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Dreams in Summer Night

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It’s been a long eight hours and just like that, the weekend has begun.  


Jeno grows impatient as he looks at the clock in his classroom, tapping his foot anxiously on the floor. Geez, when are they dismissing the students to go home?


Of course Jeno isn’t usually in a rush to dismiss his students any other day, but tonight was the annual faculty staff dinner at the finest 5-star restaurant their principal had rented out for them and Jeno would be damned if showed up wearing his tackiest outfit. 


Because not only would tonight be the greatest opportunity to get to know his co-workers, but it’s also the perfect time to look his best in front of Na Jaemin, the one who radiates sunshine and pretty flowers. 


After suffering a whole lot of mental stress that came in the form of a young omega woman who controls his every movement and life, Jeno deserves to spend the end of his horrible week with the man that can make him smile just by their presence. 


Jeno has his class lined up ready to head outside and just like him they were also excited to spend their weekend at home. While he waited outside the hall, Jeno failed to notice the gloomy look on Jisung’s face at the end of his line. 


“Why do you always spend the night at Chenle’s house? Are you guys dating?” Yangyang pokes Jisung’s cheek, making the rest of the other kids laugh. 


Jisung bites the inside of his cheeks, his hands clenching around the straps of his backpack as he tries to hold in his tears. 


Yangyang gets close to his face with a snarky smile. “What’s wrong? Is your alpha dad working?” The little boy stops, he gasps sarcastically as he looks around to his friends behind him. “Oh no, I forgot.” Yangyang flicks Jisung’s forehead. “You don’t have an alpha dad.” He snorts, causing the rest of his little groupie to snicker along. 


Jisung glances up for a second, noticing Mr.Lee in his own little world talking to the other kids who were in the front of the line. 


“Why do you always pick on me?” Jisung looks away, casting his gaze to the ground. 


“Because I hate useless people like you.” Yangyang pushes Jisung, but thankfully Jisung was able to balance himself. “Male omegas are so useless.” He pushes him once more causing Jisung to fall on the floor. Everyone laughs. 


Jeno stops to look over at the loud commotion at the end of his line, furrowing his brows when he sees Jisung struggling to get up. 


“Hey! What are you boys doing over there?” Jeno shouts, making the group of five boys turn to face a pair of piercing, intimidating eyes. 


“Nothing Mr.Lee! We were just playing and Sungie fell.” Yangyang explains in his small voice, everyone in that class knew Mr.Lee could get scary when he’s upset. 


Jisung stands up, his eyes still glued on the floor as he dusts himself off. Yangyang goes over and wraps an arm around Jisung’s shoulders, pulling him close to him as if they were best friends. Jisung trembles under his touch. 


Jeno stares at the two boys, he wasn’t fully convinced but seeing Yangyang pinch his cheeks making Jisung smile had Jeno feeling relieved. 


“I don’t want to see you guys horse playing in my classroom again.” Jeno says strictly. “Now get in line and face the front.” The boys quickly got in line, straightening themselves to face the front, all but one boy who slowly walked at the end of the line with a sad look. 


Maybe he was tired, Jeno thought. 


The school bell rings right after and the kids were all being dismissed to their designation. Jisung’s eyes beam the moment he sees his daddy, Jaemin outside his classroom after the students had left. “Daddy!” He runs to Jaemin with open arms to hug around his waist. 


“Hey baby! How was class?” Jaemin asks, ruffling Jisung’s hair. 


Jeno sees Jisung shrug, which had Jaemin pouting sadly. Jaemin then glances to look at Jeno who was waiting patiently, Jeno also shrugs. 


Jaemin rolls his eyes before giving Jisung a smooch on the cheek. “Well you are going to have a great weekend with Chenle, I heard Ten wants to take y’all to the movies tonight.” Jaemin gasps while Jisung’s eyes widen surprisingly. 


“Really? Are they picking me up right now?” Jisung jumps excitedly, he’s always loved going to Chenle’s place. 


Jaemin nods, patting Jisung’s butt. “Yes, which means we need to go home and pack your backpack so you can go!” And without a second thought, Jisung ran to the front office. 


Jeno was smiling fondly at the two boys, but was then quickly wiped off when he saw Jaemin’s cold eyes and crossed arms. 


“Something happened in the classroom with Jisung.” Jaemin says flatly and Jeno is taken back. 


“What? What do you mean?” 


Jaemin sighs, looking back at Jisung who was happily skipping in the hallway to get to the front. “Because a parent just knows, Jeno.” He gets closer to Jeno. “He usually tells me everything that goes on in the class, but when something happens he keeps it to himself.” Jaemin explains that Jeno felt like the shittiest person in the world. 


Jeno does nothing except give the omega a slow blink, how else was Jeno to explain that not only he failed to be a father but also failed as a teacher. 


“It’s fine…” Jaemin lets out a deep sigh. “I know you’re not allowed to give one student the special treatment, but Jisung is all that I have…” The omega stares into Jeno’s eyes, and if Jeno could, he would love to spend his day getting lost in them. “Just pay attention to him a little bit more for me.” He smiles, giving Jeno a soft pat on his bicep. 


“Of course, I’m sorry.” The older finally speaks, rubbing a soothing hand on Jaemin’s shoulder. 


Jaemin changes the subject rather quickly with a slap on Jeno’s bicep and a smile. “So, what time will you be there?” The omega asks, struggling to keep the straps of his tote bag stay on his shoulder. 


Jeno smoothly takes hold of the tote bag from Jaemin’s shoulder and carries it in his arms. A shy smile creeped on Jaemin’s face. “I was thinking if we went together.” Jeno suggests as he walks side by side with Jaemin. 


Jaemin tilts his head cutely. “Well…” Jaemin ponders for a bit before answering. “Remember how I mentioned I usually go with Renjun?” 


The alpha nods. “Yeah, the art teacher.” 


The omega beams brightly. “Yes! Well we are going together, I’m his ride.” He answers with a soft smile and fluttering lashes, Jeno wanted to just kiss him right there and then. 


“How about I take you guys?” 


They were now standing in front of the front office with Jisung staring at the both of them with bright eyes. 


Jaemin smirks at him playfully, reaching out to fix the collar on Jeno’s button up. “What am I going to do with alphas like you?” He teases, dusting off the small specks of lint on his shirt before letting go. “You guys always want to impress someone.” 


Jeno looks down chuckling, well he wasn’t lying. “What am I going to do with omegas like you then?” He answers back. “Especially the pretty ones with long lashes and cute smile.” The alpha whispers, his gaze on Jaemin was nothing but pure admiration. 


The omega blinks slowly at Jeno’s sudden flirty comment, his cheeks burning the longer he stares at the alpha. “Are you even allowed to say that?” He laughs nervously. 


“I’m not sure.” 


Jaemin rolls his eyes sassily, hitting Jeno’s chest before snatching his tote bag away from him. “Alright Mr.Lee, I’ll let you think about that one, in the meantime I’m going home to get ready.” He smiles, signaling Jisung to get ready. 


Jeno stays still as he watches Jaemin walk away with an overly excited Jisung next to him. He shakes his head as he remembers his question that was left unanswered. 


“Wait!” Jeno shouts, and both Jaemin and Jisung look at the alpha confusingly. “You didn’t answer my question.” 


The omega shakes his head with a smile. “Meet me at my place at 7, Mr.Lee.” He answers, taking hold of Jisung's small hand. “No later than that or else I’m leaving without you.” He threatens cutely. 


Jeno smiles triumphantly, watching Jaemin leave for his car. Once they were out of sight, Jeno does a fist in the air as celebration, smiling and giggling to himself not realizing there were still some staff members around, he quickly apologizes and walks away with a flushed face. 

“You’re on time.” 


“I can’t keep my majesty waiting.” 


Jaemin stifles in his giggle with the back of his hand while Renjun snorts loudly from behind. 


“I guess chivalry isn’t dead.” Renjun jokes, stepping out. “Hello Mr.Lee.” He greets before walking towards Jeno’s car. 


Jaemin closes the door behind him, making sure it’s locked before turning around to face Jeno. “Ready?” Jeno asks, receiving a simple nod from the omega. 


Jeno sprints to his car before Renjun could, brushing right past him to open the back seat door for him. “I got it.” Jeno smiles, opening the door wide enough for Renjun to get in. 


“Thank you, Mr.Lee.” Renjun says bemused, he turns to give his friend Jaemin a knowing look. 


Jaemin was right about to jump inside with Renjun when suddenly, Jeno closed the door on him softly. “Hey, what about me?” Jaemin's lips twist into a frown. 


“You don’t want to keep me company at the front?” Jeno pouts, giving Jaemin his cute puppy face. 


The omega shot him a scrutinizing look. “I am on to you, Mr.Lee.” He swiftly answers, receiving a satisfied smile on Jeno’s lips. 


Jaemin follows Jeno to the other side of his car, his lips quirk into a small smile when he feels Jeno’s hand on his lower back. “You look very nice tonight.” Jeno leans closely to whisper in his ear. Jaemin blinks rapidly as he is being caught off guard from Jeno’s compliment, and the next thing he knows, he’s sitting in the passenger seat with Jeno reaching across to unhook his seatbelt for him. 


“I’m not a kid, ya’know.” Jaemin says to Jeno, his cheeks burning from the sudden closeness and perhaps the embarrassment that his best friend was still in the back seat. 


Jeno shrugs, extending out his hand for Jaemin to hold and flashing him with a wide grin, one that reaches up to his eyes. 


Jaemin slaps his hand like a high-five and jumps out the car, playfully punching Jeno’s bicep right after. “Come on friend, we don’t want to keep them waiting!” Jaemin’s eyes crinkle with amusement, he then skips over to Renjun and hooks an arm around his arm. 


Get it together Jeno, you guys are just friends.

Throughout the night, Jeno and Jaemin exchanged shy glances and soft giggles across the table as they both listened to their drunk co-workers share funny (horror) stories that happened in their classrooms with the kids. At one point during Taeyong’s drunken talk; Jaemin cutely kicks Jeno underneath the table to get his attention, only for him to stick out his tongue at him. 


Jeno kicks him back softly, quickly prompting them to play footsies with each other. 


Everything was going great until a loud, screeching high-pitch voice from behind called out for him. 


“Jeno!! Baby!!” The stranger shouts. “Get off me! That’s my fiance!” The lady yells at one of the waiters. 


Jaemin (along with everyone else) stops to look at the woman who came bursting inside their dinner. She was clad in a long, skin tight dress that revealed her cleavage and heels that were high enough to tower everyone in the room. She looks expensive. 


Jeno rubs the temples on the side of his face before standing up, but right when he gets up, Ara wraps her arms around Jeno’s neck and kisses him deeply in front of everyone. Ara pulls Jeno close to him, refusing to let him go, even making unnecessary noises as she kisses him. 


Jaemin coughs awkwardly, turning around to face anywhere in the room just so he wouldn’t be able to see Jeno getting his tongue sucked by someone else. 


“Baby…” Ara pouts after detaching herself. “I’ve missed you.” She hugs around Jeno’s waist. 


The alpha sighs, irritated that Ara came into his job’s dinner unannounced and created a scene. He excuses himself from the table, Jeno didn’t even dare to spare Jaemin a glance, afraid of what his reaction would be. 


“What are you doing here Ara?” Jeno asks, away from everyone’s nosy stares. 


“Why haven’t you been answering my phone calls?” She questions, her “loving” gaze from before immediately shifts to a malicious look. “I had to hire someone to look for you, it’s been a week already Jeno!” 


“You hired someone to stalk me?!” 


This was unbelievable, Jeno felt bare and watched.


“I had to baby, I was getting worried.” She pouts once again, but it had no effect on Jeno. “Won’t you come back to the house? I really missed you.” She hugs around Jeno, snuggling on his chest. 


It was hard, Jeno didn’t love this woman, but he was forced to pretend all because he wanted to make his dad proud. 


“Ara please, you can’t keep doing this to me.” He whispers. 


Ara looks up as her hand reaches to caress Jeno’s cheek. Jeno felt a sudden chill at the touch. 


“I promise I’ll change, I’m sorry Jeno.” Ara kisses his jaw. “I just want you.” 


I know. 


“Okay.” He gives in reluctantly, like he always does. 


“Will you introduce me to your co-workers then?” She asks, her smile beaming. Jeno nods, letting her hook her arm around his bicep. He then leads the way back to the table, his eyes glued to the floor while Ara goes on about what she did while he was missing. 


She then stops Jeno. “Is that the smell of another omega?” Ara asks, her gaze on Jeno. 


“Yes, I gave my coworker a ride to dinner.” He informs her.


Ara scoffs, rolling her eyes annoyingly. “Let that be the last time.” She tightens her grip on Jeno, before smiling widely at the staff. 

Jaemin couldn’t help but look sadly towards Jeno and his partner, she was beautiful and the way she talked was soft and charming. No wonder Jeno chose her, but then again, he wonders why Jeno’s sudden mood changed the moment she joined. 


“Wait a minute!” Ara exclaims, causing the whole table to get quiet. She points at Jaemin unexpectedly with a wide smile. “I just realized who you are!” She says loudly. 


Jaemin tilts his head in confusion, he looks at Jeno for a second and realizes that he too has no idea what she’s talking about. 




“Yes! Oh my gosh, you’re Na Jaemin from high school!” 


Oh shit, that is who I thought it was.


“Do you remember me? Ara? I was your locker neighbor for two years!” She says happily, and Jeno wants to hide his face in humiliation. 


Jaemin smiles softly at her. “Ah, yes. I remember you now, it’s been a while.” 


He notices that her hold on Jeno gets tighter as if showing him off to Jaemin. 


“How are you? I didn’t know Jeno worked with you.” 


“I’ve been good.” Honestly speaking, Jaemin was quite tired of her. 


“What have you been up to?” She asks, leaning closely to the table. 


Renjun shoots her disgusted look, for some reason Renjun can always know who is bad news or not. 


“I've just been living life with my son.” He answers truthfully, sparing a small glance at Jeno who quickly looks away. 


Ara gasps dramatically, looking around the room as if it was such a taboo thing to say. “A child? Oh my gosh I would’ve never expected you to be married, nonetheless with a child?!” 


Renjun cracks his knuckles, sticking his tongue to the side of his cheek. “What does that supposed to mean?” His beta friend asks, anger in his tone. Jaemin shakes his head at Renjun, letting him know it was okay. 


“I’m just saying that Jaemin wasn’t known to be popular around the alphas back in high school, so it’s a shocker.” 


Jeno frowns, nudging Ara lightly. “Hey, stop it now.” He says to her. 


“It’s fine.” Jaemin says. “I’m not married, I just have my son with me.” 


Ara tsks, shaking her head in disbelief. “Not surprised, I mean no offense of course.” 


“What the fuck is your problem?” Renjun says loudly, at that point his best friend didn’t care who he was speaking to, no one messes with Jaemin. 


Jaemin looks down at his lap, fidgeting with his fingers nervously. 


“I don’t have a problem, I have an alpha who I’m happily getting married to and will be the father to all of my kids.” 


“Ara, stop.” Jeno seethes, squeezing her thigh underneath the table. 


Renjun stands up, pointing at the exit. “You need to fucking leave right now.” 


She laughs evilly. “All i’m saying is that if he wanted to keep an alpha then he shouldn’t be opening up his legs and bare their pups for the fun of it.” 


“You crossed it bitch.” Renjun shouts and is close to jumping across the table to drag her out but is immediately held back from everyone else. 


Jeno stands up rather quickly, grabbing Ara from the wrist. “I told you to stop.” He says loud enough for everyone to hear, causing them to jump from their place. “I am so sorry Jaemin.” Jeno apologizes to the omega who was staring up at him with sad eyes, the alpha then drags Ara out the restaurant and away from the screaming Renjun. 


No one seemed to notice Jaemin sneaking out of the restaurant since they were all busy trying to calm Renjun down. As Jaemin got closer to the front of the restaurant, he could hear the couple arguing outside. Jaemin wanted to intervene, but knew he shouldn't. It wasn’t his place to do so. 


Seconds later, a loud slap across Jeno’s cheek could be seen and Jaemin gasps, covering his mouth to hide any noises he may let out. Ara walks away from the scene, leaving Jeno standing there holding his red, stinging cheek. 


Jaemin was about to step outside, but Jeno had stormed off to his car, turning on the engine and making a hard turn. Jaemin knew he had to follow.