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Femme Fatale

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Bridget opens her eyes the next morning and reaches for fiancee but feels an empty space instead. She gets up, grabs the robe Franky gave her and covers her naked body then exits the open door of the bedroom. She smells the fresh scent of brewed coffee and smiles, then looks around and sees the open patio door.
Franky stands on the patio, leaning against the post, holding a cuppa, dressed in a mini flannel robe tied in the front, looking at the slight drizzle coming down.
Bridget eases behind her and wraps her arms around Franky, she massages her abdomen and nuzzles her nose into her neck, then kisses her neck.
"Morning, baby," Bridget whispers in her ear.
"Did I wake you?" Franky asks.
"Nah...but I was hoping to awake to some more of those kisses you're so good at giving." Bridget says.
"Ah, well no worries, Spunky, we'll get to that. Just thought I'd get some food in ya first to help keep your stamina up. Trust me you're gonna need it." Franky says. "It's another rainy day today and I plan to spend it cuddling, fucking and loving on my wife to be and not specifically in that order."
Franky turns finally and kisses Bridget, they gaze into each other's eyes as their noses touch.
Bridget boldly slides her hands inside Franky's robe, loving the fact she was naked underneath, she palms her breasts gently, giving her nipples a little twist.
Shockwaves explode through Franky's core, heating her up all over. She licks her lips and breaths to keep her hormones under control.
"You keep that up, you're gonna make me take you right here on this patio." Franky moans into her ear.
"Is that a threat?" Bridget teases.
"Nah, it's a promise," Franky asserts grabbing her ass with both hands, pulling Bridget into her, squeezing it tight.
"Can I taste you?" Bridget asks. "I didn't get the chance last night."
Franky smiled. "You don't ever have to ask, baby. I love a woman that's not afraid to take charge and return the sexual favors. Matter of fact we can start in the shower and make our way to the bedroom."
"Good!" Bridget agrees. "This may be a stupid question...but do you have anything for deep penetration?"
Franky nods and blushes. "Of course, I never leave home without the proper equipment. No worries, love. You wanna be turned out, just say the word."
Bridget laughs and wraps her arms around Franky's neck staring in her eyes, then kisses her.
"Guess I got my answer," Franky says when they break the kiss.
Franky grips the rack inside the walk-in shower and spreads her legs wider, then closes her eyes and let the warm water cascading down on her mixed with Bridget's sweet, wet tongue take her to ecstasy.
"Oohhh...shit!" Franky moans as Bridget eases two fingers inside her opening, pushing them upward and flicking her tongue a little faster and firmer over her clit. "God! Fuck! Fuck!" Franky bites her bottom lip, stifling a squeal as her body shivers and her knees buckle. "Bridge...Bridget...shit, baby. I'm cumming! I'm...I'm…" Tears fill her eyes and she explodes releasing her juices while Bridget continues toying with her pussy and clit showing no mercy.
Bridget feels Franky's breathing escalate and her body convulse, this motivates her to suck and fuck her lovers sacred place more intensely.
Not wanting to risk Franky collapsing in the shower, a few minutes later Bridget finally let's up. She removes her tongue and fingers at the same time and rises to her feet, staring into Franky's twinkling green eyes.
Unable to speak any word, Franky leans in and kisses her passionately.
Without warning Bridget lathers a cloth and starts washing Franky from her neck all the way down.
"I'm so fuckin in love with you." Franky finally says, watching Bridget's every motion.
"Same here, darling...same here, " Bridget replies.
After rinsing the suds off her body, Franky returns the gesture and washes Bridget from head to toe, placing soft kisses on each body part as she washes it.
Bridget stands by Franky's bed with a towel draped around her, watching as Franky opens the mini black suitcase. Her eyes grow wide as the contents inside are finally revealed.
"You definitely did came prepared, eh?" Bridget says pressing her legs together tightly in an attempt to stifle the heat and moisture forming as she stared at the assortment of toys and lubricant on display.
"These are all new," Franky informs. "So, you can pick as many as you want me to use on you."
Without giving it a second thought Bridget grabs the red, jelly double dildo and runs her hands over each end caressing the tips.
"That's the one you want?" Franky asks noticing the change in Bridget's body language.
Bridget nods. "I was thinking we could start with this and work our way up to the strap on. If that's okay?"
"Fine by me," Franky replies. "So, do you wanna be on top or bottom?"
"Can we rotate?" Bridget asks.
"Absolutely." Franky pulls Bridget into her arms. "I’d love to let you put some work in a bit before I wear that arse out."
Bridget laughs then pushes Franky down on the bed.
Franky remembers the suitcase on the bed, but before she can sit up, Bridget grabs a bottle of lubricant, then closes it and sets it on the floor.
Bridget pops the top on the lubricate and squeezes some on each end of the dildo. She examines both ends, even though it was the same in length one end was bigger than the other end. Bridget decides that the smaller end would most likely be the most comfortable for her. She places the tip of the dildo at her opening and slowly eases it into, her walls contracts and locks around it.
“Are you ready?” Bridget asks.
“Uh-huh,” Franky says.
She slides back onto the pillows and gets comfortable then spreads her legs. Bridget climbs up on the bed, between Franky’s legs and stares down into her eyes. “You are gorgeous.”
“So, you’ve said,” Franky replies not breaking eye contact.
Bridget positions the end of the dildo at Franky’s center and pushes inside her slow and steady. Bridget gyrates slowly and intertwines her hands with Franky’s as they remain locked in each other’s gaze.
“Oohhh…shit…shit…shit, Gid…Gidget!” Franky moans moving her hips to the rhythm of Bridget’s strokes.
Franky had never been on the bottom before, and Bridget had never been on the top, so this was a welcomed challenge for both of them.
“You like that, do ya?” Bridget whispers into her ear, pushing further and stroking harder.
“Y…yes…yes…yes!” Franky moans louder, kissing Bridget’s lips. “Harder, baby…harder!”
Bridget grants her requests and thrust harder sending Franky overboard.
“Ooo…ooohhh…geezzz…Bridget…fuck!” Franky squeals as an orgasm rip through her.
Franky wasn’t sure if it was the powerful orgasms searing through her veins, or the love blossoming between she and Bridget. Whatever the case she was sweating, shaking, crying, loving every minute of it, and praying it wouldn’t end any time soon.