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Femme Fatale

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Chapter One

A man sits in a hotel room on the couch hands behind his head. His green eyes are mesmerized by the sight before. Just as his guest of honor starts to shed his clothes a knock on the door interrupts him.
"Who the fuck is it!" he yells.
"Room service," a sweet voice replies.
"I didn't order no room service," the man answers.
"It's complimentary on the house for VIP guests," the voice replies quickly.
As the man gets off the couch and heads for the door. The balcony to the room quietly slides open. They were on the first level, so it wasn't much for the figure clad in all black to get in.
A Korean woman enters the room, pushing a crate of food and beverages.
The man closes the door and turns around to see two large guns pointed in his face. The assailant holding the guns has on a full-face mask with nothing showing except their menacing Emerald colored eyes, filled with anger.
The assailant doesn't speak, instead one of their hands raises and cracks the man upside the head...hard, causing him to collapse on the floor.
The assailant motions with one gun for the Korean woman to exit the room through the opened balcony as she clings to the man's companion.
Once they were out of sight. The assailant finally speaks, "So, you like fuckin kids?" The voice rasped.
The man tries to slide back toward the door, but he isn't fast enough as the assailant's booted foot, steps on his hand, crushing it.
"Aahhh...fuck...please!" The man begs raising his free.
"Is that how those kids you raped begged?" The voice snaps.
"I...I…" the man stutters.
"No need to explain yourself to me, Norman. Save it for the devil."
With that said the assailant raises both guns with extended clips and silencers and fills his face and torso full of holes.
The assailant pulls out a burner phone, snaps a picture of the dead man and sends a text.
//: It's done! The bub is safe!
Franky enters her flat, she removes the black leather jacket, tosses it on the couch. Then steps out of her boots and sets them neatly against the wall. She walks back over to the kitchen, grabs the photos off the counter and stands at the sink setting it ablaze with a chef's torch.
Once the photos are ash, she rinses the sink out and turns on the garbage disposal. She enters her bedroom, turns on the light, flops down on the bed and reaches for her cell phone. Seeing that she has several missed calls. She strolls through her messages and only sees one that sparks her interest.
"I see you got my message," the voice says through the phone. She’d picked on the first ring when Franky called.
"I need to work off some steam. How soon can you get here?" Franky asks.
"Just wrapping up a job. I can be there in thirty."
"Perfect, see ya then."
Franky ends the call, heads to her bathroom, and removes the rest of her clothes. As she removes her t-shirt, she notices a dark, crimson colored spot on it. She only needs to sniff it once to recognize the copper smell of her latest target’s blood.
She stares at her reflection in the mirror. Those menacing green eyes glare back at her. She holds the sink with both hands as her mum's voice rang out in her head.
"You're worthless. No one wants you. You'll never be anything but a useless waste. You disgust me…"
Franky blinks to fight the tears threatening to form in her eyes. She shuts her eyes and shakes it off as visions try to flood her psyche.
"I disgust myself, too," she mumbles then heads for the shower.
As the water pours over her head, she reminisces about how she managed to get caught up in the life she's in now.