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Maid in Love

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3rd's POV  


- EH?! - 

"Wait, so you're telling me..." Riko stared at their blushing phantom with dumbfounded eyes. "You're gonna be a maid for your class during this festival week?" Kuroko just nodded while blushing, looking away from Riko's shock face. 


"EHHHHH?!?" Riko screamed loudly making Kuroko flinch and covered his coach's mouth with his hands. "Kantoku, please be quiet," Kuroko said softly, trying hide his blushing face by looking away. 


"Demo nande?" Riko asked softly, trying not to embarrass their blue phantom any longer. "Apparently, we lack maids so I got the most votes" Kuroko rubbed the middle of his nose as he sighed deeply. "Im surprised that you're chosen to be a maid but what's more surprising is that, they noticed that you're there!" 


Kuroko sighed once more and looked at Riko with his blushing face which made Riko shock. This is the first time Riko has seen Kuroko like this, he is always putting up with that blank face of his all the time. She hardly—wait no, she NEVER sees Kuroko's face like this so it's pretty new to her. 


"Our class representative looked at the attendance sheet and saw my name so she asked who Kuroko Tetsuya is and I raised my hand and of course, they got scared because of my weak presence, they hardly notice me." Riko laughed a bit, remembering how she first met Kuroko at the court. 


"Our class representative examine me from top to bottom and then she came with the conclusion of making me part of the people that can be a maid. I even asked why and she gave me a long and informative comment about my looks and it creeped me out." Kuroko started to shiver in fear when he remembered how the class representative described his features and looks. 


"The whole class were amused with her explanation so they all voted for me to be the maid," Riko was still trying to process with situation with Kuroko and not to mention, the week of their festival is the week, some schools will be going to Seirin for a training session. 


"So Kagami-kun knows about this?" Kuroko shook his head vigorously making Riko's eyes widen in shock. "Eh? Dōeshite?" Kuroko played with his uniform as he stared at the ground. 


"Kagami-kun wasn't present when they voted me as maid and I also told them to not spread the fact that a guy will crossdress as a maid especially to the basketball team because I don't want to get teased" Kuroko nibbled his lower lip in embarrassment, wanting to sink to the ground already. 


"Chotto! Why was Kagami-kun not in the classroom?" Riko asked, looking angry a bit after she heard her baka of a student is not participating in class. "Well," Kuroko started to look up as he pictured the scenario from a while ago. 


"Kagami-kun was caught sleeping in one of the class's lectures so he was told to go to the teacher's office," Riko nodded understandingly as she sighed deeply. She crossed her arms and leaned against the wall "Demo, why did you tell me this?" 


Kuroko sighed as he looked straight to his coach with his blushing face. "One, to ask permission if I could excuse myself from both the training sessions from school and practice today and so on." Riko's body stopped moving as her eye twitched in anger. She angrily grabbed Kuroko's head and placed her fist in the air, ready to punch.


"YOU FRESHMENS ARE SERIOUSLY ASKING FOR IT, EH?" Riko's eyes were radiating the word 'annoyance' and 'anger' when she heard the first reason. "Itai, Kantoku" Kuroko kept his blank face in the line but his voice was screaming in pain. 


"Wait, let me explain! The girls wants me to do dress fitting for the maid outfits! They will also teach me the ways of being a waitress also!" Riko's eyes harden as she gripped Kuroko's head even tighter as she glared down. 




"Kantoku! Itai! My head!" Riko's eyes soften when she heard the voice of pain from the phantom. She immediately let go of his head and looked at him with her worried eyes. She didn't hesitate to bend down to check her player's head. 


"D-Daijōbu?" Riko stuttered, showing her worry to the blue phantom. "Hai," Kuroko softly said as she let out a sigh of relief. Kuroko coughed for a while to clear out his throat before continuing to speak. 


"For my second reason, I need you to make sure that the team and the other teams doesn't know about my situation." Kuroko begged pleadingly, not wanting to suffer from the teasings of his team mates and ex team mates. 


"Hmm, now that you mentioned it! Tōō, Kaijō, Shūtoku, Yōsen, and Rakuzan will be participating in our training session. It's actually surprising that they agreed in the same date our festival week will be held! It was hard convincing the principal to let the basketball players not participate with this festival this year because of this training session." Kuroko wanted to sank down in embarrassment. 


Kuroko knew that the coach had a hard time convincing the principal to let the training session be here and surprisingly, he agreed but when Riko told them that they agreed that the practice session will be during our festival week, that angered the principal and almost postponed it. 


But thanks to Riko's determination and Hyūga Senpai's persuasion skills, the principal finally gave in and told them to let them continue. Kuroko was so embarrassed by the fact his coach had to go through that trouble for the training session to happen yet he is here, telling his coach he can't make it. 


"Gomen'nasai" Kuroko bowed down apologetically making Riko sighed and placed her hand on his shoulder. "Don't apologize! I promise to not let the team and others know about this because I can honestly feel your embarrassment." Kuroko smiled softly at his understanding coach. 


"Arigatō, Kantoku!" Riko smiled at the phantom and scratched the back of her head. "Well, is that all of your reasons why you wanted to tell me?" Riko was taken back when she saw the phantom blushing. 


"If you don't mind," Riko was confused but curious enough to hear the other reason from the Phantom. "I wish to rant this bullshit with you. It's annoying to see the whole class into this when Im being dragged to their stupidity" Riko's eyes widen but soon, she immediately emitted a laughter. 


Kuroko blushed at his third reason but was surprised when he felt a heavy weight from his side and an arm around his shoulders. "I don't mind but!!!!" Kuroko gulped when he saw the teasing grin on his coach's face.


"While you're ranting! I might as well do some teasing!" Kuroko blushed as he pushed his laughing coach to the side. "Kantoku!" Kuroko blushed heavily as he started to walk away from the laughing Riko. 


"CHOTTOMATTE!!!" Riko laughed as she gripped the strap of her bag as she caught up with the shy Kuroko. "Ne! Ne! Ne! I wonder how cute you will be when you wear the maid uniform! OH! What about the make up! The hair? OMG! Im actually dying to see the reaction of our team and others!" 


"KANTOKU!" Kuroko yelled in embarrassment. 



"Aree? Kuroko's not here again?" Kagami asked, looking for his shadow. "Maybe he is here? We just don't sense him! He does have a weak presence!" Koganei said while practicing some shootings with Mitobe, who is collecting the balls that Koganei is shooting. 


"Now that you have mentioned it, Kuroko didn't attend the practice last 2 days ago. "Izuki said as he wiped the sweat from his body. "It is weird! For someone who loves basketball! Kuroko never skips practice no matter how brutal the training can be." Kiyoshi drank all of his water in one gulp. 


"Don't let Kantoku hear you! Or you will be scolded!" Izuki laughed as he threw a towel to Kiyoshi to wipe the sweat. "Arigatō, Izuki!" Kiyoshi let out a smile as he wiped the sweat dripping from his forehead. 


"But it's so weird! He's been missing practice for the last 2 days! Heck! I don't even see him in the classroom! I only see him during breaks but he would usually say that he is busy!" Izuki and Kiyoshi looked at Kagami with a teasing grin.


"Oh? Oh? Oh? Are you missing your shadow, Kagami?" Izuki let out a teasing smirk as he elbowed Kagami at his side. "EH?" Kagami let out a surprised gasp from his senpai's words. 


"Ne! Ne! Ne! Kagami! I don't mind you having a relationship with Kuroko but! No PDA during practice! I don't want to feel single!" Kiyoshi ended his words with a sad tone and puppy eyes.


"YOU TOO, SENPAI?" Kagami blushed heavily. 


"OI! Help Mitobe with the balls!" Their club's captain, Hyūga, shouted from across the court. "Eh? Captain! You're not even helping Mitobe yourself!" Kawahara suddenly said and that's when the atmosphere suddenly changed when they saw the black aura around Hyūga. 


"You—" Hyūga didn't even finish his sentence when he was suddenly hit by Riko with a board, they use in games to help with positioning. "Eh? Riko?" Hyūga rubbed the back of his head specifically where Riko hit his head. 


Riko sighed deeply as she crossed her arms. "Kuroko won't be participating this training session." The whole team went silent when they heard the sudden news from their coach. 


"EHHHHHH?" The whole team exclaimed loudly.


"EH? Kantoku! Nande?" Tsuchidna asked loudly making Riko sigh, she already expected the reaction. "AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN TELL US?" Kagami rushed forward, not believing his coach's words. 


"Well—Kuroko skipping practice? That's something new! But like, that's so weird! He never skips practice!" Riko was interrupted by Furihata who is still confuse with the weird act of their phantom.


"Let me—Yeah! I don't get it! Kagami! You tell me that he is participating in class! Why can't he participate here?" Koganei asked and Riko's patient is gonna be out soon if they keep interrupting her.


"Liste—IF THAT BRAT ACTUALLY STARTS BEING LAZY TO ATTEND PRACTICE! IMMA GONNA DISCIPLINE THE SHIT OUT OF HIM!" Hyūga cracked his fist, ready to discipline their phantom if that is the reason of his absence. 


"Hyūga! Calm down—OI! INTERRUPT ME ONE MORE TIME AND IM GONNA MAKE YOU RUN 50 LAPS AROUND THE DAMN SCHOOL!" Everyone's body stiffened as they straighten their body and sweat started to form in their foreheads when they saw their glaring coach. 


Riko took a deep breathe before speaking "I've been trying to tell you that you that he is not gonna participate but you guys keep interrupting me and leaving as soon as we end practice! So how could I tell you!" 


"YOU COULDN'T HAVE TEXTED US IN OUR BASKETBALL GC!" Hyūga pointed out making Riko's eyes widen. "Righttttt!!! We have a basketball gc!!!" Everyone looked at Riko with dumbfounded eyes.


"ARE YOU BEING DORY FROM FINDING NEMO RIGHT NOW?" All of them were thinking of the same thing as their coach punched her own head lightly. "Teehee!" She said, looking all cute. "DON'T JUST TEEHEE US!" Kagami shouted making Riko roll her eyes. 


"Minna!" She called out as she dropped her bag to the ground. "As you all know, schools will be staying here in Seirin for a training session! You will meet them in the school entrance and bring them here so we can check attendance! Next, you will show them to the place where they will be staying then they may start changing! After! You go straight here, am I clear?" 


"HAI, MA'AM!" They all exclaimed as they all ran to the school entrance. Riko slowly walked to the exit of the gym to see of they are really gone. She sighed in relief as she ran back to her bag and texted Kuroko a message. 


Demon Coach  

Kuroko! I left my attendance sheet on my desk! Can you get it for me? Don't worry about the team and whatsoever! I told them to meet the others in the school entrance and I highly doubt they are not here! It's still pretty early!


Vanilla Phantom 

Kantoku, you should seriously stop forgetting things but okay, I'll get your attendance sheet and that's because your classmate actually handed it over to me while I was changing. Are you positive that they are gone?


Riko grinned at her phone when she read that Kuroko is done changing to his maid outfit for the school's festival. This is gonna be fun, at least to her since she is the one teasing. 


Demon Coach 

OOOOO! You're in your maid outfit? Hurry up! I wanna see my phantom baby in his maid outfit! 


Vanilla Phantom

Kantoku! Stop teasing!!! As soon as I gave the attendance sheet, Im leaving immediately! I don't want them to see me in this state! 


Demon Coach

Hai! Hai! Now get your disappearing ass over here before they come back! 


Riko laughed at her phone when she could imagine the blushing and shy Kuroko. It's been days since Kuroko told her about his situation for being a maid and she's been teasing him all the time about it so she was able to see Kuroko's blushing face and it amused her so much. 


Riko sighed as she brought her phone closer to her lips and let out a small laugh. "Gomen'nasai, Minna! You weren't really suppose to pick up everyone from the entrance. I just said that so you will all leave and Kuroko can come here and give me the attendance sheet." 


Riko let out a small chuckle, trying to imagine how the phantom will look like in a maid outfit. Kuroko is honestly mysterious, we can't even tell what he is thinking even Seijūrō Akashi, captain of Rakuzan, can't even tell what Kuroko is thinking even with his famous emperor eye. 


So seeing Kuroko like this excites the inner fangirl in her and it's honestly amusing seeing Kuroko like this. All he has ever shown is his blank and straightforward face. He sure sometimes gets mad and is often smiling now but shy Kuroko? That's fucking new.


Its a good thing they are coming late! Riko grinned teasingly as she thought of ways on how to tease Kuroko with his maid outfit! "Hehehehe! This is gonna be so fun! Im so glad I send them out! Heck! Im gonna be happy if they are late!" Riko grinned happily like a fangirl as she can feel the flowers falling at her back. 

















"OI AOMINE! You fucking cheated, jackass!" 


Riko's body stiffen when she heard the voice of the loud Kagami not far away from the gymnasium. "EH? Why the fuck are they so early?" Riko panicked when she can hear the more voices coming closer to the gym. 


"I didn't fucking cheat! Im just faster than you, Bakagami!" 


Riko's body started to sweat when she saw the 2 aces from Seirin and Tōō fighting at the entrance of the gym. "Kuso! They are here!" Riko bit her lower lip in the sudden tension she is feeling when she keeps seeing the teams coming inside the gymnasium. 


"The gym is pretty big!" Aomine said, impressed with the gym making Kagami look at him with a annoyed face. "The fuck is that suppose to mean!" Kagami growled in annoyance as Aomine just grinned evilly which annoyed Kagami even more. 


"WHY YOU—" Kagami didn't even finish talking when he was suddenly hit in the head by Hyūga while Aomine was hit in the head by Wakamatsu. "URUSAI!" Both Hyūga and Wakamatsu said in unison, scolding their aces. Kagami being Kagami, just listened to his senpai while Aomine didn't care of the angry Wakamatsu. 


"Ehhh? It's so loud in here, Muro-chin" Murasakibara whined as he continued to eat his chips. "Atsushi, we already agreed into coming here!" Tatsuya smiled at the big baby who continued to sulk while eating his chips. 


"Murasakibara! Give me some of your chips!" Okamura, Yosen's basketball captain, asked the Yosen's center for food, getting hungry already. "Shine," Was all Murasakibara has to say to his captain while holding the food closely to him as if it's the last thing he is gonna hold. 


"Eh?" Okamura looked at him confusingly but it's obvious he is scared at the purple center especially since he is producing a scary aura when he just asked for food from Murasakibara.


Tatsuya smiled and placed his hand on his partner's arm and looked at the Captain. "He gets angry when someone asks for food, remember Captain?" Tatsuya tried his best to calm down their center, who is now scaring the shit out of their captain. 


"So this is Seirin," Midormia pushed his glasses back to his eyes. "Ehhh? Shin-chan, you said you weren't interested with Seirin! Look at you now!" Takao grinned teasingly at his tsundere team mate. "Urusai, Takao. Don't make up such stories," 


"You're such a tsundere, Shin-chan! Although, it makes it even more fun to tease you!" Takao cockily said as he placed his hands behind his head, annoying the green tsundere. "Urusai, Takao" Midormia pushed his glasses back to his eyes. 


Meanwhile with Riko....

"DVIEBEKWBWKS KUROKO! WHY AREN'T YOU ANSWERING?!?" Riko is panicking inside but on the outside she remained calm, not wanting to receive weird stares from both her team and the visitor teams. 


"Kuroko! At least see the message, damn it!" Riko said quietly, not wanting to let the others here so she decided to send another text message to Kuroko. This is actually the 50th message she send to Kuroko, trying to warn him not to come here. 


Demon Coach 



"Riko-san?" Riko let out a loud squeak when she suddenly heard her name from a deep husky voice of a familiar person. She turned to her side to meet the captain of Rakuzan High, Seijūrō Akashi, in the flesh. 


"A-Akashi-kun!" Riko stuttered a bit when she finally gets to be close with THE Seijūrō Akashi in the flesh but thankfully, this is not his second personality. Through out the months, Akashi has been handling his other personality really well! Even doctors are surprised to see that he isn't breaking or anything. 


"May I ask if you're okay? You've been pretty occupied, Riko-san" Riko knew that she needs to calm down because Akashi is known to be good at reading people so if she lets her guard down then they will know about Kuroko. 


"Well—EHHH? WHERE'S KUROKOCCHI?" Riko was interrupted by the loud voice of the one and only copycat of Kaijō High, Kise Ryōta. "URUSAI, BOKE!" Yukio kicked his team mate at the back. 


"Itai, senpai!" Kise whined as he rubbed his back. 


Yukio sighed as he placed his hands on his hips, gazing his eyes to the crowd searching for a certain phantom. "Kagami!" Yukio yelled for Seirin's ace. "What's up?" Yukio looked around once more and crossed his arms. 


"Where is that shadow of yours? He does have a weak presence but then, I don't see him anywhere." Yukio asked, not believing that the phantom is not here. "SEE! KAGAMICCHI! Where is Kurokocchi!!! I wanna see him!!!" 


"Urusai, Kise! You could see he is not here!" Aomine rubbed the back of his head, getting annoyed at the loud blondie. "Hmph! How do you even know that?" Kise sulked at Tōō's Ace who just grinned at the blondie evilly.


"Duh, Im his light so it's obvious I would know if he's here or not." Kagami glared at his rival ace and walked towards to him. "You're his EX light! Im his light now!" Aomine growled at this, obviously jealous by the fact that Tetsu is not his shadow anymore. 


"Shut the fuck up, Bakagami" Aomine growled as he grabbed Kagami by the collar, wresting him down to the ground. "O-Oi! S-Stop fighting you two!" Kise tried to stop the fight but it was no use, it's the battle between the lights. 


"What utterly nonsense" Midormia sighed deeply as he crossed his arms while watching both acee tackle each other in the ground. "Demo, Kuro-chin skipping practice? I can't see" Murasakibara opened a pack of Maiubo.


"Hmm, I suppose you are right. It's hard to believe to think of Kuroko skipping practice especially in basketball." Midormia pushed his glasses back to his eyes as he hears the loud crunching noises from the food lover. 


"Riko-san, do you mind if I ask where indeed is Kuroko?" Riko started to sweat badly when she stares deeply into Akashi's eyes. It's not his second personality that Riko is meeting, it's just that even with out his emperor eye, Akashi is still very intimidating. 


Meanwhile with Kuroko....

Kuroko sighed when he felt his phone vibrating again "Im coming, Kantoku! You don't have to send me another message!" Kuroko sighed as he continued to walk tp the gymnasium with the Attendance sheet on his hand. 


It's pretty embarrassing for him to wear the maid outfit out in the open but he was really thankful that there's is not that many people in this area since they are focusing more in the interior part of the school. The outside activities are gonna be later at night. 


Kuroko then felt another vibrate from his phone which got him irritated and clutched the attendance sheet in annoyance. "I think this is the first time Im getting mad at Kantoku," Kuroko's eye started to twitch in annoyance as he continued to keep walking to the gymnasium. 


Kuroko soon remembered his appearance when he tried the maid outfit, his classmates were kind enough to bring a mirror for him when he was changing. Kuroko refused to change in the restroom so his classmates created a vacant space for him to dress up.

Kuroko has to admit but he doesn't look as bad as he thought he would be. His white porcelain skin goes well with the black and white cloth of the outfit and his white headband goes well with his blue hair. His arms may show muscles due to the workouts in basketball but the sleeves is making his arms look small. 


Kuroko never noticed but he never knew that he had hips and a small waist. Not to mention, his thighs were big making his hips stand out even more. Kuroko sighed knowing he probably got his body figure and looks from his mother. He even inherited the low presence from his mother!


Speaking of looks, Kuroko also noticed how fragile-looking his face is. Despite his muscle figure, his face is basically such a baby face. He will admit, his face lowkey screams submissive bottom especially at this point. 


Let's not forget his ass! Kuroko didn't notice on how his ass looks really plump and big. Kuroko doesn't pay attention to his body too much so this was a surprising discovery for him. Kuroko shivered a bit when he felt the cold air hit his legs. 


"Gosh, are maid outfits suppose to be this short? Kuroko shivered as he held his skirt down and started to walk even more to the gymnasium. "I really hope they won't see me! I don't want to get teased" Kuroko sighed as he gripped the door to the gymnasium. 


"Kantoku, here's your—" As soon as he slid the door to the side, he immediately froze when he noticed the gymnasium pack full of basketball players. Kagami and Aomine were the first people that noticed the mysterious person that entered the gymnasium. 


Followed by Kise, who was stunned by her beauty. He never seen such a fellow maiden like this beauty. Aomine and Kagami were thinking of the same thing. Although Kagami is trying to think whether or not has he seen this maiden before. 


"Holy shit, she's flat but damn, what a hottie" Aomine thought as his pervert side begun to activate as he examine from top to bottom. "Why does she look familiar?" Kagami thought, trying to use every brain cell he has to remember.


"W-Woah! This is the prettiest maiden I have ever seen! Even prettier than my ex girlfriends'!" Kise thought as he eyed the beautiful girl infront of his eyes. 


Midormia won't lie but he was stunned by the maiden's beauty, he blushed lightly as he looked away. Akashi was the same, he was wondering why he is stunned by this girl. Akashi is never really fond of girls, he has met prettier girls in parties and more but this girl just caught his attention. 


"In certain angles, she does have the looks" Midormia thought shyly, still putting up with his Tsundere attitude. Akashi's heart skipped a beat when he saw the fair maiden "Eh? Why does this feel different yet so familiar? Do I know her?" 


"Eh? Kuro-chin?" Kuroko was surprised when Murasakibara noticed him. Everyone looked at Murasakibara with a shocked face and Murasakibara didn't careless about the stares around him, all he care is his Maiubo and Kuroko who is still so shocked with the situation. 


"EH? REPEAT THAT, MURASAKIBARA?" Aomine vigorously asked, pushing Kagami to the side first. "Eh? You can't see? It's Kuro-chin" Murasakibara took a bite of his Maiubo and his gaze continued to examine Kuroko's body. 


"EEEEEHHHH? KUROKOCCHI?!?" Kise's loud voice dominated the entire gymnasium. Even Midormia was lost at words when he realized that it is Kuroko infront of them. Kuroko was too stunned with the situation, many eyes were staring at him! HIM IN A MAID COSTUME! Fuck! This is so fucking embarrassing.


"M-Minna..." Kuroko stuttered making everyone's eyes went wide especially the Generations of Miracles plus Kagami. Kuroko turned his gaze to his coach who is beside Akashi who is staring at his soul deeply and that made Kuroko so fucking weak. 


"I texted you several times" Riko mouthed at Kuroko and boy, he wanted to go back to time and check Riko's messages so badly. Fuck! Now they know! HEIEBWOHWKDBWKS! Here Kuroko thought, he will pass the festival with flying colors without them knowing! Oh my kamisama, Kuroko is so getting teased.


"Woah, that's the Kuroko Tetsuya?"


"Damm, I never thought I would see the Phantom in a maid outfit" 


"Holy shit, for a second I thought he was a girl!" 


"Even he has better firgures than the girls in school!" 


Kuroko blushed heavily when he hears comments about how good he looks in the maid costume! Even from his team mates! Not gonna lie, Kuroko feels relief that they didn't see this disgusting but he was shocked on how they are all complimenting him and it made him so shy. 


"Kuroko?" Akashi was dumbfounded with the situation but all he knew is that, he is seeing his ex team mate in a maid costume and from this angle, his ass looks so fucking juicy. Akashi could feel himself hardening at the delicious sight of his vulnerable body and not to mention, his fucking plump ass. 


Kuroko was too pressured with the situation so he moved the attendance sheet further away from him, using his misdirection, he did his famous Vanishing Drive to disappear from their sight.


"EH? DID HE JUST USE HIS VANISHING DRIVE TO ESCAPE?" Aomine was able to snap back to reality when he noticed that his ex light is gone but the attendance sheet is at the floor. 


"Fuck, I never knew how kawaii boys can be in a maid outfit," Kise cursed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "I think it's only Kuroko that looks cute," Kagami blushed and covered the bottom part of his face, still can't believe he gets to see his light in that state. 


"I refuse to believe that was Kuroko," Midormia blushed lightly and Takao being Takao didn't waste such an opportunity to tease his team mate. "Ehh? Shin-chan! You're blushing! This is so new! Holy shit! I need my camera!" 


Midormia's eye twitched in annoyance "Urusai, Takao" 


"OH! OH! OH! Kuroko in a maid outfit! I GOTTA SEE THIS! IM SO LUCKY TO KNOW HIS CLASS! Ne! Kagami! You're in the same class as him, right? Did you know?" Koganei asked and Kagami shook his head, surprising everyone in the court but not Riko since she knew and she knew she fucked up real bad.


"All I know, my class is doing a maid cafe! Thats all I know!" Kagami explained, trying to get everyone believe him since he didn't really know. "Maid cafe, Taiga?" Everyone shivered at that tone, they already knew that it's Akashi's other personality. 


"Our festival week happens to be held in the same week of our training session! The basketball players are fine not participating but I never knew about Kuroko's situation," Izuki explained as he stared at the door where Kuroko both entered exited.


"I am never interested with these kind of stuffs but after seeing Kuroko! Its getting me curious!" Kiyoshi said, being the honest center he is. "Exactly! Let's go check it out!" Koganei dragged Mitobe outside who is now panicking, knowing what Riko may do. 


"I agree with Mr. Cat here! Wanna go, Shin-Chan?" Takao asked his Tsundere friend who is looking away with a blush on his face. "Why would I even go?" Midormia is seriously the definition of Tsundere here. 


"Ja! Let's—" Koganei didn't even finished when he was suddenly hit by Riko with her paper fan. "Itai!" Koganei said in pain as Mitobe stared at the demon coach above them. "Oi, Gaki," Riko's eye twitch in anger when she witnessed her own team leaving the gymnasium. 


"K-Kantoku" Koganei stuttered in fear. 


"You damn swines had the audacity to leave the gymnasium in the first day, eh?" Riko's slapped her paper fan at the palm of her hand as the dark aura soon to form around her.


The Seirin members begun to panic when they saw their coach in her demon mode while the others watched in amusement. Who would have thought that they would witness Seirin's coach in her demon form and it honestly scared them even Akashi feels intimidated.


"50 laps for everyone" Riko smiled evilly as she slapped her paper fan down to her palm hard as a sign to get started. "E-Eh? Even us, Riko-san?" Kise stuttered a bit in fear, witnessing the demon coach of Seirin. 


"Hai! Do you have a problem, copycat?" Kaijō didn't know if they should feel intimidated or laugh at that comeback. Kise was too scared to even answer the question. This intimidation is almost like Akashi's but Riko. 


"Who are you tell us what to do?" Wei Liu, the small forward of Yōsen High, asked the demon coach. "EEEK!!!" All of Seirin said in unison as they stared at Liu with pleading eyes to listen to the coach which left him confuse but him being the apathetic he is, he didn't care. 


Boi, he actually wished he cared from that moment. 


"Ah, you question my methods? Well then," Riko slammed her paper fan at the wall, making the wall shake a bit and it left a huge mark but it's a good thing it didn't break the wall. 


"Would you like me to show you my other methods?" Riko smiled, that smile can kill anyone at this moment. Liu is obviously intimidated and is fucking scared already so he backed up, scared with Seirin's coach. 


"Now, does anyone want to question my methods?" 


Everyone shook their heads even the Generations of Miracles were petrified while the coaches of each team stared at Seirin's coach with such amusement. Handling their teams were hard since they have players that has some different kind of aura that scared them a bit but Seirin's coach was different. 


"What about our dorms? Are you gonna show us first?" Aomine asked and everyone looked at Aomine with pleading eyes to shut up so they won't go anymore trouble. Murasakibara even stopped eating due to the scary tension while Midormia didn't even want to be part of this scary tension. Akashi was amused with Seirin's coach, she indeed is in another level. 


"I think Im changing 50 laps to 100 laps" 


"YOSH! LETS GO EVERYONE!" Hyūga gathered up his team so they could start running 50 laps so they won't anger their coach even more. Actually wait, everyone started to follow Riko's orders and it even made the coaches in each team watched in amusement. 


"So, are we just gonna ignore the fact Kuroko's in a maid outfit?" Aomine just had to ruin the atmosphere, am I right? Riko's eye twitched in annoyance not because of the talking but the fact that they are bringing Kuroko back to the conversation. She feels bad for Kuroko because after this, she thinks everything will not be the same as before especially since they all witnessed him in that state. 


"I changed my mind. Make this 100 laps" Riko blowed her whistle for them to start and it made everyone glare at Aomine with so much anger. He even made the coach even more angrier.