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A Monk and an Astronaut

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Clay -third-person- POV

Clay was pacing back and forth in his hotel room. Right now he was in Khura’in for one whole month visiting Apollo, which meant also meeting his step brother, Nahyuta.

While chit-chatting yesterday he may or may not have accidently gained feelings for the monk.

Clay stopped in his tracks. “Shit.” He blurted out loud to himself. “What the fuck am i gonna do?”

Usually he would call Apollo, but he was unsure how Apollo would feel about him crushing on his brother of all people.

C’mon! You’re Clay Terran, and you’re fine! He chanted in his head, not wanted to disturb other hotel guests that would possibly be able to hear him if he did start yelling.

bzzzt, bzzzzzt!

Clay’s phone started going off. He went to the couch to check it. Ah, speak of the devil. It was Apollo texting him.

> Hey Clay. How are you doing today?
> Nahyuta said he had a good time hanging out with you, and would like to get to know you more. I’m glad you and him are getting along well so far.

Holy shit, he actually wants to be my friend?? Get to know me???

Clay took a deep breath and started typing a reply.

Oh, that's great! I’d like to get to know him more too! <
Also, yeah i’m doing pretty good. <

One truth, one lie.

Clay did want to get to know Nahyuta more.

Clay was not doing good at all, he was in a rut about what he was gonna do about his crush.

Tainted love Ooooh tainted love…

His ringtone went off. Now Apollo was calling him.Why was Apollo calling him? Fuck… I guess i could talk to him, maybe…

Don’t touch me please- Click!

“Hello- Uh hi Pollo’?”

“Clay,” Apollo sounded serious. It caught Clay off guard. “What's wrong.”

“What do you mean, Apollo? I’m f-” He was trying to say, before Apollo cut him off.

“Clay Terran, you are one of the people who know the most about me. Do you not realize that I can see through that lie?”

“Ah…Fuck.” Lying 101, don’t lie to someone if that someone is a walking lie detector.

Clay held his breath.

“So, Apollo, do you love me. Yes or no?”


“What did you do?” Apollo asked suspiciously.


“I said, what did you do?” He demanded.

“N-nothing i did noth-”

“Clay. This is clearly going somewhere.” He said accusingly. “What the fuck did you do?”

“Alright, yes it is.” Clay surrendered. “But it’s as I said. I did nothing.”

“Okay then. Yes I do love you, alot.” Clay exhaled the breath he was holding.

“Now, what is this about?”

Okayyyy. So basically, i don’t think you’re gonna be mad- I think?” He said in an anxious manner. “But, i don’t know how you’re gonna feel about it.”

Clay heard Apollo take a breath. “...Alright, hit me. I don’t think it’s gonna be that bad.”



“English, Clay.”


Yeah, right Clay. Speak clearly, you can do it.

“I have a crush on… Nahyuta... And i have no fucking clue what to do.” Clay’s face was bright red. He was so thankful he was talking on the phone and not face-to-face.

There was a brief silence. Then laughter, which left Clay in confusion.


“Th-that’s it?” Apollo questioned.

“I- What do you mean “That’s it?” ?”

“You really thought i was gonna have a negative reaction to that?” A wave of relief washed upon Clay.

“You scared the shit outta me! I thought you might’ve… I dunno, got arrested or something.” Apollo continued


Apollo wheezed laughing at his best friend’s reaction to his statement. “Look,” He tried to regain his composure. “I didn’t know what the hell was going on. The only info i had was that you thought i wasn’t gonna like what you were gonna reveal to me.”

“...Which ended up being untrue, apparently?” Clay uttered, still confused.

“I think it’s really cute!” Apollo blurted

Clay flopped on the couch, face in pillow. “Cute?!” I am shamed, humiliated, mortified-

Apollo chuckled a bit before responding. “Yeah. Honestly I didn't think he was your type. I thought you were into himbos, like prosecutor Debeste.”

“Shush!” Clay sat up on the couch.

“Never.” Apollo said playfully.

“I do like himbos. It’s why I hang out with you.” Clay deadpanned.

He could hear Apollo spit out his coffee. “Excuse me?!”

“I’m right.” Clay said confidently. “You are a himbo.” He said, jokingly.

“How dare you.” Apollo said dramatically. “I’ll have you know, I have a very high IQ level!”

“i’lL hAVe YOu kNOw, i hAve a VEry hiGh Iq lEVEL!” Clay mocked. “Yeah right,” He continued, sarcastically. “sure you do.”

Apollo made a “Hmph!” sound in annoyance for a response.

“But! As i was, uh, saying...” Clay digressed “I have no fucking clue what to do, man.”

Apollo took a minute to think before saying a response “Well, i’m not really your go-to person for this type of thing-”

“With the evidence being your interactions with prosecutor Gavin and Blackquill..?”

“HEY! E-even though I can't say that’s bullshit, you can’t just slander me like that!.”

Clay giggled. Even though they were on the phone he could see him crossing his arm with bright red cheeks… Similar to his but he isn’t gonna think about that.

He could hear Apollo mutter in a low voice: “It’s not my fault that one is a super famous rockstar and the other could and would crush me... and possibly get his death hawk to maul me.”

Clay barked out laughing, but before he could say a response...

“Okay! Right now, this is about you, not me. Lets not derail anymore.”


Clay slid and flopped on his head back on the couch pillow.

“Sooo...Basically, i was gonna ask to take you to a diner.”

“A diner?”

“Yeah. Lovely place, great food, all at an affordable-cheap price.” Apollo said, like the penny scraper he is.

“I was planning for it just to be me and you but, i can invite Nahyuta so you two can get to know each other more.”

Clay sat back up. “Really?” He blurted

“Psh, of course!” Apollo said, like it was obvious. “As i told you in my text message, he wants to get to know you more too!”

“But, like…” Clay was scratching the back of his head. “Isn’t he the world’s busiest man?”

“...Great point.” Apollo admitted. “But, I'm sure I can find time for us three.”

“Are you sure though?” Clay questioned.

“Of course, promise.”

“‘Ight,” Clay yawned. “sounds good.” He said in a sort-of unsure manner, but he did trust Apollo.


“Jetlag.” He confirmed. “I might just take a power nap.”

Clay leaned back into the couch, closing his eyes with the phone still up to his ear. He opened his mouth, but before he could say anything...


Loud crashing and shattering noises could be heard from Apollo’s background. It immediately made Clay jump out of his seat and almost made him drop his phone.

“DATZ WHAT THE- Clay, i am gonna have to hang up.”

“Huh, Apollo?! What in the fu-”

Apollo cut him off. “I’ll explain later just-”

Beeeep, beeeep, beeeep…

He hung up… What the hell was that?

Click! Clay hung up on his end.

Welp, i’ll be looking forward to the story he’ll have to tell me later. I gotta get to bed.

Clay got up off the couch and lazily walked towards his bed, flopping down on it. It’s gonna be a helluva month down here, ain’t it?”