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Clumsy's missing. Brainy's looked everywhere, but he keeps getting lost in the twisting turns of the village. He remembers clearly- the two of them had planned to go out and pick smurfberries. Normally, Clumsy would have been so excited for that that he would wait outside Brainy's door. But he wasn't there, and the house next door was empty of both Clumsy and his rock collection.

Brainy has been searching for a while when it dawns on him. Clumsy must have gone out early and been captured by Gargamel! Brainy needs to go rescue his best friend immediately! No, no, he tells himself. He needs to tell Papa, Papa will be able to save Clumsy. He's still lost, though... Just as he thinks that, a smurf passes by. What luck!

"Excuse me!" Brainy calls out. The smurf turns around. She has dark curly hair, and wears a yellow dress. Oh, Smurfette must be trying out a new look, Brainy thinks. But that’s not important right now. "Smurfette, thank smurfness I found you! I need to talk to Papa Smurf immediately, and I don't know where he is!"

Smurfette frowns, but nods. "I'll go get him," she says, and Brainy shakes his head.

"No, no, I need to come with you! This is urgent, I need his help right now, immediately!" He grabs her hand. "Come on, lead me to him!"

Smurfette seems to be contemplating something, and then she starts to walk. Brainy follows as they wind through the village and to a house, and lets go of Smurfette's hand as she knocks on the door. But they don't have time for that! Brainy pushes past her and flings the door open.

"Papa Smurf, Papa Smurf, Clumsy's been captured by Gargamel! We need to rescue him!" Brainy yells. Papa turns around. He's dressed strangely as well, and Brainy wonders if the other smurfs planned a costume party or something like that.

"Brainy." Papa Smurf says, his tone weary. "Clumsy has not been captured by Gargamel."

"Yes, he has!" Brainy replies. "You know I'm not one to question your decisions, Papa, but he's gone and Gargamel must have captured him and-"

"Brainy, please, calm down. Let me speak."

"But, Papa..."

"Clumsy is..." Papa looks off to the side. "...On a journey. I sent him and some other smurfs out for a few days to retrieve something important."

"Oh." Why did Clumsy go? Brainy knows that Clumsy would have said something about their plans, and gotten another smurf to go on the journey. Wouldn't he? They are best friends, after all. He twists the ring on his left hand, trying not to show his worry. "You didn't send me because I'm important and you need me to help run the village, of course."

Smurfette laughs, and Brainy glares at her.

"I am important, you know. Not everysmurf can get to my level of intelligence."

"Brainy, I'm a bit busy right now," Papa says.

"Can I help you?" Brainy says. "I'll do anything you need help with!"

"I don't need any help at this moment."

Brainy nods and leaves. He should go write in his books until Clumsy gets back...

He stops in the middle of the village. Until Clumsy gets back? What was he thinking, what happened to Clumsy? Probably nothing, he decides, but he'll go see if Clumsy's home anyways. It'll be nice to hang out with his best friend!