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Sylana and Tibby

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Sylana grumbled audibly as she moved a spare leather arm brace out of her way for what felt like the fifth time. No matter how much she dug into the pile of leftovers and items long since forgotten she felt that much further from finding her own. She thought it would be a simple task of just marking them with her own symbol, something simple like a letter on the inside, if only she had realized everyone in the combined Gallian army had had the same idea. Thus continued the ever deepening search in a random crate in the wee hours of the morning: the cat laguz feeling more like a thriving raccoon than a proud warrior race.

Despite her frustration: Sylana couldn’t help but let some of those feline traits show, as the deeper she got into the box: the more enamored with the activity she became, it wasn’t long before she was considering jumping into the box entirely. The internal dare had reached its breaking point, but a familiar booming voice froze her in place, the surprise must’ve shifted her tail as well, because a knowing laughter made it swish from curious to tense, alert and all the way to an annoyed flick with just a few sounds from that presumably smug face of his.

“Pheonicians are taught to appreciate the morning view, but if I’d known being an early bird got me this sort of sight, my teen years would’ve been very different.”

Sylana rolled her eyes, focusing anew on her task.

“Don’t you have a worm or something to go find Mr. early bird?”

“I’ve already eaten, if that’s what you’re implying.”

The touch was sudden, the approach silent and execution flawless. Sylana felt a shudder go up her flexible feline like spine as a pair of firm hands grasped her hips. A warm and powerful presence came over the cat laguz as her ear twitched at the sudden proximity of that booming voice, now hushed for her ears only.

“Or perhaps, you’d like to be my prey this morning?” He said as he grasped Sylana’s hips, rubbing gently as she let out a warm breath, temptation rising as she pulled herself upright, his hips pushing against her hips as he pinned her to the crate, one of his hands gliding up to feel over her toned stomach as she enjoyed the moment, only to cut it short by closing the crate and flipping around, grasping his powerful arms with her long painted nails. A cat’s claws in this human laguz form.

“You’ll not find me such easy prey, Tibby.” She said with a feisty smirk.

“You know I hate that nickname...” Said Tibarn with a slight scowl, accepting her challenge as he gripped her thighs and pushed her up onto the freshly sealed crate, laying her on it as he repelled her ‘deadly’ grip with some equally deadly reactions. Sylana found her wrists pinned to the crate, the hawk king diving in for the kill as he captured her neck with a low growl, kissing, suckling and even biting with some light pressure, making Sylana squirm at his complete and total victory.

“Am I tasty..?” She said as he pulled away, a rare showing of mercy from the hawk king.

“Better than a stupid worm, I assure you. You give up too easily though.” He said with a grunt.

“Maybe I want to lose?”

“It’s less fun that way.”

“You couldn’t handle me if I tried.” Sylana smirked, she knew she’d done it now.

Tibarn doubled down, seeking to retake his position, but Sylana slipped out from under him, slipping between his legs and behind the hawk king. A cheeky smirk painted on her face as she gave his butt a quick slap before she rolled away and started off down the hall. The determined growl from the hawk king caught her off guard, but it only made her blood rush even more as she dipped around a corner, only to hear the sound of impact and a powerful gust of displaced air brush her face as he ran into the wall in pursuit of her. The path ahead was now beginning to narrow, and Sylana deftly slipped past others in the hall, snickering wildly at the sounds of panic in her wake as Tibarn was presumably less subtle than she was in their chase. Sylana knew the path ahead of her though, and as she darted around another forked path, watching Tibarn reach out to grab her, she felt a second wind of determination hit her as she saw an opportunity. It was one thing to evade the hawk king, it was another to humiliate him.

Having made her way through the barracks, Sylana knew that her chance to strike would be just at the end of the dining hall, the mentally decided spot was to be where she would put him in his place. Her stride intensified, sliding around another corner and taking off in a perfect runners sprint into the vast dining hall, the determination on her face mirroring the sight of those before her as she took a confident stride onto the long interconnected tables and blazed a trail of destruction with Tibarn in tow. Silverware, broken bowls, screams and pleads to stop all went not unheard but definitely unanswered as Sylana approached the end of the mess hall, a large stone wall before her that she ran full stride at, knowing for certain that he would be close behind. She prepared herself with a huff, sprinting at the wall and running up with her momentum, a practiced dismount off the wall sent her sailing in a beautiful backflip, right over the head of her pursuer who, not expecting her maneuver, had put all his effort into stopping so as to not collide with the wall. Sylana reached out mid backflip, the world seemingly in slow motion as she gripped the feathered necklace tibarn wore so loosely around his neck and deftly slipped it over his head in one swift motion.

Sylana stuck the landing, her momentum causing her to stumble backwards a little as Tibarn very nearly planted his face into the wall, pressing his arms against it and coming to a complete stop with a powerful display of strength. Sylana backed up a little more, swinging her prize around her finger before whistling tauntingly at her stunned pursuer.

The mess hall store in silence, despite the battle like confusion and chaos of just a few moments before. Tibarn refused to look back, his hand feeling at his exposed chest where the necklace traditionally hung. He growled, knowing every eye was on him as Sylana dared him to retrieve it. For a moment: Sylana was afraid she had gone too far, but the single eyed glare Tibarn finally gave over his shoulder told her very clearly: the game was not over, and she had just raised the stakes.

Tibarn pushed off of the wall, his wings curling around his body as he spiraled towards Sylana, who now turned in full sprint away from him and back the way she had come, trying this time at least to not make a second mess in the dining hall as she desperately clung to her prize. Knowing that the barracks were to be another dead end: Sylana sprinted past the starting point and straight to the outdoors of the base. The morning light briefly blinded her, but she had walked the ground enough to know where she was going. It wasn’t until she heard the piercing cry of the Hawk King’s bird form did she realize that she may have actually incurred his wrath. What was first a friendly competition had now become an aspect of personal honor, and she knew that there were few people on the base that could calm him from this state of ire. Priorities shifted, the cat laguz desperately kept her path, knowing that shifting her focus to the large shadow on the ground may prove to be her undoing. She made a break for the tacticians quarters, for surely they would be able to calm Tibarn, or at least convince him to not rip her limbs off. She had just about reached the always open door when she suddenly heard the piercing cry of the Hawk, the walls of the quarters shadowed by his wingspan as Sylana felt a powerful impact hit her into the room, stunning her as she felt a presence pin her to the ground.

“Okay okay…!!!” she said with a huff. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry okay?? I didn’t think it was gonna make- hey..!” In her effort to return the necklace: Sylana suddenly felt her prize become her shackles as Tibarn quickly wrapped her wrists up in it and pinned her hands behind her back, securing her as she looked around in horror: the army’s tactician was not home.

“Oh you’re not sorry.” He said in a low menacing voice. “Not yet.”

“Tibarn wait..!” Sylana felt herself pulled up to her feet, her heart racing at just what wrath of the hawk king entailed. That terror very quickly flipped on its head though when Tibarn finally spoke again, the chase giving his voice a very deep undertone between breaths.

“I’ll admit, you gave me the run around.” He growled into her ear, his hand pressed against her glazed stomach, both sweating from the chase as he revealed his intent with another growl. “But this time, I win and you’re all mine.” His hand quickly undid the button to her shorts, his hand caressing her feminine curves as he asserted his dominance by pushing her around the room. He ultimately decided on the tacticians furniture, bending Sylana over the furniture, her fetching hips sticking over the cushioned armrest as her back curved the way only her cat laguz brethren could, his hand, pressing her head into the cushions as his free hand gave her hip a firm spank.

“Nhgm..!” she squeaked, biting the cushion as Tibarn firmly pinned her, the restraint and rush of the chase spilling over into their romance causing her to growl defiantly, her hips wagging at him, daring him to do it again. Sylana felt Tibarn slip her shorts and underwear down her legs, exposing her bare skin which he firmly planted another spank on.

“Mnn..!” she cried, feeling his hand grope and massage the sting away, leaving behind only a warmth that made her legs shiver with bliss. The heat of the competition subsided, Tibarn untangling the cat laguz’ hands but not letting her go as she felt a pressure push up against her exposed and admittedly sopping pussy.

“Admit it.” Said Tibarn, his hand on her hip and shoulder, his eager bulge grinding against Sylana’s exposed sex.

“Admit what?” She said, a gentle huff escaping her lips as she let her feet be free of the floor, curling up against his sides as she felt his pressure increase.

“Admit you lost, and that I’ve caught you.” Both hands now came over her upper back, pressing her to the couch further… the king seemed to enjoy watching her back arch the way only a cat laguz could.

“N-never… uff…” She could feel his eagerness, the throbbing need to hear her admit defeat.

“Say it.” He pushed against her again, her toes curling at the feeling of just the pressure.

“Is… is that all you care about?” She said with a grunt, struggling cut short by his position over her, his hand pinning her struggles down at the shoulders.

“You’ve no way out, now admit it Sylana!”

“Okay okay…!” she grunted, now embarrassed. “You caught me…you win.”

There was a sudden decrease of pressure, the cat laguz letting out an uneasy breath as the pressure lessened and the pinning hands softened to loving rubs. A second shaky exhale confirmed the change, Sylana now feeling her opponent begin to give her a gentle massage, the kink only restored when he gave her pert ass a playful smack.

“You weren’t lying.” Said Tibarn with a much softer voice, a deep indulgent breath being heard as his hand dipped and gently rubbed at Sylana’s still wet pussy, his finger gently dipping inside as his other hand began to toy with her hair. “I’d say most anyone couldn’t handle you at your best…”

“Uhh..~” Syalana moaned, embarrassed at the firm squishing noises coming from her pussy as Tibarn stirred her up.

“It’s what makes such a prize worth catching.”

“Haa..” Sylana couldn’t help but moan, the pent up rollercoaster of feelings was being coaxed out one pump at a time by his firm fingering, and the only thing she was regretting was the fact that the tacticians couch was gonna have one hell of a set of stains when they were done. Tibarn’s fingers slipped away, his hands returning to her waist as Sylana let out a hot huff of pleasured air as she felt his cock finally tease at her pussy. His hands returned to her shoulders, pressing the kitty down into the couch as he stuffed her up with a grunt, accompanied by her low moan.

‘Uwaaaah~” tight, slimy and all too close to cumming: Sylana felt his cock stir her up with each powerful push, her legs curling just like her toes as she moaned hard into the cushion. “Huuuh~ aaah..~” her tongue gently lapped out of her mouth, a wet spot of saliva next to her mouth as Tibarn pumped into her with a force worthy of the effort taken to catch her. She grasped at the cushions, squeaking and moaning uncontrollably to his thick plowing before finally climaxing with a high squeal.

“Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaah~” she gripped him tight, begging him to cum inside her, to fill her up and make her his… but the primal thoughts subsided along with her breath as he pulled away, letting her cum to her hearts content as she collapsed over the armrest with a deep and satisfied “haaaaaa~” her occasional twitch made him smirk, almost as much as the fact that she didn’t even seem the least bit concerned that they would have to explain the chase and mess that they had left.

Sylana caught her gasping breath in between orgasmic aftershocks, her powerful toned legs now felt like pudding as she tried to reign in her brain from the numbing climax she had endured. Her eyes focused again, watching the smirking Tibarn who was eying her well… like a hawk.

“So…” she said with a gulp, watching the hawk king’s eyes for that telltale shimmer. “Rematch?”