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He Saved Me

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Mary MacDonald's body shook with laughter as she watched Lily Evans launch a pillow at Marlene McKinnon's face. Mary had to remind herself to breathe as the pillow smacked Marlene in the face. But when she saw Marlene's gobsmacked face peer out from behind the pillow, Mary could not control her laughter anymore. She had to lean on Dorcas Meadows who was also in hysterics over the scene unfolding in front of them.

"I do not like him Marlene!" Lily crossed her arms over her chest after successfully hitting Marlene with the pillow.

"Oh, Lily, honey, you are totally smitten for him!" Marlene was giggling at her best friend.

"Marlene!" Lily stumbled forward as she stood up and landed on top of Marlene's bed. She reached out and grabbed another pillow from Marlene's bed, she then proceeded to violently whack Marlene who was rolling around on her bed, unable to stop laughing.

"Lily likes James!" She taunted between laughing and trying to catch her breath.

"I DO NOT!" Lily shouted as she continued to whack Marlene.

"No you're right, of course you don't like him! You love him." Lily stopped mid slap and her eyes widened a little as a smile spread across her face.

"Take that back! You devil McKinnon." She dove on top of Marlene and started tickling her.

Dorcas and Mary were crying from laughing so much as they watched their best friends act like children.

"James Potter is an arrogant toe rag and I do not have any romantic feelings towards him."

"Aha! See, the first stage of love: denial."

Mary watched as Dorcas pushed herself back up and took a breath, once she had stopped laughing enough to form a sentence, she cleared her throat and said, "Welcome to being in love with a nit-wit Lils, it's frustrating and you want to kill them half of the time... You're gonna love it."

All four girls were quiet for a second before they all burst into laughter again. And Alice Fortescue, soon to be Alice Longbottom, chose that exact moment to walk in. She smiled widely and sat herself down on the bed closest to her, Alice stared at the four younger girls who were attempting to suppress their laughter enough so that they could breathe and she felt her smile grow even more across her cheeks. She truly loved the Marauderettes, as Sirius insisted they were called, and she loved seeing them so light-hearted and how kids their age should be. These four souls gave Alice real hope that this world had a chance.

Dorcas was the first to stop laughing like a maniac and she immediately greeted Alice with a hug.

"Oi, MacDonald!" She yelled, even though Mary was about five paces away, "Alice has blessed us with her presence!"

Mary, who was still shaking with laughter, hauled herself up and embraced Alice. She managed a sentence, though it was broken up by laughter, "How's things with Frank?"

Marlene and Lily had also tried to get up but had both fallen over and ended up a mass of entangled limbs on the floor, laughing even harder. Alice shook her head whilst saying, "Brilliant! He's the absolute sweetest and everything's going great!"

Dorcas walked over to them, pulled Marlene up with her arms and sat her down on the bed behind them. Mary had managed to get Lily to her feet and made her sit next to Alice. Mary smirked whilst settling herself down on the bed opposite Lily and Alice, "Fortescue here is about to rub mine and Lily's faces in her perfect love life. I can't wait."

Lily frowned, "Didn't Benjy Fenwick have his eye on you?"

Marlene snorted, "Oh please, I heard he's shagging a Hufflepuff boy!" Dorcas smacked her arm.

Lily frowned, "He's gay?"

Dorcas scoffed softly and shook her head, "He's bi as anything." Marlene nodded her head in agreement.

Mary looked shocked, "You can tell?"

"You can't?"

"No of course I can't! I don't have a gay-dar."

The whole room erupted into fits of giggles again. As everyone slowly regained their composure, Marlene found herself wrapped in Dorcas's arms and rested her head on her chest. She loved this feeling more than anything else in the world, Marlene could feel and hear Dorcas breathing, it had a strange but almost hypnotic comfort to it, like nothing in the entire world could hurt her as long as Dorcas kept inhaling and exhaling. She could feel Dorcas's hair tickling her cheek slightly, she breathed in deeply as the smell of newly washed sheets and lavender encased the air around her and filled her with the greatest sense of pleasure. Marlene didn't understand how Dorcas was actually human and she couldn't comprehend why such a person would even consider being with a mess like Marlene, she was just beyond grateful that Dorcas was with her. Dorcas felt like how you imagine the clouds to be; soothing and magical. Marlene thought that even being near her was a privilege that should not be overlooked. As Marlene lay in her lover's lap she thought about how different they were, but also how similar. If people were rain and Marlene was a thunder storm, Dorcas was the most soothing drizzle, the type that forms rainbows. Dorcas was the violets in a beautiful meadows and Marlene was the purple in the neon lights of a dance club. Dorcas was a put together version of Marlene; all smooth edges and calculated words; she was a version of Marlene that was far more beautiful, much less reckless and so much easier to love. Loving Dorcas was the best thing that had ever happened to Marlene.

She adored the way Dorcas talked and moved and looked; she could stare at her for days on end and she wouldn't complain once. Her skin tone was like the most gorgeous, washed out, bronze colour, her eyes were hazel, like all the colours of the woodlands had been thrown into a paint mixer and put into Dorcas's eyes, but Dorcas's face was her favourite thing in the world to look at; everything was the right size and in the perfect place. Dorcas looked like an angel to Marlene and she knew she would give all of the air in her lungs to Dorcas if it came down to it, for some reason it didn't scare her. Marlene thought back to all the stupid mistakes she had made; all the one-night stands, all the wrong boys and girls, all the heartbreaks they had caused, but she just felt grateful for each and every one of them. Dorcas had once told her about the butterfly effect; everything affects everything; and Marlene could not say for certainty that without all those mistakes she would have ended up with Dorcas. She wouldn't change any of them for the world. And just this one time, Marlene was thankful that she was such a reckless mess. For now, she just smiled and snuggled further into Dorcas's body.

Dorcas felt Marlene move further into her body and she couldn't help the smile that teased her lips. Dorcas still couldn't wrap her head around the fact that Marlene was hers. Dorcas rested her lips on Marlene's head and breathed her in, she placed a kiss on the top of her head; a privilege she now had as her girlfriend; and she let herself get lost in Marlene's rosemary scented shampoo and the ocean. Dorcas never knew how Marlene managed to smell so wonderful all the time, but she loved it. Dorcas thought back to all the times she and Marlene had argued about something stupid she had been doing, and how that one time they had impulsively kissed. She thought about how that kiss had turned into a secret relationship and then an open one. She loved how Marlene felt around her; like Dorcas was her's and would be forever, now with her other girlfriends and boyfriends, Dorcas had never allowed them to be so protective and jealous about her, but she loved it on Marlene. Marlene was all ragged edges and drunken nights you never want to end, Dorcas knew she was much calmer than Marlene; rather like the sunrise at the beach whilst the waves lapped at your feet; but she couldn't help but love this mess of a girl. Marlene reminded her of the colour lightning made in the sky, she loved it; the beautiful chaos she enthralled to everyone around her. She was a truly gorgeous person and she did so many stupid things that Dorcas would never be able to understand.

All the Marauderettes knew that Dorcas Meadows was a clever girl. There was no doubt about it. She was top in her Divination and Care of Magical Creatures class. She knew all the rules about the way to brew potions in her classes. And the most amazing thing is that she understood how they worked and why they did too. But the only thing that Dorcas couldn't ever understand was why Marlene McKinnon loved her so fiercely. She couldn't wrap her head around the fact that someone as incredible and loud as Marlene could ever love someone like herself. She was far too quiet at the worst of times, Marlene was so easy to be around and Dorcas knew she could have whoever she wanted. She just didn't understand why she wanted her.

Lily stared at her two friends from across the dorm. She stared at them and found that she couldn't tear her eyes away.

That's what love looks like.

The thought replayed over and over in her head causing her to smile sadly. Every inch of her being wanted to be happy for them, but she just couldn't push away the sadness anymore. Lily knew she wanted a love like the one they had, but she always seemed to be going after the wrong boys. She just wished things would sort themselves out so she could finally let herself be happy without worrying for the consequences. She tried to bring her attention back to the conversation that Mary and Alice were having about boys; Alice, of course, was talking about Frank whilst Mary was talking about a Ravenclaw boy she had her eye on; but Lily couldn't draw her attention away from the two girls on the opposite bed.

Alice was deep in conversation with Mary about Frank and how he engaged, when she realised that Marlene, Dorcas and Lily had barely said a word. She and Mary talked enough for all of them, in complete honesty, but it was never quite a conversation if Marlene wasn't making sarcastic comments, or Lily wasn't complaining about James Potter's latest ruse to ask her out. Alice had missed these girls so much over the summer, it made her so sad to think about leaving them at the end of this year to get married and join the Order. She knew it had to be done but she only wished they could all have had longer to be kids. Alice wanted more time. Not just to survive and get through the day, but to really live and to do stupid things. She wanted, more than anything to be an idiot for a few more years without having to look over her shoulder or worry about her friends dying right in front of her. Though, Alice was relieved the Marauderettes had a few more years, and she was relieved she had Frank. She loved them all to bits and hoped they would all make it out of this war alive.

Mary listened as Alice spoke about planning the wedding and how she wanted them all to come, Mary was overjoyed that two lovely souls had found their way to each other despite the war, but again she did feel slightly bad for herself about it. Mary hated feeling jealous but she couldn't help it, she deeply wanted a love like the one that Frank and Alice shared or the one that Dorcas and Marlene shared. She just didn't know how to go about finding it. She had asked Marlene about it once, the question had sounded ridiculous coming out of her mouth,

"Marlene, do you ever think I will find real love?"

"Yes, of course I do, my lioness. Who wouldn't want you now, hmm?" Marlene had replied so easily.

"But how do I find it?"

"Mary. You can't control these things. They just happen, you need to out some faith in the world and let things be. I promise you will find someone, you seem like the kind of person to have an amazing love story, like Jacob and Rosaline on that big boat."

Mary giggled at Marlene's attempt to reference The Titanic but she truly hoped her story wouldn't end the same way that Jack and Rose's had. 

"What? Did I say something wrong?"

"No Marlene. You said it perfectly."

Mary thought about Marlene's words as Alice continued to talk about N.E.W.T.S. and how the were driving her mad. She sighed a little and decided she would try and put a bit more faith in the world. But for now, she kept talking and pushed all her worries to one side.