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Behind the scene

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Seon Ho's heart was beating erratically. He was all smiles and joking around making him look cheerful and composed. Yet inside he was a ball of nervous wreck waiting to crack anytime. Who wouldn't be? When you're about to kiss someone in front of people who want to capture it forever so that thousands or even millions of others more will see it on TV?

He didn't have any problems kissing his onscreen and theater partners before. Well, yes, he did feel nervous but there wasn’t any lingering awkwardness as he treated them all as professional act. This one is a first. It’s getting him all jittery and anxious. He knows there's something different, something that wants to be defined but he is purposely ignoring it. Is it because he doesn’t want to be distracted? Or is because he is scared of knowing what possibly he already knows from the start?

The melodious laughter of his leading lady, Geun Young, diverted his conflicted thoughts to her beautiful face. Sitting very closely beside him, she was giggling uncontrollably at joke he just said. "That was funny, Oppa! You're really good in adlibs!"

Warmth crept up his ears. Her compliment made him want to tell her all the jokes that he can invent just so that he can hear her cute giggling all day.

"I wish I'm as good as you are!" She gently pats his arms. Her hand then suddenly slides down his thigh unconsciously patting it too.

He felt his breath stop and his tummy somersaulting from her feather like touch. "No, really! You're really good!" Geun Young reiterated. Mistaking his silence as not believing her compliments.

Seon Ho tries to cover his blushing cheeks with an innocent poker face. "…Ah, really?" He pretends to puff out his chest proudly. "Adlib is my middle name, that's why."

She breathlessly giggles at his witty response, while she tucks a hair in her ear. His eyes gravitated to her face. An image of him stroking her soft hair then touching her cheeks flickers in his mind. He flexes his hand, trying to stop the itch to make his thoughts in to reality. She looks back him with smiling and inviting doe eyes, as if tempting him to give in. He gives her a nervous bedimpled smile in return.

“... EVERYONE!" The directors voice boomed, cutting his daydream short. "We'll be shooting in five minutes. Be ready!"

Geun Young was still giggling and saying something but he wasn’t able to hear it anymore. Everyone was noisily moving around. Someone called his name. He turned to his left and surprised to see a camera zoomed in at his face. He shyly smiles at it, fervently hoping his face doesn't show any trace of his haywire thoughts and feelings.

-- END --