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Hard to starboard till she sees stars

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Ever Given’s hull slipped between the thighs of Suez, granting him a rewarding moan from her.

“You know, this is a pricey move, the humans are being cost millions for every hour we stay like this” quivered Suez, her walls and borders scraping beneath Ever Givens hull, forcing her to twitch in a mix of fear and arousal.

“The riches of the world will add to nothing to what we can share right now. Let them halt their trade, we have the blessing of a lifetime, dearest. Let us not waste this friction.”

Rippled Ever Given, his bow nudging into the wedge of Suez, causing her to seize in a gasp of pleasure, alongside the burning heat provided by his words.

Suez relaxed her tense walls and let Ever Given’s hull slip deeper into her barriers, her tide rippling into a heavier wave as he drags his bow temptingly back and forth over her wedge, until finally allowing it to slide into her crevice, earning a most desperate burble of pleasure from Suez.

Suez held her waves against Ever Given as they lapped at his hull, encouraging him ever deeper inside her.

Ever Given growls at the newfound pleasure, curling closer to Suez, rumbling affectionately as he continued his rhythmic ministrations.

It scarcely took time for the occasional twitch from Suez permitted heavier waves unintentionally, and thrusting Ever Given so much deeper with every spastic gasp of bliss.

Suez whined in desperation, begging Ever Given for more friction, and every movement they gave eachother was rebound back twofold. With Suez a groaning mess, Ever Given couldn’t manage any more friction and burst, his bow slamming into her a final time, her waves soaking his bow in turn, both entranced in the orgasm they shared. Ever Given chuckled as he tumbled against Suez in more languid, less controlled waves, Suez giggled and embraced her eternal love once more.