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He Saved Me

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Two girls sat under a huge oak tree before breakfast. Emmeline was staring at Evie whilst trying to explain the plot line of a book she was reading. The cold winter breeze blew between Evie’s fingers as she reached out. She wasn’t sure what she was reaching for, but it felt nice having the wind run through her hair. The winter sun burned brightly in the sky, the two friends soaked up the warmth.

Emmeline looked across to Evie, Em watched as Evie tipped her head back ever so slightly and let the wind run through her entire being. It was a gorgeous sight; this girl who Em could barely believe was human at this point breathing in the entire world, completely and utterly relaxed. It made Em feel so safe and there was no explanation.

Though a confession had been eating away at Em’s insides for a while now. Em took a deep breath and blurted out, “Evie if I was different would you still love me the same?”

Evie opened her eyes and looked to Emmeline who was clutching her notebook so hard that her knuckles where white. “It depends, are you still you?”

“Yes, but just different.”

“Ok, well are you still Emmeline Vance?”

Em paused. “I’m not too sure.”

Evie looked back over to her, “Well, are you still my friend?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then of course I’d love you the same. As long as I live, Em, I will love you.”

“But I’m not who you think I am.”

“Then who are you?”

“I’m not a girl.” The words flew out of Em’s mouth before they could be stopped.

Evie furrowed her brows. “Then are you a boy?”

Em sighed, “No, not quite.”

“Then what do I call you?”


“Hmm.” Evie looked out the window and spoke. “Emmeline Vance.” She sighed and tried again, “Em Vance; they are amazing.” Evie said the words as if she was testing something out, like she was singing a song for the first time, but somehow it felt like a melody flowing out from her lips. She tipped her head back again, eyes closed and smiled.

Em stared with awe at her, nothing else mattered in the world to them right now, just Evie and the sun. They had never felt so wanted in their life.

Evie opened her eyes and looked into Em's, "We should probably get to breakfast?" Em nodded and the skipped to the Great Hall laughing about Benjy and his mystery date.

It had been three days since that particularly awful moon and Remus had finally been allowed out of the Hospital Wing. The worst of his cuts had mostly healed and the smaller ones had been reduced to new scars. Remus had been told by James that Sirius had barely left his side; that every waking moment that he wasn't required to be in a lesson, Sirius was sat by his hospital bed.

It was bizarre; how much Sirius cared for Remus but would never openly admit it, of course Sirius showed his affections through actions and not words, the complete opposite to Remus, and Remus knew it. The gesture as good as an I love you from Sirius. Though Remus knew it wasn't possible for someone as angelic as Sirius to look twice at a monster like himself. Anyway, friends stayed by each other's hospital beds like that, Remus was just reassuring himself. He had his first prefect duties tomorrow night with Lily because he had missed the first two off sick.

The four boys were laughing and joking, somehow, they had found out that Remus was a prefect and they were not able to let it go. The prefect sat there and rolled his eyes whilst hungrily eating the eggs and sausages on his plate. He really loved breakfast at Hogwarts.

Soon enough, all the owls flew into the Great Hall, the boys barely even took notice of them, that is until the all too familiar Black family owl dropped a red envelope in front of Sirius. His eyes widened in shock for a second before he snatched up the envelope and ran out of the Great Hall. James’s eyes followed Sirius out of the doors and he growled, “Those bloody bastards.”

Remus had spoken next, “A bleeding Howler? Who is Merlin’s name do they think they are? Doing this to him?” Peter was the only one who had stayed quiet.

Remus sprang up from the bench, “Right, I’m going after him. Only a few places he could be.” And with that he walked out of the Great Hall and up the stairs towards the Gryffindor Common Room. After a minute, James got up and headed towards the Astronomy Tower whilst Peter started to look around the Black Lake.

Though, in the end, it was Remus who found him. Remus had looked in the Common Room and then ran up to their dorm. The door was bolted shut and he could actually hear Sirius’s gasps for air on the other side of the door. And it had hurt.

After hearing him, Remus begged Sirius to open the door but just heard a loud thud on the other side, silence for about thirty seconds and then more erratic breathing. So, Remus had used his wand to unlock the door and found Sirius sprawled out half way from his bed to the door with his chest heaving far too quickly.

Remus rushed to his side and pushed him into a sitting position. Sirius’s whole body was trembling and Remus could practically feel his heart racing from where he was sitting.

Sirius couldn’t feel anything. He remembered his mother’s voice yelling at him and then he had gotten up to do something, dropped and now someone was in the room with him. He has been coaxed into a sitting position and the person was trying to help him breathe deeply. And he took a shaky breath in.

Remus watched as Sirius tried to listen to his instructions but ultimately failed. Now, Sirius was just tugging at his shirt collar in hopes to loosen it. Remus leaned Sirius’s back against a bedpost and tried to take deep breaths for Sirius to copy. Remus tried to speak calmly but seeing Sirius in such a way was awful, so in the end Remus was just begging, “Sirius please snap out of this. Please, please, just breathe.”

Sirius had keeled over and was clawing at Remus’s sweater. Then an impulse came over Remus; he pushed Sirius back up against the bedpost and placed a kiss on his forehead whilst gently pressing the palms of his hands onto Sirius’s shoulders and chest, helping him to breathe.

Sirius seemed shocked at first but it seemed to be working; his breathing had become more even and controlled and all the while Remus had been speaking softly with his forehead resting on Sirius’s.

Once Remus was absolutely sure Sirius had calmed down, he gently moved his hands from where they were and helped Sirius stand up and walk over to his own bed.

Sirius may as well have flopped down onto it, the way he so ungraciously sat down and within a few minutes of Remus talking about some nonsense, Sirius was visibly calmer.

“Thank you.” He murmured.

Remus just smiled and replied, “You would have done the same for me.”

The two boys sat there, staring into each other’s eyes and getting lost in each other’s beings. Remus wished they could have stayed there forever.

Evie was running up the stairs to get to the seventh floor. She'd been having a very chaotic morning and needed to get some quiet for a bit. Remus was supposed to meet for study group later with the three Ravenclaws but Benjy had a date with someone, god forbid he told them who, which meant studying Care of Magical Creatures would be much harder. Benjy was a whizz at it and the other three needed help from time to time, Evie had decided to just ask Remus if they could do a History of Magic study group instead.

By the time she reached the seventh floor, Evie was breathless and too warm, she dragged her feet to the end of the corridor and stopped where she knew the Room was. She thought of her bedroom at home and a door formed in the once solid wall in front of her, smiling, she opened it and flopped down onto her bed. Soon enough, she had zoned out and was soaking in the quiet. At that moment, a flustered Regulus Black stormed through the door. 

Evie bolted upright and they stared at each other for a second. To say Regulus looked shocked would have been an understatement, judging by the look on his face anyone would have thought he had walked in on Evie doing something extremely indecent or murdering someone. On the other hand, Evie looked amused; she found it rather funny that they kept bumping into each other in such strange ways. Regulus broke the silence,

"What in the name of Salazar Slytherin are you doing here?"

Evie chuckled, "So kind aren't you, Regulus? But I could ask you the same question."

"I asked first."

Petulant child. She thought, before speaking again, "I came here to get away from your kind."

"My kind?"


Regulus couldn't stop the smile that slipped across his lips. Evie raised her eyebrows slightly in surprise. I didn't know he could smile.

"Well, I didn't know that anyone else knew about this place other than me." 

"Neither did I."

"So what do we do?'

"What is there to do? I was here first, so either ask the Room for another corner or find a different one please."

"You know how to change the Room whilst you're inside of it?" Regulus questioned whilst eyeing her in awe.

"Yes, of course! Just close your eyes and picture the change. It's always worked for me. Try it."

Regulus closed his eyes and pictured a door on the wall opposite him, leading to his dorm and sure enough, when he opened his eyes, it was there.

"Bloody brilliant." He breathed out.

"It really is." Evie smiled at him again. He shuffled awkwardly on the spot before walking off quickly through the door he had just conjured.

Evie lay on her bed for ten more minutes before getting up and walking out of the Room. She was halfway through the corridor when someone grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into a broom closet. They pressed a hand over her mouth so she couldn't scream. She felt a blinding panic rise up inside of her and tried to get her hand into her pocket to grab her wand.

"What were you and young Regulus Black doing in a room together for so long?" She recognised the voice immediately and swallowed the bile that burned the back of her throat. Antony Nott.

"Come on you little slut, tell me." He lifted his hand slightly and she felt him lean forward, his breath was hot on the back of her neck, it made her feel sick.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Evie's voice came out quiet and shaky. She hated how weak she sounded.

Nott laughed and brought his lips even closer to her ear before whispering, "I guess I'll have to force it out of you myself then." He distanced his body from her's a little, but it was enough, Evie turned around and punched him in the face. She plunged her hand into her pocket to grab her wand as she ran towards the door. She almost had reached the handle before Nott grabbed her arm and threw her against the opposite wall. Her head collided with the wall and the rest of her body followed. She pushed herself back up, dazed, the room was spinning and blood was trickling down her face from the side of her head. She tried to push past Nott, but he was far too strong.

He pushed her against the wall and moved his hands down to her skirt, Evie grabbed his hands and tried to push them away. He grabbed both of her arms with one hand and held them above her head, whilst trailing his other hand up her shirt this time. She felt his cold fingertips brush over her stomach and in one final attempt to push him off, she brought her knee up and tried to knee him in the crotch.

She succeeded, but it was nowhere near strong enough to stop him, it only aggravated him more. He brought his hand up and placed it on her shoulder, he scoffed, let go of her arms and punched her in the stomach. Evie felt the wind get knocked out of her as she fell forwards onto Nott and gasped. He slammed her back into the wall and pressed his hands to her throat. She was already winded, so her muscles started convulsing very quickly, he only tightened his grip. After a few more seconds, black spots crowded her vision and there was a loud ringing in her ears. She could barely make out Nott smirk as he let go and threw her into the desk behind him.

Evie sucked in the air that was now flooding into her lungs, she had been so sure that Nott was going to kill her that she was almost surprised when he had let go. She was in an awful position and she knew it, she barely had any strength left to try and stop him but she knew she couldn't just let him have his way with her. She felt him bend over her and heard him whisper, "Pull a stunt like that again and next time I won't be so kind." She felt him run his hands up her thighs, under her skirt and she started squirming. Moving in all the ways she could, trying to get Nott to just stop it, though it was hopeless and she knew it. Her only way out is if someone heard them and came in to help her. After a minute of this, he slammed his fist into her back and yelled, "JUST STAY STILL YOU WORTHLESS SLUT."

Evie's body started convulsing again from a mixture of the pain and panic, she could only hope that someone had heard him. 

"Little bitch." He murmured. "I hate it when they're passed out, but it looks like I have no choice." Nott pulled out his wand and pointed it at Evie's shaking form.

"Stupefy!" He shouted. The blast from his wand knocked Evie out whilst sending her and the table crashing into the wall. She slid off the table and crumpled in a heap on the floor. Nott smirked again and walked towards her. He pulled her head up using her hair and then traced his wand across her throat. He could see bruises from where he had choked her and it evoked a pleasure inside of him. He lifted her up on his shoulder and threw her limp form down on the table. He was really going to enjoy this. But as soon as he started to slide his hands up her skirt, Regulus Black burst in through the door.

Regulus had been trying to get the door of that broom closet open since he had heard Nott yelling but it had been charmed shut. He had finally just blasted it open and was horrified by the sight that had met him; Evie McGrath was passed out on the table in front of Nott, her face cut and her neck bruised. Nott had his hand halfway up her skirt and was standing over her body, his smirk twisted Regulus's stomach and made him feel nauseous. He coolly raised his wand up and stared Nott in the eyes.

"Leave." Regulus knew he was the Slytherin Prince and anyone who messed with him was beyond stupid, he was also extremely skilled in the Dark Arts and knew he could take Nott without much of a problem.

"No way. She's mine. Wouldn't stop squirming this one. Finally got her to stop moving. Anyway, you had your go with her." Regulus felt anger course through his veins.

'I said leave, Nott." The other boy's eyes widened in shock.

"Bloody Black, thinks he can get whatever he wants." Nott mumbled as he pocketed his wand and stomped out of the broom closet. When Regulus could no longer hear his footsteps, he rushed forward to Evie's side and brushed the hair away from her face so he could assess the damage.

The side of her head was bleeding badly, he frowned not really knowing what to do and moved his eyes over to her neck. There were angry red hand marks covering her throat and parts of them were already turning purple. Evie's eyes were closed and Regulus felt such a pain for this girl. He sighed and pulled her into a sitting position on the table. He was using one hand to support her neck and the other was on her back, her arms lay limp at her sides. Once she was upright, Regulus removed his hand from her back and held her entire weight using the hand that was supporting her neck, he reached for his wand and pointed it at her chest. He was about to wake her when it occurred to him how panicked she would be when she came round.

He put his wand back in his pocket and brought his body closer to Evie's. Regulus used his shoulder to support her body whilst he slipped one arm under her knees and his other behind her shoulders. He lifted her up gently and carried her bridal style from the broom closet to the Room of Requirement just down the corridor. When he entered the Room, there was a large bed with lots of cushions on it. He laid her down on it so she was half upright but her neck was supported. On a table beside the bed there were some bottles filled with what he assumed were healing supplies. There was also some cloth next to the bottles, Regulus was truly amazed by the abilities of a single room. He hadn't even thought about needing cloth.

He pulled his wand out and pointed it to her chest, "Rennevate." he said.

Evie eyes shot open and she moved to sit up, Regulus quickly placed a hand on her chest and looked her in the eye.

"Don't try to move. I don't know how badly he hurt you." He tried to speak as comfortingly as possible, but the truth was Regulus had no experience in comforting others whatsoever.

"Did he-" She started very quietly.

"No. He didn't." Regulus interjected quickly. "He was standing over you, and his hand was up your skirt, but you were both fully clothed."

Evie nodded slightly and mumbled, "Thank you."

Regulus frowned. It hadn't even crossed his mind for her to thank him. He was just doing what any decent person would do. "No need." He replied. "You've been kind to me and it's the very least I could do."

"You could have left me. Probably less backlash for you?"

Regulus shook his head, "Leaving you was never an option and don't worry about me, I can handle them. What did he do?" Regulus was never one for subtleties and he needed to know whether to take Evie to the Hospital Wing or not.

"He..." Evie cleared her throat. "He shoved me against the wall and there was a cut on the side of my face. Does this Room have any Dittany? It wasn't magical so it can be easily fixed."

Regulus reached for one of the bottles on the table and saw it labelled Essence of Dittany. He dabbed some onto his fingers and gently rubbed it onto the cut. He watched as it healed and disappeared from her skin.

"He... My throat. I don't know what gets rid of bruises."

"It's a specific spell but I can't remember. I can use a concealment charm?" Regulus offered. Evie nodded and he gently ran the tip of his wand across her throat, the angry marks vanished and he moved his wand away.

"I think I broke a rib." She whispered quietly. "It hurts to breathe."

Regulus's eyes widened in shock momentarily before he positioned his wand over her chest and muttered, "Episkey."

A loud crack sounded as Evie's eyes rolled into her head and she collapsed again. Regulus felt panic seize him and without really thinking he pulled up her shirt. There was a large bruise on her stomach and one that looked like it was mainly on her back but was showing on her sides as well. Her skin, which should have been an olive colour, was mostly a dark and imperial purple. He ran his fingers over her ribs and when he was sure no more were broken, he turned her onto her side to see the bruise on her back properly. It was truly horrifying.

Regulus felt himself start to feel dizzy as all the possible scenarios ran through his head, he pulled her shirt down and pointed his wand at her chest once more. "Rennevate."

Evie's eyes fluttered open, this time her eyes had more confusion in them than fear. Regulus carefully squeezed her hand and spoke softly, "There are some pretty bad bruises there, when I fixed your rib the pain made you pass out again. But you're ok."

Evie turned her head and their eyes met for a second. She smiled. "Thank you Reg."

He laughed lightly at the nickname.

"By Rowena Ravenclaw, what time is it?"

"We have missed out first lesson."

"Oh dear. I always struggle with Care of Magical Creatures. Can you help me up?"

Regulus shook his head, "Absolutely not. You have to stay and rest. The best things I can do for you is get you to Madam Pomfrey, but no way am I going to let you walk around alone like this when Nott is still in this school."

"Then don't leave me alone."


"I have friends in my house, walk me to one of them and I'll stay with them for the rest of the day."

"Is Fenwick strong?"

"Yes, why?"

"Could he take Nott or carry you if you collapse again?"

"He can carry me and Em at the same time, so that's no problem. If it was just Nott alone, then yes, but Nott and his cronies... I don't think anyone could take all of them at once."

"I'll take you to him then." And keep a very close eye on you myself. He added in his head.

"Thank you so much."

"Stop thanking me for doing the right thing."

"Help me up then." Regulus grabbed her arm and pulled her up. She winced but took a deep breath.

"You ready?" He asked her. Evie nodded and Regulus placed both his arms on hers and all but lifted her up. She groaned and stumbled forward into his chest.

"Sorry." She breathed out.

"That's ok. Do you still think this is a good idea?" He felt Evie nod against his chest. "Alright then, let's go."

And with that they started to make their way out of the Room of Requirement to find Benjy Fenwick.