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Heartless Healer

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Izuku couldn't say his quirk relying on energy was to his benefit on most days. However, on days where he could actually come into his agency and sit at his desk, he could finally appreciate the finer things in life. Like his desk chair. Thanks to his quirk and its value the government basically scrambled head over heels to accommodate him and make sure he was energetic enough. That means Izuku had no problem custom designing a chair that you were meant to sleep at your desk with. 


Izuku let himself doze as he read through requests to come heal people. They weren't the actual requests. His receptionist was in charge of sorting through everything from a doctor's professional inquisition to a child's crayon drawing. They would sort through them, write out the details that were important and then only give the report to Izuku if he was strictly needed.

Just as he was about to doze off one request caught his attention. This wasn't regulation. He scanned the report to find some hidden thing about their condition that would warrant his help. There wasn't they would survive without his care. There were no personal details as Izuku requested. With a heavy sigh, he pushed himself off his desk.

The building was only three stories tall but people weren't allowed to judge him for avoiding the stairs. There are a few security guards meandering around the first floor, mainly there to keep civilians from storming the place but also on the lookout for villains. And on a few occasions both. Izuku had been threatened many times by desperate civilians using their quirk to threaten him to heal them. In those situations, the threat outweighed his conviction to what he healed. It simply wasn't worth the risk. The problem came that it was effective and so civilians would often try and storm the building. Some people were desperate enough to be sent to prison if their loved one made a full recovery. So Izuku increased security and maintained that focus should be set on improving medical fields not relying on quirks. In his experience healing quirks only held the world back from true progress with a quick fix.

So in the meantime, security guards. Izuku nodded to the security guards as he passed them. The ones that had been with him a while give a knowing look as he approaches the receptionist desk. The newer ones look confused. Let this be a lesson to them. They faced down people pleading every day and if they let someone not approved slip through the cracks they were out of here just as fast.

“What’s this?” Izuku doesn't slam the request down but he might as well have for how he jumps.

“Uh…” He glanced down at the paper instantly paling when he realized which it was.

“You’ve worked with me for a few weeks now, you know full well what I do and do not allow,” He nodded shakily, “So why did you give this to me?”

“Yo… you didn’t read the letter….” He said quietly not meeting Izuku’s eye, “You don’t know…”

“Does it have some extra detail that makes this case a priority?” Izuku asked importantly.

“Yes! Uh… let me grab it,” Izuku raised an eyebrow in a clear ‘hurry up’ motion. He leaned against the desk and waited absentmindedly siphoning more energy off to his reserve. It made his eyes droop and he was going to need a pick me up if this thing dragged out. 

There were a few other people in the waiting area, likely there to see the other doctors under Izuku’s employ. They watched Izuku curiously, some debating if they should go up to them. They were dissuaded by the security guards, it was made very clear to everyone entering the building that he be left alone.

“Here,” Izuku took the somewhat crumpled paper. It was written in crayon and included drawings. But the doctor's report paperclipped to the letter reminded Izuku why he hired this guy in the first place. 

He read over both, getting the picture of a single mother who got in an accident. Her kids sent in the letter each writing to ask for help and their own dumbed-down version of what happened to her.

“Again, there is nothing in here that warrants my attention,” Izuku threw the papers back on the desk.

“Are you kidding!” He slammed his hands down on the desk, “They said they don't have any other family! They’re going to end up all alone and separated! Without their mum to care for them,”

“None of that is my concern,” Izuku looked off to the side already bored with the repetitive conversation.

“You’re going to let these kids grow up without their mother?!” They were getting in Izuku’s face now, how juvenile as if that could faze him when Izuku grew up with Kacchan.

“Many kids do,” Izuku merely shrugged.

“You can stop it,” Izuku spared a glance over they looked as quiet and shocked as their voice implied.

“So could the hospital, and I know they said they can't afford it, that just means Japan needs better healthcare, infrastructure, and support for cases like this,” Plus a million other things, “None of that is going to be solved if I just swoop in and fix everything, the problem at hand will go ignored and it will just happen again and again,”

“This isn’t some detached lesson!” So they were back to yelling, “These are kids! And their lives have been affected! They need help,”

“When you were hired you received strict guidelines,” Izuku had a line in the sand between requesting his help and demanding it, cross it and the conversation is over, “You said you could uphold them,”

“I KNOW!... I know… I just…” He took a shuddering breath, resting his head in his hands, “Every day, every minute I get a new call, a new letter, every one of them pleading for help… they just… one tragedy after another… there's so much suffering in the world,”

“Yep,” Izuku popped the ‘p’ because what else was there to do but feign casualness, “And you haven't seen the half of it,”

“... fuck, right, what you’re younger than me? Fuck man,” Not exactly professional, maybe he would fit in here after all, “How do you deal with it… all,”

“I don’t” It was the raw truth, but they deserved that much, “I can’t that's why I decided on what needed me and what would have to work out for itself,”

“No… no I mean the guilt- the pleads…” His face twisted up trying to find the right word, Izuku already knew,  “... The pain,”

“... I don’t,”

“I… I can’t deal with this,” His head hung, defeated a mirror of many others that had stood at this desk,  “… I’m sorry,”

“Sure want to be fired or quit?” He laughed but made his decision, Izuku promised to give a decent reference regardless. He probably wouldn't want to work such a demanding job again anyway.

After getting everything in order Izuku left telling them to clean out their desk whenever. With that, he left. Instead of heading to his ‘nap room’ that his coworkers liked to joke was secretly his apartment(it wasn't there were too many interruptions at the agency) he went to the doctors located on the first floor.

Doctors was a mild way to put it. It was practically a mini emergency room, complete with a docking bay out front and certified medics ready to drive out and back him up on jobs. Upstairs they had a few rooms for their long-term patients, plus some labs to further research in non-quirk-based medication.

Entering the ward Izuku was met with grins. It was a slow day meaning the staff had stacked their gear into a tower. A nurse was currently balancing precariously on a chair trying to place a thermometer on the leaning tower. Izuku smirked, leaning against the wall to see how this would pan out, badly most likely.

His staff got away with being casual under the pretense of being a hero agency. They weren't expected to uphold the level of professionalism as a hospital. As such most of Izuku’s staff had been rejected or fired from hospitals or government teams for one reason or another. A few were ex-cons or reformed villains that people usually didn’t want treating them. Then there were some that used to be medics for armies whom Izuku loved. They were his exact mix of ‘I don’t give a shit’ and ‘you expect me to be nice just because I’m a healer?’. Not to mention they would come out with him to an active rescue site without batting an eye at any fighting going on around them.

The thermometer set the tower off balance, and everything started to come crashing down. One of them used their quirk to stop the descent. It wasn't an overly powerful quirk they could only keep stuff suspended for a few seconds. That was fine because someone else had six pairs of arms and quickly swooped everything up.

“If you are hoping to make me bankrupt I suggest you stack the machines instead,” Izuku caught their attention, “Those cost more,”

“Hey boss,” There was a chorus of the same, no one called him by his hero name except to make fun.

“Hey, we’re down a receptionist and people are in the waiting room-”

“I’ll take over,” The nurse from the stacking offered. They were newer here. Izuku was glad his staff finally managed to pull them into their shenanigans.

“I’ll send someone down soon,” Izuku added, before taking out the request, minus the letter, “See what you can do about this,”

“Hm? Reason we already chased away the new receptionist?” His head doctor, Kanna, asked as she leafed through the report.

“Bleeding heart,” Izuku shrugged helping organize the equipment that the tower was made of.

“Unlike you who hands this to me personally,” Kanna teased, reports in hand that should have gone to her in the first place.

“You can handle this?” Izuku asked instead of rising to the bait.

“Yeah should do, I’ll call the hospital there and ask, I’ll pick the best person for the job, or I’ll go myself, this actually might be a longer recovery so I could get her transferred here,” Kanna listed as they read through, new plans formulating, “I’ll keep you posted,”

“No don’t,” Izuku said automatically, ignoring the part of himself that wanted to know, “I shouldn't have even known about it, only tell me if it’s something I should worry about,”

“Yeah sure boss,” She rolled her eyes, “And if I happen to talk about it loudly in the breakroom I expect you not to eavesdrop,”

“I won’t,” Izuku headed for the elevator.

“Sure you won’t,” Kanna called over her shoulder as he made his escape.

“I won’t!” The elevator closed before Izuku could hear the childish response.

Izuku headed past the patient rooms on the second floor. He waved to the people in physio as he passed the gym. There was another gym on the third floor with more general equipment. It was originally made for Izuku or combatants in the agency but he hadn’t taken on any sidekicks for a while now. They just got in his way more than anything else, trying to protect him, acting as if he wasn't a hero too. Besides him, most staff used the gym since it was free compared to a membership. Not like Izuku cared either way.

Regardless his destination was actually at the end of the hall. Therapy offices. He had a few therapists on staff. Not only for his patient's trauma but for his workers, especially those going into disaster zones but this was a stressful job all around.

“Ah Izuku, come for a session finally?” Okumura said as her usual greeting.

“Unless you want me falling asleep on that couch?” Which was very tempting, “No,” 

“If that’s what you need,” Okumura pushed away from her desk, setting him with a look that would have worked if he wasn't immune to guilt tripping at this point.

“I need to get this sorted,” Izuku said instead, “Another receptionist,”

“Oh really? He had come to talk to me earlier this week,” Okumura mused, warning would have been nice but then again she knew he didn’t like to be bothered, plus confidentiality and all.

“Same deal as usual,” Offer them to keep seeing the therapist he employed free of charge or recommend another or offer to pay for whoever they chose.

“At this point, everyone who’s left that station could form a club,” Okumura hummed, Izuku smirked she would be fun to talk to if she wasn't constantly trying to ‘give him the help he so desperately needs’ he was fine everything is fine, “We could make a help group,”

“Whatever you think is best,” Izuku conceded, even if she meant it as a joke it was hard to tell with her dry humor.

“I think it’s best you sit down and talk to me,” Again the ineffectual guilt glare.

“Next week doc,” Izuku promised, knowing full well she would hold him to that, maybe he should change the locks to his office, “Have other stuff to do,”

“You always do,” She sighed, turning back to her desk.

“Bye doc,”

Izuku went straight for the third floor, his management area. There are several offices around but he heads to the room with cubicles. People were meandering around, some focused at their desks while others chat with each other. As far as Izuku is concerned if they keep the place standing they’re doing their jobs.

“Oh? Bad news?” Someone joked as he walks in.

“Isn’t it always?” Izuku shot back, “We need a new receptionist,”


“Is that a record?”

“Not even remotely close,”

“I’ll head down,” Someone offered, gathering up supplies.

“Thanks,” Izuku sighed, a can was tossed his way. Obviously an energy drink. Izuku stared down weight the pros and cons of taking it. He had wanted to take a nap before this, probably should have dealt with all this after. But now the letter is flashing in his head a drawing they did, a picture of the family, the medical report, ‘ You can stop it’. Izuku opened the can up and downed half the drink in one go. “Find me a hospital,”

He had a specialized team for that, keeping track of the comings and goings of hospitals all over Japan. That information just one of the perks of being a hero, at the very least a hero. Someone typed at their computer quickly before poking back up.

“Address sent to your helmet,” They called before going back to whatever they were doing before.

“Great,” Izuku crushed his can motioning for another one.

“I’ll find a replacement for the receptionist,” Another person offered as Izuku caught the can tossed his way. “Make sure they can handle this,”

“If they can’t they’ll just be fired,” Izuku shrugged, actually taking his time to sip this drink. He fired anyone who couldn’t handle the job, so those left behind were as tough as nails, “Thanks,”

“Yeah, get some rest! I’m booking you a hotel near the hospital so stay the night, or you know, afternoon,” Izuku nodded already halfway through the door, “Sleep!”


“I got it!” Izuku slammed the door closed, honestly, people here could be such a nag. At least it wasn't in the annoying way everyone else would pussyfoot around him in that condescending way. The garage had an elevator straight down into it. Izuku headed down, walking between the trucks and ambulance-but-we-can’t-call-it-that vehicles. His bike stood alone, green details and cross being the only hint of a medical vehicle.

Izuku finished up his drink before pulling on the helmet. The address and map were brought up on its inbuilt screen, it was a few towns over. Good. He didn’t like visiting hospitals in the area too often, they got comfortable with his presence and lazy with their own work. He kicked the bike into gear content to focus on driving to ignore everything else. He had people to save, this wasn't a personal matter. The garage door opened and he sped off. His team could handle the rest.