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Dreams in Summer Night

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“Mr. Na!” The kids shout for his attention, and Jaemin only smiles as he walks around the colorful classroom. 


Jaemin gasps enthusiastically as the students show him their completed work, giving them soft pats on their backs. “Such a smart kid!” He would praise the kids with honesty because Jaemin cherishes these precious moments with all his students. 


A gentle growl coming from the corner of the room catches Jaemin’s attention, and he sees little Sungchan poking Turtle, the class pet bunny with a crayon. 


“Hey, Channie.” Jaemin crouches down, smiling softly. “What’s gotten you upset, sweetie.” He says as he grabs the blue crayon from Sungchan. 


Sungchan looks at Jaemin with a scowl, then turns his back away from the teacher. “I don’t want to go back to that house.” He frowns, crossing his tiny arms across his chest. 


Jaemin nods, he guesses the house he’s speaking of is the foster home he stays in currently. “So why did Turtle get poked at instead?” He asks, rubbing a comforting hand on Sungchan’s back. 


“Turtle gets to stay here and I have to leave to that house.” He says sadly, throwing a little food pellet on the floor for the bunny to eat. 


“What’s wrong with that house?”


The kid shrugs, looking at the bunny hop around. “Mommy and daddy are not there.” He frowns again. “I hate it.”  


A sigh leaves Jaemin’s lips, it was usually the same conversation with Sungchan. Every time there was a few hours left of school, Sungchan would get upset knowing it was time to head back to the foster home. Jaemin feels sad each time he drops him off at his bus, the little boy always clutching onto his pants as he cries. 


“Come here.” Jaemin says, opening up his arms to welcome the little boy for a hug.


Sungchan crawls towards Jaemin and gets on his lap, hugging Jaemin as he cries on his shoulder. Jaemin holds the little boy, rocking him back and forth. “You know, I’ll always be here waiting for you every morning.” 

Around noon, the classroom fills up with silence as the kids laid on the carpet to watch a short film that Jaemin had put on right after recess. Jaemin sits on his seat, quietly watching the movie as he stamps stickers on the kid’s worksheets to grade, when suddenly a soft knock on his door grabs his attention. 


Oh, Jeno. 






Jaemin stands from his seat, telling the kids to pay attention to the movie when they all turned to look at the strange handsome teacher waiting by the door. He gently opens the door, pushing Jeno back with one hand before leaving the door slightly cracked where he would still be able to watch the kids.


“You miss me already?” Jaemin smirks, batting his long lashes as he leans on the door frame. 


Jeno blinks. “It’s my lunchtime..” He whispers. 


The omega smiles, rolling his eyes sassily. “Oh Jeno, we became friends for a day and you are already wanting to share your lunchtime with me.” He blinks cutely. 


Jeno rubs the back of his neck, looking at both sides of the hallway to make sure no one was there. “I’m here to get my lunch, you know… the one you packed for me this morning.” He smiles awkwardly. 


“Right!” Jaemin laughs with a wave as if he knew that. “Of course, I was totally joking.” And Jeno nods, chuckling along with him to make the awkward tension go away. “I’ll be right back.” Jaemin informs, pivoting on his heels to get the lunch box. 


God that was so awkward!


Jaemin slaps himself on the forehead as he cringes at the embarrassing attempt to act cute around the alpha, grabbing the tote bag from underneath his desk. He walks towards the student teacher Giselle who was also watching the movie with the kids. 


“Hey, I’ll be right back okay?” Jaemin says, receiving a look from Giselle. 


“Alrighty, Mr.Na.” She wiggles her eyebrows, teasing the omega. 


He playfully slaps her shoulder, rolling his eyes before he steps outside to meet Jeno. 


“Okay, let’s go!” Jaemin says excitedly, closing his classroom door behind him. “It’s nice having another friend to have lunch with other than Renjun.” He beams. 


“Wait.” Jeno stops. “You’re eating your lunch with me?” He stares at the omega questioningly. 


“You don’t want me to?” Jaemin pouts, and Jeno’s self control to not kiss those cute pouty lips was strong. 


Jeno shakes his head. “Yes, I do!” He exclaims. “It’s just that a few days ago you didn’t want to, and now you do?” 


“Ugh, that was such a long time ago Jeno.” He grabs Jeno’s wrist and it burns both of them. They look down at the touch then at each other. “You’re my friend now,” Jaemin whispers before tugging him. “So we should go before I get caught.” He smiles, making his eyes glow. 

When they arrived at the lounge, they were both overwhelmed at the many staff that were in there, heating up their meals and chatting with one another. They all stopped to stare at Jaemin and Jeno, staring attentively at how close Jeno stood behind Jaemin. 


“Hi.” Jaemin greets timidly, walking further inside with Jeno trailing behind nervously. 


The staff smiled then continued with what they were doing. 


Jeno watches as Jaemin takes all the tupperware out of his bag, opening the lids to each one. He smiles sweetly when the omega starts putting them inside the mini oven to heat up, he decides to buy a drink for each other from the vending machine, it’s the least he could do. 


The alpha waits for Jaemin in one of the empty tables, the same table as last time. As he waits patiently for the omega to arrive, Jeno feels a tap on his shoulder and he turns to witness a pretty smile coming from Jaemin. 


“Hope you like it.” Jaemins says, hopeful.


Jaemin places Jeno’s heated lunch in front of him and his utensils. “Enjoy.” He smiles sweetly, sitting next to the alpha this time. 


Jeno doesn’t need to say anything with the way he eats Jaemin’s delicious homemade meal in minutes, it was probably the best homemade meal he’s eaten after his aunt. Jaemin laughs softly, putting his hand on his arm. “Slow down, alpha.” He teases, puckering his lips playfully. 


But Jeno finds himself fleeting into Jaemin’s gaze when he speaks, his face flushed when he hears the word alpha coming from his mouth. “It’s delicious, Jaemin.” 


Jaemin hits his shoulders. “You’re only saying this because you want me to pack you lunch everyday.” 


“Maybe.” Jeno retorts. “It’ll give me more of a chance to compliment you.” 


This time Jaemin’s smile fades, biting on his lip anxiously. “You’re going to get the both of us in trouble.” 


And there’s an unreadable look in his eyes that Jeno can’t pinpoint but he’s hoping that deep down, Jaemin is able to understand his heart without having to be upfront. 


He clears his throat to change the subject, he swallows thickly. “So I thought about it, and I think I’m going to the staff dinner.” 


“Oh yay! Are you bringing your fiance?” 




“Oh? Well that’s fine, we can all meet her later, right?”


Jeno runs his hands through his hair nervously, avoiding Jaemin’s soft gaze. 



Jaemin is impatiently tapping his foot on the concrete floor after school, waiting for his friend to pick up the call with one hand on his hip. Jisung giving his daddy his best pleading and begging cute eyes. 


“The job is done, but there’s blood everywhere-” 




“Oh, hello my beautiful princess, how may I help you today?” 


“Hyuck, why did you tell Jisung he was going to get pizza with you without MY permission?!” Jaemin whispers shouts, walking further away from Jisung and Jeno who were obviously eavesdropping. 


“What’s so wrong with taking my favorite kid ever to get pizza at the finest pizzeria?” 


Jaemin sighs deeply, looking over his shoulder to see Jisung begging with his hands. “Tell me the real reason and I’ll let him go.” 


“Okay listen, I was originally going to ask Kun to let me borrow Chenle but something about him being in his emo phase right now...” 




“So, the reason why I want to take Jisung is because the guy I met has a niece the same age as Jisung and I told him I love kids!” 


Jaemin scowls. “So you’re using my son to impress a guy?” 


“Yes.” Donghyuck says proudly. “There’s no point in lying, besides, you made me wake up early for no reason.” 


“Fine. But I want him home before 7.” 


“Okay okay, I’ll go pick him up right now.” 


Jaemin makes his way back to his car, where Jeno is now fixing the car with Jisung helping him on the side. “I’m still at the school’s parking lot, go ahead and pick him up here.” Jaemin informs, fanning himself with his free hand. 


“Why are you still at the school?” 


“I have a coworker helping me fix the car, I can’t leave it here by itself again.” 


“That coworker, is it perhaps Lee Jeno?” 


The omega bites his bottom lip, already caught by his best friend. “No, it’s someone else.” He whispers, hoping Jeno wouldn’t hear Donghuck’s loud voice. 


“Liar! Renjun told me everything!” 


That little piece of sh-


“Just make sure that fucker doesn’t hurt you again.” 


“He won’t, I’ll make sure he doesn’t.”


“Alright then, I’ll be there in five.”



Donghyuck arrives shortly, his windows down and music blasting as he makes his entrance in the school’s parking lot. 


“Your friend is here.” Jeno says with a bored tone, wiping his sweat off with the towel Jaemin had given him.


Jaemin turns to look at his friend, a frown on his face when he sees Donghyuck park next to them with that shit eating grin spreading across his face. 


“Uncle Hyuckie is here!” He yells as he puts his head out the window. Jisung ran towards the back seat with a huge smile, he’s always liked Donghyuck. 


“Hey Hyuck..” Jaemin says lazily, giving Jisung a kiss on the cheek. 


“Sup! Hey Sungie, are you ready to have fun?” 


Jisung shrieks, he was very excited.


Donghyuck looks over, his eyes locked on Jeno’s figure who was trying to avoid Donghyuck. “We say hello around here, breeder!” Donghyuck shouts. 


Jaemin glares at his friend, slapping his head. “Hyuck?!” 


“What? He knows I'm joking, right Jeno?”


Jeno wipes his hands on the towel and walks towards Jaemin’s friend who was giving him a smirk. “Hey Donghyuck, it’s nice seeing you again.” He says, serious. 


“Uncle Hyuckie, you know Mr.Lee?” Jisung asks, surprised. 


“Of course, we go way, way back!”  


Jaemin could only scowl and growl at his friend, his scent surprising Jeno. He was pissed. 


“Just go Hyuck, don’t bring my baby late.” 


Donghyuck laughs. “Alrighty, you two love birds stay safe!” He winks, before driving off. 


The omega sighs, closing his eyes as he shakes his head. Jeno finds it amusing. “Hey it’s fine, I knew he would act like this.” 


“That’s the point, I don’t want him to act like this.” Jaemin says, turning around to face his car. “Are you almost done?” He asks, a little annoyed.


Jeno hums, going back to where he left off. “Almost, just need a few things and it should be good.” The alpha throws Jaemin his car keys. “Here, go sit in my car and listen to the radio while I'm finishing up.” 


Jaemin shrugs, taking the keys and jumping right inside the comfortable car. As he turned the car on, the radio started to play a song Jaemin recognized immediately. 


How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees


Jeno tenses up when he hears the song playing loudly in his car, he turns back to look at Jaemin, and sees the young omega humming to the song. 


“I didn’t know you liked Bee Gees!” Jaemin asks, moving his body to the slow beat. 


And Jeno just smiles. Smiling at how precious the omega looks, dancing and humming to the song he loves the most, inside his car while the sun was setting. 

It’s almost fall and maybe, just maybe this will be the greatest fall Jeno will experience.