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Dreams in Summer Night

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Jeno hums in response, grading a few papers before the rest of his students came in. 


Jisung timidly walks to his desk, standing across from him with his head hung low. 


The alpha looks at Jisung with a smile, putting his pen and papers down to give the small boy his full attention. “What’s up bud?” 


The little boy was hesitant at first, but gave in. 


“What’s it like having two parents?” He says softly, his lips forming a tiny pout just like Jaemin. “Everyone around me seems to have two parents and I'm the only one that doesn’t.” 


Jeno’s heart breaks. He knows that Jisung is his, he knows it too well that those eyes and his mannerism was a mixture of his and Jaemins, that each time he locks eyes with Jisung, he senses something inside. It aches to see Jisung like this knowing it's the fault of his irresponsible parents. 


“Having two parents is amazing, but I also grew up most of my life with only a dad.” Jeno says. “Besides, having one parent is also amazing! There’s nothing wrong with that.” 


Jisung smiles weakly, he begins to play with Jeno’s mini action figures on his desk. “I think dad hates me and that's why he left daddy and me.” 


“What? No Jisung! Why would you say such a thing?” 


“I don't know,” He shrugs, Jisung begins to sniffle. “No one likes me anymore.” He starts to cry a bit. 


Jeno immediately gets up from his seat and hugs the tiny boy, hugging him tightly as if he was going to escape. Jisung sobs on his shoulder, muttering how he only has one friend and that his other dad hates him. 


The alpha tries his best not to cry, he has to be there for Jisung, it's what he promised Jaemin and to himself. 


“Look at me Jisung.” Jeno says, wiping the hot tears that spilled from the little boy. “People like you, no they love you Jisung! I don’t know who told you that having two parents is better than one, but they are wrong.” The alpha shakes the boy slightly. “You’re special even if it's five or less people.”


“I just don’t know why my dad left me then…” 


Jeno sighs, looking up at the ceiling as he blinks away his tears. “Life is weird you know that? Not everything will be perfect and maybe things don’t go as planned for many parents, but that doesn’t mean your dad hates you, okay?” 


The bell rings, indicating the start of the school. 


“Okay Mr.Lee, thank you.”


“You’re awesome Jisung, don’t ever forget that!” He smiles as he stands up, ruffling the boy’s longish hair. 


Jisung giggles, hugging the teacher again. “I wish my dad was you, Mr.Lee.” He whispers before heading back to his seat. 


Jeno freezes. 

It was time for third grade to have their music class with Mr.Moon, which also meant kindergarten’s lunch & recess (aka Mr.Na’s lunch period). Jeno leaned casually on the brick wall near the kinder hallway, making sure he wasn’t being too obvious. 


Jeno caught sight of the figure he wasn’t (was) waiting on walking his kinder class out to the hall. He smiles unconconsciously as he watches Mr.Na gesture his kids to have a bubble in their mouths and an outstretched arm to show a peace sign. 


What a cute way to keep the kids quiet in the hall.


The alpha turns into a shade of pink when he is seen by the young omega, quickly turning to the wall beside him as he pretends to read the school’s hallway rules. There’s a reason why Jeno never auditioned for the school plays, his acting was not one to believe. 


“I highly doubt you’re able to read that.” 


A soft whisper in his ear interrupts the alpha from his intense fake reading. Jeno startles in his place as he turns to witness Jaemin’s glossy lips inches away from him, making him a stumbling mess as he backs away from the giggling omega. 


“You’re reading the posters as if you could understand the kids' handwriting.” is the first thing Jaemin says after Jeno was able to straighten himself. 


“Excuse me?” 


Jaemin points at the white poster written in paint. 


Mr.Na’s classroom hallway rules! :) 




No wonder Jeno wasn’t able to read the sloppy writing, it was handwritten by the little kids. 


“So,” Jeno turns to look at Jaemin again. “Where’s your class?” He looks out in the empty hallway where he saw the kids walk in a line not so long ago. 


“My student teacher took them to their lunch, which means it's my lunch break.” Jaemin answers smugly. “Which tells me that third grade has theirs much later on.” The omega leans against the wall, batting his long lashes at Jeno.


Jeno blinks. His body tenses as he’s under Jaemin’s cocky smirk. 


“Mr. Lee, do you perhaps have my schedule memorized?” Jaemin gasps sarcastically, putting a hand over his heart. 


Jaemin has always been the playful one, it was a side that not much were able to see. Jeno loves this cute teasing side of his, makes him reminisce the times he had that dumb puppy crush on the younger. 


“I could say the same thing for you, Mr.Na.” Jeno quirks an eyebrow, matching the same sarcastic energy as the younger. “How would you know my lunch schedule?” 


Instantly Jeno regrets the words that came out of his mouth once he heard Jaemin chuckle. 


“How ironic that you forgot I had a son in your class.” 


The air in the hall shifts noticeably, the lame attempt to joke about their unspoken child was not the greatest idea. 


The omega’s sweet aroma was turning sour, probably from the embarrassment. He clears his throat to avoid any other awkwardness. 


Jeno looks down at their feet, noticing Jaemin’s baby blue crocs. He chuckles. 


Jaemin fidgets with his fingers before speaking up. “Sorry, that was uhh…” He bites down at his bottom lip, sucking the flesh dry. “A little too much.” The omega scratches the side of his neck, where his scent gland is located. 


“It’s okay,” Jeno smiles, instinctively letting out a calming pheromone for the younger to relax. “I was actually waiting on you, I was hoping you’d get lunch with me?” 


Jaemin looks around, noticing a few teachers looking their way as they walk past them. 


He lets out a sigh and nods. “Fine, but I already ate in my classroom.” 


Jeno beams. “That’s okay! I only want your company.” 


If anyone notices the pink cheeks on Jaemin and his scent going sweeter, that was his business only. 

The omega waited nervously at one of the lounge tables, waiting on Jeno to arrive with his meal that he was heating up. Occasionally, Jaemin would catch the alpha taking quick glimpses of him as he waited on his meal, smiling when he got caught. 


“I’m back.” Jeno announces, sitting across from a cross legged Jaemin. “Thank you for having lunch with me.” He smiles as he opens up his heated meal. 


Fettuccine alfredo. 


Jaemin quietly watches Jeno eat with a soft smile, finding it amusing to see such a handsome man devour his food like it was his last meal. 


“Geez, slow down.” Jaemin giggles, handing him a napkin. “They don’t feed you at home or what?” 


Jeno looks up at Jaemin, sauce on both sides of his mouth. “My aunt came over to visit and she knows how much I loved my mom’s fettuccine,” He explains, taking the napkin from the omega’s hand to wipe his mouth. “So she made us dinner and packed some for lunch.” 




Before Jaemin could speak, Taeyong walks inside with a smile so wide. Jaemin knows that smile well. 


“Well if it isn’t Mr.Na and Mr.Lee from the third grade transfers.” 


Jeno watches Jaemin shake his head disapprovingly before turning to face the unfamiliar voice behind him. He smiles at the incoming male walking towards them, Jeno had remembered him as one of the other kindergarten teachers. 


“Hello.” Jeno greets sweetly. 


Taeyong winks at Jaemin, making the younger omega groan. He then turns to Jeno with a coyish smile, patting the alpha’s back. “Looks like you guys are having a wonderful date!” 


“We are just having lunch, Taeyong.” Jaemin corrects, sending him glares. 


Jeno on the other hand, chokes on his water. 


“Mr.Na is just nice enough to accompany me during my break.” Jeno adds, showing Jaemin an apologetic smile. 


Taeyong sighs deeply, shrugging as he turns away to the vending machines. “I’m sorry, it’s just been a while since I've seen our baby Jaemin go out with anyone as handsome as you.” 


“Oh my god.” Jaemin mumbles, rolling his eyes at the older omega. 


Although the older omega interrupted them, the alpha finds it amusing witnessing an annoyed Jaemin huffing and puffing as he rolls his eyes sassily. 


“Thank you, but I’m sure Jaemin is able to find someone with how stunning he is.” He glances at Jaemin shyly, noticing his cheeks turning bright red. 


Taeyong grabs the bag of hot cheetos from the vending machine and slams it on their table, startling the two males. “That’s perfect!” He exclaims, taking Jeno and Jaemin hands to touch. “Which is why you two should start going out!” 


Jaemin looks down at their hands on the table, noticing how Jeno’s calloused hands were softly placed on top of his slim fingers. For a split second, Jaemin felt the touch burn and quickly retracted his hand, placing them on his lap. 


Jeno’s sullen expression goes unnoticed. 


“Sorry to burst your bubble Taeyong, but Mr.Lee is engaged.” Jaemin stares at Jeno. 


The alpha’s eyes go wide, he wasn’t expecting Jaemin to drop the bomb like that, nonetheless know about his engagement. 


“Right, Mr.Lee?” Jaemin says again after impatiently waiting on Jeno’s response. 


Jeno’s mouth goes dry as he tries to form a sentence in his head. The intense stares coming from both omegas were making him nervous. 


“Right.” He confesses, his head hung low, too ashamed to face Jaemin. Jeno looks up when he hears one of the omegas scoff. He’s hoping it isn’t Jaemin. 


“Well then,” Taeyong says awkwardly, noticing the weird tension in the air. “Let’s hope there’s more single hot alphas next school year Jaemin.” 


And with that, the older omega leaves the two male alone. 


Jaemin was the first to speak, inching closer to the table as he props both elbows on top of it so he could rest his chin on his palm. 


“How long have you guys been together?” 


Jeno can sense the venom in that sentence, especially with the way Jaemin is sofly tapping his fingernails against the table.


He clears his throat, fixing his collar shirt. “A few years.” 


“Before or after we had sex?” 


The alpha becomes small under Jaemin’s scary gaze, no matter how pretty he looks as he tilts his head cutely, that look was nothing to play around with. 




There’s no point in lying, he and Ara weren’t “official” until a year after Jaemin’s disappearance. 


Something in Jaemin’s raised eyebrow and unimpressed expression after his response told him that the omega didn’t buy a word he said. 


“Not surprised,” Jaemin says as he stands up, patting down his tight slacks. “I mean, who wouldn’t want an alpha like you?” 


Jeno tenses, watching Jaemin take two slow strides towards him. The alpha gulps as he looks up from where he’s sitting, the omega up close was looking down at him with fire in his eyes. 


The omega stroking feathery touches to his arms. 


“You’re strong.” He feels his biceps. 


“Smart.” Jaemin presses a chaste kiss on his temple before walking behind him. 


“Kind.” The omega slides a hand across his back. 


He then leans down to the alpha’s ear. “And you’re sexy.” 


Jeno’s breath hitches, the warm sensation of Jaemin’s breath was going straight to his pants that Jeno was starting to get uncomfortable. 


Jaemin stands up with a smile, acting casual. 


“I’ll see you later, Mr.Lee.” He waves, heading towards the door. 


The omega stops with a loud gasp, making Jeno turn back around. “I almost forgot.” 


He skips towards Jeno once again, a smirk painted on his face. 


Jaemin caresses Jeno’s face with a soft grin. 

“Congratulations on your engagement.”