Tongue exploring my mouth, palm firmly squeezing higher up my thigh. The arm laying beneath my head cupped my cheek as we kissed, then, hastily moved to the hem of my shirt. He dragged it up. Air hit my nipples making them hard.

“I want you Jia” The conviction mingled in his soft tone was contradictory. “So I’m going to take you right here”. Vulnerability overtook. Trails of kisses moved up to my ear, he lightly pinched at my uncovered nipples. This longing was exhilarating, who knew fucking your best friend could feel this good.

I was pinned between him and the way he’d cupped my heat with his hand. He started palming my pussy, the pressure of his hard dick against me from behind. It’s too much. “Tae I- Please fuck me” I moaned. He didn’t waste a second as he slipped down my shorts and slid his fingers past my clit. I was embarrassingly wet.

“Does it turn you on that much?” Taes touch teased back and forth spreading my juices. “So much, everything you do Tae. It turns me on so much” I panted. I felt Tae smile against my lips. He lift my leg and from behind he slowly sunk his cock into me. It was so thick yet it was only the tip. He slowly dipped in and out of me. I moaned as it sunk deeper. Was there no end to it? “Fuck, Tae, it feels so good” I breathed as he filled me with the entire length.

“Yeah? Should I go slow? Your so tight I’m worried I might hurt you” Tae whispered.

“Please, go slow, you’re so big, I’m not used to it” I breathed. Tae gave a small hum before he continued to ride into me at a slow pace, the depths it reached had me clinging to the sheets. His arm still wrapped around my thigh lifting it to give him easier access from behind.

Everything was deep, his tongue in my mouth, his dick inside me. There’s no way I was going to last. As I felt him twitch from inside me I knew he was close too. “Cum in me. I want you to fill me up Tae”. He gave a small moan before picking up his pace slightly, I felt myself tipping over too. Just as my climax spilled over I felt him fill me up, his grip on me tightened as he came then after it washed over we both relaxed.

“I love you” Tae whispered, I felt him go soft inside me but he didn’t take it out of me. “I love you too”. He tucked me in closer to him. We fell asleep like that, him still inside me clutched closely against each other. Bound by our bond. By our best friends taboo.

Chapter Text



I wake up to a light tickling under my belly button. I reach down and grasp Tae’s hand. A tired groan escapes him as he stretches out from behind me.

“You awake?” I turn over to face him.


“No, I’m still asleep” He gives a faint chuckle before slipping an arm under me and hoisting me on top of him. “Ah. Last night..” Tae pushed my sprawled hair out of the way and then wrapped his arms around my mid as he listened “Was so good”.

I softly kissed his collarbone. “Mm. Can I tell you something?” Tae asked. I nodded. “Jiminie told me he ate you out. When he told me that I got a bit jealous”. I peered up at Tae, not sure what to say but then he went on.

“But then I thought about it more. I realised that you are both special to me and it didn’t bother me as much”. His grip around my mid loosened and drifted down to grope my ass.


“It’s true, I was helping Jimin study and one thing led to another… but Tae, I…” paused for a moment. What was I about to do… Should I tell him this? Would he still feel the same way if I confessed that it wasn’t just Jimin…

Tae hummed questioningly as he waited to hear what I had to say. “You and Jimin have been there for me from day one. You both mean a lot to me, even putting it that way doesn’t do it justice but, there’s more… I need to tell you” I took a deep breath before going on. “Hobi Oppa and I went to a party one time together, one thing led to another and… we ended up sleeping together. We still do sometimes”. I bit my lip anxiously as truths started to tumble out. For some reason now that I’d begun they just kept toppling out. “When Joonie Oppa and I first met there was feeling between us, but, with everything that was going on between us and Jimin, and Hobi Oppa, I didn’t want to complicate or hurt anyone so we decided to keep things as friends…” Tae remained silent.

“No one knew about Hobi and me. But, Joonie found out and they fought. I felt like it was partly my fault…” I pushed aside the guilt that recalling the memories caused to surface and continued “The point is, I mean it when I say you’re special to me. I tried to not complicate things but somehow it turned out like this… I just… want to be real with you about everything. I’m so scared you’ll be angry at me. Or even worse, hurt but, I need you to know how it is”.


The uncertainty I felt was overwhelming, I didn’t dare look up at Tae. I held my breath, was he about to push me off him? Leave? Not talk to me again?

“You’ve been going through all that this entire time… And I had no idea. It must’ve been so hard…” I was stunned. 

“You’re not mad? Or hurt? Tae… I’m so sorry” How was he not more bothered than this?

“I’m more blown away that you had the courage to tell me. Did you tell Jiminie any of this?” He questioned. 

“No… Do you think he’ll hate me if I tell him?” Tae sighed. “I don’t think he’ll hate you, Jiminie is very observant. I have a feeling he might already know. He always talks about you, ya know. He likes you a lot so even if he did get mad I’m sure he’d get over it quickly”. I rolled off Tae and onto my back beside him and stared at the ceiling.


“I dono… thinking about it hurts my head. When the times right I’ll talk to him. If he doesn’t bring it up then I won’t either…” I concluded.

“Mm. Should we get up and have a shower?” Tae propped himself up and looked at me. “Yeah, I’m still sticky from last night” I replied.

“Wanna go together?” My cheeks heat at his suggestion. “Really?” I blurted, only to receive a cheeky grin. “Quick, get up” Tae shuffled out of bed so I quickly got up and went to the bathroom with him. I stood there feeling shy as he opened up the shower door and started fiddling with the faucet to get the water temperature right.

“Hm? What’s wrong?” He glanced back at me.


“It's just, I’ve never showered with anyone before…” I admitted.

“Oh. Jiminie and I do all the time. Most of us do seeing as we only have one bathroom” he said plainly, as though I shouldn’t be shocked by this information.

“Wait what?” I blurted. “Forget I said that. Anyway it’s fine, come here” he allures. I shuffled a bit closer to Tae, he slowly lifted off my top and then tugged my shorts down. I stepped out of my shorts and was left standing there completely naked. Tae didn’t seem awkward at all as he lifted off his shirt and slipped down his pants. He grabbed my hand and stepped into the shower, pulling me along with him. We were both pelted with water instantly.


“Omg, I can’t believe we’re doing this” I squealed at the shock of suddenly being drenched and naked with Tae. This must’ve been one of the most intimate things I’d ever done.

“Is this your soap? It smells like you” Tae pumped a handful of the cherry blossom scented soap into his hands and started lathering both of us in it. “Ahh, it tickles!” I squirmed as he shoved his hands under my armpits! “Stop squirming around” He laughed. I tried to stay still but as his hands slid further down to between my legs I clenched my thighs shut. “Jiaa. Stay still” Tae sucked in a sharp breath as he waited for me to relax.


“Okay, make it quick though it feels funny” I scrunched my nose in anticipation. His soap lathered hand slowly slid between my folds and as it did I could barely stay standing. It was the weirdest feeling, almost so good that it was unpleasant. A moment later he’s done. He retracted his hand so I opened my eyes back up. “Good girl, now, time to wash it off. Go on” Tae pushed me directly under the stream of water! I quickly washed all the soap off my body then stepped back out.

“Your turn, arms up” I took some soap and started lathering it across his chest without any resistance from Tae, he just stood there smiling bemusedly as I did. Finally, I reached his nether area. It hung semi-erect and thick. Tae bit his lip slightly. It felt so slick as I took it in my hand. I did my best not to draw it out but watching him holding in groans was so tempting. After I was done Tae rinsed off, we got out and dried up then dressed. Tae had to practise today so he had to get going, I made him a lunch box before he left which he seemed happy about. We hugged goodbye and Tae went on his way. I was left feeling so love drunk I almost had to physically slap myself out of it but instead, I buried my face in a pillow and screamed.


What the actual hell just happened.

Is this real life? I can’t…


After letting out some pent up exhilaration I managed to calm down. I had some coffee, went on a run then came home and made lunch. I had work tonight so I started getting ready to leave. I’d been so tangled up with Tae that I’d been completely distracted from thinking about tonight. As I did a bubble of anxiety surfaced. But, I needed to go and get back into it. Take it step by step and I’ll be alright. When I arrived the floor was vibrant. Saturday night was always the most indulgent and high energy. I sat by Luna and chatted at the make-up table as our stylists did their thing. Soon after clients started to fill out the lounge and the night began.


Laughter and music filled the air, I was seated with a younger client who was playful and sweet. I always had fun when he came to drink with me, we played drinking games and joked a lot! I could feel myself getting more loose as the beverages flowing. I excused myself for a moment, leaving him with Rosè as I needed to use the toilet. As I pushed the door open to the bathroom I saw Cece standing at the basin fixing part of the bottom of her blue sparkly dress. “Jia. Hey. How’s your night? You doing okay?” She stood up straight and came over when she noticed me.


“Yeah. I’m okay. Hey um, thanks for the other night. Seriously. I don’t know how u always seem to be okay drinking so much, even for you…” I hadn’t had the chance to talk with her yet seeing as it’d been so busy. “No, it’s totally fine. That’s…” she stopped for a second ran her hand through her hair. “Jia, can I tell you something?” She hesitated but it piqed my curiosity. “Yeah? What’s up?” I tilted my head to the side. “Okay. I Uh, honestly I used to get so wasted all the time having to drink so much but, if you do a line or two of Coke it sobers you up”.

“What? Really?”

“Yeah don’t judge me I swear I don’t do a lot, just when I feel like I’m getting too drunk I do a line or two and I’m fine”

“Shit, uh” I kinda just laughed, I had no idea what to say about that.


“You wanna try? I totally get if you don’t and I respect that”

“Um… You know what, sure. I’m at the point where if I drink much more I’ll be a mess so. If you say it works I’ll give it a go”.

“Okay, here, come into the cubicle” Cece grabbed my hand and pulled me in with her and locked the door. She pulled out a small bag of white powder from between her cleavage and gave it a flick. “That’s it?” I watched as she opened the bag, held it pinched between two fingers then stuck her pinky nail in and dug some white powder out.


“Yeah, be careful not to breathe out and blow it everywhere. You just sniff it up but not all the way down your throat hole” she chuckled. “Okay, sounds easy enough” this entire situation seemed too trivial. Like, I’d imagined taking drugs was shadier but, in actuality, I was huddled up in a toilet with my friend while she was telling me not to sniff it down my throat hole. I watched as she stuck her nail slightly up her nose and snorted, she then pinched the bridge of her nose and sniffled a few more times.

“Phew. That hit the spot. Okay your turn, here” she held out the opened bag for me so I dipped my nail in and scooped some out. Luckily my nostril was already clear so, being careful not to breathe out I shoved it on my nose and sniffed. I felt a tingle on my nose and then my eyes got a little runny but for the most part I felt fine. “Nice, feel anything yet?” Cece questioned as she snipped the bag shut and put it back between her boobs.

“Ummm. Actually yeah, this is so weird, I feel soberer. And like, tingly.” It was sort of hard trying to describe how I felt but overall it felt great. She wasn’t lying when she said it would keep the effects of the alcohol at bay. I could feel the clarity more and more as the seconds passed.

“That’s good, glad to hear it. Anyways, let’s get back, if you need another one just come find me” Cece opened the stall door back up and we returned to our respective tables. I felt like my mind had been cleared entirely of the drunken muddle it usually was in, not to mention the confidence too. The night soon came to a finish. I felt my mood coming down more and going back to normal by the time I got home. I took off my make-up and winded down after a high energy night. Sleep came easy as I finally slipped into bed.

Chapter Text


It was an icy grey morning but Jungkook and I weren’t going to let that stop us from going out to the park for our scheduled run. We’d just finished doing our stretches and seemed to be warmed up and in good spirits. I asked if he was ready as we reached the pathway in which he gave a thumbs up. We set off at a steady pace, from my peripherals I could see the hood of Kookies jumper bouncing slightly along with his hair.

I felt the material of my legging tug a little at the skin of my waist with every step. Fresh cold air hit my face and hands, seeing as it was the only part of me that wasn’t covered by my jumper or leggings. I breathed deeply in and out as we kept going, we were now passing the lake which had a thin layer of ice formed over the top. It glistened against the faint light of the sun cracking over the horizon. Suddenly Jungkook stopped, I also came to a halt and looked at him.

“Sorry, my phones ringing. Can we have a break? I need to take this” He explained as he pulled his phone out and glanced down at it.

“Yeah sure, no rush” I waved it off. He gave a small smile before picking up the call and walking a little out of earshot. I turned back towards the lake and gazed out at it. It was beautiful, there were small rocks and trees on the lake bank that made it look picture perfect. I took a few steps closer off the concrete and onto the grass which gave a light crunch from the ice under my feet. That’s when a tiny sound caught my ear. It was so faint I thought I’d imagined it.

There, on a rock, just on the bank was a white kitten. It’s meows for help were so fragile. As I inspected it further I noticed that a tree was blocking the kittens path off the rock from behind so it’s only way off was over the thin layer of ice.

Holy shit, how long had this poor thing been stuck there?! As I got closer I could see it shivering. “Kitty, hey, it’s okay” I bent down beside the edge of the ice and tried to reach out to it but, there’s no way I’d be able to grab it unless I leaned over the ice a bit.


This isn’t good… But there’s no way I can leave it there. Just looking at this tiny little guy freezing there alone on that rock.

Fuck it.

As I carefully put my palm on the ice I felt it burn cold. I took a deep breath and tried to put up with it, after it got a bit numb I put a bit more pressure. Slowly seemed fine. The ice wasn’t cracking so I moved forward and knelt as carefully as I could on the ice. I slowly reached out, the kitten was still meowing desperately which only pushed me further to try and get him outta there. Finally, I felt his soft fluffy fur in my palm as I scooped him up. Now, all I had to do was gently throw him back on the bank then back up slowly the way I’d come. The kitty made a small plop sound as I threw him a short distance behind me to the grass.


A sharp freeze engulfed my arm. The lattices of ice rippled. It gave way from underneath. I was falling forward. In an instant everything went dark. Shock from sudden cold hit me. I gasped but couldn’t scream.

I can’t move. My whole body was freeze burning.

Fuck I’m going to die. 

Everything went numb. I couldn’t feel a thing.

Fear crept in to every crevice of my being, drowning me in its depths. 

I open my eyes. I faintly hear Kooks voice before I glimpse him leaning over me. Was it my mind playing tricks on me? Time was disfigured. My body is shaking violently, I crack my eyes open again, reality flickering in and out,  I see cars and buildings whizzing past. I was being held. Kookie was panting.

I'm numb. I can’t control the shaking. My body is so weak. I fall out of reality, the sounds of the street become more faint, a door slams shut. Through numbness I feel a rug beneath me.


“Jia. Stay with me” The urgency in Kooks voice pulls my attention. I try and focus on him but it’s so hard. With force my jumper is ripped off me, next my leggings.

“Jungkook, it’s-“ I can barely get the words out, it takes all of my strength to keep conscious and not fall into nothingness. “Just hold on. Im gonna warm you up. It’s going to be okay” I can hear his own voice shaking. I feel my bra being unclipped, and then, my underwear being slid down. I was only naked for a second before Kookie ran to my bedroom and wrapped my big blanket around me.

Slowly, I started to be able to focus on what was happening around me. Jungkook sat before me drenched, doe-eyes on me as I sat wrapped in a blanket on my living room floor.

“Kookie. I’m okay” I breathed. The numbness in my body slowly was starting to disappear.

“Fuck. Thank god. You scared the hell out of me” his teeth chattered and his shivers started to get worse. “Kook. You need to take off those wet clothes too.” I didn’t have enough strength to help him, all I could do was clutch the blanket around me. “Im fine, don’t worry about me.” He shook his head but I knew that wasn’t the truth.

“Don’t be stubborn. Your shaking so much” Kook hesitated for a second, I thought he was going to argue but, he slowly peeled off his jumper to reveal his wet bare chest. Our eyes locked for a moment as he lingered at the waist band of his pants so I closed my eyes.

Then, I felt Kook open up the blanket from around me. Air hit my body before the ice cold of his bare skin replaced it. Kook had lifted me up onto his lap before wrapping the blanket back around the both of us. I could feel him shaking beneath me. After a little while I regained some feeling. “Are you getting warmer?” I mumbled.

“Yeah, I’m not shaking as badly” he gave a small breath then wrapped his arms around my back and pressed me harder against him. Our chests pressed together.

As warmth returned the more I could feel how closely we were pressed together. His skin on mine. I reposition and sit on his thigh, knees tucked as my feet touch the small space of carpet in between Jungkooks crossed legs.
I lift my arms over his shoulders and hold him. Even though I’d been rescued from the depths of that cold lake trickles of icy guilt started to pour into my mind.

“You’re still so cold though” I mumbled. It was because of me. “I’ll be okay. You’re warming me up” Kookie rested his head in the crevice of my neck and we stayed huddled together for a while longer. He was right, as time went by I could feel the heat building between us but I needed to apologise.

“I’m really sorry… this is my fault” I peered down at Kook who pulled away and looked at me plainly. He runs his hands through my wet hair and nods. Maybe it was a mixture of guilt and fear that lingered. That feeling of being submerged, possibly even near death…

“Yeah. It is. You’re always doing risky things, getting yourself into trouble. Isn’t this the third time I’ve had to carry you home?” Kook furrowed his brows. The high running emotions I’d kept at bay finally spilt as his words hit me.

“I’m sorry… I’ll try and be more ca-“ Kook closes his eyes and gently kissed me.

Why are you the one who always seems to be saving me..

Tears trickled down my cheeks, Kookies soft lips moved from mine to my cheeks. He placed small kisses where my tears had been.

“Please don’t cry” he whispered. “I’m trying, but I can’t help it” I whimpered between soft sobs. Kook gave a small groan before gripping my waist roughly with one hand and pulling my thigh around him with the other so I was wrapped around him and unable to move.

“Kookie” I gasped, only for him to run his hand up through my hair and then push my lips down into his. With his head tilted backwards I drove my tongue deeper into his mouth. His hands gripped my waist again and he thrusted hard up against me, I felt him thick and hard as it slid between my bare folds. It was all happening so fast. Every time his tongue slid over mine, the feeling of him between my thighs, it was a pure rush. The tension. It was all being released at once.

“Can I?” Kooks voice broke me out of my lust filled trance. His big brown doe eyes connected with mine. I was sitting on the tip of him, the slightest movement and he’d be inside me.

I nodded slowly, at a loss for words. I clung around his shoulders as he slowly plunged his entire length in to me. His groans as he did sent shivers through me.

Kook did most of the work as he lifted me by the hips and drove himself deeper and deeper into me. I held on for dear life as he did, until, he slowed down. “Are you coming?” My voice barely escaping me as I was still trying to catch my breath.

“Mm. Are you?” Jungkook kissed my ear softly as he asked. “Yeah, I’m so close. Don’t stop” I buried my head into his neck and sucked lightly. He picked up speed again and after a few deep thrusts I felt him shoot hard inside me. It sent me over, I tried to squeeze my legs together as I came but the thickness of Kooks torso was in the way and the intensity of the climax hit me.

We were both left panting, Kook fell on his back and I toppled over onto his chest. The blanket fell open from behind me and we both lay there naked and trying to catch our breaths. I curled up on top of him. Drained from how high strung everything had been.

“Can you promise me something?” Kook spoke softly.

“What is it?”

“You won’t do anything stupid and die while I’m gone?”

“Gone? Where are you going?” I lifted my head and peered into his face.

“I was going to tell you after our run. My agency is sending me off to America for dance training. I should be back by the start of next semester but it depends” He said plainly.

“I don’t want you to leave… Is that too selfish of me?”. He gave a small sigh. “I don’t really want to go either but I have to.”

“I’ll promise then. I’ll be here waiting for you. Alive and well”. Kook chuckles.

“Good. If I’ve got you waiting for me then I’ll have to train hard so I can get back to you quicker” A small smirk creeps up.

“Pfft. You should train hard regardless!” I exclaimed. A small moments silence passed before Kook spoke again.

“Jia. I’m serious, don’t be careless while I’m gone. I’m so worried something might happen, you have to promise”. I rested my head back on his chest, I traced small circles on his other pec. “I promise. I didn’t know you worried that much…”.

“Of course I do. You’re the first-“ he stopped mid sentence.

“First? What’s first? First kiss?” I questioned. Peering up.

“Nevermind. I’ll tell you after I get back” he looked to the side, avoiding my gaze.

“Huh? No fair, just tell me now” I protested.

“No. Don’t be so impatient” Kook laughs and pinched my nose.


With a promise and new found feelings Jungkook left. It was the last time I would see him for a while. It was hard to say goodbye. After everything that had transpired between us I didn’t want to let him go so soon. But, a bright sunrise lay just on the horizon. Who knew what would await us when he came back. I wished him the best of luck overseas. Knowing Jungkook I’m sure everything would work out for him. And I’d patiently wait for him to return.

The next two weeks would be full of exams. Everyone was so busy, including myself so there was no time to see each other. After those two weeks had passed everyone else except Hoseok and Yoongi had left Seoul for the holidays. They deserved a nice break after their hard work and I hoped they could all relax and recharge while they were gone.

I focused on work and saving money now that i had more free time. I’d seen Yoongi in passing occasionally, we’d stopped to chat and he was basically doing the same thing as I was. Trying to save up and write songs. Christmas was near approaching and I was excited to spend some quality time with Hoseok and Yoongi. Despite trying to save I also wanted to take a rest too.

Chapter Text


The groceries Hoseok and I lugged back to the dorms was making my arms ache under the weight. We may have gone a tad overboard in our excitement for Christmas Eve. We hurried back to Yoongi who was halfway through cooking up a storm. He still needed a few ingredients before he could finish cooking dinner.

Hoseok and I burst through the front door groceries in hand. Yoongi looked over from the pan he was stirring. “Huh, why do you have so many things?” He questions as we drop everything onto the coffee table centring the main room.

“We picked up a few extra snacks and drinks. It’s only Christmas once a year. Might as well enjoy it” Hoseok beamed as he started unpacking the plastic bags.

“How’s dinner coming along? It smells so good” I was practically drooling over the delectable scent filling the room. “Shouldn’t be long, Hobi, can you pass the chilli?” Yoongi was totally in his element as I watched him chop the chilli and mix it into the pan.

Hoseok went over to the laptop on the table and put some upbeat tunes on and we got busy with helping Yoongi cook and putting everything away.

“I think it’s nearly done, Jia, what do you think?” Yoongi asked. I packed the last bottle of Soju in the fridge and went over to him and peered into the pan. He took a spoonful and blew on it a few times before holding it out for me to try.

He watched me intently as I took the spoon in my mouth to taste. It was a spice enthusiasts dream. “This only further confirms my theory” I said as I finally swallowed the morsel.

“And what’s that?”

“That you’re perfect boyfriend material” I giggled. “Don’t change the subject, how’s it taste though?” Yoongi rebutted trying to hide any fluster he may have felt. Hoseok just laughed as he came over and took the spoon from Yoongi, he gave me a small wink before he went to try it for himself.

“Yep. It’s Perfect. I’ll help you serve up”. Yoongi looked please with himself as he took the spoon back from Hobi. “I’ll get the drinks ready!” I called as I went back over to the fridge.

Hobi set cutlery whilst Yoongi transferred the dishes to the table. I poured the shots and took the seat on the floor cushion beside Hoseok. His charismatic aura had well and truly returned over the holidays and it felt kind of nostalgic being with these two at the dinner table again. Only this time instead of bbq we had a scrumptious looking homemade meal from Yoongi himself.

“Jia, what’s with the smile?” Yoongi’s question pulled me from my trance. “Huh? Oh… I was just thinking about the time we first met. And how far we’ve all come” I explained. Hoseok threw a tiny smile my way, I felt him reach over to rub small circles on the side of my leg.

“Don’t get all sentimental on me now, we haven’t even started drinking yet” Yoongi mused. I took that as my cue to grab my shot and get the night underway.

“Yeah you’re right, I’ll save it for later” I laughed.

“Cheers!” And just like that the festivities began.

Nothing fills the stomach with joy quite like a home cooked Korean meal. After we were well and truly full we decided on playing some drinking games.

“It’s only right we play truth or dare” Hoseok leaned back on one arm, his cheeks slightly flushed but a playful grin on his face. By now I knew he didn’t exactly have a strong tolerance to drinks. It was cute though.

“I guess, it could be interesting” Yoongi rubbed at his chin as he mulled it over. Hoseok cocked his head to me and waited for a reply.

“I dono, every time I play this game it ends in chaos” I laughed, fiddling with my empty shot glass on the table in front of me. “Hm? Like what?” Yoongi questioned. I thought back to the time I’d played with Jimin, Tae and Jungkook… I’d ended up making out with all three of them.

“No, no, let’s not talk about it!” I quickly shook my head. “I’ll play, but you both gotta promise you won’t make me do any wild shit” I concurred. “Well, can’t exactly promise that now can I” Hoseok hummed before noticing my empty shot glass on the table.

“Yeah, you’re either in or out, no compromising” Yoongi added. I glared at them both for a moment, Hoseok just ignored it and took it upon himself to top up my glass.

“Arghh. Fine, you guys win. Who’s going first?” I sighed. These two both looked too smug for my liking, I had a feeling I was gonna regret playing but guess there was no turning back now. Besides, it was a Christmas tomorrow, might as well loosen up and enjoy myself.

“Heh. Heh. Yoongi Hyung! You go first” Hobi chuckled evilly. “Ok. Hobi, truth or dare?” He replied.

“Truth”. “Hmmm. How many times have you two fucked?” Yoongi asked plainly. “Jesus. You’re not even gonna try and ease in to it” I laughed. This boy was going straight for the jugular.

“Twice- no, three times?” Hobi answered, no hesitation whatsoever. “How do you even know this?” I blurted out. Still baffled by the fact he was even privy to that info.

“Yoongi just catches on to stuff easily” Hobi looked to me and shrugged. “It’s cause Hobi here kept talking about you all the time. Saying how pretty and cool he thought you were. So I just put two and two together” Yoongi elaborated. “You didn’t even deny it when I asked” he went on.

“Fuck, don’t remind me. Get this right, I was halfway through telling this guy about a blog I was working on. And out of no where he comes out with ‘Hey, are you and Jia sleeping together?’.” Hobi explained. Now that I was hearing how it had all apparently come to light it actually didn’t surprise me.

“And so let me guess, you just spilled the beans to Yoongi. I guess that makes sense” I shook my head in amusement.

“Basically yeah” Yoongi leaned back, a smug smile settling across his features. “Okay whatever, let’s move on. Hobi, your turn.” I lightly pushed his thigh.

“Hmm. Jia, truth or dare?” He shot back. Eyes lingering on me to see my response. “Please don’t wuss out and pick truth” Yoongi drawled before throwing back a shot.

“I’m not a wuss” I scoffed. Feeling slightly offended. Hoseok giggled at the antics. “Then, don’t pick truth” Yoongi raised an eyebrow as he looked at me.

“Fine. Dare.” I glared at him. What’s the worst Hoseok could do anyways? He was soft for me I knew it, there’s no way he’s make me do anything that bad.

“Really? Fuck. Okay. I dare you to…” he scanned the room for a moment before stopping and cracking up. “Promise you won’t hate me after this?” He glanced back at me before reaching out and grabbing a long thick red ribbon that had been in the corner of the room.

“What? What is it?”

“Wrap yourself in this pretty ribbon and dance sexily for us. Consider it being our sexy little Christmas present, hm?” Hoseok bit at his lip, that lustrous look I knew well glinting in his eyes.

“Fuck! What?! You’ve got to be kidding me?” I smacked my forehead in credulity. Yoongi just started laughing, he had to wipe small tears from the side of his eyes. “How the hell did you even come up with that Hob?”

“You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, I sure as hell would tell him to go fuck himself” Yoongi consoled me, small smile plastered on his face looking like he was revelling in the turn of events.

I let out a deep breath before snatching the ribbon from Hoseok who still had it held out towards me in his hand.

“I’ll do it. But don’t get all butt-hurt when I’m the one who has the last laugh!” I declared before standing up and heading over to their bedroom to change.

If that’s how Hoseok wanted to play I’d make him regret it. Besides, this could be fun, shaking my near naked butt in his face, getting him all hot and bothered then leaving him high and dry. When did I become so mischievous? Lol. I took all my clothes off, stood in front of the mirror and tried to wrap the bright red ribbon around me so that I was covering the important parts. I managed to do so, only just but it was enough! To top it off I tied the end as a big bow like a choker around my neck. The ribbon spiralled down from there over my nipples, and then hugged the curve of my hips and down between my thighs. God I half felt stupid but half sexy. It was conflicting but fuck it, I got this.

I cracked open the bedroom door and only stuck my head out. My hair fell to the side as I peeked out.

“You ready?” Hoseok called out from where he was still leaned back and relaxed on his floor cushion. Yoongi also glanced over at me curiously.

“Yeah. Are you going to play the music or what?” I asked. Biting back the residue of annoyance at the predicament I’d gotten myself in.

“Yep. How’s this?” Hoseok asked as he fiddled with the laptop, Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt started to play. Omg, just when I thought it couldn’t get any more corny. “How the fuck did we even get here” Yoongi laugh sighed to himself and rubbed his forehead before looking back up apprehensively, Hoseok had the biggest cheeky grin on his face and I was determined to wipe it right back off.

I took a deep breath and slowly opened the door and stepped back into the room, swaying my hips to the beat as I made my way closer to Hoseok.

The cute jingle of the song made it easy for me to play with it, I slowly, as sexily as I could, leant down and pick up my shot and took it. I was going to need it for this next part.

“Holy fuck babe” Hoseok mouthed, his gaze eating up the view of me in front of him in nothing but a ribbon. I stood back up and turned around, slowly grinding my hips out to give him a peek at my ass from behind. His head turned and followed me as I swung past him and walked towards Yoongi who’s expression was one I hadn’t seen. He bit at his lip, seemingly unable to look away from me.

Okay, time for some revenge. I got down on my knees so that Yoongi and I were at eye level and cupped his cheeks then slowly pushed my chest out inches from his face, I stuck my ass out and threw my head back to see Hoseoks reaction, he looked like he was about to explode. Throw me down right there and then and have his way with me. Had I won yet? I giggled to myself. God this was so satisfying.

I swung around so that I was on my knees, and grinded on Yoongi from behind. I heard a small groan escape his lips. Hoseok watched wide eyes as I grabbed Yoongis hands from behind me and ran them lightly from over my chest and down my sides, by the time I’d glided them over my thighs I felt Yoongi grip on to me of his own accord. It felt so good as he slid his fingers between my legs that I shuddered. A small moan accidentally escaping my lips.

“Such a fuckin tease” he tsked from behind me into my ear. I was NOT expecting him to retaliate like this.

I tried to grab his hand and pull it away from me but he slipped it underneath the ribbon and dipped his finger knuckle deep into me. I quivered at the intrusion, should I stop him? My mind clouded over, I didn’t know what to do. I tried to tug at his wrist but it was no use.

“Not so cocky now, are we” Yoongi chuckled smugly to himself. “Baby, you look so good like this.” Hoseok shifted closer, got up on his knees and gently attacked my lips with kisses. I was pinned between the two, Yoongi still dipping his fingers in and out of me while Hoseok ravages my mouth. There was no getting out of this.

I melted into the feeling and grind harder against Yoongi who now had gotten on his knees and had my hip I’m his grasp. Hoseok pulled away so I took the chance to reach for his track pants and grope him. He was so hard already, it only made me want him more.

“Hm? Is there something you want? Use your words baby” He cooed. “I- Can I have a taste?” I bit at my lip in anticipation. Had I ever begged him like this before?

“Aren’t you missing something? Magic word?” He chuckled. “P- Please Hoseok” I panted between moans, Yoongi had sped up.

“I never imagined you’d be so well behaved” Yoongi said from behind me. “Oh, she’s almost too well behaved. That’s what makes ruining her so much fun” Hoseok mused as he pulled his hard dick out of his track pants and pumped it few times. I felt Yoongi push me forward and I fell onto my hands, Hoseoks hard cock was right before me. Yoongi spread me open from behind seeing as I was on all fours he probably had quite the view. Hoseok groaned as he grabbed a fist full of my long blonde hair and thrust his cock down my throat.

I spluttered at first but quickly adjusted as he pumped his dick in and out of my throat. Yoongi had moved from fucking me with his fingers to trailing my own juices up and down my slit. It was making my knees shake.

“How’s that baby girl? It’s been a while hasn’t it? Bet you’re loving all the attention hm?” Hoseok had a fond happiness to his tone. Suddenly he yanked himself from my mouth and grabbed my chin and wrenched me up so we were face to face. Yoongi pulled away from me for a moment.

“Mm. It’s good. I- wasn’t expecting it… especially not from you, Yoongi…” I curled my fingers around Hoseoks wrist and turned to look at Yoongi.

“Honestly, neither did I but, the way you were shaking your ass in my face. Ahh.” He gave a faint tsk. He looked so sexy right now, face flushed yet his confidence.

“I wanna taste you too Yoongi…” I felt shy as I told him what I wanted. I looked back to Hobi, almost as to ask permission. “Go ahead. While your at it, bend over nice and low for me, okay baby” he gave my ass a firm smack. I gasped. Yoongi held out his hand, I took it and he pulled me closer to him. Our eyes met for a small moment before I bent over, at first I’d thought it was pure lust but, something else lingered, I couldn’t pin it and I didn’t have time to think as Yoongi pulled out his hard cock in front of my eyes. Fuck it looked so good. As I popped my mouth over his aching tip Hoseok gripped my hips and firmly pushed his entire length in to me. My mouth started to salivate and drip down over his cock. He thrust into me at a steady pace but I was already so worked up I couldn’t hold back.

I came, clenching hard around Hoseok but he just kept thrusting in to me. I tried to focus on sucking, my name escaped Yoongi in small groans. It only drove my want for him to spill his load down my throat more.

“I’m coming” He pushed back my hair and grabbed my face, his hips thrusted in a slow rhythm, my mouth was so full already that when his dick twitched and his load spilt out I nearly chocked on it. I swallowed it all, and Yoongi pulled out of me.

“Sit up” Hoseok slowed down when he noticed Yoongi had finished. Yoongi noticed I had lost strength in my arms as I struggled to get up. “Come here Jia” he gripped me under the arms and pulled me to him, turning me over so that I was basically propped up against him. Hoseok came closer and spread my legs apart, getting ready to start fucking me again.

I felt so weak by now that I didn’t have the strength to hold myself up. “You okay?” Yoongi whispered as he wrapped his arms around my middle to hold me. “Mm. Yeah, but my legs are so weak, I can’t keep them open” I admitted. “That’s alright, you’ve done so well, hold on a little longer baby girl” Hoseok bent forward and kissed me. I moaned into his lips as he drove his cock back into me. His pace picked up fast, I was being pushed into coming again, any second now. I buried my head into Yoongi’s neck to stifle my cries from climax. It was only intensified as Hoseok shot hard into me at the exact moment I was tipped over.

I was left panting, desperately trying to catch my breath. “You okay?” Hoseok kissed me on the cheek before standing up. “Mm” I managed to mumble. Yoongi pulled me into him and held me closely. I was so fucked out I could barely move so I just huddled into Yoongi. Hoseok went to the bathroom to clean up. After he came back Yoongi offered to help me clean up too.

“I can’t believe that actually just happened” I admitted.

“Me either. It’s was fun. You know, you’ve got talent” Yoongi gave a cheeky smile. “For sucking dick?” I laughed.

“I’m serious, that tongue technique of yours if something else” he mused.

“Why don’t you judge me? Do you seriously not think any less of me after that? Sometimes I just feel like I don’t get you…”

“What would be the point of judging you?”

“I dono…”

“Exactly. There’s no point. That’s why I don’t. Life isn’t always clear cut and easy. I don’t think less of you for doing what you want to do. At the end of the day it’s your prerogative. Just be happy Jia”


After Yoongi helped me and we both got cleaned up, I changed into my pyjamas and the three of us snuggled up in bed. We talked a little bit but soon fell asleep.

The next morning was filled with excitement as we opened our gifts from each other. Hoseok was completely smitten over the colourful side bag I got him and Yoongi thanked me about 5 times for the headphones.

Hoseok gave me a ‘free 50 minute massage’ voucher that I could pull anytime I wanted from him and Yoongi gave me a gorgeous crystal studded pink pen. It flowed so smoothly as I wrote something down to try it out. It was undeniably the best Christmas I’d ever had.

Chapter Text

The freezing days gradually were replaced with warmer ones as the anticipation of Spring neared. I always thought it was beautiful how the plumb blossoms appeared just before the warmer days. It instilled hope in me, and it was the precursor for those cherry blossoms which usually took the spotlight at the end of spring.

Over the holidays I picked up more shifts and focused on saving like as planned. I’d become a lot closer with some of the girls at work, and others still acted like the world revolved around them. Cece and I had bonded the most, to the point where some of the girls even joked about us being sisters. Having her around made the excessive drinking and those annoying clients that made me want to rip out my hair easier to endure. I’d been grinding hard and it hadn’t gone unnoticed. I’d jumped up to number 3 in Monthly sales, and by the end of next month the quarterly ranks would be announced. They were more important in hindsight and I was hoping for a good result.

Ji Yong, or better known as G Dragon started visiting along with the other two recently. He chose Serina as his main, no surprise there. It just meant that taking her place at number 1 would be much harder, and, Cece and I have had to pretend to get along with her whenever the boys visited. It was a pain but so far so good. Nothing overly dramatic had happened and I was hoping it stayed that way.

Apart from that, the semester that was about to start was all paid for. It left my account looking dry but I’d fix that soon enough. I’d even managed to get a start on some of the upcoming material for my subjects. I’d tried to call my Mum over the holidays several times but the number was disconnected. I decided I had enough to worry about and tried to forget about it. I’m sure she’ll get in touch with me when she can. My parents being unreliable was nothing new.

I’d spent some time with Yoongi and Hoseok over Christmas. Things got a bit wild but it was fun. Not long after that Hoseok found out about my job. At first he was a bit shook, said he didn’t mind sharing me with Yoongi or Joon but outside of our group he couldn’t come to terms with. We didn’t talk for a week until Yoongi convinced Hoseok to let it go and just accept it. I was relieved when he finally came around and apologised, he even brought flowers. I remember crying which made him feel bad but, it was only because I was so relieved.

Since then it’s been smooth sailing mostly. I missed the others while they’ve been gone. Tae sent me videos of him playing with his little cousins. Jimin regularly texted me hearts at midnight on the dot before I got into bed. Joon sent me pictures of art and beautiful skies he’d seen while away, and Jin ended up going back to see his family for a short while too but I haven’t heard from him or Jungkook as of yet. But it was okay, everyone had their own lives to live. That’s just how it is.

My class schedule was slightly different compared to last semester, but not overly so. I still had Language on Monday but instead my morning was free and it didn’t start until after lunch.

I threw on some jeans, a cropped shirt and a light cardigan before leaving for said class. There was no guarantee I’d still be with Tae and Jimin but I prayed I would be as I left the house. As always, I picked up a coffee on the way. The lecture hall had changed to a different building, it was the same one where all the studios were only on a higher level.

As I walked in there were students taking their seats and some stood around in small groups and chatted. I scanned the room in hopes I’d see those familiar faces but then my sights stopped on the back of two heads. I knew those heads anywhere, it was definitely Jimin and Tae.

I rushed up the isle towards them, they still had their backs turned, clueless, so I snuck up closer.

“Surprise!” I linked my arms around theirs and squeezed myself into the small gap between them.

“Huh? Jia?” Tae looked absolutely baffled before he broke out into a chortled laugh. Jimin gasped and clung to his chest for fear of his life.

“Sorry- are you okay? What’s goi-“ I stopped as I realised that there were two girls standing in front of the boys. I had totally not noticed them before, seeing as Tae and Jimin were so tall that they’d blocked them out of view.

“Who’re you?” One of them finally asked. I didn’t like the tone she was using. “Jia. Are these your friends?” I directed my question to Tae and Jimin after answering her. Jimin laughed awkwardly before grabbing me and turning to leave. “Sorry, we gotta go. Might catch you around though” he gave a short wave. The girls didn’t look all too pleased but I was more curious as to what that was all about. Tae followed along as Jimin pushed me into a nearby chair.

“I’m so glad to see you. Thanks for saving us back there” Jimin sighed as he leant back in his seat. “What’s going on, I’m so confused. How do you know those girls?” I questioned.

“We don’t, they just came up to us and asked if we wanted to go on a double date” Tae pursed his lips together as though not needing to say much else about the matter.

“Yeah. That’s basically the gist of it. I was trying to let them down nicely seeing as I knew Tae couldn’t do it“ Jimin explained.

“I hate turning someone down, it’s feels horrible” Tae interjected. “Oh… I see” I replied.

“Next time just tell them I’m your girlfriend. Then you won’t have to turn anyone down” I chuckled. “I was actually thinking of saying that” Tae mentioned.

“You were? Oh, why didn’t I think of that!” Jimin groaned. Tae chuckled lightly at his friends dismay.

“I’m just glad we’re all in the same class again. Don’t know what I’d do without you two” I sighed in satisfaction.

“Same. You know what we should do?” Jimin hummed.

“Hm?” I peeked up.

“Sleepovers at your place. How’s Wednesday night?” Tae chimes in.

“Ahhhh, yesss. Let’s do it” I enthused.

The three of us could barely sit still during class. We ended up whispering amongst ourselves for most of the time. The excitement of being back together after such a long time was too much for us to concentrate on anything else. Class came to an end but the three of us stayed back a little longer to talk.

“By the way, is Jungkook back from America yet? I haven’t heard from him at all…” I took the chance to ask about him. Hoping that they might be able to shed some light on what was happening with him.

“Uhh. He got back this morning. He’s probably just recovering from jet lag. I’m sure you’ll hear from him soon” Tae reassured. “Okay. Relieved he made it back in one piece.” I joked. Jimin clicked his phone to check the time.

“We should get going” he sighed. “Okay, I’ll message you both about Wednesday” I gave them both a hug before parting ways.

On my way out of the building I was about to pass the trio rappers studio. Curiosity getting the better of me I decided to try my luck and see if anyone was in. I knocked on the door a few times and waited. Shortly after, a deep voice called out for me to come in so I pushed open the door.

Joon swivelled around from his seat at the computer desk, what was momentary shock turned into a full fledged dimpled smile.

“Hey, what’re you doing here?” He stood up and came over to wrap his arms around me.

“I came to see if you were back.” I explained.

“That’s funny, I was just about to text you” Joon pulled away and looked down at me.

“It’s telepathy” I winked as a joke. Joon just laughed. “I was going to ask if I could stop by yours later tonight?” He went on.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll see you later then?” I smiled. “Mm. See you later baby girl” he quickly pecked my cheek. I decided to quickly go before he had a chance to see my cheeks flare up.

I hurried off to my last class for the day. As I sat through the lecture my mind wondered back to Jungkook. I decided to send him a message.

Jia: Kookie, I heard you got back this morning! Hope you’re feeling alright and taking a good rest. Can’t wait to see you and hear all about your trip ☺️ I miss you

I clicked my phone shut feeling excited for his reply, when class finished I picked up some Bibimbap and headed home.

When I got home I took a shower and changed into an oversized hoodie and shorts then spread out on the couch with my laptop. I’d been slowly compiling some lyrics to songs I’d promised to deliver to Tae, Jimin and Jungkook but it had proven harder than I thought. I wanted to make them special and meaningful which was why I’d settled for nothing less than perfection.

Time passed as the night set. I’d just glanced 9:47 pm in the bottom corner of my laptop when I heard a knock on the door. I jumped up to answer it.

“Hope I’m not too late” Joon stood in my doorway draped in all black casual wear holding a small blue box. “No, not at all” I stepped aside so that he could come in.

“How was your fist day back?” I asked as I closed the door behind him. “Yeah good. Just trying to ease back into it. Feels weird after being away for so long” he replied, taking a few strides over to the kitchen counter. I followed as he placed the small box down.

“May I ask?” I peered down and he laughed. “Yeah, they’re for you anyways. Sweets for ma sweet girl” he opened up the box to reveal a four set of different coloured Macaroons.

“Aw. Seriously? That’s so cute. Thank you” I brushed my hair aside and rubbed my face to try and hide my shyness. “No problem. Wasn’t sure if you’d like them but-“ he began to say but I quickly but in “No! no I love them! Im just shy” I started talking fast and then laughed awkwardly.

“Hm, you? Shy? Really?” Joon bent down to get a better look at my face. “Hey! Stop it~” I pushed him away but he just chuckled bemusedly. “Oh by the way, the sky is really clear tonight. I was thinking, did you want to sit out on the balcony?” I changed the subject.

“Yeah, I noticed it on my way here but couldn’t stop to get a good look” Joon peered towards my balcony door window out to where the night sky peeked through. I clutched on to his arm and pulled him over to the balcony. As the weather had warmed slightly I’d decided to set up an outside lounge chair with cushions and sheets that fit snuggly between the wall and the railing. I tied a white canopy partially above to protect the fairy lights I’d draped inside the little hub.

“Wow, this looks good. Did you make this yourself?” Joon stepped out first and poked his head inside.

“Yeah, thought it’d be nice to have somewhere to relax when the warmer weather came” I replied. Joon crawled in and propped himself up against a stack of cushions.

“You coming?” He asked as he patted the space between his legs so I crawled in and settled in his arms.

The sky was clear dark midnight blue, bright dots scattered as far as the eye could see. The faint sound of the city bustle almost drowned out by the serenity of the moment. I light chill in the breeze that blew by made me shiver.

“You cold?” Joon didn’t wait for an answer as he wrapped his arms tighter around me. “I’m okay. You’re warm” I replied. Joon gently trailed kissed along the back of my neck.

“The stars look so pretty. And there’s so many of them” I sighed as I stared out into the vast twilight above. “Mm. Have you heard of the Microcosm-Macrocosm analogy?” Joon’s voice resides in my ear. “Maybe, isn’t it about there being some relation to human beings and the cosmos?” I recalled something I’d vaguely touched on in high school during my philosophy elective.

“Yeah. Something like that. Recently, when I stared up at the stars it reminded me of you” Joon’s voice was low and relaxed. I peered across from one star to another, contemplating his words.

“Aw. Because… Each star in the cosmos could represent a person?” I mumbled to myself. “Mm. Flipped, Inside everyone is their own cosmos.” Joon replied.

“Sounds like it needs to be a song” I chuckled quietly. “Then I’ll write it” Joon whispered.

“I missed you. I missed this” I turned my head, he lowered his gaze and looked back at me. His nose nearly touching mine. “Me too. To be honest, I couldn’t wait to get back” his voice low, I quivered. This intimacy, it was enough to melt in. “Did you think about me?” I questioned, my voice barely a whisper. I felt his nose brush mine, like an Eskimo kiss.

“Do I really need to say it?” Joons cheek brushed against mine as he leaned to whisper in my ear. “I want to hear it” I gently nuzzled my cheek along his, it was enticingly soft.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you”. I felt Joons hand tangle into my hair and gently tug my head back. His tongue slipped into my mouth, he’d never kissed me with such ferocity. I was swept up in his arms as he switches positions. His arm still clenched my hair beneath my head as I now lay underneath him.

“Joon, what’re you doing?” I breathed between kisses. “Something I should’ve done a long time ago” he breathed. Strong thighs forced themselves between my legs, the thin fabric of my shorts and his track pants was all that was between us as he grinded hard. I groaned and clung to his shoulders.

“When I think back on it, I regretted not fucking you in front of the fireplace that night”. As he spoke my vision was filled with him looking down at me hungrily. Another wave of pleasure ran through me as he grinded into me. “Do it. Fuck me” Being underneath him like this, all my inhibition was lost.

“Oh I plan to. But first, think it’s only fair you earn it baby girl”. Before I knew what was happening he’s picked me up again. I squealed out of surprise but was quickly placed back down on his lap straddling him.

“Joon, I’m not a rag doll ya know!” I hit his chest but he just gave a sly laugh. “Nah. More like my baby doll. So how about you be a good girl and get to work” he mused as he folded his arms behind his head. I felt myself flush under his heavy lidded gaze. “Fine, let’s see how much you can take” I slid my hand over his hardness and groped it through his pants. He held his composure so well. I pulled down the waistband. It popped out strong, my jaw nearly went slack as I stared at how huge it was. Would it even fit?

“Hm? What’s wrong? Not having second thoughts are we?” Joon teased, biting at his lip slightly. “Mm. No… you’re just so big” I took it and started to work it slowly over in my hand before pulling my shorts aside and lining myself up to take him.

“Just take it nice and easy then” Joon reached out and held my hand for support as I slowly pushed myself down onto his dick. He was so thick, I could feel him stretching me out the deeper I sat on him.

“Fuck, your so tight” he groaned, his other hand moving to grip my hip. I slowly started to ride him, luckily he didn’t move and let me be in control. It felt so good but I had to be careful not to go too far down, I couldn’t take all of him it was just too much.

“Joon, does it feel good?” I whimpered, I could feel myself getting wetter and my motioned getting more fluid. “Yeah, so good. You look so sexy right now” Joon smiled between heavy breaths. “I’m gonna come soon, feels too good” I admitted, with every thrust the way his knob rubbed on the inside of my walls was sending me over.

“Good, come all over my dick baby” his deep voice only intensified my climax. I twitched around him as it washed over, all my energy drained my body as I fell forward onto his chest. “God that’s so hot” Joon breathed as he wrapped his arms around me to hold me in place. I clung to his jumper and buried my face into it to stifle my moans as he started to fuck into me hard and fast chasing his own release. Soon enough he spilt hot in me and went limp.

“You sleepy?” Joon asked as he peered down at me, I was a complete mess still sprawled out on his chest. “A little, I can’t fall asleep here can I?” I mumbled, not having the energy to even look up at him. “Probably not a good idea. Let’s get you into bed instead” Joon carefully picked me up and carried me back into my bedroom. “I’m sorry, that just took so much out of me” I felt him place me in bed and pull the blanket over me.

“It’s alright, get some sleep. And if you’re not busy tomorrow night come by the club” Joon softly kiss me on the forehead. I turned on my side to face him and snuggled into comfort of the sheets. “Okay, I’ll come see you tomorrow” I said sleepily. “Night Jia. Sweet dreams”.

Chapter Text


On my run this morning I couldn’t help but think of Jungkook as I passed by the lake. I still hadn’t gotten a reply from him. I decided to give it another day to see if I’d hear back. I made some egg rolls for breakfast and then left for class.

As I strolled down the corridor towards my lecture hall a familiar outline caught my eye. He was striding in my direction from a small distance but, it was unmistakably Jin. What on earth was he doing here?

As I got closer I noticed he was holding a lunchbox in hand. I weave my way through the crowd so that our paths would meet.

“Jin” I called ahead, he cocked his head towards me, blinking in disbelief.

“Jia, this is unexpected” he halted in front of me, fondly gazing down.

“Yeah, What’re you doing here?” I asked. Jin lifted up the lunch box in hand. “Dropping this off to one of my Dongsaengs” he answered. “Ohh, is it a girl?” I bit my lip in anticipation. I hadn’t meant to pry but I couldn’t keep my curiosity at bay. “And if it is? Are you going to get jealous?” Jin cracked into a smug grin.

“Yes. I would be” I uttered under my breath, glancing off to an adjacent wall to evade his stare. “It’s not, don’t worry. It’s for the Maknae of my group.” Jin took a step closer, reaching out to tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear. I peered back up at him. “Oh… He’s so lucky, you never did make good on that promise to cook for me” I puffed out my cheeks, having Jin cook for me would be such a treat.

“Yeah, he has it good doesn’t he?” Jin chuckled. “Say, I have Friday night free. How about I come around for dinner then?” He suggested. “Yesss, are we going to cook?” I fawned. Truth was it’d been a long time since we’d spent any time together. “Yeah. I’ll drop by around 3, how’s that sound?” I nodded happily. Jin quickly leaned down and pecked my lips, it happened so fast but Jin waved goodbye and left before I snapped out of it. It left me standing there speechless.

I rushed off to class. Lectures and workshops kept me busy all day, When I finally got home I crawled up on my couch and took a brief nap.

I threw on a cropped black turtleneck jumper and black high waisted jeans, black heels to match. A few rings. Hair down straight. Earning decent money had its perks. I’d always liked having a variety of clothes, over the years I’d put a lot of effort into collecting pieces I loved despite barely having any money. But, now with the cash I was pulling in I could indulge in my visionary fashion fantasies.

I finished the Bibimbap leftover from the previous night before heading out. There was a short wait in line, when I reached the security at the doorpost, he stopped me. “Are you Jia?” He inquired. “Yeah. That’s me” I answered back. He was much bigger than me and dressed in all black. For a second I was nervous.

“The manager asked me to escort you in, come with me”. I quietly followed as the club security guy turned and walked in. I was expecting him to proceed straight through and down the stairs but instead, he took a left down a corded off passageway and up a short flight of stairs. A bar and lounge area came into view. As I strode further in I saw that this area was the balcony overlooking the dance floor and stage below. Was this a VIP section?

The lounge was loaded with deep purple suede couches, about four to five bundles of seating areas scattered through the lounge. The bar was against the back wall parallel to the banister which gave a nice view of the entire club.

“Jia, there you are” I sighted a group of familiar faces huddled across three couches, a low table in the middle. Joon was the one that’d called out to me, he sat next to Hoseok on the right side whilst Jimin and Tae sat across from them. “Hey, everyone’s here” I gave a little wave as I plopped onto the empty couch between them. “Well, not everyone but-” I hummed.

“Joon didn’t mention you were stopping by” Tae stood up and glid over beside me, tugging me into a one-armed hug. “Didn’t he?” I peeked over to Joon. “I wanted to surprise you guys” He insisted. “Well it worked, pleasantly surprised. How’s my girl?” Hoseok brightened, reaching over for the bottle of liquor on the table and pouring me a shot.

“Yeah, I’ve been good. Now that you’re all back I’m keen to see what life has in store for us going forward” I accepted the glass from Hoseok and drained the glass. “Last semester wasn’t exactly smooth sailing” Jimin leant back in his chair, letting out a sigh.

“It wasn’t. But now that you two have moved past that fight things will get better” Tae looked over towards Joon and Hoseok. “Point taken. At the end of the day, we need each member. I’m glad you came back Hob” their gazes met as they spoke.

“The reason I came back was that I believe in you guys. I know we went over it the other day but, let’s just put it behind us and move forward yeah” Hoseok took a shot after he arrived at his conclusion. There was an agreement between the boys.

“Jia, do you have any drink requests? The private bar up here is all ours” Jimin smirked, tilting forwards as though waiting for me to say the word so he could go and grab it.

“I don’t want to go too hard tonight. Maybe just some flavoured Soju. Peach, maybe?” I replied. “Your wish is my command” Jimin winked before striding over to the bar. Tae leant back into the couch from beside me. I noticed Hoseoks gaze idling on me, as though he was spacing out.

“What’s up?” I waved my hand in front of his face to get his attention. He broke out of it. “No, nothing.” He chuckled. “So, you been sleeping enough? Eating well? How’s your studies?” He abruptly started questioning, I thought he was kidding but at a second glance his attitude was serious.

“Wha? What’s with all the questions? Are you my dad or something?” I giggled. “No, that’s me” Joon butted in, making an effort to be witty.

“Wha? I can’t remember it going down like that…” I tried to recall but came up with naught, what was he talking about? “Just a matter of time, it’ll happen. Don't worry” he gave a smug chuckle. I deadpanned.

“Nah. I just wanna know how you are” Hoseok rebutted. I felt Tae reach up and start kneading my shoulders through the chatter.

“What I miss?” Jimin asked, returning with some fresh glasses and a few bottles of Peach Soju. “Just Hob and Joon Hyungies being weird” Tae shot a coy smile. Jimin snickered. “What’s weird about asking someone how they are?!” Hoseok fended. “No not that” Tae replied. “Huh? I was just joking about the daddy thing” Joon attempted to back-pedalled.

“Daddy? What’s going on? That sounds kinky” Jimin got that cheeky grin on his face. “Joon implied he wanted me to call him daddy” I elaborated. “Oh? Are you going to?” Jimin questioned, Tae laughed. “I dono, I never thought about it” I admitted. “Can we change the subject please guys?” Joon scrunched his nose, probably not able to listen to us ramble on about this as though it was a serious agenda.

“Yeah lol. You’re the one that brought it up though” I giggled. “She’s got a point” Hoseok added, ultimately only adding to the sting.

“I love this song, Jia, wanna dance?” Tae asked, sliding his hand into mine and smiling. “Here, have this before you go” Jimin shoved a shot into my other hand. “Thanks, Jiminie” I poured it back and put the empty glass on the table with a light thud. Tae hauled me up onto my feet and over to the balcony where there was a wider floor space. The boys were still in earshot from behind us.

Tae grabbed my waist and leant in closer as we slowly swayed to the RnB track drifting through the club. “I think those two are still getting used to how to treat you when we’re all together like this” Tae hummed. “Oh, so that’s how it is… Hope it's not too awkward for them” I replied. I laid my head on Taes shoulder, taking a peek at the boys as they casually conversed amongst themselves.

A small inkling of wonder hit me as Yoongi strolled into the lounge. He patted Joon on the shoulder, said a few words and then walked off together, disappearing down another hallway. “Jia” Taes voice pulled me back. “Hm?” I raised my head to look at him. His thick brown curls framed his face ethereally. “Are you actually okay?”.

“I think so…” I replied. The truth was I didn’t really know. Jimins cute giggles cut through the small silence as he neared. “Another one?” He clasped three glasses in his hand. We all took them. “So, about the daddy thing” Jimins deviant side knew no ends. “Ahh Jimin, please” I burried my face into Taes chest to hide. “C’mon, you’re not even a little curious?” I felt Jimin grip my chin and tug so our eyes were locked.

“I didn’t say I wasn’t but-” I mumbled, “-we’re the same age so it doesn’t work!” I lunged up and tickled his sides, Jimin jerked, letting go of my chin. I giggled at his reaction. “Ahh. Don’t say that, you’re gonna ruin what I’m imagining” he sulked.

“Oh, this should be good. What is it Jiminie?” Tae looked intrigued. I spun around and clamped my hands over my ears, trying not to hear the wild things that Jimin may have had swimming up in his head. I felt a light shake but I didn’t react. It stopped. I noted Hoseok was no longer sitting at the table. I wonder where he went? An escape would be nice right about now.

But instead, I spent the next hour playing around with Jimin and Tae. Eventually, Hoseok reappeared. The air around him was a little different. He insisted he’d drive me home and that it was getting late. Jimin and Tae kept quiet, so I left with him.

“I didn’t know you drove”. Hoseok had taken me down to the front of the club where a black Sudan was parked. It was a nice car, it only piqued my interest further.

“It’s our managers. He lets us borrow it sometimes” Hoseok looked over to me, I just couldn’t understand why he was so stiff since the moment he’d returned. “Where were you before?” I pushed on. “Just taking care of a few things”. I felt a tenderness curl itself into my hand. As I looked down I saw Hobi’s hand entwine with mine.

I quit questioning him for the rest of the ride. He leant over and kissed me before saying goodnight. I went back up to my building feeling a tad apprehensive.

I unlocked the door to my apartment, I felt a cold wind roll past. I froze in alarm as I looked around. The balcony door was wide open, the light from the moon spilt in, the white silk curtain thrashed in the air making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. There were papers scattered, blown by the wind into the corners of the room. I stumbled back out and shut the door, panic rising. I could barely clutch my phone as I hurried to call Yoongi.

I squatted down in the hallway until I heard the chime of the elevator. I lifted my head from where it’d been buried between my knees. Yoongi panted to catch his breath.

“Have you been inside yet?” He asked, kneeling beside me.

“No… When I saw the state of the place I closed the door and waited here. I haven’t heard any noise come from inside so I don’t think there’s anyone there right now” I mumbled. Yoongi let out a deep sigh, pushing his hand through his hair in deliberation.

“You think you’ll be alright to come in with me? Or you want to stay out here?” He questioned. I wasn’t sure. I was startled, confused. Maybe even angry. “I’ll come. I can’t sit out here in the hallway all night”.

Yoongi lent me a hand to pull me to my feet. He didn’t let go of it as he opened my apartment door and guided me inside. I turned on the light, Yoongi went over to close the balcony door, making sure to snip the lock. We both looked around. My laptop was open on the coffee table, papers of lyrics and assignments were everywhere, but, from what I could see nothing was missing.

“That’s weird” Yoongi mumbled. He went into my bedroom so I followed. My draws had been ransacked, pulled out and stuff strew across the floor. I felt violated.

“I wonder what they were after” I feigned. I went to check my jewellery but it was all there. “I don’t know” Yoongi admitted. “Do you notice anything missing?” He questioned. “I’m not sure. Maybe if I start cleaning I’ll be able to notice” I was at a loss. Yoongi helped clearing things up and putting stuff away. I was so overwhelmed, this entire situation unnerved me.

By the time we finished, I hadn’t noticed anything missing which only confused me more. Yoongi promised to stay the night with me to make sure I was okay. I don’t think I’d have been able to sleep if he wasn’t there. He sat on my bed beside me as I lay there, his fingers delicately fondled strands of my hair.

Chapter Text


When I woke up Yoongi had a delicious-looking breakfast spread waiting. I was still wearing my clothes from the night before as we sat and ate together. The upheaval from last night lingered and I couldn’t shake it off. After we ate Yoongi had to leave. I thanked him for coming but he brushed it off, seemingly more worried about the predicament at hand. Overall I think he was as perplex as I was. Even after discussing it over breakfast, neither of us could quite discern the intruder's motives.

I attempted to put my worries aside as I got ready for class. I showered and changed into an oversized hoodie that covered the shorts I wore underneath. This morning would be my first class in a new subject. One I was looking forward to. It was Lyricism. Unfortunately, last semester they hadn’t held the class because they didn’t have enough students to fill a class’ worth but I guess this semester they managed to fill it.

Today I decided on an iced hazelnut latte. Who knows, maybe it’ll be a lucky latte, maybe it’ll magically bless my life. Lol. That makes no sense. I summed up my irrational thoughts as still being shook. As I entered I noticed the classroom was half the size of my usual lectures. Maybe even a third. Wait, is that Jungkook?

A familiar silky brown head of hair lent forward. It was Jungkook for sure. He was sitting at the back of the class, hunched over, reading something. I made my way towards to him.

“Kookie” I called as I got closer. He lift his head, void stare settling on me. He didn’t say anything. “Hey, I didn’t know you were taking this class” I drew the chair beside him and put my bag down. He gave a small hm in reply then looked back down at his book.

What the hell was going on? “Are you mad at me or something?” I mumbled. Feeling more and more apprehensive by the second at his whatever demeanour.

“Not really” he retorted bluntly. I sat in silence, I didn’t know how to respond? I was so confused. Should I yell at him? Should I try and be soft and pry out what’s wrong with him? Fuck. What the hell is going on. I felt like crying. As if last night hadn’t been stressful enough, now this…

Before I could say anything the teacher came in and started lecturing. I sat there beside Kook, neither of us saying a word to each other. This was a far cry from the last time we’d been together, what happened to ‘wait for me’, to ‘make me a promise’. What had I done wrong?

“Park Jia, Jeon Jung Kook. You‘ll be paired together for the group assignment” I’d been so caught up in my head I thought I’d imagined it. I glanced at Kook who still had his head down, appearing like he didn’t care at all. No reaction… it stings.

As soon as the bell rang Kook got up straight away, I called out to him but he ignored me and left. I was beside myself. All I could do was stare at his back as he strode out of the room.

The rest of my day was a blur. It wasn’t until I got home that I remembered that Tae and Jimin were coming over for a movie night.

It was a relief knowing I wouldn’t be alone tonight. As dark falls fear saunters. Would someone break into my house again? . It put me on edge. I’d just switched into some pyjamas when a barrage of swift knocks sounded from the door.

My two besties burst thorough the door as enthusiastically as ever, hugging me before putting the bags they carried down. I just wasn’t on the same level of energy as them which they were quick to pick up on.

“What’s the matter? You don’t seem like yourself” Jimin stopped what he was doing and studied me.

“It’s just been a horrible 24 hours for me. Last night someone broke into my apartment” I stood at the opposite side of the counter from them. The mood shifted drastically at the mention of it.

“What? Seriously? Are you alright?” Jimin came around to me, resting both arms on my shoulders and peering into my face worriedly.

“Not really. I wasn’t here when it happened, I just came home and my balcony door was wide open and my stuff was all over the place” I explained, looking from Jimin back over to Tae. He slowly pulled packets of chips out of the bag as he paid attention.

“Why didn’t you call us?” Tae asked. His expression was blank.

“I…. Called Yoongi… He stayed with me and helped me clean up”. Jimin steered me by the shoulders to the high stool at the counter so I could sit down.

I continued to spill all my anxiety to Jimin and Tae. After I described the night before the thought of Jungkook came to mind next.

We grabbed some snacks and took a seat on the rug together. I went on to share what had transpired with Jungkook and how he’d ignored me in class.

“I just don’t get it” I sighed.

“Neither do I. It’s got to be hormones” Tae rubbed at his chin in deliberation.

“Yeah, could be. He’s at that age. You do weird things around that age” Jimin added.

“Try not to overthink. Just give him some space” Tae concluded. “Anyway, that’s enough worrying for you tonight. Let’s put a movie on” Tae declared before getting up and tinkering with the T.V.

I felt my troubles subside as we took a few shots and snuggled up together on the couch. I buried my head into the crevice of Jimins neck, my legs sprawled across Taes lap. We had a blanket throw over the three of us. Being snuggled up with these two was absolute comfort. Like I was laying on clouds or a pile of extra soft cushions.

I reached for Jimins hand that was limp in his lap, I felt my hand accidentally brush past his crotch as I slid my hand into his.

“Don’t start acting up now” Jimin whispered lowly before placing a soft kiss on my head. “Accident, promise” I whispered back. He peeked at me for a moment but let it go and kept watching the movie.

Tae cuddled my legs, I was just so warm and cosy that I could fall asleep any second. Jimin gently ran his thumb over my wrist. The light scent of him filled my nose. I was plummeting.

Free falling. When would I land? There was no end in sight. I blink. Where had Jimin and Tae gone? More importantly, where was I?

Pitch black.
All I see is nothing. It’s lonely.
Goosebumps rippled across my skin. It’s Cold.

As the second's tick by panic seeps through.

The pulsation of my heart thickens, I can’t breathe. I'm heaving, desperately trying to escape but I’m sinking.

I open my eyes, Jimin is hugging me in his lap. “It’s okay, it’s just a bad dream” he looked worried. I felt my breathing slow down. “I- I was asleep?” I skimmed the back of my hand over my forehead. It was layered in a thin coating of sweat.

“Yeah. You started breathing real heavy and mumbling.” Tae had moved closer, he was gripping his stomach. “What’s wrong?” I stared at Tae. Still trying to accept that I was awake and not about to die.

“You kneed me in the dick. But it’s ok. I’m more worried about you”. Jimin stifled a small laugh. The way Tae had said it was kinda funny, but I still felt really bad.

“I’m sorry, is it okay?” I sat up, trying to check if it was alright. “Wait, hold on, it’s fine, really” Tae grabbed my hand. “Oh sorry, I should probably not just randomly go trying to grab your dick. Sorry I’m just so out of it” I pulled away. I wasn’t thinking straight.

“Just lay down and relax. Take a minute” Jimin pulled me back down into his lap and wiped my sweaty hair off my face. “Here, use this” Tae yanked the hair tie off my wrist and gave it to Jimin who proceeded to tie my hair on my head like a messy pineapple.

I shut my eyes again and calmed down. The tones of their voices speaking softly gradually drowned out as I fell asleep again.

Chapter Text


A soft touch circles my hip, I peek open an eye to see Tae’s peacefully sleeping face mere inches away, which, only meant one thing. The one tucked hotly behind me was Jimin. I was so sleepy that keeping my eyes open was impossible. I lay there, concentrating on the delicate yet loaded touches. Jimins touch shifted to tease at the hem of my shorts, skimming over the bare skin of my ass and my hip. I squirmed. A small snort came from him. He was awake and messing with me.

“Stop it” I whispered. But he didn’t. Instead, I felt his breath in my ear as he whispered back.

“Or what? You don’t want to wake Tae up do you? He sleeping so peacefully”.

Jimin had always been brazen but this was next level. I stayed quiet as his touch dragged lower, slipping over the fabric of my shorts. I bit down my whimper. Without warning, he dragged the material aside a plunged a finger in me.

“Jimin, you’re joking right?” I whisper yelled but he only giggled, dipping his finger in a couple more times and pulling back out. I let out the breath I’d been holding, desperately trying not to stir Tae but then, I felt something thicker push teasingly between my folds.

“This is gonna be fun. Better keep it down if you don’t want Tae catching us” Jimins dirty little game was unexpectedly turning me on. The exhilaration of getting caught, Jimin is something else.

I nudged my hips down and dipped the tip of him in me, he inhaled sharply in surprise. “Oh no, that’s not how this works” Jimin squeezed my hip and slammed into me. I whimpered, stealing a glance at Tae but he hadn’t moved.

Jimin started rolling his hips into me, his motions were so fluid it had me reeling. Then Tae started groaning and lay on his back. I swatted Jimins hand urgently and he pulled out.

“Mmm. You guys awake?” Tae rasped as he tossed back over and slung his leg over the both of us wrapping us in a bear hug. “Yeah. I have to get up soon. Can’t be late for class” I mumbled, reaching up and pushing Taes hair out of his face. He smiled, eyes opening up and blinking at me a few times.

“Go get ready then baby, I’ll make breakfast” Jimin wiggles out from under Taes leg, sat up and stretched. “Can we make pancakes?” Tae perked up at the thought of food and sat up too. “Yeah, do you have any pancake mix?” Jimin asked as he stood and skipped over to the kitchen.

“It’s in the cupboard” I told him before standing up and stretching too. I still felt half asleep as I shuffled past Jimin and Tae who were now eagerly removing things from my fridge.

I shut the bathroom door and threw off my clothes. The water felt refreshing as it ran down my skin. I was just standing there basking in the feeling when I saw the bathroom door open and Jimins blonde head pokes into view.

“How do you want your pancakes? Just butter or maple syrup?”.

“Omg, Jimin!” I quickly hugged around my chest out of reflex. He came off bewildered. “Huh? Why are you acting so shy? I was literally balls deep in you twenty minutes ago” A smirk followed.

“Just butter! Now get out” I yelled, Jesus the audacity. I wanted to slap him but after I’d answered he hummed “okayyy” and shut the door again.

I finished up, dried off and tossed an oversized jumper and some legging on. When I went back into the kitchen Tae and Jimin were seated at the kitchen counter chatting, three plates of pancakes served up and ready to be eaten.

“Thank you for the meal” I hummed happily as I slid into the seat across from them. “Anytime” Jimin smiled sweetly. We chatted casually about this and that, class at first then their idol training. Somehow the topic had shifted to Joon and that was when Jimin asked something that nearly made me choke on the bite I’d just taken off my fork.

“A little birdy mentioned that you slept with Namjoon Hyung” Jimin raised a brow as he stared at me. I spluttered, taking a sip of water to try and recover my composure.

“Who told you that? Did he?” I queried, I hadn’t told that to anyone. Not to mention it’d only happened a few days ago.

“Maybe, Maybe not” Jimin teased. “Did you?” He went on. “Stop prying into her sex life Jiminie” Tae let out a bemused sigh.

“We did” I watched Jimin as I replied.
“How was it?” He bobbed along, apparently more interested in the story than bothered by it. “It was cute actually, Joon is sweet” I looked down at my plate, it wasn’t awkward per say. But talking so openly about my sexual affairs wasn’t something I was used to.

“Yeah, but I mean, how was it?” I looked back up to see Jimin trying to contain his cheekiness with a pursed smile.

“He’s big. I’ve only seen it flaccid in the shower but I can tell” Tae hummed thoughtfully. “C’mon. Spill the tea” Jimin urged me on. “Okay fine, he’s really big. That’s true. I couldn’t even fit the whole thing in” I went on matter-of-factly. “So he’s bigger than me?” Tae questioned, intrigue written all over his face. “By a little bit, yeah. But I think you’re style is more intense than Joon” I admitted.

“Ohh. That’s interesting” Tae rubbed at his chin. “Hm. Guess I’ve got to step up my game then” Jimin asserted, licking at his lips.

“Jimin. You have this charm, I don’t know how to explain it but, it’s irresistible. Sometimes you make me simp so hard. You don’t need to step up your game at all. I don’t think I’d survive if you did” I pushed my hands through my hair and sighed.

“Oh? Tell me more” Jimin chuckled cutely, toppling into Taes shoulder as he did. I just laughed it off and finished eating. I glanced at my phone and saw I’d have to leave soon. Tae and Jimin dropped me on campus before leaving.

The weather has warmed and the sun was shining. Throughout my day random thoughts would pop into my mind.

Jimin and Taes cute smiles.
Sentimental moments Joon and I had shared.

The rush of my first time with Hoseok that time at that party, and all the fun we’d had since then.

Yoongi, even though the times we’d spent together seemed to have come about accidentally, he was someone I’d come to hold very dear.

Jin. Our time together was spontaneous and had originally come unexpectedly, but, he was also someone I wanted in my life for a long time to come.

Jungkook… My heart sunk a little at the thought of him. My thoughts automatically flickered back to the time he’s saved me from drowning. It still terrifies me. Even before that, the times we’d spent together eating noodles at convenience stores or getting wasted at Kareoke. Then he left for America. We’d made a promise.

No matter how many times I went over it in my head I was left without a clue. I just couldn’t fathom what had gone wrong.

I pulled myself out of my reflections. My last class for the day had come to an end and I needed to go home and get ready for work.

At times it felt repetitious, this routine. But, I’d accepted that’s just how life is.

Tonight was another intense, high strung drinking extravaganza with Daesung and his four other co-idols. When he’d arrived he smoothly pulled me aside, drew a small suede blue box from the inner pocket of his pristine tailored suit and opened it to uncover a simple yet elegant necklace. The pendant brandished a small encrusted diamond. It left me conflicted. It was a generous gift, one I hadn’t foreseen.

Was he that into me?
Maybe I’d been too focused on the negative. Maybe I should let my guard down a little and give him a chance?

There was so much happening around me as glasses were passed around, the karaoke blared. Seungri who was the Maknae of the group was talking to me over the uproar that ensued around us. I started feeling dizzy so I excused myself and went to haul Cece out of the room with me for a short break.

“How are you holding up?” She asked as we stumbled towards the toilet together, her arm around my midsection. “Yeah, a couple of lines would help though” I giggled. Hoping she’d have some on her. “True, I'm just waiting for my dealer to drop some off. Wait” She pulled out her phone from her purse and checked it.

“He’s out by the back door, come on let’s go” She yanked my hand and pulled me down the back corridor. It was much quieter and no one was around. We reached the back door, Cece pushed it open and stepped out.

My jaw nearly fell to the floor. “Yoongi. What are you doing here?” I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. “Jia. Can we talk later? I don’t have time to explain” his stoic attitude hit me in the chest. “You know each other? Wow, small world” Cece glanced between us as though genuinely unaware.

“350 for the bag” Yoongi slipped it into her hand as though it was second nature. Cece passed him the cash and shoved the bag into her brassiere. “Thanks, take care out there” she gave a short wave, grabbed my hand and hauled me back inside.

I pinched my forehead in my hand as Cece dragged me back to the bathroom. What the hell had I just witnessed. “Are you alright? What was that all about?” Cece asked as she shut the stall door behind us.

“He’s one of my good friends. I can’t believe he’s selling you coke. I’m just- fucking confused right now” I sighed, gazing back up to Cece as she cracked open the bag.

“You should confront him later. If that was me I’d want an explanation. He’s a nice guy though. He’s been selling to me for a while now. Always looks kinda dangerous, but, it’s funny. I recall this one time he gave me some cookies. Said he didn’t want them. I dono, anyways” she finished rambling about her odd encounters with Yoongi and sniffed a couple of lines then passed the bag to me.

“That’s so random. Cookies?” I questioned, just to make sure I’d heard right the first time.

“Yeah. Chocolate chip” she giggled. I broke into a tiny smile, how could I not. But, it didn’t change the fact that I had some serious questions for Yoongi. It would have to wait for now seeing as I still had work to do.

Feeling clear-minded with a touch of confidence I joined the party again. I noticed Dae had disappeared so I slid back in next to the youngest. Striking our chat back up where we had left off.

The rest of the night was steady sailing. Afterwards, I took a cab home. It had been long and tiresome. I just wanted to crawl into bed as soon as possible.

Chapter Text


I wake up a bit later than usual. It was nearly lunchtime. I dragged myself out of bed and ate by myself at the kitchen counter. The rays of the sun were serene as they glistened through the window. The softness of dust particles floated in the air. Life was good. And as long as I was able to see its beauty I’d keep going.

Was it strange to think such a thing so out of the blue? I chuckled inwardly. My mind drifted to the thought of Jin. I was expecting him in a few hours so I’d better get the day started.

After freshening up I slipped into a plain long beige dress and clipped my hair back loosely. The gorgeous pin Jin had bought me at the night market sparkled against my long blond locks.

I’d lounged on the couch with a book in hand when I heard the knock on the door. Jin had brought a bag of ingredients along with him for dinner tonight. As he set them down and picked me up in his arms I broke into a smile.

“How’s my girl?” He spun me around, gently before setting me back on my feet. “She’s ready to give it all up for some of your cooking” I laughed. “That eager are we?” He joined in and chuckled with me.

“It’s a bit early though. Should we relax a bit before we get started?” He suggested. I nodded, grabbed his wrist and pulled him over the couch. We lounged out under the warmth of the afternoon sun that cracked through the curtains.

“You’re wearing that clip I got you” Jin’s eyes soften as he reaches up and touches my hair gently.

“It makes your eyes sparkle.” He smiles faintly. I feel my inside whirl around. “You think?” I looked down into my lap shyly. “Mm. I chose it so of course, it looks perfect on you” Jin cupped and pushed my chin up before placing a chaste kiss on my lips.

“Who said you could steal a kiss Huh?” I pouted, all in jest of course. The truth was I loved it. “Oh, so I need permission now?” He mused “I don’t remember it working that way”.

“Well, new rules starting from now” I giggled. Jin puckered his lips in thought for a moment before speaking. “Then, little miss bossy. May I kiss you?”.


“And if I say no?” I teased. Jin was brazen in reply. “Then I won’t bother asking” he tilted forward, stealing another kiss. His lips grazed against mine delicately.

I pulled away a little. “Maybe we should save it for after dinner?” I purred. Jin leaned back into the couch, letting out a playful snort. “Okay, if that’s what my baby girl wants, I can wait”.

After catching up a bit more we got busy in the kitchen. I helped Jin chop vegetables and prepare ingredients. As though playing house we joked and mucked around. I hadn’t smiled this much in so long. It was like falling for him all over again. The little looks of surprise, his cheeky comments, everything about Jin was endearing.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, this much is true. We’d gotten halfway through our meal when I noticed the sun disappearing. I noticed the dim glow reflecting against Jin’s skin, he was too busy talking about spices to notice me admiring how ethereal he looked, but that’s okay. Let me sit in my happiness in this little moment, something just for me.

After we finished Jin helped me clean up. I washed the dishes and he dried. A small comment he made stood out. Teamwork makes the dream work. It seemed a bit displaced for just washing some dishes but it was still cute.

“It’s getting late, I need to get ready for work” I’d just finished washing and clicked my phone on the bench to peep the time. “Ahh. That’s right. Do you have any customers scheduled for the start of your night?” Jin asked.

“I don't, how come? Thinking of coming along for a drink?” I hoped that he’d say yes.

“Hm. I could come with you for a couple of hours.” He drawled on as though musing the idea. “Okay. Yeah. I’m in. Let’s get you dressed shall we?” Jin clapped his hands together energetically. I jumped in surprise. Jin pushes me into my bedroom and plops me down on my bed. “Hold on, what’re we doing?” I watched as he turned to my wardrobe and started flicking through it.

“Finding something sexy for my girl to wear tonight, obviously” Jin said, head still stuck in my wardrobe as he continued his search.

“Should I be worried?” I joked. “Of course not! What’re you even saying. It’s me we’re talking about” Jin exclaimed into the wardrobe, it looked like he was yelling at my clothes and I couldn’t help but laugh. Then, Jin turned around, pink sparkly dress in hand.

“Trust you to pull out the most flashy thing in there” I toppled over onto my side in a giggling fit. The dress shouted extravagant and it was just in such Jin fashion to pick it.

“What’s so funny? This is gorgeous, just trust me. You need help slipping that off?” Jin threw the dress down on my bed and bent down over me.

“Trying to get a peek while using the guise of trying to help me, shame on you” I giggled which only fuelled the situation.

“And if I am? It doesn’t change anything. I know you can’t zip this dress up by yourself” Jin smirked, as though he’d won.

“Fine, just this once”. I got on my feet. He gently slip the straps off my shoulders and my dress fell to the floor. Our eyes locked, he leaned closer, pressing trails of butterfly kisses down my neck towards my collarbone. My heart flutters.

Jin pulls away and reaches for the dress on the bed. He unhooks it from the hanger, undoes the zipper and holds it open for me to step into. With one leg after the other I do. It’s almost sensual the way he pulls it up over my hips and guides the straps as I slip it on.

“Turn around baby” I do as he says. He pushes my hair aside and I feel the thin fabric tighten as he zips it up.

“Hm, is it pretty?” I turn back around and face him. The way his eyes graze every inch of me I feel so vulnerable. “So perfect. As pretty as a doll” Jin looks back up at me and gives me a small smile before placing a kiss on my forehead.

“Okay, you do hair and makeup there right? Should we get going?”

“Yeah, let me just grab a few things” I say. Jin nods and walks back out into the lounge room. I quickly gather a handbag, slip on some heels and a coat to cover me on the walk there.

Jin and I leave for the club. I go in first, hair and makeup doesn’t take long and I’m ready within the hour and seated cosily with Jin in the lounge. We start the night off with a bottle of champagne, Rina and Wynnie only add to the excitement coming from our table as they join.

Just as my time with Jin was coming to an end, someone I hadn’t expected approached our table. It was Daesung.

“Jia, babe. Are you ready? I have a surprise for you tonight” I stood and gave a short bow. “I’m just finishing up. Rina, can you please escort Daesung-Nim to his room” I shot Rina a look, she read my meaning straight away and scrambled to her feet and redirected Dae away from the table and towards the VIP room.

I let out a deep breath and sat back down. “He looks like a handful. One of your regulars?” Jin didn’t sound too keen on him. I wasn’t either so I didn’t blame him. “Yeah. A handful hah” I laughed “More like a low key psycho”.

“Hm. Just be careful”.

I escorted Jin to the door, embracing momentarily. Letting go of him was bitter. I didn’t want to. But I had to. We exchanged expressions of good nights and parted.

I went to find Dae who was cockily lounged back on the VIP room sofa. He proposed I go with him to another club for the rest of the night. Cece and Serina were already there, they left straight after hair and makeup. Even though he’d asked it was deceiving because I couldn’t exactly decline. So, I agreed to go. Dae took me through the back door and we got into a black Sudan that he had waiting for us.

The Sudan stopped right out the front of the club. The line was so long it trailed around the street corner. Dae opened the door and held out his hand to help me out of the car. As we approached we were ushered straight in. His security trailing closely behind us. We slipped in so quickly that by the time anyone noticed him it was too late to scream and make a fuss. He walked briskly, hand tightly wrapped around my wrist as he pulled me into the loud pumping electro beats that filled the club.

We made an A-line for a cordoned-off section where a large group of people lounged. Amongst them, I spotted Cece, Serina and the other boys from Big Bang. The two of us joined the party, I took a seat on the end of the white leather couch beside Dae. He poured us drink after drink but I felt distracted. I gazed out over the club.

From the VIP section, I could see most of the club. My eyes grazed over the bar but then my breath hitched in my throat. I gulped thickly. Was this real?

It made my heart sting. Jungkook stood closely with some girl at the bar. It ripples through me. Did he hate me that much? His eyes lock on mine. Time stands still. His stare is blank, unwavering. I tear away from the sight of him and focus back on drinking. I poured down the glass in front of me before excusing myself to go to the bathroom. My emotions bubbled as I briskly walked towards the toilet. Suddenly, something felt wrong. Very, very wrong.

I started to feel weak, the door to the girls' bathroom was only a few feet away but my legs were giving way beneath me. I slammed myself against the wall for support. I clung to it, just a little bit more. The music blared, vibrating in my chest. My knees buckled and I slid down to the floor. What’s going on?

“Oh babe, what’re you doing down there? Here. Let’s get you up” A familiar voice spoke in my ear. But, it was low, dangerous, and gave me chills. Daesung. He hoisted me up, roughly throwing me over his shoulder. The view of the club faded as he set off at a brisk pace down a long dark corridor. Men in black stood aside as he took a turn and climbed a flight of stairs. Then another. Another. Where was he taking me?

“You know, you’re good. You nearly had me fooled. Never had you pinned as the type to meddle with gangsters. Always putting on that sweet innocent visage, it’s too bad you fucked up. Bringing around that sorry excuse of a dealer to feed your Coke habit wasn’t smart.” He seethed on, every word burying me deeper in panic. Was he talking about Yoongi? My mind twists.

I’m trapped. Getting hauled further away from the music of the club, it’s so faint I barely hear it. Distortion. Would anyone hear me if I screamed? Would anyone notice I was gone?

I try to struggle, try claw at his back. Fight. Where is he taking me? I’m terrified. But my limps are so heavy. They don’t move.

“It’s interesting, the drugs we cook up these days are top-notch. There’s a drug for everything. Escape from reality, intensify our emotions, or even numb the pain. Or, the one I slipped you, which numbs everything. It’s a lot more fun when you can’t fight back” his laugh is twisted. It came from a dark place, deep, dark and dangerous. “Please. Let me go” I could barely speak. Nothing.

Without warning, he took a sharp turn ducking into a room. I hit something hard. It’s a bed. This place looked like a brothel. Dark and dingy.

The fabric of my clothes are ripped open, it barely clings to my frame. I scream but the noise doesn’t come out. My voice fails me. A sharp pain sears through the side of my face. Sound drowns out. In slow motion, haze sits still in this smoke-filled room. It’s choking me.

He forces himself in, setting fire to my insides. I scream, fighting for the air in my lungs. But, it doesn't come.

I need to find a place to hide, somewhere safe, that's solely mine.
A lonesome and distance cry, have I already lost my mind?

Every question fades away.
I'm forced back in reality.
He's smothering me.
Pain splitting my body open.

Find a way out. Please, someone, find me.
But I’m still here and the illusions cascade down.

Up above, a gap in the roof, moonlight fills in.
Are these the bitter truths of this world?
I need to run. I need to survive. But I'm suffocating, terrified.
He could kill right now. What a mess of a life I’ll leave behind.

I snap back.
A loud crack echoes against the walls. The pain stops.

I struggle to peer up. The door was unhinged. Jungkook's wild eyes met mine.

My heart falls apart. I can hardly breathe. Silent tears rapidly spill down my cheeks.

He rips his gaze away from me and to the monster in the centre of the room. “I’ll fucking kill you. You piece of shit.” I’d never seen Jungkook this full of rage.

A bone-chilling laugh follows.

“What a funny turn of events. It’s even funnier that you actually think you could kill me little dove”. Dae spat his words like venom.

It felt like I’d lost touch with reality at what was unfolding before my eyes. Jungkook lunged forward, Dae dodged and caught Jungkook around the neck. He slipped out.
They were fighting.

I was still weak from the drugs. Fuck. I need to move. Now.

With all my strength I dragged myself to the end of the bed and threw myself off. I hit the floor. hard. Tattered clothes clung to my body. I felt my breath against the cold wood of the floorboards beneath me.

I peered up. They were so caught up swinging at each other. Had they noticed me?
Think later. Keep going.
I reached out and dragged myself forward. The burn of the floor scraped my skin.

I could hear voices shouting from the distance, my heart raced a million miles per hour. Two men in black burst in. It was Dae's security.

One grabbed Jungkook off Dae who he’d managed to get on top of. He was pinned by the man, arms behind his back. I heard a loud smack as the other security’s fist collided with Jungkook's face hard.

“You little fuck. You’ve gone and done it now” Dae stumbled up to his feet, wiping the blood from his chin.

Jungkook struggles, trying to break out of the grip he was locked in. He glanced over at me. His eyes were cold.


The other man in black dropped to the floor instantly. Red flowed from his head. His limp body just lay there. He wasn’t moving.

A figure stepped in. Metal gleaming from his hand. Pointed directly at Dae.
Had I lost my mind? Jin.

“That’s enough. These two will be leaving with me.”

I try to understand. To piece it together.
I can’t. Everything goes black.


Why did these arms feel so familiar? Without even opening my eyes I knew they were the same ones that had carried me from near death before.

I felt him wipe away my tear stains.
I lie to myself. I don’t feel the pain.
I just want to lay down and sleep.
Had we somehow walked away?

Nothing makes sense.
I let my mind blank out.

The sound of Jin and Jungkook talking was white noise. The creaking of stairs snapped me back. My arms were still weak as I struggled to lift them to my face.

“Jia. Can you hear me?” Kook's voice was soft. Nothing like what I recalled in my nightmare.

“I don’t know. I don’t know anything right now. Was it all real? I-“ forcing my voice out was too painful. I doubt he’d even heard me through the cracks.

“Just hold on. We’re nearly back” his tone strained back emotion. I fell silent. A moment later he laid me down in an unfamiliar bed.

“Where are we?” I looked around at the small studio room. A flight of stairs were in the corner. The sheets were red. Red like the thick liquid that had oozed from his limp body.

“We’re at the club. The studio above the club to more exact” he pulled back the sheets and covered me with them.

“What happened? I can’t tell what’s real anymore” I muttered. Jungkook stayed silent. Doe eyes fixed on me.

“You’ve been through enough tonight. Try and get some sleep. We’ll talk in the morning.”

He was right. My mind was a haze, even if he tried to explain anything I wouldn’t be able to make sense of it anyway. I gave in to my weary eyes and my tired mind.

Chapter Text


My memory’s are distorted. I could’ve sworn I had the most bone-chilling dream last night, but, as I sat up in a bed that wasn’t mine, as I gazed over Jungkooks sleeping form at the end of that bed my fears were confirmed.

It was real.

No it wasn’t, block it out.

I stare at Jungkook. His breaths are light, his hair is softly swept to the side. The bow of his upper lip rests just above his perfect pearly white front teeth. I slowly reached out to move a piece of hair that had fallen astray but as I got closer his hand snapped up and caught my wrist tightly in his grip. It hurts.

“Kook” I gasped, shaken by his sudden reaction. He blinked a couple times before realizing and letting go. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He mumbled, abruptly sitting up and running his hands through his hair to push it out of his face.

I held my wrist in my lap and rubbed at where it stung slightly. I didn’t even know where to start. What to say. The air between us was thick.

“I thought you were mad at me” I whispered. Out of everything I don’t know why this was the first thing to come to mind, but it did.

“It’s complicated” Jungkook looked straight ahead at the wooden boards that was the wall.

“Then please explain it to me” I stared at him. He leaned down, elbows rested on his knees, head tilted as he gazed at me.

“Why’d you break your promise?” The words he spoke ached in my chest.

“I…“ didn’t know how to answer that. It’s not like I’d asked for any of this to happen.

“You could’ve died last night Jia. So much for not being reckless. Did you know Daesung is a drug lord? The job as a hostess I can understand, you needed money, I can live with that, but him, of all the people for you to get involved with-” He pressed. I could feel the anger building in his voice.

“I didn’t kno-“ I stuttered. But he didn’t even wait for me to answer. Each word he spoke was breaking me down, slowly but surely.

“It could’ve ended much worse than it did. And, If it wasn’t for that random Ajushi following you around I wouldn’t have even known about any of it.” He let out a deep sigh, dropping is face into his hand and scrunching at his temples.

“You’re right. This is my fault…” I sat there. Numb. When it all gets shoved at you like that, how can you deny it. There were times when you just can’t run and hide. Pretend like everything is fine.

“Jia, That’s not what I mean-“ Jungkook went wide eyed, his anger vanished. But it was too late. He’d already said it all. I felt small drips hit the back of my hands from where they lay in my lap. Small trembles ran through me, I didn’t want to cry but I was.

“Please- Please don’t cry” Slowly, he slid closer and lent forward. I just sat there, mind vacant as his arms wrapped around me. So gentle it was as though he was handling fragile goods, as thought I’d break any moment if he wasn’t careful enough.

“Who’s the Ajushi you mentioned?” I asked. Silence.

“No, Nevermind. It’s not important” Kook let out a small sigh. His hand settling atop my head.

“Tell me. Don’t sit here and blame me for everything and not even tell me what is going on” My voice still no more than a whisper. More silence.

“Fine. Not long ago, I noticed that old guy from the bbq street stall following you around so I pulled him up and threatened him. I thought he was just a perv but, turned out he was trying to look out for you. He told me he’d saw some other shady guys tailing you and was watching them to make sure you were alright” he took a moment and breathed.

I felt dumbstruck. I remembered the Ajushi he was talking about… He’d been following me? No, wait, he was following someone else following me?

It didn’t make any sense. For a moment the room was so quiet.

“Who were they?” I questioned.

“Daesungs men. I followed him around for a while. It didn’t hit until I saw you at that club, rising sun, with him. He and the rest of Big Bang own it.” The cogs in my head started turning to replace that empty feeling.

Had it been Daesungs men that broke in to my apartment? I pulled away from Jungkook slowly to look up at him.

“So, your saying… he had men follow me?” I questioned again.

“Yeah” Jungkook replied bluntly. But… there was still a lot that I didn’t understand.

Jungkook stared at me plainly. It only confused me more. His attitude contradicted his actions. Why save me, follow me around, comfort me but not speak to me.

“Why were you even following me to begin with? I thought you were mad at me?” I pressed on, but Jungkook just made that annoyed expression again.

“Im not mad I said it’s complicated” he huffed.

“I feel like my heads going to explode” I burried my face in my hands and rubbed my head.

“That’s why I said not to worry about it” Jungkooks attitude was just something else right now.

“I want to strangle you” I mumbled.

“You can try” he replied.

I looked up at him, jaw slack. The audacity. I was just about to fire off at him but at that moment an echoed barrage of footsteps came thudding up the stairs. Jimin and Tae stood panting for a moment before laying eyes on me as they reached the top.

“Jia, Are you okay?” Jimin ran over first and smothered me in his arms, basically shoving Kook out of the way as he did so.
“I’m still alive so…” I didn’t mean to come off sarcastic but I was still a little worked up over the way Kookie was acting.

“I was so worried about you, me and Tae ran over as soon as we heard what happened” Jimins voice muffled into my hair, still tightly gripping me. From over his shoulder I saw Tae and Jungkook exchange blank stares. Then Tae took a seat on the bed beside Kookie and looked at me.

“I’ve got some stuff I need to take care of. I’ll leave her to you guys” Jungkook stood up, glanced back at me once more and then left.

I wanted to say more to him, I wanted more answers but I guess I’d have to drop it for now. Jimin pulled away, his eyes wide with worry as he looked at me.

“Are you hurt anywhere? Do you need anything?” Tae scooted closer as he asked. I still felt out of sorts but I wouldn’t mind a shower, not to mention under the blanket I was still wearing a dress that was ripped apart. I wanted to rid myself of any reminders from that horrific night.

“Maybe a shower and a change of clothes… A coffee too” I bit at my lip. “Okay. Well, Yoongi and Hobi Hyungie is at your apartment right now clearing it out. They’re going to bring all your stuff here so as soon as they gets back we can do that” Jimin explained.

“Wait, slow down. What?” I stammered. “Huh? Oh… You’re probably still in shock… Sorry, I should have explained better…” Jimin spoke softly. “Well… It would be dangerous for you to go back there so, we thought it would be better for you to stay here for a while where we can keep you safe…” As Jimin elaborated it started to dawn on me. The gravity of the situation. He was right, I hadn’t thought about it.

“Okay, so you’re saying I can’t go home and that I need to stay here? Wait, where am I again?” I repeated to him what I had managed to understand.

“Yeah, Ah. We’re above the hip hop club Joon manages. Secret society. There’s a few spare rooms here on the top floor” Jimin went on.

“We only just started fitting this space out with furniture so it’s still a bit bare” Tae added. As I took a moment to look around it rang true. There was a small fridge beside a couple counters and a sink. Like a very small and sorry excuse of a kitchen in the corner to the left. The bed that I was on was a double and took up most of the space in the room. And to the right there was a desk and a small bookcase. Leaving the stairs to the far right corner of the room. It definitely seemed like it was put together without any real thought.

I noticed a door on the wall in front of me to the left. “What’s down there?” I questioned as I pointed at it.

“There’s a hallway that leads to a few more rooms and a bathroom” Tae replied. It gave me the impression this space above the club was like a little headquarters or something.

Before I could ask anything else I heard the sounds of footsteps again. It was Hoseok. He had a box full of things in hand and seemed short of breath.

“Hey, Yoongi Hyung could use a hand carrying Jia’s stuff up here. Mind helping out?” He asked as he walked over and set the box on the desk. “Sure” Tae got up and went downstairs.

“I’ll be back, I’m just going to help get your things.” Jimin kissed my head before getting up and following after Tae.

“Hobi” I looked over to him, he turned around. “This should never have happened to you. Just hang tight baby girl. Let us sort out your things first and we’ll talk after. Is that alright?” I couldn’t read him at all. He wasn’t his usually chirpy self but he wasn’t sad either. I’d noticed that about Hoseok, there were times he masked his true emotions well.

“Okay. Is there anything I can do?” I asked. “No, no, I thought you’d probably want a shower so I brought up some clothes and your shower things first” Hobi nodded his head over towards the box on the desk.

“Thankyou.. Alright.. I might clean myself up first then” I slowly pulled back the blanket and went to stand up. Hoseoks tight expression cracked, a glimpse of something, perhaps pain, guilt? Worry? I didn’t know.

I slowly swung my legs over the edge of the bed to stand up but I was still weak, a sharp pain shot through my body. There was an ache between my thighs. I try to stand up, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea.

“Whoa, whoa, hold up. Take it easy” Hoseok quickly reaches out to catch me before I fell face forward on the floorboards. I’d face planted right into his chest instead. He smelt good.

“Sorry, god I feel so stupid right now” It was embarrassing. I felt ashamed. I didn’t want pity. I didn’t want them to look at me with those ‘I feel so sorry for you’ eyes.

“No. Don’t. None of this is your fault. Your not stupid. Your strong and brave. And if it’s alright with you, let me help you to the bathroom” I could tell he was trying to not be too dramatic about it which I appreciated. I let Hoseok help me over to the bathroom which was down the hallway.

He brought my entire box and set it down on the sink counter and shut the door behind him, leaving me in my own privacy. I could hear muffled voices of the boys carrying things up the stairs and the sound of furniture being moved around.

The bathroom was small but it had both a bath and a shower so I decided to fill the tub instead. I lay there in the mirk of the water, inspecting the marks and bruises on my body.

Yet again, move evidence that nightmares weren’t only the product of dreams. After I finished soaking I felt slightly more relaxed, I’d regained some strength and managed to get dressed.

I opened up the bathroom door and slowly walked down the hall, I could hear talking coming from one of the rooms to the right. I poked my head past the door frame to see what all the commotion was about. The bed that had been in the main room had been moved along with the desk and bookcase. Jimin, Tae and Hoseok who had been packing clothes away into the wardrobe and setting up the room noticed me.

“We’re nearly done with your room, Yoongi and Jin Hyung are cooking dinner” Jimin gave a sweet smile, hanging the dress he held in his hand before coming over to me.

“Guys… I.. I..” I could barely string two words together, they had literally set up a bedroom for me. I small lump formed in my chest but I swallowed it back.

“C’mon, just relax. Joonie Hyung went to grab you a coffee, he should be back any minute” Jimin steered me by the shoulders back into the main room. Yoongi glanced over as we entered, he put down the knife he was holding and moved over to pull out the floor chair that was tucked into the floor table that now was where the bed had been.

“Hey, how spicy do you want your Topokki? I know you like it spicy but just wanted to check” he asked plainly, as though this was all normal.

Jimin held my hands as I took a seat on the floor chair and I felt Yoongi carefully push my in so I was tucked in nice and snug at the table.

“Um, super spicy please” I answered, Jimin had pulled my sushi blanket from somewhere and tucked it over my legs.

“Sure. Super spicy it is” Yoongi gave a small smile before going back over to the counter. “I’ll be back soon. Just going to finish setting up your room” Jimin pat my head and left.

My eyes fell onto Jin who had his back to me at the counter, he was cooking beside Yoongi.
Faint flashes of him holding something metal crossed my mind, the bang, the thud on the floor, the sea of red.

Why was he here? Did he know the others?
Was this his Idol group? No… surely not.. That would just be to freakishly coincidental…

I snapped out of it at the sound of those stairs again. Joon appeared, his hands absolutely full with maybe 7 or so Iced Coffees.

He spotted me, struggled to put the coffees down on the table and then pulled up a chair beside me. “Namjoon-Ah. Your back” Yoongi came over and took one of the Iced Americanos. “Yeah. How long until dinners ready?” He asked.

For the first time Jin had turned around and glanced at me before responding to Joon. “About 10 minutes. Someone want to tell the kids?”.

The kids? So… he was a part of their group? My mind flashes back to the time I’d run in to him at uni. He’d said he was taking lunch to his groups Maknae… Did he mean Jungkook?

“Yeah. I’ll go” Yoongi stepped out for a moment to go let the others know. Joons gaze shifted to me. “Hey, heard you haven’t had your morning fix yet” He said as he grabbed one of the Iced Coffees and slid it over to me.

My head was still swirling with confusion but I shoved my thoughts aside.

“Thanks Joon. I really needed this” I took it from him and just held it in my hand.

I was conflicted. Confused. But grateful, everything they were doing, it made me want to cry. The collision of emotions swirled inside me and I couldn’t slow them down. Did I even want to ask? To stir the dust that had seemingly just settled ? No.

“Jia. I think it’s best for you to stay here for a while. After I learnt about the situation I think it’s too dangerous for you to go back. That goes for work too.” Joon spoke openly with me. I slowly took a sip of my coffee and nodded.

“Okay. I feel bad though. You guys are struggling too. Can I really just stay here?” I hesitate.

“Hm. You can work in the bar downstairs, or help us out here at the club. Then you’d be contributing and you can stay here as long as you want” Joon ran his hand across his lips as he looked at me. His suggestion seemed fair…

“Okay. If that’s alright with you… I’d be happy with that arrangement”. The door opened and the rest of the boys filed in and took their seats at the table. Tae at the end, beside my left. Jimin next to Tae and across from me. Hoseok beside Joon.

They started talking amongst themselves but I zoned out. There was too much happening and I still felt low on energy. Hoseok helped Yoongi and Jin transfer the dishes to the table and hand out cutlery. Yoongi sat down beside Jimin and Jin at the other end.

I ate the Topokki Joon had served me silently. It was so spicy, like heaven in my mouth but it collided with my lack of appetite. I felt Tae slip his hand into mine from under the table. I gave it a small squeeze which put a tiny smile to his face.

After dinner Tae and Jimin cleaned up. Joon, Hoseok and Yoongi left, mentioning that they had a set to do downstairs tonight. I had no idea where Jungkook even was, I hadn’t seen him since this morning so I was left sitting across the table from Jin.

“Jia” He called my name. I looked over to him from where he sat.

“Yes?”. What was he about to say? I watched as he lent an arm on the table and bit at his lip slightly before speaking.

“You might’ve already put it together but, just in case you weren’t sure, this is my Idol group”. I gave a small nod, unsure of what to say. So I told him the truth.

“I don’t even know where to begin with all this” I admitted. Jin’s eyes glazed over lightly, it felt like he was about to tell me something important. It was strange because I wasn’t used to seeing his so serious.

“Then just listen and let me explain. I’d known for a while that you were close with my group. They always talked about you so I put two and two together. They, on the other hand had no idea. Not until last night, that is.” All I could do as Jin spoke was try and put the pieces together as he divulged details.

“Last night, after you left with Daesung I followed you. Knowing that guys history, how deeply he is involved in their company’s shady business, there was no way I was just going to let you go off on your own with him”. This was the second time. First Kook and now Jin.

“Knowing his history? Why does everyone seem to already know he’s some kind of criminal except for me? And, not to mention…. The security….” The last part left my mouth in barely a whisper, as though if I were to say it out loud that it would be true.

“My group said they’d kept you in the dark about a lot of it. Half of them didn’t even know you worked at that hostess club” Jin let out a small sigh before continuing “All in all, I suppose Dae learned that you knew us, he might’ve suspected you were spying on him for us.” Jin’s words hit me hard. “You’re all gangsters too?” I felt like slapping myself in the face. “What the fuck”.

“I guess. Yoongi mentioned you saw him dropping off some stuff to a hostess club. I’d have thought you’d put it together by now” Jin hummed.

“Dropping off a bit of coke and-“ I stopped myself for a moment. Could I say it? No. “And what happened last night are very different things…”. Was I wrong?

“They are. I’m sorry I scared you. I just didn’t want to take any chances. I didn’t want you to get hurt. Or worse” Jin’s words held traces of bitterness. Was he wrong?

I took a moment to digest.

Dae saw Yoongi come to my work and thought I was a spy? Was it enough to warrant such suspicions?

No… But, if Daes men broke in to my apartment and saw Yoongi come afterwards that would explain it. Seeing Yoongi once and then twice when dropping drugs to me would raise questions in their minds. Not to mention they wouldn’t want drugs from other sources so close to their territory.

And, if Jungkook was already following Daes men he might’ve seen alot of this go down.

The more I tried to understand the more my head started to hurt. Regardless of all of this, Jin and Jungkook had come to save me.
Surely I’d be dead if it wasn’t for that.

“Thankyou. For saving my life. Honestly, it wasn’t looking good for me before you and Jungkook came. I know that. I guess- I’m just still trying to process everything” I laid my head down on the table and closed my weary eyes.

I heard the scrape of a chair followed by the sounds of that staircase. I assumed Jin had left. I heard Tae call my name.

“Yeah?” I replied, face still down on the table.

“Jiminie and I were thinking of staying here with you tonight instead of going back to the dorms. We get if you want to be alone so we’ll just sleep out here. Is that okay?” I heard the scuffle of chairs against the wood, raised my head to see my best friends sitting across from me. Hesitant but worried. I could see it in their eyes.

“I love you both so much. Thankyou for staying with for me” As soon as the words left my lips I felt rolls of water down my cheeks. I hadn’t meant to cry, it just kept tricking down. The drops landing with soft pads on the blanket.

“You must be exhausted, did you want to go to bed?” Jimin shifted instantly, getting to his feet and coming around the table to me and kneeling down at my side.

“Please, yeah. I’m so tired.” I whimpered. Jimin picked me up in his arms and Tae followed behind as we made our way to my new room.

Jimin laid me down gently in the middle of the bed and laid down too. I curled up into him. A faint light filled the room, Tae had turned on the dim lights before crawling in next to me on the other side.

“Those are my lights from my place” I mumbled into Jimins chest.

“Yeah, they’re so pretty. Hoseok and Yoongi did a good job of getting all your things here” Listening to Taes voice as he spoke was so soothing. Despite this room, this place, this situation being upside down from what I’d believed my life to be, the people who were next to me weren’t. They had been there from the beginning. They’d stuck with me through so much. Even now, even though I’d lost everything I hadn’t lost them. I can keep going.

Chapter Text


I’m woken up by a small shake but I cant muster the strength to open my eyes. Im so tired.

“Jia~ You awake?” I hear Tae whisper. I grunt to let him know I can hear him. “Me and Jiminie have to go to practise today. But we’ll try and come see you later if we can” his voice wasn’t far from me. “Okay” I mumbled, my sleepiness making it hard to understanding what he said at all. “Okay, enjoy your sleep in” Jimin whispered sweetly. I snuggled back into the softness of my sheets, the sound of my door closing behind them was the last thing I heard before I fell back asleep.

The next time I roused my head felt clearer. I propped myself up against the headboard and looked around.

Oh. That’s right.

I’d been expecting to see my apartment but, alas, I was reminded that wasn’t the case anymore.

The walls were dark wooden boards, so was the floor. It would’ve been a colder vibe if it wasn’t for all of my belongings filling the space making it seem more cosy. My white rug was covering most of the floorspace, the desk was against the back wall. It was right of me but across from the door. The bed I sat on was pushed into the corner and on the other wall beside the desk was a built in wardrobe.

There was a long thin slit of a window that ran across the back wall behind my bed and the desk where light shone in. It wasn’t much but it was enough. Part of me still felt like none of this was real. But, now that some time and the initial shock had passed the gravity of the situation had set in. The aches in my body served as a constant reminder.

I’d been raped. Jungkook had somehow come to try and save me. I think. Then, shit got worse. Lastly, Jin showed up and shot someone. Because of that we’d walked away.

I felt a bone chilling shiver run down my spine. Jin had been a part of my friends group this entire time it seemed. Not only that, but, there seemed to be some really dangerous things happening. Yoongi selling coke. Which, he still hasn’t explained. Jin… And even Jungkook, how did he learn how to fight like that? Was this normal for Idols?

No. It wasn’t.

Jin’s words yesterday rang in my mind, he’d mentioned something about crime which implied they were in fact a gang or criminals of some sort. This much I’d surmised but, this hadn’t just happened overnight. I hadn’t known a thing about this until I got caught up with that psycho. At that point I guess there were things they just couldn’t keep from me.

It posed the question, after thinking I knew them, thinking we were close, I’m hit with something like this. They had kept it from me. Lied essentially.

But, so did I.

I kept things from them so, I could understand why. Everything else they’ve done for me has been to help or protect me. It had come from a good place, not malice or with the intention of hurting me.

Knowing that, I needed to decide. Staying by their side would surely come with a risk if they were involved in drugs or whatever else I didn’t know about yet.

My mind continued to tick over as I got up, showered and then grabbed a can of coffee from the fridge and sat down at the table.

I was supposed to work tonight at the hostess club but, I knew that couldn’t happen. I made a phone call to Yoona and let her know I was quitting. She sounded disappointed but accepted it and proceeded to send me my final pay. I sat there at the table sipping at my coffee, alone. Even so, the silence was so loud.

It was 5:20 pm. I just want my head to shut up.

What could I do?

I stood up and decided to have a walk around so I made my way down the stairs. As I descended I reached another landing which resembled the one above. After I saw just a few more empty rooms I went down again. At the bottom there was a hallway which led back to the VIP bar on the balcony of the club. I peered over the railing. It was dead silent and not a soul in sight.

I went over behind the bar and took out a bottle of soju and poured a shot. It helped in settling my nerves. I had a few more as I sat there alone. Before I knew it I’d finished the bottle so I grabbed another.

A lot of this was my fault.
I knew it.
I was stupid.
I still am desperate.

How was I going to pay for school?
I didn’t want to think about it.
I’d nearly died.
I didn’t want to think about it.

I took another shot and stood up. My head spins. I want fresh air. I feel like I haven’t been outside in so long.

I stumbled down to the basement where the main dance floor was and slipped behind the stage. Continued down a corridor until I reached the back door. Beside the door was a key hanging on the wall. I tried using it on the door and it worked so I slipped outside making sure to lock the back door behind me. I tucked the key in to my pocket. The sun was starting to set and the air tasted so fresh.

I didn’t know where I was going but I just needed to get away from myself. I strolled down the street, noises of cars and people as they passed by.

Were they clueless to the cruel truths of this world?

Did they know what kind of evils lurked just beyond the shadows?

Street lamps lit the walkway like blurry stars. The revving of an engine got louder.

No wait? Those were headlights and they were coming right at me fast.

My body was thrown aside with such force. The pavement hit me hard. But, it hadn’t been from the force of the car. Someone had pushed me out of the way, I scrambled to sit up. The glimpse of the devil behind the wheel made my blood run cold. Screeching hit my ears as he sped off. It had only been a split second but I knew it was him. Dae.

As I glanced back to the road I saw a figure sprawled out. My heart stopped. Yoongi lay there, clutching his shoulder, writhing in agony.

My knee stung as I tried to get up.
I need to get to him.

“Yoongi” My voice trembled as I limped over, he looked up to me, clutching his shoulder, battered with his clothes torn.

What do I do.

I looked around, there were people who were pointing in shock from the sidewalk. I saw a taxi coming. I held out my hand and shouted to hail it. The driver helped me get Yoongi in the car and drove us to the hospital.

Panic raced through my heart as I sat in the back seat, I didn’t know how badly he was hurt. I’m so scared. Yoongi sat there eyes screwed shut, breathing heavily. Clinging to his shoulder.

When we got there I rushed him in to emergency and the nurses took him away. I sat in the waiting room, unable to calm the adrenaline still pumping though me.

I needed to tell someone.
I called Jin.
He told me to sit tight and wait until he got there.

A small wave of relief washed over me as I saw Jin burst through the emergency room doors. He had a cold look in his eyes as they landed on me.

“What happened? Are you alright? Where’s Yoongi?” Jin rushed over and sat in the seat beside me. Eyes locked onto mine.

“Yoongi is inside, I haven’t heard anything. I think he hurt his shoulder” Worry flickered though his gaze, it was masked with a cold front but he couldn’t hide it from me.

“I was taking a walk to clear my head, next thing a knew a car was headed towards me…” I gulped thickly “Then, out of nowhere Yoongi pushed me out of the way…” I took a deep shaky breath. I was still rattled. Yet again, I’d nearly come within inches of losing my life.

Jin’s gaze softened slightly, he silently took a moment to look me up and down. “Your knees” he reached down and gently pulled the fabric of my torn leggings back. I’d completely forgot I’d grazed them in the panic.

“Excuse me. Could you get a Nurse to patch up my friend. She’s grazed her knees badly” Jin pulled aside one of the Nurses who after taking a quick look went off to get some bandages.

There was a moments silence between us. Flashes crossed my mind. “Daesung. He’s the one who hit Yoongi” As it came back to me the words tumbled out.

“Are you sure?” Jin turned to look at me apprehensively. “I’m sure”.

I could feel Jin tense up from beside me. This was fucked up. There was no other way to put it.

“Jia. You can’t tell anyone else about this. About the car accident, about it being Daesung” Jin sturdily turned to me. “Why not?” I questioned.

“Because. If the others find out it’ll only make them mad. Tension is already so high with what happened to you, if they find out about Yoongi that will be the tipping point. They won’t stand back and let it slide. And if we retaliate, so will they, things will only get worse for everyone” Jin’s words washed over like an epiphany. He was right.

But it also meant we’d have to lie to the others…
Would more lies and secrecy really be the answer?
Wasn’t that what had led to me being…

I snapped out of my thoughts as the Nurse returned to patch me up. She was kind and gentle, Jin had a little joke with her and it lightened my mood slightly.

Straight afterwards a doctor came out and called us in to see Yoongi. My stomach dropped as we followed behind him down a corridor toward where his room was. Not knowing what kind of condition he was in was making me more anxious.

“Your friend is just in here. He’s sustained a fracture in his shoulder. He’s very lucky that was all despite the severity of the accident. But, he will still need to rest and recover properly. No strenuous activity. Heavy lifting. Anything that might put strain on his shoulder. I’ve spoken with him so he’ll be able to share further details with you. I’ll need him to stay a few more hours but after that he can be discharged tonight”.

Jin and I thanked the doctor after he spoke with us about Yoongi and his condition. After that he left us to go in and see how he was doing.

As Jin and I entered the room we saw Yoongi hauled up on a hospital bed. He looked over to us, expression blank.

“You’ve seen better days” Jin says as he approaches the bedside. “Yeah. That fucker from YG has some nerve” Yoongi snorted. I stood beside Jin, unsure of what to say.

“Yoongi. He’ll get what’s coming to him. Mark my words. But-“ Jin was cut off as Yoongi seemingly read his mind. “We can’t tell the others. It’ll only be throwing fuel onto the fire”.

Jin gave a curt nod. Yoongis gaze fell to me. “Are you okay?” He asked. I shifted uncomfortably as I stood there.
“I’m fine… thanks to you…” I felt guilt wash over me. How could he sit there in that shape, face as straight as an arrow and ask how I am.

“The doctor said you can leave in a few hours. Jia, stay here with Yoongi until then. You two should stay at the club tonight, if you come back to the dorms looking like that everyone will know. In the meantime, I’ll deal with them so they don’t get suspicious” Jin’s makeshift plan seemed legitimate so I agreed.

Jin bent down and places a kiss on top my head and gave a short wave to Yoongi before turning to leave.

“Thanks, See ya later Hyung” Yoongi called out before Jin closed the door behind him. I went and sat down on a chair on the other side of the bed. It was silent for a while, I tried to swallow down my guilt but it just kept building.

Yoongi looked at me plainly as though reading me like a book.

“What’s wrong?” It wasn’t until Yoongi spoke that my emotions over flowed.

“I’m really sorry, all of the shit happened because of me” My voice struggled between choked up sobs.

“Come closer, I need to tell you something important” Yoongi said softly.

I wiped at my watery eyes with the back on my sleeve as I stood up. I got a grip as I breathed through my nose.

“What is it?” My voice still shaky. Yoongi just beckoned me closer with the fluid movement of his hand calmly. I bent down closer as he slowly moved in, as thought telling me a secret but- I was left stunned as his lips diverged and pressed against mine. It was so quick but held such ferocity.

“I don’t give a fuck about any of that. The only thing that matters is that you are alright. Got it?” He’d pulled away. His deep voice resonates against my lips making me quiver.

“Yoongi that’s so messed up” Tears began to spill, his words wringing my heart dry. How the hell could he say that.

“Please stop crying. Seeing you like this hurts me way more than getting hit by that car” Yoongi cupped my face and wiped my cheeks with his thumb.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry so I awkwardly did both before kneeling down and burying my head into his lap. I felt him gently play with my hair for a few minutes, it helped calm me down, it always did.

“You should probably get off your knees or you’re going to hurt them more” His deep voice cut through the silence. He was right. I sat up and got back in my chair. Just then a nurse came in and told us that he was being discharged.

It was well past midnight by now. Yoongi and I took a taxi back to the club. We managed to slip back upstairs without running in to anyone on the way. I put together some kimchi fried rice for us to have for dinner, he had trouble eating because of his shoulders so I helped. A small blush crept up on his cheeks as I held the spoon up to his lips. I didn’t know if it was out of embarrassment or he secretly was enjoying it, either way it melted me seeing him this vulnerable. It was a rare sight indeed so I savoured the cute moment like this with him.

I ran a bath for him and lent him a baggy shirt and pants for him to change into. I was worried he might struggle but he managed just fine. I stacked all the pillows up on the headboard seeing as he needed to sleep upright to support his shoulder. Yoongi climbed in first, letting out a big sigh as he settled back and got comfortable.

“Is that okay? Do you need me to move any of the pillows?” I asked as I carefully sat down on the edge of the bed.

“It’s alright. Hey Jia” Yoongi broke into a small smile. “What is it?” I questioned, unsure of what was so amusing.

“You always tell me what good boyfriend material I am, but, turns out you’re way more cut out for it than me” he gave a soft chuckle. “Huh? No…” I laughed awkwardly, what was he trying to say?!

“It’s sweet of you. Actually, you’ve always been like this” Yoongi went on, voice softening.

“Please stop, or are you trying to make me cry again?” I shifted into bed beside him and looked up into his face. “Ah. I don’t know what I’m trying to do. You’re right, it’s too sappy isn’t it?” Yoongi gave a sigh, tiny smile still plastered across his lips. I closed my eyes and burrowed further into my pillow.

“I like it when you tell me things. It’s just that you rarely do it… So when you do…” I explained. Eyes closing. I waited to hear his voice, that tone he spoke in.

“Let’s get some rest. We’ve both had a rough day” Yoongi shifted slightly from beside me.

“Okay, night Yoongi” I curled up a bit closer to his thigh, like a kitten nested comfortably before it falls asleep.

“Sweet dreams baby”.

Chapter Text


Yoongi had already left this morning. I tried to persuade him to let me cook him breakfast but he was adamant he couldn’t be late for whatever it was he rushed off to do.

I’d checked my phone to see a message from the newly crowned ice prince himself.

JK: Meet me out the front of campus studios at 10 am.

I didn’t have class until after lunch but, part of me wanted to text back something along the lines of ‘screw off’ with a smiley face emoji for dramatic effect. But, the only reason he was asking to meet was because of that assignment we had. I would prefer to get it done sooner than later.

I reluctantly got up and went to shower. He really could have just asked nicely… I didn’t get why he was being so mean these days. Maybe it was just hormones like Jimin and Tae had theorised. Maybe I’d try and get a bit more out of him today. But, at the same time, I didn’t want to rock the boat. Too much had happened lately and I didn’t want to stress myself or anyone else out further.

I stopped at a cafe along the way and got two freshly squeezed orange juices. It wasn’t my usual but this fresh sunny weather was giving me fruity tingle vibes. The campus has always been lush but this time of year it was undeniably stunning, the way the wind rustles the leaves. Every breath I take as I stroll through the campus filled my senses with subtle garden aromas.

Jungkook was leaned up against the brick wall of the building, eyes searching the paths until he spotted me. Despite the slight biting of his lip, he appeared indifferent as I approached.

“The teacher said we could use a room to work on our assignment. Let’s go” He turned on his heels abruptly before I even had the chance to say hello. I kept silent and followed behind him, I watched the back of his head look both ways as he read the numbers on the doors. Finally, he stopped at number 13 and used a key he had in hand to open it.

I followed him inside. The room looked identical to the one the rappers used. Jungkook sat down at the computer and turned it on so I set my backpack down on the couch then pulled up a seat beside him.

“Here, this is for you” I set the extra drink I had been holding on the desk. “Oh… Thanks…” he glanced down at it, seeming caught off guard.

I gave a tiny nod, sipping at my juice quietly. Jungkook opened up the production software on the computer before taking a sip too.

“So… How are we going to do this?” He asked, swivelling around to face me but leaning into the side of his chair and staring off into the distance. I could tell he felt awkward.

“If you want, I already have a song I’ve been working on. We could just finish that and submit it. Would save us time.” I suggested. I’d been thinking about it since we got assigned the project but hadn’t had a chance to tell him until now.

“That could work. Do you have it here?“ Jungkook nodded along, supposedly open to the idea.

“Yeah. It’s on my laptop.” I moved to grab it from my bag and unfolded it up on the desk in front of us. Jungkook sat quietly as I opened up the lyric file along with a beat that I’d been fiddling around with arrangements on.

“I began writing it as a group song but it could be rearranged” I pressed play on the beat with the lyrics pulled up. Jungkook recited them out aloud against the beat a few times to try and get a feel for it. His voice sounded so nice on it.

“You wrote all this yourself?” He turned to look at me after getting about halfway through.

“Uh. Yeah,” I answered, unsure if he was liking it or not. “Okay. It’s good. Let’s work on it a bit more and submit it for our assignment” he finally said.

I gave a tiny smile, it was only for a second but he returned it. The rest of our morning was spent putting together what would be our class project. There were moments I felt like nothing had changed between us. But, he still held his distance. I tried my best to ignore it but there was no denying things weren’t the same. I chose not to bring up anything about why he was acting cold, I didn’t want to ruin our collaboration. It could always wait for another time.

I sat by myself on a campus bench and ate a salad for lunch. I got a text from Joon asking if I could work the bar tonight so I accepted. After that, it was off to language class.

As I strolled in I saw Tae and Jimin settled in the spot we’d sat in our last class. But, they weren’t alone. A blonde and a brunette girl, the ones I vaguely recalled from last week were seated beside them too.

I could see the boys looked uncomfortable as I got closer. The giggles and cute hair flips were a dead giveaway that they were flirting with my besties. Tae went wide-eyed as he saw me slide into the aisle towards them.

“Ahh excuse me, you’re in my seat” I tapped the brunette on the shoulder. She tilted her head back to glare at me. “Oh. There aren’t exactly reserved seats so, I’m sure you can find another” She whirled back around to talk to Jimin but he wasn’t paying attention to her. Instead, he looked up at me, offering me a cheeky smile.

Fuck this. I nudged past the girl and plopped right down into Jimins lap then turned and stared at her.

“Do I need to make myself any clearer? Get lost, he’s taken.” I felt Jimin burst into a little chuckle before wrapping his arms around me and poking his head over my shoulder.

“Sorry, you should probably find somewhere else to sit. This one doesn’t play nice with others” He started bouncing me on his knee as though appeasing a child. The girl scoffed before getting up and storming off with her friend. I glared her down the entire time. Tae was awestruck, it was only after the fact that he cracked into laughter.

“What did I just witness” he sighed as he settled down. I slipped back into my seat between them and started taking my stuff out of my bag.

“You could’ve just stayed on my lap” Jimin mused. “Shh. You’re trying to make me suffer today, Huh?” I snorted. “I’ve never seen you that jealous before. I like it. I might have to start flirting with other girls on purpose” Jimin giggled, casually tumbling into my shoulder as he did.

“It’s funny. Everyone thinks Jimin is an angel. If only they knew how wrong they were” Tae smiled. I agreed, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The class passed by, I planned to meet up with Jimin and Tae later tonight at the club. After leaving them I went back to my new place. As I wandered in and up the stairs, I heard some commotion coming from the basement where the stage and main area of the club was. It was presumably some staff setting up for the night. But first I needed to have a bite to eat and change into something more fitting.

An Onigiri from the fridge would do just fine. I grabbed it and went to my room to look through my wardrobe. What would be an appropriate fit for bartending? I thought back to Kiah, one of the friendly bar staff from the host club I used to work at. She’d always chat with me over a few shots while I waited between clients. I mostly recall her wearing a tight black tank top and tight black jeans or leggings.

I had that in my Arsenal so I pulled it out and geared up. I tied my hair back in a tight ponytail. Bit of makeup, I’ll admit this wasn’t a style I’d tried but as I checked myself out in the mirror it looked pretty nice.

I slid my phone in the back pocket of my jeans and took off downstairs to try and find Joon. He’d asked me to work at the bar but hadn’t specified which one. I passed by one of the securities who was standing by the stairs down to the basement. I quickly asked if he knew where to find Namjoon and he directed me to an office that was in a backroom behind the stage.

It was my first time getting a decent look at this part of the club. Just as Grey had instructed the room was in the complete opposite direction of the back door so instead of turning right, which wouldn’t lead me to the back door, I turned left.

As I got closer I heard the faint muffle of voices from behind the door. I wasn’t an eavesdropper or anything but… At the same time, I didn’t want to interrupt anything right?

I leaned in, I knew I probably should’ve but.. my curiosity had always been too big to keep at bay.

“If we can move this shipment it’ll change everything.” It sounded like Jin. I listened carefully.

“I know but, it’s a big amount. We need to figure out how, otherwise, it could ruin us.” The next voice was Joon.

What the hell were they discussing?

“Just leave it to Jimin and Tae. Give them a chance to work their magic. If we can get a few other clubs on board then we go all in.” It sounded like Jin was trying to persuade Joon to go along with something. There was a tiny silence, I hastily knocked on the door in case they were about to come out.

“Come in” I heard Joons deep voice call from behind the door. I thrust it open and stuck my head inside.

“Hey, just wanted to check which bar you want me at tonight?” I beamed.

“Oh, you look nice. Um, the main bar. The one on this floor. Is that alright?” Joon asked, seeming thrown by my sudden entrance.

“Yep. Got it! I’ll get to work, see you later” I gave a small bow before shutting the door behind me.

I went and began checking all the glasses and making sure the fridges were stocked. Soon enough the doors opened for the night and the floor filled up with people. Altogether it was a slow-paced night seeing as it was a Monday which was fine by me. It gave me a chance to ease into my new position. I was having fun, bopping along to tunes as I poured drinks. Not to mention the fact that I didn’t have to drink excessively like I usually would. It was an enjoyable change.

Jimin and Tae stopped by for a little while and had a few drinks and a chat at the bar with me. They didn’t stay long but it was still nice to see them. The evening came to an end. Small crowds of rowdy drunks started to leave for the night so I tidied up and put everything away.

A few staff were still busy cleaning the floor. I was about to head back upstairs when I saw Hoseok headed my way.

“How was your first night behind the bar?” He asked, a grin plastered across his face.

“A lot of fun! I didn’t see you earlier, were you here?” I pulled him into a one-armed hug. “I was here and there, running some errands” Hoseok wrapped his arms around my waist briefly.

“Oh, I see. So you’re finished for tonight? Must be tired” I took a step back, he did look like he’d had a long day.

“Yeah, time to get some rest. You ready to head up?” He asked.

“You’re coming too?” I gave him a quizzical look. “Huh? Yeah, it’s my turn to watch over you tonight. Didn’t Joon tell you?” He appeared confused as he scratched at the back of his head.

“He didn’t mention anything. I just assumed I’d be all by myself so… “ I gave a sheepish chuckle.

“Oh... If you don’t wa-“ I quickly cut him off.

“No! I want you to stay with me. Please… Honestly, after so much has happened I don’t want to be alone…” I said hastily.

Was I being too forward?

“C’mon then, let’s get outta here” Hoseok tightened an arm around my shoulder and we headed upstairs together.

We both took turns showering and getting ready for bed. Turns out I hadn’t noticed the black gym bag he’d left in the corner of the living room. He’d dropped it off earlier in the afternoon so he could stay over. I’d gathered Joon was preoccupied with other things at the moment, from the conversation I’d overheard earlier. It could be why he’d forgotten to mention Hobi was staying with me tonight.

I lay on my bed, reading over some lyrics as I waited for Hobi. The door creaked as he opened the door and came in. The white singlet and sports shorts he wore were a little baggy but hung off his body flawlessly.

“Ahhh. Finally, bed” he groaned in satisfaction as he jumped up on the bed and tugged the sheets back.

“Mm. Hey, can I ask you something?” I put the papers on the desk and got under the sheets with him. Hoseok shifted his pillow before resting his head and turning on his side to face me.

“Yeah, sure. What’s up?” He asked, voice softening as he did. I stared at him for a moment, I wasn’t sure if he’d answer my question or not but, I still wanted to ask. I let out a sigh.

“I know you guys are doing illicit stuff. You’re not that good at hiding it… But, no one elaborated on what exactly is going on… I think… Seeing as I’m somehow caught up in it that I need to know more about the situation.” I watched as Hoseok listened carefully to what I had to say. His expression was blank for a moment, maybe I shouldn’t have bothered asking…

“I get where you’re coming from. Before you were involved we kept a lot of things from you, mostly to protect you. But, you’re right. Things have changed.” There was a light rasp to Hoseoks voice as he spoke, it pulled me in.

“From the beginning, the odds were against us. I’m not sure if you know this but our agency doesn’t have a lot of money. Even now, it’s on the verge of bankruptcy. Our CEO has some connections, ones that we decided we could use to try and turn our money struggles around.” He paused for a moment.

“Is this where the drugs come in?” I questioned. He gave a neat nod and went on.

“Yeah. Looking back, it all just escalated so quickly from there. Jin Hyung took on most of the responsibility even though Joon is in charge. Because of those two, we all are a bit better off. Joon gives the orders and I help him organise stuff” Hoseok slowly stretches out and places his hand over my wrist, caressing light circles across my skin.

“So where does that leave Jimin and Tae? Jungkook?” Now that Pandora’s box had been opened I wanted to know more.

“Those two, hah, I’ll admit their charisma comes in handy. It’s usually those two who negotiate when we have a new buyer” He gave a cute snort of a laugh. The tiny smile lingering.

“I really can’t imagine those two bartering drug prices, wait, actually maybe I can” I chuckled lightly. I don’t know why it seemed so amusing. Maybe it was the thought of them bickering with hardened criminals.

“Jungkook on the other hand, I think it’s better he tells you himself how he’s involved. I just don’t think it’s my place. Sorry, I probably shouldn’t say anymore” Hoseok let out a slight sigh before wrapping an arm around my head and heaving me into his chest.

“It’s okay, thanks for sharing what you could. I appreciate it” I mumbled into the thin fabric of his shirt.

“Yeah. Anyways, let’s get some rest. You need your beauty sleep baby” Hoseok softly kissed the top of my head.

I draped my arm around his side and fiddled with his shirt, it was soft and cozy and it was putting me to sleep.

Chapter Text


Hoseok heads off early in the morning, he’d woken me up to let me know he was leaving but afterwards I couldn’t get back to sleep. It had been a while since I went for a run I missed it. I missed all the little things that I used to do before all of that crazy shit happened... Just when I’d thought it couldn’t get any worse, Yoongi had been hurt. It scared me, did I dare ask if it could get any worse just in case the universe decided to answer?

Right now, I felt stuck. Uncertain of what to do next. I still had to figure out a way to pay for my fees next year otherwise I could forget about finishing my degree. But, what was even more worrying was that I had to watch my back everywhere I went… not knowing when I could be put in danger again kept me on edge. Always looking over my shoulder. The surest place for me was here, with the boys. Which I was thankful for but… Where exactly do I go from here?

I was troubled. Things won’t be the same… I won’t be the same. That’s what I believe. I had to try and find a way. Maybe clear my head for now.

So, I went for a run. The sound of birds chirping as they sat atop powerlines. It filled the space behind the chatter of people out strolling around in the morning. I was on my way home when I was passing by a small grocery store. The vibrant colours of several fruits lined the shop front display. The orange of the tangerines caught my eye. I suppose citrus was the flavour of today so I grabbed a bunch and took them home with me.

When I got back I showered and got prepared to head to class. I sat in the kitchen, ready to leave. The tangerines atop the table. A thought crossed my mind. Some Vitamin C would maybe do Yoongi some good and I wanted his shoulder to heal soon more than anything.

With that in mind sent him a message.

Jia: Yoongi, I’m going to leave something in the studio for you. Make sure you go and pick it up later when you have time

I clicked my phone shut and left for the studio. No one was there when I ducked in to drop off the fruit. It was straight off to class afterwards. I scribbled down notes as the lecture went on, the vibration from my pocket sent a small rush of excitement. Hoping to see a text from Yoongi I swiped the message open without checking the screen.


Unk number: Jia, It’s Cc. I heard what happened and I’m praying to god you are ok. When you quit we were told not to contact you but me and the girls miss you a lot. Things have gone to shit over here, I can’t say much more but I think you already know. I’m so sorry, I probably won’t be able to contact you again, it was risky enough for me to send you this message but, it’s just fucked up. Don’t reply, I already had to ditch this phone. Just know we love you 💗

I stared at the message for a few minutes. It hadn’t hit until now, how much I missed them too… I’d been so caught up in the chaos that I hadn’t had time to feel the loss. Even though her message made me sad I appreciated she’d reached out. I’m sorry too, Cece. I do hope we can meet again one day whenever fate allows. But for now, I’ll just have to treasure all the memories we have and say goodbye. Thank you for being my friend.

I would’ve had lunch outside but the weather had decided it was spring showers today. Instead, I settled for a seat by a window in the cafeteria. The sky lightly cries, yet, the way the sun shines could mean it was a happy cry. Perhaps the sky was still grateful amidst the sadness.

I was pulled from my weird philosophical trance as my phone vibrated again. This time it was Yoongi.

Yoongi: Just got your little present. You trying to butter me up or something? 😏

Jia: Just wanted to make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin C ☺️

Yoongi: I knew it. You just want me to kiss you again, don’t you 😉

Jia: 😘🍊Enjoy your tangerines!

Yoongi: Thanks, I might be around the club if you’re working tonight. If so I’ll see you then

Jia: I haven’t heard from Joon yet but I have a feeling I might x

Yoongi: 🍊😘

I sat there in my giddiness for a bit. Yoongi was hardly this cute with me so it just felt so surreal. He just sent me a tangerine kissy emoji. Too cute.

After classes finished up I headed back home. Joon had indeed messaged and asked me to work the VIP bar tonight. The rain had let up just long enough for me to get back without getting caught in it. But as soon as I got upstairs and into my room I could hear the litter patter of the water hitting the roof and window.

I wore something similar to my shift yesterday. The tight comfortable fit made it easy to move around the bar. I’d realised that being agile on your feet was an advantage, it meant you could pull out different liquors and mixers and make drinks quicker.

As I finished preparing the bar for opening Joon, Hoseok and Jin came up accompanied by a small group of men in clean-cut suits that I didn’t recognise. I caught Jin glance over and send a cheeky wink my way. That was so like him. They settled down on the couches, I couldn’t hear what they were saying over the music but it looked like it might’ve been some kind of business discussion. The boys were looking more suave than usual and the gangsta way they spoke to the men from across the table just gave me that impression.

I slipped a notepad and pen in my back pocket just in case they had a big order then went over to attend to their table.

I lingered beside the couch closest to Jin, overhearing the end of their conversation as I waited.

“We’re talking a fortnight from now. You’ll have plenty of time to get set up on your end.” Joon finished off before glancing in my direction.

“Drinks?” He questioned the man across from him who looked like he was the boss or something. “Whisky on the rocks and some beers for the boys” he replied, he had a dangerous charm about him. It stood out, he was young, handsome, and was much more intimidating now that he was staring at me with a kind of heavy intensity.

“Jia, four whiskeys on the rocks and a couple of beers” Hoseok gave me a small wink. Joon and that guy started talking again so I gave a short bow and went back over to the bar.

After I’d prepared everything I put it on a tray and waltzed back over to serve. They’d been so deep in discussion they barely noticed me put down the glasses, except for Jin who glanced my way occasionally. I got the feeling he just wanted to burst out in laughter and joke around like he usually did, it was kind of funny seeing him keep so composed.

I continued to take drinks to them as the night went on. It must’ve been around 10 pm when they finally left. Hoseok and Jin escorted the gents out and Joon came over to sit at the bar, as he plopped into the stool he let out a sigh.

“What’s up? Looks kinda serious” I eyed him, brow raised. “It’s better if you don’t know” he ran his hand through his hair before looking me over. I decided to let it go. “Another drink?” I picked up the bottle of whisky they’d nearly finished and gave it a shake.

“Yes please,” Joon gave a small pursed-lip smile. “Whenever I see you these days you always look so stressed…” I began to say as I dropped a few ice cubes into a glass. “If there’s anything I can do… let me know… okay?” I finished pouring the last of the brown liquid into the glass and set it down in front of him with a tiny smile. He gave a small nod and held the glass up to gesture cheers before taking a sip.

“By the way, where do you keep the spare liquor? I need to restock the whiskey” I set aside the empty bottle. “Oh. It’s behind the stage, there’s a storeroom near my office. I can show you if you want?” Joon sat up straight in his seat. “No it’s alright, you stay here and enjoy your drink. I can find it don’t worry” I waved off his offer.

I didn’t want to bother him anymore, he looked like he was already dealing with enough. Off down the spiral staircase, I went, weaving through people on the dance floor towards the back of the stage. Just as Joon had said there was a storeroom, the shelves were filled with rows of bottles.

I peered around for the whisky, seeing as all the stock was shelved in order it was easy to find. I pulled it off the shelf and was about to walk out when I felt something strange under my feet. As I looked down I noticed a square board of wood on the floor, it was strange. The rest of the floor was concrete. On closer inspection, I notice a handle.

What in the world? I bent down and pulled it, the wooden board flipped up to reveal a staircase leading down into darkness.

Is this something out of a creepy movie?

There’s no way… This just seemed so cliche, but, as usual, my curiosity got the better of me.

I carefully made my way down the wooden planks of the stairs. My feet hit concrete as I reached the bottom. I blinked a few times so my sight could adjust to the dark. As my surroundings became more visible I could see that I was standing in a corridor. Step by step I slowly made my way further down the walkway and turned right, in the distance shined dim light. It flickered as though from a candle. The closer I got the more movement I could hear.


A grunting, someone out of breath. I carefully lined up against the cold of the concrete wall and peeked around the corner.


He was sweaty and brandishing two knives. It was astounding, the way his body moved so swiftly. My soul left my body.

Is this guy practising knife fighting?

Just when I thought I’d about seen it all… a small panic ran through me. I slowly backed away and left for the storeroom. The last thing I needed was to get caught spying on Jungkook so I returned to the bar as though nothing had happened, even though I still couldn’t get the image of Kook out of my head.

Who was he going to stab exactly?

When had the innocent Jungkook I knew changed so much?

Maybe he’d been like this the entire time…

Then again, it’s not like I’d expected Jin to brandish and use a gun on someone either. Most of the time I only saw the soft and sweet sides of the boys, it felt unreal like it was merely a figment of my imagination when I saw them fighting or playing with knives.

Joon and the others left for the night, I’d closed the bar early seeing as there wouldn’t be anyone else up in this section tonight. I was just about to head upstairs when I saw Tae walk into the lounge. He beamed at the sight of me as he strode over.

“Glad I caught you before you knocked off” Tae gently grabbed my wrist, still smiling, I let him pull me off with him.

“Really? How come? Is it your turn to watch me for tonight?” I laughed.

“Yeah. It was supposed to be Jimins but I convinced him to let me take it instead. Anyways, come on, I have an idea I wanted to try out with you” Tae gave a cheeky wiggle of his eyebrows before pulling me further up the stairs with him.

I let Tae lead me up, he told me to change into something more comfortable so I did that too. By this point, my curiosity was peaking. What exactly was going through his head?

As I came back out I saw that Tae had opened up my laptop on the coffee table. He glanced over to me and beckoned me over to him.

“Okay so, I know things have been a bit stressful for you lately so after giving it some thought I came up with something that might help you relax” Tae pat my head like a child and gave me a small smile before going back to scrolling through a music playlist.

“Oh… Tae, you don’t have to-“ I was taken back by how sweet even the thought was but he cut me off. “No, I do have to. C’mon, stand up” he clicked my laptop pad and a slow song with deep suave vibes swung through the air.

“Tae… What’s this about?” I took the hand he’d held out and let him pull me to my feet. “Just relax and hold me. I want you to dance with me” Tae gently guided my other hand around his mid, all of a sudden a shiver ran through me.

What was this feeling?

Taes hand seemed so much bigger as he held onto mine. He gently guided me along with him, his other hand resting on my waist. Tae hummed along as we gently moved together, almost resembling poetry in motion. It was fun, fleeting, enough to get lost in. I didn’t know how much time had passed when we finally decided to call it a night and were all danced out.

Tae settled into bed with me, pulling me by the middle into him. His head nestled into my hair as he lets out a yawn.

“That was sweet of you” I mumbled, shifting so that I was pressed up against his warmth perfectly.

“I just want you to be happy. I regret… not being able to protect you. I’m so sorry.” His words hung heavy in the air.

“You make me so happy, sometimes I wonder what I did in my past life to deserve so much of your love. So… please don’t feel that way” I felt a tickle slide down my cheeks.

I felt Tae tilt my head to face him. His eyes were wide as they connected with mine. They spoke to me. I kiss him, gentle hot breaths reach my lips as he works his tongue deeper. I surrender to him, just like I had when he’d swept me off my feet as we danced.

Tae had to pull away, I felt myself lightly shaking at the intensity of it. “We should get some sleep, I don’t want you tired for class tomorrow” Tae pecked my cheek one after the other. I gave a small nod and laid my head back down on my pillow.

Thank you Tae, Thank you for loving me…

Chapter Text


Straight after class Jungkook and I had locked ourselves up in the studio together so that we could try and get the song finished. We’d made a lot of headway despite only having worked on it for a day. I stole glances at him when I thought he wouldn’t notice, I just couldn’t get that image of him out of my head. How could this seemingly innocent and shy Jungkook be the same person I saw fight Daesung off me, or be hauled up in a secret basement honing lethal knife skills.

“Jia? Are you spacing out again?” His voice pulled me back. “No, sorry. What were you saying?” I quickly shook my head but he rolled his eyes, sighed and leaned back in his chair.

“What’s wrong?” He questioned. It felt forced like he didn’t want to be asking in the first place. But, as his eyes laid heavy on me awaiting a reply I thought it was time I stopped beating around the bush with him.

“Jungkook. Look, I don’t know why you’re treating me so differently these days, I have no idea what I did but- It hurts. I know you won’t tell me, it’s complicated or whatever. Sure.” Jungkook remains silent as he listens.

I went on “But, it’s not like you aren’t doing your fair share of reckless things. This whole gang business for starters, not to mention I saw you in the basement-“ His eyes went wide at the mention of the underground room.

“What we’re you even doing down there? Why can’t you just mind your own business?” I could sense the anger in his voice escalating. I tried to interject but it was too late.

“You know what. None of this was EVEN supposed to happen. You weren’t supposed to find out about ANY of this” he’d leaned forward, eyes laid heavily on me, his words picking me apart. “You were supposed to go about your daily life living in ignorant bliss. Far, far away from all of this bullshit” Jungkook stopped himself. My lip trembled.

Every word that he yelled at me chipped away a piece of that wall I’d put up. The one I’d used to hold in the rising waters of a creek, but, as the dam cracked and the water started to burst through I fell to pieces.

Why was he so good at tearing me down?

“You have no idea how I feel! You don’t think I want the same thing?! But it’s too late. It’s too late…” I breathed heavily, his wide-eyed gaze held mine. “I already had all of that taken away when I was…”

Tears spilt.

Who was I trying to fool?

I was broken.
But, I don’t want to feel this way.
Not anymore.

“Jungkook. Please teach me how to fight too. I want to protect myself” I tried to stay strong but my words left my lips in trembles. I was a mess.

Jungkook broke into a pained look. He let out a ragged breath then in one swift movement snatched me into his arms and held me so tight that I nearly couldn’t breathe.

He spoke softly. “Learning how to fight has got to be the most reckless thing you’ve done yet. Are you crazy?” his arms were so tight around me, all I could do was sob into his chest.

“But… maybe you’re right. I tried protecting you by keeping you out of it. That didn’t work… I’m sorry. I fucked up” he took a small shaky breath.

“As much as I don’t want to do this… I will. For you.”

It had been so long since we were this close but it was all too familiar, the light musky scent of his, lulling me further into his hold on me. I felt him push my hair back in long soothing strokes, all my troubles washing away with each touch.

I missed him…

“Sorry. I’m okay now” I said, voice muffled by his jumper. Jungkook slowly let go of my head just enough for me to look up at him.

“But… There’s one thing… If we do this, you can’t tell the others. We might be able to tell them later but, we made an agreement that we wouldn’t involve you unless it was necessary. So… This probably won’t go down well if the others found out” Jungkook looked slightly troubled.

I gave a small nod. “Okay. I won’t tell anyone.”

I wiped my cheeks with the back of my sleeve. He loosened his grip around me and let go so I carefully sat back down in my chair and took a few deep breaths to recompose myself.

“Let’s work on the song another time. I think that’s enough for today” Kook gave a small sigh before leaning over the computer. He started saving the files and turning it off.

“Mm. I’ve got to get back anyway. I have a shift tonight” I mumbled. There’s no way I could concentrate on it now anyway. Not after that whirlwind of emotions. I still felt a bit shaken up.

“How’s it going? It’s a bit different from your last job…” Kook glanced over at me before standing up and grabbing his bag.

“I like my job now” I got up too. I remembered him saying he’d followed me around for a while.

It made me wonder how long he’d known about my job but hadn’t said anything. Given, at the time even if he wanted to confront me he couldn’t have. Not with everything he was also trying to hide from me.

“Want me to walk you home?” He asked softly. I gave a small nod and we left the campus together. It was mostly silence between us until we got back. It was hard to know whether his attitude towards me had changed much, but, he’d agreed to teach me how to protect myself. I guess it was a step in the right direction, maybe we’d be able to patch things up between us along the way.

“Alright, I’ll uh, see you later Noona” Jungkook stood awkwardly before me as we reached the front of the club. “Yeah, thanks for today” I mumbled. Unsure of what to make of this awkward feeling between us.

It felt a little nostalgic.

Kookie gave a small smile before turning on his heels and leaving. Although it wasn’t much it meant a lot to me.

On my way back upstairs I ran into Joon and Supreme boi. Joon told me he wanted me down at the general bar tonight and the Supreme boi was playing a DJ set so to expect it to be a bit busier. I stayed and had a short chat with them before heading up to get ready.

As I reached the little cosy living space that I now called home I noticed something on the table that wasn’t there when I’d left this morning. It was a packet of strawberries and on top was a little sticket note. As I inspected it closer I saw it was from Yoongi;

Dropped by earlier but you weren’t home. Thought you might like these, don’t forget to take a good rest now and again. Jia fighting ~

Yoongi ٩(^‿^)۶♡

A wave of tingles washed over as I skimmed his handwriting.

I was left speechless.
How was he so sweet?

I took one of the strawberries and popped it in my mouth, is this what being spoilt by Yoongi feels like? I took the note with me back to my room and carefully put it away somewhere safe. It felt a bit more normal now, being here. I had to admit, living where you work was so much easier. It was safe and comfortable and I was surrounded by people that cared about me.

I went down to the bar and got busy. Two other guys were working with me tonight, they introduced themselves as Yu-Hae and Koh-Hae. Funnily enough, they were twins, the main difference being Yu had black hair and Koh had blonde. We hit it off seamlessly when we realised we were all the same age too. They were both tall, perhaps somewhere between Yoonkooks height. But, their attitudes were quite confident and kind. I could tell instantly that they were going to be co-workers I could rely on if need be.

The doors opened and the night began. Joon was right, the floor was more packed than usual but for the most part, keeping up wasn’t overly hard. The music was loud but I think I’d gotten used to it, either that or I’d learnt to lip read. I’d just finished cracking open a beer and handed it over the bar when I noticed a blonde head of hair in the crowd. As the person blocking him moved to reveal Jimin, it hit hard that he wasn’t alone.

He was holding a girls hand, moving together with the rhythm of the music. It was that brunette girl from class.

I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I thought he wasn’t interested but the way they were giggling and whispering to each other plainly said otherwise. It was hard to push aside but I did my best to just focus on serving drinks. My eyes kept wondering to where they were, I’d catch glimpses of them throughout the night. It hurt to watch.

I bid Yu and Koh thanks and good night as they headed off after we closed. I went upstairs to turn in but as I climbed up the stairs I saw Joon sitting at the table. He looked up from the book he’d been reading towards me.

“Welcome home, how was your day?” He chuckled. I broke into a small smile at the sight of him just so casually seated there. “Good, how about yours?” I replied.

“Better now that you’re here” Joon turned and spread his legs slightly, patting at his thigh as though calling me to come and join him. “I’m guessing it’s your turn to keep me safe tonight?” I carefully went over and sat between his legs and laid against him.

“Yeah, finally got a chance to relax so I wanted to spend it with you. Want to read with me for a little while?” Joon peered down at me.

“That sounds nice” I gave a small nod.

Joon opened up the book in hand and held it so we could both read from our cuddled up position. I felt the rise and fall of his chest against me as he breathed. It lulled me peacefully as we got lost in the book together.

“Jia, did you want to go to bed?” I felt a small shake. I must have dozed off for a bit. “Yeah, sorry, I was just so relaxed” I mumbled, rubbing my eyes. Joon helped me up so I got changed into some pyjamas and we snuggled up in the sheets. I rested my head on Joons arm and closed my eyes.

This was the first time we’d been alone together in so long. It felt like a good time to bring it up some things that I just couldn’t help but wonder about.

“I know you guys are up to some shady things” I mumbled, anticipation running through me as I awaited his response.

“Why do you think that?” His voice was low and laced with sleepiness.

“It’s obvious, all the weird gangsters that come by. The way you’re always discussing things in secret. Yoongi dealing drugs. Jin shooting people” I buried my face into the crook of his shoulder as I spoke. There were a lot of telltale signs, this much was true.

“I know. I’m sorry. Just put up with it a little longer please..” I felt Joon push my back, closer into his warmth.

“It’s not that. Let me help you” I replied. I knew there was no way he’d go for that.. not after what Kookie told me earlier. But, I wanted to try anyway. I wanted to move on. Find a direction.

Was this the way forward?

“It’s better that you don’t get involved, Jia. I don’t want anything else happening to you. It’s too dangerous.” The sturdy underlying tone as he spoke told me all I needed to know. It was probably unlikely he would change his mind. I’d heard it before, it was the tone in his voice that said I’m not wavering on this one.

“Fine… I’ll leave it alone for now but, I’ve made up my mind. You’re all going out of your way to look out for me… working here like this- It just doesn’t feel like I’m doing enough” I let out a small sigh. Joon continued to rub my back soothingly, it was making it hard for me to stay awake.

“Just forget it for now and get some sleep baby girl” the words he spoke dripped in sweetness. Baby girl. I hadn’t heard that in a while.

Chapter Text


I was abruptly awoken by the thud of my bedroom door being swung open and hitting the wall.

“Rise and shine my little love birds, time for breakfast” Jin’s called out cheerily.

What was he doing here so early?

I heard Joon groan and shuffle around from beside me. I peered around my room to see the door still wide open, I could hear the crunching of plastic bags from the lounge room. I checked my phone, it indeed was a little early.

“Ahhh. What’s Jin doing here?” Joon sat up and rubbed his eyes. He looked like the walking dead. I chuckled.

“No idea but I think he bought us breakfast” I replied, throwing my legs off the edge of the bed and getting up.

“He’d better have coffee” Joon sat there for a second staring into nothingness before getting up too. He looked so out of it.

We went and took a seat at the table.

“You two look like crap. Here” Jin chuckled to himself as he slid over just what we needed to wake up. The aroma was like heaven to my nose.

“I don’t expect you to look any better first thing in the morning” I mumbled under my breath as I sipped at the straw.

“You’d be surprised” Jin just laughed before taking out a few plastic containers from a bag.

“Bon appetite” he smiled as he cracked open the lids to reveal soup, egg rolls and rice balls. “Thanks, Hyung” Joon ruffled his hair lightly before taking the chopsticks Jin handed to him.

“Where’d you get this from? It smells amazing” I asked, leaning forward to inspect the food more closely. The smell was doing a good job of waking me up more.

“There’s a restaurant just on the street behind us. I stop by once in a while, next time I’ll grab the Japchae for both of you to try” Jin offered, daintily picking up an egg roll and popping it in his mouth.

“Sounds good. Haven’t had Japchae in a while” Joon spoke, mouth half full of rice ball.

I ate silently as I listened to them talk. By the time we finished eating Joon and I were fully awake, I suppose that was why Jin had waited until afterwards to bring up what he did in conversation.

“So, as much as I love you two, the reason I came by was to talk to you about something” he began to say. Joon gave a small nod as he listened. “It’s about that guy Hoseok is meeting with tomorrow. I’ve had some men follow him around, turns out he has a weakness for cute blonde girls” Jin glanced over at me but I had no idea what was going on.

“No. No way, we already agreed that we wouldn’t get Jia involved” Joon was blunt, shutting down whatever Jin was trying to propose. Jin gave a sharp tsk, obviously not pleased with Joons abrupt dismissal.

“Namjoon. Look, this is important. What we agreed on was that we wouldn’t get her involved unless it was necessary. And this is necessary” the volume of Jin’s voice has risen slightly as he argued to make his point.

“What’re you saying? We just send Jia along with Hoseok as eye candy to persuade this guy to do business with us? How the-“ Joon was cut off “Yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying. It’s a great idea! We need this deal, there’s a lot at stake. Besides, Jia wouldn’t be in any danger. She’ll be with Hoseok the entire time. Easy solution” Jin ended on a confident note.

Joon let out a small sigh and rubbed his temples. He looked over at me, I didn’t know what he was thinking.

“I want to do it. Can I go with him?” I spoke up.

“Huh? Not you too” Joon groaned.

“See! She’s in, C’mon. Stop holding out on us” Jin added fuel to fire.

“Okay fine” Joon finally cracked. “But, just this once. She stays out of it after this” Joon said sturdily.

“Okay. Deal. Well, this has been fun but I’ve got to get going” Jin grinned as he stood up. “I’ll see you tonight beautiful girl” he winked in my direction before turning to Joon.

“I’ll see you later too. For now, I’ll get everything organised for tomorrow. Just leave it to me” Joon gave a short nod in response before Jin took off.

“Do you two always argue like a married couple?” I giggled, Joon turned to me and lightly flicked my forehead.

“You’re no better than he is, don’t start playing up now or I’ll change my mind” Joon raised a brow. I poked my tongue out at him. He cracked a small smile and shook his head.

“Anyway.. are you going to explain to me what this is all about?” I questioned. Joon took a sip of his coffee.

“I guess I have to now. The guy you’re going with Hoseok to meet is a prospective buyer. He owns some clubs so we need to settle on a deal so we can move some of the gear we’re getting soon” Joon explained. I was a bit taken aback by how casually he spoke despite the topic.

“Okay. So I guess I won’t need to say much while I’m there. Just smile and look pretty, that should be easy enough” I nodded along. “That’s the gist of it, yeah” he replied.

“Hoseok will probably come to pick you up from here around 1. The meeting is at 2.” Joon clarified.

“Alright” I gave a small smile. Joon stared at me for a moment, then, reached out at ruffled my hair.

“Huh? What’s that for?” I pouted, quick to shoo his hand away and fix my now messy hair.

“Nothing. By the way, don’t you have class today?” Joon clicked his phone on the table to check the time.

“Yeah shit, I should get ready,” I noticed I didn’t have long. I quickly got up and went off to shower and prepare for class.

Halfway through my shower, I heard Joon yell from the other side of the door that he had to go. I yelled an ‘okay bye!’ back to him.

After classes finished for the day I decided to spend some alone time in the library to study. Joon didn’t mention anything about working tonight so I just assumed I’d have the night off.

I decided to take a short break from studying so I quickly ducked out of the library and went to the vending machine that was just out to the front. The sky was dark, the air warm. The lamps illuminated the campus paths and gardens. It was so pretty at night.

Just as I reached down to grab my can of coffee from the machine I felt a small tap on my shoulder. I stood and turned, it was Mimi.

“Jia? It’s you. I wasn’t sure at first but it’s you” She gave a small smile, seeming happy to see me.

“Hey, Mimi, what’re you doing around here? How are you?” I probably looked stupid gaping at her but I was genuinely surprised.

“I’m good, I go to school here. How about you?” She replied, her hair was tied up in a messy bun and she was wearing sweatpants. It wasn’t her usual attire at all, well from what I’d seen anyway.

“I go to school here too. I was just taking a break, grabbing some coffee” as I moved past the initial shock I was happy to see her.

“Oh that’s cool, I miss you… I um, heard some rumours about why you quit… I don’t know how much truth there is to them but soon after that I quit too…” She glanced to the side, speaking carefully.

“Oh… It was probably for the best Mimi… That place is dangerous. I miss you too, and the others. I can’t say too much but, if you can, stay away from that place, okay?” I didn’t want to divulge too much. Especially if she’d already gotten away from there. Telling her things would probably only put her in danger.

“Yeah… I figured as much. Say, if you’re not busy maybe we could catch up sometime? Would be good to keep in touch” Mimi and I were always fairly close so it made me happy that she’d asked. We exchanged phone numbers before I went back into the library.

Seeing her had sprung up memories that I thought I’d already let go of. It made it hard to concentrate so I decided to call it a night and head home.

Snippets of happier times I’d had with Mimi and the others flicked through my mind. All the laughs, drinks, and even the small arguments all seemed so nostalgic. The door security, Grey was his name, as I’d recently learned, let me through straight away. It was kind of an odd feeling, having a line of people waiting as long as 2 hours to get in but some scruffy University student was getting let in instantly. It must have been confusing to them. At the same time to me it was amusing.

The music blared as I took a left towards the stairs that led up to the VIP lounge. I caught a glimpse of Joon, Yoongi and Hoseok as I passed by. Supreme boi and some other people I didn’t know were all sitting together. I continued up two more flights of stairs until I reached my little haven. I could still hear the music from downstairs. I guess at the end of the week it would be like this.

I went to my room and put my things away and had a shower, got changed into a knit crop singlet and some shorts then went to find those strawberries Yoongi had left me.

They were sweet, and in more ways than one. I can’t recall exactly when it started but, for a while now it seemed like life was moving so quickly. I remember when Yoongi and I first met. I’d thought he was so cool, him and the other three rappers. Back then we’d hang out in the studio and chill out over beats. That’s right, then Yoongi stumbled into me after work that time. I was shit scared about them judging me but he didn’t, instead, he kept my secrets nice and safe.

Maybe it was then that I put my trust in him, so much so that at the first sign of trouble he was the one I’d call. And, the fact that he was there for me without question any time I did call.

It wasn’t just Yoongi that I’d been through a lot with, it was all seven of them. Each one I had a unique cascade of memories with, each as special as the others. Back then, I remember being more hesitant to open up my heart but, it seems to have happened regardless. Maybe I’d lied to myself all this time. Maybe my fears were unnecessary to being with.

Undoubtedly, there was a time I was happy. Recently, I don’t know. A part of me is but, it’s overshadowed by anxiety. Uncertainty of the future. Self-doubt.

I took a deep breath and let it all go. Coincidentally enough it was just before I heard my name being called playfully from the stairway.

“Jiaaa~ Babyyy~ Are you home?” Jin’s head popped into view as he reached the top, he had two bags in hand.

“Jinnie pooo~ I’m right here~” I called back, obviously not to be taken seriously.

“God. That sounds terrible, don’t call me that ever again please” he laughed before pulling out a chair and taking a seat beside me.

“So, how’s your day been?” He went on, leaning in to kiss me on the cheek.

“Yeah, nothing too interesting. How about you?” I smiled. Jin broke into a grin.

“Amazing! You wouldn’t believe what I got my hands on today” He gave the bag beside him a little shake in excitement.

“No idea, what is it?” I tried to have a sneaky peek inside but he gently slapped my hand away. “Hold on, naughty girl” Jin raised a brow playfully before taking the bag in his lap and reaching in.

The suspense was killing me as he slowly lifted something, the dramatic effect was working.

“Ta-Da! 24k gold face masks” Jin held up two golden packets of beauty face masks. The ones you leave on your face to make your skin all soft and supple.

“Whoa for real? Gold? Since when was that a thing?” I looked at them in awe, they were so shiny.

“It’s a relatively new thing. Someone I was dealing with today had a ton of them and wanted to get rid of a few.” Jin grabbed my wrist suddenly and pulled me to my feet.

“Huh? You want to do them right now?” I asked, Jin had already dragged me halfway to the bathroom. “Yes. It’s the perfect time. If you want nice skin you need to make sure you go to sleep before 1 am. That’s the optimal time your skin heals overnight” Jin stopped at the sink, smiled at me and then grabbed the headband that I used to keep my hair back when I washed my face and shoved it over my head.

“Ow, okay, be gentle” I pouted, waiting for him to fix it up. “Yeah okay princess, whatever you say” he chuckled. Jin helped me wash my face even though I insisted I could do it by myself. The playful bickering between us was just as it had always been. After that, we put our face masks on and laid down and relaxed in bed beside each other to let them bake.

“Jin, can I ask you something?” I peered over at him, he lay on his back comfortably.

“Sure, what would like to know?” He replied. Eyes still shut.

“Why didn’t you tell me you knew the others?” I asked. I’d been curious about it for a while now.

“It never came up in our conversations, also I just assumed we’d run into each other eventually.” He answered.

“Oh... Okay” I gave small sigh and closed my eyes again.

“You don’t sound convinced… It might not show right now but, I have a lot of trust in my team. Not to mention, I didn’t want to put you in an awkward position.” His tone had changed, become softer.

“I still remember what you said to me back then. That you’d be there for me no matter what.” I recalled. He’d been so sincere back then. I’d believed him wholeheartedly.

“Even though I said that, I don’t think I kept my word.” I held my breath. Searching for the right words. That just wasn’t true.

“All you’ve ever done is support me. Care about me. Be kind to me. Make me smile. Whatever you’re thinking, stop it because it’s not true.” I felt a small tension release.

“You’re so precious, Jia. It’s almost cruel. You know, this path you’re going down with us isn’t going to be pretty. I’ve given it a lot of thought lately. Logic dictates I should push you away from all of this, but I might just be too selfish in the end. Not having you around, I don’t think any of us could bare it.” His confession hung heavy in the air. I felt similarly.

“And here I was thinking I was the only one who felt that way.” Silence befell us for a small while, time ticked by until our masks had finished baking.

We peeled off our face masks and Jin went and put them in the bin. He came back and snuggled into bed, pulling me into his side and lifting my leg over him comfortably. Even though this was the first time we’d ever slept together it felt like we’d done it a million times.

Jin lifted my chin and placed a plump goodnight kiss on my lips before resting back on his pillow.

“Sweet dreams princess.”

Chapter Text


I rolled over towards Jin and cracked open an eye. His skin was a flawless milky-white, lips perfectly plump. Everything about him was perfect as he lay there breathing lightly. He slowly opened his eyes, blinked a few times before turning over to gaze at me.

"Morning" I mumbled, reaching to trace circles across the skin of his arm.

"You look so gorgeous first thing in the morning" Jin sighed, his gaze trailed downwards slowly. "Hm, little exposed there are we" He hummed, reaching over to me.

"What do you mean?" I asked, gaze following his hand as it hovered towards my chest. He lightly traced the side of my breast that was visible, my singlet must've gotten messed up while I slept.

"It tickles." I shifted slightly. He smiled softly before sliding his arm under me and pulling me on top of him with a groan.

"Jin!" I giggled, I wasn't wearing a bra so I could feel my chest pressed against his as I lay on top of him.

"Such a nice view first thing in the morning" Jin cracked a cheeky smile as his gaze dropped down. My singlet hung loosely, it barely covered me.

"Is it really?" I mumbled, the glint in his eyes becoming more lustrous by the second. 

"You look so sexy on top of me" he glanced back up to me. Why did I suddenly feel so vulnerable?

I lean forward and place a chaste kiss on his lips before sitting up. I throw my head back, the feeling of my hair cascading down my back in trestles. My thighs tighten around him. I'm straddled around his hips, he looked amazed beneath me.

"What're you doing? Hm?" Jin mused, eyes gazing at my body from below. I wanted his attention on me, for him to only have eyes for me. I slowly lifted the light fabric that was my singlet off, leaving me bare-chested atop him. He let out a deep breath, his eyes fixed right where I wanted them. On me. 

"If it's a nice view you want..." I bit my lip.

"If you're trying to tease me, it's working princess" Jin glanced up for a moment, eyes connecting before dropping back down to focus on my exposed chest. I took it all in, watching as he reached up and lightly trailed touches over the curves of my breasts. He pinched where it was most sensitive, I gasped, clutching at his lower abs where I had been leaning.

The sensation caused my nipples to stand hard, but that wasn't the only hard thing. Beneath me I could feel him, throbbing through our clothing. I grind down on him, a sweet moan leaving his lips.

Jin sits up. I whimper as he takes one of my nipples into his mouth and grazes his tongue over it. His hand still playfully pinching at the other. I grind down harder on him, another moan escapes him. Jin gently lowers me down, still suckling at my nipple. My mind clouding over as I lay there on my back, every touch just makes me want him even more.

"Jin" I moan his name, he paused and looked up. Eyes locking I could tell he was just as riled as I was.

"I want to show you all of me" I mumbled, I was shy to admit it but I wanted him to know. "Well then, should we get rid of these?" He asked, tugging at my shorts. I gave a nod and carefully slipped them down. Jin slid my shorts off my ankles and dropped them to the side, gaze fixed between my legs. I slowly opened up, he let out a small groan of satisfaction, a playful smirk following. 

"How is every part of you so perfect" he mused, gently trailing touches up my thigh, closer. I blushed hard at his words, as I felt him slide his fingers between my folds I moaned, surrendering to him.

"Didn't anyone tell you, you shouldn't play with your food" I sighed in bliss. Jin leans over me, lips pressing against mine, his tongue ravishing deeply.

"Don't worry, I don't plan on playing around with you for too long" Jin breathed into my lips as he spoke between hot kisses. I felt him slip down his sweats, his hardness rubbed between my folds sending quivers down my body. He pushed in slowly, I moaned into his mouth. I felt him force it inside me, I grabbed onto his shoulders as he rode deeper into me, again and again.

All the tension that had built between us after such a long time was falling apart at the seams as he rutted into me. I desperately wrapped my legs around his hips, wanting to feel him deeper. His kisses became more sloppy, tongue slipping over my lips, sucking at them. Every time he thrust in it hit my clit teasingly, only adding to the pleasure until it was just too much and I came undone.

I clenched my legs around him trying to nullify my orgasm but he only went harder as I came. He twitched from inside me, as though his entire cock wasn't enough to fill me when he came. He breathed heavily, kissed me on the cheek and sat up.

"Ahh. I can usually last longer, your tight little pussy just feels too good though" Jin slowly pulled out of me. I felt his load spill out of me as he did, I peered down only to see a hot mess.

"I look so good covered in your cum" I looked back up at him, still breathy and fucked out. That didn't sound as weird in my head as when I said it out loud.

"Secretly a little cum slut I see. God, you're too cute" Jin chuckled. That's funny, was I? I shook my head but he just laughed,

"C'mon, go clean up first. You've got a big day ahead of you," Jin took my hand and I got up on my knees. 

"Hey!" I squealed at the light smack to my butt. I hurried to stand up out of his reach.

"Quick, quick. We don't have all day little one" Jin smiled cheekily. I let it go and went for a shower, a bit of a cuddle would've been nice but he was right. After I finished Jin went to wash next. I slipped on a casual dress for now. I hadn't decided what to wear for my meeting with Hobi yet. Jin kissed me before he left, apologising about having to leave so soon but said it was important. I didn't mind, it was probably better he went anyway cause having him around was sometimes way too distracting.

I started dolling myself up a little, not too much though. Less is more right? I decided on tight black jeans and a long sleeve off-shoulder knit. It hugged my curves nicely and was still comfortable.

I checked the time to see it was nearly 1 pm and as though right on cue I heard Hoseok call out my name from the stairwell.

"In here!" I called back before grabbing my handbag and slipping on some black heels. I liked the way they made my legs look longer. Hoseok poked his head into my doorway.

"Wow, why do you always look prettier every time I see you?" He laughed, coming in to hug me.

"Shh. You're just being nice," I wrapped my arms over his shoulders seeing as my heels made me tall enough to do so.

"I mean it, I was kinda iffy about letting you come along today but, got to admit. This guy doesn't know what he's in for" as he pulled away he smirked. 

"I hope so" I replied. I did hope he was right and that I could be of some use around here. Although it did seem a bit superficial I didn't care. Whatever gets the job done.

"Should we get going?" Hoseok raised a brow. 

"Sure. Let go" I replied. Without further delay, Hoseok and I left. It was a relatively nice day as we strolled down the street together.

Hoseok told me that the place we were headed was a club called Rhythm, the owner Reira was the person we were meeting with. Hoseok mentioned he was surprised that Reira even came to own a club given his young age of 28. He went on to tell me a bit more about his personality and background information. He'd started as a host and from there, his career has taken off, he'd worked his way from the bottom, earned enough money that he decided to just buy the place out. Apparently, he was charming, charismatic and had a way with the ladies. Funnily enough, as much as a ladies killer this guy seemed to be, his weakness was just that. Pretty girls that could resist his charm. I guess it made sense, after being able to pull any girl you want I imagined it'd get boring after a while.

As we approached the back door of the club and told the security who we were there to see he led us in.

We walked down a corridor until we reached a lavish bar lounge. Black, white and red lounge chairs and tables. This was a host club, it all seemed too familiar.

I started to feel right at home. Seeing as it was the middle of the day there were no Hosts around though. The security offered us to take a seat on one of the couches so we sat down.

"I'll go and let Reira-Nim know you're here. Please wait a moment." the man walked off down another corridor. I sat quietly, legs crossed as I took in the elegant surroundings but it wasn't long until I heard someone from the hall. Hoseok gazed over in that direction from beside me.

His blonde hair is perfectly swept to the side, eyes the colour of the ocean. Each stride he takes closer the sparkle of youthful boyish charm glows brighter. His black pants carry a 'H' belt buckle in the centre, light material of his opened up shirt flows as he walks suavely across the room towards us. This guy, without a doubt, was some kind of host royalty.

"Hoseok! It's good to see you again, oh, and who do we have here?" Reira eased down on the couch across from Hoseok and me, eyes grazing me up and down playfully before peeling them away to Hoseok to shake his hand. His aura is overbearing, yet, so addicting to watch.

"Good to see you again too, this is Jia" Hoseok replied. Reira reached out to take my hand.

"Nice to meet you, hope you don't mind me sitting in today" I replied, letting him take my hand. Masking the fact that I already had my preconceptions about him by simply smiling. He was, without a doubt, one of the biggest playboys I'd ever encountered.

"Not at all, Namjoon's outdone himself this time. You're gorgeous. I'll have to thank him for sending me such delectable company next time I see him" Reira kisses the back of my hand softly, his attention sits on me for the smallest of moments, then, he lets go and looks back to Hoseok.

"Shall we?" Hoseok asked, looking back to him, relaxing on the couch. The short exchange between him and I had left me feeling airy. Reira's smile turned coy. 

"Alright. I'll tell you what." He began, "I've had some time to mull over this little offer. Aside from a few tiny details which I'm sure I can smooth out with Namjoon at a later date, I want to go ahead with it." Reira spoke confidently. Hoseok leaned forward before giving a curt nod. 

"Well, that's good to hear. If you're on board then I'll let Namjoon know. You two can hash over the details and we'll go ahead as planned." The two continued to discuss minor details that had to do with a bunch of drugs, for the most part, I just sat and listened. Reira glanced my way now and again, he was magnetic to watch. Every movement he made was smooth and enticing to watch. Even dangerously so.

Soon thereafter discussions had come to an end. Hoseok and I left Rhythm together through the back door in which we came with Reira personally escorting us out. He's told me if I was ever lonely I was welcome back any time. Of course, the chances of me doing that were zero but I'd said I'd think about it out of courtesy. Hoseok knew me well enough by now and hadn't taken any of it seriously.

"Sorry to drag you out here. Seems like he'd already made up his mind" Hoseok scratched at the back of his head awkwardly as we strolled down the ally towards the Main Street.

We were just about to turn down another ally when Hoseok suddenly pushed me back. I'd glimpsed three guys in black who were standing in the middle of the narrow alleyway before being pulled out of sight.

"What's wrong? Should we go another way?" I whispered to Hoseok who's arm pinned me against the wall beside him, blocking me from moving. He didn't answer, too busy peering around the corner.

"Hold on" his voice was low. I stayed silent. The men's laughter could be heard clearly, they were talking. I honed in to try and make out what was being said.

"Dae-Nim nearly got the little slut too, but instead he ran over one of those losers dealers." A chortle of laughter followed.

Holy shit. We're they talking about me?

"It was the scrawny one. Yoonji or something his name is? Shame he didn't die. Would've made things easier for the boss." another twisted laugh came from them. My stomach dropped. Were these guys YG thugs? What the hell were they doing here?

I scanned around, eyes catching the club 'All White' sign. It was another one owned by YG. Fuck. I looked to Hoseok, did he have any idea what they were talking about? I didn't want to wait to find out.

"We should go" I tugged at the sleeve of his white shirt but he didn't budge. Hoseok turned to look at me, I could see the rage emitting off him in the form of steam.

"Jia. What are they talking about?" His voice was low. Dangerous. 

"I don't kn-" he cut me off harshly. 

"Don't lie to me."

"A week ago..." I took a breath, "I nearly g- got hit by a car... Yoongi… pushed me out of the way... He got h- hit instead and hurt his sh- shoulder... " My voice trembled. Hoseok eyes turned wild.

"Go. Run back to the club now. I'll be there soon." Without warning Hoseok grabbed me and pushed me forward, I stumbled past the alleyway. Heads from inside the laneway turned. Hoseok stepped out from behind the corner and was approaching them. He'd thrown all caution to the wind, had he lost his damn mind?!

Fuck. No. This is bad. I wanted to stay but, he'd told me to run. Fuck. What was he thinking?!

"You guys think you're fucking funny, Huh?" Hoseok words dripping in anger. I gulped thickly.

Go, now.

I break out into a sprint down to the end of the laneway and onto the street. I stopped out of the front of a café and pulled out my phone to call Joon. My heart was racing so fast as the dial tone rang through my ear.

"Joon. It's Hobi, we had a run-in with some YG guys, it's three on one. This is bad-" I panicked, trying to tell Joon what was going on. 

"Where are you?" His low voice cut through the phone, how was he so calm right now?

"Out the back of All White, down an alleyway-" I looked up, trying to find a street name, instead I saw Hoseok running across the street, those guys were chasing closely after him. 

"Wait no, they're chasing him. Maybe towards the University." My first instinct was to run after him, I'd only taken a few steps before Joon's voice pulled me back to my senses.

"Okay, I got it. Don't worry we'll go deal with it. Are you okay? Can you come back to the club right now?" Joon asked.

I felt conflicted but promised to come back right away. It would be stupid to run in knowing there was nothing I could do to help. If I knew how to fight it would be a different story but... I didn't.

My heart was racing as I walked back. Not knowing what was happening scared me. What if they caught up? He seemed fast but still... My mind was a jumble, what if Hoseok told the others about Yoongi too.

This wasn't supposed to happen.

I took a small breather and called Jin to tell him what was going on before I got back. Maybe, just maybe, if I could give him the heads up he might be able to do something before anything escalated even more. It was reaching but I needed to try and think rationally. Try to not let this get any more out of hand than it already was. As I got closer to home I saw Jimin standing worriedly out the front. When he saw me he ran up to me. 

"Are you hurt?" That was the first thing he asked as he knelt on one knee and looked me up and down.

"No, I'm alright. But Hoseok…" I mumbled, looking down at him. 

"It's going to be okay, C'mon" Jimin reassured me as he stood up. He led me back inside, we went up to the lounge. Tae stood up as he saw us. 

"Jia" he mouthed, eyes glued to me worriedly. Jimin gave a small nod as though telling him I was alright and not to worry. We all took a seat together, I looked between the two, feeling a little apprehensive.

"So what happened? All Joon said before he ran out the door was to stay here and wait for you" Tae leaned forward as he asked me.

I told them everything except the conversation we'd overheard regarding Yoongi. I'd promised I wouldn't... But, there was a high chance it would come out anyway which worried the hell out of me. I took a small moment to calm myself down. Jimin had instantly become more hostile at what I'd told them.

"What the hell? Shouldn't we be out there too?" I had never seen him this angry before. It scared me.

"No, it's better we stay here with Jia. I'm sure they'll be fine" Tae was firm. Muffled voices came from the stairs. I whipped around to see Jin and Yoongi briskly walking over.

"Any news from the others yet?" Jin called out to us.

"No, was about to ask you the same thing" Jimin stood, glaring across the room at them.

"We should go and help look for Hobi" Yoongi proposed as they reached us. Lingering by the arm of the couch. A sense of urgency in their demeanour.

"Agreed. Tae and I can go. You two stay here with Jia" Jin nodded over to Tae who stood, he had only taken a step when the crash bang of doors being flung open from downstairs stopped him in his tracks. We all looked over at the stairs in anticipation, was it them?

Joon and Jungkook were on either side of Hobi helping him up the stairs. He had some fresh red bloodstains on his face but, he seemed to be alright...

"Hobi, what the fuck were you thinking?" Yoongi rushed over to help. The three of them hauled Hobi over to the couch and sat him down. Kook came and sat down beside me while the others also settled around. Jimin had given Hobi a quick once over glance. 

"I'll get the disinfectant" He briskly set off down the stairs leaving the rest of us all looking at Hobi.

"It's not as bad as it looks. I'm fine. Just, was at the wrong place at the wrong time" Hobi said wryly. was he purposely not mentioning what we overheard? I saw him glance at me for a moment. What had happened exactly? As though reading everyone's minds Joon cleared his throat and spoke. 

"They chased Hobi back to the campus studio and ended up catching him there."

"Shit. Looks like they got you good," Jin peered at Hobi closer from beside him but he didn't reply. Instead, he looked away, maybe he was embarrassed?

Jimin coming back up the stairs broke the tension. Joon shifted over to make room for him beside Hob, he dumped a bunch of medical supplies down on the table. The anger I'd seen before had seemed to have phased into worry for his friend. All eyes still seemed to be on Hobi, as though waiting for more of an explanation. He peered around, unable to keep quiet anymore.

"I got into a fight with them, it got a bit out of hand and some of the equipment ended up getting smashed..." Hobi glanced over at Joon.
I noticed a broken hard drive in Joon's hand. He put it down on the table.

"That had all our song productions on it," Yoongi said coldly. Eyes steadily glued at the hard drive on the table.

"We should still be able to recover it, I'll take it to a hardware shop and see if we can salvage it" Joon retorted.

"Might take a few days but it should be doable" Jin added, as though not all was lost.

Tension was building amongst us, the phone that rang barely did anything to stop it from heightening. Joon stepped aside to take his call.

"How long are we going to let them get away with this kind of shit? First Jia, now this" Jimin's voice was low, bitter, as he cleaned up the blood of Hobi's eyebrow. Hobi winced as Jimin dabbed at it.

"Not yet. When we got our chance we'll take it but, for now, we need to be patient" Jin shot back. Kookie just looked blankly at the others from beside me, he hadn't said a word yet.

"I've got some news," Joon announced as he walked back over, stopping just at the foot of the table facing us all.

"What is it?" Jin asked, everyone was focused on Joon as he stood there. Something was wrong.

"Bang PD-Nim just called. We have a slot on a broadcast for our debut on Sunday" Joon said. But, he looked blank.

"Seriously? That soon?" Jimin reeled around, knocking the table as he did.

"Wait, but, our songs? Aren't they on that hard drive?" Tae looked around apprehensive.

"P-dogg has copies at the agency, right? Should be fine, no?" Jin questioned carefully. But by now I could feel dread settling in. One that told me it wasn't going to be that easy.

"I forgot to send him the ones for the debut album" Joon confessed. His flatness speaking volumes about the seriousness of this situation.

"Fuck! Seriously?!" Jimin retorted, throwing down the gauze in his hand and standing. Hobi leaned back muttering 'fuck' under his breath.

"Wait, the album can be released a few days after the performance. We just need one song for the stage, that's all" Yoongi interjected.

"You're right, but, I don't know if I have a song we can use," Joon said sturdily. My stomach plummets, there's no way this is happening.

"Jia has a song," Jungkook voice broke through.

"What?" Joon's gaze darted between the two of us.

"There's a song we could use. Jia and I have been working on it for our class assignment. We can use it." Jungkook held his composure.

Did he truly mean it?

Did he think we could use that song for their debut?

"What's it called?" Tae questioned. The sudden turn of events piquing his interests along with everyone else. They all looked at me.

I gazed around, apprehension overtaking. The situation was dire, but, was this the answer?

"The name of the song is... No more dream."


Chapter Text



After I showed the song to the boys they decided it was fitting and asked if they could use it for their debut on Sunday. Of course, with everything that had transpired within the last 24 hours, I basically threw the song at them. The club would stay shut this weekend and instead, we set off to work straight away.

The clock was ticking and we didn’t have long to try and miraculously pull a debut song, stage and choreography out of thin air. All of the boys as well as Pdogg and I had been at their agency studio for the past four hours. We’d nearly finished recording, and, after that producers can do editing and arrangements.

Then, the boys would need to start on choreography.

There was a lot to do. And the pressure we all felt was palpable. I helped with adjusting lyrics where I could, but, for the most part, Yoongi, Joon and Hoseok took care of the rap. Their skills when they worked together put my mind at ease, they knew exactly what they were doing and it was amazing to watch them work.



Hoseok left with a member from their choreography team to get started on the performance. The recording had been done except for a few last-minute harmonies and adlibs. My eyes felt tired as I watched Jungkook and Jimin inside the recording booth. As I gazed at everyone else I could tell that they were tired too. But, there is still a lot to do to prepare for tomorrow. We couldn’t stop yet. We had to keep going.



I’d stayed in the studio with Pdogg and Supreme Boi to help with production. But, seeing as there wasn’t much more that I could offer them I decided to go down to the practice room where the boys had started learning the choreography.

There was a stairwell inside the building that led down to the basement so I didn’t have to use the outside door. A raw version of the track could be heard coming from below as I made my way down the stairs. When I reached the bottom I saw them all lined up in front of the mirrors, sweaty and dancing. They looked exhausted but, even from here, I can see their drive. They’re pushing themselves. I could tell just how hard they had been working, even now, even though the odds were against them. Here they are, at three in the morning, dancing as if their lives depended on it.

Was there anything that I could do?

I couldn’t think of much… But, a small idea came to mind. Maybe some coffee would help.



I went down to the 24 hours Starbucks and brought back some coffee for everyone as they took a short break. The boys sat quietly or lay down on the floor, mostly scattered and not talking to each other. They were probably trying to conserve energy. I sat quietly on one of the couches in the back corner, a tall man I hadn’t seen before came and sat next to me. The boys had a few staff around and I didn’t know most of them.

“Jia right?” The man asked. 

“Yeah, that’s me. Can I ask who you are?” I replied. 

“Sure. I’m the boys’ manager Sejin. Nice to meet you. I heard you’re the one who helped with the last-minute song.” He replied.

“Oh. It’s nice to meet you too,” I quickly stood up and gave a short bow before sitting back down, “I did… there was some trouble with the hard drive and I already had a song that they could use…” I explained.

“I heard what happened. These boys can be a handful. Always seem to get themselves into trouble, keeps me on my toes that for sure” Sejin sighed although it seemed like he held a fondness for the boys more than an annoyance.

“Yeah…” I fiddled with my hands awkwardly, not really knowing what to say.

“I just wanted to say Thankyou. The fact that all of this happened while our CEO is overseas is bad enough. We might’ve missed the debut opportunity, but, because of you there’s still a chance we can make it.” Sejin looked at me as he spoke, but, there was no way I could possibly take any credit in this kind of situation.

“Oh… no… That’s-“ I stuttered.

“Not to mention, it’s a good song” Sejin cracked a small chuckle. I let out a small breath and felt myself relax. Maybe I should just take the compliment for what it is.

“Thank you… I just hope we can get everything ready in time. It would break my heart to see them miss out on the opportunity they’ve been waiting so long so for” I replied. Time was ticking away, this fact hung heavy over us all.


The boys had been at it for hours. I asked their staff if there was anything I could help them with but there didn’t seem to be much. I decided to go outside for some fresh air. I sat on the bench out on the street by their agency. The sun had begun to crack over the horizon. I couldn’t believe it. I watched the light pour over the streets and buildings in my tired delusional state. It was beautiful.

Suddenly Jimin sat next to me. 

“Hey, what’re you doing out here?” He mumbled. 

“I dono, watching the sunrise I guess. Are you okay?” I replied, turning to look at him. The light reflected off his complexion, he looks tired but still glows.

“The sunrise Huh?” He turned and looks at it for a moment before turning back to me, “It’s pretty… Just like you,” he gave a small chuckle before sighing. I felt a small lump catch in my throat. Flashes of him with that girl cross my mind but I push it away, now just wasn’t the time. Jimin went on. 

“Everyone was going to sleep for a few hours before going back to practise. You wanna come to take a nap with me?” Jimin gently reached over for my hand.

“Oh.. are you going back to your dorms?” I asked. I’d been awake for so long now my mind felt a bit fuzzy.

“Probably not, everyone just passed out on the couches. I have a futon I keep here just in case I want to nap when I practice, we can share” Jimin gave a small smile. The thought of sleep sounded so tempting.

“Okay, I’m pretty tired..” I slowly got up with Jimin and we went back downstairs together. All the lights were off and everyone was tucked in with blankets and pillows on the couches or on a futon. It was quiet as we slipped into Jimin’s little makeshift bed which was beside an already sleeping Hoseok.

“You comfy?” Jimin asked as he slipped in beside me and pulled the blanket up.

 “Yeah, get some rest” I whispered, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek.

“Thanks, you too cutie” Jimin held my head against his chest as we huddled together. I closed my tired eyes. It was a miracle I was even able to sleep given the panic of the situation but I managed to anyways.



As I woke up I saw that everyone else was starting to get up too. Some were eating bread and had drinks in front of them, some were chatting to each other.

“Here, want some bread?” Tae had noticed I was awake and passed me a spare bread he had sitting in his lap. 

“Thanks, Tae” I took it and sat up, crossing my legs. I still felt disoriented as I looked around. 

“I feel like I haven’t even slept at all” Tae sighed as he looked over to me. 

“Same, but, I’m not the one that has to dance all night and day so…” I mumbled back as I took a bite of the sweet soft treat.

“Wonder who’s going to wake up Jungkook,” Jimin had come back over and taken a seat beside me. I looked over to see Jungkook was still passed out on his futon, one leg hanging out of the blanket. He looked like a log and that he wouldn’t be easy to wake.

“Dono but we should probably get him up soon or he’ll miss out on breakfast” Tae replied. Just as he said that Joon got up from the couch where he was sitting with Jin and Hoseok and went over to Jungkook. He called his name and started shaking him. Hoseok was kinda laughing a little and Jin was just frowning.

“I guess this is normal for you guys?” I asked, Jimin and Tae nodded as they watched Kookie groan and try to shake Joon off him.

Not long after, everyone had eaten and got ready to get back to practising their choreography. I decided to go and give the producers a visit to check on the song.



Joon and Yoongi had come up to the production room to hear the finished version of the song. After collectively agreeing that this version was the final one, I felt morale lift among us. The song was finished. Joon and Yoongi took a copy of the final version back down to the practice room with them so they could match any discrepancies within their choreography.


After a long day, I went back to the club to try and make some dinner for the boys. They had been working hard since yesterday with barely any sleep or anything nutritious to eat. I’d picked up lots of vegetables and meat and was now putting together seafood stew and some other meat and vegetable dishes. It took a while but after I’d finished I packed it all up and headed back to the agency.

The boys looked happy to see me when I returned, also delightfully surprised when they saw all the food I was carrying. Joon ran up to help me carry it. Jin and Tae also took some things off me and helped set up the table down in the practice room. We all gathered around and ate together, also offering the staff to join us. I was seated beside Yoongi and Jin, but, I noticed every now and again Yoongi would struggle to bring his chopsticks up to his mouth to eat.

I leant in close and asked if his shoulder was alright but he just coldly said not to bring it up. But, I was worried. It had only been a week since his accident and the fact that he’d been pushing himself since last night couldn’t have been good. I watched as Yoongi got up and went to the toilet and decided to follow him to talk properly.

“Yoongi, wait up!” I called after him. He stopped but, didn’t bother to turn around to face me.

“What is it?” He asked coldly, I hesitated for a moment, what had gotten into him?

“It’s just… Your shoulder…” I brought it up cautiously, this wasn’t the usual Yoongi I knew. I had no idea how to approach him right now…

“I told you It’s fine, don’t worry about it.” He said bluntly. I felt something building up inside me. How could he be acting like this? Like it was nothing…

“It doesn’t look like it’s alright…” I pushed further, maybe even desperate to try and get through to him but, he finally turned to face me.

“Then what am I supposed to do? I can’t stop. Not now. After all this time, tomorrow is our Debut.” The pain and conflict in his voice hit me deep.

“Yoongi…” I was stunned. He was right.

“Just stay out of it.” He finally said before turning back around and taking off.

I watched his back as he walked off left only feeling hurt and conflicted. I don’t want his shoulder to get worse, but, he’s right… who am I to interfere with his Debut. He’d been working so hard for so long. There was nothing I could do. I went back and said goodnight to all the boys before going home for the night.

Sejin gave me a ticket including a backstage pass to their show tomorrow and told me to come. I made my way back home. I hoped the boys would get a good night sleep for tomorrow and that the food I cooked would help boost their spirits and body too. I was anxious about tomorrow but I’d done all I could and now it was out of my hands.


I’d accidentally woken up an hour after I fell asleep, my mouth was dry and I’d just had one of those really vivid dreams you only get when you are in a light slumber. I got up and went down to the kitchen for a glass of water. As I turned on the light I was a figure huddled up on the floor sleeping on a futon.

“Yoongi? Is that you?” I looked closer to see it was indeed him.

“Oh shit… I thought you were already asleep.” He grumbled as he turned over to look at me.

“I was but I, wait, why are you here?” I went and sat down at the table, peering over to where he was huddled up. He looked at me before letting out a long sigh and sitting up.

“I couldn’t stay at the dorms. My shoulders acting up and the others would’ve noticed if I slept there tonight” Yoongi said reluctantly.

Without saying anything to him I stood back up and left the room. I went and grabbed some anti-inflammatory and pain medication that I had and went back. Yoongi watched as I filled up a glass of water and put it down on the table along with the medicine.

“Here. Take these” I finally said. Yoongi slowly, carefully cradling his arm scooted closer to the table.

“Thanks” was all he said as he reached over and took the pills off the table. I watched as he took them. Still conflicted. If he wasn’t going to listen to reason then the next best thing I could do was try and help him.

“You should sleep in my bed if you’re going to stay here. It’ll be better for your shoulder.” Yoongi let out a small breath and closed his eyes.

What was he thinking?

Probably a lot of things.

Things I didn’t know, things I couldn’t understand.

“Alright” he slowly opened his eyes back up and looked at me. I got up and went over to help him stand. We went back to bed together and I set up the pillows for him so he could sleep with his shoulder supported so it wouldn’t hurt him while he slept.

There was a small silence between us as we lay in bed together. Finally, it was broken as Yoongi spoke. “I’m sorry about yelling at you earlier.”

I peered up at him, he was propped up in a sitting position, his eyes closed. I snuggled back into my pillow and closed my eyes too.

“It’s okay. I forgive you… Get some rest, you’re going to need it for your big day tomorrow.” I heard Yoongi let out a relieved breath.

“Goodnight Jia” his voice was soft.

“Sweet dreams Yoongi.”

Chapter Text

Sunday. Debut.

“Ahh. Fuckk”.

I woke up to the rustling of sheets, as I sat up in my sleepy state it took me a moment to register that Yoongi was writhing in pain, clutching at his shoulder as he shifted around.

“Yoongi, shit, hold on a second” I was forced to rack my brain as to what to do which was hard seeing as my head was still so cloudy.

What to do, what to do. Shit.

I went over to my medicine box and started rummaging thought it, that’s when the packet of Codeine caught my eye. I snatched it and hurried off to grab a glass of water. Yoongi was trying his best to hold in the pain as I helped him sit up.

“It’s Codeine. Should be strong enough to hold it back for now” I told him. Yoongi gave a nod before taking the medicine, gulping down the glass of water and laying back down.

After thirty minutes he seemed to relax. I took a seat on the edge of the bed as he propped himself up.

“Thanks. You’re right, I can’t feel it anymore” he took a deep breath before shifting to get up.

“Yoongi. How long are you going to keep going like this? Please…” I stopped myself, Yoongi stood there in the middle of my room for a moment.

“I need to get through debut. We can talk about it later” he didn’t look at me, instead, he went into the bathroom and shut the door behind him. I sat in silence, nothing but worry running through me.

What could I do? I really didn’t know. And it was starting to eat away at me.

A few minutes later Yoongi came back in and sat beside me appearing more composed than before.

“I have to meet up with the others for rehearsal before the broadcast. Are you going to come watch our debut?” Yoongi questioned as he looked at me plainly.

“Yeah of course. I’ll come by and see you before the performance if I can” I ran a hand through my hair to push it back. “Good. We’ll need our good luck charm for today” Yoongi cracked into a small smile. I knew he was going through some shit right now but seriously?

“If you want me there just say it, don’t beat around the bush and act like it’s for good luck” Yoongi tried to deny it but the little blush he wore made it easy to call his bluff. After he left I decided to put together a fruit basket to take the boys as a debut present. Maybe a colourful basket of delicious fruit would help settle any nerves and stress they are feeling. Today was a really important day for them, I couldn’t imagine how it must feel.

It was even by default that I could feel even a little of the same anxiousness too. The entire morning I was feeling it. But they had worked so hard and I knew they were going to be alright.

I made my way down to the Ilchi art hall holding my fruit basket. The sun on my skin warmed me and put me at ease, it was so bright that I had to squint to see properly. But, it replaced my uneasy feeling with optimism and hope for today.

When I arrived and entered the building I showed my backstage pass to one of the lobby staff and they led me down a side door. The halls we walked down had people all around, probably waiting for their turn on stage. Eventually we turned into a big room, it was lined with mirrors and benches and I started to recognise the boys and their team of staff all scattered around. The energy was a mixture of nerves and excitement.

Jin was the first to notice me as he lit up and strolled over. “Wow, Is that for us?” His eyes widened in surprise. “Yeah, just a little something to congratulate you on your debut” I beamed. “Aw that’s so cute of you” Jin carefully took it from me before handing it to one of the staff and asking them to put it on the table for them.

Joon spotted us and came over too. “Jia, you made it” he pulled me into a one armed hug. “Of course, there’s no way I’d miss something so important” I chuckled. Joon feigned a soft eyed smile before the two of them invited me inside. Hoseok noticed us and joined the three of us as we sat down on a couch together.

“So, how long until you guys are going up on stage?” I asked, the energy around the room as people bustled around with cameras or touching up their makeup made it kind of hard to relax.

“Shouldn’t be too long now. Rehearsals went alright so” Hoseok replied, he’d leaned against the arm rest to the left of me. Joon placed his hand on my thigh, pulling my attention back to him.

“Yeah, and having you here gives us strength. I have a feeling everything will be fine” he was holding it together so well for the rest of the team. Just then, a staff member from the venue called 15 minutes for them to get ready for the stage.

“That’s us. We should go” Jin peered around towards Jimin, Tae and Jungkook who were busy being filmed for something, maybe a vlog. But, come to think of it, I couldn’t see Yoongi anywhere… was he alright ?

“Okay, I’ll get going too. I’ll be in the crowd cheering for you guys! Look out for me okay!” I jumped to my feet followed by the others. “Alright, enjoy the show” Hoseok lent in and kissed me on the cheek. “Be careful out there okay?” Jin ruffled my hair and Joon just cracked a smile. “Jia, thanks for everything. Your support, believing in us, the song… I know everyone’s going to love it” Joon bent down to eye level with me. I felt a small blush creep up on my cheeks, I’d partly forgotten it was even my song they were going to perform.

“I really hope so… I hope they love it and that they love you all as much as I do… I’m sure they will as soon as they see how amazing you all are…” a small rush of emotions hit, as though it was all just cascading in at once.

This was it, this was happening right now.

“I’ll see you afterwards, okay?” Joon pulled me into a heartfelt hug. I nodded, trying to hold back feelings that were overwhelming me.

He let go, I quickly made my way back out towards the crowd so I could watch their performance. The crowd was bigger than I expected! Maybe about 400 people were squished together and waiting for the next act.

I was a nervous excited wreck as I watched the boys come out on stage and introduce themselves. It was so surreal seeing them up there. Knowing how much effort and hard work had gone into this. The music started and they got into formation. I cheered along with the crowd as I watched on, A swelling of pride growing in my chest.

The energy they emitted was insane, I was stunned as I watched on, the noise of the crowed seemed to drown out as though nothing else mattered except seeing them perform.

Then, It all seemed to come to an end way too soon. I was so touched I hadn’t even noticed I’d cried a bit during the show.

I walked like I was in a daze, not really sure where I was going until I got a text from Joon telling me to meet them at the club later for the After party so I decided to just go home.

I was still overwhelmed, their performance fresh in my mind as I wondered down the street.

This was it. They’d actually just debut.

The crowd had cheered so much, they looked so happy up there too. I was happy for them. From the moment I first met them, I felt their passion and commitment. Hours they spent practicing dance, writing songs, days locked up in their studio producing music. It had all boiled up to this moment, they’d left it all on that stage.

Their hopes, dreams, aspirations. All of it.

I went home and lay down on the kitchen floor, still being hit with revelations. Even though the boys were finally seeing their dreams become reality, was it weird to think where that left me exactly?

As the initial excitement faded I was left with a strange aftertaste.

Perhaps my overthinking, my inner saboteur had come to visit me. I just couldn’t help but to wonder what would happen now… As they become more popular would I still be someone precious to them? Or would that change?

The whole point of them dabbling in crime was so they could keep making money to get to debut, was it not? How far would they go? Would they change their minds and drop their connections to the underground and focus only on their careers? And if they did, where would that leave me? What did I even want to do with my life?

At first, I’d wanted to make music, enjoy my life and spread positivity to others around me. I still wanted to do that. The reason I even started working at the hostess club was so that I could do that. It had worked for the most part. But, after what happened with Dae Sung could I bring myself to do that kind of work again? Instead of facing the hard questions I’d been so distracted with everything around me to take a good look at myself and what it is that I’m doing and what I want. And most importantly, how I’m going to get it.

I need to make a decision and commit to it. If I want to even try and do what they did, I need to swallow down my fears and go for it. Just like they have. The fact that I need money is the most pressing problem that I’m facing right now. I still had a bit of time but I need to figure out how to get it soon or I can say goodbye to my education.

I quickly sat up and slapped myself in the face. “It’s going to be okay. You are going to be okay”.

I pushed every single doubt I had and locked it up in the back of my mind for now. It was getting late and I had to get ready for the after party. I took a few shots of Soju and turned on some loud music and started getting ready. I may have even gone a bit overboard, but then again, it was a really special night. I slipped on a little black dress, heels, doll eyed makeup, the whole nine yards. It was a strange thought that came to my mind, when I dressed up like this, like how I used to for hostessing I felt like someone other than myself. Maybe like I slipped into a persona of some sort. It made me feel free, free of worries or stress that Jia had to deal with. In a way, I wasn’t her when I was like this. I was somewhere far far away, without a care in the world. That’s how I felt.

By the time I was ready all my prior turmoil had been well and truly swept away by the music, I was just about to head downstairs when Tae poked his head up from the stairs.

“Hey, everyone’s wondering where you are- Oh” He blinked a few times before slipping a cheeky smile.

“I was just about to come down” I quickly drank the shot I had in hand before going over to Tae. “I haven’t seen you this dolled up since Kareoke. It’s bringing back such good memories” he held out a hand, I took it. “Don’t worry Tae, we can make more memories, even better than those ones” the fond way Tae looks at me only reminds me how I shared the sentiments.

We giggle together over those times at Kareoke on our way down to the lounge. When we finally get there everyone else is mid celebration, chatting and drinking amongst themselves.

“Jia! There you are baby girl! We’ve been wondering what was taking you so long” Jin noticed me first, raising his glass in the air as he called out to us.

Jimin and Jungkook both turned their heads in my direction from where they were seated together on a couch. One smiley eyed the others mouth dropping slightly. “I wanted to make sure I turned up for the occasion, congratulations!” I beamed, plopping down between Jin and Hoseok who were seated across from the others.

“You never disappoint, you know that right?” Hoseok gave me a satisfying look up and down before kissing my cheek. “You guys haven’t seen the half of it, this dress is mild compared to some of the ones I’ve seen her in after work” Yoongi shot cheekily from beside Jungkook. “Ahh. Yoongi has a point” Jin laughed, seconding his statement. He knew first hand those other ‘special occasion’ dresses I kept locked away.

“Shh, don’t tell them Yoongi, otherwise everyone’s expections will be so much higher” I whined, jokingly of course. Yoongi just gave me a little evil grin. I noted he looked like he was doing alright which settled my earlier worries about his shoulder.

Just then Joon came over with a tray full of glasses and a bottle of liquor. “Here, I think a bottle of our best is justified” he places it down on the table before looking down at me.

“Just in time, then again, I had a feeling you’d be here just before the drinks came out” he had a little laugh to himself, knowing I was quite the keen drinker.

“Joon! Come sit next to me?” I smiled, he returned it before nestling in between Hoseok and I. Jimin and Tae had already jumped on the opportunity to pour drinks. I turned to Joon, there was just so much I wanted to say to him.

“I still can’t believe it, after everything” I hugged Joon tightly, he softly moved my hair off my shoulder, arms around me as he gave me a soft squeeze.

“I know, it’s been crazy. But we’re here now” he pulled away.

The night persued and as if I wasn’t already high enough on nostalgia and excitement we all drank together and it only got wilder. Yoongi took it upon himself to start with the next round, Jin bickered with Hoseok who had got up and started enthusiastically talking about the performance, all his dramatics included. Conversations about the Album started too.

Apparently the hard drive had been recovered and they were going to release the album within the next few days. Also, they need to shoot a music video this week coming. No doubt they would have their hands full soon with idol stuff.

Everything seemed to be looking up and it made me so happy. We drank and laughed, the night only getting rowdier as it went on.
I found myself shoeless and in giggling fit draped across the three rappers laps. Hoseok had been teasing me with tickles for the past 10 minutes and I was loving it.

“Noooo. Wait, break please, it’s too much” I giggled, squirming around as I tried to grab his hand. Hoseok pulled away, grinning widely. I felt a small tug at the bottom of my dress, as I looked up I noticed it was Yoongi. “I think you meant to do this” Joon said as he reached back down to the bottom of my dress cheekily and pushed it back up a bit. “Joon, what’re you doing!” Hoseok giggled and slapped his hand away.

“Hey~ More shots?” I reached out both arms and Joon hauled me upright onto his lap. “Yeah, another round” He nodded, Jimin had heard and reached over to pour drink. Before he’d finished Jungkook had stood up and come over.

Suddenly he swept me up and stole me from Joon. “Kookieeee” I squealed, only to see that cheeky smile he had when he was doing something naughty. I knew he’d been drinking a lot, more than usual. His face was flushed and looked like that innocent bunny from what seemed like forever ago.

“Shhh. Don’t make a fuss, just dance with me” he mused as he put me back on my feet, away from the others.

I was feeling a little dizzy but I just couldn’t help but feel smitten. Jungkook had a hold of me so I had no fear. I knew by now he’d never let me fall, he’d catch me no matter how drunk I was so I gave in.

“What’s with that stupid smile on your face?” Kook smirked as he peered down into my face. He gently swung my hips from side to side with the hand he had on my waist. “No, it’s nothing” I mumbled, trying to look down to hide it.

“Is it cause I asked you to dance?” He tilted my chin up so that I couldn’t look away. “Maybe, why did you wanna dance anyway? I thought you were mad at me” I poked, Jungkook twirled me around suddenly before catching me again.

“I told you- Ah whatever” he gave up “I just don’t want to miss out. I want to make special memories like this with you. While I still can…” the last part was barely a whisper. Before I could ask he pulled me closer and held me.

“Kookie, I miss you so much” I couldn’t stop myself. “I know, I’m sorry” he whispered back. I didn’t know what else to say so instead I just revelled in the moment with him.

Before long the club closed and everyone ended up way too drunk, they had to get a ride home from their manager Sejin. All left except for Yoongi. He seemed a little tipsy but no where near as drunk as the others had been. I had laid down on the couch to try and stop my head from spinning when Yoongi came over to help me upstairs.

“Jia, you have any more of those pain meds?” I was laying on my bed, Yoongi stood beside me.

“Yeah, they’re in the box on the dresser” I threw my hand up in the general direction. The room was still spinning around but it settled down and I sat up.

“Wait, is your shoulder still hurting?” Yoongi, took the handful before sitting and falling back down on to the bed beside me.

“Yeah, but it’s not as bad” he replied, I felt a tug around my mid as he pulled me. I fell down next to him. Yoongi tilted his head, dark eyes carefully grazing me.

“You know, your song saved our asses. I’ve been thinking about it all day. With out it, without you-“ he spoke softly from beside me. I felt my heart sink because I knew what I had been thinking all day was the complete opposite.

“No, please, all of this is because of your hard work, Yoongi. All of you. You guys don’t need me… I know that…” I lay there, spilling my true feelings in this moment of vulnerability. His gaze flickered at my words.

“Where’s all of this coming from?” He asked abruptly.

“It’s just the truth… I know we all have history, but, in hindsight it’s not like it would matter if you all went on without me” I continued to let my real feelings out into the open.

“Stop it. Don’t say such stupid things. It doesn’t suit you”. His words were harsh but they stopped me in my tracks. Yoongi looked up at the ceiling.

I let out a small sigh and sat up to look back at him. I don’t know how we even started talking about that, what was more important was his shoulder which he’d been avoiding for the past few days.

“Can you please stop changing the subject and can we talk about your shoulder. Every time I see you hurting I feel like I’m going to explode from worrying. Yoongi please” he peered back down at me and sighed heavily.

“Okay okay, I’ll get it looked at when I can. Happy?” He questioned, I gave a small nod and his head fell back down. There was a small moments silence before I heard him call my name.

“Yeah?” I mumbled. Still watching as he lay there looking up.

“Kiss me”.

My heart stopped.

“What?” I felt my breath catch in my throat.

Did he actually just say that?

“I want you to kiss me” He said it again.

I slowly laid back down on my side next to him and Yoongi turned over to face me. I bit at my lip slightly before leaning in and kissing him. I felt my breathing quiver at the way he slowly deepens his tongue, this wasn’t just any kiss, it meant so much more. Like I’d fall apart any moment now at the slightest of movements.

Yoongi pulled away before cupping my cheek and looking deeply in my eyes.

“I mean it. Don’t you ever sell yourself short again. We need you. I need you. Got it?”

I gulped thickly as I tried to swallow down tears.

“Okay” I replied, my voice quivering.

The intensity between us calmed down as Yoongi gave a small nod and pulled me in closer.

“Maybe our dreams aren’t as far away as we thought…” His voice whispered softly.

Familiar lyrics…
Those familiar sentiments…

I closed my eyes, breathing in that calming scent, the one that made me feel like everything was going to be alright.

I’ll be there…
Until the end…

Chapter Text


Yoongi got up and left early. He had production he needed to help with before they could release the album. His words from the night before floated in my head. I’d drank too much and I hadn’t meant to voice them out loud, but, I couldn’t take it back now.

Is that how I truly felt?
Like they didn’t need me…

It’s not them who made me feel that way. No, it was my own fears surfacing. Even if Yoongi seemed to think he did, the truth was, they’d be just fine without me.

I had a shower and chucked on a light blue dress and a white cardigan for class. A little bit of make-up too. It was getting much warmer now, I’d say summer was about to start and I wanted to look lovely today to match the new change of season. Also, I despised sweating so it would have to be something light regardless.

The class wasn’t going to start until after lunch so I decided to stop by Kodama cafe. It had been a while but as I sat out on the patio it brought back memories of when Jin and I had first met. Out here on this same cafe patio, only a few tables away from where I was seated now. I took my time, nibbled on a sandwich and wrote some lyrics in the peace, quiet and somewhat nostalgic surrounds. After the pressure of the weekend it was nice to slow down and take time to myself.

Lunch passed by so I headed to my lecture. The sun was heated the material of my cardigan and I could feel it on my skin. Luckily, the campus was close by and I escaped the heat for an air-conditioned building pronto. As I walked in I saw Tae sitting by himself in our usual spot so I went over and settled in beside him.

“Tae~” I called his name sweetly, only to receive a wide smile. “Jiaa~” he hummed in response, eyes dropping down to my dress.

“Hmm, why do you look like you’re straight out of an anime today?” Tae rubbed at his chin, still searching me with his gaze.

I giggled. “What do you mean?”

“You know, in anime, there’s always this super beautiful girl who’s usually the main character. She has long pretty hair and always looks picture-perfect” Tae leaned back as he came to his conclusion.

I awkwardly tried to laugh it off. “Pfft. Don’t exaggerate, you’re making me all shy”.

Tae raised a brow playfully, I stuck my tongue out at him before grabbing my things from my bag.

“Oh by the way, where’s Jimin? Is he skipping class again to practise?”. Tae’s demeanour shifted as he bit at his bottom lip and glanced over to me.

“He didn’t skip, he’s just not sitting with us today.” His words left me confused. Tae watched me nervously as I looked around the room, then, to the left I spotted Jimin. He was sitting with that girl again, they were huddled in a corner, talking closely and giggling. It’s as though my insecurities and fears had come true. I tried to swallow them down.

“Jia” Tae scooted his chair closer so that he was pressed up against me, his arm squeezing around my shoulder. I ripped away from the sight of them and focused down at the table instead.

“What’s going on Tae? Does he like her?” I asked carefully, but, in actuality, getting the answer might only hurt more. Tae let out a slight sigh. “Just try and forget about it. Jiminie still cares about you so just try and ignore it…” I felt Tae rub my shoulder, his thick dark hair falling in his face as he peered down at me worriedly.

“I’ll try… You’re right… I’m not his girlfriend… I don’t have any right to say anything about it” My chest aches as I come to this realisation but I swallow it down as best I can.

Tae sat closely with me the entire lecture, I could tell he was being more playful than usual to try and distract me. But it was tough not to look over in Jimins direction, so tough. And every time I did Tae would grab my face and veer it around or tap under my chin to haul my attention away. Straight after the class finished Tae whisked me up and pulled me out of the building with him before I even had a chance to check what Jimin was doing.

After asking where my next class was Tae accompanied me there, arm laced with mine the whole way. I thanked him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before hurrying in. Truth was I didn’t want him to see me cry. I struggled to get ahold of myself when class began, focusing on taking notes was just the distraction I needed.

Halfway through I got a text from Joon.

RM: Hey, can you meet me at the agency around 5?

Jia: Yeah sure, what’s up?

By the time I’d finished, I hadn’t gotten a reply so I just decided to head over there. The sun now sat on the horizon, with it, the heat had dwindled and a warm breeze replaced it as I walked to the Agency. When I got there Joon was relaxing outside on the bench with a notepad in hand. He perked up from what he was writing as I approached.

“Hey” I greeted as stopped before him. “Ah, hey. Sorry to call you here last-minute” Joon hastily closed his book and stood up. His height became more apparent as he did.

“It’s alright, it’s not like I was busy so” I countered with a neat smile. Joon ran his hand through his hair, reflecting my gesture. “Should we head in?” He invited.

“Sure, so, what’s this all about anyway? You never replied” I lightly joked as I followed him inside. “Oh, well uh, actually…” Joon seemed nervous as he glanced over at me. “Our CEO just got back from his trip overseas and wanted to talk to you”. I proceeded to follow him further into the building and up some stairs.

“Oh, why would he want to do that?” I questioned, feeling perplexed.

“Well, I’m assuming it’s about the song but there may be other things, I don’t know exactly.” Joon came to a halt out the front of a wooden door. We were now in an empty hallway somewhere on the third floor.

“Okay… wait, so I’m just going to go in there and talk to you boss?” Suddenly I felt a bit anxious. “Yeah, sorry to put you in such an awkward position but you’ll be fine, I promise” Joon gave a small reassuring smile before knocking on the door.

A voice called from behind it beckoning us to come in. Before I knew it Joon had opened it, gently pushed me in, pat me on the head with a whispered goodluck and shut the door behind me.

“Hello there miss, Jia, if I’m not mistaken?” I quickly bowed. ”Yes, Jia, nice to meet you ?” I raised my head back up, only for the man sitting behind the desk to finish my sentence.

“P.D Will do just fine. Take a seat please. I was hoping we could have a small chat” he gestured to the chair across from the desk he sat at. “Sure, Thank you P.D-Nim” I slipped into the seat and took a few slight breaths as I waited, this whole situation was unexpected. I felt a bit left of centre.

“So, you’re the little pen whiz that put together BTS’s debut song, correct?” He gave a subtle smile which put me scarcely more at ease.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that exactly, more like I just happened to have a song and- given the circumstances…” I fiddle with my hands in my lap awkwardly.

“I loved it. And, If those are the kind of songs you just happen to write then I’d like to make you an offer” I perked up in surprise.

Did he actually just say that?
I waited for him to go on.

“I thought it would be nice to have you as a part of the production team. As a song writer for BTS to be more specific, what do you think?” He inquired. I felt like I was being slapped in the face with an amazing opportunity, almost too good to be true.

“Oh, Thank you. I’m so glad you liked it. I am honestly shocked. I didn’t expect you to offer me a position here. I um, would love to write songs for BTS.” I felt a shudder run through me, I felt like I was dreaming.

Was this actually happening?

“Great, I’m pleased to hear your willing to take the position. Especially after hearing so much praise about you, not to mention your work on ‘No More Dream’. You aren’t the only one who was taken by surprise” P.D-Nim gave a tiny chuckle, I felt myself loosen up a little as he did.

“Thank-You” I tilted my head slightly. “There is one more thing that I wanted to talk with you about involving a new partnership the company made recently with a certain club” My stomach shift slightly at the change in topic. I think I knew what he was talking about.

“Yes?” I questioned hesitantly.

“I believe you’ve already met Reira, correct? He asked plainly.

“I have”.

“Well, I want to be honest with you here. As you can imagine, there’s a lot at stake when it comes to keeping certain secrets. Especially ones that you’ve been made privy to recently. Given the nature of the situation, I’d like to propose a solution that I think will benefit both of us.” I gulped thickly as his words settled in. I took a moment to respond.

“You mean… You’re worried about everything I know…”.

“Well, yes. But, I think bringing you in is a better idea then trying to tie up loose ends. Sorry if that sounds too forward. But, it’s important you understand the gravity of the situation.” He was speaking so casually despite the topic, if I hadn’t already experienced so many crazy things already I would’ve been much more shaken up at the fact he just said he was contemplating ‘tying up loose ends’.

“What would I have to do exactly?” I questioned him further.

What was he thinking?

“Reira has a few clubs, and after I heard you already had some experience as a hostess I thought that could definitely be an advantage for us. If you’re willing to, I’d like you to work with Reira. He’s agreed to bring in some high profile clients for you, all you’d have to do it build a rapport with some which will make it easier for us to expand business. You could also make a lot of money, I heard you were still studying, that must be hard to pay for..” He was right. I needed the money. And for the most part I liked hostessing, the only thing was…

“Mm, that’s true… I think I would be able to do that… The only thing I’m worried about is my safety though…” I replied hesitantly.

Knowing that if I was to get back into my old line of work that it came with risks..

“That’s alright, I’ll make sure you have your own personal security detail. I’m aware of what happened with YG… I want you to know that joining the family means we’ll protect you no matter what. That’s my promise to you, Jia” I shifted in my seat, there was still so many things flying through my mind but for some reason, this felt right.

Like this was the way forward.

“Okay, I’d like to accept your offer and help out too”. I watched as he gave a light smile.

“That’s good to hear, I know it must all be a lot to take in so if you want, come back into the office some time tomorrow to sign all the paperwork. Leave your number with me and I’ll be sure to fill you in on all the details moving forward.” I gave small nod and wrote down my number on the paper he gestured to.

There was a small knock on the door that pulled P.D-Nim attention for a moment as he called whoever it was to come in. I turned to see a smiley Tae poke his head in.

“Sorry to interrupt, it was taking a while I wasn’t sure is Jia was still here or not” Tae gave me a boxy grin as he noticed me.

“Good timing, we’re all done here. Feel free to take her home Tae Hyung” He seemed relaxed as he leaned back in his chair, as though this meeting had gone exactly how he’d have liked.

“Thankyou, I’ll be back tomorrow” I gave a bow in which he smiled at before leaving with Tae.

I followed beside Tae silently as we left the building, it wasn’t until we got outside and made our way down the lamp lit street that he spoke.

“So… I’m guessing it went alright?” He asked, gazing over at me, his expression blank but the tone he used full of curiosity.

“Yeah, I think so. I’m still trying to wrap my head around all of it. He said so much” I slowly reached and grabbed a hold of Taes hand. His features softened as he slipped his hand into mine.

“I have a feeling everything is going to turn out alright. At least this way we’ll be able to protect you properly” Tae gave a small smile. He must have already had an idea about what was going on..

I squeezed his hand and looked up to the night sky as we walked together hand in hand back home. Maybe he was right, this surely had to be a good thing, no?

I could make money, write songs, stay close to the boys, all whilst being protected… was there a downside? I couldn’t really think of one.

We made it back just in time for my shift at the bar, it was quiet so Tae stayed with me and helped out. He was a bit unsure of what to do but, we still had fun and I ended up teaching him a few things too. I couldn’t take my eyes off him in all honesty, the way he had his hair pushed back and the way his chiseled features and suave attitude had me smitten. Even the girls at the club kept coming up to the bar giggling and flirting while ordering drinks from him. I didn’t blame them, Tae was the whole package and I knew that better than anyone.

“You’re too handsome for your own good” I giggled to him after the girls had slowly wondered back off into the crowd on the dance floor.

Tae gave a wink before pouring us both a shot. “One for you and one for me” he mused, clicking the glass against mine. I threw it back, the burn was one I revelled in.

After the night had come to an end and the two of us had cleaned up we headed back upstairs and got ready for bed. Tae was laying spread in the middle of my bed, arms up behind his head as he waited for me.

“You look comfy” I teased, crawling up on top of him and laying down.

“Now I am” he let out a relaxed breath as he pulled the blanket over us and wrapped his arms around me.

“I was thinking about what you said earlier. I think you’re right, I decided to join your agency as a song writer. And I also agreed to work at one of Reira’s clubs” I slowly traced circles across Taes bare chest. His honey skin tone had a light glow.

“I had a feeling boss would ask you to join us. I’m glad you did, if your working with Reira that means I’ll get to see you more too” I could feel his breath as he spoke calmly into my hair.

“Really? You’re working there too?” I peered up. He gave a small nod.

“Yeah, I’m a spy” he said stoically.

“What? You said that waaay too casually Tae” I tried to stifle a giggle. Sometimes the things he said with a blank expression, I couldn’t.

“Is it funny? Don’t laugh, being a spy is a serious job. You’re one too now, aren’t you?” He retorted.

“I guess I am. I didn’t think of it like that” I giggled. Unable to now not see the humour in it all.

“We can be like Bonny and Clyde” he grinned.

“Aren’t they robbers? Don’t you mean Sherlock and Watson?” I furrowed my brows.

“Uh, No they’re definitely detectives. Anyway, the point is we’ll be together. That’s the most important thing I think.” He hummed.

“Mm, I think so too” I whispered, burrowing deeper into his collarbone. It wasn’t long until we both fell asleep together, still laying on top of him wrapped in his arms.

What was this new journey I would embark upon? Only time would tell.

Chapter Text


Joon texted me this morning asking if I could meet up with him over lunch so as soon as class finished I headed over to the location of the place he’d sent me.

It was a small cafe that was tucked away between the corner of a street and a hip alleyway. The front of the shop had wide-open windows with a few tables in the laneway. There was colourful graffiti on the brick walls and it looked like a nice little tucked away treasure cafe of urban art. Joon was seated at one of the makeshift seating areas that consisted of milk crates with cushions on them and a second hand looking table.

He waved me over when he saw me, dimple smile on full display.

“This is a nice place, how’s you ever find it?” I approached and took a seat on a crate beside him, still looking around in awe. The buildings on either side towered over blocking out any direct sun and leaving us in a nice cool shaded space.

“The owner comes to our club occasionally, he knows I’m into art so invited me to come to check out his cafe” Joon answered, glancing over at the barista inside.

“I’m going to assume the coffee here is amazing then” I followed his gaze, noting that indeed there was a specialty coffee menu on display.

“I’ve only been here once before but I’ve been told the cold drip is good” Joon offered thoughtfully.

“We should try it then, what do you think?” I smiled. Joon didn’t waste any time going over to the barista and placing our order. He took his phone out of his back pocket before sitting down and placing it on the table. He was manspreading due to how long his legs were and how low the crate was. I tried not to stare too much but his posture was radiating swaggering dom vibes.

“So, I heard you accepted the offer?” Joon asked, hands now clasped together in front of him, head tilted in my direction.

“Well, yeah. I did. I’ll help write songs for you guys, and, I was asked to do some work at one of Reira’s clubs” I replied. He gave a small nod, as though he may have already known.

“I’m glad you’re officially part of the team Jia. Now that you are, I can give you the details of our next album concept. I’ll need to fill you in so you can start writing tracks for it” Joon reached over for the folder he had on the table and passed it over to me. From the moment I’d sat down with him this morning I had gotten a slightly more professional vibe from him and now I knew why.

“Okay, sounds good. All the information is in here?” I asked as I opened it up to take a look.

The barista interrupted only for a second as he put our drinks on the table and left again. “Yeah, everything I’ve got so far is in there but I’ll give you a run down anyway” Joon picked up the cup and took a sip, scrunching his face only for a brief moment.

“Is it bitter?” I asked, picking mine up and taking a sip too. It was bitter at first taste but, afterwards, it settled bold and fruitily on the tongue.

“This is amazing” Joon took another sip before putting it back on the table. “Yeah, no kidding” I gave a content sigh.

“Where was I, oh right. So, I’ll send you the entire first album that we’re about to release. The next one will follow a similar rebellious school concept.” Joon began to delve into details about the albums.

“The loose idea so far is about finding your life happiness before it’s too late. Having to study like crazy, compete against your friends, forced to live up to someone else’s dream. A lot of youth today don’t get the chance to even follow their dreams because of it all, a lot struggle and feel hopeless.” Joon took a small moment to sip at his coffee.

“Alright. Interesting. It seems to be a running theme here, I’ll have to go through this properly and listen to the first album to see what you already have but, I’m excited to get working on it. The issues we’re addressing are important to me too.” I beamed, holding tightly onto the folder Joon had given me.

“Me too, can’t wait to see what you come up with” Joon gazed at me fondly for a moment but it shifted. “Oh, before I forget, Reira is stopping by tonight. If it’s alright with you, we can figure out details of your new position…” The tone in Joons voice shifted slightly, almost uncomfortable at the mention of Reira.

“Yeah sure, I have to go sign some paperwork after class but I’ll be in straight after that,” I told him. He gave a short nod, sipping away at his drink.

I let out a sigh and stretched my arms up high. “Things are changing aren’t they Joon.”

“It feels that way. For better or for worse, I still don’t know. But, I believe in us. I’m choosing to believe in us.” Conviction held in his words. They were grounded and so assured.

“You always know exactly what to say. I, believe in us too. In you.” I bit my lip, watching the man before me.

Joon looked down shyly, avoiding my gaze. Had I been too forward? “Oh Jia, it's nearly time for your class” Joon clicked the screen of his phone to show me the time. He was right, I had to get going.

“Ah, yeah I should go. I’ll see you later” I quickly scrambled to gather my things. Joon waves goodbye as I set off to class. My mind would drift. Questions about the decision I was about to make. Was it fear of the unknown that set doubt in my mind, or was it intuition? I couldn’t differentiate between the two.

I shoved my notebooks away and left the campus in the direction of the agency. When I got there and approached the main desk the receptionist redirected me to an empty office. On the deck sat a pile of documents, she left me to read through them, making sure to tell me if I needed any help to go and ask her.

I sat down and started reading. Most of them were terms and conditions, ownership rights of songs. Privacy agreements, information disclosure forms. Royalties, and a few other things. It was a lot. I took my time and made sure to understand as much of it as I could before signing. On my way out the receptionist gave me copies of all the documentation to take with me. Just as I was about to leave I bumped into Sejin, he congratulated me on my new position which was nice of him. I thanked him and told him I looked forward to working with him.

I rushed back home seeing as my stop at the agency had taken longer than I thought. Luckily I got back and ready just in time for opening.

There was a certain air about tonight. My senses seemed to be heightened as I prepared the VIP bar for our anticipated guest. No sooner had I placed the last clean glass on the stack Jin and Reira waltzed in. A strong aura followed them, one of assuredness and confidence. They were in high spirits as they both made themselves comfortable in the lounge.

I go over to greet them, Reira’s gaze lingers for a moment longer than usual. “So nice to see you again, you are so pleasant on the eyes” he muses.

“Don’t get too attached, she isn’t an easy one to win over” Jin laughs, sending me a small wink.

“I had a feeling that might be the case. To tell you the truth, I’m quite skilled in the art of reading people.” Reira leaned forward, now focusing solely on me.

“That’s why you were such a good host,” I said. It had slipped out unintentionally. Reira cracked a bemused smile.

“I like to think so, I also think we know our kind when we see them.” I bit my lip slightly.

“I did do some hostess work, that’s true. You sure one of the boys didn’t tell you beforehand?” I questioned. He shook his head.

“They’ve made it a point to talk a little about you as possible. Which is interesting, but I don’t blame them. If you were mine I’d want to keep you all to myself too. You’re undeniably one of a kind.” I felt myself falter slightly. I shifted my gaze to Jin who had been leaning back into the couch, merely observing our conversation until now.

“Jia, would you mind getting us two whiskies on the rocks, please?” He asked. I was secretly grateful for the chance to fade back away out of the limelight.

“Of course” I gave a small smile and took my leave. It was strange, he did have that presence about him. Like he could see right through you like nothing was hidden. Able to peer into every dark crevice of your heart. But, at the same time, I hadn’t felt afraid. There was an urge to lean into it, welcome it. Of course, I wouldn’t. I’d stay guarded. That was who I was, and it wasn’t going to change, no matter how alluring and disarming he was.

I took their drinks back over and promptly left. Prefer to wait for Joon to come. Within the hour he did, I took it upon myself to make him a drink and left them again to talk amongst themselves.

Shortly after I was called over to join. I took a seat on the couch between them, waiting to hear the verdict of their discussions.

“So, Jia. Joon here tells me he wants you to work in one of my clubs. But, of course, I wanted to hear it from you.” Reira directed his attention towards me as he spoke. Hints of intrigue in his alluring gaze.

“Yes, that’s right.” I smiled.

“I’ll admit, it would benefit everyone if she was too. Jia and I could make quite a lot. Not to mention, you can make those connections you need to expand” Reira turned and spoke promptly to Joon who gave a curt nod.

“That’s the plan. So, Reira. What do you say?” Jin sat forward in anticipation and Joon held his tongue as he waited for a reply.

“If Jia is in agreeance then I don’t see why not.” He said plainly as he leaned back, the turn of events seemed to have piqued his interest despite his casual demeanour. I could just tell he was holding back. Joon took it upon himself to speak next.

“Given the circumstances, I believe we’ve found ourselves in somewhat of a partnership. Which, if we make the right moves could benefit both of us greatly. This is one of them.” Joon leans back, arm resting over the back of the couch. Confident and relaxed. It still stunned me at times, his duality. The power and dominance he held.

“Alright then. I will say I’m surprised, I didn’t expect you to suggest this when I came this afternoon but I’m not disappointed. I’ll organise everything so she can come in on Friday afternoon.” Reira offered. Everyone seemed to agree so as the discussions came to a close Reira left with the security detail that had been waiting downstairs for him which left Joon, Jin and I.

“Ah, that guy is something else, isn’t he?” Jin sighed leaning forward.

“Mm. Yeah,” I agreed. Joon stood and went over to the bar, only to come back with a bottle of cognac.

“We’ll just have to be careful. For now, we sit back and watch how things play out” Joon said, pouring the three of us a drink.

“Joon, you’ll have to assign Jia a security detail. I was thinking Koh and Yu would be perfect for the job” Jin clinked glasses with the two of us. I took a sip of the brown liqueur, it was strong.

“Yeah. I was thinking the same thing.” Joon replied. I lifted the glass to my lips and finished the remainder.

“Those two are nice guys. But, can they protect me?” I questioned, imagining their playful banter when I work with them, it didn’t seem like they were fighters exactly.

Jin laughed. “Those two are more than enough to protect you. Don’t worry princess.”

Joon took my empty glass from my hand and poured me another. “Jia, are you sure all of this is alright with you?” He asked as he handed it back to me.

I took the glass from him and let out a sigh. “I have my reservations but, I can’t hide away here forever. Sooner or later I need to spread my wings and fly.” I twirled the brown liquid in the glass before sipping at it.

“Just when did you become so philosophical, ah, you’re too much” Jin wheezed. I cracked a laugh. “Shh. Just let me have my moment. Don’t ruin it Jin.”

Joon licked at his lip, gaze contemplating me for a moment before he downs what’s left in his glass and pours another.

“I’ll admit. You have courage. I can’t imagine there are many girls like you out there. Despite knowing the risks, you step forward so fearlessly.” Joon almost spoke to himself as he cracked an amused chuckle.

“Fearless? Or just stupid? I honestly still don’t know which one it is” Jin teased. “Hey! Joons trying to compliment me! Why are you ruining it .” I got up, went over to Jin who put his hands up in defence but I didn’t care and started pinching his cheeks anyways. Jin laughed and tried to push me off but I crawled on top of him and kept going for his cheeks.

“Wait I was joking! Ow!” He exclaimed through giggles. Suddenly I felt a grip around my waist. Joon pulled me off him and sat me on his lap. “That’s enough little one” Joon mused, Jin sat back up looking smug.

“Oh! There was something I’ve been meaning to mention” Jin had a small outburst “You know that stalker I have?”

“Yeah?” Joon questioned. I shifted slightly on his thigh to get more comfortable as I listened. I also recalled there being a stalker back when we had first met. We had to run away from her while we were on a date at the night market.

“Well, she’s getting bolder. It’s a little worrying. If it gets any worse we’ll need to do something about it.” Jin rubbed at his chin looking serious.

“Alright. Thanks for letting me know.” Joon laid back and I felt myself fall into his chest as he did. “Another one?” Jin asked, gesturing to the bottle on the table.

“Please” I replied. The three of us got stuck into the bottle and before we knew it, almost half of it was gone. I started feeling a little dizzy and tired so I decided to call it a night. Joon told me he’d be up a bit later but not to wait for him.

I stumbled around, managing to shower and get into bed. My sheets were pulling me into sleep, I thought I’d dozed off for a bit but was suddenly awoken by the loud sound of something breaking on the floor.

“Shit, sorry” I heard Joons voice in my room. “Huh? Are you okay?” I mumbled groggily.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry to wake you, try to go back to sleep.” I felt the bed dip as Joon crawled in next to me.

“Mm, it’s okay, I’m awake,” I mumbled, there was a small silence.

“Jia, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah.” I turned over to face Joon, eyes now adjusting to the dark, I could see him looking at me from where he lay.

“Does it feel like there’s a small distance growing between us..? Or, am I imagining things…” he whispered. I took a moment, contemplating his words.

“A lot has happened lately. A lot has changed. But, things between us haven’t. I don’t think. Why? Do you feel that way?” I spoke softly. The space between us was so small I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

“I don’t know. I just can’t shake this uneasy feeling. Out of all the things I stand to lose, you’re the one that I just couldn’t bear.” I lay there, speechless. I swallow thickly before shifting, closing the small gap between us. I nuzzled into Joon, he lifted his arm and embraced me into him.

Joons light breaths became heavier and I could tell he’d fallen asleep. I lay there a little while longer, his words still running through my mind. Was I that important to him? Or was it just the drinks talking …

Chapter Text


Joon had left early but I decided to try and get a few more hours of sleep in. But, when I was rudely awoken by someone calling my name I had a feeling that wasn’t going to happen.

“Jia, get up.”

It was Jungkook.

“Huh? What’re you doing here so early?” I groggily sat up and stared at him in confusion. Jungkook took a few steps into my room, brow raised as he stared down at me. “You’ve been skipping your morning runs for a while now. If you want to learn how to fight you need to keep your stamina up”. I furrowed my brows as I looked at him.

“Huh? How do you know I haven’t been running?” Jungkook hesitated to answer, like he’d been caught red-handed doing something creepy and instead of answering he peered around my room flustered before grabbing some of my clothes and throwing them at me.

“Just get out of bed sleeping beauty. We don’t have all day.” He turned and walked out of my room, closing the door behind him.

I chuckled to myself, seeing Kookie flustered was amusing but he still was acting kind of weird around me lately... I still didn’t know why but this was better than before so I wasn’t going to complain. I quickly got dressed and ready to go. As much as I didn’t want to admit it, he was right. I’d gotten slack and the fact that I struggled to get around Jang-Jae lake proved it. Kookie had taken no mercy on me as he pushed me to keep up with him.

By the time we got back home, I was sweatier than I had been in a month, and fairly tired too. I took everything with me into the bathroom so I could shower and get ready for class first. Jungkook went straight after me. I sat down on my bed and scrolled through my laptop while I waited for him to finish. Today was the last day we had before we had to submit our song so I wanted to make sure it was all perfectly in order.

I looked up as I heard the bathroom door open only to be left stunned at the sight of Jungkook, hair wet, walking in with only a towel wrapped around his hips. My gaze automatically dropped down to his crazily defined abs, it was impossible not to notice them.

“Wha- What’re you doing?” I stuttered. He looked up at me confused for a second before he realised I was gaping at his abs.

“Did you see where I left my bag?” He asked, running his hands through his wet hair. “Um-“ I ripped my eyes off the sight of his chiselled body, I covered my face, my cheeks were burning. “Haven’t seen you this flustered in a while.” Kookie teased before taking a few steps closer. Just when did he become so bold?!

“Your bags in the corner” I quickly said, hoping he wouldn’t come any closer or I’d be done for.

I heard his steps move away and the rustling of his bag. “You can look now,” he said. I slowly looked up to see a fully dressed Jungkook standing in front of my mirror, rubbing moisturiser on his face.

I stayed silent, trying to act unbothered. He peered over to me curiously. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

“It’s nothing…” I mumbled under my breath. Truth was, I missed him. I missed how close we used to be. Just being with him this morning had made me realise just how much. But there was no way I could just say that to him...

“If you say so,” he said casually as he continues his skincare routine. I stood up and went to pack my things for class. When Kookie was ready we left together. The class went by quickly and we submitted our assignment. It had been a nice morning with him and had left me in a good mood. Things seemed to be getting a little better, or maybe he was just in a good mood today too, I wasn’t too sure.

After saying goodbye to Jungkook I made my way home. I was halfway across campus when I spotted Jimin. The fun morning I’d just had come crashing down in an instant.

He was locking arms with that girl I’d seen him with lately, they were strolling together through the campus. Seeing them enjoying themselves made my chest ache. I’d tried hard to not think about it, to ignore it but when it was right in front of me like this I just couldn’t look away.

Jimins eyes went wide as he saw me. It felt hard to breathe. He hesitated, as though he was going to come up to me. A rush of panic hit me, I didn’t want him to come over, not with her. I didn’t want them to see me cry, I could already feel it bubbling, I knew it would come up if he came any closer.

I quickly took off, not giving it another second thought. I ducked behind a building and took the long way around home. The sun was hot on my walk back. The lump that had built still sat in my throat, like I’d burst into tears any second.

I couldn’t stop my thoughts. All the times Jimin and I had shared. When we first met, he’d made friends with me. Took care of me, we’d cuddled up and slept together. The smile on his face when I’d taken him lunch boxes. The bracket he’d given me, hung around my wrist even now. It had every moment since he’d put it on. I’d never taken it off…

All of it. What did it amount to? Was I that easy to just discard aside? The thought of it hurt so much.

Grey didn’t ask any questions as I walked past him on my way in. It wasn’t until I got up to the lounge and saw Hobi that it all just became too much and I burst into tears.

“Fuck, what’s wrong?!” Hobi’s smile disappeared instantly, he freaked out and ran up to me.

“I dono. I’m just really sad” I sobbed uncontrollably. I probably looked like such an idiot. “Huh?! Why? What happened?” Hobi wrapped his arms around me protectively before picking me up and taking me over to the couch and sitting down. I didn’t want to tell him, I didn’t want to sound like a stupid teenage girl who couldn’t control her feelings of jealousy, was it my pride? Or sheer embarrassment that I was so easily replaceable.

“I..” no words came out, only tears and ugly sobbing. Hobi held me, rocking me back and forth gently until I calmed down. “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it that’s fine... Just, let it out. I’m here” he pats my head gently, I managed to collect myself quickly. After I’d settled down he insisted on staying with me for the night so we took a few bottles of Soju up to my room to escape somewhere comfortable together. I followed up the stairs behind him as we went up, he was carrying about four bottles which clicked lightly against each other as we finally reached the top floor.

“Ahh. This should be fun, it’s been a while since we spent some time together” Hobi placed the bottles down on the table and took a seat on the floor chair. “Mm, yea true. Sorry about before... Don’t know what came over me” I managed a sheepish smile after taking a seat beside him.

“Nah, don’t apologise. In all honesty, a lot happened.. it would be more worrying if you were perfectly fine..” Hobi contemplated momentarily. “You have a point... Even more, the reason why I’m so lucky to have you” I gazed up at him, the curls in his hair looked so cute.. why hadn’t I noticed them earlier? He gave a small smile.

“Say, how about we cook some special bacon jam toast for dinner? Have you ever tried it?” He waited eagerly for a response, I was taken aback slightly. “What do you mean? Bacon and jam? Is that a thing?” I looked back at him quizzically.

“Ohhh you’re going to love it, trust.” Without warning, Hobi got up and went over to the kitchen and started pulling out stuff from the fridge. “Okay, it sounds kinda questionable but I’m gonna trust you..” I bit my lip. Hobi seemed to have an exciting burst of energy as he started cooking and I couldn’t help but smile. While he cooked I took it upon myself to pour us shots and keep him well hydrated as he went. We laughed and joked around, Hobi had his hands full so he asked me to give him the shot instead. I clumsily tipped it into his opened mouth. He looked so sexy the way he tilted his head back and opened up for me. By the time he’d finished cooking, we were already tipsy and I was in absolute awe at the masterpiece bacon jam toast that sat before me at the table.

“This looks amazing, how’d you come up with this?!” I exclaimed, Hobi just laughed and shrugged. “Dono just did. You gotta taste it though, it’s way better than it looks” he went on. I sat giddily as I watched Hobi cut up a piece and feed me. As soon as I tasted it I nearly died of happiness.

“Disis soooo gwoood” I mumbled, mouth full, it’s a miracle he could make out what I was even saying. “Told you so” he smirked cockily as he took a bite too.

Our night continued with us eating and drinking together until we were all out of energy and had made our way to pass out in bed.

As we lay there for a moment side by side Hoseok turned to look at me. “Hey Jia, there’s something I wanted to ask you about..”.

I rolled over on my side to face him, we’d both calmed down by now and we’re still a bit tipsy.

“Yeah? What’s up?” I reached out, almost out of habit to lightly grasp a loose part of his shirt and fiddled with it between my fingers.

“It’s about Yoongi… And the accident. I can understand why you kept it from us now... I know at the time I..” he paused for a moment, took a small breath and continued “At the time I didn’t take it that well. But, uh, do you know if he’s ok?”.

I looked up from where I’d been playing with his shirt and into his brown eyes. They held worry and, I knew why… I’m sure he’d noticed something was up with Yoongi lately. They were close, of course, he’d notice.

“I don’t know” I let out a deep sigh. “Yoongi acts like he’s totally fine one minute then his shoulder is hurting him the next. But, whenever I bring it up he gets salty and tells me to mind my own business. I’m at a loss. I don’t know what to do” I didn’t know if telling Hoseok this was helpful or if it would just end up worrying him even more.

“Okay. Thanks for letting me know” was all he said before turning over to face me and giving a humbling smile. I didn’t know what to make of it, sometimes I cursed his ability to hide his real emotions, especially at times like these.

“You know..” he began to say “It’s been a while since we’ve been alone like this together” a cheeky smile started to form and I could feel what he was implying straight away.

“Ohhh I dono, I’m pretty tired” I giggled before faking a yawn and rolling over. I waited to hear him protest but when he didn’t I glanced back over my shoulder to see Hobi stretch out and get comfortable.

“Well, guess we should just sleep instead then, that’s a shame. Was ready to fuck you so good tonight” his words were almost tantalising. What kinda reverse psychology was this?!

“Huh? Really? You’re not going to try a little harder?” I turned back around and Hoseok just gave me a smug look.

“You know me, baby, begging is your specialty, not mine”. I felt a tingle between my legs at his words, the way his gaze was heavily fixed on me. Like he was hanging the best fuck of my life right before my eyes, but making it clear that if I wanted it, I’d have to beg.

“You really wanna play that kinda game do you?” I bit my lip. It was tempting, the thought of indulging him. But it was more tempting to try and get him to fold.

I got up on my knees and faces him then slipped off my top. His eyes widened for a moment before his gaze settled on my chest.

“What’re you doing?” He questioned, obviously frazzled at my boldness. I reached up and started pinching my nipples, I don’t know why but I just couldn’t help myself.

“I wanna know how long you can hold out, how far I can go before you give in” I giggled between light moans. Before he could reply I slid my shorts down and opened my legs bearing all for him to see. This earned a rouse out of him as he shifted to sit up a bit, biting at his lip and he focused.

“Go on then,” he said plainly. I slowly reached down between my legs and started to touch myself, all the while he bit at his lip hungrily as he watched. I don’t know what had gotten into me but the way Hoseok ate me up with his stare, the way he began to palm at his growing erection was getting me hot and bothered.

“That’s it, baby girl, put a second finger in. Stretch that delicious looking pussy of yours for me” Hoseok edges me all the while, still not touching me at all. I started to realise maybe I’d be the one to beg him for it in the end after all. Small moans escaped me as I did as he said, the times he’d fucked me so well were hot on my mind.

“Hoseok..” I whimpered. “hmm? What is it, baby?” He’d readjusted the way he was sitting, I watched as he palmed at his hard cock through his track pants. I wanted it.. but... I hesitated. “If you want it that badly, all you have to do is ask” I watched as he pulled it out and started pumping it in his hand slowly.

“Can I please.. have it..” I knew I’d lost but the tension was killing me. I just couldn’t hold out anymore. “You’re so naughty Jia, you know that right?” I gasped as he reached out and grabbed my wrist of the hand I had between my legs. In one smooth movement, he’d pulled me on top of him, grabbed me by the back of the neck forcibly kissing me. His other arm wrapped around my waist and without hesitation, he pushed me down deep onto his cock. I moaned into his kiss, hot breaths between our lips which only pushed him to drive himself deeper into me.

We ended up going at it until we were both exhausted and had fallen asleep completely naked together straight after. The feeling of bare skin under soft sheets. I don’t know why but for some reason it reminded me of the first time we’d ever done it and had fallen asleep the same way. Hoseok had command of my body like no one else did. And I’d willingly relinquish it to him every time.

Chapter Text


The tune of a ring tone, which was followed by a husky groan and the rustling of sheets woke me.

“Hello? Joon?” The sleepy rasp in Hoseok’s freshly woken voice causes me to crack my eyes open. I can barely focus as I watch a blurry vision of Hobi beside me, laying on his back, bare chest visible, phone to his ear.

“Oh really? Shit. Okay. I’m just with Jia. I’ll get up right now.” As hobi spoke he threw the sheets back and scrambled to find his clothes and put them on. I couldn’t make out what was being said, even though I could faintly hear the voice of Joon at the other end of the call.

“Yeah, that’s alright. We can just close for tonight. It might be easier this way anyway,” he replied. I slowly stretched out, which caught Hobi’s attention, as he glanced in my direction for a moment. I sat up as he said the last few words before hanging up.

“What was that about?” I questioned, clutching the blanket close to my chest to cover my body. Hoseok had gotten dressed completely and now stood in the centre of my room.

“That was Joon. Apparently, the shipment we’ve been expecting is arriving early.” He let out a yawn and stretched before going over to the mirror to fix himself up.

“Oh, okay” I reached for my phone to check the time to see it was about 8 am. Hobi gave me a quick kiss before heading off, so I got up and ready for class.

I grabbed my bag and a canned coffee out of the fridge before setting off down the stairs. As I walked out into the bright sunny day, I noticed that there was a delivery truck parked down the alleyway where the back door of the club was situated. With what Hoseok had said this morning, I gathered that it might have something to do with that. I didn’t give it much more thought than that. None of the boys had spoken to me about their dealings in that regard, so it’d be better for me to mind my business and leave it to them.

My first class of the day passed quickly. Afterwards, I grabbed a toasted sandwich and headed outside and found a nice, quiet picnic bench on campus to relax at. It was a beautiful day. The sound of birds chirping lightly and the soft breeze that blew past was refreshing.

Now might be a good time to listen to the boy’s album and take notes. After everything that had transpired between P.D-Nim and me, that the boy’s music was now my actual job meant I needed to know as much as I could. It had been 24 hours since the Album had dropped, so now was also the perfect time to read the listeners’ opinions and criticism too. It was time to get to work.

I ate slowly as I listened with my earphones into the album. All while taking notes on my initial thoughts. I loved all the songs, and that they even had a little skit was creative. I’d did not know until now that Tae used to play the Saxophone...

I looked through the folder Joon had given me too; it contained many notes and useful information that gave me a better idea of things too. As I went through it, I couldn’t help but feel… Passionate... The overall sound was gritty and had a very old school vibe but, it pulled from somewhere deep within me... It was hard to put into words perhaps but, it also made me feel like there was someone out there that gave a shit about the troubles adolescence faced. And also curious, seeing as there were tracks that alluded to topics I’d never asked the boys about.

As I listen to the song I’d help to contribute to, it hit me hard how relevant it is with the album… It left me feeling stunned and perhaps on the verge of a revelation.

Although the track had started out as a rough idea when I’d put it together, the result had taken those basic ideas of asking about dreams and had been turned into something complete. It was the boys doing along with their team, but what remained was, we held the same sentiments. This was clear and true at this moment. It warmed my heart.

As I sat there listening to the interlude, I couldn’t help but be pulled into memories of earlier times with the boys.

I remembered sitting in the park with Joon as we spoke of our dreams. He’d asked me back then what mine was... I’d been a little vague at the time and said perhaps I didn’t have a grander dream. I remember him saying not to hold myself back and at the time I was confused but, now looking back maybe he’d insinuated that if there was something I was passionate about to not be scared and go for it wholeheartedly.

We hadn’t known each other long at the time, but, even then, had he been able to see through me? To sense that fear had played a part in me not chasing my dreams with more confidence and conviction? Maybe...

In all honesty, when I drafted the idea of the song, the inspiration had come from watching each of the boys in our earlier days… they had always blown me away by how they pushed forward and chased their dreams of making it so persistently. It was ironic, sentimentally.

I let my thoughts drift for a moment before I looked at the feedback from the album. This part scared me a little... When you put yourself out there like this, it leaves you feeling vulnerable...

I scrolled through some comments, noting that there were quite a lot of really nice ones. But some others weren’t so nice either…

As I read through them, I felt a sting in my heart.. Some weren’t even about the music.. They were personally directed at the boys and how they looked or… Some even mentioned the fact that the rappers, in particular, were previously underground and now that they’d debut as an Idol group...

I stopped and put my phone away. I just couldn’t fathom some things that were being said. But, now that I had a general idea of how the album had been perceived, it would make it easier going forward.

Suddenly I saw a message notif flash, it was from Jungkook. I clicked it and opened it up to read it.


JK: Hey, we’ll start doing that thing we talked about tonight. I’ll come to pick you up from yours at 6 so be ready.


I quickly sent back an ‘Okay, sure’ and closed my phone. The way he said ‘that thing’ kinda had me stifling a laugh. Someone who didn’t know the context of the conversation might’ve thought he was insinuating something kinky.

That was unexpected but, seeing as the club won’t open tonight, it was good timing. My lunch break had gone by quickly, so I went off to my last class for the day. It was nearly 3 pm by the time I got home.

As I got closer to the front door, I noticed that Grey, the security guard, was standing by the entrance. He gave me a small smile and asked how my day was.

“It’s been good! How about yours?” I replied, standing beside him. It wasn’t often we had little chats like this, despite always seeing each other around.

“Yeah, not bad. The weather is nice today,” he replied thoughtfully. It always threw me slightly at how nice he was when we talked. In contrast to his bad-ass and intimidating look, it was unexpected.

“Mm, right? It surprised me you’re in today. I thought we were closing for tonight” I mentioned, I didn’t know exactly how much he knew about certain things but, if he was here at a time like this, then…

“Yeah. Joon-Nim called me in. Better I’m around while they sort out stuff today.” He gave a small smile. I knew what he was referring to.

“Glad you’re here. Makes me feel much safer” I gave a small bow and returned his smile before saying goodbye and going inside. He gave a short, humble wave as I did.

As I entered, I could hear distant voices and talk coming from down in the basement, so I went over to the stairs and peered over the railing. Joon, Hobi and Koh sat at one table and Jin, Yu and Yoongi sat at another.

The tables had a cloth draped over them and they had a bunch of random equipment on them. I could see scales, bags, small pocket knives and something else that looked like white bricks…

I was so mesmerised by what I was seeing; it was like a scene out of a drug lord mafia cartel movie... I noticed Jin had seen me and was now making his way up the stairs towards me.

“Jia, how was school?” He asked as he approached. What a casual question to ask, considering he was weighing up what seemed to be cocaine only moments ago.

“It went well, pretty average day. Uh, I guess until I got home” I smiled sheepishly as I glanced over the railing towards the little ensemble downstairs.

Jin just laughed airily. “Yeah, can’t argue there. Sorry to have to do this here, but there isn’t anywhere else we can do it. It might still be a while until we’re finished…” Jin put his arm around my shoulder and started to slowly ease me away from the scene below and over towards the stairs that lead up to my room.

“Sorry, little one, but I think you should stay upstairs for now. Is that alright?” Jin pulled away before scratching at the back of his head awkwardly.

“Yeah, that’s okay. I get it... Anyway, GoodLuck with it. I’ll be up in my room if you need me,” I gave a small smile, hitching my bag further up my shoulder before turning to leave.

Jin seemed relieved that I had taken no offence in basically being told to buzz off and let the grown-ups do their thing. But he was right. It’s not like I had an interest in what was happening, anyway. Sure, it was crazy but, by now with all the things I’ve seen it just didn’t seem as bad…

I used my free time to catch up on some school work before Jungkook was supposed to come to get me. Time flew by, with about 30 minutes to spare. I went and got changed into something a little more appropriate for what we would be doing.

As I heard the creak of the staircase, I went back out into the main room to see Jungkook reach the top of the stairs.

“Hey, I’m ready,” I called out to him, causing him to turn and catch sight of me.

“Okay good, let’s get going” he waited a moment for me before we both took off together.

“Um, try to look as inconspicuous as you can. Ok?” Kook glance over at me for a moment as we wandered down the stairs together. Everything was still fairly quiet except for the boys who were downstairs. I could hear them and it gave me the impression they were still doing what they were before, but we got outside without being seen by them. Kook let out a relieved sigh as we stepped outside into the night air.

“So, um, do you always sneak around like that? Where are we even going?” I fired off questions as I strolled beside him. Kook flashed he a coy smirk.

“We’re going to the park. It’s quiet there at this time of night. There won’t be anyone around,”. Talk about selective hearing.

“Ohhh. Guess that makes sense,” I nodded along. We kept going in a direction I knew. Jang-Jae. As we crossed over disappearing into the darkness of the park, I felt a strange nostalgia wash over me.

It was weird seeing as we’d never come here together in the middle of the night but, as I peered over at Jungkook’s solid outline as he walked just ahead of me I felt safe.

We reached a silent grassy area that was dimly lit by an overhead lamp. “Okay, here looks like a decent spot” Jungkook stopped and glanced around before settling down on the grass.

“This is kinda weird Kookie… I mean.. Aren’t you worried about perverts hiding in bushes or something?” I questioned as I copied what he was doing and sat down. I felt the grass rustle lightly as I did.

Kook just broke into a short laugh. “Why would I be scared of perverts in bushes?” His brow crinkled in bemusement as he looked at me.

“Huh? Haven’t your heard? This is prime pervert territory! That’s how they work… they wait in the bushes for unsuspecting people and then, when the time’s right, they pounce?!” I explained. Did this guy know nothing?

“Omg Jia, what-?” Kook broke into laughter again before waving his hand in the air. “I’ve never heard of that before. Are you sure that’s how it works?” He questioned. I noticed he’d began to stretch, so I did the same.

“Don’t laugh. I was being serious…” I mumbled. Feeling a little hurt that he didn’t believe me. I know it sounded kinda silly, but still.

“Okay, okay” he regained his composure. “Don’t worry. If any creeps jump out of any bushes, I’ll be here to protect you so” Kook gave a reassuring grin as he held out his hands to me. I gave a tiny nod and held them. I felt the light burn of my leg muscles stretching as we pulled each other gently forward.

After we were both warmed up, Kookie helped me to my feet. He explained and show me how to stand in a ready stance. Saying it was the absolute basics in self-defence, so even though I felt shy, I followed along and tried to copy him.

By the little bemused looks he gave me as I did, I couldn’t tell if he was judging me and thinking how bad I was or if he just thought it was funny. Either way it only made me feel even shyer. It had already been a little awkward seeing as we weren’t exactly on the best of terms right now either, so, try as I might, I couldn’t help but let it get to me.

“Jia, half of the point of this is to give off a strong body-language barrier…” Kook gave a tiny sigh. “Try this” he came over and fastened himself around me from behind. I shuddered at the unexpectedness of it. He was so close…

“Sorry, I’m trying, I swear,” I mumbled, feeling my legs turning to jelly. “Here, try to bend your knees a bit more” his breath beside my ear tickled, as he gripped my hips to guide my posture downward. I struggled to maintain my composure.

“Okay, like this?” I asked, peering behind me towards Kookie. I felt him distance himself from me and step around in front of me to get a better view.

“Ah, yea that’s decent. You’ll need to practice it more but let’s leave it at that for now and move on,” he stretched out his arms over his head before giving a loud clap.

“Alright! Next, I’m gonna show you how to palm somebody in the face,” he declared. I stood naturally again. Wait, what did he just say?

“What? Really?” My brows crease for a second, he is a bit too enthusiastic about this and it kinda worried me.

“Yep. Okay so firstly- “ he explained when to use it and then how to do it. I felt my insides swirl lightly. This side of him was so different to the innocent Jungkook I mostly knew...

“So, once you’re in your ready stance, you rotate your left hip and shoulder and then BAM.“ I watched as he illustrated and hit thin air enthusiastically.

“Got it?” He raised a brow, waiting for my answer. “Uh, okay so- “ I said, but Kook stopped me. “Don’t worry, just try it on me first and we’ll work on it from there” He took a subtle step forward and waved his hand, beckoning for me to attack him.

“Huh? Seriously? I’m just supposed to hit you?'“ I felt a little nervous. “Yep. C’mon” he was unfazed.

“Alright, if you’re sure” I took a deep breath and then jumped forward at him, but, in all my built-up awkwardness, I stumbled and fell right in to his chest, both of us to fall backwards.

I felt a rush of panic as we both toppled over. A glint of surprise crossed his features. I shut my eyes, landing right on him.

Still in shock, I took a few shallow breaths before peeking up simply to see him inches from me. His wide doe-eyes connect with mine. I could suddenly feel that in the fall he’d protectively wrapped his arms around me and was hugging me tightly.

The air between us was so fragile, I felt my heart racing; he glanced down at my lips… I felt panic wash over me suddenly and a sting in my chest.

“I’m so sorry, omg” in my shock I didn’t know what to do, so I rushed awkwardly to stand up. Upon snapping out of whatever trance Kook was in, he eased his grip on me. “Uh, it’s okay. I knew you were clumsy, but this is a record even for you” Kook hastily stood up and pat himself off. I don’t know if my eyes were playing tricks on me, but he may have even been blushing.

After that, we called it a night and went back home. We stopped at a Convini on the way and grabbed some ramen for dinner, it was already late so we decided to eat together.

The mood eased back to normal as we chat and ate together at the table. I asked how his classes were going and he told me about them. Then he asked me how I was. It was a small comfort, being able to sit together like this and just talk without either of us holding some weird animosity to each other… it’s almost as though we’d both forgotten about the recent events that had passed, almost.

“Ah. I’m so full.” Kook sighed as he spread out and leaned back on his hands. “Yeah same here, I’m sleepy too” I yawned, resting my head down on the table and peering at him.

“Yeah, food coma. Could sleep right now. Going home from here is so annoying”. I propped my head up a little. He stared at me.

“You could just stay over. It’d be way easier than going home,” I mumbled. I was sure he’d turn me down. Not once had he ever stayed over with me before… He hesitated for a moment, as though contemplating the suggestion.

“You sure? Wouldn’t it be a bit... I dono, uncomfortable?” He asked. I shake my head. “Not for me, if it’s weird for you then we can just put some pillows between us to divvy up the bed” I sat up, wondering if he would go for that. He bit at his lip before giving a tiny nod.

“Mm, if it’s fine with you, then I’ll just stay.” Kook stood up and collected up our empty ramen bowls.

“Alright, you can borrow some of my clothes if you wanna shower,” I offered, struggling to get onto my feet. I was feeling so full after that meal.

“Thanks. I’ll clean up if you want to go first,” he replied. “Okay, thanks Kookie” I took him up on his offer and get ready for bed first. As soon as I was finished, he went in next. I set up my bed and put a couple of pillows in the middle… It feels kinda weird but, honestly, I didn’t know what else to do. Still, I couldn’t sense how he felt about me. After today, it seemed like we finally could hang out like we used to... I didn’t want things to go too fast. The last thing I wanted was for him to freak out and start being a jerk again...

I slipped on a singlet and shorts before laying in bed. Not long after Jungkook returned, fully dressed in a baggy jumper and track pants of mine that he’d borrowed. He looked so cute I had to hold back a giggle. He switched the light off, I felt the bed dip as he crawled into the space beside me.

“Goodnight Kookie,” I whispered as I rolled over on my front and spread out to get comfy. I’d slid my hand under the pillow that was separating us.

“Night Jia,” He replied, his voice soft and sleepy. The bed moved as he readjusted, I could hear him breathing softly. I closed my eyes as I lay there, for some reason I felt… Sad...

We were together but.. At the same time, how could we be this far apart... A light touch grazed my hand. I’d thought I’d imagined it but, as I felt a hand gently hold my own under the softness of the pillow, I realised that ...

Jungkook was holding my hand...

I don’t know why this stirred my insides so much; it was sweet yet; it made my heartache at the same time. I gave his hand a light squeeze, hoping that he might not just be doing this in his sleep. But, when he squeezed back, it wasn’t by mistake.

I drift off to sleep as I wrapped my heart in this small comfort the same way our hands gently held together.

Chapter Text


When I woke up I was a little disappointed that Jungkook was nowhere to be seen. I was left lying in my big bed all by myself. An unintentional sigh left me as I reached out to the side table to check my phone. I guess it wasn’t all bad, at least things between us seemed a little better than before.

As I checked my phone I saw a message from P.D-Nim asking me to come in for orientation at the agency so I got up and ready to head over. It was quite warm today. Luckily I’d decided on a short sweet dress and some low heels. The light fresh floral scent I wore was humbling. As I entered the building I was met by a girl I hadn’t seen before.

She introduced herself as Annie, an intern who would show me around the building and get me settled into my new office. The practise rooms were in the basement, which I already knew. Then, she briefly showed me each floor out of the 4 levels. On the ground, there was the reception desk and a few offices and the cafe/lunchroom. The second had some of the recording rooms and the production faculty offices, this was where we bumped into P-Dog for a small moment before moving on.

The third floor was where the big boss was situated along with mostly large rooms which were used for meetings. The fourth seemed to have rooms that they used for vocal lessons as well as for artists and songwriters. The fifth had more office rooms, I gathered that was where managers or social media/PR relations were situated. By the end of the brief tour, Annie took me to a small room on the fourth floor which was now apparently my office. She gave me a list of all the team members emails and contact information along with a copy of a schedule that was for the group I was to be working with, BTS. I’d only just placed the papers down on the desk when I noticed a familiar dimple smile poking into the doorway.

“Joon!” I exclaimed, glad to see him. “I heard you were doing your orientation today so I stopped by to see how it’s going.” He strolled into the room, which, was a tad bit cramped now that there were three of us. As though noting this Annie slowly inched over to the doorway.

“It’s nice to see you Namjoon-Nim.” She gave a ninety-degree bow, I was stunned by the level of her formality with him but as she raised her head she looked between the two of us with a light smile. “Oh… Annie. You don’t have to be so formal,” Joon smiled sheepishly before continuing, “If you want I can take it from here, I’m sure you’ve got a lot to do right now.”

“Oh yes, well if you’re sure… Thank you Namjoon-Nim,” Annie quickly dipped her head excusing herself, she was gone in the blink of an eye.

“Wow, um. That was…” I felt bewildered at her formality despite Joon asking her to chill, not to mention just how hastily she had rushed off.

“Yeah, I keep telling her to relax on the honorifics but- Oh well.” Joon gave a tiny defeated sigh. “Anyway. How’re you settling in? Do you have any questions? I’m presuming Annie has already shown you around, right?” Joon began fretting, firing off a million inquiries at once.

“Slow down there,” I giggled, going over and patting Joon on the shoulder. “I think everything is going fine! I’m still just trying to figure out how my role here works exactly..” I trailed off in thought.

“Well. It’s fairly straightforward, just send any song ideas along with lyrics either to me or directly to the production manager P-Dogg so we can take a look. And, if we need your help with anything somebody will let you know. There should be a conference about the next album coming up shortly with the entire team, you’ll get an email about it when they set a time.” Joon’s explanation was certainly clear and easy to understand. It did all appear to be very straightforward.

“Alright, well, that seems easy enough. Guess for today I’ll just work on a few things and send them to P-Dogg before I leave.” I glanced back over to the computer on my desk, now moving to take a seat. I was interrupted by an abrupt loud “Woo! Jia!” It was an energy I knew to be uniquely Hobi. He gushed into my office excitedly and flung his arms around me!

“Heeeeey?!” I rub his back before wriggling out of his hold only to see him wearing a super wide grin as he bounced around. “This is like one of the best things that could’ve happened! Can’t wait to compose some dope music with you-” he beamed at me.

I couldn’t help but feel the positivity catching as I broke into a smile too.

“Oh shit, I nearly forgot. Here.” Hoseok had been holding a little box in his hand this whole time which I hadn’t seen. He nudged it in my hand before draping an arm over Joon's shoulders who was just kinda standing there half surprised at the sudden outburst but was just going with it anyways.

“What’s this?” I asked as I stared at the neat pink box in my hand. “It’s a welcome gift from me and the guys, nothing extraordinary just a little something to congratulate you on your new job.” Hobi smirked to Joon who just became timid and glanced at the wall.

“Aw thanks, that’s sweet of you all.” I carefully loosened the purple ribbon fastened around it and opened the box to see four specialty chocolates. “Ohhh~” I snapping the box shut. “I’ll be saving these for later,” I chuckled, Joon gave a brief snort of a laugh and Hobi looked delighted that I’d liked my present.

“Uh. We should probably get going or we’ll be late for our interview,” Joon cut in, Hobi gave a curt nod. “Sorry we couldn’t stay longer Jia,” Hobi added. “That’s okay, thanks for stopping by at all! I know you guys must be busy… Oh, Goodluck with the interview~” I gave a neat enthusiastic fist pump into thin air only to earn a grin from the two.

“Thanks, Jia, hope your first day goes well” Joon enveloped me in a quick hug before letting go. “Cya later baby,” Hoseok gave a wink and then they left.

Wow, okay that was a lot. I plopped down into the chair behind the desk and took a moment to relax. After clearing my head I tugged my laptop out of my bag which I’d put down beside the desk earlier. The office already had a computer so I had a look to see what was on it.

It was pretty stock standard but, it did have some handy production and writing software that my laptop didn’t which was pretty cool. I transferred a bunch of files from my hard drive and saved them on my new work computer then started to fiddle around with some of the software.

There were a couple of songs that I’d been working on that I felt might have some potential so I got busy with those. Time always flies by when I get sucked into the creative process, I’d almost missed lunch. But, luckily I noticed and was able to grab something before locking myself back away in my office for the afternoon. I had just finished sending P-Dogg an email with the work I’d done today when my phone began ringing. It was Tae.

“Hey Jia, are you still at the agency?” He asked. “Yeah, I heard you had an interview today. How’d it go?” I answered.

“We had a few, most of them were alright. But, there was one with Namjoonie Hyung that didn’t go so well…” Tae hesitated at the mention of it. I wondered what had happened but before I could ask he rebounded into his usual self.

“Anyway. I need to go pick you up so we can go to the club tonight. Meet me out the front in five minutes.”

“Oh, I’d totally forgotten about that! Okay hold on, I’ll be right down.” I hastily hung up and glanced around, should I take my laptop and stuff with me or should I just leave it here? I had no clue if there was enough time to drop off my things at home or not. Crap, oh well I’ll just bring it with me.

I packed up everything and headed downstairs to the front of the building, it was about 7 pm so the receptionist had gone home for the day and I had to use my keycard to get out seeing as the door was locked.

As I stepped out into the warmth of the early night I saw Tae along with Koh and Yu waiting in a black Sudan that was parked right in front of me. The windows were down and Tae excitedly leaned out the window from the front seat and called me over. Why did I feel like we were going on a summer road trip?

Yu got out from the back and opened the door for me as I walked over. “Hey, long time no see” I greeted him as I slid into the car.

“Yep. Has been a while but, now we’re your new security details we’ll be seeing you more.” Yu often had this playful wit about him, it was enjoyable.

I scooted over and he slid in beside me, Tae had spun in his seat “Ready to go?” He asked.

“I guess, wait so, are we going straight there? I still have my bag and laptop with me not to mention I look terrible-“ I began to ramble when Koh interrupted from his spot in the driver's seat. “Stop stressing Jia! It’s fine, you can get ready there and as for your bag I’ll keep it safe for you, okay?” He sent a cheeky smile my way before we took off. Tae gave a small chuckle from the front seat and Yu had taken it upon himself to reach over and fasten my seatbelt.

“Safety first,” he glowed, almost mockingly. “Alright, I’ll chill then... Seems like you guys already have everything sorted out.” I relaxed back into the seat and watched out the window. “Yeah. Well, you are our responsibility now so stress less. Okay?” Yu leans on the armrest, peering over to me for a moment.

“I know... I’m just still kind of new to this. Feels weird, I mean, are you guys just going to follow me around everywhere now or?” I queried, I didn’t mean to come off like a dummy because I genuinely wasn’t sure.

“Basically while you're out working at Reira’s we’ll be right there with you. Apart from that, we’ll probably just take turns in ghosting you now and again, just to make sure you’re alright. Won’t be that much different for you, we’re good at our job so we won’t bother you in your daily life.” Koh spoke as he continued driving, half concentrated on the road ahead.

“Okay..” was all I could say, Tae had been lightly humming to the tune on the radio during the conversation. After another brief moment, we pulled down into an underground car park. Yu opened the door and stood aside.

“We’re here. You nervous?” Tae draped an arm over my shoulder as we strode toward the elevator. The beep of the car locking echoes through the grey underground walls accompanied by the footsteps of Koh and Yu following behind us.

“Not really… I’d say I’m more curious to see how Reira operates his club,” I replied casually, as we all stepped into the elevator together. The doors closed and Koh pressed for level 2.

“That’s right. Jia, you used to work as a hostess before?” Yu already knew the answer to his query, I’d told both of the twins what my old job was when we bartended together.

“Yeah, but, I thought Reira’s club only had male hosts so I’ve been wondering how that works exactly,” I explained. The light ding of the elevator cued that we’d arrived. The doors glide open I followed beside Tae as we stepped out into an elegant hallway. The walls were of luxurious dark oak with long velvety green drapes. The floors were of the same coloured Oak but were polished perfectly, our steps as we went echoed lightly. I’d felt like I’d just stepped into a high profile gentleman’s club. We didn’t get very far until we saw two security guards standing ahead of us but as we walked past them they merely gave a nod in our direction as though they already knew the boys I was with.

As soon as we came to the end of the hallway we stopped and Tae turned to face me. “Alright well, I’ve got to go and get ready,” He pouted, as though not wanting to leave me.

“C’mon, let’s get going Jia,” Yu lightly steered me in the opposite direction of Tae.

“Will I see you later?” I called back to Tae.

“Yeah, I’ll see you at the end of the night. Be a good girl,” he hummed in response, flashing me a brazen grin. I was whisked away by my new entourage.

“Are you okay?” Koh inquired from beside me, voice slightly hushed. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just not used to this place. Not to mention it was the first day of my new other job.” I matched his tone.

“When you put it that way, it’s understandable why you’re acting a little on edge,” Yu offered from my other side, “The girls in here will help you get ready.”

 We stopped in front of a door. “I’ll stay with you while Koh goes and let Reira know you’re here.”

I gave a nod, Yu pushed open the door to reveal a dressing room that had two girls waiting in it. They must be the staff.

“I’ll be back soon. Have fun.” Koh was more refined than his brother and gave off a tsundere vibe. Before I could respond to him he’d already walked off at a brisk pace and Yu had tugged me into the room with him. I greeted the staff members and introduced myself, then we started to get my hair, makeup and dress ready. Yu stood in the corner silently, I’d almost forgotten he was there. The staff put my hair into lengthy divine spirals, makeup was very elegant and the dress they had picked out was also of exquisite taste.

It was a skin-tight white temperament lace. The sleeves ended at the elbows and hug perfectly just below the knee. It caressed all my curves in all the right places, as I looked in the mirror I was amazed at how expensive and graceful I looked. But above all, at how sexy I remained in this dress. Jesus Christ. I’d been so preoccupied in the mirror that I hadn’t heard Reira and Koh arrive.

“Well, well. How’re you finding the dress?” A velvety voice I knew was Reira asked from close behind me. I promptly turned around to see his sights graze over me. Not in an odd way, but, more as though adoring a fine piece of artwork.

“It’s beautiful. Surprisingly comfortable too,” I replied.

“Good. So, any questions?” He looked up to me with a delicate smile, waiting intently for my reply.

“Yes, firstly, why is it so quiet up here? Where is everyone?” Was the first thing that had struck me as unusual when I arrived.

“Oh, the main lounge is downstairs. This floor is reserved only for high profile clients, as you can imagine, they like their privacy so only the people that need to be are here. On top of that, there isn’t a lounge per se, we use private rooms,” Reira clarified, perhaps catching on to the fact that I must’ve been used to the conventional set-up of things.

“Ohh. I see,” I nodded, “Also, who exactly will I be entertaining tonight?”

The staff were now doing some final touches and draping jewellery on me. “Yes, about that. In a business like ours, it’s always in our best interest to know a good lawyer. So, that’s what you’re doing.” He had a boyish allure about him but, a devilish one. Not an innocent one. “He’s waiting for you as we speak, shall we?” Reira stepped aside gesturing towards the door. The heels I wore clicked against the sleek oak flooring as we made our way down another hallway, Koh and Yu both following behind.

“What about the drink system? You still haven’t told me how it works,” I began to say, why did I feel so impromptu. From the moment I’d walked in no one had explained much.

“It’s fine, Kaede will take care of the orders.” As we came upon a wide oak door with velvet emerald drapes beside it there was a handsome guy dressed in an all-black suit poised across from the door.

“It’s already been taken care of,” The guy I’m presuming was Kaede replied with a sweet smile. His hair was a soft chocolate brown, he seemed like the sweet type but the kind that would still steal your girl if you weren’t careful.

“Nice to meet you,” I gave a short bow in his direction as it seemed he’d be like a personal bartender and we’d be working together tonight.

“You too, I’m Kaede,” he smiled softly. “Jia,” I replied. After our short introduction, Reira turned to the door.

“Alright, well, best of luck. Your security will be with you, if you need drinks ask Kaede. As for your new lawyer friend, for privacy purposes his name is Lee. Good luck.” Before I had a chance to react Reira opened the door and stepped aside leaving me standing there staring at a middle-aged man in what appeared an expensive suit.

“Hello Lee, my name is Jia. It’s nice to meet you.” Instinct washed over as I floated into the room and slipped into the space beside him. Yu and Koh followed in, the door gently closing behind us. Lee casually struck up a conversation with me but it was hard to get a read on him.

I poured drinks and lit his cigarettes. Just like that, the night had begun. It was a new feeling, much easier than the loud music and busy club setting. This was more private and intimate, I needed to concentrate on the conversation. All while trying to read social cues. Did he like it when I did that? Or when I said this? What type of girl attracts him?

We got to know each other better as the evening went. However, overall it seemed like he just wanted someone to talk to. He complained about the stress of his job and I took that as my cue to whisper soothing nothings into his ear. It seemed to appease him. Despite that, I was still trying to figure him out. Sweet and innocent was always the default.

A few hours had passed, there was a light haze of smoke in the air, and Koh and Yu's presence had faded into the back of the room. They were so inconspicuous that I didn't even notice they were there.

Finally, the night came to an end. Kaede escorted Lee out, and I was free to return to the dressing room and start changing.

The boys accompanied me back. When I got there I slumped down in the high chair. The staff began to remove my makeup for me.

"He was such a complainer," Yu said, breaking the silence. Koh suppressed a laugh. "I know," I giggled, "but I'll admit, this is a lot easier than it used to be." I felt my body relax for the first time tonight. Maybe I had been wound up too tightly today. Then again, it was always like this when I did things for the ‘first’ time.

When I was finally back to normal, the boys and I went to the car to wait for Tae. It wasn't long before the elevator doors opened and he jumped into the backseat next to me.

“Ahh. I’m so relieved to see you,” Tae wrapped an arm around me and laid his dark rich tresses on my shoulder. The car took off as soon as he’d gotten in. “Me too, it’s been a long night” I mumbled, as I gently laid my head against his.

We arrived at our club around midnight, the boys parked in the alleyway, and we entered through the back door. Because it was Friday night, the club was in full swing, and the contrast between the grungy hip hop playing and the high-end establishment I'd just left was striking.

“I’m tired Tae, I’m going to head up to bed.” I spoke loudly so he could hear me over the music. He offered a nod and gently guided me by the arm. Out from behind the stage and through the crowd, eventually making it up to the VIP lounge.

I noticed Joon, Jimin, and Jungkook gathered around a table. But I was so tired that all I wanted to do was go to bed. Tae felt the same way, so he didn't stop and continued to gently lead me upstairs by the arm.

The sound of the club had been drowned out by the time we reached the top floor. Tae and I moved on to my room. We took off our shoes. He slipped off his shirt and tumbled onto the sheets. I did the same, falling next to him in an exhausted heap.

“I still need to shower,” I mumbled under my breath. “Let’s just do it in the morning” Tae let out a raspy whisper. With the little strength he had left, he dragged me closer.

“Okay, In the morning...”

Chapter Text


A tickle dances over the skin of my inner thighs. Was I dreaming? Is this a figment of my imagination or- I shift slightly. The sheets rustle. Why did I feel so good suddenly?

I sleepily reached down to where the sensation was coming from only to feel locks of hair. Oh my god. My mind clears up as I realize. Tae was propped between my legs, grip on my thighs, holding them apart. He’s gently licking at my clit.

“Tae, Ahh. Wha-“ A small moan slips as his tongue rubs tantalisingly against my sensitive nub.

“Hm? I wanted to make sure you had an enjoyable morning” The low hum of his voice reverberating into my heat along with the innocence of the moment melt me. His naughty intentions disarming me, heating my body up. Before I can protest, not that I was sure I even wanted to, he leans back down and pushes his tongue in and out of me teasingly.

“Really?” I pant, closing my eyes, giving in to his sweetness, melting back into the sheets. Letting his firm grip spread my thighs further apart.

“Mm, focus on me”. He coaxed sensually, causing me to look down. The hunger in his gaze as he laps me up is nearly unbearable.

“Oh fuck, Tae” I pant again, trying to catch my breath, trying to spread my thighs further apart for him. He picks up the pace, tucking further into my pussy. I try to grind on his tongue, but he grasps my hips, pinning me in place.

“Naughty girl, don’t be so impatient” Tae cheekily nibbles at his bottom lip. I whine in protest. The way he’s playing with me, ruining me slowly. How did he expect me to stay still?

“Shh, relax baby. Let me finish breakfast, okay?” I nod slowly, trying my best to pace myself. It’s agonising, the pleasure building as he takes his time, nibbling and licking every crevice of me. I whimper, his dark eyes glaze over lustfully as he peers back up at me. He’s enjoying seeing how everything he does is bringing me undone beneath him.

It didn’t take long for my body to rush to orgasm. I gasped, clinging to the sheets, desperately trying to get a hold of myself. As I felt my climax wash over, my body relaxed. Tae props himself up on his elbows and gives me a fond look.

“Good Morning~” He hums. The expression he wears is borderline cocky, but I don’t care. He had a good reason to be. “Tae… S’ so good. But I’m so sleepy…” I whine, struggling to bury myself back in my sheets. His assault had left me so weak.

“It’s okay, go back to sleep. My sweetheart needs her rest.” Tae sits up, presses a kiss on my forehead and gets out of bed. Looking at the way his hair curls in dark locks and the way his shirt and pants hang off his tall, perfect figure makes me want to stay awake.

But, I can’t. Instead, I give in and close my eyes. Sinking into the comfort of my sheets. The remnants of my orgasm still lightly tingling between my legs. I felt the blanket being pulled over me.

“Love you Tae” I mumbled. He really was the sweetest.

“Love you too. I’ll see you later, okay?” Tae hummed. I gave a small nod into my pillow. The door clicked shut, and I knew he’d left.


I easily fell into a warm sleep. When I next woke, it was to the sound of a text. I felt recharged as I sat up and reached for my phone. What’d happened this morning felt like an erotic dream.

As I clicked my phone on, I saw it was from Jin.

Jin: Clear any plans you might have for tonight

Jia: Why’s that? 🧐

Jin: There’s going to be a gathering tonight at our club. A lil something to celebrate this new partnership, everyone needs to be there 🙄

Jia: Ohh, sounds like it could be fun I guess 🙃 What should I wear?

Jin: Fun my ass, would rather spend the time with you.

Jin: Wear something I’d pick 😉

Jia: That’s so vague 😪 Why did I even ask

Jin: If I had the time, I’d come doll you up myself

Jia: I know.. You’ve been working hard ❤️ I’ll make sure I wear something really sexy tonight for you, okay?

Jin: That’s my girl 🥰 I’ll see you later Princess 💋💋

I click my phone shut, peep at the time, which is around midday. After a shower and something to eat, I take my free time today to catch up on studying. Exams were looming closer.

All the boys and I were much busier these days. I was studying full time whilst essentially working two part-time jobs. The first being as a songwriter and the second as a hostess. It all seemed so surreal. If I was to actually stop and give it a fair amount of thought. But, until now I hadn’t.

I buried myself into my books that were sprawled out across the dining table, occasionally taking a sip from the can of coffee I had on the side.

By the time I needed to get ready, I’d got a lot of work done. I felt proud of myself, at the level of focus I’d achieved lately. It almost felt like I was near what it used to be, before things had been turned upside down for me…

I stopped my thoughts at that and stood up.

“Alright. Let’s get this night started” I stretched my hands above my head as I let out a heavy sigh. Thoughts of what tonight would entail flick by. As I started on my makeup and hair, my mind wandered even more. Jin had said ‘everyone’ was going to be there, which meant it was going to be high energy. It also meant that there more than likely would be some kind of drama. There’s just no way that a lounge full of so many charismatic and strong personalities won’t clash.

As I ran the straightener through my long, light blonde hair, I couldn’t help but to smile cheekily at my reflection. It’s not that I particularly wanted drama, but just imagining trivial fights of the sort was still amusing.

I’d noticed the daylight from the crack of my window had disappeared, leaving the lightbulb hanging from the ceiling of my room being the main source of light.

I opened up my wardrobe and looked over dresses. By this point, I really had so many pretty things. Choices, choices. I pick the baby blue Satin mini dress with thin straps. It was revealing, but; I wanted to be the centre of attention tonight. I wanted all eyes on me. I wanted to remind everyone that I was there, and I was someone to be envied and wanted.

I pushed the thought of Jimin’s face from my mind and I slipped the soft fabric over my skin. There we go, pretty as a petal.

“Jia, babe. Are you up here?” A low tone I knew to be Joon called from the lounge room.

“In my room,” I called back. And heard his heavy footsteps approach and my door creaked open to reveal a suave-looking Joon. He wore a white turtleneck, sleeves pushed up over his muscular forearms. Hair pushed back, black slacks.

“You- Oh fuck. Jia” his eyes widened, gaze hovering over my choice of dress for tonight.

“I’m nearly ready, just need a pair of heels and a bag” I flashed a cheeky smile. “Oh.. Uh- Are you really going to wear that? Joon looked back up at my face, hesitantly.

“Hm? What do you mean?” I sat on the bed and slipped on a pair of satin light baby blue heels to match. I felt the bed dip as Joon sat next to me, so I looked up. His brows crinkled in the middle as though conflicted, his gaze dropped to my cleavage.

“I mean… this is sexy,” I watched as Joon gently raised his hand and lightly grazed a finger over the seam line of my dress. It tingles over my breasts.

“That’s the point,” I mumbled, biting at my lip. Still watching the way he’s tracing down between the gap.

“Isn’t it too sexy? It isn’t just us tonight. Reira and his entourage are here too.” He gave a small tsk. It sounded bitter. He pulled his touch away. I study him for a moment.

“All the more reason to show them what you have that they don’t. Besides, I couldn’t care less about them. The only people that matter to me are you and the boys. You know that…” I leaned in, placing a soft kiss on Joon’s cheek right over his adorable dimple.

He gave a defeated sigh before catching my chin in his grip, hastily returning the kiss on my lips. “Fine, if that’s what my baby girl wants I’ll indulge you” He released my chin and stands up.

“Thankyou.. Don’t worry, let’s loosen up tonight. You look so tense these days Joonie.” I follow, grabbed onto his arm.

“Mm. Are you ready?” He asks. I give a cute nod.

I held onto his arm as we made our way down to the lounge. The music got louder with each step down. RnB/Hip Hop seemed to be the vibe tonight. It wasn’t too loud and I could still hear everyone speak normally over the music. I caught glimpses of the dark purple and blue strobe lights flashing from over the railing in the main part of the club. As the lounge came in to view it was lively. Koh and Yu were behind the bar, playfully chatting as usual, busy mixing drinks.

I spotted Reira and Kaede relaxed in to the couch across from Jin and Yoongi. They all appeared to already have had a few drinks.

Whatever they were talking about must have been interesting, the eased way they laughed and talked, clicked glasses together. It was an air of ease I’d yet to see between our groups. I should probably get on their level, no?

“I’m just going to get a drink first. I’ll come over in a moment.” I turned to Joon, unlinking my arm from his.

“Sure, I’ll be over here.” He nods, gesturing over to the boys lounged out on the couches.

I parted ways with him, going over to the bar and leaning against it. Koh and Yu both flash their own signature cheeky smiles in my direction.

“Hey. Jia, finally the girl of the hour has arrived.” Yu gave a keen nod.

“What’s your choice of poising going to be tonight?” A glint of mischief crosses Koh’s features as he asks.

“Something strong. I’m going to need it.” Seeing both of them in such a playful mood was cute. They were definitely growing on me.

“Okaaay. How about...” Yu spins around, scanning the shelf of its contents.

“Green fairy!” Koh finished his sentence before his brother picks anything. “Ah! Good choice.” Yu grins, reaching over to a green bottle tucked away on the top shelf.

“Hm? I’ve never heard of it? Is it nice?” I watched curiously as Yu dropped two cubes of ice in a glass and poured the green liquor over. I’ll admit, it looked… Interesting.

“I like it. It’s actually just Choya Green Tea Umeshu, but we got so used to calling is green fairy” Koh explained.

“Sounds delicious. Japanese liquors aren’t as common here. But, I have heard of it” I smiled, taking the glass from Yu. As I sipped the light taste of Matcha settled in a warm burn.

“Perfect choice.” I hummed. The two behind the bar seemed pleased as they swapped confident looks.

“Keep bringing these over if you see my glass empty.” I raised my glass in good gesture before turning and heading over to where the excited chatter was coming from. The aura becoming stronger as I approached. Each was confident, strong, and handsome in their own right. It was addicting, wanting to be the focus of their affections.

Multiple eyes turned in my direction as I nestled myself, legs crossed, on the armrest beside Yoongi.

I raised my drink playfully. “Hmm, sorry to keep you all waitingg~” I chimed cutely. They met me with equal enthusiasm. Jin’s expression lights up as he called my name. Yoongi leans back, raising his glass, gaze fondly idling on me.

Kaede looked surprised at first. But, calls out “Hey~” in response. The most notable stares came from the pair of powerhouses at the opposite end of the couch. Joon’s eyes lay heavily on me as he sips on his whisky. Reira stands, coming straight over to me.

“How are we?” He asked keenly as he reached for my hand, placing a quick peck there. He straightens up.

“Good, glad we could all come together for a drink tonight.” I hummed in response. Reira shot me a faint smirk before turning to address everyone else.

“You know, this one is quite the charmer, you should’ve seen it.” He swirled his drink bemusedly before taking a sip and continuing.

“Her first client of the night and she’s already got him in the palm of her hand.” Reira laughed airily to himself. The others seemed interested. I didn’t blame them seeing as I’d never discussed my hostess work with any of them. Apart from Jin. He’d seen me in action before.

“I can vouch for that. She’s irresistible. It’s not a secret.” Jin jibes, bordering on cocky. Yoongi shifts from beside him. Reira goes back to his seat and plops down.

Joon raises a brow in my direction. I couldn’t tell if it was good or bad. But they all quickly continued chatting amongst themselves.

I quietly finish my glass, only to have Koh slide up beside me and swap it for a fresh drink. I thanked him before slipping down in the space beside Yoongi, who had also seemed to check out of the main conversation.

“Pretty dress.” Yoongi leaned back, resting his arm behind me, closing any distance between us. “Pretty face.” I chimed back as I turned to him. There was an air about him tonight.

“Pretty?” He questioned, sucking in a sharp breath of air in contemplation. The way he lightly swayed from side to side didn’t go unnoticed.

“Cute? Sexy? All the above.” I offered. Maybe I was overthinking it. No doubt he’d been under a lot of stress lately and just wanted to let loose and enjoy himself.

“Glad you’re in a good mood.” Yoongi cracked a smile as he raised his glass. I clicked mine against it. He emptied it without hesitation. Lightly snacking his lips as he finished. Suddenly the music gets notably louder.

“The set is starting. Want to go watch?” Yoongi asks, leaning into me. I gladly take his hand and stumble over with him to the banister for a better view.

“Hoseok has been busy all day organising this stage event. He’ll probably make his way up here soon. Everything is running smoothly.”

Below, a packed crowd danced freely, the blue and purple lights flash, breaking through the darkness. The music beats in my chest.

“I was wondering where he is. Do you know about the others?” I asked, glancing at Yoongi. We’re so close that our elbows are touching. When he turns to face me, there’s isn’t much space left. Just as he’s about to answer, a commotion can be heard. I turned to see who was entering the lounge.

Tae, Jungkook, Jimin and.. That girl. Had just arrived.

“Fuck. What is she doing here…” My chest tightens at the sight of her hanging pathetically on Jimin’s arm. I can’t stop the jealousy from seeping in. I don’t want it. I don’t know why… Why am I afraid? I can’t bring to accept what’s in front of me as reality.

“Did I forget to mention how sexy you look tonight.” Yoongi gently reaches to a loose strand of my hair and plays with it. My attention being pulled to him instead. But then I heard my name being called by Jungkook.

“Jia, come here.” I falter as he wraps an arm around me and pulls me firmly against him. As though claiming me as his girl for the night.

“What- what’re you doing?” I stutter, looking up to meet his big brown eyes. Yoongi steps to the side, purposely blocking any view I had of Jimin and that girl.

Jungkook faltered for a moment. But he regained his confidence straight away.

“Holding you and admiring the view. Is there a problem with that?” His gaze confidently holds mine. My insides turn even weaker than before. How does he do that? It’s so dangerous.

I couldn’t look away from him. My body relaxes as I let out a deep breath. Whatever he was trying to do, it was working. Yoongi remains silent. But the faint smile lingering as he sipped at his glass is comforting.

“No… There’s no problem.” I tippy toe up so I can give his cheek a kiss. Right now, I was a lucky girl. Two supermen swooping in to save me face. Save me from myself.


“Will you be alright to join the others?” I felt Jungkook lightly play with the fabric of my dress around my mid. The dress was so thin that it almost felt like he was touching my bare skin.

“Yeah. I’ll be okay. I have no choice, anyway.” I took the last sip of what was in my glass, only to have it replaced a moment later by Yu.

“The more unbothered you act, the more bothered Jimin will be. You know that, right?” Yoongi’s voice was low. I gave a small nod.

“I don’t know if that’s what I’m going for, but thanks, anyway. I feel better. Let’s go.” I gently grab on to Yoongi’s hand. He laces his fingers with mine. It’s warm, reassuring. Like everything will be alright. Jungkook loosens his hold as the three of us walked over.

Joon, Reira and Kaede were still on the couch to the left. Tae, Jimin and whoever she was had made themselves comfortable in the middle, and Jin sat on the couch to the right.

“Jia, your dress is so pretty.” Tae swoons sweetly. Jungkook takes charge, guiding me down to sit on one of his thighs. I can feel the muscle through his black Jeans as it flexes.

Yoongi, unlacing his fingers from mine, plops down in the space on our right.

“Thankyou Tae~ Do you want to try some of my Choya?” I hum, purposely avoiding looking directly at Jimin. Was he bothered? Did he even care? I need to know.

“Choya? It’s Japanese right?” He asked, glancing down curiously at my glass. I slip out of Jungkook’s hold and swap to Tae’s lap instead. He casually wraps an arm around me as I perched myself on his thigh.

“Here, open up.” I giggle, lifting the glass to Tae’s lips. I watch as he tilts his head back, enthralled by his bold features. They always were so sexy.

From my peripherals, I try to see if Jimin is watching. If he’s jealous?

I think it was working. The way he’s staring could burn holes through me. I know Jimin. I know him better than most… And as for that girl; she appeared taken aback by my boldness. Good. She needed to know that this was my territory. Not hers.

“Hm? Is it nice? Do you want one?” I gently wiped a stray drop of liquor from Tae’s bottom lip. He breaks into a boxy smile before calling out to the bar.

“Koh, can you bring a bottle of Choya over with some glasses.”

I placed a kiss on Tae’s cheek before getting up. Kook reached out and takes my hand, pulling me back into his lap. This time he felt more possessive, though. His hold on me was firmer.

“Jia, how many have you had?” Jimin asks. Hearing his voice cracks something deep inside. This was the first time he’s spoken to me in so long. I felt my heart ache.

“Not enough. You?” I tried to keep any bitterness out of my tone.

“Me either.” He replied.

Just in time, Yu had brought over the bottle Tae had requested. Joon, Jin, and our other two guests had finished their conversation. I didn’t know if they were aware of the weird tension between Jimin and I.

They joined as another round of drinks was poured. I finished my glass off quickly. My head felt light.

Jungkook muttered my name under his breath, gently snapping the side of my panties to get my attention. I tilted to look at him, his doe eyes fixed on me as I did.

“I need to go… Please, take it easy.” His brows furrowed slightly.

“I’ll be okay…” was all I could manage to say. Even though I knew Jungkook could see through my fake smile, he let it go and said bye to the others.

“Here.” Yoongi handed me a glass just in time for the next toast. I leaned into him, trying to steady my swaying. He lazily pulled me into him. Seeming unbothered as we continued to sip at our drink, despite that fact, we both had probably had too many at this point.

I couldn’t help but to steal glances as Jimin, and his girl flirted. Tae come and squished himself between Jin and I. They were far too lost in their own talks. I imagine what was going on in the Maknae line wasn’t really to their concern.

Yoongi leaned back into the couch, closing his eyes. He looked as drunk as I felt.

“Hyung.” Tae poked him, causing him to rouse. I sat as they started bantering across me. The conversation made little sense. Eventually it turned in to them debating whether to put your socks on first when getting dressed in the morning. Suddenly, Hoseok burst into the lounge.

“Hey! It’s going off down there. Holy fuck, I’m so busy,” he exclaimed as he approached. Jin and Joon called out to him. Hoseok picked up the straight bottle off the table, took a swig and then told Joon, Jin, Reira and Kaede he needed them to downstairs.

“We’ll be back!” Joon called to us on their way out, which now left Tae, Yoongi, Jimin and…

“You know what. I’m fucking drunk.” I suddenly announced, fed up with this bullshit. I stood up and walked off over to the bar, slipping defeatedly down onto a bar stool only to earn a look from the two behind the bar.

“Jia, can we talk?” It was the voice I least wanted to hear. I looked up to see Jimin, hand running through his hair as he stares at me. Things are blurry, my emotions are scattered. I can’t talk right now.

“No… You haven’t talked to me in ages. I don’t wanna, you should’ve done that before now!” I huffed. His retort is heated. “Can you stop acting like this and just give me a chance to explain, I tried to go after you the other day and you ran away from me.” Jimin was now escalating to sassy, I need to bite my tongue, I need to stop. I can’t.

“I ran away because otherwise I would’ve burst into tears dummy, why are you even doing this?! Am I that easy to just throw away? Do you even know how much I miss you?! How much I wanna punch you at the same time?!” I hear my voice rising. This isn’t like me. I stop. Jimin bites at his lip worriedly. I can’t do this anymore. I stand up and head for the door.

“Jia, please wait.” I hear Jimin call after me, but it falls on deaf ears. I don’t stop and he doesn’t follow me. The warm night air hits my face as I step out into the street at a brisk pace. My heels click against the concrete, people and buildings blur as I walk. I keep going.

Eventually everything’s quiet and dark. There’s soft grass underneath me as I lay there. Somewhere familiar. Quiet. Away from the chaos. Away from the hurt.

Oh, so quiet.

Chapter Text


I hear my name being called, the voice sounding familiar. What’s this strange wet feeling of grass underneath me? It’s gross and sticky and my head is clouded.

“Jia, Hey. Wake up.”

I struggle to open my eyes. The early morning sun cracking over the grass and trees of the park comes into vision.

“Jungkook? Huh? What are we doing here?” I watched apprehensively as he knelt down beside me, a sigh escaping him.

“You decided here was a good place to pass out, apparently,” Jungkook reached out and gently wrapped his arms around me to pick me up.

“Oh…” A cascade of memories fell back into my mind, causing a guilty lump to form in my throat. I tried to swallow it down, reaching to hold around Jungkook’s neck. He held me in his arms as he walked across the grass field and out of the park.

“Are you hurt?” He peered at me as he asked. I shook my head.

“I don’t think so… Just feel really gross and sticky.” I had a feeling that right about now he’d usually say something sarcastic or get annoyed at me for being reckless, but… It never came. Instead, he looked solemn as he spoke.

“Jia, I’m sorry.”

“What? I’m so confused. What are you sorry for?” I mumbled, still clinging to his shoulders. His powerful arms that held me, the gently swaying as he walked, the nearness of him. These senses hit me.

“I’m sorry for leaving you last night... I’m sorry for not coming to get you sooner,” Jungkook broke his gaze from me and looked straight ahead. We’d reached the road and were about to cross the street.

“That’s my fault. Not yours… My stupidity…” I caught myself and stopped. Now wasn’t the time to get into this.

“It’s okay, let’s just go home..” I mumbled, burying my face into his chest, not wanting to talk about it anymore. I felt him nuzzle his cheek against the top of my head. It was a warmth I hadn’t felt from him in so long. It felt like home. A comfortable silence fell between us until we got back to the club and up to my lounge room.

“You should take a shower,” Jungkook said as he carefully slipped off my heels, threw them to the side and put me down on my own two feet.

“Bet I look like hell. I feel it, that’s for sure.” I gave a short laugh, earning a crack of a smile from him.

A sudden dizzy spell hit me as he let go of me. I stumbled into him slightly. “You alright?” He was quick to grab ahold of my shoulders, but I brushed him off.

“Yeah, I’m okay. I um.. I’ll go take a shower and then I’ll lie down after that. It should be fine,” I reassured him.

“Alright, I’ll wait here. If you need anything, just call me.” Jungkook bit at his lip before flicking his fringe to the side. He seemed doubtful but said nothing else.

I carefully made my way over to my room, grabbed a towel, and then went into the bathroom. Once the water was running warm, I stepped in, as the soothing feeling cascaded over my hair and body, I feel at ease. I’d managed to wash my hair and most of my body despite still feeling faint but, as I bent down to wash my legs I became light-headed. Vision blurred, and everything went blank. Fuck.


When I came back to I was lying on the tile floor of the shower, wet, but the water wasn’t running. Jungkook called my name, shaking me lightly.

“Jia. Hey, Jia,” his brows furrowed in worry, I squeezed my eyes trying to get a grip of myself.

What the fuck. Why did I do this to myself?

In this moment, just how low had I sunk...

“Kook, fuck, what’s happening…” I wanted to get up. I didn’t want to be this messy pile on the fucking floor. Jungkook knelt down, wrapped his arms around me. Yet again, I felt myself being hoisted up. Ragged breaths, my insides tighten at the thought of how fucking hopeless and pitiful I must look right now.

“It’s alright, you’re going to be okay. Just try to relax. I got you.” Jungkook carried me back into my room and set me down on my bed before rushing to grab a towel. I lay there for a moment, wet and naked, on my bed, trying not to let that knot inside my chest come undone and burst into tears like a fucking baby.

“Come here,” Kook coaxed, rushing back in and sitting at the edge of my bed. He reaches out and pulls me over to dry my hair, which was soaked to where it was drenching my sheets.

I felt the light tugging at my head as I let him dry me. Then he moved lower and wrapped the towel around my chest.

“Argh,” he exhales loudly, shaking his head as though trying to snap out of his own worry and lift the mood.

“Seriously, why do we always end up in situations where we’re wet, naked and having some type of life crisis?” He huffs, picking up the pace as he rubs me down with the towel.

Part of me wanted to laugh. Laugh at the irony of it all, but I burst into tears instead. Flinging my arms around his shoulders, and bury my face away from the world.

“I don’t know, but-“ I sniffled.

“Gukkie,” I sobbed, I just wanted to hold on to him so tight.

“It’s okay, just cry. I already know how much of a crybaby you are, so just let it out.” Even though it sounded mean, it wasn’t. I focused on trying to take deep breaths. My face was damp from tears and I’d rubbed it messily all over his neck. I cried like the hopeless mess I was. Jungkook is careful as he finishes drying my lower half, even making sure to dry my butt properly. I was too distraught to care. He was gently just like every other time he’s handled me. And it was soothing beyond belief.

He threw the towel aside and slides his hands into my damp hair, tugging me back so he could peer into my face. I’d calmed down but still felt weak. He gently places kisses on my cheeks, the last one being on my lips. I gulp thickly.

“Can you please stay with me? I don’t want you to go again.” I rubbed my eyes with the back of my hand.

“Yeah. I was already going to stay,” He gave a small tsk before continuing, as though remembering something, “Tae is on the way, too. When I told everyone I found you and that you were alright, he said he’d be over asap.”

“Oh… Okay,” I nod. What a turn of events. I feel so out of sorts, wanting nothing more than to just relax and get my strength back. I free-fall back into my sheets and look up at my ceiling. A moment's silence passes.

“Um. Jia, could you maybe put some clothes on?” Kook cleared his throat. I lifted my head and peered over at him. He bit at his lip, his eyes wandered over me. Trailing my body.

“Oh right, sorry.” I squeezed my legs together and sat up quickly. Trying to cover as much of myself as I could.

“Yeah. It’s just hard seeing you like that.” Jungkook averted his gaze whilst running a hand through his hair. It hadn’t even crossed my mind, but he was right. He could literally see all of me right now. I grabbed a silk nightgown from the end of my bed and slipped it on.

Suddenly the sound of heavy footsteps echoed, they got louder until my door burst open and Tae came in, a plastic bag in hand.

“Tae, hey~” I gave a weak wave. The confused expression he wore melted slightly.

“Hey. You... You’re okay?” He questioned, still lingering in the doorway.

“Yep. Nothing to worry about. Sorry to make you rush all the way over..” I felt bad. Tae visibly relaxed, took off his shoes, put the bag he carried down on the side table before crawling over and laying on my bed beside me.

“What’s that?” Kook asked as he pointed at the bag.

“I was about to have lunch before you texted. We can eat together.” Tae pulled me into a one-armed hug and gave me a small squeeze before letting go.

“Sounds good. My laptop is there if you wanted to watch a movie.” I pointed at my vanity table. Jungkook stood up and stretched before grabbing it, kicking his own shoes off and crawling into the space on my other side.

We all got comfortable and sat up. Tae unpacked the food and placed it out in front of us while Kook started searching for a movie.

We decided on watching something light so we could still talk between us without missing too much of the movie. The atmosphere had settled comfortably as we ate the dumplings Tae had brought along with him. I couldn’t help but to smile as he prodded me to open my mouth so he could feed one to me. Jungkook looked much more at ease too, laughing at our antics.

After we finished eating, we cleared the space and relaxed more. Laying back on the pillows, Kookie put the laptop on my lap so we could all see better. Tae slipped his arm under my head and Jungkook rolled on his side and rested his head on my shoulder. I let myself fall into the warmth they wrapped me in, pain melting away and being replaced with the most nostalgic feeling.

Time seemed to move in slow motion and as the day passed, the light from outside had faded, leaving us in the dark. Tae turned on my side table light, which gave my room a soft ambience. Light snoring was coming from my right. Jungkook’s thick, dark brown hair framed his sleeping face. The weight of his head was heavy on my shoulder, so I tried to move, but I accidentally woke him up.

“How’s your nap?” Tae asked, peering over at Kook. He yawned while nodding his head before readjusting and sitting up. “Yeah, pretty good”.

“Was it? Did you, um… Have any dreams, by any chance?” I asked, glancing cheekily at him, but he just looked confused.

“Don’t think so. Why?” His lips forming a little oh shape, I knew that expression well. It was the face he pulls mostly when he’s curious, confused, or just totally distracted by his thoughts.

“Oh no reason, just wondering who you were calling baby in your sleep,” I giggled. Tae broke into a cheeky smirk. We both knew I was messing with him, but Tae’s always the type to go along with my mischief.

“Huh?! Baby?” Jungkook went wide-eyed before crinkling his face as though seriously trying to remember if he had a dream.

“Well, there’s only one girl that I’d call baby. But, I really don’t remember dreaming about her.” Kook concluded, sucking in a sharp breath of air before turning to look between Tae and I. Tae just laughed.

“Ahh. So roundabout. Say it plainly for her.” Tae shifted onto his side, head propped up on his elbow as he nudged Jungkook on with his suggestion. I reached up to Jungkook’s jumper sleeve and fiddled with the soft fabric, which caused him to look down at me.

“Say what plainly? I do not know what you’re talking about.” He broke into a cheeky smile before sighing, slipping his arm under my head and pulling my face into his chest.

“And you, stop playing with my jumper. It tickles.” He playfully smothered my face.

“Hey wait-“ I giggle, but give up quickly at the sound of him and Tae laughing. I felt a kiss on top of my head, and then I felt Tae close in from behind me and wrap an arm around me.

A small comforting silence fell as we relaxed, all cuddled up together. Soon enough, I felt myself falling into sleep.


I could hear voices speaking softly. They sounded so close, as though right next to me. I felt like I was dreaming, but I could still catch parts of the words being spoken.

“They still have her”…

“Can’t keep her down there forever”….

It was muffled, bits and pieces…

“Need to decide”….

“She’s seen too much”…

“No choice but to make her disappear for good”….

Chapter Text


I wake up buried under the weight of Tae’s leg slung across mine and Jungkook’s arm over my chest. Gosh these two are sleeping like logs, literally heavy enough to be. I managed to get out safely by slipping under an arm and crawling to the end of the bed. Once up, I grab my phone and take it with me to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I had a few notifs but nothing important, I felt much better compared to yesterday. I drank three glasses before putting the cup in the sink and going back to my room.

As I slowly opened the door, I saw Tae and Jungkook laying there asleep, Kook had somehow managed to do so with his leg halfway up the wall. Tae might’ve even been drooling. I inwardly chuckled at this situation, I had to admit it was cute seeing them like this. Two fully grown men in such a vulnerable and silly position. I decided to grab my textbooks and start studying in the Lounge room, leaving the boys to sleep in.

I put the rice cooker on and hit the books while I waited for it to finish. When I heard the leaver snap back up I let the rice cool and then rolled up some Onigiri for breakfast.

An hour or so passed before I heard noises and voices coming from my room. I glanced up from the book I was reading to see a disheveled looking Tae emerge from my room.

“Morning sleepyhead, there’s some Onigiri there if you’re hungry.” I gave him a smile. Tae rubbed his head then looked on the kitchen counter.

“You made these?” He sounded pleasantly surprised as he went and took one before sitting across from me.

“Yeah, I just put some canned Tuna and Mayo in them, nothing special.” The small smile on his face as he chewed and swallowed was reassuring.

“These are delicious. Oh. That’s strange. Is this the first time I’ve tried your cooking?” Tae’s lingering sleepiness was evident.

“I think so..” I contemplated.

Both our attention was caught as Jungkook finally came out of my room too, looking just as much of a sleepy mess as Tae had been.

“Jungkookie, Jia made Onigiri.” Tae told him, pointing at the counter.

“Huh?” He stared at the rice balls for a good five seconds before registering.

“Ohhh. Yum.” He says, grabbing one and settling down next to me.

“There’s juice boxes in the fridge too.” I added. Tae’s eyes lit up and he quickly turned around to reach over to the fridge, taking out three and handing them to us.

“Mmmm. Oh.” Jungkook made strange grunts, looking kind of angry as he got stuck into the rice ball. Then, he grabbed the juice box, quickly stuck the straw in and took a long sip.

“Ahhh” he gave a sigh.

“Are you ok?” I tilted my head to the side to try and get his attention.

“Yeah. This is delicious,” he exclaimed, still looking kind of angry. Tae hummed in agreement as he sipped his juice.

“If you like them that much you can take them with you to eat later. I can easily make more.” I offered. Secretly just glad that they were enjoying them.

“Really? Thanks, Jia.” Tae smiled. After the boys were more awake they had to get going, they had some vocal practice sessions along with other things they had to do. We said our byes and I went back to studying.

It wasn’t until around 2 pm that I took a break to waste time scrolling through my phone, as I clicked on something on Naver a video caught my eye. It was an interview from a Hip Hop radio station featuring Joon and Yoongi.

I had no idea that they’d done one and clicked on it out of curiosity. It was still kind of weird watching the boys on the Internet, I completely forgot they were getting pretty well known these days with all their promotional stuff and debut. I mean, they were well known around before that in the scene but… I was snapped from my light thoughts and winded the video back, had I heard that correct?

As I watched the hosts disrespectful comments and line of questioning I felt a wave of real anger boil over. What the fuck was this garbage? I clicked my phone shut, not wanting to hear anymore. Who was this guy to bring the boys artistic integrity into question?! God… I hope that asshole steps on Lego, stubs his toe and gets dust in his eye every day of his life until he dies of old age.

“Ahhhhh” I sighed, laying down over the chair cushion beside me. I pick my phone back up and find my messages with Yoongi.

Jia: Hey, have any free time tomorrow? Wanna go over song ideas

I lay there for a while until I felt my phone vibrate.

Yoongi: Yeah, after lunch alright with you?

Jia: Yessir. I’ll see you then (`_´)ゞ
Yoongi: ♪(´ε` )v

I smiled at seeing Yoongi using cute emojis. It really was part of his secret softer-sided charm. It was endearing. I clicked my phone shut and closed my eyes. As I lay there my thoughts automatically drifted to Jimin. As much as I tried to keep it out of my mind, I knew eventually I’d need to face it. Feelings of sadness and regret started to seep in.. the more I replayed the events in my head I was left with nothing other than a bitter aftertaste. I need to get it out. I need to write it down. So that’s what I did. I put my pen to paper, letting those feels flow.

The half moon-eyed smile that you only used to show me.
Promises bitter, like an Americano.
Yet, I’d play with fire again even if it’s full of regrets.
Get used to the fame? Get used to letting go of lovers… It’s a bitter truth.
Those feelings used to be as soft as the foam of a latte.


I set my pen down and lay back down, closing my eyes, closing my mind.

As I opened my eyes everything was dark, I must’ve dozed off for a few hours. I felt around for my phone so I could use it to find the light switch. I got up and turned it on, then, my phone started vibrating in my hand. As I looked at the screen I felt my heart drop at the name.


I gulp thickly… eyes glued to his name, I swallow my fear and answer. As I put my phone to my ear I hear his voice call my name over the other end.

“Jia, it’s Jimin,” he says, his voice sounding strained and unlike his usual reserved self. Had he been drinking?

“Yeah, I know, your name comes up on my screen when you call me” I reply. I didn’t mean to sound like a smart ass I was just caught off guard by the call and didn’t know what to say.

“Huh? Oh right, I forgot about that. Hey. Can we talk? I really need to talk to you” he insists. If he says it any stronger I’d have thought it was a demand.

“Um… I dono Jimin.. have you been drinking? Where are you?” I hesitate, trying to get more info out of him before agreeing to anything. He starts getting sassy.

“A little, I’m at a playground somewhere. I dono but can you please just come here I seriously need to talk to you” he hiccups and groans into the phone.

“Okay okay, I’ll come. Can you send me your location?”

“Okay hold on” He slurs a little, his voice getting more distant as though he’s trying to send where he is. A moment later I get the message so I tell him to stay where he is until I get there and hang up.

Worry overtakes as I quickly change into some leggings and a hoodie. I left straight away to go and find him. As I set off down the street I realised he was at the same playground Jin and I had been to a long time ago. It was near the night market. The one with the swings.

The night sky was a deep blue and the light wind had a cool hint, it felt so fresh against my face and neck. Soon enough I reached the playground, as I crossed the road and walk through the gate I get a better view.

The street lamps illuminate the park well enough so I can see Jimin sitting at a park bench near the swings. The quietness in the air gives a false sense of peace. It was false because I knew what comes next won’t be easy. Not knowing what I’d be confronted with when Jimin and I finally spoke made my throat tighten in anxiety.

He had his blonde head down in his hands as he lent forward. It wasn’t until I took a seat beside him and called his name that he sat up, the conflict in his eyes meeting mine displacing my heart.

“Jia,” I watched as he swayed a little.

“Mm. Jimin. You should go home and get some sleep… What’re you doing out here in the middle of the night…?” If I was not myself, and he was someone else, I’d say so much to him. I’d tell him the truth. I can hardly breathe.

“No. I’m seriously losing my mind because of you. We need to talk. So..” Jimin’s voice cracked, swallowing down emotion. He paused for a moment, took a deep breath before sighing. I didn’t say a word, but, for the first time in a long time as I looked into his eyes, I saw him looking back. So, I stayed silent and listened.

“Everything’s a mess. I just want you to understand. That girl, she’s the daughter of the police chief. It’s business. That’s the only reason,” Jimin ran his hands through his hair in frustration, “I know it doesn’t make it hurt you any less. It was so hard, pretending like I wasn’t thinking of you instead.”

Apprehension turns into a wave of guilt washing over like the tide coming in. The deep blue of the starlight sky above encased me in the feeling.

“Jimin… I’m so sorry…”

breath. “I’m so sorry for blaming you… For not talking to you earlier…” Jimin closes his eyes momentarily as I go on, “For not trying to understand…” as the words leave my lips it becomes too heavy to carry anymore. Our eyes connect again, Small wet drops roll off my cheeks, once, twice.

“Nooo, dummy, don’t cry” the invisible wall between us breaks down completely as he slides beside me and reaches out to me. The moment I feel his arms enclose around me is like the tearing of paper in my heart.

“Do you know how much I’ve missed you since you’ve been away… I’m sorry for hurting you Jimin” My arms are trapped between us, pressed against his chest as he tightens his hold of me.

“Don’t cry Jia, please. I just want us back” His words soft in my ear brings a calm. The kind of calm that such a pretty night should have emanated.

“You’re so drunk… I can smell it..” Jimin let out a small chuckle.

“Really? That’s what you have to say right now?!” His hand tangled itself in my hair as he grabbed a handful, gently running his hands through it.

“Jimin..“ I mumbled. He loosened his grip and I pulled away to look up to him. “Can we go home?” Jimin gave a small sigh before nodding.

“Yeah. That’s probably a good idea” I pulled out my phone and dialled Tae, he picked up after a few rings. At the mention of Jimin he immediately agreed to come out and meet us, I heard Jungkook in the background too.

I laid back on the bench, Jimin leaned his head on my shoulder, finally giving in to his intoxication. I wrapped my arm around him and held him close as we waited, twenty minutes passed and I saw Tae and Jungkooks figures approaching up the path. Kook broke into a jog and came up first, Tae getting here a moment after.

“Wow, Jiminie Hyung really overdid it this time” Kook sat beside him, brushing his hair out of his face so he could see him. But, Jimin looked like he was pretty close to falling asleep.

“So.. Did you guys talk..?” Tae asked plainly, now standing in front of me.

“Yeah. I think everything is okay now..”

“C’mon Jiminie Hyung, let’s get you home.” Kook turned around and grabbed Jimin’s hands and wrapped them around his neck. Jimin started to stir enough to realise Kook was trying to piggyback him and grabbed on.

“Jungkookie” Jimin smiled as he held on, letting the younger carry him.

“Thanks for coming Tae. Will you guys be alright to get home?” I stood up, wiping my face with the sleeve of my jumper before looking between all three of the boys.

“Yeah. We’ll get him home safe and sound. How about you? It’s late to be walking around alone” Tae bit at his lip as his eyes searched me worriedly.

“It’s not far. I’ll text you as soon as I get home. If you don’t hear from me then send the rescue squad” I chuckled. Kook looked like he was ready to go, Jimin mustn’t have been as light as me so it would be better if I didn’t keep them waiting.

“Anyway, I’ll get going. Goodnight guys” I wrapped Tae in a quick one-armed hug which he returned and then quickly pecked Jungkook on the cheek. A small smirk settles on his lips at my kiss. And lastly, I gave Jimin a kiss on the cheek too.

“Goodnight Jimin, when you wake up tomorrow text me, okay?” I watched as he drunkenly nodded, guess he heard me. We said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. I texted Tae like I said I would. They also got back home safely. By the time I crawled into bed I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

Chapter Text


After waking up, thoughts of the night before floated around in my head. The park, Jimin’s words etched in my mind. I decided to go for a run, hoping that the fresh air might be easing and provide clarity.

When I got back I noticed there was an envelope on the table, it appeared to be quite thick. Before I could take a look my message tone sounded, it was from Joon.

NJ: Just dropped past but you weren’t home, Reira asked me to pass over your payslip so I left it on the table

Jia: I just got back from a run, thanks Joon 💛

NJ: No problem 😉

I unfolded the envelope and peeked inside feeling a bit apprehensive at the thickness. This can’t be right, right? I flicked through the bills, there was 15,000 dollars in there. Holy shit. I’ve only done one shift… I thought it would be a lot, maybe 4-8 thousand tops but… It started to sink in, relief replacing my surprise.

This kind of money meant I wouldn’t have to worry about paying for school. And, it was just in time.. I stashed the money away in my room before going for a shower and getting ready for my last class of the semester. Maybe fate had finally decided to be a bit kinder to me.

I wore a light, straight baby-pink skirt and a white long-sleeve knit blouse and pinned my hair back with a cute pink bow clip. It matched the weather outside today perfectly. The campus seemed quieter than usual, probably due to exams beginning this week. I’d been looking down at my phone, walking through the corridor when I felt a hard bump to my shoulder.

“Oh sorry” I looked up, apologising out of reflex, thinking it had been because I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking but, I soon realised that wasn’t the case.

“Watch where you’re going.” One of the two girls, who both looked like they were a bit rough around the edges was sassing me hard right now.

“Huh? What’s your problem?” I snapped back, confused at this unprovoked confrontation. Like, why was she trying to fight me right now?

“Problem?” She snorted. Her friend was eying me like I’d just come out of a dumpster or something. “Only problem around here are those looser sellout idols you always hang out with.” She gave a short laugh before she and her friend moved on.

I was speechless. Who in their right mind has the audacity to go up to a stranger and talk so much shit. The encounter had left a bitter aftertaste as I sat through class. The more I thought about it the angrier I got. Kicking myself that I didn’t fire back something at her but, in hindsight, at the time I was too shocked.

Lunch came around so I had a sandwich before going to the studio to discuss lyrics with Yoongi. I knock a few times on the door before I hear his voice call for me to come in. As I do, the mood around him felt off. His hair is askew, he’s slumped back in his chair at the production desk glancing coldly at me.

“So, what are these lyrics you wanna show me?” He cuts straight to the point. I decided to tread lightly, taking a seat beside him and quietly pulling out the sheets of paper from my bag. He takes them from me and starts flipping through them.

My gaze wanders over the table, a bottle of Soju catches my eye. Beside it are two white pills still in their package, I felt my insides churning.

“Is your shoulder still hurting?” My question sits in the air for a moment, Yoongi’s delayed response making me feel even more unsettled.

“You’re here to give me lyrics, not a lecture.” He shot back, it was glacial.

“What’s going on with you?” I pressed, it was turning out to be one thing after another today. It was frustrating, I couldn’t read his mind, on the contrary, I’d thought he was doing alright. The heavy look he’d been giving me cracked, he broke into twisted laughter. It was unnerving. Had he lost his mind?

“You really think I give a fuck what you think?” He shook his head, still chuckling to himself bemusedly. His words left me beyond speechless.

“Fuck, you’re annoying. If you’re not going to mind your own business then get out.” His demeanour turned back cold instantly. My heart is sinking, plummeting, fast. I feel nauseous.

“I know you don’t mean that.” I struggle to spit out my words.

“You don’t KNOW shit about me, Jia. How COULD you?! I don’t EVEN fucking know myself.” He snapped, eyes wild, the anger behind his words as he yells are like knives stabbing into me. I’d never seen him this savage. This angry. I can’t move.

He reached for the bottle on the table and carelessly pours it back. I didn’t know if I wanted to slap him or cry. Or both.

“Yoongi, please, you gotta stop being so self-destructive” Voice shaking, I reach out to take the bottle from him but he wouldn’t let go. How can I get through to him? A dangerous calm came over him, he ran his hands through my hair and firmly took a handful before yanking me back by it.

“Ahhh.” I gasped, he wasn’t rough enough for it to hurt but, I could see the threatening look in his eyes, he was at a tipping point.

Jia, I’m serious. Get out.”

His grip on m hair loosened. My knees tremble, I felt sick to my stomach. I grabbed my bag and walked right out the door.

It wasn’t until I stepped out of the building and around the corner that I stopped and leaned against the wall. My body felt weak, I surrendered and slid down the wall. Mind going so fast that I couldn’t catch one thought.


Time passed, I couldn’t tell how long but enough of it that I’d calmed down. Part of it felt unreal, like I’d imagined the entire thing. I called Hobi and told him Yoongi had lost it and to go and see him. I was worried about him and even though he’d told me to leave him alone, I couldn’t. Maybe Hoseok would have more luck. I don’t know but either way, right now there isn’t anything else I can do. Not when he’s like that. It scared me.

I slowly got up and found a picnic bench on campus to sit at, the concrete on my butt was hurting from sitting there so long. I laid my head down on the table, old habits die hard. I forced everything that happened to the deep depths of the back of my mind. It was just too much to deal with right now. If I let it, it’ll consume me.

There’s nothing you can do. Let it go.

A small ding from my phone catches my attention, it was Jimin. That’s right, I’d told him to message me.

Jimin: Hey~
Are you busy tonight?
I was hoping we could spend the night in and have dinner together?


I took a deep breath and ran my fingers through my hair, pushing it out of my face. Keep going.

Jia: Sure, that sounds nice 😊
I’ll be home in 30 mins ~

Jimin: Okay, I’ll stop and get some Kimchi Jjigae on the way 😊 See you soon~
Jia: 😋

I clicked my phone shut, grabbed my bag and headed home.

When I got back I put my things away and fixed myself up in the mirror, making sure to not leave any hints that fight. Just as I’d clipped my bow back in my hair I heard Jimin call my name from the lounge room.

“Jia, are you home?” The sweetness in his voice as he said my name tingled. I rushed out to see him smiling lightly, a small bunch of pink flowers in his hand.

“Hey Jimin, I’m here” I smile back. The warmth he emitted melted away at the chills that lingered.

“That’s a cute skirt,” he commented before holding out the flowers to me, “Here, they were selling flowers out the front of the restaurant I picked up dinner from.” They smelt light and sweet and were the prettiest of pinks.

“They’re lovely, Thank you…” I carefully took them from him and admired the softness of the petals. They were pretty beyond belief.

“I thought you’d like them,” Jimin gave a small chuckle before setting down the food on the table.

“I do, but I feel bad, I didn’t get you anything” I gave an awkward laugh, grabbing a couple of bowls and joining him as I sat in the seat across from him.

“It’s okay, your company is enough,” He laughed lightly. Jimin was like a breath of fresh air, wrapping warmly around me. We started to unpack the containers, taking care seeing as the food was still hot. The smell perked my senses, making me excited to eat.

We tuck into our meal over some light chatter, the mood between us warm. As I stole glances at the soft way he smiled at me and snuggled into the feeling of his subtle flirting and kindness I realised just how much I’d missed him. Everything about Jimin was mesmerising, it always has been.

I felt a weight lifting off my heart as the night went on, after we finished eating Jimin said there was something he wanted to show me. I tried to ask what it was but he just said it was a surprise and led me into one of the empty rooms beside my bedroom.

“Here, we’re going out this window.” I stood in the empty room as he slid the window open and looked back at me with a cheeky smile. Was he serious?

“Wait, are you sure? Won’t we fall?” I was confused, but, Jiminie just gently grabbed my wrist and pulled me over.

“This window leads out to the roof, you won’t fall.” Before I can protest he ducks his head down and slips out the window.

“Wait! Don’t leave without me,” I scramble to try and follow him but as I try and climb through, the skirt I’m wearing makes it hard.

With a cheeky smile, Jimin reaches out his hand, giggling at seeing me struggle whilst trying not to flash him my panties. I take it, carefully ducking through the window. A light breeze passes as we find ourselves standing on a rooftop.

“What do you think? Pretty cool, huh?” He looks around before settling his gaze on me.

“I had no idea we could get to the roof…“ I mumble, so taken by the view. With a gentle tug, he leads me closer towards the railing. The vast dark midnight ocean above was littered with bright stars, buildings scattered across the landscape. The noise of the city bellow almost drowned out as we stood there, just Jimin and I. I felt his arms drape over my chest, encasing me from behind. His body pressed firmly against me, holding me in place.

“The starts are seriously pretty” His chin rests on my shoulder and a small breath tickles my ear. I hum a small yes. The view is absolutely captivating.

“But,” He went on, “They aren’t quite as pretty as you.” I felt his grip around me tighten, a soft kiss snuggled into my hair. Warm waves wash over, I want to shrink away at his sweetness.

“As if…” I giggle, “The way they sparkle, light up the night sky, there’s no way I can compete with that.”

Jimin tucks a loose piece of hair behind my ear and kissed my cheek gently, his soft voice filling me with tingles. “Then why can’t I stop looking at you instead of the sky?”

I slowly turned around to face him, tenderness in his loving brown eyes. He closes in, lips soft as they touch mine. Jimin takes control, running his hand through my hair to push it back. A euphoric rush washes over me, our breaths becoming more erratic as we lose ourselves in the moment. Small moans escaping us, I relinquish myself to him completely.

As he pulled away a brazen smile resides. It makes me feel so timid. “Wha? Why are you looking at me like that?” I buried my face into his chest to hide.

“Hmm? It’s nothing~” His teasing was my kryptonite. He held me, softly playing with my hair for a moment. The light vanilla scent of his jumper, the firmness of his chest through the fabric. It was picking me apart, I was falling deeper and deeper into his allure.

Jimin starts humming a light melody, the sweet tune fills the air. I quietly listen, floating away.

Oh, oh, oh, oh~
I want to be your light, baby
Be your light~
Ohh, oh
So promise me
Ohh, oh, oh, oh~
Hold on here cross our pinkies
And promise me now, oh, oh, oh, oh~

He brushes his fingers through my hair as he sings.
“It’s so sweet, the melody,” I peer up at him.

“It just came to me…” he says softly, slowly tilting my chin up, connecting his gaze with mine.

“Besides, these are sweeter,” I’m left at his mercy as he kisses me again, his touch glides down to grasp my hips, pulling me against him. My body trembles, it’s overwhelming, his hands slide further down, underneath my skirt, groping my behind. I moan into his mouth, his touch slides further. Now teasing against the thin fabric of my panties.

“But, here is where you taste the sweetest.” My mind glazes over, he pulls away.

“It’s getting chilly, we should go back inside, I don’t want you to get sick,” Jimin peers into my eyes
“Okay,” I give a small nod, he takes my hand and leads me back to the window with him.

“Ladies first,” he smiles, stepping aside to let me through. I bend down and duck through the window, the wooden floor of the room now under my feet.

“Cute panties. White today, hm?” Jimin teases as he follows behind me with ease.

“How’d you know?” I questioned before remembering the struggle from earlier.

“Just got the perfect view. You know, white probably wasn’t the best choice. They’re soaked and it’s so easy to see on white,” He smirks, taking my hand and walking me back to my room. I blush.

“Jimin... That’s so pervy of you,” I mumbled.

“Mm. It is,” he pulls me onto the bed with him, rushing me with heated kisses. We roll around, fighting each other for dominance until Jimin pins me down and leans in close to my ear.

“I missed my baby, wanted her so badly,” He mutters under his breath. I fumble with the seam of his jumper, trying to pull it off.

“Then take me, I’m all yours, Jimin.” He sits up, lifts his jumper off to reveal his toned chest. I nibble at my lip as I watch him undo his belt buckle, I pull off my blouse and unclip my bra. He kicks off his jeans, I reach for my skirt but Jimin reaches it first.

“Let me,” he leans over me, softly kissing and licking at my neck. I moan as he slips down my skirt and firmly places himself between my thighs.

“Jimin..” I pant, so overwhelmed by this moment. It was just so much.

“Everything okay baby?” His voice is so sweet, his lips graze against my cheek, his face pressed against mine.

“I… Love you” The words tumble from my mouth, I cupped his cheeks and pressed a light kiss to his plump lips.

“I love you too,” He breathes, I feel his strong arms slide under my shoulders as he holds me to him. His thighs pressed against the back of mine, he steadily pushes the tip of himself into me. I squeeze my knees around him and cling to his muscular shoulders in anticipation. He was thick, stretching me out as he rhythmically buried himself deeper into me.

“ You’re taking me so well baby,” He coaxes sweetly between soft kisses. By the time he fills me I’m already so close to my tipping point. I matched the roll of his hips as he slowly started fucking me, with every thrust I was falling deeper into a submissive daze. My emotions were running so strong, he was handling me with such care.

He firmly grabs a fistful of my hair and forcefully pulls my head to the side exposing my neck to him, then, picks up the pace. The sheer thickness of him makes my core throb, the wet traces his tongue leaves on my neck and the jolts of pleasure building as he bottoms out in me. The mound of his pelvis tapping and rubbing against my clit is building, more and more, so close to tipping me over.

“Jimin” I pant his name, clinging to him. “S’ so deep, can’t take it” I feel my body go slack as he holds me and fucks into me harder, faster, skin slapping against skin.

“It’s okay baby, you’re doing so well, just relax and let me show you how much I love you,” his words sultry as he grabs my chin and forces his tongue into my mouth. I can’t say anything with him ravishing my mouth like this.

“You’re so perfect, you know that?” His hips snap sending a jolt of pleasure right to my core.

“Mmm, wanna make you happy, do anything for you, Jimin,” Words tumble out, so dazed I can barely string a sentence together.

“Oh, you are baby, so tight and pretty and perfect. I’m gonna come nice and deep inside you. You know your mine, right?” Jimin’s voice sends shivers down my spine, he sits up and grabs my hips. I lull my head to the side, unable to take my eyes off him. He looks ethereal as he throws his head back in pleasure, his movements becoming rougher as he chases his high.

I can’t take it anymore, my legs quiver and I come hard around him. As I do, his thrusts become erratic and I feel him shoot hard inside me. We both breathe heavily, taking a moment for the high to calm down and then Jimin collapses on the sheets beside me.

“Come here,” he lazily wraps an arm around my head and pulls it to hit the bare chest. I kiss his skin softly, a sleepy spell hitting me hard.

Chapter Text


I’d woken and been laying there in bed, naked, beside a lightly breathing Jimin for a little while now. It was peaceful. Quiet. Intimate. Vulnerable.

Yesterday had been a whirlwind of emotions. I didn’t know how much more my heart could take, up and down. My heart was being pulled left and right and every which way. Those fears I held, the ones of being hurt. Hurting those I cared about, I was living them. As much as I’d tried to avoid them. It had been inevitable this entire time. It had all happened so fast that I hadn’t realised it until just now.

My feelings, they’re confused. I’m confused. What am I doing? I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve known for a long time now. At some point, I’d abandoned myself, thrown myself in. Was there a way out? I don’t know. How much longer can I stay afloat? Or, will I sink.

The sheets rustled lightly from beside me, pulling me from my thoughts.

“Jia, you’re awake?” Jimin murmured, voice laced with sleep as he draped his arm over me and pulls me into his warmth with ease.

“Mmm. Yeah, I gotta study today. I have exams tomorrow.” I mumbled into his chest. Jimin placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

“Okay, I have to get going soon too. The life of an Idol is so busy,” he lightly groaned.

We cuddled for a little while longer before Jimin headed off. I got up, showered and dressed. Then, checked over my schedule to try and figure out what I still needed to do before my exams.

“Oh, shit” I muttered under my breath, realising I’d completely overlooked a topic in one of my subjects. Fuck. I started to panic, this was so important. How did I miss this?

As I desperately racked my brain a sudden idea popped into my mind. Namjoon. He’s intelligent, maybe I can ask for his help.

I grabbed my phone and dialled his number, after a few rings his distinct voice resides from the other end.

“Jia? What’s up?” He questions.

“Hey! Um. Sorry to spring this on you last second but, are you busy today? I really need a favour. Like, life or death situation.” Worry bubbled up, knowing the chances he’s busy are pretty damn high.

“Oh? Well… I had something planned but, if it’s really that urgent I can cancel my plans.” He says.

“Joon. Oh my gosh. Really? I swear you’re amazing,” I gushed, relieved I might not be as screwed as I initially thought.

“Hah. Yeah okay. So, what’s this life or death situation?” He pressed. I gave a small sigh.

“Well, I completely overlooked revising a topic from philosophy. I really need help trying to cram, and I know you’re good with this kind of thing,” I hesitated, doubting if he would even consider this important in comparison to half the other shit that went on in our lives.

“Oh,” He cracked into a laugh. “That’s unexpected. But, it’s nice to hear you taking your studies so seriously. I’ll be over soon.” He says. I thank him before ending the call.

Not long after Joon arrives, we decide to set ourselves up downstairs in a booth near the dance floor. The tables down there are the biggest and, during the day no one is around apart from the odd staff member here and there which became so routine I barely noticed their presence anymore.

The light-flooded in from the windows that lined the top of the walls. They still reached outside from the underground of the basement. It made for a comfortable spot to sit during the day.

“I still can’t believe you called me here to study. I actually thought you were in trouble when you called,” Joon seemed more amused than annoyed. “I know… This may not seem like a big deal for you but, I really don’t want to fail” I laughed sheepishly.

“Don’t worry, you won’t fail. Should we get started?” He gave a kind smile. I nodded. And like that, we began to revise. The way he explained things made it so easy for me to remember and understand, I was grateful for his help. I found myself getting caught up in him a few times, the way he lent on his elbow, the looks he gave me, his eyes lingering a few moments longer than needed. The way he put the back of the pen to his lips while he was in thought. I noticed it all.

Hours passed and we’d made our way through most of the work so we decided to take a break.

“So, a very interesting compilation of lyrics happened to land themselves in my lap yesterday. Bitter like an Americano, was it?” Joons inquiry had taken me by surprise.

“Yeah. Those are the lyrics I gave to Yoongi yesterday morning. He… Passed them on to you?” The fight we’d had was so big that I forgot the reason I even went there, to begin with, was to pass on lyrics.

“He did. We both agreed they were good.” Joon hums.

“Seriously?” Yoongi said that… Even though he’d told me he didn’t give a fuck about me.
To leave.

“Yeah. He’s been out of sorts lately. I’m worried about him.” Joon gave in to a sigh.

“Yesterday morning, we had a huge fight. He lost it, told me he didn’t give a shit about me. That I didn’t know him, and to leave him alone.” As I recalled the words we exchanged I felt a sorrow float in the depths of my heart. There was no soothing to be gained from lying to myself. No pretending that it didn’t cut me deeper than I was willing to admit. Joons expression became sombre.

“Jia…” Joon seemed unsure of what to say. I went on.

“Yoongi, he… I… I don’t even have words for what we have. You know, he’s always been the one to protect my heart. I’ve told him my biggest fears. He’s seen me at my most vulnerable. He’s picked me up off the floor when I’ve been at my lowest. If I’m honest, he may even understand my true heart better than I do.” Joon sits quietly, listening intently to my every word.

“That’s why it hurt so much. Out of all the people who could’ve told me those things.
For it to come from him cuts deep.” I lean back, take a breath, and run my hands through my hair as I attempt to hold my composure.

“That’s Yoongi in a nutshell. The guy is complicated but simple at the same time. He’s deep like that… I think he’s going through some internal conflict right now. And that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with you. Just… Give him space and time for now. I know this probably isn’t much of a consolation but, there’s only so much we can do from the outside.” Joon was wise beyond his years. We all knew this, it was no secret but, it still hit just as much every time. He was always in my corner, cheering me on, supporting me, and giving me advice that was precious beyond measure.

“Thanks, Joon. I appreciate your advice. It’s the epitome of comfort.” I give a small smile. There was a tiny moment pause before something else popped into my mind.

“By the way, I saw an interview for a radio station. You and Yoongi…” I tried to tread lightly, unsure if I should even bring it up.

“Oh, you saw that? Uh. That was an absolute shit show. You should probably just try and forget that even happened. Some people are just like that, close-minded. There isn’t much we can do about it.” Joon says.

“Yeah. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t taking anything that asshole said seriously. He’s obviously salty. We both know you write your own music. You have a say in all the decisions, and if he still chooses to believe otherwise that’s on him. Not you, Joon.” I felt relieved that I could finally tell Joon my thoughts on the subject. They also seemed to put him a little more at ease.

“When you get the chance, make sure you tell Yoongi the exact same things you just told me.”

“If I can, I will..” If I could, there were a lot of things I wanted to tell him. But…

“Idol, Artist, Criminal… Which one is the real me? I’m still trying to figure it out…” he looked out, eyes glazing over slightly.

“When you do, let me know. I can’t say that I know the answer myself but, what I do know is that none of those labels defines you Joon.“ He glanced at me, possibly contemplating my words. A moment later he spoke.

“Another thing that’s been on my mind is the dealings. I feel it coming, us slowly sinking further down. I wonder where the point of no return is, and if we’ve already passed it.”

“You want out?” I question, not expecting the topic.

“I want out for all of us. Money is good. The numbers have evened out and we can get by without having to get our hands dirty. Isn’t it preferable?” He asks but it’s not really a question.

“It is.” Still, I reply.

“After this shipment is all gone we can pull out. Cut ties and move on. What do you think?” His gaze searches mine.

“I think it’s the best choice for everyone. You’re right, once we get too deep, it’ll only be harder to dig ourselves out.” I say. He slips his thumb over his bottom lip in a moment of thought before continuing.

“One last thing. Has Jin ever mentioned anything about his family to you?”. His question hit, momentarily being dumbfounded by it. I take a second and search my memories.

“Um… Only that they have money. I don’t know how much but, from the amount he used to drop at the club for me I’d say it was on the high side.” I say, curious for a reaction of some kind from him, one that might give away his reasons for asking.

“Okay.” His reply is simple.

“Is there a reason you ask? It just seems like such a random thing to ask.” I press, not being satisfied without more information.

“It’s alright, nothing for you to worry about babe. Just curious about his background. I don’t like to bring it up but,” a grim look crossed his features as he goes on “Since the time he shot that guy… I just thought he should’ve been more bothered by it. Had he seen someone being shot before? Violence in general just doesn’t seem to phase him as much as I’d expect.” Despite it being a memory I avoided at all costs I was forced to recall it. At the time, I’d been so shaken that I don’t think I was in a clear enough headspace to read the situation carefully enough. It was hard to say.

“Anyway, forget it, baby girl. Just me overthinking things probably.” He leans in and places a kiss on my cheek. I did as he said and discard it from my mind.

A familiar raspy voice calls our names from the top of the stairs, I look over to Hoseok wave and make his way down to us.

“Hobi,” Joon says. “Hey Hoba” I get up and walk into his embrace. “Hey, cutie. Studying hard are we?” He pulls away, giving me his famous smile.

“Sure am” I play cute. It was nice to see him. “Good girl. Make sure you pass all your classes otherwise I’ll have to punish you.” His expression turned cheeky.

“Hah. With me tutoring her she won’t be getting any of the punishment from you.” Joon cracked a short laugh before raising the stakes, “How about this if you get good scores on your exams I’ll give you a little reward instead” He was laying on the moves thick. I felt pinned as I stood between their dominating auras. Jesus.

“Mmm. What kinda reward are we talking about?” I hummed. Pushing my curiosity. “Get the scores and you’ll find out.” Hobi laughs at Joon’s response before interjecting. “You’re too soft on her, C’mon Joon.”

I carefully slipped out from between where they stood and went to the table to check my phone. I needed to see what the time was, given the way the light had shifted it seemed to be early afternoon.

“Anyway. Are you ready to go? I’m hungry and if we get to bbq too late we might miss out on a table,” Hoseok spoke to Joon. “Yeah. I’m ready. Jia, you want to come to dinner with us?” He asked.

“Oh, sorry, I already promised I’d have dinner with Jungkook tonight.” I smiled, telling them a half-truth.

“You and Jungkookie, Huh? Sounds cute. Have fun, tell him we say hi.” Hoseok grins. “We’ll get going then. I’ll catch you soon.” Joon pulled me into a brief one-armed hug before they both head off.

I packed up all of my things and took them back upstairs and put them away. As I finished I received a text from Kook telling me to meet him at the park in the same spot we went to last time.

I got changed into some leggings and a light jumper then left. When I got there Jungkook wasn’t anywhere to be seen so I sat down by the trunk of a tree and watched the sun sinking under the horizon. The air was warm but I had a feeling it might turn chilly. I could see thick clouds sneakily rolling on from the corners of the sky.

After ten minutes passed I saw Jungkook’s figure walking up the path. I watched as he got closer, his dark hair framing his handsome face became clearer. From far he looked small but by the time he stopped in front of me he’s perfect muscle portions were impossible to not notice.

“Hey, sorry. Were you waiting long?” He asks as he takes a seat on the grass in front of me.

“No, not long. What were you doing?” I casually replied. Shifting forward so that we could start stretching. By this point, we both knew the drill.

“I was with Jimin Hyung. He mentioned you two made up.” Jungkook reached out for my hands as he casually drops the subject of Jimin. I took his hands in mine and pulled him forward, he let out a relieved sigh as he lent down.

“Yeah. He stayed over last night. We spoke about everything. Things are better now.” I explained. Jungkook sat up and pulled my arms forward, the pull in my legs always feels so good. This had to be one of my favourite pastimes by now.

“I’m glad you two aren’t fighting anymore. Honestly, I hated seeing you two like that.. I just want things to go back to normal. Like the times we used to have sleepovers and go to karaoke.” The way Jungkook mentioned the past teased at more sentimental times. He wasn’t wrong.

“I want the same thing. I miss those times. They seemed… So much more simple.” I admitted. We swapped legs and repeated our stretches before moving on to the next one. We continued to talk about random unimportant things as we went including what we were going to have for dinner tonight after our session.

It wasn’t until we were both finished stretching and about to start that I noticed that the thick dark clouds from earlier had completely covered the sky.

They cracked dangerously, Jungkook and I both looked up, and then, the skies broke.

Light drips of water quickly turned into a full-blown downpour. Jungkook and I looked at each other, quickly becoming drenched. The sounds were so loud I barely heard him break into laughter.

“Huh? What so funny?! Seriously what the hell!” I yelled to him over the sound of heavy rain. The water was seeping into every crevice of my clothes and hair, weighing me down.

“Ahh. I know, it’s just so funny. Of all times it had to be now,” Jungkook sighed, standing there completely soaked. His innocents, almost childlike, shone at this moment as I looked at him. Suddenly he came closer so I could hear him over the rain.

“C’mon, we need to find some shelter. Take my hand,” And with that, he grabbed onto my hand and we broke out into a run through the downpour. I could barely see anything in front of me, the skies were grey and dark, water blurring my vision, but I could feel Jungkook’s hand tightly holding on to mine so I let my fear go. Putting all my trust into him as I ran blindly though the rain.

I felt concrete hit my feet, we came to a halt and water was no longer hitting my face. I wiped my eyes to get a better look at Jungkook, we were under a shelter beside a picnic table.

“Are you okay?” He asked, reaching up to pushing back wet hair out of my face. He was drenched, drops rolled down his skin and off his hair, yet he was looking at me like he was totally fine.

“I’m ok. But, you’re just as drenched as I am. You need to worry about yourself instead of me.” I took his forearm and pulled him over to the table, letting me, he sat down beside me.

The sounds of the rain drowned out as he spoke closely from beside me, clear as day.

“It’s pretty bad. We should wait until it isn’t as heavy before trying to go back home.”

“Yeah… I agree.” I glanced over to him as he looked out at the dreary, wet parkland surrounding us. Then, he turned to me.

“Why does this feel so familiar. Wet and facing a crisis. At this point, I’ve accepted it’s basically our fate.” We both chuckled. Behind his gaze holds a sparkle, it flickers, holding me there. Memories creep in, ones that were left unresolved.

“I remember that day… The day you told me you were leaving” I bit my lip. That was the time he’d pulled me from the depths of a frozen lake. Saved my life. I’ll never forget it.

“I've thought about it, too. While I was in America… About our last kiss, how it felt, the way you tasted.” My breath caught in my chest at his words.

“I still think about it now.” He doesn’t look away. I let go of my worry.

“I remember you promised to tell me something, but you never did.” I hadn’t forgotten that either. I still thought about it now, too. He licked at his lip, I held my breath.

“I was going to tell you, that you’re my first love. And my last.” Jungkook, you can’t do this to me. I graze over him, soaking wet, strong yet so vulnerable in this moment. The air was so fragile...

“What we’re you so afraid of then?” I whisper. Don’t break. Please.

Uncertainty flashes, he looks away. I instantly let out the breath I’d been holding.

“It looks like the rains settled down. Let’s go home.” Jungkook stood up, offering me his hand. Without a word I took it and we made a run for it, hoping to make it back before the downpour could start again.

As soon as we got back I went and got a few towels and we sat on the lounge room floor and to dry ourselves off.

“Still can’t believe that happened. Guess we’ll have to reschedule.” Kook said as he bent forward to dry his hair.

“We really do have some crazy bad luck,” I peel off my wet jumper and pat myself down. I notice Kooks eyes fixate on my chest, still ruffling the towel over his head.

“What?” I asked.

“Oh no, nothing. Just got the image of you naked from last week still in my mind.“ he said casually.

“Kook. Ah. Don’t bring it up, it’s so embarrassing.” I mumbled, moving the towel to cover myself from his prying eyes.

“There’s no point in trying to cover yourself. I’ve already seen all of you.” He drops his towel and moves closer. I stay quiet as he takes the towel from my hand and drops it on my head. He lets out a small chuckle as he gently dries my hair. A small wave of guilt washed over me.

“I’m sorry… I always cause so much trouble for you. I don’t know why it always turns out that way. I don’t mean it but…” he dismisses it.

“I want to be the kind of guy who always keeps his word. From the beginning, I told you, when you fell I’d catch you.” He pulled the towel off my head and I look up at him.

“That and, I just want to see you happy. Happy and naked but, it’s never both at the same time.” I can’t help but to crack into laughter.

“What are you even saying. That’s so cheesy.” I breathe easy. A smile still lingering. That sparkle in his eyes.

“We should shower and get out of these wet clothes,” Jungkook suggested.

I nod along. “Okay. You want to go first?”

“We can just go at the same time.” He gives me a steady look as he replies. At this point, what was really stopping me…

He leads me into the bathroom, slowly pulling off my singlet. I clung to the hem of his jumper and pull it up over his head to reveal a black T-shirt that stuck skin tight to his chest, my gaze wandered over the full outline of his chest.

He took a step closer, kissing my lips before crouching down so he was eye level with my hips. The fabric of my leggings was slowly being pulled down, my underwear too. The air hit my damp skin. His warm breath tickled the space between my thighs.

“Jungkook…” I felt too exposed, I know he’d seen everything but it still didn’t make me feel any less shy. His eyes meet mine as he looks up at me.

“Hm? What is it?” I gasp as he gently rubs me, I can’t look away. The way he’s below me, rubbing me, eyes blown out. It’s hypnotising.

“Kiss me. Please,” I pull at his hand that was gripping my hip. I wanted him to kiss me so badly. This was too much.

“Where? Here?” He breathed out, leaning in and kissing my inner thigh. I shudder. “Noo. Wait,” I pleaded but to no avail.

“Wait? Don’t you think I’ve waited long enough already?” He mumbles softly into the skin of my thighs between kisses. Then, higher. It wasn’t the lips I’d meant, my knees weaken.

“Hm, how’s that feel baby?” He teases, taking charge as he slowly slips his tongue between my lower lips. My knees near buckle at the feeling of him beneath me but he’s quick to hold me for support.

“S’ so good” I mumble, getting lost in the feeling of his tongue sliding over my clit. His mouth totally ravaging me. The way he closes his eyes and eats me up. It’s unbearable.

“Jungkook, please, can we shower,” I grab onto his hair, struggling to hold back moans. He looks back up at me for a moment in contemplation before pulling away and standing up. He strips off the rest of our clothes, and runs the water.

“You ready to get in?” He asks, testing to make sure the temperature was just right.

“Mm. Yeah, I'm getting cold” I bite at my lip, waiting.

“Can't have that, can we” He gives a cheeky smile and reaches down around my thighs to pick me up. I wrap my arms around his shoulders, legs around his waist as he steps into the shower. Steamy water rolls off our skin, I gently kiss over the small scar on his cheek before moving to the other.

“That's better,” I mumble between kisses. The cool sensation of the tiles presses on my back as he firmly pins me against the wall.

“Mm, still not warm enough though. Don’t want you to get sick” His lips force mine to part as he tastes me. Hardness of his dick pressed teasingly between my lips and his abdomen, sliding effortlessly. 

“Are you gonna put it in, or are you just going to keep teasing me.” I breathe. He moves to my ear, nibbling lightly.

“Don’t beg me to stop later then.” He’s so thick, I gasp as he works it in, stretch me out. At first so tight, but with expertise, he eases into me. He throws his head back, strong jawline on display, groaning. The rolls of his hips coaxing long-winded moans from me, whimpering his name which only turns him on more.

His wet skin slips against mine, water rolling off both of us. Jungkook forces himself deeper in. I cling to his shoulders desperately, holding on for deep life. He bites down on my neck, the ache quickly turns into pleasure. His dick is so deep in me I can barely see straight. The lattice of the water running from the shower mixed with his groans, his wet body pressed against mine, him fucking into me slow and thorough. It’s all spinning my head.

I clench around him, fuck he’s so sexy. Deeper, brows knitting with pleasure before he buries his face into my neck. 

“Baby, fuck. You're so perfect” He pulls away from my neck, blown out eyes trailing down to where his dick is buried deep in me.

“M’ coming“ Dizzy spells leave me dazed, the only thing I can focus on is him.

Jungkook speeds up, thrusts becoming erratic. He groans, the sight of him gripping my hips, manhandling me, it makes me come all over his dick.

Jungkook locks eyes with me, brows furrow, panting heavily. He’s revelling in watching me come and I can’t look away. Just as I feel myself go weak and my climax washes over I collapse on his shoulder. With a few last, slow, deep thrusts, his cock twitches inside me, filling me with his warm, sticky cum. It's thick, I feel it clinging to my inner walls, only partly dribbling out.

“Fuck.” His breaths are ragged, it takes a while for us to come down off our high.

“Can you stand?” He asks softly as he sets me back down on my feet with care.

“Yeah, only just though,” I clung to the bulge of his biceps for support. Playfully, we finished washing up and getting ready for bed. My body is heavy with fatigue, I was so tired. Crawling into bed felt amazing.

Jungkook let out a relaxed sigh as he settled into the sheets beside me. He’d insisted on only wearing a pair of sweat pants to bed which left him bare-chested.

“Cuddles?” I wiggle over and rest my head on the crevice of his shoulder. He groans slightly before lifting his arm and wrapping it around me.

“You have exams tomorrow, right?” He asks. I nod, falling into his gravity.

“Better get some rest then, you worked hard today” He rests his hand on my head, gently rustling as he plays with my hair. I blush, wondering if he was talking about the way we’d just fucked.

“Mm. Not nearly as hard as you” I mumbled, the fabric of his sweat pants is soft as I reached down to lightly grope him. He’s still semi-hard, it throbs at my touch.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish” The rasp in his voice sends a small ache to my core.

“I’m not… I just wanna hold it while I sleep. Feels so good in my hand” I keep my hand there, cupping him in my palm over the fabric. He doesn’t protest, instead, the way he touches my hair easily puts me to sleep.

Chapter Text


Out of nowhere I’m snapped awake by a shaking of the bed. I’m caught totally off guard as I see Hoseok grinning, bouncing at the end of the bed cheekily.

“Morning” he teases, grin only widening. Beside me, a disgruntled Jungkook peers up, scowls and then throws himself back into the pillow with a tired groan. Wait? Why is he naked?! I swear he was wearing pants when we went to sleep.

Jungkook continues to groan, his deep sleep laced voice makes me squirm a bit. In an attempt to distract myself I glance around, only to notice that his pants were on the floor.

“Hobi. What are you doing here? What time is it?” Remembering he was here I sit up and rubbed my eyes. “It’s around seven. Jin is cooking us breakfast.”

At the mention of food Jungkook propped himself up. The blanket slipped down, now revealing his entire upper half. The fine muscle definition of his body was hard not to stare at. “What’s Hyung making?” He asks.

“Get up and find out for yourself.” Hobi smirks. I throw the blanket off and stand up, only to be met with a head spin. I wobbled a little at the rushing of blood from my sudden movement.

“Woah. You don’t have to get up that quick.” Hoseok reaches out, grabbing my waist to steady me.

“Ahhhh. I’m so sleepy.” I admit, instantly wanting to crawl back into bed. But, knowing that I didn’t really have time.

“Well that’s too bad. You have exams today. That’s the reason we came over. To make sure you had a nice breakfast and got there on time.” Hoseok chuckled, tugging me closer, I stumble into him, gripping his shoulder to stop myself from falling.

“You don’t trust I would’ve made it on time?” I questioned. Jungkook slowly edged over to the side of the bed, peered around until he saw his pants on the floor.

“That’s not what I meant” Hoseok gave an awkward laugh before turning his attention to the younger. It seemed like he was confused as he looked at the pants on the floor.

“Jungkook, did you get naked last night? I could’ve sworn you went to sleep half clothed.” I asked him.

“Yeah. Lately I’ve been waking up naked a lot. I think I strip through the night.” He slips his legs into his pants and pushed back his dark hair. Him being covered making it easier to relax.

“It’s funny. At home, in the middle of the night we just see pieces of clothing flying off the top bunk.” Hoseok seems amused as he recounts the story.

“Really? Is that why you never stay over at my place?” I questioned. Jungkook gave a light sigh before standing.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Instead of answering he grabs me from Hobi’s arms and slowly pushes me out of the room with him. Hoseok chuckled as he followed us out in to the kitchen.

As I’m lead by the shoulders down the hall Jin comes in to view. He is absolutely absolved in cooking, so much so, that he almost doesn’t notice us. It isn’t until I sneak up and wrap my arms around his mid that he jumps in surprise. But, upon seeming me hanging off him, he eases at my embrace.

“So you’ve finally decided to wake up, have you?” He teases softly.

“You know I wouldn’t miss your cooking for anything.” I inch up on my tippy toes so that I can give him a little kiss on the cheek before letting go. It was explicitly sweet of him to be here on such an important day.

“Morning Hyung” Jungkook calls, taking a seat across from Hoseok at the table. He seemed to have perked up, no doubt the delicious smell of food having the effect on him.

“Oh? You’re here too! Were you two having a little sleep over? How cute.” Jin glanced over with a genuine fondness to see that their youngest was present as well.

“Mmm.” He hums before suddenly standing up and going to the fridge. “Are you ready for exams?” Hoseok asks, glancing towards me. I take seat beside him.

“I guess.” I reply.

“You’ll be fine. You’re a smart cookie.” Jin adds at the sound of my lack of confidence.

“Am I?” I joke. Jin doesn’t indulge me any more, instead giving a small eye roll before turning back to turn off the stove.

“Anyone else want a juice box?” Jungkook questions, head poking out of the fridge.

“Sure.” I say, Hoseok adding to it.

Jungkook lazily hands the two of us drinks before he sits back down across from us, popping the straw in and taking a long sip. Jin was nearly finished with the egg rolls he’d made. They smelt amazing.

“Jia, after breakfast I can drop you off at school” Hoseok leans back, glancing over to me. I give a small nod, smiling at him. That would be nice.

“Alright. Time to dig in.” Jin enthuses, joining us at the table. The stack of egg rolls he sets down before us looks too good to be true. Kook’s the first to pick up his chopsticks and lean in to grab one.

“Thankyou.” I look to Jin, but he shakes his head. “No need. Just accept this as an apology for not being around much.”

He was right… I hadn’t seen much of him recently, it was like that a lot of the time… But, more so recently. I slowly reached out, pinching a roll and picking it up.

“It can’t be helped… right?” I threw back, meaning it to be light hearted but, it hadn’t come out that way at all. The small falter in his smile gave away that it hadn’t gone unnoticed by him.

“These have cheese in them, right Hyung?” Jungkook, who had been far too busy eating, piped up. “Of course. Who makes egg rolls without cheese” The oldest rebuts. If he wasn’t so amused with the question he may have been mistaken as being offended by it.

The two broke out into light banter over egg rolls but I zoned out as my thoughts were dragged back to Jin. Words I’d recently exchanged with Joon cropping up. I’d disregarded his curiosity at the time, but, now that Jin was here… It hit me like a kind of epiphany. I barely saw him. I didn’t know if it was the same for the others because I didn’t live with them. I’d just assumed he was always home with them. Maybe I was wrong in my assumption.

“Are you not hungry?” Hoseok's voice pulled me back. Worry held in his gaze as he looked at me.

“Oh sorry, I was just thinking about my exams.” I gave an awkward laugh, when had I become so good at lying.

“Think fast, square root of 4?” Jin shot from across the table, mouth half full of food. All eyes fixed on me as I panicked.

“Huh? Uhhhh. 2?” I threw back, wait, was it?

“Nice. See, you’ll be fine.” Jin laughed.

“Hyung” Jungkook bursts in to laughter, eyes crinkled cutely as he smiled.

“Ummm” Hoseok drawls, looking like he didn’t know wether he was confused or like he was about to just give up and not say anything.

“Math isn’t even a subject I’m taking…” I mumbled, knowing the small details probably didn’t even matter.

After the three of us finished eating, I went to have a shower and get ready. Jungkook washed the dishes and cleaned. Jin and Hoseok relaxed at the table, talking about something to do with dance choreography as they waited for us.

While I’d had a shower I felt a little swollen between my legs, no doubt from Jungkook last night… As I got dressed the small ache kept distracting me. I tried to ignore it, pushing the thoughts of him buried deep inside me out of my head.

I managed to keep them at bay, instead focusing on getting my stuff together for exams. I met the others back in the lounge.

As I do Jin is quick to notice me, breaking his conversation with Kookie to call me over.

“Yes?” I ask as I go over. “Before I forget, this is for you.” Jin holds out a small fabric bag in his palm. It’s a light blue and attached to it is a white thread.

“An Omamori?” I question, feeling my insides soften at the sight of it. What a sweet gesture…

“Goodluck for exams to be specific.” He elaborates, I slowly pick it up from his open palm.

“Hyung, I didn’t know you were so sentimental. That’s a really nice Omamori” Jungkook’s bambi gaze falls onto the charm in my hand.

“Having some extra luck doesn’t hurt” Jin’s words genuine. I carefully slipped it in to my wallet before giving him a hug and thanking him. I appreciated it, him coming to cook for me, giving me Goodluck, and just being here on such an important day.

“We better get going, don’t want to be late.” Hoseok chimes in upon checking his phone for the time and standing to come over.

“Alright, Jungkook and I still need to do a few things here. We’ll catch up with you at the Agency later.” Jin tells Hoseok before turning to me and gently running a hand through my hair. “Make sure you behave.” I poke my tongue out at him shamelessly, he knew I was always on my best behaviour. What would make him to say such a thing?

“Really?” Jin scoffs, Hoseok laughs. Then, Jungkook slips in front of Jin, attention completely on me.

“Before you go, Goodluck today.” He gently reaches behind my head, pushing my lips against his in a chaste kiss. My hands landing on his chest to stop myself falling forward. It was only quick but the feeling on my lips and the taste of him lingered as I followed Hoseok down to the car.

“I’m glad you two aren’t acting weird around each other anymore.” Hoseok says as we walk down the stairs.

“Me too. Can finally have some peace of mind” I reply. After everything that had transpired between us, was that actually now true?

“Not gonna lie. You two are cute together, ya know. Wouldn’t mind sharing you with Jungkook some time.” Hoseok teased. I felt a shy wave wash over at his brazen comment.

“Like you did with Yoongi?” I glance at him, now nearly at the back door of the club.

“Yeah. That’s if you want to, of course.” Hoseok stopped as we reached the door, giving me a little wink before reaching for the handle and holding it open for me to walk out first.

“Hmm. But, you and Jungkook are both so… Dominant. You really think it’d work?” I was curious to see where this conversation would go. At first I’d thought he was teasing but, I remembered back to Christmas with Yoongi and I was immediately reminded that he meant it.

“He can be dominant but, he can also be soft and submissive. You know what I’m talking about, right?” I got in to the car with Hoseok, making sure to put my seatbelt on as we continued the interesting talk we were having.

“Yeah… You mean the soft little bunny smiles and the innocent sparkle he gets in his eyes.” I reminisce on a time before Jungkook and I had such a turbulent relationship.

“I remember back when we’d sit in the convini store together chatting and giggling over Raman. He’d been more shy back then… Even blushing once in a while. These days not so much, he’s more… assertive” was the word I chose to use.

Hoseok clicked his tongue, eyes focused on the road as we drove towards the campus.

“Yeah. He’s still cute and timid, just need to coax it out of him.” He mused, licking at the bottom of his lip as he glanced at me.

“Well, you know me. As adventurous as they come. As long as it’s between the eight of us I’m happy to try out new things.” I’d always been very open with Hoseok and right now was no exception.

“How about I come over tonight? We can relax, get something to eat and talk more about it then.” His offer came as we pulled up beside the main campus building.

“Yeah, okay.” We exchanged smiles before I leaned in and placed a kiss on his cheek. Just as I was about to get out he mentioned to text him when I’d finished and that he would pick me up. I agreed, giving a last wave before closing the door and heading off to find which building my exam was going to held in.

Call it bad luck but all three subjects that I had an exam for had fallen on the same day, all one after the other given an hour or so in between.

The timing of them was well out of my hands though, so I just had to suck it up and make do. And, after all of this was done I’d be on holidays until the start of next year. I could focus on writing and maybe even try and improve on song production. That would be really helpful.

The first exam went by agonisingly slow. But, by the end of it I felt confident that I’d score well. As I check my phone I see a message from Kookie.

JK: How’s my baby girl going? ♡

Jia: One down, two to goo 🤗 What’s you doing?
JK: Nice👍🏼
Can’t tell you, it’s top secret ㅠㅠ
Jia: Really? That just makes me wanna know even more… ㅋㅋ
JK: Maybe, when I see u next…ㅎㅎ

I put my phone away as I go to my next exam, I didn’t have enough time to reply right now and it’d have to wait until afterwards.

The second went by much more quickly, when it was finished I went to the cafeteria to get a sandwich for lunch. I sat at a table by myself as I ate, there was hardly anyone around and I couldn’t help but to feel like campus was like a ghost town at this time of year.

I remembered the messages I’d been sending and quickly went to grab my phone to check. It felt nice reading the texts from Jungkook… It wasn’t often he sent such cute ones and it made me feel giddy. But, to my surprise it wasn’t his name I saw on my screen. Jimin?

Jimin: Hope you’re exams are going well~ Sending you lots of luck! 💓
Jimin: Also, was thinking of coming to see you tonight☺️ What’s you think?
Jia: Thanks Jiminie 😚 I planned to have dinner with Hoseok, I’m sure he’d like it if you came too 😋

Jimin: Haha😏
Okay, I’m already on the way to your place so I’ll see you when you get home 😘

Jia: Okaaaay 💕

By the time I’d finished my last exam for the day I was absolutely exhausted. My brain had stopped working about forty minutes ago and my arms and legs felt heavy. It was a relief when Hoseok finally came to pick me up and I slipped into the passenger seat of the car. He had noticed I looked drained and sweetly suggested I lay back and relax, so I did. With my eyes closed I felt the gentle hum of the car. That along with the silent yet comforting presence of Hobi beside me helped take the edge off.

I roused at the grip on my thigh, followed by a soft shake. We passed through the club, ignoring the buzz of people getting ready for opening, and headed upstairs. To my surprise, as we got up to our safe-haven I saw Jimin. The furniture had been moved around, the table we usually ate at was pushed against the wall, my laptop propped on it. And he’d set up the blankets and pillows on the floor in front of it. A Nostalgia rushed over me, it was just like how we used to set up for sleepovers at my old apartment.

As Jimin finished emptying a bag of chips into a bowel he looked up, smiling cutely as he saw us. “You’re back!” He ran a hand through his hair as he came over, pulling me with one arm in to him.

“Whoa. What’s going on?” Hobi sounded shocked. I squeezed Jimin before pulling away and glancing at Hobi.

“This is our sleepover set up” I laughed, realising this was the first time he’d seen it.

“Yeah. Tae, Jungkookie and I used to go and stay over at Jia’s place together.” Jimin told him before pulling me by the wrist to sit down with him on the fluffy blanket.

“Cute, why didn’t I ever get invited to one of these?” He questioned, sitting down with us.

“I dono… I guess it was just a Maknae thing back then” I offered. Jimin giggles. “Don’t worry, we’re having a sleep over tonight so it makes up for the ones you missed” he reasons. There’s no way Hoseok could be mad at the sweet smile Jimin was giving him right now.

“Aw. This is gonna be so fun, I missed these sleepovers so much. Especially when I was stressed out… Oh! Actually, now that you mention it, should we invite the others? I wouldn’t want them to feel left out… Now that you mention it Hob, it does feel like we should probably ask them… ” I leaned back on my hands, looking between the two.

“I know Tae and Jungkook both have Vocal lessons tonight so they won’t be able to make it” Jimin bites at his lower lip,

“Yeah, Joon and Jin are definitely busy. They always are. Yoongi might be free though” Hoseok perks up. But, at the mention of Yoongi I feel a wave of guilt hit me.

“Huh? What’s wrong?” Hoseok noticed my discomfort.

“Well… Yoongi and I had a fight the last time I saw him. We aren’t exactly on speaking terms… I don’t think? I don’t know, it’s confusing.” I confess. I feel the air in the room get heavier. Not wanting to ruin the mood I decide to push past my feelings.

“You know what, I’ll just send him a message anyway! Worst he can do is say no or not reply, right?” I laugh awkwardly before reaching for my phone.

“Um. If it’s uncomfortable you don’t have to text him” Jimin says carefully.

“Yeah. It’s okay. Anyway, let’s just relax, have some dinner and put on a movie. That’s what sleepovers are about, right?” I smiled.

The three of us settled in and got comfortable together in the cosy space. We’d been nibbling on snacks most of the night so we weren’t very hungry, instead, we put on a movie and dimmed the lights down.


The light from the lamp leaves the room with a serene feeling. Jimin's vanilla scent mixed with Hoseok's cinnamon is a dangerously sweet and enticing combination.

I’m sitting between Hoseok's legs, and Jimin is snuggled up between mine, his blonde hair is sprawled across my thigh as he rests his head on it. I can vaguely feel the weight of his head on my pubic bone but it’s innocent enough in nature that I don’t worry about it. I feel Jimin wrap his arms around my leg and hug it, the hand that’s tucked underneath lightly squeezing the back of my thigh. Slowly his gropes get more brazen, higher until he’s groping a handful of my ass.

His touch following the crevice until it ghosts between my inner thigh and my folds. I try to stay still, to not give Hoseok any reason to suspect I’m getting fondled while I’m in his arms.

I carefully run my fingers through the soft locks of his hair, gently pulling in hopes that he gets my meaning to stop being so cheeky. But instead, it has the opposite effect and only edges him on. He gently rubs over my folds and this send an obvious shudder right through me. I could feel myself getting wetter, my core now throbbing from the teasing.

Hoseok leans me back against his shoulder to try and get my body to relax, does he know I’m so tense because Jimin decided to be merciless.

The warm of Hoseok’s breath prickles at the skin of my neck as he trails slow, soft kisses. It only adds to the arousal, making me squirm.

I give in to the feeling as he finds the hem of my shirt and slides his hands up the skin of my stomach. His breathing becoming heavier in my ear, I can feel my nipples harden in anticipate of his touch. When his hands finally run over the buds I’m so sensitive that i can’t hold in my moan.

Jimin tilts his head up, eyes glazing over as he sees Hoseok devouring my neck, hands buried under my shirt.

“Jiminie, Want to see?” He asks.

“Ahh. You might even be worse than me Hyung.” Jimin bites at his lip cheekily. Hoseok smirks before lifting my shirt up to expose the handle he has on my nipples, still tenderly rolling them over and pinching them between his fingers. My mind clouds over and I feel like I’m being reduced into a moaning mess under him.

“Hyung, do you think she could cum just from that?” He teases, slowly edging closer. As his hand rubs over my already soaking folds I can’t take it anymore, I bury my blushing face into the crevice of Hoseok's neck.

“Jia. Look at me” Jimin’s tone heavier, more commanding. I force myself to look back at him. I watch as Jimin hooks the material of my shorts and pulls them off, leaving me in a completely soaked pair of panties.

“He’s right you know, it’s only polite to look at him while he ruins you.” Hoseok chuckles in to my ear.

“S’ too much, I’m already so sensitive,” I mumble, trying not to roll my head back and instead watch him, eyes blown out, lips plump as he nibbles on them. Spreading my legs and looking like he’s about to devour me.

“Come here baby,” Hoseok gently pulls me up so I’m sitting on his lap, legs still wide.

Jimin pulls my panties aside, watching me cockily as he licks all the way from bottom to top of my slit. I gasp.

As his tounge massages over my sensitive clit I can feel Hoseok’s hard dick throbbing against my ass through the fabric of his pants. He must be holding back so badly right now. Then, Jimin pushes two fingers inside me and my thoughts get totally jumbled.

I whimper between them, Hoseok manages to take down his pants and I feel him reach from underneath, adding two fingers in along with Jimin’s, then, rubbing it back towards my ass. He does this a few more times before rubbing the pre cum of his throbbing knob against my ass hole. Playfully pushing it in and out, testing to see how it feels.

“Please, a little deeper” I pant, wanting so badly to feel his cock slowly stretch my other hole.

“If it hurts at any time just tell me to stop, okay baby?” Hoseok places a sweet kiss on my cheek.

“Okay, I will,” I breath, still coming undone by Jimin’s tantalisingly slow suckles of my clit between his swollen plump lips.

Slowly Hoseok lowers me onto him, every time filling me up more and more until he’s completely bottomed out, in my ass.

“Oh, fuck. You’re so tight back here babe.” He groans.

Jimin sits up and eagerly slips off his clothes, his hard cock popping out and hitting his firm abs.

“Jimin” I bit my lip, feeling so greedy by now, I wanted him inside me too.

Hoseok leans back slightly and I’m laying on his chest now. He stops his gentle thrusts as Jimin leans over me, I wrap my arms around his shoulders and pull him closer. The tip of his hard cock slips easily against my core, then, I feel him push in.

As if having Hoseok already nestled deep in my ass, when Jimin starts pushing his way in as well I feel like I’m about to break but in the best way possible. So full, wet, and trembling. Pinned against Hoseok and Jimin’s slender sweaty abs while their cocks are buried so deep that it’s hard to breath. Fuck. How did this happen?!

“Such a little slut for us, Huh? Having both of us fill you up like this must be so good, Hm?” Jimin groans, picking up the pace.

“Mm. Please, want you both to fill me up. So bad” I don’t even care what I’m babbling at this point, so overwhelmed with arousal. The sensation is incredible as they both move in and out, Hoseok praising me, Jimin watching his thick cock disappear inside of me. But I can’t hold out any longer.

“You coming baby?” Hoseok asks, pushing the damp hair back off my forehead. I pant yess and lull my head aside as my orgasm overwhelms me. Jimin quickly moves to rub his thump over my clit and I cum hard. My insides clench around the thickness of them both, Jimin’s thumb still rubbing circles into my clit as he rides out my orgasm leaves me trembling.

“Fuck, you’re so sexy, when you cum,” Hoseok groans.

“Yeah. I’m so close, just hold on a little longer baby,” Jimin picked up the pace, I’m so weak that I cling tighter around Jimin's shoulders. They both slide in and out of me with ease because of how much of my juices are dripping out. Hoseok speeds up too as he grips my waist, the rhythm of one going in and the other out has me reeling but as both of their thrusts peak I feel them both blow hard in me at the same time. Grunts and moans from the two who are so close to me.

“Oh my god” I breath, Jimin slowly pulls out first and sits up, his body is covered in a light sweat.

“Hold on, I’ll go get something to clean you up with.” He carefully stands and goes to the bathroom, leaving me still limp against Hoseok’s chest.

“How’d that feel?” He asked, pulling my knees together to close my legs and rolling me to the side, still on him.

“Mm. Best sex I ever had,” I mumbled, peering up to him with a small smile. He grins, looking pleased at my answer. Jimin comes back with some wet wipes and a hand towel.

“Okay, open up,” he coaxes, Hoseok gently lifts my leg so that Jimin can clean me up. He does so gently which I’m thankful for seeing as how sensitive I am there.

“Jiminie, can you put her in bed while I clean up too,” Hoseok asks.

“Yeah. Here, pass her over.”

Hoseok carefully hands me to Jimin, who picks me up in his arms and takes me to bed.

“I’ll be back, if you’re tired don’t wait for me, just sleep. Okay?” After gently putting me down he kisses my forehead.

“Okay,” I give a small nod and snuggle into the softness of my sheets. Jimin goes back out and I can hear the muffled sound of their voices. They fade away.

Chapter Text


My memory felt cloudy as I woke up but, as I looked from Hobi tucked beside my right side to Jimin sprawled out on the left I became hyper aware. Stuck between shy and happy, I couldn’t decide which way I felt more. They spoilt me far too much, especially this week. The ache between my legs was no doubt from the unruly amount of sex I’d had this week…

Was it strange? I’m sure it wasn’t a secret between them that we were all intimate. Even though we’d never really openly spoken about it as a collective, yet, there seemed to be a level of understanding. It made me wonder if they’d talked about it without me there and come to some sort of agreement… It could be worth asking Hobi about later, I’m sure he’ll spill the beans.

I manage to slip out of bed, wiggling to the bottom as I’d done the other day when I’d been stuck between Tae and Jungkook. Neither of them had woken up yet so I went to take a shower and make some toast for breakfast.

Jimin and Hobi woke up shortly after that, both taking a shower and joining me to eat. We decided to head in to the agency together seeing as today I had work to do there and they had group dance practice.

The days were starting to cool down so I threw on a pair of ripped black jeans and a dark green knit jumper. When we got to the agency Jimin left first, Hoseok on the other hand offered to drop me at my office. It wasn’t until we reached the door that the fun we had last night is mentioned.

“You’re in a great mood, Jimin and I must’ve done a good job last night” Hoseok laughs before settling into a smug grin.

“Ahh. As embarrassing as it is to admit, yeah. Yeah, it was hot. And thinking about it is something I’m trying not to do right now so, Shh.” I bit my lip, unable to hold back my smile.

“Right, so hot. I knew it would be when we started talking about it in the car the other day. Funnily enough, it wasn’t who we’d originally planned on asking, though.” He was right, initially it’d been Jungkook he’d wanted to proposition. A thought I’d had earlier this morning propped in my mind.

“Hoseok, can I ask you something?” He nodded so I went on. “Have you and the others ever… Talked openly about the relationship we all have? I just, I’m curious. It just seems like we all readily accepted that we were all…” I paused, trying to find the right words but Hoseok spoke up first.

“Well, yeah. It was a while ago, can’t recall the exact time. But, we all sat down and had a group discussion. I remember how complicated it was, which, we collectively decided wasn’t anyones fault. From there, we agreed the easiest way to move forward was to just let things happen naturally. For our sake and yours.” He spoke plainly, I can’t believe all of that happened without even knowing.

“I feel kind of, bad… I remember being so scared back then, but, everything happened so fast. Still, I should’ve been more proactive…” I swallowed thickly. But Hobi just smiled and pinched the tip of my nose.

“Don’t sweat it, I know you never intended to hurt any one of us. They all know it and none of us ever thought for one second that you were in the wrong. Besides, this might sound corny but, the more I think about it, it may be fate. I mean, what are the chances of us all coming together. The bond we all have is special.” Hoseok speaks so matter-of-factly, despite the topic.

“Yeah… It is incredible, how we all found each other…” I admitted, his thoughts and perspective on the topic were so interesting and insightful. Yet another amazing quality about Hoseok.

“Anyway, I should get going. The others will get annoyed if I’m late.” Hoseok gave an affection pinch to my chin and a grin before backing away.

“Yeah, sure. Thanks for the chat. Goodluck with practise!” I call out after him. He gives a wave before turning and leaving me with these new thoughts.

I set myself up in my office at my desk and get busy with writing. But, for some reason the conversation Hoseok and I just had lingers. I grab my headphones and put them on, turning 2 Cool 4 Skool on and cranking up the volume. The rhythm effortlessly pulls me into the state of mind I need to be in, memories of crisis we’d had when their chance to debut came. It was around that time I’d learnt of their shady dealings.

Condemned by society. Yet, the view I have of them from the other side of the looking glass, made me question why it was wrong. Wasn’t it just another case of being forced to conform to societies ideals. Others dreams. To hell with tradition. To hell with being captured in others expectations and ideals.

I started typing away frivolously as I captured my thoughts, feelings and outrage down. This was a good place to start.

Time carries on as I go, it was already 1 pm by the time I’d finished and looked to check the time. I sent two copies of my notes, one to P-Dog and the other to Joon. A minute later I got a text back from the second.

RM: Jia, have you eaten yet? We’re taking our lunch break, wanna join us?

Jia: Haven’t eaten yet, what’re you guys having for lunch? 🤤
RM: ahah, come down to the restaurant on the ground floor and find out for yourself 😉

Jia: Okay, otw

I clicked my phone shut and stuffed it in my pocket before leaving my office. As soon as I reached the lobby and step out of the building I see Jin and Joon on the sidewalk, casually chatting out the front of the restaurant. Jin lights up as he spots me, Joon looks over too.

“Nice of you to join us, how’s work?” Jin comes up to me, linking his arm with mine as he pulls me over.

“Great, actually. So, what’s for lunch?” I giggle, thoughts of different delicious foods come to mind.

“We just order a bit of everything.” Joon flashed a smile, opening the door of the restaurant which Jin pulls me through first. Joon follows behind, seeming to be in a really good mood.

“Yum, can’t wait to-“ I stop in my tracks, stomach dropping as I see everyone sitting around a table, including Yoongi.

“Can’t wait to what? Eat? Yeah same. You’re sitting with me by the way, no complaining” Jin may or may not have noticed but regardless he pulled me over to the table and down into the seat beside him and Joon. I was greeted with a round of smiles or waves from everyone.. Except Yoongi. From right to left around the table it was Jin, Jimin, Tae and Jungkook, then Hobi. Leaving Yoongi on the left at the end of the table beside Joon.

I greet them all too, pushing any feelings of awkwardness I felt away and acted like there was nothing wrong. Not a second later the Ajima who owns the shop comes and starts filling the table with lots of delicious food and everyone’s attention is focused on digging in.

I take my time trying a few of the different dishes, everything as good as the next. Jin turns to me, that grin he had plastered on his face I knew too well.

“You have to try this, here” he doesn’t give me a choice as he brings it to my lips so I open up, letting him pop the piece of beef in my mouth.

“Mmm. Super delicious. 100/10." I grin, nodding in approval as I chew. He laughs airily before reaching for a piece for himself.

I tried my best to zone out on the fact that it was hard to look at Yoongi. But, from where he sat I could feel him glaring daggers at me. I didn’t know why, it’s not like I was going to say anything to him. He’d made it apparent that he didn’t want to talk to me…

I enjoyed eating with the boys as much as I could, just as we’d finished and were about to get back to work Joon asked if I could to his studio to discuss more about the Coffee lyrics. Upon learning he’d already started trying to put a song together from the idea I gladly went with him to work on it more.

I said bye to everyone, even giving a small wave in Yoongi’s direction but he looked away, I didn’t know if he was angry or just awkward. It was hard to tell with him. After that, Joon and I hauled ourselves up in his studio. It was a cosy size, table full of production equipment which included a keyboard, speakers, microphone, computer, laptop and some other things.

He pulled out a rolling stool brought it over to the desk for me to sit beside him.

“Okay, let me just pull up what I have so far” he began, reaching for the computer mouse and clicking through files.

The melody starts soft until an RnB kick comes in, it’s easy on the ears and makes me want to sway from side to side and nod my head at the same time.

“I really like this, light but still has enough kick to rap over.” I turn to Joon, bopping my head along. He smiles, then starts free styling over the beat. I join in, we take turns mucking around with the sound. Writing down anything we think we can use. But, with what had become so synonymous when we got in the studio together we ended up getting carried away.

Joon was on the mic, spittin all kinds of nonsensicle shit while I was half way on the ground clutching my stomach because it hurt from laughing so damn much. How we ever got any songs finished was beyond me. If anyone was to walk in and see this level of clownery they’d be left questioning which circus we escaped from.

Just then, as though I’d jinxed it we heard a knock on the door. The both of us scrambled to try and look like we weren’t weird as hell with Joon hurriedly pushing the mic away and picking my dumb ass up of the floor.

“Omg, wait, I need a sec to breath” I wiped the tears from my eyes, still holding my stomach as I tried to compose myself.

“It’s okay, take it easy” Joon cracked a grin before going over to unlock the door and see who it was. As he opened it, Tae was standing there eying us suspiciously.

“It sounded like someone was being tickle attacked so bad they were about to die. Is this one of your kinky fetishes or something?” Tae stared between the two of us as though he’d just asked a serious question.

“Ahhh. No, no. We were just-“ I laughed awkwardly, Tae stepped in to the room.

“Nah, just messing around.” Joon butts in, waving it off casually, “Anyway, what’s up Tae?” He asks, coming over and sitting in the chair beside me.

“I came to get Jia, we have to go to the club.” Tae wiggled his eyebrow suggestively, the playful side of him I knew well coming through.

“Ohh, wow. The day went by so fast.” I reached for my phone and checked the screen only to confirm that it was in fact time for us to leave.

“Ah. Alright. Thanks for the help. If I have any more ideas I’ll send them your way, and vice versa.” Joon have a light sigh, I didn’t want our fun to come to an end either but it couldn’t be helped.

“Sure, sounds good to me. Let me know about the other stuff I sent you too, when you get the chance that is.” I stood up and gave Joon a quick hug.

“Yeah, will do.” He let me go, Tae was waiting patiently as he stood in the middle of the room.

“See ya~” I gave a small wave which he returned.

Tae and I made our way out of the building and hopped in to the backseat of the car that Yu and Koh were waiting in. After exchanging Hi’s with the two I turned back to Tae.

We talked about a few random things including how working at the club was going for him. I’d asked because I was curious to know how he felt about it. Tae said one of his clients was an older lady and that she seemed lonely for the most part. That he didn’t mind keeping her company and talking. But, the fact that he wasn’t attracted to her in any other way felt like he was lying.

He wasn’t wrong, but, I told him that thinking about it the same way you would fan-service makes it more justifiable. I mean, essentially it was, wasn’t it?

Tae seemed to resonate with what I’d said which was good, despite the misconceptions and at the root of it there wasn’t any real reason to feel bad. What’s being sold is the illusion, nothing more. Soon enough we arrived.

The both of us headed up the elevator and went our seperate ways, promising to see each other later tonight. Once in the dressing room hair and makeup begins, Koh goes to check the schedule, coming back within five minutes to let me know it was Mr. Lee again.

As they put me together for the night it only became more and more extravagant. Maybe even overly so, which was saying a lot seeing as my standards were already fairly high.

The choice of dress being the icing on the cake. It was a dark red satin A-Line floor length evening gown, split front and princess V-neck to top it off. It was so soft on my skin, but I hardly recognised myself in the mirror.

Time was getting on so I discarded my thoughts and hurried along to go and see my client. We settled into conversation, drinking and exchanging pleasantries. It must’ve been nearing the end of my shift but I needed to use the restroom so I excused myself for a quick moment, leaving Mr. Lee and the twins behind.

As I turned the corner I spotted the restroom. So, being careful to hold the end of my dress up as to not fall over the material I made my way to the door. What I hadn’t expected was for Reira to suddenly appear from around another corner at the other end of the hall. Before I could duck in he called out my name.

“Jia. What’s this? Not sneaking away from Mr. Lee already, are we? He can’t be that bad” Reira laughs, it’s a mixture of cute and alluring. I really can’t decide which.

“Oh no, he’s fine. I was just…” I glanced over to the restroom, Reira followed my line of sight and picked up on my intentions.

“Ah, I see.” He gave a light smile, but, as his gaze wondered down to my dress his demeanour shifted slightly.

“You look beautiful in red. But, you won’t be able to undo the zipper on this dress by yourself.”


“Here, let me help you.” His presence weighing heavy as he steps closer and carefully reaches around for the zip behind me.

“Oh, no, no-“ I go to protest but he’s so closely in front of me, I feel myself shrink.

“It’s alright, just relax. You’re in good hands. Promise.” His voice as smooth as the satin of my dress. I feel the zip coming undone, I cling the front of it to my body so it doesn’t fall down until eventually it’s unzipped.

“I’ll wait here, don’t be too long,” Reira steps back, faint but wickedly charming smile pursed on his lips. I take advantage of the space between us and duck in to the restroom, making sure to lock the door behind me.

Holy fuck. Why was that so intense, I can still feel myself shuddering just thinking about it. I quickly pee, but, as I try and muster the courage to go back out I’m overcome with a nervousness.

Unable to see any other escape I cling to my dress and slowly step back out in to the hall. Upon seeing me, Reira smoothly kicks off the wall he’d been leaning against and motions towards me.

“All done?” He asks, head tilting to the side. Seemingly innocent enough if it wasn’t for the roguish glint in his eyes. My mouth was so dry, anxiety was building in my chest. I can’t push out any words.

“Come closer.” He coaxes, taking my silence as an invitation to reach around for my zip again. This time, he grips my hip. My heart rate picks up, the urgency in my chest builds.

As he pulls the zip up it feels like time has slowed down, the panic I feel brings me back to a dangerous time, one I was terrified of reliving.

Just as the zip finally reached an end I think my internal panic is about to overspill. It’s done. He’s done. Just back away. I pray that this is the end. But, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Reira catches my chin in his grip, the force he pushes his lips against mine is so calculated. ' paralysed, the fear seeping in is taking control. My mind is screaming but my body doesn’t respond.

His touch trickles down from my collarbone to the curve of my breast, it slips seamlessly past the fabric, groping me. Please, no. Please, no.

With all the strength I can muster I pull away, knocking away his hold on me. My whole body trembles. Was it adrenaline now kicking in?

“No, I… Have to go.” I don’t give him another chance and leave as quickly as I can. I make it back to the safely of the room where I was being waited for. I didn’t know if I was visibly shaken on my return or not but, no questions were asked.

It’s not real. How could it be? No. That does not happen to me again.

And if it did? The boys would kill him. But that can’t happen, it just can’t. Not with so much on the line. So much at stake. No. It’s not real. It didn’t happen.

The end of the night can’t come quickly enough. I change and go straight back to the car to wait for Tae. The twins sit in the front, one of them asking if I was okay. I smile, lie, and say I’m fine.

An inkling of relief washes over as I see Tae coming out of the elevator and towards the car. It isn’t until he gets in and gives me an off glance that slither of relief is ripped away.

“Let’s go.” Tae says, the car starts and we exit the underground car park back on to the street. I feel nauseous the entire ride home. The only thing Tae says is that he’s coming back to mine. I don’t deny him.

The strange tension had built all the way up until we finally got back to the safely of my lounge room. That was when Tae breaks his silence.

“What’s going on between you and Reira?” He confronts me. Gaze locked on mine. Almost accusingly.

“Nothing.” I deny. Nothing happened. His eyes soften ever so slightly.

“Did… He force you?” Tae asks carefully. The ache in my throat hurts to swallow.

“No.” I can’t say that. I can’t think clearly, I can’t be careless. The ramifications, no.

“Why are you lying? I saw you kiss. How can you stand there and tell me that.” I’d never in our entire time of knowing each other seen Tae look at me this way. So cold. So accusingly. It wrenches my insides.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I really don’t.” He cuts me off.

“Don’t. Just hurry up and tell me which one it is. He either forced you, or you have something going on between you.” Tae takes a step forward. I flinch.

No. Not again.

“Stay away” I gasp, on the verge of tears. Tae stops, I take a few steps back until I feel my calf’s hit the coffee table.

“Leave. Please, just leave.” I can’t do this anymore. Tae hesitates for a moment. But, it’s only a moment and then he’s gone. A moments silence passes. I walk to my bedroom and sit on the edge of my bed.


All of the anxiety, fear, hurt, confused and disbelief spills at once. I break down. It wasn’t until I had no more tears left and the sheer fatigue of the stress caused me to pass out that I got rest.

Chapter Text


I wake up huddled in the middle of my bed, eyes dry and stinging, still wearing the same clothes from the night before. A light thumping beats between my temples. I try to shake off this disorientated feeling by sitting up. My head thumps harder. I need to take something for it.

After two Panadeine Forts and four glasses of water I sit for a moment. The pain subsides, so I take a shower.

I feel so dirty.

Faint thoughts flick through my mind as I wash. Was life just a massive test? To see how much you can take before you break? What was the point of all the suffering… To make you stronger? To make you appreciate it?

I don’t know. But what I do know is that I can tell no one about what happened. The relationship and what was at stake by it breaking down was just too much of an unknown. Who knew what the boys would do if they found out… Even I couldn’t say, but I knew they wouldn’t just let it slide.

If there was bad blood between them, then their dealings would be put in jeopardy. I didn’t want any harm coming to the boys, either. That was worse than me enduring this. Besides that, Joon had told me he was having second thoughts about taking this path. He posed the question, how far until the point of no return was crossed. I wanted to know the same thing.

I got out of the shower, dried up, and got dressed in a pair of leggings and a baggy grey hoodie.

Even though he’d said that... how much of it had he meant? Was it realistic? To pull out of dealing with Reira... With the drugs? I don’t know enough about the circumstances to make a definitive call on that. Despite me playing my part working part-time, there’s still so much I don’t know. Do they keep it from me on purpose?

My questions trace in figure-eight with no answers. It just leads to more questions, so I stop. My thoughts aren’t even coherent.

Something to ease my mind, that’s what I want. So, I venture down the stairs and make my way to the bar. It’s quiet. No one is around. I fumble around in the fridge and pull out a green bottle. Soju would have to do, I suppose.

I take the bottle back upstairs with me. There’s a shot glass in the sink, but I don’t think I’ll need it. The lid cracks as I twist it open. The first few mouthfuls make me shiver.

As I sit there at the coffee table with myself and the bottle, I can’t help but find some kind of twisted humour in all of this. Was I fucking joke to people? Was I that pathetic? I’d been the one to let it happen after all. Again, the life choices that I made turned on me. It was my own naivety. Stupidity. I guess I deserve it then. Deserve it all.

I sit there, me, the bottle and my ghosts. The light from outside fades and I’m left with nothing to drink. I get to my feet with little of a struggle; I needed something stronger, that much was clear.

As I wandered back down the stairs and to the bar, the music got louder. But, as I walked into the lounge, it was empty.

Was that weird?

I mean… It’s not like I felt like talking to anyone, but it was Saturday night, wasn’t it? By now, I should’ve seen at least one of the boys.

I rummaged through the fridge behind the bar again, but I couldn’t find anything I wanted. All the good stuff is in the storage room…

So, that’s where I go, hiding under my hood as I slip through the crowd and behind the stage. Going unnoticed, I close the storage room door behind me and go straight for the straights.

But, something catches my footing and I nearly trip. My eyes wander to what it was, only to see the trap door was slightly raised, as though someone hadn’t closed it properly behind them.

I’d forget it was there. After the last time, I’d never gone back. Curiosity bubbles inside me. What was down there, exactly? Was it just an empty room? Or was there more?

I’m careful to not make any sound as I lift the door and step down. Just as I had found the door, I pull it closed behind me and descend into the dim hall below.

I hear voices in the distance; they echo off the concrete of the walls.

Should I? Was I welcome down here?

Jungkook was mad when he knew I’d come down here. So maybe not. It doesn’t stop me.

My steps are silent, one foot after the other as I get closer. Something feels off. High-pitched cries pierce my ears. It sounds like a girl. They are unnerving, but I keep going, stopping as I reach the corner.

Nothing could’ve prepared me for what I see. My heart drops in an instant.

A girl is bound to a wooden chair by ropes in the centre of the room. The cries come from her.

Her skin’s pale, her hair jet black, and she looks so young. The same age as me. I can’t look away. It was like looking at a reflection of myself. So innocent, in pain. Her cries reach and clench at the depths of my soul. She is scared for her life. Yet, they are all standing there. From right to left, like this was a sick circle ritual, discussing something.

Hoseok, Jin, Joon.

Jungkook, Tae, Jimin, Yoongi.

What the fuck is going on here?

My body quivers, my instinct is yelling at me. To run away or do something, but I force myself to stay still and listen.

“Do we really need to do this? She’s just a girl…” Tae was not ok. He looked like he was about to be sick. His voice filled with nerve.

“You know we can’t risk letting her leave here alive, not after what she’s seen. It’s just too dangerous.” Joon’s tone was sombre, but the undertones of his words crawled over my skin.

They couldn’t let her leave alive? Did I hear him right? There was no way.

“But…” Jin cut off Tae.

“Joon is right, Tae. As if keeping her hauled down here for an entire week wasn’t risky enough, we need to deal with this now.” His eyes were cold as he spoke. There was nothing behind them. My palms feel sweaty, my skin feels clammy.

Jimin, was he about to say something? For a moment, the way he’d stepped forward, it looked like he was… But, his expression contorted, like he was battling inner conflict. Biting his tongue.

This has to all be a lie. It’s not real.

“As fucked up as this is, Jin Hyung is right.” Yoongi bitterly agrees, standing there, arms crossed, studying Tae.

Jungkook is silent, brows furrowed. As though attentively contemplating this insane debate. Torn between whether he was even conflicted or not.

“Fucked up? Hah. That doesn’t even begin to describe this.” Jimin fires back, running a hand through his hair, as though he couldn’t believe the audacity. Then, Tae breaks. Shaking his head from side to side, like he just -

“This isn’t right. I can’t do this.”

In an instant, Tae turns on his heels and staunches right in my direction. Fuck.

Panic hits me. I look around, desperate to hide. Upon seeing a table with a cloth over it to my left, I dive under it.

It was just in time, not a second later, and Tae would have seen me as he escaped from the basement. My heartbeat is hard in my chest. I try to breath to calm down but I just can’t shake the panic building in me.

“Shit. I’ll go after him.” I heard Hoseok’s voice and his swift movements passed by. He must’ve chased after Tae.

My mind races. I can barely catch a single thought.
Who is she? Why is she down here?

The horrific sobs of the girl still piercing my ears are making it impossible to think straight. The tension in the room amongst each of them is thick. It’s nauseating. My hands shake, but I pull back the cloth the tiniest bit.

“Sorry about all of this. I really wish you had backed off earlier rather than following me around incessantly like you did." Jin speaks as he steps closer, her eyes widening in fear as he does. He stops right beside her.

“Perhaps we wouldn’t be in this position.” He raises the gun in his hand and presses it to her temple. The disdain in which his face contorts was like he’d bitten into a rotten piece of fruit.

Jimin looked away, gaze steadily fixing to the far wall, as though not wanting to see anymore.

“But, since we cannot turn back the hands of time, I hope you will understand and find it in your heart to forgive me.” Jin’s words were bittersweet. He cocks back the safety with no hesitation.

Time slows down, the loud crack of the gun firing echoes. A spatter of red hits the concrete floor on the opposite end. Her body falls forward, limp.

Reality drowns out.
An eerie silence blankets my mind.
I’m finding it harder and harder to breathe.
This isn’t real life, it can’t be.

I passed out at the bar from drinking earlier. This is all a nightmare.
That’s it. Wake up Jia, wake up. You need to wake the fuck up right now.

Desperation overtakes.
My heart pounds dangerously fast in my chest.
Sound drowns back in, are those gut-wrenching cries mine this time?

Flooding in, my surroundings hit me.
The cold concrete under my palms, the ache in my heart.
No control over my sobbing. It pours out and is choking me.

“Jia? What the hell are you doing down here?” The deep rasp in Yoongi’s tone is apprehensive.

I peer up, only to be met with expressions of pure shock. Joon rushes over, urgency in his stride.

“Joon Hyung, quick. Get her out of here. We’ll take care of this.” Through blurring vision I see Jungkook’s silhouette move, “Yoongi Hyung, quick, help me cover this from her.”

“Shit, come here.” Joon kneels, filling my vision. Pulling me up off the floor, wiping my wet face with his sleeve. Deeply troubled lines are etched across his forehead as he peers at me.

This was the Joon that had just witnessed a girl’s brains splattering across the floor. My mind twists as I grasp to comprehend it.

“What on earth are you doing down here?” He asks, helping me to my feet. Somehow I stand, but barely. My mouth opened, then closed again. I try to explain, but my throat is tight. I can’t.

“Never mind. First things first. Let’s get you back upstairs.” With that, Joon begins to carefully lead me back to the stairs. He follows closely behind me, protecting me from falling as I slowly fumble my way up.

From there, he guides me into his office, and I collapse on the green couch.

The tension I held dissipates.
Was it calm, or was it a numbness?
I don’t know. But, it was enough.

I clear my throat, finding my voice raspy.
But, even if I can manage to talk, just what was there to say?
Everything, but at the same time, nothing.

“Are you… Okay?” Joon took care as he settled down on the couch with me. Gaze searching mine with concern.

“I do not know.” I admit, mind still muddled, “I’m trying to decide if this is real life or some fucked up figment of my imagination.”

“Well, I guess that’s a start.” He wrings his hands together, squeezing them together self soothingly.

“Who was she…?” I ask, breaking the small moments of silence between us. 

“She was that Sasaeng that’s been giving Jin trouble all this time.” Joon gives a heavy sigh.

“How does that end up with-“ I stop myself.

“I keep asking myself the same thing, over and over,” Joon drops his head in his hand and rubs his face before looking back up to me.
“You remember last weekend, the night of celebration we had with Reira?”

“Yeah,” I breathed, “It was the night I had a huge fight with Jimin.”

“Well,” Joon bit at his lip, “While you guys were busy with that, some other problematic situations were going down.”

I stay silent. Waiting. Is this justifiable?

“We knew Jin’s stalker issue was bad. But that night when we went down to the basement to take care of some business, we caught her down there.”

Try as I might, I can't see how that was a problem. “I don’t get it.”

“We found her with photos she’d taken of the remaining Coke we have stashed down there. Which is still half a brick. There was no way we could just slap her on the wrist and let her go.”

It’s as though a bittersweet violin melody played in my mind as the pieces fell in place.
The moment she’d walked down those steps and into the darkness of the basement, her fate had been sealed.

“Even without the pictures as evidence,” Joon went on, “We couldn’t take the risk of her going to the cops and raising suspicions.”

A melancholy floated in the air.
I took a deep breath and pushed my hair back, trying to pull myself out of it.

“I see why no one told me.”

“Naturally, not for one second did any of us entertained the thought of telling you.” Joon relaxed into the back of the couch, glancing at me.

“Still… Finding out like this… What the fuck, Joon.” I mumbled.

“Why were you even down there?” Joon’s change in topic shifted my mind back to earlier in the day.

“I don’t even know,” I shook my head, “I swear, I was minding my own business. I went to the storage room because I felt like something strong to drink. Next thing I know-“ I stop, shake my head and heave a sigh. It’s all just so ridiculous.

“Your timing is impeccable,” Joon said. I didn't want to laugh. It was so far from funny but, he wasn’t wrong.

“Yeah. I wish it hadn’t been.”

We sat there for a moment before Joon stood up. 

“So, you still want that drink?”

Anything to save me from this feeling.

“Mm. I do.”

Joon takes an expensive glass bottle of cognac from off the shelf and pours us each a decent amount. Upon handing it to me, the golden brown liquid swirls around in the glass cup, the ice cubes knocked gently around.

“Here’s to…” Joon went to toast but hesitated, “To the eight of us all having each other… No matter how hard things get.”

“Isn’t that the truth” I raised my glass in gesture before bringing it to my lips and taking a sip. The burn was soothing as it went down. As soothing as I could hope to expect, given what had just transpired right before my eyes.

Joon and I keep each other company for a little while longer, but my mind was exhausted. I excused myself, retreating to the solitude of my room. After a hot shower, I laid on my bed, hoping my mind would give in to its exhaustion. But, as time ticked by, it didn't. Instead, a late-night visitor dropped by.

Jin knocked gently on the door. I looked up. The dim light from my bedside illuminated his face.

“You’re awake,” He said softly, “Can I come in?”

I slowly sat up. A weary feeling came to me at the sight of him.

“Jin, what are you doing here?” I asked, my voice came out quietly.

“I came to check on you. I know you’re a tough little cookie, but I’m still worried.” He paused for a moment as he slowly strolled in, carefully sitting on the edge of my bed. I gazed up, eyes meeting his. Even if he was worried, even if I wasn’t okay, then what…

“I can’t help but wonder, just when did it become like this?” I broke away, looking down at my palms as I collected my thought to continue…

“I remember the ‘us’, pushing each other on a swing set in the middle of the night. Without a care in the world. The ‘us’, that would eat Ice Cream and cheer each other on. The dreams…” I closed my eyes, my head couldn't take any more.

“It all sounds so simple when you say it like that. Like we can just go back when we figure out we fucked up somewhere along the way.” Jin rested back on his hands and let out a sigh, staring absently at the wall across from him.

“Thanks for coming to check on me. I miss you. I miss spending time with you.” I change the subject. He was right. There was no turning back the hands of time.

Jin turned to me. I stayed still, letting him gently pull me in, letting him place a soft kiss on my forehead. He lingered there for a moment. I could feel his warm breath, smell his scent.

“I’m sorry Jia….”

His words left me bewildered, unsure why he felt the need to apologise.

“Is it okay if I stay with you tonight?” I peered up, the ocean swirling in the brown pools of his eyes. I gave a small nod before gently placing a kiss on his soft cheek.

“Maybe… If you stay with me, I’ll finally be able to fall asleep.”

Jin took off his jacket and kicked off his shoes.
I watched as he unbuttoned his shirt, stood to take off his pants.
He slipped on a pair of track pants I had on the vanity table then climbs into bed beside me. I laid back.
Without words, we huddled closely together. Holding each other. 

Chapter Text



I woke up before Jin. He was tucked in so cosily and was lightly snoring so I let him sleep while I stepped out to take a shower. I took a tight blue pair of Jeans and a long-sleeved dusty pink top with me. I changed and fixed my hair in the bathroom. There was a meeting about the new album release scheduled today at the agency. It wasn’t until 2 pm so I still had some time before then.

I wandered back into my room to see that Jin had woken. He was sitting at the edge of my bed as he peered into the mirror trying to fix his bed hair.

“Ahh. It always amazes me how handsome I am. I never get used to it.” Jin said, glancing over at me. Was he waiting for me to call him out?

“Can’t argue there. Even the Princes of fairytales should envy your looks.” Half joking half not, I egged him on. He laughed.

“Jia. We’re going out for breakfast. Are you ready?” He stood up, giving me a once over.

“That’s sudden. But, sure. Let’s go,” I agreed before going to gather essentials and throwing them in a handbag.

“We have that meeting later. So, I just need to stop off at the dorms first. It won’t take long.” Jin explained. We made our way downstairs, passing the lounge on our way to the back door.

“Yeah. That’s fine.”

The car Hoseok drove around on occasion was parked in the back alleyway. It seemed like they took turns using it and today was his. The two of us drove over to the dorms. I waited in the car while Jin stepped in. On the way here he’d told me he wanted to have a quick shower and change into something appropriate for the meeting later.

I gazed out the window and down the quiet back-street, the sky was a light grey. The trees that slightly shadowed the pavement of the road were a vibrant green. Despite the surrounding buildings being a tad rundown and old, the scenery had a tranquillity to it.

When Jin came out and got back in the car he’d changed into a pair of casual jeans and a light blue shirt.

“Okay, I’m starving. Shall we?” Jin asked before pulling his seatbelt on and starting the car.

“Yesss. I’m in desperate need of some coffee.” I leaned my head back and gave a satisfied smile at the thought of it.

As we pulled up and parked out the front of Kodama I was surprised. We hadn’t been here together since, ever? Jin gave a cheeky chuckle as he saw my shock.

“They serve breakfast until twelve,” he said smugly, not waiting for a reply and getting out of the car. I undid my belt and quickly hopped out too. The beep of the car sounded as Jin locked it with the automatic key. Trying to catch up to him, I hurried my pace.

“Didn’t realise you were feeling a tad nostalgic today.” I teased, earning myself a playful eye roll.

“Neither did l. But, here we are, so.” Jin left it at that as we entered the cafe. We ordered at the counter before taking a seat outside on the patio.

As I sat across the table from him on this quaint deck, the distant morning bustle of the city was pulling me back in time. I found myself getting lost in the expressive way Jin spoke as we chatted casually. It was deceivingly easy to fall into the comfort of. But, a nagging in my mind just couldn’t let the horror of last night go. It sat there, lingering, unsettlingly.

The waitress came out, placing our breakfast and coffee down before leaving again. The two of us gladly tucked into our meal. He was always so enthusiastic when it came to delicious food.

“Jin,” I called his name, causing him to look up questioning from cutting into a sausage.

“Hm? What’s up beautiful? You look like something is bothering you.”

“I just wonder, if you could go back in time… Knowing what you know now, knowing what kind of hard decisions need to be made, would you?”

My question hangs in the air for a moment, his expression quite plain as he mulls it over in his mind. I knew turning back was impossible. At some point, we’d crossed lines there was no turning back from. But, that didn’t mean the future had to be the same way. If it’s what Jin and the others wanted, we could still try to work towards a present we could live with. At this rate, the way things are going now…

“Even if I went back, I don’t know if much would change? Hm. For you and the others, perhaps. But, everything that’s happened has led us to this point. For me… I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to escape my fate.” I stare at him, what did he mean by fate? Escaping it?

“Now, turn off that overly inquisitive mind of yours. It's too early in the morning to be thinking about such deep things. Besides, the reason I brought you here in the first place was to distract you from yourself. Guess I’ll just have to try harder,” Jin reaches across the table and places his hand on top of mine, gently caressing his finger over my skin.
A small shudder runs through me at his touch, a sly smile resting on his lips.

“You’re right. I’m overthinking,” I sigh, “Especially when you went to the trouble to try and get my mind off things.”

Jin’s touch leaves my hand, his face lighting up before he reaches for my fork.

“Mmm. You’ve barely had any of the mushrooms. You need to eat more." He smiled and put the mushroom he'd poked onto my fork to my mouth.

“Ahhh. They’re a bit too salty though!” I laughed before being forced to open up for him.

“Salty equals tasty. Don’t be such a picky eater princess.” Jin laughed. The two of us continued to enjoy each other’s company until we’d finished eating and it was nearing time to leave for the meeting.

When we get to the agency we’re shown up to the room where the meeting is taking place. Seated around a long table is quite possibly nearly every staff member that had some relevance in the making of the album. P-Dog and a couple of other producers, PR and marketing personnel, Sungdeuk the head choreographer, managers and the boys themselves.

I caught Joon turning to look at me from his seat but Jin gently pointed out the spare seat that was for me and I didn’t have time to stop and talk just yet. The spot he’d pointed was beside P-Dog and another producer named Slow Rabit. I gave small nods of greeting as I made my way around the table to my seat. I caught a few looks from across the table, Jimin and Jungkook mostly. But, most notably Tae. He wore a blank expression but, I knew he wasn't ok...

Not long after I settled down and said hello to the two beside me P.D-Nim came into the room. Any small chatter around the room died down as he started to greet everyone. Annie the intern had followed closely behind and was now handing out an itinerary for the meeting.

I took a copy and passed the spare aside before scanning the content index. There was quite a lot to cover but not everything listed necessarily concerned me, still, I made it a point to listen closely.

After PD-Nim was through addressing the specifics he’d decided of his own accord, discussions around the table began.

A promotional countdown will be done on YouTube for the comeback, which will include concept photos, teasers, and a tracklist reveal. The details are hashed out amongst the relevant departments of staff. The promotion schedule was starting to sound very tight, which only added to the pressure of time constraint in regards to song production.

As we finally reach the topic of songs, decisions of which track the producer will have oversight for are made. Despite only being a lyricist I offered to help out too. Which, resulted in me being paired with Yoongi to work on the title track. N.O

I had mixed feelings about this, but I kept them to myself and agreed. I was torn between anxious at having to work with Yoongi, given we weren’t on the best of terms right now. And, being really happy about having my song idea being used as the baseline for the title track.

With a tight deadline of one week for the album release, the meeting ends and I head to Yoongi's studio to immediately begin working on the song.

Yoongi punches in the code for the door. I follow in after him, slipping my shoes off by the door just as he’d done.

“There’s another chair in the corner,” He glances back and points it out before sitting down and starting up the computer. I grab it and pull it over to the desk beside him.

As we settled in and started talking about the song I felt like I’d been worried for nothing. It’s as though he didn’t hold any kind of ill feelings towards me. Had he really just forgotten about the fight? I pushed it aside for the time being and focused on going over lyrics with him. We bounced ideas off each other as we brainstormed.

After we’d come up with a draft Yoongi pulled up the production software on the computer and we tested out beats. It must have been hours that passed as we recorded and compiled a raw version of the song, tweaking and making changes as we worked.

He had a certain focus about him when he made music. The brilliant way his mind worked, paired with the way he immersed himself was so endearing. I was becoming enthralled by him. I saw him in a very different light than I had before.

I felt a wave of exhaustion hit me, Yoongi noticed and suggested we take a break to have dinner. Seeing as we’d made so much progress taking a break was probably a sound idea.

Yoongi went downstairs to get the fried chicken from the delivery guy so I cleared up the coffee table and pulled it closer to the couch so we had somewhere comfortable to eat.

“Nice,” Yoongi gives a small smile as he comes back in and sees that I’ve cleared the table, “I’m about to have a drink. Do you want one too?” He asked, setting down the plastic bag on the table and heading over to the cabinet beside the door.

“Sure, we worked hard today. I think we’ve earned it.” I answer, unpacking the containers from the bag and popping off lids. Yoongi relaxes down beside me on the couch with a light sigh, setting a bottle of Chamisul and two shot glasses on the table. I give him a pair of chopsticks before putting my hands together.

“Let’s eat well~”

Yoongi gave a snort of laughter and glanced at me, “After you,” he offered. I took a piece and ate it as Yoongi cracked open the bottle and poured us a shot.

“Mm. It’s so good, here, have some Yoongi.” I take a piece and bring it up to him. I almost regretted the moment I had as I saw him falter. His dark eyes flicker but then, he cracks his mouth a little. I quickly pop it on his mouth and eat another myself, trying to hide the blush coming on.

“This place has the most delicious fried chicken. I get it from there regularly." Yoongi says casually, "Here." He hands me a shot.

“Thanks. Yeah, it’s tastes good. Just the right amount of crispy.” I reply, taking the glass from him.

“Cheers.” He clinks it against mine and we drink.

We make some small talk as we eat together, before I know it we’ve polished off a whole bottle and started on another. Neither of us brought up what happened last night but, I had the feeling that was because right now we were trying our best to drown it out.

Forgetting the stress, the regrets, the pressure, the fight, all of it. We got carried away, from laughing about things that Joon had broken to jokingly accusing each other of who was the bigger alcoholic. At some point, we’d put on some music and sing lamely like we were at Karaoke. My cheeks hurt from smiling, and my head felt light. I hadn’t seen Yoongi this carefree in so, so long.

After we had well and truly run out of energy we collapsed down in the middle of the studio floor together. As we caught our breath a calm settled over.

“Jia,” I tilted my head to the side, only to be met by Yoongi’s gaze. His small smile disappeared, his eyes searched mine as he lightly ran his tongue over his chapped lips.

“Yoongi?” I quietly said his name. A tingle runs over my body, the intensity he’s looking at me with. It reminds me of the way he did when he wanted me to...

“Kiss me.”

My chest swells as his words reach my ear. I roll over and claim his lips as my own, tongue gliding against his as I pushed my way in, his hand makes its way into my hair before tightening his hold on me. A moan escapes me, Yoongi takes control as he sits up, tongue still hotly ravishing my mouth as he flips positions. My body hot flushes as he leans over me, his knee pushing my thighs apart slightly as he settles between my legs.

I’m left panting as he pulls his lips away from mine, his cheeks are flushed, hair messy, gaze down at me filled with lust.

“Yoongi,” A rush of emotions hit me all at once, the way his name leaves me making it all too obvious how caught up in the moment I was.

“Sorry doesn’t even come close to being enough… The second you walked out of that studio, I regretted it.” His voice was a low rasp, pulling at my heart. I close my eyes.

“It’s okay. I know.”

With deliberate tenderness, he kisses my lips over and over. Each one speaking to me, I’m sorry, I miss you, I love you. I feel a tear slide from the corner of my eye only to disappear into my hair. I reach up to his shirt and slip my hands underneath, running my hands over his slender but solid stomach.

He lets out a low moan. I open my eyes to see him tuck his face in the space between my neck and trail soft kisses. His knee firmly pressing against my core has me writhing under him.

“I want you, Yoongi. Why’d you keep me waiting so long?" I plead, losing myself, emotions running high, hazy mind, the pure exhilaration of it all clashing together.

“You’re right, I should’ve fucked you like the good girl you are a long time ago.” He breathes hard, expertly unbuttoning and slipping down my jeans. I kick them off my ankles, releasing my legs from their constraints. Yoongi groans lowly as he rubs the wet patch through my black cotton panties. I wiggle out of my top and underwear and throw them aside, spreading my legs wider to give Yoongi space to slide out of his pants and shirt.

A smirk plays on his lips as he knelt between my spread legs, gaze lowering. My back arches as he runs two fingers up and down my slit, spreading the wetness all over my lower lips.

“Fuck, you’re a messy little girl,” His thumb firmly rubs circles into my clit teasingly, “Bet you can’t wait to have my thick cock buried deep in this cute little pussy of yours.”

“That’s” I pant, struggling to speak between moans, “exactly what I want.” Yoongi dips two fingers in knuckle deep.

“Fuck, Yoongi” I cry out, making a weak attempt to reach out and hold on to him. Upon seeing this Yoongi takes his fingers out of me and licks them clean of my juices. I’m fucking beside myself, did he seriously just do that.

“Yoongi, stop playing with me,” I sit up and reach for the rock hard outline in his black briefs only to have him catch my wrist and chuckle.

“Don’t start acting up now, you’ve been so good for me all night.” He licked at his bottom lip cheekily, “Turn around and bend over for me baby.”

I hold back my cheeky remark and do as he says, he spanks my ass. I yelp in surprise but the pain turns into pleasure. Then, his thickness tightly squeezes in, breaking through, deeper and deeper in a few short rough thrusts. I claw at the rug beneath us, but as his hips gain rhythm, my face is pushed forward into the rug with force.

“Fuck, Jia. You feel so good clenching around my cock. So tight and wet and needy.” Yoongi raspy groan. He leans forward, rough hands groping my breasts, pinching my nipple, fucking into me relentlessly.

My orgasm crashes so hard over me that I have no time to tell him, instead my walls tighten around his girth. Yoongi doesn’t stop, he grips my hip and rides it out. As soon as it washed over and I’d relaxed he picked up the pace, his hips smacking into my ass, his length so far in me, my knees hurting from the friction. Then, with the sexiest low raspy groan I'd ever heard, he spills in me. He slowly rides out his orgasm before pulling out, I collapse to the floor in a sweaty weak fucked out mess. 

I’m barely conscious, somewhere between lucid as Yoongi carefully cleans me up and puts a baggy T-shirt on me to cover me up. It smelt like him.

“You must be exhausted, ah baby.” Yoongi carefully picks me up and takes me over to the couch with him.

“Mmm. So sleepy,” I mumbled. Even that much was too much to manage, my eyelids were so heavy. Yoongi lay down on the couch with me on top of him. Even though there’s enough space for me to lay beside him I bury my face into the crook of his neck. I take in a deep breath filled with his scent. He runs his hands through my hair, pushing it out of my face. The comfort of him, I'd longed for it. Slowly, the feeling of his body beneath me fades into sleep.

Chapter Text



As I come to my mind feels fuzzy. A dull ache in my head has me rolling over in the small blanket tucked around me. As I open up my eyes I see Yoongi sitting on the floor beside me with his back against couch. The two iced coffee on the table in front of him caught my attention instantly.

“Morning beautiful. You feeling alright?” He turned at the sound of my shifting, his hand rests on my thigh from over the blanket.

“Mm. I feel wrecked.” I mumbled, letting my surroundings sink in. The memories of last night coming back to me, we’d had dinner and then drinks… And then from there.. The thought of Yoongi all over me sent a small wave down between my legs. He’d fucked me last night, but, I didn’t remember anything after that.

“We both got a bit carried away last night. Here, for the hangover.” Yoongi handed me a pain killer that’d been on the table. I carefully sat up, quickly becoming aware that I was in nothing but Yoongi’s T-Shirt.

“Thanks” I took the pill from him, holding the blanket closer to my body. Yoongi handed me the glass of water after swallowing his hangover cure, I quickly drank them down too before he swapped the water in my hand for a coffee.<