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Heartless Healer

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Izuku sped through the city weaving between cars on his motorbike. It had been custom built and painted, mostly black with green highlights but the real stand out was the medical symbol on the side. It was weird seeing a motorbike be a medical vehicle but when Izuku showed up on a scene no one needed to get to the hospital anymore. At the very least he left everyone in a stable enough condition an ambulance could take it from there.

Izuku bit back a yawn when the traffic thinned out and a boulder flew by creating a crater in the road just behind him. There was something to be said about hero’s stopping property damage but that was neither Izuku’s responsibility nor concern.

What was his concern was as he turned off his bike collapsed buildings still had civilians inside. Around him were the few rescue heroes not focusing on the fight. They were pulling people from rubble or carrying them back to the medical station. Izuku idly looked at the people they were bringing in, popping the top of his energy drink. A bruise here, a broken arm there, that person had cracked ribs but their breathing wasn't in trouble.

He walked through the impromptu medical station. The few rescue relief officers there beckoned him over frantically after noticing the green symbol on his chest. Izuku spared a glance as he chugged down his drink. There were people injured, some severely so but none were critical. So he ignored them leaving them to apply first aid, they would last until the hospital. He ignored the betrayed looks as he passed civilians some cradling their broken limbs others with blood streaming down their face. He was used to it, had a reputation for it, but he resolutely ignored the people that didn’t need him. Years of bitterness leaving him without an ounce of guilt.

He stopped at someone worth his attention. A little girl who couldn't be older than three or four. She had clearly been hit by some rubble. Her entire torso concaved. A pool of her own blood around her as her breathing got raggedy and faint. There were a few first relief officers around her frantically moving around but they had little hope in their eyes. Izuku tilted his head back, downing the last of his drink before coming to stand over them.

“Move,” They jumped looking up to see Izuku hovering over before scrambling out of his way.

Izuku vaguely listened to the report of her condition as he knelt down. Taking a deep breath Izuku took stock of the energy swirling within himself. He had enough practice at this point to know how much energy this would take and so let out a carefully measured breath. He blew it out gently, his quirk appearing like a green mist gently enveloping her torso. He kept a keen eye as bone reset itself, muscles grew over and skin knitted together. Everything righting itself. The lungs needed extra help so he blew concentrated puff before shutting off the stream.  The mist still hovered around as everything righted itself. Someone's hand entered the mist and the scratches on it immediately healed up. 

“Don’t,” Izuku growled, the person jumped back in shock looking frightened at his harsh tone, “She needs that to live, do you really need a few cuts healed that badly?”

“No- I…” Her eyes welled up with tears, “My daughter-- I just couldn’t… you… believe,”

Izuku sighed standing up, trauma was a therapist's responsibility after this whole ordeal. He just needed to make sure everyone lived until then.

“Keep people away from her until she’s fully healed,” Izuku instructed, she almost already was he had apparently overcompensated with that extra huff, “After that do whatever with the leftover, make sure she doesn't get trampled,”

“Yes- I-- thank you!” She quickly called as Izuku started to walk away.

The fight was dying down. Izuku didn’t pay any mind, picking through the people around him. Some first aid responders would bring people in bad shape up to him. Izuku would heal them if they really needed it or just tell them to apply pressure or something. People tended to get lazy with first aid when a healer was on the scene. Izuku had no intention of letting them slack.

The fight was over now and the crowd left in good enough shape cheered as the hero’s posed in victory. Izuku glared sculling down another energy drink before shouting at them.

“Stop posing and come help with the rescue!” The heroes startled as did the civilians, some could mistake him for having a voice quirk when really the volume just came from years of having to yell instructions over disaster, “You haven't saved these people yet!”

A few heroes did sheepishly join the rescue operation. Annoyingly, trying to get the rest to shape up had only drawn attention to himself... and the green cross on his chest.

“You’re a healer,” It wasn't a question, hardly ever was, “I got pretty banged up in that fight could use your quirk,”

That definitely wasn't a question, and never was. Izuku looked over them. As a general rule if you could stand and speak and demand his help you didn’t need it. 

“You look fine,” Izuku brushed past him. There was a kid shaking their parent in the rubble nearby. Izuku either had to get them to stop shaking them or check it out.

“What? Aren't you meant to help out with this stuff?” The hero grabbed at Izuku’s arm. He didn't have time for this. Unholstering his gun Izuku pointed it right at the man’s head.

“I’m here to save lives,” Izuku’s glare was cold as the hero looked wide-eyed down the barrel of a gun.

“So am I!” They stumbled back, “I almost lost my life in that fight!”

“Congratulations you still have it,” Izuku put his gun back in place, walking towards the kid, “And will without my help,”

“You’re meant to heal me!” Izuku grit his teeth, “I’m a hero you’re a healer! You’re meant to heal me!”

“Get ahold of yourself, you’re a hero you signed up for this shit, they didn’t,” Izuku pointed at the crying child the hero only just noticing what Izuku had been walking towards, “If you’re afraid to get a little banged up then you should quit now,”

“What sort of a healer refuses to heal a hero?!” He followed him as Izuku stomped towards the kid their parents still unresponsive.

“I would heal every civilian with a scratch on this field before I would bother getting around to you,” Izuku kneeled down, their parent’s legs had been screwed up. They had blood crusting on their head but Izuku would wager the blood loss and pain were more contributing factors to passing out. “Did you think there was always going to be someone to magically make the pain go away when you took this job? Don’t be pathetic,”

He let a thin cloud of mist hover around their legs, focusing a more concentrated burst around their head for good measure. Izuku waited, ignoring the argument from the hero as he watched for a response. The parent faintly groaned. Izuku got up immediately. They would live.

“Quite down kid, and don’t shake them,” Izuku said in his softest tone today, which was not a whole lot, “They’ll be fine just don't touch them until the ambulance arrives,”

Izuku didn't wait around for the thanks mainly because the kid was still crying and it would take forever. Much to his annoyance the hero still followed as Izuku looked along the rubble to find more victims. Izuku just ignored whatever they were saying, popping a few bits of sugary candy. Nothing’s been too taxing yet so those would do fine for now. 

Izuku noticed another Hero actually doing their job and getting civilians out from under the rubble. Izuku knelt down before they could pull the person out. The Hero took the hint and started moving rubble to the side to give him more room. The civilian didn’t seem critical but there was enough damage around the spine moving him would probably end up in some sort of paralysis. Izuku concentrated a short jet of mist around their lower back. It wouldn't fully heal but it would be enough to safely move them to the hospital.

“He refuses to heal me!” The annoying hero complained to what is either his more capable coworker or sidekick.

“Nah man that’s Angel Sigh, he hardly ever lifts a finger to help heroes,” They laughed not seeming bothered by it. Izuku smiled. What could he say sometimes his ‘ice prince’ reputation actually helped out.

“Don’t try to move him, make sure the professionals handle it,” Izuku instructed the Hero nodded, grabbing onto the annoying one so they couldn’t bother Izuku anymore.

By the next hour, the ambulances had taken everyone who needed it to the hospital. Izuku had healed everyone, enough that there wouldn't be any casualties from after the point he showed up. No matter how much he was criticized for his ‘poor bedside decorum’ and ‘poor heroic behavior’ no one could argue he got good results for his work. Besides those things were only required by hospital staff and Izuku certainly wasn't that. Only hero healers who cared about rankings needed to play nice and Izuku certainly wasn't that. Then again he was one of the few heroes with a healing quirk in Japan. And the best thanks to Recovery Girl retiring a few years back. 

With the situation handled Izuku headed for his bike. The storage area underneath had cans of energy drink and coffee. He deliberated between the two. He hadn’t drained that much energy a coffee would do. Then again there was no real reason to avoid the energy drink he would simply be able to store the excess energy inside himself. Heroes were heading for him. He ultimately decided he didn’t need either, chucking them back and driving away before they could annoy him.

He still had daylight and without feeling drained he figured it would be worth his time to head to a hospital. Not the nearest one as victims from the last attack would be flooding it and none of them needed his help. So he went across the city. Some cars would honk angrily at his somewhat not legal speed until they saw the symbol on his bike. Despite not meaning to, Izuku was the most powerful healer in Japan, he was well known even if people underestimated his ‘won't help unless strictly needed’ rule.

It hadn’t always been the case and Izuku didn’t feel bad about having it in place. When his quirk had first manifested he gladly used it on anyone who asked. His classmates loved him. Not just his classmates but the whole school. Everyone came to him for scrapes and bruises. That had been alright for a while. Then he started coming home exhausted, falling asleep during class, not having the energy to play during lunch while everyone came up to him after getting hurt.

He started turning people away gently. It didn’t work. Izuku couldn't even get people to leave him alone with harsh words now let alone the ‘letting them down easy’ of his youth. They got pushy. They played up how much it hurt, guilting Izuku into healing them. It worked for a while until Izuku realized it was all bullshit(not the exact words his young mind supplied but it was true). When Izuku firmly refused to use his quirk people left. He thought that would be the end of it.

The final straw came when one day after refusing his classmate went crying to the teacher. What Izuku would have expected was for the teacher to say that it was his choice and that using his quirk was technically illegal. No. The teacher sat Izuku down and chastised him for saying no. That it would only take a little of Izuku’s energy and that he should want to help everyone.

‘It’s the nice thing to do,’

Since that day his ‘niceness’ had slowly been eroded away by bitterness.

Izuku parked at the hospital locking his bike and strolling into the emergency room. The receptionist shot up pretty much vaulting over the counter to greet him.

“Wow, I can't believe it’s you! We have so many patient-” Izuku held up a hand to silence them.

“I’m only going to attend to people that are actively dying,” They startled a little bit before nodding and leading the way.

He had a reputation among hospitals especially. He was known to show up randomly(Izuku didn’t want anyone getting comfortable with a set schedule). He would only heal those in critical condition and usually only enough that they would survive. If the staff got pushy with him he would just leave and no one would get treatment. 

Izuku also refused to accept calls. He had at the beginning but people ended up just calling him for those rich or influential enough. Then he had only handed out his number to the good of heart, those that he trusted just enough to only call him without bias for the patients. However that lead to people getting lazy, they wouldn't work as hard to keep someone alive when they thought they had a hail mary at their beck and call. Izuku had drawn the line when one day he walked in late to an operating theater to find surgeons and nurses alike just standing around as a person died on the operating table right in front of him. So no, Izuku didn’t accept calls.

His reputation was taken seriously as he was led to an emergency operating theater. Pulling on any needed gear Izuku let the theater nurses give him the full rundown of the car crash victim. The surgeons wisely chose to keep working even with his arrival.

“Alright step aside, don’t worry about the shrapnel the body will naturally push it out,” Izuku told the surgeon who withdrew their tweezers working at the shrapnel in their stomach, “Try not to move around too much it will disturb the mist,”

They did move but it was to back up a few steps, Izuku supposed that worked too. He took a deep breath in. The body needed a shroud all around it but he increased pressure at problem areas like their stomach and head. The body started mending itself under the healing mist. True to his word the shrapnel was pushed out as they healed the workers near him gasping in awe.

“Don’t disturb the body until the mist has dissipated, and don’t leave, they will still need medical attention so don’t let your guard down,” Izuku said seriously, they snapped to attention heeding his warning. 

Izuku didn’t bother to stick around, already moving to the next person that needed his attention. Izuku enjoyed the level of professionalism in the hospital. Something perhaps hypocritical because of his own attitude. Still, Izuku thought he could shape up if he did work for a hospital, and sometimes wished he did. His quirk often ran into problems on the battlefield especially if it was windy, but mainly people were rowdy enough his mist couldn't take full effect meaning he wasted precious energy. Besides, it meant he could focus on civilians and not entitled heroes.

Even so, Izuku knew he could never work at a hospital, he had heard horror stories from those with strong healing quirks working within them. They often got monopolized by private hospitals, ones that would take any means to keep them there. Meaning his quirk would only be used on the wealthy who probably didn't need it or could afford other care. Even if he went to a low profile public hospital he had heard stories about healers getting tricked by the administration, people working secretly to take on rich patients and charge them more behind the healers back. So that left private institutions. Strong healers themselves weren't allowed to own their own for some bullshit reason or rather and Izuku had yet to meet someone he trusted enough to not use his quirk for their own means. So that left him with this.

Izuku waited outside one room they had a comatose patient in. Izuku had requested they recheck their vitals before he used his quirk in case they could recover without him. He still prepared, to go to a nearby vending machine to get any energy drink. He had specialized ones as a support item that packed a hell of a punch. Regular energy drinks weren't good for him so those were like a heart attack in a can that he avoided if he could. That was his compromise for knocking back whatever caffeine filled monstrosity he could find. 

Izuku enjoyed the quiet in the halls. He had warned the nurses if any civilian found out he was here he’d leave. Whenever it got around a hospital he had stopped in he’d be swarmed by pleading families and end up not being able to help anyone. This was why he had wanted to be an underground hero, but thanks to the sheer amount of people he saved and how often he showed up people inevitably had come to know his name. His hero one, that he somewhat wished he could change. It was one he had chosen in High school where he was apparently a lot more positive about his 'merciful' nature. People nowadays had nicknamed him more along the lines of 'Demon'. An exaggeration to be sure but it probably said something about his personality that he preferred it.

Izuku scrolled through his phone while he waited and recouped. There weren't many people on his contact list. Most friendships had inevitably fallen apart when they or a loved one got injured and Izuku refused to heal them. Not that he didn’t want to. In fact, he had saved the life of a few of them who were on the doors to death. The problem was they called him for things like paralysis or head injuries. Izuku had resolved himself to only treat life threatening injuries. Or in the case of the comatose patient he was waiting on, someone who would have their plug pulled. On the field, that definition was looser if he could prevent a person from getting permanently paralyzed he would. It required much less energy and people were less likely to scream at him for refusing to treat injuries like it if he and they didn't know the full extent. Sometimes people didn't realize how often they shot themselves in the foot.

He refused to wave his resolution for anyone, even close friends. He had been accused many times over his life of not caring, but it stung the most when it was a friend's accusation. 

Strangely enough one of the few people still on his contact list was Kacchan. This was mainly because he was one of the few novel people who not only didn’t ask but outright refused to let Izuku heal him. He refused when they were kids saying he didn't need help from someone weak like Izuku. The strangest part was when they had only started to actually get along after they both became heroes.

Izuku had been worn to bitterness by his peers all through school. He had decided Shiketsu was the better option for training. UA already had a healer and Shiketsu was stricter. Izuku felt sure they would use his quirk with discipline. They did and Izuku had become an expert in firmly saying no to minor injuries, for once not having teachers pressure him to heal someone. Everyone was respectful and it left him woefully unprepared for real life.

It didn’t occur until his first major rescue operation how annoying heroes could be. As he tried to save civilians the heroes kept coming up to him and insisted he used his quirk on them instead. Izuku had at first, used to healing heroics students from Shiketsu. But at Shiketsu he never had to also manage civilians. He became so drained so quickly that he wasn't of any use when the rescue operation afterward had dug up people half crushed that only Izuku’s quirk could save, but he couldn't. Not as tired as he was.

Over time he got more selective, sending pro’s away if they could still fight on. Even when he did heal them they would always ruin it. Jumping up to rejoin the fight and dissipating the mist. It wasted his energy and soon he refused to heal heroes until after a battle.

They did not take kindly to that.

Heroes would try to convince him both during a disaster and out of one that he needed to focus on healing them. That it was important they got back to work and that his quirk could do that. They prioritize themselves above civilians.

“The quicker we heal the more people we can save,”

Izuku snapped, he wasn't in the business of making sure other heroes could save civilians. He could and did save plenty of people all on his own. It wasn't a matter of pride he had just too often seen those very heroes walk away after a fight while civilians were left to die.

Sometimes Izuku thought that a villain a few years back had it right. Stain or something like that. The filth of hero society must be culled. While Izuku wasn’t out to kill anyone he was fed up with healing heroes. Pros accepted the role of a hero so they can damn well suffer the consequences.

Finally, he was called into the room before he could bring himself to call Kacchan to rant. Apparently with Izuku’s increasingly bitter attitude the two had finally become compatible. Their friendship mainly consisted of calling each other to rant about a shitty day and then going back to not talking until something else set them off. They were too busy to ever meet up with their vastly different hero work. But still, on the rare occasion they were at a scene together Kacchan would try to stomach one of his energy drinks and chase off anyone that bothered them while they caught up.

Izuku sat next to the comatose patient. He blew out a shroud of mist to cloud around his head. The vitals started showing signs of increased heart rate a few minutes later. Izuku left before he even opened his eyes knowing full well it would happen.

After a few more rounds through the hospital, Izuku felt the drowsiness of the day weigh down on him. It was 'stop now and get a good night's rest' or 'feel like crap tomorrow'.

He drove home. He used to have an apartment attached to his agency but people knocked on the door all hours of the day begging for him to heal their loved ones. Izuku didn’t have an assistant or sidekick to deal with them because they were all trash. 

The few times he had allowed a sidekick or two to join the agency they were combatants because there were so few healing quirks. Even if they were more suited to search and rescue they took up the role of protector as Izuku went around healing people. It was annoying. Not only did they get into fights but they expected Izuku to treat their injuries because they were in the same agency. They treated Izuku like a sidekick in his own agency. Izuku hadn't taken any sidekicks since.

He didn't need protection. He had found a gun to be just as effective on any villain as a quirk. Izuku pat the gun on his side with a slight smirk. It also discouraged pressy heroes to boot. 

Yes, Izuku had a healing quirk, and yes he was a rescue hero. But anyone who made the mistake he was soft would have hell to pay.


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The great thing about Izuku’s job was that he could show up with a coffee then spend the next ten minutes just glaring at the villain and no one was going to complain or bother him. He leaned against his bike not too far from the paramedics on standby. The Hero was doing a surprisingly good job at keeping civilians relatively uninjured which left him with enough free time to finish the brew. None of the paramedics dared bother him. They had gotten called out here at 6 in the goddamn morning, and their career didn't depend on them literally being drained of energy. Still, someone took the opportunity when Izuku glared down at his empty cup.

“Here sir,” The young man looked so nervous Izuku wouldn't be surprised if this was his first day as a first responder, he certainly looked awake enough for that.

“Thanks,” The absolute look of shock he had as Izuku took the to-go cup was priceless. What did he expect Izuku to just blow up at him for offering coffee?... He had only done that a few times... and there were other contributing factors!

“Ah- no problem,” He smiled, yep definitely his first day, or at least the first week. Izuku bet he looked like that once, for a very short time, “We need you ready in case anything goes wrong,”

“I need you ready too,” He didn’t have the energy to spare a rant about slacking off just because a healer was on site. So to spare the poor lamb he just took a swig at the coffee. Fun fact about being the son of a guy who breathes fire, can’t burn your throat, “Not strong enough,”

“Um... Angle Sigh.. sir?” Izuku snorted he was willing to put a lot of money the guy was thinking he didn’t match the name at all, “That's pure espresso, the others said your quirk relies on energy so I thought-”

“It does, and this isn’t strong enough,”

“Oh!” He looked like he had figured something out, he hadn’t, “Does your quirk give you an immunity to caffeine?”

“Nope,” Izuku chugged the Venti cup of pure espresso, “I do,”

“I… don’t think that's… healthy,” Brave soul.

“It’s not,” Izuku looked over to the fight the villain was winding up for an attack the Hero a counter, they were too close to the building over, “Heads up,”

The two attacks met shockwaves rattling the ground. It caught the corner of a building making debris rain down. There were several screams, must have been an area the evacuation team couldn’t get to.

“Move out!” Izuku shouted over the paramedics yelling out orders. He led the way, edging them as far from the fight as possible. The Hero's response was to direct the villain away from the fight. 

The same paramedic from earlier stuck close to Izuku’s side, a mobile defibrillator handy. Fortunately, not all civilians were stuck under rubble. Paramedics took their positions and started treating those around them, some would lead those that could walk further away from the site. Izuku moved further into the wreckage, training letting him move aside what he needed to make a path.

“You’re needed over there,” Izuku directed the guy that was following him to a few responders performing CPR. He scrambled away briefly looking back at Izuku to see if he would help. Izuku turned away they had enough attention. There were no other rescue heroes here; he had to check for criticals in the wreckage.

He picked through it at a steady pace. Breathing exercise to both help the strain of the lift and calm him down. One of the first things he had learned was anxiety eats into your energy like nothing else, panicking on the field was not an option. 

“He… he-lp,” From the right, warbled voice likely from blood in the lungs, damage to the torso, likely not visible. Izuku figured this out as he jumped over a piece of rebar sticking out and made his way to the cry.

“I’m here and I’m going to save you,” Izuku said evenly, he couldn't pick up on any breathing, at best it was too shallow, “But I need to know where you are, can you speak again? Or may any sort of noise?”

“Ha,” To his left, “Ha!”

Izuku swerved around a large chunk of wall figuring he would be inside the building now if it were still intact. They were there on the other side. Rebar stuck out through their chest. Their eyes were closed and their breathing was getting shallower as he approached.


“It’s ok I’m here,” Izuku placed a hand on her cheek she would be more likely to feel that than her shoulder. Then he took out gauze to help stop the bleeding, applying pressure. “I’m Angel Sigh, a healer so I’ll be able to fix you, but first I need to get you on the ground,”

Izuku wasn't sure if she knew there was literally rebar sticking through her chest, telling her would only make her panic. The rebar was sticking out of some concrete straight up from the ground. It would be easier to take it out at the front than lift her off it, especially since it curved at the top. Bolt cutters wouldn’t do but luckily he had some support gear from Hatsume industries that should do the trick.

“It will be painful so I want you to bite down on this and breath through your nose,” Izuku brought the bit of cloth he always had for these occasions, “Ok, focus on my voice,”

He started to lift her. Only enough that he could cut cleanly through the rebar. She screamed, rightfully so, but in her state, it wouldn't be loud enough to alert anyone else. It was a tricky angle to try and lift her while holding the laser saw steady. He would have to send in a request for something hands-off.

“You’re doing well, it’s almost out, just breathe through your nose,” Izuku reminded, the saw cut through. Izuku dropped it steading both hands under her so he could shift them to flatter ground, “Ok I’m going to take the rest out- Now!”

He pulled the rebar out quick like a bandaid, holding her down so she wouldn’t spasm and make it worse by pushing it back in.

“It’s ok now, no more pain,” Izuku soothed, throwing the bloodied metal to the side, “I can start healing you now, you’re going to be fine, just hold still,”

Izuku gathered up enough energy, breathing it out in a green mist. He held her still, his gloves were designed that his quirk couldn't penetrate so he wouldn't sap any energy back. He watched as the wound closed up seamlessly. Other minor injuries now being noticed, her leg was certainly broken or fractured so Izuku blew some mist there. Before long she was healed of everything but some scrapes and bruises. 

Izuku took out some spare clothes he always kept handy for civilians that had there's ruined. It was thin and made of more plastic than cloth but it did the trick.

“Ready to sit up?” Izuku asked as she blinked back to awareness, “I have painkillers,”

Not really she shouldn't be feeling any pain but her brain was probably confused and still register it. So these were more like relaxants that should help her down from the adrenaline high too. She nodded and Izuku helped her sit up. At this point, Izuku would usually hand her off to someone else but no one else had made it this far into the building.

“I’m going to help carry you back ok?” Izuku asked, she nodded absently and he gently hoisted her up. 

Following the path, he had made earlier made it easier but he still used up more energy than he would have liked getting her back to the paramedics.

“Any more critical?” Izuku asked as one approached to check over the victim's condition.

“No, and the building was cleared,” They reported, the fight had been moved further down the street but was now inching back towards them.

“Cleared?” Izuku frowned kneeling next to the girl, “Then why were you inside?”

“... Quirkless… they-they said...” Ah, what a bunch of assholes, they either lied about the evacuation or locked her in the building, “Shouldn't… of wasted you Quirk… on me… useless,”

“I didn’t waste my quirk and you’re not useless,” Izuku said firmly, he had dealt with this before getting told someone Quirkless was in low priority even if they were in critical condition. Yelling with biased medics about who to use his quirk on.

“Can’t do anything,” She scoffed, looking over to the villain the hero was desperately trying to keep away from them, “Not against that,”

“That doesn't mean-” the villain’s attack landed dangerously close to someone receiving medical attention, they screamed, “That's it, stay here,”

Izuku stood, several paramedics, yelled at him to keep away. Izuku walked closer to the villain, unholstering his gun. The hero was moving around too much to get a clear shot.

“Hey you!” Izuku yelled over the sound of sirens and screams. The Hero paused and the villain looked over, he scoffed at Izuku once he saw the healer symbol. Izuku took out his gun, three shots rang out, two hit the villain. They fell to their knees bleeding from their leg and side. Neither wound was fatal, given treatment, but it would certainly take them out of commission. The Hero acted quickly, binding the villain.

“Are you hurt?” Izuku asked the hero as the police took over.

“Not too much,” They were definitely bleeding so Izuku led them back to the paramedics.

“Good work out there,” Izuku let them lean against him.

“I hear that’s high praise from you,” They laughed, but clutched their side the next moment.

“Apparently I’m in a good mood today,” Izuku rolled his eyes at the guy playing tough, at least he wasn't demanding to be healed, cause he didn’t need it.


“No, it’s fucken six am and I had to pull a metal pole out of someone already,” They cringed, what did they expect there to be no injuries?

“Thanks for that,” They said earnestly, a paramedic took the hero from Izuku, sitting them down at the ambulance, “Guess I’m lacking as a hero,”

“Get a gun,” Izuku shrugged, the girl from before so happened to be there, she had a lot more color than earlier.

“Haha- oh wait you’re serious,” The Hero realized, Izuku smirked.

“Quirk or not, there's not many villains I’ve come across that can’t be taken down by a few bullets,” He winked at the Quirkless girl looking at him in shock.

Izuku just smiled, if he later slipped her the business card for the shooting range he went to. That was no one's buisness.

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Izuku couldn't say his quirk relying on energy was to his benefit on most days. However, on days where he could actually come into his agency and sit at his desk, he could finally appreciate the finer things in life. Like his desk chair. Thanks to his quirk and its value the government basically scrambled head over heels to accommodate him and make sure he was energetic enough. That means Izuku had no problem custom designing a chair that you were meant to sleep at your desk with. 


Izuku let himself doze as he read through requests to come heal people. They weren't the actual requests. His receptionist was in charge of sorting through everything from a doctor's professional inquisition to a child's crayon drawing. They would sort through them, write out the details that were important and then only give the report to Izuku if he was strictly needed.

Just as he was about to doze off one request caught his attention. This wasn't regulation. He scanned the report to find some hidden thing about their condition that would warrant his help. There wasn't they would survive without his care. There were no personal details as Izuku requested. With a heavy sigh, he pushed himself off his desk.

The building was only three stories tall but people weren't allowed to judge him for avoiding the stairs. There are a few security guards meandering around the first floor, mainly there to keep civilians from storming the place but also on the lookout for villains. And on a few occasions both. Izuku had been threatened many times by desperate civilians using their quirk to threaten him to heal them. In those situations, the threat outweighed his conviction to what he healed. It simply wasn't worth the risk. The problem came that it was effective and so civilians would often try and storm the building. Some people were desperate enough to be sent to prison if their loved one made a full recovery. So Izuku increased security and maintained that focus should be set on improving medical fields not relying on quirks. In his experience healing quirks only held the world back from true progress with a quick fix.

So in the meantime, security guards. Izuku nodded to the security guards as he passed them. The ones that had been with him a while give a knowing look as he approaches the receptionist desk. The newer ones look confused. Let this be a lesson to them. They faced down people pleading every day and if they let someone not approved slip through the cracks they were out of here just as fast.

“What’s this?” Izuku doesn't slam the request down but he might as well have for how he jumps.

“Uh…” He glanced down at the paper instantly paling when he realized which it was.

“You’ve worked with me for a few weeks now, you know full well what I do and do not allow,” He nodded shakily, “So why did you give this to me?”

“Yo… you didn’t read the letter….” He said quietly not meeting Izuku’s eye, “You don’t know…”

“Does it have some extra detail that makes this case a priority?” Izuku asked importantly.

“Yes! Uh… let me grab it,” Izuku raised an eyebrow in a clear ‘hurry up’ motion. He leaned against the desk and waited absentmindedly siphoning more energy off to his reserve. It made his eyes droop and he was going to need a pick me up if this thing dragged out. 

There were a few other people in the waiting area, likely there to see the other doctors under Izuku’s employ. They watched Izuku curiously, some debating if they should go up to them. They were dissuaded by the security guards, it was made very clear to everyone entering the building that he be left alone.

“Here,” Izuku took the somewhat crumpled paper. It was written in crayon and included drawings. But the doctor's report paperclipped to the letter reminded Izuku why he hired this guy in the first place. 

He read over both, getting the picture of a single mother who got in an accident. Her kids sent in the letter each writing to ask for help and their own dumbed-down version of what happened to her.

“Again, there is nothing in here that warrants my attention,” Izuku threw the papers back on the desk.

“Are you kidding!” He slammed his hands down on the desk, “They said they don't have any other family! They’re going to end up all alone and separated! Without their mum to care for them,”

“None of that is my concern,” Izuku looked off to the side already bored with the repetitive conversation.

“You’re going to let these kids grow up without their mother?!” They were getting in Izuku’s face now, how juvenile as if that could faze him when Izuku grew up with Kacchan.

“Many kids do,” Izuku merely shrugged.

“You can stop it,” Izuku spared a glance over they looked as quiet and shocked as their voice implied.

“So could the hospital, and I know they said they can't afford it, that just means Japan needs better healthcare, infrastructure, and support for cases like this,” Plus a million other things, “None of that is going to be solved if I just swoop in and fix everything, the problem at hand will go ignored and it will just happen again and again,”

“This isn’t some detached lesson!” So they were back to yelling, “These are kids! And their lives have been affected! They need help,”

“When you were hired you received strict guidelines,” Izuku had a line in the sand between requesting his help and demanding it, cross it and the conversation is over, “You said you could uphold them,”

“I KNOW!... I know… I just…” He took a shuddering breath, resting his head in his hands, “Every day, every minute I get a new call, a new letter, every one of them pleading for help… they just… one tragedy after another… there's so much suffering in the world,”

“Yep,” Izuku popped the ‘p’ because what else was there to do but feign casualness, “And you haven't seen the half of it,”

“... fuck, right, what you’re younger than me? Fuck man,” Not exactly professional, maybe he would fit in here after all, “How do you deal with it… all,”

“I don’t” It was the raw truth, but they deserved that much, “I can’t that's why I decided on what needed me and what would have to work out for itself,”

“No… no I mean the guilt- the pleads…” His face twisted up trying to find the right word, Izuku already knew,  “... The pain,”

“... I don’t,”

“I… I can’t deal with this,” His head hung, defeated a mirror of many others that had stood at this desk,  “… I’m sorry,”

“Sure want to be fired or quit?” He laughed but made his decision, Izuku promised to give a decent reference regardless. He probably wouldn't want to work such a demanding job again anyway.

After getting everything in order Izuku left telling them to clean out their desk whenever. With that, he left. Instead of heading to his ‘nap room’ that his coworkers liked to joke was secretly his apartment(it wasn't there were too many interruptions at the agency) he went to the doctors located on the first floor.

Doctors was a mild way to put it. It was practically a mini emergency room, complete with a docking bay out front and certified medics ready to drive out and back him up on jobs. Upstairs they had a few rooms for their long-term patients, plus some labs to further research in non-quirk-based medication.

Entering the ward Izuku was met with grins. It was a slow day meaning the staff had stacked their gear into a tower. A nurse was currently balancing precariously on a chair trying to place a thermometer on the leaning tower. Izuku smirked, leaning against the wall to see how this would pan out, badly most likely.

His staff got away with being casual under the pretense of being a hero agency. They weren't expected to uphold the level of professionalism as a hospital. As such most of Izuku’s staff had been rejected or fired from hospitals or government teams for one reason or another. A few were ex-cons or reformed villains that people usually didn’t want treating them. Then there were some that used to be medics for armies whom Izuku loved. They were his exact mix of ‘I don’t give a shit’ and ‘you expect me to be nice just because I’m a healer?’. Not to mention they would come out with him to an active rescue site without batting an eye at any fighting going on around them.

The thermometer set the tower off balance, and everything started to come crashing down. One of them used their quirk to stop the descent. It wasn't an overly powerful quirk they could only keep stuff suspended for a few seconds. That was fine because someone else had six pairs of arms and quickly swooped everything up.

“If you are hoping to make me bankrupt I suggest you stack the machines instead,” Izuku caught their attention, “Those cost more,”

“Hey boss,” There was a chorus of the same, no one called him by his hero name except to make fun.

“Hey, we’re down a receptionist and people are in the waiting room-”

“I’ll take over,” The nurse from the stacking offered. They were newer here. Izuku was glad his staff finally managed to pull them into their shenanigans.

“I’ll send someone down soon,” Izuku added, before taking out the request, minus the letter, “See what you can do about this,”

“Hm? Reason we already chased away the new receptionist?” His head doctor, Kanna, asked as she leafed through the report.

“Bleeding heart,” Izuku shrugged helping organize the equipment that the tower was made of.

“Unlike you who hands this to me personally,” Kanna teased, reports in hand that should have gone to her in the first place.

“You can handle this?” Izuku asked instead of rising to the bait.

“Yeah should do, I’ll call the hospital there and ask, I’ll pick the best person for the job, or I’ll go myself, this actually might be a longer recovery so I could get her transferred here,” Kanna listed as they read through, new plans formulating, “I’ll keep you posted,”

“No don’t,” Izuku said automatically, ignoring the part of himself that wanted to know, “I shouldn't have even known about it, only tell me if it’s something I should worry about,”

“Yeah sure boss,” She rolled her eyes, “And if I happen to talk about it loudly in the breakroom I expect you not to eavesdrop,”

“I won’t,” Izuku headed for the elevator.

“Sure you won’t,” Kanna called over her shoulder as he made his escape.

“I won’t!” The elevator closed before Izuku could hear the childish response.

Izuku headed past the patient rooms on the second floor. He waved to the people in physio as he passed the gym. There was another gym on the third floor with more general equipment. It was originally made for Izuku or combatants in the agency but he hadn’t taken on any sidekicks for a while now. They just got in his way more than anything else, trying to protect him, acting as if he wasn't a hero too. Besides him, most staff used the gym since it was free compared to a membership. Not like Izuku cared either way.

Regardless his destination was actually at the end of the hall. Therapy offices. He had a few therapists on staff. Not only for his patient's trauma but for his workers, especially those going into disaster zones but this was a stressful job all around.

“Ah Izuku, come for a session finally?” Okumura said as her usual greeting.

“Unless you want me falling asleep on that couch?” Which was very tempting, “No,” 

“If that’s what you need,” Okumura pushed away from her desk, setting him with a look that would have worked if he wasn't immune to guilt tripping at this point.

“I need to get this sorted,” Izuku said instead, “Another receptionist,”

“Oh really? He had come to talk to me earlier this week,” Okumura mused, warning would have been nice but then again she knew he didn’t like to be bothered, plus confidentiality and all.

“Same deal as usual,” Offer them to keep seeing the therapist he employed free of charge or recommend another or offer to pay for whoever they chose.

“At this point, everyone who’s left that station could form a club,” Okumura hummed, Izuku smirked she would be fun to talk to if she wasn't constantly trying to ‘give him the help he so desperately needs’ he was fine everything is fine, “We could make a help group,”

“Whatever you think is best,” Izuku conceded, even if she meant it as a joke it was hard to tell with her dry humor.

“I think it’s best you sit down and talk to me,” Again the ineffectual guilt glare.

“Next week doc,” Izuku promised, knowing full well she would hold him to that, maybe he should change the locks to his office, “Have other stuff to do,”

“You always do,” She sighed, turning back to her desk.

“Bye doc,”

Izuku went straight for the third floor, his management area. There are several offices around but he heads to the room with cubicles. People were meandering around, some focused at their desks while others chat with each other. As far as Izuku is concerned if they keep the place standing they’re doing their jobs.

“Oh? Bad news?” Someone joked as he walks in.

“Isn’t it always?” Izuku shot back, “We need a new receptionist,”


“Is that a record?”

“Not even remotely close,”

“I’ll head down,” Someone offered, gathering up supplies.

“Thanks,” Izuku sighed, a can was tossed his way. Obviously an energy drink. Izuku stared down weight the pros and cons of taking it. He had wanted to take a nap before this, probably should have dealt with all this after. But now the letter is flashing in his head a drawing they did, a picture of the family, the medical report, ‘ You can stop it’. Izuku opened the can up and downed half the drink in one go. “Find me a hospital,”

He had a specialized team for that, keeping track of the comings and goings of hospitals all over Japan. That information just one of the perks of being a hero, at the very least a hero. Someone typed at their computer quickly before poking back up.

“Address sent to your helmet,” They called before going back to whatever they were doing before.

“Great,” Izuku crushed his can motioning for another one.

“I’ll find a replacement for the receptionist,” Another person offered as Izuku caught the can tossed his way. “Make sure they can handle this,”

“If they can’t they’ll just be fired,” Izuku shrugged, actually taking his time to sip this drink. He fired anyone who couldn’t handle the job, so those left behind were as tough as nails, “Thanks,”

“Yeah, get some rest! I’m booking you a hotel near the hospital so stay the night, or you know, afternoon,” Izuku nodded already halfway through the door, “Sleep!”


“I got it!” Izuku slammed the door closed, honestly, people here could be such a nag. At least it wasn't in the annoying way everyone else would pussyfoot around him in that condescending way. The garage had an elevator straight down into it. Izuku headed down, walking between the trucks and ambulance-but-we-can’t-call-it-that vehicles. His bike stood alone, green details and cross being the only hint of a medical vehicle.

Izuku finished up his drink before pulling on the helmet. The address and map were brought up on its inbuilt screen, it was a few towns over. Good. He didn’t like visiting hospitals in the area too often, they got comfortable with his presence and lazy with their own work. He kicked the bike into gear content to focus on driving to ignore everything else. He had people to save, this wasn't a personal matter. The garage door opened and he sped off. His team could handle the rest.