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Femme Fatale

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Rain pours, the wind blows, and the air is crisp.
"Fuck," Franky curses herself for running away from her third foster in the past seven months.
She finds herself in front of Craig's pool hall where she hung out a lot. As soon as she enters Craig notices her strolling in like a wet puppy and rushes to find her a towel.
He approaches her with a new, clean, and dry dish towel. "Another one bites the dust?" Craig jokes handing her the towel. Franky nods as she takes it. "What happened this time?"
"Foster brother tried to kiss me. I punched him and they got mad and starved me. I ain't ate in two days," Franky confesses. "When the foster bitch tried to make me clean up the whole house while everyone else ate pizza and watched the telly I split."
Craig exhales deeply. He'd known this skinny, dark-haired, emerald eyed resilient, kind, yet slightly stubborn kid since she was fourteen. What he loved about her the most was her determination to not let her present situations keep her down. He'd made sure she ate, had a place to sleep and clean clothes plenty of times.
"Why didn't you come here? You know you're always welcomed even if I'm not here. The staff have been briefed on how important you are to me," Craig says.
"Why is that? I never asked that before, but I've always been curious," Franky admits.
"Cause that first day I found you outside staring through my window dying to come in. I knew no one had been looking out for you. You needed someone to step up and take that role," Craig explains. "And there was something different about you." The truth was Craig had been Franky's mum first love. When she spiraled out of control and got involved with the drugs and alcohol, he felt like he failed her. He'd always wanted to make amends. The first time he saw Franky he knew she was Rose and Alan's kid. Then finding out she was a ward of the state. He vowed at that moment to look after her always.
"And all this time I thought you were just taking pity on me," Franky says.
"Nah...never. In fact, I have a job for you if you're interested. You will be ridding the country of waste and making way more than the minimum," Craig says.
"I'll take it!" Franky says excited.
"You don't even know what it is," Craig reminds.
"Don't matter if it gets me off the street on cold, rainy nights and assures that I never be hungry again, I'm all in…"
Knock! Knock!
Two knocks on the bathroom door brings Franky back to the here and now.
"Baby, I'm here," Erica Davidson enters the bathroom and pulls the shower door open.
Franky quickly remembers that Erica has a key to her place even though she doesn't have one to Erica's place because she lives with her male fiancee.
Franky pulls her into the shower fully dressed, heels and all, getting her wet. She presses her against the wall, grabs her neck, holds her gaze, and starts kissing her quick and rough. Normally Erica was all for this, but she could tell Franky was extra antsy tonight and the aggression behind her touch and kiss was a little more elevated.
Erica uses all her strength and pushes Franky off. "You're gutted?" Erica assumes.
"Do you care?" Franky snaps releasing her hold on Erica's neck.
"Maybe we should talk about what's bothering you," Erica suggests.
"Hmmm," Franky scoffs, turns off the shower and steps out. She grabs the towel off the counter and starts drying off.
Erica slowly steps out of the shower.
"What should we talk about Erica?" Franky continues. "The people we just murdered? I know, how about the fact that I gotta burn another t-shirt cause some human's blood got on it. Or the fact that all I see and smell now is blood to the point that I barely get any fucking sleep and when I do sleep, I see dead bodies and wake up in cold sweats."
"Franky, I'm sorry you feel that way. But you knew what this was when you joined the organization," Erica reminds.
Franky nods as she dries her hair. "Yeah, I knew but after so many years…"
"After so many years…what?" Erica frowns. "You want out?"
"Erica don’t you ever get tired of it all? Haven't you ever wanted more? Oh, wait no cos you have everything. You have the fancy lawyer family and fiancee backing you. You could quit today and have no worries. Does daddy Davidson or Vanilla Pearson know that you kill people while you masquerade as a lawyer?"
Erica shakes her head. "No, we keep family and significant others clueless to what we do for a reason."
"Significant other," Franky repeats. "If Mark is your significant other, what am I?" Franky inquires.
"Not this again." Erica throws up her hands and turns to exit the bathroom.
Franky is quickly on her trail. "Nuh, don’t go now. You wanted to talk, remember? So, let's talk," Franky says. "Am I your significant other, too? Or just a bit of rough trade for ya?"
"Franky, I have loved you for years, you know that," Erica says.
Franky shrugs. "And yet you leave me every night no matter what state I'm in to go home to him. I'm starting to think you don't really love me at all. You just love what I do for you. You love being able to release your freaky lesbian fantasy with me. Then you go home to him and pretend to be the perfect little housewife." Franky grabs her hand seeing that she removed her ring. "At least you respected me enough this time not to flaunt ya fuckin ring."
Erica stands in the middle of Franky's bedroom floor, silent, with tears running down her face.
"Nothing to say now, yeah? Be careful what you ask for next time. In fact, get the fuck out I don’t wanna see your face or hear your voice tonight." Franky walks over to her bedroom door and holds it open. "I'm sure Mark will be happy to have you all to himself tonight. I'll call you next time I'm in the mood to fuck. Otherwise, I'll see ya Monday."
Erica knew when Franky was in her feelings, she was like a wounded dog and it was best to bow out gracefully as to not get bit any further. So, she exhales deep and exits the bedroom.
"Oi, leave my keys on the kitchen counter on your way out!" Franky hollers after her.
Erica grabs her purse off the couch, reaches inside, removes the key to Franky's place off her key ring and slams it down on the counter as she exits.