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He Saved Me

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James had been sitting in the Astronomy Tower for what felt like hours, in reality James knew it couldn't have been longer than about twenty minutes. He was hoping that Remus had found him; that boy had a way with Sirius that James could never really understand, they riled each other up but where clearly pining after each other, this either led to clear understandings of each other or huge arguments. The spectacled boy stood up to leave when the one and only Regulus Black walked in. At first, they both stared at each other, neither boy said a word. James felt his heart pounding in his chest and could only hope that Regulus didn't notice how flustered he was making James. He was so focused on hiding it that he didn't notice Regulus blushing slightly.

Regulus scolded himself for feeling this way around James, it was like there was electricity flowing in his veins and he hated it. He kept reminding himself that James was a boy, it was wrong, they were on opposite sides of the war, the list went on and on. But those things had started to lose their weight against his feelings for James and it was scaring him. Regulus was terrified when occasionally he would think, So what? when these thoughts kept plaguing him. In truth, he was scared of the very possibility that he may have some sort of feelings towards James. He hated James. Or he thought he did. It was all very confusing. Potter.

Regulus's thoughts stopped racing for a second. He had been subconsciously been referring to James as James. Potter. He reminded himself. Not James, just Potter. He mentally slapped himself for not noticing sooner and for doing it in the first place. It was unacceptable; Ja- Potter was someone who would always be out of Regulus's reach. He just had to remember that. He realised that they had been standing there in complete silence for a few minutes, he shuffled back to leave when Potter grabbed his arm. "It's ok I'm leaving."

Regulus froze. He wasn't used to physical contact so unexpectedly. His thoughts were of Grimmauld Place. And Sirius. He was bleeding on the floor. Blood was everywhere.

Regulus' hands started shaking and his breathing became harder to control. James realised his mistake as soon as he made it, he resisted the urge to scream out in frustration for his own stupidity. He gently took one of Regulus's hands in his own and started talking gently, "Regulus, look at me. It's James, alright."

Regulus was still staring at the floor, his eyes filled with fear and his face was paler than James thought was humanly possible. James used his other hand and placed it on the side of Regulus's face, turning his head slowly. "Reg, it's me ok? It's just stupid bloody James Potter, please just snap out of it." James found himself getting worked up, he was used to Sirius having panic attacks, but they were never like this; Regulus' eyes looked vacant and he just felt so distant that it was scaring James.

"Come on, please just look at me Reg." James felt close to tears. 

"Regulus! Please." Just as James thought he was going to lose his last shred of control, Regulus's eyes flickered up to meet his. James was sure he had never been so relieved in his entire life.

"I'm so sorry. I know. Sirius is like this sometimes. I should have known better. Great Godric, say something. Please." He barely took a breath as the words sort of fell out of his mouth.

Regulus looked quite startled by his small outburst and whispered, "Thank you." Before turning around and walking out of the Astronomy Tower. James was beyond confused, he was very close to following Regulus but eventually, decided against it. He started walking back to the dorm hoping that the others would be there.

Remus, after much wining and begging on Sirius's part, had finally caved and was lying down on the bed next to Sirius who had fallen asleep not very long ago. Somehow, Sirius had his arm over Remus's chest but he was facing away, one leg was over Remus' legs and the other was bent at an uncomfortable angle on top of it. He could only wonder how Sirius got himself into such positions whilst sleeping. Sirius was still gorgeous to him. Remus felt his eyelids start to grow heavy and he rolled onto his side very gently, not to wake Sirius, he wrapped his arms around the other boy and allowed himself to drift off to sleep. 

Benjy was staring across the table at Evie. To say she looked awful would have been an understatement; she flinched at every loud noise and was clearly in pain but trying to hide it. She had missed their first lesson and had walked in with that Black boy. Evie was scribbling something down but clearly wasn't paying attention to a word coming out of that teacher's mouth, Benjy noticed how Black had left as soon as she had sat down in front of Benjy, they had Charms with the Hufflepuffs anyway so he didn't understand how or why he had ended up with Evie. She was like a sister to Benjy and he didn't want her getting hurt. He wanted to ask but knew she probably wouldn't tell him, she was like that; keeping everything inside until she finally couldn't take it anymore. Very similar to himself and Em. He remembered the one time that he was having an awful week. The three had been talking and he had turned around suddenly to punch the wall. It was strange, he had been keeping a calm exterior all week but for some reason, he had just snapped, almost punching Em in the process. The two had managed to stop him from hitting the wall, even though his knuckles were already bleeding. He had cried into Em's shoulder whilst Evie healed his hands. They had stayed with him for the rest for the day, skipping their lessons to make sure he was alright.

Similar things had happened with the other two as well and they were always there for each other. No matter what. He knew that would be the case for as long as they lived, he knew they would be a perfect warrior's trio for the Order, but for the moment he was focusing on the girl sat opposite him.

James was sure that even if Remus and Sirius had been in the dorm that they would have left to go to lessons by now, but when he walked in he saw both Remus and Sirius in the dorm. Not only were they both in the dorm, but they were both on Sirius's bed and they were sleeping with each other. James felt a smirk tug at his lips, he slowly backed out of the room and quietly shut the door, still surprised by what he had seen. He was overjoyed to say the least, they were finally getting somewhere, he could only hope neither of them messed it up.

Peter had been wondering around the school looking for any sign of Sirius, a sickening feeling in his gut told him that Sirius was fine and that the others hadn't cared enough to tell him. Though, Peter was extremely worried that Sirius was huddled in a corner somewhere, scared and crying. So, of course he kept looking. It was quite lonely really, searching the school top to bottom, not being sure of where he went. Peter hated how calm Remus and James could stay during times like these but he would just overthink and panic. Sometimes Peter wondered if he really belonged in Gryffindor, of if he wasn't just sorted there by accident somehow. It just didn't make sense, he felt himself better suited as a Hufflepuff. These days nothing really made sense anymore, with the war going on and countless other pointless dramas going back and forth around school, it all felt very hopeless. Peter was holding out for Halloween and then Christmas; the best two holidays of the year

Remus and Sirius were strictly Halloween people, whereas he and James were more Christmas people. It was strange, how much difference one holiday and some nice food made for people. Though it was naive, sometimes Peter wondered if all these wars could be solved by the leaders sitting down at a table, eating some nice food and taking a few days off work. No one wold never test this out, obviously, but he couldn't help but think about the possibility that all of this mess could be fixed in one quick dinner. It was a fantasy, no problem that big could have a solution that was so simple. It was a dream of some sorts, he hated how it would most definitely never come true.

Regulus found himself running through the corridors to get away from Potter. He was utterly humiliated that James had seen him in such a way, it was awful; no one had ever seen him like that, not even Sirius and he had been so careless to let it happen in front of James. Regulus exhaled sharply in frustration and ducked into the nearest broom closet where he yelled at the wall in frustration for a while. Once he had calmed himself down, Regulus started walking to his next lesson and tried to create a plan to avoid Potter indefinitely to avoid all embarrassments. It was an awful plan in all honesty, he didn't even know how he would go about starting to avoid James, he just knew he had to. He had let himself get too comfortable with the idea of James and he needed to fix it. For one, he kept calling him James, that would look terrible if it slipped out in front of his parents. Regulus sighed and shook his head as he reached the Arithmancy classroom, he took a breath and reminded himself to stay present enough to get good notes down, Merlin help him if he dropped a mark on any test paper.